Top 48 Games Similar to Race Runners

Loop Drive 2
The most addicting crash race is back with a sequel and tonsofimprovement!New tracks with easy and hard difficultyoptions,unique environments and brand new cars!As it's ancestor,Loop Drive2 is a casual arcade racing game with a gameplayincredibly easy toget started but frustratingly difficult tomaster.Basically, allyou have to do is drive in circles and avoidcrashing your car.Adjust your speed as you accelerate and brake atthe right momentsto avoid crashing into another vehicle.Earn morecoins with everyloop, unlock cars, expand your collection and seewhat suits youbest.Survive as long as possible, as you train yourreactions,climb leaderboard with higher scores and challengeyourfriends.Hurry up and join the impossible race now!
Toktok Drift
Toktok Drift is a total new 3D experience where you get torace,fight, compete, explore and even pimp your own vehicle butthistime you will not be the driver of a regular vehicle… TokTok isasmall three wheeler known as “Asphalt Devil” that is presentinseveral countries and is also called Tuk Tuk, Tuctuc, orAutoRickshaw. Think of a toktok as a hybrid between a bike,amotorcycle, a car and a small truck. You can enjoy this gameandhave your children enjoy it as well. Your boys are just goingtolove driving their Toktok. Explore new 3D locations that arefromall around the world and walk through the game in the openworldmode. In TokTok Drift we took care of the game ambiencestartingfrom the graphics and game design, moving on to the music,soundeffects, voice-overs and even the roads and landmarks, all in3D.Watch out for the obstacles throughout the maps and theweaponsyour opponents can use against you… Collect weapons yourselfto beable to fight back. Don’t forget to collect the Red Bullboostercans to boost your speed, and rally through the streets ofthecity. Perform stunts as you race over bridges, jump of rampsanddodge obstacles. The more missions you succeed in winning, themoreTok score you achieve. This will grant you points in the“PimpingSection” where you could upgrade your vehicle and customizeit theway you want. Enjoy wide range of missions ranging fromregularone-on-one racing, one-against-many racing, taxi anddeliverymodes. Enough with the regular racing games and ignite yoursensesbecause TokTok Drift is going to take you to a whole newexperiencethat you have never tried before. The great thing aboutthis newtrending racing game is that you can enjoy it completelyfor free.All powerups, additional vehicles, and pimping-up yourToktokupgrades are also for free. Enjoy the 3D gameplay ofthisaction-driving simulator. Don’t forget to rate, review on thestoreand share the game with all your friends. Send us anyfeedbacks,comments or suggestions on ToktokDrift Facebook page…yourcontribution definitely counts.Recommended for you, if youareinterested in; racing games, bike games, truck games,drivinggames, boys games, motorcycle games, bike racing games, cargames,car games for kids, racing car games, race games, 3d cargames,cool car games, car driving games ... Car Moto Racing
Race Time
► One touch slot car racing!► Multiplayer vs racing game –raceagainst the world and race with friends► New race tracks andracingtournaments every day► Simple arcade racing game to play butachallenging game to master!► Cool racers to collect. Gottacollect‘em all!► Beat a pro’s track time in the Sprint race tracktounlock the Pro race trackIf you were a fan of slot cars,circuitracing games or arcade racing track games, you’ve got to tryRaceTime. This one touch game delivers old schoolnostalgia,multiplayer racing and simple controls, all in oneaddictingpackage.See how high you can finish in the daily VSracingtournament!Tap on any racer in the leaderboard to challengethem toa race one-on-one. Or, enjoy multiplayer lap racing againstfriendsby adding them to your friends leaderboard.To master thisfunarcade racing game, it’s key to pick the most valuable lanes–adjust your speed to drift into a more beneficial lane. Also,don'tjust release on the curves. Tapping keeps speed up.Want to upyourracer game and master a tough race track? The top racersaremasters of the circuit race style and have great patterns forlowtimes. Watch replays of top racers to study their techniquesandlearn to master the game. Then race them and try toreplicateit.One touch of this racer game and you’ll be hooked. It’sfun toplay, easy to learn and will keep you coming back for more,withdaily multiplayer racing tournaments and unlockableracers.RaceTime is also a great way to race with friends, no matterwhere inthe world they are.
Geometry Race
Race in the crazy world of geometry shapes. Aim towards thesettingsun and watch out for obstacles that will try to push youoff thetrack.FEATURES★ Beautiful bohemian art style★ Fast pacedactionwith 'just one more try' feel★ Three distinct worlds fullofcolorful obstacles and enemies★ Three wacky music tracks★ Lotsofships and upgrades★ Powerups to be picked up along the way★Onlineleaderboards and achievements
Road Riot
Road Riot is the global sensation that defined the CombatRacinggenre!This addictive, action-packed shooter will put yourdrivingskills to the ultimate test! Dodge missiles, destroy enemycars,and leave a trail of destruction as you race to the top oftheworldwide rankings! says Road Riot Combat Racing“payshomage to arcade classic.” What’s not to love? Fast cars, bigguns,sleek armor, and glory are waiting foryou!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Racing cars has never been thismuchfun! Road Riot Combat Racing challenges you to:: * Race, shoot,anddestroy all kinds of rivals while speeding down theroad!*Customize your ride with 15 levels of weapons, armor, sideweaponsand turrets as well as five types of specialty cars: SportsCar,Magnet Car, Missile Car, Laser Car and Blast Car.* Dodge awayfromrandom rockets, missiles, and roadblocks while jumping over tograbpower ups like, boosts, wrenchs, score multipliers, and magnetstogain additional advantages over enemies and bosses.* Earncoinsalong the race to wisely finance your upgrades on weaponsandarmor.* Earn gems by completing missions and achievements toextendyour life, beat your old records and rule the leaderboard!Thesuper smooth and simple controls make your playing intuitiveandenjoyable whether you’re on a phone or a tablet. Mostimportantly,it is FREE TO DOWNLOAD and FREE TO PLAY! Join millionsof playersworldwide today as you race past enemy cars, tankers, andchopperswhile dodging incoming missiles and gunfire![EL4]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Game features in anutshell:✔ AMAZINGRACING EXPERIENCE.- Speed your way through enemytraffic whileshooting down your enemies in 3 differentenvironments- Fighthead-to-head with dangerous Tank Bosses as wellas shooting carsfrom rival groups- Dodge missiles, gun fire, andtrafficbarricades- Race through over 100 missions and achievements-Pickyour favorite colors with 6 different paint choices ✔COOLESTSHOOTING WITH VARIOUS WEAPON, ARMOR, AND CAR TYPES- Upgradeyourmain weapon and armor up to 15 times to blast through enemycars -Fire side-mounted weapons for wide range shooting- Addautomaticgun turrets to lock onto enemy cars during combat- 5combatvehicles to customize for maximum destruction: Sports Car,MagnetCar, Missile Car, Laser Car and Blast Car ✔ TONS OF BONUSESANDPOWERUPS TO EARN- Get daily coin and jewel rewards to upgradeyourcar even quicker- Grab an edge with 5 different power ups:nitrousboosters, double weaponmounts, repair kits, powerful lootmagnetsand score multipliers ✔ PLAY WITH FRIENDS AND RULETHELEADERBOARDS- Connect to Tango and race with your friends alloverthe world to compete for higher scores on the weeklyleaderboard-Brag, send lives and invitations to challenge yourfriends and getcoin rewards.- Test your luck and win surprisingrewards by playingMystery box Road Riot Combat Racing is one of thebest fast pacedracing games around that is sure to get youradrenaline pumping!Step on the gas and download Road Riot CombatRacing today!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-For more info about RoadRiot CombatRacing - Tango, check us out here: -Forany questions or feedback, reach ushere:
Sports Car Drift Race - Drift Racing Simulator
M1, Scirocco, Astra OPC, Polo, BRZ ( GT86 ) and other carswaitingfor you. Choose your car and customize it and drift. Greatcarsdesigned for you. You must try Sports Car Drift Race.If youlikedrift game and sports cars you must try this game. Greatcarphysics and awesome cars provide great drift experiment. Tracksandcars are designed specifically for drifting. If you trustyourdriving skills you can do great acrobatics move withcars.Features:✔︎ 3D and great environment✔︎ High quality carmodels✔︎ 3 differentcontroller options✔︎ 3 different qualityoptions✔︎ Optimized forlow system requirements✔︎ Car physics areset for drift✔︎ Basiccontroller✔︎ Basic user interface✔︎ Differentcamera views✔︎ Updatecontinuously for adding new features Have agood time.
Pony Craft Unicorn Car Racing - Pony Care Girls
Pony Car Racing - Pony Craft Unicorn is an exciting,exhilarating,high octane FREE endless driving racing game for Girlsand Boys ofall ages. Specifically designed for children andfamilies who wantto unlock and play as the coolest Pony Horse Care- Pony CraftUnicorn drivers in the most exciting racing cars!🐴 PonyCar Racing- Pony Craft Unicorn Features 🏁- Race, Jump, boost anddrift pastobstacles in the city!- Drive over massive ramps andperformawesome racing stunts- Unlock a total of 8 different Ponydrivers!-Race in 10 different cars!- Equip the daredevil helmet tosmashright through obstacles- Collect exciting boosts for your cartohelp you reach the highscore- Upgrade the boosts for yourvehiclewith coins in the shop!- Come back to race each day andunlockexclusive rewards- Amazing 3D graphics- Regular FREE updateswithnew cars and ponies!Drift around obstacles, boost past cornersandrace to the finish line with your favourite Pony Unicorns inPonyCar Racing - Pony Craft Unicorn, an exciting endlessracingsimulator game. Experience realistic acceleration as yourPonyUnicorn Driving Car becomes faster as you race for longer.Thismeans that Pony Car Racing only gets more and more exciting asyouduck, spin and drift around a variety of obstacles such as pilesoftyres, petrol pumps and even traffic! Will you be able to racetovictory through the city streets? Be sure to collect as manycoinsas possible in this pony driving simulator game as you racethroughthe streets, and even receive bonus coins for performingawesomestunts! The city is full of massive ramps for you to launchoff,and both awesome stunts and bonus coins are waiting for you inthesky. Control your turbo horse racing car as you glide throughtheair avoiding traffic on the streets and try to collect asmanybonus coins as you can before you land. Pony Car Racing -PonyCraft Unicorn not only features fast unicorn race cars, butalsoextra boosts for those fast race cars! Collect as many boostsasyou can so that you can perform even cooler stunts such asflippingyour car in the air as you jump over street signs. Becomethe bestpony driver today. Street racing has never beensoexhilarating!Being a stunt race driver is dangerous, and itisimportant to keep your Pony driver safe in Pony Car Racing!Collector spend coins to purchase daredevil helmets for your ponydriver,and use these to keep on racing and driving even aftercrashing!Don’t forget to pack as many helmets as you can if you areaimingto reach the highscore.Racing coins are awesome! And this iswhythere are so many to collect in Pony Car Racing. Be sure tovisitthe shop after each race to unlock new ponies, new cars andevennew paint styles for your car! There is always something newtospend your coins on. As well as vehicles, you can improveyourcurrent cars by upgrading your boosts, this will cause yourbooststo last longer or have a more potent effect. Will you be abletounlock everything, including the fastest car on the streets -theTurbo GT?Be sure to come back and race in this drivingsimulatoreveryday so that you can unlock the exclusive and awesomedailyrewards. These will help to ensure that you are the firstPonyUnicorn to reach the finish line!Pony Car Racing - PonyCraftUnicorn has been carefully designed for boys, girls andfamilies tohave ultimate fun! Please rate us for futureimprovements andupdates!Invite your friends to play the cute,magical, addictivegames designed for Girls & Boys of all agescreated by GreenTea Games and challenge them to beat your highestscore!Visit ourofficial site at www.GreenTeaGames.comFollow us onTwitter Or like us on to get more info about all ourupcomingtitles.
Multiplayer Driving Simulator
Multiplayer Driving Simulator is the most extreme realtimemultiplayer car driving simulator on Play Store. Drive aturbosports car, crash it, drift it as fast as you can and burntheasphalt of the road with more people!!Prove yourself thefastestdriver in the world, burn the asphalt at extreme speeds andfeelthe need of racing with this amazing multiplayer game.Racingonline had never been so fun!No police and no traffic. Justyou andyour friends. Enjoy roaming or drag race your GT cars.Youchoose!Environment featuring off-road rally zone, and bigcityasphalt among others.This game is in BETA state. It might notworkproperly. We might change everything in any moment. Hopeyouunderstand this situation and accept our apologies.
Stock Car Racing
Drivers start your engines! Professional oval track racingthatexplodes with racing action!Experience the adrenaline as youpowerover 600 horses around the track. Choose your stock car andrace on5 different speedways including the 1 Mile, 2.5mi Quad-Oval,a1.5mi Tri-Oval and the Paperclip!RACE MODES :Multiplayer -Racehead to head against other playersRegulation - Race and setthedifficulty for higher prizesLadder - Race againstprogressivelyfaster opponents for increasing prizes.Endurance -Race the full400 lap distance.Hot Lap - Set your fastest single lapon GameCenterPractice - Practice racing lines and setup car forracetrimCARS:Includes cars from the golden-era right up tothemodern-era. Drive Super Trucks or 1970s classics. Sprint carsanddirt track racing coming soon!EXPERIENCE THE SPEEDFeel yourmachineon the absolute limit of adhesion. Earn in-game cash tobuy,upgrade, repair and adjust your Stock Car. Qualify to unlocknewtracks for increasing prize money. ONLINE MULTIPLAYERRACINGBeatyour friends and join the privileged few to make it ontotheleaderboards.MULTIPLE TRACKS4 unique tracks to unlock.REALCRASHPHYSICSPersistent car-damage with sparks, smoke and flamesforrealistic racing.CUSTOMISE YOUR STOCKCARDesign your Stock Carwithteam colours and racing numbers in the Paintshop.UPGRADEYOURSTOCKCAREngine, tires and chassis increasing your car'soverallperformance.SETUP YOUR STOCK CARAllows you to adjust yourcar forrace trim.REAL SIMULATIONVisually stunning 3D graphicsandrealistic physics.RUBBER-BANDING ASSISTHelps gets you back intotherace quicker.EARN IN-GAME CASHBased on finishing positionandcalculated each lap round, the higher you place the moreyouearn.Drivers start your engines!
4x4 Jeep Racer
4x4 Jeep RacerAn off road adventure of furious race withasimulation of crazy drive.Welcome to take greatest funwhileplaying this modern 4x4 jeep driving game 2018. In thismodernoff-road 4x4 jeep racing free game, we will give a Dubaidesertsfor your monster new 4x4 off road jeep race competition. Areyouready to take a modern 4x4 offroad jeep driving gameschallenges?If yes then you’re in the right direction. This real new4x4 jeepgames will give you multiple thrilling tasks on the desertside.You will drive your real monster trucks 4 x 4 jeep in thesemodern4x4 games and off road rally 2 game. In the past history, youwouldhave played many crazy new 4x4 offroad games, but this real4x4jeep driving games 2018 is best for you. In this real new 4x4hillclimb jeep driving 3d game, we will give you a realisticgameplayenvironment with its stunning modern offroad legends freejeep race3d. You will take unlimited fun while playing these modernjeepgames 4x4. This a difficult task for you to drive on offroaddesert and chase your opponent in this modern 4x4 jeep racingfreegame. In this modern 4x4 off-road jeep rally game, your duty istoaccept 4 x 4 jeep challenges and take a ride on differentdesertsand uphill mountain off-road tracks. We will give yourealisticgameplay atmosphere in this monster offroading jeepparking 4x4. Wewill give you multiple levels. Every level becomemore attractiveand beautiful with its stunning 4 x 4 jeep racingfree game. Thesereal new jeep simulator 4x4 games, initial levelare easy to playbut gradually upcoming level are more difficult toplay. Thesemodern new 4x4 jeep driving games, we will give you alimited timeto complete your level. In this modern 4x4 hill climbjip drivinggame, we will give you multiple thrilling tasks. Everytask istotally different from upcoming tasks. You will drive real4x4 jeepracing 3d on different Real Mountain off road tracks. Inthe pasttime you would have played many monster 4x4 off road games2017 andyou must have experience of playing these extreme real 4x4jeepgames 2018. In these modern jeep race 4x4 games, we will giveyoulimited time to complete your real 4x4 jeep race otherwiselevelwill be failed. So drive fast and win the racing challenge inthismodern desert 4x4 jeep driving free game. I’m sure you willenjoy alot while playing these monster jeep games 4x4. This crazy4x4games off road rally 2 gives you in-app to unlock new featuresandto remove ads.In this modern 4x4 hill climb jeep racing game,wewill give you a chance to become a desert race champion byshowingoff your best 4 x 4 jeep driver skills. These real new jeepgames2017 will give you advanced level featuring graphics. In thisrealnew 4x4 jeep driving free game, we will give you multiple modestoplay your expert 4x4 jeep racing game. These expert newjeepdriving games will give automatic power gears. In the pasthistoryyou would have played many modern 4x4 off road games, sothesemodern jeep games 4x4 is best for you. You will takeincredible funwhile playing this modern off-road legend jeepadventure 3d game.Now, what are you waiting for? Pick up yourandroid devices anddownload these modern 4x4 jeep driving games2018. Good Luck!4x4Jeep Racer Features:• Easy to handle your realdesert 4x4 jeepcontrol• Realistic HD graphics with HD jeepbackground sound•Multi-angle camera mode • Wide range of new 4 x 4off-road jeeps•Realistic jeep race game play environment• Multiplethrilling taskson different desert and mountain tracks• This gameis for all agepeople• Endless jeep journeyIt’s free to play soquickly downloadthis modern 4x4 jeep racing 3d game.
Touch Racing 2 - Mini RC Race
Challenge yourself in Radio Control races in this drivingsimulator.Race with extreme vehicles in this arcade RC game!Perform stunts,avoid obstacles, overtake your rivals and upgradeall the 4x4 SUV,speedcars and boats and drive to victory in aracing game. Ready…Steady… GO!Accelerate to top speed, burn theasphalt or surf thewater and jump over your opponents in thisextreme racing game.Drive over the marks on the road to get nitroand sprint to overtakethe other pilots, win the Grand Prix! Getthe best score drivingfaster, doing stunts and jumping higher thanthe others players inthis RC racing simulator! The sheer varietyin vehicles, opponents,tracks and environments makes the game feelconstantly challengingin this driving game!Burn the road, splashthe water and overcomethe rivals in races across the streets andthe sea. Dominate all thecircuits and win the championships,personalize your buggies,speedcars or crafts with the rewards andupgrade your all RCvehicles. Drive your mini Radio Control andtune them with thecustomization possibilities at the game workshopin our driversimulator. Avoid the other mini vehicles or hit themin your way tothe first position of the World Championship.Hitting the asphalt ina speedcar or the water in a power boat inthe new racing arcadegame.What about visit the garage? Upgrade theengine and increasethe top speed of your RC vehicles, level up thechassis to get moreaerodynamics or boost the spoiler to improveyour stunts and nitro,make an unstoppable vehicle! Push yourdriving skills to the limitin the Limited-Time Events or challengeyour Facebook friends in themultiplayer mode. Be the ultimateracer and drive full speeddrifting fast and doing burnouts in thisrace simulator.Are youready for extreme velocity? Get in thebuggy, car or ship, heat theengine and hit the throttle! Runfaster and jump higher in thisexciting R/C drive game and become apro driver in this real racingsimulator, totally addictive!Dominate the track in our highwaydriving game, become a herodriver and defeat unique bosses for eachmini vehicle category inyour way to the legend career!GAMEFEATURESUPGRADE YOURVEHICLELevel up your driving skills after everyrace, become thechampion in this Radio Control drivingsimulator.Upgrade your RCboats and cars, improve the chassis,tires, engine, body, spoilerand blade as you progress through yourlegend career in a newdriver game. Set the engine power, tune theturbo and no one couldbeat you on the track in this highwaygame!TUNING YOURDRIVERCustomize your ride car with stickers and newpaint jobs, thebest complements are in this extreme racing game!Goto the garage,pimp your RC cars and boats and enjoy with a ridedrive in this prodriver simulator!Collect all the Radio Controlvehicles andpersonalize them with tons of accessories to our gameworkshop.Collect all of them in our arcade drivinggame!MULTIPLAYERMODEDrive and compete in ride RC races over theworld, challengeyour Facebook friends or face your speedcar or boatwith randomrival vehicles in the new multiplayer mode.Feel thespeed as youparticipate in Limited-Time Events to stack up rewardsin this RChighway game!Can you reach the top of the World Rankingin the bestRC racing game ever? Show who is the best RC driver inasphalt orwater, dominate all elements in our arcade racingsimulator!UNIQUEDETAILSDefeat bosses as you progress from an R/Crookie to a globallegend pilot in our hero driver simulator!Use thenitro to boostthe speed, make crazy stunts, jump and fly over therivals and beatthe other highway racers in new driving arcade game!Unique controlsystem, anyone can learn to play in seconds with onlytwo fingers.Easy to play, hard to master!VISITUS:
Pit Stop Racing : Club vs Club
Discard the hard control system of the existing racing game,andplay the race by matching the timing.The control system is aseasyfor a 3 -year-old, but the judgment is narrow and so itrequires ahigh degree of concentration.Win the winners in eachtournament inorder, and become the best racer !■■■■ Game Features■■■■1.Concentrate on the timing of gear shifting and tirechanging.: Timeis delayed if you do not get PERFECT.2. Become thebest winner atCHAMPIONSHIP.: A total of 6 SEASONS of tournamentswill open inorder. Meet the suitable high performance cars and pitcrew foreach season.3. Don't miss the 'Daily League': A maximum of7 usersbet prize money and play for a Day. 4. Various Race Stiyes -TrackRace - Drag Race - City Race5. Club Race: Join the club andenjoyteam competition.■■■■Control System■■■■1. Control of gearshifting:Press the gear button when the green light turns on. Feelthe timewhen the PERFECT sign comes on.2. Control of acceleratebutton: Inorder to raise the acceleration you must press theacceleratorbutton and hold. However, while shifting gear, youshould not pressthe accelerator.3. Exchanging Tires: When replacingthe tires,press the drill button when the hexagonal screw becomesthesmallest.[Google App Permissions]: This game requires thefollowingpermissions in order to provide a better game environmentandproper gameplay.• READ_PHONE_STATE•READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE•WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
Wild Lion Racing Fever : Animal Race
Wild Lion Racing Simulator 3DWelcome to play the interestingwildlion racing simulator animal where you have to race withthrillingcrazy dog and wild animals. You never see exciting race ofLion vslion or Wild lion vs dog racing 3D action? It is good timefor youto enjoy fun of thrilling battle race of wild animal lionracing2017. Lion vs tiger animal race simulator 2017 game isinnovationgame where you watch the Lion racing power of high speedcrazy lionand fastest wild jungle dog race. Before this you haveseen lionhunting and sniper jungle lion battle game but here 0wecome upwith extreme wild lion racing simulator 3D game. Don’t wastetimeon free animal action races. Download wild Lion vs tigerracing2017 and enjoy the wonderful and interesting animalracingSimulator.Wild animal Dangerous Lion championship race battlehasmodern Olympic environment from where you feel the screaminghighnoise of audience watching the thrilling wild Lion animal raceofLion vs dog vs Tiger in one international Lion championshipRace.Wild lion racing fever: animal racing simulator game havemanythrilling racing level in which you can challenge race matchtoyour opponent dog vs fastest wild tiger race. Every lion racing3Dlevel you will compete or start race with maximum number ofanimalsin one wild lion racing match. Fulfill every challenge andenjoythe wonderful lion vs tiger animal race simulator 3D. Ultimatelionand dog racing 3D is a real fun of jungle animal racinggames.Where lion is crossing the high speed dog and tiger in newnationalchampion race tournament.Wild animal lion racing 2017 willprovideyou real fun of animal racing simulator. Every level hasmodernracing animal simulator mission where wild lion vs tigerracing 3D,wild lion vs dog race 3D, greyhound lion vs wild tigerracing, lionwild animal racing, crazy lion racing fever, wildanimal lion race,lion fast run vs wild tiger, high speed lion vsdog chase, ultimatelion and dog racing 3D, lion vs tiger actionanimal race simulator2017 missions are here for you. Install moderncrazy lion animalracing action game and select your fav Wild lionfor race. Afterselection your fast speed lion you will have to pickyour favoritetrack for Modern lion 3D racing. See carefully racewith otherthrilling racing animals. Tap fast to win the lion battlerace andby going fast at the finish line before ending time. Don’twasteyour race time on other things. Hurry up and install thislionrace. Watch and just play this extreme wild lion racing 3Dgame.Features:Real lion animal’s raceModern racingenvironmentFinger tapto win the raceMultiple racing animalselectionQuick race mode andanimal racing tournamentWild lionstournament race
Highway Bike Race 3D
"Bike Race 3D" for FREE on android Googleplaynow! Are you ready for Bike Race?Start your engine and gear up to race down the track. AnAmazingracing game features to compete with your extremerivals.Made For All Devices ~Easy To Play ~Great Graphics ~Collect Coins to Make High Score !Less Mb Great GameBe an extreme moto racer and drive the world classsportsbike.Just tilt your device to steer your bike away fromothervehicles.Great small game for kids.
Lethal Race
This is a new car racing game of deadly proportions. Raceagainstother super power enemy cars through cities, tunnels, farms,andmore!Game developed by gametornado.
Car Racing Online Traffic
Download and play Car Racing Online Traffic for FREE and playthemost addictive online racing game on the Google Playstore. Ifyouare a fan of car racing games or driving games, you need to tryourreal car racing simulator now. We will bring you the bestendlesstraffic racing online experience for you!There are many cargamesand car racing games out there. But can you have all the funthatCar Racing Online Traffic can give you? Race the traffic inourEndless Play mode and see how far you can go. Race onlinewithfriends and fellow gamers on our race track. Explore the globeinfour different maps with different terrains and challenges.Upgradeyour racing cars to the max. There are so many things to doin ourcar game that you will never get bored. Fans of free onlineracinggames will go crazy when they discover what else they cando.=========================================Car Racing OnlineTrafficHIGHLIGHTEDFEATURES:=========================================UNBEATABLEGAMINGEXPERIENCEExperience our latest cutting edge gamingtechnology. Youwill be amazed on how smooth and realistic the carhandlingexperience in this traffic racer game. ENDLESS MODEPlaytheultimate endless traffic racer game on our Endless Mode. Weusecutting edge technology to make your driving experience morereal.ONLINE RACE MODE FROM DIVISION 1 TO DIVISION 8!We prideourselvesas being the best multiplayer racing game onAndroid!Choose the carthat suits your best and race online on ourOnline Racing LeagueChallenge! You can get massive prize forparticipating in ourOnline Race League from Division 1 to Division8. Steer your car!Show your best high speed driving skill andovertake your friendsand other players from around the world!CAREER MODEPlay our careermode and play the endless traffic realcar racing in more than 4maps and 3000 missions! It is truly adream come true for a carracing games fan. CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITECARS!We provide 15 cars thatyou can choose with realisticenvironment. Rich types of NPCtraffic including trucks, buses andSUVs.HIGH SPEED DRIVINGSteeryour car and overtake other cars toearn more coins. The moredanger you face, you will get even morecoins!HIGH QUALITYGRAPHICS
Enjoy our cutting edge 3D graphictechnology. We bring youthe most realistic environment and carsamong other driving games.UPGRADE YOUR CARS
You don’t have tosettle for basic car featuresnow. You can upgrade your car to itslimits, modify it, andcustomize it with colorful car paints andwheels. You can upgradeand modify your car’s Speed, Acceleration,Handling, and Brakingoptions. EXPLORE DIFFERENT MAPS
Experienceracing like you’ve neverhad before! Explore different terrains withits own challenges. Seeif you have the skill to win against youropponents in 4 differentmaps. Prepare to overcome the nature andweather. Challengeyourself on the hot Island, sandy Desert, denseForest, and icyWinter. SHOW WHO’S THE BOSS!
Show off your drivingskill and earnhigh score. Compete with your friends and globalplayers in ourmultiplayer racing mode on the race track. Put yourname our OnlineLeaderboards andAchievements!=========================================These aresome of our bestfeatures and will make every car games enthusiastenjoy our game.We will bring even more cool features so we will betruly numberone among other car racing games. So download our gamenow and racethe traffic to victory! We love to hear from ourplayers! Pleasedon’t hesitate to contact us with your feedback andcomments on ouremail address (email). We will also appreciate yoursupport byleaving us a rating and review!
Thumb Moto Race
Welcome to the stunt racing challenge of Thumb Moto Racing.Rideyour motorbike on racing tracks with fast speed and performcrazystunts. Challenge the furious speed with your new heavybikes.Bring you top racing games to give you a new bike racingexperiencein 2018. Drive your moto on tracks as fast as you can towin racingchallenge. Compete in motorcycle game 2018 and becomechampion ofthumb moto racing.Thumb Moto Racing is extreme bike racein theworld of bike race simulation. Get ready for the fantasticandextremely moto racing adventure 2018. Race, stunt and crashyourway with mad bike rivals through amazing frontier bikeracingtracks. Dare to drive fast in top speed racing game. Controlyourmotorbike with incredible fast speed in extreme bikeracechallenge.Ride in the most spectacular racing environment builtforextreme racing challenge with insane speed tricks. Realisticbikephysics will give you a real bike riding and racingexperience,just drive fast and finish the ride in time whileperforming masterbike tricks. Thumb moto racing has fast pacesmooth control overthe speed and advancedhydraulic brake system.Themoto racing ridergame has best 3d graphics with motorbikes racingcompetition. Youwill enjoy the feeling of top racing games, extremebike race gamewith stunts, so drive carefully. Enjoy veryattractive andbeautifully designed high-speed bike racingtracks.Ride your bikethrough curvy racing tracks and amazing curvypaths on highway bikerace roads, be careful on dangerous sharpturns. Show the worldwhat you have got and prove that you are thebest bike racer andtop moto rider. Experience the thrill andexcitement of driving afast speed moto through professional racetracks as moto rider2018. Can you be the best racer and motorcyclerider daredevil tocomplete all the road racing challenge ofmotorbike? Now take anextreme race ride with this bike racechallenge now. Thumb MotoRacingFeature:• Easy, simple and smoothcontrols.• Extreme bikerace game for modern racers.• Collect checkpoints, stars andshield to upgrade motorcycle.• Huge variety ofheavy motorbikes tounlock.• City road tracks with lush green grassoutside the track.•Beautiful desert and snow racing tracksenvironment.• Lap system totest your skills in top racing games•Perform insane stunts inracing challenge
Furious City Moto Bike Racer
RACE YOUR MOTORCYCLE IN THE BIG CITY Race and rush yourfastmotorcycle in the big city as the city driver. In thismotorcycleracing games you will encounter many awesome features andlots ofchallenging game missions. Become the best of the absolutebest andbe the moto bike king in this stunning furious city motobike racersimulator. ✔ Stunning speed city moto vehicles to collectandunlock ✔ Motorcycle games with a twist that will rock your world✔Many hours of city driver challenges ✔ Other motorcycleracinggames will follow shortly *** ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILLREMOVE ADSFOREVER ***Help us improve by rating and giving us yourcomments inone of our social media below. Let’s make awesome mobilegamestogether!\We’re on Twitter, Facebook and more - find us onyourfavorite networks to hear about our newest games and othernewsupdates:▶ Website |▶ Facebook|▶ Twitter|▶ YouTube |
Pups Race for Paw
Do you like racing games ? what if this game contains puppies ?forsure you will love it. this is what are you looking for ,thepatrol race, a game that you will likebecause it's so special,itvery enjoyable game , it's has so many levels in differentworlds,and it's not complicated you can play it easily, also it hasallyour favorite features and characteristics :-easyand simple for kids - it's has a lot of levels - very nicedesigns- cool music - competitive and enjoyable Enjoy our game PupsRacefor Paw.DISCLAIMER:We are not affiliated in any way totrademarkowner. This application complies with US Copyright lawguidelinesof "fair use". If you feel there is a direct copyright ortrademarkviolation that doesn't follow within the "fair use"guidelines,please contact us directly. Our application is anunofficial, thisdog game just for fans purpose only, it is notauthorized orcreated by the original creator.
Dirt Bike Exploration Racing
★★ Dirt Bike Exploration Racing ★★Download our best motorcyclegamenow to feel like a true champion driving in an adventure youwillnot forget!If you love the Dirt Bikes and speed on two wheelsthisis the game you've been waiting for!You have to get toanappointment as soon as possible and will only be on time if yougowith a bike. You steal an amazing Dirt Bike, but an undercovercophas seen you and prepares to chase you at full speed!Survive inacrazy escape in which the police and the different obstaclesthatyou will cross along the way try to stop you from arrivingontime!★ INCREDIBLE DIRT BIKES ★You'll be surprised by thepixelateddesign of the Dirt Bikes and you'll feel very comfortableduringthe motorcycle racing!As you climb your driving experiencelevelyou'll be able to drive better Dirt Bikes! They are idealforlovers of blocky games!The controls are very simple so thatyourescape will totally depend on your driving skillsandabilities!There's no time to lose! Choose your pixel bikeandescape the police showing that no one can reach you!★ MISSIONSANDFUNNY POWER-UPS ★In addition to the escape in which you willtakepart, there are many missions to overcome in the race in ordertoobtain more points, improvements and progress in thegame!Thehigher your driving skills will be the more difficult themissionswill be, so you will have to be very concentrated whiledrivingyour Dirt Bike!On your way you'll encounter monster trucks,buses,billboards, and other boxes that may get into your lane andforceyou to dodge them to survive. In order to continue your raceandnot die, make sure to dodge all the obstacles!Collect coinsforupgrades, nitros to be invincible and destroy everything,magnetsto attract all the coins and bonuses to multiply yourscores! Leavenothing on the road and stay tuned because there arealso livesthat appear!Features of this pixelated Dirt Bikesmotorcycle racinggame:★ Blocky Dirt Bike Motorcycles!★ EnduroEnvironment!★ Amazingmissions!★ Extreme speed!★ Very simplecontrols!★ Incredible pixelgraphics!★ Leaderboards!★ EntertainingMusic!★ Free!Live a uniqueexperience by downloading this Dirt Bikesgame. We are waiting foryour reviews and ratings to know what youthink and keep improvingthe game. We will answer to all thecomments!Be the envy of yourfriends, recommend them to play andchallenge yourself with them tosee who gets a better position inthe world rankings table!The gameis waiting. Can you escape fromthe undercover cops with your bikeand overcome any obstacles?Havefun, enjoy and flee as far aspossible!★ Lab Cave ★
Kart Stars
Welcome to the World Karting Championships! Race through asingleplayer campaign or go head to head with players from aroundtheworld. Feel the rush as you play through vintage, sprint andsuperkarts in a massive 300 round world championship season. Outrunthecompetition and finish on the podium to earn coins, upgradeyourkart, and become the World Karting Champion.EXCITING CAMPAIGNMODE!Test your skills in 300 super-fun and surprising race modesandunlock exclusive rewards!RACE THE STARS! Jump behind the wheelandrace as James Courtney or over 150+ other featured realdrivers.CUSTOMIZE AND UPGRADE YOUR KART! Progress through Vintage,Sprintand Super Karts with tons of options to customize andupgrade.CUSTOMIZE YOUR DRIVER! Choose from a huge selection ofHelmets,Suits, fun Headwear and stand out from the crowd.POWERFULBOOSTERS!Use engine blueprinting or tyre boosters to help you windifficultrounds.AMAZING VISUALS! Race around the world withenvironmentsfrom night, city, snow and ice to the outbackdesert!ACTION PACKEDTRACKS! Race over 30 Tracks in a massive 300round worldchampionship season.BEAT YOUR FRIENDS! Play with friendson PlayGame Services or share your progress on Facebook.MUCH MORETO COME!Kart Stars has just begun – so look out for many more funthingscoming your way in 2017!Contains in-app purchases. Theyareoptional and not required to play the game.
Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic
Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic brings to you one of themostcompelling and satisfying traffic dodging experience intheworld!Features:- Choose from the fastesthigh-performancemotorcycles!- Enjoy extreme 3D visuals!- Prove yourskills inhardcore challenges!- Upgrade your speed, breaking leveland addextra lives!- Select your favorite motorbike category:chopper,cross or superbike!- Make near traffic misses discovering 4uniquelocations: Suburbs, Desert, Snow and Night City- Explore 4uniquelocations in 4 different modes!- Ride your motorcycle on ahighway,interstate, or the autobahn!- Dominate onlineleaderboards!- Unlock23 achievements!- Discover plenty of biketuning options!ENDLESSGAMEPLAYHead out and race as fast as you canto become the best newmoto rider in the world! Race the traffic andcomplete thechallenges to get real among the competition. Jump onyour racingbike and ride in the endless busy roads and highways!Make neartraffic misses discovering 4 unique locations: Suburbs,Desert,Snow and Night City in 4 different modes! Ride yourmotorcycle on ahighway, interstate, or the autobahn. Never forgetthat riding amotorcycle can be fun, but it can also be dangerous!Roads andhighways are full of speeding cars – they can botheryou!SELECTIONOF HIGH-PERFORMANCE MOTORBIKESHave you ever wanted toride amotorcycle in real life? Great! It's about time to test yourskillsand decide on the motorcycle category you would choose –extremelyfast superbike, epic chopper motorcycles ormodifiedhigh-performance versions of off-road motorcycles! Everybike hasits own individual extras: total lives, near miss bonus,high-speedbonus or wrong way bonus.A TON OF TUNING ANDCUSTOMIZATIONOPTIONSGo to the garage and select one of thehigh-performancemotorbikes. Tune your vehicle and customize itsappearance. Chooseyour favorite body color and slap on somewell-designed decals!Give your rides your own style. Increase yourmotorbike's speed,breaking level and add extra lives – these willall have a definiteimpact on your bike's performance.CLIMB TO THETOP OF THELEADERBOARDSTake part in a selection of hardcorechallenges andbecome the fastest moto rider on the streets.Millions of otherplayers will compete for the top rank. Join themand work your wayup the weekly leaderboards rankings. Race thetraffic and completethe challenges to get real among thecompetition. Nobody said thattraffic driving would be easy - butthe prize is well worth it.RICHROAD ENVIRONMENTSGO Moto Rider:Highway Traffic is setting the newstandard within traffic racinggenre. Enjoy extremely impressivegraphics and experiencehigh-octane racing! Discover well-designedand full animated dashand speedometer! It will be fun andcompelling, we guarantee!Proveyour skills as tenacious bike rider!Download Moto Rider GO: HighwayTraffic now!Finally available onGoogle Play for FREE!Discover ourother games: us onFacebook: us onTwitter:
Crazy Dog Racing
Hey ever wondered if your dog is fast enough to compete withotherdogs, lets find out with our highly skilled and competitivedogracing.Crazy Dog Racing is a lapping game where you will havetotap to make it run faster and at the end of every race you willwinpoints which will help you to unlock new fastest dog to winthisamazing dog racing challenge. This is not just a simple dogracegame, its simulation of professional dog race, where a bunnyisrunning in-front of the dogs, and dogs have to chase the bunnywithfull speed and might. The dog that chases it first, winstherace.This top dog race game have two types of racing modes.1)QuickRaceIt is a quick race against all other dogs, one who chasestherabbit first wins the race2) tournament raceThis is acompletetournament of dog racers, where you participate in knockout stylegame,the one who stays last, is finished fromtournament.Tournamentis just like other pro tournament like Copaamerica and euro cup,where where your main goal is not to getknocked out.Now in theupdate two more modes are added3) Dog vsHorse racethis is fun racefor entertainment purpose, where youcompete your dog againsthorse.4) Dog Vs TigerFunny dog elements areadded to race withtiger, lets see who wins against dog.These twomodes are added inlatest updated versions of game5) Bet RacingModePlay yourfavourite racing dog against others and bet what youcan, you canplay bet racing with any dog, against other dog, andcan increasebets if you want. Earn huge in-game money with thesebets on dograce.6) Dog Hurdle race & stunts modeThis new dogracing modeis added with hurdles, you have to jump on hurdles,fences anddrums on dog tracks. to win the race play the most stuntswith besthurdle crossing race..Features* Professional dog racingtracks,these tracks are specially designed for dog race* Attractive3Denvironment, where people watch this on going dograce.*Interactive GUI, one of the best* Latest AI, Dogs AI is oneof bestagainst which you have to compete.* Cute and Smart dogs* alldogbreeds are present to chose the one you like most.PrivacyPolicyWedon't collect any personal information , anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements. For detailscheckhere
Nonstop Crazy Cars
Play Nonstop Crazy Cars, an exciting and addictive hill climbracinggame for all ages and see how far can you go climbing themountain.Challenge your racing skills in different levels andbecome theultimate mountain car racer of all time!⛰️COOL DESIGNAND SOUNDEFFECTSIf you love to play car games and you like racinggames thenthis is the right game for you. Playing this car racinggame youwill enjoy HD graphics with amazing design of racing carsandexciting mountain environment as the coolest racing soundeffectsevery time you are playing and climbing on the mountains.With thisandroid racing game you will get one racing experience onanotherlevel, feeling like a real racer. 🏎️EXCITING CLIMBRACINGGAMEPLAYThis mountain car racing game is offering one easygameplayand yet highly addictive and challenging. Testing theplayer’sracing skills this game is giving the players one simpletask.Using the controls on the screen, you need to control theracingcar, drive fast and use the break to go far in every level.On theway, climbing the mountain, you need to collect the coins togetyour high scores. See how far you can progress in this carracinggameplay, racing fast and climbing themountain.🔝DIFFERENTCHALLENGING LEVELSOne of the best features thiscar racing gameoffers are certainly the different levels which willkeep youinterested in the car racing gameplay. On this racing gameyou willenjoy many exciting levels in different weather conditionswhileracing in different cool cars. The car racing game will keepyouaddicted, pushing you to become the ultimate racingclimber.🚗NONSTOP CRAZY CARS FEATURES✔️ High-quality graphics ✔️Cool designand sound effects ✔️ Collect coins for high scores✔️ Usethe hillclimb racing controls on the screen for the racing car✔️Differentchallenging levels✔️ Race in different weatherconditions✔️ FREEhill climb racing game to play- - - - - - - - - -- - - - - Testyour mountain car racing skills and see how far youcan gocontrolling the racing car in many challenging and excitinglevelson this android racing game. Download the mountain racinggame nowfor FREE!
Moto Traffic Race
Moto Traffic Race is one of the best moto racing games. Havefundodging cars and trucks while you speed up to the limit. Takeyourcar and race in 2 different game modes… day or night!MotoTrafficRace has lots of bikes to purchase. You can also upgradeyour ridewith your hard earned money. Get the best bike money canbuy andbeat everyone in this amazing moto racing game.Ride yourbikethrough streets packed with real life traffic and thematiccars.Avoid fire trucks, blazing cars, cement trucks, and evenpoliceroad blocks! What are you waiting for? Download Moto TrafficRacenow!FEATURES:- 2 games modes- Lots of bikes- Real lifetraffic-Thematic cars- Moving and static obstacles- Great 3Dgraphics-Awesome music- Endless fun!
Pro ATV Quad Bike Racer 2018
Endless ATV quad bike racing game in which you have a chancetobecome an endless atv bike rider among the highway traffic,vastoffroad desert or snow covered roads . Pro ATV Quad Bike Racer2018has fun driving with variety of most powerful quad bikes forfastdrive. Your quad ATV moto has ability to perform stunts withquadbike highway drive. A super exciting game with endlessamusementquad bike atv racer 2018 where you have to choose yourfavoritequad bike and move towards destination within time periodas proatv bike race. Use turbo or nitro effects to get maximumfasterracing speed of your atv bike. Monster atv quad bike is notaboutoffroad or any uphill adventure quad bike ride but atypicalhighway atv quad bike racing with endless riding andracingmissions. Get ready to take another journey and enjoy anamazingquad bike ride around the spectacular open world environmentwithquad bike atv racer 2018. Your super hero quad bike highwaystuntsand racing game is here with ultimate quad racer fun. it’stime toshow your extreme quad bike stunts skills ride in the cornerofroad tap the boost for high fast speed of motorcycle. Real bikeatvracer drive and simulator is a must have game for all atv motofunof mayhem riders!Play this amazing Pro ATV Quad Bike Racer 2018asendless adventure atv bike rider. Show your endless drivingskillsand dodge the traffic like big truck, trailer, fastest carsandmotorcycle on road. Endless 4x4 atv motorcycle adventure racewillsurely amuse you. Huge city is your racing track and you needtoperform atv quad bike stunt drive around the endlesshighwaytraffic city. Superhero Atv bike racing wants controlledspeedbecause accident or crash racing of quad motorcycle willcausedendless racing mission failed. So quad moto bike driver bereadyfor your endless atv quad bike racing as pro atv rider withatvbike racing games. Drive your iconic atv bike and avoidtrafficvehicles while increasing speed to the limits. This trafficbikeand amazing racing fun is the best racing & stunt game ofquadbike in 2018 with endless atv quad.Just follow your aimwhichshould be ride on the highway, offroad desert or slipperysnowroads and dodge the traffic and don’t let atv bike crash.Enjoythis Extreme motorcycle quad with endless city atv racingthroughhighway. Try to get as far as possible with nitro, beat& dodgeall other vehicles on road and be a super hero quad bikerider.Reckless atv quad bike racer is superb addition in thecategory ofatv bike racing games. Start this incredible fast turbospeedendless atv quad bike racing, Hit the button for explosiveburst ofnitro speed. Get massive racing stunts and become a newchampion ofthis highway quad bike racing with your 4x4 ATV.Superhero atv quadbike stunt racing is a best quad bike games of2018 that you canride an ATV Quad and drive at high speed in thetraffic and becomea top stunt racer.Features in Pro ATV Quad BikeRacer 2018:✓Multiple racing modes like desert, city & snowracing.✓Unlimited riding fun with endless quad bike racer stunts.✓Amazingtracks to drive & race with smooth control system.✓Different4x4 atv quad motorcycle to choose with awesome 3Dgraphics.✓ Be asuper rider 2018 for endless quad racing in new agebike games.✓Breathtaking city ATV racing missions for quad game.
Highway Traffic Race Online
Highway Traffic Race OnlineHighway Traffic Race Online is thelatestgame that will offer you the chance to become a real Driver!Loveracing and simulation games..True Physics realistic game,Realisticvehicle and real FUN!* Different backgrounds* Thrillingandaddictive to everyone!* Stunning HD Graphics art design*Attractivebackground sound play* Fast action Extreme racing fun
MMX Racing
THIS IS IT! Your chance to create a fire-breathing Monster Truckandrace it head-to-head over spectacular jump filledcourses.Experience benchmark graphics, physics andadrenaline-filledexcitement in MMX Racing, the must-have racingtitle of 2015.SCREEN-BUSTING TRUCKS If we made the trucks anybigger, theywouldn’t fit in! NERVE-SHREDDING RACES Blank out youropponent,nail your start and focus on the finish line. It’s goingto betight! UNIQUE GAMEPLAY No gear-changes in sight! Launch yourtruckover huge jumps, timing your throttle action to perfection tostopthings getting out-of-control. MONSTERIZE Pickup, muscle car,jeepor SUV...Upgrade and customise every aspect of your chosenride.Turn it into the Monster you know it wants to be. RIVALCRUSHING 10different events, 30 challenging tracks and THOUSANDS ofopponentsin your way. Can you rise through the MMX ranks andreignsupreme?Enough reading! Download now and join the BIGGESTracingscene on the Google Play Store.
Roadway Racer 2018: Free Racing Games
Play this Roadway Racer 2018: Free Racing GamesMILESTONE INTHEGENRE OF ENDLESS RACEDo you want something addictive to play?Thisroadway racer 2018: free racing games is going to be yourfavoriteracing game. you will run your racing car on the highwaythroughtraffic. Overtake traffic closely and to get bonus and cashin thisracing game. there is adventure of racing in the in this carracinggame, this car racing game is going to be interesting racinggameyou ever played before. Do not get your car crash with thetrafficand be a car racer in this car racing game. you might haveplayedother car racing game, but there is no worth playing likethis carracing game with smooth and realistic driving. This roadwayracer2018: free racing games is actually a milestone in the endlessracewith only time spam to win the race. You just have to run yourcaron tracks through traffic in this car racing game. RACETHROUGHCITY TRAFFIC ON HIGHWAYAre tired of traditional racinggames? Ifyes then download this modern car highway race: new cargames,drive your speed car in this endless race and get opportunitytobecome first car racer. To be a car racer in this endless raceisnot so easy, you need to lot of cash by overtaking trafficcloselyand avoid crash with traffic. You know why this racing gameisknown as endless race because there is no end limit to thishighspeed race through traffic. And this is the first ever racegame inwhich your rivals are local traffic vehicles, that is why wecallthis race as car race. this modern car highway race: new cargamesis basically a car race in which you run your racing car athighspeed through local traffic. NEW WAY TO HIGHWAY RACINGThiscityracer road drifting: car games 2018 is not like other carracinggames, in this car race game there is drift race along withendlessrace through city traffic on highway. In this car race gamethereis not end limit or race limit regardless of other of this car race game, which is actually a drift race, thereisendless race with local traffic on city highway. Moreover thiscarrace game is most addictive and interesting race game becauseofrealistic racing and driving physics. This car race game isgoingto be best racing game because of the opportunity to becomefirstever car racer. So download this car race game and enjoytheendless race through local traffic of city highway. Let me tellyouthat this drift racer highway race: car games 2018 is actuallyadrift race, and you will also be given drift cars along withracingcars for drift race. Highway Drive Racing Cars: Drift Games2018Features:-Classic city for car racing game-More cityenvironmentsto challenge your racing skills-Realistic 3D graphicsand naturalsurroundings-Beautiful and Addictive backgroundmusic-More amazingtop speed car-customizable game control - tiltsteering includinghandbrake with touch to boost.-Earn coins byovertaking close tothe trafficHave fun playing this excitingendless race driver:racing games 2018 offered by Knock Solutions.This drift racinghighway driver: endless race games is not only afree game but isalso an offline game. Fun is locked in the installbutton.
Cartoon Race Car
Cartoon Race Car is a cartoon, funny car game.If you likeCardrifting and Car crushing try it.Smooth controls, realisticcarphysics.3 different gameplay mode: Free ride, Endles run,Arcademode***FEATURES**** Easy controllers* Huge MAP* Lot ofdifferentcar* Realistic driving experience and feelings* BeautifulGraphics*Realistic sound environment* Realistic physics* Tabletsupport andFULL HD support* FULL HD graphics with high quality*Next update:You will upgrade your car by blades and rotor
Racing Transform - Skyland Race
Racing Transform - Racing in Skyland with Cars, Aircrafts,Boatstransformation !A special modern racing game! We designedrichbeautyful Racing Track, Cars, Aircrafts, Boats, Roles for you,andeven more gameplay surprise.You would feel the extreme highspeedand control so easy, and will find the transformation is socool~~you can drive car on the road, aircraft in sky, boat inriver, withsparkle effect, and there are Countless Bonussurprise!KeyFeatures- Race in high speed ~ Coins, Props, and evenmore surprisein the racing- High quality 3d graphics ~ Enjoybeatuful tracks andamazing transformation- "Easy Control" PhysicalHandling System,extreme high speed but control so easy- Richtracks, cars,aircrafts, boats, roles, pets, all for you ~- Richracing modes,Speed Mode, Combat Mode, Eliminate Mode, Counter Mode,ChallengeMode, and even more- New Technology system and Pet system,enjoythe fun of upgrade and growth- "Countless Bonus“ gameplaydesign,you can get rewards in Racing, Sign in, Events, Daily task,LuckyChest, and even more, countless surpriseNow, start your engine!Let's feel the heartbeat in Racing Transform ~!
Escape the cops, SWAT and tanks! Smash throught traffic andpolice!Race through random generated enviroment and encountersecretlocations! Drive, gain cash from destroying cops andtraffic,unlock new vehicles and upgrade them, ranging fromcommonhatchbacks to tanks and drift cars! How long wouldyoulast?FEATURES- Tons of fully unlicensed cars including driftcarand tank- Endless random generated world- Secret locationslikeairport and millitary base- All vehicles are unique and havetheirown behaviour- Upgrade system- Lots of explosions and fun!-Anairplane!- Sample textI hate SEO
Awesome Transform Vehicles Race
Drifting cars are in waiting for you in this drift car racinggamebecome a drift legends and assume the aspiration Dubai racing.Jumpin this real racing game perform the amazing gt racing stuntsfromcar customization you can become a car chaser in thisracingsimulator game. The racing crew will assist you and checkyour carperformance status asphalt street storm with the classiccars andsports bikes are ready to compete. you can become adragster raceking by winning the challenge and complete the gamefirst. In thisgame, all the vehicles like cars, airplane, andsports bikes arevery fast no limits. This game you can say is anopen world gamewith the underground froza. You have played many fungames androidwith fun speed and the funny race with the fun cars.Enjoy the funspeed in vice city racing game enjoy this game like aroommate gamemove fast and apply the cdr racing concepts and becomea legendwith the dragon poppers bikes let's play this digger racingwiththe car discounts. Available for free and include in downloadfreegames fury highway is designed in mid-air with the sky-highstuntsracers online are ready to compete with you burn out yourvehiclestiers and become a racing rider. You can switch a can intothe jetplane or in a boat think about the race and choose thebestvehicles to complete the race and levels by performing theextraand stunning stunts.KEY FEATURES AND GAMEPLAY - Switch thebestvehicle to complete first - Perform the stunning stunts - Flywiththe cargo jet plan - Avoid crashes- Give us your best ideasforbetter improvements
2XL MX Offroad
Get the Best of Supercross, Motocross and ATV Offroad from2XLGames! Race Quads and dirt bikes head to head in this xtremeactionpacked free motorcycle game. Adults will enjoy racing amotorcyclerider against up to 8 players. Kids will enjoy the 3Daspects andfreestyle racing modes in this ultimate motocross game.All ageswill be fans of this ultimate bike racing game!KEY FEATURES☆ 16unique MX Supercross and Outdoor Nationals tracks withauthenticracing action☆ 2 Freestyle levels of Moto racing☆ RealMotorcycle,Superbike and Motorbike Sounds☆ Massive career mode andachievementsystem ☆ Freestyle mode with advanced scoring system ☆Race up to 8opponent motorcycle riders in single player mode ☆250cc two-strokeand 450cc four-stroke ATV and dirt bikes ☆ Choosefrom hundreds ofMX and ATV bike and rider skin combinations ☆Auto-gas andinvisible controls feature in motor race☆ Lifelikevisual appealwith ability to perform real life stunts☆ 1st and 3rdperson cameraviews ☆ 8 preset control schemes including ResponsiveTilt Steering☆ Adjustable level of difficulty, simple, easy,medium, hard,extreme etc.☆ Designed for Tablets and PhonesFREESTYLEInterestedin extreme sports? Catch some sick air and combo as manytricks asyou can for big points with our innovative new stuntsystem thatmakes this motorcycle game the ultimate and craziestbikerschallenge in offroad moto games. Learn to back flip whiletrickingfor extra point multipliers. NATIONALS TRACKS See how farwe’vepushed the graphics envelope as you ride the new outdoorNationalsmotorcycle race tracks. Tear up and down huge mountainswithbeautiful views of the horizon or time yourself with extremestreetstyle racing in a time trial.SUPERCROSS TRACKS Experiencetherhythm-based supercross style of racing we made famous withclassicgames like Motocross Madness and ATV Offroad Fury. CAREERTheall-new league system guides you through a career where youcanbecome the champion and put your xtreme motobike driving skillstothe test.PLEASE NOTE:1) This game requires a data downloadandinstall the first time it is run. Up to 40MB will be downloadedand230MB will be used for the installed data.2) We are offeringthisfree motorcycle game as a trial version. The full version canbepurchased from within the game after installing.3) Thefullmotocycle race version of the game can also be unlocked viacreditsearned through in-app offersNote: If after purchasing thegame itdoesn't automatically unlock after 10 minutes, please deletethegame and reinstall and the game should automatically unlock.Youwill not be charged more than once for a full game purchase.
Race the Traffic
Race the Traffic is one of the best racing games. Have fundodgingcars and trucks while you speed up to the limit. Raceagainst theAI in an outstanding Racing Face-Off and try to earn therespect ofyour fellow drivers. Take your car and race againsteveryone in 3different game modes… day or night!Race the Traffichas lots ofcars to purchase. You can also upgrade your ride withyour hardearned money. Get the best car money can buy and beateveryone inthis amazing racing game. What are you waiting for?Download Racethe Traffic now!Features:- 3 games modes.- Lots ofcars.- Great 3Dgraphics.- Awesome music.- Endless fun!
Kids Offroad Motorbike Racing Driver
Driving a Bike has always been kids dream. Imagine you ownamotorbike all by yourself and you are driving it on thebusiestroads of the city. This gets more interesting when you get achanceto drive the bike in hilly offroads. You will not play anyotherparking or racing game once you have played "Kids OffroadMotorbikeRacing Driver". Parking games have really no challengeshowever,this game will give you goose bumpsDriving Offroad isbothchallenging and adventurous. Kids love adventures and theyloveracing among their friends & this game will let them dothat inthe bumpiest hilly offroads. You will be driving the fastestandlatest motorbikes. This is not just like other parking orracinggame, Make sure you maintain your balance and never fall ofthecliff as once you lose balance, there is no way of coming backintothe game. As soon the game starts, you get to choose yourowncharacter and motorbike and from there you have to win racestoadvance to the next level. Each level will present you withmorechallenging tracks. This game will test both your navigationanddriving skills. Kids, the Key is to never let go of yourmotorbikein these hilly tracks. Offroad tracks are made up of mudand sandso make sure you have enough speed to pass through them. Byplayingthis game, you will forget all other parking and racinggames.Kids, your body will be turned and twisted after driving thebikesin the hills but I promise this will be the most adventurousgameyou have every played. You will never ask for any other parkingorbike racing game.Game Features:• Latest Motorbikes•AdventurousTracks• Ability to race with fellow kids• OffroadBiking• AwesomeGraphics• Different Difficulty ModesDo not forget torate us and wewould love to hear your feedback. Happy OffroadRacing
Stunt Bike Racing Simulator
Motorbike racing games have reached a whole new meaning ofextreme!Race fast around the busy city streets, unlock new fasterbikes,and cause bike mayhem throughout the city in an all-newmassiveopen world free bike driving simulator!Stunt Bike RacingSimulatoris one of the best bike games for Android!Ride motorbikesatblistering top speeds through the city on your motorcycle.Drivefast past police cars, ambulances, taxi's and, traffic asyouunlock new faster, more agile motorbikes with uniquedesigns!Readyto play the next best motorbike stunt game? Performinsane flipsand tricks on your stunt bike, jump over vehicles, pullwheelies,and wreak havoc in the city! ...or just smash into busytraffic inintense motorcycle crashes and watch the motorbike riderfly acrossthe road! Show off your motorbike driving skills as youpull offawesome motorbike stunts in one of the best free bikegamesavailable!Enjoy the best realistic motorbike driving simulatorasyou get closer to the experience than ever before with superfastbikes as you burn rubber on the streets whilst doingmotorbikestunts!Explore the open world that is a sandbox free bikesimulatorgame with tons of possibilities! Bike race around the citystreets,perform stunts or cause mayhem for the city police! Playthe mostextreme best stunt motorbike game you'll everexperience!Open worldmotorcycle driving has taken extreme to a nextlevel. Drive on tonsof new long open roads and go offroad in thisdriving sandbox game!Race through busy city streets full of trafficfilled withambulances, ice cream vans, police cars, taxis, sportscars andmore speeding past them at eye-watering high speeds inthishigh-performance bike simulator!Features:- Huge open worldbikesimulator - Miles of streets and roads to drive on!- Unlocknewfast motorbikes as you play- Fun and realistic motorbikedrivinggame physics- High-quality vehicles through the cities-Multipledynamic camera angles- Hundreds of AI cars throughout thecities-Easy to play motorbike driving controls- One of the bestmotorbikegames available!
2XL Racing
2XL Racing is console quality racing for your phone!Featuringdozens of licensed cars, racing against real people inreal-timeand Street Wars, a battle for the city streets of LosAngeles. RACEDOZENS OF LICENSED CARS from top brands including BMW,McLaren,Audi, Cadillac, Lexus, Hyundai, Mercedes, Mini, Ford, GM,Honda,Nissan, Scion, Jaguar, Bentley, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz andmore,with new cars added all the time.BEST GRAPHICS of any mobileracinggame with visuals on-par with any new console!BEST SOUNDsimulationfound in any mobile racing game. Authentic engine soundsfor everyvehicle!UPGRADE your ride with parts from the world's topProTuners! Reduce weight, add Horse Power and control aerodynamicstosqueeze every millisecond from your race time. CUSTOMIZE YOURRIDEand choose from hundreds of wheels, paint schemes andcustomplates.MULTIPLAYER ‘RACE THE WORLD’ and ‘RACE YOUR FRIENDS’ -Raceonline against real players to prove who's the best and raceyourfriends for bragging rights. CROSS-PLATFORM PLAY – Play withall ofyour friends, regardless of the mobile device they have!2XLRacingis the new free-to-play racing experience that gives racingfansthe game they've been waiting for on mobile devices!
Chhota Bheem Race Game
Chhota Bheem Race wishes all of you a very Happy Diwali.Useawesomeweapons that you can collect on the way to victory and usethemagainst your opponents.Jump over obstacles to overtakeyourfavorite Bheem characters. Shoot Rockets, , send out theVetalGhost to teleport players behind, use the magic hourglass toslowdown time for your opponents. Drop deadly punch boxes in yourwaketo slow down your competitors. Equip your characters withawesomeweapons like the Belan, the Danda, the cricket bat, theMace, theTrishul and the Gadda. FEATURES- Race against charactersfrom theChhota Bheem universe.- Collect and use awesome power upson yourenemies.- Race in exotic locations from all over thecountry.- Earncoins as you win races and buy new characters andweapons to racewith.- Gain trophies by racing and try to top theleaderboards.>> Install Chhota Bheem Race today for Free.ChhotaBheem Race is bought to you by Nazara Games and June Gaming !
Mini Legend - Miniature Car Racing!
For its 55th Anniversary celebration, Tatsunoko Productioniscollaborating with Mini Legend to release special Mach Go GoGo(Speed Racer) content for Japan, South Korea, China and HongKongfrom April 12-26, 2018. This will be the first time Mach Go GoGohas debut on the mobile platform and players can enjoy usingtheirfavorite Mach Go Go Go cars from the classic anime withinMiniLegend, the #1 Mini 4WD racing mobile game."Unleash theSpeedWithin, Become a Mini Legend"Over 80 different cars andhundreds ofperformance parts to choose from! Create, Mod and Raceyour Mini4WD! 1. Story Mode ○ Single player RPG campaign ○ Storyfeatures anaspiring Mini 4WD racer who discovers his/her father’sstoried pastthrough an old Mini 4WD model set and a handwrittenjournal.Through these items the character discovers the legacyhis/herfather left behind and steps into the world of Mini 4WDracing tofulfills his destiny in becoming a Mini Legend. ○ Over 150UniqueLevels○ Unique and memorable story and characters○Challenging BossBattles 2. Online PVP Mode○ Challenge friends orfoes through smartmatching system ○ Find out who’s the best throughcompetitive play○See how your modified Mini 4WD stacks up againstthe competition 3.Online Events ○ Special format races ○ Weeklyspecialty races ○Limited edition car races ○ Collaboration withdifferent brands forcrossover events4. Daily Time Attack Races ○Challenge daily targettime○ Achieve best track times for uniqueprizes5. Team Mode *BrandNew*○ Create and manage your own Race Teamwith friends○ Compete inteam ranking○ Team chat systemDo You havewhat it takes to become aLegend?Visit Mini Legend Facebook &Customer Service Page:MiniLegend4WDor Email:
Kart Racing Ultimate
You like Speed Racing and Adrenaline?!"Kart Racing Ultimate" is made for you!More than 20 Tracks are available to improve your XP!Put your Helmet and take the control of your Karting!Finally a Game that offers Real Kart Feelings!And don't forget that: "Without control, Power is Nothing!"It's up to you!••• Game Features •••• Full 3D Real-Time Rendering!• 20 different Tracks!• Incredible speed and steering sensations!• XP Manager!• Music by "REVENGE"!
RC Toy Cars Race
Ready, steady, go! Choose the fastest RC mini toy car from 4 freeRCmodels: Hot Rod, Green Tiger, Sushi or Gonut, turn on your minicarmotor and race in an extreme RC cars racing track! Click GObuttonand drive as fast as you can. Turn on your turbo power speedbyclicking on the magic BOOST button. Ride along the racing trackfullof a real size objects, jump over the hills and cliffs anddriveyour radio control car into a several 360 degree loops!Compete withother RC cars racers, reach the finish line in 1,2 or3 position andwin a special RC Toy Cars Race Cup! The faster youare, the morecoins and cars you get! So boost your turbo powerspeed and be firstto win all 12 game levels! Start the engine andrace with RC toycars!Choose from 4 free RC cars to drive and toplay with: Hot Rod,Green Tiger, Sushi, Gonut.Compete with otherracers in the game. Useyour turbo power speed and complete therace in 1, 2 or 3 positionto win RC Toy Cars Race Cup!Do extremestunts and flips whiledriving in a real size world and completeseveral dangerous 360degree loops!Enjoy intuitive and easy gamecontrol: click GO buttonto move forward and BOOST button to turnon your turbo powerspeed!Race and get more than 100 unique radiocontrol cars to yourcollection.Drive in 12 super cool racingtracks!Have lots of fun insurprising gameplay!Play and developyour skills such as problemsolving, quick decision making,creativity and flexible thinking,fine-motor and working-memoryskills, self-control and hand-eyecoordination. Discover more funwith Tiny Lab Kids!Website: Like us onFacebook: Follow us onTwitter: Follow us onInstagram: Follow us onPinterest: Meet us onGoogle+: Subscribe usonYoutube:
Pets Race - Fun Multiplayer PvP Online Racing Game
Run, jump and race against friends in Pets Race, theamazingmultiplayer runner where you race as tiny pets! Put yourPVPplatformer skills to the test as you battle in onlinemultiplayerfor first place and collect special loot to keep yourpetshappy!Pick up items and boosts to slow down the competition asyoudash platform to platform, leaving your competition in thedust.Don’t forget to collect coins to customize your cats and dogsandupgrade their pet world. You can even treat your pets withyummyfoods! Download now if you love the idea of mixing racinggameswith cute cat and cute dog games! Aim for the finish linewithfriends in one of the most fun running games on the PlayStore,Pets Race! Ready? Set? Pets Race!= Pets Race Features =PVPRacing -Multiplayer Racing Games with Friends• Endless Runner: Themore yourun, the higher you rank• Animal racing Games: Race as catsanddogs against friends!• PVP Games: Use PVP Platformer skills toslowdown other racers• Platformer Games: Race across fun courseslikeBarksburg, Puppy Pier or Mt. Meowmeow• Fun Race: Avoidobstaclesand get power-ups to help win the race!Multiplayer Runner•OnlineMultiplayer: Join friends in multiplayer Racing Gamesonline•Multiplayer Platformer: Race against friends and outrunthecompetition in real-time multiplayer races• Pets Runner:Chooseyour favorite pet and race against other pets!• Fun Run: PVPracinglets you chat with other players in your very own playerlobby.Hang out and have fun!Happy Pets• Animal Games: Take care ofyourcats and dogs in their home• Pet World: Collect coins to buytheanimals treats and new pet beds for their world!• Pet Run: Playascats and dogs. Have fun racing with friends!• Cat Run: Showoffyour Platform skills as a cute cat• Dog Run: Race as a puppyandseparate yourself from the packBattle in online multiplayerrunnergames and gather special items to stay ahead of thecompetition!You’ve never played a multiplayer platformer so cute,or combative!>:3If you love fun running games and kart games,get ready tobattle in this online multiplayer animal race and aimfor firstplace in Pets Race!Privacy Policy - Emailus for anyquestions.
Kart Racer 3D
A glistening quarter-mile of rain-soaked pavement of thetropicalisland lies before you. Will you drift, draft or smash yourway tothe finish line? Kart Racer delivers a deep and realisticopenwheel motorsport.Launch yourself between chaos and control asyouhit the loud pedal and roll into tropical karting traffic.Coolpower-ups like exploding missiles, shields, octopus andotherhazards help you slash other riders and race them to thevictory.Conquer street and sky in the hottest tropical beach carracinggame now!Game Features:- Easy to learn and drive- 5detailedenvironments with 14+ challenging tracks- Stunning 3Dvisuals andreal motor sounds
Real Race Speed Cars & Fast Racing 3D
Real Race Speed Cars & Fast Racing 3D is a new fast-pacedracinggame designed for racing game lovers! Drive on a differentroad andenjoy the real racing driver's driving pleasure! Enjoyovertaking,and the thrill of traveling in heavy traffic. Trying tobe the bestracer in the race.In the game, you can drive quietlyand safely andenjoy the beautiful scenery of the city and town.You can also speedand extreme driving, enjoy the passion of speed.Choose your drivingstyle and enjoy a different racing experiencein the fast-pacedgame. Endless traffic, the real environment isthe best supportingrole of the car. Tilt your device to where youwant to go.Beyond thecar on the road. Hurry up, guide yoursteering wheel and speed it upto show you the perfect drivingskills.Do not forget to payattention to safety while enjoyingspeed and passion. The perfectovertaking is the technology youneed most.Real Race Speed Cars& Fast Racing 3D Features:- realgame scene- Shocking music andsound effects- Play games anytime,anywhere- car modificationsystem- a variety of sports cars foryour choice- Simple drivingstyle
Speed Car Drift Racing
Super fast racing game in 2016#1 Racing game with superspeedhigh-quality engine. Hold the steering wheel. Ride onagainstprofessional racing rivals.Extreme speed car racingfeatures:- feelthe speed of pro driving,- drive fast & collectpower-ups toboost your speed,- free car racing gameplay,- race onmany tracks,to become racing driver legend,- 17 sport cars tunedforprofessional racing,- smooth control with precise steering,-drivemodern and classic cars, progress through career mode,- HD3Dracing lap physics with astonishing sound,Fame of worldchampionracer never comes for free. You have to get the best sportscar andgrab opportunity during chasing. Now a new race is going on.Getinto your car and prepare for a fast drift across offroadsanddirt. Race during day and night and don't forget to use yournitrowith no limit.The only way to win is to race as fast youcan.Upgrade your car to get more power, speed and durability. Grabtheacceleration bar, accelerate and steer your wheel to show aperfectshift. Beat all rivals, win race competition, and getyourselfcrowned to be top racer in the world. Satisfy your need fortopspeed and become a fusion of a pro racer and a stuntman. Superfastcars racing on the highway and asphalt, drag and drift drivingwithno worries for death! Wanna a difficult lap race againstyourfriends? Speed car drift racing will feed your need. Collectnitroboosters, unleash furious speed to leave your rivals farbehind.Race even faster than gt cars in wrc cup that you'veneverimagined.Customize famous moto cars. Realistic driving modelwilldrive you to rallying heaven and really fulfill your thristyforspeed in racing games.High speed driving and racing onasphalttracks never get so exciting.
Angry Gran - Hill Racing Car
Angry Gran Racing is the newest game in the award-winning AngryGranseries, ride through some of the wackiest worlds, sportingsome ofthe weirdest vehicles that Angry Gran could get her handson!Experience the FUNNIEST skills-based RACING game you will evergetto play! Granny smith if a crazy racing granny!WEIRD CARSGetownhands on some of the weirdest contraptions to ever have fourwheelsattached! Each vehicle offers a unique Physics-baseddrivingexperience from the last! WACKY WORLDSDrive! Jump! Cruise!Bounce!Flip! Whatever it takes to help Angry Gran climb over someof thetoughest hills in the vast worlds. UNIQUE UPGRADESSuperchargeyourvehicles to the max! Use your hard earned coins to boostyourvehicle’s power! SUPERHUMAN PERKSFeel like you need thatextrasomething to get you through the day! Cannot grab enoughcoins?There’s a Perk for that! Run out of fuel too fast? There’s aPerkfor that! Keep hitting your head? There’s a Perk for thattoo!CRAZY TRICKSPerform to wackiest stunts over some of thesteepesthills and the deepest valleys! Race your vehiclesthroughadventurous worlds in this hill climb racer, overunfairlyaddictive tracks! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!
High Speed Race: Racing Need
No.1 Racing game has arrived! Race on 16 different tracks withmanyfuturistic cars in several different modes.Features:- drive10extreme cars,- buy upgrades and own fastest cars on theplanet,-adapt car to your driving style,- high speed races inmoderncities,- breathtaking city to explore,- collect improvementson thetrack,- test your skills against advanced AI,- thrillingcareermode,- create your own Car design- fast racing inTokyoenvironment,- high speed racing in Tokyo tracks,- colorfulracingexperience,- adrenaline pumping nitro-drifts,- adjust carmechanicsand body,- real racing in illegal races,- become championonasphalt racing,Futuristic Cars:Drive 10 extremely fastandbeautiful cars on asphalt tracks. Start your career, winenoughraces and buy new cars to compete in more demanding races.Startdriving in unique cars - never seen before on the asphaltroads inreality and computer games.Tune & UpgradeBuy car parts(topspeed, acceleration and durability) and upgrade your car.Customizeyour auto and adjust to your driving style. Doesn’t matterif youlike high top speed or pure acceleration - you can modifyyour carand win races in your own style. Choose which car do do youpreferand buy the one from your dreams - respray the body, mountnewengine, improve acceleration and nitro. Become the fastestdriverin the city and earn respect from other teams. Show them whois thereal car racer. Futuristic CityUniverse of illegal racesawaits foryou. Race in different modes on dangerous asphalt tracks.Show yourrivals that you are the best in real competition withamazingspeed. Pass beautiful modern buildings in high-tech cities,takeunbelievable turns, achieve highest possible velocityamongstsci-fi neons. Physics Based Driving ModelStart racing inarcadestyle, perform amazing stunts. Unique mix of arcade actionandsimulation way of driving. First simulator of high speedracing.Start driving and earning rewards, collect all items on theasphalttrack and earn enough money to buy upgrades and new cars.Performamazing drifts on high speed, brake and accelerate inunbelievablerhythm. Drag your career into high stake racing.Lots ofCarsRaceand win competition to earn money. Spend them on carupgrades andnew cars.Perform drag racing tricks on high-octaneasphalt tracks.Every auto is completely different - some of themhave astonishingtop speed and weak acceleration. Others haveamazing durability andnitro capacity. Adjust car to your racingstyle.