Top 49 Games Similar to Princess Bathroom-Toilet Time

House Dish Washing Kitchen Clean up: Cleaning Sim 1.0
Kitchen Princess! House Dish Washing Kitchen Clean up is akitchenrestaurant clean up game to play with mommy. A fun clean upgamethat is great for boys and little girls who like kitchencleanerand washer games and helping their moms in the kitchen.Cleaning upthe home can be hard work and boring sometimes but itdoesn’t haveto be with this cleaning and housekeeper simulatorgame. Thiskitchen washing game gives you a chance to clean up yourmessy andrusty kitchen after last night’s birthday party. This dishwashinghousekeeping game allows you to clean the kitchen,bedroom,bathroom and lounge neat and clean thus takingresponsibility ofhouse care. After yesterday’s yummy breakfast,tasty lunch anddelicious dinner time, today is the day we giveourselves somecrazy room service in this girls game. Here you canclean updishes, put rubbish in the bin, place items back on theshelves,dusting dirty cupboards, cleaning the dish washer,sweep/vacuum thedirty floor. You have to finish your cleaningsession by sweepingthe floor, mopping up any excess water, andscrub all messes fromyour bench tops and cupboard doors includingspider web on theroof. Stack plates, cups and dishes in the stand,put thevegetables back in the basket, use detergent or dish washertoclean the dirty dishes and make them shine up. So if you liketochallenge yourself and help your moms, then why not try thisHouseDish Washing Kitchen Clean up game today and learn how tokeepkitchen neat, clean and hygiene in this amazing game beforewintervocation/ holidays arrives in your big city.Features- Thekitchenroom looks all messy and dirty fix it!- You have to dohousecleaning, decor and be very attentive to everything you needtodo.- Collect garbage and throw it in the dust bin.- Removedustfrom cupboards.- Place fruits and vegetables inrefrigeratorbasket.- Collect dirty dishes and place them in thesink.- Wash alldishes with soap and detergents.- Soak the waterfrom the platesand shine them up.- The plates must be placed in thecloset/stand.-Kitchen looks very neat and you’re the truekitchenprincess.Download House Dish Washing Kitchen Clean up todayandhave fun cleaning dirty & messy kitchen and show yourfamilythat you’re mom's helping hand.
Olivia's washing laundry game 2.0.0
Help Olivia in washing all the dirty dresses by separating thewhiteand colored dresses, put it inside the washing machine andtransferto the dryer with your preferred fabric conditioner. Ironthedresses and enjoy changing outfit with the newly washeddresses.Play this game and have fun! Features* Place the dirtydressesaccordingly into the laundry basket.* Remove and collecttheunnecessary items from the dresses.* Put the dirty dresses intothewashing machine and select your laundry powder.* Oliviawillinstruct you for how long you need to set the washing machine,*Letit dry in the dryer, the dresses will definitely smellswonderfulwith a fabric conditioner!* Help Olivia iron the dressesand hangafter.* Dress and accessorize Olivia!
Washing clothes and ironing game 2.0.1
In this fun washing and ironing game, you'll be responsiblefortaking care of the household laundry. Washing clothes andironingis important to making sure that the house stays clean.You'll takecare of everything from sorting the clothes to ironingthem oncethey're washed. Hurry and get these chores done so thatyou canchoose a pretty dress to wear and some accessories!Features:●Separate all of the clothes so that they don't get messedup by thewasher.● Wash and iron all of the clothes until all of theloadsare done.● You'll get to add detergent, change the washersettings,and more just like you would in real life.● After you getthewashing done, don't forget to put everything back where itbelongs.
Wash Laundry Games for kids 1.0.4
Hello girls and boys, ready to play our new best game Washlaundrygame for girls and boys. Have you ever helped out your mominwashing clothes, ironing them and drying them if not let'steachyourself how to do it with fun.You have detergent to wash andawashing machine to cleanup but first of all you will have a roomtoclean up.1- Clean the room positioning things to properplaces2-Separate the clean and dirty clothes.3- Separate thecolored andwhite dirty clothes.4- Wash the colored and dirtyclothesseparately5- Hang them on the wire in the garden to letthemdry6-Spray and iron them7-Hang in the cabinet.So kids let'shavefun with our laundry game and rate us.
Hotel Room Fix It Laundry Girl 1.1
bobolink apps
Every hotel has its own versatile room and made by its owninteriorand exterior designed functionality. Floors, walls andceiling arewashed, fixed it & cleaned by experts. Hotelreceptionist canprovide tasks on daily basis to all staff members.Hotel managercheck all cleaning list of hotel cleanup services.These servicesare granted on the special demand of hotelauthorities. Messy hotelreception cleaning is on priority list.Hotel kitchen room is mostimportant part of cleaning services.Quality assurance team cancheck kitchen on sudden tour to makekitchen environment hygiene.Keeping your hotel laundry room neatand clean is symbol ofperfections in duties of laundry girlattendant. It is veryimportant for laundry girl to check the use ofequipments on dailybases and ensure the hygienic quality standardsof these things.Experienced laundry attendant staff head, organisetrainingworkshops for staff member to enhance their skills inproper way.Correct use of laundry detergents are very important tomaintainclothe quality in original form. Quality of washing clothesiscompletely dependent on heavy washing machines. Timely dishwashingis also important to maintain kitchen smell. So, it isverynecessary to prefer authorized machinery for this purpose.Laundrygirl can do following different task step by step:-Markingnumbering on clothes- Sorting fabric material on colourbasis-Weighing materials before washing according to the washingmachinecapacity- Washing process have to work on stain removal -Drycleaning process work on extract excessive water from clothes-Hangthem in hangers for drying completely- Fold them accuratelyandplace it for deliver - Distribution agent distribute it backontheir numbered locations
Jolie Bathroom Cleaning 6.7
Zync Studio
Hi There. Jolie is alone at home and her parents told her tocleanthe whole house until her return. Jolie has made cleaneverywhere,except in the bathroom. The bathroom could not becausehe does notknow how clean and has all the necessary elements. Inthis game,you have to help Jolie to clean the bathroom because herparentsmust return as soon as she finished and cleaned up.1) Firstyouhave to take all the dirt on the floor and put them in atrashcan.2) then we wash away dirt to escape.3) should stop thewaterfrom the sink and tub as it goes continuously and is not agoodthing.4) then you need to apply a layer of shampoo all elementsofthe bathroom.5) after application, you'll thoroughly wash sinkandbathtub.6) at the end, you have to decorate the bathroom,choosingthe most beautiful colors.Thanks you agreed to help usthrough thisgame, and we invite you to choose and other games forgirls in thisdeveloper.Good luck!
Bathroom Clean Up & Makeover 2.6
Mommy is out and you need to clean the bathroom. The bathroomshouldnot be dirty as it is full of filth and germs. Hygiene isnecessaryso this game allows you to clean all the dirt and filththere is fora hygienic healthy life. The bathroom is very dirtyand full ofgerms, and you’re the only one who can clean up all themess. Evenif you have the star girl princess Emma, she still hasto clean thebathroom.There are a wide variety of cleaning toolsavailable atyour disposal so you have to select different toolsand clean outthe mess. In this fun filled game, you can clean thetoilet by usinga sponge and brush, making the toilet germs free.There aredifferent scenes available that requires your help incleaning them.Scenes include Toilet, shower, basin, tub and floor.The bathroom isa disaster so everything is out of its place andmommy’s going to behome very soon. It is your task to placeobjects at their places andmake the bathroom clean and tidy beforemom finds out about themess. To make the game challenging andentertaining, mini games havebeen added to get the game going withfun. So don’t miss this gameand be the best bathroom cleaner thereis.Features:• Clean yourprincess’s Emma Bathroom• Quick showerscene cleaning, don’t letmommy find out• Tub and Floor scenecleaning• Place objects at theirplaces and keep everythingorganized• Mini games that you won’t findin any other bathroomclean up games
Lili Ironing Washing Dresses 1.0.0
Today Lili's is cleaning day. She like cleaning and washingclothes.Lili helps mother to clean and wash clothes. Lili alwayswonderironing clothes. Today Mother gaved responsibility to Lili.Lili isvery happy today. Because Lili think like mother. Todayhomeresponsibility. we will help Lili. Lili take dirty clotheswithbasket. Lili will enter washing room. There is washingmachine. Lilineeds some detregent to clean dirty clothes. Washingmachine usageis easy. Take dirty clothes form basket and put intowashingmachine. There ara many dirty clothes,shirts,skirts andsocks. Thisday will be very tiring day. But Lili is ready. Afterputting dirtyclothes into washing machine close its door. Andclick the detergentbox. Put whitining and softining too. Youshould put detergantenough. You can put detergant until line. Ifyou put all detergantin enough level you can start washingmachine. Click the startbutton. Washing machine will start toclean dirty clothes. It willrun right left turning.After washingmachine clean drty clothes.Lili click washing machine door to takecleaned cloethes. Put allcleaned clothes to basket. Lili now haveto hang up cleaned clothesto rope. Beacuse it needs to dry withsun. washed clothes anddresses like sun. Lili will take cleanedclothes from basket andhang up rope. After than lili fit allclothes latch to rope. Allclothes and cleaned dresses now ready todry. Lili always wonderironing. Now ironing time. Lili will tryironing. Take clothes formbasket and iron . Wrinkled clothes willpure after ironing. you haveto iron all clothes except socks.After ironing we have to matchsocks. Because after cleaning allsocks are mixed. Take socks andmatch its pair. Lili loves hersocks. Lili now have to fold ironedclothes. Folding is veryenjoyable work. Lili like tidy room. Liliputs all folded andclened clothes her wardrobe. enjoy with Lili
Hotel & Room Cleaning Service 1.0
Let’s be an expert in providing best room cleaning services toyourbig clients in this five star hotel. Bored of playing kidswashingclothes and laundry games? No worries. We are all here withnewexciting clean fun mania. Kids Fun Studio presents new additiontocleanup games Hotel & Room Cleaning Service. A managementgameand closet organizing app for all girls and boys. Here inthiscleaning game for kids you are going to clean the whole hotelwhichincludes cleaning up the messy hotel reception, hotelrooms,bathroom cleaning & dirty swimming pool. You will havemajorduties to be fulfilled, get a chance to work as a laundrygirlwhere you will be cleaning & washing the hotel guestsclothes.So, be the best organizer and dress up the cleaning servicegirl,boys and get the fun job started.It’s winter vacationsseason!Clients are coming to spend the vacations to your resort andtheywant to avail best customer services. So it must be clean andwellorganized in best way. You are a hotel’s planner and organizer.Thehotel management will provide all services. You have a veryshorttime to manage all this. So let us start the work in this besttimemanagement game. Cleaning staff at the best hotel cleanupservicesMake your room more adorable and beautiful in look.Decorate itsinterior by your own choice, clean the dirty linen bedsheet andarrange all clothes in this closet organizing app. Collectallobjects from the messy reception place one by one and putthemperfectly on its place. Kitchen cleaning & BathroomwashingHotel management provides you each and everything forcleanupservices. There is also cooking portion at hotel. Don’tforget toclean hotel kitchen and dusting from all kitchen thingsproperly.Kitchen fever girl at reception is sole responsible tohandle allworkers relevant to kitchen maintenance. Work in a bestway justyou do in house clean. A separate young man is allocatedforwashing and cleaning the washroom by using sponge, brush,broom,washing powder, and vacuum. Make it neat and clean by usingalltools in this mop game. Then use air freshener there forgoodenvironment. Laundry games The laundry service is beingprovided tothe customers yet. They will have gone outside the hotelforwashing clothes. Take all the messy and dirty clothes fromthecloset and collect them in a basket to take them to hotellaundrysession. Provide best washing and cleanup services toyourcustomers to make them happy. Finally, the after all cleaningandwashing, hotel reception management and laundry session, hotelisall ready for its clients to serve at its best! Kids always lovetoplay cleaning & washing games. The hotel & roomcleaningservice game has all kind of kid’s fun. Download it free&Cheer up kids!
Bathroom Clean up 2 11.0
Unit M Games
Bathroom Clean Up 2” is the second game of the cleaningseries.Youare playing the role of a royal maid who help theprincess and herfriends in cleaning up the mess they created afterNew Yearparty.Your job is to;i) Arranged bathroom itemsii) Removeall thefilth and germs of toilet, wash basin and bath tubiii) Makesurethat the washroom is clean before the King and Queen get back!
Royal Bathroom Cleanup 1.0.1
Chic World
This baby royal girl has to take a bath, but she is unable to doitbecause the bathroom is inappropriate. Your job is to handleherproblems and take care of this particular room. You willdefinitelychallenge your designer skills in order to create abeautifulbathroom that would have the print of your personal style,but alsowill let you refresh not only the aspect as much as thesmell whileyou are cleaning it. In this decorating game, to be ableto designthe area you need to clean it right away. Each part iscleaned witha different kind of tool and you actually have toaccomplish allthe given tasks so you can move to the next step.First, you haveto make sure you eliminate that stinky garbage thatis spread allover the bathroom and put it in the trash can. Thespiderweb is allover the place and as soon as you clean that itmight look evenbetter, the mirror doesn't look good at all, removethe dirt fromit too. There are another cleaning activities on thereand to beable to reach the decoration part you must go through allof them.Once the process is fulfilled you will be able to design itin theexact way you want. Choose a nice pattern for the walls,match thetoilet color with the sink and why not put a nice carpettoo. Nowthe royal bathroom is ready to be used by this littleprincess andall you have to do is to help her out getting arelaxing nice bath.Wash her and apply the soap on the body, put thetoys in so shecould play with them. When you are done dry her anddressed her upso she could be ready to start a new day beingcleaned and fresh.Don't forget the makeup part and have fun whileyou are addingbeautiful colors on her eyes.Discover these awesomefeatures thisgame provides:- Variety of tools and processes toaccomplish- Freeand easy to play- Cool accessories and interestingstyles to adopt-Cleaning and designing challenges- Play withtextures and merge itwith the special theme- Help a princess to geta cozy bath- Dressup a baby girl- Try to decorate in your ownstyle- Find the secretsfor a perfect cleaned spot- Learn how thehousekeeping is actuallydone
Bathroom Cleaning Time 2.0.0
Oh my God! This bathroom looks like a disaster and your guestsareminutes away. How fast you can handle an imaginarystressfulsituation that might prepare you for a real issue. Let'ssee theway you are doing in this cleaning game when you are askedto fixand wash away all the dirt and problems that make this bathappearlike a total mess.This decorating game will definitelychallengeyour designer skills in order to create a beautifulbathroom thatwould have the touch of your unique style, but alsowill let yourefresh not only the aspect as much as the smell whileyou arecleaning it.To be able to design the area you need to cleanitright away. Each part is cleaned with a different kind of toolandyou actually have to accomplish all the given tasks so you canmoveto the next step. First, you have to make sure you eliminatethatstinky garbage that is spread all over the bathroom and put itinthe trash can. The spiderweb is all over the place and as soonasyou clean that it might look even better, the mirror doesn'tlookgood at all, remove the dirt from it too. There areanothercleaning activities on there and to be able to reach thedecorationpart you must go through all of them. Clean the bathtube, the sinkneeds her pipes to be replaced and the toilet has tobe taking careof because there is where the most bacteria isgathered. When thecleaning part is over you go straight to the stepwhere yourcreativity and imagination should flow in because youwill decoratethe bathroom as you wish. Last, but not least is thelaundry stepwhere you get to wash the clothing items then hang themup to dry.Use the iron and fold them to be ready to be put in thecloset.Youcould find features like:- Variety of tools and processestoaccomplish- Free and easy to play- Awesome accessoriesandinteresting styles to adopt- Cleaning and designingchallenges-Play with textures and merge it with the special theme-Try todecorate in your own style- Find the secrets for a perfectcleanedspot- Learn how the housekeeping is actually done
Hotel Room & Laundry Wash 1.0
Rooms cleaning at your services!Welcome to the hotelsmanagementgame, for all those who love to be the part of dreamhotel. So nowis the right time with this rooms cleaning andelaundry kidswashing clothes games. Be the best manager and plannerto maintainhotel rooms cleaning and laundry session along with thehotelworkers to make the stay of your guests the best stay ever inyourdream resort. So little managers.. maintain your morningroutinelist of all day list of dry cleaning & laundry foryourvaluable guest. The room 3 is calling… grab your cleanup toolsandrush for the best rooms cleaning and washing service. Thisdoesn’tends here! Have experience as cloth washing girl. Collectall thedirty clothes from the rooms and take it to the elaundrydepartmentin washing machine. You have a very short time to manageall this.So lets start your work of rooms cleanup, make your roommoreadorable and beautiful in look. Decorate its interior by yourownchoice. Collect all objects from the messy reception place onebyone and put them perfectly on its place.You have too many worktodo at laundry section, call on demand cleaners for your help.Startyour work from room 1 first floor to last floor duringlaundrytime. Hotel rooms are completely messed up and curtains, bedsheets& sofa covers. One by one takes all these things fromhotelroom and placed that piled of clothes in laundry room. Thisprocessof laundry work done in very sequence under full hygienicandquality assurance team. People demand good quality of washingandcleaning of clothes. Separates white and coloured clothes inverydiscipline way. Technical faults in washing machines checkedbeforewashing process. High standard washing powders &detergentsused in this procedure. Wash clothes and shift them intodrycleaning and laundry session. Set washed fabric material intothecabins and lastly check cleaning list for mind satisfactionbecauseit is essential. With this room cleaning games, you havemuch moretask to do. Clean all the bedrooms and kitchen area likeaprofessional cleaner with your workers. Wash and mop the floorwithall cleanup tools, take all the trash from the floors andthroughit into the trashcan in an appropriate way. Don’t lethotelmanagement disappointed! Do your all task properly. Finallyyourdream hotel is completely ready for the valuable clients tocomeand enjoy perfect holidays with their loved ones!This elaundrygameand hotel rooms cleaning has all kinds of fun for kids andfamily.So download this washing machine clean games and let the funbegin.
Girls Dish Washing - Cleanup 1.0
After copious meals & beautiful day.. it is must youhavekitchen cleaning game especially dish washer for your girls.Sokids, toddlers and sweet girls.. clean up your house kitchenandhelp mommy in arranging crockery in dish washing game. Afteralllast night was a party night and your mom is tired in makingyummymeal, so its kids wash & clean time… 🎊 🎊 🎊 So cleanupthesedining dishes and arrange them. We hope this kids dish washinggamewill make your babies learn cleaning house with easy levels.ThisGirls dish Washing is new addition to house Cleanup & isalearning game for young ladies to be.. so have fun!Greasy ..stickydishes are piled up in the messy kitchen sink… Hard-workingkid!Wash them up.Make your sweet baby learn how we have tocleankitchen once their favorite food has been cooked. Throw trashanddebris in trash to make utensils easily washable. Cleanse thesteeldish after your cooking game, add detergent on foam. Enjoylatherin your hand once you have made dishes clean and rinseplates,forks, spoons, cookers and so on. Once the water has beendrained,take a towel and cleanse all vessels.Once the dishes havebeenwashed, arrange vessels in closet and make sure they arenotbroken. Be very careful in arranging dishes which are gatheredonthe table once it has been cleaned by mommy. This will makeyourchild learn different shapes like of frying pan, pressurecooker,water kettle & filtering funnel.Once you have arrangedcloset…you have to pile up crockery and gather them separately fromdishbasket. This task will make girls learn how much difficult itis tobe cleaning kitchen. Pile up spoons, forks & water glassesinseparate pans to make your sweet baby learn important thingsofkitchen.And now with this complete kitchen cleaning mania,putyummy food back into refrigerator and also make food which doesnotrequire to be in fridge to be placed on tablecloth. Soarrangetable and fridge with food to complete your great missionand makeyour daddy happy.So Download this kitchen clean up andLearn prettygirls and guys as well.. as Dish washing helps you makeyourkitchen clean. Which now is good job for all so make yourbabieslearn cleaning skills in Girls Dish Washing.
Keep Your House Clean - Girls Home Cleanup Game 1.1.8
Never mess with your dream home & take well careaboutdecoration through fresh flowers & plants while engagingmad orhouse helper with your family members.The Best Home CleanupGame in2018.House becomes a home when we spend our weekend inpropercleaning & washing. This cleaning app will teach youabout theways to clean the house and to be a perfectionist.Cleaning thehouse in your way the rooms, the hall, the kitchen, thebathrooms,and the whole house cleaning game. Cleaning the houseCleaning isusually done from top to bottom, i.e. dust from the topof thecurtains to the underside, kitchen cabinets cleaning the topfloorand bottom and so on, and from the right to the left, whichmust becleaned.Make the bathroom look cleaner and shiny, andfacilitatethe process of cleaning the bathroom weekly andmonthly.It's nosecret that keeping your home clean and neatrequires a great dealof time and energy, whether you live in aone-bedroom apartment ora four-bedroom house. These days, ourschedules are so busy that ittakes real dedication to set asideenough time for a thoroughtop-to-bottom cleaning.You don’t have towait until spring to giveyour house a good cleaning! In-HouseCleaning Day, clean up yourhouse and get rid of the things whichyou don’t need. First, cleanup all the rooms of your house from thekitchen to the bedroom andlastly your fish aquarium. Wipe up dust,vacuum the floors, andthrow away junk! Leave nothing dirty and fixanything that’sbroken. 1. Fish Aquarium Cleanup2. Kitchen Cleanup3.Bed RoomCleanup4. Bathroom Cleanup5. Hall Cleanup* Select the roomfor thecleanliness.* The bedroom is so dirty, let's clean it.*Let's cleanthe dirty dishes.* The Bathroom sucks. Let's make itclean.* OMG!!Everything is messed up in the hall. Let's clean it.*So much dirtin the aquarium to clean.This Game Includes- RoomCleaning-Cleaning Home Sweet home- Arrange home game- Indian HomeCleaning-Cleaning Game For Girls- Big House Cleaning- Home Cleanup-GirlsHouse Cleaning- My House Cleanup- Mother HomeCleaningindia,PMproject, PMOindia, cleanindia, greenindia,massmovement, bharat,governmentofindea, ruralarea, shauchalaya,toilets, campaign,PMModiThere are many cool features this gameprovides - Experiencea wonderful gameplay- Free and easy to play-Play with textures andmerge it with the special theme- Cleaningabilities to gain- Findthe secrets for a perfect cleaned spot-Throw the rubbish away inthe dustbin can so the floor is nice andclean. - Scrub the stainsoff the walls to make them look clean. -Learn how the housekeepingis actually doneWe hope you will enjoyour Keep Your House CleanGame and don’t forget to give us the loveby liking our Facebookpage -
Ironing Dresses and Clothes 1.0.7
Today Miss Sarah is at home. She has many homework. She havetowash,clean and iron all clothes. Clothes is very dirty. She havetouse cleaning detergant. Today we can help her. First of alltakeall dirty clothes with basket. From basket put all clotheswashingmachine. Washing machie new maachine. It has very bigcapacity. Youcan put dirty clothes with clicking and dragging. Butfirst youhave to open washing machine door. Click the door. doorwill open.After puuting all dresses and clothes liketrousers,socks,skirtsand shirts close the washing machine dooor.Put thedetergant,softening and whiting detergant. You should putdetergantenough. You can put detergant until line. If you put alldetergantin enough level you can start washing machine. Click thestartbutton. Washing machine will soon start and will turn rightandleft. After washing period washing machine door will open. Nowyoucan take all cleaned loundries to basket. You can click anddrag.Now we can hang all cleaned dresses and clothes. You shouldtakecleaned clothes and drag the rope. After complating hanging youcanfit with latch. You can take latches from latch basket. Nowallclothes hanged and dried with sun. we can start ironing. Ironingisvery hard work. All women dont like ironing. But ironing isveryimportat. If we iron clothes our clothes will pure and sweet.Weuse iron to press clothes. Ironing all clothes use Iron. Thereisiron on screen right side. We have to iron all clothes.Afterironing each clothes click dress to fold it. Folding andironing issame mission. fold and iron all clothes. After ironing adfoldingclothes put all to wardrobe. And there are socks. Socks areverycolorfull. we have to fid socks pair. So we can use mouse tofindsocks pair. This game is very popular game in web. we hopeplaygoogle user will like this game.
Car Wash 1.0.23
The new exciting game for children "Car Wash" helps kids feelyoungmotorists anddesigners. The game has many different models ofcars,so that the baby chooses a car, what he likes. Machine needsto bewashed using detergent, water, washcloth, and then the machinecanbe painted. Also you can select and apply a varied patternandchange discs.Kids game "Car Wash" is a very bright andinterestingchildren game with beautiful and nice cars. Our gamewill help inthe development of fine motor skills and learningcolors and takeyour baby for a long time.Visit us at: Site:http://yovogames.comYoutube:
Doll house repair & bathroom cleaning girls games 1.0.4
Doll house repair & cleaning games for girls is a freehousekeeping cleaning game for kids house cleaningactivitiescreativity. Every girl wants to look like a doll andevery girl islike a doll for her parents. This cute doll in thishouse repairinggame also wants to make interior and exterior homedecoration likeher dreams. You can be the professional interiordesigner byhelping this doll with house cleaning and repairing withherexpectations. There are different section of home liketoiletemergency cleanup, kitchen bedroom, tv lounge and dress upfordoll. Help the doll to clean the toilet tiles, wipe the wateronfloor and apply shiner on walls and bathing tabs &tubs.Rearrange the kitchen tables and chairs with doll’s personaltaste& style. In kitchen, doll has to cook for guests. So closethewater to avoid flood, collect the garbage,toilet emergencycleanupand wash all the dishes & wash the floor, remove thedust &water from tiles and place the furniture. Wash thewindows , cleanthe walls and decorate your bedroom with toiletemergency wash& cleanup. With this house decorating game, youcan dressUpyour room with rugs, window curteins, plants and manywall hangingitems. Clean your rugs and carpets with rugs cleanermachine. Withtim you can rearrange your bedroom furniture to givemore stylishand fashionable look to your home. play this freebedroom cleaninggame for room decoration, seating areas, rugs,wardrobes, windowscleaning, wall cleaning & colouring.Decorateyour home with aninterior decorating theme. At the end when dollwill be feelingmessy, dressUp the doll with outfits, clothes,shoes, crown andearrings.*********** Doll home repair &cleaning game features*************** grab the bathroom cleaningtools for making yourbathroom more stylish* This home & bedroomcleaning game havelot of fun for family & friends* Kills thegerms & bacteriafrom kitchen and wash all the dishes * Cleanthe Refrigerator &Wipe the solution away with damp cloth* Cleanout your cabinets& Wipe down your counters* Wipe the basin andfixtures of sink& Clean around the faucet* Your garbagedisposal should workingproperly* Become the professional designerand impress the cutedoll* Download and play this free mobile gamewith your baby girls* Put a comfortable sofa in your bedroom anddrawing room for yourguest* Renovate your home with crazy furnitureselection* Decorateand repair the wall colours to make your roommore unique &stylish* Decorate your room with beds and wallhangings and crazylights* Paint the walls & try new furniture*Use decorativestorage & Refurbish old furniture and accents*Hang up someartwork on walls & Add your favouritepictures/memories* Addthe floating shelves & Use your creativelighting* Hang up somenew curtains & Look up for matching rugs*Get rid ofunnecessary clutter & apply some wallpaperNow youhave todressUp the cute doll your own expectations.Get out yourfavouritedoll, along with your collection of Barbie doll clothing.Select afew basic items from which you can determine a newoutfit.Carefullychoosing the most suitable pair of doll shoes.Figure outaccessories for your doll.You should have your doll’sfull ensemblelaid out next to her. Download Now !!! Play this freebedroomdecorating girls games with your family.
Princess room cleanup 7.0.2
When working for royalty sometimes they can be messy especiallywhenit comes to a princess. With this little princess cleanup gameyoucan have fun cleaning up your princess’s room or your castlereadyfor her return. Here you can straighten the furniture, lightsandwall hangings, clean the cobwebs, rearrange her dolls andotheritems, as well as throw the rubbish away, scrub the stains,sweepthe floors and so much more! So if you want a challenge andtestyour cleaning skills, why not have a go with this princessroomclean up game and see if you have what it takes to workforroyalty. Features:• Straighten the furniture, wall hangingandlights to make the room look straight. • Place the dollsandteddies back on the chair and in the bed. • Throw the rubbishawayin the trash can so the floor is nice and clean. • Scrub thestainsoff the walls to make them look clean. • Sweep the floor anddustthe cobwebs from the ceiling to create a room fit for aprincess.
Baby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene 8
Play Baby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene game for free on yourandroiddevice.Hygiene is very important for a healthy living. Buttoday,darling Hazel’s bathroom is messed up. It looks untidy andstinksat the corners. Can you help Baby Hazel to keep her bathroomareaclean and neat? First of all she needs your help in clearingthemess at her washroom. Then remove clogs at the wash basin andmakeit sparking clean. Finally trim her nails and give Hazelarefreshing bath. Have fun teaching bathroom hygiene to littleBabyHazel!
Baby Hazel Bathing Games 2
All bathing games available in a bundle in Baby Hazel BathingGamespack!!!Grab some soap and shampoo and have fun bathing andcaringadorable Baby Hazel! What more? You can prepare bath mixofdifferent flavors and pamper the little princess with a royalandspa bath. Also enjoy a lot of fun-packed games and puzzles towinsurprise gifts and delicious treats during the bath time. Gotokitchen and grab delightful ingredients to prepare bath mixofdifferent flavors. Soak the little princess in flavored bubblesandgive her a bubbly bath in a tub full of toys. Make the bathtimefun-filled and happy by offering her favorite toys andplayingmusic. Create soap bubbles and pop them for giggles.Add somemorefun to bathing time by arranging and playing fun mini gamesandgiving surprise gifts. If she is hungry during bath time, givehertasty treats. Finally, dress up Baby Hazel in good-lookingoutfitsand accessories and get her ready for the day. AwesomeGameFeatures : Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance : Bathe Baby Hazel in atubfull of Ballerina toys. Join Hazel to play fun mini-games andwintoys and treats. Finally, dress her up in nice-looking outfitsandaccessories for her Ballerina dance class. Baby Hazel Royal Bath:Pamper Baby Hazel with a royal bath! Start the royal bath bygivingher a soothing massage. Then dip the little princess in milkwater,followed by chocolate bath and refreshing shower. Baby HazelSpaBath : Baby Hazel wants to look gorgeous at her friend'sbirthdayparty. So let's give her a spa bath for a glowing andshinny skin.Pick ingredients from kitchen and prepare excitingflavors of bathmix. Rejuvenate the little princess by giving herflavored baths.Baby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene : Kids, do you know howto keepbathroom clean? Join Baby Hazel to learn the importance ofbathroomhygiene and help her in completing bathroom hygienecareactivities. Then give Hazel a warm water bath and maintaingoodpersonal hygiene. Baby Hazel Bed Time : Hygiene care isimportantbefore going to bed. So let's help Baby Hazel in herbedtimeactivities. Brush her teeth, give her a refreshing showerand dressher up in night dress. Finally, put her to sleep bynarratingbedtime stories to her. Baby Hazel First Rain : It's funto play inrain showers! So let's go along with Baby Hazel andfriends todrench in the first rain showers and play lots of games.And don'tforget to give her a warm water and dress her up innice-lookingoutfit and accessories.Baby Hazel Hair Care : BabyHazel looksuntidy with long hair and dandruff all over her hair.Help her toget back healthy hair by treating and trimming them.Then arrange afun-filled shower time for her and finally make herready for theday.Baby Hazel Skin Care : Baby Hazel needs your helpto keep skinglowing and healthy in winter season. Give her a warmwater bath.Then apply baby lotion on her body and lip balm to herchappedlips. Prepare some yummy and healthy meal to keep her fit.Visit us– us– us– us-
School Bus Car Wash 1.0.7
bweb media
Wash the school bus ready for the first school day. Here youcansend the bus through the car wash, change the tires andwindscreenas well as fix any scratches. With so much washing fun tobe hadwhy not try one of the best cleaning games available todayand washthe school bus before school. FeaturesChoose the bus youwant towash. Wash, scrub and fix the windscreen before changing thetires.Fix the scratches and push out the dents to make itstreamline andtidy. Clean the inside of the bus to remove anyrubbish.Paint it anew color so it will stand out at school.
Cleaning the house 1.0.6
All adults know perfectly well that children are very fondofthrowing their toys and things, and how scary for babies arethewords - cleaning. But today we will try to change it, try toenjoythe cleaning and help my mother to bring beauty and order totherooms, because she just needs your help.We present you anewdeveloping game for kids - "Cleaning in the House", in which wetryto clean up the house, make it clean and beautiful.And so, wheretostart cleaning the house? First we'll put things in order onthefirst floor. Here we have to clean the kitchen. We will need tolayout the food in the fridge, remove the cups and plates fromthetable, wash the dishes and arrange it on the shelves, andputcleanliness and order on the stove. After the cleaning ofthekitchen is finished, we go up to the second floor andstartcleaning the room.Here, the kids will need to collectscatteredthings and shoes, clean and place the toys in theirplaces. To thehouse was light and joyful to the children there is avery thoroughwashing of the windows. After the cleaning of the roomis finished,we will move on to the most important and beautifulroom in thehouse - the nursery, which always resembles thebattlefield,because in this room the kids play and spend most oftheirtime.Here we have to clean up the garbage, beautifullyscatteredthroughout the floor, washing the floors, you will need tolay outthe bookshelves on the shelves, hang pictures torn from thewallsduring the game and much more.Carrying out different tasks,addingup things and putting things in order in one room afteranother,your kid will move from one floor to another, while in afun gameform he learns how to right, and it's really fun to cleanthehouse.Teaching games for children, such as cleaning the house,arevery important for the all-round development of kids. They helptobring up such qualities as attention, purposefulness, developfinemotor skills, help to instill in your child a love for orderandcleanliness, teach you how to clean your children's room, andhelpyour parents around the house.We create with care andlovechildren's applications and free games that help children intheircomprehensive development and disclosure of theirinternalpotential.If you and your baby want to have fun andentertain yourtime, you just need to download and install our freegames. And ifthe children cleaned themselves after playing in thisgame - thenwe did not waste our time, creating it.  Besure to visitour and also we areat:Youtube:
Laundry games for girls 3.0.0
Laundry and publish games and ironing facilities and arrange theminthe closet, a launderette game category dress up games girlsgamesgirls laundry, bother to clean her clothes, after her visitto thefarm got dirty clothes and washing and ironing clothes,orderseparate white clothes from coloured clothes and wash themallindividually, and then publish the clothes on the Clotheslineandchose the new farm clothes Dana wekois wetsvit any foldingclotheslaundry steps separate the coloured clothes for whiteclothes andbrightly colored clothes and dark clothes beforeplacing them In thewashing machine. Check your pockets and takeoff the dirt and stuffin it. Flake underwear on clothes, and mayprefer to wash socksalone as the last step in the laundry. Watchthe teeth marks on theclothes to see the temperature allows forwashing clothes, selectwash cycles that must be used forappropriate washing powders do noteven harmed. Work on removingthe remaining spots before washing.Know your washer buttonsfunctions and manner of use. If theautomatic type washer, washingpowder is put in place, taking careto put a freshener smells toacquire clothes smells good when youwear this game one of the bestgames for girls games and cleanclothes, and clothes are put insidethe washer for a certain periodand then take out the clothes drybut my people publish and exposeit to the light so that it doesnot become damp and cause skinirritation when wearing clothes. Ifthe washing machine in regulartype, put water and washing powderinside my white clothes first,turn on the washing machine untilthe required duration, and thenwash the clothes with clean waterto get rid of laundry detergent,put clothes in the dryer to dry,then discard the water in thewasher and put another water cleanwith detergent and put the amountof new clothes, after drying theclothes do post them in the Sun todry well. My people criedclothes that need to roll in the Treasury,put it in its properplace.
Baby Hazel Laundry Time 10
Play Baby Hazel Laundry Time game app on your android mobileforfree.It's laundry time for Baby Hazel. Today she will learn howtowash and dry laundry. Be with Hazel in this learning processandhelp her to carefully follow the instructions given by hermom.Firstly, help her in separating colored and white clothes.Thenhelp her in setting up the washing machine and wash and drythelaundry. Lastly, help her to learn how to iron theclothes.BabyHazel enjoys playing in backyardBaby Hazel enjoysplaying in thebackyard with her cute little pet, Katy. Oh no!Suddenly there isheavy rain shower. Be with Hazel and make surethat she playssafely and don't get into trouble in rain.Baby Hazellearns how towash laundryBaby Hazel's dress is completely messedwith mud so shedecides to wash it. But she washed colored and whiteclothestogether. Gosh! White clothes got colored patches all over.Mombeing kind to her teaches her how to wash laundry. Be with Hazelinthis learning process.Baby Hazel learns how to ironlaundryWow!Baby Hazel has done with washing and drying of laundry.Now she hasto iron the clothes. Let us see if mom allows her toiron theclothes or not? Play Baby Hazel Laundry Time game onlineonTopbabygames at: Laundry Time game online on Babyhazelgames at: : us– us– us–
Twin Girls Room Cleaning 1.0.1
Here are double trouble ahead, this cleaning game requires allyourattention and as much dedication as you can offer. Seems likebeingan organized teenager is a hard thing to be, so you are abouttosolve these twins girls problems by taking care of their home.Youneed to be concern of all aspects that come across your way andifyou follow the given indications there are no way you couldn'tdoit. Begin with the bathroom and then you will be able to unlockthegirls' rooms when you are done. Collect the trash and put inthegarbage can, clean the windows, replace the broken object,makesure the areas where the bacteria might be hidden are allcleanedup and disinfected well. The toilet, the bath tube and thesink aresome of them and you should take a special care of them.Now youcan go to the twins' rooms and for sure there are otherthings youhave to do: to get rid of the garbage, to collect it andplace itin the trash can, to wash the carpet and make sure youdon’t seeany footprints over there, to wash the window and thepicture frameand then to wipe it, clean the dust and to rearrangethe missingobjects around the place. The bed needs refreshing too,replace thesheets and put new one on. Arrange the desk and makesure youaccomplish all the tasks so these two sisters could enjoytheirhome again.Look at some awesome features this game offers youandtry to find them all in the game: - Dexterity in art ofcleaning-Impressive tools for your job to be done- Free to play-Easygame-playing- Cheerful music and cool graphics- Developinteriordesigner abilities- Create a fresh look for these teenagershouse-Ensure a clean and all new place to live in- Experienceguidedalong the way- A great opportunity to learn how to beresponsible
Games cleaning clothes 3.0.0
Game cleaning room and cleaning clothes A new game tried to maketheroom more beautiful Games cleaning clothes of the best gamesforgirls, one of the sweetest and most beautiful free online gamesforgirls Game washing and cleaning in the bathroom, play the gameofhand washing in the washing machine and drying and disseminationanduse and apply only Come with my friend, help Princess Elsaclean andwash her clothes with automatic washing machine using thebest typesof detergents, tides, eryls and chlorine to removestains, scars,dirt, dirt, germs and mosquitoes from dirty clothes.Clean thembrushes in the sun and everything.Come and help theprincess washand clean the clothes of the small baby of the dirtwith automaticwashing machine in addition to washing powder Tideand Arial and drythem and arrange in the wheel and the rack inpreparation for thenewborn baby Come now play to help the princessin washing clothesand this game is one of the best cleaning gamesand girls.In thisfun game enjoy and show your skills in cleaningand arranging thewardrobe and put everything in place, a new andfun game of cleaninggames Come to play now to help Elsa star incleaning, washing,drying and kidney and arrange the clothes in thecupboard Come playnow
Washing Machine Free 1.0.2
This is new version Kids Washing Machine.You have 3 machineswithmany function.Set the appropriate program. If the clothing hasamaximum of 4 splash you have to set the program with 4 splashs.Youmust be careful on the sweater. If you wash it at a veryhightemperature when it shrinks. And you will get penalty points.Setthe washing machine on spin medium or fast because your laundryiswet and they were drying 45 seconds (it's a long time). Get itto15000 points and unlock washing machine under water !!! Youcanpush the fish to run away from you.Get 30000 points and teleporttoSpaceship.Big hyraulic doors and many Sci-Fi effect.Soon weadednew machines...Have a FUN :-)
Doll House Cleaning Game – Princess Room 2.0
Jolly Jelly
☆ Prove that you're the best at time management house cleaninggamesfor girls – clean messy rooms one by one and beat the clockin themost exciting fast-paced room makeover game!☆ Looking forcleaninggames with lots of levels and rooms to clean? Our dreamhouse fordolls is a real palace that needs a thorough cleaning, sostart yourcleaning day right now!☆ Doll House Cleaning Game –Princess Room isthe ideal fun and entertaining game that willteach you abouthousework and cleaning process! 🏡 Hey, fashiondolls around theworld, it's time to clean up messy rooms again inthe newest, mostamazing doll house cleaning game for girls! Cleanup the wholehouse, from the cutest princess bedroom to royalbathroom and luxurykitchen! Create your own dream house byperforming the biggest homemakeover in our free 💥 Doll HouseCleaning Game – Princess Room 💥!🏡Do you want to learn how to cleanyour room and help with thehousework? Our messy house cleaninggames give you a chance to do amajor transformation of your dollhouse and make it shine again! 💥Doll House Cleaning Game –Princess Room 💥 has incredible featuresthat will make housecleaning more fun than ever before:** 8different rooms to cleanfrom floor to ceiling: bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, bathroom,bedroom, office, makeup room and a specialsurprise room!** Tidy upthe room before the time runs out – you'llhave a limited amount oftime to place everything back to its place,as well as take out thetrash, scrub any stains and remove thedust!** "House cleaninggames for girls with levels" are extraspecial because each room inthe doll house is a new level!** Allthe rooms in the dream houseare quite a mess, but don't worry – inour tidy up games, there'severything you need in order to clean uprooms: a broom, mop,sponge, duster and much more!** There are morethan 20 roomcleaning tasks to complete in each room! Some of yourhousecleaning duties include mopping the floors, scrubbing stainsout ofcarpet, cleaning the windows, removing cobwebs and manyotherexciting housework chores!** If you get stuck and don't knowwhatto do next, you can press the hint button and see what theroomshould look like! That will help you discover what cleaninguptasks you missed!** "Clean up games" teach you abouthouseworkchores and cleaning up process, so that you will startenjoyingcleaning up your own room!** You will develop fine motorskills,visual perception and hand-eye coordination by playing our"cleanup house games"!🏡 💥 Doll House Cleaning Game – Princess Room💥brings new fun features that make this messy room cleanupgamedifferent from other doll house games for girls – the processoftidying up the mess is realistic, there are cleaning toolsandhousehold chores that you should know about! Cleaning gamesforgirls with levels will make you excited about doing houseworkandmaking your room look clean and tidy all the time!🏡 It's timeyoustarted the long-awaited cleaning day adventure with our dollandhelp her clean up the mess that's spread all around herbeautifuldream doll house! Bathroom cleaning, washing the dishes,making thebed and vacuuming the floor are just some of the usualhomecleaning tasks that you can find in room makeover and cleanupgamessuch as 💥 Doll House Cleaning Game – Princess Room 💥! 🏡 Isn'titfun to scrub, mop, dust and wash until everything is sparklyandsqueaky clean? Or to arrange all scattered things and puttoys,clothes, makeup and other objects back to their place? We knowthatyou love to help your parents with housework, and with ourdollhouse cleaning games for girls, you'll have a chance to feellikegrown ups and make your doll castle look warm and welcoming!
Car Wash & Repair Salon: Multi Car Design Shop 2.4
2d fun zone
Car wash is best of service station and car washing games.Thissuper car wash at the car wash station for the kids who lovetoplay car wash game. Car repairing and smart car wash at oneplacein this amazing collection of features of car wash games. Workatthe wash service station for car wash service and do clean thelongqueue of the luxury car in your way. People come to yourwashservice to get their cars to get best smart car and service ofwashstation. Multi car customization with variety of designavailablefor cars. Muscle car and all luxury car are willing to getwashingservice from an expert who can do car wash for them and mustknowhow to fix a car as well as how to custom design a car. Getcontrolof your repair shop and do car repair as well as mechanicworkshop.Become perfect car repair mechanic at your repair shop andcompletetasks of this car repairing game. Perform tasks of mechanicgarageand control the tools of mechanic shop for sports carsrepairing.Prove to be the best owner of car wash salon. Kids carwash withthe service station at its best with the features ofchildren carwash and car cleaning including sports car. Become acar mechanicjust like all other educational games with bestmechanic simulatorcontrols in this car repair game. Wash servicealso need bestdriving and parking as well as your driving skills todrive the carthrough the washing simulator. Your driving controlswill determinehow good driving skills do you have and howsuccessful you can beas owner of service games. Car Wash &Repair Salon: Multi CarDesign & Repair Features:• Best carwashing controls in thisservice station game. • Test your drivingskills also in this cardriver game. • Best car designing game formaking designs on cars.• Smooth car cleaning controls of thiswashing salon.• Repair andauto garage the damaged cars at fuelstation.• Repair car as instation games and complete levels of cargame. Download car wash& repair salon: multi car design &repair for the love ofcar driving and car washing as well as cardriver game withcontrols of car parking games. Get behind the wheelfor best cardriver at gas station to become best car wash owner ofwashinggames and wash games in this best car wash game.
Princess Home Cleaning Repairing: House Builder 1.0
Princess home cleaning repairing game is housekeeper and caretakergame for little boys and girls. Mommy is not at home and houseislooking really messy and dirty. Princess! let's surprise themommyby washing and fixing all the rooms. In this home cleanerandwasher game little boys and girls help their mom in dailybusywork. This house makeover and housekeeping game will allowplayerto design, decorate and build the bedroom, kitchen, washroomandstore room. Each room's game play will feature a completelevelwith multiple entertaining and creative washing andfixingactivities.Little boys and girls be the pro housekeeperandmakeover the house by designing, decorating and fixing it. Helpyoumommy by sharing the workload. Show love to your mom and helpherout in all activities. First help the mother in arrangingandmakeup the bedroom. Arrange the bed sheets and pillows on thebed.Manage sofas, side tables, books rack and cleanup the dust andmudspots from furniture. Chair is broken and need repair work!repairthe chair like the carpenter. Use vacuum cleaner to clear allthedust from carpet.Kitchen makeover includes washing andcleaningshelves. Repair and fix the broken pipes like a plumber.Use bestplumbing and repairing skills to fix the damaged pipes.Kitchendishes are messy! Little princess clean up and wash theplates,glass and spoons using dish washer. Wash the dishes andshine themup. After dish washing arrange the dishes in therack.Eww! Toiletis very messy and smelly and need proper clean up.Littlehousekeeper use spray to kill germs on the toilet seat. Washandspa the whole bathroom with sponge and soap. Fix and repairthebathtub and fix the mirror in the frame. Make the toilet looktidyand shiny. Makeover rooms like real decor professionals andfashiondesigner expert.In last level fix the storage room window,exhaustfan and manage clothes, tools and shoes in their racks.Store roomfixing and cleaner is fun with lots of amazing andwonderful task.Princess home cleaning repairing is fun buildergame. Buildfurniture, house accessories and toilet stuff. Completeallbuilder, maker, repair and spa salon activities to shine uptheprincess home. Now download this princess home cleaningrepairinggame and have cool fun time.
Bathroom Decor 1.2
Masiro Soft
Bathroom Decor is the most complete Bathroom Designcatalog,Bathroom Shower Designs, Bathroom Tile, Luxury Bathrooms,MasterBathrooms, Modern Bathrooms, Small Bathroom, Walk In ShowerIdeas,Make Perfect Designs and More.Bathroom decorating ideas foryou.The bathroom can be one of the more difficult rooms in thehouse todecorate. bathroom design ideas and pictures with popularpaintcolor schemes. bathroom decorating images. This applicationshowsyou the galleries of beautiful bathroom. beautiful masterbathroomdesigns, designs for small spaces, and small bathroomdesign ideas.
Escape Game: Bathroom 2.11
【END:1】Let's escape from the bathroom.[How to Play:Escapegame]Let's escape with hints and items.The game is free untiltheend.MenuBGM・・・・ BGM ON / OFF.Save・・・・ save thegame.BBS・・・Pleaseshare your hints and comments to help .
Home Cleaning Games online 3.0.0
Cleaning the house in your way The rooms, the hall, the kitchen,thebathrooms, and the whole house cleaning game. The wholehousecleaning and maintenance is one of the important things thateveryfamily wants to achieve. Home cleaning is essential forlivingproperly and healthy, but cleaning the house can be a bigdrag Tosome families, because they do not know the correct ways tokeepthe house clean, or because of the presence of children playingandcause trouble and dirt at home, so we will provide in thisarticlea way to clean the house easily and simple.Games clean thehouse,rooms, kitchen and bathroom from dirt only. Enjoy cleaningthekitchen, bathroom and home from the dirt and put everything initsproper place on the site of new girls games. The game ofcleaningthe house of a sweet game of princess decor games you'llhelp theprincess in cleaning the kitchen and the rest of the roomsof thehouse and put the dirt in place and clean the water with abroomand arrange the table and clothesCleaning the house Cleaningisusually top to bottom, ie dust from the top of the curtains totheunderside, kitchen cabinets cleaning the top floor and bottomandso on, and from the right to the left, which must be cleanedandclean the room from the right to the left , This method ofcleaninghelps to clean the house completely and accurately.Cleaning thebathroom glass on a daily basis, because it is exposeddaily toform water vapor on it. The bathroom washbasin must becleaned fromsoap and putty residues daily, preferably a sponge toclean thebathroom. Care must be taken to clean the walls andbathtub aftereach shower. , Make the bathroom look cleaner andshiny, maintainthe color of the bathtub brightly shiny and protectit fromfainting or obstruction, and facilitate the process ofcleaning thebathroom weekly and monthly. Keep the toilet clean bycleaning itwith a special mattress twice a day at least one in themorning andtwo in the evening. The toilet can also be cleaned fromthe hardspots by pouring the cola inside. Care should be taken toplace thelavender next to each toilet. Bathroom waste, changing thebagdaily to avoid the smell of foul odor. It is recommended tocleanthe granite with soap and soap, and then clean and dry itwithkitchen towels or clean the gas. It should be noted that itispossible to clean and polish the metal utensils used in cooking,byplacing a tablespoon of lemon salt and a quantity of waterandboiling on the gas, this method helps to get a pot for Brightandclean. Be sure to dust the household antiques and shapes on adailybasis, and clean them with a wet towel every week or two.Cleaningthe windows periodically and even if the weather iscloudy,cleaning dust from clean glass is much easier than cleaningit fromdirty glass. Cleaning the main house door is extremelyimportant,because it gives a picture of how clean the house is, andbecareful to rinse the house and wipe it with disinfectants onadaily basis.
Truck Wash - Kids Game 1.0.0
Oh my god, this great truck is so dirty.Help clean this truck now!
Washing Clothes 6.3
Cocos Apps
Hello, now we are very happy you came, today you will be ourhelp.What you have to do is very simple, namely you must help us towashlaundry. Definitely you help your mother and you know very wellyouhave to do everything to be perfect. This kids game is veryniceyou will like a lot the colors and the decor. Through this gameforgirls you'll be able to play the role of your mother for oneday.We know that you will do exactly what you need to help us towashlaundry. This game for girls is what you need to be able totestyour abilities. This game will help us to become friends, everydaywe'll play together. If you want to help us you are definitelyagood kid and very diligent, your family will be veryproud.Payattention to all the details of the game.Follow allinstructions ofthis game.Good luck!- In the beginning you have toenter into thehouse;- You have to collect the laundry;- Now youneed to sortthem;- You must enter into the washing machine thewhite laundryand then the color laundry;- Use special detergent;-Now you canstart washing;- Wait a few minutes;- Stretch the laundryto dry ona wire;- After a few minutes you can collect the laundry;-Now youhave to pack all the clothes;- Put the clothes in thecloset;- Youdid a good job, you're a hard-working kid.Thank you forhelp,please come back every day to help us through this game.Havefun!
Hotel Room Cleaning Games 2.11
Hey kids! Have a look at hotel cleaning games. It’s time to giveyouan opportunity to make your hotel room more beautiful andadorableby washing and cleaning. You are a hotel’s planner andorganizer. Itis your duty to decorate your hotel rooms by makingconcern withroom designer. Prince and princess are coming at yourhotel to staythere for two weeks so clean room, kitchen, bathroomand messy hotelreception. Make your cleaning services moreefficient. The hotelmanagement will provide all services. You havea very short time tomanage all this. So let us start the work,make your room moreadorable and beautiful in look. Decorate itsinterior by your ownchoice. Collect all objects from the messyreception place one byone and put them perfectly on its place.Hotel management providesyou each and everything for cleanupservices. There is also cookingportion at hotel. Don’t forget toclean hotel kitchen and dustingfrom all kitchen things properly.Kitchen fever girl at reception issole responsible to handle allworkers relevant to kitchenmaintenance. A separate young man isallocated for washing andcleaning the washroom by using sponge,brush, broom, washing powder,and vacuum. Make it neat and clean byusing all tools. Then use airfreshener there for good environment.The laundry service is beingprovided to the customers yet. Theywill have gone outside the hotelfor washing clothes. During summerseason, workers have fun whilecleaning swimming pool. Finally, thehotel is completely ready forprincess and prince to serve. Kidsalways love to play cleaning& washing games. The hotel roomcleaning game has all kind ofkid’s fun. Download it free &Cheer up kids!
Dish Washing - Kitchen Clean 2.4
Woofie Games
Dish washing has never been so much fun. Wash dishes fortheultimate fun and set them on your shelves. This game will helpyouhelp mommy and in so many ways. Become a mommy around thekitchenand wash dishes for fun. The whole family is counting on youto putfood on the table with clean dishes from the kitchen. Mommyisproud of her newborn after she does the dishes for her andhelpsher around the kitchen.+ Features+• Wash dishes and helparound thekitchen.• Play mommy and show your mom what you can do•Arrangedishes around the house for fun and check you arrangingskills•Become the kitchen king and make yummy food aftercleaningdishes.Play more maker fun and kitchen cleaning games withWoofieGames
Super car wash 2.0.16
If you love cars then you will just love the Super Car Washgame!Now you can really know what it’s like to own a car by givingit agood car wash and makeover! Here you will be able to chooseyourdesign of pink car, scrub the dirt and sticky residue fromtheexterior, and place the rubbish in the bin before arrangingyourcleaning products on the shelves behind your car. Once youhavecleaned your car you can then wash, rinse, and dry your carreadyfor its grand makeover! Here you can then polish your car,jack itup and change the front tire, and replace the enginebeforeaccessorizing and completing your look with fabulous wheeldesigns,lights, and exterior patterns. So why not see what it’slike to ownyour very own car with the super car wash makeover gametoday!FEATURES• CHOOSE your very own pink car ready for its washandmakeover! • PLACE the rubbish in the bin and scrub the stickymessoff your car!• ARRANGE your cleaning materials up onto theshelfbehind your vehicle for a tidy look! • WASH and rinse your caroffto remove any dirt and dust so it is nice and shiny!• DRY yourcaroff before jacking it up and replacing the flat tire readyfordriving!• POLISH the exterior of your car to give it a nice andnewshiny look and appearance! • REPLACE the engine under thehoodbefore changing your cars color to make it suit yourpersonaltaste! • ACCESSORIZE with its lights, wheel design, andexteriorpatterns to make it unique to its owner!
Kitty Kate Cleaning the House Tree 1.0.1
How cool would it be to have a tree house? We all dream about itatleast once and to make this cleaning game even better we comeupwith a sweet kitty that lives in a wonderful tree house. Thethingis that her beloved tree house is now really destroyed andthegarbage is spread all over the house. Kitty Kate didn't makeanycleaning since she moved into the house and everything isoverusedand the walls are all stained with grease. Your job will betoassist the cleaning and learn how to do it by followingthepresented instructions. Use the stair to move in each part ofthetree house, but to be possible to go into the other rooms youwillhave to clean first the kitchen. Be careful, you have a lot ofworkto do. Throw the garbage, clean the floor and wipe the dust,thenmove to the walls that need a serious rubbing. The sink and thegascooker are too dirty and need to be restored. The fridgeisfulfilled with rotten food that you will get rid of. Next, youwillgo to the bedroom and here is the same mess. Deal with allthattrash and try to make the room look like the one you could livein.Swipe the dust, have the floors cleaned up and handle the restofthe disorder. Move to the bathroom and save your strengthbecausehere you will get a little bit more work to do. Clean thetoilet,the bating tube has to be disinfected and the sink as well.Don'tmiss the floors and the rest of the bathroom. Now that youhavefinished your work, our beloved Kitty Kate could dance aroundinher new fresh home you have given to her. Besides theamazingexperience this game provides, you will be able to identifysomefeatures like:- Easily controlled and free playing-Developingcleaning skills and learn how chores are done- Helpingout a littlekitty to have her dream tree house- Using differenttools to removestains and variety of dirt to get rid of- Coolgraphics andcheerful background music
Kids Ironing & Laundry Cleanup 1.4
Kiddle Fiddle
Every kid love to play in the park in beautiful sunshine weatherforday long. But look! Clouds are here and these kids justmadethemselves super messy. These kids are a disaster now and it’supto you to clean them up! Will you be able to help these kidsnotgetting caught by mommy in this Messy kids blastsituation?Cindy,Molly & Katy are totally wearing messy clothesafter busy longday hanging around park having slides and playingdifferent games.Only you can help clean them up and make thereclothes shine again.Hold on dirty kid, Mommy going to get angrywhen she is back in theevening. You need to get rid of this dirtylaundry. Let's go tolaundry area and wash them out. Now the time toput some water,soap and white clothes in washing machine and hitthe start button.Now you can go out and put the clothes on thewire. Wait for alllaundry to dry. Collect all the laundry and takeit to ironingroom. After that you will have to pack and put theclothes in thewardrobe.Its all done and mommy is so happy with yourhelp. Youhave saved the day. Come back to help more charters.►►☆☆☆FEATURES☆☆☆◄◄☆ SELECT CHARACTER☆ PLAYGROUND AREA☆ WASHING MACHINE☆CLOTHESWIRE HANGING☆ IRONING CLOTHES☆ WARDROBE HANGINGPLAY NOWTOEXPERIENCE ALL THE WASHING, CLEANING, IRONING AND EVENFOLDINGEXPERIENCE TOO AFTER IRONING AND THEN HANGING IN WARDROBE.FUNSTARTS NOW!
Pepi Bath 1.0.8
Pepi Play
Pepi Bath is a role-play game where children learn about hygieneina fun way. The app has 4 parts as different situations inwhichthis cute character Pepi – a boy or a girl to choose –appears: atthe sink, washing clothes, going to a toilet and takinga bath.Pepi Bath can be played both as a set process of cleaningorwithout any pre-set sequence, where the player is free tochoosewhat they do. In Pepi Bath there are no stress orwin-losesituations. With Pepi Play children develop their sense ofhumorinstead.
Bathroom Break! 2.0
It's frog dissection day in Biology class...If I see one moredeadfrog body, I'm... I'm going to...Oh god...No...NOOOOOO#BathroomBreakHow high of a Vomit Score can you get?!Showus!!It’s a mad dash from the biology lab to the bathroom asyoutake down everyone and everything in your way! Rack up pointsasyou barf on bullies and bystanders. But don’t get caught withanempty stomach when paper airplanes and basketballs come your way!
Baby Toilet Race: Cleanup Fun 3.55
This game is a toilet cleaning simulator! Race with cockroachesandface all the dirty situations in all the levels! Prepare tobesurprised - funny dirty mess waits to be cleaned! This game canbeplayed by full family! We invite trying the game with yourfamilyfriends! CUTE BABY CARSRace with your favorite WC racingvehicle:Bubble Bath, PoopMobile, Run Run, Freshonaut, BubbleWheel,Cockroach, Rat, and Spider car!COMPLETE TASKSDrive andcompletedifferent game tasks: use the toilet, clean bathroom floor,unclogpipes, flush toilet, catch pests, repel insects, collectsecretgame objects and more! POTTY TRAININGShow that you know howto useWC. Play and learn how to use water closet and how wees andpoopsgo down the toilet. Don't leave the mess behind - keepitclean!CLEANING TIME!Use your racing car to cleanup thenastiestbathroom corners: clean the tub, toilet, sink and floor,unclogpipes and flush water closet! Help your family at home andlearn touse various cleaning tools as toilet gel, deodorant,sponge, brushand more! ADVENTUROUS RACEHave fun in crazy WC racingadventures!Ride on sponge or on soap, jump over a giant sink orwater closet,drive on toothpaste or bubble bridge, perform funnyflips andstunts, race in pipes, compete with Rat and Cockroach andmore!BATHROOM WORLDRace in 12 adventurous WC levels!Exploreabove-ground bathroom and visit underground toilet world bydrivingin spooky pipes. EDUCATIONAL VALUEGet familiar withbathroomequipment as water closet, sink and tub; learn to helpfamily athome: cleanup, wipe, scrub, wash and brush; improveresponsibilityand hand-eye coordination, creativity, problemsolving and flexiblethinking skills.EASY AND SIMPLEEnjoy bigbuttons, simple gamecontrols: click GO button to drive forward andARROWS to balanceyour WC racing car.Baby Toilet Race was created tohelp everyone tolearn about hygiene and understand about theimportance ofcleanliness in fun, friendly and educational way! Thegame isdesigned for families, it teaches adults new ways ofestablishinghygiene rules and to use the toilet properly andencourages them tohelp at home by cleaning after themselves. Pottytraining processand bathroom clean up has never been this fun!NOTICEThiseducational and family-friendly WC racing, potty trainingandbathroom clean up game for families is completely free to play,butthe game also offers in-app purchases.◆◆◆ ABOUT TINYLABPRODUCTIONS ◆◆◆Tiny Lab Productions is a Google Play TopDeveloperof casual and free-to-play mobile games for families.Company isrecognized for its innovativeness and high-qualityAndroid apps.Tiny Lab Productions lovingly creates simple andfamily-friendlygames and is famous for its leading games series FunKid Racing.Search “Tiny Lab Productions” on Google Play anddiscover even morebeautiful apps.Get the latest games news andspecial offersat:WEBSITE: http://www.tinylabkids.comFACEBOOK: CONTACT US Let us knowyouropinion about this educational WC racing, potty trainingandbathroom clean up game for families! Having questions?Needtechnical support? Contact us at [email protected]
Mommy's Laundry Day 1.0.0
Take the responsibility in your hands and prove to yourselfandeveryone around you that you can manage to replace your mom inalaundry day without any problem. But to be able to do that youneedto practice until you get the job complete. So this cleaninggameis exactly what you need for that. As you might see fromthebeginning is actually a laundry challenge and a cleaning oneaswell. The room is a total mess and you have to make it cleanagainusing those tools you dispose of. Each part is cleaned withadifferent kind of tool and you actually have to accomplish allthegiven tasks so you can move to the next step. First, you havetomake sure you eliminate that stinky garbage that is spread alloverthe room and put it in the trash can. The spiderweb is all overtheplace and as soon as you clean that it might look even better,themirror doesn't look good at all, remove the dirt from it too.Thedirty clothes need to be placed in the basket so you couldcomeback at them after. Arrange the object in the right order andmakesure you get rid of that bug that is climbing on the wall. Whenyouare done you have to take care of the laundry. Sort the whiteonefrom the colorful ones and separate them when you wash.Adddetergent and laundry softener for a professional wash and oncetheprogram is over you have to take the clothes out and hang theminorder to dry. Here comes the ironing part where you get theclothesand make sure you put them in the closet in a good shape.Iron eachpiece of clothing and arrange it in the wardrobe. Afteryou fulfillthis task you are not able to do all the chores in thehouse. Don'tforget to have fun too.Let's see what features thisgame has tooffer:- Free and easy to play- Cool graphics andthematicbackground music- Learn how to accomplish chores in thehouse-Clean and see how to housekeep the laundry- Be able to gothroughall the process of washing the dirty clothes- Wash, dry,iron andarrange the items in the closet in a right order- Usecleaningdevices to remove the mess from the room
Airplane Wash Salon & Spa 1.0.1
After the success of Car Wash Salon & Cleanup game KIDSFUNSTUDIO is presenting you the new & exciting AEROPLANEWASHSALON & SPA game. Now play this game and experience realtimesimulation of garage service station and have fun. Be anairplanecleaner, designer and decorator in this aeroplane washsalon &spa game for kids. Kids like to play washing, buildinganddecoration games with fun and adventure. This airplane wash gameisan ultimate fun and challenge for kids who like to washandmakeover cars and vehicles. Now select best airplane fromdifferentairbus and jets to start cleaning and washing process.Story LineAfter a long flight through thunder storm the plane istotallymessy and dirty. Take the rusty aeroplane to the best garagefortotally cleanup and fixing. Airplane requires complete interiorandexterior spa and makeover. Little mechanic fix the air planewithexpert skills and make it look new. Pilot is waiting for planetoget fixed and cleaned. Mini Fun Puzzle To make the game morefunand attractive for kids a mini puzzle is also added.Afterselecting your favorite airplane you need to assemble it.Build theplane like professional mechanic and fix all its parts.AeroplaneWashing Now it’s time to clean up the rusty and messyairplane.First use the water to wash the plane. Use soap and spongeto cleanup the plane’s mess for exterior. Plane is also messyfrominterior. Pick up the trash and wrappers and dump them inthedustbin. Clear up the plane from inside with care. Paint&Decorate the Airplane Little repairman it’s time to painttheairplane with multiple colors. Select the best airplane colorandmake your own plane cleaning and makeover story. You canalsocustomize plane by decorating it with balloons, tattoosandstickers. Give the airplane an amazing and super coollook.Thisaeroplane washing and making game is best for kid’s funtimes. Yourkids will adore this game and will learn to take care oftheir carsand vehicles. Now download this top crazy game and havefun!
Car wash : for famaly 1.0.2
In our modern and very turbulent life no one can do withoutcars.Various machines and mechanisms help us very much, they dailyworkfor us, making our life comfortable, pleasant and convenient.Wearevery pleased to present our exciting developmental gameforchildren "Car Wash". Little children are very fond of playinginsmall cars. But mischief-makers get dirty very quickly and youmusthelp them. For this, there is a place that will make themsparkleand make your eyes look clean - a car wash. Our car wash isa veryinteresting and exciting game. In it, your kids will find themostmodern and new equipment for washing their cars. With itshelp,your children will be able to carefully and very carefullybringtheir cars in order and make them very clean.Our fleet willamazethem with its diversity - motorcycles, buses, trucks and cars.Yourchild will like it very much. To your baby could feel like arealyoung motorist, who performs one of the most important andveryuseful works - you need to download and install on yourmobiledevice a game - car washing.When your child chooses a carthat helikes, he will thoroughly wash it using various means forwashing,brush the dirt with a brush, soap it with a washcloth, washitclean with running water, and then wipe it dry. Also replacetheold ugly and worn wheels with the newest and most modern ones.Atthe end of all this, you will need to paint the repaired andwashedcar in any of the available colors. But it is very importantandinteresting that your kid has the opportunity to paint on hiscareverything he wants, or paste a new, colorful andbrightsticker.Carrying out all these actions your child, decoratinghiscar, will try his hand at such an interesting profession-designer. All our educational games for children help yourkidsdevelop attention, assiduity, fine motor skills, will help tostudycolors. This bright and exciting game will bring your childmanyinteresting and unforgettable moments of delight from the factthathe creates something with his own hands.This is unforgettableandthe skills will be very useful for the child in later life. Donotforget to visit our website athttp://yovogames.comTwitter:
Christmas Doll House Cleanup 2.0
himanshu shah
Cleanup & decorate this all new little Christmas princessdollhouse! The little cute princess wants your help to giveherdollhouse a special Christmas makeover. Cleanup thisprincessbedroom, living room, bathroom & many morerooms!Princess Dollhouse Cleanup games will boost kids creativity& imagination!Have a magical time with this dollhouse makeovergame. This newgame for girls turns cleaning and simple kids choresinto a superfun play time.FEATURES :- 5 different rooms to cleanup&decorate.- Cleanup the sofas, lamps, chairs, tables,paintings,refrigerators, beds, wardrobes, dresses, dolls, furniture&much more.- Clean the Living room in perfect order and give itamakeover.- Clean up the Christmas Princess kitchen withbrooms.-Cleanup the doll house bathroom & Make it sparkle witha coolChristmas makeoverGive princess bedroom a whole newChristmasmakeover! Cleanup each room, which includes bathrooms,livingsrooms, & garden with separate accessories &awesomefurniture ! Show your Christmas makeover skills by givingprincessdrawing room the most stylish look ever!Suggestions fromparentsare considered as part of our regular development process.If youhave an issue with an item in our application, reach [email protected] You can send us your compliments/feedbackbyemail.For contact details see -
Baby Hazel Spa Bath 8
Kids can play Baby Hazel Spa Bath game for free.Wow! It is Spatime!Here you get a chance to make Baby Hazel happy by giving hera SpaBath. But as a first thing let us pick the ingredients fromkitchenand prepare different flavors of bath mix . Then,rejuvenate BabyHazel's skin cells by giving her different flavoredbaths. KeepHazel's spa bath relaxing and enjoyable by fulfillingher needs ontime. Happy Spa time with Baby Hazel!