Top 47 Games Similar to Tap Tap Farm - Animal Escape

Tap Tap Beat - the most addictive music game 1.01.16
Guide the Unicorn through the path! Listen carefully to thebeat,and play to the music or you'll fall off.Will you reach theend ofthe road?! And what about your friends, will they beatyou?Who willbe the best Unicorn rider?*Play on epic music*Evolveyour Unicorn!Watch it upgrade with awesome skins and armors*Try tobeat yourfriends score*Get daily gifts and rewards*Enjoy hundredsof levelsof increasing difficulty*Discover our magical universes:SkyHighand SpaceOperaReady to play the best game for Android? Timeto seethem Unicorns dancing!
Tap Tap Reborn 2: Popular Songs Rhythm Game 2.3.1
Tap Tap Reborn 2: Popular Songs Rhythm Game is the best ofrhythmgame. To be more specific that will redefine the way youenjoymusic by offering an immersive music experience by allowingyou toliterally touch the beats.In this evolution, our tap gamewilloffer you the popular songs with various genres from pop song,EDM,Trap as well as Rock which make you feel crazy with thisrhythmgame every time you turn it on in your phone. Turn onmaximumvolume or use headphone for the best experience with yourmostfavorite popular song and enjoy the beat fever with this taptapgame.--------- How to play ----------Really simple, but not easyatall: Tap the ball as it reaches scoring areas. You score bygettingas much combo as possible with Perfect tap accuracy.Toenhance themusic experience with the tap music game online, you canturn onslake and slash in option. Let’s Slash when you see the ballwiththe arrow come to the drop bar. Shake your phone when you seethe“shake” signal.--------- Unique features ---------_MultiplayerMode: create your own room and wait another player tojoin the roomand play the online battle with them._ Our songcollections comefrom different genres and are updated every week._“Shake” bar:will appear when the beat drops! You need to physicallyshake yourphone in order to score and keep the combo._ “Slash”: abeat-ballwith an arrow to any particular direction on drop bar. Toscore,player need to swipe the “Slash” ball into the samedirectionshowed on it.---------- What’s to expect -----------_ Aritmo gamewith stunning visual from a legendary game-playingnostalgic stylewith full of rhythm._ Conquer all the quests andachievements tobecome a real music hero or a tap hero by tap, earneasy Ruby todiscover hundreds of Premium Songs._ Challenge yourfriends showoff your skill. Play, practice your fingers like youare trying toplay a stepmania by your foots! Don't worry if youlose, becauseyou can Revenge them anytime by just one click. _Enjoy tap heromoment after completing the hardest mode and checkyour ranking _Amazing sound quality and perfect timing beats shallgive you anamazing juego de ritmo experience that you cannotbelieve suchthing exist on a mobile game. Are you ready to tap andbecome thenext tap hero, or rhythm game incarnate? Try this now forFREE!P/S:We are adding more songs and always look for ways toimprove thegames. Please leave us feedback if any. Thankyou!Privacy Policy: to findus:Facebook:[email protected] are a music producer and would like tospread your music to theworld, please feel free to email us. As astartup, we would love topromote indie music as well.Permission:In order to provide thepersonalized and optimized experience, wewould request “Location”and “Storage” permission when you downloadthis game.
Tap Tap Money - Treasure Adventure 1.0.8
Stretch your fingers because this tap game will make yourfingerstingle! It’s up to you to turn all that black money intopiles ofcash. Shape your mafia conglomerate by buying and upgradingyourbusinesses. Are you ready to take over the city and becomefilthyrich? Tap away in New Gang City! Don’t wait any longer anddownloadthis game! Tap yourself to riches! Recruit many mafiamembers tohelp you with your businesses. Set out your mafiasoldiers to takeover all the businesses in the city. Take controlof the city’seconomy while you expand your businesses. Tapping hasnever everfelt so powerful before. How to wash your black moneylike a boss:- Earn money even when you’re offline- Many greatbuildings to takeover- Let your mafia members run the streets,collect them all-Build & Upgrade businesses for maximumearnings- Get BonusDrops- Become richer and richer & unlockmore businesses Leadmafia gangs to take over the city. Wash yourblack money and builda mafia empire. Come and join this mafiaadventure. Cash is waitingto be collected!DOWNLOAD NOW!
Tip Tap Soccer 1.1
Neon Play
The most addictive soccer game of all time! Grow your ownsoccerclub into the best in the world!Tap, tap, tap to encouragefansinto your stadium. Earn money by investing in merchandise,clubtours and tasty food. Boost your profits with lucrative TVdealsand attract the interest of mega investors.Spend your millionsonbuilding bigger stadiums to attract thousands of fans!Downloadnowand become the next Tip Tap Soccer tycoon!
Full of Music 1 ( MP3 Rhythm Game ) 1.9.5
[ to previous purchasers ]Previous version of this game(FullofMusic) is suspended by a policy issue.For user already purchased,apromotion code will be served.Please make a inquiry onGooglePaymentspage( master of rhythm game!You can play with your own MP3files.-Please compare with other auto music note generation games!You canfeel a electrifying by distinctive analysis andsynchronizationalgorithm.- Concentrate to game playing on simple& clear userinterface.- Support various speed and difficulty.- Compete with thescores of other players around the world.*Recommend to play musicwith proper beats.
Tap Tap Rush - Animal Rush 1.7
Smell Game
Welcome to the Tap Tap Rush - Animal RushIf you are a fan ofthecasual you shouldn't miss this game; Or if you had a version ofTapTap Rush - Animal Rush,let's upgrate the more 140 levels.Thegameplay is very simple , you just run and jump and get higherlevelYoucan share or invite friends play with you .Login GooglePlay tounlock special character .Is there anything special on thisnewversion?* Graphics is so cute.* 144 levels* 20 characters*Leaderboard help you know who is the bestUpgrade the degree ofdifficultyin each level.If you cant play current level, dont worrytap to"Get Snail" you can use total Diamond eaned to get Snail oryou canwatching video to get snail :) => yeah 2 snails , snailmoveverry slow and can help you get new level easy.
Kickerinho 2.5.11
JUST *TAP* *TAP* AND KEEP IT UP!Kickerinho needs your help tobecomebest juggler in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro! Willyou helphim fulfill this dream?• Get additcted with simple yetchallengingjuggling gameplay• Choose from over hundred of footballT-Shirts.Barcelona or Madrid? We have'em. Wanna wear a suitinstead? We'vegot you covered.• Unlock dozens of football tricks:juggle withfoot, stall the ball on your head, show who's thejuggling master!•Be immersed by beautiful graphics and smoothanimation.Remember:juggling is a skill that is improved byrepetition. The more you dothe better you will get. WARNING: gameis highly addictive and maycause “let me try!” requests frompeople around you! Please note:Kickerinho is optimized for iPhone4s/ iPad 2/ iPod Touch 5th genand up.
Tap Tap Reborn: Best of Indie Music 1.6.0
Amanotes JSC.
Tap Tap Reborn: Best of Rhythm is a beat tapping game thatwillredefine the way you enjoy music by offering an immersivemusicexperience by allowing you to literally touch thebeats.----------How to play ----------Playing this is simple, butit is not easy atall - just feel the beats with your fingers: tapthe ball as itpasses scoring areas. The higher combo you reach, thegreater yourscore will be.Turn on maximum volume or use headphonefor the bestexperience as the songs are all about EDM and Rock. Youcan eventry this awesome music game with your rock band orchallenge yourfriends directly and beat them.---------- What’s toexpect----------- Have you ever dream to be a music star? Areyoubuilding a band in your own garage? Then this should beyourbeginning: be on top of the leaderboard and show the worldyouramazing sense of music.- Stunning visual and alegendarygame-playing style.- Song list of different genres arechosen andupdated every week.- Conquer all the quests andachievements todiscover more songs and become a real hero of yourband.- Challengeyour friends to see who is the boss! Don't worry ifyou lose,because you can Revenge them anytime by just one click. -Amazingsound quality and perfect timing beats shall give you awhole newlevel of playing a rhythm game on mobile.- Tap Tap Reborn:Best ofRhythm offers an Online Battle Mode, in which you cancompete withreal players around the world. This feature has madeour game evenmore addictive.Are you ready to tap and become thenext musichero?Try this now for free!P/S: We are adding more songsand alwayslook for ways to improve the games. Please leave usfeedback ifany. Thank you!If you are a music producer and wouldlike to spreadyour music to the world, please feel free to shoot usan email, youknow where to find it.Privacy Policy:
Tap Tap Smith 2.1.1
Tap Tap Inc
Just tap and become the richest Blacksmith of the prehistoric erainthis brand new pixel art tapping game! Craft weapons, armor,spellbooks, jewelry - sell your products and wears to grow yourboomingbusiness! How to play: - You’re a prehistoric blacksmith -one ofthe first of your kind. TAP TAP TAP to earn more, sell moreandsucceed in the ultimate idle clicker game!- Make your smithyshopthe top attraction to legendary warrior and heroes — yourbiggestcustomers! - Set your store up just right and earnmoneyautomatically, even while you sleep - Control prices,unlockancient and long forgotten spells, forge new weapons —simple, yetaddictive gameplay! Features: - Non-stop tapping fun,withupgrades, skills, warrior summoning and more!- Adventurethrough 6magical worlds with epic scenery and music- Reset andrestart forendless grinding, summoning and fun!- Google Play GamesServiceintegration: achievements, leader boards, and cloud saving.-Alight-weight, simple game that can play on almost any phone-Canplay offline without the InternetDo you have what it takestobecome the richest blacksmith of the prehistoric era? Playnow,free!
Tap Tap Plane 1.20.02
Plane of legend had a train of legend.He loved that train, andtheywent everywhere together, laughing and playing all throughouttheirtiny world.Then, one day, raven of legend swooped down andstolethe train of legend.This made plane of legend very sad, buthedecided that he would be brave....The legend of the plane oflegendjust started here.
Tap-tap-click! 1.0.1
Tap-tap-click!It is a game that allows you to improve theclickspeed, especially for your PVP games.Compare your results withallplayers
Music Hero - Rhythm Beat Tap 2.1
Words Mobile
Music Hero is the most rockin' and the only music rhythm gamethatyou can play with your own music! Get ready to feel the rhythmasyou tap tap your cell phone screen now!Are you ready to rockandrevenge? Tap your way through the songs with this easy tolearnrhythm game. You can play with the preload songs or yourlocalmusic files by your favorite artists. Music Hero includes abrandnew visual experience with beautiful lighting effectsandanimations.How to Play:- Tap the discs when passing the bar atthebottom to score points for accuracy and timingGameFeatures:-Support local MP3 music files- Simple, Standard andExpertdifficulty levels- Visually striking user interfaceNotes: 1.Theembedded guitar music comes from permissions is needed to help set your own musicasringtone.
Tap Tap Fruit 1.4
DKN Mobile
tap tap fruit game is a game of speed and precision sharpeninghandin crushing the fruit and avoid the bombs, which can make youlosethe game. tap tap games fruit in design with a simple but coolandfun to be played by all ages.Game features:- Design Simple-FlatDesign- Leaderboard online- Relax in play- Share Score-FastGamePlay now TapTap game Fruits
TapTap Jam 1.0.052
Don't let the banned cars continue on the lanes and help thealiensto reduce the traffic.★ Use your skills to remove the bannedcarsfrom the lanes.★ Receive Achievements and share.★ Challengeyourfriends and show how fast you are.★ 3 game modes: Arcade, Zenandthe impossible Frenzy!★ HD Graphics.★ Amazing soundtrack.★Supportsmost Android devices.Internet connection is not required toplay.
Tap Tap 1.0
Tap Tap is very simple yet enjoyable puzzle game Just tap orlongpress to move the hand to solve the levelenjoy
Tap Tap 1.13
Ben Basha
DOTS! is a game of skill where you have to tap on the DOTS! asfastas you can to score points. How long will you survive?✔ A gametoplay when you are bored and want to have a good time atschool,university, office etc..✔ Play with your friends and see whois thefastest✔ Easy to play: tap all the DOTS! with the same coloras theindicator shows.Play DOTS! and show you are the fastestperson inthe world!!DANGER!!! It's addictive!!★★★★★Love DOTS!?Don't forgetto +1 and 5 stars!★★★★★Please send us reviews andimprovementsuggestions to:[email protected]
BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game 1.5.7
★★★ Next generation auto music analysis rhythm game BEATMP3!★★★Including MP3 file, moreover whole of extension of musicfilecan be supported.You can enjoyed this awesome rhythm game withyourOWN music library in your mobile devicesHit the notes atthecorrect time to get the highest score then share your scorewithyour friendsFeature of BEAT MP3.- This game includesexclusivemusic analysis system, makes perfect beat timing lookslike whichsong writers made it. - It also has random beat systemwhich makesdifferent kind of game even with the same song.- You canenjoy thegame without loading after 1st precision song analysis.-It’s cozy,fantastic graphic and effect, especially fever mode willmake youimmersed in this game. - It adds more exciting system withrandombonus event.- Auto accumulated system with 10 coins per30minutes.Various options.- 3 different lines ( 4,5,6 lines)- 9stepsspeed ( 1x to 5x with 0.5 step)- 4 steps mode(Easy,Normal,Hard,Crazy)- Beat sound on/off function- Randombeaton/off function( everytime you’ll se different note even withsamesong)- Support fourdifferentlanguage(Korean,Japanese,English,Chinese)Provides guitar,drum, andmusic games.ver 1.1.61.Fever button bug fixedVer 1.1.51.Missjudgment fixed. Touch a blank area not miss 2. It judgesbecamemore details.3. Changed the color of long note&slidenote.Ver1.1.0Updates1. Enlarge the touch area2. Add buttons FEVER3.bugcorrection which terminates the game while running.
Pix Fish 1.3
Tap, little fish! Tap! Tap! I mean..Swim!!Help the fish to dodgeallobstacles and check how far you can go!The more obstacles youdodgethe more fish you have to choose!The higher you score themoreplaces you can swim!The more you play the more fun it is!Swimlittleplayer! Swim! Swim!Like usonFacebook:
Tap Tap Bounce 1.3
Tap Tap BounceThis is fun and extremely addictive actiongame.Thisis very basic touch control game. Be quick as you can youneed totap the screen and pass the obstacles.Touch to Bounce andavoid theobstacles and jump as high as possible to get the highestscore.Thegame is easy to play, but so fast and agile.All you haveis yourmind strength and your fast reactions.The game contains :-AwesomeGraphics- Change graphics in every game play- Coolsounds.-Challange your friends to beat your score on socialnetworks.-Online leaderboardsWhat are you looking for? Bounce asmuch youcan!This game is suitable for all girls and boys ofallages.Install and play "Tap Tap Bounce" – for free onAndroidnow!We'd appreciate if you'd report any issues you're havingwiththe gameto [email protected], please include your devicemakeand model.Tap Tap Bounce is developed and published by SnSGamesInc.
Tap! Tap! Tap!
- Single Player- Two Player- 5 Game Modes- 10 Com Levels- Lightonyour device- Auto Clear CacheTap 20: Tap your side 20times,whoever taps faster and reaches 20 first wins!To 10: Tap yourside,you get a point and your opponent loses one, sounds funright,Whoever reaches 10 first, wins!From 10: You get 10pointsinitially, Each tap will give you a point and reduces onefrom youropponent. Make your opponents score Zero, you win!.TapUnlimited:Tap till you Die ;p.
Tiles Hop: Forever Dancing Ball 2.0.9
Hot UpdateLet's hop! You can now upload your own songs to play.WithTiles Hop: Forever Dancing Ball, you can play various type ofmusic,from beautiful Piano, Guitar songs to hard rock, metal rockand EDMmasterpieces.Bounce off the magic music tiles, listen tothe beat,and make as many hops as you can in this mind-blowingmusic game nowfor Free!Hit Songs + Ball Game + Magic Piano Tiles =AwesomenessThisgame will create the whole new experience for musicgame lover.Beprepared to catch the magic beat now! How to playTiles Hop: ForeverDancing Ball1. Listen to the magic beat and useyour musicalreflexes to drag the ball left or right to guide theball from tilesto tiles. In short, make the ball jump! Try not tofall off themagic music tiles.Do not Tap! This is not a Tap Tapgame.2. Justfollow the rhythm and don’t miss any tiles to bouncethe ball! Makeinsane combos and beat your friend's scores!Gamefeatures- Autogenerated content: upload your favorite songs tobounce with music-One-touch control with simple operations-Breathtaking 3D ambientand effects- 30+ absolutely beautiful andfun songs- 20+ Differentbackgrounds to truly bring you newexperience every plays!- 10+ skyballs to choose- Simple graphics,easy to play and everybody getsplaying their favorite piano, EDM,pop, rock! - High quality soundmakes you feel like being in aconcert. - Breath-taking rhythm willchallenge your hand’s speedlimit! - Collect different skins foryour dancing balls and makethem look even cooler. - Beat your owntop score and dare your bestfriend for a challenge.- Top challengemode gives you thrill andrisk! - Share your record with yourfriends, and compare withworld-wide players on the ranking list! -Save your progress viaFacebook account and share the progress indifferent devices. Let’sroll the sky ball and enjoy the amazingmusical journey in everydance. This is truly one of the best arcadebouncing ball gameswith great music to challenge your friends.TilesHop: ForeverDancing Ball is totally Free! Try it Now!Support:Areyou havingproblems with Tiles Hop: Forever Dancing Ball? Send [email protected]
Tap Tap 3.0
An entertaining game that helps pass the time at leisure ineverysituation. The game is what you need in 30 seconds to set hisownrecord by pressing a button. The game has a leaderboard whereyourwritten record. Install the biggest record is the main goal ofthegame and played the first game you will want more and more timetomake taps for 30 seconds. The game will delay any person inhisworld of clicks.
Tap Tap Tap - Dream Guardians
Infinite dream world that can achieve everything everyonewant.Thestory of small and cheerful guardianswho fight monstersthatinterfere with the free imagination to protect the peaceofdreams.▶ Guardians become stronger through a variety of skillsandrebirth▶ Evolving helper with new look▶ Easy and simple battlewithonly tabs and auto-attack- Guardian : A persona of thedreamingprotagonist(player). It leads Helpers to protect the dreamworld.-Helper : Protagonist's alter egos which have thedifferentpersonality. They beat the monsters and make better dreamsto helpguardian.- Field : The world that make up the protagonist'sdream.It lost the power of free imagination by monsters invasion.Getback the endless possibilities to fight the monsters.- Monster:Mischievous monsters that invade the dream world. They eat awaytheprotagonist's dream and prevent to come new dreams. Let'sbeatmonsters as explore wide and interesting dream world.- Wonder:Mysterious magic wonders which made of starlight of dreams.Theybecome more powerful through bright starlight andrichimagination.- Spell : Magic spells which to be triggered byusingjewels. There mighty forces exceed the guardian'sability.Pleaseguard the cozy fantasy worldby drive out monstersthat disturbingpeaceful dream.
TapTap Square 2.2.2
TapTap Square is a game to test your reflexes and compete withyourfriends who can get farther. Focus and be quick but do notchoosethe wrong color.
Tap Tap Cube - a taptap game 1.4
TapTap Cube! A colorful game where the squares are in thespotlight!25 squares of color and go! Normal Mode: You must typethe redsquare before the end of time! But beware if you type nextparty ...complete. Zen Mode: This mode allows you to enjoy thenormal modewithout losing if you type next, easier and more fun!Color Mode:This level will test the most reactive of you! You musttype thesquares that have the same color as the bin above. TimeMode: A modewhere speed and skill are needed! You must type overthe red squaresin 30 seconds! Warning! if you type next, the gameis over! Feelfree to share this application and make comments.Keywords: taptap,tap, taptapcube, color, color, cube, square
U Tap 1.0.7
U Tap stylized as U-Tap. Tap The balls to get points. Use thepointsfor a variety of skins and levels* (levels coming infutureupdates).
Tap Tap Meteorite 1.2
ToeJoe Games
Protect the planets of our solar system! The planets in oursolarsystem are facing total destruction from crashing meteorites.It isyour job to destroy the never-ending waves of meteoritesbeforethey hit and demolish the planet. Features: • Over 10differentpower ups you can use to destroy meteorites. • Four uniqueplanetsto play on, each with their own difficulty and Power-Ups. •GlobalLeaderboards and Achievements!Like usonFacebook: Twitter:
RotoMatch 1.2
From the makers of GFC (Global Football Challenge), comes theirnextaddictive little pastimer - RotoMatch.Simply tap screen torotatethe circle and match the falling blocks with the colour onthecircle.Here's what the guys at Pardy Panda Studios had to sayaboutit:"It's simple to learn, but hard to master" - MarcoAgas"It's sogripping. After every touch, I don't know what's gonnahappen next"- Tanay Shah"After every round, I feel like trying itone more time"- Smit Choksi"Grrraaaaaapphhhhiccssss!" - GeetikaShetty"Simplegame, but it should be developed level by level " -SampadanandaDashTop Features include:- Infinite gameplay-Progressivedifficulty- Sleek, flat and minimalistic graphicdesign- Addictivegameplay- Colour themes - Day mode and Nightmode- GlobalLeaderboards integration- Facebook integrationPlay onand challengeyour friends to beat your high score.Find outmoreat:www.pardypanda.comFor latest updates on upcoming games andmore,like/ any issues with the game, please feel free to contactusdirectly at [email protected]
squares! 2.1
squares! is a fast-paced, arcade-style casual action game. *Hitsquares to gain points* Use swipe gestures to freeze or destroythesquares* 2 game modes - normal and survival* 9 square types*15levels of fast-paced tapping funSimple, right?Deceptivelyaddictive.See how well you score on the global highscore list!
Flippy Black Bird 1.083
Go as far as possible avoiding obstacles.The rules :- Tap, tapandfly up- Pass a maximum doors to get the best score- Collect alotof coins to customize your hero
My Cat-(Dreamsky)Tap Tap Vampire Titans 1.2
DreamSky Ltd
Dreamsky Games: Just be Happy!“My cat”, the most popularadventureaction smartphone game is now here!In “My cat”, you willfind thecunning old woman, silly vampire,different magical kitchenutensilsand surprising random events. The most romantic thing isnotraining cherry blossoms but raining coins and gems. Would youliketo witness?Long long time ago, in a magical forest, there wasanold woman who lived happily with her beloved kitten. One day,thevampire took her kitten away. With her sleeves wrapped up,theangry old woman went after the vampire, and that’s how thestorybegin...How to play: 1.Tap the screen to destroy the towers;slidethe screen to dissolve the bombs2.Destroy the towers tocollectcoins to combine equipments and upgrade your skills3.Destroythetowers to save the animals, which will pick the coinsforyouFeatures1. Easy control with refreshing interface2. 50levelswith more than 10 sets of equipments to be discovered3.Variousrandom events will surprise you time aftertimeContactUsFacebook:
Cute Meme Face - Tap Tap Tap 4.63.04
Cute Meme Face is a cool eliminate game, tap the same meme facetogain the score. When you win, you will get additional coins asareward. Tap it free now. Features, ***Cool meme face;***Levelrecorded; ***Cool UI; ***Drops for you; ***Score;***Suitable forall ages; ***Share it.
Tap Tap Bat: Casual One Tap Mini Game 2
Studio C
Tap Tap Bat is a fun & simple casual game that is just rightforeveryone to enjoy! Whether you are simply looking for a fewminutesof tapping fun, or seeking the sense of achievement bybeating thetop score in Google Leaderboard. This game is justright for you![STORY]A rare species of Honduran white bat istrapped stuck deepcold underground! Help the Honduran white bat toreunite with itsfamily. Guide him to avoid wood blocks trap andascend back tosurface! Will he ever return to his family? His fateis in yourhands! (or fingers) ★ Simple game play! All you need todo is justTAP!★ Cute graphics and character!★ Catchy Backgroundmusic &sound effects!★ Non-stop finger tapping!HOW-TO-PLAY❖Tapping on thescreen will make the Honduran white bat flap itswings❖ Avoid thewood block traps when you are ascending❖ The woodblock traps aremoving in different speed❖ Precise timing isrequired to dodgethrough the traps❖ Score 1 point for each trapyou pass❖ Ascend andscore as much as you can!PLAYERS INVOLVEMENTPROGRAM➤ This game willevolve according to the players suggestions& comments➤ Playersare free to suggest any newelements/endings/enemies/traps for theupcoming updates➤ Playerscan give their suggestions in the reviewsection or by emailingus.➤ Developers will implement the selectedsuggestions and givecredits to the players involved.➤ The goal isto develop an openended game that is more engaging and fun foreveryone! EXTRA INFO❖Honduran White Bat can also be found inNicaragua, Costa Rica, andwestern Panama.❖ Honduran White Bat(Ectophylla alba) has snowwhite fur and a yellow nose and ears.❖ Itis very small and tiny,only 3.7-4.7 cm long.❖ It mainly feed onfruits.❖ It also called"Tent-making Bats" because of its ability tomake tent out ofleaves.❖ Honduran White bat is listed as NearThreatened (LR/nt),is likely to qualify for a threatened categoryin the nearfuture.Follow usonFacebook:
Tap Dash Run 2.0
An exciting game Tap Dash Run is offered to yourattention.Thismodern novelty belongs to the class of educationalgames. Thedevelopment of imagination, creative thinking,fantasy,perseverance and dedication, as well as the calculation ofearnedpoints will help the child to learn softly and with interest.TapDash Run is a colorful game for kids with built arcadeandobstacles. Small animals controlled by the player,overcomedifficulties. The characters get bonuses in the form ofpreciousstones for high speed and for the quality of passingeachlevel.Tasks and rules for the user - You control an animalthatyou’ve chosen at the start. This animal turns out to be in amaze.It moves along a narrow path, which breaks sometimes. The maintaskof the player is to help the hero to overcome all difficultiesonthe road, or rather jump over obstacles, so that the littleanimaldoesn’t fall in the abyss. You will have to tap jumpchangedirection to complete the task. Funny little creatures jumpandturn thanks to player’s reactions.In the kids game tap dashrun,the player performs two basic actions, he jumps (taps) andturns.The challenge lies in the fact that the speed increases,thelocation changes abruptly, and deadlocks appear suddenly.Theplayer’s attention must be uttermost because the complexity oftheroute is unpredictable. Luminous pointers in the circles arethehints to help you. You should press on them function "tap jump"inorder to achieve the best results when making adeftjump.Interesting details of the game -There is 216 levels inthisgame; having passed them, you climb up the league table,opening upnew possibilities and supplements. Reaching new levels isbased onspeed and on game progresses. Therefore, it is advisablenot tomake mistakes and not to overuse restart. The difficultyincreaseswith the opening of new levels: the speed of hero’smovementbecomes higher, you tap jump change direction, and newpathunlock.Also, after transition to the next platform otherfunnyanimals become available. The appearance of the originalanimaljump - the cat - will change. For beginners, such an additionas"the snail" can help to simplify playing by slowing downthemovement of pet.Like other learning games for kids , "TAP DASHRUN"provides an opportunity to open or to buy favorite animals.Brightcolors, beautiful background design and constant changes ofthecharacter provide avoiding monotony. There is a function ofsavingachievements and progress.Rating of characters and players -Thesuccess of the game, or rather of each passed level, will befixedin a special rating table. It gives you an opportunity to seeyourown game dynamics, and to discover cover the achievement ofotherplayers, including your friends. In this game you can shareyourresult with friends in social networks just in oneclick.Funpastime, many emotions and pleasure are guaranteed! TapDash Run isa tap game. This is not only a game for boys or forgirls. Bothkids and adults will like this arcade with colorfulgraphics.Despite the simplicity, the game is reallyenthralling.Here are themain particularities of this application,simple and clear design,colorful graphics, enthralling story,simple installing, big numberof levels, games for toddler.DownloadTap Dash Run for free now.Good luck Play Fun!
TapaRama – Tap Tap Precision 1.2
Anish Raja
In an exciting tap tap gameplay, you’ll need to show precisionandtimely taps if you want to master TapaRama. This is one ofthesimplest, yet one of the most demanding casual board games.Withthe cute graphics, compelling colors and overall great gameplayandcontrols, you’ll be surprised of how challenging the game couldbe.HOW TO PLAY Tap the moving square into the highlighted squareandscore as many points as you can.SHOW GREAT PRECISION! If youwantto master this taps game, you need to perform on-time taps. Itisas simple as that. However, this can be really demanding asyouprogress. It’s like tap tap infinity in which you need toshowspeed, skills and fast reaction if you want to progress andearnthe most points.COMPETE WITH FRIENDS Always try to do your bestandbe competitive. That makes TapaRama one of the most excitingtaptap tap games you’ll ever play. See if you can beat yourfriendshighscore but watch-out it gets faster. Tapper game likenoother!TapaRama features - tap games features- precision gaming-easy one-tap controls- interesting sound effects- HD graphicswithexcellent typography- high score system- ability to competewithfriends-------------------------------------------------------------------Seewhywe have been names as one of the best new tap it games. GetTapaRamafor FREE and never worry about being bored again!
Tap 2.1
Tap now, tap later and keep tapping. The more you tap, thehigherthe score! Higher the score, better the challenge! Keep youreyeson the target or risk losing!*****Improve your accuracy withthisgame.**Updates:**new menu screen*gameplay bugs fixed: targetfallsthrough, music on/off option*loading screen
ALIEN KAMIKAZE, the ultimate defensegameiscoming with great features!Waves of aliens are attacking your planet. You mustsaveyourplanet.The ALIEN KAMIKAZE is moving fast. The ALIEN KAMIKAZEstrikeshard.TheALIEN KAMIKAZE never gives up. However, your tinyaliensareyour allies and are more powerful than ever before and arereadytodefend their planet!ALIEN KAMIKAZE is a free game app that featuresacomediccombination of friendly tiny aliens and hords of badALIENKAMIKAZEthat are trying to blast your planet.Destroy them all and make sure you can survive long enough…How to play?# Touch your Space Shuttles to stop ALIEN KAMIKAZE.# Think fast.# Play fast.# Boost your score with combos# Save a maximum of lives# Collect All stars# Defeat waves of aliens.Be the hero, and win the HONORS!Hours and Hours of great Gameplay:★ 20 powerful Levels★ 60 stars to collect★ 10 different Alien Kamikaze★ 20 Special Missions★ Over 1 000 Alien Kamikaze to defeat★ Easy to play but difficult to masterNow it's time to pop some Alien Kamikaze !Any suggestion/feedback is welcome!
Tap Tap Soccer
TAP TAP SOCCER - Super Hard GameTAP TAP SOCCER is entertainmentgame. It is help you relax, comfortable and happy in stress workandstudy - Tap Tap to move up the ball true flexible to get goodscorein game*** Tap Tap on the Soccer to avoid the obstacles inthe game.Be ingenious to reach the high score- Difficult to getgoodscoreFeatures : - Addictive, Simple, Fun- Classic retro lookandfantastic feel - The graphics are realistic and the soundeffectsare hair-raising - Nice graphics and real sound - Hard playgame-Difficult to get good score
DestroBall : Tap Tap Tap 1.0
byss mobile
Launch exploding balls into various types of crazy rooms anddestroyeverything! Welcome to DESTROBALL - a game like none other!It is anew addicting arcade game, a bit like pinball. It's morerelaxingthan fidget spinner, you won’t stop tapping! Have funwhile shootingballs into buildings and destroying everything withexplosions.Blast through beautiful worlds like the Lab, Piratesand Egypt andunlock all the monumental levels! Collect diamonds,unlock and testall the crazy Destroballs like Bee, Bird, Crystal,Rocket, Plant orCupcake! Find your favorite one, because eachbehaves differently.Have fun, be the best and destroy everything!UNIQUE GAMEPLAYMECHANICS: - Tap to activate wall bouncers to speedup your ball-Bounce the ball from objects to get points and chargeit- Whencharged, activate balls special to destroy objects!Kaboom!- Whenyou destroy enough objects, your ball can fly toanother room todeliver more -destruction!- Use Shake to save yourball and make itmove!- Collect enough points to unlock new roomsand new worlds!-Collect diamonds, unlock new Destroballs andupgrade them!FEATURES:-10+ unique worlds to unlock- 80+ levels todestroy- 36 crazy ballsto collect- Lots of upgradesSupportAre youhaving problems, do youhave questions or want to give feedback?Wewould be happy to hearfrom you.Write us [email protected] for playingDestroball!
Daily Prayer Guide - Lite 4.54.0
A 365 day devotional app based on an inspiring collection ofbibleverses, prayer, poems, and quotations from Leaves of LifebyMargaret Bird Steinmetz updated with digital features fortoday'ssmartphones and tablets.Daily Prayer is a daily devotionalandprayer guide based on Leaves of Life; a compilation ofbibleverses, prayer, poems, and quotations from famous authors,writersand poets including Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Ruskin,RobertBrowning, William Shakespeare, Alfred Tennyson, Goethe,JamesRussell Lowell, Henry W. Longfellow, Thomas Carlyle, ArthurC.Benson and others compiled by Margaret Bird Steinmetz.Beencouraged to read God's Word and pray daily by using thisdailydevotional app.Features:• Classic and timeless devotionalcontent.•Daily reminders to read your daily devotion.• Listen todevotionalcontent read by built-in voice synthesizer.• Bookmarksand notes.•Share content through Facebook, Twitter and email.• Readusingdifferent fonts, font size and in low-light environment.•Trackyour reading progress.• Ad-Supported free [email protected] Twitter. Like us at andsay Hi!
Super TapTap Piñata 1.1
It's Piñata tapping time!Get your fingers ready for thissuperaddicting candy-catching adventure. First, choose your Piñataandget ready to TapTap it repeatedly to break it into littlepieces.Then, with the help of Fidencio and Carmina make sure tocatch thelargest amount of candy as they fall from the sky. Becarefulthough, Piñata shards will fall alongside the candy and youbetteravoid them!So, get tapping! Break that Piñata and catchthatdelicious candy goodness!!Super TapTap Piñata features full3Dgraphics and physics-driven Piña-motion. Harness yourtiltingskills to chase the Piñata and choose between Swipe andTapcontrols to catch candy.But wait... What is a Piñata?A Piñata isacontainer often made of papier-mache, pottery, or cloth. Itisdecorated, and filled with small toys or candy, and then brokenaspart of a celebration, such a someone's birthday.Keep an eyeoutfor the Piñawsome soon-to-come updates, featuring even morePiñatasand PoweUps!All Piñawsomeness developed by HaiKuSTUDIO
Tap Tap Roll Dash 1.0
Tap Tap & dash through the obstacles and keep going up tomakehighest score among your friends in the tap ball game.Tap theballzto bring the twist in the mobile games. You will feel yourbraincrush while tapping the ball & roll game.Go zigzag throughtheobstacles on your way and try not to crush in them or you willloseyour life and game will be over.Slide & go zig zag throughtheball maze. You will see the color switch of the backgroundtodistract you so don’t get addicted to it.Tap on the ball toswitchsides & go zigzags between the obstacles by avoiding thecrushand to make high scores.Watch the color patterns closely andslideover them. Try to catch the feast coming from the above bydashingtowards it.Tap this ball to roll through the obstacles andhurdlesand go up and up. Roll the ball in this ball rolling gameand seethe ball go airborne by tapping it.Let it roll in the airand keepit in the air by tappin on it and avoid the obstacles. Theball isrolling in the air and no one can stop the ball from itsfreedom offlying.The ball is on the run and it can’t be stopped byany meansbut only if it crashes into the hurdles. Don’t let itstumble andthen crash into any obstacle or otherwise you will failthelevel.If the ball is between the two hurdles then it will becrushbadly and the given task will be failed. It the best platformgamein the double tap and the ball game.You will get addicted toitsfun and adventure like gameplay and keep playing it. Very bestandnice game to kill the time and it’s for every age person.Fromchild to elderly ones.Features:Extreme fun & colorfulgameplay.Addictive & endless fun game play.Just Tap & Rollasmuch as you can.Play against your own high score.Suitableforperson of every age as well as kids.How to Play:Tap to changetheLane.Avoid the obstacles.
Tap Tap Bricks
The great Tapping bricks game is now available on GooglePlayMarket. With Quality Assuranced!!To embrace your dreams, to popallSame Stars in the night sky! Once you start, you can'tstop!Poppingstar,pop your heart~~~★ The play rule is the same asall other*same* games,- tap at least 2 neighbouring stars with thesamecolor- tap at color ones to change it- pop them with themoststars- achieve the highest score you've ever got.★ The scoringruleis simple- The more stars you pop, the more scores youwillget.(Formula: Score = Stars * Stars * 5)- Try to clear allstars inthe sky, the least stars you left, the more bonus you willget.★Tools are important here! Click the tool at the buttom toenableit.- brush in different color : brush one star to the samecolor asthe brush;Useful when you try to connect as more stars asyou can,to achieve higher score.- bomb: explode one star anditsneighbouring stars, that is, 3x3 grid;Useful to clear theleftstars, to get more bonus.- hammer, knock out one star.Usefulwhenyou try to connect more same neighbouring stars to achievemorescores- time machine,return to the previous step.-refresh,resetall blocks position.★Game Features1# the best UIdesign2# coolestsounds3# a lot of interesting and challenginglevel(comming soon)4#amazingfeeling(soCrazy)************************************************************Ifyou have any questions or feedbacks, please sendusemail:[email protected],Yours Gamemaker TEAM★ Some ofmagictools above are ★FREE★ for three in your first.You can alsobuymore magic tools!★ It is really useful to achieve the higherscore,you have the tips!
Color Jump - Tap Tap! 1.3
■ How to PlayA Terrible disintegrator has chasing you.Flee tojumpto the pillar of the same color as fast as possible.Challengethebest record through the accurate and rapid decision.
AniFly - Anytime Anywhere Fly 1.0.36
Let's fly 2016- When you tap the screen, character will jump.-Passes between the trees by tapping. - Tap the lower part ofgamescreen, you can use the special abilities.(Skill points toincreaselittle by little over time) - When it was transformed intoa ghost,you can pass through without colliding with obstacles. -The goalis passes the trees as possible as most.- You can use ghostskillby tab the lower part of game screen.
Free Music Game - TAPSONIC 1.4.3
30 million+ downloaded music game TAPSONIC is coming to yourcountrywith shiny new design and brand new songs.Free Music Game'TAPSONIC' Features✔️Addicted gameplay - Score points by tappingthescreen as the bars and lines appear. Different lines meanadifferent method of rhythm. Tap once on single bars, tap andholddown on long notes, and swipe left or right for sliding notes.Itwill be so much fun!✔️Challenge various difficulties- Isbasiclevel too easy for you? You can change the game speed, thenumberof lines, difficulties and more!- 3 Different lines: 4, 5, 6Lines-3 Difficulties: Basic, Pro, Legend- 4 Game speeds: x1, 2, 3,4-Random beat on/off, Mirror on/off, Fade In, Fade out andBlinkingoptions.✔️ FREE to play with awesome songs- Play free musicgameTap Sonic with 6 pre-installed songs and more than 40 songsonTAPSONIC music store. You can unlock new songs by watching someadsor buy them through in-app purchases. Ads will not appearforin-app purchased songs.✔️ Climb the ranks, compete with others-Canyou be the king of the leaderboard? check your StatsandLeaderboards ranking on Rank menu. compete against playersfromaround the globe and place on the worldwide ranking!✔️ Recordyourgameplay, share with friends!- Now you can record your gameplays.Tap the record button from difficulty selection menu beforethegame starts.✔️Manage your phone’s storage- Don’t you haveenoughstorage space on your phone? Delete downloaded tapsonic songsyoudon’t usually play.Tap sonic is designed for Android Jellybean4.1and above.We’re always trying to improve your experience. Ifyouenjoy Tap sonic, please taking a few seconds to review ourapp.SongcreditsALL RIGHTS OF NEOWIZ Corp TO THE RECORDED WORKRESERVED.Unless Otherwise authorized, the duplication, rental,loan,exchange or use of this video game for publicperformance,broadcasting and online distribution to the public areprohibited.©2017 NEOWIZ Corp ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. NEOWIZ, TAP SONICaretrademarks of NEOWIZ Corp.