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com.emerson.checkncharge 2.6.0
Instant mobile refrigerant charge calculator for HVACRapplications.The HVAC Check & Charge™ mobile app from EmersonClimateTechnologies provides an on-site refrigerant chargecalculator forair conditioning applications. Based on historicsliding cardboardcharge calculators, this app allows contractorsto easily calculatethe ​correct system refrigerant charge forR-22, R-410A, R-32,R-407C, R-134a, R-452B, R-454B, and R-438A.Contractors can simplychoose Subcooling, Superheat, or Airflow andenter the specifiedsystem temperatures along with the latent andsensible environmentalloads. These values are then used todetermine the proper systemcharge and whether the charge amountneeds to be altered based onthese conditions. • SuperheatCalculator (non TXV) • SubcoolingCalculator (TXV) • AirflowCalculator • For use with R-22, R-410A,R-32, R-407C, R-134a,R-452B, R-454B, and R-438A • Imperial andMetric Support Assistswith calculating proper system refrigerantcharge based onoperating conditions. Information on this and otherEmerson Climateapplications is available at
Copeland™ Mobile 1.9.14
Mobile access to over 30 years of Copeland compressorproductinformation The Copeland Mobile smartphone app provideson-the-goaccess to Emerson's Online Product Information (OPI)database forCopeland compressor specifications. This databaseincludes both airconditioning and refrigeration products used in avariety of HVACRapplications. Simply start by logging in with yourcurrent OPIusername and password or register for new OPI accountthrough theapp. Next enter at least 5 characters in the compressormodelnomenclature to activate an auto fill recommendation listingformodel selection. Once a model and application are selected,choosefrom a variety of options within the home menu screen tosearch forinformation pertaining to that specific model. This app’sfocus isto bring access of the OPI database directly to the HVACRserviceindustry. The Copeland Mobile app includes: • WebApp –Instantupdates via Online Product Information database • Auto fillmodelrecommendations • Where To Buy Lookup • Serial NumberValidation •Model / Serial Number Scanning • Full parts,accessories and billof materials listings • Completeair-conditioning and refrigerationcompressor model information •Electrical wiring diagrams •Compressor Diagnostics • Replacementmodel Cross Reference • Metricand imperial units conversion • Linksto other Mobile Apps • “LiveChat” help function Information on thisand other Emerson Climateapplications is available at
Copeland.XRef 4.5.0
Instant mobile access to Emerson’s compressorcross-referencedatabase Copeland X-Ref™ provides on-the-go accessto Emerson’s airconditioning compressor cross-reference database toproductspecifications and replacement Copeland® compressors. Themobileapplication includes new functionality for quick andconvenientaccess. In addition to pulling up information using thefirst threedigits of a compressor model number, contractors can nowuse thenew label bar code scanning feature to quickly searchEmerson’scompressor database for replacement product information.Theupdated Copeland X-Ref mobile app also includes: • Model Barcodeand Data Matrix scanning • Auto sync latest compressor data•Compressor search and results at bill of material level. •Includescapacitor specifications • Performance information at twoconditionpoints • Expanded model data base • Enhanced mechanicalandelectrical information • Auto fill model recommendations •“Tab”style user interface • Works 100% offline. Information on thisandother Emerson Climate applications is availableat
HVAC Calculator Pro 3.0.0
HVAC Calculator allows performing different calculations forHVACsystems engineering. The program is a complex, unique by itssizeand content, comprising 85 calculations, vital for anyHVACengineer. Now all the most up-to-date calculations arereadilyavailable for you, perform calculations anywhere: at aconstructionsite, in negotiating, in a transport, office,auditorium etc. Youcan select Imperial or Metric units in theprogram. This program isalso available online forPC:
HVAC Buddy® Load Calc 1.3
Improve accuracy when sizing equipment, demonstrateprofessionalismon the job, and add substance to your proposals byusing our heatloss and heat gain calculation app - HVAC Buddy® LoadCalc. •Database of Company, Customer, and Project information onyourdevice • Multiple Projects for one Customer • Project andcustomerSorting and Filtering capability • Establish ProjectTemplates,Copy Projects, utilize Default Project • Quickly Viewtotal Heatingand Cooling Loads • Computes Duct Gains and Lossesbased on designtype, duct insulation, tightness • Allowssimultaneous Infiltrationand Ventilation • Multiple Units ofMeasure, easily switch back andforth • Heating, Cooling, andCombined charts at Project and Roomlevels six charts in all •Allows Heating only, Cooling only, orboth at Project level as wellas individual item overrides • EmailCharts and Project Values •Outdoor Design Weather Database over1800 cities included withprovision for custom valuesFeatures:HVACBuddy Load Calc allows youto enter all the constructioncharacteristics relating to heat gainsand losses for the purposeof calculating the total building loadsfor heating and cooling.This app simplifies the process ofcollecting and recordinginformation for presentation in ameaningful context. For this orany app of this nature you must befamiliar with and have knowledgeof construction materials andmeasuring skills to do a loadcalculation. In other words, the dataentered must be good andaccurate for meaningful results.Comes witha "Default" projectcontaining all the construction types. Whenevernew loads arecreated they may be copied from the Default project orany otherload within the project. Create new Projects by copyingfrom theDefault project or create your own template projects toimproveefficiency. Project may be filtered by staus - New,Template,Scheduled, or Complete.Comes with one Example Project inthreestages. The first stage "Ex 1 Block" is a simple blockloadanalysis with inefficent ducting. The second stage "Ex 1Blockw/Improved Ducts" shows the improved lower loads resultingfromimprovements in duct sealing as well as moving to R8 materialinthe ducts. The third stage "Ex 1 Block w/Rooms" is the samehousewith room by room loads.Loads: Above Grade Walls, BasementWalls,Ceilings, Floors, Partition Ceilings, Partition Walls,Doors,Windows, Skylights, Blower Heat, Infiltration, Ventilation,andInternal Gains.Opening Area Calculation: Calculatesandautomatically subtracts opening area for walls with attacheddoorsand windows. In addition, if you elect to specify awallorientation windows associated with the wall can optionallyinheritthe wall orientation.Note: Many features are accessed usingyourdevice (phone) Menu key.For more screenshots and informationvisitthe website at the link provided.Documentation coverscreating,copying a new project. Please feel free to use the supportlink toask any questions on how to use, etc. Your question helpsimprovefuture documentation updates.If you have any problems withthe appplease email support with information describing the issueso thatwe may reproduce the problem and correct.For the fastestresponseto questions or support there is a support link from withintheapplication or use the support email link from thispage.AboutPowertrade--------------------------Powertrade is thenumber onedeveloper of mobile HVAC apps with professional looking,provenapps in the hands of over 20,000 users worldwide.PowertradeHVACBuddy® Applications:-------------------------HVAC Buddy® LoadCalc(Apple) - This app is also available on iOS devices -iPhone,iPadHVAC Buddy® - Refrigerant charging and diagnosticsHVACBuddy®Duct Calc - Powerful, simple to use real-time interface tohelp youchoose optimal duct sizesHVAC Buddy® Pressure Temperature-Traditional PT Chart with 71 Refrigerants in Metric orImperialunits
Guardian Support 6.1.20190213
Easily manage and monitor the health of your DeltaV, AMSDeviceManager, AMS Machinery Manager, Syncade and Ovation systems —whileon the go — through the new Guardian Support mobile Androidappfrom Emerson. Current Guardian Support subscribers familiarwiththe Guardian portal’s capabilities will find this mobile app tobeextremely easy to use. From the popular health score gauges, tothematched KBAs and software updates, this new application isawelcome addition to your arsenal when managing the risks,incidentsand lifecycle of your systems. Guardian Support is acomprehensive,prognostic service designed to optimize reliabilityand performanceof an organization’s automation system. Usersleverage GuardianSupport to gain a competitive advantage andachieve bottom- linebusiness results through critical service andsupport information.The Guardian Support portal delivers riskmanagement by givingusers quick and easy access to secure,customized support data.Users can access system health score KPIs,as well as increasingsecurity with proactive KBA, software andsecurity updates.Guardian Support helps organizations minimize andsimplifyautomation system issues with comprehensive incidentmanagement.Users have access to 24x7x365 global factory support,and can speedissue resolution by collaborating with Emerson expertsto determinethe fastest and most appropriate corrective actions. Tohelp ensureautomation system performance over its 30-40+ yearlifespan,Guardian Support offers organizations lifecyclemanagement. Userscan simplify record-keeping with system-specificinventorymanagement. In addition, organizations can ensure the bestcybersecurity and patch management with proactive lifecyclestatusnotifications on their automation systems. Features of theEmersonGuardian mobile app include: - System health score gauge -MatchedKBAs - Matched security updates - Hardware and SoftwareLifecycleStatus - Support Call Management
Technical Calculator 2.3
This application is useful for calculating cross sectionarea,center of gravity, moment of inertia, section modulus, solidvolumeand bending moment in beam.
Frame Cutting Pro 2.0.2
Used to calculate material cut size. A variety of types, suchas-Door window furniture frame, Aluminum, Upvc, Steel, Wood andother-First set up once- Use next time, just enter the dimensionsizeonly one- Users can add, edit, delete data
Emerson PT Pro
Emerson Climate Technologies' PT Pro™ application provideson-the-goaccess to pressure and temperature conversions. Select arefrigerantand enter a temperature (in C or F) and see what asaturatedpressure (in Bar or Psig) will be. You can also enter apressure andsee what the saturated temperature is for thatpressure. Downloadthe Emerson PT Pro™ to your Android device forFREE.
com.emersonclimate.aebulletin 2.5.0
AE Bulletins is an app that serves as a technical reference forusewhenever and wherever you may need it. All documentsareoptimized for viewing on any smartphone or tablet.You canview documents in PDF format and also share themvia email oras a text message. A search function and a drop-downlist ofbulletin categories have also been provided for yourconvenience. •Powerful keyword searching • Auto syncs new andupdated bulletinsin background • Notification of new or updatedbulletins • Commonrefrigerants and oils documents • History of lastviewed bulletins• Search through 1000's of FAQ's Information onthis and otherEmerson Climate applications is availableat
Date Calculator (PRO-version) 2.3
This is the full version of theprogram( you will receive the following benefits:- Noads-Opportunity to donate to developer- The minimum possible priceonGoogle Play (30% is the commission Google)The programperformsmathematical manipulations with dates. Suitable forcalculating thenumber of days spent by the patient in the hospital,as well as forsimilar calculations (bed occupancy in hotels and soon). Can bevery useful for quick calculations in the absence of thesight ofthe calendar. Using the program you can find out how manydays youlive, how much is left up to important dates and more-Calculatingthe difference between dates- Time before or after theselecteddate- Add or subtract days from selected date-PregnancyCalculator: What is the expected date of birth? The first,secondor third trimester of pregnancy?- The calculation of theexact age-Add notes to calendar (PRO-version)The application isavailable inthe following languages:- English- Russian- German-Spanish -Italian - Portuguese Any suggestions, inquiries arewelcomed bye-mail to with the "Android-DaysCalculator"mark in the subject line. Please, help us to makethe applicationavailable in your own language.
DeltaV CHARMs LED Diagnostics. 6.1
The DeltaV CHARMs app helps you diagnose the LED light sequenceofyour CIOC CHARMs using either a camera detect or manualdetectoption. Quickly and efficiently understand why a CHARM LEDlight isflashing using this intuitive app. Record and emailinformation,save notes, and also get CHARM schematics to ensureproper wiring.
Blowpipe HVAC 3.07
Blowpipe enables rapid sizing of HVAC pipes in a wide rangeofpipework materials. Calculations also include pump motorsizes,pipe weights, heat transfer and expansion. Blowpipe operatesinmetric or imperial units, using calculation methods common toUK,Europe & USA.
Plantweb Optics 1.40.52
The Plantweb Optics Mobile Applications allows you toremainup-to-date with the health of your facility – anywhere in theworld– to make and communicate decisions in real time that canpreventunexpected shutdowns and interruptions in production.PlantwebOptics allows you to create persona-specific users who seeonly thedata and messages specific to their role/responsibilities,whilethe mobile application delivers that information to the palmof thehand. This includes:• Single alerts from multipletechnologiesmonitoring the same asset• Analysis tools for diagnosisandprognosis of machinery health• Modern communication toolsforquicker, more accurate decision making• Interaction ofmultiplepredictive maintenance technologies for a complete pictureof yourmechanical asset health, with sources such as Emerson’sWirelessGateway, the AMS 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter, AMSDeviceManager, and AMS Machinery ManagerGet a quick overviewofplant-wide asset health from multiple technologies, but focusonindividual asset in alarm using tools such as spam control,messagesuppression, conversation view, and customizableuserconfigurations.For more information on Emerson’s solutionsforimproving reliability, go to
HVAC Calculator Refrigerant 2.0
free application calculator for HVAC Engineering Refrigerant ,btucalculation for air conditioning unit ,heat colling window acsize,convert UNITE btu, ton ,kw hp ,bar ,pressure psi ,°C ,°F , btusqftThis application included a lot of information about :whatsizeair conditionerHvac calculator en ligne hvacloadcalculationcooling load calculationheat load calculationformulacalculatorheat pump size calculator heat colling ( hvac )rommehome house size calculator ac unit tonnage sizecalculatorairconditioning unit size btu calculatorair conditioningloadcalculationaircon size calculatorcommercial air conditionersizecalculator ac load calculator systemresidential hvacsizingcalculatorfurnace size calculatorhvac tools calculationbtukilowatts Fahrenheit Celsius horsepower air conditioningcalculatorsquare feet bar psi conversionheat load calculationacloadcalculation formula calculation ac btu kw toncalculatorcommercialac efficiency calculatorbuilding heat loadcalculationcalculatingheat load for a househeating and airconditioning size calculationhvac heat load calculation formulalatent heat formula hvac hvactonnage calculator chartfurnace sizecalculator ac unit forhousecooling capacity air conditioner heatloss calculator centralac unit size calculator heat pump sizecalculator gaugeshvac tonsper square foot Convert Unite :BTU to KWconversionKW to BTUcALCULATIONBTU to TON conversionTON TO BTUCALCULATION convert KWTO HP calculator convert hp to kw calculatorconvert bar to psicalculatorconvert psi to bar calculatorconvertbar to psiformulasconvert °C TO °FCONVERT °F TO °C Celsius toFahrenheitconversionFahrenheit TO Celsius conversionPressureConverterEquationhvac residential load calculation
Monthly Expenses 3.3
Its a very simple app speacially for beginners. Its simplyrecordsthe daily track of your expenses by just one click. You canadd ordelete your expenses according to your need. It also showsyou thetotal expenditure for a monthly and yearly. Basically thisappskeeps you away from your diary and pen. No need to carry thesetwoalways with you. Yes your expense record is just a step away.Its auser friendly app with no complexity level.
Watsco, Inc.
GEMAIRE strives to make life as an HVAC Professional easier,savingyou time and hassle through innovation. Our mobile appprovidesaccess to product information and easy to use tools whileon thego. * Sign in to link your online account to view prices, addtocart and check orders (SIGN IN) * See real-time availabilityforyour preferred branch and other nearby Gemaire branches(PRODUCTS)* Search by system needs to find AHRI matched systemswithreal-time inventory and system pricing (AHRI) * VerifyLimitedWarranty Registrations while in the field (WARRANTY) *Search foran HVAC equipment model, view the parts list andsuperseded parts,check availability at Gemaire locations (PARTSLIST) * View SpecSheets, Wiring Diagrams, Installation Guides,Consumer Literature,etc. for Gemaire Products (DOCUMENTS) * Seenearby Gemairelocations, their Hours of Operation, get Directions,call the store(BRANCHES) * Receive Push Notifications of SpecialOffers &Promotions at Gemaire * Scan QR Code & UPC BarCodes for fastproduct look ups * See Turn by Turn DrivingDirections, throughyour favorite mapping app, to Gemaire locations* Light up attics,closets and basements while you work (FLASHLIGHT)* Also, the appnow remembers your last 10 searches Our mission isto deliver thequality HVAC products you need, when you need them,and provideexpert technical support. Our goal is to be your HVACSupplier ofChoice. We know you have a choice when buying all yourHVAC relateditems. Thank you for trusting Gemaire. We are proud tohave theopportunity to serve you.
com.pyrogames.numeralsystemconverter 3.2
Pyro Games
Numeral Converter + Calculator is a simple and smart applicationforcalculating and converting numbers between numeric systems.Theapplication can count any arbitrary long, decimal ornegativenumbers and convert them between systems. App is able toshow thesolution algorithm. It supports system with bases from 2 to36.Main features: * Displays solution * Calculations with decimals*36 numeral system Languages: * English * Russian * German *Polish* Czech * Slovak
POS Malaysia Mobile Apps
POS Malaysia
Pos Malaysia Mobile Aps is designed to provide a seamlessexperiencefor our customer to engage in day to day activitiesrevolving PosMalaysia’s product and services. Currently itfeatures: • Track& Trace • Postage Calculator • PostcodeFinder • Outlet Finder •Pos Laju Prepaid Validation Forconstructive feedback on our mobileaps, products and services,kindly channel it via: •• • 1-300-300-300 Thank youforsupporting Pos Malaysia. We strive to providecontinuousimprovement in serving you better.
Commercial Gas Calculator 1.2.4
This quick and simple-to-use app will assist gas engineersincalculating the maximum time required to purge air fromanon-domestic natural gas installation, allowing the appliancestofire correctly.Suitable for natural gas (NG) installationsonly,with an installation volume not exceeding 1m³, and amaximumoperating pressure (MOP) not exceeding 40mbar at the outletof theprimary meter regulator. Calculations are performed inaccordancewith IGE/UP/1A.If you also require the tightness testingduration(TTD) for the system, the option to calculate this isavailable topurchase in-app.For the busy multi-client gasprofessional, there'san option to purchase a Save Installationsadd-on allowing you tosave and retrieve installation layouts forfuture reference.
com.tahydronics.hytools 3.0.3
IMI Hydronic Engineering proudly presents HyTools, theuser-friendlyhydronic calculator App for HVAC professionals.Features include: *Hydronic calculator (enter any two values andget the third one): -flow - Kv/Cv - pressure drop - power - flow -temperature difference- flow - valve setting - pressure drop *Pressure maintenance andvacuum degassing calculation and selectionfor heating, cooling andsolar systems * Dirt and air separatorpressure drop calculation *Valve sizing and presetting * Radiatorpower estimation (panel andcolumn) * Radiator valve sizing andpresetting * Pipe sizing * Unitconversion * Run-time selection oflocalisation * Run-time selectionof language Stay tuned for greatupcoming updates adding furtherhydronic calculation functions.Please visit www.imi-hydronic.comfor more information and contactdetails. Phone numbers to localsupport can be found here: Hydronic EngineeringInternational SA is the leading globalprovider and expert inhydronic distribution systems and roomtemperature control, withexperience in more than 100,000 projectsworldwide. We help ourcustomers everywhere optimise HVAC systems sothey deliver desiredcomfort with optimal efficiency. IMI HydronicEngineering is partof the international engineering group IMI plcwhich is listed as amember of the FTSE 100 on the London StockExchange.
CodeGuard 3.5
Leif Mohlin
A simple to use utility for managing your secret pin-codes andloginaccount passwords. You login using a password, but you mayalsoenable fingerprint authentication in Settings. All informationissafely stored in a local database using AES 256-bit encryption.Theinformation can be backed-up to an encrypted file stored onthelocal device. Optionally, a copy of the encrypted file canbestored in the cloud on Google Drive or MicrosoftOneDrive.Information can be restored from a backup file on thelocal deviceor from a backup file in the cloud. You will be askedto selectwhich account to use the first time you select any GoogleDrive orMicrosoft OneDrive functionality. A Settings functionallows you tochange to another Google or Microsoft account, ifdesired. Tosimplify migration from CodeGuard-Pro to CodeGuard, youcan selectto restore a CodeGuard-Pro backup stored locally on yourdevice, (afeature found under "Extras").
MobileTTE 1.9.4
Mobile TTE is software application for remote management ofcontrolpanels produced by Teletek Electronics. The application issuitablefor every day operation by users providing: - Remote systemArmingand Disarming. The user can choose the arming mode (Full,Stay orSleep); - View Area/Zone/Outputs status; - Bypassing Zones;- Viewlog events; - Push Notifications; Mobile TTE is supportedbyAndroid v2.3+ and iOS 6.0+
Psyclone HVAC 3.04
Psyclone provides a toolkit of HVAC psychrometriccalculations,allowing individual processes to be examined andsupply air volume,condition or capacity to calculated. Psycloneoperates in eithermetric or imperial units.
Warning: This App has same feature as FreeVer.( is Google Bookmarks client for Android. It help youtouse Google Bookmarks, that is on-line bookmark service providedbyGoogle. Feature: Auto Synchronization. Add, Edit, DeleteBookmark.Create Desktop Shortcut. Search bookmark fromtitle,label,URL andnote. Support label separator for folder view.Create Bookmark byURL sharing from WEB Browser. Support Favicondownload.
Material Estimator for Civil Construction Work 1.3
Aman Bhatia
- An application made for estimation of material inday-to-dayconstruction work. - A must use application for **CivilEngineers**FEATURES : * Concrete Material Estimation * MortarMaterialEstimation * Bricks Estimation * Plastering Estimation *VolumeCalculation * Asphalt Estimation * Topsoil Estimation *TileEstimation * English and Hindi Language Support - SupportscustomCement : Sand Ratio - Supports custom as well as allmajorgrades(M15, M20, M25 etc). - Various brick sizes for morepreciseestimation - Volume Calculation which makes the calculationveryuser friendly as compared to standard calculator. - A Userfriendlyinterface which makes all the calculations very intuitive-Supports functionality to work in major measurementunits(cu.m,cu.ft, yards etc). Languages Supported : * English *Hindi FacebookPage : : mailto
CvPad+ Purchased 2.9.21
Sunny Moon
This is only for the purchasers who bought the paid app(Plusversion) before June 2014. The purchasing history (emailaddress,order id and date) of the paid app is required to verifythepurchaser who has the rights to use the Plus versionwithoutadditional payment.Please send the information to thedeveloperusing the feature (E-mail to Developer) in certification mail from the developer will beresponded inhours after thepurchaser'smail.---------------------------------------------------------------Withregardsto the previous paid app "Plus version",The original paidapp wasdropped from the market by reason of violation of theGoogle policyregarding keywords.The developer was trying toresolve the issueduring a couple of weeks. However, unfortunately,the restoration ofthe previous paid app was finally refused fromthe Google.For thatreason, the app "CvPad+ Purchased" was preparedfor the purchaserswho bought the paid version before June 2014.The developersincerely apologizes to the purchasers for theproblem andinconvenience caused.Sunny Moon, Developer
PropsInfo 1.1
Android Info
Shows some info about properties of your device