Top 21 Apps Similar to Winter Zipper Lock Screen

[Substratum] Xperia™ Lockscreen Clock 2.6
*Theme works only on 7.x.x, 8.x.x and 9.x.x with OMS/Legacysupport.*Stock ROMs are not supported atm, so please dont try ondevicesrunning stock Oreo like Pixel, Nexus, Mi A1 or OnePlus ifyou don'twant SystemUI crash or Bootloop! *Substratum is requiredto applythe theme. *Theme does not support Sungstratum/S8. *Thistheme isbrought to you by ChetanLodha.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ASimple Substratum Theme To Swap Between Two Xperia™'s ClockStylesFor Devices Running Nougat/Oreo(OMS support is required fornougatand root/andromeda/custom rom for oreo and pie)!! SupportedAndroidVersions: *Nougat *Oreo *Pie Supported Roms:- *AOSP *AospExtended*AOSIP *Resurrection Remix *AICP *AOKP *Citrus*CosmicOS*DirtyUnicorn *LineageOS *Omni *PureNexus *PURE-CAF*AOSPA*NitrogenOS*Carbon---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Answersto FAQ's: -Make sure you select the correct overlayaccording to therom you are running(N-AEX-RR-Clock1 is clock1 fornougat based aexand rr whereas O-LOS-Clock1 is clock1 for oreobased lineageos )-Although custom fonts are supported, it isstrongly recommended toapply the font provided with the theme onlyafter applying thetheme. -If the rom you use is not listed here,you can try applyingall the overlays one by one!! -If SystemUIForce Closes afterapplying the theme, you can either flash therescue zip fromrecovery or upgrade to latest version ofsusbstratum(it will disablethe overlay automatically!) -Make sure"disable other themes" optionis unchecked before applying anyoverlay if previously appliedthemes get disabled after applyingthe theme. -If something does notlook right after applying thetheme or there is a bug that youdiscovered, contact me viatelegram @larcs or send me an email withall the required info(nameof the rom, screenshot, logs, etc)instead of providing poorratings and reporting the bugs in thereviews. --Xda Thread fordiscussion and bug reports: a trademark or registered trademark of Sony MobileCommunicationsInc.
Screen Lock/Disable Touch Pro 1.0
Buy the author of Screen Lock / Disable Touch a beer -- orsimplysupport his work by purchasing this app.You need to get thefreeapp itself here: orselectScreen Lock / Disable Touch below.Wait -- you came here firstanddon't yet know what Touch Blocker is? Then let me briefly tellyou(because it's free and even without donating here to unlockalloptions in my opinion rather useful).Touch Blockerpreventsunintentional touch interaction with the touch screen ofyourdevice by blocking touch input. Disable touch input whilewatchingYoutube and you don't have to worry about skipping scenesbyaccidentally touching the screen. Also useful if you handyourphone to someone (e.g. to show them a picture) and don't wantthemto mess with the device.The 'app' you are just readingthedescripton of does not have a launcher icon. It's only purposeisto unlock the following features of the of the free version: -lockthe volume keys when the touch input is disabled - hidethenotification bar - add a configurable delay before the touchinputis is disabled - a password can be set that is required tounlockthe device - a widget to quickly easily disable touch input -anoption to go FULLSCREEN (hide navigation and notification bar)--up until Android 4.3 *ROOT* was required to use this thoughIncaseyou want to use this app with Netflix then here is a tutorialthatshows you how to do it: touch,touchdisabler,deactivate touch,block touch,touchblocker,touchscreen,notouch,prevent touch,touch screen,preventaccidential touches,blocktouch input,netflix
AnimGIF Live Wallpaper 2 Pro 1.1.0
This live wallpaper lets you display animated GIF images(likecinemagraphs) in the background of your home screen.Features:*Consumes very little power and CPU, thanks to a custombuilt,highly optimized native GIF-decoder library * All Android 2.1(andlater) devices are supported that can use live wallpapers * AllGIFfiles - including very large ones - are supported, noexceptions! *You can select multiple GIF files to be played aftereach other, orto be shuffled randomly * You can choose from acouple of imagescaling modes to fit the images onto the screen *Enhanced GIF filepicker with thumbnail images to quickly find yourfavourite GIF-s *This is the pro (or full) version of AnimGIF LiveWallpaper 2,without any watermark, however a lite version is alsoavailablewith the watermark for free. If you are experiencing anyissues,please write us an e-mail -- instead of a comment to whichwecannot respond.A NOTE ABOUT PERMISSIONS: * "Modify/delete SDcardcontents" -- is required to access GIF files on your SD-card
Did You Know? (Lock Screen - Fun Facts - Offline) 1.6.6
Navy Blue
Turn On Your Screen 👉 Learn Interesting Facts. And It’s AllFree…*Have you ever wanted to learn new amazing facts regularlyeveryday and increase your general knowledge? *And have you everdecidedto do so; but give up learning after a while like many ofus?*Wouldn’t it be marvelous if you had the chance tolearninteresting facts when you turn on your screen? *And wouldn’tit beexcellent if you decided what, when and how many you want tolearnevery day? So here’s the good news: You can do it all withthis“Did You Know” app. What Is “Did You Know” “Did you know” isa”general knowledge – interesting facts / fun facts” app thathelpsyou learn new amazing facts every day, even if you forget todo so.The idea is simple: You decide what to learn (among 20+topics),when to learn and how many things to learn every day. Andthat’sit! Relax and go back to your work. “Did You Know” will takecareof the rest. You will soon start to learn new fun facts. Let’ssayyou have chosen to learn 10 new facts from History,Nature,Science, Music and Human Body on each day. And you only wanttolearn during morning and evenig periods (because you’re at workinafternoon 😉). So here is what’s going to happen: At randomtimesduring mornig and evening periods (never exceeding 10 times aday),when you turn on your screen (i.e. at your lock screen) , theappwill come up and say “Heyy did you know this amazing fact?…”.Well,are you busy enough right now and can’t learn another newweirdfact? Just click “Show Later” button. You are going to see thesameamazing fact later on. Or happily, you have the time to readthatlittle sentence. Then just click “Got It”. (In both cases, theappwill disappear immediately letting you go on with your phone)Andif you want to add the fun facts to your favorites and repeatthemanytime you want. Then just click the yellow star... 🤔 Well,it’sactually orange… And last but not least; you are not limitedtolock screen learning only. If you get bored and want to learnsomefun facts you may use the app whenever you want and increaseyourgeneral knowledge by learning these interesting facts. That’sIt!Simple enough. You have made your dream come true. You willlearnnew cool fun facts selected from a database of over 20+ topicsand1900+ facts (we continuously increase these numbers withupdates).And you will do it every day. Happy learning 😊…
// substweaks // 3.6
// substweaks // is a minimal package with a bunch of handyoptionsfor near-stock ROMs. Features : -> Enable lockscreenrotation.-> Center clock for stock ROMs on Android 8.1. ->Custom QScolumn count along with hiding QS tile labels. ->Enable WiFiactivity indicators. -> Show 4G/LTE on statusbar forLTE. ->Show LIT icons for LTE on supported platforms. ->VoLIT icon toreplace existing VoLTE icon if your ROM has one. ->Allowadjusting navbar height (On Oreo this requires rebooting totakeeffect) -> Centered dashboard category titles on AndroidN.-> Hide Settings icons with or without Oreo style padding.->Configurable rounded recents. -> Pink on {White,Black}colorschemes in Android Terminal. General support status: ✔ AndroidNOMS ROMs ✔ Android Oreo stock ROMs ✔ Android Oreo custom ROMs✔Android P ❌ Samsung stock ROMs Clock position mods supportstatus:❌ OxygenOS ❌ Samsung stock and stock-based ROMs ❌ CustomROMs withstatusbar clutter like network speed indicators ✔ StockNexus andPixel devices running Android Oreo.
Star Clock Widget 1.2.9
Welcome to Star Clock Widget, an elegant Home & LockscreenClock, Weather and Calendar widget.Features:- Highlycustomizableclock, weather and calendar- Weather panel withYahoo!,OpenWeatherMap weather providers- Calendar panel showingascrollable list of upcoming events- Customize weather icons-Changeclock style: analog and digital clock.- Show upcomingcalendarevents
NinjaLock 2.1.29
Linough Inc.
This application provided by Linough Ltd. can be used forthe“NinjaLock” smart lock device. Through the application,NinjaLockcan be operated and its settings adjusted. The applicationcannotbe used as stand-alone. ※Service-compatible devices areequippedwith a Bluetooth 4.0 or up and Android 4.4 or up.[Preparationsbefore use] To use the application, the smart lockdevice“NinjaLock” by Linough Ltd. is required. 【NinjaLock mainfeatures】▼Use your smartphone as a key! By attaching NinjaLock tothe insideof your door (the thumb turn part of your lock), yourexistingsmartphone can replace your key. ▼Invite your friends! Byenteringthe telephone number of your friends on the “invitation”screen,you can transfer opening rights to other people. The openingrightscan be set to specific time slots. ▼Various convenientfeatures!You can set various convenient features through the app,such asauto-lock function of the key after a specific time periodas wellas controlling opening/closing functionality of the deviceremotelyfrom your PC when the NinjaLock is connected to Wi-Fi. ※ Inorderto operate the remote control functions, NinjaLock has tobeconnected to a Wi-Fi router. [Price] Free[Warning]Service-compatible devices are equipped with a Bluetooth4.0 or upand Android 4.4 or up. This application requires Internetaccess.Please make sure to have a solid signal.
KLCK Kustom Lock Screen Pro Key
THIS IS JUST A PRO KEY, YOU WILL NEED Kustom Lockscreen APPTOO!Make your Android Lockscreen look unique with Kustom themostpowerful Lock Screen creator ever! Use its awesome WYSIWYG(WhatYou See Is What You Get) editor to create you own designsanddisplay any data you need, at once, and with wonderfulanimationstoo! If you were looking for Rainmeter or Conky onAndroid Lock,this is it! Not looking for a Lock Screen? Check outTHE WidgetMaker KWGT and best Live Wallpaper Maker KLWP This keyunlocks thefollowing extras in KLCK: - Remove the ADS - Support thedev! -Unlock import from SD and all external skins - Recover preset-Buzz Launcher import support - Save the world from alieninvasionWith Kustom you can create customized watches like DigitalandAnalog Clocks (with seconds hand), Animated Patterns, LiveMapbackground, Weather Widget, Material Lockscreens,sophisticatedCPU/Memory meters, randomly changing images, scrollingimages,gyroscopic effects, astronomical data and much muchmore.Imagination is the limit. PLEASE do not use reviewsforsupport/refund questions, use email or G+/Reddit linked belowYouget: - Some skin to start with and some Komponent (a WidgetinKustom) - Text with custom fonts, colors, sizes and effects-Shapes like Ovals, Rects, Arcs, Triangles, Exagons and more -3Dflip transformations, curved and skewed text - Gradients,shadows,tiling and color filters - Zooper like progress bars andseries -Layers with overlay effects (blur, clear, xor,difference,saturation) - Touch actions / hotspots on any object youcreate -PNG / JPG / WEBp Image and SVG (scalable vector graphics)supportwith builtin picture scaler - Status Bar Notifications(text,images package name and so on) - Google Fitness support(segments,calories, steps, distance, sleep) - Animations such asfading,scaling and scrolling based on screen position,accelerometer,touch, events... - Magnetic sensors / gyroscopesupport forwallpaper motion or objects animations - Complexprogramminglanguage with functions, conditionals and globalvariables -Arbitrary change Wallpaper based on time, location,weather,anything! - Dynamic download of content via HTTP (livemaps,weather and so on) - Native music utilities (current playingsongtitle, album, cover) - Weather with wind chill, feelsliketemperature and more - RSS and free XML / XPATH / Text download-Tasker support - A huge amount of data to display such as:date,time, battery (with duration estimation), calendar,astronomy(sunrise, sunset, illumination, stardate), CPU speed,memory,countdowns, WiFi and cellular status, traffic info, nextalarm,location, moving speed, rom/device info and much more) More?- FAQ: - G+ Community: -G+ Gallery: - FeatureRequests: -Tutorials: -Translations: - Videos: -Permissions: APK Skin Howto:
Castbox Locker: Easy Driving Mode Playback Theme 1.0.1-180130032
Car mode for Castbox: a lock screen specially designed forcardrivers to access their favorite Castbox podcast easily andsafely.Castbox Car mode gives you control of your Castbox podcastevenafter your screen is locked. With its distraction-freedesign,Castbox Car Mode ensures a safe trip for car drivers whileplayingtheir favorite podcasts.Key features: Customized LargeButtonDesign : car mode allows car drivers to control theirpodcastwithout needing to target a precise location on their phone,simplytouch anywhere in the button area. Vertical & HorizontalMode :car mode works in both orientations to adapt to differentviewingangles Fingerprint unlock supported : The screen lockoffersfingerprint unlock option. With just one tap, you can unlocktheplayscreen without needing to swipe.To use this widget,pleasefollow the following steps:1. Download and install thetheme;2.Install Castbox on your Android phone;3. Launch Castbox, gotoThemes under Settings, open this theme, and apply it.Castbox isaneasy to use podcast player for podcast lovers, offering asuperclean layout and easy to navigate interface. With 50 millionofpodcast episodes to choose from, you can stream or downloadyourfavorite podcasts anywhere, anytime for free. Being selected astheAndroid Excellence App of 2017, Castbox allows users to:-Subscribeto over 1 million podcast channels including top networkslike NPR,Gimlet, BBC, Earwolf, HowStuffWorks, PRX, This AmericanLife andCBC.- Stream or download 50 MILLION+ episodes of podcasts,radiochannels & audio books for FREE.- Search or listen toyourfavorite podcasts in 70 different languages.- Discover newandtrending podcasts from 16 different categories.- Listen topodcastsin your native language or try learning a new language withourmany language teaching podcasts.- Keep track of yoursubscriptionswith cloud syncing. Listen from any device anytime andanywhere.-Show player in fullscreen when screen is lockedVisit ourwebsite:www.castbox.fmLike us on Facebook- us on Twitter- us: [email protected]
Momoland Wallpapers Kpop HD 1.0
Tuturu Dev
MOMOLAND Wallpapers HD is an application that provideimagesforMOMOLAND fans. MOMOLAND wallpaper hd apps hasmanyattractivecollection that you can use as wallpaper. in addingyoucan alsomake the image you think is a good screen lock, bystoringtheimage into the storage device. Then replace your lockscreenwithMomoland nancy wallpaper. You can also share‘Momolandwallpaper’with friends and communities directly throughthe app.MOMOLAND,also known as momoland, is a nine member SouthKorean girlbandformed by doublekick Company. For those of you wholovekpopwallpaper MOMOLAND you must have this app. More than+100picturesabout MOMOLAND wallpaper that you can make the optiontomake yourwallpaper, these wallpapers be made special for you.HOWTOUSE:1.Open MOMOLAND Wallpapers KPOP 2. Choose yourfavoritepicture3. Tapthe "Plus" button4. Tap the "Set as wallpaper"buttonto apply5.Your wallpaper has been changedMenu Category:*MOMOLANDwallpapershd* MOMOLAND hd wallpaper* MOMOLAND wallpaper*MOMOLANDwallpaper2018* MOMOLAND vector wallpaper* MOMOLAND bestwallpaper*MOMOLANDwallpaper 4k* MOMOLAND wallpaper app* MOMOLANDnancywallpaper*MOMOLAND Daisy wallpaper* MOMOLAND jooEwallpaper*MOMOLAND Taehawallpaper* Special 480x800* Special HD43dMomolandwallpaper,Momoland nancywallpaper,MomolandDaisywallpaper,Momoland keyboardwallpaper,Momolandlivewallpapers,Momoland lockscreen,Momolandlockscreen2018,Momolandunlock,Momoland vwallpaper,Momolandwallpaper,Momolandwallpaper,Momoland wallpaperNancy,Momolandwallpaperlockscreen,Momoland wallpapers andbackgrounds,Momolandzipper lockscreen,zipper lock screenMomolandNOTE: This is anUnofficial App.All trademarks and copyrightprotected to therespective owners.Content compiled from variousinternetsources.DISCLAIMER: Allcopyright and trademarks are ownedby theirrespective owners. Theimages in this application arecollected fromaround the web, if weare in breach of copyright,please let us knowand it will beremoved as soon aspossible.Thankyou myfriends.MOMOLAND WallpapersHD is an applicationthat provide imagesfor MOMOLAND fans.MOMOLAND wallpaper has manyattractive hdcollection apps that youcan use as wallpaper. inadding you canalso the make the image youthink is a good screenlock, by storingthe image into the storagedevice. Then replace yourlock screenwallpaper with Momolandnancy. You can also share'Momolandwallpaper' with friends andcommunities directly throughthe app.MOMOLAND, Also known asmomoland, is a nine member SouthKorean girlgroup formed bydoublekick Company. For Reviews those ofyou wholove kpopwallpaper MOMOLAND you must have this app.More than+100picturesabout MOMOLAND wallpaper that you can the make theoptiontomake-your wallpaper, wallpapers Reviews These be madespecialforyou.HOW TO USE:1. Open MOMOLAND KPOP Wallpapers2.Chooseyourfavorite picture3. Tap the "Plus" button4. Tap the"Setaswallpaper" button to apply5. Your wallpaper hasbeenchangedMenuCategory:* MOMOLAND wallpapers hd* MOMOLANDhdwallpapers* MOMOLANDwallpaper* MOMOLAND wallpaper 2018*MOMOLANDvector wallpaper*MOMOLAND best wallpaper* MOMOLANDwallpaper 4k*MOMOLAND wallpaperapp* MOMOLAND nancy wallpaper*MOMOLAND Daisywallpaper* MOMOLANDjooE wallpaper* MOMOLAND Taehawallpaper*Special 480x800* SpecialHD 43d Momoland wallpaper,Momoland nancywallpaper, Momoland Daisywallpaper, Momoland keyboardwallpaper,Momoland live wallpapers,Momoland lockscreen, Momolandlockscreen2018, Momoland unlock,Momoland v wallpaper, Momolandwallpaper,Momoland wallpaper,Momoland wallpaper Nancy, Momolandwallpaperlockscreen, Momolandwallpapers and backgrounds, Momolandzipperlock screen, zipperlock screen MomolandNOTE: This is anUnofficialApp. All trademarksand copyright protected to therespectiveowners. Content compiledfrom various internetsources.DISCLAIMER:All copyright andtrademarks are owned by Reviewstheir respectiveowners. The imagesin this application are collectedfrom around theweb, if we are inbreach of copyright, please let usknow and itwill be removed assoon as possible.Thankyou my friends.
RV PetSafety 4.1.7
As Pet Parent, you would love to take your dogs with youwhereveryou go. But there are times when you must leave yourfour-leggedkiddo in the RV/home or car alone- say while you take ashort trekor run a shopping errand. Also, while you are enjoyingthe sunnyoutdoors, you do not want your furry baby to be sufferingaheatstroke inside the RV or car while you are gone. Thetemperatureinside your vehicle climbs to alarming levels rapidlyand any petleft inside the RV/Car is under the mercy of the heat.Every year100s of dogs suffer and die from heat strokes when leftin a hotcar/RV. With RV PetSafety it is easy to keep your petssafe. Tolearn more, visit Here’s what youcan dowith RV PetSafety: • Monitor your pet’s environmenttemperaturefrom anywhere • Pet parent receives text and emailalerts when thetemperature becomes critical • Track your RV’slocation usingbuilt-in GPS tracker • Create and maintain your petprofile usingthe App • Completely cellular powered so you do notneed Wi-Fi. •Peel and stick option for quick and easyinstallation------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Likeus on Facebook : Followus onTwitter : Follow us onInstagram : Follow us onPinterest : Ask any questions:[email protected]
AmazingText Plus - Text Widget 1.2
AmazingText will make your homescreen more beautiful, specialandpersonalized.With AmazingText you can create custom andamazingtext widgets, with cool fonts and lots of effects.Makeyourhomescreen look exactly the way you want!*NEW* Launch appsorshortcuts when clicking on the AmazingText Widgets!You canevencombine it with certain Lockscreen replacement apps(e.g.WidgetLocker) and have your amazing text widget displayedright onyour Lockscreen!* To get started, add the widget"AmazingText" toyour homescreen* Enter your custom text* Selectyour font (over 40fonts are available - AmazingText Plus includeseven more!)* Selectyour font style, color, size, etc.* Add effects(such as Glow,Reflection, Noise, Sepia, Emboss,Gradient, etc.)*Place yourbeautiful widget on the homescreen* Share your creationswith yourfriends directly from the appLike us onFacebook: Twitter: compatible with all Androiddevices (phones and tablets) that runat least Android1.6.Devices:- Honeycomb tablets (Android3.0/3.1/3.2 or Ice CreamSandwich 4.0) - such as Motorola Xoom,Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and10.1, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, AcerIconia A100/A500, LenovoThinkPad, Sony S1, Toshiba AT100, Archo G9,Huawei MediaPad, ..-Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) - SamsungGalaxy Nexus.-Gingerbread (2.3), Froyo (2.2), Eclair (2.1), Donut(1.6): SamsungGalaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S 2 (II), Samsung GalaxyNote, HTC DesireS/HD, Motorola Defy, Samsung Epic Touch 4G, HTC Evo3D, HTCSensation, HTC Fyler, Motorola Droid Razr, Sony Xperia, ..
Momoland Wallpapers KPOP 1.3
Momoland Wallpapers KPOP is an application that provideimagesforMOMOLAND fans. Momoland Wallpapers KPOP apps hasmanyattractivecollection that you can use as wallpaper. in addingyoucan alsomake the image you think is a good screen lock, bystoringtheimage into the storage device. Then replace your lockscreenwithMomoland nancy wallpaper. You can also share‘MomolandWallpapersKPOP’ with friends and communities directlythrough theapp.MOMOLAND, also known as momoland, is a nine memberSouthKoreangirl band formed by doublekick Company. For those of youwholovekpop wallpaper MOMOLAND you must have this app. Morethan+100pictures about Momoland Wallpapers KPOP that you canmaketheoption to make your wallpaper, these wallpapers be madespecialforyou.HOW TO USE:1. Open Momoland Wallpapers KPOP 2.Chooseyourfavorite picture Momoland Wallpapers KPOP3. Tap the"Plus"button4.Tap the "Set as wallpaper" button to apply5. Yourwallpaperhasbeen changedMenu Category:* MOMOLAND wallpapers hd*MOMOLANDhdwallpaper* MOMOLAND wallpaper* MOMOLAND wallpaper2018*MOMOLANDvector wallpaper* MOMOLAND best wallpaper*MOMOLANDwallpaper 4k*MOMOLAND wallpaper app* MOMOLAND nancywallpaper*MOMOLAND Daisywallpaper* MOMOLAND jooE wallpaper*MOMOLAND Taehawallpaper*Special 480x800* Special HD 43dMomolandwallpaper,Momoland nancywallpaper,Momoland Daisywallpaper,Momolandkeyboardwallpaper,Momoland livewallpapers,Momolandlockscreen,Momolandlockscreen 2018.NOTE: This isMomolandWallpapers KPOP anUnofficial App. All trademarks andcopyrightprotected to therespective owners. Content compiled fromvariousinternetsources.DISCLAIMER: All copyright and trademarks areownedby theirrespective owners. The images in this applicationarecollectedfrom around the web, if we are in breach ofcopyright,please letus know and it will be removed as soon aspossible.
Becheckin 28.0.0
Forget about the keys.
Dragon Theme Gold Unicorn 1.1.7
Launcher Love
The Dragon Theme Gold Unicorn theme is made for CM launchertocustomize your phone with Dragon Theme Gold Unicorn livewallpapersand Dragon Theme Gold Unicorn screen lock.The DragonTheme GoldUnicorn theme not only has HD Dragon Theme Gold Unicornwallpapers,but also Dragon Theme Gold Unicorn lock screen themes,to help youmake your Android phone beautiful with something youlove. All theDragon Theme Gold Unicorn themed icons are speciallydesigned forall apps. Stylize your Android home screen with this 3DdynamicDragon Theme Gold Unicorn theme now! Customize your phonewith acool keyboard theme to get the Dragon Theme Gold Unicornlaunchertheme for Valentine's day, Maple Sugar Festival, Easter,SongkranFestival, Mother's Day, Father's Day, InternationalChildren's Day,Oktoberfest, Pumpkin Day, Halloween, Hallowmas,Christmas Eve,Christmas Day and New Year celebration. We all lovethe DragonTheme Gold Unicorn HD live wallpapers and themedbackgrounds. Getthis Dragon Theme Gold Unicorn theme for free tomeet yourValentine lover, friends, family, mother, father andchildren innew year 2017. Enable the Dragon Theme Gold Unicorntheme topersonalize your Android screensaver with cool, love, gold,glitterand diamond designs. If you love hot and new launcher themesandwallpapers, you should get this exclusive Dragon Theme GoldUnicorntheme now for cute emojis, tattoos and kawaiiemojistickers.Install the Dragon Theme Gold Unicorn theme to getDragonTheme Gold Unicorn fashionable homepage and website searches.TheDragon Theme Gold Unicorn theme contains Dragon Theme GoldUnicornlock screen wallpapers with mini Dragon Theme Gold Unicornapp iconon the launcher background. The Dragon Theme Gold Unicorntheme'sDragon Theme Gold Unicorn live wallpapers all include 3Ddynamicapp icons, Dragon Theme Gold Unicorn diamond frame iconsandspecial default kiss icons for 56 popular apps. Add theDragonTheme Gold Unicorn wallpapers to your favorite securitylocker tokeep provicy data safe from intruders. Furthermore, thetheme alsohave Dragon Theme Gold Unicorn themed weather widgetdesigns withlove couple theme and Dragon Theme Gold Unicorn clockwidget. TheDragon Theme Gold Unicorn lock screen protects theprivacy of allAndroid devices. You can also lock your cool appseasily on theDragon Theme Gold Unicorn themed 3D dynamic launcherhome screenusing the special luxury luminous theme.
Esa Laukkanen
FREE VERSIONCM10/CM10.1 and AOKP-ANDROID 4.2 THEME PLEASE READTHEINSTRUCTIONS BEFORE LEAVING REVIEWS.THIS THEME IS FOR HDPIANDXHDPI PHONES ONLY.ROOT needed and a custom ROM like CM10/CM10.1orAOKP-ANDROID 4.2 needed that supports theThemeEngine.INSTRUCTIONS:Download the theme, go to settings/themesandAPPLY THE SYSTEM THEME AND REBOOT. Now select my Theme &apply.You may get an error: 'Sorry, this theme is missing assetsfor yourdevice's screen size'.Ignore that and apply it anywayandREBOOT.The lock screen and some system dialogs cannot be themedinthe T-Mobile Theme Engine, therefore they willremainunchanged.NOTE: I have read in the comments that people haveaproblem with a bug sms application, to clarify, this themeonlyworks for CM10/CM10.1 and AOKP-Android 4.2 and not forAOKP-Android4.1.2Matte is Primarily a Stock Blue Theme with stockiconsWhat'sThemed* Framework* Systemui* Settings* Phone* Browser*Playstore*Mms* RomControl* Tapatalk2* Geniewidget* Email*CMLockClockAdditional Features* blinking sms notification*blinkinggmail notificationVersion minor update* Fix forthe audioicons in the expandable audio menu, right size on theicons now*There are new qs-icons for AOKP, have added themVersion1.0.0.9*Themed CM LockClock default weather icons* Fix for sms/mmsquickreply sender button, changed the color to matte-blue insteadofwhite* Added the missing qs icons Version* Made newqsiconsVersion* AOKP ROMControl added the missing icons+right size for hdpi * Minor fix for email sender textcolor*Updated qs battery iconsVersion* Themed keyboardmuchdarker keys* Minor fix for email folder text color* Revertedmmspreview textsize to stockVersion* Minor fix forstatusbardropdown pressed item color* Themed Email +Widget"semi-transparent"Version* Bug fix for sms/mms textcolorissues for report delivery Version* Bug fix forCM10.1, Iremoved the function with a custom header notification*Addsupportfor GenieWidgetVersion* Minor fixes for qs networkicons*Themed MMS + Widget Initial release on PlaystoreVersion1.0.0.1*Add support for Android 4.2.1* Add qs networks icons* Addqsbattery icons* Add blinking gmail notification* Add blinkingsmsnotification
Allura 1.25
Waheed elsisi
Healthy center for physical therapy, obesity, beauty,laser,treatments and hair and skin care.
Lock Now 1.2
It is an easy APP that enables the user to lock his/hergadgetwithout using any lock buttons. User has to just click on theAppIcon and activate the Admin Rights.After the activation ofAdminRights the user has to just click on App Icon to lock thescreenNoConncetion, Registration or Login requiredJust Click andLock yourGadget in seconds.....LOCK NOW
No Pause Lock 1.4
Ever wanted to use your favourite app on a locked phone inyourpocket but Android paused it as soon as you pressed "Power"button?or You've tried to leave it unlocked but soon wasaccidentallytouched while in a pocket?Finally solution hasarrived;). Simplyrun this app and while your app is running on thescreen hold"Power" button for approx. 1-2 seconds(like You do todisplay Poweroff dialog) or choose sensor activation / deactivationand ENJOY;).Your phone is effectively locked and your app isSTILLRUNNING;)Touchscreen and navigation buttons ale inactive topreventaccidental touch (if "Home","Back" or "Menu" buton doesn'tgetdisabled try enabling "NoPause Lock" service inAndroidaccessibility settings).To unlock simply hold again or usesensorsor use regular short presses to put to sleep/wake device.Ifany ofthe navigation buttons is still active after locking andyou've gotLolipop (ANDROID 5.0) or higher you can combine this appwith"screen pinning" Android feature to prevent your app beingswitchedover by accidental button press“This app usesAccessibilityservices.”This optional service helps holding nadusing device forpeople with grip disability or finger trembling andsuch bydisabling hardware and soft buttons and preventingunintendedtouches on some devices during lock.This service doesn'tgather orforward any data.Some customised non standard firmware maypreventPower button activation, sensor activation methods shouldworkthough. Keywords: pause, lock, stop, run, disable, touch,play,screen, touchscreen, lockscreen, proximity, toddler, baby,button,block
Calculator vault - Photo & Video Gallery locker 1.3
Rowdy Store
Powerful privacy protection app to hide & encrypt picturesandvideos behind PIN / Password / Fingerprint lock. You canimportyour personal or naughty images and videos in the securevault, sono need to worry when giving your smart phone to friendsand familywhen Calculator vault – photo and video locker privacyappinstalled on your phone. Calculator vault Vault is afantasticprivacy protection app to easily hide and encrypt yourphotos andvideos that you do not want others to see.Store familyphotosHidenaughty images and videos: PProtect copies of your creditcards,license, ID cards, and bank docsStay away from snoopy eyes&enjoy your privacy!Video LockerKeep your personal andimportantvideos hidden safe from prying eyes in VideoLocker!Keepsafe allyour private files.Photo LockerLock photossecure and private withphoto Locker.Simple to hide photos viagallery or from SD Card.MainFeatures• Access with a PIN / Pattern•Face down lock• No storagelimitations with unlimited photos/videos•Share lockedphotos/videos directly on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp,etc• Workswith your device’s memory / SD card to import and exportphotos andvideos.• Does not show in ‘recent apps’ list.• Lockphotos / videosdirectly from your default gallery• Support hidingand playing GIFimages• Fast bulk hide Photo• Zoom, Hide - Zoom inand out ofhidden photos with multi-touch• Best lock app to lockyour imagesand HD Videos• Hide your album thumbnail ofphoto/video•Automatically quits in device's sleep mode• Album Viewto manageyour photos/videos faster• Select multiple picturesquickly to hide/ unhide• Slideshow photos• Set cover image to youralbums• PrivateCamera: Take photos or record videos that will beinstantlyencrypted or hidden inside the gallery vaultHow it works:• EnterPIN / Pattern to log-in to the app• Press add button in theapp toadd and manage photos/videos/folders.• Import / export photosandvideos from your phone’s memory / SD Card.• Selectthephotos/videos you want to lock. (Multiple selection allowed)•Pressthe “Lock” icon to hide and there! As Secure vault!FAQ:Q: Iforgetthe PIN password. What should I do?A: In case if you forgetyourpasswords, we will send you to your registered e-mail id.Q:Wheredo my photos/videos go after I unlock them? A: Your videoswill beat "sdcard/skullock_unlocked_files" after unlocking.Q: Aremyhidden photos/videos stored online? A: No. Your photos&videosare stored only on your device. We have no ability toremotelyaccess your files.Q: Pictures and videos are broken orlost?A: Ifthis incident occurs, probably because the permissioncalled"Access and change files on Device storage" or something likethatis denied. Or you might deleted / changed the files in yourlocalstorage using some cleaner apps.IMPORTANT NOTES:Do notuninstallthis app before Unlocking your personal files otherwise itwill belost forever.Any issues or suggestion for Calculator vault –photoand video locker, Check out the FAQ below for assistance!Orwelcome to send mail to us! [email protected]• Love us?Likeus:• Twitter addict? Followus:
Zai2 Weather Komponents Kustom 1.16
Ever get tired of the same old color for weather icons? Forthosethat love to customize their device, having themed icons areamust. This skin provides that for you in weather icon sets tobeused with Kustom Live Wallpaper and Kustom Widgets Maker.Withthese sets, you can now match up your screens to the icon packfora beautiful customized look.You get 21 complete weather setswith24 conditions in each set for your forecast needs.This is notastand alone app, they are komponents. You MUST have either KLWPproor KWGT pro installed. If you don't the sets won't work andwon'tshow.KWGT:*Install Either KLWP or KWGT (or both!)*Download andinstallZai2 Weather Komponents Kustom*Open KLWP or KWGT*Click more(+sign)top right*Choose komponent*Scroll to Zai WeatherKomponents*Selectthe one you want*Back to editor to scale,position, create!If youhave any issues please email me at theaddress provided beforeleaving a bad review. I will be sure to helpyou.Sets includedmatch the followingiconpacks:TabloidSutorokuEonVibesRetrofitSaturateMoonriseCikikuaBlueprintArticonsMagmeBIGthanksto the developers who made these icon packs and their helpwithcolor codes.Also thanks to my many supporters on g+ who testedandhave used my sets and for their continued support!