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com.zlevelapps.cardgame29 3.21
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Twenty-nine or 29 (it is also called 28 sometimes withminorvariations in rules) is a very famous card game which isplayed byfour players in fixed partnerships. The players facingeach otherare partners. The game is played with 32 cards comprisingof 8cards from each suit. Jack (3 points), Nine (2 points), Ace(1point) and Ten (1 point) are the only cards which have points.Thusmaking a total of 28 points. The teams need to bid and set atargetfor themselves and then achieve it. The player who wins thebidgets to set the trump suit thus biasing the game towards them.Theopponents need to achieve 29 - (bid) to stop the bid winnerteamfrom winning the game. This is where the game gets its name'29'.Have a wonderful time playing the game. We will be churningoutmore updates to the game. Do let us know what other featuresyouwould like to see in the game.
28 Card Game Multiplayer 3.4
Join the world’s most popular 28 Cards Game and play livewiththousands of real players. Playing 28 Cards Game withfriends,family, and millions of players worldwide has never beeneasier! 28Card Multiplayer Game is a popular South Indian CardGame, alsoplaying in South Asian countries. 28 Card MultiplayerGame consistsof 4 players with 2 players facing each other forminga team. 32cards from a standard 52 card deck is used to play. 28Card Game istrick-taking games in which Jack and Nine being thehighest valuecards at 3 and 2 points respectively followed by acesand tens at 1point and K, Q, 8 & 7 with 0 points.The aim is towin trickswith valuable cards. Game Features: Easy and refreshinginterface.Play With Your Friends Play with only real playersanywhere in theworld. Create Private Tables and play with onlyinvited players.Chat with other players and exchange gifts at thegame tables andhave lots of fun. Works smoothly on slow Internetconnection evenlike 2G, auto reconnect in network interruption.Play your way totop the Leader boards! Get Daily Free Chips andBonus. Get MillionsChips on every week by participating on WeeklyContest! To reportany issues with usage or tell us how we canimprove, you can sendus message from Game Feedback option or Please don't forget to Rate and Review28Card Multiplayer Game.
Court Piece - My Rung & HOKM 4.5
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Court Piece  is the cardgame whist inwhich eldest hand makes trumpsafter the first five cardshave been dealt, and trick-play istypically stopped after oneparty has won seven tricks. The game isplayed by four players intwo teams. It is also known as Court,Court piece, Hokm, Rung, BandRung, Coat Peace Or Kot Pees. The gameCourt Piece/Rang is veryinteresting game. It requires four playersto play this game. It'sLive, Online, Real-Time, Multiplayer cardgame which you can playwith your family, friends or peoples fromall around the world!FOUR MODES: 1. Single Sir: Game will be playedwith all basicrules. The team who won seven tricks wins the game.2. Hidden Rung: In this Double Sir variant the first player choosestrumps fromthe first five cards dealt by placing a card of thetrump suit facedown without telling the other players what it is. Aplayer who isunable to follow suit may ask for the trump to berevealed and mustthen play a trump to the trick if possible. 3.Double Sir: Playermust have to win two consecutive tricks untilthen the tricks pileup in the center. When a player does win twoconsecutive tricks,that player takes all the cards from the center.The player whowins the first two tricks cannot pick them up (but aplayer whowins the second and third tricks can pick up the threetricks asusual). 4. Double Sir With Ace: Player who wins twoconsecutivetricks with aces is not entitled to pick them up. Thetrick withsecond Ace is not counted as winning the trick. Theplayer whoplayed second highest card (after Ace) will get a chanceto leadnext trick. Awesome Features: 1. Extreme User Friendly: Easyandrefreshing interface. 2. Play With Your Friends: Locateyourfriends and join their table with a simple click of a button.3.Play On Table: World's only 1 game which provides you featurestoplay on your Favourite Table! 4. Private Table: CreatePrivateTables and play with only invited players. 5. Chat &Gift: Livein-game chat and exchange gifts and have lots of fun. 6.Works FastOn Slow Internet: Works smoothly on slow Internetconnection evenlike 2G. How To Win: Players must follow suit ifpossible, and thehighest trump, or the highest card of the suitled, takes thetrick. The winner of a trick leads to the next trick.The team thatwins seven or more tricks wins the game. Contact Us:To report anyissues with usage or tell us how we can improve, youcan send usmessage from Game Feedback option or In the Court Piece Multiplayer game you win or losechips. Thechips have no real cash value. The game does not involverealgambling. It is completely free. If you lose all your freechips,you can buy more chips to play. Practice or success atsocial gamingdoes not imply future success at real money gambling.
Spades Royale - Card Game 1.26.103
SPADES ROYALE - THE #1 SPADES APP with NBA All-Star DwyaneWade!Play this NEW trick-taking card game & WIN BIG! This fun&exciting Spades game is the classic trick-taking card game youknowand love, brought to you in a riveting multiplayer online app!LetDwyane Wade show you the ropes so you can start playing cardsrightfrom your phone. Spades is similar to popular card gameslikeEuchre, Gin Rummy & Canasta. However, in this game, spadesarealways trump! Spades Royale is brought to you by the creatorsofsome of the leading online multiplayer social games, alongwithMiami Heat champion Dwyane Wade! If you're looking for someonlinefun, you've come to the right game! Play Spades onlinetoday!FEATURES: LIVE ONLINE GAMEPLAY o Enjoy a competitivespadesexperience with live players worldwide! o Play Solo orPartner Modeo Competitive Leaderboards o HD Graphics and a SlickDesign BID ANDWIN o Free Coin Bonuses Hourly & Daily! o PlaySpades withBlind Nil & Nil Bets o Master Game Challenges &CollectRoyal Gems! UNLOCK NEW CHALLENGES o Exciting GameProgression,Unlock New Features as you Level Up! o UnlockChallengingAchievements o Extensive Game Statistics to Keep Trackof YourPerformance GUEST STARRING DWYANE WADE o Miami Heat starDwyaneWade will help get you started o Enjoy Spades tutorialsandpromotions Dwyane guides you through GET SOCIAL o FacebookConnectBonus o Unique Interactive & Custom Avatars If you'refamiliarwith popular card games like Whist, Tonk, War, 500 RummyorSuicide, you'll quickly get the hang of Spades Royale! Do youhavewhat it takes to become the champion? Play Spades Royale undertheguidance of Dwyane Wade now & find out! The Ace of Spadesiswaiting for you... Like us on Facebook for FREE COINOFFERS! Have any suggestionsfor thegame? Contact us at This game isintendedfor adults and does not offer real money gambling oranyopportunities to win real money or prizes. Success within thisgamedoes not imply future success at real money
Callbreak Multiplayer
Callbreak Multiplayer brings classic and popular card gamewithonline multiplayer feature to the Google Play Store. GameRulesCallbreak is a trick-taking card game played with astandard52-card deck between four players. There are 5 rounds in agame.Players' sitting direction and the first dealer are selectedbeforethe first round begins. To randomize player's sittingdirection andthe first dealer, each player draws a card from thedeck, and basedon the order of the cards, their directions andfirst dealer arefixed. Dealers are changed successively inanti-clockwise directionin the following rounds. Deal In eachround, a dealer starting fromtheir right, deals all the cards inanti-clockwise direction to allthe players without revealing anycard, making 13 cards per eachplayer. Bidding All four players,starting from the player todealer's right bid a number of tricksthat they must win in thatround in order to get a positive score,otherwise they will get anegative score. Play In Callbreak, Spadesare the trump cards. Ineach trick, player must follow the samesuit; if unable, playermust play a trump card if eligible to win;if unable, player canplay any card of their choice. Player mustalways try to win thetrick, in other words (s)he must play highercards possible. Thefirst trick in a round is led by player todealer's right with anycard of any suit. Each player, in turn playsin anti-clockwisedirection. A trick containing a spade is won bythe highest spadeplayed; if no spade is played, the trick is won bythe highest cardof the same suit. The winner of each trick leads tothe next trick.Scoring Player that takes at least as many tricks asher bidreceives a score equal to her bid. Additional tricks (OverTricks)are worth an extra 0.1 times one point each. If unable toget thestated bid, score will be deducted equal to the stated bid.After 4rounds are completed, scores are summed to help players seta goalfor their final round. After the final round, winner andrunner-upsof the game are declared. Features: - Intuitive draginterface toplay a card - Bots with improved AI in single playermode -Multiplayer with random online players - Multiplayer withonlinefacebook friends Coming soon: - Local/wifi/hotspotmultiplayer -Score history, statistics - Leaderboard andachievements - Soundsand notifications Also try the web version name of the game: - Callbreak (inNepal) - Lakdi, Lakadi(in India)
Speed Card Game (Spit Slam)
Speed a card game also known as Spit or Slam, is veryfast-pacedmatching multiplayer card game and it could result indamage to thecards -- so play this on your device and don't ruinyour actualplaying cards. Spit and Slam are variations of Speed.Speedsupports online multiplayer mode over the internet. Test yourspeedskills against other players. Controls: Tap or Drag thecardsObjective: To play all your cards first. How to Play: -Eachplayeris dealt five cards to form a hand, and each player is dealt15cards face down to form a draw pile. If you are playingwithjokers, you use them as wild cards and give each draw pile16cards. A stack of five cards, placed face down on each sidebetweenthe players, serves as a replacement pile. Finally, twocards areplaced face down in the center between the replacementpiles. -Youmay play a card in your hand by discarding it in the"Play Pile" ifthe card is 1 number/value higher or lower it is amatch. (e.g. 5can be played on a 6 or 4, a Queen can be played on aKing or Jack)-A 2 may be played on an Ace and a Ace may be playedon a 2. -Youmay have up to 5 cards in your hand at a single time.When you haveless than 5 cards in your hand you may draw from your"Draw Pile"-First player to play all of his/her cards wins! Therules arebased of the wikisite: Created ByJimmyDickinson
29 Card Game 4.8.0
Knight's Cave
This is one of a group of South Asian trick-taking games inwhichthe Jack and the Nine are the highest cards in every suit. Itisalmost certain that they are descended from the European familyofJass games, which originated in the Netherlands. Probably theywerebrought to the Indian subcontinent by Dutch traders. 32 cardsfroma standard 52-card pack are used for play. The cards in everysuitrank from high to low: J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7. The aim of the game istowin tricks containing valuable cards. The values of the cardsare:Jacks 3 points each Nines 2 points each Aces 1 point each Tens1point each Other cards (K, Q, 8, 7) no points There are somelinksthat can help you to learn thegame. you can't open or game crashat beginning please update yourGoogle play services and Googleplay games. This will solve theproblem. For Bluetooth multiplayerplease make sure your bluetoothvisibility is on. For getting moreinfo and to contact with us forsuggestion please visit ourfacebook page :
VIP Spades - Online Card Game 3.3.68
Play Spades FREE with millions of players from all over the worldinour multiplayer social gaming platform! Immerse yourself intheworld of trick-taking, get familiar with the Whist familygenre,learn how to bid properly and master the strategy aspect tobecomethe best! Break spades, master the art of bidding nil or evenblindnil, trump properly and improve your skills as a spadesplayer.Game features: • SOCIAL ASPECT - Become a part of a hugefriendlycommunity! Add players as friends and like their profiles,sendexciting gifts and rate their gameplay after each game!•TOURNAMENTS – Show your spades game skills! Take part inourregularly organized tournaments where you can play against thebestplayers and receive big prizes when you win! • LEADERBOARDS -Getto the top of our own leaderboards! Prove you are the bestindifferent, exciting and elite aspects! • ONE ACCOUNT – PlayVIPSpades on your PC, laptop and mobile device with the sameaccount.Use your account to play any of our online games in oneapp. • GETREWARDS –Log-in every day to claim your daily bonus, aswell as towin even more free chips by using the Scratch card andthe Wheel ofFortune! • MAKE NEW FRIENDS - Find players from allaround theworld that share your passion for card games! •PROFILECUSTOMIZATION – Upload your own profile picture, writeapersonalized status, choose between a variety ofcustom-drawnborders, play with a different deck of cards and changethebackground of the table you play on! • VIP STATUS - Become VIPinSpades and gain access to even more social features and benefitsinthe platform! • GLOBAL CHAT – Talk about what excites youordiscuss different spades strategies! Create new topics and gettoknow our players! • FREE TRAINING – Are you new totrick-takingcard games but always wanted to try them? Ourchallenging AI wouldprovide you with a perfect environment to learnhow to play spadesin a stress-free way! • STABLE CONNECTION - Ifyou ever getdisconnected, jump straight into your spades game rightaway! • NOREGISTRATION – Start playing right away. Choose “Continueas Guest”to use our free card game app without having to register.•BALANCED MATCHMAKING - Guaranteed thrilling gameplay withplayersnear your skill level that provides a fair experience foreveryone.
Gin Rummy - 2 Player Free Card Games 4.2
The ultimate Gin Rummy Free Card Game is now available onGooglePlay! It’s also known as Knock, Straight & Oklahoma.DownloadGin Rummy Card Game Now! Gin Rummy Free Card Game is amostpopular, top rated, 2 player game in the world. It is 100%freewith an amazing artificial intelligence that auto-adjusts toyourplaying level you are sure to have the rummy card gameexperienceever. Download Gin Rummy free ever conceived the Americanplayersand improve your skills. It comes with unique variationStraight,Oklahoma & Undercut! Features of Gin Rummy Free CardGame: ♠Beautifully illustrated graphics & smooth gameplay. ♠DifferentModes: Straight, Oklahoma & Undercut. ♠ Easy optionsto sortyour cards. ♠ Most authentic rummy card games experience. ♠Hoursof entertainment! ♠ Download Gin & Play offline. DonotRequirement Internet. ♠ Best Free Card Game! In Gin Rummy freecardgame where the aim is to form sets and runs of cards beforeyouropponent. It's simple and quick to play, and if you are new tothegame then this game provides everything you need to learn it!GinRummy free card game supplies classy graphics, supersmoothgameplay, highly scalable difficulty & much more!Download Ginto get your brain flying high! It can be relaxing,challenging andfar more! Stay sharp! Variations: Gin Rummy Free:only a playerwith 10 or fewer points of deadwood may knock.Knocking withdeadwood points is known as going down. Straight:Knocking is notallowed. Scoring and rules remain the same.Oklahoma: The value ofthe first up-card is used to determine themaximum count at whichplayers can knock. If the up-card is a spade,the hand will countdouble. The popular game is available inhigh-quality localizationsfor the following languages: English,German, Spanish, Indonesia,Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan.Download Gin Rummy free card gameon your phone and tablets todayfor hours of fun. It is a terrificGin Rummy card game that you'resure to enjoy!
Dehla Pakad - Mindi Delude 2.3
"Dehla Pakad" (Hindi for "Collect the tens") is a 4 playertricktaking card game widely played in India.You can play bothSinglePlayer offline & Multi player online GameAdditionallyplay Callbreak & Spades along with it and will be adding manymore gamesin future without downloading anything else.We don't knowwhen& how it started what we do know is★ Its Exciting★Veryaddictive★ Needs focus★ Requires lot of strategy andunderstandingwith your partner, since you cant cheat here. You areon your own.👍And its 'Desi'.Also known as : Mindi , Mindi Cote ,MendiKot ,MendiCot , MendiCoat , MendhiKot , MendhiCot , MendhiCoat
com.astarsoftware.hearts 4.30
The top-ranked free Hearts card game with: Live online multiplayer•Achievements • Statistics • Game options • Smart AI opponents•Frequent updates • Lots of happy players • Play Hearts now!Hearts+is the premier free Hearts card game for smart phones andtabletsand is now available on Android! Hearts+ has been indevelopmentfor years by a dedicated team and has seen countless newfeatures,improvements, and bug fixes. It's fast, stable, alwaysimproving,and above all fun! Top Features include: * Play Heartsonline withyour friends and everyone else! * Realistic look andfeel, justlike sitting at a card table! * Game options, including"Jack ofDiamonds" * Achievements, some easy, some hard, can you getthemall? * Challenging and competitive computer opponents *Automaticgame saving, just in case you get a call right beforeshooting themoon * Simple tutorial to help beginners get in thegame fast *Free! What players are saying ★★★★★ "Without a doubt thebest gameof Hearts!" ★★★★★ "Best hearts program by far. THE best!"★★★★★"The opponents are good players unlike other hearts games..."★★★★★"Terrific! I play it every day." ★★★★★ "Hooked. Absolutelyhooked!"★★★★★ "Play this! I love this game. What more needs to beSaid?"
Pinochle card game featuring: - Double-deck and single-deck games-4 players and 3 players - Single-player and rating-basedonlinemultiplayer - Really challenging computers - Options forbidding,passing cards, scoring and some regional variations -Statistics -Change names and avatars - Change a color style of thegame -Choose between several decks - Landscape and portraitsupported -Fits phones, tablets and HD phones Time to playPinochle!
VIP Belote - French Belote Online Multiplayer 2.5.14
Play classic french Belote, Coinche and Belote with Declarationsforfree! Play VIP Belote now! Enjoy one of the most entertaininggamesto play with people free of charge! Login today and get yourfreechips, find new friends and receive daily gifts! PlayclassicBelote, Coinche and Belote with Declarations now at VIPBelote! Oneof the best free card games out there! Discover a fun,friendly andstrategic multiplayer game. It is currently the mostpopular frenchcard game which is played with 32 cards. VIP Beloteis a free cardgame - easy to understand but hard to master! It is avery fast andresponsive online card game, with modern animationsfor a realisticgameplay. The complete experience is underlined byHD graphics,stylish design and numerous cool features. BENEFITS -High qualitymultiplayer Belote, Coinche and Belote withDeclarations. - Playwith everyone on our cross-platform online cardgame. Available forWEB, Facebook, all mobile operating systems andSmart TV alike. -Play Tournaments and win attractive prizes KEYFEATURES - PlayBelote, Coinche and Belote with Declarationseverywhere - meet newpeople and send them gifts or simply chat withfriends. - It takesless than 7 seconds for an online Invite to besent directly toyour Facebook friends. Try it now and earn freechips for everysuccessful invite! - Entertaining gameplay and easyto rememberrules, yet challenging experience! - Get free chipsevery day, winspecial prizes and earn gifts from other players. -Strong socialelement integrated in the game! - Ability to reconnectto a livegame if there were any connection problems! - Clever cardgameartificial intelligence to replace a disconnected player.-Penalties when you leave a game to encourage fair play! REALSOCIALASPECT - Meet new people, easy dating functionality! - Chatonlinewith friends or send them private messages! - Give andreceivevarious gifts! - Get likes from other players! - Personaliseyourown image gallery! - Players from all over the world. WHAT’SNEXT?VIP Belote continues to evolve! Expect upcoming releases,whichwill continue to surprise you and improve the quality of thegame.TRUE FANS OF VIP Belote? Your opinion is important to us!Write usat: The game is free to play, howeverin-apppurchases are available for additional content andpremiumcurrency. Please note that prices may vary based oncurrencyexchange rates in your country. You will be given theopportunityto participate in special offers, events, and programsfromCasualino and its partners.
Gin Rummy Online - Multiplayer Card Game 13.0
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Join the world’s most popular Gin Rummy Game and play livewiththousands of real players! Playing Gin Rummy Multiplayerwithfriends, family, and millions of players worldwide has neverbeeneasier!  Join one of the largest free onlinegamingcommunities and enjoy an all-new FREE Gin RummyMultiplayerexperience, competitive leaderboards. FEATURES ♠ PLAYFOR FREE- Experience all features totally free. ♠ ENJOYUNIQUEMULTIPLAYER MODE - Compete with hundreds of thousandseliteGin Rummy players all around the world and prove you’rethechampion of the leaderboard. ♠ PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS- DoubleYour Gin Rummy Fun with the biggest win of your life!♠ PLAY WITHBUDDIES - Invite your friends and have much morefun anytime,anywhere. ♠ SOCIAL EXPERIENCE - Play with yourfriends or makenew ones, Gin Rummy has the strongest community. ♠LEADERBOARDS- See how you stack up against other players oryour friends.♠ AUTO SORT - Your cards get sortedautomatically. ♠ FREEBONUSES - Countless opportunities to earnfree chips, easierthan ever! Gin Rummy is a terrific game thatyou're sure toenjoy and if you are new to the game then provideseverything youneed to learn it! Experience a variety ofhigh-quality Gin RummyLounges for ultimate fun like never before!Do remember to rate“Gin Rummy Multiplayer”. It makes us happy toserve you evenbetter.
net.peakgames.bidwhist 3.7.8
Let’s join the LARGEST BID WHIST COMMUNITY in the world to playwiththousands of online players! Bid Whist Plus offers you agreatexperience against many Bid Whist players from all aroundtheworld! You can play in many different game modes such asClassic,Solo, or Whist. Bid Whist is one of the traditionaltrick-takingcard games played in pairs like Spades, but in thisgame playersdetermine the Trump suit by bidding higher than others.==BID WHISTPLUS FEATURES== FREE COINS Get 20,000 Free Coins as a“WelcomeBonus”, and get even more coins by collecting your “DailyBonus”every day! DIFFERENT MODES Play Bid Whist however youwant!CLASSIC: Make your bid with your partner and challenge otherteamsVIP: Play the classic Bid Whist in custom Tables. SOLO: Thereis nopartnership. Each player gets his/her own points. WHIST: Noonebids in Whist tables! Trump suit changes automatically ineachround. GREAT SOCIAL EXPERIENCE Meet new people and add themasfriends to be their best partner or challenge them in games!UsePublic or Private Chat to stay in touch with other players.CREATEYOUR OWN TABLES You can create tables in different modes.Chooseyour “Game Rule” type, set the “Bet Amount” and the “FinalPoint”or decide if there will be “Faster Play” or “Chat” options.If youdon’t want to be found, create your own “Private Table” wheregamesare “Invite Only”. Additional information: • Make sure youhave agood internet connection to get the best experience. • Thegame isfree to play; however, in-app purchases are availableforadditional content and in-game currency. In-app purchasesrangefrom $1 to $200 USD. • Use of this application is governedbyZynga’s Terms of Service, ©2017 Zynga Inc.
Call Break Card Game - Callbreak 2020 09032019
Call Break
Thank You , Call Break Has more than 1 Million Players Now:)Download the game with more than 1 million Players, andPlayagainst Thousands of Active Players on multiplayer mode orWithyour friends on Private Table or Hotspot Mode Call break isPopular4 player based trick taking game initially popular in NepalandIndia. Its Similar to Spades or another popular game CallBridgeand Ghochi. This Trick taking game is played in 2 pairswhereSpades is the trump card and all others cards are basiccards.Unlike spades the term "hand" is used instead of trick, and "Call" is used instead of bid. It has multiple modes like Solosingleplayer , Private mode , Random Multiplayer & LAN /HOTSPOT modeAbout Game Play Call Break is a Four player card gamewith spade asa trump Card and played with a single deck of 52cards. Each playergets 13 cards and game begins with each playercalling theirpossible winnable hands.Player then plays with apredefined rulesand make sure they win more than their calledhands. Game has totalof 5 Rounds and player with maximum score atthe end of 5 round isthe Winner. Similar Variations Origin of CallBreak is not quiteknown but it's believed its derived from otherpopular game CalledSpades. Every culture have its own variations ,In some part ofIndia its called Lakdi / Lakadi . In Bangladesh andIndia its alsoknown as Call Bridge , Ghochi or locha Features •Super Fast GamePlay • Thousands of Active Players everyday onmultiplayer game • 4modes of game-play (Single player , PrivateMultiplayer mode,Random Multiplayer mode , LAN / HOTSPOT mode •Special rewardtrophy based on player performance • Global andFriend leader-board• Minimum 8 total bid rule , round only startsif sum of allplayers bid is greater than or equal to 8 • ClockwiseandAnticlockwise turn rotation • 2 cards texture to select •StunningGraphics and Animations For more information Website:callbreak.orgEmail : Facebook Fan Page:
Free Euchre card game featuring both strong computer playersandonline play. - Challenging computers - Online multiplayer -playeuchre with friends or join rated games with players from alloverthe world matched by their ratings (requires Android 2.3+) -Rulesoptions for Joker (Benny), Canadian Loner, Going Under, StickTheDealer, ... - Statistics - Change names and avatars - Landscapeandportrait support - Fits phones, tablets and HD phones Don'tmissall the fun - play euchre online for free. It's time toeuchresomeone! If you like our Euchre, please, try out our othergames!
Hearts card game featuring: - Really challenging computers -Onlinemultiplayer - Statistics - Jack of diamonds settings -Passingrules settings - Change names and avatars - Change a colorstyle ofthe game - Choose between several decks - Landscape andportraitsupport - Fits phones, tablets and HD phones It’s time tobreaksome hearts! And beware of computers – they don’t cheat, buttheyare evil and unforgiving!
Hearts 2.11.2
The top-ranked free Hearts card game with: Leaderboards•Achievements • Statistics • Game options • Smart AI opponents•Frequent updates • Play Hearts Offline now, DownloadHearts!Classic Hearts is the premier Hearts card game for smartphones andtablets and is now available on Android! Hearts has beenindevelopment for years by a dedicated team and has seencountlessnew features, improvements, and bug fixes. It's fast,stable,always improving, and above all fun! You can use thisfeatures inHearts free. Hearts Features: * Google Game PlayService, *Achievements, * Score and Win Leaderboards, * Quests, *Levels, *Stats. Hearts Settings: * Jack of Diamonds Variant, ( arule ofHearts ) * Game Speed, * Card Size, * Game Finish Score, *CardMovement; Drag & Drop or Click, * Customise player names,*Designed for tablets and phones - You can play hearts onlinewithfriends by installing our Hearts Online game. - You can tryourSpades, Gin Rummy game. - Download hearts, heartsdownload,download hearts offline, download hearts online, downloadheartsgame, hearts offline, Hearts plus, classic hearts, heartswindows,dame de pique, copas, corazones, cups, heart, heartthrobbing game,hearts card game free.
Spades 1.1.7
App Holdings
Spades - Spades Online Plus: the classic trick-taking card gameforAndroid!Features:- multiplayer mode, play Spades online withyourFacebook friends or random opponents- single player modeagainstsmart AI opponent, when you are offline- six themed tableswithawesome design- win Ace of Spades rings and receiverewards-complete quests, get special items, collect rewards forfull itemsets- send wonderful gifts to your partners and opponentsinmultiplayer game mode- play like a pro, reach the highest levelofmastery and become the real Ace of Spades- win the tournamentsandclimb the leaderboard- suicide, whiz, solo and spades plusmodeswill be unlocked soon- take free bonus gold every fewhours-classic card game with astonishing HD graphicsSpades plusFriends =Spades onlineJust download and play Spades - Spades onlinefree!Win the game and put on the crown of master!Join ourSpadescommunity onFacebook:
Call Bridge Card Game - Spades 3.1.0
Kamal Uddin
User and CPU players Fits in all phones and tablets Supportsallscreen sizes Suitable for all level games players Help andhintsavailable Simple UI Design and easy settings Very fun and easytoplay Great option for time pass Best logical CPU playersCallbridge online Call bridge multiplayer Call bridgeBluetoothmultiplayer call bridge card games 4 player online onlinecallbridge call bridge private table call bridge offlineMultiplayercall bridge Call bridge offline, online, Bluetooth andprivatetable Call bridge is a addictive and popular card game oftricks,trumps and bidding which is popular in Bangladesh. Callbridgeseems to be related to the North American game Spades.Thisgame -Call bridge is played using a standard international 52-cardpack.The cards of each suit rank from high tolowA-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. Spades are permanent trumps: anycardof the Spade suit beats any card of any other suit.Deal andplayare counter-clockwise.To succeed in Call bridge, a player mustwinthe number of tricks called, or more trick than the call. Ifaplayer succeeds, the number called is added to his orhercumulative score. Otherwise the number called is subtracted.♦♦♦Permissions requested and how they are used ♦♦♦•android.permission.INTERNET:This permission is used to allowadnetworks that advertise within This permission isusedprimarily to check for a network connection before attemptingtoshow advertise within the app.
Classic Canasta game featuring: - Single player andonlinemultiplayer - Challenging computers - Statistics - Severaldecks,including special Canasta decks - Change a color style of thegame- Landscape and portrait support - Fits phones, tablets andHDphones It's time to play Canasta!
CallBreak & JutPatti - Hamro Cards 2.1.2
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If you like Hearts, Euchre, or Canasta, you will loveCallBreak(Spades). CallBreak is a popular card game in Nepal andIndia thatis now available on Google Play Store. This game is abrain teaser:it will provide tons of mental exercise whileproviding hours ofentertainment and fun. You can also play anotherpopular game,Jutpatti, through our app. This game requires quickthinking and isequally as entertaining and fun. CALLBREAK Theorigins of CallBreakis unknown, but many believe it is derived fromthe trick-basedgame Spades. CallBreak (also known as Lakdi/Lakadi)is a popularcard game in Nepal and India. In CallBreak the term"hand" is usedinstead of trick, and "call" is used instead of bid.After eachdeal, each player has to make a call for the number ofhands he/shecan capture, and the objective is to capture at leastthat manyhands in a round and try to break another player, i.e.,stop themfrom getting their call. Deal & Call CallBreak is afour-playercard game with the spade as the trump card. CallBreakuses astandard 52-card deck. There are five rounds of play (deals)in agame. The first dealer is chosen randomly, and then cards aredealtcounterclockwise from the first dealer. Each player gets 13cards,and then the game begins with each player calling theirpossiblewinning hands. The first player to place a call is theplayer leftof the dealer. After the first player places their call,calls aremade in a counterclockwise rotation until all four playershaveplaced their calls. Game Play After the calls are placed,theplayer next to the dealer makes the first move. The firstplayerthrows any card, but the suit thrown by the first player willbethe lead suit. The other three players must follow the samesuit.If the remaining players do not have this suit at all, theymustbreak this by the trump card (which is the spade card of anyrank).If they do not have a spade of any rank, they can throw anyothercard out. The highest card of the lead suit wins the hand, butifthe lead suit was broken by spade(s), then the highest rankedspadecard will capture the hand. The winner of the hand leads thenexthand. This continues for 13 hands after which the next dealbegins.Points After each round, each player gets a points update.If aplayer captures at least as many hands as his/her calls, theplayerreceives a point for each hand. If the player captures extrahands,he/she receives one-tenth of a point (0.10) for each extrahand.For example, if a player places a bet for three calls andcapturesfour hands, he/she will be given 3.1 points. However, if aplayerdoes not capture at least as many hands as his/her calls,theplayer receives a negative point for each hand. For example, ifaplayer places a bet for four calls and captures two hands,he/shewill be given -2 points. Result At the end of the fifthround, theplayer with the highest points wins the game. JUTPATTIJutpatti((जुटपत्ती) is one of the easiest games you will ever playand isprobably the first game people learn to play in Nepal andIndia.The rules are simple. Jutpatti is a card game that is playedwithan odd number of cards (5, 7, 9, 11). After each player isdealtthe required number of cards in a hand, the top card oftheremaining deck determines the ‘joker.’ Each player now has tomakecard pairs so that each pair equals the ‘joker’ number. Untilthepairs are made, players throw out cards, fetch cards from thedeckor grab cards thrown out by other players. The player who canmakeall of their cards into pairs first wins the game. JOIN US Jointhegrowing community of CallBreak and Jutpatti players. Play withyourfamily and friends (on the same network) in the multiplayermode orplay with our talented group of bots in the single-playermode.Download this free card game today and play CallBreak andJutpattianytime, anywhere.
29 card game 1.0.2
29 Card Game is one of a group of South Asian trick-taking gamesinwhich the Jack and the Nine are the highest cards in every suit.Itis almost certain that they are descended from the Europeanfamilyof Jass games, which originated in the Netherlands. Probablytheywere brought to the Indian subcontinent by Dutchtraders.Twentynine card game is popular across much of the northernpart ofIndia, including Bombay and West Bengal, and also inBangladesh andNepal.29 is usually played by four players in fixedpartnerships,partners facing each other.32 cards from a standard52-card packare used for play. There are eight cards in each of theusual"French" suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. The cardsinevery suit rank from high to low: J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7. The aim ofthegame is to win tricks containing valuable cards. The values ofthecards are:Jacks 3 points eachNines 2 points eachAces 1pointeachTens 1 point eachOther cards (K, Q, 8, 7)     no pointsDeal and play are clockwise; the cards are shuffledby thedealer and cut by the player to dealer's right. Four cardsare thendealt to each player, one at a time.Based on these fourcards,players bid for the right to choose trumps. Each bid is anumber,and the highest bidder undertakes that his or her side willwin intricks at least the number of points bid. The player todealer'sleft speaks first, and subsequent players, in clockwiseorder, mayeither bid higher or pass. The minimum bid allowed is 16and themaximum is 28 (assuming that the point for the last trick isnotcounted). If any player bids, the auction continues for asmanyrounds as necessary until three players pass in succession. Ifthefirst three players pass, the dealer is forced to bid 16,whichends the auction.The player to the dealer's left leads to thefirsttrick; players must follow suit if possible, and the winner ofeachtrick leads to the next. Initially the trump suit is unknown totheplayers other than the bidder. The first player who is unabletofollow suit must ask the bidder to declare the trump suit;thebidder then shows the trump indicator card to everyone. Ifthebidder is the first player unable to follow suit, he mustdeclarewhat suit is trumps at that point. A player unable to followsuitmay play any card; there is no obligation to play a trump, evenforthe player who required trumps to be declared. Starting fromthetrick during which the trump suit is declared, each trick is wonbythe highest trump in it, or by the highest card of the suit ledifit contains no trumps.
Ultimate Cribbage - Classic Board Card Game 1.7.6
The cards are on the table, and it is time to show your skillsinone of the most popular card games in the world, Cribbage(Crib)!Think of the best strategy to reach 121 before your rivalsdo. PlayUltimate Cribbage, the classic card & board game thatfriends& family have been enjoying for decades! Clubs,Diamonds,Hearts, or spades! Use the correct card. Start the game,playagainst the machine or use the multiplayer option to faceplayersfrom all over the planet. With this mixture of chance andstrategy,each game will be totally different, always guaranteeingmaximumentertainment. Unlike casino games such as poker, bingo,orblackjack, cribbage allows you to play free long andaddictivegames full of adrenaline. If you already play baccarat,Canasta,Pinochle, Backgammon, Gin Rummy 500, or Solitaire, thenyou'll lovethis classic card & board game. Learn to play freecrib “live”in a game with great hints. Friends will call you aCribbage pro inno time! The classic British card game is ready foryour mobilephone and compatible with Android devices so that thewhole familycan play. Do you feel lucky? Pick up your hand and tryto reach theagreed score before anyone else. This card game willgive you hoursof entertainment with family and friends. Enjoy theclassic gamesFeatures: • Classic cribbage board for two. Play withyour friendsor family to have an amazing experience. • Intuitivegameplay. Easyto use mechanism for people of all ages to play.Options: • 12difficulty levels! At every level you will improveyour strategyand learn new tricks to be the master of the Cribbage.• Need ascore keeper? Try our automatic hand and crib counting! Itmakes iteasier to count the points and know who is the closest tovictory.Do not let anyone cheat! • Cribbage Pro? Play it theclassic wayand count points manually. Feel like you're in a realgame bywriting down the points yourself and doing everythingmanually. •Detailed crib, hand, and play score breakdowns everyround •Classic, Muggins, and Shotgun Cribbage (Crib) variantsChallenges:• Ace our challenges to bring new difficulty levelsonline. Unlockthe most difficult levels and become a Cribbage pro.• Be aCribbage Pro and complete them all! The best of the classicgames!• Coming soon: compare the challenge progress with friends.Make afriendly bet to make the game more fun or convince yourfriends toplay all together against AI. Time for a free cribbage.Unlikepoker or blackjack casino games, cribbage is a game for thewholefamily, from the youngest to the oldest can play. Take intoaccountthe value of each card, and the value of each combination towinthe match. Follow our tutorial to understand the rules andthedifferent mode games. Enjoy the best card game ever! FreeCribbage(Crib) time! Cribbage is a game from the specialists atWildcardGames who make free card table games. Trust in ourextensiveexperience in this type of games for a unique experience!If youlike pvp cards game, try this free cribbage game, a classiccardgame. A board game based on cribbage, one of the classicgamesabout PvP card. Enjoy the free cribbage.
Call Bridge Card Game 1.0.5
Call bridge offline card game free is a addictive and popularcardgame of tricks, trumps and bidding which is popular inBangladesh.Call bridge seems to be related to the North AmericangameSpades.This game - Call bridge is played using astandardinternational 52-card pack. The cards of each suit rankfrom highto low A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. Spades are permanenttrumps: anycard of the Spade suit beats any card of any othersuit.Deal andplay are counter-clockwise.To succeed in Call bridge,a player mustwin the number of tricks called, or more trick thanthe call. If aplayer succeeds, the number called is added to his orhercumulative score. Otherwise the number called is subtracted.
Spades card game featuring: - Really challenging computers-Rating-based online multiplayer and games with friends -Optionsfor jokers, deuces, nils, blind nils, passing, ... -Regularspades, suicide, mirrors and whiz - Statistics - Changenames andavatars - Change a color style of the game - Choosebetween severaldecks - Landscape and portrait supported - Fitsphones, tablets andHD phones Enjoy playing with partner who coversyour Nil!
Solitaire 1.18
Solitaire (also known as Patience or Klondike) is the mostpopularsolitaire type game. Solitaire requires thinking and goodmemory,but it also requires a game, which is convenient to play.Downloadour Solitaire game and you will feel the difference! ThisSolitairecard game features: - Draw 1 and Draw 3 solitaire games -Standardand Vegas scoring - Smart auto-complete and auto-turn-Customisable cards and backgrounds - Game speed controls -Detailedstatistics - Landscape and portrait support Play Solitairewithcomfort! It is the best solitary game for a reason!
Schnapsen, 66, Sixty Six - Free Card Game Online 2.82
PLAY THE CLASSIC MULTIPLAYER CARD GAME SCHNAPSEN - ALSO KNOWNASSIXTY-SIX, 66 OR SANTASE ONLINE FOR FREE! Play liveagainstthousands of active players or train offline against thecomputer--------- ♠♣♥♦ --------- Sixty-six is a free 5-card gameplayedwith a deck of 20 cards consisting of the following: Ace,Ten,King, Queen and Jack, respectively worth 11, 10, 4, 3 and2card-points. The Dealer is determined by different methods,whilethe deal alternates. Each player is dealt five cards and thetopcard of the remaining deck is turned face-up to show thetrumpsuit. The remainder is placed crosswise on the trump cardgame. Thenon-dealer engages in the first trick. A "trick" is takenby thehighest card of the suit led that is in the trick, unlesshoweverthe trick contains a card from the trump suit, in which caseit'staken by the highest trump card in the trick. The trick istaken bythe winner, turned face down, and should not be looked atagain. Ifthe player has 66 points, he wins points as per thefollowingsystem: One new game point if the opponent has 33 or morecardpoints, or two game points if the opponent won at least onetrickand has 0–32 card points. However, if the opponent has nottakenany tricks, the player receives three points. ---------♠♣♥♦--------- Schnapsen is the name of the card game Sixty-Sixintaverns of central Europe, especially in countries likeAustria,Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Croatia,Slovakiaand Italy. The game is also named Sixty Six, 66, Santase,Bummerl,Sechsundsechzig, Snapszer, Šnaps, Soixante-six, grakarciana,Šnops, Sixty-Six, Šešiasdešimt šeši, シュナプセン, Sextiosex,Altmışaltı,Шестьдесят шесть, Сантасе, ♦ Play Sixty-Six with yourfriendsOnline ♠ Improve your Sixtysix Skills and get on the top ofthe 66Highscore lists ♣ Play card games against the computer inmultipledifficulty levels or chat with other players ♥ Enjoy therealisticdisplay of the Schnapsen cards on the table and get thefeeling ofplaying in a traditional Tavern! --------- ♠♣ You canplay SixtySixalone or with yours friends. It’s free of cost andeasy to learnbut you will have to develop good strategies andtactics to beatyour opponent. --------- ♠♣♥♦ --------- Check it outon ourwebsite:
Spades Free: A Free Card Games For Addict Players 3.0.10
Time to be the ace in Spades Free! Have fun with this greatclassictrick taking card game. Spades is similar to other trickcard gameslike Hearts, Euchre, Oh Hell, Cribbage, Bridge and Piquetwith adash of bidding. In our Spades card game you play with other3addict players, putting together 2 teams, and your objective istoscore 500 points (or 250 points in our multiplayer Spades mode)inrounds with 13 tricks each (also known as “books”). The Spadessuitis the trump, so use it wisely while bidding! Select your bidor ifyou're feeling lucky (or desperate!) go nil or go in blind.InSpades Free, you play with players from all over the world inourmultiplayer online mode (Spades Online), or train with oursmartbots offline (Spades Offline). Choose if you will go blind nilorsee your cards and guess how many books you have. Want to betheAce in Spades Free? This is your chance to play this awesomecardgame for free and with addict players from all over the world!Wehave the best Google Play's free card games. Our card gamesarereal for free! Enjoy Spades Free card game! DIFFERENT SPADESMODESPlay Spades online against addict players or solo againstsmartbots in Spades offline mode. SPADES WITH CHAT Talk to yourpartnerand your opponents during your game in Spades chat. Sendanemoticon to your partner! When your partner cuts your hand.lolIt's the best card game on Google Play! ENJOY OTHER FEATURESSelectyour bid, or if you will go nil or blind nil, just like inthe realgame. How many books do you see? lol Check the score, thelasttricks or ask for a hint. It's our Spades card game! Customizeyourtable or cards deck. Our card game is automatically saved ateachturn, so you can continue on your own time. Don't play thePlusnevermore! If you like Spades and other similar trick takingcardgames like Hearts, Euchre, Oh Hell, Cribbage, Bridge andPiquet,you will love this game! Do you like free card games?DownloadSpades Free NOW! This free card game is a must have for allSpadesand card game addict players! Bid, trump and be the ace inSpadesFree!
29 Card Game 1.24
★★★★★★★★★★DOWNLOAD now and receive $50,000 in chipsforFREE!★★★★★★★★★★29 Card Game is one of a group of SouthAsiantrick-taking games in which the Jack and the Nine are thehighestcards in every suit. It is almost certain that they aredescendedfrom the European family of Jass games, which originatedin theNetherlands. Probably they were brought to the Indiansubcontinentby Dutch traders.29 is usually played by four playersin fixedpartnerships, partners facing each other.32 cards from astandard52-card pack are used for play. There are eight cards ineach ofthe usual "French" suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs andspades. Thecards in every suit rank from high to low:J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7. Theaim of the game is to win tricks containingvaluable cards. Thevalues of the cards are:Jacks - 3 pointseachNines - 2 pointseachAces - 1 point eachTens - 1 point eachOthercards (K, Q, 8, 7)no pointsThis gives a total of 28 points forcards. In someversions of the game, the last trick is worth anextra card point,for a total of 29: this total explains the name ofthe game. Mostplayers nowadays do not count the point for the lasttrick, but thename of the game is still 29, even when playing thisversion withonly 28 points.Traditionally, the Twos, Threes Foursand Fivesdiscarded from the full 52-card pack are used as trumpindicators:each player takes a set of these cards, one of eachsuit. The Sixesare used to keep score: each partnership uses onered and one blackSix for this purpose.FEATURES :★★★★★ Free chipsand a lot ofbonuses daily. ★★★★★★★★★★ Personalized profile withcustom avatars.★★★★★★★★★★ Beautiful graphics and luxurious casinos.★★★★★★★★★★Simple interface that's easy to navigate. ★★★★★★★★★★ 10RealLocation Tables to choose from ★★★★★
Scopa 5.12
"Great game, and great selection of cards." "Fun to playonline,love all the different regional cards from Italy." You arejust onetouch away from a spectacular Italian card game! Have HOURSOF FUNand challenge with Scopa, also multiplayer online. And...IT'SFREE!!!! Get it now and discover how entertaining a card gamecanbe! Collect the cards from the table and, if you grab the lastone,shout “Scopa!”, nice and loud! What you get with Scopa: -Invite afriend to play or find an opponent online (multiplayer) -Chooseyour level: 3 difficulty modes against the computer(A.I.artificial intelligence) - Play both LANDSCAPE andPORTRAITorientation - Choose your deck: Scopa got all the originalItalianregional decks (Napoletane, Siciliane, Piacentine,Piemontesi,Triestine and more), in high resolution that will lookastonishingon your phone and tablet Android. Or you can play withthe classicPoker cards! - Be part of the Global High-Score(Leaderboard):there’s one for each difficulty level - Enjoy the funchallengesand badges to collect - Play with Accuse (Declarations)and up to21 points or 31, 41 or 51 and choose among many otheroptions(Rebello, Napola, Scopa d'Assi). Scopa was among the firstgames tomake it to the Google Play Store and it's been collecting 5starsin every Country, with kind comments like these: "Excellentgame.Thoroughly enjoyable and easy to play. AI opponents are goodbutnot unbeatable." "Perfect, great fun great graphics . Thankyoudev. Please don't change!" "An enjoyable SCOPA game withachallenging computer opponent.". Get it now for free! And donotmiss on our Briscola and Tressette to have a complete classiccardgame suit on your phone and tablet Android! Twitter @outofthebit
Spades Mobile
G Soft Team
Spades Mobile is a very popular trick-taking card game.Availablefor free! Play a very captivating game of Spades. The goalof thegame is to take at least the number of tricks that were bidbeforeeach hand. The game is played in teams and spades are thetrump.Your partner sits in front of you and the deals areplayedclockwise. If you and your partner win as many tricks as thebidyou made together, your team gains 10 points for each trick.Ifyour team wins fewer tricks than the bid, you lose 10 pointsforeach bid trick. In order to win you need to make as many pointsaspossible. Download and play now! ★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★ ✓Advancedcomputer players ✓ Saves the state of the current game ✓Option tochange winning conditions: i) reach 300 or 500 points, ii)play 4,8 or 16 hands ✓ Option to change bags points: -1, 0 or 1point ✓Option to change bags penalty: 0 or -100 points ✓ Statisticsforthe games you played ✓ Intuitive interface ✓ Highresolutiongraphics that looks great on both tablets and phones ✓Nice musicand sound effects ★ ★ ★ TIPS ★ ★ ★ ✓ Before each roundyou place abid. This bid represents the number of tricks you thinkyou cantake in that round. ✓ If you and your partner take moretricks thanthe bid, each additional trick counts as a bag. Perdefault, foreach bag you get 1 point. For every 10 bags youcollect, perdefault you get a 100 points penalty. ✓ If one playerbids nil (0tricks) and doesn't take any trick, he will win 100points for theteam. If he takes one or more tricks, the team willlose 100points. ✓ The value of the cards grows in this order: 2, 3,4, 5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. ✓ Players mustfollowsuit. If you don't have a card of the suit which started thetrick,you can place any card. ✓ Spades are always trump. You canonlyplay a card of spades if you cannot follow suit. Once a cardofspades is played it is said that the spades are broken. Afterthismoment you can start a trick by playing a card of spades. ✓ Ifthecards in the trick are not spades, the card that follows suitandhas the biggest value wins the trick. If cards of spadesareplayed, then the highest card of spades wins the trick. ★Supportand Feedback If you have any technical problems, pleaseemail usdirectly at Please, don’t leavesupportproblems in our comments – we don’t check those regularlyand itwill take longer to fix any issues that you might encounter.Thankyou for your understanding! Already a fan of Spades Mobile?Like uson Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latestnews: but not least, a big THANK YOUgoes out to everyone who hasplayed Spades Mobile!
Multiplayer Belote & Coinche 6.2.7
The french belote game dedicated to the competition! Everyday, offers to thousands of players the opportunity tocompetefor free on leagues or tournaments Arena ! 🇫🇷 A TRUE &HONESTGAME: REAL PLAYERS & RANDOM DISTRIBUTION ! The gamerespectsthe true rules of the belote game. Beginner or advanced youwillface players of your level depending on availability, otherwiseyouwill face a player of your near level. In accordance with law,thedealing of cards is 100% random for all games and for allplayersand this will never change, NEVER ! 🏆 LEAGUES: BECOME THEBESTPLAYER ! From now on, each of your games is a part of a league!Thegoal now is to win as many games as possible to be among thebestplayers! There are 5 leagues with 3 levels each. At the end oftheleague get rubies to buy privileges. ⚔️ THE ARENA: THEFAMOUSTOURNAMENT ! Every week is organized a Belote'sTournament(4-players Arena). The principle is simple: Win the mostgames in arow without ever failing to win the jackpot and medals. 💬THE CHAT:MEETINGS & CHALLENGES ! The chat is the meeting placeof thebelote's players. Express your ideas, your impressions ofyour lastgames and meet new people, find the right partner oropponent tostart a game. Also talk privately with a friend andarrange a partywith him. 😎 THE AVATARS: COME AS YOU ARE ...Customize your avatarto infinity: Classic, eccentric or similar toyour own, you choosehow you want to appear. 💰 FREE TOKENS: SEVERALOPTIONS ! Multiplythe number of free spins with different bonuses:● Wheel : Turn thewheel once a day to try to win up to 2000 chips.● The Totem :Watch videos allows you to earn tokens. ● Gifts forFriends : Themore friends you have, the more chips you willreceive. ● slotmachine : Feeling lucky? Try your luck during thegame ! ● FreeMode : Play free while watching ads and earn tokens !● Quest :Finish small missions to win chips ! 🍹 SURPRISES: FORMORECONVIVIALITY IN GAME ! For more conviviality offer andreceiveduring the game some surprises from a wide choice ofcocktails,petits fours or aperitifs. 📱WHERE AND WHEN YOU WANT:COMPUTER,MOBILE OR TABLET ! You can play the belote's game on anydevices:Mobile, tablet or computer! All with only one account.ℹ️SUPPORT:WE KEEP IN TOUCH ! Help us improve and evolve the game,we areavailable via the chat, the Facebook page ormail(, to answer ALL your questions !
29 Card Game ! 2.0.5
Kamal Uddin
Features: 29 Card Game online multiplayer 29 Card Game offline29Card Game offline multiplayer with Bluetooth 29 CardGamemultiplayer with private table 29 Card Game 4 playerDescription:Twenty nine - 29 is South Asian trick-taking game inwhich the Jackand the Nine are the highest cards in every suit.Players This gameis usually played by four players in fixedpartnerships, partnersfacing each other. Cards 32 cards from astandard 52-card pack areused for play. The cards in every suitrank from high to low:J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7.The values of the cards are:Jacks 3 points eachNines 2 points each Aces 1 point each Tens 1point each (K, Q, 8,7)       no points Deal andBidding Deal and Biddingare anti-clockwise. Cards are distributedin two step by four cardsin every step. Based on first four cards,players bid for the rightto choose trumps.Normal bidding range is16 to 28. The bid winnerchooses the trump. The Play The player tothe dealer's left leadsto the first trick. Players must follow suitif possible, and thewinner of each trick leads to the next. Nonbidder players mustrequest trump bidder to show trump and bidderplayer must showtrump before make trump. Pair After showing trumpif any player canshow Pair (K & Q of trump suit),the player’steam get extra 4point. If bidding side can show pair, they have togain (bid - 4)points to win round. If non bidding side can showpair, biddingside have to gain (bid + 4) point to win round. ***Themin pointneed to win a round is 16 Scoring After end of a round ifbiddingside meet their bid point, their game point will beincreasedotherwise decreased. Double: If play round is in Doublemode,gamepoint will increased or decreased by 2. Non - bidder sidecan setdouble after bidder bid. Redouble If play round is inRedoublemode,game point will increased or decreased by 4. Bidderside canset Redouble after non-bidder setting Double. Game over Ifany teamcan make 6 positive game points, they wii the game and loseif theymake 6 negative game point.
Tarneeb & Syrian Tarneeb 41 16.6.1
Jawaker, the leading social platform for card games in theMENAregion is offering you the chance to play Tarneeb, to yourheart'scontent and free of charge! Jawaker hosts Jackaroo,Banakil,Baloot, Tarneeb, Syrian 41, Trix, Hand, 400 - Arba3meyeh,Leekha,Estimation, and MORE! Invite your friends and play onlineand forfree, enjoy our private chatting feature and competeagainstmillions of card game enthusiasts from all around the world!Noneed to look for other players, or playing cards. Jawakeroffersthe ultimate entertaining atmosphere to play fun andchallenginggames. - Jawaker is completely free to play online! -Play againstreal people anytime you want. - In-game chat featuresfor ultimatefun! - Personalized profile picture from your Facebookaccount.Already a fan of Jawaker? Like us on Facebook for thelatest Last but not least, a big THANKYOU goes outto everyone who has played on Jawaker!
Trix: No1 Playing Cards Game in the Middle East 5.2.5
Are you looking for a Highly Intelligent and challenging cardortile-based game to enjoy anytime anywhere on your Android phonesortablets? DownloadTrix now completely Free & enjoy thebesttrick-taking game on google play. The game Trix; alsopronounced asTrex or Tricks Played by four players using astandardinternational 52-card pack without jokers. This gamedepends onintelligence and luck. It composes of five games selectedby thegame owner in his/her kingdom; there are four kingdoms tocompletethe game. The five contracts ☆King of Hearts or "Roi deCoeur"Sheikh Al Koba ♥ ☆Diamonds " Al Dinary" ♦ ☆Girls or "Femmes""Banat" ☆Collections/ "Slaps"/"Slapping"/"Lutoosh" ☆Trex or TrixIn4 games you must not take the hand in turns with a special kindofcards or you will get the negative point, the fifth game dependsoncompleting the order of cards on the table, the one whofinishfirst win the positive points. The Trix Game is Similar totheEuropean game of Barbu or Hearts. more details about the gameandhow to play check out: How ToPlay: Download and Enjoy.Weare always happy to read your comments and feedback ○LikeMaysalward on Facebook: ○Followus on Twitter: And don't forget,rate itfive stars to keep us going with updates :)
Spades Offline - Single Player 2.0.1
Spades Offline - Single Player Card Games is a free versionofclassic free spades trick-taking card game. Spades is a52-cardtrick-taking game similar to Hearths, Bridge and Euchre.This is afree spades game and easy to play! Spades Offline - SinglePlayeris very fast and responsive, with card animation for amorerealistic gameplay. 👑👑👑WHAT ARE THE KEY FEATURES OF THISFREEGAME👑👑👑 ♠ Play singleplayer ♠ Play offline ♠ No need forInternetconnection ♠ Entertaining gameplay and high quality cardphysics! ♠HD graphics, amazing Card Physics! ♠ The most real andcorrectofficial rules for pairs and solo! ♠ Play against computerplayers(AI) ♠ Improved AI and score summary ♠ Nice and simplegameplay ♠ 5game modes ♠ Game design is optimized for allsmartphones ♠ Can beplayed on both Tablet and Phone ♠ Portrait andLandscapeorientation 5 GAME MODES • Pairs • Solo • Mirror • Whiz •SuicideSpades Offline - Single Player Card Games allows you to playatyour pace and level. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro,SpadesOffline is ideal for all Spades players and card gameslovers.Spades Offline - SinglePlayer Card Games Options: • Optiontoenable disable nil and blind nil • Penalty for 10 bags (5 ifsolo)• Penalty for failing nil/blind nil • Requiring spades to bebroken• Round limit - endless to 15 • No turn limit - take as longas youlike for a turn • Multiple winning/losing scores Love tricktakingcard games? This free Spades game is just for you! DownloadSpadesOffline - SinglePlayer for free ! 📣📣📣NEED TO PLAY SPADESONLINE?📣📣📣We offer you a step beyond! Go Online, Meet real people,play withthe best players! If you want to play with real players -CHECK OUTSpades Online: VIP Free Spades. Spades Online: VIP FreeSpadesoffers you amazing multiplayer experience with the bestspadescommunity! ♠ Play Spades plus friends and strangers alike -sendgifts and socialize; ♠ Invite your Facebook friends to play andgetFree Chips! The rules are not that hard when you play withfriends!♠ Enjoy free chips every day and weekly/monthly rafflesandrewards. ♠ Meet new people - easy dating functionality. ♠BlitzTournaments - Classic and Quick with Huge prizes! 🎉🎉🎉TRUE FANSOFSpades Offline - Single Player Card Games?🎉🎉🎉 Your opinionisimportant to us! Contact us at or write usonFacebook - This game is intended for anadultaudience and does not offer real money gambling or anopportunityto win real money or prizes. Practice or success atsocial gamingdoes not imply future success at real money gambling.Disclaimer:The game is optimized for high-end devices, however youwill getgreat experience with all other phones and tablets. On somelow-enddevices is possible to see flicker or the screen.
Call Break - card game free 1.0
Callbreak multiplayer card game is popular asian spade game.PlayFree Spades Cards Game Online. Its fun playing cards game /taas inleisure time. Call Break multiplayer is a best call game andwidelypopular card game free with online multiplayer feature ontheGoogle Play Store. call break card game is very popular onlinecardgame and one can playcared as offline card game which is famousinBangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and old desi game of India andotherasian countries, people called it as Nepali trick taking cardgameor trump Card game. Call Break is a trick-based card gamesimilarto popular Spades cards games. unlike spades,in Callbreakingtheterm "hand" is used for trick, and "Call" is also used for bid,youcan play call break offline. callbreak is the Best card gamesfreeonline games Indian card games - Call break /lakdi ispopularplaying card multiplayer game or nepali trick taking cardgame. Incall break apps, there will be five rounds of play or fivedeals inthis card trick game. First dealer will be chosen randomlyandafter that, the turn to deal rotates clockwise from firstdealer.In Callbreak game, Dealer will deal all 52 cards to fourplayersi.e. 13 cards each. After the completion of each deal,player passleft to dealer will make a Call - which is a number ofhands he/shethinks will probably passing to capture, and call movesagain inclockwise to next player until all 4 players finishedcalling aftermatch cards from virtual deck of cards. All fifty two52 pack ofcards use in this 4 player game. In india card game callbreak gamealso localized version named as ghochi, Lakadi or Lakdicard gameand trick-taking card game or callbreak in Nepal and all13 cardsuit used in this game. People called playing card games asasiapoker game with botts card of taash. call break card gamerulessimilar to spades and bridge card game How to Play cardgamecallbreak multiplayer card game : You will have the first go atitand make the most of it. This isgame first can throwanyplayingcard from their deck. The suit thrown by this player willbethe led suit and rest 3 players after you must throw any cardofsame suit. If they don't have this suit at all then you canthrowother play card. The highest card of the led suit will capturethebid (call), but if the led suit was broken by spade(s), theninthat case highest ranked top card of spade will capture the bid.InCallbreak Spades are the trump cards and isgame popular inIndiaand nepal and Asia. The winner of a card multiplayer callbreakgameround can throw cards play to begin next round. There will be13rounds and after that next deal will begin. Key Featurestop-ratedcall breaks multiplayer Card game: ** Free card game **Simple UIand attractive design ** Smooth animations **Counter-clockwiseturn rotation like in real game play ** ExtremeUser Friendly forcard tricks ** Bots with improved Artificialintelligence AI **Play callbreak offline as single player card game** Asian Spadegame with trump cards (4 player game) ** Clockwiseturn of rotationboard ** Can play as one player card game (rulesmatches with callbridge and spades) need 4 players ** Besttrick-taking card gameand achieve high rank ** Rule match withspades ** Playcards andlearn call break card game tricks DownloadCall Break cardgame foryour phone today and have endless hours offun. This is the bestcallbreak game, dont wait more for card gamescall break app freedownload just get free callbreak multiplayergame. Enjoy games cardwith trick based game of 4 playersmultiplayer or play offline.Download call break android game, fourplayers playcard in rotationboard with 52 cards Please don't forgetto Rate and ReviewCallBreak multiplayer with AI integrated. Enjoyplaying cardgamefree with us. Thank you for enjoying call breakmultiplayer cardgame. Keep playing and share callbreak playcardgame of 4 players.Call break download game now!
Callbreak Gold - Multiplayer 1.0.61
Callbreak or Lakdi is a famous and classic card game whichispopular in India and Nepal.It is a multiplayer game played withadeck of 52 playing cards. We are bringing you the bestmultiplayerCall break cards game experience on your mobilephone!With thisapp, you can play Call break any time with millionsof players fromaround the world. This game is full of strategy andtricks unlikeother popular gambling-based card games like TeenPatti andPoker.Download now to play Call break multiplayer cardsgame andget free coins!Callbreak multiplayer is a very easy cardgame thatanybody can learn how to play. Callbreak is the fastestCall breakmultiplayer game on Google Play and with the mostsmoothest,seamless gameplay even on 2G. This app has has multiplemodes ofgameplay.This multiplayer online game is played in 5rounds. Spadesis always the trump. Dealer gives 13 cards to eachplayer. At thebeginning of the game players will bid how many cardhands theywill win. The game is about winning maximum number ofhands butalso breaking other people’s bids. This is called callbreaking.Points are decided based on how many less or more handsplayermakes than player’s bid.Callbreak is also called Lakdi,Lakadi,Ghochi in other parts of India. This multiplayer cards gameisdifferent from international game Spades.FeaturesBest andsmoothUI/UXFastest cards game available! Play fast and winmore!Beautifulanimations and table artSend Gifts and Chat withother players fromaround the world!Login every day, win free dailybonus coins!
3 2 5 card game 1.1.9
Teen do paanch is a strategic trick-based card game played bythreeplayers with a deck of 30 playing cards. The game is widelypopularin India and in Nepal. In each round total 10 hands can bemade.Dealer has to make 2 hands. The next person (who chooses thetrump)makes 5 and next player makes 3 hands. If any player makesmorehands than required, he gets privilege to pick cards fromanotherplayer in the next round. (This is the most fun part) Aftereachround, hands will be calculated and after total rounds of playeachplayers total rounds hands will be added as a total handsandplayer with highest total hands will win.
Naija Whot WAZOBIA-2018-4
Naija Whot is an exciting, classic and healthy card gameforeveryone. It is simple to play. Become a winner by finishingyourcards before the beast in your palm. It keeps you comfort whenit'sneeded and your mind focused when you are idle. Theartificialintelligence keeps it challenging all the time.MOREFEATURESADDED**QuickPlay mode --- our old style. You and oneartificialperson**Tournament mode ---- compete with threeartificial persons(Wazobia)**Multiplayer mode ---- play with one ofyour friendsoffline through WiFi. This mode supports twoplayersonly.***Defence ---- you can now defend special cards (turnit onfrom settings).****Continuous play ---- this feature isonlyavailable in Tournament mode. You can decide whether gamecontinueseven when you lose (Enable it from settings).And manymore.****Youcan now configure your game the way you wantYou canturn on/off allor any of the special cards(pick two, pick three,general market,hold on, suspension, Whot). Just enter game settingsand you aregood to go.****Anthem can also be enabled/disabled toyourchoice.****Reset scores and coins when needed.****Turnon/offavatars(images) at your will****French language is added. Itcanautomatically detect your device default language andswitchbetween English/French language respectively.******Many more
com.HitGamesOnline.CallBreakKing 2.0
Call Break King is a strategic trick based card game which isverysimilar to Spades. Call Break King is a very popular game inIndiaand Nepal. This Call Break King is also called Lakdi, LakadiinIndia. This Call Break King is played by four players withastandard deck of 52 in which Spade is always the trump. GameRules- 1) This Call Break King is played by four players with astandarddeck of 52 in which Spade is always the trump. 2) CallBreak Kingwill be five rounds of play or five deals inanticlockwisedirection. 3) Player have to make a "Call" or "bid"for the numberof hands he/she can capture, and the objective is tocapture atleast that many hand in a round, and try to break otherplayers(which are 3 computers with artificial intelligence in thismode )i.e. stop them from getting their Call. 4)First Player havetostart a game by throwing a card of any suit. Suit thrown bythisplayer will be the led suit . 5) Other Players should throwthesame suit unless they runs out of that particular suit. Iftheydont have same led suit player can throw a card of anothersuitincluding a Spade which is a trump card. 6) The highest card oftheled suit will capture the hand, but if the led suit was brokenbyspade(s), then in this case highest ranked card of spadewillcapture the hand. Deal - There will be five rounds of play orfivedeals in this Call Break game. In each round, it deals allthecards in anti-clockwise direction to all the four players i.e.13cards per each player. Bid - Each player has to bid a numberoftricks or hands which is minimum tricks he/she must win to getapositive score in that round. Extra tricks won will be added inthescore. Score - After each round, points will be updated foreveryplayer. If a player captured at least the number of call orbidhe/she had made, then for every trick a player won- one pointisgiven to that player and for every extra wins- a singledigitdecimal (0.1) will be added to the points total (Additionaltricks(Over Tricks) are worth an extra 0.1 times one point each)i.e. ifsomeone had made a bid/call of 4 and he captured 5 handsthen hewill be given 4.1 or if the bid/call was 3 then point wouldhavebeen 3.2. But if a player didn't take at least as many tricksasher/his bid , then the total number of bid/call would besubtractedfrom his total score. Features- All other 3 computers arewithartificial intelligence in the single player mode.
Belote Coinche - card game 2.0.0
Rediscover the trendiest card game in this brand-new version oftheFrench trick-taking game “La Belote”. (And it’s trickiervariation“Coinche”!) Complete the contracts you take in the gamebut becareful no to reveal your trump cards too soon. Your goal isto winas many tricks as you can! Play the classic Belote gameagainst apowerful computer AI in 3 different difficulty levels: -Start withBeginner to learn the basics of the game: the bidding,the choosingof the trump card etc. - Continue on to theIntermediary level tolearn the strategy of adding Belote combo toyour score and takingthe last trick of the hand. - When you’reready to fight like aPro, try Expert level and master thecooperation with your AIpartner You can also try the Coinche modeof the game for moreexperienced players with a more challengingbidding system. Beatour tough artificial intelligence and enjoybidding not only in the4 suits (Hearts, Spades, Clubs andDiamonds), but also in the AllTrumps / No Trumps settings. Beat(coinche) or Over Beat(Surcoinche) the opposing team players! Thegame is fullycustomizable so get ready to personalize your app tofit youperfectly. Here’re some options you can change in theOptions menu:- Force Trump Play to make the players follow a suitwith the trumpif they can’t match the suit. - Enable All Trumps /No Trumps evenfor Belote - Can’t pass on Jack. Use that option tonever pass onthe game and to make it obligatory to take on acontract if Jack isthe bidding card - Number of points per game. -Obligatory choiceof Trump. Make sure that to never pass on the game– with thatoption after 2 rounds of bidding, dealer is obliged totake thecard! So what are you waiting for? Download the amazingfree Belote– Coinche app and enjoy the game!
Callbreak Superstar 6.5.7
Call Break is a strategic trick-based card game similar toSpades.CallBreak is played by four players with a deck of 52playingcards. The game is widely popular in Nepal and some placesinIndia. The game is very similar to other trick-basedgameespecially Spades. In CallBreak the term: "Hand" is usedinstead oftrick, "Call" is used instead of bid. After each dealplayer has tomake a "Call" or "bid" for the number of hands he/shecan capture,and the objective is to capture at least that manyhands in theround, and try to break other player i.e. stop themfrom gettingtheir Call. After each round, points will be calculatedand afterfive rounds of play each players five rounds points willbe addedas a total points and player with highest total point willwin.Deal & Call There will be five rounds of play or five dealsina game. First dealer will be chosen randomly and after that,theturn to deal rotates clockwise from first dealer. Dealer willdealall 52 cards to four players i.e. 13 each. After the completionofeach deal, player left to dealer will make a Call - which isanumber of hands( or tricks) he/she thinks will probably goingtocapture, and call moves again in clockwise to next player untilall4 players finished calling. Bidding All four players, startingfromthe player to dealer's right bid a number of tricks that theymustwin in that round in order to get a positive score, otherwisetheywill get a negative score. Play After each player completestheircall, player next to dealer will make the first move, thisfirstplayer can throw any card, suit thrown by this player will betheled suit and each player after him/her must follow the higherrankof same suit, if they don't have higher ranked same suit thentheymust follow with any card of this led suit, if they don't havethissuit at all then they must break this suit by the trump card(whichis Spade of any rank), if they don't have spade also then theycanthrow any other card. The highest card of the led suit willcapturethe hand, but if the led suit was broken by spade(s), thenin thiscase highest ranked card of spade will capture the hand. Thewinnerof a hand will leads to the next hand. In this way theroundcontinues until the completion of 13 hands and after that nextdealwill begin. Scoring Player that takes at least as many tricksasher bid receives a score equal to her bid. Additional tricks(OverTricks) are worth an extra 0.1 times one point each. If unabletoget the stated bid, score will be deducted equal to the statedbid.After 4 rounds are completed, scores are summed to help playersseta goal for their final round. After the final round, winnerandrunner-ups of the game are declared. This game is locally knowninIndia as Lakdi or Lakadi, in Nepal as Call Break, and it iscalledGhochi as well.
Hearts Free 1.351
★ Top Developer (awarded 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015) ★ HeartsFreebrings this classic and popular 4-player trick-taking card gametothe Android market. Created to the same high standard as therestof our games, Hearts Free provides classy graphics, supersmoothgameplay, highly scalable difficulty & much more. Heartshasnever been so good! Hearts is also known under a numberofdifferent names around the world, including Chase the LadyandRickety Kate, and is similar to the game Black Lady. In Turkeythegame is called Queen of Spades, and in India it is known asBlackQueen. Featuring: - Full Hearts play, with optional JackofDiamonds rule - Card passing options, including alternating(Left,Right, Across, No Pass) - 18 CPU Hearts players of varyingskill(beginner to expert) - Choose which characters to playagainst! - 5Backgrounds to choose from (or use your own photo!) -User and CPUplayer stats! - Undo & Hints - Hearts Rules &Help -Designed for both Tablet and Phone This free version issupportedby 3rd party ads. Ads may use internet connectivity, andthereforesubsequent data charges may apply. Thephotos/media/filespermission is required to allow the game to savegame data toexternal storage, and is sometimes used to cache ads.
Spades Plus - Card Game 4.14.0
Let’s join the LARGEST SPADES COMMUNITY in the world to playwithmillions of online players! Spades Plus offers you agreatexperience against many Spades players from all around theworld!You can play in many different game modes such as Classic,Solo,Mirror and Whiz. Now playing Spades is much betterwithTournaments, Knock-Out and many other different modes! Spadesisone of the traditional trick-taking card games like BidWhist,Hearts, Euchre & Canasta, but this game is played inpairs inwhich spades is always the trump. ==SPADES PLUS FEATURES==FREECOINS Get 20,000 Free Coins as a “Welcome Bonus”, and get evenmorecoins by collecting your “Daily Bonus” every day! DIFFERENTMODESPlay Spades however you want! CLASSIC: Make your bid withyourpartner and challenge other teams VIP: Play the classicPartnershipSpades in custom Tables SOLO: There is no partnership.Each playergets his/her own points MIRROR: You bid the number ofyour SpadesCards in your hand WHIZ: You can bid “NIL” or the numberof yourSpades Cards in your hand TOURNAMENTS & CHALLENGES Winthe 16player-Tournament or Knock-Out Challenge to get amazingprizes!GREAT SOCIAL EXPERIENCE Meet new people and add them asfriends tobe their best partner or challenge them in games! UsePublic orPrivate Chat to stay in touch with other players. CREATEYOUR OWNTABLES You can create tables in different modes. Chooseyour “GameRule” type, set the “Bet Amount” and the “Final Point” ordecide ifthere will be “Nil”, “Blind Nil” or “Chat” options. If youdon’twant to be found, create your own “Private Table” where gamesare“Invite Only”. GET NEW DECKS Join the seasonal competitions togetnew deck designs. Show your new decks to other users whileplayingagainst them! Additional information: • Make sure you have agoodinternet connection to get the best experience. • The game isfreeto play; however, in-app purchases are available foradditionalcontent and in-game currency. In-app purchases range from$1 to$200 USD. • Use of this application is governed by Zynga’sTerms ofService, found at©2017 ZyngaInc.
Also known as Bisca, Sueca is one of the most famoustrick-takingcard games in Brazil and Portugal. A trick-taking cardgame is onein which players take turns playing cards and thehighest cardplayed each round wins the trick. Shuffle the cards,cut the deck,discover the trump card, have fun trumping youropponent out andscoring lots of points with your partner. What areyou waiting forto download the best Sueca game? Play on your mobilephone whereveryou like with Sueca Jogatina! * Choose where to cutthe deck, justlike in a real game of Sueca! * Select whether thecard that setsthe trump will be pulled from the top or bottom ofthe deck. * Setwhether the game starts with the person who cuts thedeck. *Clockwise or anti-clockwise: determine the player order.*Whitewash: with all the cards or all the points? Does it winthegame, or is it worth 4 points? Choose! If you like Hearts,Spadesand other trick-taking card games, you'll love Sueca. Thesuitsdon't matter; the trump is all yours: download Sueca Jogatinanowand have a great time with this incredible card game!
INTRODUCTION: MENDICOT(pronounced men-dee-coat) is a popularIndiancard game. It is similar to 'Dehla Pakad', a game played inNorthIndia. It is a team game and the ultimate objective is to winallthe 10s for your team(10 of spades, 10 of hearts, 10 ofdiamonds,10 of clubs). FEATURES: > 4 players involved - 2 teamsof 2players each. > Artificially Intelligent(AI) game playingagentthat you can play against/with. > Game Modes based on thenumberof players: - Single Player mode: yourself and an AI playerin oneteam versus 2 other AI players. - Multi Player mode: team upwithanother human player against an all-AI team, or team up with anAIplayer against another human-AI team. Play in this mode overtheinternet with your friends! > 2 modes of AI difficulty :Easyand Difficult. > Rules of the game explained in great detailinthe 'Help' section. Please give our game a try. We're sureyou'lllove it. Enjoy!