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Ghost Camera (Ghost Detector / Spirit Detector)
Ghost Camera is a free ghost detection app for Android devices,easyto use for beginners and professionals alike! Detect andcaptureghost, spirits and other phenomena with easy to useindicators andprofessional-grade indicators! • Ghost Camera usesyour phonesensors to approximate spirit activity near your phoneand guide youwith audio and visual cues to increase your odds tocapture aspirit. The raw sensor data is displayed alongside togive you aclearer picture of what is happening around you andallow forpersonal interpretation of the pictures.• Ghost Cameramakes use ofa variety of sensors in your phone/tablet and giveseasy-to-useindicators. The combination of different EMF meters andthe use oftriple axis detection make this a valuable tool forbeginners andprofessionals alike.• We are heavily relying on yourfeedback forGhost Camera and will implement more features andimprove existingcapabilities of this app based on your input. •Ghost Camera cannotguarantee accuracy of results or give anywarranties. This freeGhost Camera app is intended forentertainment purposes only.
Ghost Detector Radar Simulator
The only ghost detector app that lets you chat with spiritsforfree! No in-app purchase required.= Instructions =1) Starttheapp2) Walk around and find a ghost3) Type your question andwaitfor the spirit to answer!Disclaimer: since paranormalactivitycan't be scientifically proven, we can't guarantee that theappcommunicates with real spirits.
Ghosts & Spirits analyzes the readings of severalsensors.Thecomplete equipment includes:- Magnetophone: converts thesensorreadings into sounds- Paranormal Detector: detects levelofparanormal activity- Radar Map: draw in the city map theexactpoint of the detected energy - Ghost Finder: help to locatefocusof energy using gauss field (only in PRO versión)- GhostCamera:converts sensor readings into images (only in PRO versión)Wedon'toffer guarantees of accuracy or any warranties, therefore,sinceresults from this application cannot be verifiedscientifically theapp should be used for entertainment purposes.
Ghost Hunting Tools (Detector)
Detect and hunt ghosts and spirits with easy to use EMF meters,EVPdetection, and word analysis! Ghost Hunting Tools for yourAndroidphone and tablet: Easy to use for beginners andprofessionalsalike!Ghost Hunting Tools makes use of a variety ofsensors in yourphone or tablet and gives your easy-to-use access toEMF meters andEVP detectors to detect and hunt ghost and spirits.The includedEVP analysis with the over 1000 words strong dictionaryanalyzes tocaptured EVPs and in combination with the sensors forthe EMF meterand other environmental reads, it will approximate themeaning andselect the closest corresponding meaning.# What are EMFmeters? EMFmeters are instruments that read the fluctuation inelectromagneticfields. Ghost Hunting Tools detectors are acombination ofdifferent EMF meters and use triple axis detection.It will detectvariations and anomalies in the electromagneticfield, usingvarious sensors like the magnetometer built in yourdevice.• Youmay experience paranormal activity between 2 and sixmilligaus -the readout is calibrated on these parameters. Thehistory graphsbelow the primary readout are recording the strength,helping youtracking sources easier. If the readout indicatesfluctuations inthe field, we recommend slowing down and letting theapp calibrateon the signal. If the signal is a false-positive, thestrength willslowly decrease or increase if the fluctuation ispermanent andless likely to be a wrong read.• What are EVPs? EVP,ElectronicVoice Phenomena, are grunts, words, or even simplesentences caughton tape during recording sessions. Usually, theseevents can not beheard since they mostly occur in certain ELFranges. Together withthe EMF detector, this ghost detector willcapture sounds throughFM bands your devices microphone, analyze theaudio and playbackany anomalies detected. The ghost detector graphsare indicatingthe base level of noise from FM bands and themicrophone - if ananomaly has been detected, the second set ofgraphs will displaythe wavelengths.• Word Interpreter: GhostHunting Tools willanalyze the audio file and in combination withthe sensors for theEMF meter and other environmental reads, it willapproximate themeaning and select the closest matching meaning fromthe built-indictionary. The processing time can vary and depends onyourdevice's processor unit. Similar devices are used byparanormalinvestigators and can help to evaluate a spiritsintention.• GhostHunting Tools cannot guarantee accuracy or giveany warrantiessince the results cannot be scientifically verified.This ghostdetector application is therefore intended forentertainmentpurposes only.
Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC
Ghost Radar® is the original application designed todetectparanormal activity. Ghost Radar® attempts to detectparanormalactivity by making various readings on the device.Traditionalparanormal equipment can be easily fooled when simplemundanebursts of normal energy occur. Ghost Radar® sets itselfapart byanalyzing the readings and giving indications only wheninterestingpatterns in the readings have been made. Ghost Radar®also includesa voice to let you know when interesting words havebeen detected.Please note we offer no guarantees of accuracy or anywarranties,therefore, since results from this application cannot beverifiedscientifically the app should be used for entertainmentpurposes.This is the Classic version of the ORIGINAL Ghost Radar®.Pleasevisit for more information ontheadvanced features of other Ghost Radar® products.By installingthisapp you agree to the following privacypolicy:''
Ghostcom Ghost Communicator
What will the spirits tell you about your love life,friendships,health or career?FEATURES:• Get personal spiritualmessages• Easyto use• Will give you goosebumpsASK YOUR GHOST AQUESTION!Ask aquestion and see what comes back! With a hugedatabase of over 2000words Ghostcom Ghost Communicator offersspirits the chance to sendyou detailed personal messages!BE A GHOSTDETECTIVE!Ghostcom GhostCommunicator helps you investigate yourlocal spirits. It's easy touse and great for novice as well asseasoned ghost hunters.DOWNLOADFOR FREE NOW and invite your friendsround for a spooky nightin!Best used in a darkened room...if youdare!If you love theparanormal and things that go bump in the nightthen Ghostcom GhostCommunicator is the app for you! It's spooky,mysterious and greatfun with friends!DISCLAIMERGhostcom GhostCommunicator works byutilizing randomization algorithms. Pleaseremember that it iscurrently impossible to verify that ouralgorithms are affected byghosts or other paranormal forces in anyway, shape or form. Withthis in mind we ask that you use this appresponsibly and forentertainment purposes only. This is not a ouijaboard. It is up toour users to decide if this can function as anaccurate spiritdetector or ghost radar. It does not offer voicerecording or voicebox functionality for communications. Thecreators of GhostcomGhost Communicator will not be held responsiblefor anyconsequences that may arise during or after the use ofthisapplication.WARNINGThis app contains graphics, audio andhauntingeffects that may scare children or those with anxiety or ofanervous disposition. Please do not download if you are likely tobescared or offended by an app of this nature. If you or anyonewhowill have access to this app has or is affected by mentalhealthissues we advise you not to download this app. We kindlyrequestthat you use it in the manner for which it was created; foruse ina light hearted, entertaining way and not to be takentooseriously.THANKS FOR READING!HAPPY GHOST HUNTING!
Ghost Observer - ghost detector & ghost radar app
Ghost Observer is a ghost detector, that lets you see ghostsaroundyou, and communicate with them. You can listen to whatspirits aresaying, and ask them questions.How to use GhostObserver?There is aghost radar at the bottom of the screen. GhostObserver will alertyou when a presence is detected, and give thelocation of thespirit. You can then use the camera and point it tothe directionshown on the ghost radar to catch ghost on video. Turnthe soundon, because spirits will speak to you.The ghost detectorwill giveyou information about ghosts you are seeing, like its ageand typeof spirit, but more importantly a premium function cantranslatewhat the ghost is saying to writen words, just like doingspiritismwith an ouija board.Take pictures at any time, and sharethem withyour friends. It is also possible to ask yes no questionstospirits with the spiritism tool, which is the secondpremiumfunctionality.Where to use Ghost Observer?For the bestghosthunting experience, use the ghost radar when it's dark. Usethisghost tracker in a scary haunted place, like a cemetery, ahauntedhouse or simply a spooky attic! As you can see in thecomments,there are hundreds of captivating stories by users of ourghostdetector. Ghost Observer is the most famous ghost radarapp!Reviewsof GhostObserver ReviewfromDanTDMDon't hesitate to contact us if you have suggestionsaboutGhost Observer, and how we can improve the ghost radar andghosttracker features.Ghost tracker features* Ghost Tracker:display awhite dot and and give a sound alert when a ghostpresence isdetected on the radar.* Ghost Tracker: Catch ghosts oncamera, andsee them in live video* Ghost Pictures: Take picturesof spirits,spectres and share them* Spiritism tool: a translatorto communicatewith spirit and ask them question* EVP : the ghosttracker tells youif the presence is a ghost, a vengeful spirit, apoltergeist or afriendly spirit👻Is this ghost radarscientific?👻Ghosts detection isnot an accurate science. Please beaware that:*This ghost detectorapp is for entertainmentpurpose.*This ghost detector app does notclaim scientificaccuracy.*This ghost tracker can be scary to youngchildren
Ghost Sensor - EM4 Detector
Find ghosts with new EM4 algorithmThe most accurate forAndroiddevicesWorld's people call them many things: Ghost,призрак,fantasma, jurig, 亡灵 and many more, but one thing is clear,we arecurios and we always want to hunt them if they're around!Takeupyour phone and follow the signal where it's the strongest!Appcanbe used to observe haunted places and find whereparanormalentities are present, experienced hunters can even followtheirmovement.The new algorithm - EM4 is finally stable, it's muchmoreaccurate and sensitive than any of its counterpartsandadditionally enables us to measure nature of paranormalentity,whether it's state and impact on surroundings is positiveornegative at a given time. Search for ghosts yourself or justscareyour friends!Ghost hunters! To find and investigate hauntedplacesand other paranormal activiteis better, we are alreadyworking onthe future updates that will bring: ghost radars,trackers, cameradetector, EVP tools. We hope you'll be waiting andwill like themwhen the update arrives!Wish you luck and a safehunt!* As no onecan have full understanding of nature of paranormalbeings andactivities, this app provides no guarantee that it'saccuracy willbe exact or will not change by the time. App is forfun andentertainment purposes only!* Sensitivity may vary fromdevice todevice.
CXII EMF Free Spirit Box
The CXII EMF Spirit Box / Ghost Box Free for mobile makes useofmobile deviceshigh-end technology for interaction andmanipulationsbetween your phones magnetic sensorCXII EMF Ghost Boxis aprofessional tool for attempting communication withparanormalentities. It uses a unique designed system by usingyourphonesMagnetic Sensors which is highly sensitive whichtheoriessuggest giving some entities the energy they need tointeract andcommunicate.When the magnetic sensors is triggered thelights inthe app will start to light up based on the amountofelectromagnetic energyis pulled and triggered within thesensors,so Higher EMF readings / manipulation should turn onmorelightsPlease remember, we cannot guarantee that you getanyresultsWe do not have any control over the spirit realm, andthatspirit or entities do not communicate on cue. Be patient whenusingthe CXII, but we give you a tool to access it.How does itwork?Ourfed is in real-time through your mobiles magnetic sensorsfor aspirit or entity to manipulate with.The app is made in a waysoElectronic equipments etc, can basicly trigger the device intotakein readings, but in order to make the lightsturn on, itrequiressudden changes in the electromagnetic environment to startspikingand light up, we made it that way to avoid to manyreadingswithinnormal electronic equipment.We also made it so thatthe CXIIwill start alarming when readings are spiking, you can mutethatsound if you want.We Highly recommend avoiding to muchelectronicequipments and such nearby when running the app, toavoidinterference as much as possible.We would love to recieveresult toour support E-mail if you want to share.This is the FreeVersion ofthe CXII EMF Ghost Box
Spirit Radar Ghost Sensor
Spirit Radar - a radar for the search for paranormal activityofghost, using EMF technology shows activity within a room or asmallbuilding.Also in the appendix is ​​a large list of ritualsforsummoning spirits and essences sorted by categories:safe,dangerous, deadly.Also in the application there is SpiritBox(SpiritBox) with the decryption of incoming data.Spirit Boxingisthe principle of communicating with the spirit, with the help ofanelectromagnetic wave. For this principle, radio is used, withwhichthe entities can communicate with you, changing the frequencyandlength of the radio wave, which, our algorithm, is convertedintowords.This is not all, in the application is laid the basewithrituals, and mystical rites, on the call of spirits andsomeessences.The base is divided into categories:"Safe" areritualsthat do not need careful preparation. And can be spent byanyunprepared person."Dangerous" - complex rituals, quitedangerousfor an unprepared person."Deadly" - very complex rituals,the riskof injury (mental or physical) is very large. It is notrecommendedto use these rituals, people with weak psyche, as wellasunprepared, weak spirit personalities.
SGK1 - Ghost Hunting Kit
Our All in 1 Ghost Hunting Kit is now available!!Featuring ournewEMF Detector, the SG3 Spirit Box and EVPRecorder.EMFDetector----------------------The EMF Detector usestheMagnetometer built into your Android Device (some devices donothave this, in which case the feature will not work).The SG3SpiritBox------------------------------The SG3 Spirit Box is ournewSpirit Box, using a Soundbank of over 3000 BRAND NEW soundclips,taken from AM FM CB CW VHF UHF, Morse, various ghost boxrecordings& phonetic audio from single words in many differentlanguages(Some even overlayed & echo'd) & a few othersources.Inchopping them down to 1 second clips, it's very hard tocreate afull sentence from a 1 second clip & any words in therewill betotally unrelated to possibly any question a person mayask.Randomis the best way to describe what is happening in theaudio... therereally is no way to judge what will be said at thesame time of aquestion.. The best thing about it is.. because ituses a morephonetic sound in the clips, we should be able to getforeignlanguage usage & responses from it too.You can nowdownloadextra Soundbanks, containing an extra 100 sound clip filesat atime. When they are available for download, the app will tellyou,follow on the screeninstructions.EVPRecorder----------------------The EVP Recorderallows you to recordyour spirit box session, or just record on itsown.A folder iscreated on your device called "SpottedGhosts", inthere you willfind folders for all of our apps. Go into the"GhostHuntingKit"folder, then into the "Recordings" folder, hereyou will find allyour recordings as .3gp.You can also share your.3gp files via anyapp on your device that allows the sharing of 3gp(or audio)files.---------------------------------A handy tool tohave for anyParanormal Investigations or Ghost HuntingSession!Please be aware,I am not stating that ghosts / spirits will100% communicate withyou through my app, but it has worked for meand many otherpeople.Please be patient, I hope you get the answersyou arelooking for.----------------------------------------**SUBSCRIPTION**For £3 per month or £25 per Year.Removes ALL Adverts,FREESoundbank Downloads, and more features for payingsubscriberscoming soon.Please help me make this app betterforyou.----------------------------------------** This appcontainsadverts **Yes we know, everyone hates adverts right? Well,I thinkyou should look at adverts as a good thing, they are a wayfor youto help to financially support the developers, withoutactuallypaying the developers any money. So please don't be annoyedwiththe adverts in this app, they are there to help us financethedevelopment of new features for you, the users.** Disclaimer**Useat your own risk, I cannot be held personally responsible foryouor any outcome (paranormal or otherwise) from using this app!
Real Ghost Detector PRO
Real Ghost Detector PRO is a professional radar applicationdesignedto provide the user a way to measure electromagnetic fieldradiationlevels through ghost detector app radar, it uses yourmobile devicesensors to measure radiations at different bandwiths,which couldindicate the presence of paranormal activity, ghosts,entities,other energies.About Colored Orbs in Real Ghost DetectorPRO RealGhost Detector PRO Radar Classic Application will displaycoloredorbs if there are signs of emissions, also known aselectromagneticradiation.About what different orb colors mean,with many colorsdisplayed by radar classic could potentially meana variety ofthings. Interpretation of the colors varies accordingto differentbeliefs. However, in most cases, people interpretingorb colors andassigning a meaning do so based on spiritual beliefsabout themeaning of various colors. It is important to note thatthese arespiritual theories only and have no basis in scientificfact. Youcan read more about orbs and paranormal activities suchas ghosts,entities, other energies in the Notes Page inside theApp.Watch outfor the colored orbs shown up on the radar classic inthe app andread about the specific ghost energy in the Notespage.Radar CaptureTool Capture and Share to your friends theParanormal Energies youdetected !Information about radarcalibrations and settings arewithin the app.Note: This is the proversion of Real Ghost Detector,by SnowPackStudios.If you enjoy myReal Ghost Detector PRO appplease rate ★★★★★ :)Thank you forchecking out Real Ghost DetectorPRO - Radar Classic! Leave afriendly rate & comment !
Ghost Detector
Ghost Detector is an app that serves as a channel forcommunicationbetween you and paranormal entities. If there are anyunusualactivities around you, this app will detect them.Aim yourmobiledevice to a desired area and look at the graphic. If there isanyspirit activity, you will see it. Ghosts come in all shapesandsizes, so you never know what you might find.Ghost Detectorwasprimarily developed for measuring electromagnetic fieldradiationlevel which could possibly indicate the presence ofspirits. Andnot only spirits, all paranormal entities and energiesthat comefrom another world.Check it out, see if there is anythingout ofthe ordinary happening around you, and if you enjoy GhostDetector,it would be great to rate us and greet us!
Ghost Studio
Ghost Studio incorporates different tools to detect ghostsandparanormal presences.It is based on physical sensors of yourmobileor tablet to represent the information obtained.Itconsistsof:-Magnetic field meter. EMF-Proximity detector.-Graphofamplitude of audio sound recorder to collect EVP.-Browniannoiseand white noise generator.-Use your camera with auto picturetoactivate the sensors and image live.-Gallery photos andaudiospecific to its use.-Multiple configuration optionsandcontrols.-Modern interface.It is not a onlyentertainmentapplication. Ghost Studio is real, it is developedforprofessionals and researcher as a tool for their research, usingitin places or haunted houses as a detector of ghosts,spirits,paranormal entities, energies, orbs, supernatural,etc.Ghost Studiois not liable for damage, misuse of this detectoror thedatacollected.|-------------------------------------------------|Tofurtherimprove Ghost Studio please leave us 5 stars ★★★★★ +1 Ilike it.
EVP Recorder - Spotted: Ghosts
This is a handy tool to have with you when doingParanormalInvestigations or Ghost Hunts.I am not saying thatspirits willspeak to you through my app, so please do not bedisappointed if itdoes not work straight the way.There is NO FAKERYinvolved in thisapp, it DOES NOT play random sounds, scan radio, oranything, it isa 100% digitalrecorder.----------------------------------------Version 4 isNOWavailable.Record on Sound Detection - Only available toRegisteredUsers.There is an EVP Analyser, where you can change thespeed /pitch of your recordings and set start / stop positionsforplayback.A folder is created on your device called"SpottedGhosts",in there you will find folders for all of our apps.Go into the"EVPRecorder" folder, then into the "Recordings" folder,here youwill find all your recordings as .3gp.You can share your.3gp filesfrom within the app.I have integrated a Theme Downloader,so youcan change the way the EVP Recorder looks :)There is aHelpsection, which contains a link to our latest Tutorial VideoonYouTube.You can now register your app with me, which will giveyouaccess to all of the latest enhancements / functionality andtoreceive my newsletter. I only collect your name and emailaddressin order to register your app and do not share thisinformationwith anyone!----------------------------------------Thisapp wasrecently used on a new Paranormal show called CelebrityHauntedHotel, Whoop!!** This app contains adverts **Yes we know,everyonehates adverts right? Well, I think you should look atadverts as agood thing, they are a way for you to help tofinancially supportthe developers, without actually paying thedevelopers any money.So please don't be annoyed with the adverts inthis app, they arethere to help me finance the development of newfeatures for you,theusers.----------------------------------------** SUBSCRIPTION**For£3 per month or £25 per Year.Removes ALL Adverts, FREEThemeDownloads, and more features for paying subscriberscomingsoon.Please help me make this app betterforyou.----------------------------------------I have also madeasmaller, more compact (or "Lite") version of my EVP Recorderwhichcan befoundhere**MOREFEATURES COMING SOON **** Disclaimer **Use at your own risk,Icannot be held personally responsible for you or anyoutcome(paranormal or otherwise) from usingthisapp!------------------------------------------if the appcrashes,please submit the bug report so that the bug can be lookedinto andfixed. Thanks
Real Ghost Detector - Radar
Real Ghost Detector is a radar application designed to providetheuser a way to measure electromagnetic field radiationlevelsthrough ghost detector app radar, it uses your mobiledevicesensors to measure radiations at different bandwiths, whichcouldindicate the presence of paranormal activity, ghosts,entities,other energies.Get Real Ghost Detector PRO, more advancedversion,itsFREE: in Real Ghost Detector Real Ghost Detector RadarClassicApplication will display colored orbs if there are signsofemissions, also known as electromagnetic radiation.Aboutwhatdifferent orb colors mean, with many colors displayed byradarclassic could potentially mean a variety of things.Interpretationof the colors varies according to different beliefs.However, inmost cases, people interpreting orb colors and assigninga meaningdo so based on spiritual beliefs about the meaning ofvariouscolors. It is important to note that these are spiritualtheoriesonly and have no basis in scientific fact. You can readmore aboutorbs and paranormal activities such as ghosts, entities,otherenergies in the Notes Page inside the App.Watch out for thecoloredorbs shown up on the radar classic in the app and read aboutthespecific ghost energy in the Notes page.About Radar SettingsThetesla (symbol T) is a unit of measurement of the strength ofamagnetic field.Magnetic Strenght - the intensity of thisfieldaround the A point is proportional to the distance from itwith thestrongest point being next to the B point of energyandprogressively getting weaker further away from theApoint.Increasing this value may give better results overall,butnot always with high accuracy.Sensitivity or Responsivity - isafunction of the wavelength of the incident radiation and ofthesensors, this best calibrates depending on the MagneticStrenght,usually around values 2.1 - 2.2.Magnetic Flux Density-specifically electromagnetism, the magnetic flux through asurfaceis the surface integral of the normal component of themagneticfield B passing through that surface. Radar Capture ToolCaptureand Share to your friends the Paranormal Energies youdetected !Ifyou enjoy my Ghost Detector app please rate ★★★★★:)Thank you forchecking out Real Ghost Detector - Radar Classic!Leave a friendlyrate & comment !
XB7 Free Spirit Box
The XB7 Spirit Box / Ghost Box Free for mobile makes use ofmobiledeviceshigh-end technology for sweeping randomly generatedMHzfrequencies.XB7 Spirit Box is a professional tool forattemptingcommunication with paranormal entities. It uses a uniquedesignedsweeping algorithm to generate white noise using yourmobile devicetechnology and highly sensitive sensors which theoriessuggestgiving some entities the energy they need to be heard. Whenthisoccurs you will most commonly hear voices or sounds comingthroughthe static in the attempt to communicate.The XB7 Spirit Boxis agreat tool for both amateurs and professionalparanormalinvestigators.Please remember, we cannot guarantee thatyou get anyresultsWe do not have any control over the spirit realm,and thatspirit or entities do not communicate on cue. Be patientwhen usingthe XB7, but we give you a tool to access it.How does itwork?Ourfed is in real-time through your mobiles sensors for aspirit orentity to manipulate with.We use a highly advancedsweepingalgorithm, that sweeps several pre-generated frequencies.Wecreated this app so that you should have absolutely nointerferencewith any radio stations, so if you manage to getvoices, it is ahigh possibility that it may be of the paranormalcommunication ofsome kind.We Highly recommend using a portablespeaker to enhancethe volume, as spirit voices can be really hardto hear, but it'snot a requirement.We would love to recieve resultto our supportE-mail if you want to share.This is the Free Versionof the XB7Spirit Box
Ghost Detector - Real Radar Prank
Use Ghost Detector Real Radar Prank to test if your house hasghostsor paranormal spirits. Ghost Detector scans frequencies andmagneticfields and detects GHOST or PARANORMAL activities as aprankHit scanon to begin ghost detection. After detection, realghost detectorwill test surroundings based on different EMF,EMV.Ghost DetectorReal is a free prank app, will not actuallydetect if ghosts arearound you.DISCLAIMER:Real Ghosts andparanormal spirits are notdetermined by app. This app is a prankapp - does not really detectif ghosts are around you.
Fidget Spinner Evolution - Idle Collector
Find out what happens to an spinner evolution when theevolutionstarted, combine two spinners to evolve and discover themostcurious and funny forms of your favorite toy.Explore therealworld, explore the continent event the world is not safe foryourmutation spinners evolution.HOW TO PLAYIt’s simpler then amatchinggame!• As your Spinner evolution drop coins, buy newSpinner toearn even more money• Drag and drop similar Spinners toevolve theminto new and more profitable Spinner• Also tap theSpinnerevolution to make more coins Highlights• Five differentstages and30 different forms of Spinner evolution• A cool mix ofidle andincremental clicker like Tamago!• Three possible endings:find theright god as you play!Download Spinner Evolution now startyour ownjourney of Spinners🙂We love clicker and idle games the wayyou do!If you have any questions, found a bug or you have newupgradeideas, get in touch with us! We appreciate your help a lotanddonate it with a 5$ ingame code for free!We take your feedbackveryseriously. To get in touch with us, please send us an emailorvisit our
Ghost Detector Pro
NOW WITH NINE NEW SKINS!!! Ghost Detector Pro is an applicationthatuses your mobile device sensors to detect sources ofvariablemagnetic emissions. Which could indicate us the presence ofsomekind of paranormal activity.Not be shown magnetic fieldsatconstant frequencies such as those generated by electronics,forexample: TV, routers, computers, chargers, mobile phones,etc.Theapplication will show a green dot on the radar in case thereisnearby a source of magnetic emission.The detection rangevariesbetween 0 and 30 feet approximately, depending on the mobiledeviceused.
EMF Ghost Detector
Detect spirits through EMF waves with this simple EMF GhostDetectorApp!What is an EMF Ghost Detector ?EMF Ghost Detector isaninstrument that analyzes the electromagnetic fields on threeaxis(X, Y, Z), although the fluctuations may vary, the detectionof thespirits and/or energies could potentially besuccessful.Detection isnot guaranteed.Thank you for checking outEMF Ghost Detector bySnowPack Studios.
Ghosts on Radar Simulation
With Ghost on Radar, can you simulate supernatural figures onyoursmartphone or tablet. The animation is a real radar screenveryclose and looks deceptively real. But this is just a simulationtoprank all your friends, because they do not know that. Tellthemyou can track paranormal activity with the included sensors ofourphone. Not all, but some will believe...Ghosts are a subjectinitself. Though they are not scientifically proven, manypeoplebelieve in them and other supernatural beings. Some evenoperatethe ghost hunting as a hobby. They use different tools andsensorsto prove an existence.With the ghost radar, you can alsofeel likethe Ghostbusters. At least in the eyes of others, but onlyyou knowthat it is a simulation and not a realemp-detector(electromagnetic pulse).The app behaves like a realradar. Thesearch operation of the scanner is indicated by arotatinganimation and the simulated ghost appear as dots. Theoptionaloption to adapt your movements still generates morerealism. Forthis, a built-in compass in your mobile is necessary.Ifyou havetricked your friends with the ghosts radar, then write acomment.Even what you told them exactly, for example that you alsocandetect zombies and monsters with your smartphone. Nolessinteresting is where you have encountered spirits. Give alsotheother reviews compliance, from experience many funny commentswillbe posted.Always hold in your mind that this App expressly isasimulation, just for entertainment! A realghost detector formobilephones is technically impossible. In addition, the existenceofspirits is not confirmed.Send me an email if you find a bug. Iwilltry to fix as soon as possible. Use for suggestions ofnewfunctions the same way. Please keep the app always up to date.
Spirit Radar Ghost Sensor PRO
Advantages of PRO version:- Bonus +1000 skulls- Ability todisableadvertising- Full access to all rituals- Spirit boxing +decodingof words- Communication with the spirit- 2 new filters(nightvision, IR filter)
Spiritus Ghost Box
Spiritus Ghost BoxDisclaimer: Intended for entertainmentpurposes.Use at your own risk.Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC)is thetechnique of contacting spirits using electronic devices tocaptureimages and voices. Spiritus Ghost Box is an audio and visualITCtool that combines the latest in ITC research and development.Thisapplication has the ability to contact and communicatewithintelligent entities on the "other side". Audio manipulationofsound banks has been a proven means of communication withspirit.Enhancements have also came in the form of audio effectssuch asreverb and echo. Reverb for instance is known for creatingaspacious sound that in return allows spirit a moreoptimumenvironment for audio manipulation. This app incorporatesnew andexperimental ideas in visual ITC and features otherfunctions,effects, and properties to possibly further enhancethiscommunication. Features:4 channel sound bankEcho, Reverb,Phaser,and Crusher audio effectsIntensity Scan feature that affectsthe 4channels, all effects, and the visual ITC.Light and DarkAmbienceto set the mood before, during, or after a session.VisualITCfeature uses a particle system that is designed for spirittomanipulate visually.
Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector
What will the spirits tell you about your love life,friendships,health or career?FEATURES:• Get personal spiritualmessages• Locatewhere spirits are in the room• Get ghost statistics(emotionalstate, zodiac sign, sex etc.)ASK YOUR GHOST AQUESTION!Ask aquestion and see what comes back! With a hugedatabase of over 2000words Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector offersspirits the chance tosend you detailed personal messages!ALL IN ONEGHOST HUNTERSTOOLKIT!Serious paranormal investigators and noviceghost huntersalike will find Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector a greataddition totheir ghost hunting tools. It's easy to use and offerslocationdata, ghost statistics and messaging capability.BE AGHOSTDETECTIVE!Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector provides many statstohelp you investigate your local spirits; zodiac sign, spirittype,colour, stone, emotional state etc.It's easy to use and greatfornovice as well as seasoned ghostbusters!DOWNLOAD FOR FREE NOWandinvite your friends round for a spooky night in!Best used inadarkened room...if you dare!If you love the paranormal,astrologyand reading your daily horoscope then Ghostcom RadarSpiritDetector is the app for you! It's spooky, mysterious andgreat funwith friends!DISCLAIMERGhostcom Radar Spirit Detectorworks byutilizing randomization algorithms. Please remember that itiscurrently impossible to verify that our algorithms are affectedbyghosts or other paranormal forces in any way, shape or form.Withthis in mind we ask that you use this app responsibly andforentertainment purposes only. This is not a ouija board. It is uptoour users to decide if this can function as an accuratespiritdetector or ghost radar. It does not offer voice recording orvoicebox functionality for communications. The creators ofGhostcomRadar Spirit Detector will not be held responsible foranyconsequences that may arise during or after the use ofthisapplication.WARNINGThis app contains graphics, audio andhauntingeffects that may scare children or those with anxiety or ofanervous disposition. Please do not download if you are likely tobescared or offended by an app of this nature. If you or anyonewhowill have access to this app has or is affected by mentalhealthissues we advise you not to download this app. We kindlyrequestthat you use it in the manner for which it was created; foruse ina light hearted, entertaining way and not to be takentooseriously.THANKS FOR READING!HAPPY GHOST HUNTING!
S.P. EMF meter Free
This tool is a 3 in 1 the main EMF meter and secondaryproximityfrontal sensor activated with Prox. button plus quickaccess buttonto lantern. Calibrate button to reset (dont use itunless wrongredings occur because this app auto calibrates atstartup).IMPORTANT: Not all devices, including newest, havemagneticcompass sensor built in. If the app say no magneticcompassdetected at start up, its because the device dont have therequiredharware to work, not the app fault.NEW Skin button allow tochoosebetween 2 skins.NEW text inform you about realtimereadings.Privacypolicy: When you push Prox. button the app need toaccess yourdevice frontal camera to use the sensor for proximityalert featurenot to take any picture or video. You can see ourPrivacy policyclicking in the link below.Disclaimer: Nobody can toguaranteespirit communication with any ITC tool. This app is basedin ourown theories and research of the paranormal field.
Ghosts! is a realistic simulation of a tool for detectingparanormalbeings. You can use it to scan the neighbourhood forghosts. You canuse it to convince friends that afterlife is realand ghosts arebetween us! Ghost scanner has scary melody inbackground andindicator which will show you how far is the nearestghost. Aftersome time you can see the scary being in front ofyou.How to searchfor a spirit using ghost radar?1. Open the ghostscanner and waitwhile the simulator will detect any paranormalactivity.2. Scarefriends with appearing ghosts!
VBE GHOST COM 052016 5in1
This is the first Operating system, designed forSpiritCommunication. Contents:1) Spirit Text2) Spirit Draw3)GhostKeyboard4) Video ITC5) VBE Ghost Box, with V3audioV2 New toVBESoftware:1) New User ( Help, tips, tricks )2) Experienced User(Direct access to application )3) Spirit OperatingSystemOverallFunctions:1) Spirit Draw: A .Designed for VisualCommunication towork with VBE Ghost Box or without. B. A means toplay games withspirits C. A means for a spirit to draw out letters,numbers,words, etc... D. Multiple ways to get relevant responses ortoverify, no spirit is present2) Spirit Text: A. A means togetwords, sentences numbers and more, to work with VBE Ghost Boxorwithout. B. Another means to Q&A responses. C. Another meanstoprove intelligent responses or none at all.Note: Touch hasbeendisabled for the user to prevent fake videos fromappearingMainstream. Spirit input only.3) Ghost Keyboard: A. Ameans toallow spirits to play music B. A means to retrieve anintelligentresponse, via asking keys to be played, C. A means toplay musicwith a spirit present or alone.4) Video ITC: A. Visualdataprovided via screen brightness B. A means to determine if aspiritis present or not C. Possible manipulation of a spirit'svisualaspects D. White noise, audible controlled via Sensor data toworkwith VBE Ghost Box or without.5) VBE GHOST BOX: A:Sensoractivated, Audio Loop file. ( REVERSED AUDIO - LOOPED )MAINCONTROL:1) Sensor Calibration, X Y Z or ALL at once.2)Resetcontrols per application and Re calibration of pointerdisplay. 3)MUTE - Speaker Icon4) Power Off5) Set Sensors - 5 Seconddelay toallow time to move away from device. Re Calibrate, while inuse. 6)Visual onscreen time and seconds for video productions, viaanotherrecording device. I.E. Camcorder.7) All sensor DataDisplayed Note:You the User or a spirit, may click and choose anyfile orprogram.EXTRA:1) MP3 Audio by Rickyvbat Both you the user andaspirit using the pointer can start or stop.Information:Thisapplication has startup information on how to use theapplicationby selecting New User. If you still are having issues.Please stopby and One of ourmembers orI, will help youwith this program. This application, usesthe GEOSENSORS in your device. Each device is different andrequires theUser to set the calibration for said device ( Describedin NEWUSER, information in program ). This Application is for astableinvestigation. This means, it is not portable duringaninvestigation. Moving the device after it is calibratedwillproduce none specific results. The vibrations you cause bymovingthe device will effect all programs. IN CLOSING:Thank you,toeveryone that has continued to use VBE Software for theirGhostHunting Investigations. Your Videos have been absolutelyamazing.The communication you are having is fantastic and it fuelsme tocontinue to better both the applications ability andprecision.Your support is what funds future applications andhardwarebuilds.Again, Thank you and I hope you and your Spiritfriend,enjoy this application.
Ghost Protector
Protect yourself against ghost using our prayer against allevilghost and spirit.Are you afraid of evil ghost, demon and spiritanddo you need protection?With our Ghost Protector app you canfeelsafe and protected using the power of god and prayer. Our apphas aspecial prayer against all evil spirits. Just turn on theaudio soall evil spirit can hear the priest pray. A special optionin ourapp is that instead of the normal audio prayer you can alsoturn on”inaudible” mode. In inaudible mode the same prayer wilbebroadcast in a very high frequency. A frequency that adults cannothear, but other more sensitive beings like babies, animals andwebelieve ghost can. In inaudible mode your room seems silent,butit’s not, the priest is still preaching the evil spirit prayer.Thesame principle is used in mosquito repellents using highfrequencysounds, where you can’t hear the sounds, but themosquitoescan.Leave our app on whenever your afraid. We hope we canmake youfeel more protected and less afraid of ghost.GhostProtectorfeatures:- Authentic prayer against evil ghost, demon andspirit-Normal mode: playing in normal audio- Inaudible mode:playing inhigh frequency- When on, the app will keep looping - Appwill runin the background when exiting with home button.Does theprayerreally work? The question is do you believe that religion,god,jesus and prayer can help you against ghost? If so then thisappwill help you. It is a real prayer used in religion againstevilspirits. The high frequency is also a matter of believe, wherewebelieve ghost just like other sensitive being can hearthesounds.Experimental: Although people believe in the existenceofghost, religion and prayer, until this day it has notbeenscientifically proven. Please note that this app therefor isforexperimental use only. There is no scientific evidence thatthisapp works.
Ghost in camera
Now you can scare your friends with ghost detector! It showsscaryghosts images in camera preview! You can tell your friendsthatthis is a real paranormal activity detector! Tell them thatyourphone can detect ghosts and spirits near you! Ghost in camerais anapp to make scary jokes! It simulates ghost detectiondevice!Realistic spirit's pictures can be very scary for friends.They canbelieve that it really works!How to make a scary joke withghostsin camera?1. Tell everyone that you can see where are thenearestghosts2. Open app and wait when ghost detector will show youscaryparanormal creatures!
Camera Ghost Detector Prank
Remember this is for entertainment purposes only!This is a gameforhave fun.Camera Ghost Detector is a new paranormal activityradargame with camera ghost vision.It is the very first ghostdetectorto use the camera on Android.The ghost around you will bedisplayedon the camera area.When the app detect a ghost move yoursmartphoneslowly until you see it between the lines on the radar,then youwill see the ghost's representation on your screen.Becareful theghosts could be good but also evil.Enjoy scaring yourfamily andfriends too.It is perfect for Halloween!
Detecting ghosts
If you want to scare friends and you want to prove that ghostsarereal - install our simulator of ghost detector. It's a funnytoolwhich shows images of spirits on camera preview. It looks likeareal detection tool for paranormal beings.Did you seeanapparition? Now you can detect every ghost in front of you! Youcanalso scare family. Say them that your home is haunted. Thenopenthe detector and prove your words. Scary images of spiritwillappear randomly on your camera screen.It's the easiest way toscarepeople! Just open the ghost detector and wait for aparanomalsignals. Suddenly camera will start flickering and a ghostlivingin your home will appear!
****BEFORE PURCHASE.Download: device. You MUST HAVE a Compass Sensor inyourdevice*********The VBE ITC MASTER SUITE contains thefollowing,***NEW ***1) User Requested GHOST BOX, Function. = Nonstop user speedcontrolled / Chopped audio2) Added Spirit BOARD EMFACTIVE Editable2A) User Submitted Backgrounds for the OUIJA BOARD.LINK: Quick Camera to Take Pictures on the FLYDEVICEBRANDING:1)Background changing ability to Brand your Ghost HuntingGroup, intothe apps Background.IN APP:1) GHOST TRACKER = GHOSTRADAR2) EMFMETER = K23) SPIRIT WORD = PX Device style wordselection by EMFinput. User Speed Control4) EMF SAYS = Simon Saysstyle GHOSTGAME5) EMF ALARM = K2 Detect EMF6) FLASHLIGHT ( Notcompatible withsome devices - Samsung )7) LIGHTS = Simulated LazerGrid8) SCREENSHOT = Snap Photos of Evidence9) SPIRIT SCREEN SHOT =Snaps photosWhen Spirit is Detected10) EMF ART BOARD = You can Drawwith aSpirit11) HAUNTED LOCATIONS = User submitted HauntedLocations byCoordinates 12) Spirit BOARD ( EDITABLE ) = Create yourown Boardfor Communications or use the Stock OUIJA Board styledboard.13)MASTER VOLUME CONTROL = Control over app Volume14) SPIRITTYPEWRITER = EMF Controlled Intelligent Typing OS SYSTEM:TwistedTabsby VBE1) HELP MENU = Videos and Live Help at our Group.2)AUDIOGHOST BOX CONTROL = Ovilus Style ( Reversed Englished, Choppedup)3) DEVICE INFO TAB = Device Information for onlineHelp4)CALIBRATION CONTROL with EMF LED DISPLAY = K2 Style EMFDisplay5)SAVE CALIBRATION DATA = Saves Users Calibration6) SAVEDATA =SCREENSHOTS, HAUNTED LOCATION SHARING, SPIRIT TYPEDINPUTAudioTracks:11 reversed Garbled English audio tracks = OvilusStyleChopped AudioHELP: LIVEGROUP: ( 1,000+ Membersgrowingdaily )VIDEOEXPLANATION: (20,000+views of channel )Thank you, for your support.
EVP Recorder
Proud to support "Enabled Life" A very talented DJ WithCerebralpalsy, Who did the new intro track for the Application.Pleasefollow in the App links on the intro screen. :) New updatedUISystemAppyDroid EVP Recorder with over 600,000 downloadsworldwidehas come a long way since it's initial release in 2014,Now one ofthe most Advanced EVP Recorders you can Own for FREE!!For usageand overview check out our videohere: we justupdated theApp with in App social media links where you can quicklyget helpor assistance.AppyDroid Development, Leading the way inI.T.CResearch and Development.
Ghost Detector 3D
This is the successor to the Ghost Detector app series, whichhasbeen downloaded by nearly 2 million people worldwide.Thisprogramcontains all of the basic functions used by ghost huntersandmaintains four stars in the field.* This program is a toy.Neverthink seriously !!!* Screen and sound can be used on theInternetand broadcasting withoutlimitation.*reviewHttp://*RelatedexamplesHttp://[Basicexplanation]The GhostDetector(Camera) detects ghosts(phantom) withvarious sensors.Theghost appears as a red dot or box.Ghostdetection uses thesmartphone's motion and microphone sensors.Inparticular, thewavelength of the microphone sensor is analyzed bya uniquealgorithm.If the microphone sensitivity is high, moredistant ghostsare detected.* Professional ghost hunters, pleaseuse the '3Dversion of the ghost explorer'.[BasicAlgorithm]Extracts thewavelengths of various sensor bands that cannot be heard byhumans.Frequency is measured by filtering aspecific waveform.Whenan abnormal noise frequency occurs, it isjudged to be aghost. [Notice]* Operating in too loud placesmay causemalfunction.* Many people misunderstand people orelectronicdevices.* It may malfunction if it is operated quickly.*Smartphoneswith some insensitive microphones may lose theirdetectioncapabilities.* Aliens are not used for UFO detection.*Make itserious but do not take it too seriously !!!
PXB 11 Spirit Box 1.0
PXB 11 Spirit Box, dual sweep ITC research ghost box that scansbothforward and reversed audio banks, plus multi-layers of whitenoiseand radio frequencies, to capture real time EVP and producemosteffective results, almost instantly !PXB 11 Spirit box isdesignedbased on two main audio banks of forward and reversedspeechrecorded from different sources. When the software isactivated, thetwo banks are randomly cut to small clips and mixed,to generatehuman-like audio and different levels of voices thatspirits can useand manipulate to create words and sentences.How itworks ?1 -Install the PXB 11 Spirit Box2 - Ask your questions3 -Listen as youstart receiving answers ( Using an audio recorder isoptional, buthighly recommended )That's it ! it's as easy andsimple as that. Nomore wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars onITC equipment andno more wasted time trying to figure out the bestsettings for yourdevice. It's all done and ready for you.Thesoftware is tested inreal evp sessions for months, and proven towork effectively. Allcomplicated settings are adjustedautomatically. The PXB 11 SpiritBox will do all the hard work onceyou click on the power button !All you need to do, is to ask yourquestions, listen carefully foranswers or playback your recordedsessions... you will be amazedfrom what you're going to hear. Weguarantee it.Unlike radio basedspirit box devices, the software isusing limited audio banks. Thatmeans you may receive repeatedsounds from time to time. How to knowif what you're receiving isparanormal or it's just the softwaregenerating random audio? Youneed a validation process once youstart your session. Ask specificquestions. Starting with - forexample - asking if someone ispresent at the moment or not... thisis important to make sure thatwhat you're receiving from the spiritbox is actualspiritual-paranormal communication, and not randomaudio from thesoftware. If what you're receiving is random -irrelevant - wordsor sentences, then there is nothing wrong withthe spirit box,that's exactly what it does, it only means thatthere is noparanormal communication established at the moment.Maybe there areno spirits present or they simply don't want totalk! This is truewhen you're using a software based spirit box orhardware spiritbox. Please keep in mind that the PXB 11 Spirit Boxis not a pranksoftware or a toy. It's a serious ghost box forparanormalinvestigation and EVP communication. If you have anyquestions orneed any help, contactusanytime.---------------------------------Side note and a message:I’m not trying to force my beliefs on you in any way. But I feelinmy heart that I have to say this to you. Thank you foryourforgiveness and understanding…The spirit box is a tool we usetocommunicate with an unseen realm. We don’t know who or whatwe’recommunicating with. We can believe what we want, but untilthismoment, according to my knowledge, we have no way to reallyknow..At the same time, all around the world, there is aspiritualawakening happening. It is my fear for you, that thespirit boxwould be used to fight this spiritual awakening. Pleaseuse thistool carefully. Be aware of the fact that whatever comesfrom it,could be good or evil. If it’s evil, it can use it to winyourtrust and faith in it, whatever it takes. I’m releasing thistoolto you, for one purpose only, so you can see for yourself,thatthere is more than the material world in existence. That whatwecall spiritual realm, does exist. Use it and have fun with itbutdon’t let it be used against you. Thank you
Paranormal Ghost EVP/EMF Radio
Exelerus Apps
Ghost EVP/EMF Radio has been developedforexciting paranormal detection and exploration. We've put a lotofeffort into making the app easy to use, so that bothprofessionaland enthusiast paranormal researchers and ghost hunterscan enjoyit.If you are either easily frightened, a super skeptic"leftbrainer" or have a serious heart-related medical condition,you areprobably better off avoiding this app.Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is the collective nameforthe sounds sometimes detected on electronic recordingsandreminiscent of human speech. These sounds are usually foundinrecordings with noise or poor radio reception, and is consideredbymany to be the voices of paranormal beings such as ghosts,spirits,demons and other energy based entities. EVP is a formofInstrumental Trans-Communication (ITC), a term coinedbyprofessor Ernst Senkowski in the 1970s.This app has taken the traditional ghost box to the next level,andalso incorporates an EMF (Electromagnetic Field) scanner. Aswithtraditional ghost boxes, chaotic noise seems to be bothinvitingand sensitive to paranormal manipulation. The app generatesaudiblespeech by detecting meaningful phrases and words togetherwithproperties such as gender, age and current mood ofthecommunicating entity. We continuously improve the app, basedonuser feedback, and use it during our own paranormalinvestigationsas well.*** Features **** A built-in EMF scanner: Used as entropy seed for thenoisegeneration and shown on the TV screen.* Quick text log: Tap on the main TV screen to togglebetweenmodes.* Text log screen: The persistent text log is where you cansort,share and delete.* Record your encounters with or without the microphone ofyourdevice.* Real-time audio visualization: Oscilloscope and Spectrometer(tapto toggle).* In-app audio analyzer; which enables you to performfurtherstudies by visualizing the audio and changing theplaybackrate.* Open your EVP recordings in compatible audio apps with thetouchof a button.* Optional Auto Recording only produces recordings whensomethinginteresting is encountered.* Optional vibration and audible alarms every time an entityhasbeen detected.* UI themes, including the new theme for Halloween.* Share your recordings with friends and family.*** Languages ***Full support for English (US/UK), Czech, Dutch,French,German, Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak,Spanish,Swedish and Turkish*** Contact/Support **** Use the help buttons, located on every screen, to start thein-appguides.* Reach us by email, our supportsite, or use the buttons ontheSettings screen.* Twitter* Facebook* Google+* Mailing list* The Ghost Radiowebsite:*** Usage **** Patience required; Don't expect amazing results after justacouple of minutes. The analyzer needs time to calibrate, andmayinitially not detect any patterns at all or may even give youfalsepositives.* When fully calibrated the speech to text translation andspeechquality should be improved.* The EMF scanner use the magnetometer sensor of your devicesoensure it is calibrated (by waving the device in a eight patternacouple of times).We hope that you, like many others, will be fascinated bytheparanormal experience of Ghost EVP Radio. Thanksfordownloading!DisclaimerEvery effort has been made to make this app truly unique, but wecanoffer no guarantee that you will get specific results by usingit.Since the results of this app haven't been scientificallyverified,it should only be used for entertainment purposes. Pleaseuse itresponsibly.
Trap for ghosts simulator
Hunt ghosts with the simulator traps for ghosts, demons, spiritsandother undead! Look for paranormal activity in the city andthrow atrap, as the real hunter! Afraid of ghosts? Let spiritsafraid ofyou and your trapped in your phone! Assemble a team ofhunters,start the car and go on a quest to the city streets! Thehunt began!Undead can't hided! Perhaps the simulator traps willnot help infighting vampires or zombies, but it will help to havea good timewith friends, playing the hunters!You are love storiesabout ghosts,psychics, UFOs and unexplained paranormal phenomena?Download theweapon - trap!ATTENTION! Ghosts don't exist inreality! Simulatortraps created games with friends and fun!Zombies, vampires anddemons only exist in movies and books! In anycase, scientists say.Do you believe in spirits?
The Spirit Light
The Spirit Light description and instructionsTheflashlightexperiment. This is the act of having taking a flashlightandunscrewing it until the contacts barely meet so that a verysmallamount of energy is needed to make the connection and turntheflashlight on. An entity is supposed to respond to questionbyturning the flashlight on and off or by blinking theflashlightonce for yes or twice for no. Some people want to disputethis asevidence. Three theories are that due to heating and coolingfromthe batteries of the flashlight and the small break intheconnection, the flashlight will turn on and off randomly, and Itisjust a coincidence if it happens after an investigator asksaquestion. Another is there is that the light going on and offisdue to vibrations due to where the light is placed. Lastlythistheory is called "arcing" it is where the connections will besoclose together, it will cause a small arc of electricity fromtimeto time, thus causing the flashlight to go on and off.TheSpiritLight will end all this controversy. The light is triggeredby EMFor by touch. The idea is that the entity with either be abletotrigger it from its energy, the EMF that it is associated withORby physically touching the screen. The slightest touch willtriggerthe light to go on and when the interaction stops the lightwill gooff. Instructions and Options.1. Start the Spirit Light2.Choose ifyou want to use Touch Mode, EMF Mode, or Both Touch andEMF Modes.You can also name the room you are conducting theexperiment in(this is not mandatory, however it is recommended).3.Click on theoptions screen. Here you will find options to log theactivity, runa recorder in the background, and choose if you wouldlike a soundto also go off with the light being triggered.4. Setthe EMF levelyou want the light to go on at. A pop up will show youthe level ofEMF you choose to trigger the light (1MG to 1000MG). Atthis timeyour logging will not start for 2 minutes, in order togive youtime for placement and to adapt to the rooms natural EMF.5.The EMFsensor will auto calibrate to 0mg. The Spirit Light willtake careof the rest. Anytime the set EMF point is reached and/oror thedevice is touched (depending on what setting you choose), itwilltrigger the light to go on. When the EMF dissipates or thetouch itreleased, the light will go off. The auto capture will logthisinformation in a text format (if chosen in the options screen)to aSpirit Light Log, which can be found inside a folder calledSpiritLight which is located in the Paratools folder on your SDCard. Anexample of how the log will look is:2/15/2012 – (room Nameifchosen) --3:09:25AM – Light On – EMF Level at 20mg –NoTouch2/15/2012 – 3:09:28 – Light OffOr2/15/2012 – 3:09:25AM –LightOn – EMF Level none –Touched2/15/2012 – 3:09:28 – Light OffTheSpirit Light is a very simple application that will allow you asaninvestigator to be able to gather evidence and validate itwithspecific times. It will be very hard to dispute why the lightnowcomes on and off, especially when you have levels of MGorverification of touch in your log. If the audio option ischosen(it will drain your battery faster), the audio file will alsobelocated in the same folder. Each folder in the SL folder willbelisted by date.horror, ghost hunting, EMF, EVP, entity,demon,investigating, investigation, spirits, equipment, haunted,scary,dead, photos, recorder, activity, paranormal,
SV-2 SpiritVox "Ghost Box" SV1
SV-1 has upgraded to SV-2! (SV-1 Version 4.0)NEW GhosthuntingTechnology!Turns your Android device into a working“SpiritBox”.OVER 16,000 happy users worldwide!*TOP 20 IN GOOGLEPLAYLIFESTYLE APPS!*USED AND TRUSTED BY BILL MURPHY OF TV'S FACTORFAKED. BARRY FITZGERALD & ROBB DEMAREST FROM GHOSTHUNTERSINTERNATIONAL.SV-1 SpiritVox Spirit Communication Devicehasupgraded to SV-2! NEW FEATURES:2 noise banks. Bank A createdusingthe PRD-1000 Ghost Box from Bank BIs thesounds you have grown comfotable with over the last year.Reverb2recording modes:Standard traditional style to diskEchoVoxstylereal time echo monitoring. Use speaker for echo, headphonesforreal time recording monitor. Recordings are now 44 100 Hz, 16bit 4noise channels with speed controlsChannel "sweep" with ratecontroladds more randomness than ever beforeChannel play modes ALL/RandomSession naming. Recorded files with begin with yoursessionname.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thisisthe closest thing to having a hardware ghost box as you canget!Ihope you enjoy this new version of the SV-1. I cannot wait tohearwhat you catch!*******Trusted and used by thousands ofParanormalresearchers around the world from professional toamateur. Thousandof results reported worldwide. SpiritVox has beenused in the worldsmost haunted locations by some of the mostfamous and well respectedghost hunters in the US, Canada, Norwayand the United Kingdom. NOfalse positives. Guaranteed to be freeof all radiointerference.THIS APP DOES NOT USE RADIOWAVES!Hardware "Spiritboxes" can cost hundreds of dollars and aredifficult to buildyourself. They are also open to radiointerference and randomphonetic sounds. The SV-1 SpiritVox iscapable of producing resultsyou can be confident in for a FRACTIONof a hardware device! This isone tool your research group cannotafford to go without! NOT ANOVELTY ITEM, This APP is designed byghost hunters for ghosthunters!SpiritVox onYouTube: 2.0AudioDemo NOTE:usersare reporting results with wifi and data etc enabled. Somereportthat voices and sounds are clearer or louder this way. Feelfree toexperiment and try for yourself. It does seem possible to methatthe wireless signal could aid in this phenomenon. ###*Forbestresults turn your devices volume to 10, place on a hardsurfacewith your device speaker facing down and prop the device up1/2 to1 inch above the surface. External speakers are recommendedif youare using a phone without a loud speaker. Tablet speakershave beenfound to work very well and seem to be loud enough ontheirown.PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary! Please don't rate low ifyoudon't hear a ghost, neither me or anyone else can guaranteethiswill happen! SpiritVox is trusted and used by over 200ParanormalResearch teams around the world! Including North LondonParanormal,Paranormal Moms, ParaSpin Paranormal,BAT Paranormal,ghost NightEvents UK and more!Questions? Got results you would liketo share?Visit our blog: @spiritvoxapp TWEET THE HASH #spiritvox TO REACHMEDIRECTLY ANYTIME!PLEASE USE WIFI TO DOWNLOAD. THIS APP IS LARGE
Ghosts PRO
The complete equipment includes:- Magnetophone: converts the sensor readings into sounds- Paranormal Detector: detects level of paranormal activity- Radar Map: draw in the city map the exact point of thedetectedenergy- Ghost Finder: help to locate focus of energy usinggaussfield- Ghost Camera: converts sensor readings into imagesWe don't offer guarantees of accuracy or any warranties,therefore,since results from this application cannot beverifiedscientifically the app should be used forentertainmentpurposes.
Paranormal Ghost Detector
Paranormal Ghost Detector is a paranormal application capableofidentifying 8 different types of paranormal entities, basedondiverse measured bandwiths and frequencies it displays on theradarthe detected energies.If you enjoy Paranormal Ghost Detectorpleaserate ★★★★★ :)Thank you for checking out Paranormal GhostDetectorRadar Leave a friendly rate & comment !
Ghost Hunt
EXCITING ADVENTURES!Chip, the wizard, and his companion Chaxarehunting down ghosts and monsters in the land of Ghostham,whereenemies are equipped with dark, satirical humor filled withdeadlyintentions.Survive hordes of creatures to reach the finalBoss ineach campaign to collect the bounty!EXPERIMENT LIKE AWIZARD!Unlocka variety of spells. From summoning a raging blizzard,to suckingyour enemies into the darkest blackhole!Collect potionsanddiscover the right combination to unlock more power to yourspellsinside the laboratory.UNIQUE GRAPHICS!Fun Halloween-likethemedgraphics with many hidden humoristic details and referencesfor youto enjoy!CONTENT* Over 15 different types of creatures*2carefully-designed campaigns with over 20 levels each*Customizeyour wizard with 8 unique skins* Many fun animations andfullyvoiced characters* Compatible with tablets as well!
Ghostcom Communicator Pro
What will the spirits tell you about your love life,friendships,health or career?FEATURES:• Get personalised spiritdrawings andmessages• Guaranteed to give you goosebumps!• No ads•Easy touseAUTOMATIC DRAWINGGhostcom Automatic Drawing is anincredible andunique instrument which attempts to receive drawingsfrom thespirits. Simply touch the screen and watch as your drawingeerilyappears. Early results have been astounding. Please keepsending usyour amazing screengrabs, we love to see them! See ourAutomaticDrawing gallery on our Facebook page: @ghostcomappASK YOURGHOST AQUESTION!Ask a question and see what comes back! With ahugedatabase of over 2000 words Ghostcom Ghost Communicatoroffersspirits the chance to send you detailed personal messages!BEAGHOST DETECTIVE!Ghostcom Ghost Communicator Pro helpsyouinvestigate your local spirits. It's easy to use and greatfornovice as well as seasoned ghost hunters.DOWNLOAD NOW andinviteyour friends round for a spooky night in!Best used in adarkenedroom...if you dare!If you love the paranormal and thingsthat gobump in the night then Ghostcom Ghost Communicator Pro isthe appfor you! It's spooky, mysterious and great funwithfriends!DISCLAIMERGhostcom Ghost Communicator Pro worksbyutilizing randomization algorithms. Please remember that itiscurrently impossible to verify that our algorithms are affectedbyghosts or other paranormal forces in any way, shape or form.Withthis in mind we ask that you use this app responsibly andforentertainment purposes only. This is not a ouija board. It is uptoour users to decide if this can function as an accuratespiritdetector or ghost radar. It does not offer voice recording orvoicebox functionality for communications. The creators ofGhostcomGhost Communicator Pro will not be held responsible foranyconsequences that may arise during or after the use ofthisapplication.WARNINGThis app contains graphics, audio andhauntingeffects that may scare children or those with anxiety or ofanervous disposition. Please do not download if you are likely tobescared or offended by an app of this nature. If you or anyonewhowill have access to this app has or is affected by mentalhealthissues we advise you not to download this app. We kindlyrequestthat you use it in the manner for which it was created; foruse ina light hearted, entertaining way and not to be takentooseriously.THANKS FOR READING!HAPPY GHOST HUNTING!
Ghost Radar Scanner Prank
Ghost Radar Scanner Prank is a professional radarapplicationdesigned to provide the user a way to measure prankelectromagneticfield radiation levels through ghost detector cameraapp radar, ituses your mobile device sensors to measure radiationsat differentbandwiths, which could indicate the presence ofparanormalactivity, ghosts, entities, other energies just to prankyourfriends.Magnetic strenght the intensity of this field aroundthe Apoint is proportional to the distance from it with thestrongestpoint being next to the B point of energy andprogressively gettingweaker further away from the A point. Ghostdetector in real lifereal ghost spirit and ghost detector withcamera. You are ghostdetector in your house find it. We easily findscary ghost houseusing this scary ghost games app. Horror ghostdetector gost appuse it. Ghost radar classic application willdisplay colored orbsif there are signs of emissions.Features ofGhost Radar ScannerPrank# Ghost detector radar and spirit camera.#Ghost detector findreal ghost camera.# Ghost detector radar –paranormal spiritcamera.# Ghost detector radar simulator and ghostprotector. #Ghost radar scanner prank features also available inthis spiritdetector and we can find ghost activity.# Spirit ghostwe caneasily find ghost camera app.In this app use the radar mapsinwhich distance in show ghost.# Emf detector shows the signalofghost evp in ghost app or ghost detector app.We are easilyghostscanner the ghost trick using this ghost detectors app.Ghostfinder app is ghost locator find it. The ghosts ghost catcherorghost encounters, ghost hunt early on this app and for thisappghost hunters find many gost. Ghost app ghost find display colorofyellow ghost. Ghost hunting tools also known as ghosttracker,ghost observer or ghost scanner app. We can easily find theghostwhere are ghost communicator with ours. Ghost talker whichpositionshow location.Gostdetector most popular app in play storeand alsoknow as camera gost app. Magnetic Flux Densityspecificallyelectromagnetism, the magnetic flux through a surfaceis thesurface integral of the normal component of the magneticfield Bpassing through that surface. It is free ghost hunterapps.Realghost detector games will display colored orbs if thereare signsof emissions, also known as electromagnetic radiation inthis GhostRadar Scanner Prank. About what different orb colorsmean, withmany colors displayed by in gost radar classic couldpotentiallymean a variety of things. Interpretation of the colorsvariesaccording to different beliefs as simple. However, in mostcases,people interpreting orb colors and assigning a meaning do sobasedon spiritual beliefs about the meaning of various colors. Itisimportant to note that these are spiritual theories only andhaveno basis in scientific fact. Ghost detector real most use offindghost camera at such as call ghost games or ghost ridergames.Ghost detector find real ghost and show where you can talk totheman. Gost detector real app or gost detector radar find therealspirit find it. Gost camera real is my house haunted ghostdetectorghost searching app. Ghost sensor app we can easily findghostbecause ghost sensor camera is very powerful sensor use it.Theghost and spirit detector and communicator of ghost. We easilyfindthe spirit detector with camera with app. It is gost detectorappand camera gost detector.Download and give us a review forGhostRadar Scanner Prank.
Sniper Ghost Shooter-Camera
Sniper Ghost Shooter Camera will feel like a ghost hunteryourselfwith moving the Camera any direction and Anywhere like Athome, atoffice, at school, on the bus, on the subway, duringservices in atemple (or maybe even on toilet!) you can call a ghostwith a GhostShooter.Sniper Ghost Shooter Camera does not requireany internetconnection.
Ghost Detector Spectrum
Ghost Detector is an application that uses your mobiledevicesensors to detect sources of variable magnetic emissions.Whichcould indicate us the presence of some kind ofparanormalactivity.Ghost Detector is the only app that shows thedistancebetween the paranormal activity and you. Also shows themagneticfield variations.It will not show magnetic fields atconstantfrequencies such as those generated by electronics, forexample:TV, routers, computers, chargers, mobile phones,etc.Theapplication will show a green dot on the radar in case thereisnearby a source of magnetic emission.The detection rangevariesbetween 0 and 30 feet approximately, depending on the mobiledeviceused.By installing this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy:''