Top 49 Apps Similar to eSchool Analytics

Google Analytics 3.8.9
Google LLC
The official Google Analytics mobile app helps you monitoryourbusiness on the go. With this app, you can: 1) Check keymetrics inbuilt-in reports 2) Compare date ranges and applysegments 3)Monitor real-time data 4) Explore to build your ownreports withany combination of metrics, dimensions, and segmentsthat you careabout 5) Save any reports to your dashboard so you caneasily comeback to them Sign in with your Google account to useGoogleAnalytics. Permissions Notice - Contacts (Get Accounts):Needed toget a list of accounts to sign in with
NETGEAR WiFi Analytics 1.0.19
How strong is your WiFi signal? You can use the NETGEARWiFiAnalytics app to get advanced analytics that help you optimizeyourexisting or newly extended WiFi network. Check your networkstatus,WiFi signal strength, identify crowded WiFi channels, findclearchannels with less interference and much more with theWiFiAnalytics app from NETGEAR.
***************** AD FREE VERSION ***************** The only waytoknow whether you are doing the right job is to check thenumbers,and the numbers don’t lie. gAnalytics is a great little appthatsimply plugs into your Google Analytics account and presentsthenumbers in a format that is easy to read and understand.gAnalyticsis by far one of the best Android Google analytics apps.With themain options as Panel, Visitors, Content, Goals andEcommerce, youwill feel so comfortable using it on an Androiddevice. You can setthe time period and find out the number ofvisitors, page views,bounce rate, new visits, all this data withthe correspondingcharts. Also you can compare your report and seeit on the chartstoo. It supports multiple profiles and multipleaccounts. Join toour Tester community:, spanish, french, dutch, german, russian,italian, japaneseGoogle Analytics and Google Play are trademarksof Google Inc.
Call Log - Analytics and Call Minutes 1.3.1
Call Log Analytics app is useful, because it helps keeping trackofyour call data. "Call Log Analytics is an amazing app designedwithan intuitive and polished user interface that’ssimple,clutter-free, and easy-to-use." –AndroidAppsReview.comAWESOMEFEATURES -- Stay tuned for more●ANALYZE & MONITOR CALLS - Letsyou analyze calls by Duration,Frequency & Recency, view callstatistics / stats / metrics, andmonitor your call data● FILTER -Apply filters such as date range,outgoing & incoming.● SEARCH- Search any contact and know itsanalytics● CALL HISTORY - Helpsyou keep infinite record of callhistory. NOTE: Most Android phoneskeep recent 500 calls, and deleteolder calls● EXPORT - Export calldata to CSV, and email. CSV can beimported to any Excel reader.Perform your own analysis and matchyour carrier bills●NOTIFICATIONS - Notifies you the last callduration. ● CALL BILLING- Gives you summary of call minutes for thecalls you made in agiven billing period● BACKUP & RESTORE -Backup unlimited CallLog data to your Google Drive account, restorecall log to app whenyou reset or switch your phone.In an all,Installing this call loganalyzer, will give you good perspective onyour call data.We ♥getting your feedback! Please email us:qohloinc@gmail.comSpecialthanks to everyone who rates us 5 stars,or provides a warmfeedback. It's so encouraging for theteam!***FEATUREDINTECHMESTO:***FEATUREDINANDROIDAPPSREVIEW:'re sensitive, but the app needs at least these tofunctionproperly: ● CONTACTS: Some devices need contacts permissionto readcall log● CALL LOG: For providing call log analytics● PHONESTATE:To show last call duration in notifications● CALL PHONE: Tomake aphone call from a contact● SDCARD R/W: Write CSV file toSDCardwhile exporting.● ACCOUNTS: Authenticate and Backup call datatoyour account.A request to our users: The app iscontinuouslyevolving, and we're really working hard to make it verystable. Wetry to be perfect, but sometimes things slip from ourview. If youfind any issue / bug / missing-feature, please write tous, and describe it in detail. We'll try toquicklyfix it for you. We love our users, but bad ratings willlikelydemotivate us to keep app alive on Google Play. We're open tonewfeature requests!NOTE: Phone stores only the last 500 calls initscall data. This app can analyze the call data of those 500 onlyforthe first time. However, the app keeps accumulating more calllogdata on daily basis and gives you analytics on larger call data.
TeleTrade Analytics 6.7.2
Toolkit for trader and financial analyst. Quotes, news andmarketanalysis from the leading broker TeleTrade. Features: •Quotes forall major currencies with the list of displayed symbolsand renewalperiod configuration • Economic calendar is a tool offundamentalanalysis. Gives an overview of the events that willoccur in themarket soon. • Interest rates - one of the mostimportant monetarypolicy regulation tool and they have a directinfluence oncurrencies. • News - along with the key macroeconomicnews andevents you have the opportunity to be in touch with themarketsituation analysis. • Reviews of the events taking place inthecurrency, stock and raw markets. • Analyst opinions -fullinformation about the most important events of the day. •TechnicalAnalysis - Daily analysis of currency pairs • Overviewvideos -Expert Reviews in video format on the past andprojecteddevelopments in the international currency market Forex.•Companies - information about companies, financial indicatorsandfeatures of its shares. • Event notifications of theeconomiccalendar, don't miss anything important. • Home screenwidgets(2x1, 2x2).
bepro11 - football analytics 1.7.17
We take you to the next level! Our 4K video solution gives youeyesto the whole pitch. We compile data from every matchandcategorises each match event into video clips ranging from shotstotackles. This allows you to share key moments and figures withtherest of your team. [Bepro Fixed-cam Solution For ViewingAllOff-ball Movement & Space] Experience ourhigh-quality“scouting view” enabled by the bepro fixed-cam. Wecapture allevents and movements, you won’t miss a thing! [EventVideo Clips& Data] All video clips and data are availablewithin 24-48hafter your game. Video clips are categorised into 18differentmatch events and advanced game data where you can seestats such asheat-maps and pass-maps. This gives you smarterinsights andenables you to better understand your game.[User-friendly VideoEditing & Communication Tool] Our BeproEditor PC tool makes iteasy for anyone to edit their own videoclips and visualise theirtactics with various graphics and oncesynchronized, can be viewedfrom Android. All clips can be shared tostaff and players, meaningthe analysis doesn’t just stay in themeeting room, it’s nowaccessible anywhere. Change the game withBepro11.
Analytics Widgets 1.9.5
Adrian Kajda
Google Analytics Widget. Customizable, clean and simple widgetsandlockscreen widgets for Google Analytics service. There aremanycool Google Analytics apps in Play Store but there wassomethingmissing for me in widgets they are offering.Old name:HoloAnalytics WidgetFeaturesCustomization (styling, resizable,customlabel...)Tap to refresh dataMetrics: visits, page views,uniqueusers, bounce rate, pages / visit, % New visits, Avg.visitduration (...)2 rows widgets: Today / Yesterday, This month/Previous month, Today / Same day last week, This week /Previousweek (you can always hide some rows if you don'tneedthem)AutorefreshSpecial featuresRealtime - active usersSee howmanyusers are online - tap to refresh - official RealtimeAPI)Widgets:total active users, users from social,mobile/desktop/tabletusers.Site SpeedAvg. Page Load Time, Avg.Redirection Time, Avg.Domain Lookup Time, Avg. ServerConnection,Time, Avg. ServerResponse Time, Avg. Page DownloadTimeRequirements: Android 4.1+only.Widgets are using new officialGoogle Analytics API (viaGoogle Play Services).App from the creatorof FuelioGoogleAnalyticsGoogle Analytics is a service offered byGoogle thatgenerates detailed statistics about a website's trafficand trafficsources and measures conversions and sales. The productis aimed atmarketers as opposed to webmasters and technologistsfrom which theindustry of web analytics originally grew. It is themost widelyused website statistics service.
Widget for Google Analytics 2.6.8
Analytics Widget is a Google Analytics Informer whichprovidescharts with metrics, trends and statistics in timeline viewfromGoogle Analytics service. You have ONE of any widgets forfree,which will display your most important metric. Unlimitedwidgetcount available in the PRO version. Also Details windowavailableby subscription less than 3$ annually in the PRO version.Supportedlanguages: English, Deutsche, Français, Español,Русский,Українська, 日本語. Features: It has a lot of categories andmetricsfrom Google Analytics which you can track. For example:Users,Sessions, Adsense, Adwords, Ecommerce, Ad Exchange, SiteSpeed, AppTracking, Traffic Sources, Global Conversions, PageTracking,Internal Search, User Clicks, Event Tracking, SocialInteractions,User Timings and etc. Track statistics from a lot ofweb sites atthe moment. Widget for Google Analytics has configuringdynamicperiod for Google Analytics report in Today, Yesterday, 7Days Ago,30 Days Ago, N Days Ago or static period as fixed dates.AnalyticsWidget provides configuring comparison mode. You cancompare thecurrent period with the previous one. For example,compare usersactivity of the current month with previous or thesame one a yearago. Widget's flexible configuration of the colorscheme for userinterface makes it possible to fit it into anydesign. When deviceis offline all widgets display last loaded datawith time tag. Allsupported metrics: Users; New Users; % NewSessions; Number ofSessions per User; Sessions; Bounces; BounceRate; SessionDuration; Avg. Session Duration; Unique DimensionCombinations;Hits; Organic Searches; Adsense; AdSense Revenue;AdSense Ad UnitsViewed; AdSense Impressions; AdSense Ads Clicked;AdSense PageImpressions; AdSense eCPM; AdSense Exits; AdSenseViewableImpression %; AdSense Coverage; Goal Conversions; GoalStarts; GoalCompletions; Goal Value; Per Session Goal Value; GoalConversionRate; Abandoned Funnels; Total Abandonment Rate; PageValue;Entrances; Entrances / Pageviews; Pageviews; Pages /Session;Unique Pageviews; Time on Page; Avg. Time on Page; Exits; %Exit;Results Pageviews; Total Unique Searches; Results Pageviews/Search; Sessions with Search; % Sessions with Search; SearchDepth;Avg. Search Depth; Search Refinements; % Search Refinements;Timeafter Search; Avg. Time after Search; Search Exits; % SearchExits;Site Search Goal Conversion Rate; Per Search Goal Value; PageLoadTime; Page Load Sample; Avg. Page Load Time; Avg. DomainLookupTime; Page Download Time; Avg. Page Download Time;RedirectionTime; Avg. Redirection Time; Server Connection Time;Avg. ServerConnection Time; Server Response Time; Avg. ServerResponse Time;Avg. Document Interactive Time; Avg. Document ContentLoaded Time;App Tracking; Screen Views; Unique Screen Views;Screens; Time onScreen; Avg. Time on Screen; Total Events; UniqueEvents; EventValue; Avg. Value; Sessions with Event;Transactions;EcommerceConversion Rate; Revenue; Avg. Order Value; Per SessionValue;Shipping; Tax; Total Value; Quantity; Unique Purchases; Avg.Price;Product Revenue; Avg. QTY; Local Revenue; Local Shipping;LocalTax; Local Product Revenue; Buy-to-Detail Rate;Cart-to-DetailRate; Internal Promotion CTR; Internal PromotionClicks; InternalPromotion Views; Local Product Refund Amount;Product Adds To Cart;Product Checkouts; Product Detail Views;Product List CTR; ProductList Clicks; Product List Views; ProductRefund Amount; ProductRefunds; Product Removes From Cart; ProductRevenue; Quantity AddedTo Cart; Quantity Checked Out; QuantityRefunded; Quantity RemovedFrom Cart; Refund Amount; Revenue perUser; Refunds; Transactions;Social Actions; Unique Social Actions;Actions; User Timing; UserTiming Sample; Avg. User Timing; AdExchange; AdX Impressions; AdXCoverage; AdX Monetized Pageviews;AdX Impressions; AdX ViewableImpressions %; AdX Clicks; AdX CTR;AdX Revenue; AdX Revenue; AdXeCPM.
Matomo Mobile (formerly Piwik Mobile) will help you access allofyour analytics on the go, quickly and beautifully. We wanttoimprove the app so please send your bug reports andsuggestions.Matomo (formerly Piwik) is a downloadable, open source(GPLlicensed) real time web analytics software program. It providesyouwith detailed reports on your website visitors: the searchenginesand keywords they used, the language they speak, yourpopularpages... and so much more. You can access these reports byusingthis official Matomo Mobile App. This app is sponsoredbyInnoCraft, the company of the makers of Matomo. InnoCraft aretheMatomo experts. Read this if youusebasic auth: Doyouhave a bug to report or a feature request? Please or Features: *Providesthe same functionality and same look and feel as Matomo *View yourcustom Matomo dashboards * Available in more than 50languages! *Manage multiple Matomo accounts * 'All Websites'dashboard * Chooseany Date/Period * Choose any metric * View graphsand sparklines *View any available report, even reports generatedby custom plugins* Follow Visitors in Real Time or in Visitor Log *Works withinstallations having thousands of websites * Refreshreports easyRequirements: * Matomo/Piwik 2.0 or later * Android 6+* Some iconsin Visitor screen possibly won't work if you use HTTPSwith aninvalid certificate Matomo Mobile is available for free andaproject made by the community. You can participate in theMatomoMobile App or Matomo. Please contact us:
Squarespace Analytics 2.4.0
Make better decisions for your brand and business by trackingyoursite’s performance. The Squarespace Analytics app gives youaccessto key website metrics and insights on-the-go. Browse yoursitemetrics in a clean, easy-to-use dashboard optimized forAndroidphones. • Check key metrics at a glance and tap into moregranularviews to uncover deeper insights • Monitor traffic trendsand learnabout your visitors, including what referral sourcethey’re comingfrom, the path they took through your site and whatcountry they’revisiting from. • Measure the impact of marketing onwebsite trafficand revenue. • Keep tabs on key sales metrics andtrack conversionalong every step, from visit to click or purchase •See yourbest-selling products sorted by revenue and identify salestrendsover different time periods. ** Squarespace Analyticsrequires apaid Squarespace account. ** To contact Customer Care,
Beverage Analytics 3.9.4
Beverage Analytics by WeissBeerger is the first real timebeveragemonitoring system for bars, restaurants & hotels. Itenablesbusiness owners to supervise their staff, decrease beveragewastageand compare themselves to neighboring businesses, whilealsoproviding them with an unmediated connection to the brewery/beverage distributor, for better communication and faster,moreeffective service & supply management.
Statcounter Web Analytics 2.10.9
Independent web analytics specialist Statcounter tracks millionsofwebsites for companies, agencies, bloggers,self-employed,charities and anyone who wants to measure activity ontheirwebsite, blog or forum. Key features include ease ofuse,independence and ability to view individual visitors in realtime.We read all feedback submitted via the app or ourwebsite. We've implementedseveralimprovements based on the feedback already. Keep it coming.Somemembers are having trouble logging in. If you are havingtroubleplease send us your feedback and let us know what usernameandpassword combination you are trying.
Keep track of your AppsFlyer mobile attribution andmarketinganalytics right from your Phone. Free for all AppsFlyercustomers.Because that's how we roll. Enjoy easy access to coreAppsFlyerfeatures: - Easily navigate across all your apps - Monitoryourmarketing campaign progress - Dive deeper with date range andmediasource filters - See something interesting? Send it straighttoyour team for immediate follow-up And this is just the start.Don'tforget to share your feedback inside the app. We look forwardtohearing from you!
com.clawshorns.roboforex 1.7.2
Mobile center of analytics from RoboForex is a portable versionofthe analytics service available to all clients of the Company.Themobile application provides you with access to all popular typesofanalytical reviews and the information on currency markets,alongwith main trading instruments and signals. All these featuresareavailable in your mobile device absolutely for free. Intheapplication, you will find reviews and forecasts based onbothtechnical and fundamental analysis, and video reviews.Economiccalendar, popular technical indicators and tradingrecommendationsbased on them, the chart of market sentiment foreach instrument,bank holidays, the trading sessions schedule, thecurrencyconverter, and more. Convenient and flexible settings andfilterssystem in each section will help you to quickly find andanalyzethe information, which later may be used in yourtradingoperations. The information is available for thefollowinginstruments: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBR, JPY, NZD, USD, Gold,Silver,Brent, Stocks. It can be viewed in English, Indonesian,Spanish,Portuguese, Russian, and Thai languages. Install Mobilecenter ofanalytics from RoboForex and you will stay in touch withthe Forexmarket at any moment from anywhere in the world. RiskWarning Thesubmissions are only for informational purposes andunder the"Investment Company Act" of 144 (I) 2007 of the Republicof Cypruscannot be regarded as investment and any other form ofpersonaladvices and recommendations relating to specific typesoftransactions on certain types of financial instruments.
Tanks Analytics 1.2.14
Non-official application to display and analyze World ofTanksplayer’s statistics.This application is NOT a Application is made in accordance withWargamingDeveloper Partner Programrules: all regions (RU, EU, US, US, SEA, RK)- Generalplayer’sstatistics display- WN6, WN8, Efficiency ratingcalculation-Player’s vehicle rating display including averagevalues- Trackingthe dynamic of statistics change for ratings, winrate, averagedamage. Graphs forming according to passed battles -Graphsstatistics for vehicles- Calculator of view- Graphs formingon theaverage vehicle’s indexes- Comparison of up to 5 players onthe mainindexes- All statistics and searching history storageLegalnotice.The images contained within are copyrighted byWargaming.Net LLP andtank stats are intellectual property ofWargaming.Net : Copyright © ®, All rights reserved.World of Tanks, WoT aretrademarks or registered trademarks
Databox: Analytics Dashboard 2.3.49
Databox, Inc.
Databox is a mobile-first business analytics platform built tohelpyou understand what's going on with your business. You canconnectyour cloud data sources, spreadsheets, databases andcustomintegrations to organize all of your business KPIs in oneplace.Create your own unique mobile dashboards, with manysupportedvisualization types (line, bar, pie charts, funnels,tables, ...),present your data on your office TV, and collaborateand discussaround your metrics with others via Slack. The entireDataboxexperience is built to support multiple devices andplatforms sothat you can access your data at any time, fromwherever you like:• Databox mobile app — A beautifully designedmobile app. • Databoxfor Apple Watch — Things that matter the mostshould never be farfrom you. • Databox Datawall — Show your metricson the big screen.• Databox Designer — Build your own dashboards,data walls, andmore. • Databox for Slack — Slack integration whichallows you tosee your metrics, smart alerts, scorecard and more,all from withinSlack. The mobile app is a beautifully designeddashboard whichtells you when important things change in yourbusiness. From amorning briefing with a daily scorecard we'll makesure you startyour day in the know to smart alerts which willnotify you whensomething needs your attention Databox has youcovered. In justminutes you can connect to Google Analytics, AdobeAnalytics,Salesforce, Hubspot, Optimizely, Mixpanel, Localytics andmanyothers. Need additional customization? Compare metricsbetweendifferent sources? Databox Designer has everything and more.Here'sa list of supported integrations. Note that we're adding newoneson a weekly basis. • Google Analytics • Adobe Analytics •GoogleAdSense • Facebook Ads • Google AdWords • HubSpot •Salesforce •Localytics • PayPal • Stripe • Shopify • Twitter •Intercom •Facebook • Wistia • Chartbeat • Mixpanel • Zendesk •Instagram •GitHub • Zapier • PayPal + any custom business dataintegration
com.webhaus.planyourgramScheduler 11.0
INTELLIGENT: ALL-INCLUSIVE INSTAGRAM SCHEDULER! Rearrangeandschedule posts. Discover best times to post. Free photoeditor.Typography. Repost. Manage Comments and Mentions. Hashtagfinderand hashtag analytics. Full Analytics for Instagram (and peepyourcompetitors!) Everything you need to grow your Instagramfollowersand schedule your Instagram posts! *** The All-InclusiveInstagramSuite: FREE PICTURE EDITOR - Professionally retouch,whiten,brighten, resize images, use professional filters,stickers,borders for pictures and add text to photos. - Write onphoto,filter images or draw on pictures with pen tool. - Hundredsoflooks, from Vintage to Pastel, or add special effects,(we’rebiased! we think they’re better than VSCO, and Instagramfilters)SEAMLESS DRAG + DROP - Create beautiful Instagram themes -Layoutdesign to curate a professional photo grid. - Preview yourentiregallery before you post, add months of content! REPOST -Repostphotos and videos. SCHEDULE INSTAGRAM POST + INSTAGRAM STORY-Draft captions and schedule Instagram posts - ScheduleInstagramstories for later - Google Drive and Dropbox HASHTAGFINDER -Manage unlimited hashtags as sets for posts and stories. -FindHashtags and use Plann to learn which will give you the bestreach.COMPETITOR ANALYTICS - Peep your competitors best posts, andbesttimes to post. - Steal their hashtags and use them foryourself.ANALYTICS FOR INSTAGRAM - Review Instagram Analytics forbestperforming posts, Instagram likes, follower growth andlocations. -Best performing hashtags AND best performing colourswatches. -Optimize - proven to grow your followers, raiseengagement ratesand generate sales. MULTIPLE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS -Preview andmanage unlimited Instagram accounts - Invite others tomanage yourInstagram. UNIQUE PLANN INSTAGRAM STRATEGY - Don’t knowwhat topost? Create a strategic Instagram theme. - Plann has fontsforpictures to add unique marketing calls-to-action toimages.COMMENTS + MENTIONS - Speak with all of your community andmanageyour Comments through Plann. - Find and respond to everyMention.PLUS - we’re always working on new features as requested byyou!NOTE: Plann does not auto-post to Instagram, we will send youapush notification. (Auto-posting is coming soon forFacebookBusiness accounts.) *** USE PLANN FOR FREE Login withFacebook toPlann your Business Instagram Account: FREE PLANN Manage1 account(30 posts a month) Need to grow your Business faster?POWER USER 1- Manage 1 account US$12 month-to-month OR $9 per month(billedannually). POWER USER 2 - Manage 2 accounts US$24month-to-month OR$18 per month (billed annually). Login withInstagram to Plann yourPersonal Instagram Account: LITTLE PLANNManage 1 account (30 postsa month) Need to grow faster? EASY! BASIC- Manage 1 account US$5per month (paid quarterly), $6month-to-month OR annual discountavailable. PREMIUM - Manage 3accounts US$10 per month (paidquarterly), $12 month-to-month ORannual discount available.UNLIMITED US$15 per month (paidquarterly), $18 month-to-month ORannual discount available. ***Payments will be charged to yourPlay Store account afterconfirmation of purchase. Yoursubscription will automatically renewunless cancelled at least24-hours before the end of the currentperiod. Your subscriptioncan be managed in your Play Store AccountSettings after purchase,or in Settings under “Subscription”.Subscriptions cannot becancelled for the current active period. Anyunused portion of afree trial period, if offered, will be forfeitedwhen the userpurchases a subscription to that publication, whereapplicable.Privacy Policy + Terms ofuse: We’d lovetohear from you! Instagram: @plannthat HELP? Email: In-App: MENU>contact us
Spotfire Analytics
Answer your business questions and track your businessperformancefrom anywhere. TIBCO Spotfire Analytics for Androidgives everyoneaccess to Spotfire Analytics on an Android device.Quickly find keybusiness facts or monitor business performance inhighlyinteractive business intelligence applications to make sureyou andyour team have access to the information needed wheneverandwherever it is needed. Mark, filter, and drill into data tobringclarity to business issues and opportunities. With TIBCOSpotfireAnalytics for Android you can view and use data from TIBCOCloudSpotfire or data hosted on your TIBCO Spotfire on premisesServer.
Wi-Fi Analytics Tool 1.2
The Amped Wireless Wi-Fi Analytics Tool analyzes yourWi-Finetworks. It provides advanced signal strength graphs andanalyzesWi-Fi channels to help you optimize your Wi-Fi networksetup.Features include: Wi-Fi Scanner, Channel InterferenceAnalyzer,Wi-Fi Channel Graph, Wi-Fi Signal Strength Graph, and aSignalStrength Meter.
com.clawshorns.tifia 1.3.2
Tifia Forex Analytics is an essential tool for any traderorfinancial analyst. You get free access to all the toolsrequiredfor successful Forex trading – all the most popular typesofanalysis, latest reviews and forecasts, expert opinions andmanyother analytical materials. All of this is available in TifiaForexAnalytics app from the leading specialists of Claws &Horns.With Tifia Forex Analytics, you will always be able to keeptrackof all the latest analytical studies: • Latest analyticalforecasts- the latest forecasts for currency pairs based on marketanalysis• All kinds of analysis: technical, wave, fundamentalanalyses, andreviews of macroeconomic indicators • Indicators:readings of 10indicators on 4 timeframes for 10 instruments •Trading Forexsignals - professional advice for opening trades withentry/exitpoints • Video reviews - long-term video forecasts formajorcurrency pairs • High-precision trading signals with anaveragemonthly profit of 600 pips • Economic calendar that allowsyou toadjust your trading strategy based on the key indicators oftheglobal economy • Currency Converter • Simple, intuitiveandlightning fast user interface The application is available intheIndonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, English andRussianlanguages. The materials are provided for thefollowinginstruments: EUR, USD, GBR, JPY, CHF, CAD, NZD, AUD,Silver, Gold,Brent, Stocks. Tifia Forex Analytics free app willkeep youinformed of the latest analytical studies, economic news,Forexmarket trends and trading signals. Thanks to theflexibleconfiguration system it is most convenient and easy toenjoy allthe app’s benefits. In addition, the application providesintuitiveand visual trading guidelines based on the analysis ofpopularForex indicators. A market review is available that showsareal-time percentage of buying and selling traders. Get allthepowerful professional trader's tools in one convenientandfunctional platform!
Poster Boss (POS analytics) 1.6
Poster POS
Poster Boss is an application for owners of cafes,restaurants,bars, pubs, coffee shops, shops, fast-food, streetfood.View yoursales reports in a fast and convenient way of the PosterPOS. Wemade the most simple and fast point of sale dashboard appforbusiness owners. And at the same time it is a userfriendlyapplication with access to all major reports. So you canmanageyour business anywhere, anytime. Poster POS is a mobile cloudpointof sale for cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, coffee shops,stores,fast-food, streetfood which works on tablets. Itcompletelyreplaces the usual cash registers and allows you to makesales, doaccounting, storehouse management and marketing online.Moredetails -
WoT Blitz Analytics 1.0.9
Non-official application to display and analyze World of TanksBlitzplayer’s statistics.Basic features:- Support all regions (RU,EU,US, US, SEA, RK)- General player’s statistics displa-Player’svehicle average values- Tracking the dynamic of statisticschangefor win rate, average damage. Graphs forming according topassedbattles - Graphs statistics for vehicles- Comparison of up to5players on the main indexes- All statistics and searchinghistorystorageApplication developed according to WargamingDevelopersPartner Program. Мир Танков, WoT Blitz, World of Tanksblitz areregistered trademarks of the Wargaming.Net company :Copyright © ®, All rights reserved.
Brand360 – Marketing Dashboard 3.9
Justin James
Digital Marketing is not easy. A Typical campaign wouldinvolvemanaging logins for Google Analytics, Google AdWords, GoogleSearchConsole, Facebook, Twitter and various third party site likeMoz,Ahrefs, SEMRush, Call Tracking etc. What if you can track allthisvia a single dashboard? No logging into 10 different sites?That’swhat we help you do with our Digital Marketing Dashboard.Look atsome of our features – Track Rankings in Google & Yahoo.Wetrack Google Mobile rankings too. Call Tracking Track Web Leadsviaour Form App. LiveChat KPIs *(Coming Soon) Check Visibilityacross30+ Important Local Search Engines, Directories andSocialNetworks. Track Reviews and Mentions across importantsitesGenerate more Positive Business Reviews on Google & Yelp.CheckSocial Media performance Schedule Social Media Posts SEODashboard– Simple and easy to understand. The SEO project dashboardwillgive you a comprehensive overview of what’s happening withyouraccount. PPC Dashboard – The PPC dashboard will give youabirds-eye view of what’s happening with your paid account.PendingIssues – These are the active items that requireattention.Example, social media login information may be needed,contentapproval, uploading of code or content, providing PINverificationsetc. Solving these issues help in boosting SEOperformance.Conversation – Conversation is a great way to start adiscussion.Once you start a conversation, your account manager willbeinstantly notified via email with a copy sent to yourregisteredemail address on the dashboard. All conversations will besortedaccording the time it was last updated i.e. commented on.ProjectManagement – Shows the deliverables to be performed in thecurrentmonth with deadline, which gives more transparency to thecampaign.You can track down the activities performed on a monthlybasis soyou exactly know what is happening, what’s done and what’spending.Organic Keyword Rankings – Displays the total number ofkeywordsranking in Google (Desktop and Mobile) and Bing searchengine. Alsoshows the number of keywords improved and declinedsince thebenchmark date i.e. the first day of the campaign so youknow howyour campaign is performing. Call Tracking – Call trackingallowsyou to track incoming phone calls thus helping you to fillthat gapin your marketing analysis. When enabled, this sectionshows thenumber of calls tracked in the current month. GoogleAnalytics –Shows overall web traffic performance of your website ata glance.Get snippets of important metrics like total visits,mobile visits,returning visitors and more. The best part is youdon’t have tologin separately to check your website’s GoogleAnalytics stats.Google Search Console (previously Webmaster Tools)– This sectionfetches all the critical information from the GoogleSearch Consoledashboard and presents it in an easy to understandmanner. IncludesSearch Queries, Impressions, Clicks and more.
com.bibas.worksclocks 4.8.3
Features: ★ Supports NFC for clocking in and out ★ Upon arrivaltojob site, app can send reminder alert to clock in/out (abletoprogram multiple locations). ★ At predetermined time, app cansendreminder alert to clock in and out ★ Multiple ways to clock inandout including: Clock in/out with a simple touch of yourfingerOption to clock in/out by typing ★ Track hours for salaryemployees★ Able to program different hourly rates for variouslocations/jobsites ★ Able to set different shift differentials.Including dayshift, evening shift, night shift, weekends, andholidays. ★ Changeand calculate retroactive salary for entire listor selected month★ Search, sort, calculate, edit, delete days underspecial notes ★New interface which allows for various colorselections and colorthemes to correlate with different shifts ★Able to manually modifytime log. ★ Option to automatically back updata to the device. ★Clock widget for ease and accessibility forclock in and out ★Customize settings for unlimited number of jobs ★Able to togglebetween jobs on the list with ease ★ Automaticallyadjusts forshift differentials and displays them in custom colorsassigned byuser ★ Able to add in bonuses, tips, and deductions onan as neededbasis ★ Able to add in bonuses, tips, and deductions ona permanentbasis ★ Able to enter in vacation pay, sick pay, andholidays ★Calculates mandatory deductions such as state tax,federal tax,state disability (according to user settings) ★ Able tocalculatetravel expenses per day or per month ★ Capable to back upto GoogleDrive or drop box ★ Able to send data by e-mail in anExcel or text★ Calculate daily, monthly, or annual salary ★ Markmonth / day asPaid or Unpaid. ★ And more... Work Log, Work Time,Time Shift,Shift Hour.
mySmarty for Business Owners 2.9
mySmarty for Business Owners app allows you to viewimportantbusiness analytics, keep your profile up-to-date andrespond tocustomers chat inquiries and messages. This app puts thepower ofMySmarty’s tools right in your pocket! NOTE: This app isforbusiness owners to manage their mySmarty business pages. Ifyou’relooking for the mySmarty app that will help you discovergreatlocal businesses, go to Use mySmartyforBusiness Owners to: • Track visitor engagement and customerleadsfrom your mySmarty Business Page. • Respond to customerinquiriesand messages. • Upload and manage photos and businessdetails. •View reports on campaign engagement from mySmarty users •Registersales transactions to receive validated feedback • Respondtofeedback with a private message. To get started, download theappand sign in with your business user credentials. If you haven’tyetclaimed your business on mySmarty, go to https://mySmarty.ioordownload mySmarty app to find yourbusinessand claim your business user account.
com.vpn123.client 2.6.8
Amplusnet SRL
123VPN for Android is a 100% free mobile VPN app that allows youtoprotect your privacy & security on public WiFi hotspots,secureyour personal data and identity, surf the web protected.Whydownload 123 VPN for Android: - FREE: 123VPN is 100% FOREVERfree,and no credit card information is needed. - NO SIGN UP: youneed noregistration, no account to use the features of the AndroidVPNapp. - DEAD SIMPLE TO USE: You simply install the 123VPN appandclick “Connect” in order to activate the VPN(VirtualPrivateNetwork). It is one of the simplest VPN apps for Android. -SERVERSIN 14 COUNTRIES: United States, Canada, Russia, Panama,Singapore,India, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Finland,Romania,Bulgaria, and Turkey. These are VPN servers, no proxyservers. Moreserver locations are added on regular basis. - FASTESTVPN: Byselecting the "Fastest server" the app will connect to thefastestVPN server available. - DOWNLOAD SPEED: The download speedusingthe 123 VPN free app may vary depending on the usersInternetconnection. Most of the time is good enough for most of theday today browsing and streaming activities. - OPENVPN PROTOCOL:The appuses the OpenVPN VPN protocol, considered to be the moststable,secure and reliable. - UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH: 123VPN isunlimited,with no speed or bandwidth limitations. - NO LOGS POLICY:123VPNdoesn’t track or keep any logs of its users and theiractivities. -PHONE & TABLETS: The app works great on most ofthe Androiddevices (Android phones and Android tablets). ThisAndroid VPNclient app is the right choice for you if you want: - toprotectand encrypt your data from hackers (personal data andinformation,banking activity, accounts, and other sensitiveInternet traffic);- to surf the web privately; - to protect yourprivacy &security on public WiFi hotspots; - to hide your IPaddress,identity, and location from websites and online trackers.123VPN isa trustful VPN provider with more than 10 years experiencein thesecurity and anonymity field.
BLACKBOX – My Daily Life Log 1.1.2
Shouter Inc.
The newest technological service BLACKBOXUtilize thelatesttechnology to record and log your daily routine.BLACKBOXallowsusers to use AI technology and their smartphone features tologactivity.   Automatically record your activity withtheBLACKBOX app.  BLACKBOX features the latest Googlevoicerecognition to enhance daily life logs.1.ConversationrecordThrough the use of users’ smart device microphoneliveconversations can be recorded as both text and audio.Themaximumrecording time is 20 minutes. (Text files can be createdifconversations less.)2. Call record Phone calls can be recordedasboth text and audio archives.In certain instances thesecondparty’s voice may not be recorded and poor call receptionmayaffect the quality of the word recognition. Therefore, itisrecommended that users review the recorded data.3. PhotoUserscanalso enable photo logging which utilizes the smartphone cameratotake snapshots throughout the day.4. LocationBLACKBOX canalsorecord information on individual's journey including when andwherewas visited, as well as the distance and durationbetweenlocations.  5. Start/End ActivityUse your smartphone torecordinformation regarding user information from the start of yourdayuntil the end.Users can select features for logging in thesettingmenus. All recordings and texts logs are stored only onuser’ssmartphone. ✩✩✩ No recordings or texts logs are stored onlineorsent to online servers✩✩✩To utilize Google voice recognitionusersmust initially connect to the Google server.■ BLACKBOX KeyFeatures- Google voice recognition to create text file generationlogs -GPS location services logging, acceleration sensor,Microphonerecording, Phone Call logging, Speaker, Battery, Camerarecording -Battery optimization features - Log back upfunctionality(Currently in development)■ Important Notices -Callingto/receiving calls from certain mobile devices/terminals mayinsome instances make calls unable to be recorded. - Calls frommostmobile devices are, however, recordable. ■ SupportContactInformation - 23, Gangnam-daero 47-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul,Republicof Korea -
Contacts Backup--Excel & Email 2.3.3
C2X (Contacts Backup--Excel & Email) is the easiest andmostreliable tool to backup your contacts. It reads every singledetailof all of your contacts, converts them into a Microsoft Excelfileand emails the file to you. * Export all your contacts withasingle tap. * Get all your contacts straight into your mailbox.*Contacts are emailed in Excel format which is easy to read.*Restoring is as simple as scanning a QR code (Paid). * Adsfree*Restore your contacts on a range of devices. (Android andiPhonesupported at the moment, Windows Phone support comingsoon)IMPORTANT: ------------------By using this app, you agree toourPrivacy Policy: and TermsofService: ContactsBackup,Contacts Restore, Contacts to Excel, Contacts to Email,ContactsExport, Contacts Import, Contacts to Excel andEmail.d182cd337f
Motorcycle Fuel Log - Mileage tracker 3.1.3
Simple yet effective tool to track your motorcycle fuelconsumptionand expenses. Just enter fuel, price, and odometer whileyou are atthe pump. The application will show you distance andaverage bikefuel consumption. There is no Sierra way to do it! Nowyour fueldata safe in the cloud. In case of any trebles you datawont belost. Find us onFB:
Cigarette Analytics 2.2.2
The aim of the application is to clarify all the issues connectedtosmoking and to help a person to overcomedependence.TECHNICALFEATURES2 main work modes:- "Smoking" mode-"Health" modeA few waysto add smoked cigarettes:- "Smoke" fastbutton- button with timerrecording the time of one cigarettesmoking- adding cigarettes withSmoking Diary with accurate timeindicationData panel on the mainscreen displays the most up-to-dateinformation in real timemode.You can display the very data you needon this panel.TheSmoking Diary displays amount of cigarettes smokedper day andallows to add, edit and remove records aboutsmoking.Goal sectionallows to set cigarettes day limit, minimumtime between smokes andplanned smoking quit date. Goals will helpyou to quit this habitstep by step. Notification system will informyou on thepossibility of smoking a cigarette or on the moment whenyoufinally need to quit smoking.A few active goals interacttogetherand if e.g. you have reached the cigarettes day limit asper onegoal, the other one will inform you that you have to waittill thenext morning to smoke again.5 widgets:2 simple widgets(light anddark);2 Pro widgets (light and dark);Advanced Pro widget(dark),with a smoke timer.Simple widget allows to list a smokewithoutopening the main application, displays an amount ofsmokedcigarettes per day and time passed from the latest smoke.Prowidgetallows to list cigarettes and displays the same data as themainscreen of the application.Both widgets interact with the setgoalsand will help you to control smoking according toyourneeds.Analytics display shows all the data about smoking forthechosen period of time:- amount of cigarettes smoked- averagerateof the cigarettes smoked- A diagram, graphically showing allthecigarettes smoked, with moving average displaying smokingdynamics-A round diagram showing the percentage ratio of thesmokedcigarette brands- amount spent on cigarettes- time spentoncigarettes- tar and nicotine inhaled- how many cigarette brandsyouhave smoked- how much time one cigarette is smoked- how oftenyousmoke- how much time has passed since the last cigarettesmoked-maximum time without cigarette smoking- how many times youtried toquit- all the data connected to the mail goalsOptionsscreen offersa lot of features:- selection of user's currency, newday startsetup option- managing the cigarettes brand list, withpossibilityto add, edit and delete (the application databasecontains morethan 400 cigarette brands with the preset data on thetar andnicotine content)- managing the main screen allowing to setthedata displayed on the screenGoals section allows to set newgoalsconnected to the smoking for better process controlDatasectionwhere you can reset all the false data and statistics forthedefined time period and also export and import statistics-feedbackscreen, where you can ask developer any question or sendthemcommentsHelp system shows all main application working issuesandmakes hints concerning all the smoking informationdisplayedInformation about what happens to the body and mind of aperson whoquit nicotine, is showed by the Events System in "Health"mode.
Best VPN 1.1.1
Best VPN
Free & totally unlimited vpn for Android. Bypassesfirewalls,unblock sites, hides your IP address on public WiFihotspots!Secure your data, easy in use, one click connection!BestVPNfeatures:1. Amazing speed2. 20+ locations worldwide3. No logs!4.Nobandwidth limit!5. Absolutely free!6. Torrent friendly7. Workswith3G/4GPersonal benefits:*No registration required*Browse thewebanonymously*Private data protection*Bypass blockedwebsites/apps,location restrictions and censorship internetfilters*P2P trafficis allowed!*Simple countries switchingprocedureMake your Internetbetter!
Log Viewer 1.6
Log Viewer is a lightweight app for viewing textfiles.Features:-Open files from local storage or directlyfromattachments/downloads- Support for reading gzip/zip logfiles-Search text- Optional word wrap- Show line numbers- Go toaspecific line- Customise font size- Dark mode
com.callhistory.contacts.calllog 6.3
Advanced Contacts Manager app allow to take backup of yourcontacts.No activations required to take backup of contacts andapp isworking in online and offline mode too. FEATURES: ● Easy andOfflinecontact backup. ● Send back to your email with the createdbackupVCF file. ● Backup Contacts as VCard (VCF File). ● Managehistory ofbackup with date and time. ● Delete historical backup ifnot needed.● Export the backup with your friends. ● Copy backupfile easilyfrom the "ContactsMaster" folder in case miss theemail. ● Storebackup securely and access anytime, from anywherewith secure loginfeature in the app. ● Best online contact backupmanager app. NOTES:After sending your backup file to yourself viaemail please checkyour inbox if email available in the inbox withthe backup fileattachment. Sometimes backup file not available dueto large filesize of attachment. You can use another email clientto send backupfile.
Phone Backup 9.3
Phone Backup help you to backup text messages, call logs,callrecordings, photos, OTT notifications/messages such asMessengermessages, Whatsapp messages, Line messages, Kakao Talkmessage,Viber... in real-time- Backup all bookmarks and webhistory-Everything is encrypted and saved on cloudAfter downloading&installing the app, you can start to manage all your backupdata athttps://phonebackup.onlinePlease install the app on phoneswhichyou own only to backup almost your important data
c:geo 2019.09.08
c:geo team
c:geo is an open source, full-featured, alwaysready-to-gounofficial client for and offers basicsupport forother geocaching platforms (such as Opencaching). Itdoes notrequire a web browser or exports - just install it andstart rightaway. Main features: - View caches on a Live Map - UseGoogle Mapsor OpenStreetMaps - Search for caches by variouscriteria - Logyour finds online or offline - Store cacheinformation on yourdevice - Create and manage waypoints - Navigateusing compass, map,or other apps - Import/Export GPX files - Fullsupport fortrackables - Offline caching functions including offlinemaps c:geois a simple to use but powerful geocaching client with alot ofadditional features. All you need to get started is anexistingaccount on or another geocaching platform(likeOpencaching). Find caches using the live map or by using oneof themany search functions. Navigate to a cache or a waypoint of acachewith the built-in compass function, the map or hand overthecoordinates to various external apps (e.g. Radar,GoogleNavigation, StreetView, Locus, Navigon, Sygic and many more).Storecache information to your device directly from geocaching.comaswell as via GPX file import to have it available whenever youwant.You can manage your stored caches in different lists and cansortand filter them according to your needs. Stored cachestogetherwith offline map files or static maps can be used to findcacheswithout an internet connection (e.g. when roaming). Logs canbeposted online or stored offline for later submission orexportedvia field notes. Search and discover trackables, manageyourtrackable inventory and drop a Trackable while posting a cachelog.If you have problems installing or using c:geo please firsthave alook at our FAQ ( or consult the userguide( If there are still problems,contactsupport via email. If you would like to know why c:geo needsthepermissions requested, please check foranexplanation.
Popcorn VPN 1.0.1
Popcorn VPN
First-class features totally for free! Completely unlimited VPNforAndroid – bypass firewalls, unblock websites, hide your IPaddress!Easily protect your data with a one-clickconnection!Popcorn VPNhas: Extraordinary speed 20+ server locationsworldwide No logs! Nobandwidth limit!With no registration requiredyou can bypassblocked websites/apps, location restrictions andcensorship’sinternet filters!Browse the web anonymously withprivate dataprotection!We allow P2P traffic & Torrent on ourmostuser-friendly interface!You should have an unlimited,protected,fast and free web!Give it a try for free!
Backup Your Mobile 2.3.16
Application can backup and restore: Contacts, SMSes, MMSes,Calllogs, System settings, Secure system settings, Wifi passwords,Userdictionary, APNs, Calendar events, User applications, Bookmarksandbrowser history. Backups are stored on SD card or in devicememory,it is also possible to store data on Google Drive, DropboxorOneDrive (SkyDrive). It is possible to schedule automaticbackups.Application can automatically upload backups to GoogleDrive,Dropbox or OneDrive (SkyDrive). It is possible to copy datafromone device to another by uploading and downloading backupsto/fromGoogle Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, by moving SD card from onedeviceto another or by copying BackpYourMobile folder betweendevices.Important information: 1) After installing the appl pleaseread FAQ(in app menu) 2) In case of any problems after contactsrestoreplease check Contacts Display options. 3) System settingsandsecure system settings should be restored on the sameandroidversion and the same device. If you restore settings ondifferentandroid version or different device, some settings willnot berestored. 4) APNs visibility depends on mobile network,restoredAPNs from other mobile network will not be visible insettings. 5)Wifi passwords and secure system settings requires rootand are inexperimental phase, please send me information do theywork on yourdevices. I suggest take backup with another app. 6)Wifi passwords- before restore on clean system Wifi must be turn onand turn off.7) Messages send by 'Google Error Report' areanonymous, it isimpossible to reply. Follow app on Googleplus: Follow meonTwitter Please contact me ifyou'dlike to translate the app to your language. Detailedfunctions.Backup and restore of: - Contact - SMS (text message) -MMS(multimedia message) - Call log - Bookmark (stock browser)-Browser History (stock browser) - System Setting - UserDictionary- APN (Access Point Name) restore don’t work on Android4.x,neither backup nor restore work on Android 4.2, becauseGooglechanged security policy, it is possible to enableexperimentalworkaround for rooted devices in advanced menu. -Calendar events -events only, calendar must be created by androidsynchronization -Secure system settings - restore works on rooteddevices only. -Wifi passwords - works on rooted devices only. -User applications- Applications data (root only) Backups can beencrypted withstrong AES 256 encryption method. Storage backupsonline (internet)to Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive (SkyDrive)
URL Shortener 3.0.5
Thomas Devaux
The fastest and prettiest way to shorten URLs and get theirclickanalytics.Shorten long URLs and squeeze them into fewercharactersto make links easier to share, tweet, or email tofriends. Using ashortened URL leaves more room to say what'son your mind.For example, is a convenientshorthandrepresentation for the longlink analytics of anyshortURL, including the raw click counts and their distributionacrossreferrers, browsers, platforms, and geographicallocations.The appalso lets you• Shorten URLs and share themquickly• Access yourhistory - always synced with• Getcolorful analytics reportsof any short URL, not just yours -without leaving the app youclicked from• Android Beam - push ashort URL onto another deviceby tapping the devices together•Shorten links through "share" inany app and get rich notifications•Star your favorites• Generateand share QR codesHave a bug report orfeature request? Pleasecontact me by email or on Google+.You canhelp translating thisapp! Contact for moreinformation. Thanksinfinitely to all who already contributed:extendwings, BrunoMioto,fedec96, siveZ, johan98, Bigomby,HeinrichReimer, SHURman, keem1,Yari27, echelonx, Froony,aniquewetzels and many others.This appis in no way affiliated norendorsed by Google Inc.
Payconiq by Bancontact 3.5.2
Paying friends back, buying a new pair of shoes online, payingtheelectricity bill quickly or settling up for thosepurchasesin-store: it’s so quick and easy to do using the PayconiqbyBancontact app on your smartphone. Fast, simple mobile paymentsarewithin hand’s reach. Connect your Bancontact card, link yourbankaccount to the app and you can start making mobile paymentsrightaway. Without jeopardising security: you confirm everypaymentusing your personal PIN code. It’s really quick and easy!You canuse the Payconiq by Bancontact app to make mobile paymentsanywhereyou find Bancontact or Payconiq as a mobile method ofpayment. Thisis what Payconiq by Bancontact enables you to do: +Nocash or cardsneeded in-store: with your smartphone in your pocketor bag, youalways have your wallet with you. +Pay online withoutacard-reader: paying online has never been so simple, thanks totheapp. +Pay bills and invoices quickly by scanning a QR code.+Payback friends and family in an instant with the app. And you candoit remotely, too! Download the Payconiq by Bancontact app onyoursmartphone. For more information, visit www.payconiq.beThisPayconiq by Bancontact app stores information on your mobiledeviceand accesses information on your mobile device to makeregistrationand authentication possible for security reasons. ThePayconiq byBancontact app uses Google Analytics to track andanalyse usageanonymously within the Payconiq by Bancontact app. Bydownloading,installing or using the Payconiq by Bancontact app, youagree forthe Bancontact Payconiq Company to store information onyour deviceand to access information on your device. For moreinformation,including about how consent can be withdrawn and howyou can optout of Google Analytics, as well as your right toaccess, amend andobject to the processing of your personal data forpromotionalpurposes, please read the Bancontact Payconiq Companyprivacyregulations on
DHIS2 Touch 2.3.0
HISP Tanzania
District Health Information Software 2 Mobile Applicationthatfeatures full blown support for aggregate routine and surveydatacollection. Application has been built to support: -Completelyoffline data storage and synchronization with main serverwithoutdropping offline stored data - Completely offline reportgenerationfor HTML standard reports (no server analytics needed)-Support fordefault and section forms with pagination - OnboardInteractivedashboard -Support for all Android devices -Uploading ofdata viaSMS commands
Clean History - Optimize 2.24
Clean History is an android system tool which can cleanhistory,protect your personal privacy , save your disk space ,makeyourphone's speed more faster. [Clean what] 1. Clean BrowserHistory 2.Clean All App Cache 3. Clean clipboard 4. Clean IncomingCalls 5.Clean Outgoing Calls 6. Clean Missed Calls 7. Clean ChromeHistory8. Clean Youtube search history 9. Clean Google SearchboxHistory10. Clean Downloads 11. Optimize Memory 12.Perfectuninstaller withbatch uninstall function 13.Accessibility appmanagement14.Notification access permission management 15.Apps withusageaccess permission management 16.Google play service settings[Whatis Application Cache Files] Application Cache Files aretemporaryfiles created by applications. For example, when browservisit aweb page, it will save the image files as cache files. Thesecachefiles are not useful when app ends, so you need a system toolhelpyou clean these old cache files. Often clean cache , is agoodhabit, it could save your disk space and make your phone speedup.[About permissions] All permissions required by this app areusedfor implement app function or required by ad ,my apps won'tdoanything hurt users. In order to help you cleaning history ,accessto your information on this device(browser history , call log,contacts ,clipboard) is necessary. App will not sharetheseinformation with anyone and will not upload these informationtoserver. [Thanks] Thanks thses friends translate and test thisapp:Russian:Roman Rublevskiy Italian:Gian Luca BignardiFrench:GregorMeunier German:Chris P Korean:박미리 Portuguese:MatheusLaraSpanish:Marcelo Javier Tullio Thanks for their great helpandvaluable time! This app uses Accessibility services. Icons ofthisapp is under GPL,LGPL or cc License. Website of IconAuthor: Thanks for theirexcellent work! about ad:
Web Tunnel VPN 1.2.7
Free vpn for android! Get fake IP in 1 click! Unblock anyWiFihotspots! Fast and P2P friendly! Open blocked sites! Now yougotthe betternett! Excellent proxifier!Why you shouldchooseus?Torrent Friendly!20+ countries over the world!Totallyfree!Noregistration needed!No logs!Unlimited bandwidth!Discover thefreeweb!
AB App Studio
Backup & Restore app used to backup and restore appsforandroid. Backup & Restore is a great App to backup andrestoreyour phone’s SMS and Call Logs,Contacts (totally free) andMoreFeatures: - Backup apps to storage - Easy Backup & Restoretoexternal SD card - Cloud backup on Drive - Email Backup -PhotoBackup - Video Backup - Send app between devices - Restoreappsfrom storage - Quick uninstalling - App Details - Search app -Sendapk file by email - Share market link - Storage details -Uninstallapp - Search Apk from Storage - Multiple app uninstall -BackupGoogle Play download link for installed apps - One tap toshare APKfiles - Backup Contacts & SMS & Call logs &Dictionarysand settings to SD card - Restore Contacts & SMS& Calllogs & Dictionarys and settings SD card - Can selectSMSconversations to backup - Schedule automatic backups - Showlastbackup count & time - User can change backup folder pathinSettings - Can backup Contact's group and picture properties-backup and restore everything of contact like photoaddress,emailand all other details. -backup and restore your calllogs -backupand restore your all settings -backup and restore yourdictionaryand much more Note Following Points #1 If you intend todo afactory reset on the phone, please copy the entire backupfolder("BackupRestore" by default) to your external SD card #2 Whenyoufinished the SMS restore process, but the messages werenotdisplayed in your default SMS app, please try to rebootyourdevice. #3 Apk Backup cannot backup data or settings of appsforyou, but it only backup the apk files.---------- #4 This appwillnot recover your delete photos ,videos, contacts this onlybackupyour file on drive.---------- About Permissions: READ YOURTEXTMESSAGES (SMS OR MMS)/EDIT YOUR TEXT MESSAGES (SMS OR MMS)Thesepermissions are used to backup & restore your SMS in youowndevice storage READ YOUR CONTACTS/MODIFY YOUR CONTACTSThesepermissions are used to backup & restore your Contacts inyouown device storage READ CALL LOG/WRITE CALL LOG Thesepermissionsare used to backup & restore your Call logs in youown devicestorage READ WRITE STORAGE These permissions are used tobackup& restorein your storage CAMERA To take photos forbackup.RECORD_AUDIO To record video for backup. Like our FacebookPage formore info Join ourGoogle+community. SPREAD THEWORD. like to hear from you, please send feedback tous by
WhatsDirect - Direct chat without contact 9.0.1
Syscron AI
- WhatsDirect is a great tool for your favourite messenger apptosend messages to any numbers those are not saved in yourcontacts.- How it works? 1. Enter a number to which you are goingto sendmessage OR select numbers from recent calls. 2. Type yourtextmessage and tap on send button. 3. This will take you to theyourfavourite messenger then a chat window is created withgivennumber. - How to send Multimedia Messages? 1. Enter a numberorselect from recent call logs to which you are going tosendmessage. 2. Tap on 'Send Media'. 3. You will be directed toyourfavourite messenger official app then you can attach any mediafromthere. Note - WhatsDirect is using official public APIavailablefrom your favourite messenger app.
Call Log 1.1
Teral Soft
Quick and intuitive application that helps you to manage yourcallhistory.Key features:- Filtered calls by type (Dialed,Received,Missed)- Delete all logs for specific contact- Shortcut toclearall of your call history- Quick call (Known numbers)- QuickSMS(Long press on contact)- Quick dial- Add contact (Unknownnumbers)-Access your contacts- Displays name, phone, date andcallduration**Ad-freeWhat's new:- Quick contact search
Use our free daily water tracker to balance and track yourwaterintake and stay hydrated with Water Balance! You get cheeredon andawarded every time you add a drink. We make water trackingfun! :)Daily water tracker app has following features: √ Log waterwith asingle tap! √ Stay motivated with goals you can edit andreminders!√ Beautiful design and simple to use √ Hydration logger √FreeWater tracker notification reminder √ Set you daily waterintakegoal and use our intake counter! √ Water drink reminder! Toobusyto remember to drink your daily 8 glasses? Set reminders inourfree water balance app, relax and focus on other things!Thousandsof users have upped their water intake with Water Balanceapp: “Ilove this FREE Water tracker app. It is easy to use and hasprovento be very helpful in reminding me to drink more water”“Simple andslick water reminder!”
SMS & Call Log Backup 2.8.0
Backup & Restore messages(SMS) and call logs on cloud(Dropbox,Google Drive) or external phone storage.SMS & Call LogBackupis a great App to backup and restore your phone’s SMS andCall Logs(totally free, with no ads).Backup features ◆ Backup New -SMS andCall Log into a new file from selected storage (Dropbox,GoogleDrive or Phone external storage) ◆ Backup Archive - keepadding SMSand Call Log to an existing archive file from selectedstorage(Dropbox, Google Drive or Phone external storage) ◆ Backupscreatedin XML Format and archived to a zip file to minimize thespace/datatransfer ◆ Backup format is independent of the Androidversion sothe messages/call logs can be easily moved from one phonetoanotherRestore features ◆ Restore the SMS and/or Call Logwithkeeping (merging) the existing data from phone ◆ Support torestoreSMS on Android 4.4+ devices ◆ Restore SMS on Android 6.0+(pleaseaccept the app as default text messaging app when prompted)◆Manage the backups created (restore, delete, export) ◆ Viewandmanage the backup contents * quick searchable SMS by text,contactor phone number * quick searchable call log by contact orphonenumber * groups the call log or SMS entries by contact, date,ortype (incoming, outgoing) * restore individual SMS or the SMSfroma specified contact * restore individual Call Log or the CallLogsfrom a specified contactView and manage the current call logsfromphone - groups the call log entries by contact, date, ortype(incoming, outgoing) - collapsible groups by contact helpsyoueasily identify and delete calls from specific contact orphonenumber - quick searchable call history by contact or phonenumber -two steps deleting ("select one by one" or "select all"plus"delete button") saves time for you - display statistics basedoncontact’s call logsView and manage the current SMS from phone-groups the SMS entries by contact, date, or type(incoming,outgoing) - collapsible groups by contact helps youeasily identifyand delete SMS from specific contact or phone number- quicksearchable SMS by text, contact or phone number - twostepsdeleting ("select one by one" or "select all" plus "deletebutton")saves time for you - copy message textMore than othersimilar apps- correctly restore call logs on HTC devices (includedcontact) -display, backup and restore the messages logs on Samsungdevices -correctly backup and restore the "Draft" messages(SMS)Otherfeatures - dark/light themes supportedLooking forInfinite CallHistory? Try Unlimited Call Log
Callistics - Data usage, Calls 2.6.8
Callistics is a virtual mobile usage monitor app that helps youtotrack call logs, SMS logs, and data usages on your mobilemoreefficiently than your mobile’s in-built advanced logbookfeatures.In addition to basic record keeping support, the app willfunctionas an improved virtual data uses and call log monitor withitsadvanced features like specific day chart, number of incomingandoutgoing calls and SMS for day, Wi-Fi usage and roaming datausagein total or per application, and many more features thatwillassist you in understanding and impose full control on yourcallstatistics and data uses. Application features: Oninstallation,the app Callistics will offer its users a bunch ofutility featuresto make their life simpler and well organized interms of mobileand internet use. Take a look at the prime featuresof the mobilemanager app: 🔁 export SMS and Calls 👌 Simple butattractive userinterface powered by creative material design, 👀Dual SIM Support:enables control of your calls and messages on bothSIM cards, 👁Easy to view: You don't need to open an application tosee yourexpense. Just use callistics usage widgets 📈 Comprehensiveviews:Information about mobile data usage are visualized oncalls,messages and data usage charts, 📊 Usages details availablevia asummary screen: Get an overview of calls, messages and datausageon one page: you can customize the log view for a specificdate aswell as for specific time. Use the app as a data usagemonitor, 🔢You can view a list of contacts ordered by number of callminutesor messages, 📄 You can check a list of application orderedby datausage, so you can make a data plan ✅ You may markexcluded(ignored) numbers list (calls where you have free calls andfreemessages)…and many more features for your best convenience.Simplyuse Callistics as a data usage monitor which track mobiledatausage (calls, messages, wifi, roaming etc.). All data isclearlyvisualized both in the app and usage data widgets. Web: Callistics doesnotcollect and use any personal data of its users for otherpurposes.
Backup Master: Contact, Apps, SMS, Call Log Backup 3.4
Backup Master is All in one Backup App for Apps, SMS(TextMessages), Call Logs, Calendar, Contacts, Bookmarks andDictionary.- Restore Apps, Contacts from SD Card / Google Drive /Gmail / DropBox & more. - Backup SMS, Call Logs, Bookmarks,Calendars. -Restore SMS, Call Logs, Bookmarks, Calendars from SDCard / GoogleDrive / Gmail / Drop Box & more.. - Auto Backup. -User canchange backup path. - Delete Backup data from SD Card &othersources. APP FEATURES: - Take App Backup upto 5 version forsameApp. - Share APK with others with single tap. - Backup SMS(textMessages) and call logs in XML format. - Backup All contactswithname and without names - Local device backup with optionstoautomatically upload to Email, Google Drive or Dropbox - Syncallbackups with Google Drive. - Automatically backup withmanualschedule option. - Backup particular text conversations tobackupor restore. - View and drill into your local and cloudbackups -Ability to restore all text messages or onlyselectedconversations. - Free up space on your phone. Delete allSMSMessages or call logs on the Phone. - Take Bookmarks andDictionaryBackup. please note, it would work only in Androidversion 5.0 orless. Please, You can give feedback and we would loveto listenyour suggestions by E-mail, Facebook, Twitter or Facebook: Your use ofBackupMaster is free of charge in exchange for safely using some ofyourdevice's resources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), andonlywhen you are not using your device. You may turn this off fromthesettings menu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation.