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Mafia Mobile App 131.0
Indigo Gaming
With only 7 Godfather positions available can you make one ofthemyour own? ** This game has permanent death; you can killothercharacters and be killed and will have to start overlosingeverything accumulated except game Credits and Perks. Thereis somenew player support to protect you initially... Therefore itissuggested to play and cooperate with friends and other playerstohelp ensure your survival. Joining an established crew offersasubstantial amount of Defence from player Wacks. ** ** Pleasenote:The tag saying "Single player" on mobile devices added byGoogle isincorrect - this has been noted with Google Help and itshouldinstead say "Multi-player" ** Welcome to Mafia Mobile App, atimebased MMORPG with the option to view rewards to get ahead.Commitcrimes and start your own crew with real player interactionsandreal genuine consequences... but be careful who you trust...onewrong move and you might find yourself in jail or eventheobituaries! Set in America during the 1920-30's while crime andtheMafia was rife. Join up and start your family bloodlinenow.Initially you will have some starting questions, these willhelpdetermine your character's attributes. All crimes andinteractionswill help mould what your character will be capable of.Visit,Extort, Burgle and Protect the businesses in your city andevenRaid your Rivals! Team up with FIVE of your closest Mafiosofriendsand pick one of 65+ Different Organised crimes with massivepayoutsand different skill requirements involved. Ranking requiresminimumtime requirements with Godfather being a minimum of 150 daysaswell as experience from commiting drug deals and variouscrimes,breaking your friends out of jail... You will be required tojoin acrew to survive which will come with taxes tributerequirements setby your crew’s structure... or Rank up to Mademan,Head out on yourown and start your own crew... collecting tributefrom your crew ofMafioso friends... Beware don't expect to gowacking a Don withoutputting in the training effort. Contains DailyRewards $200k+.Please note this game is still in development. Thisgame requiresan internet connection to play as it is a multiplayergame. Bugscan be reported in-game by mailing the character HelpDeskorspeaking to an Admin on our Discord server. Alternatively, bugscanbe reported to: