Top 23 Games Similar to Flagship - Super Cool Spaceships and Rockets

Whatawalk 1.5.6
Whatawalk! silly walking with wobbly legs Pull back and releasetolaunch your silly, floppy legs. Walk across short and widegaps.Just be careful you don't fall in the water! Hit the flags toget acheckpoint. Keep going and see what level you can make itto.Whatawalk! is a highly addictive classical game. Even ifyou'venever heard of it before, play it just once and you'll behooked.FEATURE: - Many funny characters - Kill time and addictivegame - 2Player Mode Don’t miss out on the fun! Be the first to grabit! Lettalk "what a walk" together !
Rise Up 1.3.3
The most challenging and fun game of 2018! Protect your balloonwithyour shield while it's rising up! Beware of the obstacles.Move yourshield with one finger to protect your balloon. Clearyour way asyou reach higher and higher! Shield control is veryeasy but it'svery hard to reach high scores! Challenge yourfriends for thehighest score! Game Features: - Free to play - Onefinger control -Different obstacles and experience every time -Endless gameplay
Perfect Hit . . . 1.1.8
Avoid the obstacles. Collect the balls. Aim for the holes!Goodluck! 16
- Touch the screen anywhere and drag with your finger. -Collectbuildings, props and roads into the hole. - Eat everythingin city.- Be the biggest hole. 4 Gameplay Mod: 1- io. (play a gameagainst8 player in only 2 minutes.) 2- Deathmach (the game endswhen youdie.) 3- Ego (eat everything on map in only 2 minutes.) 4-Team 3City Map - agar style - easy to control - io game -leaderboard -free to play
Flappy Dunk 1.7.3
Tap to jump into as many hoops as possible. Collect skinsandachieve crazy challenges.
Pharaoh Miracle Legend 1.5
Bubble Master
pharaoh miracle legend Have a journey to ancient Egypt where youseegigantic pyramids, cursed stones, and statuesque Pharaohs. Yourjobis to collect gems by matching 3 or more same gem kinds. Itseemsvery easy but not actually. There are cursed gems preventingyoufrom matching gems and expanding at each move. You should getrid ofcursed gems by matching the jewels around them. Features -Easy andfun to start, yet challenging to master - Never ending funfor allages - Over 1500 levels of interest - Create a combo topass astrategic level - A clear gem of graphics and in-gameexperience
Rolly Vortex 1.8
Roll quickly, be alert, manage your way through the obstacles,scorehigh and challenge friends
Pharaoh Castle Magic Jewels 1.3
Switch and match diamonds complete the goal in the specifiedstepsortimes. Enjoy the full diamond adventure for free! There'retonsoflevels to play through and in each one, you only have somuchtime toclear and get the star that falls into the bottom ofthescreen. -free match puzzel-3 gameplay - hundreds ofinterestingEgyptian runestyle gem Levels - mysterious egyptscene,stunninggraphics with ahighly polished interface. - full offun andamazing challenges -continuous Elimination can get extrascoresquickly - easy to playbut a challenge to fully master,takeonthese challenges You willlove the fun, creativity andexcitementof this great casual game.Join millions of players in anadventurejourney through the pyramiddesert of ancient Egypt. Canyou solvethe puzzles and help Pharaohwith this quest of jeweltreasures?
Slices is a fast-paced, super addictive, action-puzzle gamethatwill get you hooked! Tap in one of the outer circles to placetheslice. Complete a circle to blow it up and always keep an eyeonthe timer. Have fun ;-) Key Features - Fun and easy to learngameplay - Unlimited use of power-ups - Amazing graphics andsoundtrack
Rocket Recharger 1.3.0
Reloading your phone is now as easy as 1,2,3! වදයක් නැතුව ඔබගේජංගමදුරකථනය රිලෝඩ් කර ගන්න Rocket භාවිතා කරන්න. ඔබගේ ජංගමදුරකථනයේකැමරාව රිචාර්ජ් කාර්ඩ් එක දෙසට යොමු කිරීමෙන් ඉතාම පහසුවෙන්ඔබගේජංගම දුරකථනය reload කරගැනීමට Rocket මගින් ඔබට පුලුවන්.Rocketභාවිතා කිරීමෙන් ඔබට Dialog, Mobitel, Airtel, Hutch, Etisalatඇතුලූඕනෑම ජාලයක් reload කරගැනීමට හැකියි. Instantly top-up yourphone inSri Lanka with recharge cards with zero hassle and nopeskydialing. Rocket Recharger brings you the convenience ofinstantlyrecharging your mobile connection by simply pointing atthe scratchcard. The app is designed to be of minimal hassle withmaximumfunctionality. Simply scratch the card, run the app, and aimthephone at the pin number, the the app will pick up the pinnumberand automatically reload your account for you. RocketRechargersupports Dialog, Mobitel, Airtel, Hutch, & Etiselatand picksup the relevant network automatically (you can manuallyselect aswell) and recharges your account instantly.
Egypt Pharaoh Secret 1.1
egypt pharaoh secretIf you really like the Jewels type ofgame,butalso very love of Egyptian culture, let's start yourjourneyinmysterious pharaoh pyramid.Your greatest Challenge awaitsyouinthis magic magical match 3 game. Find hidden treasuresofjewelsbeneath the pyramids of Pharaoh in ancient egypt. Switchandmatchdiamonds complete the goal in the specified steps. Enjoythefulldiamond adventure for free!How to play andFeatures:-Mysteriousegypt world, more than 1000 of well-designedfree levels!-Stunning graphics with a highly polishedinterface.-Powerfulboosters to help with challenging levels.-Unlock boostersandHidden treasures!- Match 3 or more identicaljewels.- You needtocomplete the goal in the specified steps ortimes.- Swipe andMatch4 or more jewels to get power boosters.
Stack Jump 1.4.8
How high can you climb? Jump to stack blocks and build thebiggesttower imaginable! Improve your highscore in endless mode,completethe 36 challenges and unlock all 20 characters!
Pharaoh Gems Legend 10
pharaoh gems legendA new free classic Match-3 game forgemslovers.It's your choice.Your task is to match 3 diamond andwinalllevels, try to get all stars.swap match 3 Egyptbeautifulgems.there are many special gems when you get combowhiteadventuremode.How to play:** match 3 or more the samejewels.**achieve 3stars to get more coins!** get high scorewithboosters!Features:**totally free, no hidden costs.** this gameveryeasy to play.**this game have over 1200 levels.** beautifulandcolorful ancientEgypt graphics.** easy to play, just swap andmatch3 or moreEgyptian story.** free hints appear if you don'ttouch thescreenfor a few seconds.
Yummy Bus - Merge & Idle Game 1.1.1
Zelv Lab
Come on and play the most attractive merge game! You can findicecream bus, vegetable bus, lemon juice bus and so on, there aremorethan 20+ kinds of themes are waiting to be unlocked. Merge themtoupgrade and earn more coins! Bring you into a brand new gameworld!Yummy Bus Feature: - Merge buses to upgrade and racing togetcoins. - Variety of buses. There are 20+ kinds of buses inthegame. And some rare buses are waiting for you to collect. -Idlesystem. Your buses will be racing automatically. You can earncoinseven when you are offline. - Enlarge your bus collectionbyunlocking them. Play Yummy Bus and make your bus team becomethebiggest one in the world!
#For_rest : healing in forest 1.63
Merge to create over 50 animals. Build a beautiful forest andyourown paradise. Start with the larva and grow up to theunicorn!Something cool ◆ Unique story and lots of content! ◆Forestanimals, river animals, and legendary animals! ◆ solve thequiz andcollect all animals! ◆ Share "#For_rest" ◆
Jump Down
Javary Games
One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects andaddictivegameplay mechanics. Carefully maneuver through tiles, ormeet yourdoom! A new addictive level will always be ready for youto playwith every tap in just seconds. It is all free and it willalwaysbe free. Start playing now! ◉ Tons of levels ◉ Unlimitedchallenges◉ Daily Rewards ◉ Customization ◉ Leaderboards ◉ Amazingmusic andgraphics Just give it a go and start playing Jump Downnow. Youwill be addicted to the smoothness and have fun with thisgame ofjumps. There will be no need to search for a new game whenyou getbored of one. For your own convenience, we do that for you.Thisgame does not require internet connection and can beplayedoffline.
Zombie Empire- Left to survive in the doom city 3.1.0
The world is falling, the city no longer has light! Walkingbetweenthe dead, only battle and killing have a chance to survive!Gohunting and find a trigger for the virus to save everything!Gamefeatures: - In the game, you will face a variety ofdifferentzombies. How to eliminate them at the fastest speed is aproblemyou need to consider. Emptying different areas, gettingmoreresources, arming yourself faster, growing up, and being abletoend up in the end. - There are all kinds of guns waiting for youtoget in the game, as well as free guns waiting for you to come.-The last days are limited, remember to pay attention to thenumberof remaining bullets. - Get more resources to upgrade yourguns,become more powerful, and become the real doomsday gun god -Thegame is rich in props, there are double props to help you grow,andthere are better props to help you fight. In the end,preciousitems such as blood bags and grenade will help you survive.- Atthe end of the day, all kinds of tasks to hunt zombies areendless,and you can grow faster with more tasks. Living in thedoomsday, agood body armor can help you survive better, remember tofix it intime, and constantly upgrade it!
Egypt Mystery Legend 1.2
egypt mystery legendDive into the past and walk in the shoesofanancient Egyptian embalmer in this epic story-drivenpuzzlegame!Appear in Ancient Egypt, where pyramids were built,peoplebelievedin epic and powerful Gods and everything wassurroundedwith goldand luxury. Starting from 5000 B.C. you willguide thenomadic andhumble Egyptian tribe through all the hardshipstoprosperity andpower culminating in the Unification of LowerandUpperEgypt.Complete hundreds of levels as you travel throughdesertinsearch of precious diamonds. Compete against yourfacebookfriendsand see who can get the highest score ontheleaderboard!GameFeatures:- mysterious Egypt world, hundredsofwell-designed freelevels!- easy and fun to start but a challengetofully master.-stunning graphics with a highly polishedinterface.-mysteriousancient Egyptian music, let you fullyappreciate themystery ofancient Egyptian.- leaderboards to watchyour ranking andfriends.
Infinite Stairs 1.2.103
Arcade game loved around the world with over 7 million downloadstodate! Infinite Stairs is addictive. Before you know it,you'rehooked! Bust out new records with your nimble skills! Who'sfaster?You or your friend?! Game features: - Simple controls.Simple gamefor simply everyone. - Set new records with your handagility anddexterity! - Fun characters and retro-graphics, justlike the goodold days. - Real-time PVP mode for playing against afriend or anyplayer from around the world. Are you going to set thenext newrecord?
Fruit Master 1.0.1
Grand fruit slasher is out!Gameplay is zero hassle. Timeyourthrowscarefully and try to slash multiple fruits at once togetbonusscore! Be nimble and accurate - DO NOT MISS!You'll getonecocktailper every level completed. After you get 4 cocktails,youwill getfree spin of fortune wheel! RARE COCKTAILS =BETTERREWARDS!Can youreach level 100?
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Sling Drift 2.12
Fast action drifting with your car around an endless race track.Onetap easy to learn controls with addictive gameplay. How far canyougo?