Top 49 Games Similar to Princess Bathroom-Toilet Time

House Dish Washing Kitchen Clean up: Cleaning Sim 1.0
Kitchen Princess! House Dish WashingKitchenClean up is a kitchen restaurant clean up game to play withmommy.A fun clean up game that is great for boys and little girlswholike kitchen cleaner and washer games and helping their moms inthekitchen. Cleaning up the home can be hard work and boringsometimesbut it doesn’t have to be with this cleaning andhousekeepersimulator game. This kitchen washing game gives you achance toclean up your messy and rusty kitchen after last night’sbirthdayparty.This dish washing housekeeping game allows you to clean thekitchen,bedroom, bathroom and lounge neat and clean thustakingresponsibility of house care. After yesterday’s yummybreakfast,tasty lunch and delicious dinner time, today is the daywe giveourselves some crazy room service in this girls game. Hereyou canclean up dishes, put rubbish in the bin, place items back ontheshelves, dusting dirty cupboards, cleaning the dishwasher,sweep/vacuum the dirty floor.You have to finish your cleaning session by sweeping thefloor,mopping up any excess water, and scrub all messes from yourbenchtops and cupboard doors including spider web on the roof.Stackplates, cups and dishes in the stand, put the vegetables backinthe basket, use detergent or dish washer to clean the dirtydishesand make them shine up. So if you like to challenge yourselfandhelp your moms, then why not try this House Dish WashingKitchenClean up game today and learn how to keep kitchen neat,clean andhygiene in this amazing game before winter vocation/holidaysarrives in your big city.Features- The kitchen room looks all messy and dirty fix it!- You have to do house cleaning, decor and be very attentivetoeverything you need to do.- Collect garbage and throw it in the dust bin.- Remove dust from cupboards.- Place fruits and vegetables in refrigerator basket.- Collect dirty dishes and place them in the sink.- Wash all dishes with soap and detergents.- Soak the water from the plates and shine them up.- The plates must be placed in the closet/stand.- Kitchen looks very neat and you’re the truekitchenprincess.Download House Dish Washing Kitchen Clean up today and havefuncleaning dirty & messy kitchen and show your family thatyou’remom's helping hand.
Jolie Bathroom Cleaning 6.7
Zync Studio
Hi There. Jolie is alone at home andherparentstold her to clean the whole house until her return.Joliehas madeclean everywhere, except in the bathroom. Thebathroomcould notbecause he does not know how clean and has allthenecessaryelements. In this game, you have to help Jolie tocleanthe bathroombecause her parents must return as soon asshefinished and cleanedup.1) First you have to take all the dirt on the floor andputthemin a trash can.2) then we wash away dirt to escape.3) should stop the water from the sink and tub asitgoescontinuously and is not a good thing.4) then you need to apply a layer of shampoo all elementsofthebathroom.5) after application, you'll thoroughly wash sink andbathtub.6) at the end, you have to decorate the bathroom, choosingthemostbeautiful colors.Thanks you agreed to help us through this game, and weinviteyouto choose and other games for girls in this developer.Good luck!
Bathroom Clean Up & Makeover 2.0
Mommy is out for her baby birth and you needtoclean the bathroom. The bathroom should not be dirty as it isfullof filth and germs. Hygiene is necessary so this game allowsyou toclean all the dirt and filth there is for a hygienic healthylife.The bathroom is very dirty and full of germs, and you’re theonlyone who can clean up all the mess. Even if you have the stargirlprincess Emma, she still has to clean the bathroom.There are a wide variety of cleaning tools available atyourdisposal so you have to select different tools and clean outthemess. In this fun filled game, you can clean the toilet by usingasponge and brush, making the toilet germs free. There aredifferentscenes available that requires your help in cleaning them.Scenesinclude Toilet, shower, basin, tub and floor.The bathroom is a disaster so everything is out of its placeandmommy’s going to be home very soon. It is your task toplaceobjects at their places and make the bathroom clean and tidybeforemom finds out about the mess.To make the game challenging and entertaining, mini games havebeenadded to get the game going with fun. So don’t miss this gameandbe the best bathroom cleaner there is.Features:• Clean your princess’s Emma Bathroom• Quick shower scene cleaning, don’t let mommy find out• Tub and Floor scene cleaning• Place objects at their places and keep everything organized• Mini games that you won’t find in any other bathroom cleanupgames
Hotel Room & Laundry Wash 1.0
Rooms cleaning at your services!Welcome to the hotels management game, for all those who love tobethe part of dream hotel. So now is the right time with thisroomscleaning and elaundry kids washing clothes games. Be thebestmanager and planner to maintain hotel rooms cleaning andlaundrysession along with the hotel workers to make the stay ofyourguests the best stay ever in your dream resort. Solittlemanagers.. maintain your morning routine list of all day listofdry cleaning & laundry for your valuable guest.The room 3 is calling… grab your cleanup tools and rush for thebestrooms cleaning and washing service. This doesn’t ends here!Haveexperience as cloth washing girl. Collect all the dirtyclothes fromthe rooms and take it to the elaundry department inwashing machine.You have a very short time to manage all this. Solets start yourwork of rooms cleanup, make your room more adorableand beautiful inlook. Decorate its interior by your own choice.Collect all objectsfrom the messy reception place one by one andput them perfectly onits place.You have too many work to do at laundry section, call ondemandcleaners for your help. Start your work from room 1 firstfloor tolast floor during laundry time. Hotel rooms are completelymessedup and curtains, bed sheets & sofa covers. One by onetakes allthese things from hotel room and placed that piled ofclothes inlaundry room. This process of laundry work done in verysequenceunder full hygienic and quality assurance team. Peopledemand goodquality of washing and cleaning of clothes. Separateswhite andcoloured clothes in very discipline way. Technical faultsinwashing machines checked before washing process. Highstandardwashing powders & detergents used in this procedure.Washclothes and shift them into dry cleaning and laundry session.Setwashed fabric material into the cabins and lastly checkcleaninglist for mind satisfaction because it is essential.With this room cleaning games, you have much more task to do.Cleanall the bedrooms and kitchen area like a professional cleanerwithyour workers. Wash and mop the floor with all cleanup tools,takeall the trash from the floors and through it into the trashcaninan appropriate way. Don’t let hotel management disappointed!Doyour all task properly. Finally your dream hotel iscompletelyready for the valuable clients to come and enjoy perfectholidayswith their loved ones!This elaundry game and hotel rooms cleaning has all kinds of funforkids and family. So download this washing machine clean gamesandlet the fun begin.
Hotel & Room Cleaning Service 1.0
Let’s be an expert in providing bestroomcleaning services to your big clients in this fivestarhotel.Bored of playing kids washing clothes and laundry games? Noworries.We are all here with new exciting clean fun mania. KidsFun Studiopresents new addition to cleanup games Hotel &Room CleaningService. A management game and closet organizingapp for allgirls and boys.Here in this cleaning game for kids you are going to clean thewholehotel which includes cleaning up the messy hotel reception,hotelrooms, bathroom cleaning & dirty swimming pool. You willhavemajor duties to be fulfilled, get a chance to work as alaundry girlwhere you will be cleaning & washing the hotelguests clothes.So, be the best organizer and dress up the cleaningservice girl,boys and get the fun job started.It’s winter vacations season! Clients are coming to spendthevacations to your resort and they want to avail bestcustomerservices. So it must be clean and well organized in bestway. Youare a hotel’s planner and organizer. The hotel managementwillprovide all services. You have a very short time to manageallthis. So let us start the work in this best timemanagementgame.Cleaning staff at the best hotel cleanup servicesMake your room more adorable and beautiful in look. Decorateitsinterior by your own choice, clean the dirty linen bed sheetandarrange all clothes in this closet organizing app. Collectallobjects from the messy reception place one by one and putthemperfectly on its place.Kitchen cleaning & Bathroom washingHotel management provides you each and everything forcleanupservices. There is also cooking portion at hotel. Don’tforget toclean hotel kitchen and dusting from all kitchen thingsproperly.Kitchen fever girl at reception is sole responsible tohandle allworkers relevant to kitchen maintenance. Work in a bestway justyou do in house clean. A separate young man is allocatedforwashing and cleaning the washroom by using sponge, brush,broom,washing powder, and vacuum. Make it neat and clean by usingalltools in this mop game. Then use air freshener there forgoodenvironment.Laundry gamesThe laundry service is being provided to the customers yet.Theywill have gone outside the hotel for washing clothes. Take allthemessy and dirty clothes from the closet and collect them inabasket to take them to hotel laundry session. Provide bestwashingand cleanup services to your customers to make themhappy.Finally, the after all cleaning and washing, hotelreceptionmanagement and laundry session, hotel is all ready for itsclientsto serve at its best! Kids always love to play cleaning&washing games. The hotel & room cleaning service game hasallkind of kid’s fun. Download it free & Cheer up kids!
Royal Bathroom Cleanup 1.0.0
Chic World
This baby royal girl has to take a bath,butshe is unable to do it because the bathroom is inappropriate.Yourjob is to handle her problems and take care of thisparticularroom. You will definitely challenge your designer skillsin orderto create a beautiful bathroom that would have the print ofyourpersonal style, but also will let you refresh not only theaspectas much as the smell while you are cleaning it. In thisdecoratinggame, to be able to design the area you need to clean itrightaway. Each part is cleaned with a different kind of tool andyouactually have to accomplish all the given tasks so you can movetothe next step. First, you have to make sure you eliminatethatstinky garbage that is spread all over the bathroom and put itinthe trash can. The spiderweb is all over the place and as soonasyou clean that it might look even better, the mirror doesn'tlookgood at all, remove the dirt from it too. There areanothercleaning activities on there and to be able to reach thedecorationpart you must go through all of them.Once the process is fulfilled you will be able to design it intheexact way you want. Choose a nice pattern for the walls, matchthetoilet color with the sink and why not put a nice carpet too.Nowthe royal bathroom is ready to be used by this little princessandall you have to do is to help her out getting a relaxing nicebath.Wash her and apply the soap on the body, put the toys in soshecould play with them. When you are done dry her and dressed herupso she could be ready to start a new day being cleaned andfresh.Don't forget the makeup part and have fun while you areaddingbeautiful colors on her eyes.Discover these awesome features this game provides:- Variety of tools and processes to accomplish- Free and easy to play- Cool accessories and interesting styles to adopt- Cleaning and designing challenges- Play with textures and merge it with the special theme- Help a princess to get a cozy bath- Dress up a baby girl- Try to decorate in your own style- Find the secrets for a perfect cleaned spot- Learn how the housekeeping is actually done
Hotel Room Fix It Laundry Girl 1.1
bobolink apps
Every hotel has its own versatile room andmadeby its own interior and exterior designed functionality.Floors,walls and ceiling are washed, fixed it & cleaned byexperts.Hotel receptionist can provide tasks on daily basis to allstaffmembers. Hotel manager check all cleaning list of hotelcleanupservices. These services are granted on the special demandof hotelauthorities. Messy hotel reception cleaning is on prioritylist.Hotel kitchen room is most important part of cleaningservices.Quality assurance team can check kitchen on sudden tourto makekitchen environment hygiene. Keeping your hotel laundryroom neatand clean is symbol of perfections in duties of laundrygirlattendant. It is very important for laundry girl to check theuse ofequipments on daily bases and ensure the hygienic qualitystandardsof these things. Experienced laundry attendant staffhead, organisetraining workshops for staff member to enhance theirskills inproper way. Correct use of laundry detergents are veryimportant tomaintain clothe quality in original form. Quality ofwashing clothesis completely dependent on heavy washing machines.Timely dishwashing is also important to maintain kitchen smell.So, it is verynecessary to prefer authorized machinery for thispurpose. Laundrygirl can do following different task step bystep:- Marking numbering on clothes- Sorting fabric material on colour basis- Weighing materials before washing according to the washingmachinecapacity- Washing process have to work on stain removal- Dry cleaning process work on extract excessive waterfromclothes- Hang them in hangers for drying completely- Fold them accurately and place it for deliver- Distribution agent distribute it back on theirnumberedlocations
Doll house repair & bathroom cleaning girls games 1.0.4
Doll house repair & cleaning gamesforgirls is a free house keeping cleaning game for kids housecleaningactivities creativity. Every girl wants to look like a dollandevery girl is like a doll for her parents. This cute doll inthishouse repairing game also wants to make interior and exteriorhomedecoration like her dreams. You can be the professionalinteriordesigner by helping this doll with house cleaning andrepairingwith her expectations. There are different section of homeliketoilet emergency cleanup, kitchen bedroom, tv lounge and dressupfor doll. Help the doll to clean the toilet tiles, wipe thewateron floor and apply shiner on walls and bathing tabs &tubs.Rearrange the kitchen tables and chairs with doll’s personaltaste& style. In kitchen, doll has to cook for guests. So closethewater to avoid flood, collect the garbage,toilet emergencycleanupand wash all the dishes & wash the floor, remove thedust &water from tiles and place the furniture.Wash the windows , clean the walls and decorate your bedroomwithtoilet emergency wash & cleanup. With this housedecoratinggame, you can dressUp your room with rugs, windowcurteins, plantsand many wall hanging items. Clean your rugs andcarpets with rugscleaner machine. With tim you can rearrange yourbedroom furnitureto give more stylish and fashionable look to yourhome. play thisfree bedroom cleaning game for room decoration,seating areas,rugs, wardrobes, windows cleaning, wall cleaning&colouring.Decorate your home with an interior decoratingtheme. Atthe end when doll will be feeling messy, dressUp the dollwithoutfits, clothes, shoes, crown and earrings.*********** Doll home repair & cleaning gamefeatures*************** grab the bathroom cleaning tools for making your bathroommorestylish* This home & bedroom cleaning game have lot of fun forfamily& friends* Kills the germs & bacteria from kitchen and wash allthedishes* Clean the Refrigerator & Wipe the solution away withdampcloth* Clean out your cabinets & Wipe down your counters* Wipe the basin and fixtures of sink & Clean aroundthefaucet* Your garbage disposal should working properly* Become the professional designer and impress the cute doll* Download and play this free mobile game with your babygirls* Put a comfortable sofa in your bedroom and drawing room foryourguest* Renovate your home with crazy furniture selection* Decorate and repair the wall colours to make your room moreunique& stylish* Decorate your room with beds and wall hangings andcrazylights* Paint the walls & try new furniture* Use decorative storage & Refurbish old furnitureandaccents* Hang up some artwork on walls & Add yourfavouritepictures/memories* Add the floating shelves & Use your creative lighting* Hang up some new curtains & Look up for matching rugs* Get rid of unnecessary clutter & apply some wallpaperNow you have to dressUp the cute doll your own expectations.Getoutyour favourite doll, along with your collection of Barbiedollclothing. Select a few basic items from which you can determineanew outfit.Carefully choosing the most suitable pair of dollshoes.Figure out accessories for your doll.You should have yourdoll’sfull ensemble laid out next to her. Download Now !!! Playthis freebedroom decorating girls games with your family.
Washing clothes and ironing game 1.0.2
In this fun washing and ironing game, you'llberesponsible for taking care of the household laundry.Washingclothes and ironing is important to making sure that thehousestays clean. You'll take care of everything from sortingtheclothes to ironing them once they're washed. Hurry and getthesechores done so that you can choose a pretty dress to wear andsomeaccessories!Features:● Separate all of the clothes so that they don't get messed upbythe washer.● Wash and iron all of the clothes until all of the loadsaredone.● You'll get to add detergent, change the washer settings, andmorejust like you would in real life.● After you get the washing done, don't forget to puteverythingback where it belongs.
Games cleaning clothes 3.0.0
Game cleaning room and cleaning clothes Anewgame tried to make the room more beautiful Games cleaningclothesof the best games for girls, one of the sweetest and mostbeautifulfree online games for girls Game washing and cleaning inthebathroom, play the game of hand washing in the washing machineanddrying and dissemination and use and apply only Come withmyfriend, help Princess Elsa clean and wash her clotheswithautomatic washing machine using the best types ofdetergents,tides, eryls and chlorine to remove stains, scars, dirt,dirt,germs and mosquitoes from dirty clothes. Clean them brushes inthesun and everything.Come and help the princess wash and clean the clothes of thesmallbaby of the dirt with automatic washing machine in additiontowashing powder Tide and Arial and dry them and arrange in thewheeland the rack in preparation for the newborn baby Come now playtohelp the princess in washing clothes and this game is one ofthebest cleaning games and girls.In this fun game enjoy and show your skills in cleaningandarranging the wardrobe and put everything in place, a new andfungame of cleaning games Come to play now to help Elsa starincleaning, washing, drying and kidney and arrange the clothes inthecupboard Come play now
Wash Laundry Games for kids 1.0.4
Hello girls and boys, ready to play ournewbest game Wash laundry game for girls and boys. Have youeverhelped out your mom in washing clothes, ironing them anddryingthem if not let's teach yourself how to do it with fun.You have detergent to wash and a washing machine to cleanupbutfirst of all you will have a room to clean up.1- Clean the room positioning things to proper places2- Separate the clean and dirty clothes.3- Separate the colored and white dirty clothes.4- Wash the colored and dirty clothes separately5- Hang them on the wire in the garden to let them dry6-Spray and iron them7-Hang in the cabinet.So kids let's have fun with our laundry game and rate us.
Bathroom Cleaning Time 2.0.0
Oh my God! This bathroom looks like adisasterand your guests are minutes away. How fast you can handleanimaginary stressful situation that might prepare you for arealissue. Let's see the way you are doing in this cleaning gamewhenyou are asked to fix and wash away all the dirt and problemsthatmake this bath appear like a total mess.This decorating gamewilldefinitely challenge your designer skills in order to createabeautiful bathroom that would have the touch of your uniquestyle,but also will let you refresh not only the aspect as much asthesmell while you are cleaning it.To be able to design the areayouneed to clean it right away. Each part is cleaned with adifferentkind of tool and you actually have to accomplish all thegiventasks so you can move to the next step.First, you have to make sure you eliminate that stinky garbagethatis spread all over the bathroom and put it in the trash can.Thespiderweb is all over the place and as soon as you clean thatitmight look even better, the mirror doesn't look good at all,removethe dirt from it too. There are another cleaning activitiesonthere and to be able to reach the decoration part you mustgothrough all of them. Clean the bath tube, the sink needs herpipesto be replaced and the toilet has to be taking care ofbecausethere is where the most bacteria is gathered. When thecleaningpart is over you go straight to the step where yourcreativity andimagination should flow in because you will decoratethe bathroomas you wish. Last, but not least is the laundry stepwhere you getto wash the clothing items then hang them up to dry.Use the ironand fold them to be ready to be put in thecloset.You could find features like:- Variety of tools and processes to accomplish- Free and easy to play- Awesome accessories and interesting styles to adopt- Cleaning and designing challenges- Play with textures and merge it with the special theme- Try to decorate in your own style- Find the secrets for a perfect cleaned spot- Learn how the housekeeping is actually done
Olivia's washing laundry game 2.0.0
Help Olivia in washing all the dirty dressesbyseparating the white and colored dresses, put it inside thewashingmachine and transfer to the dryer with your preferredfabricconditioner. Iron the dresses and enjoy changing outfit withthenewly washed dresses. Play this game and have fun!Features* Place the dirty dresses accordingly into the laundrybasket.* Remove and collect the unnecessary items from the dresses.* Put the dirty dresses into the washing machine and selectyourlaundry powder.* Olivia will instruct you for how long you need to set thewashingmachine,* Let it dry in the dryer, the dresses will definitelysmellswonderful with a fabric conditioner!* Help Olivia iron the dresses and hang after.* Dress and accessorize Olivia!
Girls Dish Washing - Cleanup 1.0
After copious meals & beautiful day.. itismust you have kitchen cleaning game especially dish washer foryourgirls. So kids, toddlers and sweet girls.. clean up yourhousekitchen and help mommy in arranging crockery in dish washinggame.After all last night was a party night and your mom is tiredinmaking yummy meal, so its kids wash & clean time… 🎊 🎊 🎊Socleanup these dining dishes and arrange them. We hope thiskidsdish washing game will make your babies learn cleaning housewitheasy levels. This Girls dish Washing is new addition tohouseCleanup & is a learning game for young ladies to be.. sohavefun!Greasy .. sticky dishes are piled up in the messy kitchensink…Hard-working kid! Wash them up.Make your sweet baby learn how we have to clean kitchen oncetheirfavorite food has been cooked. Throw trash and debris in trashtomake utensils easily washable. Cleanse the steel dish afteryourcooking game, add detergent on foam. Enjoy lather in your handonceyou have made dishes clean and rinse plates, forks, spoons,cookersand so on. Once the water has been drained, take a towelandcleanse all vessels.Once the dishes have been washed, arrange vessels in closet andmakesure they are not broken. Be very careful in arranging disheswhichare gathered on the table once it has been cleaned by mommy.Thiswill make your child learn different shapes like of fryingpan,pressure cooker, water kettle & filtering funnel.Once you have arranged closet… you have to pile up crockeryandgather them separately from dish basket. This task will makegirlslearn how much difficult it is to be cleaning kitchen. Pileupspoons, forks & water glasses in separate pans to makeyoursweet baby learn important things of kitchen.And now with this complete kitchen cleaning mania, put yummyfoodback into refrigerator and also make food which does notrequire tobe in fridge to be placed on tablecloth. So arrange tableandfridge with food to complete your great mission and make yourdaddyhappy.So Download this kitchen clean up and Learn pretty girls and guysaswell.. as Dish washing helps you make your kitchen clean. Whichnowis good job for all so make your babies learn cleaning skillsinGirls Dish Washing.
Doll House Cleaning Game – Princess Room
Jolly Jelly
☆ Prove that you're the best attimemanagement house cleaning games for girls – clean messy roomsoneby one and beat the clock in the most exciting fast-pacedroommakeover game!☆ Looking for cleaning games with lots of levels and rooms toclean?Our dream house for dolls is a real palace that needs athoroughcleaning, so start your cleaning day right now!☆ Doll House Cleaning Game – Princess Room is the ideal funandentertaining game that will teach you about housework andcleaningprocess!🏡 Hey, fashion dolls around the world, it's time to clean upmessyrooms again in the newest, most amazing doll house cleaninggamefor girls! Clean up the whole house, from the cutestprincessbedroom to royal bathroom and luxury kitchen! Create yourown dreamhouse by performing the biggest home makeover in our free💥 DollHouse Cleaning Game – Princess Room 💥!🏡 Do you want to learn how to clean your room and help withthehousework? Our messy house cleaning games give you a chance todo amajor transformation of your doll house and make itshineagain!💥 Doll House Cleaning Game – Princess Room 💥 has incrediblefeaturesthat will make house cleaning more fun than everbefore:** 8 different rooms to clean from floor to ceiling: bedroom,livingroom, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, makeup room and aspecialsurprise room!** Tidy up the room before the time runs out – you'll have alimitedamount of time to place everything back to its place, aswell astake out the trash, scrub any stains and remove thedust!** "House cleaning games for girls with levels" are extraspecialbecause each room in the doll house is a new level!** All the rooms in the dream house are quite a mess, butdon'tworry – in our tidy up games, there's everything you need inorderto clean up rooms: a broom, mop, sponge, duster andmuchmore!** There are more than 20 room cleaning tasks to complete ineachroom! Some of your house cleaning duties include moppingthefloors, scrubbing stains out of carpet, cleaning thewindows,removing cobwebs and many other exciting houseworkchores!** If you get stuck and don't know what to do next, you canpressthe hint button and see what the room should look like! Thatwillhelp you discover what cleaning up tasks you missed!** "Clean up games" teach you about housework chores and cleaningupprocess, so that you will start enjoying cleaning up yourownroom!** You will develop fine motor skills, visual perceptionandhand-eye coordination by playing our "clean up housegames"!🏡 💥 Doll House Cleaning Game – Princess Room 💥 brings newfunfeatures that make this messy room cleanup game differentfromother doll house games for girls – the process of tidying upthemess is realistic, there are cleaning tools and householdchoresthat you should know about! Cleaning games for girls withlevelswill make you excited about doing housework and making yourroomlook clean and tidy all the time!🏡 It's time you started the long-awaited cleaning day adventurewithour doll and help her clean up the mess that's spread allaround herbeautiful dream doll house! Bathroom cleaning, washingthe dishes,making the bed and vacuuming the floor are just some ofthe usualhome cleaning tasks that you can find in room makeoverand cleanupgames such as 💥 Doll House Cleaning Game – PrincessRoom 💥!🏡 Isn't it fun to scrub, mop, dust and wash until everythingissparkly and squeaky clean? Or to arrange all scattered thingsandput toys, clothes, makeup and other objects back to their place?Weknow that you love to help your parents with housework, andwithour doll house cleaning games for girls, you'll have a chancetofeel like grown ups and make your doll castle look warmandwelcoming!
Mommy's Laundry Day 1.0.0
Take the responsibility in your hands andproveto yourself and everyone around you that you can manage toreplaceyour mom in a laundry day without any problem. But to beable to dothat you need to practice until you get the jobcomplete. So thiscleaning game is exactly what you need for that.As you might seefrom the beginning is actually a laundry challengeand a cleaningone as well. The room is a total mess and you haveto make it cleanagain using those tools you dispose of. Each partis cleaned with adifferent kind of tool and you actually have toaccomplish all thegiven tasks so you can move to the next step.First, you have tomake sure you eliminate that stinky garbage thatis spread all overthe room and put it in the trash can. Thespiderweb is all over theplace and as soon as you clean that itmight look even better, themirror doesn't look good at all, removethe dirt from it too. Thedirty clothes need to be placed in thebasket so you could come backat them after. Arrange the object inthe right order and make sureyou get rid of that bug that isclimbing on the wall. When you aredone you have to take care ofthe laundry. Sort the white one fromthe colorful ones and separatethem when you wash. Add detergent andlaundry softener for aprofessional wash and once the program isover you have to take theclothes out and hang them in order to dry.Here comes the ironingpart where you get the clothes and make sureyou put them in thecloset in a good shape. Iron each piece ofclothing and arrange itin the wardrobe. After you fulfill this taskyou are not able to doall the chores in the house. Don't forget tohave fun too.Let's see what features this game has to offer:- Free and easy to play- Cool graphics and thematic background music- Learn how to accomplish chores in the house- Clean and see how to housekeep the laundry- Be able to go through all the process of washing thedirtyclothes- Wash, dry, iron and arrange the items in the closet in arightorder- Use cleaning devices to remove the mess from the room
Bathroom cleaning girls games 2.7.8
Hi, we all want to relax after a very busydayand each of us has a method that can help us to relax. We liketogo to the spa, there we can receive all the attention that weneedand every time we go back to spa salon. A spa salon iseverythingthat somebody wants when he feels very tired. Do you likespatreatments? We are sure you like these treatments but youshouldknow that beyond all the beautiful things there are otherthingsthat we have to do and the most important thing is that wehave toclean. Everything has to be very clean and we alone can notfinishall the chores on time. This clean up games for girls willhelp youhave fun and at the same time will help you show everyonethat youare a very industrious child.In this cleaning games with a spa salon you will have manydetailsto be worked out.Please follow all instructions in this kids games.- In the beginning you will see what you have to do;- The bathroom is very dirty;- Turn off water to prevent flooding;- Wash tub;- Clean the floor;- Clean the floor and walls;- Remove dust;- Arrange all things;- Arrange the picture;- The bathroom looks great and you now have to go in themassageroom;- For the massage to be perfect and the room has to beveryclean;- Remove dust and then orders all things;- Everything is very clean and everything is due to averyindustrious child.Thank you for everything you did, you are a good friend andpleasecome back to help us through this cleaning games forkids.Have fun!
Airplane Wash Salon & Spa 1.0.1
After the success of Car Wash Salon&Cleanup game KIDS FUN STUDIO is presenting you the new&exciting AEROPLANE WASH SALON & SPA game. Now play thisgameand experience real time simulation of garage service stationandhave fun.Be an airplane cleaner, designer and decorator in thisaeroplanewash salon & spa game for kids. Kids like to playwashing,building and decoration games with fun and adventure. Thisairplanewash game is an ultimate fun and challenge for kids wholike towash and makeover cars and vehicles. Now select bestairplane fromdifferent airbus and jets to start cleaning andwashingprocess.Story LineAfter a long flight through thunder storm the plane is totallymessyand dirty. Take the rusty aeroplane to the best garage fortotallycleanup and fixing. Airplane requires complete interior andexteriorspa and makeover. Little mechanic fix the air plane withexpertskills and make it look new. Pilot is waiting for plane toget fixedand cleaned.Mini Fun PuzzleTo make the game more fun and attractive for kids a mini puzzleisalso added. After selecting your favorite airplane you needtoassemble it. Build the plane like professional mechanic and fixallits parts.Aeroplane WashingNow it’s time to clean up the rusty and messy airplane. Firstusethe water to wash the plane. Use soap and sponge to clean uptheplane’s mess for exterior. Plane is also messy from interior.Pickup the trash and wrappers and dump them in the dustbin. Clearupthe plane from inside with care.Paint & Decorate the AirplaneLittle repairman it’s time to paint the airplane withmultiplecolors. Select the best airplane color and make your ownplanecleaning and makeover story. You can also customize planebydecorating it with balloons, tattoos and stickers. Givetheairplane an amazing and super cool look.This aeroplane washing and making game is best for kid’s funtimes.Your kids will adore this game and will learn to take care oftheircars and vehicles. Now download this top crazy game andhavefun!
Home Cleanup Game 1.3.0
Selfie Soft
Are you girls ready for anamazingchallenge?In one of the best house cleaning games there is, HomeCleaningGame,Help your mom to get excited about helping you tidy upthehouse.It’s time to clean up the mess in your world famous Home,Your mom has been working all day.She needs to clean up the mash in the little timeShe asked you to help her out with putting everything back intheright place.Help mom out with cleaning up the 1. floor of the homeSo Your mom can go to bed with a relaxing feeling.Cleaning has never been this fun!Clean up the dirty things that are laying around and more.A simple interface for young kids that has 6 ( six ) levelstochoose from.Game rule: Drag the items to the right place and win morescores,see the remaining belongings number on displayLevels; Living room, bedroom, bathroom, kids room, teenageroom,kitchen, chef kitchenThis is a new super fun cleaning game from selfiesoft.Have fun with playing this new girl game, hope you will enjoyourfree cleaning game.Home Cleaning Game is a game from Selfiesoft, we publishmanydifferent easy to play girl games apps. We hope you will enjoyourHome Cleaning Game.
Princess Clean Bathroom 7.8.9
Titan Media
In our palace will be the mostbeautifulwedding ever. You have to clean all the palace, roomsandeverything in this palace. I did clean the rooms, but I'mverytired. We need to find someone who wants to help us cleanfinishbecause tonight we have to finish everything. In this gameyou mustbe the person who will help us to thoroughly cleanallbathrooms.1) first you put the battery on the sink to stop water flow.2) then you apply a few coats of spray to clean the sink leg.3) must take all the miseries of the sink and throw them inthetrash.4) still have to clean the toilet bowl, so we will dothesame.5) then you have to clean the tub, somewhere we release allthewater and begin cleaning.6) when I finished cleaning, we choose the colors for floors,wallsand all the elements that are in the bathroom.Thank you very much that you agreed to help us through thisgame,and we invite you to choose and other games for girls becauseweknow that you're doing well and that you like this kindofgames.Have fun!
Hotel Room Laundry Girl 1.2
It is the real mystery that washing clothesandlaundry once in life must happening at any stage. This isauniversal issue everyone can admit this fact. Experiencedandpractical laundry girl can understand this reality in betterway.Laundry girl tells her day routine at royal hotel. She wakesupearly in the morning and doing her breakfast for good health.Athotel, she starts her works from first floor to last floorduringlaundry time. Hotel rooms are completely messed up andcurtains,bed sheets & sofa covers. One by one she takes allthese thingsfrom hotel room and placed that piled of clothes inlaundry room.This process of laundry work done in very sequenceunder fullhygienic and quality assurance team. People demand goodquality ofwashing and cleaning of clothes. She separates white andcolouredclothes in very discipline way. Technical faults inwashingmachines checked before washing process. High standardwashingpowders & detergents used in this procedure. It isveryimportant for her, to check all stuff properly washed or not.Don’tover charge washing machines so that clothes can easilyclean.Automatically clothes washed and shifted into drycleaningmachines. She sets washed fabric material in cabins.Laundrymanager check cleaning list for mind satisfaction because itisessential and necessary. After a complete hectic day of laundryshegoes back to her home. You can also learn how to done your workintime via time management in laundry. Kids and girls love toplayhotel room cleaning & laundry games for learningcompleteprocess of laundry. Learn it by playing and start washingyourclothes by yourself for fun and enjoyment.
Princess Doll House Cleaning & Decoration Games 4.0
himanshu shah
Cleanup & decorate this all newlittleprincess doll house! The little cute princess wants your helptogive this dollhouse a special makeover. Cleanup your ownbedroom,living room, bathroom & many more rooms!Princess Doll house Cleanup games will boost kids creativity&imagination! Have a magical time with this dollhouse makeovergame.This new game for girls turns cleaning and simple kids choresintoa super fun play time.FEATURES :- 5 different rooms to cleanup & decorate.- Cleanup the sofas, lamps, chairs, tables,paintings,refrigerators, beds, wardrobes, dresses, dolls, furniture&much more.- Clean the Living room in perfect order and give itamakeover.- Clean up the Princess kitchen with brooms.- Cleanup the doll house bathroom & Make it sparkle with acoolmakeoverGive princess bedroom a whole new makeover! Cleanup each room,whichincludes bathrooms, livings rooms, & garden withseparateaccessories & awesome furniture ! Show your makeoverskills bygiving princess drawing room the most stylish lookever!Suggestions from parents are considered as part of ourregulardevelopment process. If you have an issue with an item inourapplication, reach us at You can send usyourcompliments/feedback by email. For contact details see-
Fashion Doll - House Cleaning 1.5
You don’t have to wait until Spring togiveyour house a good cleaning! In House Cleaning Day, clean upyourhouse and get rid of the things you don’t need. Clutter has gottogo so you can give your house a beautiful makeover. First, cleanupall the rooms of your house from the kitchen to the bedroom.Wipeup dust, vacuum the floors, and throw away junk! Leavenothingdirty and fix anything that’s broken.When everything is tidy and neat, design your rooms just howyoulike, Pick out the perfect paints and decorations to make itfeellike new! Once you’re done working hard, give yourself abeautymakeover to match. It’s a new day in Fashion Doll’s house sodon’thold back! Be creative and help create a whole new style.Withcareful planning, your dream house will become reality!Product Features:- Fun home makeover game with tons of options.- Easy to use controls for kids to play.- Clean up mini games to clean the dirty kitchen, bedroom,bathroom,and living room.- Fix broken items around the house.- Design each room just how you like with new paintsanddecorations.- Dress yourself up to look as good as your house!- Play various mini games around the house.How to Play:- Use interactive controls to select items and decorate.- Help clean up dirty rooms like the bedroom.- Carefully fix broken items in the kitchen and bathroom.- Give yourself a beauty makeover!- Complete all mini games to have the perfect house![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Laundry games : Home Laundry games for girls 1.7
Help Pregnant mother to to washing alldirtydresses by separating them in to white and coloredbucket.after itput the cloth in to the washing machine , Add thedetergent or thewashing powder in the machine Push The Button andstart the washingprocess, after the clothes are washed transfer tothe dryer Let theclothes dry by the machine if it not get dried yetmake it dry withthe sun light . after the clothes are dry do theironing and foldthem in a professional manner and arrange it in thecupboard.Features~> Separating The Dresses by white and colored in tothedifferent basket.~> Add Detergent or Washing Powder in the Washing Machine~> Start the Laundry Process and make the laundryservicecomplete.~> Dry the Washed clothes with the sun light.~> After the Dresses comlete dried send It to ironing~> Hang in the cabinet
House Room Cleaning Game 1.0.6
Never mess with your dream home & takewellcare about decoration through fresh flowers & plantswhileengaging mad or house helper with your family members.Housebecomes home when we spend our weekend in proper cleaning&washing. This cleaning app will teach you about the waystomaintain kitchen, design bedroom, washing laundry, scheduleyourwork and finally after whole cleanup, celebrate a big partyatnight. It is tough to work in the summer specially but inwinter,it is better for your good health to keep your bloodincirculation. Almost girls like to work during spring seasonbecausethey are very conscious about their beauty. Play this app&decorate your house interior to make it home.
Bathroom Clean up 2 9.1
Unit M Games
Bathroom Clean Up 2” is the second game ofthecleaning series.You are playing the role of a royal maid who help the princessandher friends in cleaning up the mess they created after NewYearparty.Your job is to;i) Arranged bathroom itemsii) Remove all the filth and germs of toilet, wash basin andbathtubiii) Make sure that the washroom is clean before the King andQueenget back!
Dressing Rooms Clean Up 1.0.6
bweb media
Straighten the furniture, dust the cobwebs,fixthe mirror, before throwing the rubbish away. No need to bedauntedby cleaning rooms again with this cleanup game!FeaturesThrow the rubbish away to help make your room look andsmellnice.Dust the cobwebs and dust from the room to leave thefurnituresparkling clean.Scrub the stains from the furniture to make them lookmorepresentable.Straighten the furniture and items to make the roomlooktidier.Replace the cracked mirror before it injuressomeoneunexpectedly.
Housekeeping & Cleaning Day 1.0
Today is the housekeeping day! Little boysandgirls it’s your chance to wash, cleanup, decorate and designyourhome. House is very messy and dirty, everything in the houseisscattered and mismanaged. Toddlers take care of the houseandstarts washing, cleaning and decorating it using differenttools.In this housekeeper game you are going to face crazy funactivitiesin which you need to clean up kid’s bedroom, play room,toilet andkitchen. Mother is going out off the city so little kidsyou needto take care of the mom’s duties.First you need to manage your bedroom. Bedroom is in very badshape,toys are scattered all over the floor and bed sheet ismessed up.First collect all the toys and arrange them over theshelves. Changethe bed sheet and do dusting. It’s time to Wash andcleanup thestore room. There you need to fix the furniture andmanage thestuff.Now clean the messy bathroom. Use toilet cleaner and soap towashthe floor and bath tub. Wash the mirror and wall and use wipertosoak the water. Kitchen stuff is also messed up. It’s time towashthe dishes in the kitchen. Use dish washer soap and sponge toshineup the kitchen crockery.This house makeover and salon spa game is best home decoratoranddesigner game. Now download this amazing game and havefun.
Pepi Bath 1.0.8
Pepi Play
Pepi Bath is a role-play game wherechildrenlearn about hygiene in a fun way. The app has 4 parts asdifferentsituations in which this cute character Pepi – a boy or agirl tochoose – appears: at the sink, washing clothes, going to atoiletand taking a bath.Pepi Bath can be played both as a set process of cleaning orwithoutany pre-set sequence, where the player is free to choosewhat theydo. In Pepi Bath there are no stress or win-losesituations. WithPepi Play children develop their sense of humorinstead.
Petal bath 1.0.2
miss tuming
She spent a whole day here, she was tiredanddirty! Give her a luxurious bathroom. Give her a flowerpetalbath.
Home Cleaning Games online 3.0.0
Cleaning the house in your way The rooms,thehall, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the whole housecleaninggame. The whole house cleaning and maintenance is one oftheimportant things that every family wants to achieve. Homecleaningis essential for living properly and healthy, but cleaningthehouse can be a big drag To some families, because they do notknowthe correct ways to keep the house clean, or because ofthepresence of children playing and cause trouble and dirt at home,sowe will provide in this article a way to clean the house easilyandsimple.Games clean the house, rooms, kitchen and bathroom from dirtonly.Enjoy cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and home from the dirtand puteverything in its proper place on the site of new girlsgames. Thegame of cleaning the house of a sweet game of princessdecor gamesyou'll help the princess in cleaning the kitchen and therest ofthe rooms of the house and put the dirt in place and cleanthewater with a broom and arrange the table and clothesCleaning the house Cleaning is usually top to bottom, ie dustfromthe top of the curtains to the underside, kitchen cabinetscleaningthe top floor and bottom and so on, and from the right tothe left,which must be cleaned and clean the room from the right tothe left, This method of cleaning helps to clean the housecompletely andaccurately. Cleaning the bathroom glass on a dailybasis, becauseit is exposed daily to form water vapor on it. Thebathroomwashbasin must be cleaned from soap and putty residuesdaily,preferably a sponge to clean the bathroom. Care must be takentoclean the walls and bathtub after each shower. , Make thebathroomlook cleaner and shiny, maintain the color of the bathtubbrightlyshiny and protect it from fainting or obstruction, andfacilitatethe process of cleaning the bathroom weekly and monthly.Keep thetoilet clean by cleaning it with a special mattress twice aday atleast one in the morning and two in the evening. The toiletcanalso be cleaned from the hard spots by pouring the colainside.Care should be taken to place the lavender next to eachtoilet.Bathroom waste, changing the bag daily to avoid the smell offoulodor. It is recommended to clean the granite with soap andsoap,and then clean and dry it with kitchen towels or clean thegas. Itshould be noted that it is possible to clean and polish themetalutensils used in cooking, by placing a tablespoon of lemonsalt anda quantity of water and boiling on the gas, this methodhelps toget a pot for Bright and clean. Be sure to dust thehouseholdantiques and shapes on a daily basis, and clean them witha wettowel every week or two. Cleaning the windows periodically andevenif the weather is cloudy, cleaning dust from clean glass ismucheasier than cleaning it from dirty glass. Cleaning the mainhousedoor is extremely important, because it gives a picture ofhowclean the house is, and be careful to rinse the house and wipeitwith disinfectants on a daily basis.
Bathroom Decor 1.2
Masiro Soft
Bathroom Decor is the most completeBathroomDesign catalog, Bathroom Shower Designs, Bathroom Tile,LuxuryBathrooms, Master Bathrooms, Modern Bathrooms, SmallBathroom, WalkIn Shower Ideas, Make Perfect Designs and More.Bathroom decorating ideas for you. The bathroom can be one ofthemore difficult rooms in the house to decorate. bathroomdesignideas and pictures with popular paint color schemes.bathroomdecorating images. This application shows you the galleriesofbeautiful bathroom. beautiful master bathroom designs, designsforsmall spaces, and small bathroom design ideas.
Island Hotel Room Decoration & Cleaning Games 1.1
Island Hotel room cleaning is not an easyjobspecially in tourists areas like on island, beaches orpicnicplaces where customers need a lot of satisfaction. Being ahotelroom keeper you need to provide all the satisfactory servicestoguests in hotel room.There are many ways to make a hotel roommorecomfortable.To make your hotel room feel like home you can putapicture of your family, special rock, small trophy and astuffedanimal.Let’s play this free hotel room cleaning game withyour kidsand girls.As a hotel housekeeper, you will have to do manycleaningtasks like emptying the trash to vacuuming cleaningthebathroom,shiner for windows,terry clothes rags,microfiber,mops,hotel room laundry and to become a professional hotelhousekeeperyou need to play this free hotel room cleaning game.Hotelhousekeeping is a demanding job of work, A hotel housekeeperhas toperform strenuous activities such as stooping, twisting ,bendingand kneeling.Some hotels are more fancier and have morerooms thanothers.A receptionist girls is waiting for customersguests onhotel reception area.A good hotel housekeeper usually have good equipments forcleaninglike brooms, mops, industrial vacuums, rubbish bags,clothes anddetergents for floors. In this game there are differentsectionsfor hotel room cleaning like room repairing, toiletcleaning andgerms killing, reception cleaning, bedroom decorationand laundryservices for guests. For a professional hotelhousekeeper itsimportant to keep its cleaning tools more accuratelike clean andmaintain the vacuum cleaner, broom and dustpan cleanandmaintained,shiner,clean the rugs, sanitize the spongesandscrubbing tools, Wash the mops heads and cleaning clothesinwashing machine.There are important house cleaning likemicrofibercleaning cloths,terrycloth rags, and mop heads.*** DRESSUP FOR RECEPTIONIST ***Receptionist are the people who represent the company.Agoodreceptionist should have sharpen the customers serviceskills.Resolve the customers complains and maintain a cheerfulandprofessional attitude with customers and guests. Therearedifferent shirts ,skirts,caps and shoes for yourdreamreceptionist.**** HOTEL ROOM REPAIR ****For the luxury hotel room decoration, clean the dust, washthewindows, repair walls, decorate the room themes and clean therugs.Most suitable things you will need includes Vacuum cleaner,broom,scissors, dustpan, wall hook, comb, soap, water, sponges,bleach,vinegar,mop heads, cleaning clothes and laundrydetergents.*** ISLAND HOTEL TOILET CLEANING ***For a new shining toilet or bathroom you have to pour somebleachinto the toilet bowl, apply scrub powder on dirty areas,cleaningthe surface, clean the walls, windows and ceiling, cleanthe shower, sink and counter area.Clean the mirror and exterioroftoilet.Scrub the bowl with toilet brush and flush water. Sweepandmop the floor.Keep it tidy.*** HOTEL LAUNDRY ***Sort the laundry items like socks, under wear, t-shirtsandcolourful and white clothes should be separate.You can sortbyfabric weight as well. Wash all the separate categories inwashingmachine and then use dryer machine.*** RECEPTION AREA CLEANING ***Usually first impression of hotel services is importantforcustomer, so keep the hotel reception neat and clean. Usevacuumcleaner, dustpan, soap, sponges, mop heads and cleaning itemstoclean the floors, reception desks and windows.*** HOTEL ROOM DECORATION ***In this hotel room cleaning game you can make the room ofyourdreams , you can make the interior more stylish and trendy. Youcanchoose different bed colors, wall colors, windows ,decorationitems , rugs colors , sofas and many more.Please Like our page for more Updates about upcominggames…!!!
Baby Hazel Bathing Games 2
All bathing games available in a bundle inBabyHazel Bathing Games pack!!!Grab some soap and shampoo and have fun bathing and caringadorableBaby Hazel! What more? You can prepare bath mix ofdifferentflavors and pamper the little princess with a royal andspa bath.Also enjoy a lot of fun-packed games and puzzles to winsurprisegifts and delicious treats during the bath time.Go to kitchen and grab delightful ingredients to prepare bath mixofdifferent flavors. Soak the little princess in flavored bubblesandgive her a bubbly bath in a tub full of toys. Make the bathtimefun-filled and happy by offering her favorite toys andplayingmusic. Create soap bubbles and pop them for giggles.Add some more fun to bathing time by arranging and playing funminigames and giving surprise gifts. If she is hungry during bathtime,give her tasty treats. Finally, dress up Baby Hazel ingood-lookingoutfits and accessories and get her ready for theday.Awesome Game Features :Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance : Bathe Baby Hazel in a tub fullofBallerina toys. Join Hazel to play fun mini-games and win toysandtreats. Finally, dress her up in nice-looking outfitsandaccessories for her Ballerina dance class.Baby Hazel Royal Bath : Pamper Baby Hazel with a royal bath!Startthe royal bath by giving her a soothing massage. Then dipthelittle princess in milk water, followed by chocolate bathandrefreshing shower.Baby Hazel Spa Bath : Baby Hazel wants to look gorgeous atherfriend's birthday party. So let's give her a spa bath for aglowingand shinny skin. Pick ingredients from kitchen and prepareexcitingflavors of bath mix. Rejuvenate the little princess bygiving herflavored baths.Baby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene : Kids, do you know how to keepbathroomclean? Join Baby Hazel to learn the importance of bathroomhygieneand help her in completing bathroom hygiene careactivities. Thengive Hazel a warm water bath and maintain goodpersonalhygiene.Baby Hazel Bed Time : Hygiene care is important before going tobed.So let's help Baby Hazel in her bedtime activities. Brush herteeth,give her a refreshing shower and dress her up in nightdress.Finally, put her to sleep by narrating bedtime stories toher.Baby Hazel First Rain : It's fun to play in rain showers! Solet'sgo along with Baby Hazel and friends to drench in the firstrainshowers and play lots of games. And don't forget to give her awarmwater and dress her up in nice-looking outfitandaccessories.Baby Hazel Hair Care : Baby Hazel looks untidy with long hairanddandruff all over her hair. Help her to get back healthy hairbytreating and trimming them. Then arrange a fun-filled showertimefor her and finally make her ready for the day.Baby Hazel Skin Care : Baby Hazel needs your help to keepskinglowing and healthy in winter season. Give her a warm waterbath.Then apply baby lotion on her body and lip balm to herchappedlips. Prepare some yummy and healthy meal to keep herfit.Visit us – us – us – us-
Laundry Girl Dirty Cloth Wash 1.7
Laundry Girls! Do the laundry by washingandcleaning up messy and stained clothes with laundry detergent,dry itup in sunlight, iron them when it dries then neatly arrangethem inwardrobe. So enjoy the laundry fun by performing laundryservice inthis home adventure Laundry Girl Dirty Cloth Washgame.Complete the basic chores of your home on behalf of your mom.Yourdear mom isn’t at home; you have to manage the laundryyourself.Start the washing machine, put the dirty clothes in it,wash it andmake them look neat and tidy. This washing clothes gamelet youlearn easy cloth washing techniques with endless funandexcitement. Be a little helper of your mommy by spendingawonderful laundry day in one of the best laundry gamesforgirl.Finish the vital routine work to make your darling motherhappybefore she returns home. Get the clothes washed with detergentandbleach keeping in mind the laundry care instructions. Enjoythereal home laundry time in this laundry mania and get alaundryexperience by removing stains from dirty clothes. LaundryGirlDirty Cloth Wash is one of the most amazing laundry andcleaninggames than other clothing games for girls. So learn to washclothesin this laundry kids game.Laundry Girl Dirty Cloth Wash includes 2 basic laundrywashactivities i-e “Machine Wash” & “Hand Wash”. There’s nolaundrytimer here. In Machine Wash, you will be washing slimy,muddy,smelly and dirty clothes in washing machine and in Hand Washyouwill fill the bucket with water to soak dirty garments forfewminutes and then wash them with soap, washing brushandbeater.How To Play~~~ Machine Wash Service ~~~√ Start putting white colored clothes and colored clothesseparatelyin two separate baskets
√ Plug the switch of washing machine in switch board
√ Open washing machine’s glass & start putting stinkywhiteclothes one by one in to the machine
√ Close the machine’s glass back and add white detergent
√ Turn on the machine button & adjust machine’s meter
√ When machine timer stops at zero, take out shinny whiteclothesin to the same basket
√ Then put colored clothes one by one in to thewashingmachine
√ Repeat the same process to wash colored clothes
√ Dry out all the washed clothes in streaming brightsunlight
√ Time to iron sparkling attires
 once you are done withwashingclothes√ After you finished with ironing, Tap the clothes to foldthemperfectly~~~ Hand Wash Service ~~~√ Put all filthy and dirty clothes in to the bucket
√ Add washing powder and open the water tap to soak garmentsforfew minutes
√ Now take the clothes out from bucket and start to wash themwiththe soap, rubbing brush and beater
√ Rinse the clothes
√ Wash all the clothes by repeating the same procedure
√ Later, dry out all the clothes in sunlight
√ Iron, fold and place them in the closet~~~ Top Features ~~~√ One of the best Laundry and Ironing Games
 forgirlsspecially√ Realistic Laundry Room
√ Excellent Graphics
√ Amazing Sound Effects
√ Unique Laundry Games for KidsHave fun doing laundry help at laundry home in one of themarvelouslaundry baby games. The wonderful kids corner and ideallaundrygames for free. Show your kids washing clothes is such a funthingto do. One of the parents say: I’ve also started playinglaundrygames clean up after my little girl showed me thisgame.
Wash dishes girls games 9.6
Hi, we all like the copious meals and themustfun is to cook with family. Do you like to cook? What isyourfavorite food? Sure you're doing very well in the kitchen whenyouwant to prepare your favorite food or your favorite dessertsotoday we have prepared a meal very good. In this morning webeganto prepare a party for tonight and the food is delicious butnow wehave a big problem we have to clean and wash the dishes. Weneedthe help of a child very industrious and we are sure that youarethe friend who today can help us through this cooking gameforkids.Do you want to help us? If you want to help you can do thisthroughthis kids game and we will help you to show everyone thatyou are aspecial child. The game is simple, to finish the missionyou mustbe attentive to details. At first you must gather all thedishes onthe table and then clean the table. Collect all debris andthrowthem in the trash.After you have gathered you will have to wash the dishes.Adddetergent. Carefully wash each plate. Now you have to cleanallvessels with a towel. Now you have to sit all the vessels inthecloset. While washing the dishes you have broken one so nowpleasestick it.We had lunch and now you have to prepare all for dinner.Choose a tablecloth very beautiful and if you like you canalsochoose the type of refrigerator.Everything looks very well you have done everything exactly asitshould.Please come back to help us, we'll expect you daily throughthisgame.Have fun!
Laundry games for girls 3.0.0
Laundry and publish games andironingfacilities and arrange them in the closet, a launderettegamecategory dress up games girls games girls laundry, bother tocleanher clothes, after her visit to the farm got dirty clothesandwashing and ironing clothes, order separate white clothesfromcoloured clothes and wash them all individually, and thenpublishthe clothes on the Clothesline and chose the new farmclothes Danawekois wetsvit any folding clothes laundry stepsseparate thecoloured clothes for white clothes and brightly coloredclothes anddark clothes before placing them In the washing machine.Check yourpockets and take off the dirt and stuff in it. Flakeunderwear onclothes, and may prefer to wash socks alone as the laststep in thelaundry. Watch the teeth marks on the clothes to seethetemperature allows for washing clothes, select wash cyclesthatmust be used for appropriate washing powders do not evenharmed.Work on removing the remaining spots before washing. Knowyourwasher buttons functions and manner of use. If the automatictypewasher, washing powder is put in place, taking care to putafreshener smells to acquire clothes smells good when you wearthisgame one of the best games for girls games and clean clothes,andclothes are put inside the washer for a certain period andthentake out the clothes dry but my people publish and expose it tothelight so that it does not become damp and cause skinirritationwhen wearing clothes. If the washing machine in regulartype, putwater and washing powder inside my white clothes first,turn on thewashing machine until the required duration, and thenwash theclothes with clean water to get rid of laundry detergent,putclothes in the dryer to dry, then discard the water in thewasherand put another water clean with detergent and put the amountofnew clothes, after drying the clothes do post them in the Suntodry well. My people cried clothes that need to roll intheTreasury, put it in its proper place.
Mommy Newborn Baby Laundry 10.3
Zync Studio
Sara is the mother of a beautiful baby whowasleft alone at home several days and many dirty clothes. Youshouldclean clothes as fast as we need to clean the closet and notlettraces of dirt. We need someone to help Sarah because she hastocare for a newborn. In this game you have to take care of thebabyand to be the one to help Sarah.1) First you have to give him some milk because the baby hasbeenmade thirsty.2) then we have to go in the bathroom and wash coloredclothesfirst.3) we have to put detergent for colored clothes andstartwashing.4) After you have finished washing should do the samewithwhites.5) still have to go out and put on dry clothes.6) carefully! comes the rain! must go quickly to take clothesandtake them home.7) must wash his clothes and we walk in closet to put them whenweneed them.Thank you for being with us and helping us to wash theseclothesthat has soiled this baby.Have fun!
Clean Up - House Cleaning 1.0.4
Does your kid love educational games andwantto clean up the house ?If your child want to tidy up the room you have found therighteducational game !Let's go to tidy up the house !Help the girl to clean up these messy rooms !This job is so much fun ! Let's be the best housewife of thecity!This housewife needs your help ! Choose among a lot of rooms andletthe fun begin!Complete all the levels and get the floors to shine !Play the role of a cleaning lady, there are lot ofdifferentactivities !Can you help this cleaning woman ?This app is a challenging and fun way to develop fine motorskills,visual perception and hand-eye coordinationin the world of housecleaning.Clean Up - House Cleaning is simple and fun :* Open the game and choose the room* clean and shine all the bathroom tiles* use the sponge, the bathtub and the washbasin are so dirty!* remove the limescale from toilet* clean the floor perfectly* the bedroom is so messy !* put in their place all the objects* clean the window and water the plants* wipe the table and remove all the dust* use the vacuum cleaner over the floor* do the laundry and wash all the dirty clothes* hanging washed clothes to dry and iron the clothes* the kitchen is so messy and dirty !* put all the dishes in the kitchen sink* wash all the dishes, forks, spoons, knives, glasses anddrywell* clean the kitchen area and the tableToday the cleaning lady is very busy, and she has many thingstodo.Can you help this adorable woman in this adorable game ?If your toddler loves to play with cleaning house games this isthebest game for your child.Clean Up - Cleaning House games is a must have app forkids.Features:-game for toddlers and kids from ages 2-13 years old, suitableforthe whole family-Optimized for tablets (Sony , Samsung, Kindle)-entertaining and educational game-easy to use for children and preschoolers, babies, little boysandlittle girls-simple and intuitive : just a few commands to use-exercise your toddler fine motor skills-Promotes problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination-a lot of different cleaning games and activities that toddlerscanlearn-fun way for kids to learn how to make their bedroom neatandclean-Pick all the things and put them at right place-Clean the dirty window and the dusty table-Kids will be inspired to clean their room-Mop the floor, wash dishes and do other house chores !-make the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and laundry room shineagain!-take care of dirty clothes: do laundry and iron the clothesHelp your kids to learn and inspire your toddler's creativityandimagination in this cleaning game !Play with the best clean up game for kids, become the besthouseholdin the world!The kids need your help in this house ! Run the coolest home inthecity !Have fun with BATOKI ! Best Apps for TOddlers and KIds
Modern Bathroom Designs 1.0
Do not underestimate your bathroominteriordesign. This part is categorized as an important part inthe house.It has the same position with other part in your house. Idobelieve that you want to get coziness when you take a bath. Youcanenjoy it.The first thing you have to do is finding the right theme foryourbathroom. There are many themes available in internet. Youcansearch it easily. Basically, it will be completed withpictures.So, you can get good view to choose.When you get the right theme, the next step is to findmatchingcolor for your wallpaper. It is nice when you get matchingwallpaper for your bathroom. Try to find it wisely. If yougetdifficulties, ask your trusted friend to guide you.Then, choose the things that will make you safe. Sometimes,wrongmaterials will be damaged by water. It can be hot and coldwater.You can choose vinyl tile; it is like ceramic and quitestrong. Soyou will not be worried about it.Do not forget to put selected cabinet that is suitable withyourtheme. Find wood cabinet that will not be broken easily. Asyouknow, sometimes cabinet that is made of glass will bebrokeneasily. It is not safe enough.Try to apply this theme for your interior design living room.Itwill bring you into mildness. You will be proud of your design.Payattention to your shower and tub. Choose simple and easy one tobecleaned. It will be dangerous when it is rusted. It will be badforour skin.Now, you can think about the floor. Most of people chooseceramicand wooden floor. Then, the floor must not be slippery andeasy tobe cleaned. It is not funny when you have to take a bath ina dirtybathroom.
Princess room cleanup 7.0.1
When working for royalty sometimes they canbemessy especially when it comes to a princess. With thislittleprincess cleanup game you can have fun cleaning up yourprincess’sroom or your castle ready for her return. Here you canstraightenthe furniture, lights and wall hangings, clean thecobwebs,rearrange her dolls and other items, as well as throw therubbishaway, scrub the stains, sweep the floors and so much more!So ifyou want a challenge and test your cleaning skills, why nothave ago with this princess room clean up game and see if you havewhatit takes to work for royalty.Features:• Straighten the furniture, wall hanging and lights to make theroomlook straight.• Place the dolls and teddies back on the chair and inthebed.• Throw the rubbish away in the trash can so the floor is niceandclean.• Scrub the stains off the walls to make them look clean.• Sweep the floor and dust the cobwebs from the ceiling to createaroom fit for a princess.
Mommy Kids Cleaning Helper 10.3
Hello, welcome, for a long time we arewaitingfor you. Daily we need the help of friends and today you'rehere toassist us and also for have fun very well with us. Today youwillbe our best friend, you will have a beautiful mission. Youwillneed to help us through this cleaning game for kids. Today youwillhelp a mother, this is tired and you will help her to beveryhappy. Want to help her? If you want to help us you'll be abletoprove to everyone that you are a diligent and veryresponsiblechild. Through this game for girls you'll be able tomake friendsand you may even test your abilities.For everything to come out as we planned, please be careful ateverydetail of this game for children.Follow all instructions of this game.Good luck!- In the beginning you will notice how it looks the house;- You will enjoy the beauty of nature;- Now you have to go in the kitchen;- Collect food debris;- Clean the tablecloth;- Gather all the garbage;- Clean the floor;- Wash the dishes;- After you have cleaned up the kitchen you will have to clean upinthe bedroom;- Fix the wall;- Clean the floor;- Clean dust on the furniture;- Clean cobweb;- Collect garbage;- Clean the window;- In the living room you will have to collect garbage;- Clean the dust;- Arrange furniture;- Fix the TV;- Wash the car and then you have to clean up the garage;- Arrange all utensils;- In the bathroom you have to clean very well sinkandbathtub;- Use special detergents;- Wash the sandstone;- The whole house looks very good, you are a verydiligentchild.Thank you for help, please come back every day to help usthroughthis game.Have fun!
Small Bathroom Designs 1.4.3
This application is the best option if youarelooking for inspiration before you choose BathroomDesignIdeas.Hundreds of Small Bathroom Designs images for giving you bestideawhen you design or build your own Bathroom.Beautiful combinations of designs and decor, so you can choosethebathroom that represent your personality in the bestwaypossible.With Small Bathroom Designs Application installed in your phoneyoucan discuss the bathroom decorating ideas better with yourfriends,family, interior designer or architect.Features of the Small Bathroom Designs Application:- Updated monthly with new Ideas and Images.- Share Images you like using Facebook, Twitter and othersocialmedia.- Zoom in, zoom out for all images.- Download images to your mobile or internal SD card.- Quickly scroll through images.- Set any image as your mobile wallpaper.- Easy and user friendly Interface.This application also includes:Small Bathroom Designsbathroom designsbathroom ideassmall bathroom ideasbathroom vanitiesbathroom designbathroom cabinetsbathroom renovationsbathroom remodelbathroom tile ideasbathroom design ideasDisclaimer: All the images are not under our Copyrights andbelongto their respective owners.All Pictures have been taken from different sources, IfanyGraphic/Image/Photo is offensive or under your CopyrightsPLEASEsend us an E-mail to give it a credit or get it removed asyou wish(instead of flag or report it... Please!).(This application uses Google Analytics to anonymously trackusagedata within the application.)
Car Wash 1.0.21
The new exciting game for children "CarWash"helps kids feel young motorists anddesigners. The game has many different models of cars, so thatthebaby chooses a car, what he likes. Machine needs to be washedusingdetergent, water, washcloth, and then the machine can bepainted.Also you can select and apply a varied pattern andchangediscs.Kids game "Car Wash" is a very bright and interesting childrengamewithbeautiful and nice cars. Our game will help in the developmentoffine motor skills and learning colors and take your baby for alongtime.Visit us at: Site: http://yovogames.comYoutube:
Hotel Room Cleaning Games 2.11
Hey kids! Have a look at hotel cleaninggames.It’s time to give you an opportunity to make your hotel roommorebeautiful and adorable by washing and cleaning. You are ahotel’splanner and organizer. It is your duty to decorate yourhotel roomsby making concern with room designer. Prince andprincess arecoming at your hotel to stay there for two weeks soclean room,kitchen, bathroom and messy hotel reception. Make yourcleaningservices more efficient. The hotel management will provideallservices. You have a very short time to manage all this. So letusstart the work, make your room more adorable and beautiful inlook.Decorate its interior by your own choice. Collect all objectsfromthe messy reception place one by one and put them perfectly onitsplace.Hotel management provides you each and everything forcleanupservices. There is also cooking portion at hotel. Don’tforget toclean hotel kitchen and dusting from all kitchen thingsproperly.Kitchen fever girl at reception is sole responsible tohandle allworkers relevant to kitchen maintenance. A separate youngman isallocated for washing and cleaning the washroom by usingsponge,brush, broom, washing powder, and vacuum. Make it neat andclean byusing all tools. Then use air freshener there for goodenvironment.The laundry service is being provided to the customersyet. Theywill have gone outside the hotel for washing clothes.During summerseason, workers have fun while cleaning swimming pool.Finally, thehotel is completely ready for princess and prince toserve. Kidsalways love to play cleaning & washing games. Thehotel roomcleaning game has all kind of kid’s fun. Download it free&Cheer up kids!