Top 13 Games Similar to Animal Run

Running Hero Chibi Ninja Girl 1.0
Start playing now, but remember itsnotalwayseasy running with super girl adventure!The ladybug, ninja girl Chibi needs your running help sohecouldrun towards reaching and saving the black cat of his life!Itallstarted few days ago. challenge now your friends!You start playing as Chibi, Start touching to jump andmakinglongjumps to skip obstacoles, you can start collectingladybugsalong theway..but remember it is very hard.This game isnot alsogreat forChildrens who love Ninja and Samurai adventuregames butis great toofor adults.Now the hero Chibi is designed to run across nine sees andontopof seven mountains, jump over deadly spikes andendlesspits,collect shiny coins and gain powerups, all this withhopes tosavethe black cat by running and jumping.However, beawarethatrequires strategy and logic.GAME FEATURES:★★★ One Touch to jump.★★★ +120 Levles (best leveling ).★★★ Fantastic design 2D game.Thanks for downloading Running Hero Chibi Ninja Girl, wehopeyouwill enjoy it.
San Andreas Car Theft 1.1
What is San Andreas Car TheftisallaboutThe rivalry between criminals and police takes a new twistinthissan andreas car theft action game. You can be reincarnatedastheking of the gangland. Our hero in this car theft game isacommon guywith who have no money and a lot of thirstforadventure. He couldn'tfind any work (due to economic crisisandlow oil prices), so he isbreaking bad and started to workforGodfather of mafia in the sanandreas city of crimes. So hebecomesthe best car theft.The San Andreas crime family wants to get bigger fast.Theywantto stay on top of their crime empire and they wanttokeepcontrolling the local police force. You as a hero work asacrimecity driver and start helping them out doing thesesmallillegalmissions. When your pile of money gets bigger andyourstreetrespect grows you make a move against the San Andreasmafiafamily.Make sure you are ready for some crime combat!!Experience a real open world on your mobile device, thebestthathas ever been on the Google Play Store. Steal vehiclesfromdrivers,shoot everyone on sight or just walk for miles to comeintwo epicareas. The entire city area has been revamped andupgradedfor thissequel and next to this there is a new area, SanAndreasthrive andbecome even more rich over the shoulders of thenormalworkingman.It's time to show everyone who’s boss by shootingrivalsandruling the streets. You are not policeman. You are agangster,whodon't need for glory - you have a greed for revenge.You have abiggun and must to kill as much as possible bandits withguns,knifesand other weapons.The action in this crime simulator3Dgamerevolves around shooting and killing your enemies andracingthecars in this ccar theft san andreasImportant features of san andreas car theft- Third person gameplay: car stealing, man shootinganddrivingare all for you, with the most powerful 3D engine- Uncutted adventure: real sand andreas city withracing,fighting,car dropping- Authentic locations with local sights: cities and villages- One and only traffic system with AI algorithm- Different controller types: arrows, accelerometerandsteeringwheel- Well detailed graphic from real cars and places- Steal all kind of different vehicles in this epic crimecitythiefgame.- Endless space for police actions: hit and run, carstealing,policefirefight and even more- Exciting plot: unexpected twists, freedom of choiceandrichrewards with money and guns.- Flexible and comfortable steering wheel and gears throughwhichyoucan control it easily- Special stores: unique weapons and armory- A real car thief game, its something never seenbeforeonandroid.- Reworked and supplemented quest system formoreenthrallinggameplay;- Flexible controls- Explore Miami crime as a san andreas criminal driver,- San andreas car theft is the best racing game ever youplayedforthe actionWith many different kinds of cars to steal in SANANDREASCARTHEFT you can make sure your will get the retirement heislookingfor. Most gangster games are about shooting andkillingpeople, Sanandreas car theft 3D is something else it showsyou adifferentpath in the criminal underworld. A world of shadypeople,stealingcars and trying to make it because they were runningoutofoptions.
Weapon Simulator Free 1.0
Weapon Simulator FreeWelcome to the world of Weapon in this ultimatefirearmsgunssimulator for your phone or tablet.Blurring the line between digital and physical, Weaponscombinesthetwo to create a fully interactive real world experience.Switchoffthe safety, load the magazine, rack the slide and fire,allwithouthaving the cops called on you. Ergonomicallydesigned,Weaphones fitnaturally into the shooter’s hand. All theimportantcontrols arelocated within a finger’s reach.Start your journey through the world of weaponswithWeaponSimulator Guns Free.. With this gun simulator youwillhavethe best modified simulations of some of the mostfamousweaponssuch as: AK 47, M4A1 or SIG-Sauer P226 and HK-XM8andmore.Pistols and rifles are ready, you only needtodownloadWeapon Simulator . Great virtual weapons on your phonewithbestsimulator game. With realistic weapon sound effect andwithhugeselection of the most popular rifles and pistols andwithauthenticweapon mechanics this firearms simulator will becamethebest wayto entertain yourself every day. You will feel like youareholdingreal rifle or pistol in your hands and with great gunsoundsyouwill feel like you are in the war zone.With Weapon simulator free Gun you will have the best weaponsintheworld on your phone. Very easy to play, but the feelingisgreat.When you choose appropriate gun then you should pullthetrigger andone of the best weapon games can start. Specialsoundeffects likerain, war or wind and thunder you will havewithweapon app. You canshoot from the different pistols orassaultrifles and revolver aslong as you wish and you don't have toworryabout bullet. Here youhave unlimited ammo to make thissimulatorgame more interesting.Different backgrounds and greatgraphic makesimulator game sospecial. Best gun simulator you canhave for freeif you downloadGun Weapon Simulator Free app. Sharewith otherpeople thissimulator game, show to them virtual weaponson yourphone and havegreat time with best gun app. Pretend that youaresoldier, pretendlike you are in the world war withweaponsimulator free. You don'tneed a gun safe, just instal thisapp.All of this and a lot of funyou will have with one of thebestsimulator games Gun WeaponSimulator . If you want to feelgreatpower of weapons and to havevirtual shooting experience thenyoumust have best weapon app onyour phone.Features Of Weapon Simulator Free- Huge selection of weapons- Authentic weapon mechanics- Realistic weapon sounds- High resolution graphic- Realistic fire and smoke- Realistic recoil effects- Unlimited ammo- Realistic Sound, Smoke, Flash & Recoil Effects- Full Interaction and Control- great game musicThis gun weapon simulator you can get for free ifyoudownloadWeapon Simulator Free. So, download weapon app now andhavegreattime with one of the best simulator games. Share withotherpeoplethis weapon simulator, show to them virtual weapons onyourphoneand let them, also, enjoy in best weapon game. Pretendthatyou arethe solder, pretend that you are in world war withweaponsimulatorfree. You don't need gun safe, just install this gunapp.All ofthis and a lot of fun you will have with WeaponSimulatorFree -the best gun weapon simulator. If you want to feelgreatpower ofweapons and to have virtual shooting experience thenyoumust havebest weapon app on your phone.
Dog run
Dog run is a classic game for all ages, fun and easy to playwithawesome graphics and great music and sounds.Dog run is and funoneof the games that don t need wifihow to play Dog run?just taptomake the Dog run and jump ,it's easy! Features:+unique andfungameplay+A lot of crazy levels on this game+old classicgameplatformer+great sound and awesome graphics dog run is a funandeasy adventure game, sometimes speed increase or decrease andthedirection will change.commect apples and tap to run andjump.Enjoy
Magic Dungeon Run City Run 1.2
Endless run into the city magic Dungeon sewer. Run and surftorescue the lost
Baby Pet Run: Jungle Adventure 1.0
* Introduction Baby Pet Run:Run, jump, bounce on vines as you help banana kong tooutrun!Escapethe wrath of an angry winds while collectingancienttreasures inworld game. Fly wings or collect shield withthetoucan to overcomedangerous obstacles like massiveboulders,crocodiles, piranhas andboiling lava. Collect as many foodaspossible to buy more pet.Dodge all the creatures sent byzombiesmonster. can you beat theirhigh scores. jungle baby pet runis arunning game where you need tocross different obstacles,overcomedangers while collecting as manycoins as you can to scorethehighest. Little Pet is a brave, agileand lovely pet, onabeautiful day he went into the jungle to pickup fruits.Butthejungle is full of danger,he needs your help!. Thisfun andamazingrunner game is better than ever and will surely bewhat youarelooking for jungle baby pet is a running and jumpinggame.* Features Baby Pet Run:- Full Game Center integration.- World wide terrain big map, Good Quality Graphics.- Buy more pet use pet coin: Little Bear, Little Bull,LittleBunny,Little Ginger, Little Gorilla, Little Kitty, LittleLeo,LittlePenguin, Little PolarBear, Little Puppy, LittleRonny,LittleSnowman.- Amazing real-time, full 3D graphics with special effectspoweredbyUnity Technology.* How to play Baby Pet Run:- Just long tap the screen to let the little pet jump.- Collect coin as many as you can.- Thanks to full Game Center integration you can seeyourfriendsbest score right in the game. Compare your highscoresandfriends.
Subway Kitty Cat Run Rush
Subway Kitty Cat Run Rush amazing and Free Action FantasyRunningGame ever played!!Enjoy the adventurous run through themysteriouscity and try to beat high score in this new challenginggame foryour mobile phone.Help Hello Kitty Cat to jump all gaps andget allthe coins you can You can halt and watch the movingobstacles toavoid the fall in this unique running game. Enjoy to bea HelloKitty Cat !Finish your race fast and crazy! Amazing gamefeatureswith exciting game play.Experience the Smooth controls forrunning& jumping.Get past all the hurdles on your path and finda wayout of the city...The path is full of suspense andunlimitedaction. Endless Runner with great graphics and funanimations.Feature:- Collect more coins to achieve high score-Lovelycharacter with funny emotion- 9 levels you can play and morelevelswill by add in future.- Mind the gap and the obstacles ontheroad.How to Play:--Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shootandzoom in & out-Tap on left side to navigate the areaItsarunning game where you need to cross different obstacles,overcomedangers while collecting as many coins as you can to scorethehighest.And hope you have fun with this game.Beat Your friendshighscores!!
Scooby dog puppy Run
Scooby dog puppy RunScooby Dog Puppy needs your help.ScoobyPuppyhas to pass through the fantasy land. Can you help him?Dogcatchers are running behind our Scooby dog to catch. it needsyourhelp now.JUMP and SLIDE to avoid obstacles and get rid of theDogcatchers chasing you! ---------------------------------ScoobyRunkey features* Attractive animations and graphics* Easy gameplay*Easy to learn* Good sound effects* Increasing difficulty asyouplay more and more* Top 10 best local scores.
Animals Run Adventure 1.0.4
Animals Run Version 1.0.2This is a platform game which is you can loop gold and buynewavatars and powerups.With this adventure game your children and you can enjoy whenyouplay this game.This game has a diffrence from other games, there is no adsensyoucan play as you wish.It is Free To Play.Animals Run:-A caveman who wants to catch animals which is live in jungleourgoal is saving these animals from caveman.-Of Course you will need some powerups while you save them so weputsome powerups in this game.-We wanted you to more enjoy then normally so we put extrasomeavatars which is you can buy with gold.*This game is just published and there may be some bugs sowewant you to only report these bugs when you get error.-With Funny menu animations you will enjoy when youclickbuttons.-With Funny Musics you will think am i in a jungle because ofthisin our games there are too many music and sounds.
Puppy Run 1.4
PUPPY RUN - The best animal running game is here !...A cute puppyisthe hero in this game.Help him to reach his house... PUPPY RUNisone of the best animal running game on Play Store..- Amazinggamegraphics.- There are eight levels to play.- Fun andentertaininggame - Game will be installed on SD CardPlease don'tforget to leaveyour valuable reviews.-ThankYou.====================Controls:-Touchright side on the screen tojump.-Touch left side on the screen toreduce speed of thepuppy====================Key Words: run , RUN ,Run, Puppy Run ,puppy
Real Bike Stunts Adventure 1.0
Real Bike Stunts Adventure 2017Take control of the awesome stuntman.Go ahead andfollowyourdreams.its the best game if you think that you arethebikeguy.Ride your bike on challenging tracks and complete the tasks.Race your motorcycle through a world of adventure, crazytracks,docrazy stunts, flip your bike, collect the coins andmakemassivescores.Become the superman of the bike racing stunts. RealBikeStuntsAdventure 2016 is distinguished from other bikeracingplusshooting games simulators by a faithful reproductionoftacticalmaneuvers of bike driving on detailed tracks andbikecontrol aswell as various other shooting facets than whencomparedto otherbike racing games.Experience the best bike stunts game on your androidphoneandtabletStart the game and you are going to drive your bikethroughamazingtracks with jumps and loops in thissimplephysics-basedgame.Unlock new levels and have fun..Real bike stunts 2016 is easy to pick up but hard tomasterwhichwill keep you in the zone for hours. Race, jump and makeyourwaythrough the amazing frontier tracks as you master theskillsandthe physics of motocross in this high speed stuntsadventure.Hereis your chance to step up and prove that you are themostintenseand competitive biker!motorcycle racing gamesfree..Bike fun and challenging tracks in differentbeautifulatmosphericlocations and unlock various bike.You've got grandma's old bike, and now you can begin yourcareer!Theobjective is to do a wheelie for as many meters aspossible.Thecontrols are simple, just gas and brake. The longerthewheelie, thebigger the bonus! Just be careful you don't falloffin the middle ofdoing a wheelie, otherwise you won't getthemoney.By earning money you can tune up your bike to make itevenbetter.You can also buy new bikes and earn more money to tuneupyour bikeagain or to open new levels!Step up and display your courage through twists andturns,allwhile wearing your favorite bike gear. Dodge riskyobstaclesamiddangerous hills through an amazing, realisticlandscape.Thethrillis addicting!Become the Professional stunts rider in 2016 withBikeRacingadventure 2016. This action packed bike race game issuitableforfast racers only. Race, jump and crash rivals throughtheamazingtracks in this high speed racing adventure.Features of Bike Real Bike Stunts Adventure 20161.Amazing Selection of Bikes2.Awesome Fantasy Urban Environment3.Realistic Driving Experience4.Breathtaking 3D Graphics5.Smooth Gameplay6.High quality 3D beautiful stunning graphics7.Excellent realistic 3D environment8. Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lightingandamazingenvironment of highway, city and more9.Simple but addictive one-touch game play.10. 30 beautiful unlockable tracks to enjoy.11. Crazy and challenging tracks for you.12.Different bikes for your choices.13.Unique and smooth game play.INSTRUCTIONS...-Touch the Right side of your device is to accelerate and lefttogobackwards..-Avoid the obstacles .-Try not to crash.-Embrace the high speeds!-Clear the levels to unlock new ones.
Super Puppy Run: Animal Escape 1.0
Get amused with the latest endless arcade jumping action gameforfree now!Download Super Puppy Run: Animal Escape &collectbones, avoid the bad piggy and boost yourself to the top!Get readyto be a mega jumper! Once you start to hop, you won'tstop!***HYPERFUN MEGA JUMP GAME!***Vertically challenging platformjumping in anever-ending city!***SUPER-EASY CONTROLS!***Tap to jumpand tilt torun left & right!***ENDLESS FAMILY FUN!***Fast-pacednon-stopaction adventure game!***BEAUTIFUL & VIVIDHDGRAPHICS!***Picturesque city, lovely colors,excellentquality.***RELAXING & ENTERTAINING MUSIC!***Get amusedandrelaxed with cool music tunes!***RUN, JUMP, DASH AND SLIDEAWAYFROM YOUR ENEMY!***What are you waiting for? Grab this “dogescape”game and get ready for endless jumping fun and adventures!Tilt andtap your device in a city joyride! Jump up without fallingdown and“tilt to live”!A unique 2D platform runner with highlyinterestinggameplay!Best action and adventure game of 2015 - SuperPuppy Run:Animal Escape!If you like exciting and "running games forgirls andboys", you must download this free app!How to play this"funadventure game":⇨ Tilt your phone to run and slide left andright!⇨When you see a passage between the moving platforms, tap to"jumpup" and hop to the next level!⇨ Take care of your superPoppypuppy– if he hits his head, he won't be able to run for afewseconds!⇨ Keep running & jumping!⇨ Avoid the angrypiggy!⇨Collect all the bones – feed your doggy dog so that it canrun andjump endlessly!⇨ Make a break, relax and enjoy this tiltgame fullof running and jumping action!Super Poppy, the puppy dogrunner hascaught the jumping fever and must jump & jumpcontinuously!However, if you jump like a gran, you will fall offthe platforms –be a mega jumper, instead, and perform awesome leapsto land safelyon the next platform! This is no “impossible game”,and there areno impossible jumps, just tilt your device into theright directionand hop fast!IF you see the bad piggy runningaround, beware ofthat platform because if it catches you, you'llget shocked! “Runand jump” from one platform to another in one ofthe cutest“addicting games for girls” and boys! Embark on this epicjumpjourney and have lots of fun with this “endless game”!⇨Braceyourself for a crazy joy ride on moving platforms! Super PuppyRun:Animal Escape is a new free game 2015 of running and jumping.This"tilt game" with sliding and "running on walls", is a hyperfunarcade, adventure jump game of visually stunning graphics andsuperfun features! It is endlessly re-playable andcompletelyfree-to-play! A fun adventure game for Android users ofall age!⇨Doggy dog world has found their hero jumper – test Poppy'sspeednow! “Free running games” with tilt steering are verypopularnowadays! Tap to jump, tilt the phone, collect the food,carefullyavoid your enemy and traps and beat all your friends inthis “funrun” game! Quick-to-play, vertically challenging adventureinstunning HD graphics and a unique action-packed quest will getyouhooked on by the time you blink! ⇨ Download our new free“runninggame for kids” and give your best to survive in this maze!*If youlike “FUN AND ADDICTING games for kids”, visit our channel tofindmore FREE APPS with jumping, swinging or running animals andtheircrazy quests & action adventures! Boys and girls, kids,teensand adults will all enjoy playing the “jumping games andrunninggames” that we have to offer!
Racing Cat Runner: Speed Jam 1.0
Racing Cat Runner Speed Jam is one of the most addictiveandentertaining physics-based running & racing game evermade!Free, hyper fun, easy to play and very "addicting game"fortoddlers, kids of all age and adults as well!Family fun thatwillamuse you for hours to come!Get your "speed racer" fired up:runthrough the playroom "race track", swiftly switch sides toavoidthe obstacles and rapidly control your cat runner when itreaches"top speed"! Turn every day into a race day and rush throughthekids playground! Dodge balloons, toy cars & trucks,rubberducks, building block toys and other tricky obstacles on yourwayto glory! Dash through this rally! There is no finish line sorunas far as you can and feel the asphalt burn under yourfeet!Satisfy your need for speed with this "free racinggame"!***HYPERFUN RUN & RACE GAME!***Turbo fast running in anever-endingplayroom!***SUPER-EASY CONTROLS, KID-FRIENDLYINTERFACE!***One tapcontrols allow you to drag your cat left orright and dodgeobstacles!Collect batteries to keep runningintensely and reachfurious speeds!***ENDLESS FAMILYFUN!***Fast-paced non-stop actionadventure racing game!***BEAUTIFUL& VIVID HD GRAPHICS!***Vividgraphics: colorful backgrounds andcheerful game characters!4different playrooms for kids: Run freelyand enjoy thescenery!Various types of obstacles: rubber ducks,building blockstoys, beach balls, and much more!***FUN ANDEXCITINGGAMEPLAY***keep changing lanes to avoid obstacles andcollect milkbottles to fill up your energy!Racing Cat Runner SpeedJam is arunning & racing game for kids and adults will let youfeel the"race rush" as you dash & dodge through theplayground!IF youlike FUN RUN games this racing cat game will stunyou!Let theadrenaline rush move you and race like crazy in thisrally!Giveyour best to become the fast and furious speed runner andrank No.1on our leaderboard!Power up your cute kitty by collectingall themilk bottles and take the endless joy ride through theexcitingenvironments! Experience the insane speed boosting as youprogressin Racing Cat Runner Speed Jam - fun race game for childrenandadults. Feel the speed heat with this epic racing simulatorgamefree! Test your driving skills with this "running game for boysandgirls", steer your cute cat by tapping on the screen and try nottocrash into tricky obstacles along the racetrack.Prepare forthemost intense running & racing game, most stunning visuals,anda completely new simulation of a speed race. Rush throughtheplayroom racetrack and beat all your friends! This "mini race"withthe cutest cat runner will win your heart!Cute and crazyarcaderacing game for kids starts with Racing Cat Runner Speed Jamand itwill show you what some serious speeding looks like!Downloadthis"free running game" and warm up for a turbo fast race!"Miniracegames" are the "best racing games of 2015"!Acquire thisfunnyrunning race game and entertain yourself and your friendsandfamily!Cool "action games for kids" without violence aredifficultto find - take this "race game" and freely let your childplay. Itwill enjoy playing with our cute kitty! Kick off on thisnew andchallenging action-packed adventure run. * Find more cute"racinggames free" to play on our channel and enjoy every funrunadventure of our sweet animals!