Top 49 Games Similar to Energy Starved

Jelly Jump 1.4
Little jellies need you more than ever before! They keepdrowningover and over again. Only you can keep them safe...Jumphigher,survive longer and never give up!Collect little jelly blobsandcraft new jellies out of them. Challenge your friends inthisambitious game!
The Floor Is Lava 1.4
The Floor is Lava!Your goal is simple. Jump across your livingroom,but keep in mind that at any point in time… the floor canturn intohot lava! Use the hearts to your advantage and keepjumping as longas possible.Download now!
Battery 100% Alarm 3.4.2
"Remove the charger when the battery is fully charged. Energysavedby you can fill Light in someones life".By keeping theEnergyConservation in mind we have developed 'Battery 100% Alarm'appwhich will notify you by alarming on 100% charging ofbattery.Thiswill help you to save energy and protect your phonebattery It willalso keep you updated on battery charging statusthroughnotification and home screen widget.Please write an email ifyouhave any problems, questions or feature requests.Due to vastamountof android devices users might have different experienceondifferent devices, but we are working hard to make it stable.ifyou have problem on your device write us toappeteria@gmail.comMIUIUsers need to Enable this app inSettings->Persmissions->Autostart to auto start when chargeris connected.Keyword: BatteryAlarm, Battery Full Alarm, BatteryStatus, Save Battery
Retro Snake 1.3.3
Try this retro-style snake game on your mobile device!From theoldclassic snake game that everyone remembers, with some newuniquefeatures :★ Customizable inputs : Choose between swipe, touchorDPADs to change direction.★ Challenge yourself with three levelsofdifficulty.★ Retro-inspired minimalist graphics.★ Keep yourhighscores safe with the auto-save after each game.★Onlineleaderboards and achievements.★ Choose between a selection of6different color themes.★ Full optimized so you don't have toworryabout your battery.★ Almost non-existent loading times.★Playwithout interruptions from pesky ads.★ Memory friendly withitsvery small app size.★ No internet connection required to play.
Speed Holic 3D 1.7.0
[ Control method ] Keep pressing the left or right hand side ofthescreen. right : anti-clockwise rotation left : clockwiserotation [Game Features ] 10 types of background skins rankingsandachievements simple operation method fantastic musics very hard[performance tip ] The skin 'type 0' is the best option forhighperformance.
Arlo 2.5.2_21629
Arlo cameras make it easy to keep tabs on all the importantthingsin life. With the free Arlo mobile app it’s easy to tuneinwherever you are with just a tap of the finger.Completelywire-freecameras can be placed anywhere, even outdoors, while ArloQ isgreat for indoor video monitoring with motion and audiodetection.Check in on your pet, kids, business and more.
Just Reminder 2.3.6
AppHouze Co
Just ReminderSimple all-in-one reminder app for Android tojustremind you everything at a specified time!→ Can set ToDo /TaskReminders, Phone Call Reminders, Birthday Reminders,AnniversaryReminders and Bills Reminders with just few clicks.→WithSpeech-to-Text, no need to type to create anReminder.→Customisable Repeat Intervals like repeat every fewminutes, hours,day, specific week days, weeks, months, years andmany more.→Customize each reminder with image, specific ring toneor TalkingAlarm tone.→ Can set in-advance alerts for Reminders.→Cancustomize Date & Time Formats.→ You will not miss anyreminderwith LED blink (if device supports) and Auto-Snoozefeature.→ Cansend wishes from Birthday / Anniversary Reminders.→Smart BillsReminders will remind you every day till they were'PAID'.→ WithBackup & Restore, you can save all your remindersto SDCard, asmail attachments or upload to Drive.PREMIUM versionfeatures:→Security PIN Lock.→ and it is AdFree.PERMISSIOIN:Internet – Googlein-app purchases.READ-SD Card: topick images for reminders from SDCard.Feel Free to send yourqueries and feedback or from App's "ContactUs". We are happy to helpyou. :)Important Note - Don't preventAlarms from 'Stamina Mode'settings, battery saver app or a taskkiller app.YOU CAN SUPPORT USBY* Rate Us on Google Play.* Like uson Facebook free toshare yoursuggestions/feedback. It will keep us motivated to workon newfeatures.Thanks :)
Ministry Assistant 3.0.5
Lost Pixels
A help for Jehovah's Witnesses in their field service toquicklytake notes and stay organized. It's very easy to keep trackof yourterritories, all your return visits, your service time forthemonth and plan your day or week of door to door ministry.Neverforget a return visit again or be frustrated trying to findyoupaper notes! NOTE: Please send suggestions by e-mail insteadofleaving them in a comment, since I can't reply if Idon'tunderstand what you mean, and the suggestion will neverbeimplemented!Features:* Easily create and generate territorieswithstreets, buildings or rural addresses* Tag addresses withGPSpositions and see them on a map* Make fast notes of a visitwithjust a few clicks* Automatically update visit dates* Createaministry schedule for your service year or month* Shareinformationusing NFC* Keep track of return visits, bible studiesand magazineroutes* Keep track of return visits by date,neighborhood orbookmarks* Send addresses and return visits as SMSif severalpublishers work a territory or as data to import directlyintoMinistry Assistant.* Add time for return visit to Googlecalendar*See statistics over a territory, what time and days you'vebeenworking there* Keep track of your service time for each monthandyear, and send the report by SMS or e-mail* Different profileslikepioneer or auxiliary pioneer* Widget for monthreport*Backup/restore easily to never lose your notes ifsomethingunexpected happensPermissionsGET_ACCOUNTS andUSE_CREDENTIALSNeededto be able to make backups to Google DriveACCESS_COARSE_LOCATIONand ACCESS_FINE_LOCATIONNeeded for GPStaggingaddressesINTERNETNeeded to use Google MapsREAD_CALENDARandWRITE_CALENDARNeeded to be able to write the appointment withareturn visit to the Google CalendarREAD CONTACTSNeeded to importaperson or person details from the contacts on the phoneThankstothose who translate!
Stay Focused - App Block 2.11.4
Stay Focused - App Block is a Self Control app which helps youfocusby restricting the daily usage of blocked apps to theselected timeand specified time intervals. Spending too much oftime SocialNetworking or Messaging Apps? Block it and it will helpyou reducethe usage.★ Highest rated Self Control app★ Best supportteam☞ StayFocused - App Block helps you focus on your work orstudies☞ StayFocused - App Block helps you increase Study time☞Stay Focused -App Block is the Best tool to increase productivityandconcentration☞ Stay Focused - App Block helps you reducemobilephone usage☞ Stay Focused - App Block helps Block apps youspendthe most time to reduce the usage☞ Stay Focused - App Blockhelpsyou block distracting apps☞ Stay Focused - App Block helpsIncreaseself-control☞ Stay Focused - App Block helps youstopprocrastinating☞ Stay Focused - App Block helps keep track ofyourapp usage history☞ Stay Focused - App Block helps keep trackoftime spent on different apps over timeFeatures:★ Block appsbasedon daily usage and Stay Focused: after you have spent thedailyallowed time Stay Focused block you from using the app★ Blockappsin specified time intervals★ Track daily time spent while usingtheapp itself: shows the timer with remaining time while usingtheblocked app★ Quick Play Pause: so that you don't have to changetheexisting settings ★ Block notifications: after you have spentthedaily allowed time to keep you away from addicting apps★Offtime:keeps you away from selected apps for selected time★ Appusagehistory: helps you keep track of your app usage history★ Apptimespent: helps you keep track of time spent on different appsovertimePremium features:★ Strict mode: Restrict you from changingthesettings until next day.★ Lock mode: Requires a passwordforchanging the settings.Note: The app only blocks individualapps,not individual websitesIn case of any issues, bugs,suggestions orto help translate the app into your language, pleaseget in touchwith us at We will fix it as soonas possible.
Repost Photo & Video for Instagram 1.0.2
Repost is the useful app helps you repost Instagram photosandvideos with keeping the credit(watermark).FeatureRepost photosandvideo with credit(watermark).How to use1. On Instagramvideo/photopost you want to repost2. Click three dots icon andclick CopyShare URL3. Return repost app and enjoy it!RecommendYoushould keepcredit original content creator when repost to repectthe right ofthe Instagram.ImportantInstagram users who set theirpost toprivate will not show Copy Share URL option, so please don'ttry torepost these photos. DisclaimerThis app is not affiliatedwithInstagram.Any unauthorized action or repost of photo/videoand/orviolations of Intellectual property rights is thesoleresponsibility of the user.Respect the rights of theInstagramusers.Thank you very much!
Nok Air 6.0.3
Nok Airlines
Nok Air are thrilled to introduce you the brand new way to bookyourflight with the new concept "Choose Your Nok". Now you cansimplyselect new fare types and add-on services to match yourlifestylevia app. Download the app and enjoy the most advanced NokAirapplication yet with several great fun features.Thank you forusingNok Air! We are really grateful for all the feedback you havesentto us, keep it coming!We recommend that you update to thelatestversion of the application to take full advantages of newbenefitsand features. We are always welcome your We read all of them and listen to your ideasforimprovements.
KYMS - Keep your media safe 1.1.6
Kyms looks like a working and stylish calculator App but it hidesaninviolable vault in which to hide and encrypt all yourmultimediaand text files with military grade security (AESEncryption).*** Nowwith a powerful built-in browser with automaticdownloadcapabilities!***Kyms is the only App on Google Play thatdecryptsfiles in real time, without any waiting! By tapping on avideo, forexample, it will start immediatly and the decryptionwill continuein background.With KYMS you can hide, encrypt andprotect:- Photos-Videos: ALL DECRYPTED IN REAL TIME WHILEWATCHING!!- Documents: textfilesThe media can be imported from:-Device local files- DeviceCamera- Your Mac or Pc through WiFi: byusing a standard desktopbrowser and dragging files on itIntegratedBrowser features:-Multi-tab fast internet browser- Ultra-simplevideo downloadfeature: start a video to obtain the downloadbutton. - Privatebookmarks and historyAdditional securityfeatures:Login with:4-digits Pin+Alphanumeric password PanicGesture: Put your hand onthe screen or close the smart cover tolog out immediately (needs adevice equipped with proximity sensor)
Pax Mobile 2.1.0
Customize and control your PAX experience like never before withthePAX Mobile App. Create tailor-made sessions just for you, andaccesstemperature and flavor options not available through thedevicealone. Keep your device working at its best with regularfirmwareupdates.App features available for PAX 3 and PAX Era:-Temperaturecontrol: Optimize for flavor by tuning your temperatureto a singledegree- Customization: Name your device and select acolor theme tomake PAX yours. Adjust PAX 3 vibration strength orturn offcompletely- Security: Lock your PAX when you want toprevent othersfrom using itThe PAX 3 experience also comes withrevolutionary newDynamic Modes that help you control each sessionwith precision andreliability. Choose between five options:-Standard: Booststemperature when you need it and cools down whenyou don’t (devicedefault mode)- Stealth: For ultimate discretion-Boost: Keeps yourdevice in high gear- Flavor: Delivers the mostdelicious experiencepossible- Efficiency: Uses every lastdropDownload the PAX MobileApp now and instantly turbocharge yourPAX experience.
To Do Reminder with Alarm 2.68.14
To Do Reminder- “Make life easier”It's a quick, simple and easytouse reminder app.No Stress, Feel Relaxed. It will remindyoueverything!!Memory like a sieve? Now there’s no need torememberall those things that you have to do, because To DoReminder willdo that for you! It’s quick and easy to use; you canset a task inthe reminder list in mere seconds. It's a bestreminder app withalarm.App can helps you to remind - Daily TodoTasks, Meetings,Homework and Assignments, Business Appointments,TakingMedication/Pills, Paying Bills, Policy renewals, ImportantCalls,Birthdays, Anniversaries and many more.It has followingkeyfeatures- Easy and quick to set reminders.- Customise yourreminderin your own way with repeat options minute, hour, daily,weekly,monthly, weekdays, yearly.- Can set in-advance alertsforReminders.- Can choose reminder alert as Notification or Alarm.-Itwill remind you with alarm notification with your favouritesound.-With Speech-to-Text, no need to type to create an Reminder.-Cansmartly handle your reminder notification in case of DrivingCaretc for your safe drive.- Synchronise birthdays andanniversariesof your friends from Facebook, Phonebook, GoogleCalendar, or addthem manually.- Post birthday wishes with lovelycards on yourfriends Facebook wall or send them Wishes by Gmail,SMS, WhatsApp.-With Backup & Restore, you can save all yourreminders toSDCard, as mail attachments or upload to Drive.- Youcan see allreminder notes on home screen using app widget.- Canchoose Day orNight theme for good visibility.- You can setreminders to friendsand remind your friends to remember somethingimportant.With thisSend Reminder feature, you can :1. Set an Alarmfor your friends tomeet up.2. Set an Alarm for your husband to buygroceries while hereturns from office.3. Set a Reminder for youroffice meetings.4.Set a Birthday Reminder.5. Set a Gentle Reminderto a friends whoowes money.Important Note - Please make sure thatyou don't preventthe alarms from working with a battery saver app,a task killerapp. These apps always have an option like "Ignorelist" or"whiteList". You have to add app into it to allow apptowork. Why does the app ask permissions to accesspersonaldata?Contact access - It allow the app to sync birthdaysfromphonebook and show that on Birthdays screenPhotos / Media /Files-It allow the app to take backup or restore the tasks andbirthdays.Got a question or suggestion? Just email us, and we willbe happyto help.YOU CAN HELP! BY* Give Rating and comment on GooglePlay.*Like us onFacebook*Join us onGoogle+ page*Share andjoin on Facebook, Google+ or twitter using thislink us motivated to work on new features.You can contact withus atsupport@todoreminder.comThanks :)
Weight GURUS
We’re excited to introduce Weight GURUS, a fun way to trackyourweight.We’re working hard to make the Weight GURUS app great,sowe’ll be introducing new features, bug fixes andperformanceenhancements regularly.Please help us by reportingproblems Thank you!--Become a Weight GURUwith thehelp of our free app. Track Weight, Body Fat & MuscleMass overtime. Setup your free account to store your data, andeasily syncacross all devices. ★Beautifully graph your Weight, BodyFat &Muscle Mass over time ★View your historical entries in alist view★Works with or without a network connection ★Automaticallykeep abackup of your data in the cloud free ★Your GURUS accountsyncsacross all devices when logging inWe need your help to makethisapp great! Please give us your feedback by emailing
OurHome – chores, rewards, groceries and calendar 3.13.2
OurHome is a new and simple way to organize your family. Kidswillbe motivated to do chores and take responsibility while parentscanreward them for their effort. There’s a shared grocery list andafamily calendar to keep everyone coordinated. And it’s free tousewith no ads and no hidden costs.Key features:- Assign andscheduletasks and chores- Motivate kids with rewards and goals-Viewpersonal progress and activities- Add items to the sharedgrocerylist- Enter events into the family calendar- Send messagesand setreminders- Stay in sync across unlimited devicesATRULYTRANSFORMATIVE TASK SYSTEM.The house is tidy. The pets arefed. Thekids are studying quietly. All this without even beingasked!Whether it’s housework or homework, OurHome’s gamified taskssystemkeeps your family humming.REWARD RESPONSIBILITY.MAXIMIZEMOTIVATION.Motivated kids are successful kids. Byintroducingresponsibility from an early age you improve yourchild’s chance offuture success. With OurHome, your kids buildself-esteem whilecompleting tasks and achieving goals!CHECK THECALENDAR. STAY INSYNC.Calendars keep everyone coordinated, allbatting for the sameteam. With a monthly view that’s actually madefor mobiles, theOurHome calendar is the coordinating companion thatyou can counton.SIMPLIFY SHOPPING. GET ALL THE GROCERIES.Everyonelikesreturning home to a full fridge and a well-stocked pantry.WithOurHome you can easily add grocery items and swipe them off atthestore. Save time in the supermarket and never forget themilkagain.A HANDY TOOL, TAILORED TO FAMILIES.Smartphones are onlyassmart as their software. So it’s about time families had ahandytool tailored to their particular needs. And a tool that onlygrowssmarter as OurHome learns your family preferences.We lovehearingfrom our users. If you have any feedback, questions orconcerns,please email us at, orvisit don’t forget to like usonFacebook:
Glimpse Notifications
Nullgrad Apps
Using Android 5.0+ lock screen notifications? Tired of havingtopress the power button to see them? Then this app isforyou!FINGERPRINT SENSORS AND SMARTLOCKSThis app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission. For some optional featuresGlimpseNotifications can turn off the screen. This happens with adelayimposed by Android and smartlocks such as fingerprint sensorskeepworking. Optionally the app can be registered as adeviceadministrator. The screen is then locked immediatelyandcompletely.FEATURES• Keeps using the default lockscreen•Controlhow long the lockscreen is shown• Double-tap to lock• Choosewhichapps whose notifications should turn on the screen• MultipleQuietTimes to prevent the screen from turning on at a bad time•SupportsLollipop Priority Interruptions and Marshmallow Do NotDisturb(DND) modes• Extensive pocket mode to prevent the screenfromturning on in your pocket• Double-tap to lock on thelockscreen•Recurring notifications• Motion detection notices whenyou picketup the phone to check a new notification• Using modernAndroid APIsthis app is as compliant and energy efficient aspossible• No ads•This is a private pet project - so it's free! Nodata is beingcollected!MEDIAREVIEWSXDA:•BIND_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SERVICE:Core permission to have the appbeing informed about newnotifications. This is required.•WAKE_LOCK: required to turn on thescreen• READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:to determine the duration of customnotification sounds.•SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: to implement double-tapto lock and to noticeuser interactions when a customized lockscreendisplay time ischosen.• BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: for custom lock screendurations ordouble tap to lock, you can chose to register it as aDeviceAdministrator to fully and immediately lock the screen.•VIBRATE:recurring notifications can be indicated using avibrationpatternPERSISTENT NOTIFICATION ON SAMSUNG DEVICESPleaseread theFAQ post to understand why this isnecessary: Apps cannot be held responsible fordamageshappening by using this app. This includes, but is notlimited to,notifications being missed or misinterpreted due somefunction ofGlimpse Notifications.
Under Heroes - Digging Game 2.1.3
HyungJun Kim
Under Heroes is a VERY ADDICTIVE tapping game with colorful 2Dpixelart. Keep digging through blocks and earn huge amount ofgold!Explore the world and make famous landmarks rise!Colorfulpixel arteverywhere! Build unique villas for a beautiful princesswith ourheroes. Tap the screen and dig with the heroes to earn alot ofgold, and use this gold to build pixel art versions offamouslandmarks all around the world. This is an ADDICTIVE tappinggameeveryone can enjoy!Let's Dig!★ UNDER HEROES NEW UPDATE :NOWINTRODUCING PETS!Pets are coming to Under Heroes! Each cutePetshave very unique and useful effects that helps you dig more.Theycan be bought with rubies. Collect all three of them!★Features:•VERY ADDICTIVE Gameplay that will keep you playing forhours - Tapthe screen and Dig!• Build most famous landmarks fromall aroundthe world! Sphinx, Merlion, Statue of Liberty and manymore!•Colorful 2D Pixel Art Graphics that keeps you entertained!•Collectlots and lots of Gold coins and Treasure boxes!• BeautifulhugeWorld Map to view your landmarks!• Cute Miners and Pets thatwillkeep you addicted for hours on end!★ User Reviews:"GreatTimeKiller, one of the greatest clicker game I have ever played!"-AidawesomeGaming"Very interesting concept! I can even sync upmydata from the cloud so I can play everywhere!" -HunterSquyres"Amazing game and great new update, now there aresuperuseful Pets. Must get them all...!" - R. WillFind us atTwitter& Facebook!Twitter :
MyCar 4.6.2105
MyCar allows the drivers to find you in minutes and quickly getyouwhere you want to go. It’s fantastic to get a ride on demand orinadvance with just a tap on your phone, track your drivers andkeepthem in touch then pay seamlessly with cards!Check out theapp’soutstanding features below:GO ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME WITH YOURALWAYS– THERE CAR!• Book in seconds and your car is on its way •Requesta car immediately or pre – book it for your scheduledtravelSEEYOUR CAR APPROACH IN REAL TIME• Miss nothing of yourdriver’scontact information• Be fully informed of the car’sstatuses viathe real – time mapsMAKE PAYMENT EFFORTLESSLY WITH IN –APP STOREDCARDS• Catch full estimation of your fare before riding•Generatemore fast and secure transactions with cashlesspaymentmethodREVIEW YOUR TRAVELLING HISTORY WHENEVER YOU WANT•Followevery detail of your riding history stored in the app• Enjoyabetter way of managing your personal booking process To getmoreinformation about MyCar, please visit: youhavequestions about this app or would like to provide feedback,pleaseemail us at:
RightNow Media 2.2.1
The RightNow Media app gives you instant access to thousandsofBible study videos and kid's episodes. Powerful Biblicalvideocontent anywhere, anytime for you and your family!Get the freeappwith your membership to RightNow Media.This Androidapplicationwill allow you to log in to your account and view all ofthe sameBible study and children's content that is availablethrough thewebsite.FEATURES - - Stream video Bible studies andchildren'scontent via wifi or cellular connection- Search forcontent usingthe channel filters or keyword search- Use Chromecastto stream thecontent from your Android device to your TV- Add /Remove contentfrom your personalized queue- Set parental controlsto keep yourkids within the "kids" section- View a list of videosyou haverecently watched- Receive notifications about new andrelevantcontent- View and complete training postsCOMING SOON-Ability tosend invitations to join RightNow Media
Checklist 6.3.1
Checklist is a free ToDo list management app with which youcaneasily sync your life across devices and with your friends,familyand colleagues. Unlike other To do apps, it is 100% Free withNOin-app purchases or monthly pro versions.Features:• Createanunlimited number of checklists and (sub) tasks• Quickly getstartedby choosing from thousands of pre-made checklist templates(uniqueto our To Do app)• Easily syncs with your online FREEChecklist.comaccount to access on other devices and from yourdesktop/ laptop.Works in offline mode• Manage your tasks: check,mark important,reminders, repeat tasks, task notes, drag and dropto reorder andmore• Share your workload with friends, family andco-workers byeasily inviting them and assigning individual tasks•Let the smartlists highlight what’s important in your life rightnow• Send yourchecklists to any app on your device (Email,Facebook, Twitteretc.)• Quickly keep track of what’s important viathe Checklistwidgets• Run Audits & Inspections via ourChecklist Runner•Multilingual• Great to do app for both Tablets andMobiles• 6different themes for you to choose from!Benefits:• Asimple, clean,easy to use TODO app that keeps you on track• Keepyourselfproductive by jotting down what’s important in your day• Noneed toreinvent the wheel and manually input checklists. Re-useotherpeople’s checklist templates to get a head start. • Stay insyncwith the people around you from any place and any device• 100%free- all features are included and no in-app purchases or proversionupgrade needed.Examples where Checklist can be useful foryou:• Asyour Shopping list. Create your grocery list in yourbrowser, shareit with your partner so that when they are on the wayhome, it isavailable on their (or your) mobile.• Movies & TVseries. Setweekly reminders at the right time so you never miss ashow again.Keep a tab on the movies you haven’t still watched•Private &Work. Keep them separated with a checklist for each•Bills. Neverforget to pay a bill on time. Just add a friendlymonthly reminder•Templates. Looking for a wedding checklist, movingchecklist orbaby checklist? Going on a trip and need a travelchecklist or moreadventurous and need a camping checklist? We havethousands ofchecklist templates to choose from• Great for GTD -Getting ThingsDoneOur site: http://checklist.comContactus: Our terms ofuse: privacypolicy:
Girly Wallpapers & Backgrounds 2.1
#1 rated and loved girly wallpapers, backgrounds & themesappfor girls! By 10,000+ Wallpapers. Download this girlywallpapersapp for FREE and find out for yourself why this is theonly girlywallpaper app you will ever need.Why girls love us:- Theonly girlfocused wallpapers & background app with 100% ofcontent forgirls and teens!- 10,000+ high quality girly & cutewall papersthat will pretty up any device! - Frequent wallpaperupdates tokeep our collection fresh, trendy and beautiful. -Awesome curatedhd walpaper collections- Fast and user friendly fora butterysmooth experience.- Share beautiful walpapers, photos andimageswith family and friends. - Support for a wide variety ofAndroiddevices- Find walpapers you like? Share on pintrest,instagram, andmore! - 100% FREE! No hidden charges.Download GirlyWallpapers& Backgrounds for FREE to give your home and lockscreen alovely makeover and express yourself with some unique supercute,kawaii and girlish wallpaper and themes!Some of ourwallpapercollections:- Cute Wallpapers- Motivational, InspirationalQuotes-Girl Wallpapers- Glitter Walpapers- Emojis- FunnyWallpaper-Lockscreen WallpapersWe are always improving our freegirlywallpapers app. Contact us at to letusknow what you want us to add next!
Keep Me Out
Vikesh Dass
Addicted to your mobile device? Wanting to cut down yourMobileDevice usage time?Are you having a hard time focusing on yourstudyjust because of the smartphone?Do you have a bad habit ofDrunkTexting ?Keep Me Out allows you to lock yourself out of yourmobiledevice for a time period that you want. Now you can enjoysomequality, device-free and distraction-free time!You will stillhaveaccess to the lock screen and its widgets, so you can stillmakeemergency calls and answer calls.Lock your device to StayFocusedTouninstall the app read instructions at this page: an issue, please email me at shadygoneinsane@gmail.comforsupport before leaving a negative review ! Translators :German-Sascha Fiege
Hindi Status 20|05|18
Keep updating your status on famous social apps with the helpofthis app. This app contains all the contents one must haveforSocial Media Apps only in Hindi Language which includes1]7150+Status Messages with more than 50 Categories2] 2500+ SMSCollectionwith 20 Different Types3] 300+ DP Images available forviewing andsharingKey Features1] Copy to Clipboard Feature2] ShareFeature3]Easy to Use Swipe User Interface4] Guaranteed Update inFutureReleasesDisclaimer: All the contents present in this apparecollected from internet "as is" without warranty of any kind.
Click Counter 1.4
Count people, steps, sheep or anything else. Just click to keepthecurrent count. Main Features:- Increment and decrement- Usevolumeup/down buttons and/or on screen buttons- Audio andvibratefeedback- Can keep multiple counters- Free, no ads-Manycustomization options- Smooth UI and animations- Nopermissionsneeded
Repost for Instagram 1.7.5
Repost is the app help you repost photos or videos on theInstagramwith keeping the credit easiest.The betaversion and videos with watermark(the credit)How To Use1.Open theapp2. Open the Instagram app (click the icon in action barto openquickly)3. Click three dots icon and click Copy Share URLor CopyLink4. Return the app start repostRecommendYou should keepcreditoriginal content creator when repost to respect the rightsof theInstagram users that you have their permissions to usetheirphoto/video. Disclaimer:1. This app is not affiliatedwithInstagram.2. Any unauthorized action or repost ofphoto/videoand/or violations of Intellectual property rights arethe soleresponsibility of the user.3. Respect the rights of theInstagramusers.While using the app if you have any bugs pleasereview theapp or feedback to me. Thank you so muchFree icon playfrom
A new & improved Express App gives you insider access tothelatest style, exclusive offers & EXPRESS NEXT Rewards.•Viewapp-exclusives, offers and sales at a glance in the newOfferssection.• Check out new arrivals & the latest trends•View yourEXPRESS NEXT account & redeem Rewards• Scan itemsin-store tosee details & customer reviews• Find an EXPRESSstoreWe’relistening! Keep the feedback coming by going to Help inyourEXPRESS App to tell us what you think, or contact Be sure to keep an eye out formoreapp improvements and new features. By clicking INSTALL, youconsentto the installation of this app on your mobile device andanyupdates or upgrades, including for performance andfunctionalitypurposes. You can uninstall the app at any time.
Remember The Milk
Remember The Milk is the smart to-do appforbusy people. You'll never forget the milk (or anythingelse)again.• Get to-dos out of your head, and let the app rememberforyou• Get reminded via email, text, IM, Twitter, andmobilenotifications• Share your lists and give tasks to others to get thingsdonefaster• Stay magically in sync on all of your devices• Organize the way you want to with priorities, due dates,repeats,lists, tags, and more• Search your tasks and notes, and save your favorite searchesasSmart Lists• See tasks nearby and plan the best way to get things done• Integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Evernote,andmore• Used by millions worldwide to be more organizedandproductive---"Remember The Milk is a veritable Swiss Army knife of to-dolistmanagement." - Lifehacker---Get more done with Remember The Milk Pro!Remember The Milk is free to download and use. Purchase aProsubscription in the app to unlock:• Subtasks - break your tasks down into smaller, moremanageablepieces• Unlimited sharing - share your lists with others to getthingsdone faster• Color your tags - make your lists both organized and colorfulwithtag colors• Advanced sorting - sort and group your tasks howeveryoulike• Get reminded - never forget a task with reminders on yourmobiledevice• Badges and widgets - see your tasks at a glance and alwaysknowhow many are due• Sync with Microsoft Outlook - keep your tasks seamlessly insyncwith Microsoft Outlook• Unlimited storage - keep track of all your hard workwithunlimited completed tasks• And more!
IMC Business Application 2.3
IMC Mobile App helps you to grow your business faster. Now youcancheck your Business Status anytime anywhere with just a clickofbutton on your mobile.This Mobile App will keep you updatedwithall the promotions, offers, meetings etc. as soon as theyarelaunched.Features available in Mobile App· Business VolumeStatus·Downline Status· IMC Outlet across India· CompanyInformation·Meetings & Events· News & Updates viaNotifications· Bonus& Incentives· Account Details· ProductPurchase Details· MakeBV TransferIn case of any clarification,visit our or call at our Toll FreeHelpline No.1800-137-0098
Indiegogo 1.8.1
Discover new campaigns or keep track of yourfavorites—anytime,anywhere. Whether you’re interested in the latestwearable devices,new up-and-coming gadgets, or independent films,it’s easier thanever to explore and support your favorite Indiegogocampaigns. •Discover new campaigns through personalizedrecommendations• Followyour favorite campaigns• Explore campaignperks• Share campaignswith friendsFor Campaigners:- Get notifiedeach time you receive acontribution and comment- Manage comments-Send custom messages tocontacts and Facebook friends- Promote yourcampaign on socialnetworksIf you have any questions, feel free tocontact us at
It Works! Office 2.3.7
Download the must-have business tool that is going to takeyourbusiness to a Whole ’Notha Level! What can the It Works!Officemobile app do? 1) Track your Steps to Success and Go Bonusprogress2) Let you shop for your favorite It Works! products. 3)Startenrolling new Distributors and Loyal Customers.4) Keepyouconnected with exclusive messaging and social media access!Let’sTalk, Share, and Build Your Business with It Works! Office!
Keep Calm Wallpapers 1.4
MX Apps
Amazing collection of Keep Calm Wallpapers, Home ScreenandBackgrounds to set the picture as wallpaper on your phone ingoodquality.Show the world one wallpaper on your lock screen, andkeepone for yourself on your home screen. (Requires Android 7.0andabove.)Option to set the wallpaper:+ "Scrollable " forscrollablehome screen.+ "Fixed" for fixed home screen.Addwallpapers tofavorites.Share beautiful photos and backgrounds withfamily andfriends on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter,Tumblr andmore!Use the wallpapers for WhatsApp: Choose yourfavorite image,press "Download" and then you can configure it as awallpaper onWhatsApp.Our categories of wallpapers Hipster, Emoji,Teen,Psychedelic, Indie, Mustache, Aztec, Tiger, Cross, Lion,Wolf,Skulls, Animals, Flowers, Cars, Landscapes and more.
Clean Temp files for line-L4L 1.3.5
Not a lot of apps on your phone but low storage warningkeepsappearing? This might be because of LINE's temporary file.(Morestorage with longer usage) Lite 4 LINE provides the simpleandquick solution for this problem. Setting in the app cancontrolwhen the files should be deleted so you don't need to worryaboutlosing recent files. You can also control the types of filesyouwishtodelete.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HelpLite4 Line translate in yourlanguage!!!googlesheet: xml will also ask for storage permission for Android6.0 andabove.---------------------------------------------------Reminder:afterdeleting temp files, images from too long ago might notappearbecause LINE's server might have deleted them. Afterdeletinginternal storages, the images may need to reload and mayincur datausage!! Please check storage permission for Android 6.0and above.
Sticky Notes Yeastken
This is a memo pad widget of "Yeastken".Please tap on thewidget,and you can write memo on it.This application is a widgetfor yourhome screen and you can enjoy personalization of it. Keeppressingthe home screen till an additional menu of widgets appears.Pickout “Sticky Notes Yeastken” from a list of widgets.Let's playGACHA[Capsule Toys]. You'll get cute sticky notewidgets.Officialtweets
Simple Weight Tracker 2.6-RC5
• Store your weight records• Check weight loss progress •Remindsyou to weigh oftenSimple Weight Tracker is a body weightwatch. Itstores data provided from scale to watch and analyzeweight loss.It will help you to track your body weight while ondiet plan forweight loss. By tracking changes it is easier to learnhow to loseweight fast.Chart and statistics help to find out whatdiet worksfor you, which diet plans or activities match youbest.Test dietslike low carb diet or low calorie diet and checkeffects for losefat and belly fat.
Family Shared Calendar: FamCal 2.7
FamCal - a shared family calendar app, is designed forfamilyconnection. Combine calendars, events, tasks, notes, contactsandbirthday reminders in one place so that you can easilykeepeveryone in sync and organized.FAMILY MEMBERS- Adult memberswithemail addresses- Child members without email addresses- Colorcodeevents with members' coloursFAMILY CALENDAR- Share eventsbetweencouples, moms and children or even whole family- Add or editeventsthat everyone in the group can see- Set reminder to noticesomeone-Both calendar and agenda viewSHARE LISTS & ASSIGNTASKS- Sharegrocery or shopping list & more- Create task listsandto-dosFAMILY NOTES- Share notes or jot down a moment-Unlimitednotes to share with familySTAY CONNECTED & INSYNCFamCal is ashared schedule family planner, you can organizeyour calendar,tasks and notes at everywhere. Access with anydevices, works onboth Android and iOS platforms. The whole groupshares one account,so login with your own email address and ashared password.FamilyCalendar Planner App - FamCal is great forfamily, group or anyonewho needs to stay organized together. Youcan schedule together,achieve projects together. There is no limitin events, tasks andnotes, you can create as many as you need.Ifyou have any problemsor suggestions please send a mail, you’ll geta response in a short time.
VoiceTube-Learn English Videos
【Learn English with Popular Youtube Videos! 】 ***VoiceTube istheproud recipient of Facebook's 2016 App of the Year!*** VoiceTubeisthe largest English learning community in Taiwan,providingabundant and quality English learning resources. We haveover50,000 videos, including TED talks, TED-Ed, CNN Student News,musicvideos, movie clips, gaming videos, and other videos with awidevariety of topics. With the VoiceTube App comes an array ofgreatfunctions like bilingual subtitles, online dictionary,sentencerepeat and recording. You can look for learning materialyou'reinterested in like speaking challenges or blog articles andenhanceyour learning experience with our interactivecommunity.Features:✔Enjoy over 50,000 videos✔ Look up unfamiliarvocabulary and savethem to your word bank✔ Practice speaking andcompare it withnative speakers from the video✔ Keep track of yourprogress withgraphs✔ Interact with our English-learning community✔Set dailyreminders to keep learningNote :Please note that theVoiceTubeupdate in early December 2017 requires Android 5.0 KitKator above.Older version of Android will no longer besupported.•••
Simplenote is an easy way to keep notes, lists, ideas and more.Yournotes stay in sync with all of your devices for free.TheSimplenoteexperience is all about speed and efficiency. Open it,write somethoughts, and you're done. As your collection of notesgrows, youcan search them instantly and keep them organized withtags andpins.The best way to learn about Simplenote is to try it.Onceyou're up and running, visit to download it onotherdevices and start accessing your notes everywhere.
Vans Warped Tour Official App 11.5
The Official Vans Warped Tour app is here to help youkeepup-to-date with the Vans Warped Tour!- Artist Lineup- ShowDates& Ticket Info- Warped 101 :: tips on how to have the mostfun& stay safe- Event Merch
Journey - Diary, Journal
Embark on the journey ofself-improvementtowards better qualities of love, life and health.Record yourdaily events, secret, gratitude, and relive thosemoments inJourney. Trusted by millions of users, Journey is yourperfectjournaling companion that keeps your private memories foralifetime.Future-proof digital journalDesigned to keep journal last forever, Journey gives youfullcontrol of your private diary by storing them in GoogleDrivesync.Bring your memories anywhereSync journal across multiple platforms. Write on-the-go withAndroidand iOS, or settle down comfortably at home and type onChromebook,Mac and Windows devices.Grow your journaling habitJourney's simple and beautiful diary interface encourages youtowrite more.Effortless journalingKeeping a diary is easy with Journey; add photos or video andpenyour thoughts. It does the rest by adding weather and placestojournal entry automatically.Relive moments beautifullyView your journal in timeline, revisit places shown in map,travelback to the past with calendar and review what you did lastyearwith Throwback.Private diary with PINKeep secret diary with PIN - enable password andfingerprintlocking.Versatile journalingFrom fitness to gratitude, customize journal to suityourpreferences by connecting to Google Fit andinspirationprompt.Share moments with friends and familyUpdate your loved ones by publishing journal entry tosocialmedia.Import and export journal into various formatsImport entries from Diaro, Evernote and DayOne. You can alsoexportdiary to Word docx and print to PDF.Please note that you'll need to upgrade to premium version toenjoyall features in the app.Also available foriOS: https://www.journey.cloudPC: Required- ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Determine precise location toretrieveplaces and weather- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Import diary entry- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Export and share journal entry
Waterbalance 1.3
Waterbalance application will help you control level of waterinyour body, considering your individual parameters: height,weight,age, and way of life. Waterbalance features include:-smoothinteractive interface to replenish your balance;- viewdetailedstatistics of your water intake;- learn useful facts aboutwaterand your health;- earn badges on how well you keep yourwaterbalance and share your achievments with friends;andmanymore!Application will become your reliable friend &assistantand will make water drinking a good and useful habit. Yourbodywill be truly grateful to you! Waterbalance was created byStanfyteam ( The app is available in English,Russian,and Ukrainian.
Download the Kevo app for use with the Kevo Touch-To-Opensmartlocks made by Kwikset and Weiser.No more fumbling for yourkeys.Keep your phone in your pocket or purse and just touch thesmartlock to open.Send eKeys to family, friends and guestsfromanywhere, anytime with the mobile app or from the web.Controlaccess by choosing to send an Anytime, Scheduled orGuesteKey.Check Kevo’s history to see lock/unlock events all usersandset up notifications when they come home or leave.TheKevoTouch-To-Open smart locks are available from retailers in theUSA(Kwikset) and Canada (Weiser). For more information or to buyaKevo smart lock, visit for Android is made possible bythesewonderful open sourceprojects:
SpamBox - Anonymous Temp Email 2.6
• Cannot access a piece of content because you have to log inwithyour email first?• Why do I need to give my e-mail address justtodownload free giveaways?• Want to try out some new servicebutdon't want to use your real email address?WE HELP YOU KEEPYOURPRIMARY EMAIL INBOX CLEAN!– Just install SpamBox andcreateanonymous email address that you can safely use for webforms, appsignups and any other places you'd like to protect yourprivacy!One-click install, no questions asked! Your SpamBox emailaddressis not temporary like in some other services; your addresswill bealive as long as the app is installed!✔ FREE, NO ADS✔ Noannoyingnotifications✔ Stop Spam✔ Protect your privacyThis app isadvanced,lightweight and AD FREE version of services like :10minutemail,guerrillamail, mailinator, temporary email,getairmail,throwawaymail, tempmail, burnermail and others.NOTE: Youcannotsend email using this application, only receive!
Teen Wallpapers MX 10000+ 1.4
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Amazing collection of Teen Wallpapers, Home Screen andBackgroundsto set the picture as wallpaper on your phone ingoodquality.Option to set the wallpaper:+ "Scrollable " forscrollablehome screen.+ "Fixed" for fixed home screen.Show theworld onewallpaper on your lock screen, and keep one for yourselfon yourhome screen. (Requires Android 7.0 and above.)Add wallpaperstofavorites.Share beautiful photos and backgrounds with familyandfriends on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter,Google+,Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble, Instagram and more!Usethewallpapers for WhatsApp: Choose your favorite image,press"Download" and then you can configure it as a wallpaperonWhatsApp.Extra categories of wallpapers Hipster,Psychedelic,Indie, Mustache, Aztec, Tiger, Cross, Lion, Wolf,Skulls, Animals,Flowers, Cars, Landscapes and more.More than 10,000Wallpapers now.
Microsoft Azure
The Microsoft Azure app helps you keep track of your resourceswhileon-the-go:- Stay connected to the cloud and check statusandcritical metrics anytime, anywhere- Stay informedwithnotifications and alerts about important health issues - Stayincontrol of your resources and take corrective actions,likestarting and stopping VMs and webapps--------------------Microsoftcollects data to operateeffectively and provide you with the bestexperiences in ourproducts. This mobile application may collectpersonal information,for example, the email address used to login. We do not share yourinformation with third-parties. We do notuse your information formarketing purposes. If you do not agreewith Microsoft collectingthis data, please do not log into theapplication and delete it fromyour device.
Timetable TimeSpread 2.15.1
Organize your schedule with 'TimeSpread'Check and note yourweekclass schedule easily and quickly. * Share your schedulewithfriends. Check out multiple schedules on one screen.* Set upyourown start and end of the day, as well as of the week.*Customizeyour background theme to your taste.* Experience thewidget feature* Manage your schedule to the minute* Store your timeschedule incloud, and check out whenever you want* Try “TimeSpread”nowwithout log-in* Sync with your Google Calendar* Share yourmomentsin community anonymouslyTimeSpread's team is waiting foryourfeedback.
MyDuty - Nurse Calendar 1.10.2p1
It is a nurse compulsorycalendarapplication.Vacation/Group/Personal Calendar schedulemanagement atonce!! Now forget about other things.. "MyDuty" is theprettiest.1.You can manage your Duty.2. You can easily share theregisteredDuty.3. You can easily check the duty schedule with theexclusivewidget at a short time.4. You can manage the number ofvacationdays.5. Make a group and invite your friends or teammates.You cancheck the schedule of the group member at once in thewidth.6. Agroup exclusive closed notice board is provided. Enjoy afunconversation. But, keep your manners.7. You can access the"Myduty"service through email registration/login.8. You can managethepersonal calendar schedule with Myduty. Awesome!Now leave thedailylives of nurses to MyDuty."MyDuty" will take theresponsibility ofnurses' daily lives.
Business Insider 2.3.0
The Business Insider app provides you with a fast, free,andconvenient way to read Business Insider on the go. Keep up todatewith the latest news, sharp analysis and insightfulcommentariesfrom around the world and across the spectrum ofBusiness Insiderverticals.* Current news by industry verticals:Finance, Tech,Media, Politics, Strategy, Sports, and more *Exclusively producedvideos, charts, photo slideshows and otherenhanced multimedia*Favorite articles for later or offline reading*Search articles*Share content through any installed app* View fullcomment streamfor each postWe are always working to improve theoverall appexperience and welcome your feedback.Feedback about theapp:mobile@businessinsider.comContact oureditors:feedback@businessinsider.comThank you for reading!UPDATEDPRIVACYPOLICY:We have updated our Privacy Policy to reflect globalprivacystandards. We encourage you to read the updated policy infull. Bycontinuing to this app after May 10th, 2018, you agree totheseupdated terms. Privacy Policy is