Top 49 Apps Similar to A Gentle Way Yoga

Moksha Hot Yoga 4.2.2
Download the Moksha Hot Yoga App today to help plan your MokshaHotYoga classes! From this App you can view the classschedule,sign-up for classes, view the ongoing promotions, as wellas viewstudio’s location and contact info. Optimize your time andmaximizethe convenience of signing up for classes from your phone!Downloadthis App today!Also be sure to check out our websiteat:http://www.mokshayoga.caPLEASE NOTE, ONLY SOME LOCATIONSAREINCLUDED. If you're studio location is not available, pleasespeakto your studio owner about opting in to the mobile app.
Absolute You 4.2.2
Download the Absolute You App today to plan and scheduleyourclasses! From this App you can view class schedules, sign-upforclasses, view ongoing promotions, as well as view locationandcontact information. You can also click through to ourFacebookpage! Optimize your time and maximize the convenience ofsigning upfor classes from your phone! Download this App today!Also be sureto check out our website at:,,
Modo Yoga 4.2.5
Download the Modo Yoga App today to help plan your ModoYogaclasses! From this App you can view the class schedule, sign-upforclasses, view the ongoing promotions, as well as viewstudio’slocation and contact info. Optimize your time and maximizetheconvenience of signing up for classes from your phone!Downloadthis App today!
Yogatown 4.2.5
Download the Yogatown App today to plan and schedule yourclasses!From this Mobile App you can view class schedules, sign-upforclasses, view ongoing promotions, as well as view thestudio’slocation and contact information. You can also clickthrough to ourFacebook and Twitter pages! Optimize your time andmaximize theconvenience of signing up for classes from your Mobile!Downloadthis App today!
AILEY Extension 4.2.5
The Ailey Extension located at 405 West 55th Street (atNinthAvenue) in New York City, offers over 100 dance andfitnessclasses, special workshops, and kids and teens to dancers ofalllevels, from absolute beginners to professionals. Classesareoffered seven days a week in the morning, afternoon, and eveninginover 25 different techniques. Extension instructors are expertsintheir fields and ensure a welcoming, non-competitive environmentatall times. The Ailey Extension’s App makes it easy to browsedailyschedules, sign up for classes, receive special offers, andfindstudio location and other general information. Download thisApptoday! Also be sure to check out our
Bolly Dancing 3.1.4
Download the Bolly Dancing Studio Mobile App today to planandschedule your classes! From this Mobile App you can viewclassschedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, aswell asview studio’s location and contact information. You can alsoclickthrough to our Facebook and Twitter pages! Optimize your timeandmaximize the convenience of signing up for classes fromyourdevice! Download this App today! Also be sure to check outourwebsite at:
Millennium Dance Complex LA 4.2.2
Download the Millennium Dance Complex LA App today to planandschedule your classes! From this Android App you can viewclassschedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, aswell asview location and contact information. You can also clickthroughto our Facebook page! Optimize your time and maximizetheconvenience of signing up for classes from your Android!Downloadthis App today!Also be sure to check out our websiteat:
The Orbi App from NETGEAR makes it easy to set up and get morefromyour Orbi WiFi system. You can quickly install your WiFi injust afew steps. A dashboard provides easy access to additionalappfeatures: • Remote Management. Manage your router andconnecteddevices from anywhere with Internet access • Network Map.Easilyview the status of your Orbi router and satellites • SmartParentalControls. Manage content & time online with Circle®withDisney. • Internet Speed Check. Test the broadband speeds fromyourservice provider. • Pause Internet. Pause the Internet onanyconnected device. • Traffic Meter. Supervise Internet trafficusageby day, week, month, and more • Guest Network. Set up a guestWiFinetwork to keep your main network private and secure • andmore!For more information about your Orbi WiFi System,visit
AimFit 4.2.5
Download the AimFit App today to start booking your classes!Fromthis mobile App you can view class schedules, book classes,viewongoing promotions, as well as view the studio’s locationandcontact information. You can also click through to oursocialpages! Remember, your AimFit class pass gives you access toANYclass at ANY AimFit location, as long as you BOOK in advance.SoDOWNLOAD NOW and get booking!
Bar Method 4.2.5
Download the Bar Method Mobile App today to plan and scheduleyourBar Method classes! From this Mobile App you can viewclassschedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing Bar Methodpromotions,as well as view studio’s location and contactinformation. Optimizeyour time and maximize the convenience ofsigning up for classesfrom your device! Download this App today!Also be sure to checkout our website at:
Transflo® Mobile+ is a complete trucking solution rolled intooneconvenient mobile app. It starts with the on-the-goscanningsolutions you need with the fastest document deliveryavailable.Plus we’ve added in the features you need like accidentandOS&D submission, load review and acceptance,integratednavigation (CoPilot) designed specifically for truckingroutes,weigh station bypass technology (Drivewyze), two-waymessaging withyour fleet or broker and fuel finder perks likemyPilot and Love’sConnect. Our integrated navigation (powered byCoPilot TruckNavigation) works 24 hours a day and is designedspecifically fortrucks. Our navigation software takes into accountthe dimensionsof each truck (for preventing accidents), driver fuelneeds andtrucker-friendly rest areas – all while offering usersreal-timetraffic, PC*Miler trusted route options, and full GPS mapaccesseven if data signal is lost. Transflo® Mobile+ is proud toofferthe easiest and most advanced weigh station bypass solution intheindustry. Powered by Drivewyze, our bypass feature usesgeo-fencingtechnology that notifies drivers when they are withintwo miles ofa designated weigh station. That means no stopping, nowasting timeand no unnecessary fees for safe drivers. For when youdo need toweigh, save time with the new Weigh My Truck features(through CATScale®) without ever leaving the Transflo® Mobile+ app.Thisintegration allows commercial drivers to weigh their trucks atover1,800 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. WithTransflo®Mobile+ you’ll get notifications when there are availableloads.Just accept or decline them right on your smartphone ortablet!With a simple swipe, drivers can also let their carriers orbrokersknow which leg of the trip they’re on. We've included theabilityto view both destinations on the map and truck stops alongthe wayto better help drivers plan their day. Transflo® Mobile+ canbeused by drivers to send paperwork, and photos for accidentsandOS&D, to carriers. We’ll walk you through the processwithnecessary data input and allow you to take photos oruploadexisting photos for your accident or OS&D submissions.Aftersubmitting documents for accidents or OS&D, auniqueconfirmation number and email notification is generatedallowingimages to be viewed for up to 14 days. Note: Your fleet orbrokermust be authorized to use Transflo® Mobile+ for you to accessthesefeatures. Registration follows the same process asTransflo®Mobile+. You will need a Fleet or Broker ID. A Fleet IDcan beobtained from your driver manager or office personnel.Carrierswill be provided with a Broker ID from an authorized brokeror fromPegasus TransTech. Transflo® Mobile+ supports Driver HoursofService when using a Transflo® T7 ELD device. With an HOSfeaturethe app will automatically switch a driver to ON DUTYDRIVING modewhen detecting a driving pattern (12mph for 5 secondsor more) andback to ON DUTY NOT DRIVING when detecting driving hasstopped forat least 5 minutes. Transflo® image optimizationimproveslegibility even for carbon-copied documents, and documentswithlight gray text on a color background (blue, yellow, green,pink,etc.) ©2018 Transflo®, a Pegasus TransTech company. Allrightsreserved. Transflo® and the Transflo® logo are trademarksofPegasus TransTech, LLC Keywords:transflo,scanning,truck,incab,velocity,telematics,logistics,ELD,navigation,weighstation,freightMarketing URL:
Equalizer, Bass Booster & Volume Booster - EQ 1.5.4
The most profession Equalizer app for Metal Style, Improve thesoundquality for your android device with the true globalEqualizer, Bassbooster ,Volume booster and Surround Sound. Usewith headphones forbest results, Implying unprecedented soundquality. 🎧 Features ofEqualizer App 🎧 ——★★★★★—— • Volume EQ - Fivebands Equalizer letsyou adjust sound effect levels so that you getthe best out of yourMusic or Audio coming out of your phone. •Equalizer presets -Includes Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk,Heavy Metal, Hip hop,Jazz, Pop and Rock . It provide you powerfulEQ and differenttones.Can Save and Edit EQ preset. • Volumebooster - Mediasound(music, video); notification sound; ringtone;alarm, bothheadphone volume booster and earphone volume booster •Bass booster- The most professional Bass, Thanks to theprofessional audiodecoding technology, the bass booster willimprove your soundquality to led you enjoy the best music free. •Sound spectrum- Youcan watch the wonderful visual sound spectrumat the same time youlistening to songs. All the sound spectrumsmove according to theaudio rhythm. • Shortcut of EQ - Createwidgets, just one touch toon/off the equalizer for your phone. •More Highlights -Virtualizer, Stereo led VU meter, Works with mostMusic and VideoPlayers. Equalizer App Installation and usage: 🎛️1. Effect On MusicOr Audio ▪️ Runing your Music player and playyour music ▪️ Runingthe Equalizer & Bass Booster app thenadjust sound level andfrequency. ▪️ Put on headphones for a bestresults 🎛️ 2. Effect OnVideo ▪️ Just like effect on Music orAudio, adjust the sound leveland frequency, then, let it run inbackground. ▪️ Runing your Videoplayer and play your video ▪️ Youmust get a good effect soundresults for video ❤️ If you have anyfeedback about Music equalizerwith volume boost app, pleasecomment below or email to developer.We always keep track of yourfeedback to improve and create betterBass and volume booster loudapp.💯
My Schedule 6.0.3
My Schedule is the ideal diary for those who have movedworkingschedules. Seize your schedule on your telephone andtransporteverywhere. Furthermore thanks to your personalized codesof color,facilitate the understanding of your schedule. NewFeatures: - Easysharing of your schedule - The hour meter worked -A guide
Romance and Dance 4.2.5
Download the Romance and Dance App today to plan and scheduleyourclasses! From this Android App you can view classschedules,sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well asviewlocation and contact information. You can also click through toourFacebook page! Optimize your time and maximize the convenienceofsigning up for classes from your Android! Download this Apptoday!Also be sure to check out our websiteat:
Hair Fellas 4.2.5
Download the Hair Fellas App today to plan and scheduleyourappointments! From this mobile App you can view schedules,bookappointments, view ongoing promotions, as well as view ourlocationand contact information. You can also click through toourFacebook! Optimize your time and maximize the convenienceofbooking your appointments from your device! Download thisApptoday! Also be sure to check out our websiteat:
Annoying Sound Simulator 1.2
Sprinkle Cool
Annoying sound and bass is an app to produce a sound. Dependingonwhich frequency the sound has, it becomes an annoying beep(highfrequency) or extremely strong bass (low frequency)! You canannoyyour friends with the high beep or celebrate the bass togetherinthe car or at home! With this app you always have a device foreachsituation. Play sounds! Whether you want to party with yourfriendsor relax, with annoying sound and bass you will have lots offunand laugh with your friends!Danger:Do not use annoying soundsorbass near children, animals, or with headphones! This can harmtheears!
Network Tool 1.0.7
Good Idea.
Network scanner help you find out which devices are connectedtoyour WiFi. What is the use for scan IP allocation and port ? ●Arethere suspicious vulnerabilities or security issues withinthenetwork. ● Assist in understanding the use of your network.●Generate report for result. ● Auto save the result of scan.●Backup/Restore result to your own web storage. ● Tools for WakeonLAN ( WoL ), PING, Traceroute. ● Your personal handy WiFinetworktool.
Yo Dance Studio 4.2.2
Download the Yo Dance Studio App today to plan and scheduleyourclasses! From this mobile App you can view class schedules,sign-upfor classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view thestudio’slocation and contact information. You can also clickthrough to oursocial pages! Optimize your time and maximize theconvenience ofsigning up for classes from your device! Downloadthis App today!
Week Planner Diary, Organizer, Calendar, Daybook 4.8
Week Plan Inc
7-DAY FREE TRIAL PERIOD (if desired, $0,99 after the freetrialperiod). If you are reading this text, then you are lookingfor agood organizer. Congratulations! You have found it! WeekPlannerwill save your time and money! Our planner is the easiestway toplan and schedule events and work with them. If you likeusingdiaries with week view, this calendar is for you! You do notneedto carry paper diary any longer! A paper organizer with a weekviewis in your smartphone now! The Week Planner is aninteractiveonline manager that captures your schedule and ideassystematicallyand effortlessly. It unites your notepads,checklists, paperorganizers and project management tools in oneefficient and veryaccessible application. You will not findcumbersome mechanisms ofmaking entries, and you certainly do notneed a training to use ourapplication. If you are used to havingplanners with a week view,this application is certainly for you! -“Finally!!! Finally I havefound a diary, which I have been lookingfor: SIMPLE!” - "So great!I know all my plans instead of having tolook at the calendar." -"So easy to use. I really appreciate thelook of the planner." -"This was the only planner app I could findthat was both simpleand useful." Organize your life! Nothing isbetter than keepingyour diary, events' calendar and task listalways at your hand. Youcan also accurately plan your time and addthe latest updates onthe go – it is that easy. Week view is themost convenient view forplanning! Express yourself! Why notcustomize the design, font, andtext color of your agenda the wayyou want it? Moreover, theprogram supports many foreign languagesand switches to daily,two-day view and monthly calendar. You haveno option but to startusing it right away! Secure your data! Trythe next features tomaximize your notes' safety: - Synchronize theWeek Planner withyour Google Cloud or other devices; - Protect yourprivacy withTouch ID or Face ID; - Lock your thoughts with apasscode; - Enjoythe automatic back-up system. Maximize yourproductivity! Using theWeek Planner, you can also review your pastnotes for months andyears, as well as set up recurring events on adaily, weekly,monthly and annual basis. Doesn't it sound fantastic?Feel free to:- Choose first day of week – Monday or Sunday; -Change week viewto two-day or one-day view; - Choose and change anynumber of timesthe design; - Choose font and its color; - Chooselanguage whichdoes not depend on the main language of your device;- Easily makeentries for months and years back and forth; - Easilymake anyevents repeated/recurrent: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly,on exactdates, set the length of such events, cancel them; - Deletethecompleted task or unnecessary entry; - Set and obtainnotificationsabout important events; - Save versions for subsequentprinting; -Carry out search of events and entries; - Saveentriesautomatically or in a “forced” manner; - Change the Fontcolor toany you like; - Copy, Paste, Move etc. Entries; - BackUpand Syncyour entries and keep them confidential using the password!Youwill see all your plans at a glance – just open the app andyouwill see all schedules, appointments, reminders etc in yourhand.No need to keep paper notes, no need to fill out any sort offorms.Don’t hesitate to contact us shall you have any questionsorsuggestions at [email protected] or use an online forminthe app. Learn more: Website: www.weekplan.proFacebook: Tags:Calendar,Planner, Organiser, Diary, Notes, Schedule, Daily, Plan,Week, Planfor the week, Text editor, Study, School diary, Lessons,Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,Dailyevents, Weekly, Monthly, Annual, Text color, Text size,Moleskin,Calendar, Planner, Organizer, Schedule, Productivity Apps.
Phone Info 1.0.2
PhoneInfo is a free application that reports information aboutyourdevice- SoC (System On Chip) name, architecture, clock speedforeach core- System information : device brand & model,screenresolution, RAM, storage- Battery information : level,status,temperature, capacity- Sensors.
Root ToolCase 1.15.3
ROOT REQUIRED (this app won't root your device) App Manager: ★clearapp data or app cache ★ enable/disable (freeze) apps ★uninstallapps ★ remove bloatware Flash Wizard: ★ install flashablezip files★ create flash queue for several zip files ★ flash boot(kernel)images ★ flash recovery images Init.d Emulator: ★ runscripts atstartup ★ no native init.d support required Build.propEditor: ★edit your ROM's build properties Advanced Reboot: ★Standard orquick reboot ★ Boot into recovery or bootloader(fastboot) ★ Bootinto safe mode ★ Restart system UI Miscellaneoustools: ★ ADB overWiFi ★ enable/disable spell check ★ mount systemr/w ★ change systemlanguage Widgets: ★ Task Cleaner ★ AdvancedReboot DISCLAMER: Thefeatures of this app are very powerful, becareful to use themproperly. THE DEVELOPER OF THIS APP IS NOTRESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGESTO YOUR DEVICE!
My Hardware My Software - My Device - My Android 1.1
My Hardware My Software is an completely FREE app that lets youknowthe exact information of your device.Each & everyaccuratedetails of the hardware & software are displayed.Usethis appif :-You want to compare actual configuration to theconfigurationprovided by the seller.-You want to know &understand actualhardware & system level configurationsinstalled in yourdevice.-You want to monitor CPU, RAM, Data Speed,Clean RAM, DataUsage, etc.-You need a handy Flashlight & Toolslike Compass,Magnetometer, etcTechnical Details:1. CPU: Informationabout CPUModel, Cores, Live Clock Speed, Load Average, InstructionSet,Governor, Java Heap, Bootloader, GPU, etc.2. SYSTEM:Informationabout Brand Model, Screen Resolution & Density, OS,AndroidVersion, RAM & Storage.3. NETWORK: Live monitoring ofDataSpeed, IP address; Upload & Download Speed, etc.4.BATTERY:Battery Temperature, Voltage, Power Source, etc5. SENSORS:Number& Type of sensors varies device to device, it detects allthesensors list with their live changing values.6. CAMERA:Detailedinformation of front & back camera.7. FLASHLIGHT:Consistsflashlight & screen light of different colors.8.COMPASS: To beused for Navigation & Traveling.9. MAGNETOMETER:To detectvarious magnetic objects & field around.If you likethis FREEApp, say thanks by rating us 5 stars, if you encounter anyproblemor have any question, please let us know in the reviewsectionbelow, we will surely reply you & will try to solvetheproblem. Your feedback & support is precious to us.
The Hot Yoga Spot 4.2.5
Download the The Hot Yoga Spot App today to plan and scheduleyourclasses! From this Mobile App you can view class schedules,sign-upfor classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view thestudio’slocation and contact information. You can also clickthrough to ourFacebook and Twitter pages! Optimize your time andmaximize theconvenience of signing up for classes from your Mobile!Downloadthis App today!
Solar Battery Charger Prank 1.0.4
Solar Charger Prank App Charge your mobile any where any time,SolarCharger is designed to charge you mobile with sun light soyou canprank your friends, just install our solar charger app andput yourphone under sunlight or any other lighting source afterthat youwill see that your phone will start charging. Tell yourfriendsabout this battery charging application and prank them. KeyFeaturesof Solar Charger app : - Charge your battery through light. -Percentage of your battery - Eye catching User interface. -BestSolar charging app in the market - Eye catching Userinterface.Note: Charging the battery with ordinary screen is notpossible, youneed extra solar sensitive screen for that , pleasedo not exposeyour phone to sunlight as it may damage it. Thisapplication is madefor fun and entertainment purposes only so thatyou can prank yourfriends and family.
Find My Device 2.3.008
Google LLC
Find My Device helps you locate a lost Android device and keepsyourdata safe and sound while you’re looking for it. FeaturesLocateyour phone, tablet or watch on a map. If current location isnotavailable, last known location is displayed instead. Play asound.Find My Device can play a sound at full volume, even if yourdeviceis on silent. Lock or erase the device, or show a custommessage andcontact number on lock screen. Find My Device lets yousecure yourdevice by signing out of your Google Account or addinga lock screenmessage. Permissions Notice • Location: Needed toshow your device’scurrent location on the map. • Contacts: Neededto access the emailaddress associated with your Google account.
Clock on Homescreen Live Wallpaper
Want to make your phone more special than ever? Just downloadourlive wallpaper app! This live wallpaper app (homescreenbackground) is a free app that has a large collection of HDlivewallpapers. * Main Features of this Live Wallpaper (HomeScreenBackgrounds) ★ ⭐Great live wallpaper effect ⭐Full collectionof HDwallpapers are of high quality ⭐Lots of Free Live Wallpaperstocustomize your phone; ⭐Various categories: Nature, Flowers,Puppies& Animals, Festivals and more for you to choose; ⭐Fastandsmooth while using for setting wallpapers; ⭐New themesaddedweekly; If you are a nature lover, we have waterfall,rain,aquarium and ocean theme backgrounds; If you are a scienceandtechnology fanatic, you'll love our science and tech HDwallpapersand backgrounds; If you like animals, you can find cutecats anddogs or cool lion and wolf wallpaper themes here. Everyonecan findtheir favorite wallpapers and backgrounds with LiveWallpapers(Home Screen Backgrounds). Note: If your wallpaper resetstodefault after reboot, you will need put the app on phone insteadofSD card. ★ Contact us ★ Feel free to contact us if you haveanyquestions or suggestions: [email protected]
Daily Readings 4.2.5
Teodoro Lopez
Have in your device the daily readings Missal of the CatholicChurchand a Prayer Book. Read the readings of new and oldTestament,psalms and gospel of daily liturgy. Mass readingsavailable inEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Prayer Bookavailable inEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Latin.
Lux Meter (Light Meter) 1.4
Lux Meter is a simple light meter for measuring illuminances(lux,fc) by using the light sensor of your android device.KeyFeatures:★calibrate your device with the multiplier★ shows theminimum,maximum and average value★ shows the sensor data★ 100% free
Block WiFi Freeloader - Detect Who Use My WiFi? 1.1.1
wifi manager
Block WiFi Freeloader is a simple and free network tool to helpyouscan WiFi , show all devices connected to your WiFi, see who isonmy WiFi, and block the strange device in router admin page orinone click. Block WiFi Freeloader helps you find out WiFiintruders,and make your home network clean and fast. Do you want toknow ifsomeone is connected to your wireless network withoutyourpermission?Do you want to know if someone are stealing yourWiFiwhen your connection is slow, and who is on my WiFidownloadsomething? Are you sure nobody is spying yourNetworkcommunications? Worried that neighbors may have accessto yourpersonal data? Don't worry, Block WiFi Freeloader istheall-in-one professional tool for better WiFi speedexperience.Using Block WiFi Freeloader can easily scan my wifi andsee howmany people or device connected to your network/router suchastplink/tp-link, dlink or huawei router etc. In seconds you canknowhow many and which device is connected to your router with IP,MACID and vendor listing.Block WiFi Freeloader always findallconnected devices!! Check who is using your WiFi!! Millionsofactive installations demonstrate their reliability!!Scan andviewwho is connected to your WiFi It’s designed to monitor yourWiFiconnected devices and protect your WiFi security. Asasuper-fast network scanner, it can scan all devices connectedtoyour WiFi HotSpots in seconds, and monitor your WiFi connectioninreal-time.It also allows to save a list of known deviceswithcustom name.This makes it easier for us and you will not needto gochecking the data whenever we make a scan.Block WiFi thief inoneclickQuickly identify other devices who are using your WiFinetworkand causing your network speed slow, and further cut outWiFifreeloaders after detecting them.This app can be used as akickerto prevent WiFi squatter from stealing WiFi orrubbingWiFi.One-click to block freeloader devices (requirecompatible WiFirouter hardware).Clear UI and easy to useAll this ina clean andsimple design that allows you to see that your personaldata aresafe in a few seconds.A must-have for a wide range of usersfrombeginners to IT specialist and skillednetworkadministrators.Advantages of Block WiFi Freeloader★ SimpleUIdesign and Easy Interface. ★ Scan your WiFi network inseconds.★ Display Wired & Wireless Devices connected to yournetwork.★Clear design to show detail info of each connecteddevice.★ Displaydetails of connected devices (IP/MAC Address/DeviceName/etc),simply to mark the connecting devices as "Known" or"Stranger".★Compatible with most common WiFi routers includingTP-Link,Netgear, D-Link or Linksys routers.★ Reminder for you tochange theWiFi password immediately when strangers are found★Shortcut toturn on/turn off device WiFi function.★ Low demand onsystemresources.★ Free App will less Ads.Languages of BlockWiFiFreeloader- English - Russian -Hindi -Indonesian - French - Filipino -Portuguese -Spanish ArabicCome on and have a try!Wecontinue working toimprove Block WiFi Freeloader and we greatlyappreciate that youshare your opinions whether positive ornegative.Please, if youhave any problem/suggestion, do not hesitateto send it to us, inyour comment or with email:[email protected], and wewill try to fix it.
New Theme Launcher 1.308.1.34
✱ If you are looking for a sensational new way to make yourAndroiddevice look amazing, New Theme Launcher will be perfect foryou!The high quality of the new Launcher and amazing metallicdesignwill make you fall in love with this fantastic metallicthemedLauncher! Give it a try and you won’t regret! ✱ the look ofyoursmartphone will change instantly with this gold metalLaunchertheme! Download New Theme Launcher now! Start enjoying thiselegantmetal Launcher and tell your friends about it also! ✱What doyouget when you download New Theme Launcher ✱ If you want todownloadthis Launcher for Android, you can: • Change the phonetheme thisthis amazing design and fantastic colors as you can seein the HDscreenshots; • Customize app icons and change them all onyourphone to match you preferred style; • Have great visualeffectsthat you can choose from and apply to this HD Launcher; •Changethe font and color to match the look of this free themelauncher.★How to install this amazing Launcher theme free★ •Download NewTheme Launcher; • Open the Launcher theme app and swipeto beginthe activation; • You will get a notification is you haveacompatible app to use the app Launcher theme, like NewLauncher2018. If you don’t have the it, you will be redirected toinstallit also. • After you install the compatible app, you can setup theamazing Launcher theme! ◆ Notice ◆ Since New Theme Launcheris anamazing Launcher for Android, we have worked oncreatingcompatibility apps for them to work perfectly. This is agreattheme for Launcher that it works with GO Launcher-Theme,Wallpaper,Redraw Launcher or New Launcher 2018. If you do not haveacompatible app installed on your device, don't worry! You willgetinstructions on how to download it! Now you can set up one ofthenew Launcher theme! ★ More awesome Launchers for Android! ★ ✱Ifyou want to install other amazing Launchers, you can visitourdeveloper page! We have hundreds of amazing Launcher themesforAndroid! Another place where you can see all launcher themes isinNew Launcher 2018. ✱ Don’t forget, if you like this appLauncherfor Android, please rate and review us! ✱ We've created NewThemeLauncher to give you a unique personalization option foryourphone! With new customization features, New Theme Launcherwillbecome your favorite Android phone or tablet new amazingLauncher.End User Licence Agreement Read to find out the conditionsfordownloading, installing, using and accessing features of thisapp - Privacy Policy We do not storepersonalinformation. See what data we analyze and how it is used-
Bluink Xperia Theme 1.0.0
A clean and beautiful theme for your beautiful xperiadevice.installthis theme today and make your xperiabeautiful.Theme Elements:1.Navigation and status bar areChanged.2. System colors are alsochanged .3. UI controls aredesigned into a clean and beautifullook.Please Rate it And Commentyour suggestion or improvementsThank You
Fast charging - Charge Battery Fast 2.1.1
New Achievement: Fast Charger has reached 3 million downloadsFastcharging app help to charge battery fast, fast charger andfastcharging for android device. ⚡ Do you know when the batteryischarging, applications running underground, turning on the3Gnetwork connection, wifi, bluetooth, ... on your phone is themainreason why the battery charge time is much longer. Theonlysolution to this problem and charge battery fast is to turnoffapplications running underground and unnecessary connectionsonyour phone to save energy, which will help to charge thebatteryfaster than normal. Fast charging gives you an excellentsolutionto optimize your device for fast charger automatically andchargerboost your charging speed. KEY FEATURES: 🚀 OPTIMIZE WITH 1CLICK ✓Automatic RAM cleanup - Turn off running applicationsunderground ✓Automatically reduce screen brightness to lowest ✓AutomaticallyTurn off Wifi ✓ Automatically turn off Bluetooth ✓Automaticallyturn off the screen rotation ✓ Display charging statusat the lockscreen. ✓ Quick charge and fast charging 2019 forandroid 🚀AUTOMATIC SMART CHARGING MODE ✓ Automatic run when plugcharging ✓You only need to plug the battery into the phone thenfast chargingwill optimize and automatically accelerate the quickcharge batterywithout any additional operations. You go to SETTINGto customizeapplication launch mode. ✓ Super fast charger, speed upchargingand charger boost your device ✓ Supports many differenttypes ofdevices: Fast charge for samsung and samsung fast charging2019...The application is still in the development stage, we alwayslistento feedback from you, we hope you will appreciate andcomment, wewill definitely upgrade and develop more features asbeloved. Yourbridge. Sincerely thank!
Analog Clock Live Wallpaper 2018: 3D Clock Widget 2.0
Vintage Analog LED Clock Gear: Presenting extraordinarilywondrousvintage timer app as clock screensavers & digitalclockwallpaper for mobile. Compass clock: gorgeous to look at,listen totick tock clock sound & be inspired by this analogueclock livewallpaper app! You can find north & south directionswith thisapp's compass clock feature. Watch your vintage timepiece,compass,calendar, date & time in a beautiful way. Hear the nicetiktok, ticktock, ticktick & tiktak in this retro best clock3dwallpaper widget as timer wallpaper.Clock Screen Saver as acoolphone wallpapers with beautiful phone backgrounds.Vintageanalogclock gear: set as live wallpaper. Luxury clock livewallpaper withcompass is not just a clock its a timepiece withvarious featureslike; analog clock 3d, digital clock, date,calendar widget &alarm clock compass. Not just stunning to lookat but you can hearthe gears, wheels, sprockets & more allmaking their uniquemechanical sounds of time gone by. What a unique& fun way totell the time. Live clock wallpaper will lookawesome as livewallpaper on your device. Install live clockwallpaper now &you can look live 3d gear clock & decorateyour mobile screenwith the 3d clock live wallpaper for mobile,moving clock alarm!тактильные ощущенияLive Clock wallpaper is greatfor smartphoneusers that want new best free wallpaper for phone.Give yourAndroid device a new look with this amazing free livewallpaper.Look at the HD screenshots to see how this amazing designwill lookon your phone! Vintage art wallpaper with vintage alarmclockwallpaper & marvel watch with analog clock widget.LockScreenClock Alarm AppLive Clock Wallpaper: analog clock asapplication,live 3d wallpaper, stopwatch analog gear tick tock& widget.Use long touch to call menu for application. ScreenClock supports12/24 time format & dispaly month & day ofthe weekaccording to current language.Android LiveWallpapersDigital ClockLive Wallpaper: This android wallpaper appdisplays current time,date & day of the week. Vintage AnalogClock Gear takes youback to the golden age of clockworks, whenwatchmaking was an art& even a simple timepiece was a smalltreasure to be passeddown from father to son, mother to daughter.Are you looking forfree wallpapers & backgrounds for home &lock screens? Thenyou must download this free wallpaper hd 2017. Inthis newwallpaper hd, you can hear the gears tick tock, wheels tictok,sprocket tick tick & more all making their unique analogueoldclock mechanical sounds of time gone by in this oldstylewatch.Features of Analog Clock Gear LivewallpaperTimer Clock:fullymechanical 12 hour & 24 hour analog clock as livewallpapersfor mobilesFull year calendar & date in thelivewallpaperTimepiece with compass clock, you can find thedirectionsin live wallpaperyou can hear the gears tick tock, wheelstic tok,sprocket tick tick & more all making their uniqueanalogue oldclockVisually stunning & tactile live wallpaper ofthis goldenageWith nice golden dial clock live wallpaper 2017Uniquemechanicalsounds in the live wallpaperOld Style Tick Tock ClockGear as livewallpaperWondrous Clock live wallpaper new 2017 forsamsung galaxys8 widgetHear the nice tik tok, ticktock, ticktick& tiktak inthis retro digital clock winter wallpaperI love theold fashionedfeel of this Vintage Analog Clock Gear as a samsungclock livewallpaper for any mobile i e samsung galaxy S6 wallpaper,samsunggalaxy S7 wallpaper, samsung galaxy S8 wallpaper, samsunggalaxy S9wallpaper, samsung galaxy note wallpaper, samsung j7wallpaper,samsung C5 wallpaper, samsung C9 wallpapers, sonywallpaper, Qmobile, Oppo, htc, android wallpaper, tablet livewalpaper 3d ofall types as clock time with 100% precision.Look livecloke withprecise time to spend your business hours counter. RomanClockdisplay look live klocki wallpaper as an o'clock timing clockappas luxury watch live wallpaper.
Super Fast Charger 3.9.1
Super Fast Charger helps charger the battery faster than normal,letuse it Super Fast Charger is a FREE quick charger saving appthatnot only helps in increasing battery timings but alsooptimizesdevice`s performance, battery charger not only faster,but alsoextend the life of your battery. Super Fast Charger is ausefultool, which can boost your battery charging, applicationswill killall apps running in the background and consumes batteryservicessuch as wifi, 3G, mobile internet, blue tooth ... so willcausefaster charging. Super Fast Charger will automaticallyactivate whenyou connect your Charging and it will boost yourcharging speed.Customize a mode that fits your energy usage;Charging, FastCharging Plus How to use Supper Fast Charging: Whenyou connect yourcharger, Fast charger will detect it and limit thepower consumptionof your phone/tablet. Then your battery doesn’twithdraw much powerduring the charging time and therefore it cancharge very quickly. -Click start button to start charging - Clickstop button to endcharging Functions: * Super Fast Charger is notonly faster but alsoextend the life of the battery. * Show batterybasic informationsuch as: battery temperature, battery voltage,battery health,battery technology... * Beautifully designed andeasy to use. * Showinformation about Ram, CPU your phone. *Optimize battery * The appis free forever! Support devices:Samsung galaxy, Sony, Lenovo,Oppo, Asus, LG, Huawei, Nexus,Tablet, Xaomi, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus,LG G4, G5, V10, Nexus 5x, 6P,Xperia Z4, Z5 Compact,Note 5, Galaxys8 plus, Galaxy S7..... If youhave any question about Super FastCharging, please send to me viaemail:[email protected]://
Background Clock Wallpaper 1.6
Give your phone a new look with our Background Clock Wallpaper!Weare happy to present our newest creation among coolwallpaperswhich we created to suit your needs and provide you witha homescreen design which your phone actually deserves! If youlikemoving backgrounds with a clock widget, you will like our freeappbest. Add to it the fact that you can change the parts likehandsand markers just the way you like, well, you will not onlylike,but love this live clock wallpaper! It's high time to changeandcustomize your phone or tablet, so take advantage of thisliveclock wallpaper download and get the best live clock forthebackground! What else do you need to make your device uniqueandtrendy, and fully functional at the same time? DownloadBackgroundClock Wallpaper and define the clock background just theway youlike! ◕ Check out all the wallpapers and backgrounds foryourscreen! ◕ Choose among beautiful live clock skins! ◕ Sync itwithyour digital watch! ◕ Or design your own “live clock”! ◕ Chooseallthe watch elements separately! ◕ Choose a background, hand,tickingand widget styles! ◕ See the preview of each elementcombination! ◕When you're done, sync the app with your device! ◕Both round andsquare watches supported! ◕ Simple to use, easy toconfigure! ◕ Getthe best clock widget right away! Are you lookingfor a live clockwallpaper download for mobile and tablet, the oneyou would forfree? Well, search no more, luckily, you've comeacross an analogclock live wallpaper which will leave youspeechless! The world of“moving wallpapers” has become richer fornew live backgroundthemes which are easily distinguishable by theirunique design andhigh quality performance. We designed BackgroundClock Wallpaperwith lots of love and care to meet all your needswhen “movingbackgrounds” are in question. You will love the stylishhands ofthe background clock and “really cool wallpapers” weprepared foryou. It's a matter of seconds that before you becomecompletelycrazy about clock widgets for home screen from this app.Downloadit now and see for yourself! ◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕ If you fancybeingtrendy and always have the best apps before anyone else, don'tmissthe opportunity to get “Background Clock Wallpaper” as well!Oneyou can take for sure – you can design the watch live wallpaperbycombining the elements separately and have a new one every day.Sowhat are you waiting for to make your own watch? Withthecollection of “clock themes” we provided for you, you will getthepossibility to change the backgrounds according to your own moodasmany times as you want! That is the good side of having“coolwallpapers that move” - you can never get bored with or bythem!Define the home screen background and let everyone seeit!◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕ Don't hesitate even for a second! We havestrongreasons to believe that this “clock live wallpaper” isworthdownloading! If your friends boast with having a fancylivewallpaper clock with date and time, show them your newbackgroundimage clock live wallpaper and make them green with envy!Ofcourse, you can show them how to download our “live wallpaperfree”and then enjoy using it all together. Now that sounds cool,doesn'tit? What a better free app could you found than “livewatchwallpaper”? Well, you might try, but the choice will alwaysget youback to Background Clock Wallpaper! So don't waste your timeanddownload now!
Fast charger and battery booster 1.18
✅ Download “Fast Charger and Battery Saver ”, the bestbatterybooster available on Google Play. Charge your smartphonereal quickusing this fast battery saver app. Are you tired of slowchargingspeed of your smartphone ? Are you looking for an app thatallowsfast charge of your battery? Super charger is just theperfectbattery booster app for fast phone charging. Super chargeris anultimate tool, which can boost your battery charging speed.Thisapp will automatically activate when you connect your chargerandit will boost your charging speed. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Super ChargerFeatures♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦✔ Automatically activates fast chargingmode✔Automatically turn off Wifi, GPS and all power drainingapps✔Automatic restoration of the state of the phone after fastcharge✔Configure services stopped or not during the quickcharge✔Notification bar of quick access to stop fast charge✔Elegant UserInterface which is easy to use super charger✔ Increasechargingspeed of your smartphone✔ Display battery Informationincludingtemperature, health, capacity and technology✔ Enable FastChargingby a single tap✔ Fast Charging animations ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ HowFastCharger Works ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦When you connect your charger, ourquickcharge will detect it automatically and limit the powerconsumptionof your phone. Then your battery doesn’t withdraw muchpower duringthe charging time and therefore it can charge veryquickly.🔋Notification bar of quick access to stop fastcharger:Manage easilyand quickly the battery booster via thenotification bar of yoursmartphone.🔋 Configure services stopped ornot during the quickcharge:Battery Booster disables all smartphoneservices duringquick charge. However, during the fast charge, youcan manageaccording to your needs such as reactivate your wifi🔋Automaticrestoration of the state of the phone after chargingspeed:No needto restore everything manually (wifi, gps, brightness...), Supercharge does it automatically when the fast charge isstopped.“FastCharger and Battery Saver”, kills all the powerdraining backgroundtasks and helps your device charge faster. Toboost your chargingspeed it automatically turns off Wifi, mobiledata and GPS. It’svery useful and a must-have app on your Androiddevice.We wouldlove to hear back from you. Please leave us a reviewand rating tolet us know what you think about our battery boosterapp. We’ll useyour feedback to make changes and improve it for yournextexperience. ✅ Download “Fast Charger and Battery Saver ”, thebestbattery booster available on Google Play. Charge yoursmartphonereal quick using this super charger app.
Fast Charger Battery Master - Battery Saver Master 1.3.9
Fast charger battery is the best applications produced tohelpmobile users boost charging speed (automatic fast charger )withone click. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Have you ever faced with the issue ofslowcharging and time wasting on charging? ♻️ The fact shows that:Whenyou are charging battery of your devices, plenty ofbackgroundapplications and services are still running; sometimesWi-Fi,3G/4G/5G, Bluetooth, NFC and many other connections arestillavailable. This is the main causes resulted that yourphone/tabletstill consume a large amount of energy which leads totheconsequence you have to spend much longer for battery charging.Tohave quick charge, there is only one method: Kill background,turnoff all background services and applications, turn offallunnecessary connections to optimize your device. All thesethingswill help your phone charge battery faster. However, all thewaysabove is too complicated and hard to do quickly. 🍀🍀🍀 Don’tworry,with Fast charger battery (fast charging 2018), all thosestuffswill be done automatically. Only one click to charging boostspeed! Only one click to optimize devices and have fast charge!What anamazing application! ️ KEY FUNCTION ON FAST CHARGING ️🏆 🚀 1clickoptimize ⚡ Turn off Wi-Fi (Automatic) ⚡ Turn off DataSync(Automatic) ⚡ Turn off Bluetooth (Automatic) ⚡ Clean RAM –Killbackground applications and running services (Automatic) ⚡Superlite lock screen with charging status (Automatic) ⚡Automaticallyreduce screen brightness to lowest ⚡Boost chargingspeed on Androiddevices (Automatic) ⚡ Turn off Screen auto rotation(Automatic) 🚀Smart charge option ⚡ When plug charging, devices willshow modeselections for charging: - Normal Charge - Fast Charge ⚡All youneed to do is choose “Fast Charge” and Fast charger batterywill dothe rest. All optimizing process to have fast healthybatterycharge will be done automatically Then you can enjoy thequickcharge battery process. Also you can change the setting ofsmartcharging mode by click to “setting” icon ⚡ Fast chargingsupport99.99% Android devices If you are looking for an app tospeed upcharging, Fast charging battery is the best selection foryou tohave quick charger The application is being developed. Alltheappreciations and Feedback from users is great supports for ustocreate perfect application for people all over the world.Hopefullywe can see rating and feedback from you! Many thanks!------------------------------------------------------ VNSTUDIO--------------------------------------------------------
Fast Charging 1.4
Power Lover
Fast Charging for Android is ultimate tool powered by YourBatteryCharger team, which can boost your battery charging speed byabout20 - 40%. This app will automatically activate when youconnectyour charger and will boost your charging speed. How SuperFastCharging work: When you plug the charging device, theapplicationwill automatically be activated, click "Start" to beginthecharging process faster. Applications will kill all apps runninginthe background and consumes battery services such as wifi,3G,bluetooth, auto-sync, brightness level, screen timeout ... sowillcause faster charging. When you click on "Stop" or "Exit" alltheprocesses and signals will be connected again. Super FastBatteryCharger not only improve the speed of charging but alsoenhanceyour battery life. Super Fast Charging Features - NiceandUser-friendly UI. - Shows the battery info such asbatterytemperature, battery voltage, battery health. -Automaticallyactivates fast charging mode. - Automatically turn offwifi -Automatically turn off bluetooth - Automatically changebrightnesslevel, screen timeout. - Fast charging is FREE foreverThanks foruse Super Fast Charger
Smart Tools Laser Level 📷🔦🔧📏📊 1.2.10
Smart Tools Laser Level is augmented reality app forcomputinginclination, slopes, angle, compass and elevation androtationvalues using sensors and drawings on camera. Features •3differentmeasurement modes(Laser level, angle by dragging with yourfingeror drawing angle with your finger) •Touch screen to set pointofmeasurement or touch reset button to reset it to origin.•Displayazimuth, direction, inclination or rotationangles.(Magnetic FieldSensor is required) •Fast and accuratecalibration option. •Freezescreen to have more precise and robustreadings. •Leveling optiondisplays pitch and roll angles as line,square or circle whichmakes it easier to align your device andresults more accuratemeasurements. •Option to toggle between backand front(ifavailable) camera. •Flashlight for situations morelight needed•Option to visualize your progress using charts. •Imagegallerywith details, Exif info(Some Exif data requires Android 7.0andabove), and other features such as image sharing andediting•Highly customizable app settings and user interfaceInstructionsMeasurement Screen Rotate your device on laser levelmeasurementmode or align with object you want get readings from. Toget moreprecise reading make sure that leveling line is alignedwith laserlevel. You can freeze preview and measure any slope orangleeasily. Swipe your screen right to open Navigation MenuRecordsScreen You can review your recorded measurements and get xlsfileusing diskette button. Excel files are stored inselecteddirectory. Charts Screen Records can be reviewed via chartsusingCharts section. It's possible to get image of the charts inJPGformat using camera icon. Gallery Screen Gallery screendisplaysimages inside the image directory selected using Settingsscreen.Touch an image to display details. Important: To displaysome ofthe Exif data your device must be Android 7.0 and above.Touchingimage on gallery opens zoomable version of image anIMPORTANT: Ifyou find a bug using the application, PLEASE [email protected] with your phone model name andthedescription of the problem, before writing a negative comment. 🤝✅👍Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we will do our besttofix the issues as soon as possible!
Phone Cooler CPU Heat Cooling 1.1.5
Phone cooler master- CPU heat cooling or minimizer is atemperaturemonitoring and controlling app that reduce your CPUusage and cooldown phone. This device cooler overcomes the commonheating problemof android phones, lower down CPU temperature andcooling deviceyour overheating phone. CPU cooler master helps todetecttemperature and control the extra usage of Apps that producesheatand makes your phone slow. Close the heavy resources to reduceCPUusage and lower down temperature. Enhance overall performanceofyour device, cooling android cool down phone and keep yourdeviceperformance optimum with cooler master app cool downphone.Devicecooler for android phone works for you in a perfectmanner, Cleanyour cache memory, free up RAM, Boost your memoryprovide Real-timetemperature monitoring and protection with graphicview, optimizeits speed, overheat prevention and cooling androidphone. MasterCooler feature of this smart android cooler is lowerdowntemperature Smartphone’s ultimate cooling Solution Phone Cooler-CPU Heat Cooling functions exactly as the names goes. It cleansupbattery hogging applications, frees up RAM during tedioustasks,manages tasks according to memory consumption to minimize ,coolingCPU , cool down battery temperature and retain systemcooling,enabling devices to perform at an optimal rate for alongertime.The smart cooling and heat minimization algorithm ishighlyeffective in increasing battery life for devices in heavyusage,and better performance in multimedia and game usage. PhoneCooleralso help to cool down your device ram. Now multi task witheaseand comfort, without having to worry about device heat andcoolingfunctions. Keep your device performance optimum with DeviceHeatMinimize Phone Cooler. Features - Smart CPU, GPU and RAMcontrolsaccording to device cooling needs- Graphical representationof realtime temperature monitoring- Optimize performance with theease ofone tap- Get categorized analysis of heat producing apps andmultitask processes to remove unnecessary ones- Help section tellsyouthe reason or overheating , firing , cooling feature- Bestlookwith good animations- Monitor memory hogging apps and restrictRamusage when delivering heavy duty functions from device
Booster Kit 1.17
Apalon Apps
Booster Kit is an all-in-one app that takes care of thewholesystem: ★ Deletes unnecessary files and frees up more memory★Keeps your charge level under control identifying and stoppingtheapps that consume too much energy ★ Increases speed and FPSingames launched from Game Booster folder ★ Gives the listofinstalled applications and helps manage the list of the appsthatlaunch automatically ★ Prevents system from lagging andhelpsachieve optimal performance of your device ★ Works as ahandywidget switcher providing you with a quick access to themostfrequently used functions (Wi-Fi, Brightness, Volume,Flymode).What for? It’s all about speed and productivity! Once youstartactively using your device, install and uninstall differenttypesof apps, your system gets occupied with millions of residualandobsolete files, including the old images you receive inmessages.In addition, you get bloatware that still consumes batteryandmemory even after the device switches to hibernate.Endingredundant processes does not help. Your device is stilloverheatingand the system starts getting slow. This is the righttime for aphone speed booster packed in an appealing interface.Booster Kitis acting like a speed engine for your device - cleansthe memoryand saves the system. Now you can enjoy your favoritegames workingfast and flawless and achieve optimal performance ofyour device,keeping it free from junk and residual files. Takeadvantage of thehandy widget switcher and get the information aboutyour device’sperformance right to the main screen! Long press theempty space onhome screen, go to "Widgets" and find “Booster Kit”tab. Here youcan pick up what matters for you: Charge status screenwith theestimated battery lifetime; Memory or Storage widget withinfo onused and available capacity; List of all running apps andprocesseswhich can be stopped in a tap to get some extra free MB.And don’tforget to create a “BOOST!” button on your Home screen tospeed upyour phone in a single tap! You can choose between SimpleorAdvanced mode and adjust the settings of Booster for yourutmostcomfort and convenience. Get full control of your device andforgetabout slowdowns or lack of memory space with smart andreliableBooster for Android! Device Data Usage Our app will haveaccess toyour system data, that includes a list of installed apps,theinstallation folder contents as well as storage data and astatusof currently running apps. By doing so our app will be abletofully operate and to have an effect on such options asAutostart(managing the apps that launch automatically and maycauseadditional system slowdown), Notifications (sorting andmanagingall the notifications) and Apps Manager (shows the listofinstalled apps and the memory they occupy). We use andshareprecise device location data to provide you withbetterfunctionality and relevant ads as described in our PrivacyPolicy.This data will also help to estimate battery usage of yourdevice.If you don’t want to allow access to your device’spreciselocation, please modify this in the “Location” settings onyourdevice. Privacy Policy:
Clock Wallpaper App 1.309.1.106
Launcher 2018
Simple and robust,this app will make your device looksuperb.DOWNLOAD NOW Clock Wallpaper App and enjoy! This amazingLiveWallpaper can completely change the way you use and interactwithyour phone! Our latest Live Wallpaper, Clock Wallpaper App,letsyou customize your background with awesomepersonalizationfeatures! ★ With our new Live Wallpaper, you get: •A library offree Live Wallpapers! You can download free LiveWallpapers fromthe app's menu! Once you download a design, you canreapply it atany time! • Customize your background with differentfun elementsand colors! • Choose the interactive effects! Pick theway in whichyour colour changing Live Wallpaper reacts when youtouch thescreen! • HD graphics and a fantastic design! ★ We'vecreated oneof the best free Live Wallpapers just for you! Try ClockWallpaperApp today! ! ★ How to install this super Live Wallpaper ★•Download Clock Wallpaper App and wait for the app to install;•Open the app and begin personalizing your awesome Live Wallpaper;•Select "Set Active Theme" and the installation is complete! •Enjoyone of our most amazing Live Wallpaper apps, Clock WallpaperApp! ★Get more free Live Wallpapers lik Clock Wallpaper App!★ Visitourdeveloper page for more amazing Live Wallpapers HD topersonalizeyour Android phone or tablet! Do you like this epic LiveWallpaper?Then please rate and review it! End User LicenceAgreement Read tofind out the conditions for downloading,installing, using andaccessing features of this app - PrivacyPolicy We do not store personalinformation. See what data weanalyze and how it is used -
Multi Touch Test 1.0.4
Simple to use mutli touch detection app that can track up to10simultaneous touches. Includes a simple paint test and ascreencolour test.
Cox Homelife
From jet-setters to go-getters and everyone in between, CoxHomelifeoffers home security and automation to fit any lifestyle.Customerscan use the Cox Homelife app to securely view &control theirsystem anytime, anywhere on their smart phone ortablet. Note: Theapplication’s features may vary depending on thedevices installedas part of your Homelife system. The followingsupported devicesrequire Android operating system version 5.0 orhigher: • GoogleNexus 4, 5, 6P, 7, 9, 10, Prime • Google Pixel7.x, Pixel XL, Pixel2 • HTC One M9+ • LG G4, G5, V10 • SamsungGalaxy Note 4, Note 5,Note 8 • Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge,S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8Plus Note: Devices with Google Chrome versionv66 require the 9.1.1Mobile App is required. Mobile App versionsprior to version 9.1.1are incompatible with v 66 of Google Chrome.To use this app, youmust be a current Cox Homelife customer.Please call 1-877-404-2568to learn more about Cox Homelife.Supported markets: AR, AZ, CA, CT,FL, GA, IA, ID, KS, LA, NE, NV,OH, OK, RI, and VA.
Network Manager - Network Tools & Utilities 8.5.0-FREE
The best choice for network management with powerfulandprofessional network tools focused in performance, accuracyandsimplicity Available network tools and utilities : ⚫ Realtimetelephony monitoring graph ⚫ Real time network information ⚫Realtime network usage graph ⚫ Real time WiFi monitoring graph⚫Universal Scanner ⚫ Status Tracer ⚫ Speed Test ⚫ Ping ⚫ MultiPing⚫ Traceroute ⚫ Progressive Traceroute ⚫ Ports Scanner ⚫ WhoisQuery⚫ LAN Scanner ⚫ Telnet Client ⚫ SSH - Secure Shell ⚫ FTPClient ⚫WiFi Scanner & Analyzer ⚫ UPnP / DLNA Scanner ⚫ NSD -NetworkService Discovery ⚫ Nmap Scanner (Network Mapper V. 7.31) ⚫PacketCapture (tcpdump V. 4.9.2) - Root needed ⚫ Netcat (V.1.1.0)&Netcat (V.6) ⚫ iPerf 2 (V.2.0.5) & iPerf 3 (V.3.5) ⚫NetworkStress Tester ⚫ SSL/TLS Scanner & Analyzer ⚫ Web Crawler⚫ ARP& ND Cache ⚫ NetStat Info ⚫ IP Calculator ⚫ IP Lookup ⚫DNSLookup ⚫ Finger Client ⚫ Wake on LAN ⚫ Add Devices and groupincategories ⚫ Add Categories ⚫ Add Devices Information ⚫Protectdevices section with password More tools are available onlyon Proversion : ⚫ Nping ⚫ Native (UDP) Traceroute (MPLS Detection)⚫Bonjour(Zeroconf) Scanner ⚫ WiFi Password Recovery (Root needed)⚫DNS Changer - Hosts/DNSMasq resolver ⚫ Connect with friends -Anawesome feature available only to this app that will help youtoshare real-time data with your friends or co-workers To readmorefollow this link : ⚫Morefeatures Upgrade: network tools contains normal & advanced mode to use.Theysupport different protocols like : ICMP, TCP, UDP, SCTP, HTTP,HTTPSect ... Also you can find detailed documentation In-App foreverynetwork tool Get in touch , will be adding soon many othergreatoptions, utilities, features and network tools in following !If youwant to translate into your own language, please contact usHelp uswith reporting crashes or bugs in our email address Thankyou !
Files To Other Devices 1.15
✔️ Copy files to another device ✔️ From / to Internal memory orSDCard ✔️ Via Wifi, one click solution, without wires, fast, saveandeasy ✔️ Select just specific files by file extension Regular useofapp Files To Other Devices gives you one click solution toshareyour files with your family, friends or colleagues. You canquicklycopy your photos, videos, documents or downloads from yourinternalmemory or SD Card to another device via Wifi. Just pairdevice youwant to copy to, select files you want to copy, click bigbuttonand that’s all, fast and easy save, without wires, withoutstress.You can choose if you want to copy FROM internal memory orSD Cardor TO internal memory or SD Card of paired device. Appdisplayslarge previews of files with more details which appearafter a longtouch of the selected file. You can also selectspecific files tomove / copy by file extension and move or backupyour files faster.By first install and by every restart you mustenable access to SDcard.
app lock new version 2018 latest pattern pin 7.4.9
app lock new version 2018 latest pattern pin is an AppLocker orAppProtector that will lock and protect apps using a password orhiderpattern and fingerprint.Lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery appswithhider password and prevent the apps from being exposedbysnooper!Lock by pattern, password, keypad applock-fingerprint&pin many types for lock apps. very interestingYou havecustomizeyour lock, eg: change lock passcode for whatsapp type,changebackgroundLock app with senha aplicativos patternLock appwithpassword- Social apps: AppLock can lock Facebook, hiderWhatsApp,Messenger, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat andso on. Noapplock-fingerprint & pin one can peep at your privatechat anymore. - System apps: AppLock can lock Contacts, SMS,passcode forwhatsapp Gallery, Videos, Email and so on. No one canmess up senhano zap your settings for system apps.- Android payapps: AppLockcan lock hider Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Paypal and soon. No onecan use your wallet to applock-fingerprint & pinpurchase anyitem. With App Lock ,you can :- Lock anyapps(message,applock-fingerprint & pin Game, Photos, Videos...)- Lock appsusing Fake senha aplicativos Forced Close pop-up-Lock apps usingsenha no zap multiple password- Lock incoming calls-Lock systemsettings to prevent a hider mess by kids- Lock GooglePlay toprevent buy passcode for whatsapp games, movies, books-Lockmessage, Lock call applock-fingerprint & pin ...- LockphonesettingWith AppLock, you will:- Never worry about parentscheckhider your Snapchat,!- Never worry aboutfriendsapplock-fingerprint & pin borrow your phone to playgames withmobile data again!- Never worry about a workmate getsyour passcodefor whatsapp phone to look the gallery again!- Neverworry senha nozap about someone reads hider private data in yourapps again!-Never worry about kids mess up Settings, passcode forwhatsapp sendwrong messages, paying games again!Feature- PatternLock: simpleand fresh interface, passcode for whatsapp unlockfaster!- PIN lock(keypad lock):Much applock-fingerprint & pinsafer for you tolock apps- App Lock can lock your photos , gallerypasscode forwhatsapp and messages from prying eyes and nosy friends. To besenha no zap your privacy guard !- Application lock, bestapp lock& privacy guard applock-fingerprint & pin , is themostsmart Application lock !- Full protection for passcode forwhatsappyour phone.- Support multiple language- Lock your app senhano zapaccurately and smartly- Good at performanceapplock-fingerprint& pin and power-saving- Kinds of beautifullock types-passcodefor whatsapp Customize: change type, changebutton, changewallpaper- Lock app very effective- Lock app veryhigh security-Easy to use applock-fingerprint & pin and fast.-Lowercapacity, less passcode for whatsapp memory.- Power savingmode tosave battery.
Device Cooler Heat Minimizer 3.2.4
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Smartphone's nowadays are capable of handling the most demandingoftasks with relative ease. But that performance is bound toleaveyou stranded for the long run. Carrying out high CPU, GPU andRAMconsumption tasks for a continuous period of timebecomesimpossible for most devices, as the extreme heat fromprocessesdrains away precious battery life and the devicemalfunctionsoccasionally and slowly.One of the Simplest cpu fastcool masterand professional android phone app that overcomes thecommonheating problem of smartphones.The professionaltemperaturemonitoring and controlling app like fast Device Cooleror HeatController is detects and closes heavy resource consumingapps toreduce CPU usage and cool down your device. Now multitaskingwithease and comfortable, without having to worry about device heatandcooling functions. Keep your device performance optimum withCoolMaster Smartphone’s ultimate cooling Solution Smart DeviceHeatMinimizer or in other word smart fast Cooler Masterfunctionscleans up battery hogging applications, frees up RAMduring tedioustasks, and manages tasks according to memoryconsumption tominimize and retain system cooling, enabling devicesto perform atan optimal rate for a longer time. Some apps tend touse the CPUfor very long time in the back ground which causes yourandroidphone to produce excessive warm and will increase thetemperatureof your phone. Phone Cooler is a cooling device for yourandroid.Now you cool down phone temperature , cool down device ,coolerbattery and cool cpu by the help of device cooler app not acoolergame. This system cooling app is used to moderate device heatandminimize device temperature. ram cooler to release and coolrammemory. App reduce heating and detect slowly running apps.Itssmartcooling and heat minimization algorithm is highly effectiveinincreasing battery life in heavy usage, and better performanceinmultimedia and game usage to reduce warming deviceseffectiveness.Heat master app accelerate storage device andincrease efficiency.Now multitask with ease and comfort, withouthaving to worry aboutdevice heat and cooling functions. Keep yourdevice performanceoptimum with cpu fast cooler super Heat Minimizer. Features -Smart CPU, GPU and RAM controls according to devicecooling needs-Optimize performance with the ease of one tap- Realtime moniteringin temperature graph- Get categorized analysis ofheat producingapps and multi task processes to remove unnecessaryones- Monitormemory hogging apps and restrict Ram usage whendelivering heavyduty functions from device- Now add a new and veryattractivewallpapers of iceberg or ice bergs Tips: Why does myphoneoverheat? Constantly high CPU usage is mostly the main reasonofwhy your phone overheats. Some apps tend to use the CPU for averylong time in the background running apps, which causes yourphone ,especially android phones to produce excessive heat.How doseDeviceCooler super Heat Minimizer work? cpu cooler super HeatMinimizeris designed to monitor the CPU usage of your phone, anddetect appswith high CPU usage so you can close them. phone coolerreduce cpuwarming release data from your RAM memory so you get yourphonecool down. super Cooler is a cooling device for your phone.Whydoesmy phone get so hot? It’s normal for your phone to get hot whenyouare using complicated apps, watching video clips, or whileyourecharge it. In such cases, just put your phone somewhere coolandventilated, and the temperature should drop soon.
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If you buy new device you must istalled firstly this applicationinyour friend phone to testing for have information about yourdreamandroid device. My Android application will help you knowthefollowing: 1- Applications: you will see the list ofapplicationsinstalled on the device and can search, sort, uninstalland runapps. 2- Memory: memory information of the device and the SDcard.Free memory available and used memory. 3- Camera Information:Infoabout front and rear cameras. 4- Internet connection: Wegiveinformation about Internet connection in your device: 2G, 3G,4G orWiFi. 5- Screen size: screen resolution in pixels of yourphone. 6-Density of the screen: low, medium, high, very high orextra extrahigh. 7- Memory RAM. 8- Version of Android: Androidoperatingsystem name (KitKat, Jelly Bean ...) and version number.9-Manufacturer and model of the device. 10-Qr-Code Reader11-Sensorlist:Shows all the sensors of your phone. 12-Compass:Carryyourcompass in your pocket. 13-Compare mobile phones: Just pick anytwomobile phones and compare them. 14-Flashlight:Flashlight is nowthebest flashlight application on the Android Market.15-Batterystatus:It shows the battery power and the battery chargelevel ofyour device. 16-Android Gif:Choose your best friend, makeit yourhome page. 17-Operator:Which operator are you using.