Top 45 Games Similar to In The Wasteland

Escape from Chernobyl 2.0
Escape from Chernobyl is a quest. The player need to leavethenuclear power plant before nuclear reactor will explode insecondtime. You are at a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl. Tragedyishappening at the moment, you need to go throughdifferentexperiments and resolve many puzzles to stay alive. * Thegame isin process. Now are available the first, second and thirdchapters.Thanks for your support! Always welcome your ideas andcomments.Project support mail: [email protected]
Nuclear inc 2 - nuclear power plant simulator 14
Hello, Cadet!Nuclear inc 2 will teach you the basics of managinganuclear reactor (and a nuclear power plant in general)! Stepbystep, step by step, Chernobyl to Fukushima. You become atrueengineer capable of mastering any critical situation - theemissionof radiation, fire, earthquakes. Take the Geiger counterand go!Thesystem of the nuclear power plant is very interesting andhappy -you need to monitor the temperature of the nuclear reactor,theturbogenerator, the pressure, the radiation level.The gamecontainsdetailed training! You will understand how the nuclearreactionworks and how the energy of nuclear fuel is convertedintoelectricity.The game contains (still) 12 levels. In thefirststeps, you learn to control the nuclear power plant.Graduallyyouwill discover new improvements:Protectionagainstradiation,Improvements in the reactor and othercomponents,Overloadof nuclear fuel,Fire extinguishing systems,cooling the reactor andother things!Such a variety of systems willhelp you avoid anuclear (thermal) explosion!The latest levels -Fukushima andChernobyl - will help you to understand the causes ofthese nuclearaccidents (but in a very simplified form).One of thecriticalfaults in the Fukushima nuclear power plant was, forexample, thearrangement of emergency generators in areas below sealevel. Thetsunami flooded the generators and the nuclear powerplant was leftwithout electricity.Characteristics:- A realisticreactor controlsystem- Education- The plot- plains of Chernobyl andFukushima- Avariety of nuclear power plant parameters: frompressure toradiation level- 4 languages
Jake The Pirates: Adventure 2.1.5
Jake the pirates is the best adventure game and themostinteresting. Lots of action and obstacles waiting for you inthisgame.destroy all opponents there with a pirate sword. Avoidanyobstacles to the equipment of the ship.Your mission jump andclimbon never land, find the Treasure! Complete all missionsandobstacles to reach the ship and go on a ghost island. Collectallthe gold you meet, and get the best score.GAME FEATURES :►Colorfulanimation on your phone and tablet► Collect a map and findthetreasure of pirates along with Jake► Easy gameplay foreveryone►Wonderful design and beautiful pirate world► Nice soundand grapich
Bluebird of Happiness 1.2.8
Daigo Studio
Your brother finds a stuffed bluebird while the two of you visitafestival. Later that night you have a dream that takes placeinsideof a strange forest with a man having the head of a bird. Trytoescape the dream by collecting items and solving puzzles. Canyousave your brother?
Rockbot 1 1.20.074
A homebrew game freely inspired by the classic 8-bitjump-and-shootgame style with some modern features such as dialogs,stories andgraphics. It also comes with an editor (Linux andWindows) that youcan use to create your own stages, enemies andadventures. SupportsUSB and Bluetooth controllers like joysticksand keyboards. You canset controller buttons and the on-screencontrols size in thegame's config. Report issues to:[email protected] GetSoundtrack:
Leo's World 1.0
Leo's World - first real funny adventure gameLeo has hugeproblems.He cannot find and save his princess.Enemies are trying tocatchand kill Leo. Queen is waiting for long time and she isveryscared. Leo have to find her and kill all enemies before theykillhim.Hordes of enemies are going to find Leo World. Leo'sStorybegins in the world that is called Jungle World. In that worldyouhave to fight with jungle enemies: snake, lep, spider,tarantulaand more lep enemies.Second world is lava world with lavaenemies.They are very difficult to kill. Princess is still waitingand it'sfar from her. Kill all leps in that world. Be the hero.Gameisdesigned with great HD graphicsIt contains awesome musicYou canbuyitems for your coins in storeThere is a lot of levels with lotsofenemiesLeo's World has so much hidden levels and itemsThisgamewill bring you to your childhood.How to play:- Left andRightarrows to move left or right- Down arrow to go inside the pipetobonus level where you canfind lots of coins- A button to runfasteror shot- B button to jump Leo character
Temple Hunt Match 3 1.5
temple hunt match 3temple adventure journey swap blastlosttreasuretemple hunt match 3 is an addictive and deliciousadventurefilled with colorful gem crunching effects and welldesignedpuzzles for you to play in subway time! With crystal stylejewelsto smash and eliminate in each level, temple gems is twicethe funbut familiar to play. So let's get started to crush thelegendnow!game features:* diamond temple quest is FREE to play with900+amazing levels* many levels of different diamond templejewelsChallenges* suitable for all ages to enjoy the game and match3diamonds or more of the same color* beautiful graphics and boostupeffect ( mega bombs, lightning, blocks, and many more).*amazingmusic and game sounds for different challenges and gamematchesThissparkling puzzle adventure will instantly sate yourwanderlust andcraving for diamonds treasure.
Adventure Beaks 1.2.7
Begin your quest with Adventure Beaks, the only platformer whereyouassemble an expedition party of elite Penguinadventurers!Exploreancient ruins and exotic lands on a journey todiscover the secretof the Artifacts!Run, jump, slide, and diveyour way through trickytraps, enemy hoards, and cavernous mazes,all with simple,responsive touch controls!- 50 tricky levels toexplore, each withit's own surprise!- 16 brutal Challenge Levels-150 mind-bendingside Missions!- 198 crazy clothing items to dressyour penguinswith!
The scary doll 5.4
To Best Apps
Sofia is a beautiful girl some people have kept inside ascaryplace. Will do you have the courage to see this place andsaveSofia? And what about the scary doll. Sophia and hersupernaturaldoll is a game about the adventures of the maincharacter in aframework of horror and mystery. You will findyourself lost in amysterious world. Will do you have the strengthand the courage tosave Sophia from captivity and save yourself?Dark atmosphere ofhorror and terror with unsettling ambient musicand freaky,unearthly ghost voices and sounds. So welcome to thisnew horrorgame If you are a player who does not know fear youshould be trythis game because it's for you Plug in the headphonesand go intothe events of game The app is completely free. downloadgame nowand discover.
Titan Slots™ 3.7.11
Packed full of fun - Titan Slots™.
Cat Bubble 1.1.5
Reality Cat
Do you remember that cute cats, they came to a world full ofbubblesin order to find friends, but they seem to have sometroubles. Findcompanions and rescue cat friends, then beatmonsters! Features: -200 stages waiting for you to explore withcat bubble. - Cute cats,colorful bubbles, beautiful music, amazingspecial effects - Magiclightning ball, lightning ball helps youeliminate the same colorbubbles you shoot - Energy channel, letthe bubble through energychannels, more fast and accurate matchbubbles - Not only bears, nowtigers and dragons are added tolevel, find them on the level buttonand drop them. - Explore thesandy beaches, cities, farms and othernew world with lovely cat.How to play: - Shoot the bubble to thetop and reach the target;Save their friends; Time is running out;Drop the greedy monsters!Try your best to get higher score. - Kindsof special bubble. Every5 combos can get a very useful and freepowerful bubble - Userainbow bubble and clear bubble, it can helpyou clear the obstacle- Touch screen and move finger, you can findthe Sight line, italso very useful - Drop bears tigers or dragonsto pass the levelCat Bubble is free game, enjoy it.
Maps for Minecraft PE 3.2
This app requires Minecraft Pocket Edition. With this app youfindmap you like, from minigames and skywars to PVP maps. Itwillinstall every map to your Minecraft PE just in 1 touch. Startyourjourney to an unexplored worlds! Some of the maps containsbuit-inaddons (mods), which ones will make gameplay even moreinteresting!Features: ★1 touch install★ You can install anddownload map forMinecraft PE just in 1 touch, so you dont need toworry aboutinstallation. Just choose map you like and press big redbutton,thats it! ★8 categories★ Explore different mapscategories!Adventure | Creation | Custom Terrain | Minigame |Parkour | PVP |Redstone | Survival ★More than 400 maps★ You canchoose yourfavorite world of a variety of different maps, each ofwhich isunique and looks amazing! ★Screenshots and likes★ You cansee map`sscreenshots before downloading it. Also, you can like mapand itwill appears in "My favourites" section. ★Easy to use★ MapsforMCPE is very simple app with clear and intuitive interface. Youarejust choosing map and then it appears in your Minecraft PE!Ourapps works standalone without any mods or add-ons. Disclaimer:NOTAN OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATEDWITHMOJANG. In accordancewith
Wamboo Hideseek. Creation MCPE Map 1.0.4
This map creation for Minecraft PE is very big roomforhide-and-seek. You will feel an ant in comparison with thingsinthe room. This room perfectly is suitable for hide-and-seek. Inamap there are no rules except those which you will invent. Waitforfurther updates! This creation map it is possible to downloadfreeof charge by means of this application for MCPE withoutthird-partyinstallers for Minecraft PE.Install the map forMinecraft PE isvery simple!1. Click "install" on next screen2. Waitwhile the mapinstalling3. Open Minecraft PE, press "Create a newworld"4. SelectmapWarning! This map is not designed Mojang.Minecraft is atrademark of Mojang AB. Note that we are notaffiliated with MojangAB, but we adhere to conditions set forthin AB Mojang
Cats GO without GPS 1.0.9
Cats GO without GPS! Continue to catch pocket cats in reallifewithout using geolocation! Search and find cats with noactualmoving on geo map! Explore environment around you to catchall thepocket cats creatures not leaving home! You don't need to goon thestreets and use mobile internet! Cats GO: Offline workslikeoriginal Cats GO, but you can just stay in one place to play!Enjoyaugmented reality! Find all tricky pocket pet! All that youneed isinternet at home! Use the yarn ball to catch furry pocketcats! Inthe second part a lot of new pocket cats are waiting foryou! Tryto collect them all! Get the full Cats GO kittenscollection!Compete with friends in catching! You do not get boredin thebreaks between searches, because there are differentmini-gameswith your favorite pocket cats for you! Continue to findkittens inaugmented reality and try to catch all of them! Cats GOwithout GPSfeatures: - A lot of new cats! - Play original Cats GOand don'tcare about geolocation! - Catch pocket cats not leavinghome! -Augmented Reality Technology - Different mini-games
MyQuest for Patients 2.17
The Gazelle app is now the MyQuest™ mobile health app.What doesthatmean? It’s not just a new name, we’ve redesigned the app toprovideyou with a better user experience. So now it’s even easierto getyour results, make an appointment, pay your bill andeverything elsethe MyQuest app allows you to do. And don’t forget,your usernameand password haven’t changed. If you had a Gazelleaccount, you cancontinue to use the same login information toaccess the MyQuestapp. Use the MyQuest app to help you make betterdecisions aboutyour health by conveniently accessing youressential healthinformation on your smartphone. MyQuest allows youto:• Receiveeasy-to-understand Quest Diagnostics lab resultsanytime, anywhere•Securely see, share and access your pertinentmedical and healthinformation• Conveniently and easily share yourinformation viae-mail or fax• Schedule your next Quest Diagnosticslab appointmentand find the nearest Quest Diagnostics PatientService Centerlocation• Schedule and receive medication reminders•Easilyintegrate and populate Withings body, weight, and bloodpressurecuff data For MyQuest Support:Email [email protected]
Year in Pixels 2.3.8
Teo Vogel
How was your day today? Year in Pixels it's a differentbulletjournal that allows you to track in a simple, quick and easymanneryour moods during the year. Every pixel represents a day! Youcanadd notes about your day and select the emotions you felt. Italsohas customizable notifications so you don't forget anypixel.Nonintrusive ads, watch them if you want! Features: *Moods,emotions and notes * Customizable, change the colors and addyourown emotions! * Reminders * Security password * Export to imageor.docx file * Minimalist design and lightweight Original [email protected], go check her Instagramaccount!
the trip 1.8
Thanks for the patience. This game is a gift for you. Free, withnoads nor in-app purchases. Have fun. TIP: Touch to jump.VERYIMPORTANT TIP: pass BELOW the "suspend/high/taller" VW bus.Youwill do fine.This was my first project using Unityengine.Createdinside a cave by Henry Gosuen based on the Vimeo'sStaff Pickanimation The Trip by Antonio Vicentini.Game Design&Programming (and most of the sounds): Henry GosuenArt&Animation courtesy of Antonio VicentiniMusic courtesy ofBenHantootHave a safe trip.*2018 News*Hello everyone. I'm finallyfineafter the car accident. But now I am paying the bills. Uff.Life istaking a lot of time from me. I am not replying so manyreviews asbefore... because it make me really anxious. Really. Iread yourawesome words, and that burns my DNA to come back anddevelop moregames. Right now I have to focus on this crazy liferoutine. TheiOS version of the game is off because I can't payApple Devprogram anymore. The android version will stay here, butwith nofurther updates. I beg your pardon. Thanks for thecomprehension.Thanks for playing. Try my other game: Space Spacy.:)
Bahis Dünyası - Ücretsiz Günlük Tahminler 1.1
Acc Yazılım
En Yeni Tahmin Uygulaması! Analiz Ve Şans Üzerine TercihEdilenBahislerle, Kazanırken, Kazandırmak Amacında YapılmışBirUygulamadır.Asla Şikeli ~ Banko Ve %100 Kupon VeTahminlerİçermemektedir.Newest Forecasting Application!And withluckAnalysis on Preferred Bet, Win-is Made in the ObjectiveOnePractice Outcomes.Never shekels of ~ 100% countertops AndCouponsAnd Forecasts are Inclusion.
SpongeBob Adventure Island
this is what awaited by you all that is very exciting game funandexciting of course Spongebob adventure island 3D game thattellsabout a spongesegar who forgot the direction of returning tobikinibottom then he wanted to go home but with a very longdistance theyhave to go through some obstacles that existHere thereare 6 worldsthat must be passed by spongebob that is in the island,jungle,salvana, volcano, ice and boss to petrify the spongesegaryou haveto pass to the six world, where every world consists of 20levels,so the total level keselurahan in game spongesegar adventurewordisland 2.5D There are 120 levelsImportant feature of this game-6The world is very exciting- a hundred and twenty levels thatarevery beautiful- game play is very easy, you live tap the screenandfollow the instructions- Good sound in the hearing
Fas REWARDS 1.0.3
Stay on top of your Fas REWARDS points with the Fas REWARDSapp!This dynamic app for Phones and Tablets keeps track ofyourtransactions as well as the number of Fas REWARDS pointsearnedevery time you make a purchase at a participating location.Plus,the handy Fas REWARDS locator enables you to findparticipating FasREWARDS locations across the country, along withinformation foreach participating location.Plot your next roadtrip. Plan yournext purchase. Reward yourself with the FasREWARDS!Features:*Displays current points total* Recent history ofFas REWARDS pointtransactions* Fas REWARDS locator* Search by city,state, or zip*Enroll your card * Check your club status* VirtualCard
Hands 'N Surgery Simulator 8.0
Get ready to do some serious operations in this surgeonsimulator,where you can have fun in this physics based world! -Funny levels- Enjoy the physics More upcoming content will beavailable in ourgame, stay tuned!
Dedication 6.1.0
DatPiff, in association with Young Money presents theexclusivePre-Stream and application for Lil Wayne's Dedication 6mixtape.Themixtape contains a countdown to this monumental releaseas well asthe streams for the past 5 Dedication mixtapes hosted byDJDrama.Register within the app to join the Young Money mailinglistand be eligible to stream tracks before the release onChristmas2017!
112 BE 1.6.0-20180628142946
Nextel NV
The app 112 BE is the official app for the Belgianemergencyservices. Once you are registered in the app, you can makeanemergency call with the app for ambulance, fire departmentorpolice assistance. If you use the app, the emergencycentresautomatically get an indication of your location and who youare.When you cannot communicate by speech, the operatorcanexceptionally also activate a chat function.
Alias 1.1.0
Game Alias. The goal of the game is to explain to your teammatesasmany words displayed on the screen of your device as it ispossiblefor a limited time. Alias game also known as Taboo.Gatheryourfriends! Split up into teams, select a name.Select a category!Setsof words of different complexity and topics are suitable foranycompany.Score points! Guess words and get points.Win! The teamthatfirst scores the required number of points is the winner ofthegame.
Daily Postcard 2.40
GH Planet
* Daily Postcard - By this app you will see Post Birdsaredelivering your post cards. - By Post Bird, you can sendandreceive a postcard to people around the world with messages andapicture. - Introduce yourself to your profile information byvoice.- Try select a picture from default gallery or select yourownpicture to decorate a postcard to send. - Try find new friendswithsimilar interest or different nationalities, age group, gender,andetc. - Don’t be shy to talk to international friends!Freetranslating function can help you to read postcard messages inyourown language. - You can keep selected postcards from yourfriendsor the ones with fancy pictures. - Filtering function canhelp youto block receiving postcard that you no longer want toreceive. (Filtering will not block postcards from your own sendersor replies) - You can set a time for Do-Not-Disturb-Me to turn offpostcardreceiving alarms. *** Try now to send your postcard free!***
My Sweet Angel 1.0.7
My sweet angel is a real angel and more!Her angel power hasbeenstolen by an evil scientist! Restore it and set thingsright!It’sthe prequel to Ultimate Kept Man Life, featuring thefather fromwhen he was young!Common QuestionsQ. Why is thebackground AP/S theway it is?A. This is in order to keep the gamebalanced. While theapp is closed, AP will continue to increase foran hour.
Bullet Bet Predictions 1.4b.6
Bullet Team
Are you football addicted? Has the football betting become adailyhobby for you? BULLET is the right app for you! Visit theBULLETInstagram profile( it is possible toreceive further suggestions and see thebets won by our users.BULLET is a TOTALLY FREE app which appliesMachine Learningalgorithms on football historical data relative tothe biggestEuropean championships in order to provide mathematicalpredictionsabout future matches. For each match it is not onlyavailable asimple tip, but also the probabilities for all theresults ofinterest (Double Chance, best Draws, GG/NG, Under/Over,0-0, 1-0,Card, Corner and much more). Thanks to a large historicaldatasetthe prediction algorithm can estimate the number of goalsfor eachteam and then to provide very accurate betting tips.Moreover, it isalso available the SuperBet which represents a listof suggestedbets according to calculated statistics and availablebookmakerodds. In detail, BULLET offers, - A very simple design tomaximizethe user experience - Probabilities for a high number ofpossibleresults for each match - Storage of matches of interest inthefavorite list - Link to the developers to provide feedbackabout theprediction algorithm and the app - Facebool and Instagramprofilesfor updates and sharing with other betters At the momenttheartificial intelligence analyze more than 160 leagues: -CHAMPIONSLEAGUE - EUROPE LEAGUE - BELGIUM: Jupiler League,Proximus League -GERMANY: Bundesliga, 2.Bundesliga, 3.Liga -NETHERLANDS: Eredivisie,Erstedivisie - FRANCE: Ligue 1, Ligue 2,National, National 2 -GREECE: Super League, Football League -ENGLAND: Premier League,Championship, League One, League Two,Vanarama National League, FACup - ITALY: Serie A, Serie B, SerieC, Tim Cup - PORTUGAL: PrimeiraLiga, Segunda Liga - SPAIN: LaLiga,LaLiga 2, Segunda Division B -SCOTLAND: Premiership, Championship,League One, League Two -TURKEY: SuperLig, 1.Lig and much more(ARGENTINA, CHINA, JAPAN,RUSSIA, USA ...). In addition, innovativetools are available, suchas: - BET MACHINE: able to extract thebest matches according toyour criteria; - BET LAMPO: for who wantto bet on the next matcheswith highest probability; - BESTBOOKMAKERS: to see in real time thebest BONUS offered byBookmakers; - DROPPING ODDS: to control theodds that changequickly. BULLET is not a betting app, but representa powerfulstatistical instrument to forecast football matchresults, in factthe prediction algorithm is based upon scientifictheories and isalways up-to-date.
Lil Drive Motobike run ron 1.0
Lil Run drive motobike ron game run adventure is a runningandadventure game for free today .help lil to collect a goldcoinswith control also collect points and comparison with resultsofyours friends .The new most addictive game for girls and boysisnow available on Android because this.Do you want to takepartDonot hesitate to play this game.Of their time in the excitingandexciting adventure with ron .FEATURES:- nice maps- realisticgamephysics- fun and exciting game play- over 30 levels of gaming-goodsoundhow to play :- Tap the screen to make ron jump.- Collectthepoints using the magnet- Override many obstaclesenjoy on thisgameand achieved good numbers
Filimo 2.9.3
Filimo is an online VOD service on which users can streamvideosonline
Çocuk İlahileri İnternetsiz 0.1.5
Çocuklar için seçilmiş ilahileri internetsizdinleyebilirsiniz.Youcan listen to an internet hymns selected forchildren.
Mirrograph 2 free 1.2
A symmetric drawing app that lets you make amazingdesigns.*27different brushes to choose from. More than half of themnewlyupdated.*Customize how many symmetries your drawingwillhave*Choose brush color and background color. Updated to allowmorefreedom in choosing colors.*Easily save your designs so youcanshare them.*Ability to randomize the colors at the touch ofabutton.*Undo and redo buttons for easy corrections.*An updatedlookand feel.
GameBattles 2.3.0
GameBattles is the premier eSports tournament system with over10million registered players and a variety of games on XboxOne,PlayStation 4 and PC, including Call of Duty, Destiny and GearsofWar! The GameBattles app makes it easy to registerforcompetitions, manage your teams, find matches, submit scoresandmore, all from your mobile device. If you don't already have anMLGaccount, you can create one directly through the app and startyourjourney to becoming a pro today!
Whatsapp Status Saver | whatsaver 3.1.9
If you don't want to miss any status of your friends, now u cansavethem easily*features-easy-save images and videos-share mediawithyour friends
Natural Metronome 1.5.0
Natural Metronome is a very simple metronome application thathelpsyou keep time. -Adjust BPM, beats per bar and clicks perbeat.-Natural wood block sound. -Visual indicators synced to thebeat.-Tap tempo to get the original BPM of the piece. -No ads.Allmetronome sounds by Pascal Schärli used under license.
Kid Video 4.3.12
Kid Video is a game that are designed with education purpose.Thisfun game will help you to learn the sounds of animals,transports,musical instruments. Beside sounds, we also provideobject names inEnglish. So, through this sounds game you can learnand remembernew word better and pronounce correctly. FEATURE: *Easy to play *High quality images * Fun and interesting to learn *Teach you torecognize objects * Increase English vocabulary Withcolorfulimage, the simple Kid Video certainly makes learning morefun. WHATDOES IT DO AND WHO IS IT FOR? * Kid Video teaches you howto read,speak & spell. * Each lesson includes core vocabulary.*Suitable for everyone
Interior Dual Photo Frames 1.0.4
Beautify your images instantly with Interior photo frameeffect.They will also be fantastic as family photo frames and willsaveall the good moments spent with your family. There is ahugecollection of Interior dual photo frames, the fantastic art ontheInterior Dual Photo Frame would simply blow your memory. How touseInterior Dual Photo Frames app: ► Select your couple photosfromgallery or capture new photo from camera. ► Select InteriorDualFrames from the collection. ► Apply photo filter. ► Addbeautifulsticker. ► Free and easy to use & user friendlyinterface withmaterial design. ► Brightness and imgae flip featureare alsoavailable. ► Two finger gestures to zoom your photo andadjust inthe Interior Dual Photo Frames. ► Move photo with inInterior DualFrames to set photo properly in Interior Dual PhotoFrame. ► Youcan set lovely Interior Photo Frames Dual as Wallpaperalso. ► Saveand share your interior photo frames dual with yourfriends orfamily members via social media. Interior Photo Frames iseasy touse “photo frame” editor which lets you create impressiveinterioronly in a few clicks! Create perfect interior design withawesome“picture frames”! Interior pic frames to decorate yourphotos andshare them with your friends and family. You can addtext, applyfilter, add sticker and other more feature on interiordual photoframes. Enjoy the best photo frame editor in the playstore. Hopeyou enjoy and like this Beautiful Interior Photo Frames- Dual app.Don't forgate to give good rating if you like it..
Pixel Heroes : Battle Royal 1.1.69
Fight as King Kong, RoboCop, epic legends Atom, Zeus from RealSteeland The Jungle Book heroes in this Pixel smashing adventure.Avoidcountless obstacles, discover unique hero abilities, collectrarecharacters and go on an endless win streak to become thegreatestarcade champion! COLLECT LEGENDARY HEROES Unravellegendary heroeswith super-cool abilities and exciting actionmoves to experiencethe crazy comical action. Unlock exciting andfunky characters likeDinosaurs, The Jungle Book heroes, Zombies,Sci-fi Real Steel MovieRobots and more. AMAZING ARCADE ACTIONSmash & Bash Pixels!Experience the thrill of winning fightseven with one limbremaining. UNLEASH HILARIOUS FINISHERS Knockoutchallengers withhilarious finishing moves – smash, dash, bash, andeven fart - inthis amazing pixel smashing game! UNLEASH SPECIALABILITIES Smashdown opponents with Bleed, Critical Damage, Stun,Force Field,Obstacle Shield, Last Stand & Instant Deathspecial abilities.EXCITING ARENAS Escape rolling fireballs, spikediron and uniqueobstacles in retro art-style arenas - Lava River,Helipad and theDockyard. UNRAVEL POWERFUL CHAMPIONS Open Rare,Epic and Legendarycrates with surprise rewards of amazing heroparts. JOIN ‘SUPERPIXEL HEROES’ EXCLUSIVE FAN CLUB Enjoy regularnews on game updates,characters, features, views, video tips andmore for Free **Permissions: - READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For savingyour game data& progress. - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For savingyour game data& progress Like us onFacebook: Follow us onTwitter: Watch us onyoutube: *Also optimized fortabletdevices This game is completely free to download and play.However,some game items can be purchased with real money in thegame. Youcan restrict in-app purchases in your store’s settings.
Selfie Hd Camera 3.3
An excellent camera designed carefully, all you need to doisdownload the Selfie Hd Camera and experience thedifference.Withselfie Hd Camera which is prepared with attention tousersatisfaction, you can take the best quality pictures.Capturephotosand videos in high resolution HD quality withsuperbcamcorder.Selfie Hd Camera (FEATURES):-Face DetectionAlternative.-Front / rear camera selection.-Select the sky modes,color effects,white balance and exposure compensation.-Camera andselect JPEGquality and resolution JPEG.- Video recording time (withoptionalaudio).-Bring a new light to your photos with lighting andframeeffect items.-HD image capture feature.-Selfie Hd Camera is afullfeatured and totally free Camera app for android phonesandtablets.For your suggestions and criticisms([email protected])you can contact us.
Pisti 10.5
Pisti is a quick and enjoyable card game based on counting cardsandluck. The game has two basic dynamics in order to reach 51points:collecting cards and making Pisti. To collect the piledcards on thetable, you can throw a card that matches youropponent's last throwncard or you can use the "J" cards. Forexample, if the last card onthe table is "♠ 10", you can get thepile with any "J" or "10" cardregardless of their type. To make"Pisti", there must be only oneplay card on the table. The valueof piled cards on the tableincreases accumulatively in relation tothe points of eachindividual card. You can find the value of cardsbelow. GameScoreboard: ♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ A = 1 Points ♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ J = 1 Points ♦10 = 3points ♣ 2 = 2 points Pisti = 10 points Pisti J = 25 pointsOtherfeatures that the game offers: - Totally Free Theme Packs -FlexibleInterface - Leader board - Achievements - FairArtificialIntelligence
AdrenalynXL™ Liga Santander 17/18 5.5.0
When you enter the world of ADRENALYN XL ™ online you will findthateverything is perfectly organized to play at the highestlevel. Youcan play training and professional tournaments. You alsohave theoption of playing with all available cards or withrestrictions. Youcan play professional matches in tournaments andscore points inorder to move up in the overall ranking of allparticipants. Be theleader in the tournaments ranking around theworld!Do not miss outon your chance to play! And discover the newelements of the game:MANAGER LEAGUE, SAGA and the new YOUTUBERSsection!NEW "EVOLUTION"MODE! Enjoy this novelty in the onlinegame. More competitive, morestrategic, more exciting!Use yourexisting Adrenalyn XL ™ account orregister for a free accountwithin the application.Discover the newAdrenalyn XL ™ LigaSANTANDER 2017/18 universe!
MP3 Quran - V 2.0 0.9.7
The official application for Quran Audio LibraryApp(MP3Quran V 2.0) aims to provide Quran internet audio portalforAndroid users. Second version of this app was published injune2016. We will be releasing updates going forward. Yoursuggestionsin this matter is highly appreciated. May Allah blessyou all. MP3Quran Family
Khmer Music Remix 5.1
Rotha CHAN
Khmer Music Remix is a collection of all free Khmer remix musicsforyou to listen and relax. Features: • Super fast streaming •Khmertitle • Create your own playlists. • Search songs by title orDJ'sname (can search offline). • Set timer to automatically pausemusic.• Save music to favourite list. • Control music playbackfromControl Centre or Headset. • Built-in Khmer keyboard. .Equalizer& Bass booster. Note: Any problem emailus:[email protected]
Rata Bros 2.0.2
Consigue todas las kawazakis para don cuco.Get all kawazakis forDonCuco.
Meme Editor 1.3.1
Kanzig Inc.
With Meme Editor you can create your own meme and share themwithyour friends in anywhere social network See below thefeatures:-> Multiple meme categories (Advice, Animals,Babies,Celebrities, Graphics and Others); -> You can select anypicturefrom your gallery or pic by camera; -> Save your memes.
Le Conjugueur 2.64
With Le Conjugueur, you can conjugate all French verbs withoutbeingconnected to Internet. It contains the conjugation for nearly9000verbs. Other features: - conjugation in feminine - conjugationinpassive mode - question and negation - find a verb fromanconjugated form Conjugaison, français, conjuguer, verbe, tablet