Top 19 Games Similar to Fast Sniper Fast Shooter 3D

Sniper 3D 1.2
Sniper 3d is the best sniper shooting gameof2016 . In sniper 3d shoot , shoot and shoot all the eliteenemiescommandos . Equip yourself with most modern latest sniper3dweapons and play in three different sniper 3d region and 30mostaddictive sniper 3d levels . You have to sniper shot theassassinarmy war soldiers . Sniper 3d contains realistic 3dgraphics andreal battlefield sound effects . Sniper kill all armysoldiers indeserts , mountains and city.We worked hard to make real sniper 3d controls and give yourealsniper 3d experience .
Deer Hunting – 2016 Sniper 3D 1.0
Owl No. 7
The Deer Hunting season is back! Embark onahunting expedition of a life time with Deer Hunting – 2016Sniper3D. Deer, guns, hunting and adventure, come play Deer Hunting–2016 Sniper 3D, the ultimate Deer Hunting game!Be a sniper assassin and hunt deer in this thrilling snipershootinggame. Deer Hunting – 2016 Sniper 3D is fast paced, full ofaction,hunting and shooting. Grab your weapon, test your sniperskills andhunt deer in a realistic jungle wilderness environment.Don’t letyour prey get away and become the ultimate Deer Hunter inthis fastpaced game, Deer Hunting – 2016 Sniper 3D.Deer Hunting – 2016 Sniper 3D gives you an awesome experiencewithamazing 3D graphics, realistic sound effects and beautifuljungleenvironment.Armed with powerful weapons, a sniper and an expertshooterstrategy, hunt your prey to become the amazing DeerHunter!Get Deer Hunting – 2016 Sniper 3D for free!
Sniper Shooter 3D 2016 1.0
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Sniper Shooter 3D 2016 is one of thetopsniperaction 3D game in the market. As an elite commandosniper,you willhave to face hundreds of enemies alone. Spot yourenemiesfrom farand be the best sniper to hunt them down. Tap thescopebutton tozoom closer to your target and shoot the enemiesdown!Be-careful,there are some other soldiers that are attackingyou!With the mind-blowing and stunning 3D graphics, SniperShooter3D2016 presents the most realistic sniper game in themarket!Completeyour mission by clearing the stages and explore newlevelsas yougo.Be the best sniper today! Download Sniper Shooter 3D 2016thebestsniper game in 2016 for free!Sniper Shooter 3D 2016 Features:★★★★★ Stunning 3D Graphics★★★★★ Excellent HD Sound Effects and Music★★★★★ Realistic Game Physics★★★★★ Challenging Levels and MissionsSniper Shooter 3D 2016 is compatible for ALL Androiddevices.Download Sniper Shooter 3D 2016 for free today!
Black Ops Commando Sniper 3D 1.0
Black Ops Commando Sniper 3D is one of the top sniper action 3Dgamein the market. As an elite commando sniper, you will have tofacehundreds of enemies alone. Spot your enemies from far and bethebest sniper to hunt them down. Tap the scope button to zoomcloserto your target and shoot the enemies down! Be-careful, therearesome other soldiers that are attacking you!With the mind-blowing and stunning 3D graphics, BlackOpsCommando Sniper 3D presents the most realistic sniper game inthemarket! Complete your mission by clearing the stages andexplorenew levels as you go.Be the best sniper today! Download Black Ops Commando Sniper3Dthe best sniper game in 2016 for free!Black Ops Commando Sniper 3D Features:★★★★★ Stunning 3D Graphics★★★★★ Excellent HD Sound Effects and Music★★★★★ Realistic Game Physics★★★★★ Challenging Levels and MissionsBlack Ops Commando Sniper 3D is compatible with allAndroiddevices.Download Black Ops Commando Sniper 3D for free today!
Dinosaur Hunting 3D 1.0
Have you ever done sniping/hunting? If not then it is the besttimeto hunt with Dinosaur Hunting 3D. A very huge collectionofdinosaurs are in different levels and you have to huntthem.InDinosaur Hunting 3D you have to hunt the dinosaurs but theywilltry to run toward you and try to attack you and you just havetohunt them before they attack on you. Let's see how much strongyouare with your hunting skills.Game Features:- Awesome 3Dgraphicsbuild just for your Android device.- 50 game levels. Eachlevel hasa new challenge.- 3 types of guns- Real sniper physics.-Awesomeand beautiful sound effects- Much more have a greatfun.Don’t forget to share this game with your friends / socialmedia.
Combat Sniper Shooter 3D 1.0.3
Combat Sniper Shooter 3DKill your enemies and defendyourfront!Combat Shooter 3D is one of the best sniper game ofthegoogle play store. It is a real time action game with realistic3Dgraphics and animations. Game has amazing war scenes andfronts.You will like this amazing free 3D game. At the beginning ofwar,you are a sniper in the western front of the war. So you havetodefend your country and kill all enemy soldiers and avoidthemadvance in the front. So you have holy duty. After finishingyourholy duty in the western front, you will be sent to otherfrontstoo... But you have to finish all missions of the westernfront forthat. So, be careful and complete all tasks and duties.Your enemyis unmerciful and your country help you as much as it canwith airforce support to kill enemy forces. So as a sniper you arenot leftalone to kill enemy. Well, hey hero! save your countrybydestroying all enemies in all fronts of the war. Yourcountry'sfreedom depends on you, Kill them All!You have snipermissions ondifferent countries of the world. Combat Shooter 3DFeatures:-airforce bombing support to you.-a variety of scenarios,-Intelligentcombat system, -Intelligent guidance system, -Added avariety ofgorgeous Weapons-A variety of different battlemodes-Perfectinterface: a first-person shooter-3D images andquality soundeffect-A variety of game scenarios: There are avariety ofdifferent scenarios, squares.How to play Combat Shooter3Dnaturallythere are multiple buttons like:- left bottom : rotatebutton- leftmiddle : air bombing button- left upside : pausebutton- rightbottom: shoot button- right middle: zoom button- rightupside: gunchange buttonFor any question please feel free tocontactus.Regards.Top Action Games 2015 Team
American Sniper 3D Assassin 1.6
Survivor Mission American Sniper 3D Assassin is game of warofshooter assassin, a survivor and one man army a real assassinjustaim and shoot enemy to kill. Sniper assassin survivor havebeenselected for the rescue missions to execute war against crimeinAmerican territory. Install American Sniper 3D Assassinsurvivorgame on your android device for free and jump into the warof rightand wrong with sniper and become a top ranked survivor&shooter assassin in an Ultimate American sniper 3D Assassingamefor free. We are proud enough to launch a new action snipergame onTop action 3D free games compatible with yourandroiddevices.MISSION STATEMENTYou’re chosen for the war missionofdiluting enemy from the base camp holding sniper and kill themtodeath with sniper because you’re not less than assassin butmorethan a sniper shooter survivor. Select a dreadful sniper warweaponand start the mission, before starting each mission statementwillbe displayed, each mission illustrate the number of survivoryouneed to rescue. Kill the criminals in the war of snipershootingassassin by targeting them at head and shoot. HOW TO PLAYAmericanSniper 3D assassin survivor is a war game with best 3Dfeatures andinteractive game play for free with two action modes toplayinteractively, Day and night. War at day time survivormissionwould be difficult to perform so camouflaged yourself andyoursniper to protect yourself because you’re a survivor wecouldn’tlose you. Hit the target with sniper, action & killthem andbecome a survivor of innocent civilians. Playing Americansniper 3Dassassin free game is more challenging in Day time gameplay mode.War mission at night survivor action, be Alert fromcriminals theyhave the thirst of your blood, hiding your sniper inthe groundbushes to the top of the roof enemies are all around,turn on theInfrared illumination night vision to identify yourenemies moreeasily point sniper and kill the true criminal and makeyoursurvivor mission successful. Zooming in and out feature topointtarget easily and kill them before they attack at your head.Enjoythe war of American sniper 3D assassin survivor mission andtellyour friend about the best sniper shooting survivor game ongoogleplay.Features: Interactive and Additive 3D game play Mission tokill, mission to shoot, mission to become a survivor& bestsniper assassin in American army Latest technology 3Dwar weaponand war ammunition One war, one man Army, One man Play& Oneman Survivor  Ultimate 3D war & sniper graphics andanimation 3D Zooming In and Out  Day and Night 3D war view forboostingmission features Night Vision play with low-light imagingandnear-infrared illumination. Ultimate Realistic sounds ofshootingand warto bring 3D graphics more livelily Improve snipershootingskills and become a survivor by playing American sniper3Dassassin Full control on weapons and smooth 3D game playMoreSnipers war and Survivor missions will be updated soon inAmericanSniper 3D Assassin Free game of survivor American Sniper3DAssassin survivor game is compatible with all androiddevicessupport 3D games. Download American sniper 3D assassinsurvivorgame for Free and keep in touch for more content inperiodicupdates.  Like us on Facebook! Check for more updates of3D andfreegames,Subscribe
Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D 3
Are you ready for real life 3D mountainsnipershooting?Ordered has been received from head quarter to sent you tomainbattle field. Last day, enemy has captured main mountainsbaseswhich are important strategic positions. Enemy can now hit ourmainland routes and even cut our logistic which is dangerous foroursoldiers on frontline.You will serve as a covert mountain sniper shooter. You havetocovertly kill all the enemies. There are 9 bases which have toberecovered from enemies at any cost. It is a great opportunityforsoldiers like you to show best mountain sniper shooting skillstoreclaim your territory. Addictive, challenging gameplaywithcomplex missions. Eliminate all the enemy logistics andsoldierswhile shooting.Difficult level is always high in mountains sniper missions.Youhave to give perfect sniper shots to remain covert. Try asmanyhead shots possible to quickly kill enemies. Huge mountaindistancewith limited time to clear the areas is the mainconstraint, try tobe covert and do not come under enemy fire theyare huge in amountwith advanced weapons.For clearing all the missions of mountain sniper shooting 3dyouneed never ending courage and undisputed will. Gains control ofallareas back and give strong message to world that you candefendyour motherland. Best of luck for mountain snipermissions.You can follow Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D onFacebook: and Google plus:
Rogue Army Sniper Killer 3D 1.1.1
Venture into the depths of the mosthostileenemy territories, packing a punch as the Rogue Army Sniperon amission to take out the terrorist forces’ reign over theNorthWestern battlefrontANTI-TERRORIST FPS GAMEPLAYDive into the world of an intense anti-terrorist FPSbattlefield,taking cover as a Rogue Army Sniper, on a mission toinfiltrate theNorth Western enemy territory and eliminating eachopposition inyour way.Being dropped off into the battle site, your Rogue Army Sniperwillbe greeted by a barrage of killer shooters and assaulters. Withanopen anti-terrorist mission in front, it will be an uphillbattleto the end, as you will be challenged from all corners oftheenvironment.Get into the killer 3d action and take down enemies on theground,and the tailing shooters on the surveillance towers.13 LEVELS OF KILLER FPS MADNESSPlay through a course of 13 levels of gameplay, spread throughatreacherous enemy base, where the task for the Rogue Army Sniperisto eliminate the ground enemy from their border camps.Take down the ships supplying weaponry to them through sea routetomove on to the final combat mission inside the nuclearresearchcentre, where the enemy generals are planning to unleashkillerattacks to level the city.FEATURESAnti-terrorist FPS sniper shooting experience13 objectives based levels through a well-built enemy base campKiller 3D graphicsWeapons selection mode, switch between sniper rifles, handgunsandassault riflesEngaging Storyline
Wild Hunter 2016 1.0
Hold your breath ! Aim and shoot !!missedbecause you are not yet the best hunter in the region. Yes,if youhave missed than start cold snow hunting with best deerhuntingregions and sharp shooting skills . Its time for gettingready tobe best wild hunter in the wild animal jungle and get thetitle ofbest jungle sniper hunter of 2016. A real Wild hunter 3D.Its start from last of 2015 of Wild Hunter 3D , a group ofbestafrican animal hunter ( its the same group those concurreddesertanimal hunting region as the best desert hunter in dangerousdeadlylion hunting regions ) start the best hunting games of 2015in theend of year . Hunting games start from russian hunting on 4x4suv .Lots of wild hunter start real hunting mission in the deadlywolfhunting regions and in the ending of mission asian hunting teamgotbadly injured that makes sad . Enjoy Wild Hunter 3DAfter lots of injuries in Wild hunter 3D! it has beendecidedthat wild animal hunter 3d will be equipped assult rifleslikemachine gun , special sniper hunting weapons . hunter canoptimizehis or her firearms , magazine , barrels , and selectmodern 3dweapon for his hunt. So it makes wild hunting games of2016 moredeadliest and start new shooting games pro missions andnew deerhunting regions . A real Wild hunter 3D .In the snow hunter missions of Wild hunter 3D ! hunters arenowgetting the most brutel challenging hunting mountain andjungleregions. Now , you have to target the wild animals like lion, wolf, deer , bear , fox , elephant , and prove yourself as thewildhunter 3D.Last region of the missions need a trophy of best bird hunterofsnow . So be ready for sharp shooting on skies to be best hunterof2016 in wild hunter 3D .Dont forget to rate our game. we'll love to get your responseandimprove the game according to your feedback.
Covert Sniper: Fast Shooter 3D 1.0
Covert Sniper: Fast Shooter 3D is one of the top sniper action3Dgame in the market. As an elite commando sniper, you will havetoface hundreds of enemies alone. Spot your enemies from far andbethe best sniper to hunt them down. Tap the scope button tozoomcloser to your target and shoot the enemies down! Be-careful,thereare some other soldiers that are attacking you!With the mind-blowing and stunning 3D graphics, CovertSniper:Fast Shooter 3D presents the most realistic sniper game inthemarket! Complete your mission by clearing the stages andexplorenew levels as you go.Be the best sniper today! Download Army of Snipers 3D thebestsniper game in 2016 for free!Covert Sniper: Fast Shooter 3D Features:★★★★★ Stunning 3D Graphics★★★★★ Excellent HD Sound Effects and Music★★★★★ Realistic Game Physics★★★★★ Challenging Levels and MissionsCovert Sniper: Fast Shooter 3D is compatible for ALLAndroiddevices.Download Covert Sniper: Fast Shooter 3D for free today!
Modern Final Commando Attack 1.2
Spark Entertainment Presents FrontlineFinalCommando Attack.A frontline army commando officer is on a final attack missiontorelease the capture soldiers by evil back enemy inbasecamp.Infiltrate the dangerous evil enemy areas, acts as hiredshooter oncontract to target and kill enemy by using various heavyguns.Frontline Final Commando Attack has vivid graphics and best3Dview. To be a survivor, avoid heavy destructible Tanks,navygunship helicopter and Armored Security Vehicle. In 2016 newgames,and 3D games in 2016 games consists thrilling and gorillamissionsin several environment of death desert, against the anomalyarmybasecamp, given information of insurgent.You loaded warrior, with various guns M-16, ShortGun andPistol,show you fury and kill every single evil enemy of basecamp.You area warrior in death showdown, lookout to enemy. Accept thechallengeto prove yourself as the brave army commando in thisCommando game3d. Final Commando Attack is better than in all bestgames in theworld and commando army game. Ready for a black death,lookout tothe enemy, you are gorilla assassin, use your armycommando warriortactics and skills and enhance the shooting skillsin attackingevil, insurgent enemy army city basecamp to be asurvivor.How to play:- In each Mission you need to kill all enemies- And destroy all enemy’s vehicle in given timeFeatures:- Free with vivid graphics.- Exciting and Challenging Missions.-Dodge Tanks, navy gunship helicopter and army ArmoredSecurityVehicle, to be a survivor.
Insane Sniper Sharpshooter 3D 1.0
Insane Sniper Sharpshooter 3D is one of the top sniper action3Dgame in the market. As an elite commando sniper, you will havetoface hundreds of enemies alone. Spot your enemies from far andbethe best sniper to hunt them down. Tap the scope button tozoomcloser to your target and shoot the enemies down! Be-careful,thereare some other soldiers that are attacking you!With the mind-blowing and stunning 3D graphics, InsaneSniperSharpshooter 3D presents the most realistic sniper game inthemarket! Complete your mission by clearing the stages andexplorenew levels as you go.Be the best sniper today! Download Insane Sniper Sharpshooter3Dthe best sniper game in 2016 for free!Insane Sniper Sharpshooter 3D Features:★★★★★ Stunning 3D Graphics★★★★★ Excellent HD Sound Effects and Music★★★★★ Realistic Game Physics★★★★★ Challenging Levels and MissionsInsane Sniper Sharpshooter 3D is compatible for ALLAndroiddevices.Download Insane Sniper Sharpshooter 3D for free today!
Gunship Heli Strike War Game 1.1
Gunship Heli Strike War Game is most realistic Helicopterstrikegame where enemy army troops have invaded your territory andhaveestablished their military base within your borderline atfrontierand planning for further troop’s movement in a slow andsteadystrategy to occupy as much area as possible prior havingclash withyour military special forces and also any directconfrontation /encounter with your country elite commandos but yourtop secretagency got the news about their occupation with in yourborderlineso this gunship strike mission has been assigned to youas beingspecial air force air fighter gunship helicopter pilot ofstrikeforce to crush the army cops and destroy their tiny empirewithinyour country. Its like a deadly mission againstruthlessterrorists. It’s do or die situation for each of yourcountrymen asIts most wanted mission since your enemy has summonedyou for warby invading your front line border and rival forcesplanning topile up powerful modern war weapons and mostsophisticatedwarships, military tanks, anti-aircraft gunners, SWATcop, armoredvehicles, military jeeps, sniper guns, drones, bomb,missiles andmany more other modern military warfare arsenal &war machinesin their barracks and yard.In this Gunship Heli StrikeWar Game,It’s a tragic scene for your country and like amisadventure so youbeing an air force army gunship fighterbelonging to fleet ofwarships, having expertise to fight in epicbattles, deadliest warmissions, and navy battles have been assignedthis special missionby your top Army Admiral in order to shoot tokill the enemy troopswith your modern gunship helicopter equippedwith stealthtechnology against the power of heavy military tanksacross deadlybattlefield to root out these monster enemies. Being abraveGunship striker you are also facing adverseenvironmentalconditions in this operation and have limited fuel,back up supportand emerged as last gunship gunner left so don’twalk away so seekthe enemy in desert, dense jungle and hunt them intime before theyhide themselves in this combat riddle and toeliminate trigger ofworld war with your neighbor militia.GunshipHeli Clash is war game3D have set of eight combat missions thatwill lead you to thismost deadliest battlefield mission of pro 2016where you willencounter launch of air to surface missiles inshooting exchange asenemy troops tank force attempt to track anddestroy your GunshipHelicopter in this duty call assault operationso don’t show anymercy to your enemies in this shooting game, soassassin or killthem in this marvel contest and earn the pride ofyour nation, ifyou are brave commando.In this Gunship Heli StrikeWar Game, youmust take your seat firm and be careful and keep awayfrom theseshooting monsters during air combat while attacking atthese enemyarmy troops in milling them to death, be steady inshooting and useyour top flight simulation expertise to destroy theenemy &regain control of your territory in pursuit of thismission inorder to reign the control of your territory whichenemy’s thoughtas no mans land.Its best Helicopter battle actiongame so downloadnow for free and blast the enemy military baseswith your topmissile burst-fire to regain your territory.---:GameFeatures:---** Incredible 3D environments.** Beststealthhelicopter navigational and assault controls.** GunshipHelicopterequipped with gunner, guided missiles, short rangerockets andrapid firing shot guns.** Eight challenging air combatmissions inbattlefield. ** Upgrades your helicopter with best armyhelicoptergunships including f16 as you proceed. ** Best helicopterbattlegame.** Top class military missions combat game.
DUCK HUNTER 2017 2.0
DUCK HUNTER 2017 Enjoy the animal hunting in river and lakesideswith riflesIt is a free animal hunter game totally for free.Youare a animal hunter who hunts the ducks in jungle, lake andnearthe river. We prepared a good duck hunt game in thismanner.'DuckHunter 2017' is a relaxing first person perspectivegame. Users canlook around the map by swiping the screen. The gamehas 16 huntinglevels so far. You hunt in village, near the river orin an junglesometimes. You have 2 semi automatic sniper rifle gunsin the game.We hope you like our 3D animal hunting game. Yoursniper rifle isquite good to play 'Duck Hunter 2017'hunting game:Thereare 4 buttons in the game, shooting, aiming, gunchanging androtating buttons. Left side of screen rotates. and 3buttons arelocated on the right side of the screen.features:•Timer• Levelunlocking• 25 Megabytes Size• Realistic Environments•16levels toplay so far!• 2 semi automatic sniper guns with scopeoptions.•Crispy and enchanting music and sound effects.• Stunningandbeautiful graphics. • No annoying in app purchases. 100% free.•Fun and addictive. Fit for all ages.Experience the bestsniperanimal hunting game on Android platforms.And muchmore!!!Pleaseleave your comments and thoughts. Your feedback ismuch morevaluable to us!!!
Jungle Deer Hunt:Sniper Shoot 1.0
It’s open season join the deer hunt adventure today!Jungle deerhuntis designed specifically for deer hunters.The most REALISTICandAUTHENTIC hunting sim returns. Jungle deer hunt brings you asnipingchallenge to prey the wild deer and enjoy the huntingaccurse……..Jungle deer hunt is an attractive and amazing actiongame fullof adventure in most realistic jungle environment withrealistictrees, mountain, caves and lush green grass etc.Shootdeer in abeautiful valley with 3D sniper gun. Jungle deer hunt hastrulyamazing graphics, Great Hunting Action and perfect userinterface.Become the best stage hunter by shooting various kindsof deer in amountain valley.Don’t let the deer run away and be theultimatehunter. Become the modern sniper of this era using bestweaponry.Plan your hunt as if it is a secret assassin missionbecause this iswhat real hunters do! So start Sniper Strikes andhunt thedeers.Keep your eyes open to find deer. Don't waste yourtime; Justdo It. And get your best shot.★★★ How to Play ★★★•Select a levelfrom the level screen• Level will be failed if deeris not shot inthe given time duration or you are failed to achievethe objective.★★★ TOP BEST GAME FEATURES ★★★Advanced snipershootingexperienceEfficient Weapon Control & Zoom.RealisticSniperShooting HuntBest Sniper Shooting Experience inJungle.Thrilling 3DGraphics and real jungle Soundeffects.Different Jungle LocationsNointernet required whileplayingSmall game size and Easy todownload★★★ Join us on Facebookstay in touch for further updatesfor★★★ us yourfeedbackyour feedback is valuable to us:For yourfeedback:[email protected]
Commando Gunship Helicopter 3D 1.0
Modern Gunship Helicopter 2016 is an excellent game with fullofultimate action!Its a gunship war in the battlefield.The worldmostPowerfull combat helicopter game.Modern Gunship Helicopter 2016isan extreme mission.Modern Gunship Helicopter 2016 is ahelicopteraction game that combines stunning 3D graphics withexcellentcontrol simulation and engaging military And adventurescenarios topull you into an immersive combat and battlefieldexperience themoment you start the game.You have to check your ammobecauseattacks which are full of action and fights is waitingforyou!Gunner troop’s missiles are fired to hit you! You need tohittargets to finish terror.You can play this game with 3Dsoundeffects and detailed gunship with fully-equipped &easy-to-playinterface in real world environment.Commando WarGUNSHIP BATTLE isa helicopter action game that combines stunning 3Dgraphics withflight control simulation and engaging militaryscenarios to pullyou into an immersive combat experience the momentyou start thegame.GunShip Become a helicopter pilot and engage incombatmissions across the world.You can play this game with 3Dsoundeffects and detailed gunship with fully-equipped &easy-to-playinterface in real world environment. Also, you canchoose more thanone gunship and develop your weapons. This game isoptimized forplaying in every mobile devices. In the game, thereare gunships,police stations, soldiers, empty buildings, guidedmissiles andhowitzers and they are very detailed. Choose a gunshipsuitable foryour style and hit the targets! You can shoot yourenemy thanks toultra-realistic cockpit and developed flyingexperience.In thisgame Emerge from destructible cover points totake downhelicopters, jeeps,battleship,boat and heavily defendedenemymilitary bases. Fight off increasingly difficult waves ofenemiesover a variety of combat and rescue mission types.Gunshiphave thelot of mission and last mission is Impossible to clear.Beready forfight against enemies troops and sleeper.Its a ghostcommando gamewith contract killer.Ultimate mission in the differentenviromentlike military and Iceland with huge Battle shipWar.DeadlyWeaponsCommando is a complete war machine but stillmodern combatbattle weapons great to destruction of enemyterritory.Sniper gunwith amazing clear zoom for better accuracy toget target shootdown. Short gun for death shooting while deadlyambush - ShadowWarrior NinjaGame Features:1:First Person ShootingLikeWW22:Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom3:Enemy AI(ArtificialIntelligence)4:3D Graphics and Sound effects Andexcellentenviroment5:Winter & Snow Filed Environment6:Real-timeEffects& War7:Download for free just little ads placed toimprove andmaintain quality of awesome game - IGI 28: Automaticre-loaded gunwith excellent mage sounds - covert strike9: Fabulousfirst personshooter 3d game - counter strike!10:Next war mission:rescue Syrianrefugee children in war zone - frontline Battle!
Zombies Violation Dead House 2018 1.0
Zombies Violation Dead House enables you to turn your androidphoneinto a battle field and snipe all the zombies to clear yourhouse.Zombies Violation Dead House is #1 action game that blendstheboundaries of classic shooter and hunting games. When your houseisoverrun by the zombies, the only thing left to do is to clearthehouse.Zombies Violation Dead House: Zombie is an FPS game whereyoucan: - See the stunning 3D graphics with detailed textures onthem-Enjoy the horror sound effects and music- Bring bang deathtozombies which are chasing you- Experience 3D shooting time asazombie killer- Set your mind to the highest level to dealwithzombies- Keep Interacting with the environment to defendyourposition and stay aliveHow to play:-Aim at the zombies-Usezoombutton for a closer view-Just swipe at the screen to movetheview-Use shoot button to kill zombiesGameFeature:-FreeGame-Stunning sound effects-Horror backgroundmusic-HDGraphics-Bloody effect animationsFormoregames:
Elite Task Force Sniper Rifle
Team up with elite paramilitary forces to restore world’s peaceandfree it from terror and chaos. Play Elite Task Force SniperRifle,the newest 3D action game to dismantleterroristorganization.Terrorists have held some civilian hostagesin citypark and trying to escape driving through mountains. Inteltellsthat enemy has weapons stored in a room at a resort hotel upon thehilly area. Load all the ammo and modern weapons in thetrunk,upgrade your sniper guns and customized rifles to become akillingmachine. Drive SWAT vehicle to chase terrorists on hillyterrain.Engage in thrilling battle with enemy soldiers and blasttheir jeepwith burst fire. Study the art of conventional warfare tofightagainst rogue military commander with a spear.Zoom-in andfocusyour target to get a perfect head shot. Become the ultimateactionstar of the world fighting against terrorism and rescuethehostages. Eliminate any threats to the national security andkillrogue agents in this combat. Drive SWAT vehicle toterroristheadquarters and blow up their armory. Teach a lesson torebelofficers and put an end to their freedom. Features:Play themostthrilling action based missionsMultiple weapons to choose,likesniper gun and assault rifleRealistic battle environmentandamazing hilly terrainIncredible 3D graphics and vehicle blastsonfireIdeal controls for driving and first personshootingDownloadElite Task Force Sniper Rifle 3D game for hardcore action inintense hostile situations.