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Crazy Children's Dentist Simulation Fun Adventure 1.0.4
Crazy Children's Dentist Simulation Fun Adventure Free App!Heykidswe all love when people around us like our friends andfamilysmile. But for beautiful smile you need strong and cleanteeth. Didyou ever dreamed of becoming a super crazy dentist doctorinchildren's hospital? Make your dreams come true and you needtotake good care of patients teeth.In this crazy dentistclinichospital entertaining app, you need to take the role of bestcrazydentist. Use all your dental skills to perform the funtreatment ofdecayed teeth. Your duty is help those poor patientsand tobringing them back from shock and distress.Features:★ Selectfrom 4adorable patients! ★ Tons of different levels and activitiestoplay.★ Includes dozens of awesome mini-games.★ Fight bacteriatoprevent tooth decay! ★ lots of Dental tools commonly seen inaclinic.★ Select ingredients to make your own toothpaste! ★Superbgameplay with kid friendly interface.★ Enjoyable kidssounds,animations, expressions and beautiful high quality HDgraphics.Teamis continuously working for improvements of this game,please feelfree to send us your feedbacks and suggestions.
BoneBox™ - Dental Lite 1.0
BoneBox™ - Dental Lite is the pocket-sized version of our BoneBox™- Dental app. This real-time 3D medical education andpatientcommunication tool, featuring incredibly detailed anatomicalmodelsof the human dental anatomy. It is a member of a series ofappsdeveloped by a team of anatomists, certified medicalillustrators,animators, and programmers using actual human CTimaging data, andthe most accurate 3D modeling technologyavailable. The BoneBox™-Dental Lite is appropriate for use bysecondary students,undergraduate and graduate students, and medicalprofessionals.Interaction with BoneBox™ - Dental Lite utilizes truereal-time 3Dso the user can place the highly realistic detaileddental anatomyin any position and zoom in to explore all of theanatomicalstructures. By using the interactive quizzing feature theuser willbe tested on their knowledge of the human dental anatomy.The useris presented with a random tooth and given 4 multiplechoiceanswers to pick from.
Super Dentist 1.0.6
Words Mobile
You are the super dentist. Adults, kids, animals like dogs&goats and even vampires & zombies are the patients! Doyourworst!Perform dental surgery on hundreds of zany patients indireof help! It’s hard to diagnose and treat all kinds of oraldiseaseswith a pizza cutter or other crazy stuffs, but finishinganimprovised dental operation makes us feel like topdentists.GameFeatures:- A huge variety of dental tools to choosefrom- Thepatient can’t tell you how he/she feels, so use your fivesenses!-Diagnose and treat the patients with unique and weirdspecialabilities
Dentist Pony Doctor Care 1.7
Welcome to Dentist Pony Doctor Care Specifically designed forGirls,Boys & Families . Do you have what it takes to becomethe bestHorse and Pony dentist doctor? It’s time to find out withDentistPony Doctor Care! Use a variety of real dentist and doctortoolssuch as syringes, drills and even stickers to help the cutehorsesleave the surgery with their teeth repaired. Dental surgeryhasnever been so much fun!Learn how to be a dentist today! DentistPonyDoctor Care has 8 patients that all need your help, and onlybyhelping all of them can you become the best dental doctor.Usingyour tools you will have to brush teeth, treat bacteria andwashout the mouths of the Ponies. Doing all of these things willletthe ponies leave with shiny clean teeth. Once the teeth havebeenrepaired it is time to play the washing up minigame to makesurethat the tools are clean for the next patient. You don’t wanttospread an infection! Put each tool into the sink before washingitwith a sponge ready for the next operation.In Dentist PonyDoctorCare, defeating bacteria in the mouth is not as easy as itsounds.Play the bug splat minigame so that you can be sure that allofyour patients have healthy, white teeth when they leave. It isalsoimportant to fill any holes in your patient's teeth topreventinfection. Will you be able to move the filling tool intothe holein the tooth without hurting the patient? Precision isimportant inDentist Pony Doctor Care.Dentist Pony Doctor Care hassome patientswho want more stylish teeth, so go ahead and give thecute littleponies some cool stickers to put on their newlyrepairedteeth!Gameplay Features- 8 Pony patients to help- Performdifferenttypes of surgery with different tools- Become the bestdentist withthis fun and free dentist simulator- Wash up toolsready for thenext patient- Defeat bugs to remove infection- Fillholes in teeth-Give your patients cool stickers to make them lookmorestylishDentist Pony Doctor Care has been carefully designedforboys, girls and families to have ultimate fun! Please rate usforfuture improvements and updates!Invite your friends to playthecute, magical and addictive games designed for Girls & Boysofall ages developed by Green Tea Games and challenge them to seewhois the best dentist doctor!Visit our official siteatwww.GreenTeaGames.comFollow us on or like us on to get more info about all ourupcomingtitles.
Children's doctor : dentist. 1.1.4
Children's doctor - we all love when people around us smile.Webecome well and happy when someone on the street gives us asmile.But for a smile to be beautiful, you need to take good careof yourteeth. This applies to your pets, because in childhood theywerefor every kid. Like people, they also sometimes need to treattheirteeth. This can be done by a special doctor - dentist. Wepresent to your attention an exciting game for children - adentist(vet clinic).  In this entertaining game, your child isa realdentist, under the guidance of which there is a hospitalforanimals. The kid is entrusted with a very important andresponsibletask - the treatment of teeth of his four-footed pups,whose teethbegan to ache heavily because of their love for sweets.  Youhave to treat them in a real dental office, use variousmedicalinstruments, such as tongs, scalpels, Burmashin and manyothers, toclean your four-legged friends of teeth from plaque,align them, dooperations, remove cavities and fill them. After all,they all justneed your help. For her, the animals will be gratefulto you andvery grateful.   Developing games for children, suchas aveterinarian, contribute to the overall development of yourchild.They help to develop fine motor skills, coordination ofmovements,visual perception, attentiveness and observation, willshow thebaby how to treat animals, take care of them.   Ourgames forkids, such as a dentist, will teach them not only to treattheirpets with love and care, but also to protect their own teeth,donot forget to clean them several times a day, because going tothedentist is not the most pleasant pastime.   For the purposeofcomprehensive development of the child, we create applicationsandeducational games for children that are aimed to help boysandgirls develop basic motor and other skills, and also have fun,funand useful to spend their free time.   All you need istodownload games, install and start playing, and in the futureyourchild can choose one of the most needed professions in theworld -the dentist   Be sure to visit our http://yovogames.comandalso we are at:Youtube:
Live Virtual Dentist Hospital- Dental Surgery Game 1.0.2
Hey guys!! How many of you want to be a Dentist? Then here'sthechance to be a real-time dentist. There is a famous DentalHospitalin the city of America. This dental hospital is so popularfortheir dental services that every day so many patients come tothishospital with their dental problems. So become aprofessionaldoctor in this Live Virtual Dentist Hospital game andtreat yourpatients, so they can feel better again. Every day youneed toperform several unexpected dental therapy and treatments tosolvethe dental complications of the patients. Here in thisdentistadventure Patients will have different complications likegumbleeding, high teeth sensitivity, wisdom toothcomplications,stabbing pain in chewing, tooth-decaying ordecomposition, dirtyteeth, crooked teeth, broken tooth and manymore. You need todiagnose the dental problem and solve theirproblems by giving themdifferent dental therapies like antibioticprophylaxis, toothfilling, teeth whitening, dental braces, wisdomtooth extraction,root canal therapy and dental crown therapy.Inthis Dental Hospitalgame, you will be familiar with lots of dentisttools like toothextracting forceps, dental scissor, elevator,retractors, fillinginstruments, explorers, dental cartridge syringeand much morewhich are used to perform various dental therapies.KeyFeatures ofDentist Hospital Game:- Be the real-time dentist in thishospitalgame- Perform crazy fun dentist routines surgery- Learnvariousdental therapies by playing this dentist game- Use latestdentisttools in the therapies- Diagnose the patient's problem-Attend therevisit of the patients after treatment- Get aware ofdifferentdental problems- Know the preventions for your teeth -DentistSurgery simulator game- Fun and educational doctor gameSofriendsplay this fantastic "Live Virtual Dentist Hospital" game andeveryday perform some unexpected dental therapies at the hospital.Helpyour patients by giving them the best dentisttreatments.AboutGameiCreateGameiCreate brings you the latestcreations of mostloved categories of games and apps which are allhugely loved byfamily. We are entirely devoted to build userfriendly gamesrelated to fun and learning for better educationalfamiliaritiesand enjoyment for family. Stay with us for the latestupdates ofGameiCreate.Follow us on Googleplus: our gamevideos: beglad with your response. Contact us anytime for anyquestions andsuggestions at
My Dentist Game 1.18
M by Bubadu
Transform yourself into a dental expert: orthodontist,oralhygienist or dentist. Practice your skills in the newdoctor’soffice and give your patients a brand new smile! •Orthodontist:Misaligned bite and crooked teeth can be fixed! Takean x-raypicture to find irregularities, then apply glue andbrackets,connect the wires and attach colorful rubber bands to geta perfectbrace. • Oral hygienist: Improve patient’s oral healthwith adental floss, toothbrush, tongue scraper and mouthwash.Don’tforget to make the toothpaste using only healthy ingredients,likecarrots, mint, aloe vera and many others. • Dentist: Eatingsweetsdamages the teeth! Heal toothaches and use a dental drill,tongs,tooth whitener and other medical tools. Pull rotten teethout, fillthe cavities, whiten the teeth and remove the tartar.Patients willbe grateful for your help! • Mini-games: Have funplaying 3 popularmini-games: bowl with apples, make fruity bubblesin the company ofbees and find all the forbidden sweets in thecandy shop. Thehealthier your teeth, the happier you look!Features: • over 20dental instruments to use • earn stars and enjoyfun mini-games •beautiful HD graphics and sounds This game is freeto play butcertain in-game items and features, also some of thosementioned ingame description, may require payment via in-apppurchases whichcost real money. Please check your device settingsfor moredetailed options regarding in-app purchases. The gamecontainsadvertising for Bubadu’s products or some third partieswhich willredirect users to our or third-party site or app. Privacypolicy: Terms ofservice:
Virtual Dentist Hospital Doctor Office Adventure 2 1.0.1
Virtual Dentist Hospital Doctor Office Adventure 2 Free App!Wealllove when people around us like our friends and family smile.Butfor beautiful smile you need strong and clean teeth. Did youeverdreamed of becoming a super crazy dentist doctor in virtualdentistchildren's hospital? Make your dreams come true and you needtotake good care of your mad patients teeth.In this VirtualDentistHospital Doctor Office Adventure 2 entertaining app, youneed totake the role of best crazy mad dentist. Use all your dentalskillsto perform the fun virtual treatment of decayed teeth. Yourduty ishelp those poor patients and to bringing them back fromshock anddistress at your virtual dentist officehospital.Features:★ Selectfrom 5 adorable patients! ★ Tons ofdifferent levels and activitiesto play.★ Includes dozens of awesomemini-games.★ Fight bacteria toprevent tooth decay! ★ lots of Dentaltools commonly seen in aclinic.★ Select ingredients to make yourown toothpaste! ★ Superbgameplay with friendly interface.★Enjoyable kids sounds,animations, expressions and beautiful highquality HD graphics.Teamis continuously working for improvements ofthis game, please feelfree to send us your feedbacks andsuggestions. 1.3.3
Ever dreamed of becoming a super kids dentist? Make your dreamscometrue with Crazy dentist! Where you can experience being asupercrazy kid dentist in hospital full of crazy doctors, curepatient oruse all your skills to perform the craziest surgeryever! Enjoy thethrill of being a superhero kid dentist to cure allkids coming toyour clinic and bringing them back from trauma. Theinjured patientssuffer from kinds of teeth problems like badteeth, tooth cavity,dental calculus, dental treatment, dentistmania & they mightneed an emergency surgery & treatment.Sterilize your tools andkeep your dental chair prepared fortreatment. Be careful, don’t getthe bones and face skin damaged.Make use of injection, magicpotion, droppers and all the medicaltools you need & performcrazy fun dentist routines surgeryfill cavities, remove plaques,whiten teeth, squirt water, brush,and much more. Going to thedentist is something that not manypeople like to do, although tohave a nice clean smile it has to bedone. In Crazy dentist you cankill all the germs away, remove anyholes that may be cracked, suckall the gum from the teeth, as wellas remove and pull any rotten orcracked teeth in the dentalsurgery game. Treat patients withprofessional doctor tools likesyringes, dental tweezers & more.Play Crazy dentist games withsurgery braces for kids – free funkids game! This kid’s clinic ispainted with superheroes and dollsso that the little patients doesnot get worried with theirsickness. Help these poor patient feelbetter again with an amazingdentistry treatment. Kids get hurt allthe time while playing athome or in their schools and parks.Curing those little kids is agreat fun in Crazy dentist games .Brush dirty teeth to kill thosegerms, pull out the painful teeth(tooth extraction), fight bacteriato prevent tooth decay, applycolorful braces and apply dentalbraces to straighten themisaligned teeth. Some kid patients have afear of visiting thedentist’s office. Be good to them. Become anultimate professionalCrazy dentist to gain dental learningexperience in this surgerysimulator game. Be the best bracessurgeon; enjoy tooth cleaningand teeth alignment at dental clinic.Ask your patients to brushtheir teeth daily otherwise they will geta cavity in their teeth.Enjoy and play fun-filled dentist surgerymini games for girls andboys. Do not poke the dental equipment inyour patient’s eye, nose,ear or face. Check every patient’s dentalhealth condition beforecarrying out the dental surgery simulation.Apply stitches afteryou are done with the oral surgery. Crazydentist games withsurgery braces for kids features: √ Select yourpatient with badteeth for dental treatment √ Scan the teeth todetermine thecondition √ Clean it and remove cavities and funguswith medicalequipment √ Brush the teeth, clean it with water thensuck out theextra water √ Use stain removal to remove stains √Perform dentalsurgery and application of oral braces √ Pull out therotten brokenteeth Do you have unaligned or unbalanced teeth? Doyou need dentalbraces to align your teeth, but you have a dentistfear? If yesthen forget your fear and be an ultimate professionalbracessurgery dentist with an amazing dental learning experience.Its Topof the line Surgery Simulator game! With innovative medicalandsurgical instruments; treat your little patient at thedentalclinic to give the perfect and desired look to their teeth.Performthe dental surgery simulation and application of braceslikeprofessional dentist in Crazy dentist games with surgery bracesforkids.
Dental Drugs & Anesthesia 1.9
Dental Drugs App is a must to have application fordentalprofessionals. It's a quick reference for prescribingmedications.It also helps with calculating maximum anestheticdosages orrecalling common treatment protocols in practice.Features:- Verysimple design for quick reference and anestheticscalculation.-Access to 100 most common prescribed drugs with theirrelevantdose, dispensary, instructions and precautions.- Localdentalanesthetics calculator (in both pounds and kilograms for 1.8and2.2 ml cartridge).- No internet required to run the app thusmakesit fast and handy.- App is made by a dentist and is optimizedfordentists and dental students.- Email medication info&instructions to your patients.- Quick search index tomedications.This app is optimized for use in USA and Canada butstill can beuseful world wide**** Legal Notices and Disclaimer****Allinformation and calculations provided by Dental DrugsCalculator isprovided for educational purposes only. THISINFORMATION IS NOTINTENDED TO REPLACE PROFESSIONAL DENTAL ADVICE,TREATMENT, ORCLINICAL JUDGEMENT IN ANY MANNER. All the druginformation obtainedin the app were collected and presented withgreat care, yet it isthe practitioner's responsibility for knowingthe correct druginformation. In addition, calculations of theanesthetics were doneat great care, yet we do not guaranteeinaccuracies. The App andthe developer will not be liable foranesthetic over administrationnor mistakes that may occur in dentalprescriptions. Use at yourown discretion.This mobile applicationprogram is protected bycopyright law and international treaties.Unauthorized reproductionor distribution of this program(SPECIFICALLY LISTING THE APK OFTHIS APP ON A WEBSITE in order toincrease traffic on the culpritwebsite to earn revenue fromadvertisements and downloading the appfrom a website by thismeans), or any portion of it, is strictlyprohibited. This mayresult in severe civil and criminal penalties,and will beprosecuted to the maximum extent possible under thelaw. The onlyauthorized way to download the app is through GooglePlay Store.
cn.edaysoft.LittleLovelyDentist 1.1.8
Leaf Cottage
Lot of people want to be a great dentist, it's your dream, yes?Nowyou get a chance to treat those poor patients at the clinic inthisdentist game! Director of the crazy dentist office is lookingfor asmart doctor who can clean, color and beautify teeth. Are youthebest doctor? Are you the best animal doctor? Welcome todentistoffice, you have a chance to help your patients, to provethat youare a nice dentist! Gain experience to become the expertdentistand doctor. The dentist office is opening! Patients arelining upoutside the little dentist office to check patients'teeth/toothproblems... They suffer from kinds of teeth problemslike badteeth, tooth cavity, dental calculus, dentist mania...Become thebest crazy doctor, and the best dentist in town! Performdifferenttreatments on your patients. Extract their teeth carefullywithouthurting them and see a tooth fairy swirl her magic wand.Treatpatients at the office in this dentist games with prettycooldoctor tools like mouth spray, dental pliers and braces,dentistmania! It's a very funny dentist game for people topractice, forcreation, a sense of accomplishment! Features: * Morethan 12lovely characters in the dentist office, includingcelebrity, theyhave crazy teeth problems and are waiting for thelittle dentist *Provide abundant teeth cleaning tools, colorpainting brush andkinds of lovely teeth stickers, and make you alittle but crazydentist * Featuring picture capturing and rating tolet you seeyour work at the first moment. Dear little dentist,don't forget totake a picture after finishing your work * Not onlya dentist maniagame but also full of sense of education, makecelebrities anddevelop habit of protecting teeth. It teaches youhow to be alittle dentist! Welcome to dentist mania, enjoy thelovely dentistgames! Here you can help your patients, become a nicedentist! Youcan not only turn yourself into a professional dentist,diagnoseand cure different patients, but also can operate anddecorate yourown dental clinic, make it your dreaming one. Hope youlike thislittle dentist games, be the best dentist at this crazyfun office!Treat patients with professional doctor tools likesyringes, dentaltweezers, and more! This dentist’s office is somuch fun! You’venever been to a dentist’s office like this! Thisdentist games willbe improved continuously!
com.cherry_software.cuspgoogleplay 2.4.4
Cusp is the most complete Android application for themoderndentist! Cusp is an easy-to-learn, complete practicemanagersoftware for the dental office. It can be installed ontablets,phones and PC/laptop (using Bluestacks). Since the firstrelease ofthe application, on February 2014, Cusp has beensignificantlyupdated with cool features and fixes. Many dentistsall over theworld, have trusted Cusp for their daily management oftheir agendaand patient records! The latest characteristic of theapp is theCloud edition, which allows simultaneous usage of thepatientdatabase in all your devices. Version Demo Trial here: without Cloud subscription (it doesn't supportsynchronizationbetween different devices)here: English, Español, Italiano, Türkçe, Russian,Portuguese,Ελληνικά, Română, Bengali, Arabic, Hebrew. If you likethe app, giveit 5 stars and tell your colleagues about it 💕 💕💕FEATURES: ★Patient complete electronic health folder with SMSalerts for theircheck-ups. ★ General profile info, medicalanamnesis with ICD-10,oral examination, tooth chart permanent& primary, periodontalindexing. Tooth examine window with manyparameters (implant,endodontology etc.) ★ Save patient'ssignature. ★ Photos andradiographs albums with image compressionand sharing options. Saveand open STL files (scanner files). ★Detailed treatment &payments history, treatment planning,call, SMS, and e-mail ★Procedures and Prices catalog: Customizableprocedures, prices,laboratory and other costs. ★ Patients listwith 4 types of sorting,export to csv and search with name andphone number. ★ Applicationpassword login protection. The defaultpassword is 0000. ★Accounting Book: Detailed list with patientpayments &treatments, pending payments, annual report withincomes, expenses,bills and net profit. Printing to WiFi printerand export as PDF. ★Treatment categories with statistics ★ DrugsList, Prescriptionsprinting. Send prescription to patient viaSMS/email ★ Insurancehealth plans List ★ Dental materials List ★Appointments organizerwith table view and list view, Googleaccount calendar sync. Sendreminder message to your patient viaSMS/Whatsapp/VIber ★ Importpatient from contacts, add patients inyour Google contacts. ★ DataBackup & Restore, remote accessvia Dropbox. ★ Import patientsform Excel file. ★ Printing optionsfor the patient's folder, toothchart, payments history andtreatment plans, or export to PDFdocument. ★ Automatic SMSreminder (this feature uses your SIM cardand works only onsmartphones and telephony-enabled tablets). ★ Manymore features...★ Frequent and free updates! Your opinion mattersto us for theimprovement of the app. ★ This is the Standard editionof the app.You can (optionally) upgrade to the Cloud edition, ifyou want toinstall and use the app in different devices in realtime. Cloud isoffered as a monthly/yearly subscription at a verylow price. Theapp contains an optional in-app product (in-apppurchase) whichupgrades the app to the Cloud edition. This upgradesynchronizesyour patients data in all your devices and allows youto use theapp in many devices simultaneously. The Cloud edition isoffered asa monthly/yearly subscription at a very low price.WEBSITE: SUPPORT - QUESTIONS: 📧e-mail:cherryprogramming@gmail.comfb: IDEAS -REQUESTS: software app application management dentist
com.medical.dentool.dentool F_1.8
Dentool Inc.
This is an application for dentists with a search engine,whichexplains the meanings of more than 10,000 dental termswithoutinternet connection. Contains more than 500 dental videosfordental students, given subject wise which includes,Anatomy,Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology,Microbiology,General medicine, General surgery, Oral pathology,Oral medicine,Radiology, Oral surgery, Conservative &endodontics,Prosthodontics, Dental anatomy & histology. -by Dr.PilliNaveen Kumar This app is the first version of our idea and wedidour best to explain the terms. App contains nice features tomakeit easy and quick to use. This is one of the apps of DentoolInc.Developed by, Anand Kumar K Abhishek Nalamothu Manisha M
My Crazy Kids Dentist - Free Dentist Games 1.0.1
Fantastic Fun
Can you give all your patients their smile back?Become a dentistandtake care of your patients teeth! Use different tools totreatcaries, bad breath and extract teeth. Play fun mini games andusethe stethoscope hints in case you are stuck on your to-do list.Thegame should not affect a child in a bad way, but it is supposedtoentertain and teach something useful at the same time. Thisvirtualdentist games are not only for Naughty kids, but also forourgrown-up crazy dentist game lovers as well! The story continuesofhow a big doctor you become for your patients and how youfightdifferent kind of little monsters in your patient’s mouth.Easy tolearn and to control:a lot of patients need your helpopenthe citymap and choose the levelchoose the treatmentchoose fromdifferentdental instruments to treat the patientremove bacteriafrom themouth, brush teeth, treat decayed teethtreat patientswithprofessional doctor tools like syringes, dental tweezerscrazycooldoctor tools like mouth spray, dental pliers !Brush dirtyteeth,pull teeth, fight bacteria and so much more !fight bacteriatoprevent tooth decay !Shine up their teeth with a toothbrush!applydental treatment, remove cavities and horrible germsEnjoyWithFANTASTIC FUN.....
Dental Wall- Dentool™ 0.2.3
Dentool Inc.
Post anything about dentistry...- Do you wanna connect withthedentists all over the world learning new techniques, up-gradingtothe latest technology and knowing every nook and corner ofthedentistry ?- Come on then here we have something for you,becausewe too believe that dentistry is not just about RCTandextraction.- Here we made an expo where a dentist can postcasestudies, updates, tips and tricks etc. On the timeline andeveryother dentist can share their views on it.- Dentist can stareatother dentists who shares phenomenal posts on Expo.- Dentoolissimply like a social networking app for dentists.- Dentoolalsoincludes an offline dental dictionary which explains morethan10,000 dental terms.Developed by,Nalamothu Abhishek.M.K.Manisha.
Syrian Med 1.0
يحتوي البرنامج على 3 اقسام للبشري و الاسنان و الصيدلة حيثيضمتحميلات للمناهج و الدورات الامتحانية و يحتوي على طريقةتفاعليةرائعة لحل الاسئلة المتعددة الخيارات (بالنسبة للطبالبشري)Theprogram contains three sections of human and dental andpharmacyAndit includes downloads of the curriculum and examsessionsAnd it hasa wonderful interactive way to resolve themultiple choicequestions (respect for human medicine)
Dentaltown is the leading online community for dentists anddentalprofessionals around the world. Through the Dentaltown appyou can:• Access the message boards where you can respond to andpost newtopics, as well as check out the active topics and cases oftheday. • View and respond to personal messages with other townies.•Watch the weekly Townie News Wire and read industry news. •Accessthe Dentaltown Magazine to read and comment on articles fromtopprofessionals in the industry. • Listen to podcasts such asthepopular Howard Speaks series hosted by Dr. Howard Farran. •Watchand purchase videos from our constantly expandingContinuingEducation repository. Gain access to amazing content infields suchas Implant Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Endodontics,RestorativeDentisty, and more! • Take exams directly on your mobiledevice toearn CE credits. Farran Media is an ADA CERP recognizedproviderand an AGD PACE approved program provider of continuingeducation.With Dentaltown, no dentist will ever have to practicesolo again!
Mad Dentist 2 - Kids Hospital Simulation Game 2.3.3935
Kiwi Go
Dentist, special patients came to your clinic. They aretwoprincesses, two princes, a witch and a draft. They allhaveproblems on their teeth. Your missions are to give themrighttreatments and help them feel better. Time to show yourexpertskills and cure your patients. Features: ⊙ All kinds ofmagicaldental tools to choose from ⊙ Use spray to clean their teethfirst⊙ Kill germs hided in their oral cavities ⊙ Start your battletofight against teeth decay ⊙ Whiten their teeth with specialtoolHelp your special patients get rid of teeth problems.Experiencethe thrill being a great dentist!
My Dental Clinic 3.2.0
My Dental Clinic helps dentist manage their patients andclinic.Dentist's can keep a database of their patient’s record.Theseinclude personal information, dental charts, dental notesandappointments. They can also attach dental images and keep arecordof patient payments. Dentist can also call or send SMSdirectlyfrom the contact number of the patient. Appointments can besaveddirectly to your Android calendar. My Dental Clinic isdesigned forsingle users. It works well on phones or tablets. Italso has a newdesign for easy navigation and use. There are twotypes of plan tochoose from – FREE and PLUS. FREE plan featuresinclude:Multi-language ability – Spanish, Russian, Arabic andPortugueseBack up data in phone’s memory or cloud storage likeGdrive,iCloud, etc. Add patient information and view patient's listAddand view appointments in calendar Sync appointment tomobilephone’s calendar Search patient by first or last name,mobilenumber Add patient contact number to your phone’s contactlist Addpatient’s dental notes and medical history Select and addmultipleteeth in the dental chart Upload patient’s dental imagesandability to zoom in Add patient’s cash payment Contact patientbymessage, call or email Access My Dental Clinic offline PLUSplanfeatures have all the basic features and: Sync to 1 deviceonlySend SMS for upcoming appointments 5GB of data Data stored onMyDental Clinic cloud servers Restore and download backupdataInstallment payment Access data in My Dental Clinic WebsiteVersionPIN code to lock and protect patient dental data Abilitytodisconnect second device
Crime Cupid Dentist Make Up 1.0.0
Crime Cupid and a friend is going to Dentist to fix teeth.Herboyfriend will be happy to see her famous smile again!ByKiz10girls.comKiz10girls.comKiz10.comGirl GamesHairdressergirlgamesManicure Girl Games GamesDoctor Girl Games GamesMakeoverGirlGamesReal Haircut GamesDress Up GamesSpa GamesPet ShopGamesCookingGamesDentist gamesMakeover GamesWedding GamesPregnantGamesHospitalGames
DentDrug 0.1
DentDrug is the leading medical resource most used bydentists,dental students, nurses and other healthcare professionalsfordrugs information.The DentDrug app for Android™ is availableforfree.All features are available for free.Most popularfeaturesavailable in our app:- Drug Information: Look up dentaldrug dosinginformation in seconds, check drug interactions.-Offline Access:Drug, condition, and procedure reference can beaccessed without aninternet connection and database will updateautomatically whenyour device connected to internet.NOTE: Userswith 'rooted' devicesand ad-blocker software installed mayexperience connectivityerrors while using DentDrug.Please disablead-blocker softwarebefore attempting to download DentDrug's updatesreference.
Super Mad Dentist 2.2.3935
Kiwi Go
These poor people have really bad problems with their teeth.Normaldentist can’t do anything to help them. Only the super maddentistcan treat their teeth with special tools. Do you want to bea superdentist and cure those people’s teeth? It’s a pretty coolthing tobe a super dentist. Let’s start the treatment now.Features: ❤ Apopular dentist simulation game for players ❤ Checkteeth problemsand cure the patients ❤ Use spray to kill gems in themouth ❤ Filldecayed teeth and replace bad teeth ❤ All kinds ofcrazy tools toplay Experience the fun of being an awesome dentist.This game willhelp players learn the importance to protect theteeth.
Dentist G 1.0
Gaurav dixit
Dentist G app is an application providing all the informationaboutthe dental problems . It focuses on all aspects ofdentistry.modern techniques of dentistry and their details havebeen incooperated in this . Mainly this app is divided into twospheres ,baby tooth and adult tooth . Prevention and protectionshould beginfrom very early childhood so it's necessary to know allthe factsof baby tooth . In adult tooth , all the dental relateddiseasesare explained and their related treatment is given in verysimpleand elaborated manner , which anyone read and adapt in theirlife .Main motto of this app is to create awareness amongst peopleabouttheir oral hygiene . This app features all tips to keepteethhealthy .
🚑 Hospital Lobby - Doctor Games 2.1
One of the most complex doctor games free, Hospital Lobby,invitesyou to join it's specialist doctor team and take care ofpatientsthat suffer from a simple flu to more important caseslikeaccidents or even play a dentist game to take care of thepatient'steeth.In these doctor game, Hospital Lobby for free yousimulatebeing a hospital doctor and you can unlock all emergencystationsexcepting the dentist game which is unlocked by default.Youhave avariety of patients and you must be all kinds of doctorsfromdentist game to eye doctor or heart doctor depending onthedisease.The first station that it's unlocked for you is thedentistgame in which you have to treat the teeth for tartrum ,toothbrushing or even replacing some of the teeth.In this dentistgameyou have to move as fast as you can and try to buy upgradesforyour dentist tools to make people happier and also earn asmuchcoins as possible.With the money earned in our dentist gameyouwill unlock the doctor games stations and also surgerysimulatorwhere we will treat bones , fractures and more.Inside thefludoctor games we have to check the temperature , use ice to loweritand give some pills to the patient and try to beat thataggresivecold.Everyone is delighted by the doctor games stationbecause thecolds are very frequent and we have lots of customersthat we needto treat so those stations are very important in ahospital.Anotherinteresting level is the eye doctor care where wemust treat theeye problems.Try to found what dioptries people haveand find theright eye glasses with the perfect lens for them.Thebones doctorgames will also come in help when some people have handfracturesthat you need to heal using surgery simulator games.Allpeople thatcame to our clinic will benefit from the highest qualityofhospital services going to x-ray for surgery simulator ,puttingthe bones in place , bandage them and also use the gypsum attheend to stabilize their fractures.We need to move fast onsurgerydoctor game and dentist so that the hospital reputationbecomes aprestigious one.We really hope that you will love ourdoctor gamesfree , dentist and surgery simulator games but alsospend time inour hospital by receiving patients and emergencies butalso solveall the cases in the quickest time and become the bestdoctor inour hospital.You must apply bandage to any injury for yourpatientsand heal them as fast as possible to save theirlives.Removesplinters or any other foreign objects from their arms, legs oreven their face.Use disinfectant for the wounds to be thebest inthese cool doctor games !
Dentist - Dental clinic appointment manager 2.0.6
Dentist application is designed for dentists to use daily intheirprofessional activities. Dental ofiice appointment managerwillhelp you to keep information on patient visit : rootcanaltreatment, teeth whitening, braces, tmj, tooth extraction.Dentalchart and x-rays of patients will be always near at hand.
OdontoEspacio 1.9
OdontoEspacio Py surgió de las ganas de crear una herramientaútilpara el día a día de los Odontólogos y Profesionales afines.Enellaencontrarás información sobre:- Universidades - Institutos-Cursos- Congresos- y demás actividades Odontológicas-ProductosOdontológicos- Casas Dentales- Laboratorios Dentales-MiniNegatoscopio: Para visualizar las radiografías periapicalesdeuna manera práctica y rápida.Py OdontoEspacio arose from thedesireto create a useful tool for everyday dental practitionersandrelated professionals.Here you will find informationabout:-Universities- Institutes- Courses- Congress- and otherdentalpractice activities- Odonthology- Houses Dental-DentalLaboratories- MiniNegatoscopio: To view periapicalradiographs aconvenient and fast way.
Stomatology today 2.3
Stomatology Today (newspaper).Subscribe: free (byRussiaareas).Periodicity: quarterly.Electronic Journal createdMagtoapp(
DoctOral 2.4
DoctorOral is the first mobile app for those working in thehealthsector, including medical/dental professionals andmedical/dentalstudents.In the form of a guided pathway, itprovides:1. a clinicalframework for lesions in the oral cavity;and2. the dentalmanagement of patients at risk of drug-relatedosteonecrosis of thejaw (ONJ).1. The principal function of the appis simple butpowerful, and based on the recognition of initiallesions in theoral cavity, differentiating them bycolour/morphology andaetiology. Each pathway is guided questionsand multiple-choiceanswers, leading to one or more diagnostichypotheses. Eachdiagnostic hypothesis contains a summary andvarious clinicalimages of the disease, which provide furtherinformation about thelesion. In addition, the user will be able totake clinical photosof their own cases throughout the entirepathway for comparisonwith the final hypothesis/es, as suggested bythe app.Anotherspecial tool in the DoctorOral mobile app is that ofrequesting andmaking use of (at the end of the pathway) ateleconsultation viae-mail ( However,this opinion is NOTintended as medical consultancy and/or thecreation or provision ofguidelines or recommendations. The userknowingly accepts theobligation to refer to medical criteria forthe ascertaining ofcausal links, the principles of rule-basedethics and possiblestandards of care in diagnosing and caring forindividual patients.Of the many functions found in the DoctorOralapp, the user will beable to refer to some of the main and commonpathologies of theoral cavity (“Synopses of Diseases”), “PrimaryLesions” and the“Symbols Caption”.2. Accessing the “OsteonecrosisRisk” page willenable to user to consult guided pathways regardingthe dentaltreatment of oncological and osteometabolic patients, atrisk ofdrug-related osteonecrosis of the jaw, both in the pre- andinpost-therapy phases.
OrisLine My Smile is the app of your Dental Clinic, always atyourdisposal. OrisLine My Smile is an appointments andcheckupsreminder, at everytime you can consult your treatment plan,alwaysup to date. OrisLine My Smile contains answer to many ofyourquestions about oral hygiene, implantology, ortondontics,etc.Thanks to the educational videos you can see how to brushyourteeth and use the dental floss or proxabrush and how to treataneglected tooth decay. Also it's usefull for the children tolearnthe basics of a proper oral hygiene. If you are recoveringfrom asurgery, you can find in OrisLine My Smile the information ofthecorrect behaviour after the treatment. With OrisLine My Smileyoucan receive the notifications sent by your dentist to informyouabout news and promotions of the dental clinic.
This app aims to assist graduate students in dentistry anddentalsurgeons in the study of radiographic interpretation.TheRadioXtudy presents an organized, direct and functionalinterface,containing topics divided didactically to the study,include: •Anatomy • Pathology • Dental anomalies The app alsoincludes aninteractive area between users, as well as exercises forfixing thestudied content! I wish you all the benefit, interest andlearningin dental radiology area is increased considerably!
Hi-Dentist 1.0.2
This app is designed to offer dentists comprehensiveinformationabout • Scientific Articles (abstracts),• Informationaboutupcoming dental events/conferences,• Medical / Dentistryvideos•Patient education posters Other features of the app providetheuser with the following options Create a patient profileThisuniquefeature will enable the doctor to create and maintain profileofevery patient wherein they can upload images of patient’scasesThisdental app is expected to offer the dentist to efficientlymanagepatient data as well as keep abreast with the latesthappenings andadvancements in the field of dentistry.
IndiaSupply - Dental App 2.1.1
Getting information about dental products, Events,Conferences,Expo, Dental Dealers, Suppliers, Manufacturers, bestdental dealsand offers is now easy and convenient with IndiaSupplyDentalMobile App.Features of IndiaSupply Dental App:· Get detailofupcoming Dental Expo, Dental Events and Conferences inDelhi,Bangalore Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and all over India.· Finddetail ofDental Expo, Events and Conference’s venue, speakers,schedule,floor plan and much more.· Get the direct registrationdetail linkfor all Dental Expo, Events and Conferences.· User canenquire forfeatured dental products from our featured brands.· Findcontactinformation like phone numbers, email IDs etc. of all brandsonIndiaSupply app.· With the IndiaSupply Dental app, user canfindthe detail of all dental product manufacturers, suppliersanddealers in India.· View contact details for all dental brands.Allcontact details for brands, their distributors andrepresentativesis provided on IndiaSupply- One Stop Online DentalShop.· Getupdate on best dental deals and offers.· We offer afriendlycustomer service by email and phone.
TDC Dental 30
TDC Dental
TDC Dental Appointment นัดหมาย ทำฟัน ดูคิวออนไลด์TDCDentalAppointment dentist appointment online to look at the queue.
BIO | View 1.0.6
BIO | View , developed and distributed by is aFREEpatient treatment app available for dentists. The BIO |Viewapphelps dentists easily present and explain dental procedurestopatients.The app includes many high resolution and detailedvideosdemonstrating and explaining common dental procedures. Inadditionphotos can be added to the app, via the device's camera orviaphotos in the device's library. This allows the dentist toincludeadditional images, including photos particular to apatient.The appallows the dentist to draw / sketch, add text, andicons (implants,teeth etc) to the images in the app, or to screensin the video.For optimal results it is recommended to use the appon 7 inchscreens or larger. Contact Blue Sky Bio with any commentsorquestions about our new app at
My child and the dentist 1.0
Your doctor dentist for your children and youWhat you canexperiencethe visit to the dentist and how it worksHow does toothuprootedwitness the pain and medications used by the dentist tonot beafraid you'll see everythingThe process of dental amalgams,extraction , installation, watched a young childApplicationdoctordentist.Free game does not hesitate to be downloaded
JPD 7.5.0
Elsevier Inc
The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry Now it’s easy to stay currentinthe field of prosthetic and restorative dentistry. The JournalofProsthetic Dentistry app brings you the convenience of readingyourfavorite journal from anywhere in the world with just a tap.Nowavailable for android smartphones and tablets! • Stay aheadwithalerts when new issues are available and read Articles inPressthroughout the month • Experience innovative digital contentwiththe newly introduced Article enhancements; featuringAudioSlides,Virtual Microscope, 3D Radiological Viewer, 3DNeuroimaging Viewer,and more. • Get access to the journal contenton the app via yourinstitution’s IP • Enjoy Open Access and OpenArchive Contentwithout having to login • Accessibility support toassist thevisually impaired • Interact with figures, tables, andsupplementarycontent • Stream multimedia for faster viewing ordownload for later• Take notes, highlight articles and share viaemail and socialmedia • Personalize your experience with MyReading List and savearticles for offline reading JournalSubscribers: Log in with thesame username and password that grantsyou access to the fulljournal content on The Journal of ProstheticDentistry website.These credentials will allow full access to allcontent on the app.About The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry TheJournal of ProstheticDentistry, now in its 63rd year, is theleading professional journaldevoted exclusively to prosthetic andrestorative dentistry. TheJournal is the official publication for24 leading prosthodontic organizations. Themonthly publicationfeatures timely, original peer-reviewedarticles on the newesttechniques, dental materials, and researchfindings. The Journalserves prosthodontists and dentists inadvanced practice, andfeatures color photos that illustrate manystep-by-step procedures.Our privacy policy ishere:
Crazy Little Kid Dentist Fun : Children's Doctor 1.2
Crazy Little Kid Dentist Fun : Children's Doctor Free App!Heykidswe all love when people around us like our friends andfamilysmile. But for beautiful smile you need strong and cleanteeth. Didyou ever dreamed of becoming a super crazy dentist doctorinchildren's hospital? Make your dreams come true and you needtotake good care of patients teeth.In this crazy dentistclinicentertaining app, you need to take the role of best crazydentist.Use all your dental skills to perform the fun treatment ofdecayedteeth. Your duty is help those poor patients and to bringingthemback from shock and distress.Features:★ Select from 4adorablepatients! ★ Fight bacteria to prevent tooth decay! ★ lotsof Dentaltools commonly seen in a clinic.★ Superb gameplay with kidfriendlyinterface.★ Enjoyable kids sounds, animations, expressionsandbeautiful high quality HD graphics.Team is continuously workingforimprovements of this game, please feel free to send usyourfeedbacks and suggestions.
Denteach 3.0.0
Denteach is a self education platform for dentists andstudentshelping them study dentistry and developing theirskills.A-Denteach provides:I- Choosing educational subject indentistryaccording to:a) Media: (Video - Powerpoint - Article -Audiolecture - Quiz - Pdf file - ..etc).b) Branch: By choosingthesubject branch, subjects will be filtered according tochoosenbranch (Endodontics - Operative - Oral surgery ...etc).c)SubjectPlatform: Choosing a platform that focused on one subject(ex:Dental Carving - Dental Anatomy - ...etc)d) Step by stepplatforms:Each learning platform consists of step by step skills,so ifdental student wants to learn about Class IIrestorations:Branch =Operative dentistry.Subject = Class IIrestoration.Skills =Isolation - Cavity preparation - ApplyingMatrix band & wedges- Composite build up ...etc.II- Selfassessment (Self quizzing):Byquizzes in different branches andsubjects, we are adding themgradually to cover all branches.III-Questions and Discussionsforum for dentists and dental students(social educationcommunity).IV- Post your article: Dentists andstudents canparticipate and publish their articles on Denteach ,sothereArticles and work could be reached for more and more studentsandcolleagues.B- Why did we built Denteach?Future of educationwillnot be the same as nowdays, because of developing ofcommunicationand internet it's obvious that self education will bea strongchoice for students as they can reach knowledge easierthanever.Also Dental students in war areas witnessingunstablesituation that makes reaching university much harder ,andskippingclasses more occurs in breaking countries.So we gavestudents asolution to continue their classes that they skipped tostudy it bythemselves.C- Denteach Principles:1- Education Freedom:By choosing(subject - time - type of studying) makes you fullycontrolled andmotivated to study.2- Education Independency: Thereis noobligations or any type of commitment for any side oruniversity,makes it more relieving and free to study.3- EqualChances oflearning: whatever your financial condition, nationality,locationyou can learn dentistry in a decent quality.4- Easy accesstodental education: Regardless of your place education will comeforyou, you just need internet connection.D- Contactus:Email:denteach1@gmail.comFacebook:
I am Dentist - Save my Teeth 1.0.11
Welcome to I am dentist, the best dentist games for kids for FREE.Afull version of fun dentist app you can play offline without wifiorwithout internet.Help dentist clean teeth, help dentist braces,getfamiliar with the dentist appointment, no more dentist fearwhen youvisit a real dentist office.With this virtual dentist anddoctorgames, be the best little dentist or be the crazy dentist atthedentist simulator.Game Features:- Full version up front, nopurchasenecessary to play the free dentist games full version.- 6cutepatients are waiting for the little dentist and doctor-Versatileprofessional dentist tools for dentist surgery- Colorfulbraces andpretty decorations- Simple to operate and cure patientseasily- Realdentist games with braces surgery with levels-Princess dentist modeand halloween dentist- 8 mini games to wingems and free trail oflocked dental tools! (8 mini games are:candy crush, hit it, flybird, cute jump, special one, fishing,brick breaker, darts)Wow,such a fantastic fun kids dentist gamefor boys and girls! Enjoythis lovely little dentist game now! Noone escape the dentist, elsagoes to the dentist, baby hazel goesto the dentist, here goes petdentist, there goes the monsterdentist, even the zombie dentist.Iam Dentist - Save my Teeth is adentist mania game, cute dentistgame with braces, and dentist gamejust for kids!Here you can be acute little dentist, face withkinds of tooth problems, and cureyour lovely little patients. Be anice kids dentist, little doctor!Please save my little teeth.Judyate too much candy, and can notsleep because of toothache. Littledentist!Doctor! Have you everseen a dragon chilly dwarf? His teethhave been frozen out! --- Takecare of your adorable roblox anna,vampire patients, don’t be a evildentist, be a crazy littledentist! ---Let's play the fun gamestogether now, my littledentist!Free free to download our dress upgames I Love Bath - KidsDress Up games for girls free.
UDENZ Smile Click Away يودينز‎UDENZ Labz FZ-LLC 2.3
UDENZ is the market leader in quality real-time engagementbetweennew and current dental patients and dentists. Connectingdentalpatients to dentists through our custom mademobileapplication.Easily Just Download and Navigate your NearestDentist,Check Dentist Rates and Book An Appointment. Help you findthenearest Dentist, make appointment and choose dentalservices.Userscan search for Dentist by Distance, Type of DentalService, DentalSpecialty, Gender of Dentist, Country, and City.Users can bookDental Appointments, check all Dental Offers, Submittheir Smiles,Rate and share their Dental Experience. All only viathe Menu andMap options on UDENZ App.• Users Features:- Detectsyour currentlocation automatically.- Shows interactive map withdrivingdirections.- Tap to call the business phone number.- Tap tocheckDental Offers.- Bookmark favourites for quick retrieval.- FindaDentist Near You- Share • Dentist can download free andregisterand:- Choose their specialty (GP Dentist, Orthodontist,RestorativeDentistry, Endodontist, Periodontist, Oral Surgeon,Implantologistand Cosmetic Dentistry).- Choose your Clinic Locationand Updateyour Working Time >- Submit Dental Offers. - SubmitShowcases.-Check and Book Dental Events, Dental Conference, DentalExhibitionsand Dental Workshops.And Much More Dental Features.UDENZisProviding Dentists with a Full Dental Eco-System Platform.Note:Weare back with another important update to enhance the DentistandUser experience with Udenz. This new Version contains thefollowingUpdates :# Introducing all new Interface to give our usersa newtheme. # We are very happy to announce the New wallet systemso forboth user and Dentist. Using this wallet the dentist canacceptconsultation fee. # On each successful appointment, The Userswillget some reward points. The users who are having good amountofrewards would be getting an price from Udenz.# We have addedshortsignup process for dentists. # Phone No Verification fornewsignups.# New dentist Profile changes are there for the websiteandeducation. We have also added the tab based profile editing forthedentist so that the dentist can easily change the information.#TheNew Slot based Working time is added for the dentist who haveaddedtheir working time.# With the new appointment system the userdon'thave to wait for the dentist to confirm the appointment, Iftheslot is free then the appointment will be confirmed.
Dental Desk 1.0
Dental desk is an application desk for answering thequeriespertaining to dental problem.It is not only an informativeapp butalso a platform to provide temporary relief from variousdentalproblems by using common household techniques.The main mottoofthis app is to acknowledge people regarding various alarmingdentalproblem and educate them regarding various treatmentmodalities.Thenext facet of this app is to create awareness amongpeopleregarding dental care and oral hygiene habits.In today’s 3Gworldlifestyles have changed. In olden dentistry, removing toothandreplacing it was only motto of dentistry. Today’s modernprocedureslike RCT, crowns and bridges have changedlifestyles.Introductionof RCT has saved lives of many teeth. Modernfilling proceduressuch as composites has restored teeth to normaland are quitesuperior to traditional silver filling.Morbidity dueto inabilityto eat food owing to dental problems has considerablydecreased.People were reluctant to use removable artificial teeth,but due toadvent of fixed teeth and implants the acceptance ofartificialteeth has increased.Dental implant is corner stone oftoday’sdentistry. It has considerably improved looking and eatingstylesof patients. Older people have left using traditionallyprepareddentures and started enjoying the magical effects ifimplantsupported dentures.Smile designing by laminates have madegirlslooking more gorgeous and lovely than ever.Ortho treatment canmakeugly to look charming.Gum problems are next alarming issues duetolack of nutritious diet.So this app has featured answers toallquestions to dental problems and remedy for same. Immediaterelieffrom pain is the main backbone of this app.
Denti-Pro — The Social App for Dentists Worldwide 2.1
Denti-Pro is connecting dentists and dental healthprofessionalsaround the world. Get easy access to a professionalcommunity, readand share insightful and inspiring articles,magazine posts, videosand dental photography features. The sheeramount of content madeavailable has made Denti-Pro a favourite appamong dentistsworldwide. We frequently receive emails from dentistsaround theworld, who love how the app has given them access toprofessionalcontent to fill in the various in-between time thatcomes withrunning a dental clinic. Find contests, dental themed artandphotography that inspires! And become part of a communityofsharing knowledge, insights, and passion for dentistry.DENTISTMAGAZINE, NEWS AND ARTICLES Get the latest industry news,updates,tips, and research, or visit our magazine section. All inoneuser-friendly application, that lets you access content quickandeasy when you need it. We post frequently, and upload uniquedentalphotography, art and contests for you to enjoy. REGISTER ANDCREATEA PROFILE To get the most out of Denti-Pro Social, and beable toconnect with dentist across the globe, send messages, andevenstart collaborations, sign up a free profile and startconnecting.Denti- Pro is the first social media applicationexclusively fordentist networking and sharing of dental resourcesand content!CONTRIBUTE To keep the platforms updated with new highqualitycontent, we encourage dental professionals, clinics,andresearchers to share important dental news, articles,researchresults, videos, and dental photography. If you havesomething theglobal dental community needs to know, see, or read,go tocontribute and upload it for dentists around the world toaccess.Post anything in a glance and let other dental professionalsenjoyyour passion, thoughts and knowledge! DENTI-PRO FEATURES: -Socialmedia for dentists - Effective networking - Informativecontent:news, articles, blogs, photos, art - Frequent contests -Chatfeature - Users can contribute withcontent--------------------------- Get Denti-Pro, and experiencethedentist profession in a completely new way! Create a profileandstart enjoying high quality dental content, or post yourown.Download Denti-Pro for FREE.
My Little Dentist – Kids Game 3.8
Hi girls, kids and teens. This is a free fun game for you toenjoyand make your dream a reality, become a successfuldentistvirtually in your smart phone with set of all new treatmentsandbest user experience in My Little Dentist. Run your ownoffice& treat patients going crazy with pain caused by bacteria&germs.***** HIGHLIGHTS ***** Easy tap and drag game play. Thisis a cute, fun and amazing dental surgery game Kidsfriendlycontent  Free and simple girls, kids game Suitable forthe wholefamily Cool BG music and HD graphics***YOU ARESWEET***Yoursuggestions & feedback are valuable to help us tokeep workingon new concepts. If you like our games, please feelfree to rate us5 stars and give good reviews so we can alwaysprovide you withquality free games. Thanks~*** LIKE US ON FACEBOOK***To share yourexperiences and stay updated with what TenLogixGames is workingon. Play and enjoy doctor games and get yourselfeducated with handnail doctor, skin doctor, braindoctoretc. your fears ofvisitinga dentist & Get ready to enter the real fun world. Letsdestroybacteria by picking the best tools to treat your littlepatients ina virtual way. Gain experience to become the expertdoctor andunlock more patients.Download this fun game now to have agreatexperience of treating bad teeth in the best fun way. Pickyourtoolkit and start treating your patients with differentoralproblems. Jack, Paul, Amy & their friends need your help,so bea super cool dentist to treatthemwell.=================================================================***PRIVACYPOLICY***Beinga developer we truly understand that privacy playsan importantrole. You can read our privacy policyhere:***DISCLAIMER***Thisappis ad supported and may contain adds.OK then have a good day!
Dental Dictionary by Farlex 1.8
Dental Dictionary by Farlex gives you free, instant access tomorethan 18,000 dental definitions and 3,000+ images fromsourcestrusted by dentists and dental healthcare professionals.This isNOT a preview or a trial version, and there is no "locked"content.Open the app and immediately access all content, nosubscriptionsrequired! * Search 18,000+ dental terms from multipledentaldictionary and encyclopedia sources, all fromindustry-leadingpublishers. * Clear, in-depth definitions of dentalterminology,including entries on diseases, causes, treatmentmethods, oralhygiene, and dental tools, as well as illustrations,photographs,and X-ray images. * 11,000+ audio pronunciations forboth Americanand British speakers in online mode. *User-friendly,comprehensive, and authoritative: the perfect freedental app fordentists, dental hygienists, dental educationstudents, and healthcare consumers. * Save unlimited bookmarks. *Use native voicesearch to look up a word just by saying it. (Withsupporteddevices) * View your recent searches. * See searchsuggestions asyou type. * Perform advanced searches, including"Starts with,""Ends with," "Contains," and "Wildcard." * Adjustfont size. *Share definitions via social networks, email, and text(withsupported devices). How do we do it? Farlex apps havebeendownloaded tens of millions times across multiple platforms,withtop ratings after hundreds of thousands of reviews. We workwiththe best publishers to bring together trusted content in themostcomprehensive, authoritative dictionary apps on the market.Ourflagship app is The Free Dictionary (TFD), Find our other apps by searching"Dictionaryby Farlex" in Google Play.
Endolit 4.1.0
The Endolit app has undergone major upgrade and changed from justanapp providing endodontic knowledge to an endodontic networkthatconnects Endodontists and dentists interested in the fieldofEndodontics. Each user can now develop his own profile,connectwith other users and communicate with them through textmessaging.With our new home page, users can share their day-to-daywork,discuss cases and get instant notification when other userscommentor like their posts. Through this interactive feature, userscanstay connected and educate each other. Users can also sharetheirwork on different social media. The new app address differentneedsfor users interested in the field of endodontics. Besidetheliterature and case report section that was initially present,weadded a Video section. All videos are for educational purposeandwill be available free of charge on the app. If usersareinterested to post videos, they can check the guideline forvideosubmission present on the app and submit their video throughtheendolit website. Another added features are a Calendar forfutureevents and Job opportunity section. Through these sections,userscan stay updated with future events and apply for jobs inprivatepractice or faculty positions. Users are allowed to updatethecontent themselves by submitting jobs and events that willbereviewed on the same day and posted on the app. Users canalsodelete any submitted jobs or events in case jobs have beenfilledor canceled events. The new app functions in PortraitandHorizontal mode.
Halloween Game Dentist Braces 1.2
F&F Studio
Halloween Game Dentist Braces Surgery Monsters, Welcome Boysandgirls, to Dentist Game Braces Surgery, the funniest andenjoyabledentist teeth game ever seen!!! You can become more aprofessionalfunny dentist who is able diagnose and cure differentlittle cutemonsters. In the dentist game, patients or four littlemonsters arenot only characters who only open their mouths with apoker face,they are beautiful and funny four little monsters whosmile andmake strange but awesome voices. Meet FaZes, the fourmonsters YoloParadise, Boba, Bri and Yawn with real laughers andtears! If youwould like to see patients or four monsters’ differentreactionswhile teeth treatment, toothpaste application, mouthwashaction,plaque surgery or braces mounting as in any real dentalclinic anddentist office, JOIN the game by playing TOOTHPASTELAUGHERS BRACESPATIENTS. How To Play:
In Yolo Laughers Dentistoffice, everypatient and crazy monster can have different teethsickness whichcan be cured with specific dental tool. Once you healthe patientssuccessfully, the little monsters will thank you abouttaking careof them/her. Then, the little laugher monsters can eatand enjoymore chocolate and sweetness. When you finished curing allteethsickness of little patients monsters.Enjoy Halloween GameDentistBraces Surgery Monsters Features of the game:
· 4 kinds ofpatientsmonsters to choose: YOLO Paradise, Boba, Bro and Yawn thelaughers.
· Multiple themes of the treatment room to choose
· Aseries offacial expressions to choose for the patients 
· A hugevariety ofdental tools to choose
· Take a photo of yourpatient
> >NEXT UPDATES <<> May be a dress up gameswhere you candress up your little monsters. So you will havedentist games withbraces and dress up games for your pleasure>Including moredresses for dressup games> More monsters andcharacter such askids and girts to clean teeth games, dentistoffice and dress upgames** IMPORTANT NOTICE**This game is purelyeducative one. Itgives the kids and children basic knowledge howteeth are cured bythe doctor in an enjoyable and loved way. Ithelps encouraging kidsand children to see their dentist officevisit more comfortable andenjoyable. Thus it helps at reducing thefear and stress thatinfants my have when asked to visit thedentist.The games does notask neither post any content in anysocial network such asFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, orGoogle.The does not useany social networks such as Instagram,Youtube, Facebook, Google,Twitter to communicate and/or reach itsusers.
Doctor Kids 1.46
M by Bubadu
With the help of this game you can see what is like to be adoctorand treat kids in a children's hospital. You can make themhealthyagain and put a smile back on their faces. Children arecoming tothe clinic and they need your help to get better. Once youappointthe little patients to the right doctor’s office, you canhave funplaying interactive minigames and treat kids in no time.Gamepresents different kinds of doctors and treatments, withmanycolorful objects to match patients’ characteristics. Everydoctor’soffice includes a unique minigame to make treatment evenmore fun.And don’t forget about the ambulance car that is always ina hurry.Within this game, you can do the following: Appoint yourpatientsto the dentist to brush and fix their broken teeth.Diagnosepatients to heal them from strange diseases. Make aneyeexamination test to improve kids’ eyesight. Use a microscopetomake some lab tests and eliminate viruses. Use the X-ray machinetoscan bones. Drive an ambulance car and give first aid topatients.Treat an ear infection and take a hearing test in theXylophoneminigame. Features: • beautiful high quality HD graphics•intuitive, easy to use user interface • infinite gameplaywithnumerous combinations • many different patients in variousclothes• offers 7 unique doctor’s offices: dental care, eye check,skinrashes cure, lab test and X-ray, ear doctor, ambulance carwithemergency room (ER doctor) • includes 7 thematic minigames •tonsof colorful plasters, bandages, braces, glasses and syrupflavoursThis game is free to play but certain in-game items andfeatures,also some of those mentioned in game description, mayrequirepayment via in-app purchases which cost real money. Pleasecheckyour device settings for more detailed options regardingin-apppurchases. The game contains advertising for Bubadu’sproducts orsome third parties which will redirect users to our orthird-partysite or app. Privacypolicy: Terms ofservice:
Terrible Teeth 1.4.1
Vile Media
Prepare for an adventure with bite... 9 out of 10 dentistsrecommendTerrible Teeth!*****"From the great character design tothecleverly-conceived game environment, Vile Media’s TerribleTeethdoes not stop crushing it on all levels." --8BitGamer*****Corneliusis the cream of the crop, the most heroicof all the kernels ofcorn. His field has been terrorised by aravenous radioactivemonster and all the corn has become trappedinside his mouth! HelpCornelius save his buddies from certaindoom! Use simple touchcontrols and your quick reflexes to controlCornelius. Run, jump,dodge and duck to avoid peril but be warned,the mouth is riddledwith hazards and the entire environment isalive and trying to takeyou down!*****PLAY STORY MODE!- Follow thejourney of Cornelius,through multiple levels and chapters.- RescueSweet Pea, the damsel,from the horrible Notzo Fungi, a maniacalmind controlling fungus.-Save your corn kernel buddies, collectgold coins and beat up allthe tooth fairies to get 3 stars onevery level.****PLAY ARCADEMODE!- Endless runner with random levelgeneration.- Starts easy butbecomes brutal with increasingdifficulty.- Compete against yourfriends and compare scores.- Testyour skills by taking on all ofthe challenging quests.- Spend yourhard earned coins on costumes,upgrades and items.*****This gamewas brought to life by a smallindie team of only 2 people.We areconstantly working hard toimprove the game and develop a-maize-ingnew features andcontent.Please help us out by spreading theword!Please rate. Thankyou!*****
Dental Anatomy Mastery 5.49.4271
Dental Anatomy Mastery is a premium-quality study tool thatstudentsuse to master tooth morphology and occlusion concepts.Usingin-depth progress tracking, this app tells you where yourknowledgeis strong and where you need to improve so you can betterfocus yourstudy time. Dental Anatomy Mastery's platform is basedon the 2-timeMobile App of the Year Award winner, featured in Inc.Magazine,Forbes Magazine, and is the consistently top-grossingeducationalapp in the App Store. Install the free version todayand jumpstartyour studying! We have provided a free version of thecontent thatyou can try before deciding to upgrade. Subscribetoday and getaccess to: • 400+ dental anatomy and occlusionpractice testquestions with detailed rationales andhigh-resolution graphics •100+ dental concepts to help you masterconcepts in tooth and rootdevelopment, morphology, and occlusion.• 40+ tooth morphologypractice quiz questions with high-resolutiontooth images to testyour knowledge of tooth anatomy, eruption, andocclusion • Mnemonicsand study tips to help you memorize toughconcepts • Tracking toolto view progress and evaluate yourstrongest subjects and areasneeding improvement Study for yourdental anatomy class anytime andanywhere, even without internetaccess! Get access to all questionswhen you subscribe: • 1 Month:one auto-renewing payment of $9.99 •12 Months: one auto-renewingpayment of $39.99 This app offers twoauto-renewing subscriptionoptions to help you pass your exam.-Payment will be charged toyour Google Play Account at confirmationof purchase -Subscriptionautomatically renews unless auto-renew isturned off at least24-hours before the end of the current period -Your account willbe charged for renewal within 24-hours prior tothe end of thecurrent period, and identify the cost of the renewal-Subscriptionsmay be managed by the user and auto-renewal may beturned off bygoing to the user's Account Settings after purchase-Any unusedportion of a free trial period, if offered, will beforfeited whenthe user purchases a subscription to thatpublication, whereapplicable These prices are for United Statescustomers. Pricing inother countries may vary and actual chargesmay be converted toyour local currency depending on the country ofresidence. OurCustomer Success Team is available from 9am to 5pm,Monday - Friday(except on major holidays). Call us at 319-246-5271and email us with any questions. PrivacyPolicy - Terms of Conditions- Dental Anatomy Mastery was writtenbyDr. Geoffrey Skinner DDS, A contributor to the UnitedStatesNational Board Dental Examination (NBDE).