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Scoreboard Basketball 1.11.0
7 peace
It's scoreboard app for basketball. It is recommended for useinbasketball.Font size is displayed in the full scale of ascreen.And buzzer is large volume.Scoreboard is simple design andeasy touse! How to use Bluetooth:Please download Scoreboard Remote.Thisscoreboard has four display types:- Simple Mode (Timer&Scores)- Basketball Mode (Timer & Scores & ShotClock)-Shotclock Mode (Timer & Shot Clock)- Basketref Mode(Scoreboardfor a referee) How change mode(display type):MenuButton→ Setting→Select "Mode Change"→ Select a Mode→ Save. This appis freeversion:-Ads-Bluetooth to connect 1-on-1(Currently,bluetooth toconnect 1-on-7 for beta testing) Web Site:Homepage-http://sc.oreboard.comTwitter-*Timer* Scoreboard* Shot Clock* Foul counter* Timeoutcounter* Largefont size* Large volume buzzer* Support tablet*Remote control withBluetooth Instructions:-Tap Timer:Start/Stop-Reset button atbottom: Reset shot clock-Buzzer buttonat left: Sound a buzzer-Editbutton at right: To edit mode-Menubutton: To menu lists-Exit app:Press to the back button and selectOK at dialog. Functions:-At thestart, reset features can not beused.-Max is 99 minutes 59seconds.-Less than 1 minute, the displayin 1/10 seconds.Recommended use-Basketball-Referee
Darts Scoreboard 4.8
Andy Pandy
Play your favourite darts game and let Darts Scoreboard handlethescoring. Darts Scoreboard features X01, Cricket, teamplay,statistics and more. Android 4+ is needed to get all ofthefeatures. GENERAL FEATURES: • X01 and Cricket games • No limitonthe number of players • 20 computer opponents • Team play:pairs,triples - whatever you want • Statistics for all players andteams• Player rankings for all statistics • Head-to-head statisticsvseach opponent • Matches can be continued later • Randomiseplayerorder • Unlimited undo/redo • It's free! X01 FEATURES: •Standardand doubles dartboards • Double-in option • Choose startingplayerin deciding legs • Choose the sets, legs and points for eachmatch• Players can start with different points • Checkoutsuggestionsfor all dartboards • Tie-break final set / win by 2 legs• Setupsuggestions before an outshot is reached • Separatestatistics fordifferent leg start points • Auto-handicap points forcloser games• Single-press checkout entry • 2-dart out-chart basedon thecurrent score CRICKET FEATURES: • Standard scoring for2-playergames • Cut-throat scoring for more than 2 players APPPERMISSIONS:Darts Scoreboard is a free, ad-supported app, andnetwork access isused only for the ads.
Darts Scoreboard: My Dart Training 1.8.10
My Dart Training, the training & darts scoreboard app foralldarts players. Training/Practoice on a regular basis isimportantto improve your darts skills. But it is just as importantto keeprecords of the trainings results. This job does My DartTrainingfor you. Keep track with your progress in miscellaneousvariantsand bring your gameplay to the next level by detectingyourproblems and optimizing your play. My Dart Training supportsyou indoing so. My Dart Training is also a multiplayer dartsscorer, forX01 games and many other darts games. Currentlyavailablemultiplayer games: * X01 Scoreboard (two input options-score oreach dart, no Player limitation) * Cricket ( no Playerlimitation)* Highscore ( no Player limitation) * Buetts Eleven *Halve-It /Splitscore * Killer Currently available trainingvariants: * x01(170, 201, 301, 501, 701, 1001) * scoring * roundthe world / clock(options are singles, doubles or trebles) * roundthe world scoring* Challenge Mode (like a CPU Opponent) * Bob's 27* Catch 40 *Highscore * Finishing 50 * Game420 * Cricket (classicand scoring)* Target Training * Halve-It / Splitscore * MultiplayerDartsScoreboard Functions: * save and restore database from phone *Saveand Restore Database on/from Google Drive * Profiles: usedifferentTrainingsprofiles for different Darts or Setups andcompare them *Google Play Games gives you optionally a oppurtunityto compareyour results with your friends or people around theworld. Morefunctions and improvements are in work and will bereleasedcontinuously. (zb: more Traininggames, more MultiplayerGames, moreStats.....) Follow onFacebook:
Pro Darts Scoreboard 2.1.3
Julien Duchow
Feature Overview:● X01-Gamemode(Sets, Legs, Startpoints andCheckoutadjustable)● Cricket-Gamemode(Hits per Field and Modeadjustable)●Any number of Players● Undo any number of timespossible● extensivestatistics● diagrams for some statisticsand theadvantage againstall other Apps:● All your played games getsynchronized on the ProDarts Server and you can play withdifferent devices and synchronizeyourgames!___________________________________With Pro Darts youcanenter your points in a clear front end. You can modifyeverythingbefore the game, like start points, sets, legs and finishmode.ProDarts saves all your played games and analyzes them. So youcan seemany statistics about your games, like average points, hitratios,highest finish and many others.If you do not play on thesamedevice every time, it is no problem. Because Pro Darts has aserverwhich synchronizes all your played games if you wish.Fullautomatically. So you can access and share your games from allyourconnected devices easily!
Basketball Scoreboard 3.1.1
Anton Kolosov
This is useful application to monitor the progress ofthegame.Guaranteed that will not be advertising in future updatesonthe main screen.Three layouts available: - simple containsonlymain time and team scores, - complete adds shot clock time,period,fouls and timeouts, - streetball layout, - also there iscameramode.The ability to keep statistics on teams and players.Saveandview game results.Save team results and manage team players.Youcanchange every value in settings or use presets according to rulesofFIBA, NBA or FIBA 3x3 (streetball).Future plans: remotecontrolfunctions and broadcast.Write your suggestions and bugreports toe-mail specified at the bottom of the page.
Scoreboard Futsal 1.11.0
7 peace
It's a scoreboard app for the futsal or indoor football. Fontsizeis displayed in the full scale of a screen. And buzzer islargevolume.This scoreboard app is simple design and easy to use!Youcan remote control at Bluetooth.Please downloadScoreboardRemote(Free).* This app is free version-Ads-Bluetooth toconnect1-on-1(Currently, bluetooth to connect 1-on-7 for betatesting) WebSite:Homepage - http://sc.oreboard.comTwitter-*Timer* Scoreboard* Coin toss(Head or Tail)* Foul counter*Timeoutcounter* Penalty timer* Support 7 inch tablet* Support 10inchtablet* Remote control at bluetooth Instructions-TapTimer:Start/Stop-HOME or GUEST button: Change Team Name orTeamColor-Timeout button: Start Timeout-Foul button: Countup-Coinbutton: Start/Stop-Menu button: Functions for FutsalOtherFeatures-At the start, reset function can not be used.-Max is99minutes 59 seconds.-Less than 1 minute, the display in1/10seconds.-Menu button, you can switch sides, reset score,resettimer, reset all, settings. Recommendeduse:-Futsal-Indoorfootball-Roller hockey
Scoreboard Basket ++ 7.13.76
Turn your smartphone or tablet into aprofessionalscoreboard!Impress your friends!This is the perfecttool to keeptrack of the score of your games.This score board isdesigned forBasketball. To guest many sports, please visit ourwebsite: Actual available sports: -Basketball- Futsal - Handball - Ping Pong - Tennis - Volley - WaterPolo+Actual available languages: - Catalan - Chinese - Czech(thanks toMichal) - Dutch - English - French - German (thanks toFrank) -Hungarian (thanks to Bela) - Italian - Polish - Portuguese-Romanian - Spanish (thanks to Carlos)Want ads-free Scoreboard+++for free? Visit usat - Maximum chrono precision in last 60 seconds -Ready forPhone and Tablet - Movable on SD card - Sharing the scorewithFacebook, Twitter, Google+, e-mail, SMS..... (aboutFacebooksharing, for a better experience, we suggest you touseFriendStream or FriendCaster for Facebook) - Editing of the nameofthe teams - Undo of last 20 changes - Sound for the end of thegame- Memorization of information when exit the app - No dimmingscreenduring the game - Italian design - Ready from 1.6 Androidversionto the newestComing soon: - More languages (Japanese,Russian....).Do not hesitate to suggest us other sports, games,languages orfeaturesonhttp://www.playfairplay.nethttp://www.playfairplay.net
Volleyball Pong Scoreboard, Match Point Scoreboard 3.1.1
Mark S. Wu
This is a scoreboard application for your Volleyball or TableTennis(Ping Pong) matches.Forgot to bring the league scoresheets?Can'tsee the scoreboard at your kids' matches? Those guys at opengym notkeeping score again when there are teams waiting? MatchPointScoreboard can help!- Track (add/subtract) scores for twoteams.Option to use the large point tile as an add button.-Configurablematch options: points per game, point caps, timeouts(number andlength), auto side-switch.- Pre-set templates for TableTennis (PingPong) and Volleyball.- Match Logging: displays gamestart/end time,match winner, game record and scores.- Save Teams(name, choice ofnine colors). Team records (matches/games/points)trackautomatically when each game finishes!- Displays scores forallgames in the match.- Serve indicator (next to score grid).-Abilityto switch sides.- Auto-rotates to portrait or landscapemodes (canalso lock to one or the other.)Permissions Requested -Keep screenon permission requested for preventing screen fromturning off whileyou're scoring. Internet related permissionsrequested for servingads. Upgrade to Match Point Scoreboard Proversion for the followingfeatures:- Unlimited team creation! Thefree version is limited tofour teams for each volleyball and tabletennis / ping pong.- 190team colors to choose from! (vs nine inthe free version.) Supportfor secondary colors!- Support fortracking separate events.-Unlimited match logging! The freeversion is limited to displayingthe eight most recent matches (foreach volleyball and table tennis/ ping pong.) - Standings page,sort by win count or win %. Emailplain text or HTML. Team recordediting.- Game logs which displayeach point change, timeout, andother game actions! Individual gamelogs are automatically savedand can be viewed from the match log.-Score graphs so you can viewthe flow of the game! View score graphsfrom past games from thematch log!- Sharing match results via email(html option includesscore graphs), Google+, or Twitter!- Editmatch configurations(number of games, play to score, timeoutlength, etc...) after thematch has started!- Match logs can beexported from the freeversion.- Table Tennis / Ping Pongconfiguration will displaynumber of remaining serves.- Volleyballspecific options to set astarting score for each side and todisplay a switch alert afterevery X number of points!- Volleyballrotation board to track whereplayers are on the court.If you likethe app, please considerpurchasing the pro version (Match PointScoreboard Pro) and supportfuture development! The pro version canbe found in the "More fromDeveloper" section. Thanks!
Darts Scoreboard
Darts Scoreboard is the perfect app for tracking your dartsscoresduring a game of 501 or one of its variants. In the app youcan setmany preferences, such as the number of players, the startscore,or whether you want to play in legs or sets. Using the app iseasy,after every turn you simply need to enter the total pointsscoredwith three darts. Darts Scoreboard does the math and givesyou awide range of statistics. It is possible to save and sharethesestatistics. When you reach a score that can be finished theappwill show a checkout suggestion.ProfileIf you are logged inyoursaved games will be associated with your profile. Also youcanselect your profile when you start a new game. You can viewyourown statistics in a list. In a future update you will be abletoview various graphs, so you can see yourprogress.Preferences*Players: 1 to 4 players, custom names can bespecified* Startscore: 101, 170, 201, 301 up to and including 2501*Match type:sets or legs* Number of legs to win a set: 2, 3, 4, 5*Checkouttype: single, double, tripleStatistics* Various averages,likematch average, best set and/or leg average, average of firstninedarts in a leg* Scores: Number of 180, 140+, 100+, etc.*Checkouts:Highest and average checkout, number of outs above 100,number ofouts above 50* Other: Highest score, best leg, list ofdarts neededper legDarts Scoreboard is free of charge and isupdated with newfunctionality on a regular basis. The app isdesigned forsmartphones and tablets. Use it while playing withfriends, or whenyou are training or practicing on your own.
Let's Dart Scoreboard 1.5.5
Let's Dart is a mobile dart scoreboard applicationsupportingplayers in calculating and recording game dart data.Using this appeach player has the possibilty to analyze player andgamestatistics to recognize their weakness and and improvetheirskills.* Currently in development: Training plan mode*Thisdartscoreboard app includes the following functionality andfeatures-X01 game with several options like double out, master in,...-Cricket- CPU Player including 9 levels of diccifulty- Gameandplayer statistics: scoring, average, checkout, aiming, CPU1on1-Advanced minimalistic user interface- Player management:profilepicture, player name, favourite status- CheckoutSuggestions-Smartphone / Tablet SupportThis dart scoreboard offersthepossibility to capture and present dart data in single-andmultiplayer modus. All player statistics can be analyzed onseveraldetail levels like leg statistic, set statistic, gamestatistic orplayer statistic. Let's Dart Scoreboard gives everyplayer thechance to analyze and improve his skills.Have fun an gameon!
Scoreboard Volleyball 1.11.0
7 peace
It's a scoreboard app for Volleyball, Badminton or Tabletennis.Font size is displayed in the full scale of a screen. Andbuzzer islarge volume.This scoreboard is simple design and easy touse! Youcan remote control at Bluetooth:Please downloadScoreboardRemote(Free).* Web Site:Homepage -http://sc.oreboard.comTwitter-*Scoreboard* Set points* Timeout* Large font size* Largevolumebuzzer* Support 7 inch tablet* Support 10 inchtabletInstructions:-Plus(+) Button: Score up-Minus(-) Button:Scoredown-Tap HOME or GUEST: Change Team Name or Color-Tap Circleat topsides: Start timeout-Tap Period: Next Set-Buzzer button atleft:Sound the Buzzer-Menu button: To menu lists-Back button: Presstothe back button and select OK at dialog. OtherFeatures:-Menubutton, you can Switch sides, Timeout, Reset score,Reset all,Setting.-You can change set points or set mathces fromSetting.Recommended use:-Volleyball-Badminton-Table Tennis, PingPong
Scoreboard Volley ++ 7.13.76
Turn your smartphone or tablet into aprofessionalscoreboard!Impress your friends!This is the perfecttool to keeptrack of the score of your games.This score board isdesigned forVolleyball. To guest many sports, please visit ourwebsite: Actual available languages: -Alemán -Catalán (gracias a Enrique) - Checo - Chino - Español(gracias aCarlos) - Francés - Holandés - Húngaro - Inglés -Italiano - Polaco- Portugués - Romanian+ Actual features: - Readyfor Phone andTablet - Movable on SD-Card - Sharing the score withFacebook,Twitter, Google+, e-mail, SMS..... - Editing of the nameof theteams - Undo of last 20 changes - Sound for the end of thegame -Memorization of information when exit the app - Italiandesign -Ready from 1.6 Android version to the newestComing soon: -Morelanguages (French, Russian, Japanese....). Do not hesitatetosuggest us other sports, games, languages or featuresonhttp://www.playfairplay.nethttp://www.playfairplay.net for free? Visit usat,street basket, scoreboard, street sport, score board, scoretrack,score mobile, score card, scorecard, marcador, basketball,volley,volleyball, beach volley, score keep, ping pong, tennistavolo,table tennis, waterpolo
Match Point Scoreboard Pro for Volleyball PingPong 5.1.1
Mark S. Wu
Match Point Scoreboard Pro is the ultimate scoreboardapplicationfor your Volleyball or Table Tennis (Ping Pong)matches!Forgot tobring the league scoresheets? Can't see thescoreboard at yourkids' matches? Those guys at open gym not keepingscore again whenthere are teams waiting? Match Point Scoreboard Procan help!-Scoreboard can be used in full screen portrait, fullscreenlandscape, or original classic portrait mode with score gridalwaysdisplayed.- Track (add/subtract) scores for two teams.Options tovibrate on point change and to use the large point tileas an addbutton.- Configurable match options: points per game,point caps,timeouts (number and length), automatic side switchingafter games,side switch reminder during tiebreaker game. Forvolleyball,ability to set the starting score, e.g., 4-4, sideswitch alert forgrass/sand matches. For table tennis / ping pong,configure 2 or 5serves.- Pre-set templates for Table Tennis (PingPong) andVolleyball.- Match Logging: displays game start/end time,matchwinner, game record and scores.- Game logs which display eachpointchange, timeout, and other game actions! VB set logs willrecordserving player's number. Individual game logs areautomaticallysaved and can be viewed from the match log.- Scoreline graphs.View the current game/set or past graphs from the matchlog!- Courtoverview screen for volleyball with support for 15players perteam. Automatic and manual player rotation. Save playerdata toteam's database. Ability to mark a libero player and specifyplayerstarting locations. - Create unlimited teams! 190 team colorstochoose from for up to two selectable team colors! Teamrecords(matches/games/points) track automatically when each gamefinishes!Team records can also be manually edited.- Standings page,sort bywin count or win %. Email plain text or HTML. Team recordediting.-Share Match results via email, Google+, Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, etc... ! Game logs can be included in plain textorHTML. HTML match logs will include score graphs (from Gmail,choose"Download" instead of "View".) Due to an issue withFacebook'sandroid app, only in-game scoreboard images, scoregraphs, and thestandings screen image can be shared to FB, notext.- Display teamstandings. Sort by win count or win percentage.Share standings viaemail and include HTML Standings.- Displaysscores for all games inthe match.- Serve indicators: One by thescore grid, and alsooptionally as a white border around servingteam's tile. Tabletennis / ping pong will display remainingserves.- Table Tennis /Ping Pong can be configured for two or fiveserves!- Ability toswitch sides (and optionally do it automaticallyafter each game.)-Auto-rotates to portrait or landscape modes (canalso lock to oneor the other.)- Configurable Switch Alert to remindplayers when toswitch sides for volleyball grass/sand matches.-Option to uselarger text for points on score tiles..- Match datafrom the freeversion can be exported into the pro version.-Supports "events" soyou can separately keep track of your teams andstandings indifferent leagues and tournaments!More features arestill tocome!Explanation of Application Permissions:- "modify ordelete thecontents of your USB storage" and "test access toprotectedstorage" are used when sharing screen shots or sharinghtmlattachments. The files must first be written to externalstoragebefore they can be attached to the sharing mechanism.-"controlvibration" - There's an option to have your device vibratewhen thescore is changed.
Scoreboard Judo 1.11.0
7 peace
It's a scoreboard app for judo.Font size is displayed in thefullscale of a screen. You can remote control atBluetooth:Pleasedownload Scoreboard Remote(Free).* How changelayout:Menu Button→Setting→ Select "Layout"→ Check to "Show allfunctions to thecenter"→ Save. This app is freeversion:-Ads-Bluetooth to connect1-on-1(Currently, bluetooth toconnect 1-on-7 for beta testing) WebSite:Homepage -http://sc.oreboard.comTwitter-*Timer* Scoring (Ippon, waza-ari, yuko)* Pin clock(Osaekomi)* Shidopenalties* Auto-scoring (Score will be added whenosaekomi clockafter 15sec or player get two penalties or etc..)*Injuries(Doctor)* Weight divisions* Name* Large volume buzzer*Large sizefont* Support tablets Instructions:-Tap Timer:Start/Stop (EditTimer: after tap EDIT button)-Tap Plus(+) Button:Scoring (Choose toIppon, Waza-ari, yuko or koka)-Tap Shido(S)Button: Add ashido-"Osaekomi" button: Start a Osaekomi clocktimer-"Toketa"button: Finish a Osaekomi clock timer (Long-tap:Blink display aclock timer)-Tap WHITE or BLUE: Change name-Tap+100Kg: Changeweight divisions-Sound button: Sounds a buzzer-Editbutton: To editmode-Menu button: To menu lists-Press to the backbutton and selectOK at dialog: Exit app Functions:-At the start,Reset function cannot be used.-Max is 99 minutes 59 seconds.-Lessthan 1 minute, thedisplay in 1/10 seconds.-Menu button, you canreset timer, resetscore, reset all, settings. Recommendeduse:-Judo
Scoreboard Games Liga 1.2
Chapas Games
I Recommend you download my new app "Scoreboards TV" where youcanfind all my scoreboards together including this one. Like inLiga,get your team colors and enjoy your football games with thissimpleand easy to use scoreboard.With scorers name! and now you canloadyour favourite logo. You have to write URL from image, ifyousearch in Google you have to open image in new window and copylinkto paste inside app.Hope you like, if you need more colors orotherthings just tell me.
Scoreboard Hockey 1.11.0
7 peace
It's a scoreboard app for ice hockey. It is recommended for useinthe ice hockey and inline hockey.Font size is displayed in thefullscale of a screen. And horn is large volume. You can remotecontrolat Bluetooth.Please download Scoreboard Remote(Free).* Thisapp isfree version:-Ads-Bluetooth to connect 1-on-1(Currently,bluetoothto connect 1-on-7 for beta testing) Web Site:Homepage-http://sc.oreboard.comTwitter-*Timer* Scoreboard* Penalty* Scorer and Assist(DoubleAssist)* ShotsOn Goal* Timeout* Interval* End Minor Penalty* Gamewinning shot*Large volume horn* Large size font* Bluetooth*Support 7 inchtablet* Support 10 inch tablet* Simple design!Instructions:-TapTimer: Start/Stop (Edit Timer: after tap EDITbutton)-Tap Score:Count up (Count down: after tap EDIT button)-TapNumber of lightblue:Add Penalty-Tap HOME or GUEST: Change TeamName-Tap Period:Next Period-End button at bottom center: End MinorPenalty-Editbutton at bottom left: Change Edit mode-Tap Circleunder Goal: ShowScorer and Assist-Tap Number of green: StartTimeout-Tap Shots:Count up (Count down: after tap EDITbutton)-Menu button: To menulist-Back button: Press to the backbutton and select OK at dialogOther Features:-At the start, Resetand Timeout function can not beused.-Max is 99 minutes 59seconds.-Less than 1 minute, the displayin 1/10 seconds.-Menubutton, you can sounds horn, switch sides,reset timer, resetpenalty, reset all, settings. Recommendeduse:-Ice hockey-Inlinehockey
DartEagle Scoreboard 1.3.0
DartEagle Scoreboard is a great 501-style darts scoring appthathelps you easily keep your scores and stats for yourdartsgames.Features include• Unlimited players• Configurable matchsetupincluding: Leg target, Number of legs, Set based scoring,Doublein/out, Treble in/out, Loser throws first / rotate startingplayer•PDC or BDO style match score display• Efficient score entry•Largetext landscape mode for highly visible scoring information•Livecheckout suggestions• Over 20 different statistics for eachmatch,plus individual double stats• Review match statistics frompreviousmatches• Graph statistics for multiple players• Editableleghistory• Leg, set and match statistics• Pause and resumematches•Twitter integrationThe best unlimited player, easy scoreentry,501-style dart scoring app. Remember, the Dart Eagle!
DartBee - Darts Scoreboard PRO
DartBee is an easy to use darts score counter with support forx01and cricket. DartBee is the perfect app for keeping thescoreduring a game of darts. It’s a virtual Darts Scoreboard withlotsof extra functionality. The app is easy to use, showsyourecommended finishes, has a DartBot computer opponent and canshowyou the most awesome statistics of all Darts apps on thePlayStore. Input You can use DartBee score counter with thestandard“type the total of your turn on a virtual numpad”, or usethe supereasy to Dart input. With dart input you only have to taptheindividual dart scores and tap double or triple if necessary.Theadvantage of that is that there is absolutely zero mathinvolvedand that it allows for more advanced statistics. Therearededicated buttons for Triple 20 and 19, because those arescoredthe most. The app has unlimited undo’s for if you make amistake.And there’s a cool computer voice announcer like on TVtournaments.Cricket mode DartBee has a completely separate cricketmode that’salso super easy to use: just tap which scores you havehit and theapp does the rest. You can play cricket with up to 4players.Profiles DartBee lets you create profiles to keep playersseparate.Every profile can choose a color to differentiate and canchoose ifthey prefer the per dart or per turn input. StatisticsDartBee hasthe most advanced statistics of all Darts scorekeeperapps on theplay store. The app has a Quickstats menu that’s easilyaccessed ingame with a simple swipe up or with the stats button.Quickstatscan show things like averages, leg averages, finishpercentages,the amount of darts to win, highest score etc etc. Ifyou want, youcan view the Q uickstats for previous games, butDartBee also hasan advances stats menu to visualize your dartsprogress withbeautiful graphs. It can show you an overview of allprevious gamesand lets you compare your progress. It can alsocompare matchups orshow stats from within a game. Profiles, gamesand statistics datais stored on your phone automatically and can besafely backed upand synced across devices with Google Drive.Dartbot DartBee has anadvanced Dartbot computer opponent. Itsdifficulty can be chosenwith a level ranging from grandma that canteven hit the board tosuperhuman. It throws very realistically, andcan match itdifficulty with your history if desired. Its difficultycan also bedetermined with a scoring average and a finishpercentage Customizeyour game With DartBee scoreboard you cancustomize your game toyour liking. You can play a 501 game with asmany people in onegame as you want, choose if you want to play withsets or justlegs, configure the startscore to anything below 1000and configurethe allowed finishes and first darts with anycombination of singledouble and triple. Other features: •Fullscreen/ immersive mode tomaximize screen real estate •Optimized interface for tablets andlaptops • Supports physicalBluetooth or USB keyboards/ numpads. •Currently translated toDutch, German and Italian Even thoughDartBee darts scorer is testedthoroughly, it is made by a humanand can contain bugs. Pleasereport them to me so I can fix them!Have any feature requests orwould like to see the app translatedto your language? Please emailme at [email protected]
LED Scroller FREE 11.0
Bring the concert, disco dance party, and another fun place toyouwith this LED ticker display application!You can alsodisplaybanner advertisement, electric sign, marquee sign and justlike anelectronic bulletin board.Type any messages!Type anylanguages!Itlets you type in a message, choose speed, color, blinkand scrollthe text sideways.It has a simple interface. It is easyto use.
Essential Darts Scoreboard 6.1.6
The Essential Darts Scoreboard is the essential app for everydartsplayer, to keep track of your scores and stats. Usingthescoreboard you will never have to stop and calculate aftereverythrow and can enjoy your game of darts to the fullest!Thisno-nonsense app has several game modes: Cricket, 170, 301,401,501, 601, 701, 1001 and 1201! You can play with 1-4 players,andthe app provides you with live checkout suggestions! Also handyisthe undo button, so when you make a mistake, your game is notlostor worthless. To make playing on your own more interesting youcanalso play against a bot on 4 different levels. During allyourgames the app will keep track of all of the most interestingstats,such as averages (leg and match), finishes and highestthrows!
Tanteo · Your real-time scoreboard 2.8.9
Tanteo® allows you to follow the live score of a basketballgame.Howmany times have you had to keep working while yourfavorite team isstruggling to win and you can't be with themcheering them? That'sprecisely why we have created Tanteo, tobring you these importantmoments wherever you are, totallyfree.What can you do with Tanteo?·Create your team and share itwith other followers.· Choose who willbe the team'sadministrators.· Add upcoming games and keep everyoneinformed.·Activate the scoreboard at the time of the match andshare itsecond by second with all of the team's followers.· Keeptrack ofeach player's entries and match statistics: annotations,triples,quarters played and fouls.· Receive notifications whenchangingquarters and halftimes.· Invite followers and fans viaWhatsappand/or Twitter.· More sports will join Tanteo in thefuture!
IPL Live Scores & Contest 1.4.5
The IPL 11 Live Scores app providing you following featuresPredictand Win PayTm Cash in IPL Live Scores App for everymatch,LIVEscores in IPL Live Scores App,The full scoreboard in IPLLiveScores App,Each player information, bowling and battingstatisticsin IPL Live Scores App,Top Auction players in IPL2018,Schedules -Date, time and place of IPL 2018 Season 11, Results- Winner team,Player of the Match, Scoreboard, summary of IPL 2018Season 11,2018Points Table - Played, win, lost, points, etc... ofIPL 2018Season 11Teams and team players of IPL 2018 Season 11,History ofprevious years with purple cap, orange cap, player of theseries,etc... of other seasons Follow IPL 11 Live Scores App &Winupto Rs 100 PayTM cash daily***** Added Full Scorecard*********Added Contest winners ********* Added Live Score *********Addedcontest "Guess and Win paytm cash" ********* New UI *********Livescore updates ********* 2018 Top players****IPL 2018 Season 11Teamis working on to give better experience...
DartCounter 3.3.1
DartCounter is the darts scoreboard app for keeping track ofallyour scores. Play x01 games, Cricket, Bob's 27 and severalothertraining games. In the x01 games you will hear the voiceofMasterCaller Ray Martin who will announce all your scores.Registerwith Facebook or log in and all your games will be saved.Play withmultiple players with a DartCounter account and the wholegame willbe saved in both accounts. Preferences: * Players: 1 - 4players,with or without account * Startscores of 501, 701, 301 oranycustom number * Match type: Sets or legs * Player mode / teammode* Play against computer dartbot (avg. 20 - 120) Trainingoptions: *x01 Scoreboard * Cricket * Bob's 27 * Doubles training *Singlestraining * Score training Stats: * Match average * First 9average* Checkout percentages * Highest score * Highest start score*Highest checkout * Best/worst leg * Avg. darts/leg * 40+, 60+,80+,100+, 120+, 140+, 160+ & 180's
DartBee - Darts Score Counter 3.1.3
DartBee is the perfect app for keeping the score during a gameofdarts. It’s a virtual Darts Scoreboard with lots ofextrafunctionality. The app is easy to use, shows yourecommendedfinishes, has a DartBot computer opponent and can showyou the mostawesome statistics of all Darts apps on the Play Store.Input Youcan use DartBee score counter with the standard “type thetotal ofyour turn on a virtual numpad”, or use the super easy toDartinput. With dart input you only have to tap the individualdartscores and tap double or triple if necessary. The advantage ofthatis that there is absolutely zero math involved and that itallowsfor more advanced statistics. There are dedicated buttonsforTriple 20 and 19, because those are scored the most. The apphasunlimited undo’s for if you make a mistake. And there’s acoolcomputer voice announcer like on TV tournaments. CricketmodeDartBee has a completely separate cricket mode that’s alsosupereasy to use: just tap which scores you have hit and the appdoesthe rest. You can play cricket with up to 4 players.ProfilesDartBee lets you create profiles to keep players separate.Everyprofile can choose a color to differentiate and can choose iftheyprefer the per dart or per turn input. Statistics DartBee hasthemost advanced statistics of all Darts scorekeeper apps on theplaystore. The app has a Quickstats menu that’s easily accessed ingamewith a simple swipe up or with the stats button. Quickstatscanshow things like averages, leg averages, finish percentages,theamount of darts to win, highest score etc etc. If you want, youcanview the Q uickstats for previous games, but DartBee also hasanadvances stats menu to visualize your darts progress withbeautifulgraphs. It can show you an overview of all previous gamesand letsyou compare your progress. It can also compare matchups orshowstats from within a game. Profiles, games and statistics dataisstored on your phone automatically and can be safely backed upandsynced across devices with Google Drive. Dartbot DartBee hasanadvanced Dartbot computer opponent. Its difficulty can bechosenwith a level ranging from grandma that cant even hit theboard tosuperhuman. It throws very realistically, and can matchitdifficulty with your history if desired. Its difficulty can alsobedetermined with a scoring average and a finish percentageCustomizeyour game With DartBee scoreboard you can customize yourgame toyour liking. You can play a 501 game with as many people inonegame as you want, choose if you want to play with sets orjustlegs, configure the startscore to anything below 1000 andconfigurethe allowed finishes and first darts with any combinationof singledouble and triple. Other features: • Fullscreen/ immersivemode tomaximize screen real estate • Optimized interface fortablets andlaptops • Supports physical Bluetooth or USB keyboards/numpads. •Currently translated to Dutch, German and Italian EventhoughDartBee darts scorer is tested thoroughly, it is made by ahumanand can contain bugs. Please report them to me so I can fixthem!Have any feature requests or would like to see the apptranslatedto your language? Please email me [email protected]
Basketball Score 3.2.6
Santi C
Counter results of a basketball game.Very simpleandeffective.Stopped going to basketball games with pencilandpaper.If there is no scoreboard, this application will helpyoutrack the result of the match.It contains a timer that soundswhentime runs out.Each time you press any score button, it beepsandvibrate, and so you are sure is clicked.Lets write the faultsmade​​by each team a maximum of 5 well controlled if the teamhasentered to the bonus.Lets you undo the last score recorded,andsubstract points on error.Lets you personalice the name oftheteams playing.Each time points are scored, a log recordstimestamp,points, result and the team.After the game finishes logcan be sendby email, to analyze how the game went.This free app isadsupported.Basketball, Baloncesto, Basquetbol, Basquett,Score,Scoreboard, Point, Pencil, Paper
Tennis News - Sportfusion 3.953
The ultimate tennis news app with live scoreboard and news feedfromdozens of tennis website plus YouTube videos!Get all Tennisnews inone easy and efficient app! This is the only app you'llever need !Guaranteed !This app's main goal is simple: Help youcatch up on alltennis championships - news, scores & videos -in minimalefforts. So, what exactly do you get in this app ? *Live scoreboardfor all ongoing tournaments !* No setup or learningtime required.Fire the app for the first time – and immediatelysee what are thecurrent “must-know” news from the world oftennis.* A community ofTennis lovers! Post stories or polls,comment on stories, and tagarticles and earn reputation points andbadges!* Catch up on yourown schedule: You can choose your owntime-frame in one tap, soyou'll be up-to-date no matter how oftenyou're checking thingsout.* An awesome new widget!* Videos curatedfrom leading tennisnews sources. * Full Coverage - for each story- get all coveragefrom all sources with a single tap !* Chooseyour favorite topics soyou can easily stay on top of the things inthe topics that matterto you. If there's a specific player ortournament you'd like tofollow, like the Australian Open,Wimbledon, US Open or NovakDjokovic - this is the easiest, mostefficient way to do so! You canalso simply block (filter out)topics that don't interest you! *Block source - saw a source youdon't like? Long tap on the articleand block it!* Pushnotifications for prominent tennis events !*collapsed mode. Anefficient reading mode that will let you skimfast through thenews, on the expense of visuals.* A built in-appRead Later featureto save any item you wish to read later!Followand chat with us at: theapp? Not satisfied?Whatever it is - we’re waiting to hear from you.Please write uswhat’s on your mind to [email protected] ofthe SportfusionApplication is governed by the Sportfusion Terms ofUse(
Agricola Scoreboard 1.1.6
Agricola Scoreboard is an application that will help you recordthescore.A distinguishing features:- saving game history- sharescore-score graph- record agricola score- record caverna score
Russ Bray Darts Scorer 4.36.006
***** 5 star award in Apps Magazine "Russ Bray will speak yournameand work out the scores for you, and there are so manyfeatureshere we cannot possibly cover them all. It is a brilliantandambitious darts scoring solution in app form".One hundredandeighty! Welcome to the official app from the 'Voice of Darts'RussBray. Russ is a world famous darts referee who has beenscoringmajor professional Sky TV tournaments for 20 years.In theapp Russreferees your darts match in full including speaking yourname,throws, total left, and shot-outs with his silky vocaltonesexactly as he does on TV - you'll think you're at the AllyPally!Aswell as two player and Cricket scoring you can also improveyourgame by playing virtual matches against the computer (01 games)atten different skill levels. If you can beat the computer atlevel10 you are ready to take on the world number one!All playershavetheir own profile including a photo which can be shown duringplay.Every match is recorded with detailed stats includingaverage,first 9 average, best leg (darts thrown), highest checkout,highestthrow, doubles hit and score table (60's, 100's, 140's and180'scounts).Get the best selling darts scorer for a fraction ofthecost of a standalone product! Features include...- 2 Player.-Playthe computer practice mode (01 games).- Cricketscoring.-Personalised audio, hear Russ speak YOUR name (over 3000namesincluding player nicknames).- Request a name and Russ willrecordit for you personally.- Audio the same as on TV.- Playerprofilesincluding photos, handicaps and audio name which can bechanged atany time.- Full match history.- Detailed stats for thecurrentmatch and all past matches including average, first 9average, bestleg (darts thrown), highest checkout, highest throw,doubles hitand score table (60's, 100's, 140's and 180's counts).-Choosebetween scoring the full three dart total or eachdartindividually.- Set your own custom start number between 101and9999.- Play with handicaps.- Play with double to start(includingplay the computer). This is the format for the PDC WorldGrand Prixand also popular in local leagues.- Play with leg or setscoring (3or 5 leg sets).- Select starting player.- 10 computerlevels.- Last4 scores shown in 3 dart mode.- Number of darts thrownin currentleg. - Checkouts displayed when a finish is available.-Full undoand redo for the current leg.- Music plays alongside Russcallingyour match. ** Used by members of the Australian andEnglandcricket teams **** Sky Sports coverage during the WorldMatchplay**Follow us on Twitter @RussBrayApp.
Darts ScoreCard PRO 2.2.2
Entreco the best app for tracking your dart statistics. A musthave app,for every darter. Play like Phil Taylor and Raymond vanBarneveld,or challenge your friends for a game in abar!01Game,Crickets/Tactics,1-8 players,Statistics,Checkouthelp,Undo,Sound, Preferences, RSS,and more...
Volleyball Referee 2.41
Volleyball Referee is a user-friendly and complete applicationforrefereeing indoor and beach volleyball matches. • Createindoorvolleyball matches with official or user-defined rules:select theteam names, the shirt colours, and the player numbers. •Createbeach volleyball matches with official or user-definedrules:select the pair names and the shirt colours. • Manage thescore:whenever the score is updated, Volleyball Refereehandleseverything for you, including the rotations, the technicaltimeoutsand the serving team. • View the detailed series of scoredpointsby the teams during each set. • Keep track of the playerspositionsupon rotation on the court, including the liberos. •Substituteplayers very easily, according to the rules constraints.• Callteam timeouts with countdown timers. • Automatic technicaltimeoutsand game intervals, providing countdown timers. • Manageyourindoor teams. Use your saved teams for setting up an indoormatcheven faster. • Toss coins to determine the serving team andthesides. • Create your own rules from an exhaustive set of rules.Forinstance, you may change the number of points per set ordisablethe timeouts. • Resume the current match: feel free to quitorrestart, your latest game is always automatically saved. •Streamand share the live matches online: all the referees, theteammembers, the audience and your friends can monitor the matchdatain real time. • Browse and view the recorded matches on yourdeviceor online. • Create and share the score sheets from yourrecordedmatches, in PDF format. • Sanction players and coaches withyellow,red, expulsion and disqualification penalty cards. If yourlanguageis missing and you feel like helping the community, you maycontactus via the support address ([email protected]) and wecan worktogether on adding a new translation.
Smart Magnifier 1.4.1
Smart Magnifier is in the 5th set of the Smart Toolscollection.Thisapp turns your device into a Magnifying Glass withcamera zoom,auto-focus and LED flash.When you want to magnifysmall things andtexts, [Smart Magnifier] can be the solution. Tryit now.It issimple and easy tool to use. Here are main features.-LED light-Screenshot- Screen freezing- Camera zoom & Digitalzoom (5x)-Rotating camera view- Auto-focusing (in order toactivate, tapanywhere on the screen)* Do you want moretools?download [SmartLight Pro] and [Smart Tools] package.For moreinformation, watchYouTube and visit the blog. Thank you.
LED Scrollers NEW 2016 5.0
Brings the concert, dance of the album, and another fun placeforyou with this application LED screen ticker!Write anymessage!Writethe languages!This application screen LED allows youto write amessage, select the speed, color, flashing and move thetext to thesides.It can also display the banner advertisement andelectricsign quotes LED.This LED scrolling marquee sampleapplication has asimple interface. It is easy to use. A very simpleelectronicdisplay application!Better than real Board LED displayimage ortext.Support of loop playback and audio recording.Supportup tofour memory.Show your own images.Up to three lines.Each linecanset colors, speed, font size, and image.You can put theimageanywhere in between the text.Totally free.
Mini LED Scroller 102.6
This is an useful application Display your input letter like aLEDsignboard.Mini LED is a electronic display app insmartphone.Mini-LED has definite interface so that everybody canuseeasily.You can decorate beautifully your font andbackground.AlsoYou can apply various color, pattern andeffect.Express freely allof your thinking.We are also supportingtablet PC.Please writereview ! Then we are going update it !How touse ??• Catch a taxi•Concert cheer• Confession• Propose• Apologyand Find People•Placard• Candle and Ribbon• ETCOption and Effect•Font and Colorand Size.• Back ground color, Border Color and Background Shape•Font Effect, Screen Effect and Border Effect • Catch ataxi,Concert cheer, Confession of love and Apology• Save and Load-MINILED facebook : : Playingand Enjoy.
Strobe Light 2.2
Chic Apps
Strobe Light is a beautiful app that uses your phone's LEDcameraflash and the screen to simulate a Strobe Light effect andgive youcool party mood.You can use this in parties, at home at theclub,at school, or anywhere.Strobe Light produce the a similareffect areal strobe or stroboscopic lamp of the nightclubs. Thisapp iseasy to use, you have the possibility of use LED flash andscreenin perfect harmony and synchronized, You can increase themaximumbrightness settings of your phone for better effect.FeaturesofStrobe Light: * LED Flash * Flashes in the Screen too! withcolorswhite and black * You can Adjust the Frequency of flashes inrange1 - 30 Hz * Screen always on * Ads not intrusiveStrobe Lightis thebest option for tonight! beautiful, elegant, easy to use,chic andwith a perfect style.
LED Compass 1.9.6
Abc Apps
When travel or lost your way then check your direction byLEDcompass. Use this compass for select direction of yourfurnitureand checking horizontal level. Calibration notificationicon willhelp you keep compass in high accuracy.High-definition andsimplegraphic design makes high precision and battery efficiency.Andcompass's smooth and natural rotation is looks likerealcompass.Features:- Show calibration notification- Googlemapservice- Display horizontal level- Display device slope-Displaymagnetic field strength- Display true heading- Displaylatitude,longitude- Display current location**CautionsCheck yourdevicesthat isn't being affected by a magnetic objects or not.Maintainmagnetic field strength between 30~60μTaspossible.*CalibrationsCalibration icon indicates means excellent, yellow means is not bad butcalibration maybe needed. If icon turns into the red inverseexclamation mark, youbetter calibrate compass instantly. Wavingyour device severaltimes in a figure of 8 motion correctly.If youcan not solve it inthis way, rotate your device along 3-axis many atime.*This appincludes ads banner on the top screen.
LED Scroller (Banner + Record) 3.0.0
The best LED Scroller Marquee(Banner), so you in theconcert,confession romantic, refueling occasions, PARTYparties,advertising billboards, apologize for forgiveness, all cancome inhandy.Seize the attention of everyone's attention! Enjoyit.❤ Wehear everyone's wish! Attractive "GIF video record" iscoming ~enter you want tell and use GIF video record to share toyourfriend!1. Custom display font size, to be more or less byyourdecision.2. Adjust the speed of movement, to be like a trainflyingor freeze all the lines do ~ like how to how.3. Scroll toanydirection you like, like the left ← → right?4. Blink BlinkBlinkmode, you are the most shining focus of the audience.5.Built-inexplosion-LED flashlight, party, nightclubs, concertlightingdepends on it.6. Preview the effect of the display, entertext andset the mode at the same time preview the effect of theshow.8.Interface simple operation, the use of LED Marquee whichneeds somuch trouble!7. Preset common dialogue, quickly paste thesentenceon the LED Marquee.9. to provide emoticons, in the boardwithlovely emoticons, advertising big plus points in PROversion!10.Record scroller screen, and transmission flash billboardGIFanimation to a friend, well conveyed the mood of themoment.===Matters need attention ===Q. Why need your camerapermission? A.This permission is used on flashlight!Q. Why do Ineed access tothe write external storage permission?A. Thispermission is used inthe LED screen video, because the need to movethe map to thephone. If you deny this permission, you will not beable to performGIF videos. We will not have any action to captureyour privacy,please feel free to use.If you have any questions youcan send Mailto us! [email protected]
Flash on Call and SMS 6.1.9
Best LED Flash on call and sms application Flash on Call and SMSisa smart and Top Rated application available on the GooglePlayStore. Flash on Call and SMS app gives flash alerts onincomingcalls and SMS with the flash blink of your camera. The LEDcameraflash will blink with a flash notification when mobilephonereceives a call or message, a torch light with flashnotificationwill blink. Flash on call and sms provides you withcall alerts andsms alerts with indicator led. Flash alerts oncalling and flashalert on message. Get notified by the blinkingflashlight alertnotifications when phone rings with an incomingcall or incomingSMS text message. This ultimate LED Flash notifieris simple,easyto use and customize flashlight app. Our call flashapp is same asflashlight app and phone flash on clap, but flash ledwill startblinking when you will receive call or sms. When yourphone startringing torch light will blink depend upon yoursettings. Also wecan say call flash light. This flash alert on calland sms alertapp will notifi you via mobile call flash alert, theback sideflash (alerta,alertas,appel,appeler,appels,вспышка назвонок)brightest flashlight notification. light will blink onflashlightapp, missed call smart notifications. Flash alerts putsthe powerof flash blink customization for your android phone atyourfingertips. Create unique call flash light blink patternsforincoming phone calls, texts. Use this torch light as flashalert.Smart Features : ♥ Turn all flash alert ON or OFF with onetapbutton ♥ Turn On or Off LED flash alerts smart notificationsonincoming call ♥ Turn On or Off LED flash alerts smartnotificationson incoming sms ♥ Set the flash on call and smsworking in any mode( Normal, Vibrate or Silent ) ♥ Set the LEDflashlight alertsworking only when mobile is locked ( To savebattery ) ♥ Set thenumber of flash alerts on missed call smartnotifications you wantfor SMS ♥ Set LED flashlight on and offdurations ♥ Change thespeed of Flashlight alerts on call and sms ♥You can set flashalerts 2 times or more than two times ♥ Disableflash alerts whenbattery is below a set percentage ( To savebattery ) ♥ DND mode tohide LED flashlight alerts during specifiedtimes LED Flash Alertsis free, trusted app for getting brightestflashlight alertsnotifications or flash alerts when you haveincoming call orincoming sms. The call flashlight alert app isfully optimizedtorch light for tablets that utilize a sim card.Thank you forusing the brightest and best LED Flash Alerts for yourphone &tablets. Call flash light is simple, easy to customize.Flashalerts uses camera flash notification for call flashlightnotifications alerts. Flash on calls and SMS text messages.You canuse this application as flashlight app, flashlight alerts,flashblink on call and sms, flash on call and sms. Brightest Flashlighton call and sms and missed call smart notifications. Flash onCalland SMS app is user friendly and really easy to use. Flash onCalland Flash on SMS has a variety of options included in it.Blinkinterval and Flash blink on missed call smart notificationscounton incoming call and SMS can be controlled within this flashoncall and sms App. We value your Feedback If you like the Flashoncall and sms, share love in reviews. If found an issue inthisflash on call and sms, report to us via email or Facebook page.
College Hockey News
NOTE: We have addressed some major data issues with the lastupdate.We apologize for the delay. We are still working on somethings andwe are aware of an issue impacting Android 8.0+ usersonly. If stillexperiencing major issues, please email us, orcontact via [email protected] ============================First of its kind appfor college hockey fans everywhere, from thedefinitive resource fornews, statistics, analysis and more --College Hockey News( Get up to the minutescores with our LiveScoreboard, get detailed game summaries, topand bottom ten team andindividual statistics! Get College HockeyNews articles right in theapp! Check standings, get full teamschedules, rosters andstatistics. Compare teams using ourtale-of-the-tape feature! Get upto the minute NCAA PairwiseRatings and check out the latest leaguestandings! Follow yourfavorite team on Twitter right in the appusing our curated Twitterlists! Follow live in-game Tweets rightfrom the app and get Tweetsfrom players and teams. Receivenotifications for goals, finalscores and breaking news for yourfavorite teams! Set your favoriteteam(s) and get those scores firstin the Live Scoreboard, see yourfavorite team highlighting in thestatistics! @chnandroidapp
Flashlight Pro - Free flashlight app, screen flash 1.10.07
Flashlight is a brightest flashlight app with multiplefeatures.Well-designed lighthouse and the unique feature offlashing LEDreminder for incoming calls, which is cool andpractical, makingyou special in any random crowd.IntroduceFlashlight - LED Torch-Blink call flash on incoming calls- Blinkled flash alerts on Calland SMS- SOS Mode can be quickly started bysimply setting- Swipeto change thestrobelightAd_choices:
LED Digital Clock LiveWP 1.15
LED Digital Clock Live Wallpaper.This is simple live wallpaperwithLED style Digital clock. LED Digital Clock Live Wallpaperalsodisplay clock with date and day of week. Thousands ofcolorcombination available for display clock. LED Digital ClockLiveWallpaper is highly customizable live wallpaper application,youcan customize the following features:-* Clock color : set colorfordisplay text in clock.* Clock size : set size for display textinclock. * Date format : select format of date. * Time format:12-hour / 24-hour.* Show/Hide : glow for time, seconds, date,dayof week.
LED Torch 2.18.6
ASH Apps
LED Torch its amazing and useful app for android users thatshinesbright and looks great on your phone! This quick and easytorch hasa power button to (enable/disable) only a single click.Thisapplication is very helpful specially when you are in dark andyoucan easily find any little thing.FEATURES:* Enable/Disabletorchlight with a single button.* On/Off torch light with asoundeffect.* User Interface.* Easy to use.* Use for the brightest,mostreliable light to find your way.Totally free torchlightapplication for all android users. Install it withamazingfeedback.
Music Strobe Pro: hue flashlight for houseparty 3.8 Pro
Pro version: no ads, free extra strobe featuresGoing to afestivalwith a band concert ticket? Get ready to the bright colorscreenand LED lazer strobe light show.Throwing a birthday's electrodancehouse party in a dorm? DJ rave with LED Music Strobevisualizerapp.Use it as a pulsing flicker on the road while walkingordriving a bicycle.This is a strobe light pro pulsing app forDJ.Rave disco party lights, LED and screen color flashinglighteffects sync with music beat and noises by a mic. This is theprooffline flash laser game for party events, concertsorfestivals.Turn on disco blinks in a house party or a concertandjust dance in electro rhythm. Get attention to your sector onthestadium by loud noises and bright flickering torch lights.Ifyouare a dorm DJ: install stroboscope on every phone and tablet attherave electronic dance house party in a dorm and playsynchronizedLED disco lights show!LED music flashing lightsvisualizer syncwith the sound’s beat by microphone.It’s offline LEDstrobelighting app, a pro party game for a DJ. It needs camera andmicpermission for stroboscopic rhythm light effects. It will turnonthe cool color flashlight on voice or music beat. LED willnotblink if you don’t have a torch in your camera. You can alwaysusea hue screen flashlight in a nightclub or the house hip-hopdanceparty event.Internal visualizer music light mode (paid)doesn’t usea microphone for catching the beat. It works on the mostdevices.Please contact me and get a refund if your device doesn’tsupportinternal pulse mode.How to make lights flash to music1.PressSTART!2. Turn on the music player or make funny noises totestcolor light effects3. Set the mic sensitivity for currentsoundvolume by swiping up and down (0-100)4. Dance house, hip-hoporballet with this party disco light music app!LED andscreenflashlight blinks when the sound volume peaks. This is thebest forthe loud noises on a street basketball sports match or abirthday'skaraoke strobing lights show. Enjoy the party discolights! Setdifferent bright primary colors on the color circlewheel whilepartying in a night club.Ask your fans to install MusicStrobe onthe band’s concerts tickets and rock the dance floor!Makethe musiccolor flashlight show for kids birthday (be caution withthe torchthat uses blinding lazer LEDs). You can use Bluetoothspeaker, butthe app can turn on the flashlight on baby voice orscreen taps.Dance hip-hop, rave, even ballet.Take it to the matchat soccergames and add a bit of flame in your sports life. Benoticed withthe torch stroboscopic flickering pulses on the stadiumduringfootball games.Blink disco lights settings:*Externalmic's/Internal phone’s sound* LED laser: flickering torchon/off(can work with the locked screen)* Plain bright primarycolors fromhue color wheel, Romantic stroboscope, Soccer balls orStarsfireworks* Choose the flashlight color from the hue wheel orsetrandom rainbow strobe.Thanks for your great reviews! It inspiresmeto make and develop cool party flashlights apps!Ask toinstallMusic Strobe on your band’s concerts tickets and make avideo clip.Take a video from a dorm party and send it to me.Shareyour filmwith me and get the promo code as a gift! * Caution!Blindingbright LED strobe lights may be harmful to the eyesight,and forsome people, it might cause epileptic seizures!Video showwithflashing LED lights has provided by Klaipedas LightShowFestival
LED Digital Table Clock 10.0
This app is a LED marquee sign style.It is a dock clock, deskclockand night clock application.No alarm No widget. It is bigandsimple. It is easy to use.It just shows you time(hour,minute,second) and date(month, day).You can also change text colorandbackground color.
LED Strobe 1.9.2
Easy Labs
A strobe light or stroboscopic lamp, commonly called astrobe.Produces regular flashes of light using camera flash LED.Youcanadjust the frequency of flashes in range 1 - 25 Hz.**Caution!Strobe light can be harmful to the eyes and causeepilepticseizures **** Not compatible with all devices **
☝ Flash Notification Light ☝ 1.0
Flash Notification Led Light for Sms ,Calls And allappsnotifications alert Flashing light Free . Flash NotificationLedFeatures ✔ Easy To use . ✔ Good Interface.✔ Enable/DisableFlashNotification . ✔ Easily Select Apps to get led notificationfor(You can select Facebook-whatsapp-Twitter-etc) And get blanklightwhen you get notification for them . ✔ Get led notificationforcalls (Get blank flash alert when you have call and set numberofflash time with test mode )(Get led flash alert when you areinselected mode silent-normal-vibrate)✔ Get led notification whenyouget sms or unread sms . ✔ Turn flash of when battery is low .✔Don’t disturb mode to stop flash alert at specific time . ☺Don’tforget to rate app 5 stars to keep updated ☺ ✭ KeywordsSuggestion✭ flash notificationflash alertnotificationlightlednotificationflash alert appled notifikasinotificationledlednotification lightflashing lightnotificationlightnotificationflashlight notification appled flashalertflashblinking on callled flash for alertscall flash alertflashalert oncallnotification flashflashlightnotificationflashnotifiernotification led lighthow to make phoneflash whenreceiving a textnotification forflash lightnotificationalertsflashcall alert flashled alertnotification flashlight
Flashlight Free: No Permissions 4.0
Tired of other flashlight apps that read your location,personalinformation, phone calls, and network activity etc? Thisapp won'tread any of your personal information! Go ahead and check.The onlypermission is for Camera (which is used to access yourflash LED.)We value your privacy 100%. The best part? This appdoesn't haveany annoying sounds or advertisements.To switch off theflashlight,simply tap the screen or exit the app.There is also acontributionversion of this App with the same exact features, butthe moneygoes to feed a hungryappdeveloper.******Anoteon the microphone permissionI just want to address a recentissuethat some users have been reporting to me about seeing anewpermission show up for Microphone and Camera recordings. Thetruthis that I have not added any additional permissions to thisappsince the initial release. However, Google changed the waytheydisplay permissions to the users. The Camera permission is theonepermission I've had since the beginning, and that's necessaryinorder to access the LED hardware. The reason Microphone isnowshowing up is that Google bundled the two together since thatmakesa lot of sense for anyone who makes apps that make use ofthecamera.I know that for a lot of the users of my apps privacy isahuge concern but let me reassure you that my app does nottakepictures or recordings. Even if it did, it does not havetheability to save any recordings (doesn't have thestoragepermission) or transmit them through the internet (nonetworkpermissions.) I apologize for any concern's that Google'snewpolicy may have caused.
Day night changing clock live wallpaper 1.2
new wallpaper
There is a new LED clock for you which is Automatic Daynightchanging clock live wallpaper. Day night changing LED DigitalClockLive Wallpaper is a new style fancy digital clock for yourscreen.Day night LED Digital Clock Live Wallpaper have one lighthousebeach theme with six atmospheres which is change as pertimeautomatically. Day night LED Digital clock changing livewallpaperis simple live wallpaper with LED style and day nightatmosphere.Day night LED Digital Clock also display clock with dateand day.Day and night LED Digital Clock is highly customizableapplication,user can customize the following features :- BeautifulLED clockwith Day and Night in the natural live wallpaper of naturescenewith free of cost. Sunrise, Sunset and Glowing Moon livewallpaper.Its a complete day and night multi live wallpaper withLED digitalclock. Six Atmospheres - Before Sunrise (Sunshine shade)- BeforeSunrise in the morning - Day (Rising sun and blue skybackground)(Afternoon) - Sunset - Evening - Night (BeautifulmoonlightFeatures: - Ever changing background according to daytime- ClockColor : set color of clock digit. - Clock size : set size ofclock.- Date format : choose format of date. - Time format :24-hour /12-hour. - Show/Hide : glow , seconds, date, day of week.-Automatic Day night changing backgrounds - Automaticchangingwallpaper as day progress - Easy to set as wallpaper
Bright LED Flashlight 1.06
Flashlight is a flashlight on call when you're receiving acall.Flashlight is a free super tactical flashlight(Like SOS Mode)andturns your device into the brightest flashlight. Flashlight isaflashlight on SMS when you’re receiving messages. This is atorchapp that stays on even if you close the app or switch offscreen. 💡💡 Main Features - Insanely bright, when using the LEDflashlight -Always available when you need it - this is the mostoptimized andreliable flashlight app designed to preserve yourbattery lifewhile operating. - Be prepared for emergency situationswithadditional plugins like the Warning lights and Strobe,Morse,Blinking lights. Privacy Policy: ADchoice:
My Torch LED Flashlight 4.0.7
Brightest LED Flashlight for Android. Simple user interface easytouse.FEATURES★ LED Torch★ Screen Torch★ Send SOS Signal★ SendanyMorse code★ Strobe/Blinking Mode supported - Blinkingfrequencyadjustable★ Color Lights★ Police LightTurn your phonecameraflashlight or Screen into a torch. Super bright LEDflashlight forAndroid Phones. Simple user interface, elegantdesign. Illuminatesyour nights.If your camera does not have a LEDflashlight, you canuse the phone screen as torch light.a simpleflashlight widgetincluded.