Top 24 Games Similar to Archery Game - Bow & Arrow

Archery 360°
Integer Games
Love Archery Games ? Archery 360, thearchaicancient world where you start out as a beginner archerpracticingtarget shoot practice with your bow and arrows.Travelback in timeto be the best of the archers in the civilization andshoot downtargets, dangerous wild animals and even zombies! Hit thebull'seye and shoot down all the targets before your time runs outandtry to complete all the levels.Earn the maximum points by getting a target bonus and timerbonus.Feel the realistic physics and intricately designedenvironments.Challenge yourself in this game with multiple targets,multiplelocations with awesome photo realistic graphics.Features:-Complete photo realistic 3D worlds-Staggering 90 levels to keep you shooting-Hourly arrow bonuses-Third person target archery shooter and FPS type bow andarrowcontrols-Intelligent game difficulty progression and various bow andarrowupgrade packsIf you face any problems while installation or while playingourgames, please report to us. We will resolve it attheearliest.
Archery World Cup Championship 1.0
Funmart Games
Are you ready for the intensechallengesfromOlympic Archery games. Archery World Championship :3D is themostrealistic and amazing archery simulation game of 2016in3Denvironment. With archery bow, arrows and field look,developyourarchery skills in different environments.With Archery World Championship, experience ultrarealisticarcherygame play, stunning 3D graphics, amazing animationsandsimpleintuitive controls. Shoot arrows at targets to earnpointsandunlock new Challenges.Show the world that you are the best Archer and aBowmanbyunlocking all the Challenges and environments.Features:- Amazing Environments- Realistic animations- Stunning 3D graphics- Realistic Game Play- Robin Hood mode- 50+ addictive levels- Real Life archery effects -> Wind effects andrealisticphysics- Be careful while shooting the Arrow- Unlock Challenges by playing levels- Moving Target in different ChallengesPrepare yourself for upcoming Olympic games of 2016withArcheryWorld Championship. Want to share your love? SharethisGame.
Arrow Shooter - Archery Game.
3Lion Studios
Experience a great archery game designedforall game lovers who want to improve their concentrationlevels.Called the ‘Arrow Shooter’ the game has amazing featuresthatinclude precise aiming, realistic photography backgroundandstunning graphics. To add to the traits, the game hasastoundingvisual and sound effects, enhancing the amusement oftheplay.
Master the Archery 1.1
Now play one of the world’s #1 Archerygameonandroid. Master the Archery game is one of thebestarcherysimulator games with most realistic physics and fun!Game Features:- Stunning 3D Graphics- Amazing Archery simulator- Challenging Shooting Game- Bow and arrow game to target- Only chance to Master the ArcheryDownload and play this addictive game, you will have funandmakea great score.Note: This game may contain In-app purchases and mayalsocontainthird-party ads that may redirect you to athird-partysite.Thanks for your support and keep playing our games!
Apple Archery Training 1.0
Sharpen your archery shooting skillsbytryingfree Apple Archery Training game. The Game is oneofthebest fruit shooter archery games that will inspire youtoshootarrows to hit the apple. The game has brilliantphysicsandgame-play and 3D stunning graphics, brilliant animationsandfunfilled adventurous levels.Sharpen your archery shootingskillsbytrying free Apple Archery Training game. The Game isoneofthe best fruit shooter archery games that will inspire youtoshootarrows to hit the apple. The game has brilliantphysicsandgame-play and 3D stunning graphics, brilliant animationsandfunfilled adventurous levels.Using the archer, your play archery, having a bow andarrowforshooting fruit.Be Careful: In Apple Archery Training you shouldbecarefulwhile shooting apples, arrow should not hit to man whichcancauseinjuries to man and he may die and game will be over.Remember: You have limited arrows to hit apples, sodon'tmissthe arrows. The game will become challenging as you willmoveto nextlevels. Shoot the Apple on his head and show offyourshooting andaiming skills! Get ready for intense challengesandfun with multipleand challenging playing conditions. Completethegiven target beforeAmmo finishes off.How to play:Use Arrow Button: To shoot the AppleUse Zoom button : To Aim AccuratelyApple Archery Training Features:☆ Multiple levels and experience with real 3D Environment.☆ Excellent and Vivid animation effects☆ Limited arrows to hit the specific target,avoidhittingothers.☆ Multiple targets to play & shoot with classic BowandArrowstheme☆ Super precise aiming☆ Multiple archery locations withawesomephoto-realisticgraphics☆ Two Main Modes: Simple Training and Apple Shooting
2D Archery Game 2.4
2D Archery Game is a bow and arrow gamewhereyour goal is to shoot targets and advance as far as possibleinlevels.The gameplay requires good aiming skills as the targets havecomplexand different movement styles.Gain coins and unlock different skins for bows, arrows,backgrounds,targets in the game cash shop.FEATURES:- Challenging and simple gameplay;- Moving targets with complex and different movement styles;- Simple controls;- Skin shop where you can buy skins for bows,arrows,backgroundsandeven targets with in game currency;- 100 Challenging levels;- PhysX based gameplay;- Achivements- LeaderboardsGAMEPLAY INSTRUCTIONS:Drag the arrows with your finger and pull it back while alsomovingit up and down to aim.Release the arrow to shoot.2D Archery bow andarrowGame is a game where are your goal is to shoot targets andadvanceas far as Possible in levels.The gameplay Requires good aiming skills as the targets havecomplexand different movement styles.Gain coins and unlock different skins for bows, arrows,backgrounds,targets in the game cash shop.FEATURES:- Challenging gameplay and simple;- Moving targets with complex and different movement styles;- Simple controls;- Skin Shop Where You CAN buy skins for bows, arrows, targetsEvenwith backgrounds and in game currency;- 100 Challenging levels;- PhysX based gameplay;- Achivements- LeaderboardsGAMEPLAY INSTRUCTIONS:Drag the arrows with your finger and pull it back while moving itupand down Also to aim.Release the arrow to shoot.
Balloon Archery Shooter 20
This is a archery game in which a bow&arrow is used to pop different balloons and this game willmake youan addict and completely crazy about it !Aim the arrow and hit the balloon with a popping. Aim asmultipleballoons in a single shot to multiply the score. This is ahighlyaddictive and incredibly exciting game.THE GAME:- Balloons of different color and sizes will fly from ground toskyand you have to hit them before disappearing.- Infinite arrows are available with limited lives.- Upgrades are also available to upgrade power, reloadingandheating factor of arrow.- When you hit multiple balloons in a row the score willbemultiplied.- Unlock upgrades and super powers to upgrade to pop balloonquicklyand efficiently.COOL FEATURES:- Realistic Graphics.- Cool Sound Effects- Excellent Cartoon Animation,- Cool and Accurate Physics- Awesome Background music- Cartoon theme* Christmas Balloon, Bow & Archery is a very cool gamewithawesome and cool sound effects that is used for gameaddiction.Game play and physics is so addictive that you cannotmove your eyefrom game.For example sound of balloon popping isawesome.* ~ UserreviewDownload Balloon, Balloon Bow & Archery for FREE and besuperentertained.Play endlessly!Keywords - Balloon Boom Archery Pop Arrow Bubble Shooter
Frenzy Archery 1.1
Magic Me
Frenzy Archery is the coolest archery game.Youwill get 20 arrows. Aim and shoot these arrows to the target.Youwill get points based on your arrow shooting skills. If you hitthebulls eye, you will get the highest point and you get oneextraarrow.Shoot as many as bulls eye you can and make thehighestscore.Touch your bow and pull the string backwards and shoot thearrow.You can rotate the arrow by sliding up and down to adjustyour bowangle .You can play this Archery game in different worlds. You willgetfour different world option to play in. Select the one ofyourchoice and enjoy.Download and Play this frenzy game , Frenzy Archery .
Master of Archery: Jungle War 1.1
Dragoner Team
Master of Archery: Jungle War is themostpopular & powerful Archery game. Now you have chance togetexperience from the game to be Master of Archery. This isanadvanced action shooter arrow game among you played otherhottestand most realistic archery simulation. Master of Archerydeliversultra realistic archery experience that features withamazinggraphics of Jungle, set a shooting range in jungle war withamazinganimations and simple controls by fingers. Get ready fortheintense challenges in jungle war as well as prepare forOlympicArchery champions. Take a breath, aim the target, shoot thearrowand hit the key point of bull's eye now! Master of Archery:JungleWar will give you chance to be the best archer or bowman.Master ofArchery is the Challenge of 2016 to won the game inallcompetitions.Show the power of most realistic archery simulation in 2016byarchery bow & arrows. From the game, develop yourarcheryskills in different environments like shoot in jungle wargame withstunning graphics of jungle & the bow reloadsarrowsautomatically, play as fast as you can. Your focus &aimingcould be on the targets to unlock new level, win thechallengesagainst competitors who ready to play with you a junglewar game inthis archery game. Your chance is come to show theworld, that youare the master of archery arrow in this jungle wargame. Playingthis master of Archery is wonderful journey for you asflying gamewith the first person view. As best players of thearrows game,need to avoid the obstacles to get various levels andhigherscores! There are many kinds of levels and great pictures ofjunglein this game. So you can prepare yourself for ultimatefortournaments of Archery Champions from all over the world inMasterof Archery: Jungle War.How to play, Master of Archery: Jungle War1. The goal of archer is to shoot bow n arrow to thecircletarget.2. Simply tap and hold the screen to stretch the bow in thisbowenarrow games3. You need to guess when the circle target move around in thisbowshooting games4. Point the bow to the target location you want to hit5. Release when you are ready to shoot or hit arrow and decidetothrow6. Be careful about the wind factor! Shoot each arrow in themainpoint or target place.Highlights of Master of Archery: Jungle War> Smooth and fluent game control in bow wow games> Realistic physical gravity sensor for bow shooter> A variety of levels make the game more playable> Beautiful game scenes for players to explore> Forest pictures Environment> Realistic animations and stunning graphics> Amazing Sounds in bow n arrow shooting games> Barrow arrow Game Play> Targets at various distance by free bow n arrowCross-stage capacity of jungle war* Enjoy shooting games free levels in normal mode* Wind effects in bow n arrow games* Be careful while shooting the Arrow* Moving Target in different Challenges by bowen arrow gamesforfreeStandard competitions of jungle war+ picturesque locations of Pine Forest Archery Field &DeadlyDesert and Rain Forest+ Polished animation with realistic graphics+ 75 plus addictive levels in normal mode
Best Archery Game 1.1
Best Archery Shooting Game.Enjoy & have fun with our Archery Game which is aimed togivebest Archery shooting experience to all our users.This game is developed using Open GLES, so be sure ofoptimalbattery performance but yet a very smooth shootinggameexperience.All you have to do is pull the arrow with your hands, aim andletgo.This simple and addictive game helps increase concentration!If you are ready, pull the bow string now!Target to hit the inner most circle to score maximumpoints.Don’t leave the arrow just by touching it. You need to applyforceor else gravity will not let the arrow reach & hitthetarget.Archery Shoot is an challenging bow and arrows game,practicingyour shooting skills.Enjoy playing different difficulty levels to testyourconcentration & shooting skills.Share your score & aim high. Win exciting gifts forhighscorers.You can gradually improve your arrow firing skills totargetinner most circle of the board with the help ofmappedtrajectory.You need to be even calmer when you get to the round withthemoving target. This is the real test of your aiming,concentration& shooting skills. As you progress further targetwill startmoving both up & down & left & right.Feel the thrill of achieving the highest score after the arrowisreleased.You can complete infinitely for the highest record byobtainingbonus arrows whenever you hit the target at thecentre.This Target Shooting or Archery game app has been testedonlatest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3, Nexus 7, samsunggalaxynote, sony xperia s, HTC Droid DNA, samsung galaxy s4, HTCDesireS, google nexus 4, HTC One, samsung galaxy note 2 and SonyXperiaz. Please contact us if your device is not supported.We ensure thoroughly tested & highly optimizedArcheryShooting Game app to ensure minimal resource (Battery &Memory)usage & alike user experience across range ofdevices.Plz provide us your valuable feedback how we can improvethisShooting Archery Game app further. We ensure to address allyourconcern as well as suggestions.Like it? Plz rate our Archery shooting Game App!What’s more this Shooting Archer game application comes toyoufor FREE!
Fruit Shoot 3D - Splash 1.1
Fruit Shoot is the tough archery gameever.Thegame play of fruit shoot is to shoot a Targeted boardfilledwithdifferent fruits.Make a high score. Take a long breath, aim the target,shootthearrow and hit the fruit. The animation used in this gameisindetail and very accurate.Now grip the bow and arrow and try to hit the fruits let’sseehowfar you can shoot the target??This Fruit Shoot is simple and addicting game that make youfeelthereal effects. Download and play the game, you will enjoyitverymuchGAME FEATURES:-* Free to play* Kids addicted* cool sound effects and music* Amazing graphics with unique game play* impossible to put down once you start we assure you willnevergoback* Easy to learn and very intentiveHow to Play:-Drag your finger towards target to release arrow.If you have any problem in installation, please report We will try to fix it assoonaspossible.
Real Archery 3D Master 1.0
***Game idea***Get ready to play the latest and amazing archery shootinggame.RealArchery 3D Master is the best 2d game to increase yourartskills.Shoot the target with the crossbow to burst yourfeelingsand becomethe expert bowman in the world of archer. Take abreathto aim theright target and shot the arrow at the bull eye.Feelyouself-skilled master shooter in the cross bow archer game.Chasethegiven target and unlock the next archery mission. It’s giveyouaplenty of pleasure and relaxation while archershooting.Exerciseyour archer shooting skills and become the bowexpert oftheworld.***Aim and control***Control of the game is easy and ultra-realistic. Be a bestbowman;aim the accurate target angle at the bull eye with thenozzleofcrossbow. Stretch the crossbow string and press thetrigger.Soleave the arrow to hit on the target. If the arrow hit onthebulleye of the target plate, then you safe the shot andincreaseyourscore. Earn more points and raise your shooting skillswithplayingthis game.*** Sound and level***Stunning graphics and sound of this game give you a greatfun.Enjoythe realistic archery shooting game and become the superstarin theworld of archer. Maximum 20 levels give in thisgame.Environment ofthis game is like an ancient time. Just burstupyour archery skillswith playing the amazing levels ofthisgame.Everyone plays this ultimate Real Archery 3D Master game.Sodownloadthe free Real Archery 3D Master game and enjoy theArcheryCrossbowShooting.***How to play***Putt the arrow in the cross bow.Take a breath and set your aimTouch the finger and press the crossbow triggerRelease the arrow and hit on the bull eye***Features***20 varied difficult and amazing levelsRealistic 2d archery gameBeautiful and ancient environmentLatest arrows and bowDownload Free for playing
Archery Master Arrow Shooting 1.4
This is a bow and arrow game.The Time has come... You, Archery Master Arrow Shooting game,havebeen given a bow and and 20 arrows and this is your chancetoredeem yourself to the world, to the call.The Archery Master Arrow Shooting game play is to shoot aTargetboard with bow and arrow and make a great high score.You can also submit score and compete with the world with Highscorefeature.The physics animation used in this Archery Master ArrowShootinggame is very detailed and accurate.Drag, Flick and shoot the target with your arrows. You only havealimited amount so make sure to hit the bullseye because thatwillreplenish an arrow, it is your duty.It's not like hunting or sniping but it's pretty darn close.Thisgame will definitely test your marksmanship.Battle out against the world in Global leader boards. Clashwithyour competitors. Only one Viking will come out on top. Or youcanbe like Robin Hood. Also Challenge your friends to play withyou.It'll be like the Hunger Games.Great for anybody, mom, dad, uncle, aunt, kids or even grandma.This is an interesting and fun to play, improve yourshootingskills to become a great archer.Archery Master Arrow Shooting Features :* Free and fun archery game to play !* Feels like realistic archery Master Arrow Shootingsportsgame* Be Archer with your shooting skills.* Small install size, and amazing features!* Become the Ultimate Bow Master.* Optimized and Compatible for Tablets & all devices.* Stunning Physics and HD Graphics.* Zap the Targets to Win!* Share your Achievements royally.* UNLOCK new achievements to challenge your friends on GOOGLEPLAYleader board.* Share your score on Facebook and Google Plus.Download and play this game, you will enjoy it very much.It is kiip enabled, Get real rewards for making High score.So what are you waiting for? Download Now!!Fun, Cool and Addicting Arcade GameEnjoy!
Archery Expert 1.12
Archery expert is a bow and arrow gamewhereyour goal is to shoot a target board and make a greatscore.Thissimple and addictive game improve your shooting skillsand increaseconcentration.Pull the string of your bow, aim towardsthe targetand release your finger to fire the arrow.You can getbonus arrowon completion of target.This is an interesting and funto play,improve your shooting skills to become a greatarcher.FeaturesFree and fun archery game!Feels like realistic archeryMake highest record by obtaining bonus arrows.Be Archer with your shooting skills.Small install size, and amazing features!Keywords-Archer,Archery,Archery Expert,Bow and Arrow
Archery Arrow Shooting Free 1.0
This is a bow and arrow game.The game play is to shoot a Target board with bow and arrow andmakea great high score.You can also submit score and compete with the world withScoreloopHigh Score feature.The physics animation used in this game is very detailedandaccurate.Download and play this game, you will enjoy it very much.It is Kiip enabled, Get real rewards for making High score.Enjoy the most realistic Archery Shooter game with control.Shootarrows at the target and become archery master by clearing allthelevels. Get ready for the intense challenges, have controlonarchery shooter simulation and become the master of archerygame.This is not a simple archery game with the set of variousdistanceand task to complete. The archery game need loads ofpatience,accurate aiming at target and firm arrow shooting. Can youbecomethe best archery shooter or bowman of this decade? Or Justlet itgo? Make the choice wisely as you must be experiencing themostrealistic archery simulation game of all time with excellentgameplay.The Archery Tournament challenge is the hottest andmostrealistic archery simulation game for you.Archery tournament delivers an amazing realistic physicsexperiencethat features stunning 3D graphics, awesome animationsand simpleintuitive controls.An amazing Bow and Arrow game to make you thrill.Shoot arrows at targets generally set a various distance toearncoins for new bows,arrows and upgrades.Free archery game for mobile phone.archery best to satisfy you, bow, archer gamePrecise control and realistic graphics recreate an archery.Various advanced powerful bow items and get high score!Please to challenge the world champion put out thebestrecord!Addictive archer championEntertaining archer championYou do not miss the the ArcherChampion game If you likeshooting,shooter, bow, gun game.Please experience the fun archery, archer Hunting mode inmorerealisticLet's raise the bow that has been added, the highest scorebow, arrow, champion ,archery, shoot, archer,arrow,bows,Archery expert is a bow and arrow game where your goal istoshoot a target board and make a great score.This simpleandaddictive game improve your shooting skills andincreaseconcentration.Pull the string of your bow, aim towards thetargetand release your finger to fire the arrow.You can get bonusarrowon completion of target.This is an interesting and fun toplay,improve your shooting skills to become a great archer.Farm Archery is a very addictive archery shooting game!The goal is simple, take your bow and arrows to finish yourfinaltarget!Discover this completely free archery game with tournamentmode,great performance, small install size, and amazingfeatures!Intuitive controls, realistic physics, multiple archerylocationsand play modes make this one of the best Archery gamesonmobile.Core Archery introduces an intuitive single touch gesturetosimulate the drawing, aiming and anchoring of the drawing arm.Itappears as easy and simple at first, but the depth is revealedasyou progress to longer distances.For consistent good scores you need to practice yourdrawing,aiming and release technique. Precision and focus is thekey tosuccess in this game. Failed technique will lead tounalignedposture and you'll be surprised where the arrow fliesafter therelease!Rule of game is very simple:Shoot the arrow to the center of the target. More closer youhit,more scores you get. Each time you hit right to the middle ofthetarget, you get a bonus arrows.A bow and arrows game, archery game puts your in the shoes ofthebest archer in the world.Pull the strings of your bow, aim towards the target, and letyourarrow fly as a legendary archer like you only knows!Can you aim and fire the arrow towards the bull's eye andscorethe maximum for each shot?
Golden Archery 3D 1.5
This is a Single level Archery Game. Gameplayis to hit the Target.3D Environment (Bow & Arrow).Physics based Movement.Changing Target Position.Option to play in both Left or Right hand.Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices.If you have any bug please inform to us. We will fix it assoonas possible.
100 Arrows - Archery Games 1.0
Do you like bow and arrow games? This oneisforyou.Very fun and addictive archery gameplay.Try to score as as many points as you can before you runoutoftime!Don't miss any shot.Compete with your friends and crush them. Try to be on topoftheleaderboards.What are you waiting for? Check it out!More game modes coming soon!Attribution:Featured graphic background designed by Freepik.comGame graphics are either bought from asset storesorlicensedCC0.
Bow And Arrow - Archery 2D 4.5
Bhavin Panara
Bow And Arrow is a 2d archery game.Thisarchery game is completely free game. No in-app purchasesarethere. You will be given 10 arrows on start. If you missthetarget, you will loose one arrow. And if you hit the center,youwill get one extra arrow. Aim right with your fingers & hitthecenter of dart. Compete with the world through globalleaderboardson game center.Game is a great time buster. It's easy to learn, but hardtomaster.
Bow & Go 1.2
Bow & Go is an archery game.Playtheclassic game of archery on your mobile phone and hit like aRobin Hood. You can select the target and set thenavigationofarrow. Your ability of analyzing thetarget and accuracy will be tested. In Bow and Go,youaresupposed to hit moving targets as you clearthe initial levels.The game by MontoCristo will enable you to feel realphysicsofarchery game. The navigation andoperations of the Bow and Go is based on the real conceptofthearchery. The levels of difficulties andinterest factor increases as you progress.Your aim is to hit the bull’s eye 5 times and then yougotachance to strike moving apples. Graphics areattractive and best fit to the game. Rate us andgivesuggestionto improve this game. Also review ourother games. Play the classic game of archery on your mobile phone Select the target and set the navigation of arrow Real physics of archery game Hit the bull’s eye 5 times Levels of difficulties and interest factor as you progress Hit the moving targets Rate us and give suggestion to improve this game
Arrows n Wheels: Archery Game 1.0
Test your hand-eye coordination skillswithArrows n Wheels – fun and exciting Arrow and SpinningWheelStrategy Game. Simple and addictive for all ages.Get ready for 1200 levels of fun and exciting challenges fromSonnyGames. Take a breath, take aim, and shoot arrows at themovingtarget - without hitting anything else! Just touch yourscreen tofire your arrows. Will you be the Archery tapmaster?Game Features :- One-tap gameplay- 1200 addictive levels- Tons of wheel variations- Really easy gameplay, no complicated stuff- Smooth HD graphics and animations- Play for hours on end!How to Play:Tap your screen to fire arrows at the center target rotatingcircle/ wheel. The level is complete when you have thrown all ofyourarrows without hitting the other arrows. Too easy? Let's seeyouadjust to speed changes, changes in wheel rotation,wheelcomplexities, and many more variations making it harder foryou toaim between and avoid the other arrows!You need to adapt to the gameplay by adjusting your handeyecoordination with the speed and complexity of the wheel. Asyouprogress through the levels, Arrows n Wheels increasesthedifficulty level to make things more challenging!You have to concentrate and focus to shoot the rotating wheeltoachieve a high score – which is why it’s really addictive andlotsof fun for all ages!Will you be the best archer or bowman? Start tapping and becomethearchery tap master!P.S. In case of too much tapping dip your fingers incoldwater.What are you waiting for? No whammies! Download the best freeBowand Arrow Game "Arrows n Wheels" from Google Play now!
Balloon Archer - Archery Game 1.31
The World's best Archery game is nowAvailable!Balloon Archer is fun to play 2D archery simulation gameforyou.Balloon Archer delivers archery experience with simpleintuitivecontrols. Shoot arrows at balloons generally set indifferentpatterns.Get ready for the intense challenges. Take a breath, aimtheballoons, shoot the arrow and hit them now! Will you be thebestarcher or bowman?Game Features:- 120 addictive levels.- Cool picturesque locations.- Option to Play with Left or Right Hand
Dark Man 2.0
Dark Man Archery is one of thefavoritearchery master 3D games on Google Play. If you'rejustlooking for a shooter game to kill time, then this istheone for you. As you progress in the game, the game willpositionyou further away from your target, so it becomes harder andharder.You need to cleverly and shoot the apples, so you won’t enduphurting your friend.It's very challenging and is all about FUN. No wonder, DarkManArchery is being considered as the best apple shootergamesarchery right now. It's a crossbow Shooting deluxeforall ages that offers an amazingly, realisticarcheryexperience.It's very easy to play as you just need to drag yourbowto shoot the apple on his head from different distances inthisbest archery game.Also, you need to be a professional archer to beatthechampions in this league, and to do just that, you needtopractice archery, and master how to aim thetarget,and shoot arrows at targets efficiently. You havelimited arrows toshoot the apple, in this game ofwar.Like many 3D archery games and free shooting games, our 2DHDgame of war is extremely challenging and exciting. To transformtheBow Stickman, into a good archer, you need to hit theappleaccurately. You have limited arrows in this shooting gameofarchery so make sure to hit the target, and avoid moving 3Dobjectssuch as (crates, bombs, bricks, walls, etc.). Unlock variouslevelsafter completing the levels. Reach the TOP of Leader-boardsandcompete with friends. What are you waiting for?Key Features✔ Easy & user-friendly controls to play.✔ Pick up the bow & release the arrows to hit the apples✔ Challenging levels to shoot with great animation✔ Free app for kids and adults✔ Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices.✔ Limited arrows to hit the specific target, avoid hittingothers.Multiple targets to play & shoot with classic Bow andArrowstheme.✔ The physics animation used in this game is very detailedandaccurate.✔ Interesting Game PlayOverall, Dark Man Archery is a fun and exciting game with easy&user-friendly controls, and incredible 3D graphics that willholdyour attention the whole way through the game. It is themostchallenging shooting game ever, so it's perfect for thosewhowanted to put themselves to the test. With tons ofpractice,patience, for sure you'll get the hang of this awesomegame that iswell worth playing game.Facing a problem? Got a suggestion? We would love to hearfromyou! And we will try to fix it as soon as possible. Thank youforsupporting us.
Fruits Archery 1.0
Fruits ArcheryDownload this free game and enjoy by playing it. Youhavenumberof fruits to shoot and improve your digital archeryskillswiththis fruits crush game. Fruits Archery is a shooting andfungame,With beautiful and smooth graphics. Use the Bow and Arrowtohitthe Fruits to make a high score. You have special boostersifyoushoot Arrows, Shuffle and Power.. Don't shoot the Skull, ifyouhitit game will be loss and close.Game Features:★ Pull back the Arrow and release towards Fruit.★ Fruits are showing above the screen, which is youhavetoshoot.★ If you shoot non-display fruit, you will be loss score.★ If you shoot "Arrows", 2 arrows count will be added.★ If you shoot "Power", you are eligible to shoot allfruitswithoutany restriction for 16 seconds.★ If you shoot "Shuffle", shuffle count will be added.Youcanshuffle the fruit by clicking this option.★ If you shoot "Skull", game will be close.Your ratings and comments must be appreciating,sopleaseencourage us with your ratings to publish morefreeapplicationsand games...Thanks for download "App2Game" apps...
Sight Words - Arrow Games 1.3
Yuyu Class
FREE English Education Sight Words Games:Sight Words - Arrow GamesShoot the arrow! Shoot, shoot & shoot!Shoot the arrow to the right vocabulary word!How to learn English Sight Words fast?How to study English Sight Words easily?FREE download for English Sight Words Arrow Games!FREE play and invite your friends to English Sight WordsArrowGames.Get FREE English exercises by playing this English Sight WordsArrowGames.Increase your English speech skill by trying this funEnglishSight Words Arrow Games.Increase your English communication skill by enjoying thissimpleEnglish Sight Words Arrow Games.Increase your English listening skill by listening &answeringthis Education English Sight Words Arrow Games.Increase your English conversation skill by playing EnglishSightWords Arrow Games together with your friends.This game is originally made for elementary student tolearn& study some new and easy English Sight Words byplayingarchery games.There are about hundreds questions of English Sight Words forthisEnglish Archery Games.Now you / your kids can play, learn, study & read EnglishSightWords of Archery Games at the same time.Compete with other players to get the highest score!Who said that learning English Vocabulary have to be boring?Our Topics :Elementary GradeEnglish Kids GamesEnglish Sight WordsEnglish Vocabulary WordsEnglish Vocabulary GamesEnglish Vocabulary QuizEnglish Spelling WordsEnglish Spelling GamesEnglish Spelling VocabularyEnglish Grammar GamesEnglish GamesEducation GamesHow to play?1. There are 3 game modes : easy, medium and extreme2. You will see the question first, then you will enter theshootingpage3. There are 4 birds who are carrying answer choice4. Left touch to rotate the direction5. Press and hold right touch to control your energy6. Shoot the correct bird to go to next stage7. Need help? You can kill on 1 bird randomly by spending8coins8. Easy : You don't have to worry If you shoot the wrong bird9. Medium : -1 coin If you shoot wrong bird10. Extreme : Compete with NPC to clear the stage11. Login with your FB account, and invite your friends.Challengethem!12. Try to be 1st archery in the leaderboard, compete withworldwidearcheries13. Unlock all the 9 achievements14. If you get the last achievement, THE LEGEND, you will getaSPECIAL REWARD from us!15. Don't try to crack this game. haha..How to be a Top Player?1. Invite your friends to play this game2. Invite more friends, to win more coins if you answer thecorrectvocabulary3. Open the Social, Login Facebook, and Invite people4. Open the Top Player, and see your rivals all aroundtheworld5. Good luck!Rate us 5 stars. If you love this app and help us improve theseappsfor you.Still unsatisfied? Too easy? Need more funvocabularychallenge?You can try more fun education games from us with Yuyu Games&Yuyu Class.