Top 3 Games Similar to Zombie Evil Kill 7 - Horror Escape

Tomb Hunter Pro 1.0.84
This is a fun adventure game with both RPG and FPS elements.Asaskilled hunter, you will defeat the demons in the ancienttomb.Youcan experience the different effects of a varietyofmagicalfirearms in the game. In addition, the diversity ofpetsandequipment is also a feature of it. Have a good time!
Death Park 2: Scary Clown Survival Horror Game 1.2.7
Start your adventure in one of the best scary games andcreepyhorrorgames! 🔥 In the horror you will find yourself in acreepycity filledwith secrets, monsters, and adventure. Take anactionand save yoursister from the clown, find out the mystery ofDeathPark and theorigin of the scary clown! 😃🤘🏻 Are you ready tofightyour nightmaresand various monsters that have floodedFarland? Canyou cope with allpuzzles that await you in this horrorstory? Youhave to visit 8 hugelocations including streets,hospital,cemetery, sewer, and militarybase. You will be able tomovebetween the real world and the worldof sleep to solve riddlesandfight a scary clown and variousmonsters. We paid specialattentionto puzzles now they have twodifficulty levels, alsopuzzlesthemselves change with everyadventure! Try to completeDeath Park2 with challenging puzzles!Only a few players are ableto do it. 💣If you love science fictionand such scary games asSilent Hill,Dead Space, Evil Nun and Granny- you should definitelylike ourhorror! There are many endings inour shooter, and yoursurvivaland the outcome of the story depend onyour decisions andactions.Can you unlock all the endings of thethriller? Features ofDeathPark 2: ★ Really scary clown, variousmonsters and weapons ★8endings: the outcome depends on you! ★Unique puzzles withtwodifficulty levels ★ Huge world: the wholecity with 8differentlocations ★ Excellent graphics ★ Originalauthor'ssoundtrack ★ Theultimate horror experience: intensegameplay,sudden screamers anda horrific atmosphere 😈 Download oneof the tophorror games andyou will be satisfied! Adventure,monsters, a hugemap and, mostimportantly, the scary Clown await youin this scarysurvivalhorror shooter for free! Have a nice play,friend!
Mental Hospital VI - Child of Evil (Horror story) 1.05.01
Mental Hospital VI is a truly scary first-person stealthhorrorgame.★ Discover heart-thumping terror, chase and scarycreaturesin thisatmospheric horror game. But no matter what, neverplayalone in thedark. You work as a reporter for a smalllocalnewspaper. One fineevening, you receive a message from yourfriendAda that somethingmystical is happening in the vicinity oftheSanta Monica PsychiatricHospital. The most hopeless psychosfromall the states were broughtthere! So you take a video cameraanddecide to check what was reallygoing on there. But thestoryyou’re getting into is so terrifyingthat you will remember itforyour whole life! And it depends only onyou whether you canunravelthis tangle of chaos and horror andsurvive. Seven reasonstodownload Mental Hospital right now: → Manyscary monstersandanimals. → Many available levels to complete. → Avideo camerathatallows you to see in the dark. → An exciting andunpredictableplotwill not leave you indifferent. → Stunninggraphics formobiledevices. → Complete absence of in-game purchases.→ Aperfecthorror game: intense gameplay, scary monsters,suddenscreamers, aswell as a chilling atmosphere.