Top 41 Apps Similar to Edinburgh Travel Guide

✈ Great Britain Travel Guide Offline 2.3.3
UK GuideWithMe is an offline travel guide, which recommendsdetailedarticles around the country in relation to your currentlocation.Developed by travelers and for travelers, GuideWithMe isa richsource of general travel info as well as off the beatentrackadvice. Get around guides, phrase lists, warnings how to staysafeand healthy, restaurants and hotel recommendations, localcosts andtaxes, road rules and a variety of other info arecarefully storedin one app. And there’s more! Complete articleswith multiple hoteland restaurant listings are suggested forEngland, Scotland,Ireland, Wales and other travel destinations. •USE OFFLINE. Savemoney on internet roaming fees and read articleseven if you areoffline and cellular data is not available. •DISCOVER ARTICLESRELATIVE TO YOUR LOCATION. Switch betweencountry, region, city,travel topic articles recommended for yourtravel destination andcurrent location. • VIEW ON THE MAP.GuideWithMe is based on mapdata, provided by MAPS.ME, an offlinemaps app. An option to viewthe place on offline map is offered. •UK CITIES. London, Yorkshire,Cotswolds, Devon, Lake District,Norfolk, Suffolk, Cornwall, Bath,Brighton, Leeds, Glasgow,Sheffield, Liverpool, Edinburgh,Manchester, Bristol, Kirklees,North Lanarkshire,Kingston-upon-Hull, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Oxford,Elmbridge,Stratford-on-Avon and more! • GET RELIABLE INFO. Countrydata comesfrom wikivoyage project, which is constantly updated byadventuroustravelers and aspiring writers. • FAVORITE NEW PLACES.Save placesto your Favorites for quick access later. • CREATELISTS. Neverforget an amazing place to eat at or an importantdocument to packfor this specific trip. • UPGRADE TO FULL VERSION.An option toupgrade to full unlimited version is offered. Enjoyaccess to allamazing content and features. Our team strives tomake the productbetter everyday. Upgrade to removeads.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Isthere a specific feature you really want in our offlinetravelguides? Your reviews and ratings are always welcome. Sendthem Enjoy your travels! IMPORTANT:Currentlythe app is available only in the English language.
Tours4Fun Tours & Travel 5.05.005
Plan your next dream vacation with deals on more than 12,000tours,vacation packages, activities, attraction tickets, hotels andothertravel services. The Tours4fun app is a free, one-stop shopandtravel planning tool for visiting the world’sgreatestdestinations. - Choose from thousands of bargains on toursandvacation packages to thousands of destinations around the globe.-Gain access to an entire suite of hotel accommodations. Bookyourroom separately or select vacation packages for even moresavings.- Find useful destination guides with things to do to helpyoucreate your itinerary. - Plan activities in your area withtheconvenient “near me” function. - Get access to a customtravelrepresentative to help you plan a personalized trip. - Createwishlists for future vacations. Tours4fun, a Ctrip company, isafull-service tour and travel online store offering a wide rangeofproducts and services. For over 10 years, they havebeencollaborating with local travel experts across the globe todesignflexible tour packages that save travelers time and money.Downloadthe FREE Tours4fun app now and enjoy saving on your nextadventure!
✈ Australia Travel Guide Offline 2.3.3
Australia GuideWithMe is an offline travel guide,whichrecommendsdetailed articles around the country in relation toyourcurrentlocation. Developed by travelers and fortravelers,GuideWithMe isa rich source of general travel info aswell as offthe beatentrack advice. Get around guides, phrase lists,warningshow to staysafe and healthy, restaurants and hotelrecommendations,localcosts and taxes, road rules and a variety ofother infoarecarefully stored in one app. And there’s more!Completearticleswith multiple hotel and restaurant listings aresuggestedforSydney, Melbourne, Perth and other travel destinations.•USEOFFLINE. Save money on internet roaming fees and readarticlesevenif you are offline and cellular data is not available.•DISCOVERARTICLES RELATIVE TO YOUR LOCATION. Switch betweencountry,region,city, travel topic articles recommended for yourtraveldestinationand current location. • VIEW ON THE MAP.GuideWithMe isbased onAustralia map data, provided by MAPS.ME, anoffline mapsapp. Anoption to view the place on offline map isoffered(Australia map).• AUSTRALIAN CITIES. Sydney, Melbourne,Canberra,Perth, Brisbane,Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle, GreatBarrierReef, Darwin, AliceSprings and more! • GET RELIABLE INFO.Countrydata comes fromwikivoyage project, which is constantlyupdated byadventuroustravelers and aspiring writers. • FAVORITE NEWPLACES.Save placesto your Favorites for quick access later. •CREATELISTS. Neverforget an amazing place to eat at or animportantdocument to packfor this specific trip. • UPGRADE TO FULLVERSION.An option toupgrade to full unlimited version is offered.Enjoyaccess to allamazing content and features. Our team strives tomakethe productbetter everyday. Upgrade toremoveads.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Istherea specific feature you really want in our offlinetravelguides? Yourreviews and ratings are always welcome. Enjoy your travels!
Chicago Travel Guide 1.0.12
100% Free travel guide. More than 14 languages supported.Tripplanner with best activities and top rating tours offered foryouto book instantly. Daily itineraries. Day walking tours.CitySightseeing. Hop-On Hop-Off tours and many more. Street andpublictransportation maps. Subway, Metro, Trains. Start planningyourprefect trip to Chicago. Top attractions including: ✓MillenniumPark ✓ Art Institute of Chicago ✓ Lincoln Park Zoo ✓Garfield Park✓ Wrigley Field ✓ Museum of Contemporary Art ✓Bloomingdale Line ✓Field Museum of Natural History ✓ ChicagoRiverwalk ✓ SheddAquarium ✓ Museum of Science and Industry ✓National Museum ofMexican Art ✓ Adler Planetarium ✓ Willis Tower ✓Chicago CulturalCenter Chicago Travel Guide is the perfectcompanion to your trip.Discover it today for free.
Sicilia Travel Guide in English with map 6.9.17
Traveling to Sicilia? Discover everything that Sicilia hastoofferwith this free guide in English with maps and offlinelists.Thebest restaurants, hotels, activities and monumentsinSicilia.Sicilia has much to offer. Visiting itsmonuments,wandering itsstreets, meeting the people and learningtheir customsis a must.That's why you have this guide toSicilia,created usingphotos andrecommendations from real travelers. Andremember thatyou can saveyour lists offline. Sicilia is waiting foryou!🌏Features🌏: ➢ Thebest places in Sicilia recommended byrealtravelers like you, withtips on what to see, where to eat andwhereto stay. ➢ In 'What toSee', you'll find a selection ofmust-seesights that you can'tmiss in Sicilia. ➢ In 'Activities',you'llfind the best tours andexcursions in Sicilia. ➢ In 'Where toEat!,discover the mosthighly-recommended restaurants in Sicilia. ➢In'Where to Sleep',you'll find a selection of the best hotelsinSicilia for allbudgets and all types of traveler. ➢ Completebasicinformation onSicilia. ➢ Photographs shared by fellowtravelers. ➢Download yourlists to view their recommendations andphotos 100%offline. Saveon roaming charges and download your guideto Siciliabeforeleaving the house.
POPGuide 10.0.0
Vox S.p.A.
POPGuide is an interactive destination, mapping and audio appthatallows self-guided sightseeing experiences in over 150citiesworldwide. You can enjoy hundreds of points of interest andanarray of fascinating itineraries in each city, all in offlinemode.· Geolocalization and navigation offline along the bestwalking,bus, tram and river routes. · Distance and estimated traveltimeavailable, by foot or by car. · Point of Interest audiocommentarygiven by native actors portraying famous local historicalfigures.· The audio commentary is a mix of fascinatingstorytelling,nit-bits of trivia you're unlikely to find anywhereelse andhistorical information, and each piece lasts a maximum of3minutes. · POPGuide is available in 6 languages (English,French,Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese) Battery UsageDisclaimer: Thecontinued use of GPS running in the background candramaticallydecrease battery life. While enjoying POPGuideoutdoors, it willfirst track your current location then navigateyou to the POIs ofyour choice. To avoid unnecessary GPS trackingdraining yourbattery, make sure that you disable the locationfunction of yourdevice whenever appropriate.
Bangkok Guide & Tours 6.0
Guided walking tours of Bangkok without needing internet accessorGPS! All offline and on your phone with audio guides! Forgetthemaps, we guide you completely by photos in an innovativeconcept.Visit Bangkok at your own pace without Internet connectionandexplore the best places of interest with our differentwalkingitineraries, created by our passionate Tourblinkers,instagrammers,bloggers and local inhabitants, visiting: - CompleteAudioguide Wegive you all the important travel information to getaroundBangkok, which streets to take during your walking tour, andensureyou have a wonderful time traveling in Bangkok, the city oflights.A unique application to walk and visit Bangkok! Like afreetour butwith your phone. With our itineraries or offline toursand audioguides, you can enjoy the city of Bangkok at your own paceandexperience the best that the city has to offer. FREETRAVELINFORMATION AND QUALITY Did you know that…. Bangkok is one ofthemost visited cities in the world and has a very rich history!Ourteam at Tourblink is made up of professional tour guidesandpassionate locals who know what questions you may have and whatyouwant to see during your trip to Bangkok. All the information intheapplication is concise, useful, fun and easy to understand.Andfree! All points of interest contain information and freeaudioguide with the standard voice of your phone, and with thepaiditineraries you can access to the voice of our tourblinkers. -TheGrand Palace - Temple of the Emerald Buddha - WatArunRatchawararam - Khaosan Road - MBK Centre - Golden Buddha -JimThompson House Museum - Lumphini Park APPLICATIONWITHOUTCONNECTION AND WITHOUT GPS No data or connection, noproblem! Youcan visit the city of Bangkok and get all the practicalinformationoffline without roaming charges. Tourblink specializesin walkingtours inspired by freetours available offline throughimages.Without maps, we guide you in the most intuitive waypossible andyou will not get lost. PAID ROUTES OR ITINERARIES Wehave createddifferent tours or itineraries or routes of the city soyou canexplore Bangkok at your own pace and according to yourownschedule. At low cost, so that everyone can enjoy! Do notknowexactly how to optimize your time? Where do I start? Weproposehourly itineraries to enjoy the museum or the city as muchas youcan! You will feel like a tour, but on your own and at yourownpace. The audioguides will give you the information tounderstandwhat you see. Complete Audioguide Do you want to have thebestaudio guide at the best price? Do not think about it, let ustellyou the best information from the hand of our voice TourBlink.Youcan enjoy historical, architectural data and the best,curiousfacts that will make your trip totally different from therest. Inshort, you will experience the TourBlink experience.
Travel Republic, Holiday Hotel
Travel Republic allows you to tailor maketheperfect holiday.Choose your ideal hotel, flights, transfers, plus any othertravelarrangements you may need, and create something trulyspecial.Something just right.From beach breaks to city getaways, family holidays tocouplesretreats, we offer a breadth of holiday options with lowholidaydeposits from just £49pp*.As one of the most well-established online travel agents inEurope,with over two million holiday-makers booking annually withus, wetake pride in helping our customers book their holidays. It’swhatwe’ve been doing for over 12 years.We are an IATA Accredited Agent and a full member of ABTA andATOL,meaning you can book your holiday safe in the knowledge thatyou’reprotected.At Travel Republic, the perfect holiday is yours forthemaking.Travel Republic is part of The Emirates Group.
✈ Greece Travel Guide Offline 2.3.3
Greece GuideWithMe is an offline travel guide, whichrecommendsdetailed articles around the country in relation to yourcurrentlocation. Developed by travelers and for travelers,GuideWithMe isa rich source of general travel info as well as offthe beatentrack advice. Get around guides, phrase lists, warningshow to staysafe and healthy, restaurants and hotel recommendations,localcosts and taxes, road rules and a variety of other infoarecarefully stored in one app. And there’s more! Completearticleswith multiple hotel and restaurant listings are suggestedforAthens, Santorini, Corfu and other travel destinations. •USEOFFLINE. Save money on internet roaming fees and read articlesevenif you are offline and cellular data is not available. •DISCOVERARTICLES RELATIVE TO YOUR LOCATION. Switch between country,region,city, travel topic articles recommended for your traveldestinationand current location. • VIEW ON THE MAP. GuideWithMe isbased onmap data, provided by MAPS.ME, an offline maps app. Anoption toview the place on offline map is offered. • GREECE CITIES.Athens,Corfu Island, Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos, Kos,Thessaloniki,Lefkada, Delphi, Heraklion, Paros, Naxos, Thasos andmore! • GETRELIABLE INFO. Country data comes from wikivoyageproject, which isconstantly updated by adventurous travelers andaspiring writers. •FAVORITE NEW PLACES. Save places to yourFavorites for quick accesslater. • CREATE LISTS. Never forget anamazing place to eat at oran important document to pack for thisspecifictrip.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Isthere a specific feature you really want in our offlinetravelguides? Your reviews and ratings are always welcome. Sendthem Enjoy your travels! European multi-city trips made easy 1.3.61 is transforming the way people travel around Europe.Ourmulti-destination trips make it easy to visit more than twoplaceson a single trip. How it works • Create a trip in a fewminutes •Book the trip directly on the website • Get all tickets inoneemail 5 reasons you should book with • Wecombineflights, trains, ferries in one trip for you • Directflights only.No early-morning/late flights, faraway airports •Online supportbefore and during your trip. • Automatic check-inservice beforeeach flight free of charge • Protection fromchanges/cancellations.We will provide an alternative option at ourexpense You can counton us • Our Team of experts is ready to helpyou 24 hours, 7 days aweek. • Security. Privacy. Trust. Allpayments are secure (PayPal,Master Card, VISA, AMEX, credit cards,etc.). Partners We workclosely with leading companies, such as WizzAir, Air France,Deutsche Bahn, Trenitalia, Italo, Renfe, SNCF, OBB,Thalys,RegioJet, and other most major carriers, to bring you thebestprices. You can learn more about us We have been featured inmediaoutlets including Forbes, National Geographic, Travel +Leisure,Skyscanner, Lifehacker and Financial Times.Contacts Have a question about your booking?We areready to help 24/7 Follow us on socialmedia •Instagram: •Facebook:
PocketSights Tour Guide 2.1.0
The PocketSights Tour Guide allows you to take GPS guidedwalkingtours on your phone. Tours are created by localorganizations thatknow the best way for you to get around and seeeverything theircommunity has to offer. We all have a naturalimpulse to explore,but it can be intimidating to step outside ofwhat you know. Ourgoal is to provide you with an authenticexperience that gives youthe confidence and direction to exploreand discover the placesaround you, while learning about history andculture. We areworking hard to add new tours across the country. Ifyou'reinterested in showing the world the places you love, we coulduseyour help! Our tour builder is open to the public - Sign up onourwebsite and start teaching others about your community.
New York Travel Guide NYC NY 2.3.9
The New York Travel Guide - NY creates custom itineraries inNewYork - NYC based on your preferences! The guide calculates thebestroutes, suggests places for you to visit, considers schedulesofplaces, helps you to find hotels, restaurants, pass,hikes,weather, nightlife, tours, maps, Premium Outlets. New YorkNYC asif you were a local! You can still find details about famousplaceslike: Manhattan, Times Square, Brooklyn, Harlem, Chinatown,Statueof Liberty, Blue Man Group, Woodbury Premium Outlets, WallStreet,Madison Square Garden, Soho, MoMa, 5 avenue, etc. Features:★ TheNew York City Travel Guide NYC creates itineraries for yourtripsin seconds, based on your preferences! You can change andadapt itas you wish ★ Explore places like the Premium Outlets,food, bike,events, attractions, restaurants, hotels, nightlife,maps, hostelsand city tours in New York City NYC ★ Nativoo New YorkNYC TravelGuide learns your preferences, you can also set a quickprofile tohelp the guide suggest the best routes and places foryou.
Venice Offline City Map 12.0.2 (Play)
Your comprehensive and easy-to-use city map. Easily finddirections,nearby places and attractions supported by a selectionof userreviews and brief information. Plan and pin in advance whatyou wantto visit and have your favorites displayed on the map forbetterorientation during your trip. Here is why 20+ milliontravelers loveUlmon Maps & Guides: Didn’t you always want tohave an easilyportable and compact city map right at yourdisposal? There is nofolding science required when you turn yoursmartphone or tabletinto a digital offline city map. Always keepyour orientation andfind the direction to the next place;completely without roaming andentirely offline. With this Ulmoncity map you enjoy a wide varietyof advantages: FREE Simplydownload and try this Ulmon city map forfree. There is absolutelyno risk, and we’re sure you’ll love it!DETAILED MAPS Never getlost and keep your orientation. Identifyyour location offline onthe map, even without an internetconnection. See what is aroundyou on a map that shows a zoom ablelevel of detail with manylocation related information. Findstreets, attractions,restaurants, hotels, local nightlife and otherinteresting places –and get guided in the walking direction ofplaces you want to see.DISCOVER THE CITY Find the best restaurants,shops, attractions,hotels, bars, etc. Search by name, browse bycategory or discovernearby places using your device’s GPS – evenoffline and withoutdata roaming. PLAN TRIPS AND CUSTOMIZE MAPSCreate lists of placesyou want to visit. Pin existing places, likeyour hotel or arecommended restaurant, to the map. Add your ownpins to the map.OFFLINE ACCESS The city maps are fully downloadedand stored onyour device. All features, such as address searches,and your GPSlocation also work offline and without data roaming (aninternetconnection is of course required for initial downloading ofdata).COMPREHENSIVE ADDITIONAL TRAVEL CONTENT A selectionofWiki-Articles and POI-Information make it easier foryouidentifying what to see and what to skip. Have all theinformationoffline and freely portable.
Travellink: Book cheap flights and travel deals 4.282.0
Thinking about travelling? Are you looking for a cheapflight?Download our app and make the trip of your dreams! Book yourcheapflight using the code 10APP and save 10€. We will also dothecheck-in for you, as soon as it is available, so you only havetoworry about enjoying your trip. We'll take care ofeverything:Finding cheap flights, showing you the best hotels andotheraccommodations for your stay, negotiating great deals onyourrental car or arranging your ride from the airport toyourdestination. We've got you covered! ✈️ Cheap flights ✈️ Findcheapflights among our more than 600 airlines, for one way, returnormulti-city! Our wide variety of flights offers you fromlongdistance flights to cheap low cost flights with airlines suchasRyanair, Easyjet, British Airways, Vueling, Iberia and more.Bookyour flights with us and you will be able to download yourboardingpasses directly from the app, in addition to tracking thestatus ofany flight in real time. You will find the ideal flightand ticketsat the cheapest price in our travel app. 🏰 Hotels 🏰 Takea look atour more than 2 million hotels and other accommodationsfor allbudgets and types of trips. Search, book and compare hoteloffersvery easily. You can book hotels like Melià Hotels andResorts,Marriott, Eurostars, NH, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts andmuchmore. Cancellation is free if you change your plans. We alsoofferdiscounts of up to 40% less in hotels if you book a flightwith us.🚗 Car rental 🚗 Do you want to complete your booking with acarrental? We offer cars from companies such as Hertz, Avis,Europcar,Alamo, Budget and up to 800 car rental agencies. Rent acaranytime, anywhere and travel at your own pace. Sounds good,right?And that's not all! Our travel app not only offers youcheapflights, hotel deals, and car rentals for your trips ...downloadthe app and: 🎫 Order your boarding passes for all yourflights, andwe will check-in as soon as it is available ✈️ followthe status ofany flight in real time with our new flight trackerfeature 🔔Create an account and receive real time flightstatusnotifications: gate numbers, baggage belts, delays orcancellationsand more 🔎 Check your flight itineraries, bookingreferences orbaggage allowances in the My Trips section, evenwithout aninternet connection! 🏛️ download our free travel guidesanddiscover what to do at your destination, even if you don't haveaninternet connection Travellink helps you to find the best dealsonflights, hotels and car rentals. Search, compare and book flight+hotel tickets in our travel app to enjoy a 40% discount. Westriveevery day to make your travel dreams come true. If you hadapositive experience with our app, would you mind rating us with5stars in the Play Store? Thank you!
Andorra Tourism Guides 2.5
ENGLISH ANDORRA TOURISM GUIDES: PLAN YOUR HOLIDAYS •DownloadtheAndorra Tourism guides and find out what the countryoffersinnature, culture, cuisine, wellness and much more. Athousandandone ways to enjoy your mountain holidays. CATALÀ GUIESDETURISMED’ANDORRA: PREPARA LES TEVES VACANCES • Descarrega lesguiesdeturisme d’Andorra i endinsa’t en la natura, lacultura,lagastronomia, el benestar... Mil i una formes de gaudir delestevesvacances a la muntanya! ESPAÑOL GUÍAS DE TURISMODEANDORRA:PREPARA TUS VACACIONES • Descarga las guías de turismodeAndorra yadéntrate en la naturaleza, la cultura, la gastronomíayelbienestar. ¡Mil y una formas de disfrutar de tus vacacionesenlamontaña! FRANÇAIS GUIDES TOURISTIQUES D'ANDORRE :PRÉPAREZVOSVACANCES • Téléchargez les guides touristiques d'Andorreetpartezà la découverte de notre nature, culture,gastronomie,bien-être...Vivez la montagne à votre façon ! PORTUGUÊSGUIAS DETURISMO DEANDORRA: PREPARE AS SUAS FÉRIAS • Transfira osguias deturismo deAndorra e mergulhe na natureza, na cultura,nagastronomia, nobem-estar... Mil e uma formas de desfrutar dassuasférias namontanha.
Pelipecky – cheap flight deals and travel tips 1.3.1
Pelipecky is your travel buddy. It finds the cheapestflighttickets, highlights the latest news, offers, discountsandpromotions, it shows you how to travel round the world. Usethisapplication as a travel and holiday inspiration. Downloadourtravel articles to your phone and read them later andoffline.Benefits of the app Hot News Just click on the section “HotNews”and get the best deals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If wefind agreat flight ticket, holiday package or a new flight route,you canbe sure you’ll find them here. Don’t forget to enable thepushnotifications to get the best deals and latest news. Simpleflightbooking You can book your flight easily, without fillingthepassengers’ contact details. Thanks to the simple registrationandintuitive order management you’ll find, book and purchaseyourticket easily for yourself and your family members. It’s a fastwayof making reservations allowing you to book your ticketsbeforethey sell out. Offline travel guides Our articles,guides,holidays, tips and news about destinations can be saved inthe appand read later. For example at the airport or on theairplane.Benefits and discounts We give special discount codes tothe TOPand fastest users of our app. You can redeem the codesdirectly inthe app op buy flights or accommodation cheaper. Checkyour orderstatus Do you like the flight tickets and gift vouchersfromPelikan? You can also find them in the Pelipecky app. Afterbookingyour flight you can check the status of your reservation atanytime. No unexpected event can surprise you. Uniqueflightcombinations Combine flights from different airlines and usesmalllocal airports. The section TOP flights at the best pricesallowsyou to find the best deals quickly and easily. Round theworldtrips Plan, choose and buy a trip around the world withthePelipecky app. The application offers an easy selection ofreturnand one-way tickets or tickets with different arrival anddepartureairports. Discover our Multicity deals and see the wholeworld withthe Pelipecky. Application features 🛩 Return and one-wayticketsearching and booking 🔍 Multicity ticket searching andbooking 📄Flight filters by number of transfers, airports, airlinesetc.💡Overview of reservations and orders 🙍‍♂Login to the App🌴TravelArticles 📵 Saving articles and viewing them offline 🔥HotNews
VoiceMap Audio Tours 8.0.1
Experience the magic of GPS audio walks, cycles, drives andevenboat rides with VoiceMap tours in over 200 citiesworldwide.They’re like podcasts that move with you, to tell storiesaboutwhat you’re seeing right now. VoiceMap’s tours are producedbyinsightful local storytellers, including journalists,filmmakers,novelists, podcasters, and tour guides. Sir Ian McKellenhas evencreated a tour. It's around London's West End, where hehasperformed for over 50 years. Features: ◆ VoiceMap worksoffline.After you download a tour, the audio will be availableofflinealong with an offline map. ◆ With GPS autoplay, you canfocus onyour surroundings, not the screen. Put in your headphones,tap onStart, and let VoiceMap guide you. ◆ If you do wander off inthewrong direction, VoiceMap will play an audio alert, and youcanfollow the map on your screen to the next location. ◆ Withhundredsof free and paid tours, VoiceMap offers huge variety.Reviews:Lonely Planet: "High-quality self-guided walkingtours...Narratedby local experts, they provide insight into cornersof the citysometimes overlooked by regular guided tours." New YorkTimes: “Wemay be biased, but could there be anything more helpfulthan havinga journalist in your pocket when touring a new city? Howabout ahistorian, a novelist or just a really passionate local?VoiceMapculls city-specific stories from them all and fits themneatly intowalking tours.” CNN: "Lost your travel guidebook? Can'tbe botheredto carry one around? No need to fret, a popularcelebrity could beat hand. At least that's the aim of VoiceMap, acellphoneapplication that offers personalized audio tours of citiesaroundthe world. In some cases, the guide could be a localjournalist orknowledgeable resident."
Action Tour Guide 2.4
Welcome to Action Tour Guide’s GPS enabledprofessionally-narratedAudio tours! Are you ready to turn yourphone into a personal tourguide? This app offers a fully-guidedexperience - just like alocal giving you a personalized,turn-by-turn, fully-guided toursall over the world. You’ll find thetours highly entertaining,thoroughly researched and prepared bylocal guides. Action TourGuide offers tours for several cities inthe world. To get aPASSWORD for any of the below tours, pleasecontact us at 508 5061844 or email Tocreate your own tour andoffer it here, contact us. USA: Boston:Freedom Trail Boston:Harvard Yard Boston: Harbor Walk Newport, RI:Cliff Walk Newport,RI: Bellvue and Ocean drive California: SanFrancisco 17-mile driveChicago: Riverwalk Chicago: Millenium ParkMEXICO: Cancun: ChichenItza Cancun: Tulum Ruins Cancun: Ek balamTHAILAND: Bangkok: GrandPalace Bangkok: Wat Arun Bangkok: Wat PhoReclining Buddah Bangkok:Wat Traimit & Chinatown ISRAEL: MasadaNational Park INDIA:Mumbai: Mumbai Driving tour Palitana:Shatrunjay SINGAPORE: LittleIndia Singapore This app hassignificant benefits: Easy to useFully automatic Fascinatingstories Freedom to travel anytime Savea lot - real savingsVisualize what you cannot see directly Takethe story home Easy touse: Download the app on your own phone.Then download the tour(s)you’re interested in taking. Simplyfollow the GPS map & therouting line. It’s like Google Mapsand a tour book combined in one!The tour takes you to every singlestop; you won’t miss a thing andwon’t get lost. Fully automatic:Each point of interest along thetour has a narrated story,narrated directions, and helpful images,gifs or videos. As youwalk along the path and approach a pin, it’sstory willautomatically pop up and start playing. Fascinatingstories:Engaging, accurate, and entertaining story about each pointofinterest. The stories are professionally narrated and preparedbylocal guides. Most stops also have additional stories that youcanoptionally choose to hear. Freedom to travel: No scheduledtourtimings, no crowded groups, and no rush to move along paststopsthat interest you. You have total freedom to skip ahead,linger,and take as many photos as you’d like. Save a ton: No “perperson”tickets for guided tours! No tips per person. Visualize whatyoucannot see: most stops have images, some have animated gifsfromdifferent centuries, seasons, or for interior rooms. Take thestoryhome: Enjoy the tour before, during, and after your visit.Easilycreate an album or share the images & stories with yourfriendsand family. Award-winning app platform: This app is createdusingan award-winning platform. The developers received thefamous“Laurel Award” from the Newport Mansions, which uses it forover amillion tours per year. Quick tips: Familiarize yourself withtheapp while at home. Allow a couple of hours for the tour.Chargeyour phone fully, use good walking shoes and keep a waterbottle"NOTE: This app uses your location service and GPS trackingfeatureto allow real-time tracking of your route."
Audio Tour Guide 1.3.1
Download the app and enjoy a unique tour experience and atripinancient history and its monuments. Audio TourGuideExperiencesguides you through archaeological sites, giving youtheopportunityto choose among 7 different languages ​​(Greek,English,French,German, Spanish, Italian, Russian). You can enjoyarelaxingsightseeing tour with your personal headset. At thispoint,it isimportant to note that the tour texts were constructedbyaqualified tour guide. The purpose of Audio TourGuideExperiencesis to provide a perfect audio material so that youwillnot missanything in relation to a real-life tour. Even if youdonot obtainheadphones to listen to our tour, you canstillexperience thisunique touring experience through our texts,whichare availablealong with the headset, free of charge. Closedata /wifi duringyour tour and enjoy an unusual experience withoutacharge. Take atour of the archaeological site having freedomofmovement. Choosea hero-mythical person as a guide andexperiencethe journey intoantiquity. Apart from the archaeologicalsite tour,meet and beinformed about all the historical places ofthe area youarevisiting. Discover the wider area and its evolutionovertime.Audio Tour Guide Experiences wishes you abeautifultourexperience. Enjoy it!
myMirka 1.2.13
Mirka Ltd
myMirka is the platform for mobile devices, providing youMirka'sdigital services and connectivity solutions, that createsvalue forthe operators in their working environment. Join myMirka,stayconnected and utilise the added value Mirka brings thesurfacefinishing industry, by transforming the business into adigitalfuture. Tool Vibration Indicator Health and safety issues atworksites are becoming increasingly important. Due to vibrationduringthe sanding operation the vibration white finger(hand-armvibration syndrome) is one of the recognized symptoms. AtMirka weput the users’ health in focus. Mirka’s Tool VibrationIndicatormeasures the momentary vibration level and displays it ona colourgraded scale. Additionally the speed indication isvisualised in aseparate graph. Connect myMirka to your Mirka DEROSelectricsander, equipped with Bluetooth® low energy technology andstartmeasuring the momentary vibration level.
GBM Bus Tracker v6.2.5-395-g41b4579-929
Green Bay Metro Bus Tracker provides passengers withreal-timeinformation about their bus location, routes and more.
Spacetalk 4.0.5
MGM Wireless
Android version Connect the Spacetalk app with SpacetalkKids,Spacetalk Adventurer and Spacetalk Life devices, or use ittofamily chat across just about any smart device. Keepingfamiliesconnected is what this app was born to do. For parents,it’s thecontrol centre for their child’s device and keeps themupdated onwhere their kids are. For older adults, the app provideshandyfitness data, weather info and reminders (important for thoseonmedication) straight to their Spacetalk Life. And for thosewithsenior parents, the Spacetalk app provides locationinformation,SOS capability and complete peace of mind when pairedwith theirparent’s device. For anybody who wants to create a familychat orhang out online with buddies, this is the app that’s allaboutconnecting families and friends in a safe and secureenvironment.Let’s hear it for PG tech Manage who can contact yourkids’ deviceand who they can contact View their location, includinga historyof where they’ve been Select a sequence of numbers yourchild’sSPACETALK calls when they hit SOS (including emergencyservices)Set up Safe Zones to be notified when they enter or leavewherethey’re meant to be Activate School Mode to disable featuresduringschool time for distraction-free learning Come together as ahuddlewith the whole family – grandparents, aunts and unclesincluded!Use our reward to encourage them to do chores, homework(or justbehave) Track their fitness activity, including heartrateCustomise their watch face (and choose from digital ortraditionalclock) Find my Spacetalk A big nod to seniors andindependence Dropin and request and track their location (withtheir approval)Initiate a Safety Callback that triggers theirdevice to call you,or other nominated contacts, if you’ve calledthem 3 times in 5minutes with no response. You’ll be able to hearwhat’s going ontheir end (to see if they’re OK). Select a sequenceof numberstheir Spacetalk calls when they hit SOS (includingemergencyservices) Schedule reminders for appointments,medications, socialevents, and family get togethers Keep track oftheir fitnessactivity Set up SMS templates and Safe Zones Thefeatures olderadults need (and none they don’t) Fitness trackingWeatherinformation and forecasts Connects with Bluetoothcompatibledevices Huddle in Bring the whole clan together in onespot; joinin on a call, get in on a message trail or spread thelove withphotos, all within your private group. Safe, secure andprivate Alldata is securely stored locally in Australia or the UK(dependingon your location) Subscription info The Spacetalk apprequires anongoing in-app monthly subscription (please see In-apppurchasessection for details). Payment will be charged to yourGoogle PlayStore account at confirmation of purchase. Yoursubscriptionautomatically renews each month, unless auto-renew isturned off atleast 24-hours before the end of the current period.Your accountwill be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior tothe end of thecurrent period at the rate of your selectedsubscription plan. Youcan manage your subscription and turn offauto-renewal by going toyour Account Settings (in the Google Playapp on your Androiddevice) after purchase. What’s New Terms ofuse: Privacypolicy:
Krakow Guide by Civitatis 4.2.7-build.519
Krakow Guide with information on what to visit, where to eat, howtosave, and more. We also offer transfers, excursions and guidedtoursin English.
FlightConnections - Worldwide Flight Route Map 1.0
FlightConnections is the Swiss army knife that should notbemissingin your travel toolkit. It’s one of the best toolsfortravelhacking, trip planning and travel inspiration. Want toknowwhereyou can fly from your local airport? Need to knowwhichairlines areoperating? Prefer to fly with a specificallianceonly?FlightConnections is here to help! FlightConnectionsprovidesanoverview of all flight routes worldwide. Flightschedulesandtimetables from every airline in the world (900+) for12monthsahead are presented in a very convenient way.Withinseconds,FlightConnections provides you with scheduleinformation ofanyflight route, operated by any airline. Find themostconvenientflight route at the most convenient departuretime.Search forflights with up to 2 stops and filter downextensively:to showflights and airports operated by a specificairline orallianceonly (very useful for award travelers). Even themostseasonedtravel gurus, travel professionals and travelagents,awardtravelers and non-revs, cabin crew and pilotsareusingFlightConnections daily. Don't waste hours searchingflights,useFlightConnections! FLIGHTCONNECTIONS MAIN FEATURES•InteractiveFlight Route Map. • Plan a trip based on yourpreferredlocalairport. • Find new, nearby airports on the map. •Filterbyairline or alliance. • Discover airline routes andflightschedules/ timetables. • Compare direct flights orconnectionsflights. •Show connecting flights with one or two stops.• Showconnectingflights with different airlines, or the sameairlineonly. • Findcheap flights and book flight tickets for thebestprice available.• Useful for frequent travelers,travelprofessionals, cabin crewand pilots, backpackers anddigitalnomads. Any questions orfeedback? Contact
Bleeperbike is Ireland's next generation sharedcyclinginitiative.With our GPS tracked bikes you can easily findthenearest bikewherever you are, you are in control ofeverythingthrough theBleeperbike app. Join the cycling revolution!DownloadBleeperbiketo find your closest bike now, or visitbleeperbike.comfor moreinformation. Hotel Deals 1.4.3
Book hotel and accommodation deals on the Go! Bringing yourhoteland accommodation bookings to mobile and tablet. TheTravala.comapp is the best tool to find and book accommodation andhoteldeals, anytime, anywhere. We guarantee the best prices whenyousearch and book through the app. 2M+ HotelsWorldwideWe scour the globe for the best accommodation providers,pick thestrongest ones and pass on their exclusive hotel deals foryou thecustomer in 230+ countries and territories. InstantBookingConfirmation Every rate shown on the app comeswith animmediate, guaranteed confirmation so you can rest assuredyourbooking is safe Best Price Guarantee We guarantee we won't bebeaton price. If you find a cheaper deal on another website afteryoubook with us, we will refund the difference! 24/7 CustomerSupportDo you need help or have a question? Contact our proactive24/7customer support team via live chat, email, hotline oronlineticket system. Multi-Payment Options We offer variouspaymentmethods to make a booking with us. Choose from Credit andDebitCards and the leading digital assets. Real Value RewardsEarnrewards easily and quickly with our innovative tokenizedincentiveprograms including Smart discounts, Invite referrals,loyaltyrewards and cashbacks.
Copenhagen Card City Guide 1.3.1
The official guide for the Copenhagen Card, including: -BuyCopenhagen Card in App - Offline Maps - Attractions Guide-Bookmark Favourites Copenhagen Card gives free admission tomorethan 80 museums & attractions, discounts foractivities,restaurants, and free public transport (train, metro,bus &harbor bus). Buy digital Copenhagen Card in app You caneasily buyand redeem your digital Copenhagen Card in the app.
Airport-citytransfer with metro or train is also included withCopenhagenCard.

 DISCOVER: the Best guide for the city, you canbrowse allthe attractions and filter them according to yourinterests.

WORKS OFFLINE: All information is fully availableoffline,including the map.

 PRACTICAL INFORMATION: See the openinghoursand the nearest public transport stop for all attractions.

SAVEYOUR FAVOURITES: Create your own travel plan by favoringplaces.

If you're visiting Copenhagen, and you want to make themost out ofyour trip, Copenhagen Card may be just what you need -it will saveyou time, money and hassle, so you can focus onenjoying everythingthe city has to offer!
 The Copenhagen Card Appis a perfectcombination with updated information about topattractions,restaurants, see discounts available, get publictransport maps andoffline maps of the city. 

Copenhagen Card isavailable for 24,48, 72, 96 and 120 hours, and you can order iteven before youleave home. Have a wonderful stay!
New York Visit, Tours & Guide: Tourblink 10.0
Discover our guided walking tours of New York on your phone andatyour own pace! You decide when and what itineraries to do,besidesbeing offline and without having to worry about the lossofcoverage! Forget the maps and spending data or mobilephonebattery! With the itineraries that our passionateTourblinkers,instagrammers, bloggers and local inhabitants havemade withimages, we will guide you step by step, indicating whichdirectionto take showing you images of the place and monument thatyou havein front of you! We will be your freetour guide on your ownmobilephone. As if we were the genie of the lamp, who will make youthetour you decide, at the time you like, and spending the timeyouwish! We offer you itineraries lasting from 60 mins to 3 hourssoyou can choose the time that best suits you (especially if itisthe first time you are visiting this place or you are stayinghereonly for the weekend). OFFLINE APPLICATION Don’t you havemobiledata or connection? No problem! You can visit New York andread allthe practical information even in “airplane mode”, withoutspendingany of that. Tourblink specializes in walking toursalwaysavailable offline and through images and audios. Withoutmaps, weguide you in the most intuitive possible way, so you don’tgetlost. CURIOUS AND QUALITY INFORMATION Our Tourblink teamiscomposed by professionals and local guides who are artpassionatedand who know what questions you may be asking yourselfand whatwould you like to see during your visit in New York,optimizingyour time. The information in the app is concise, useful,fun andeasy to understand. The one related to the monuments isfree! Inaddition of explaining what you already knew you werecoming tovisit, we also tell you what we like the most about eachmonumentthat you didn’t know you were going to see. So that whenyou leavethis place, you leave it with a good taste ofknowledge.ITINERARIES Don't you exactly know how to profit yourtime? Whereto start? We are here to solve that! We proposeitineraries byhours, in order to enjoy the place as much as youcan! You willfeel like on a tour, but on your own and at your ownpace. Once youchoose one of the itineraries (paying a ridiculousprice of lessthan € 5), you can follow the route and listen to theaudio guides,which will give you information to understand what yousee once youare in front of it. Or if you prefer, you can read it.
MyWoWo - Audio Guide 4.6.0
MyWoWo s.r.l.
Listen to all the audio content free for 30 seconds, or purchaseallthe audio content of the city you're interested in at anexceptionalprice! Traveling in a city and finding that the audioguides for themuseums and other points of interest areextortionately expensive?Need to stand in a long queue to purchaseone, and not too happyabout using equipment used by other people?MyWoWo is the solutionyou’re looking for! Download MyWoWo to yourphone to enjoy more than9000 audio files in your language! • NOcontent copied fromInternet: the texts in our audio guides areoriginal, and written byestablished authors from the field of arthistory and communication.• NO superficial audio guides. For eachcity, you’ll find hours oftop-quality audio content. • NO nastymetallic voices: the contentis read by professional, humanspeakers! MyWoWo is more than just asimple audio guide formuseums: it’s a traveling companion, anauthentic, pocket-sizedtourist guide; a simple, fun system to helpyou explore the wondersof the world. THE ADVANTAGES OF MyWoWo: -You can download ouraudio guides with a WiFi connection and listento them offline,without running up data roaming charges. - Theaudio files arepractical to listen to, thanks to the simple,intuitive interfaceof our App. - MyWoWo content is divided up intofiles lasting justa few minutes, designed to give you a basic yetcomplete overviewof the wonders you’ll be visiting. - For eachpoint of interest,you’ll discover interesting anecdotes andlittle-known facts sureto awaken your curiosity. In MyWoWo, you’llfind audio guides inyour language for: AMSTERDAM ASSISI ATHENSBARCELONA BEIJINGBERGAMO BERLIN CINQUE TERRE DUBAI FLORENCE HONGKONG LECCE LONDONMADRID MIAMI MILAN MOSCOW NAPLES NEW YORK PALERMOPARIS PISA PRAGUEROME SAINT PETERSBURG SANTORINI SINGAPORE TOKYOTRENTO TURIN VENICEVERONA WASHINGTON Others will be added over thecoming months. THEFANTASTIC FEATURES OF MYWOWO: AROUND ME: Use GPSto locate all thepoints of interest close by. SOCIAL GALLERY: Shareyour photos ofthe wonders of the world with the users in ourinternationalcommunity. With MyWoWo, you can take photographs whileyou’relistening to the audio guide, so you can take home a memoryof yourvisit without having to pause the audio. QUIZ: Challengeyourselfor your friends and family with the MyWoWo quiz. Find outhow muchyou know about the cities you’ll be visiting: see how manyanswersyou can get right in 30 seconds! What are you waiting for?DownloadMyWoWo, visit the wonders of the world and have fun!
Dublin Travel Guide with map 6.9.17
Traveling to Dublin? Discover everything that Dublin hastoofferwith this free guide with maps and offline lists.Thebestrestaurants, hotels, activities and monuments in Dublin.Dublinhasmuch to offer. Visiting its monuments, wanderingitsstreets,meeting the people and learning their customs is amust.That's whyyou have this guide toDublin, created usingphotosandrecommendations from real travelers. And remember that youcansaveyour lists offline. Dublin is waiting for you! 🌏Features🌏:➢Thebest places in Dublin recommended by real travelers likeyou,withtips on what to see, where to eat and where to stay. ➢ In'WhattoSee', you'll find a selection of must-see sights thatyoucan'tmiss in Dublin. ➢ In 'Activities', you'll find the besttoursandexcursions in Dublin. ➢ In 'Where to Eat!, discoverthemosthighly-recommended restaurants in Dublin. ➢ In 'WheretoSleep',you'll find a selection of the best hotels in Dublinforallbudgets and all types of traveler. ➢ Complete basicinformationonDublin. ➢ Photographs shared by fellow travelers. ➢Downloadyourlists to view their recommendations and photos 100%offline.Saveon roaming charges and download your guide to Dublinbeforeleavingthe house.
✈ Netherlands Travel Guide Offline 2.3.3
Netherlands GuideWithMe is an offline travel guide,whichrecommendsdetailed articles around the country in relation toyourcurrentlocation. Developed by travelers and fortravelers,GuideWithMe is arich source of general travel info aswell as offthe beaten trackadvice. Get around guides, phrase lists,warningshow to stay safeand healthy, restaurants andhotelrecommendations, local costs andtaxes, road rules and avariety ofother info are carefully storedin one app. And there’smore!Complete articles with multiple hoteland restaurant listingsaresuggested for Amsterdam, Rotterdam andother travel destinations.•USE OFFLINE. Save money on internetroaming fees and readarticleseven if you are offline and cellulardata is not available.•DISCOVER ARTICLES RELATIVE TO YOURLOCATION. Switch betweencountry,region, city, travel topicarticles recommended for yourtraveldestination and currentlocation. • VIEW ON THE MAP.GuideWithMe isbased on Holland mapdata, provided by MAPS.ME, anoffline maps app.An option to viewthe place on offline map isoffered. • NETHERLANDSCITIES.Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague,Utrecht, Eindhoven,Maastricht,Delft, Groningen, Haarlem, Arnhem,Breda, Almere,Tilburg, Enschede,Amersfoort and more! • GETRELIABLE INFO. Countrydata comes fromwikivoyage project, which isconstantly updated byadventuroustravelers and aspiring writers. •FAVORITE NEW PLACES.Save placesto your Favorites for quick accesslater. • CREATE LISTS.Neverforget an amazing place to eat at oran important document topackfor this specific trip. • UPGRADE TOFULL VERSION. An optiontoupgrade to full unlimited version isoffered. Enjoy access toallamazing content and features. Our teamstrives to make theproductbetter everyday. Upgrade toremoveads.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Istherea specific feature you really want in our offlinetravelguides? Yourreviews and ratings are always welcome. Enjoy your travels!
P&O Freight 4.2
Your freight ferry sailing between Dover and Calais is easy viathishandy free app, specifically designed for P&O Ferriesfreightnon-account holders. BOOK YOUR FERRY FREIGHT CROSSING - Ifyouhaven’t travelled on one of our ferries as a freightcustomerbefore, with just a few personal details you will be abletoregister and create a profile. - Once you have a profile, you’llbeable to sign in, book and pay online for any ferryfreightcrossings between Dover and Calais for your lorry, truck orvan24/7. - All your ferry bookings are stored in one place, andyoucan view them once you’ve signed in. SAILING SCHEDULE -Stayup-to-date with our ferry sailing schedule. - Check forliveupdates on all our routes, including Dover ⇌ Calais, Hull⇌Zeebrugge, Hull ⇌ Europoort (Rotterdam), Tilbury ⇌Zeebrugge,Teesport ⇌ Zeebrugge, Teesport ⇌ Europoort (Rotterdam),Larne ⇌Cairnryan and Liverpool ⇌ Dublin. - Manage your alerts withoptionsto choose to be notified when there are changes to aspecificsailing or you can choose to receive notification about aspecificroute. MANAGE YOUR PROFILE - Do you need to make changes toyourpersonal details? Our app allows you to manage those changesenroute 24 hours a day.
Athens Offline Map and Travel Guide 1.42
Athens Offline Map - free maps designed specifically fortravelers.Advantages of offline maps: - Save money in roaming -Work fasteven with bad Internet connection. - You can see the mapif thereis no Internet: in the subway, on the plane All functionsworkoffline: - Athens Offline Map with travel guide - Alltouristattractions on the map - Wiki descriptions for touristattractions- Address search - Search by category (airports, metrostations,train stations, hotels, etc.) - Save and edit favoritelocations -Automotive and pedestrian GPS navigation in the paidversion
Travellers Autobarn 4.6.0
Travelling Australia or New Zealand? Download theofficialTravellers Autobarn app to help you find facilities such asdumpstations, wifi, petrol stations, supermarkets, informationcentresand activities. Spend more time exploring Australia and NewZealandwith the knowledge that information is at your finger tips!
Budapest Travel Guide 4.6.0
The Budapest travel guide is a complete and up to date cityguide.It works offline, you don't need an internet connection.Bookmarkinteresting places in the sightseeing section with allthemonuments. Pick your ideal restaurant in the eating outsectioncontaining the best restaurants. Discover the nightlifeofBudapest! Bars, pubs & discos in Budapest. Use thedetailedoffline map of Budapest to simply find out where you areand seewhat's around. The complete background information can beaninteresting read at home or on the road to your nextadventure.Useful when you are there: - Currency converter. -Phrasebook forHungarian. - Weather forecast (updated when online).- Directionson how to get to a place by public transport. - Bookhotels andtours in Budapest directly from the app (when online).AboutTriposo Founded by and for travelers, Triposo deliversup-to-dateinformation, detailed maps and intelligentrecommendations for morethan 40,000 destinations in 200 countriesaround the world. To makeour guides we use the content that isfreely available. Opencontent sites like Wikivoyage, Wikipedia,World66 and OpenStreetMapare among the best resources for anytraveler. Whether you are aplanner or prefer to go with the flow,Triposo helps you discoverthe unexpected and experience travel in anew way. If you see anyproblem with the app, please write us anemail so we can figure out what's wrong andfix it.Thanks!
Lisbon Travel Guide Portugal 2.3.9
The Lisbon Travel Guide - Portugal creates custom itinerariesinLisbon based on your preferences! The guide calculates thebestroutes, suggests places for you to visit, considers schedulesofplaces, helps you to find hotels, restaurants, museums,palaces,castles, bike, weather, nightlife, tours, maps and outlets.ExploreLisbon - Portugal as if you were a local! Features: ★ TheLisbonTravel Guide creates itineraries for your trips in seconds,basedon your preferences! You can change and adapt it as you wish★Explore attractions, outlets, restaurants food,attractions,hotels, nightlife, maps, hostels and city tours inLisbon -Portugal ★ Nativoo Lisbon Travel Guide learns yourpreferences, youcan also set a quick profile to help the guidesuggest the bestroutes and places for you.