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Princess Doll House Design and Decoration 1.0.6
We are very happy to invite you to try our collection withdollhouse games which start today with one of the mostcompleteprincess doll house games for girls called Princess DollHouseDesign and Decoration . Of course that all girls have in theirminda dream house and today we offer you the chance to designyourperfect doll house. First level in our princess doll housegameswill bring you in a world of colors and decorations. Choosethetype of your dream house and customize it as you like. Yes, youcanpaint it red or blue, green or yellow, orange or purple. Afteryoufinish with painting, you should choose the windows, the fence,thepool and even the flowers, because in our doll house designgameswe give you everything you need for your dream house. Thesecondpart of our house games is inside. Here you can decorate eachroomas you like, using all kind of furniture, carpets and moreotheraccessories. Let's start with the kitchen where you can choosethefridge, the table, the chairs and much more. Combine them asyouwant, choose the color for painting the floor or the walls andseethe results : your kitchen is fabulous ! The next step istodecorate the bedroom. For this part of room decorating gamesyouhave a lot of options for bed,carpets, pillows,walls orcurtainsand painting them in different colors will make yourbedroom tolook gorgeous ! And don't forget to decorate the bathroomwithvarious type of showers, mirrors and other furniture. PrincessDollHouse Games for girls features : - easy to play for all girlsthatlike doll house games - a lot of colors for painting yourdreamhouse - pretty decoration for house design games -differentfurniture for each room - customizable items in variouscolors likeyou see in all house games All our girls house designgames willgive you the options to see how look a perfect dollhouse. Pleasewrite in your comment what do you want to find in ourgames forgirls and we will try to make it happen.
Sweet Baby Doll House Game 5.0
💎 If you are looking for one of the best doll house decoratinggamesfor girls, this is the perfect girly app for you! Now you cancreateyour dream house with ease and decorate your room just theway youlike it. Our new “baby doll house game” gives youbeautifuldollhouse miniatures and doll house decoration items whichyou canuse to create unique and wonderful dollhouse designs. Tryout ourbaby doll games for free and enjoy designing magnificent“baby dollhouse” plans. Become the best interior designer among allyourfriends! Make your baby dolls happy by creatingoutstandinginterior designs which you can also share on socialnetworks tocollect tons of likes. Do not waste any more time –start enjoyingour new house design games right now! Download 🌺Sweet Baby DollHouse Game 🌺 and let the magic begin!💚 Enter yournew virtual homeand pick a room to design!💚 Meet your new friends –cute baby dollsand even cuter pets!💚 Create a “baby doll” livingroom, bedroom,dining room or bathroom – develop whatever homedesign plan youwant!💚 Match and mix various dollhouse furnitureitems and housedecorations to create beautiful rooms!💚 Extremelyeasy to use: justtouch the items and drag them wherever you want.💚Take a photo,share it across all social networks and boast of you“dream home”!💚All this and much more awaits you only in 🌺 SweetBaby Doll HouseGame 🌺 free of charge!💎 Do you love playing fun“dollhouse games”?Are you looking for the best house design games?You are at theright place! With our new dream home games you caneasily create amagnificent baby doll house which will be admired byeverybody! Ifyou have interior designer skills and want to showthem off, ourdollhouse design games are the perfect opportunity forthat. Allyou have to do is download our 🌺 Sweet Baby Doll HouseGame 🌺 freeof charge and start designing! You can decorate abeautiful girlybedroom or family living room and create a fantasticbaby dolldream house for free. You can even design a gorgeousplayhouse forkids! Have fun with our house decoration games andmake your babyprincess happy by creating a magical princesscastle!💎 If you are atrue baby doll house fan, you will simplyadore our new doll housedecorating games free of charge! Now youcan create a dream-likedoll house by using beautiful home items anddollhouse kits whichyou can only find in our amazing “doll housegames”. Bring yourdoll house decorator and designer skills toperfection bypracticing with our fantastic room designing games forkids. Designyour baby doll dream house with ease and create aspecial place foryour wonderful pets. Enjoy creating beautiful babydoll houses withthis fantastic dollhouse game! We are sure thatyour unique“dollhouse design” will dazzle everybody! Download our 🌺Sweet BabyDoll House Game 🌺 for free and enjoy playing thisfabulous playhome game for girls!💎 Have you always dreamed aboutbecoming aprofessional in decorating houses? Our new house“decorating game”is a fantastic first step towards your dream! Withour free gamesfor girls you can easily create a beautiful “princesscastle” andmake your baby dolls a dream home they will love. Yourbaby dollsdream house can have a modern looking living room and afancydining room which will amaze all your friends. These “babydollgames” provide you with fabulous and modern furniture, babydollaccessories, flowers and paintings which you can use todecorateyour dream home. Create a beautiful princess castle foryour babydolls! Download our 🌺 Sweet Baby Doll House Game 🌺 free ofchargenow and start decorating an amazing house for your babydolls!
bestBaby Doll Top Videos 2.4
newBaby Doll Top Videos is great app that you can enjoy andwatchfun baby doll videos such as fun toys, fun car, surprise eggtoysand many more. Don't forget to smile guys... have a greatday!!*bigkiss
Doll House Decorating Games 6.0.1
🏡 Are you a fun and creative person who wants to becomeaworld-famous interior decorator? Do you enjoy playing dollhousedecorating games for girls? You are at the right place! Nowyou caneasily create your dream house and decorate your room in anywayyou like it. Our new free app offers you beautifuldollhouseminiatures and doll house decoration items with which youcanenrich your wonderful interior designs. This amazing girly apphasfantastic doll house plans which you can decorate and createdreamhomes for your baby dolls. Try out our new app free of chargeandsee why it belongs among some of the best house design games onthemarket! Download 🌺 Doll House Design Games 🌺 now and let themagicbegin! 🏰 Enter your new virtual home and pick a room todesign! 🏰Meet your new friends – cute baby dolls and even cuterpets! 🏰Create a “baby doll” living room, bedroom, dining room orbathroom– develop whatever home design plan you want! 🏰 Match andmixvarious dollhouse furniture items and house decorations tocreatebeautiful rooms! 🏰 Extremely easy to use: just touch theitems anddrag them wherever you want. 🏰 Take a photo, share itacross allsocial networks and boast of your “dream home”! 🏰 Allthis and muchmore awaits you only in 🌺 Doll House Design Games 🌺free of charge!🏡 Are you looking for cute baby doll games for freewhere you canshow off your interior designer skills? If you dreamof becomingthe best doll house decorator and designer, our new free“games forgirls” are the perfect first step towards your goal! Wecreatedsome of the best house design games with special dedicationandcare so that you can have fun and enjoy creating abreathtakingprincess castle. With our dream home games you caneasily design ababy doll house so beautiful that it will dazzleeverybody! Usethese fabulous “dollhouse games” to decorate a girlybedroom or afamily living room just the way you want. Make yourbaby princesshappy and create an amazing playhouse for kids withour new housedecoration games. See how easy it is to make a babydoll dreamhouse with these fantastic and fun dollhouse designgames! 🏡 If youwant to play great doll house decorating games freeof charge, 🌺Doll House Design Games 🌺 is the perfect housedecoration game foryou! Show to all your friends that you are atrue baby doll housefan and collect tons of likes by sharing yourbeautiful “dollhousedesign” on social networks. Create your owndream-like doll houseand use a variety of home items and dollhousekits to decorate thehouse from your dreams! Room designing gamesfor kids have neverbeen more fun and easy! Now you can design yourbaby doll dreamhouse and use it as an inspiration for your owndream home. You caneven create a wonderful room designed especiallyfor your pets,because they also deserve only the best! Download our“doll housegames” and have fun creating gorgeous dollhouse designsfree ofcharge! 🏡 If you are good at decorating houses and you wantto showyour interior design talent to the world, our “decorationgame” isthe best way to do it! Create a baby dolls dream house witheaseand enjoy playing this fantastic play home game anywhereandanytime you want! Design a “princess castle” so beautiful thatanyprincess in the world would love to live in it. Create amodernlooking living room and a fancy dining room where your babydollscan enjoy and have fun. Our free “baby doll games” give youamazingfurniture, baby doll accessories, flowers and paintingswhich youcan use to create an outstanding dream home which willamaze allyour friends! Download 🌺 Doll House Design Games 🌺 andstartdesigning dream houses for your princess baby dolls right now!
Doll house repair & bathroom cleaning girls games 1.0.4
Doll house repair & cleaning games for girls is a freehousekeeping cleaning game for kids house cleaningactivitiescreativity. Every girl wants to look like a doll andevery girl islike a doll for her parents. This cute doll in thishouse repairinggame also wants to make interior and exterior homedecoration likeher dreams. You can be the professional interiordesigner byhelping this doll with house cleaning and repairing withherexpectations. There are different section of home liketoiletemergency cleanup, kitchen bedroom, tv lounge and dress upfordoll. Help the doll to clean the toilet tiles, wipe the wateronfloor and apply shiner on walls and bathing tabs &tubs.Rearrange the kitchen tables and chairs with doll’s personaltaste& style. In kitchen, doll has to cook for guests. So closethewater to avoid flood, collect the garbage,toilet emergencycleanupand wash all the dishes & wash the floor, remove thedust &water from tiles and place the furniture. Wash thewindows , cleanthe walls and decorate your bedroom with toiletemergency wash& cleanup. With this house decorating game, youcan dressUpyour room with rugs, window curteins, plants and manywall hangingitems. Clean your rugs and carpets with rugs cleanermachine. Withtim you can rearrange your bedroom furniture to givemore stylishand fashionable look to your home. play this freebedroom cleaninggame for room decoration, seating areas, rugs,wardrobes, windowscleaning, wall cleaning & colouring.Decorateyour home with aninterior decorating theme. At the end when dollwill be feelingmessy, dressUp the doll with outfits, clothes,shoes, crown andearrings.*********** Doll home repair &cleaning game features*************** grab the bathroom cleaningtools for making yourbathroom more stylish* This home & bedroomcleaning game havelot of fun for family & friends* Kills thegerms & bacteriafrom kitchen and wash all the dishes * Cleanthe Refrigerator &Wipe the solution away with damp cloth* Cleanout your cabinets& Wipe down your counters* Wipe the basin andfixtures of sink& Clean around the faucet* Your garbagedisposal should workingproperly* Become the professional designerand impress the cutedoll* Download and play this free mobile gamewith your baby girls* Put a comfortable sofa in your bedroom anddrawing room for yourguest* Renovate your home with crazy furnitureselection* Decorateand repair the wall colours to make your roommore unique &stylish* Decorate your room with beds and wallhangings and crazylights* Paint the walls & try new furniture*Use decorativestorage & Refurbish old furniture and accents*Hang up someartwork on walls & Add your favouritepictures/memories* Addthe floating shelves & Use your creativelighting* Hang up somenew curtains & Look up for matching rugs*Get rid ofunnecessary clutter & apply some wallpaperNow youhave todressUp the cute doll your own expectations.Get out yourfavouritedoll, along with your collection of Barbie doll clothing.Select afew basic items from which you can determine a newoutfit.Carefullychoosing the most suitable pair of doll shoes.Figure outaccessories for your doll.You should have your doll’sfull ensemblelaid out next to her. Download Now !!! Play this freebedroomdecorating girls games with your family.
Baby Doll Room Decoration Game 1.0.1
3GG Studio
Welcome one of our new room decoration games where youwillexperience the role of a famous room decor architect , you willbehired by top clients to redecorate their baby rooms , fashionshops, playgrounds and many other things. We think that this is oneofthe best baby doll games that you may find because byplayingtheroom decoration games that it contains you will be abletoredecorate doll rooms , baby rooms by starting to play dollhousegames.Room decoration games are very popular and this is whyourdoll room decor game have many rooms , shops and babydollplaygrounds for you to decorate.In our doll room decor game youcanstart by picking the furniture that you like for every roomandthen arrange it in the house.After you finish a roomdecorationproject you can start a new one.This game has many dollroomdecoration projects, baby room decoration projects and alsosomefashion shops decoration and playgrounds.Our game is differentfromother baby doll games as it have endless room to decorate andyoucan also come back to a finished room and startredecoratingit.Decoration games are a fun way to spend your time bydesigningbeautiful baby doll room and even redecorate an entirehouse .Wehope that you will like our baby doll games and also tryother babygames that we developed.Come back every week for a newroom decorgame !
Pink Dollhouse. Map for MCPE 31a.0
In this map for MCPE you can visit unbelievably beautifulmansion,built of pink blocks. In this mansion almost everything ispink.Pink walls, pink stairs and doors. Probably, your eyes willbetired of this color. Probably, you will know to whom belongthisdollhouse: Barbie’s or dolls’ Bratz. The house is createdinnatural size, so you can explore it or play with your friendsinthis map for MCPE. Two-stored house for dolls contains 4spaciousplacements with stairs, leading from the first to thesecond floor.Pink apartments will attract young designers. Exceptthe mansion inthis map for MCPE you will find stable of the samecolor, wherethere are little ponies. Guess, what color are they?You can rideon these ponies, but first tame them. Although they arein thestable right now, but they don’t listen to anyone but theirowners,so become their owners! Except forenamed constructions thereis aswimming pool in the backyard, a fountain in front of the houseandeven a tree-house, where you can have a rest from the mostpopularcolor in the map.- You can download this map for Minecraftfor freewith our free app.- In order to play with this mapMinecraft PocketEdition should be installed on your mobiledevice.DISCLAIMER: Thismap for MCPE isn’t made or supported byMojang. Minecraft andMinecraft Pocket Edition are officialtrademarks of Mojang AB. Thedevelopers of this MCPE map don’tcooperate with Mojang. Thisapplication fully adheres to the termsset up by Mojang AB. Moreinfo at
Dollhouse Decorating Games 6.0.1
❀ Are you looking for wonderful doll house decorating games? Doyouhave creative ideas for designing your dream house? With ournewgame you can decorate your room with beautiful dollhouseminiaturesand other doll house decoration items with ease! Our babydollgames for free enable you to create interior designs and dollhouseplans like a true professional. If you enjoy playing housedesigngames, you will love our dollhouse design game with adorablebabydolls. Download ✿ Dollhouse Decorating Games ✿ and let themagicbegin! ❀ Enter your new virtual home and pick a room todesign! ❀Meet your new friends – cute baby dolls and even cuterpets! ❀Create a “baby doll” living room, bedroom, dining room orbathroom– develop whatever home design plan you want! ❀ Match andmixvarious dollhouse furniture items and house decorations tocreatebeautiful rooms! ❀ Extremely easy to use: just touch theitems anddrag them wherever you want. ❀ Take a photo, share itacross allsocial networks and boast of your “dream home”! ❀ Allthis and muchmore awaits you only in ✿ Dollhouse Decorating Games ✿free ofcharge! ❀ If you want to play house design games, try outour dreamhome games now and see for yourself why they are some ofthe best“dollhouse games” on the market! Decorate your own babydoll houseand practice your interior designer skills to perfection.Use yourinspiration to decorate a beautiful bedroom or a familyliving roomand create outstanding interior designs. With our housedecorationgames you can create romantic princess castle designs foryour cutebaby princess or an interesting and engaging playhouse.Download ✿Dollhouse Decorating Games ✿ and use the best of thedollhousedesign games to create a beautiful baby doll dream housenow! ❀ Areyou a baby doll house fan and want to create fantasticdream-likedoll house designs? Try out our doll house decoratinggames free ofcharge and use various home items to make magnificentinteriordesigns which will amaze all your friends. We created theseroomdesigning games with special dedication and care so that youcandesign a baby doll dream house with amazing dollhouse kits.Havefun with decorating your own princess castle and shareyour“dollhouse design” with your friends on social networks!Collecttons of likes of Facebook and Instagram with your marveloushousedesigns creatively decorated with elegant and modern details.❀ Doyou have a dream of becoming a pro in decorating houses? Doyouenjoy combining furniture items, colors and textures?Thisdollhouse “decoration game” is the excellent first steptowardsyour goal! Now you can use all your decorating skills withease andcreate a modern looking living room or a fancy dining roomfor your“princess castle”. Our ✿ Dollhouse Decorating Games ✿provides youwith various decorations like flowers and paintings andother babydoll accessories to create outstanding interior designs.These“baby doll games” are an awesome way to have fun and becreative! ❀Try out our “doll house games” now and take the firststep inpracticing your doll house decorator and designer skills. Ifyouenjoy our free house decoration games, you can check out ourtoptrending apps and use our makeup and dress up games to giveyourbaby dolls remarkable and modern outfits and makeup. Downloadour ✿Dollhouse Decorating Games ✿, play this wonderful home gameandenjoy some of the best fashion designer games ever! Releaseyourinner artist and give all your doll house designing ideas lifeandturn them into stunning pieces of art which will dazzle youeverytime you see them. Design your home with style and enter theworldof fashion as one of the most famous fashionableinteriordesigners!
Baby Doll Games For Girls Free 6.0.1
Hi, sweet girl fashionistas! It’s time to play some top stardollroom and house decorating games for girls! Our amazing 🏡 BabyDollGames For Girls Free 🏡 offer you incredibly adorable“dollhousedesign ideas” for your sweet baby girls, cute dollhousedecorationminiatures and fantastic dollhouse furniture you wouldn’tbe ableto resist. Only in these princess “dollhouse games forgirls” willyou be able to design and decorate a magnificent “babydoll house”for girls with ease and provide your sweet baby dollswith theirdream home space. Download at once our dollhouse designgames, thelatest and some of the best baby dream house games forgirls, andenjoy incredibly fun and creative house decoration gamesfor free!🏠👶 Decorate your own baby house! 👶🏠 🎈 Create your owndream room inthe newest baby house game! 🎈 Hang out with a team ofsweet babydolls and cute pets! 🎈 Design a “baby dream house” livingroom,dining room, bedroom or bathroom – express your own homedesignideas! 🎈 Combine beautiful dollhouse furniture items,housedecorations and dollhouse miniatures to create a cute“dreamhouse”! 🎈 Easy to use: just touch the items and drag themwhereveryou want! 🎈 Take photos of your baby doll house and shareit acrosssocial networks! 🎈 Put up amazing house decoration only in🏡 BabyDoll Games For Girls FREE 🏡! 💖🏡👶 Super fun doll housedecoratinggames free of charge! 👶🏡💖 It’s high time you got yourselfa lovelyprincess doll house games and use simple home decorationideas tocreate and design a sweet baby girl dream house! In ourfantastichome decorating games for girls and adults you’ll get anamazingdoll house maker and designer, which will help you designyour ownhome for girls and their sweet baby dolls! So many optionsthatyou’ll find in these doll house games for kids make thembelongamong the top trending home designer games and housedecoratinggames for girls on the market. There aren’t more creative“babydoll house games” than these! Download our 🏡 Baby Doll GamesForGirls Free 🏡 right now and create the perfect baby dream housewithease! 💖🏡👶 Creative “dollhouse design games” with perfectfurniturefor dolls! 👶🏡💖 Are you eager to show all your friends whatabrilliant house designer you are? You want your sweet baby dollstolive in a luxurious mansion that you can enhance with yourcool,simple home decoration ideas? Looking for the best doll housegamesin which you can achieve this wonderful “dollhouse design” youhavein mind? Search no more, because you’re at the very spot wherealldollhouse magic begins! Our “dream home games”, which are someofthe cutest dollhouse games for girls, are finally here to offeryouthe best dream house decorating furniture and miniatures thatexistin room designing games for free. Get this baby doll housemakerand fulfil all your sweet baby house decorating dreams!There’snothing to lose and everything to gain – hurry up anddownload“Baby Doll Games For Girls Free” right now! 💖🏡👶 Become afamousroom decorator for kids! 👶🏡💖 My playhome games have neverbeen morefun to play! That’s exactly what you’ll be telling allyour friendswhen you design doll house rooms like a pro and furnishthembeautifully with your own dollhouse design ideas. Othersimilarbaby dream house games and decorating house games for girlsdon’thave the latest dollhouse furniture and cute miniatures thatnobodycan resist, but our sweet baby girl doll house games do andthey’remore than ready to put your house decorating skills to work.Becomea splendid “room designer” with only a few taps on thescreen! So,download our 🏡 Baby Doll Games For Girls FREE 🏡, and getready tobecome one of the famous dollhouse designers with littleeffort andlots of fun!
Dollhouse Craft 2: Girls Design & Decoration 1.41
Design & decorate your doll house! Fashion craft forgirls!Building & crafting in a funny game! Be like aprincess(princess craft) and decorate your own blocky cube castle!Buildcraft & decorate rooms with furniture! House decoration(houseplanner app) taken to the new level! Craft for girls! Dollhouse!Place cute elements to build the best house for dollsever!Interior and exterior design app! exploration of the pixelartgirls world! You can even date boys while designing your owndreamhouse. Invite your High school friends for an epic party andchatwith them! Go shopping with high school friends! Take yourcutelittle pet with you! Or build a shopping center, spa or petshop!Plant flowers and decorate the exterior. Dress up and craftnewpixel glamour clothes! Date craft mode for cool boys and topgirls!Great for Teens too! Chat with blocky cube NPCs. Decoratewallswith paintings and wallpapers! Best pixel art simdollhousedecoration game free with exploration experience! DollhouseInterior design app - for free! Build a princess castle! Driveacar (car craft for girls) ride a train or even buildrestaurant,zoo or a theme park! Bake a sweet strawberry cake in thekitchen!Make friends with Pony or ride an unicorn! Plan, build anddecoratea blocky cube whole house! You can choose from modern housetoprincess room. Become an exterior & interior designerusingthis free game! Decorate your own nail salon or partyhouse!Befriend a cute, small animal - dog, kittie, pony or evenanunicorn! Doll house decoration in a fancy world ready forBuilding& crafting! Craft unique items, explore the world! Be aqueenor princess among dolls! There are many hand-crafted cuteblockycube furniture for you to decorate these rooms how you likeit. Howdo you want to decorate the bathroom, bedroom, garden,kitchen orliving room? It’s up to you! Best Building & craftinggame fortop girls in the world! Dollhouse craft 2 - sim designwithbeautiful pixel art graphics! Colorful adventure to design&decoration world! Fashion, design and creativity! Createanddecorate the dollhouse of your dreams! Interior homedecoration!Fashion dolls need a fancy pixel art house! Build aprincess dollhouse! Apart from building and crafting you can chooseclothes andbe a fashion star have a fancy pet (cat, dog, unicorn),chat anddate cool handsome blocky cube boys! Fall in love andprepare yourown wedding! Play minigames to earn more unique items,challengeand compete friends in the multiplayer mode (soon).Decorate a cutepink living room! Build a theme park or a zoo!Teenage boys andgirls! You should play this! FEATURES: Build anddesign usingblocks Over 300 blocks and elements Completely free!Pre-generateddoll houses (castle, mansion, modern, restaurant) Chatwith NPCsUPCOMING FEATURES: Multiplayer Fashion craft (design) DateCraftSpa salon mode
Baby Doll House Room Designer 1.0
Jolly Jelly
** Design a luxury house for your lovely doll and hervirtualfamily! In this home decorating game, you can create yourown homeand furnish it with modern dollhouse furniture! Completeyour babyroom makeover and collect beautiful dolls and pets thatwill livein the "dream house"! Download the best house designinggame forkids **Baby Doll House Room Designer** and decorate theentire luxmansion for princesses! 🏠 Make & design the dollhouse of yourdreams with one of the best dollhouse “decoratinggames for girls”!Look at all the amazing options to decorate dollhouses with dollsin it:🏠 You choose the dollhouse layout: pickwhere each room willbe – design a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom andliving room!🏠 Be theinterior design expert: decorate your princesshome from top tobottom with beautiful wallpapers and flooring!🏠Miniature dollhousefurniture in accordance with the latestdollhouse fashion trends!🏠Choose from a variety of modern chairs,tables, beds, bookcases,and much more!🏠 Give your doll house aunique look by decorating itwith cute room decoration: lamps,flower pots, fruit bowls, rockingchairs and much more!🏠 Collectbeautiful baby doll princesses,princes and pets to complete yourfairy tale family!🏠 Take a photoof your baby dream house!** Dollhouse games with little people forgirls are better than classicdress up games or fashion designergames, because girls can be morecreative and feel like realinterior designers with our “dollhousedesign games”! Select apiece of furniture or room decor and placeit exactly where youwant – your modern house for dolls is anexpression of your uniquestyle and designing and decorating talent!**Baby Doll House RoomDesigner** will teach you how to make yourown dollhouse!** Try outthe newest baby doll house games and seewhy they are the mostpopular 2017 girls games for AndroidTM! Youcan decorate andredecorate each room in this dream house with babyand family asmany times as you want - you'll get amazing roomdecorating ideasfor your own room! Enjoy our baby games where youcan decorate yourown house!** Explore the world of miniature sofas,beds, TVs,bookshelves and many more furniture pieces. You cancombinedifferent colors and styles and make your baby dollhouseunique andmagical! Your little princess doll will be very happyonce yourhouse decorating adventure is finished and the homemakeover iscompleted! But, don't worry; you can always restart thegame andplay girly dollhouse decoration games again – try outdifferentdollhouse fashion or room layout! **Baby Doll House RoomDesigner**is one of the top room decorating games on the market, sodon'tmiss out on the chance to design rooms and decorate adollhousewith the most beautiful, modern and luxurious roomdecoration!**It's time to design your dream home with the help ofadorable freedollhouse games for girls! With **Baby Doll House RoomDesigner**,dollhouse decoration has never been more fun! Downloadourincredible princess castle decoration games or baby dreamhomedesigning games – you can't go wrong with dollhouse games forgirlsbecause they are all fun, creative and adorable!** Like usonFacebook and take a look at our other top trending apps forgirlswhich include makeup and dress up games, as well as virtualpetgames and many othersurprises:
My Little Dollhouse: Craft & Design Game for Girls 1.39
Enter the world of girls! Build and design your own dollhouse -adream house for every doll! Explore the vast, open worldinAdventure Lite mode, meet new friends, animals… All of itawaitsyou in My Little Dollhouse - game for girls like neverbefore!Build your own home Building isn’t easy! At first, you needto mineresources! Craft tools, explore the vast open world of MyLittleDollhouse. Craft tools, then find wood, ore and everythingelse,thanks to advanced Adventure Lite mode! Build and design yourowndollhouse - a dream house all girls dream of! But crafting&building is just the beginning! Interior design In MyLittleDollhouse you don’t need third-party interior design app likeinmany other free design games for girls. Build a dollhousewithkitchen, many rooms and garden, where you can plant flowers!It’seasy because My Little Dollhouse contains its own design,crafting& building tools. Thanks to them, furnishing,decoration andinterior design are plain and simple. Mine resourcesand becreative by crafting & building your ultimate home! It’smuchmore than any interior and exterior design app! Party time!There’sno better opportunity to show off your dollhouse than houseparty!Invite cool boys and top girls, a famous singer orfashionista,high school friends or even your crush! Dress up instyle and amazethem not only with interior design of yourdollhouse, but also withyour fashion design! Chat and flirt withboys, then somebody mayfall in love… or even become your boyfriend!Become an explorerStill it’s not everything My Little Dollhouse hasto offer. LaunchAdventure Lite mode and start exploration of vast,open world.Travel through forests and mountains and seek for newresources tomine and scavenge epic loot and other treasures. Meetwild animals,which you can tame and turn into pets! Cute little petlike dog,kitten, cow and many more will not only follow you, butyou’ll beable to ride them, too! How cool is that? Visit the cityof craftAdventure of yours doesn’t end up in the forest. VisitPar-Is, thecity of craft, and feel like a real city builder. Enjoyitattractions like water park, spa, hair salon, nail salon,hospital,amusement park or… build your own buildings using the samecrafting& building as with building the dollhouse! Build acastle anddress up like a princess or a fashion house with catwalk!Becreative as possibilities are limitless! FEATURES: • Vastsandboxworld to explore. Mine resources, craft tools, build anddesignyour own dollhouse! • Crafting & building without limits.Buildand design your own dollhouse - a dream house you’ve alwayswanted!• Meet new friends. Find cool boys and top girls, chat andflirtwith them. Meet your virtual boyfriend or love of your life! •Finda pet animal. Tame cute little pet - the most loyal friend! •VisitPar-Is, the city of craft. Enjoy its attractions or build yourown!• Beautiful retro graphics! My Little Dollhouse is acompleteexperience of design, crafting & building for girls.Forgetabout other interior and exterior design apps. DOWNLOAD NOWFORFREE and enjoy one of the best games in the world for girlsof2018!
Sweet Baby Girl Doll House - Play, Care & Bed Time 2.0.16
Play in a doll house of your dreams and babysit sweet babygirlKatie and her little newborn sister Alice! Bath, feed, dress upandhave a tea party with a teddy bear and fluffy bunny! Become asupernanny and babysit the most adorable baby girl sisters KatieandAlice! Switch the virtual light on and off and playbabysittinggames day and night. Give a baby bath in the morning,changediapers, dress up and prepare yummy baby food. Clean up thedollhouse and get ready for a tea party with your little toyguests.Bake and decorate a delicious cake with whipped cream andcherriesand serve tea! In the evening, clean up the room, washhands, brushteeth and dress up for the sweet dreams at night. SweetBaby GirlDoll House babysitting games for girls: · Babysit sweetbaby girlKatie and her little sister Alice in a new doll house! ·Switch thelights on and off for more exciting babysittingadventures! · Givea bubble bath, brush hair and get ready for abeautiful day! · Makebaby puree and bottle of milk for sweet babygirl Alice! · Changediapers and dress up for a party with yourlittle friends! · Cleanup the room, vacuum the floor and put toyswhere they belong! ·Make tea, bake and decorate a cake and set thetable for a teaparty! · Design your play room with kids furniture,swings andfavorite toys! · Do your bedtime routine, brush teeth andfallasleep in the evening! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -- - About TutoTOONS Games for Kids Crafted and play-testedwithkids and toddlers, TutoTOONS games foster kids’ creativity andhelpthem learn while playing the games they love. Fun andeducationalTutoTOONS games strive to bring meaningful and safemobileexperience to millions of children worldwide. ImportantMessage toParents This app is free to download and play, but therearecertain in-game items that may be purchased for real money.Bydownloading this app you agree to TutoTOONS Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use. Discover More Fun with TutoTOONS! · Subscribe toourYouTube channel:·Learn more about us: · Read ourblog:
Dollhouse Games for Girls 7.0
💖 Explore our “doll house games” now and take the first stepinpracticing your doll house decorator and designer skills. Playthebest house design games or dream home games! Thisdollhousedecoration game is the excellent first step towards yourgoal! Nowyou can use all your decorating skills with ease andcreate amodern looking living room or a fancy dining room foryour“princess castle”. With our house decoration games you cancreateromantic princess castle designs for your cute baby princessor aninteresting and engaging playhouse for kids. Our 💖 DollhouseGamesfor Girls 💖 provides you with various decorations like pinkflowersand paintings and other baby doll accessories to createoutstandinginterior designs. 👩🏠👩🏠 Get your “baby doll games” forgirls freenow! 👩🏠👩🏠 ❀ Enter your new virtual home and pick a roomto design!❀ Meet your new friends – sweet baby dolls and funnypets! ❀ Createa baby doll living room, dining room, bedroom orbathroom! ❀ Usevarious dollhouse furniture items and housedecorations to createbeautiful princess room designs! ❀ Extremelyeasy to use: justtouch the items and drag them wherever you want. ❀Take a photo,share it across all social networks and show your“dream homedesign”! 💖 Design your home with style and enter theworld offashion as one of the most famous fashionable interiordesigners!These baby doll games are an awesome way for kids andeverybodyfeeling young to have fun and be creative! You can usethese babydoll games for free and create outstanding interiordesigns like atrue designer. Install right now 💖 Dollhouse“Games for Girls”💖 and start exploring your imagination. Don’thesitate a momentmore, because when other girls see these dollhouse decoratinggames free, they’ll claim all the dollhouse designglory forthemselves. Have fun and use your talent to design amodern lookingliving room and fancy dining room for your baby dollsdream house!💖 Be the first baby doll house fan to decorate thisfantastic dollhouse: make and design home items now! You might havefound someother room designing games for kids, but most of themdon’t havenearly as many adorable and creative features as 💖Dollhouse Gamesfor Girls 💖.  Imagine a princess castle for ababy princess ora playhouse for kids, and let the baby doll dreamhouse do therest. Test yourself as an interior designer anddecorate a girlybedroom and a family living room. Our modern “housedecorationgames” are perfect for you! Try out our baby doll gamesfor girlsfree of charge and have fun with decorating glam dollhouses now! 💖Start enjoying our free games for girls, check out ourtop trendingapps for girls and use our makeup and dress up games togive yourbaby dolls remarkable and modern outfits and makeup. Letthese dollhouse games with people fill your free time withcompleteenjoyment. Download our 💖 Dollhouse Games for Girls 💖, playthiswonderful home game and enjoy some of the best fashiondesignergames ever! Give all your doll house designing ideas lifeand turnthem into stunning pieces of art which will dazzle youevery timeyou see them. All this and much more awaits you only inthis lovelyapplication free of charge! “Design your own home” withstyle andenter the world of fashion as one of the most famousfashionableinterior designers! "Royalty Free Music from Bensound"
Doll House Design & Decoration 2: Girls House Game 1.1
Sablo Games
Sablo games is going to give you a new surprise in the shapeofprincess house decoration. Just join this dream land and enjoybabyhouse decoration. What you have to do here in decoration gamesisthat you have to build and arrange the interior and exterior ofthehouse at your own choices. You need to be careful abouttheselection of the color and material when you are working ontheinterior of the rooms of the cute baby doll. The first thingisthat removes the dusts of your construction hat and get readyforthe dollhouse construction. Enjoy each and every level whichhasimmense enjoyment for you in terms of wooden home designing.Thisdecoration games is surely going to challenge you as you evenhaveto finalize interior of the bedroom, kitchen, TV lounge andthemaster bedroom of the doll house games. The furniture is givenyouare supposed to arrange as you want in unique houseconstruction.The story of this doll house designing is about ahouse which youare supposed to build. You are given an order tomake a sketch ofthe home and build it on that sketch. All processof constructionand simulation of decorate dollhouse are dividedinto differentlevels. Being the player of girl home decoration youhave to doparticular task to complete each level and then you willmove tothe next level. The first level of girl house design is adialoguebetween you and the father who wants to build a home forhisdaughter. You are assigned a mission of bedroom decorationgames.The second level of dollhouse exterior designing is toplacepillars of house which you brought near the site with the helpofdumper truck. These pillars are for the first, second andtheground floor. In this mission you need to place walls of thedollhouse with the help of crane in kitchen designing. In thislevel ofdollhouse cute furniture you need to place roof by usingtowercrane. Almost you are done with the sketch of the house nowyouneed to place fence and windows of the doll house. It is thetimeof the interior of the house in unique house construction. Inthisstage of wooden home designing you need to paint the house.Thereare four rooms of this home you are supposed to decorate alltheserooms one by one in ultimate house designing. The objectsareprovided to you place them according to the proper sequenceandenjoy. Add each piece of furniture in separate rooms to makeeachroom special of doll house designing.Doll House Design&Decoration 2: Girls House Game Features: ★ Play our babydollfashion and designing for FREE on any Android Device ★ Buckleupyour seat belt and take control of heavy machinery ★High-quality3D graphics ★ Many hours of free fun of girl roomdecoration ★Awesome environments ★ Enjoy super immersiveenvironment andrealistic sound effects. ★ Finish all levels, withdifferentobjectives and challenges. Download Doll House Design&Decoration 2: Girls House Game created by Sablo Games andenjoy itFREE. Easy game operation will enable you to calmly facethechallenges and complete levels of dollhouse exterior designing.
Princess Room Decoration Games 6.0.1
❀ Do you have awesome ideas to decorate your room? Are youlookingfor perfect dollhouse decorating games which will allow youtoexpress your designing talent? You are at the right place! Ournewhouse design games give you beautiful doll house decorationitemswith which you can create your dream house with ease. Have funwithour home decoration app and use fabulous dollhouse miniaturestocreate fantastic interior designs! You can use yourinteriordesigner skills with ease and create wonderful baby dollhousedesigns. Try out these baby doll games for free and makewonderfuldoll house plans like a real professional. Download ourPrincessRoom Decoration Games now and let the magic begin! ❀ Enteryour newvirtual home and pick a room to design! ❀ Meet your newfriends –cute baby dolls and even cuter pets! ❀ Create a “babydoll” livingroom, bedroom, dining room or bathroom – developwhatever homedesign plan you want! ❀ Match and mix variousdollhouse furnitureitems and house decorations to create beautifulrooms! ❀ Extremelyeasy to use: just touch the items and drag themwherever you want.❀ Take a photo, share it across all socialnetworks and boast ofyou “dream home”! ❀ All this and much moreawaits you only inPrincess Room Decoration Games free of charge! ❀Are you trying tofind the best house design games where you caneasily create a babydoll house from your dreams? You can stopsearching, because ourdream home games have everything you need toshow your interiordesigner skills! Now you can enjoy our “dollhousegames” free ofcharge and create a baby doll dream house which couldbe on afamous magazine cover. Use our dollhouse design games todecorate abedroom or a beautiful living room and share your designwith allyour friends! With our new house decoration games you canmake yourbaby princess happy by creating a magical princess castle.You caneven make a special playhouse for your pets! See foryourselves whyPrincess Room Decoration Games belong among some ofthe bestdollhouse decoration games on the market! ❀ If you want tobecome arespected doll house decorator and designer, our “dollhouse games”are the perfect choice! These free play home games canhelp you topractice your designing skills and create wonderfuldollhousedesigns. If you are a baby doll house fan, you willdefinitely loveour doll house decorating games free of charge! Useyourimagination to design a dream-like doll house which will dazzleallyour friends! Our room designing games provide you withnumerousbeautiful home items which you can use to decorate youramazingbaby doll dream house. These Princess Room Decoration Gamesofferyou outstanding dollhouse kits with which you can createa“dollhouse design” from your dreams! ❀ Do you dream ofdecoratinghouses and becoming the best interior designer in theworld? Ournew “decoration game” is the perfect first step towardsyour goal!Release your inner creativity and design a baby dollsdream housewith a modern looking living room and fancy dining room.With these“baby doll games” you can create fantastic room designsfor yourbeautiful “princess castle” anytime and anywhere! Createtheperfect place for the fashionable furniture, add outstandingbabydoll accessories, flowers and paintings and your dream homeisfinished! Use these fantastic dollhouse games to create thehousefrom your dreams which you can put on your goal board and makethatdream come true someday. Download this free house decorationgamenow and start creating your own fairytale!
Dream Doll House - Decorating Game 1.2
Have you ever thought about becoming a decoration expert? Thisisyour chance! 3 houses and 5 beautiful dolls are waiting for youinone of the prettiest decorating games, don't miss the fun! Youcanshow off your decorating skills by creating the mostbeautifulhouses for our dolls. They love spending time in thekitchen andcan't wait to see how you're going to decorate it. Try agirlycolor for the walls and the floor and add modern appliances.Don'tforget about furniture, the girls need cupboards and a nicetablewith chairs. Our dolls also like taking long bubble baths, sotryyour best and make the bathrooms look relaxing. Choosenicefurniture and add some decorations for a final touch. Thebedroomis a space for dreams, make it look magical! Add a fluffybed withlots of pillows, so the girls will be comfy. A big wardrobeis amust in the bedroom. Pick some curtains and these pretty girlswillbe all set for a good night. The most important room in a houseisthe living room. There are lots of decorations available,getcreative! Impress the dolls with amazing ideas for interiordesign!Dream Doll House - Decorating Game features: - 3 houses with4rooms - 12 decoration levels - 5 adorable dolls ready to meet you-over 1200 house decorating items - unlimiteddecorationpossibilities - fun and safe for kids all ages - freegame whichcan be played with no internet Get our decorating gameright awayand enjoy your own mobile doll house. House decorating isa complexprocess, complete every step and have fun!
Christmas Dollhouse Games 🎄 6.0.1
🌟 Are you ready for festive doll house decorating games ? Youneedcreative ideas to design your own dream house and decorate itforChristmas and New Year? These creative Christmas games free letyoudecorate your own house with cute dollhouse miniatures, dollhousedecoration items and other Christmas decorations, such asamagnificent Christmas tree! If house design games are yourthing,our “dollhouse designer” Christmas games will leave you inawe!Download 🎄 Christmas Dollhouse Games 🎄 now and enjoy theholidayalongside adorable baby dolls forFREE!💮👼🏻🐾🐶🐱🐯🦁⛄️🎁🎉🎄🍀🏰🍀🎄🎉🎁⛄️🦁🐯🐱🐶🐾👼🏻💮 🏠 Step into your new virtualhouseand start decorating it! 🏠 Mix and match numerousdollhousefurniture items and “Christmas decorations” to createbeautifulrooms! 🏠 Prepare the Christmas dinner and gather all yourfriends!🏠 Decorate a magnificent Christmas tree and leave presentsunderit! 🏠 Kiss under the mistletoe for happiness and good luck!🏠Extremely easy to use: just touch the items and drag themwhereveryou want. 🏠 Take a photo, share it across all socialnetworks andboast of your little dream home! 🏠 Start the Christmascountdowndecorating your festive playhouse in 🎄 Christmas DollhouseGames 🎄– it’s FREE of charge! 💮🐾⛄️🎁🎉🎄🎄🏠🏠🏠🎄🎄🎉🎁⛄️🐾💮 Play doll gamesfor freeto develop princess doll house plans and design yourChristmasdream home! 🌟 Eager to play New Year or Christmas games inhousedesign games for free? Why not give our “dream house maker” atryto check why this Christmas game is one of the best“dollhousegames” on the market? Design your new baby doll house anddecorateit with Christmas ornaments like a real interior designer.Usethese Christmas decorations and boast of your tastefulinteriordesigns. With a little help of our dollhouse designer youcancreate splendid princess castle designs for a cute babyprincessand her pet house friends. Download 🎄 Christmas DollhouseGames 🎄and some of the best Christmas games for decorating houseswill beyours for free! 💮🐾⛄️🎁🎉🎄🎄🏠🏠🏠🎄🎄🎉🎁⛄️🐾💮 🌟 How many days untilChristmasare there? Not many, so get your supply of gorgeous dollhousedecoration items on time. If you’re a doll house fan and wanttohave fabulous “little dream home” Christmas decorations, giveourfree house games a chance to win your heart! This freedollhousegame can’t disappoint you! It’s a stunning dream housemakerthat’ll amaze all your friends. Such a room designer gamewithamazing Christmas dollhouse kits hasn’t been seen yet, becausewepoured extra dedication while building it thinking aboutyourgreatest princess-castle satisfaction! Get this Christmasdollhousedesigner now and have so much fun decorating your ownprincesscastle with festive colorful designs.💮🐾⛄️🎁🎉🎄🎄🏠🏠🏠🎄🎄🎉🎁⛄️🐾💮Decorating houses in “Christmas games” has neverbeen more fun! 🌟Would you like to have the best dollhouse furniturewith amazingcolors and textures in a single dream house maker? ThisChristmasdollhouse room decoration game offers you an excellentchance todevelop decorating skills and create a peaceful, modernlookingChristmas “dream house” decorated with beautifulChristmasornaments. Explore our 🎄 Christmas Dollhouse Games 🎄 tofindvarious decorations in addition to dollhouse miniatures, suchasChristmas trees, colorful flowers, paintings and other babydollaccessories for “princess castle” interior designs.
Princess Doll House Decoration 6.0.1
❀ Are you ready to start designing the best possible dream houseforyour baby dolls? Have you been looking for amazing dollhousedecorating games? Our new free app for Android is theperfectchoice! Decorate your room with cute dollhouse miniaturesand dollhouse decoration items! This outstanding house decorationapp givesyou everything you need to create fantastic interiordesigns anddoll house plans. These baby doll games for free willamaze you andkeep you entertained for a long time. If you likehouse designgames, you will definitely love our new homedecorationapplication! Download ✿ Princess Doll House Decoration ✿game nowand let the magic begin! ❀ Enter your new virtual home andpick aroom to design! ❀ Meet your new friends – cute baby dolls andevencuter pets! ❀ Create a “baby doll” living room, bedroom,diningroom or bathroom – develop whatever home design plan youwant! ❀Match and mix various dollhouse furniture items andhousedecorations to create beautiful rooms! ❀ Extremely easy touse:just touch the items and drag them wherever you want. ❀ Takeaphoto, share it across all social networks and boast of your“dreamhome”! ❀ All this and much more awaits you only in ✿ PrincessDollHouse Decoration ✿ free of charge! ❀ We are sure that you willnotbe satisfied by anything else but the best house design games.Thatis why you should try our new dream home games we createdwithspecial dedication and care! Now you can enjoy ourwonderful“dollhouse games” and decorate a modern bedroom or familylivingroom for your baby doll house. You can fulfill your dream andtakethe first steps towards becoming the best interior designer intheworld! With our fun house decoration games you can designabeautiful princess castle with everything one baby princessneedsand deserves. You can even create a playhouse for your pets!Havefun with our new dollhouse design games and create aspectacularbaby doll dream house which will dazzle all yourfriends. Download✿ Princess Doll House Decoration ✿ app now andenjoy free dollhousedecoration games anytime and anywhere! ❀ If youhave exciting“dollhouse design” ideas, now is the perfect time topractice yourdesigning skills and give your ideas life! Our dollhousedecorating games provide you with many tools and dollhousekitswhich you can use to create amazing dollhouse designs. If youare atrue baby doll house fan, you simply must try out our amazingroomdesigning games for free! Use fantastic home items to decorateyourdream-like doll house and create beautiful environment foryourwonderful dolls. Practice your designing skills and become thebestinterior designer among all your friends. With our ✿ PrincessDollHouse Decoration ✿ game creating an outstanding baby dolldreamhouse has never been easier and more fun! Download now andstartdesigning amazing dollhouse decors for your princess castle! ❀Doyou like decorating houses and love to play fun “doll housegames”?Have you been searching for an amazing “decoration game” sothatyou can create a fantastic baby dolls dream house? Our ✿PrincessDoll House Decoration ✿ game is a wonderful solution! Youcandesign a modern looking living room and fancy dining room foryour“princess castle” and share your designs with your friends.Usevarious furniture, baby doll accessories, flowers and paintingstodecorate your dollhouse and create a perfect living space foryourdolls! If you want to become a doll house decorator anddesigner,try out our “baby doll games” and let your talent fordecoratingblossom. You can use these baby doll games for free andcreateoutstanding interior designs like a true dream home designer!
My Princess Castle - Doll and Home Decoration Game 1.1.7
Tapps Games
Ever wanted to be a princess and live in a beautiful castle?Yourdream comes true with My Princess Castle! Create anddressprincesses and have them living in castles decorated byyourself!The best princess game of all times is here! YOUR OWNPRINCESS Stopby the exclusive beauty salon to create and customizeyour ownprincess just the way you want! Pick her hairstyle, hereyes, herclothes and even her jewelry, tiara and shoes -- all ofthe thingsa real princess can’t live without! You can even dressand name herafter your favorite princess of all times! What will itbe? SnowWhite, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine,Pocahontas,Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Anna, Elsa? It’s all up to you!YOUR OWNCASTLE Pick your favorite castles and give them yourpersonal touchwith over a hundred different and beautiful items forevery type ofroom you can imagine. Don’t forget to add cute dolls,puppies andkitties to play with! Use your creativity to designincredibleliving rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and muchmore. When youare done, take a picture of your lovely castle orroom to save itforever and share it with your best friends! MyPrincess Castlebrings back all the magic, fantasy and enjoyment ofprincesses andtheir adorable castles. HIGHLIGHTS • Countlesscombinations foryour princess doll • Many models of castles •Incredibly cuteillustrations • Over 100 exclusive decoration items• Cute dolls,puppies and kitties Live this fairy tale! Play MyPrincess Castlenow and have fun with princesses and castles! Pleasenote! Thisgame is free to play, but it contains items that can bepurchasedfor real money. Some features and extras mentioned inthedescription may also have to be purchased for real money.
Baby Dream House Games 6.0.1
👶🏻🏡 Hello, girls! Welcome to our cute baby games for free inwhichyou can “design your dream house” for sweet baby girls. Our 🎀BabyDream House Games 🎀 let you use your own decoration ideas tocreatea perfect “dollhouse for girls” that would make any babyhappybeyond belief! Dollhouse games for free are simplyirresistible,and that’s why we offer you splendid dollhousedecorationminiatures. Start furnishing your cute baby house now –ouradorably designed baby cribs, cradles, strollers andotherdollhouse furniture are at your disposal. Download these“babyhouse games” free of charge, and dive into the pool of babydollhouse fun! 🏡👶🏻 Design your dream house for babies! 👶🏻🏡 🍼Createyour own dream house in the latest baby game for girls! 🍼Amazecute babies and their pets with your baby home design ideas!🍼Decorate a living room, dining room, bedroom or bathroom ofyour“baby dream house”! 🍼 Combine house decorations,dollhousefurniture items and dollhouse miniatures to decorate anenchanting“dream house”! 🍼 Cute baby dresses for your playhouseresidents! 🍼Share photos of your wonderful baby home with yourfriends acrossall social networks! 🍼 Stunning baby doll housedecoration awaitsyou only in 🎀 Baby Dream House Games 🎀 for FREE!🏡🏡 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻 🏡🏡Incredibly creative baby doll games for girls FREE ofcharge! Thetime to play some awesome baby dream house games forgirls hasfinally come! With your dollhouse design ideas and ourdollhousedecorating items, furniture and miniatures, a perfectlysweet babygirl dream house will emerge under your fingertips in notime.Decorating doll house rooms has become quite an experiencenowthanks to our fantastic sweet baby girl doll house games,whichisn’t the case in other baby house games for kids and adults.Thisis because our creative dollhouse decoration games for girlsare“baby dress up games” as well, in which you’ll encounter thecutestbaby dress items. Download these 🎀 “Baby Dream House Games” 🎀now,and pour your dollhouse design ideas into the creation offabulousbaby dream home! 🏡🏡 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻 🏡🏡 Decorate a baby house fromyourdreams with cute baby furniture! Do “dollhouse games forgirls”attract your attention? Want to design a dollhouse for girlsor amagical princess castle for your baby dolls in princess dollhousegames? You’d also like to design your dream home? Our amazing🎀Baby Dream House Games 🎀 free of charge bring you afantasticchance to become the top house designer for girls andenjoy dreamhouse decorating furniture for babies. These sweet babydoll housegames for girls are without a doubt some of the besthousedecoration games for kids and adults that you can find amongallbaby home games on the market. “Dream home” is an ideal thatisdifficult to reach unless, at your side, you’ve gotdecoratinghouse games such as these adorable baby home games. So,become afamous girly room decorator right now! 🏡🏡 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻 🏡🏡Dollhousegame that’s extremely fun to play and easy to master!Would youlike to play the latest doll house games for girls thathave thecutest home decorating items for baby dolls, such as babycribs,cradles and strollers? It would be even more fantastic ifyour newprincess house games have beautiful baby dresses andelements ofbaby dress up games for girls? You’re in luck, because“dream homegames” are even better now that they have more homedesign options!Decorate houses from your dreams and feel free to doa complete“home makeover” as well as a baby makeover since you canswapclothes on your cute babies. Room decorating games forgirlscombined with baby dress up games for free are the bestpossiblematch in family dollhouse games. So, get these 🎀 Baby DreamHouseGames 🎀 right now and enjoy your new baby dream home!
Dream Dolly Designer - Doll Game 1.0.2
Do you girls like playing with dolls? What if you could have asmanydolls as you wish and take them everywhere with you? All youneed todo is get Dream Dolly Designer - Doll Game right away!Create yourdream dolls in one of the most wonderful games forgirls!You cancustomize every detail of your doll, from facialfeatures, to hair,makeup, outfit and even the packaging box! Getthe fun started in arealistic and fun doll creator game.Begin bychoosing your doll'sfacial features - pick a nice skin tone, atiny nose, some big roundeyes and a cheerful smile. After that youcan glam up the doll usingglittery makeup. Your doll will alsoneed a nice outfit, get readyto play dress up with her. The dressup level is full of stylishclothes and accessories, try everythingon!Once your doll looksperfect, you can go and design the bestpackaging. Make it lookcolorful and decorate it with girlystickers. You can even addfashion items inside the box!Dream DollyDesigner - Doll Gamefeatures:💜 4 game levels with facial features,makeup, dress up anddecorating💜 25 options for facial featuresplus 25 different optionsfor makeup💜 96 fashion items and a greatdress up experience💜 32options for the doll packaging💜 free game,play with no wifi💜 safeand appropriate for little girlsOur dollgame offers so manypossibilities! The options are numerous, getready to discover themall. Download Dream Dolly Designer - DollGame and create theperfect dolls. Play for free anytime you wantand have fun!
Ice Princess Doll House Games 6.0.1
🏠 It’s winter, there’s a huge storm getting near, andPrincessFrosie needs her ice castle built before it’s too late!Shewelcomes you to her doll house decorating games and begs youtohurry up with the dollhouse design before sheuncontrollablyfreezes everything around her. Help her design herwinter dreamhome using amazing princess castle decoration items androyaldollhouse miniatures, and this ice princess castle will bethefirst step on her way of becoming a queen. Download ❆ IcePrincessDoll House Games ❆ right now and start building a kingdominastonishing “ice princess games”, some of the best housedesigngames for free you’ve ever seen! ❄❄❄❅❄❅❅❇❇❇❅❅❄❅❄❄❄ Buildtheperfect ice princess castle in the best baby doll housegames!❄❄❄❅❄❅❅❇❇❇❅❅❄❅❄❄❄ ❈ Choose a room to design in PrincessFrosie’snew virtual home! ❈ Meet her friends – cute baby dolls andpets! ❈Create an “ice castle” living room, bedroom, dining roomorbathroom – the plan for royal home design is all yours! ❈Usevarious dollhouse furniture items and house decorations tocreatebeautiful princess room designs! ❈ Extremely easy to use:justtouch the items and drag them wherever you want. ❈ Take aphoto,share it across all social networks and boast of your “dreamhome”for cute Princess Frosie! ❈ All this and much more awaits youonlyin our ❆ Ice Princess Doll House Games ❆ for FREE! 🏠 Make anewkingdom emerge in frozen isolation and turn our PrincessFrosieinto a beautiful queen by creating a baby doll “princesscastle” inthe latest princess room decoration games. If you’ve everwanted todesign a stunning baby doll house with the snow glowingwhite allaround it, now’s your chance to make your dream come truein theseprincess games with levels of the castle so magnificentthat you’llbe left speechless! The most fascinating princess roomdecor awaitsyou in our ice princess games. So, express all yourprincessbedroom ideas or ideas for any other princess room todesign anddecorate a magnificent ice castle playhouse. All you needis to getour newest ❆ Ice Princess Doll House Games ❆ for free andthedollhouse design fun is guaranteed! 🏠 Other dream home gamesandhouse design games won’t make you feel the wind howling astheapproaching storm swirls ever closer to your baby doll house.Themoment you enter our new princess castle games you’ll beinstantlydrawn to the numerous options for dollhouse design, andyou’llnever even wish to try other doll house decorating games. Youcandesign a playhome in them, but you’ll never be able to createanddecorate a baby doll princess castle placed inside theperfectwinter scenery. This dream-like decoration game will bringtheimage of the most beautiful winter fairy tale right in frontofyour eyes, and the best part is that you can design your ownhouseand make your own fairy-tale ending. Download ❆ Ice PrincessDollHouse Games ❆ completely free and see what real “princessroomdecoration” games look like! 🏠 The time for ice princess gameshascome! Be among the first to design and decorate your own houseforPrincess Frosie and share your creations with all your friendstoprove you’ve got the most extravagant dollhouses that youcreatedin amazing “princess castle games”. Don’t let your friendsmake arealistic baby dolls dream house for frosty winter first!This isyour chance to increase popularity, so don’t miss it! Getthe toptrending doll house games, the best ice princess castledecorationitems, and spend hours of leisure playing fantasticprincess gamesfree. Download ❆ Ice Princess Doll House Games ❆right now to meetravishing Princess Frosie and see for yourselfthat you’ve justdiscovered the best princess room decoration gameson the market!
Doll House Cleaning Game – Princess Room 2.0
Jolly Jelly
☆ Prove that you're the best at time management house cleaninggamesfor girls – clean messy rooms one by one and beat the clockin themost exciting fast-paced room makeover game!☆ Looking forcleaninggames with lots of levels and rooms to clean? Our dreamhouse fordolls is a real palace that needs a thorough cleaning, sostart yourcleaning day right now!☆ Doll House Cleaning Game –Princess Room isthe ideal fun and entertaining game that willteach you abouthousework and cleaning process! 🏡 Hey, fashiondolls around theworld, it's time to clean up messy rooms again inthe newest, mostamazing doll house cleaning game for girls! Cleanup the wholehouse, from the cutest princess bedroom to royalbathroom and luxurykitchen! Create your own dream house byperforming the biggest homemakeover in our free 💥 Doll HouseCleaning Game – Princess Room 💥!🏡Do you want to learn how to cleanyour room and help with thehousework? Our messy house cleaninggames give you a chance to do amajor transformation of your dollhouse and make it shine again! 💥Doll House Cleaning Game –Princess Room 💥 has incredible featuresthat will make housecleaning more fun than ever before:** 8different rooms to cleanfrom floor to ceiling: bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, bathroom,bedroom, office, makeup room and a specialsurprise room!** Tidy upthe room before the time runs out – you'llhave a limited amount oftime to place everything back to its place,as well as take out thetrash, scrub any stains and remove thedust!** "House cleaninggames for girls with levels" are extraspecial because each room inthe doll house is a new level!** Allthe rooms in the dream houseare quite a mess, but don't worry – inour tidy up games, there'severything you need in order to clean uprooms: a broom, mop,sponge, duster and much more!** There are morethan 20 roomcleaning tasks to complete in each room! Some of yourhousecleaning duties include mopping the floors, scrubbing stainsout ofcarpet, cleaning the windows, removing cobwebs and manyotherexciting housework chores!** If you get stuck and don't knowwhatto do next, you can press the hint button and see what theroomshould look like! That will help you discover what cleaninguptasks you missed!** "Clean up games" teach you abouthouseworkchores and cleaning up process, so that you will startenjoyingcleaning up your own room!** You will develop fine motorskills,visual perception and hand-eye coordination by playing our"cleanup house games"!🏡 💥 Doll House Cleaning Game – Princess Room💥brings new fun features that make this messy room cleanupgamedifferent from other doll house games for girls – the processoftidying up the mess is realistic, there are cleaning toolsandhousehold chores that you should know about! Cleaning gamesforgirls with levels will make you excited about doing houseworkandmaking your room look clean and tidy all the time!🏡 It's timeyoustarted the long-awaited cleaning day adventure with our dollandhelp her clean up the mess that's spread all around herbeautifuldream doll house! Bathroom cleaning, washing the dishes,making thebed and vacuuming the floor are just some of the usualhomecleaning tasks that you can find in room makeover and cleanupgamessuch as 💥 Doll House Cleaning Game – Princess Room 💥! 🏡 Isn'titfun to scrub, mop, dust and wash until everything is sparklyandsqueaky clean? Or to arrange all scattered things and puttoys,clothes, makeup and other objects back to their place? We knowthatyou love to help your parents with housework, and with ourdollhouse cleaning games for girls, you'll have a chance to feellikegrown ups and make your doll castle look warm and welcoming!
Doll house decoration game 1.0.7
Give your doll a house to be proud off with this dollhousedecoration game. Here you can design and arrange the interiorandexterior of the doll house until you’re satisfied with the wayitlooks. Mix and match your furniture and add somecomplimentaryfinishes to each room for that stylish finish. Yourdolls will bethankful for their new home. Try it today! Features *Rearrangeyour home to create a stunning new house to decorate. *Choose andassign what each room is ready for decorating. * Mix andmatchfurniture pieces to create stunning rooms for your dolls tolivein. * Compliment your doll house by adding some accessories toaddthe final finishing touches.
Ice Princess Castle Decoration 6.0.1
🏟 Have you ever wanted to create a gorgeous princess doll houseordesign your own house for baby dolls? With our 🏰 IcePrincessCastle Decoration 🏰 baby doll games for free you canfinallydecorate a perfect “princess castle” for future queens andprovidethem with a cozy family dollhouse as a shelter from theapproachingstorm! These “ice princess games” offer you a uniquechance tocreate a fabulous princess doll house, decorate it withfantasticdollhouse miniatures and the beautiful dollhouse design ofyourfrozen castle is ready for young Amy, Elzie and their cutepetfriends. Download our absolutely amazing new home decorationgamesfree of charge and enjoy a snowy adventure with yourfavoriteprincesses and their pet friends! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Createanddecorate a fabulous ice castle in the best princess dollhousegames you’ve ever seen! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ ☃️ The latest frozenhousedesign options in magnificent ice princess games! ☃️ Choosewhichroom you’d like to embellish with your creative dollhousedecoration ideas! ☃️ Meet young princesses’ pet friends andhavefun playing with cute baby dolls! ☃️ Create a living room,bedroom,dining room or bathroom for your “ice castle” – suit theplan forroyal house design to your needs! ☃️ Numerous housedecorations anddollhouse furniture items waiting for you to usethem according toyour beautiful princess room decoration plans! ☃️Extremelyeasy-to-use gameplay: simply touch the items and drag themwhereveryou want. ☃️ Design your own house covered in ice and takepicturesto share them across all social networks to boast of your“dreamhome” to all your friends! ☃️ You mustn’t miss this chance tohavesome of the best house decorating games – download 🏰 IcePrincessCastle Decoration 🏰 for FREE! 🏟 Get the latest creativeprincesscastle games! Have you ever wanted to play the bestprincess castlegames and doll house games with people? Now is yourchance to makeall your house decorating dreams come true. Join myplayhome snowystory and complete interesting tasks to achieve thebest-lookingvirtual “dollhouse design”. When your decoration isfinished, takepictures of your favorite princesses in their newdecorated dollhouses and share them with all your friends on socialnetworks!Download these 🏰 Ice Princess Castle Decoration 🏰 gamesfor freeand be a proud owner of our magnificent princess roomdecorationgames! 🏟 New home decoration games free of charge! Jointhe worldof perfect free princess games for all ages and designdollhousemarvels surrounded by snow and ice. Start creating thisbaby dollsice castle before the storm destroys your innocentheroes! Feel theadrenaline rush under your skin as you’re trying tosave thebeautiful princess from being eternally frozen in the snow!Createthe most amazing 3D house design of these baby doll games forfree,and our ice castle residents will be forever grateful to youforsaving them from the clutches of the terrible storm. Install 🏰IcePrincess Castle Decoration 🏰 and have the time of your lifewiththese “home decoration games”! 🏟 Top trending housedecoratinggames with cute furniture! If you ever played “my playhome” orprincess doll house games for baby dolls, you’ll lovedecoratinghouses and castles surrounded by cold winter in our freeprincessgames. Other house design 3D apps won’t be able to give yousuchgreat satisfaction of dollhouse design, so you shouldn’thavesecond thoughts about what “princess doll house” game you’regoingto play this season! Forget about various my princess castlegames,because our ice princess games are getting you everythingyou’veever needed to perfectly decorate dollhouse rooms forfuturequeens. Download 🏰 Ice Princess Castle Decoration 🏰 right nowandhave tremendous fun!
Princess Doll House Decorating 1
Today we decide to start a new genre of doll games for girls andthefirst one is about a doll house. It's called Princess DollHouseDecorating and there are everything you want for doll housegames.The dream of each little girl is a big and complete dollhouse, sotoday we give you the chance to design and decorate yourperfectdoll house. First step in this genre of princess doll housegameswill bring you in a world of colors and decorations. Choosethemodel of your dream house and make it as you like, because youcanpaint it with your favorite color, yellow, blue, green or red.Afteryou finish with painting, you can choose other decorationslikepool, fence, windows or flowers in the garden, because in ourdollhouse design games we give you everything you need for yourdreamhouse. The second level of our princess doll house games isinside.Here you can show your decorating skills in each room,using variouskind of furniture, carpets and more otheraccessories. Let's see thekitchen where you can choose the fridge,the table, the chairs andmuch more. Combine them as you want,choose the color for paintingthe floor or the walls and see theresults : your kitchen isfabulous ! The next step is to decoratethe bedroom. For this partof room decorating games you have a lotof options for bed,carpets,pillows,walls or curtains and paintingthem in different colors willmake your bedroom to look gorgeous !And don't forget to decoratethe bathroom with various type ofshowers, mirrors and otherfurniture. Princess Doll House Games forgirls features : - easy toplay for all girls that like princessdoll house games - differentmodels of houses - a lot of colors forpainting your dream house -nice decorations for house design games- various furniture for eachroom - customizable items in variouscolors like you see in all dollhouse games All our girls housedesign games will give you theoptions to see how look a perfectdoll house. Please write in yourcomment what do you want to findin our games for girls and we willtry to make it happen.
Indian Doll Makeup And Dressup 16.0
Ginchu Games
Indian doll makeup and dress up is very traditional game forallgirls.Learn how to present in indian costume and wear anethnicmake up.Help to Indian doll girl to look beauty with newfashionstylist.Every indian princess doll want to look like bridalfashiongirls in her own indian theme wedding.Help indian doll tolookgorgeous with unique hairstyle and makeup using indian girlsalonview in the game.Multiple views to get engaged in game.Features: 👸Apply spa and make her face glow👸 Learn all shades ofmakeup inindian style👸 Try some new indian hairstyles on indiandoll👸 Openwardrobe of indian traditional saree & choli👸 Share abeautifulpicture.👸 Voting view is to get best indian dressed bride.
Princess Doll House Cleanup 1.6
Game Rooster
Princess Room Cleaning:Play the latest and best clean upgameavailable on Play store. Our princess got home after shoppingtosee that a cat had entered her house and made a mess.Theprincessis really tired so she needs your help in cleaning herhouse sothat she can sleep peacefully in a clean and tidy room.Select fromalmost eight rooms to clean up as the castle is big andneedsyou’re clean up. Start with the bedroom where everything ismessedup and needs cleaning. But again you have to eat so thedining roomhas to be clean. Choose from different scenes and cleanthem usingdifferent tools. The princess also needs a makeover sothe dressingroom has to have the latest products for your make-upandeverything has to be in order. You can also go in the kitchenandget yourself some yummy food while you’re at cleaning. Everycastleshould have a toy room where you can place different toys andplaywith them at the same time. You can also clean up theroyalbathroom and become a sweet chick and put dirty clothes inthewashing basket to give the room a tidy look.After all is doneyouneed to design and decorate your lawn where you can mow thelawnand cut the grass. After you have done all this you can playandpuzzle and solve it by making a castle in thetimegivenFeatures:Clean up game with 8 differentoptionsDifferentscenes to choose from A variety of cleaning toolsavailableClean upyour bedroomWash and clean up your bathroomMakeyummy food in thekitchenPlace toys in the toy roomMow the lawn andcut thegrassFinish every scene to unlock a special puzzle game
Baby Panda's Doll Shop - An Educational Game
For more videos, subscribe to BabyBus onYouTube!►► to the doll shop! Anybodycan becomea doll designer here!Pink skin, blue eyes, a beautifulprincessdress… decide what your doll will look like!Welcome! Makeaone-of-a-kind doll!Don't worry if you have never done itbefore.You can learn everything step-by-step and make your owndollhere!Baby rabbit, baby monkey, bear... what kind of doll doyouwant to make? Choose a model and spray a color! Add pretty eyesanda nose. Add a bow for a nice look!Wait, is somethingmissing?That's right - clothes! Make a beautiful princess dress foryourdoll or stuffed toy! Move the brush to paint a dress on thefabric.Cut it out with scissors and sew it with a sewing machine.Thedress is complete. Put it on the doll!----Features----1. Becomeadesigner and design your own doll's dress!2. Learn how to makeyourown doll!3. Design and make a beautiful dress!4. Make yourdollbeautiful!5. You can sell your doll for gold!—————BabyBusoffersgames, videos and a wide variety of other educational contentfor200 million fans aged 0-6 around the world! It has producedmorethan 150 children's eduational games, 700 children's songs.andanimations of various themes spanning the arts, health,andscience. It is dedicated to cultivating creativity, imaginationandcuriosity in children, helping them explore the world on theirown.—————Contact Information Email:[email protected]:
Dream Doll Makeover 2 1.2
Being a stylist has been your dream for as long as you canremember!It’s so fun making girls look super pretty with makeupand cuteclothes! Turning someone from a nottie into a hottie issuperrewarding! Are you ready to use your talents to make somespecialgirls feel like they’re in a really good mood? Now is thetime! Makethe beauty come to the surface when you play Dream DollMakeover2!First, start with the spa! Make sure the girls’ hairlook nice,and that their nails are well-manicured! Next, it’s timefor themakeup stage! Apply the cutest makeup to make theseladiesbeautiful! Lastly, it’s time to dress these girls up in thedressup stage! All three stages make the prettiest girls in theworld!Make these girls beautiful…play Dream Doll Makeover 2!FEATURES-You’re the stylist now!- Dress girls up in cute clothes!-Usemakeup to make them shine like famous stars!HOW TO PLAY- Usethetouch screen to choose all the pretty clothes!- Followinstructionsto select your favorite makeup!- So many options and somuch fun!Wewant to hear your voice!Watch our awesome videos on ourYouTubechannel! Twitter: more about Salon™onofficial website:
Doll House Cake Cooking 1.0.5
Chic World
Concentrate and be aware of each step because once you go throughaprocedure you'll be familiar with the next one. This gamebrings,beyond the process itself, the recipe that should youexactly whatto do and even better you'll be guided the whole timebecause thatis the best way to learn how things are done. So don'twaste anyminute and grab a big bowl where you'll be making thedough. Putthe butter, the eggs, the vanilla extract, the whitesugar, thebaking soda, the baking powder and mix them all togetherto createthat delicious cake. There are some important rules tofollow anddifferent stages that need a special type of attentionanddedication, make sure you get through all successfully and lookatthe instructions so you won’t destroy anything. Such a sweetdishneed your attention when it comes to details and assembling.Usethe oven to bake it and once is done, you can go straight tothedecorating part where you'll be designing that colorful cake.Add adelicious glaze, choose the color of the dough and do notforget toput those details that would make your cake a special dollhousecake. Make sure you accomplish all the given tasks becauseonceyou've done it you'll be able to cook it even better. Keeptestingyour baking skills and try a different design next time,also toforget to have fun while you baking this culinarymasterpiece. Testyour abilities and seek the features we'vepresented in her in thegame itself:- Tasty syrups and sprinkles toadd on your cake-Improving or gaining new cooking skills -Understand the importanceof proper devices - Introducing yourselfto the baking world- Theopportunity to be a baker and a designertoo- Creating a deliciouspiece of heaven- Learn the recipe and doit for yourself- Free andeasy to play - Cool background sounds andgraphics
Princess Doll Dress up Party 3.4
Of course that each girl like doll games and doll dress up isfirstof these. LD Games brings you one of the best doll dress upgamescalled Princess Doll Dress up Party and we hope that you willbevery happy to find a room like a fashion studio, with a lotofprincess dresses.Imagine that tonight will be a big party inthecastle and you want to change your doll in a royal princess.Sostart this kind of doll dress up games with choosing thehairstylein various colors like blonde or brown or whatever youwant. Aroyal princess must have beautiful clothes for this partyand youhave so many colorful and shining dresses in our princessdress upgames, so will be hard to find the best one. A masqueradepartycannot be complete without mask and you need to match the maskwithyour doll clothes . Do not forget the shoes or purse orshiningjewellery ! Everything you need is in our doll games andeven more! Because all our princess dress up game have lots ofclothes andaccessories for you and for your doll !Princess DollDress up Partyfeatures :- a big room like a fashion studio forprincess dress up-colorful clothes- fashion shoes for yourprincess- beautiful masksfor masquerade party- shining jewelleryIfyou like our princessdress up games we invite you to write youropinion to know what canwe improve in our doll games to make youhappy. Enjoy playing !
Glam Doll Salon: BFF Mall Date 1.5
It's tea time with the girls, let's get everyone dressed up foragreat weekend of shopping! Glam Doll Salon: BFF Mall Date letsyouand your BFFs run a beauty salon filled with makeup, dressesandoutfits you can choose from to dress up tons of differentgirlmodels. Give each one a complete makeover so they can goweekendbeauty salon shopping with their friends. Be quick, don'tlet themmiss their tea time!Four different girls are meeting theirbestfriends this weekend for tea and shopping. Help them get readyforthe party in your very own beauty salon! Dress each of the girlsupin the best new outfits, choosing from hats, shoes,dresses,jewelry and accessories, then put on their makeup so theylook asbeautiful as can be!Features:- Help four girls get ready foraweekend of shopping and tea.- Dress-up girls to look likebeautifulfashion models.- Add makeup, accessories and jewelry toeach girl.-Design new hairstyles, trim, cut and shape each one.-Three themesto choose: bedroom gossip, shopping and dessert.-Complete beautymakeovers at your fingertips!How to Play:- Use thetouch screen tochoose a girl to give a makeover to.- Dress up eachmodel bychoosing dresses, shoes and outfits.- Apply makeup andcreate abeautiful hairstyle!We want to hear your voice!Like us onFacebook: Twitter: more about Salon™onofficial website:
Anime Boutique: Doll Maker 1.7
Anime Boutique: Doll Maker is an avatar maker, dress up forgirls.You can design your own female character as freely aspossible,along with cute pets. Choose out a new outfit, newclothes, trendyshoes, bags, dresses, makeup and more! You canchange color ofskin, hair, eyes, clothes, even background now! Makethe collectionof your own dolls for playing again. FEATURES OFANIME BOUTIQUE:✔️Take photo of two characters together✔️ Totallyfree and everythingis unlocked ✔️ Mix and match with a lot of animelooks✔️ Customizecharacter's expression✔️ Customize character'ssize and position,zoom and flip✔️ Save dolls and edit them againlater✔️ Cute petsand you can change color of them✔️ You can changecolor clothes andbackground☀️ Permissions are needed: The app willread and writefiles from external storage, for saving thescreenshots to photoalbum.
Pet House Decorating Games 6.0.1
🐶 Are you ready for the most adorable pet story adventure? Doyoulove playing house decorating games for girls? This is theperfectapp for you since it combines the best of both worlds! Ifyou wantto be a dream house designer and create amazing pet houses,youwill definitely enjoy our new “pet salon games”. Here you canhavefun and furnish the homes for the cutest puppies, kittens,bearsand many other beautiful animals. Pet home decoration hasneverbeen so interesting and easy! Just imagine what a fantasticpuppydog house would look like and start designing the mostamazingplayhouse for pets. Use our fabulous pet house decorationgames togive your pet house makeover from your dreams. Download ournew 🐕Pet House Games for Girls 🐕 and let the magic begin! 🐾 “Petcaregames” free - simple gameplay for pet lovers of all ages! 🐾Yourvirtual pet home is ready – start designing anddecoratinginteriors for cute animals! 🐾 Create a fantastic puppyhouse –develop whatever home design plan you want and paint thewallswhichever color you want! 🐾 Match and mix various homefurnitureitems and house decorations to create beautiful rooms foryouranimals! 🐾 Extremely easy to use: just touch the items anddragthem wherever you want. 🐾 Take a photo of your playhouse, shareitacross all social networks and boast of your dream homeforanimals! 🐾 Perfect “pet shop” decorating items only in 🐕 PetHouseGames for Girls 🐕 FREE! 🐱 Are you thinking about how to makeyourvirtual pet happy and satisfied? Do you like house“decorationgames” which you can download free of charge? This dreamhousesalon is just what you need to write your own pet house story!Ifyou are a true pet lover, but do not have a real pet, you mayenjoyplaying pet puppy games and pet cat games! Plus, if you are afanof decoration games for girls, you will definitely love our newpethouse decoration game. Our 🐕 Pet House Games for Girls 🐕 offeryoufabulous and modern house decoration items which you can arrangeinthe best way possible to make your pets happy. Play“housedecoration” games for free now and see how good you areatdesigning beautiful houses for pets! 🐰 Have you been searchingforpet house decoration games where you can design magnificentcastlesfor your virtual pets? With our pet care games for girls youcancreate fantastic puppy dog houses and prove to your friendsthatyou are the best room designer in the world! This “pet salon”gamegives you everything you need to express your creativity andgiveyour imaginative house design ideas life! We created thesehousedecorating games for girls with special dedication and care sothatyou and your virtual pet can enjoy the comfort of a dream home.Ifyou are looking for fun and creative “room decoration” gamesanddog games free of charge, you will not regret downloading our 🐕PetHouse Games for Girls 🐕! 🐼 Do you have the most amazing“housedesign” already created in your mind? Do you want to takecare ofyour own pets and make a beautiful home for them? Our pethousedesign games are the right solution! Here you can look afteryourown pet and design a wonderful pet home where your pets cangrowand play. With these pet home design games you can experimentwithcombining furniture items, colors and textures in order to makethemost beautiful place for your pets! Just let your inner artistoutand play with various dream home items provided bytheseoutstanding virtual pet games free of charge. Every pet and“housedecoration games” lover will enjoy our 🐕 Pet House Games forGirls🐕, so do not waste any more time and start writing yourpetfairytale right now!
Gopi Doll - Fashion Nail Art Salon 1.8
Be fashion nail designer for your favorite Indian Gopi doll!Helpyour Gopi fashion doll to have fabulous makeup along withbeautifulnail polish art & indian mahendi design! Start yournail beautysalon with royal manicure; apply princess style nailpolish designsand glow, decorate nails with cute patterns andstickers & atthe end give your gopi doll celebrity look withroyal make up andmahendi cum tattoo. Manicure - Nail Makeover: -Provide royal handspa to your Gopi doll Nail Art: - Choosebeautiful nail color frombunch of options, use glitter nail paintfor fancy look - Go stepby step 1. Apply pattern 2. Use coolsticker 3. Decorate withdiamonds Make-up: - Apply fashion artistmakeup to Gopi Doll tomake her fashion star - Give her delightfullook with beautifulhairstyle; you can change the hair color bysliding the coloroption - Change her eye color to make her lookmore stunning -Choose a eye brow color from options to make herlook better -Apply the unique eye mascara with different coloroptions - GiveGopi Doll more stunning look with unique eye shadowsand glow -Make her cheeks more charming with unique cheek glowoptions - GopiDoll's makeup would be incomplete without attractivelipsticks andlip glow - Accessorize her look with lots of indianjewelry likeearring, necklace, nose ring, bindi and mahendi. Createuniquedesign for each nail, apply cute pattern & sticker! Enjoybestnail makeover and manicure game for girls! Pedicure game iscomingsoon! Youtube Link : our game videosat: We willbeglad to receive your response. Contact us for any queriesorsuggestions at: [email protected]
Indian Doll - Bridal Fashion Salon 1.13
Indian Doll is getting ready to go for her wedding! She alwayswantto look fashionable. Help her to look fabulous in herownWedding!Start your Indian bride beauty salon with royalmakeover;choose princess style hairstyle, perfect eye makeup, hotlipstick& lots of bridal accessories; give your bride girlcelebritylook with latest royal designer bridal princessdresses.*Make-up:Help Gopi Doll to look beautiful with uniqueHairstyle andMake-up- Give your princess a delightful look withbeautifulhairstyle; you can change the hair color by sliding thecoloroption- Change her eye color to make her look more stunning-Choosea eye brow color from options to make her look better- Applytheunique eye mascara with different color options- Give IndianGirlmore stunning look with unique eye shadows and glow- Makehercheeks more charming with unique cheek glow options- IndianGirl’smake up would be incomplete without attractive lipsticks andlipglow* Dress up:We have specially created unique outfits togiveyour Indian Gopi Doll a perfect stunning and charming look!-Choosea designer dress for your Indian Girl from bunch of options;youcan also change the dress color by sliding the given coloroption-Make her more beautiful with excellent accessories, lots offundesigner jewelry like earring, necklace, nose ring, waistring,bindi, sandals and much more.- Change the background and giveablissful look!** Special Feature **You can change the color ofeachoption by sliding the given color option!Have awonderfultime!Watch our gamevideosat: glad to receive your response. Contact us for any queriesorsuggestions at:[email protected]
Doll Wallpaper 1.0
Are you looking for doll wallpaper? We have large collection ofgirldoll wallpaper, adorable doll wallpaper, beauty dollwallpaper, andmany more!!Download Doll girl Wallpapers app now,and get an amazingbeautiful doll wallaper on your phone.
Ice Princess Doll House Design 4.0
👸 They say home is where your heart is. So why not secure your“babydoll” a frozen ice castle and a happy ending all at once?Hide herand her pets from a cruel stormy weather! This outstanding“dollhouse decorating game” gives you everything you need tocreate afantastic princess dream palace. You can use classy itemsoffurniture and baby doll accessories to decorate your “iceprincessdoll house”, perfect for future queens! “Room decoratingapp” thatprovides you with all of that and a lot more, is with nodoubt 🏰 IcePrincess Doll House Design 🏰. Fulfill your dream ofcreating a magiccastle and take a step further to become the bestinterior designerin the world! After you're done making anastonishing “princesscastle” a reality, take pictures of yourvirtual doll housedecoration and share them with all your friendson social networks!👸❀ Enter your new virtual home and pick a roomto design;❀ Meet yournew friends – sweet baby dolls and funnypets;❀ Create a baby dollliving room, dining room, bedroom orbathroom;❀ Use variousdollhouse furniture items and housedecorations to create beautifulprincess room designs;❀ Extremelyeasy to use: just touch the itemsand drag them wherever you want;❀Take a photo, share it across allsocial networks and show yourdream home design.👸 You've beenlooking for the best girly app butstill no luck? What if we tellyou there is a new my play home onthe market with as many colorfulfurniture and baby doll miniaturesyou can imagine? It brings a longtime awaited and inovative way todesign your own home! Withoutfurther ado, we introduce you to 🏰Ice Princess Doll House Design 🏰,one in a million when it comes toroom decorating games. Bydownloading this spectacular “dream housemaker” you get a uniqueopportunity to design a fabulous iceprincess frozen castle and makeyour dreams come true! These babydoll games are also an awesome wayfor kids and everybody to havefun and be creative! Join us on ourfrozen adventures and in feweasy steps learn how to make your owndollhouse! 👸👸 For a homedesigner of your caliber, not every dollhouse game is the rightone. It is understandable you're picky sinceyou want to provideyour cute little princess with a baby dollcastle worthy ofroyalty. And trust us when we say, out of all the“games for girls”out there, this one will be of the greatest helpmaking your dreamhouse come to life! Decorate your baby doll housein unimaginableways! This princess games for free will amaze youand keep youentertained for a long time. Don't waste your time andcreativityon anything other than doll house clean up! 🏰 IcePrincess DollHouse Design 🏰 is a fun app for kids you've beensearching for!Enter the world of virtual dollhouse for girls andlet us help youcreate magic! 👸👸 Download our absolutely amazing newdoll housedesigning game free of charge and enjoy all the snowyadventures!There are no rules other than having fun and usingyourimagination! With our 🏰 Ice Princess Doll House Design 🏰game,creating a gorgeous baby doll dream house has never beeneasier andmore fun! Furnish your royal castle with ease! We takeyou to thesnowy kingdom and provide you with all sorts of princesshousefurniture. The possibilities are countless! Uniting someoneascreative as you with one of the best “ice princess games” willleadto an awesome baby doll creations! 👸
Dream Doll Makeover Girls Game 1.1
It’s time to play fashion with the pretty Dream Doll. Styleherhair, do her makeup and pick out a great outfit for dress up.Startby heading to the spa and giving her a beautiful andrelaxingfacial. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize her skin withhigh endtreatments and oils. Soothe her skin with a cucumber facialtobring out her natural beauty. Head to the salon for makeupfun!Apply all different kinds of makeup to find the best look. Willyougo for dramatic or cutesy? The choice is up to you! Applymascara,eyeshadow and lipstick. You can even choose eye color andskintone! Then it’s time to pick the best outfit for yourfashionista!Pick from various tops, pants, skirts and dresses. Addto the lookwith sweaters and wraps. Don’t forget the fun shoes andjewelrytoo! There are so many choices, you can play again and againtomake new looks. Product Features: - Spa, Makeup and Dressuplevels- Cool, fashion themed backgrounds- Tons of differentchoicesto dress up your doll How to Play: - Select outfits andmakeup bytapping your screen- Swipe to apply spa treatments andmakeup - Tapto pick jewelry and refresh to try again! We want tohear yourvoice!Watch our awesome videos on our YouTubechannel! Twitter: more about Salon™onofficial website:"
Doll Wallpapers 1.0
now has a very attractive wallpaper present for you all. wehaveprovided here a lot of wallpaper options especially forvarioustypes of dolls. while for the image quality that we servefor youalso have a very clear hd quality picture. then it isperfect foryou who like to change the background or wallpaper to use this application is also very easy that youonlyneed to download this application and then you go to the mainmenuand select the image which you like then live press thesetwallpaper button located on the bottom addition totheexisting images in this application can be used aswallpaper,images that exist in this application you can also saveand alsodibagian to your friends. to share your pictures just presstheshare button located at the bottom of the box, and for thesavebutton you just click the button located at the bottomcenter.goodluck and hope you like this with our application. thankyou
New Video Toys Doll 12.13.14
Plidom Inc
Download and enjoy the videos on your smartphone survived toseethank you
Gopi Doll Wedding Salon 2.1
Gopi Doll Wedding Salon is an epic wedding story of a famousGopiDoll! Help her to get ready for her wedding with plenty ofoptionsand fun!This girl game is beautifully designed and dividedinoptions!- Pre-wedding Makeover- Pre-wedding Day- WeddingDayEnjoyeach and every moments and occasions of a traditionalIndian girlmarriage!Features- Royal Makeup options for Gopi Dollfor herwedding- Give Gopi Doll a adorable makeup with eye shadow,eyelashes, eye color, cheek glow, eye brow and many otheroptions.-Beautiful Dresses, Chaniya Choli, tops & bottoms for anewbride!- Incredible accessories set to match with beautifuldressesincluding earring, necklace, waistband, bangles, crown,noseringEnjoy the Gopi Doll Girl Game Wedding Salon and have fun!Ifyoulike our game then please rate us 5 star and if you don’t likethenwrite your suggestions to us!
Doll Dress Up Princess Games 1.0.1
3GG Studio
Use your princess fashion skils in one of our newest princessgames.We know that you like princess games and dress up games andthat'swhy we created our latest game called Doll Dress up PrincessGames.You should use your princess fashion experience andcreatewonderful outfits for our dolls in over 7 levels of gameplay.Dressup the princesses for various events like beachtime,weddingnight,party ball.pijama party and others greatevents.If you likeDoll dress up games we are sure that you willlove this princessdress up game ,because you can try many outfits,and pick fromhundreds of fashion items .You can create endlessoutfits and canenjoy a really great doll dress up game.Princessfashion games arevery popular and we created this princess dressupgame for you tohave a great experience and create different fashionoutfits andpick from endless fashion clothes and create perfectdoll fashionoutfits for free.In our Doll dressup game you cancreate fashionoutfits , for specific events and in this way youwill learn how todressup our doll for every event,make her lookgreat when she goesto the beach,when our doll goes to a specialevent like a wedding,aball party,disco party,our when she's hostingpijama party's.Dolldressup games are becoming very popular ,andthis is why we havetried to create this perfect princess dressupgame for you.It isvery important for us to hear your opinion aboutour princessfashion game .This is why we hope you like our princessgames andgive us your rating and comments for us to improve ourprincessfashion game.If you liked this doll dressup game you shouldtry ourother dressup games by visiting our page!
Dress up Dolls 1.26
Dress up your doll and join the party. Get best dress up gameforyour girl now! Dress up Games - Dolls is FUN, CREATIVEandENTERTAINING game! Select your favorite doll and customizeherappearance by modifying her hairstyle, eyes, makeup andunderwear.You can dress up your favorite doll for differentoccasions. Bigcollection of coats, jackets, t-shirts, sweaters,skirts, trousers,dresses and shoes allows you to come up withunlimited combinationsand appearances. In addition, you also havelots of handbags, hats,sunglasses, headsets, jewelry and otheraccessories to make yourcute doll look even prettier and morestylish. At the end, you canchoose animated scene for your doll toappear in and play one ofthe minigames. Features: ★ beautiful highquality HD graphics ★intuitive, easy to use interface withdraggable items for betterpositioning ★ infinite game play withunlimited combinations ★eight pre-made and fully customizable dolls★ over sixty differentclothes and shoes ★ over fifty matchingaccessories ★ five animatedscenes ★ clothes catching minigame ★slide puzzle minigame
Glam Doll Salon - Chic Fashion 2.0
Fashion! Glamor! Makeup and models! Glam Doll Salon - ChicFashionis a fun design and dress up game for girls! All you have todo isdesign the latest styles, makeup and hair, then dress eachmodeluntil she looks perfect! Running your own fashion spa meansyou getto design and choose every outfit, from shoes and pursestodresses, skirts, hats, jewelry and other accessories. Themodelgirls are counting on you to make them look gorgeous. Pick thebestdesigns and don't let them down! Once your models are dressed,it'stime to apply makeup! Pick the best colors and add them withthetouch screen, just the right amount so they look stunning! Pickanamazing hairdo and you're ready for a night out on thetown!Features: - Design the best fashions for Glam Doll. - Pickoutfits,hairdos and makeup for each girl. - Add accessories such asshoes,jewelry and hats. How to Play: - Use the touch screen toselectdifferent fashions. - Add makeup and choose hairstyles withthetouch screen. - Don't like your designs? It's easy to changethem!We want to hear your voice! Watch our awesome videos on ourYouTubechannel! us onFacebook: on Twitter: Know more aboutSalon™ onofficial website:
Pet Puppy House Decoration 6.0.1
🐕 Do you love doll house decorating games? Would you like todesigna beautiful house for your wonderful pets? Our new free appgivesyou all that and more! Write your own pet story adventure andamazeall your friends with your outstanding pet house makeover!Takecare of your own pets and furnish their home just the way youlikeit. If you want to become a dream house designer, thisdollhousegame is the perfect opportunity for you to practice yourdesigningskills. Everything is easy when you have adorable puppies,kitties,bears and other cute animals to give you inspiration! Pethomedecoration has never been easier and more fun! Usetheseinteresting “pets salon games” to create a puppy dog housesobeautiful that it will dazzle everybody. Download our new 🐾PetPuppy House Decoration 🐾 now and let the magic begin! 🐕 Petcaregames free - simple gameplay for pet lovers of all ages! 🐕Create afantastic puppy house – develop whatever home design planyou wantand paint the walls whichever color you want! 🐕 Match andmixvarious home furniture items and house decorations tocreatebeautiful rooms for your baby animals! 🐕 Extremely easy touse:just touch the items and drag them wherever you want. 🐕 Takeaphoto of your playhouse, share it across all social networksandboast of your dream home for animals! 🐕 Perfect “petshop”decorating items only in 🐾 Pet Puppy House Decoration 🐾 FREE!🐕Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be apet“house decoration” expert? Do you have room designer skillswhichare waiting to be used? With these “pet care games” you canusethose skills and create fantastic dream houses for your cutelittlepets! If you are true pet lovers and want to make your petbabyhappy, design a fabulous dream house where it can play andgrow.With these house “decoration games” you can use yourimaginationand arrange various dollhouse decoration items intobeautiful roomsfor your pets. Whether you like pet puppy games orpet cat games,you will simply adore our pet “dollhouse games”! Useour new 🐾 PetPuppy House Decoration 🐾 game and start writing yourown unique pethouse story! 🐕 Are you ready for one of the best pet“princesscastle” decoration games ever? Do you want to become aprofessionalpet room designer? Now you can make the life of yourvirtual petsincredibly better by designing wonderful dream housesfor them!With our new “pet care games” you can paint the walls andfloorsand rearrange the furniture to create a perfect littlesanctuary inyour puppy dog house. Open your own “pets salon” rightnow andenjoy these house decorating games free of charge! Our new 🐾PetPuppy House Decoration 🐾 game is the perfect choice for you ifyoulove playing “room decoration” games. Download these free doggamesnow and have fun creating magnificent playgrounds for yourpets! 🐕Have you always had a gift for combining furniture items,colorsand textures and creating wonderful pet home designs? Now youcanuse your house decoration skills and design outstanding dreamhomesfor pets! Look after your own pet and give it an amazingpetprincess castle where it can have fun and enjoy. With our newhousedesign games you can make beautiful places for your virtualpets,share your house design photos on social networks and collecttonsof likes from your friends. If you want to create a magnificentpet“dollhouse design”, our 🐾 Pet Puppy House Decoration 🐾 gameisperfect for you. We created these virtual pet games withdedicationand care so that you can have fun with your pets everyday!Download our “doll house games” free of charge and beginwritingyour fairy tale right now!
Princess Doll House Cleaning & Decoration Games 5.0
himanshu shah
Cleanup & decorate this all new little princess doll house!Thelittle cute princess wants your help to give this dollhouseaspecial makeover. Cleanup your own bedroom, living room,bathroom& many more rooms! Princess Doll house Cleanup gameswill boostyour creativity & imagination! Have a magical timewith thisdollhouse makeover game. This new game for girls turnscleaning andsimple house cleaning chores into a super fun playtime. FEATURES :- 5 different princess pink themed rooms to cleanup& decorate.- Cleanup the sofas, lamps, chairs, tables,paintings,refrigerators, beds, wardrobes, dresses, dolls, furniture&much more. - Clean the Living room in perfect order and giveit amakeover. - Clean up the Princess kitchen with brooms. -Cleanupthe princess doll house bathroom & sparkle it with acoolmakeover Give princess bedroom a whole new makeover! Cleanupeachroom, which includes bathrooms, livings rooms, & gardenwithseparate accessories & awesome furniture ! Show yourmakeoverskills by giving princess drawing room the most stylishlook ever!Suggestions from parents are considered as part of ourregulardevelopment process. If you have an issue with an item inourapplication, reach us at [email protected] You can send usyourcompliments/feedback by email. For contact details see-