Top 48 Games Similar to Cross Road Officer

Don't Get Caught! 1.0
Sometimes you have no choice between staying and runningaway!Youhave to escape!Get ride of the police and try todon'tgetbusted!Features in next release :1. New cars!2.ConnectingtoFandoghNet to gain more score and coins!Please supportus bygivingus feedback and stars.
Steve Lumberjack 2 1.0.1
Help Steve cut as many trees as possible. Earn diamonds and buynewcharacters and axes for them!* This is the very first versionofthe game, we hope for your support and positive feedback!Leaveyourwishes in the comments and share your own best records. *
Bouncy Balls 2018 1.4
Iwanka Studio
Bouncy Balls 2018 is the greatest fun Balls vs Blocks game intheworld.Hold the screen to aim, swipe the ball to the brick andbreakall the bricks easily!Hit the balls to getmoreammo.Features:★FREE★Endless mode★Stage mode★Simple controls
Go Down Game: 2Player 32.01
Push your friend into the pit.Go Down with your friend.2PlayerVersus Game
IceBounce 2.0
Nothing elsenothing else
NeoDrive 0.1
Drive through the neon belt while avoiding deterrents inthisinterminable thrill ride. Think fast and tap to switch pathswith aspecific end goal to achieve staggering paces! Compare yourhighscore and players around the world. Attempt to get by as muchasyou can.
O 1.2
Lake Horse
Challenge your brain speed & reactionDon’t let thelinescollide.Seems easy? “O” will be more challenging as youprogressin the game.A unique experience is waiting for you.•Addictive•Levels Mode,Highscore Mode• Minimal Graphics• Suitablefor AllTastesYour reviewis priceless. Please share your feelingsabout“O” with us.
ZZBall 1.0.3
The ball needs to be moved to the finish line withthezigzagmovements, but be careful not to hit the obstacles.Thedegree ofdifficulty is further increased in each section, with5mainsections each of which has 5 sections. It will not beeasytofinish parts getting harder. I am sure you will have funevenifyou have difficult moments while playing.Good luck (youwillneedit).
BloxBird - Endless fun jumping game! 0.1.4
This app is about jumping. Use your fingers to jump betweenthepipes! Earn money and buy new skins! Reach a new high score andbethe best one in leaderboards!Please have in mind that this appisstill in early access and it's not a finalproduct.Features:-random pipe skins- random colour of player- yourbest score issaving- Google play games support (achievements andleaderboards)-endless game mode- skins for your character- in-gamecurrencysystem
Tooth Warrior 1.0
This extremely fun game in which the 5 warriors will brushawayallthe deadly germs.When the deadly germs like monsterssurroundsanddarkness is all that can be seen in your mouth. ThebravewarriorsTooth, Ninja, Rambo, Spartan, Viking and barbariancameinto beingand with their pure souls sets to put an end tothedangerous evilgerms. They fight for the betterment of theworldinside yourmouth.Let’s challenge yourself and see how wellyouscore.
ZigZag: doubleZ 1.0
Tap on the screen to change the direction of the ball, andfollowtheroad.
TimeJet 1.0.9
Jelle Roggen
This game has the player travel through five time periods,rescuingstranded fellow pilots. The player must fight off droves ofenemycraft while picking up parachuting friendly pilots. Once 40enemycraft are defeated, the player must defeat the mothership forthetime period.
Horizon Hill 3
Renan Araújo
Jump and collect all coins and crystals, but do not begreedy,thesea can be treacherous!
CatsJump 1.39.64
Navy blue
Cute cats avoid obstacles and climb high.Collect cat food tocollectother romantic cats and challenge your record.defeat theboss catswaiting for the user in high places and rescueyourgirlfriendcats.=======================================================▶Howto play- Use the one-button game to manipulate the cat, climbtheleft and right walls and climb to the top.- Cats haveuniqueskills, so take advantage of them.- Identify the presence ofrandombonus rooms and earn bonuses- boss mode and collect thegirlfriendcat=======================================================▶Notes-When you delete the app, you will lose your paymentinformation forthe cat food. Please be careful when deleting-Resolutiondifference may occur on certain models. Please contact usby emailbelow  Inquiry mail: Thisgameincludes In-app Billing products.▶ Permission to use in game-Theright to purchase in-game resources and in-app payments
BaseballOUT! 5
BaseballOUT! is inspired by old school games , the playstyle islikea classic arcade game meets baseball where you have tofacedifferent leagues and be the champion , each of the rivals hasadifferent style and throws different shots, try to get thegoldmedal with each of them! You can unlock collectible cardswithextra info about the characters of the game , new outfitswithspecial characteristics and use them to beeat your rivals.
TapZag Numbers 1.3
Do zig zags to increase your number and break blockswithlowernumbers!Avoid blocks with higher numbers.Tap the screentochangedirection of the player.Have fun!
Ether 1.03
IGNI Studios
Journey through surreal scenes and experience difficult butfunadventures. You are a mysterious entity born only to collectthosecubes and move through the roads in eternity.
Rain Colors 2.1
Rain falls, we need your help to burst the colored rain beforeittouches the ground unless this drop matches the color of thesoil.Face the world to see who gets the best score!Rain Colors isacompletely free game. However you have the option to deletetheadvertisement.How far can you go?Have fun with Rain Colors.
com.DijixGame.FastAreas 1.5
Orbital Flag
Optimized game for AMOLED screens In the 10 levels of the game,geta maximum of points for each level, and go faster and faster intheinfinite mode to get more points In a future update  -Newsegment to diversify the infinite mode. READ PLEASE: I am allaloneon the development of this game, which I hope you will like,notbeing programmed, there will surely be small bugs or problemsinthe first version of the game, I will do everything possibletocorrect them at faster, but for that, I will need your feedback,donot hesitate to send me an email to theaddress"" specifying in the title"BUGFASTAREAS" and the description of the bug met and if it isvisual,accompanied by one or more Screenshots. About Ads : I didnot wantto make a paid game, so there are advertisements that willbedisplayed. Understand that the game costs you nothing andthatadvertising will allow me to continue the development of thisgameand to be able to do more.
Bear Fish 1.1
Bear Fish is an infinite runner adventure game withrandomitemsystem and amazing pixel art.Collect diverse items,explore3different pixel worlds, and be the best!
F Bird
Cader Soft
This Game is to escape yourbirdthroughtunnels, as many as you can....
Your goal is to save as many cubes as you can and avoidthoseevilred ones.* Infinite color variations* Unlimited levels*ZEROAds!
Domino Fall 2.0
Play High
Domino is a simple to learn, fast action gamewithbeautifulgraphics. HAVE FUN!!
NICE CX One Challenge 1.0.30
NICE CXOne empowers organization to become smarterandrespondfaster.Are you ready to take on the NICE CXonechallenge?Becomethe OMNI channel router and direct interactions totheappropriateagent.Try to beat NICE AI-powered robot in adaring‘Simon’-likedual.Complete in a race against the clockanalyticchallenge andtake part in a race for a perfectworkforceoptimization score.It’syour chance to take the lead and becrown asour CXone challengemaster!
Escape the ball 1.3
Simple but engaging endless runner. Tap on corners to turn,taptojump.
Jamie Monkey 2D 1.0.0
Help Jamie the monkey catch nice bananas. At increasinglevelsofdifficulty, he can also catch coconuts.
Slide Cube 1.2
Run away from the spheres quickly and make your own tacticstomakebig scores.
BackDrive 0.5.1
uka Inc
If you do not know how to drive, go back in the oppositedirectionon the freeway ... It is not impossible if you are toobrave andyou steal your father's car and enter the wrong way. Howfar canyou go without bumping in this situation?
Sound Switch 1.0
Alexis FAURE
Évoluez dans un monde coloré et dynamique,accompagnéd'unecompilation des meilleurs No Copyright Sound.Évitezlespics!Evolve in a colorful and vibrant world, includingacompilation ofthe best No Copyright Sound.Avoid pics!
Bloxxo 1.0.6
BayCha Game
Go on an adventure with Bloxxo in a beautiful landofferrywheel.Help bloxxo survive by jumping up to differentwheelsand help himachieve his dream to reach the top. And alsobewareabout therising water from below!Bloxxo is an arcade gamedesignfor simpleclick and drag endless gameplay.◉ Unlock manydifferent10+ cuteBloxxo Characters ◉ Simple & Beautifulgraphicsdesigned◉Relaxing music background◉ Compete for the bestscore inthe world
Fallin Tower Free 1.4
Build the highest skyscraper anyone has ever seen.
PODS 1.3
the unofficial company response to the tide pods challenge! sortthecandies into the mouth and the pods into the washer. if you eattoomany tide pods you'll get sick and die!
Frantic Flow 1.09
Flip gravity by tapping the screen, avoid barriers, andtestyourskill by reaching as far as you can!
Tappy Tales 0.3
Tappy Tales is an addictive game made in Unity 2017.Features:-Awesome Graphics- Easy to play- Simple Controls- Google PlayGamesService- No Ads and PopupsLet's play Tappy Tales and have fun!
Ballz Collect 1.0
Collect as many balls as you can in the side pocketswithoutlettingthe balls land in your pocket. See how many you canget!
Run Candy Run 5.0
RUD Present
!!! Note for users who think that it's Clay Jam game! It'sEXACTLYANOTHER GAME (from another developer/publisher), and I don'tknowwhy you favourite game was missed from Market! Please, stop askmethis question !!! Ready to play with Candies in thePlasticineworld? Lollipops, caramels, chocolates, toffees, a bubblegum, asugar, gummy bears and other friends waiting to play withyou. Theythink that you are the best player. Collect so more coinsas youcan to unlock all of them. The Candies like fly in thesugarrocket. Don't forget to upgrade it and other powerups tothemaximum level. Game story: For a 100 years candies livedhappilyever after behind a sweet wall. But one day a hungry childhas comeand crushed the wall. Game features: - Simple and fun gameplay -One touch game - Collect all 50 candies! - UnbelievablePlasticinegraphics - Different locations - Fantastic music - Crazyhumor Runwith candies throw different locations. What location youlikemore: summer adventure, sprint and winter, dark forest ordungeon?Maybe you like to run inside hungry boy body?
Keep On Rolling 1.0
Are you ready for this?! Guide the amazing bodaciousbouncingballthrough a forest. Be careful! There are many obstaclesin yourway!Dodge trees, rocks, and moving birds as youprogressthroughcheckpoints. Every checkpoint will give you a fewextrasweet,sweet seconds to power through the ridiculousrocks,tauntingtrees, and bothersome birds. It’s a race against theclockso keepmoving forward! Oh and you may find the campfires abit…elevating!
Galaxy Wars : alien invasion 5
Blue Games110
-Aliens attacking earth and you are the only one who can defenditusing the last jet fighter on the planet . simple but fun gamethattakes you through 15 amazing levels fighting againstdifferentspace ships at different difficulties .-The game has 2modesInfinity and missions mode and you accomplish achievementsthroughthe two modes so you increase your HP and number of missalsshot .
The Globe 2.0.4
The evil "Globe" has stolen one of the most beautiful starsintheuniverse. Escape from hislethal fire and reach thepreciousstar.But be careful! Globe's lair is full of mysteries anddangers.Goodluck!
Drop It 1.0.7
Drop It is child's play, you mean? The impression isdeceptive.Throwballs into the passing pipes without missing one.There areseveralballs that you can unlock. Each ball hasindividualcharacteristics.The smaller and heavier the ball, thebetter foryou.Drop It wasdeveloped with a lot of passion andlove.If youlike the game, thenplease support us by sharing it,rating it welland liking it onFacebook.Your Faveapps Team
Unity-chan's many balls 1.0
Let's play Brick breaker with Unity-chan!The number ofballswillincrease.It is a lot of fun as the number of ballsincreases!▪howto play· Swipe to shot.· Blocks with numbersdisappear whentheybecome 0.· When the block comes down to thebottom, the gameisover.Please be cured with cute Unity-chan and popBGM!BGMMusicisVFR© Unity TechnologiesJapan/UCL
Pin-ball for the modern age. 1. White = 0 2. Blue = +1 3. Green=+34. Gold = +5 5. Red = MINUS 3Pass levels to unlock new, usebuffstoget an edge, set high-scores or just beat your personalbest.GoodLuck!!!
In this game you will play for a small grain calledCroppy.Izbegaytespikes and dodge the meteorites For part of thetime the game speedwill uvelichivatsya.Skolko then you will beable to hold out?)Proveto everyone that it is you who are worthyof first place in the highscores list!Features:• Pleasant sound•Hardcore gameplay•LeaderboardJoin our community and staytuned:Vkontakte -
Color Pop 2.0
Color Pop! is a fast paced arcade style game that is goingtokeepyou guessing. Challenge yourself with the leaderboardsachieveGreatness!!!!!.
Flippy Tower 1.0.12
Bug Box Games
Super easy, super fun, simply what it gives you. Take it andhavefun while you are depressed. ***How To Play *** Drag and droptoshoot them to build the highest tower ever It's reallyinteresting,try it and enjoy :)
Gwenaelle dev
keeper Escape, you must escape the planet Keeper andsurvivetheobstacles placed in your path. Use your prtecter cyrcletoclearthe way for your fleeing shuttle! Easy to learnanddifficultmaster. Download Keeper Escape today and begin one ofthemostchallenging and addicting games of 2018!How toplay:PlayingKeeperEscape is simple. Touch anywhere on the screenand drag tomoveyour force power ring. Knock obstacles out of theway ofyourshuttle to avoid being destroyed as you escapetheplanet!Defendthe baby monster with the Force againstfallingobstacles! A funphysic game to play fast.
Spinner Galáctico 2
Relájate y dile adiós al estrés con Spinner Galáctico elcualteayudará a distraerte un momento del trabajo, estudio y unoqueotroproblema, Spinner Galáctico directamente desde elespaciosideralhasta tu dispositivo.Mientras mas giros ganesmásSpinnersGalácticos podrás desbloquear.Relax and say goodbyetostress withSpinner Galactic which will help distract a momentofwork, studyand some other problem, Spinner Galactic directlyfromspace toyour device.The more you win more spins SpinnersGalácticosyou canunlock.
i Crazy Bird 1.0
Game crazy bird simple and easyfeatures :BeautifulandlightdesignFind out more during playEnjoy :)