Top 1 Games Similar to Ultimate Zombie FPS

.Decluster Zero: Bullet Nocturne 1.0.0
".Decluster Zero" is a Japanese style bullet hellshooterfeaturingneo-retro dot graphics. This game offersmodern-classicbullet hellgameplay and traditional Japanesebeautiful bulletpatterns. You'llhave new bullet hell experienceswithbullet-canceling system. Inthis game, you'll encounter tonsofbullets which are insane. It isimpossible to keep dodging, butyoucan erase bullets easily. ■Homing Laser A main mechanic is'hominglaser'. It causes bigdamage and also cancel enemy bulletsoutaround your ship. Itrequires gauge, but easy to fill. Youshoulduse the homing laseraggressively and it is the best way todefeatenemies. ■ CaptureYou can slow down bullets in the field andusethem tocounterattack. Try to capture the bullets collectivelyandturninto attacks. ■ Others - Level select menu that you canstartfromthe cleared level - Various option settings - Leaderboardforeachdifficulty and level ■Twitter * Required RAM: 2GB+