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Ghosts 1.28
Ghosts & Spirits analyzes the readings of severalsensors.Thecomplete equipment includes:- Magnetophone: converts thesensorreadings into sounds- Paranormal Detector: detects levelofparanormal activity- Radar Map: draw in the city map theexactpoint of the detected energy - Ghost Finder: help to locatefocusof energy using gauss field (only in PRO versión)- GhostCamera:converts sensor readings into images (only in PRO versión)Wedon'toffer guarantees of accuracy or any warranties, therefore,sinceresults from this application cannot be verifiedscientifically theapp should be used for entertainment purposes.
Fidget Spinner Evolution - Idle Collector 1.08
Find out what happens to an spinner evolution when theevolutionstarted, combine two spinners to evolve and discover themostcurious and funny forms of your favorite toy.Explore therealworld, explore the continent event the world is not safe foryourmutation spinners evolution.HOW TO PLAYIt’s simpler then amatchinggame!• As your Spinner evolution drop coins, buy newSpinner toearn even more money• Drag and drop similar Spinners toevolve theminto new and more profitable Spinner• Also tap theSpinnerevolution to make more coins Highlights• Five differentstages and30 different forms of Spinner evolution• A cool mix ofidle andincremental clicker like Tamago!• Three possible endings:find theright god as you play!Download Spinner Evolution now startyour ownjourney of Spinners🙂We love clicker and idle games the wayyou do!If you have any questions, found a bug or you have newupgradeideas, get in touch with us! We appreciate your help a lotanddonate it with a 5$ ingame code for free!We take your feedbackveryseriously. To get in touch with us, please send us an emailorvisit our website:[email protected]
Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC 1.9.54
Spud Pickles
Ghost Radar® is the original application designed todetectparanormal activity. Ghost Radar® attempts to detectparanormalactivity by making various readings on the device.Traditionalparanormal equipment can be easily fooled when simplemundanebursts of normal energy occur. Ghost Radar® sets itselfapart byanalyzing the readings and giving indications only wheninterestingpatterns in the readings have been made. Ghost Radar®also includesa voice to let you know when interesting words havebeen detected.Please note we offer no guarantees of accuracy or anywarranties,therefore, since results from this application cannot beverifiedscientifically the app should be used for entertainmentpurposes.This is the Classic version of the ORIGINAL Ghost Radar®.Pleasevisit for more information ontheadvanced features of other Ghost Radar® products.By installingthisapp you agree to the following privacypolicy:''
Ghost Hunting Tools (Detector) 1.6.6
Detect and hunt ghosts and spirits with easy to use EMF meters,EVPdetection, and word analysis! Ghost Hunting Tools for yourAndroidphone and tablet: Easy to use for beginners andprofessionalsalike!Ghost Hunting Tools makes use of a variety ofsensors in yourphone or tablet and gives your easy-to-use access toEMF meters andEVP detectors to detect and hunt ghost and spirits.The includedEVP analysis with the over 1000 words strong dictionaryanalyzes tocaptured EVPs and in combination with the sensors forthe EMF meterand other environmental reads, it will approximate themeaning andselect the closest corresponding meaning.# What are EMFmeters? EMFmeters are instruments that read the fluctuation inelectromagneticfields. Ghost Hunting Tools detectors are acombination ofdifferent EMF meters and use triple axis detection.It will detectvariations and anomalies in the electromagneticfield, usingvarious sensors like the magnetometer built in yourdevice.• Youmay experience paranormal activity between 2 and sixmilligaus -the readout is calibrated on these parameters. Thehistory graphsbelow the primary readout are recording the strength,helping youtracking sources easier. If the readout indicatesfluctuations inthe field, we recommend slowing down and letting theapp calibrateon the signal. If the signal is a false-positive, thestrength willslowly decrease or increase if the fluctuation ispermanent andless likely to be a wrong read.• What are EVPs? EVP,ElectronicVoice Phenomena, are grunts, words, or even simplesentences caughton tape during recording sessions. Usually, theseevents can not beheard since they mostly occur in certain ELFranges. Together withthe EMF detector, this ghost detector willcapture sounds throughFM bands your devices microphone, analyze theaudio and playbackany anomalies detected. The ghost detector graphsare indicatingthe base level of noise from FM bands and themicrophone - if ananomaly has been detected, the second set ofgraphs will displaythe wavelengths.• Word Interpreter: GhostHunting Tools willanalyze the audio file and in combination withthe sensors for theEMF meter and other environmental reads, it willapproximate themeaning and select the closest matching meaning fromthe built-indictionary. The processing time can vary and depends onyourdevice's processor unit. Similar devices are used byparanormalinvestigators and can help to evaluate a spiritsintention.• GhostHunting Tools cannot guarantee accuracy or giveany warrantiessince the results cannot be scientifically verified.This ghostdetector application is therefore intended forentertainmentpurposes only.
Ghost Camera (Ghost Detector / Spirit Detector) 1.0
Ghost Camera is a free ghost detection app for Android devices,easyto use for beginners and professionals alike! Detect andcaptureghost, spirits and other phenomena with easy to useindicators andprofessional-grade indicators! • Ghost Camera usesyour phonesensors to approximate spirit activity near your phoneand guide youwith audio and visual cues to increase your odds tocapture aspirit. The raw sensor data is displayed alongside togive you aclearer picture of what is happening around you andallow forpersonal interpretation of the pictures.• Ghost Cameramakes use ofa variety of sensors in your phone/tablet and giveseasy-to-useindicators. The combination of different EMF meters andthe use oftriple axis detection make this a valuable tool forbeginners andprofessionals alike.• We are heavily relying on yourfeedback forGhost Camera and will implement more features andimprove existingcapabilities of this app based on your input. •Ghost Camera cannotguarantee accuracy of results or give anywarranties. This freeGhost Camera app is intended forentertainment purposes only.
Ghost Observer - ghost detector & ghost radar app 1.7
Ghost Observer is a ghost detector, that lets you see ghostsaroundyou, and communicate with them. You can listen to whatspirits aresaying, and ask them questions.How to use GhostObserver?There is aghost radar at the bottom of the screen. GhostObserver will alertyou when a presence is detected, and give thelocation of thespirit. You can then use the camera and point it tothe directionshown on the ghost radar to catch ghost on video. Turnthe soundon, because spirits will speak to you.The ghost detectorwill giveyou information about ghosts you are seeing, like its ageand typeof spirit, but more importantly a premium function cantranslatewhat the ghost is saying to writen words, just like doingspiritismwith an ouija board.Take pictures at any time, and sharethem withyour friends. It is also possible to ask yes no questionstospirits with the spiritism tool, which is the secondpremiumfunctionality.Where to use Ghost Observer?For the bestghosthunting experience, use the ghost radar when it's dark. Usethisghost tracker in a scary haunted place, like a cemetery, ahauntedhouse or simply a spooky attic! As you can see in thecomments,there are hundreds of captivating stories by users of ourghostdetector. Ghost Observer is the most famous ghost radarapp!Reviewsof GhostObserver ReviewfromDanTDMDon't hesitate to contact us if you have suggestionsaboutGhost Observer, and how we can improve the ghost radar andghosttracker features.Ghost tracker features* Ghost Tracker:display awhite dot and and give a sound alert when a ghostpresence isdetected on the radar.* Ghost Tracker: Catch ghosts oncamera, andsee them in live video* Ghost Pictures: Take picturesof spirits,spectres and share them* Spiritism tool: a translatorto communicatewith spirit and ask them question* EVP : the ghosttracker tells youif the presence is a ghost, a vengeful spirit, apoltergeist or afriendly spirit👻Is this ghost radarscientific?👻Ghosts detection isnot an accurate science. Please beaware that:*This ghost detectorapp is for entertainmentpurpose.*This ghost detector app does notclaim scientificaccuracy.*This ghost tracker can be scary to youngchildren
Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector 1.0.6
What will the spirits tell you about your love life,friendships,health or career?FEATURES:• Get personal spiritualmessages• Locatewhere spirits are in the room• Get ghost statistics(emotionalstate, zodiac sign, sex etc.)ASK YOUR GHOST AQUESTION!Ask aquestion and see what comes back! With a hugedatabase of over 2000words Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector offersspirits the chance tosend you detailed personal messages!ALL IN ONEGHOST HUNTERSTOOLKIT!Serious paranormal investigators and noviceghost huntersalike will find Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector a greataddition totheir ghost hunting tools. It's easy to use and offerslocationdata, ghost statistics and messaging capability.BE AGHOSTDETECTIVE!Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector provides many statstohelp you investigate your local spirits; zodiac sign, spirittype,colour, stone, emotional state etc.It's easy to use and greatfornovice as well as seasoned ghostbusters!DOWNLOAD FOR FREE NOWandinvite your friends round for a spooky night in!Best used inadarkened room...if you dare!If you love the paranormal,astrologyand reading your daily horoscope then Ghostcom RadarSpiritDetector is the app for you! It's spooky, mysterious andgreat funwith friends!DISCLAIMERGhostcom Radar Spirit Detectorworks byutilizing randomization algorithms. Please remember that itiscurrently impossible to verify that our algorithms are affectedbyghosts or other paranormal forces in any way, shape or form.Withthis in mind we ask that you use this app responsibly andforentertainment purposes only. This is not a ouija board. It is uptoour users to decide if this can function as an accuratespiritdetector or ghost radar. It does not offer voice recording orvoicebox functionality for communications. The creators ofGhostcomRadar Spirit Detector will not be held responsible foranyconsequences that may arise during or after the use ofthisapplication.WARNINGThis app contains graphics, audio andhauntingeffects that may scare children or those with anxiety or ofanervous disposition. Please do not download if you are likely tobescared or offended by an app of this nature. If you or anyonewhowill have access to this app has or is affected by mentalhealthissues we advise you not to download this app. We kindlyrequestthat you use it in the manner for which it was created; foruse ina light hearted, entertaining way and not to be takentooseriously.THANKS FOR READING!HAPPY GHOST HUNTING!
Ghostcom Ghost Communicator 1.1.4
What will the spirits tell you about your love life,friendships,health or career?FEATURES:• Get personal spiritualmessages• Easyto use• Will give you goosebumpsASK YOUR GHOST AQUESTION!Ask aquestion and see what comes back! With a hugedatabase of over 2000words Ghostcom Ghost Communicator offersspirits the chance to sendyou detailed personal messages!BE A GHOSTDETECTIVE!Ghostcom GhostCommunicator helps you investigate yourlocal spirits. It's easy touse and great for novice as well asseasoned ghost hunters.DOWNLOADFOR FREE NOW and invite your friendsround for a spooky nightin!Best used in a darkened room...if youdare!If you love theparanormal and things that go bump in the nightthen Ghostcom GhostCommunicator is the app for you! It's spooky,mysterious and greatfun with friends!DISCLAIMERGhostcom GhostCommunicator works byutilizing randomization algorithms. Pleaseremember that it iscurrently impossible to verify that ouralgorithms are affected byghosts or other paranormal forces in anyway, shape or form. Withthis in mind we ask that you use this appresponsibly and forentertainment purposes only. This is not a ouijaboard. It is up toour users to decide if this can function as anaccurate spiritdetector or ghost radar. It does not offer voicerecording or voicebox functionality for communications. Thecreators of GhostcomGhost Communicator will not be held responsiblefor anyconsequences that may arise during or after the use ofthisapplication.WARNINGThis app contains graphics, audio andhauntingeffects that may scare children or those with anxiety or ofanervous disposition. Please do not download if you are likely tobescared or offended by an app of this nature. If you or anyonewhowill have access to this app has or is affected by mentalhealthissues we advise you not to download this app. We kindlyrequestthat you use it in the manner for which it was created; foruse ina light hearted, entertaining way and not to be takentooseriously.THANKS FOR READING!HAPPY GHOST HUNTING!
Ghost Sensor - EM4 Detector 1.5
Talgame ent.
Find ghosts with new EM4 algorithmThe most accurate forAndroiddevicesWorld's people call them many things: Ghost,призрак,fantasma, jurig, 亡灵 and many more, but one thing is clear,we arecurios and we always want to hunt them if they're around!Takeupyour phone and follow the signal where it's the strongest!Appcanbe used to observe haunted places and find whereparanormalentities are present, experienced hunters can even followtheirmovement.The new algorithm - EM4 is finally stable, it's muchmoreaccurate and sensitive than any of its counterpartsandadditionally enables us to measure nature of paranormalentity,whether it's state and impact on surroundings is positiveornegative at a given time. Search for ghosts yourself or justscareyour friends!Ghost hunters! To find and investigate hauntedplacesand other paranormal activiteis better, we are alreadyworking onthe future updates that will bring: ghost radars,trackers, cameradetector, EVP tools. We hope you'll be waiting andwill like themwhen the update arrives!Wish you luck and a safehunt!* As no onecan have full understanding of nature of paranormalbeings andactivities, this app provides no guarantee that it'saccuracy willbe exact or will not change by the time. App is forfun andentertainment purposes only!* Sensitivity may vary fromdevice todevice.
Ghost Detector Radar Simulator 1.2.1
The only ghost detector app that lets you chat with spiritsforfree! No in-app purchase required.= Instructions =1) Starttheapp2) Walk around and find a ghost3) Type your question andwaitfor the spirit to answer!Disclaimer: since paranormalactivitycan't be scientifically proven, we can't guarantee that theappcommunicates with real spirits.
SGK1 - Ghost Hunting Kit 2.1.11
Our All in 1 Ghost Hunting Kit is now available!!Featuring ournewEMF Detector, the SG3 Spirit Box and EVPRecorder.EMFDetector----------------------The EMF Detector usestheMagnetometer built into your Android Device (some devices donothave this, in which case the feature will not work).The SG3SpiritBox------------------------------The SG3 Spirit Box is ournewSpirit Box, using a Soundbank of over 3000 BRAND NEW soundclips,taken from AM FM CB CW VHF UHF, Morse, various ghost boxrecordings& phonetic audio from single words in many differentlanguages(Some even overlayed & echo'd) & a few othersources.Inchopping them down to 1 second clips, it's very hard tocreate afull sentence from a 1 second clip & any words in therewill betotally unrelated to possibly any question a person mayask.Randomis the best way to describe what is happening in theaudio... therereally is no way to judge what will be said at thesame time of aquestion.. The best thing about it is.. because ituses a morephonetic sound in the clips, we should be able to getforeignlanguage usage & responses from it too.You can nowdownloadextra Soundbanks, containing an extra 100 sound clip filesat atime. When they are available for download, the app will tellyou,follow on the screeninstructions.EVPRecorder----------------------The EVP Recorderallows you to recordyour spirit box session, or just record on itsown.A folder iscreated on your device called "SpottedGhosts", inthere you willfind folders for all of our apps. Go into the"GhostHuntingKit"folder, then into the "Recordings" folder, hereyou will find allyour recordings as .3gp.You can also share your.3gp files via anyapp on your device that allows the sharing of 3gp(or audio)files.---------------------------------A handy tool tohave for anyParanormal Investigations or Ghost HuntingSession!Please be aware,I am not stating that ghosts / spirits will100% communicate withyou through my app, but it has worked for meand many otherpeople.Please be patient, I hope you get the answersyou arelooking for.----------------------------------------**SUBSCRIPTION**For £3 per month or £25 per Year.Removes ALL Adverts,FREESoundbank Downloads, and more features for payingsubscriberscoming soon.Please help me make this app betterforyou.----------------------------------------** This appcontainsadverts **Yes we know, everyone hates adverts right? Well,I thinkyou should look at adverts as a good thing, they are a wayfor youto help to financially support the developers, withoutactuallypaying the developers any money. So please don't be annoyedwiththe adverts in this app, they are there to help us financethedevelopment of new features for you, the users.** Disclaimer**Useat your own risk, I cannot be held personally responsible foryouor any outcome (paranormal or otherwise) from using this app!
Spirit Board Simulator 1.3.7
The only Witch Board that actually listens to your voice! Askanyquestion and wait for a spirit or ghost torespond!INSTRUCTIONS1)If possible, darken the room you are in andlight some candlesbefore starting a séance.2) Place your finger onthe planchette(the wooden piece) in order to initiate the spiritualconnection tothe other side.3) Ask the spirit your question loudand clear.Always start a séance with the question “Is anyonethere?”.4) Waitfor the spirit to respond. The planchette will startmoving acrossthe spirit board to show you the spirit’s answer.Warning: keepyour fingers on the planchette at all times!5) Alwaysbe polite andask normal questions. Be careful to not upset anyspirit. Examplesof questions you can ask: What’s your name? How oldare you? Areyou a good spirit? How did you die? Are you male? Doyou mean usany harm? Where are you?6) In case you have angered aspirit,quickly move the planchette to “Goodbye” before thecountdown isover - or unexplained things might happen. Sometimes aspiritrefuses a “Goodbye”. In that case, be persistent andtryagain.Disclaimer: since paranormal activity can't bescientificallyproven, we can't guarantee that the app communicateswith realspirits.
CXII EMF Free Spirit Box 1.0
GamePoly Apps
The CXII EMF Spirit Box / Ghost Box Free for mobile makes useofmobile deviceshigh-end technology for interaction andmanipulationsbetween your phones magnetic sensorCXII EMF Ghost Boxis aprofessional tool for attempting communication withparanormalentities. It uses a unique designed system by usingyourphonesMagnetic Sensors which is highly sensitive whichtheoriessuggest giving some entities the energy they need tointeract andcommunicate.When the magnetic sensors is triggered thelights inthe app will start to light up based on the amountofelectromagnetic energyis pulled and triggered within thesensors,so Higher EMF readings / manipulation should turn onmorelightsPlease remember, we cannot guarantee that you getanyresultsWe do not have any control over the spirit realm, andthatspirit or entities do not communicate on cue. Be patient whenusingthe CXII, but we give you a tool to access it.How does itwork?Ourfed is in real-time through your mobiles magnetic sensorsfor aspirit or entity to manipulate with.The app is made in a waysoElectronic equipments etc, can basicly trigger the device intotakein readings, but in order to make the lightsturn on, itrequiressudden changes in the electromagnetic environment to startspikingand light up, we made it that way to avoid to manyreadingswithinnormal electronic equipment.We also made it so thatthe CXIIwill start alarming when readings are spiking, you can mutethatsound if you want.We Highly recommend avoiding to muchelectronicequipments and such nearby when running the app, toavoidinterference as much as possible.We would love to recieveresult toour support E-mail if you want to share.This is the FreeVersion ofthe CXII EMF Ghost Box
EVP Recorder - Spotted: Ghosts 6.0.2
This is a handy tool to have with you when doingParanormalInvestigations or Ghost Hunts.I am not saying thatspirits willspeak to you through my app, so please do not bedisappointed if itdoes not work straight the way.There is NO FAKERYinvolved in thisapp, it DOES NOT play random sounds, scan radio, oranything, it isa 100% digitalrecorder.----------------------------------------Version 6 isNOWavailable.Record on Sound Detection - Only available toPayingSubscribers.There is an EVP Analyser, where you can changethespeed / pitch of your recordings and set start / stop positionsforplayback.A folder is created on your device called"SpottedGhosts",in there you will find folders for all of our apps.Go into the"EVPRecorder" folder, then into the "Recordings" folder,here youwill find all your recordings as .3gp.You can share your.3gp filesfrom within the app.I have integrated a Theme Downloader,so youcan change the way the EVP Recorder looks :)There is aHelpsection, which contains a link to our latest Tutorial VideoonYouTube.----------------------------------------This appwasrecently used on a new Paranormal show called CelebrityHauntedHotel, Whoop!!** This app contains adverts **Yes we know,everyonehates adverts right? Well, I think you should look atadverts as agood thing, they are a way for you to help tofinancially supportthe developers, without actually paying thedevelopers any money.So please don't be annoyed with the adverts inthis app, they arethere to help me finance the development of newfeatures for you,the users. If you don't like them, pay for asubscription:)----------------------------------------**SUBSCRIPTION **For £3per month or £25 per Year.Removes ALL Adverts,FREE ThemeDownloads, Record on Sound Detection.Please help me makethis appbetter for you.----------------------------------------Ihave alsomade a smaller, more compact (or "Lite") version of my EVPRecorderwhich can befoundhere**MOREFEATURES COMING SOON **** Disclaimer **Use at your own risk,Icannot be held personally responsible for you or anyoutcome(paranormal or otherwise) from usingthisapp!------------------------------------------if the appcrashes,please submit the bug report so that the bug can be lookedinto andfixed. Thanks
Ghost Detector 1.7.28
Ghost Detector is an app that serves as a channel forcommunicationbetween you and paranormal entities. If there are anyunusualactivities around you, this app will detect them.Aim yourmobiledevice to a desired area and look at the graphic. If there isanyspirit activity, you will see it. Ghosts come in all shapesandsizes, so you never know what you might find.Ghost Detectorwasprimarily developed for measuring electromagnetic fieldradiationlevel which could possibly indicate the presence ofspirits. Andnot only spirits, all paranormal entities and energiesthat comefrom another world.Check it out, see if there is anythingout ofthe ordinary happening around you, and if you enjoy GhostDetector,it would be great to rate us and greet us!
Ghost Studio 1.1.9
Ghost Studio incorporates different tools to detect ghostsandparanormal presences.It is based on physical sensors of yourmobileor tablet to represent the information obtained.Itconsistsof:-Magnetic field meter. EMF-Proximity detector.-Graphofamplitude of audio sound recorder to collect EVP.-Browniannoiseand white noise generator.-Use your camera with auto picturetoactivate the sensors and image live.-Gallery photos andaudiospecific to its use.-Multiple configuration optionsandcontrols.-Modern interface.It is not a onlyentertainmentapplication. Ghost Studio is real, it is developedforprofessionals and researcher as a tool for their research, usingitin places or haunted houses as a detector of ghosts,spirits,paranormal entities, energies, orbs, supernatural,etc.Ghost Studiois not liable for damage, misuse of this detectoror thedatacollected.|-------------------------------------------------|Tofurtherimprove Ghost Studio please leave us 5 stars ★★★★★ +1 Ilike it.
XB7 Free Spirit Box 1.0
GamePoly Apps
The XB7 Spirit Box / Ghost Box Free for mobile makes use ofmobiledeviceshigh-end technology for sweeping randomly generatedMHzfrequencies.XB7 Spirit Box is a professional tool forattemptingcommunication with paranormal entities. It uses a uniquedesignedsweeping algorithm to generate white noise using yourmobile devicetechnology and highly sensitive sensors which theoriessuggestgiving some entities the energy they need to be heard. Whenthisoccurs you will most commonly hear voices or sounds comingthroughthe static in the attempt to communicate.The XB7 Spirit Boxis agreat tool for both amateurs and professionalparanormalinvestigators.Please remember, we cannot guarantee thatyou get anyresultsWe do not have any control over the spirit realm,and thatspirit or entities do not communicate on cue. Be patientwhen usingthe XB7, but we give you a tool to access it.How does itwork?Ourfed is in real-time through your mobiles sensors for aspirit orentity to manipulate with.We use a highly advancedsweepingalgorithm, that sweeps several pre-generated frequencies.Wecreated this app so that you should have absolutely nointerferencewith any radio stations, so if you manage to getvoices, it is ahigh possibility that it may be of the paranormalcommunication ofsome kind.We Highly recommend using a portablespeaker to enhancethe volume, as spirit voices can be really hardto hear, but it'snot a requirement.We would love to recieve resultto our supportE-mail if you want to share.This is the Free Versionof the XB7Spirit Box
Add Ghost to Photo 2.2
With "Add Ghost to Photo" you will easily and without an effortaddscary ghost to your private photo. To create a very reliablephotowith ghost you will get advanced graphiceffects andpossibility toset your ghost position and size anyway you want.Moreover you canshare your final ghost picture via most popularsocial portals,email or anotherapplication using "Share" button.All your friendswill believe that you have taken a real ghostphoto. Thisapplication is an excellent tool to fool all yourfriends onHalloween or April Fool's Day!Application lets you selectpicturefrom your pictures gallery or take a picture using yourbuild-incamera.You will get more than 20 ghost pictures. For eachghost youcan set:- transparency level- color- color saturation-brightness-contrastYou can also set position, size and rotate theghost anywayyou want to.We have more! This app is also livewallpaper (you canset scary ghosts as your wallpaper) and widget(you can put directlink to app on your home screen)!"Add Ghost toPhoto" is adjustedto high resolution (HD 1080x1920) screens andtablets.If you haveany problems with this app please report it tous and we will fixit as fast as we can!
Detect paranormal beings 6.0
Do you like scary jokes? Do you want to scare someone who isafraidof ghosts? This app will be perfect for you! It's the mostscaryradar which detects ghosts and other paranormal beings. Ofcourseit's a simulation so it can be used only for scarying peoplearoundyou. Say a horrible story to your friend and then show himthisamazing scanner! Tell him that it can detect creatures fromanotherworld like ghosts or demons.Detector is very realisticthanks tothe realistic animation of scanner, sounds in thebackground andhigh quality graphics of ghosts! You will alsoexperience physicalfeelings because your phone will vibrate whenghost radar willdetect any unusual behaviour in your surroundings.
Real Ghost Detector PRO 1.3.0
Real Ghost Detector PRO is a professional radar applicationdesignedto provide the user a way to measure electromagnetic fieldradiationlevels through ghost detector app radar, it uses yourmobile devicesensors to measure radiations at different bandwiths,which couldindicate the presence of paranormal activity, ghosts,entities,other energies.About Colored Orbs in Real Ghost DetectorPRO RealGhost Detector PRO Radar Classic Application will displaycoloredorbs if there are signs of emissions, also known aselectromagneticradiation.About what different orb colors mean,with many colorsdisplayed by radar classic could potentially meana variety ofthings. Interpretation of the colors varies accordingto differentbeliefs. However, in most cases, people interpretingorb colors andassigning a meaning do so based on spiritual beliefsabout themeaning of various colors. It is important to note thatthese arespiritual theories only and have no basis in scientificfact. Youcan read more about orbs and paranormal activities suchas ghosts,entities, other energies in the Notes Page inside theApp.Watch outfor the colored orbs shown up on the radar classic inthe app andread about the specific ghost energy in the Notespage.Radar CaptureTool Capture and Share to your friends theParanormal Energies youdetected !Information about radarcalibrations and settings arewithin the app.Note: This is the proversion of Real Ghost Detector,by SnowPackStudios.If you enjoy myReal Ghost Detector PRO appplease rate ★★★★★ :)Thank you forchecking out Real Ghost DetectorPRO - Radar Classic! Leave afriendly rate & comment !
Spirit Radar Ghost Sensor PRO 1
Advantages of PRO version:- Bonus +1000 skulls- Ability todisableadvertising- Full access to all rituals- Spirit boxing +decodingof words- Communication with the spirit- 2 new filters(nightvision, IR filter)
Detecting ghosts 1.0
If you want to scare friends and you want to prove that ghostsarereal - install our simulator of ghost detector. It's a funnytoolwhich shows images of spirits on camera preview. It looks likeareal detection tool for paranormal beings.Did you seeanapparition? Now you can detect every ghost in front of you! Youcanalso scare family. Say them that your home is haunted. Thenopenthe detector and prove your words. Scary images of spiritwillappear randomly on your camera screen.It's the easiest way toscarepeople! Just open the ghost detector and wait for aparanomalsignals. Suddenly camera will start flickering and a ghostlivingin your home will appear!
Detecting ghosts (Simulation) 2.0
Are you interested in paranormal activities? If you like jokingwithfriends - pretend that ghosts are behind them! "Detectingghosts" isa simulator of a real ghost detector. It's a funny wayto fool yourfriends and scare them by telling that ghosts are nearyou.Ghostdetector shows camera preview and shows paranormalcreatures on topof it. It looks like your phone is detecting someparanormalactivities and ghosts!
Ultimate EMF Detector Free 2.6
A simple EMF detector! The detector is as ACCURATE as the sensorofyour device.Both Pro and Free have:-->Magnetic Field BinmicroTesla,Gauss and milliGauss-->Auxiliary Field H inampereper meter-->Recorder feature. Data can now be saved liveon textfile for later use on a computer. This requires thepermission toread and write on external storage.-->Keep screenONbutton-->XYZ, max-min and graphs.-->The classic EMFmeterwith the needle and LEDsThe Pro has:-->Noads-->Recorderfeature with timer. Data can now be saved live ontext file forlater use on a computer. This requires the permissionto read andwrite on external storage.-->Keep screen ONbutton-->Soundnotification for sudden EMF changes-->A fewbackgrounds andskins for the detector.Use this simple app todetectelectromagnetic fields, metals, devices and amaze yourfriends withwhat your phone can do. Watch out because some peoplebelieve thatsudden changes in the EM field might indicate thepresence ofparanormal entities :p. The new themes offer the usergreateraccuracy, graphs of the displayed readings and even theability tocalculate and show the auxiliary field H which iscalculated fromthe magnetic field. The simple theme makes it easierforinexperienced users to measure and study magnetic fields. Thisappuses the magnetic sensor(compass) of your phone and displaysthereading with a line of LEDs and a classic needle meter. Youcanswitch between units of measurement (uTesla and Gauss) andchangethe range of measurement from the settings.You can use thisapp tomeasure and study magnetism and electromagnetism, theearthsgeomagnetic field and more. It can be used as a detector notonlyfor EMF but also for magnets, metals, devices and even (assomepeople believe) entities and ghosts.NOTE that this app usesthemagnetic sensor. If your phone doesn't have this sensor the appisNOT going to display any measurements. If you open the app andthereadings are 0 it means that this app can't work on yourphone.Also avoid getting your phone near powerful electricaldevices likepower transformers since you might damage it. Use atyour own risk.
Ghost Detector Pro 2.0.1
NOW WITH NINE NEW SKINS!!! Ghost Detector Pro is an applicationthatuses your mobile device sensors to detect sources ofvariablemagnetic emissions. Which could indicate us the presence ofsomekind of paranormal activity.Not be shown magnetic fieldsatconstant frequencies such as those generated by electronics,forexample: TV, routers, computers, chargers, mobile phones,etc.Theapplication will show a green dot on the radar in case thereisnearby a source of magnetic emission.The detection rangevariesbetween 0 and 30 feet approximately, depending on the mobiledeviceused.
Spirit Radar Ghost Sensor 1
Spirit Radar - a radar for the search for paranormal activityofghost, using EMF technology shows activity within a room or asmallbuilding.Also in the appendix is ​​a large list of ritualsforsummoning spirits and essences sorted by categories:safe,dangerous, deadly.Also in the application there is SpiritBox(SpiritBox) with the decryption of incoming data.Spirit Boxingisthe principle of communicating with the spirit, with the help ofanelectromagnetic wave. For this principle, radio is used, withwhichthe entities can communicate with you, changing the frequencyandlength of the radio wave, which, our algorithm, is convertedintowords.This is not all, in the application is laid the basewithrituals, and mystical rites, on the call of spirits andsomeessences.The base is divided into categories:"Safe" areritualsthat do not need careful preparation. And can be spent byanyunprepared person."Dangerous" - complex rituals, quitedangerousfor an unprepared person."Deadly" - very complex rituals,the riskof injury (mental or physical) is very large. It is notrecommendedto use these rituals, people with weak psyche, as wellasunprepared, weak spirit personalities.
Ghost Detector - Real Radar Prank 3.0
Use Ghost Detector Real Radar Prank to test if your house hasghostsor paranormal spirits. Ghost Detector scans frequencies andmagneticfields and detects GHOST or PARANORMAL activities as aprankHit scanon to begin ghost detection. After detection, realghost detectorwill test surroundings based on different EMF,EMV.Ghost DetectorReal is a free prank app, will not actuallydetect if ghosts arearound you.DISCLAIMER:Real Ghosts andparanormal spirits are notdetermined by app. This app is a prankapp - does not really detectif ghosts are around you.
Spiritus Ghost Box 1.2
Spiritus Ghost BoxDisclaimer: Intended for entertainmentpurposes.Use at your own risk.Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC)is thetechnique of contacting spirits using electronic devices tocaptureimages and voices. Spiritus Ghost Box is an audio and visualITCtool that combines the latest in ITC research and development.Thisapplication has the ability to contact and communicatewithintelligent entities on the "other side". Audio manipulationofsound banks has been a proven means of communication withspirit.Enhancements have also came in the form of audio effectssuch asreverb and echo. Reverb for instance is known for creatingaspacious sound that in return allows spirit a moreoptimumenvironment for audio manipulation. This app incorporatesnew andexperimental ideas in visual ITC and features otherfunctions,effects, and properties to possibly further enhancethiscommunication. Features:4 channel sound bankEcho, Reverb,Phaser,and Crusher audio effectsIntensity Scan feature that affectsthe 4channels, all effects, and the visual ITC.Light and DarkAmbienceto set the mood before, during, or after a session.VisualITCfeature uses a particle system that is designed for spirittomanipulate visually.
Ghost Detector 3D 16.0
This is the successor to the Ghost Detector app series, whichhasbeen downloaded by nearly 2 million people worldwide.Thisprogramcontains all of the basic functions used by ghost huntersandmaintains four stars in the field.* This program is a toy.Neverthink seriously !!!* Screen and sound can be used on theInternetand broadcasting withoutlimitation.*reviewHttp://*RelatedexamplesHttp://[Basicexplanation]The GhostDetector(Camera) detects ghosts(phantom) withvarious sensors.Theghost appears as a red dot or box.Ghostdetection uses thesmartphone's motion and microphone sensors.Inparticular, thewavelength of the microphone sensor is analyzed bya uniquealgorithm.If the microphone sensitivity is high, moredistant ghostsare detected.* Professional ghost hunters, pleaseuse the '3Dversion of the ghost explorer'.[BasicAlgorithm]Extracts thewavelengths of various sensor bands that cannot be heard byhumans.Frequency is measured by filtering aspecific waveform.Whenan abnormal noise frequency occurs, it isjudged to be aghost. [Notice]* Operating in too loud placesmay causemalfunction.* Many people misunderstand people orelectronicdevices.* It may malfunction if it is operated quickly.*Smartphoneswith some insensitive microphones may lose theirdetectioncapabilities.* Aliens are not used for UFO detection.*Make itserious but do not take it too seriously !!!
Ghost Photo Maker 5.4
Create Ghost Photos with Easy to use interface using theGhostCamera. Ghost Camera has 5 major Ghost Cameras.1. Ghost cameratoCreate pictures showing as if your spirit is leaving the bodyorPictures as if your ghost is in same photos as you.2. Cutyourphotos from any Picture and Make yourself a Ghost and Paste youasghost on a Scary background or Nature Backgrounds,ForestBackgrounds.3. Scary Photo Frames to decorate your photoswithScary Photo Frames.4. Ghost Stickers to add to your photos.GhostStickers like Scary Ghosts, Skulls, Skeletons can be addedtoPhotos.5. Scary Live wallpapers include Ghost live wallpaperstochose from.Ghost Camera is easy to use with Ghost PhotoMaker:1.Launch the Ghost Camera.2. Take the first picture usingeither ofthe cameras.3. Using Camera Timer functionality time yourcamerashots.4. Take the second Photo and Overlay over firstphoto.5.Adjust order of photos to get better Ghost Photos. ChangeOpacityof Photos to get Spirit photos accurately.6. Save and ShareGhostPictures with friends and family.Create best looking GhostPhotosand spirit photos with Ghost Photo Maker using GhostCamera.Makeyourself into a Ghost using Cut Paste Pictures:1. Selecta pictureof you that you want to convert into Scary Ghost.2. Cutthe Photoby drawing a closed loop around your picture that need tobe madeinto ghost.3. Trim the edges to fine tune the Ghost Maker.4.Pastethe Cut photo on one of your photos or our top PhotoBackgroundsincluding Scary Ghost Backgrounds, Nature Backgrounds,ForestBackgrounds, Waterfall Backgrounds.5. Save and share Yourpicturesas Ghost pictures. Ghost Stickers to add Ghosts to youreverydaypictures:1. Ghost Stickers: Now you can decorate yourPictures withGhost Stickers. Select the Photo where you want to addGhosts toPictures. You can adjust ghosts in the pictures with 2fingergestures and Add Transparency to Ghost Stickers to makeGhosts moreRealistic in Ghosts Pictures. More than 10 variety ofGhostStickers including Skeleton, Skull, Zombies are added.GhostFramesto decorate your Pictures with Scary Photo Frames:GhostPhotoFrames and Halloween Photo Frames: Select one of the manyGhostFrames and Halloween Frames and Add your Photo to Ghost FramesasPart of Ghost Camera. Save and Share the saved Ghost Frames toshowyour friends the Scary Photo Frames.Ghost Camera nowincorporatesGhost Live Wallpaper:1. Ghost Live Wallpaper top set asyour LiveWallpaper.2. Select one of Ghosts for Wallpaper and wewill selectfrom Scary Backgrounds to make Scary Live Wallpaper foryou.3. Setthe Scary Wallpaper with Scary Photo background as yourLiveWallpaper.Ghost Camera now with Scary Photo Frames, ScaryLiveWallpaper, Scary Photo Stickers.
Ghost in Photo Prank 2.5
Haunt 'em, scare 'em, make 'em scream! It is always fun toplaypranks on our friends and family. That why we've created GhostinPhoto Prank! With the help of this ghost face photo editor it issoeasy to pull pranks and scare your bfs and family out oftheirwits! This horror prank app lets you put one or more ghosts inoneof your pictures as if they were real. All the photo montagesyoucreate in this fantastic and free picture editor will besorealistic that all of your friends, or anyone else for thatmatter,will really believe that there is a ghost in the photo.Theadvanced image editing options and tools will give you theultimateopportunity to pull the best pranks for Halloween! Wait nomore,download Ghost in Photo Prank and try it, it is somuchfun!Features:☠ Picture editor for creating the best creepyphotopranks!☠ Scary face app to put a sticker of an apparition onyourpic!☠ Take a pic with the prank camera or select a pic fromthegallery of your phone!☠ Choose one of many spirit imagesweprepared for you!☠ Customize, change the size and opacity, placeitwherever you wish on your pic!☠ Apply creepy filters andeffects!☠Save to gallery or share on Facebook, Twitter orInstagram!☠ Addghost in photo with ease and scare your friends!☠Best photo prankmaker!Get a real ghost effect photo editor for yourphone or tabletand start with the ultimate pic editing! All youneed to do isselect a picture from your phone's gallery or take apicture on thespot, then choose one of the available “ghostpictures” from oursuperb collection of creepy photos. You can alsochoose the placeof the sticker for pictures so that it will lookreal on thepicture montage. The photo stickers are transparent,which onlyadds to their credibility. Repeat the same process againand again,add as much ghosts as you want and make horror photopranks thatwill leave everyone trembling in fear. Our “ghost photoeditor app”is the best prank app you will find on the market, sodownload“Ghost in Photo Prank” for free!At last you've found aperfect“ghost photo maker” where you can either save the editedpicture onyour phone or tablet's memory or share it with any socialapp youwant. The great thing about this “ghost photo creator” isthat itis very easy to use and you don't need any special imageeditingskills to perform picture retouching. Make a perfect “ghostprankphoto” just using this scary prank machine. Its perfectforHalloween parties, April Fools' Day and sleepovers. If you wanttospice things up just enter this “scary photo booth” andyourfriends will scream in fear! But don't just take our word forit,it is much more fun doing than reading about it, so downloadGhostin Photo Prank and make an amazing and creepy photo montageeveryday.If you are a real prankster and you are searching for anappfor scary pranks to do on your friends, this “ghost facephotomaker” is made just for you. Use it to scare and shockyourfriends, foes or anyone you feel like. It’s the bestHalloweenprank app that every boy or girls should have on theirsmartphonesor tablets. You can make any place haunted and scary butyou needthe right app for picture editing to do it. That is whythis “photoeditor with ghost image” has all the advanced options to“add ghostto photo”. Make a horror ghost photo frame and set it asyourwallpaper lock screen picture, the picture montages are inhdquality so you'll be more than satisfied with them. Go outthereand start working your magic! Download Ghost in Photo Prankfree ofcharge!
EMF Ghost Detector 1.1
Detect spirits through EMF waves with this simple EMF GhostDetectorApp!What is an EMF Ghost Detector ?EMF Ghost Detector isaninstrument that analyzes the electromagnetic fields on threeaxis(X, Y, Z), although the fluctuations may vary, the detectionof thespirits and/or energies could potentially besuccessful.Detection isnot guaranteed.Thank you for checking outEMF Ghost Detector bySnowPack Studios.
12-469 Shack Hack Ghost Box 1.1
Steve Hultay
This particular ghost box was the first radio that was accessibletothe masses as a usable sweeping ghost box. Before this Hackedradiocame on the scene, there was only a Frank's Box or a Joe'sBox.Those were the only 2 ghost boxes available and they weren'treallyavailable to everyone since they were hand made and rare toobtain.The 12-469 Radio Shack radio was first introduced onFrankSumption's EVP/ITC Yahoo group by a man calling himself "SumDuc"on November 24, 2007. His post stated that he went into aradioshack and bought a cheap radio to see if he could modify itand beable to share something with the group. He also asked oursmallgroup to email him for details. I was the first and onlyperson todo that, because it was a rainy day in NJ and i was upforsomething new. He wrote me back with the info and model and iwentto the store to make the purchase. Not knowing muchaboutelectronics, I still took the plunge in what would take on anewera of ITC work for a lot more people.I modified the radioandstarted using it right away and posted some audio of myfindingsjust hours later. "Sum Duc" was pleased with my work andsaid hewas making a page on the internet called "Ghost Box Hacks"andasked if he could share my audio on there. Of course I saidYes,this was a breakthrough for the field! That "Sum Duc" man ontheforum turned out to be the legendary Bill Chappell prior toforminghis Digital Dowsing products. We spoke quite a bit and Ieven was abeta tester on some of his early projects because ofthis.The12-469 radio used to be $10 and I bought many and gave themallaway except one. It has an inherent click on the AM band thatmanylove and feel helps communication.This APP is 12 minutes audiofromthat classic box, chopped up into 12,000 files both forwardandreverse (with random delivery) to give it that 12-469 feelingthebest way i could. I've used this with excellent resultssofar.These boxes are rare and now only obtainable on Ebay andothersources for $300 and up. My goal is to share rare ghost boxeswiththe public, even if it's in app form. I don't feel thatpeopleshould spend a ton of money on radios that used to cost $10brandnew.This is my way of trying to share my collection.....i hopeyouenjoy!-Steve Hultay (RTSC since 2006)Special notes on thisapp:Thisis NOT an EVP enhancer app but a GHOST BOX ITC app. What isthedifference between an EVP enhancing app and a Ghost Box ITCapp?EVP enhancing apps play short audio files (usually less than5minutes long) from start to finish EVERY time with norandomness(just like a regular music player). THE 12-469 SHACK HACKAPP USESGHOST BOX ITC methods. The app works by playing short bitsofsounds randomly in order to CREATE WORDS and hopefullyphrases.There are 12,000 audio bits that are played randomly inreal-time.If you would like a zip file of the audio source, pleaseemailme.ALL PROCEEDS HELP FUND FUTURE ITC PROJECTS. THANK YOU FORYOURSUPPORT!
Paranormal Ghost EVP/EMF Radio
Exelerus Apps
Ghost EVP/EMF Radio has been developed for excitingparanormaldetection and exploration. We've put a lot of effort intomakingthe app easy to use, so that both professional andenthusiastparanormal researchers and ghost hunters can enjoy it.Ifyou areeither easily frightened, a super skeptic "left brainer" orhave aserious heart-related medical condition, you are probablybetteroff avoiding this app.Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) isthecollective name for the sounds sometimes detected onelectronicrecordings and reminiscent of human speech. These soundsareusually found in recordings with noise or poor radio reception,andis considered by many to be the voices of paranormal beings suchasghosts, spirits, demons and other energy based entities. EVP isaform of Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC), a term coinedbyprofessor Ernst Senkowski in the 1970s.This app has takenthetraditional ghost box to the next level, and also incorporatesanEMF (Electromagnetic Field) scanner. As with traditionalghostboxes, chaotic noise seems to be both inviting and sensitivetoparanormal manipulation. The app generates audible speechbydetecting meaningful phrases and words together withpropertiessuch as gender, age and current mood of the communicatingentity.We continuously improve the app, based on user feedback, anduse itduring our own paranormal investigations as well.*** Features****A built-in EMF scanner: Used as entropy seed for thenoisegeneration and shown on the TV screen.* Quick text log: Tap onthemain TV screen to toggle between modes.* Text log screen:Thepersistent text log is where you can sort, share anddelete.*Record your encounters with or without the microphone ofyourdevice.* Real-time audio visualization: OscilloscopeandSpectrometer (tap to toggle).* In-app audio analyzer; whichenablesyou to perform further studies by visualizing the audioandchanging the playback rate.* Open your EVP recordings incompatibleaudio apps with the touch of a button.* Optional AutoRecordingonly produces recordings when something interestingisencountered.* Optional vibration and audible alarms every timeanentity has been detected.* UI themes, including the new themeforHalloween.* Share your recordings with friends andfamily.***Languages ***Full support for English (US/UK), Czech,Dutch,French, German, Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese,Slovak,Spanish, Swedish and Turkish*** Contact/Support **** Use thehelpbuttons, located on every screen, to start the in-appguides.*Reach us by email, our support site, oruse the buttons on the Settingsscreen.* Twitter*Facebook*Google+* Mailinglist* The Ghost Radiowebsite:*** Usage ****Patiencerequired; Don't expect amazing results after just a coupleofminutes. The analyzer needs time to calibrate, and mayinitiallynot detect any patterns at all or may even give youfalsepositives.* When fully calibrated the speech to texttranslationand speech quality should be improved.* The EMF scanneruse themagnetometer sensor of your device so ensure it iscalibrated (bywaving the device in a eight pattern a couple oftimes).We hopethat you, like many others, will be fascinated by theparanormalexperience of Ghost EVP Radio. Thanksfordownloading!DisclaimerEvery effort has been made to make thisapptruly unique, but we can offer no guarantee that you willgetspecific results by using it. Since the results of this apphaven'tbeen scientifically verified, it should only be usedforentertainment purposes. Please use it responsibly.
Ghosts PRO
The complete equipment includes:- Magnetophone: converts thesensorreadings into sounds- Paranormal Detector: detects levelofparanormal activity- Radar Map: draw in the city map theexactpoint of the detected energy - Ghost Finder: help to locatefocusof energy using gauss field- Ghost Camera: converts sensorreadingsinto imagesWe don't offer guarantees of accuracy or anywarranties,therefore, since results from this application cannot beverifiedscientifically the app should be used for entertainmentpurposes.
Ghost Photo Maker 1.0
Do you enjoy playing ghost games and want to prank your friends inareally cool way? Ghost Photo Maker will help you do iteasily!GhostPhoto Maker let you create pictures showing as if yourspirit isleaving the body or pictures as if your ghost is in samephotos asyou.Cut your photos from any Picture and Make yourself aGhost andPaste you as ghost on a Scary background or NatureBackgrounds,Forest Backgrounds, Waterfall Backgrounds.Makeyourself into a Ghostusing Cut Paste Pictures:1. Select a pictureof you that you want toconvert into Scary Ghost.2. Cut the Photoby drawing a closed looparound your picture that need to be madeinto ghost.3. Trim theedges to fine tune the Ghost Maker.4. Pastethe Cut photo on one ofyour photos or our top Photo Backgroundsincluding Scary GhostBackgrounds, Nature Backgrounds, ForestBackgrounds, WaterfallBackgrounds.5. Save and share your picturesas Ghost pictures. GhostPhoto Maker features:- One tapauto-enhance.- Picture effects builtin up to 15 kinds of effectssuch as Clyde, Dean, Lucky and so on.-Adjust level warmth,sharpness and clarity effects.- One tap autofocus and blur image.-Design ornate picture frame and photo scene.-Add text on photo andsticker on picture.- Portrait processing witheliminate acne, makeyour face flawless, remove blemishes, teethwhitening, red-eyereduction and skin whitening.- Simple touchgestures to rotate,resize and crop photo.- Painting and graffitican freely set thebrush size and hardness.- Adjust brightness,contrast, colortemperature and saturation.- Share your photosinstantly.Thanks forusing Ghost Photo Maker.
EVP Recorder 5.8
Proud to support "Enabled Life" A very talented DJ WithCerebralpalsy, Who did the new intro track for the Application.Pleasefollow in the App links on the intro screen. :) New updatedUISystemAppyDroid EVP Recorder with over 600,000 downloadsworldwidehas come a long way since it's initial release in 2014,Now one ofthe most Advanced EVP Recorders you can Own for FREE!!For usageand overview check out our videohere: we justupdated theApp with in App social media links where you can quicklyget helpor assistance.AppyDroid Development, Leading the way inI.T.CResearch and Development.
SV-2 SpiritVox "Ghost Box" SV1 4.1
SV-1 has upgraded to SV-2! (SV-1 Version 4.0)NEW GhosthuntingTechnology!Turns your Android device into a working“SpiritBox”.OVER 16,000 happy users worldwide!*TOP 20 IN GOOGLEPLAYLIFESTYLE APPS!*USED AND TRUSTED BY BILL MURPHY OF TV'S FACTORFAKED. BARRY FITZGERALD & ROBB DEMAREST FROM GHOSTHUNTERSINTERNATIONAL.SV-1 SpiritVox Spirit Communication Devicehasupgraded to SV-2! NEW FEATURES:2 noise banks. Bank A createdusingthe PRD-1000 Ghost Box from Bank BIs thesounds you have grown comfotable with over the last year.Reverb2recording modes:Standard traditional style to diskEchoVoxstylereal time echo monitoring. Use speaker for echo, headphonesforreal time recording monitor. Recordings are now 44 100 Hz, 16bit 4noise channels with speed controlsChannel "sweep" with ratecontroladds more randomness than ever beforeChannel play modes ALL/RandomSession naming. Recorded files with begin with yoursessionname.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thisisthe closest thing to having a hardware ghost box as you canget!Ihope you enjoy this new version of the SV-1. I cannot wait tohearwhat you catch!*******Trusted and used by thousands ofParanormalresearchers around the world from professional toamateur. Thousandof results reported worldwide. SpiritVox has beenused in the worldsmost haunted locations by some of the mostfamous and well respectedghost hunters in the US, Canada, Norwayand the United Kingdom. NOfalse positives. Guaranteed to be freeof all radiointerference.THIS APP DOES NOT USE RADIOWAVES!Hardware "Spiritboxes" can cost hundreds of dollars and aredifficult to buildyourself. They are also open to radiointerference and randomphonetic sounds. The SV-1 SpiritVox iscapable of producing resultsyou can be confident in for a FRACTIONof a hardware device! This isone tool your research group cannotafford to go without! NOT ANOVELTY ITEM, This APP is designed byghost hunters for ghosthunters!SpiritVox onYouTube: 2.0AudioDemo NOTE:usersare reporting results with wifi and data etc enabled. Somereportthat voices and sounds are clearer or louder this way. Feelfree toexperiment and try for yourself. It does seem possible to methatthe wireless signal could aid in this phenomenon. ###*Forbestresults turn your devices volume to 10, place on a hardsurfacewith your device speaker facing down and prop the device up1/2 to1 inch above the surface. External speakers are recommendedif youare using a phone without a loud speaker. Tablet speakershave beenfound to work very well and seem to be loud enough ontheirown.PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary! Please don't rate low ifyoudon't hear a ghost, neither me or anyone else can guaranteethiswill happen! SpiritVox is trusted and used by over 200ParanormalResearch teams around the world! Including North LondonParanormal,Paranormal Moms, ParaSpin Paranormal,BAT Paranormal,ghost NightEvents UK and more!Questions? Got results you would liketo share?Visit our blog: @spiritvoxapp TWEET THE HASH #spiritvox TO REACHMEDIRECTLY ANYTIME!PLEASE USE WIFI TO DOWNLOAD. THIS APP IS LARGE
Ghost Detector Spectrum 1.0.14
Ghost Detector is an application that uses your mobiledevicesensors to detect sources of variable magnetic emissions.Whichcould indicate us the presence of some kind ofparanormalactivity.Ghost Detector is the only app that shows thedistancebetween the paranormal activity and you. Also shows themagneticfield variations.It will not show magnetic fields atconstantfrequencies such as those generated by electronics, forexample:TV, routers, computers, chargers, mobile phones,etc.Theapplication will show a green dot on the radar in case thereisnearby a source of magnetic emission.The detection rangevariesbetween 0 and 30 feet approximately, depending on the mobiledeviceused.By installing this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy:''
👻 Ghost Photo Prank 89
Make a scary ghost prank to your friends, add ghosts in yourphotosand sounds.Select a ghost and his situation that will come inthepicture, ask them to make a picture with your camera and go,appeara scare surprise, share and send social networks, is a veryfunnyscary and fear prank, Ideal for april fools day.✔️ Select aGhost✔️Select the position✔️ Select a picture or take a photo✔️Share✔️Play scary soundsYou can save photos (/pictures), undo andreloadnew ghosts, you can move it wherever you want and add as manyasyou want. This will scare your friends and family.With "Ghostphotoprank" You can play up to fifteen ghostly sounds.Warning:ThisGhost Scary Prank is a Terror Game with songs may causefear,terror or panic, use this prank responsibly.Share with usyourphotos
Ghost Friends-dodge 2.0.3
kyk games
You can gather companions of demons and spiritsDo you eat redragesoul to block the light.Try to make him a demon meet yourhighscore!Game-related inquiries, please [email protected]
VBE GHOST COM 052016 5in1 2.0
This is the first Operating system, designed forSpiritCommunication. Contents:1) Spirit Text2) Spirit Draw3)GhostKeyboard4) Video ITC5) VBE Ghost Box, with V3audioV2 New toVBESoftware:1) New User ( Help, tips, tricks )2) Experienced User(Direct access to application )3) Spirit OperatingSystemOverallFunctions:1) Spirit Draw: A .Designed for VisualCommunication towork with VBE Ghost Box or without. B. A means toplay games withspirits C. A means for a spirit to draw out letters,numbers,words, etc... D. Multiple ways to get relevant responses ortoverify, no spirit is present2) Spirit Text: A. A means togetwords, sentences numbers and more, to work with VBE Ghost Boxorwithout. B. Another means to Q&A responses. C. Another meanstoprove intelligent responses or none at all.Note: Touch hasbeendisabled for the user to prevent fake videos fromappearingMainstream. Spirit input only.3) Ghost Keyboard: A. Ameans toallow spirits to play music B. A means to retrieve anintelligentresponse, via asking keys to be played, C. A means toplay musicwith a spirit present or alone.4) Video ITC: A. Visualdataprovided via screen brightness B. A means to determine if aspiritis present or not C. Possible manipulation of a spirit'svisualaspects D. White noise, audible controlled via Sensor data toworkwith VBE Ghost Box or without.5) VBE GHOST BOX: A:Sensoractivated, Audio Loop file. ( REVERSED AUDIO - LOOPED )MAINCONTROL:1) Sensor Calibration, X Y Z or ALL at once.2)Resetcontrols per application and Re calibration of pointerdisplay. 3)MUTE - Speaker Icon4) Power Off5) Set Sensors - 5 Seconddelay toallow time to move away from device. Re Calibrate, while inuse. 6)Visual onscreen time and seconds for video productions, viaanotherrecording device. I.E. Camcorder.7) All sensor DataDisplayed Note:You the User or a spirit, may click and choose anyfile orprogram.EXTRA:1) MP3 Audio by Rickyvbat Both you the user andaspirit using the pointer can start or stop.Information:Thisapplication has startup information on how to use theapplicationby selecting New User. If you still are having issues.Please stopby and One of ourmembers orI, will help youwith this program. This application, usesthe GEOSENSORS in your device. Each device is different andrequires theUser to set the calibration for said device ( Describedin NEWUSER, information in program ). This Application is for astableinvestigation. This means, it is not portable duringaninvestigation. Moving the device after it is calibratedwillproduce none specific results. The vibrations you cause bymovingthe device will effect all programs. IN CLOSING:Thank you,toeveryone that has continued to use VBE Software for theirGhostHunting Investigations. Your Videos have been absolutelyamazing.The communication you are having is fantastic and it fuelsme tocontinue to better both the applications ability andprecision.Your support is what funds future applications andhardwarebuilds.Again, Thank you and I hope you and your Spiritfriend,enjoy this application.
Ghost Pet Detector 1.1.6
Ghost Pet Detector is a radar application thatmeasureselectromagnetic field radiation to indicate the presenceofenergies from the pet spirits.This Pet Ghost Radarclassicapplication will display colored shapes if there are signsofemissions, also known as electromagnetic radiation, shapes thataredesignated to a specific high ghost pet energy or spirit animalandcould indicate many things depending on the animal shown,moreabout it can be read on Notes section in the Ghost PetDetectorapp.You’re not alone. Spiritual seekers through all ofhistoryrecorded their interactions with animal energies andmedicine. Theystrove to build strong relationships with animalarchetypes as away of broadening the human experience with thenatural world andits gifts.Ghost pet spirits show up in ourawareness when the timeis right, gifting to us a gentle reminderthat we are connected usto their divine energy and can call upon itto achieve our highestand best life.As you learn about spirits youwill begin discoveringmany of these values and how they pertain tonot just yourspiritual path, but also daily living, you will beable to tap intoa whole new level of awareness of the world inwhich we live andour own inner spiritual landscape.You can readmore about ghost pet/ specific animal spirit in the Notes Sectioninside the App.Thankyou for checking out Ghost Pet Detector! Leavea friendly rate& comment !
Ghost In Photo - Horror Photo Editor 1.3
Scare your friends with the new prank photo app! Downloadthe“💀Ghost In Photo - Horror Photo Editor💀” and have the perfectimageediting app! Add ghost to photo with the ghost scanner cameraandscare your friends out of their wits. Experiment with ghostfiltersfrom the ghost photo gallery full of “creepy stickers” foryourpictures. If you have always wanted to catch a ghost on camera,thephoto modification app gives you a unique opportunity to doit!“Put a ghost in your picture”, save it to your device, and useitas creepy wallpapers and backgrounds. The awesome poltergeistgameenables you to add ghost in photo background and createfrighteningphoto montages. Take a selfie and apply ghost photo faceliveeffects on your photos! Once you try it, you will enjoy usingtheghost and spirit real app new. If you are into spooky fearghostgames with scary ghost sounds, you will love this realghostscanner app. Get the ghost in photo editor for free!👻Ghostfunnyphoto editor👻Features:😨 Ghost and spirit app freedownload!😨Numerous ghost stickers and ghost photo effects!😨 Awesomespiritand ghost search app!😨 Easy to use ghost in picture photoapp!😨Pick your favorite ghost and put it in your picture!😨 Rotateandresize the photo stickers and stamps to create horrorphotocollage!😨 Try out the ghost detector find real ghost app!😨Installthe ghost scanner app download and demon picture editor!😨Save thepicture to your device and set it as scary wallpapersHD!👻Spiritsand ghost real communicator👻Adding ghost in photo hasnever beeneasier! Use the “💀Ghost In Photo - Horror Photo Editor💀”to modifyyour images completely free of charge! With the ghostbackgroundphoto editor, you can create posters from horror movies.The ghostcamera in photo can be yours with just one click! Installthepoltergeist app and use it anywhere, anytime. Whenever you havethetime, open the image editing horror face camera to producefunnyface change. Be creative and decorate your picture with thebestface editor applications. Try out all the scary photo stickersfreethat the ghost on camera has and modify your pictures like arealprofessional! It's time to take your old photos and changethemwith the horror apps of see ghost. If you like prank callingappwith scary sounds and noises, the spirit and ghost locatorrealwill be your new favorite ghost radar. The photo editor ghostinnature is very fun and easy to use. Have a good laugh whenusingthe ghost camera filter. Create original ghost in photo prankandhave lots of fun!👻Picture editor for creating the best creepyphotoeffects👻“💀Ghost In Photo - Horror Photo Editor💀” “photo modifyapp”offers you a chance of trying out frightening stickers forphotostogether with your friends. The spooky photo editor will helpyoucreate gloomy picture montage and give your photos avirtualmakeover! Use the horror face editing apparition games tojoke withyour friends. Ghost in photo app features various creepyphotoeffects with which you can create horrifying wallpapers.Justselect a picture from your phone gallery or capture a new oneandapply “ghost scanner app” for horror photo effects. If youlikeplaying jokes on people, the “💀Ghost In Photo - HorrorPhotoEditor💀” is the right ghost detector find real ghost for you!Withthe ghost editor in pictures, you can edit your pictures byusingthe sophisticated properties of the editing software. Don'tmissthe chance to be the first to download the ghost in phonefunnyjoke for free!
SGK2 - Ghost Hunting Kit 2.0.1
Another of our All in 1 Ghost Hunting Kits isnowavailable!!Featuring an EMF Detector, our Streaming Spirit BoxandEVP Recorder.EMF Detector----------------------The EMFDetectoruses the Magnetometer built into your Android Device (somedevicesdo not have this, in which case the feature will notwork).TheStreaming SpiritBox----------------------------------------I havesetup my own IPStream, which is a bit like an online radiostation, and isconstantly streaming random sounds.The randomsounds are a libraryof short sound clips (roughly 10,000 audioclips) taken from AM FMCB CW VHF UHF, Morse, various ghost boxrecordings & phoneticaudio from single words in many differentlanguages (Some evenoverlayed & echo'd) & a few othersources.In chopping themdown to 1 second clips, it's very hard tocreate a full sentencefrom a 1 second clip & any words inthere will be totallyunrelated to possibly any question a personmay ask.This is probablythe first of its kind. We know that manyhave wanted something likethis for a while now.Random is the bestway to describe what ishappening in the audio... there really isno way to judge what willbe said at the same time of a question..The best thing about itis.. because it uses a more phonetic soundin the clips, we shouldbe able to get foreign language usage &responses from ittoo.Just be warned its not for the faint hearted,this can be aterrifying experience if you have never touched aghost box beforeso we recommend researching about the ghost boxbefore deciding totry one for real.Simply click on "Start", thiswill open up theplayer and the sounds will start playing. When youhave finishedclick the "Back" button on your device, this willtake you back tothe "Start" screen, from here it is safe to closethe app down.youcan change the sweep rate, or rate in which asound is played, viathe slider on the main screen.EVPRecorder----------------------TheEVP Recorder allows you to recordyour spirit box session, or justrecord on its own.A folder iscreated on your device called"SpottedGhosts", in there you willfind folders for all of our apps.Go into the "SGK2" folder, theninto the "Recordings" folder, hereyou will find all yourrecordings as .3gp.You can also share your.3gp files via any appon your device that allows the sharing of 3gp(or audio)files.---------------------------------A handy tool tohave for anyParanormal Investigations or Ghost HuntingSession!Please be aware,I am not stating that ghosts / spirits will100% communicate withyou through my app, but it has worked for meand many otherpeople.Please be patient, I hope you get the answersyou arelooking for.** This app contains adverts **Yes we know,everyonehates adverts right? Well, I think you should look atadverts as agood thing, they are a way for you to help tofinancially supportthe developers, without actually paying thedevelopers any money.So please don't be annoyed with the adverts inthis app, they arethere to help us finance the development of newfeatures for you,the users.** Disclaimer **Use at your own risk, Icannot be heldpersonally responsible for you or any outcome(paranormal orotherwise) from using this app!
Holy Ghost Radio 5.1
Listen to anointed, apostolic preaching messages from HolyGhostRadio crusades, conferences and bible studies.
Ghost Detector Fun 2.8
This app acts as a medium between you and the ghosts.Ghostschannelmessages to you through this app and you can detect ghostsaroundyou. This app shows a radar with lurking ghost around you andsomeghosts try to talk with you, It is found that the radar rangeisabout approximately 9 miles.We also added an EMF entitydetectorwhich is very helpful to find ghosts, The ghosts try tocontrolyour devices magnetic and microphone sensor which ismonitored bythe ghost detector and shows you the possible locationof theghosts, demons,entities etc.You can also ask questions totheghosts and they may answer you. The ghost may not answerdirectlyto you. you must interpret the group of words you see as ananswerto your question.Find,talk and connect to theghosts.Disclaimer:This may work or may not and it depends on yourbeliefs.
Apú y el espíritu del río 1.0.2
Riverside BT
Apú y el espíritu del ríoApú and spirit of the river
Ghost - Detection & Protection 8.0
This app contains all information about ghosts. You can be aGhostdetector after reading this app. you can protect yourselffromghosts by this information.The best from the world of astrologyanddarkness.Tricks to save you from ghost evil spirits theirdetectionand protection in emergency situations.All about evilsouls,ghosts, monsters, positive energy its science existence.Theapptalks about ghost detection,ghost protection,ghoststories,andvarious ways to call a ghost.In folklore, a ghost(sometimes knownas an apparition, haunt, phantom, poltergeist,shade, specter orspectre, spirit, spook, and wraith) is the soul orspirit of a deadperson or animal that can appear to the living.Descriptions ofghosts vary widely from an invisible presence totranslucent orbarely visible wispy shapes, to realistic, lifelikevisions. Thebelief in the existence of an afterlife, as well asmanifestationsof the spirits of the dead is widespread, dating backto animism orancestor worship in pre-literate cultures. Certainreligiouspractices—funeral rites, exorcisms, and some practicesofspiritualism and ritual magic—are specifically designed to restthespirits of the dead. Ghosts are generally described assolitary,human-like essences, though stories of ghostly armies andtheghosts of animals rather than humans have also been recounte.ghoststories ghost city lite ghost detector camera ghostobservermail usyour personal experience get your content featuredin our app ::[email protected]