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7-Day Weight Loss Plan 1.4
7-Day Weight Loss Plan This application show the informationabout7-Day Weight Loss Plan. If you want to know how to cooking forloseweight or diet. YOU'VE FOUND IT!! This app should be helpfulforthose who count calories, want a meal regiment that is under1400calories. Or even those who want to try famous 7 day diet. Inanycase, if you need to lose weight fast, 7-Day Weight Loss Planappmight be for your best choice. Install this App Now, andstartgetting healthy and losing weight!
Millennium Dance Complex LA 4.2.2
Download the Millennium Dance Complex LA App today to planandschedule your classes! From this Android App you can viewclassschedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, aswell asview location and contact information. You can also clickthroughto our Facebook page! Optimize your time and maximizetheconvenience of signing up for classes from your Android!Downloadthis App today!Also be sure to check out our websiteat:
Romance and Dance 4.2.5
Download the Romance and Dance App today to plan and scheduleyourclasses! From this Android App you can view classschedules,sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well asviewlocation and contact information. You can also click through toourFacebook page! Optimize your time and maximize the convenienceofsigning up for classes from your Android! Download this Apptoday!Also be sure to check out our websiteat:
Master Marilag 4.2.5
Download the Master Marilag App today to plan and scheduleyourclasses! From this mobile App you can view class schedules,sign-upfor classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view thestudio’slocation and contact information. You can also clickthrough to oursocial pages! Optimize your time and maximize theconvenience ofsigning up for classes from your device! Downloadthis App today!
com.supermilitarydiet.weightlossplan 2.0.4
The Best Military Diet is one of the most popular & quickweightloss diet plans, which claims to help you lose 10 pounds in3 dayswithout exercise. The 3 day Best military diet is free andyou don’thave to subscribe to any expensive programs or purchaseexpensivefood or dietary supplements. All the foods mentioned inthe threeday military diet are commonly found in every household.BestMilitary Diet - 3 Days Super Weight Loss Plan app offers you:- Howto get started and getting into this Best Military Diet - 3DaysSuper Weight Loss Plan. - Military Diet Menu: Day 1 - MilitaryDietMenu: Day 2 - Military Diet Menu: Day 3 - Shopping list forgettingthe ingredient ready for starting this military weight lossplan. -Meal alternative prior from the main diet plan. Motivationis whatgets you started! Determination on following this plan willgive youthe promising result. just try this amazing Best MilitaryDiet - 3Days Super Weight Loss Plan, for better health andlifestyle.
Preview - Plan your Instagram 2.46.0
EVERYTHING you need in ONE app. FREE UNLIMITED posts,rearrangeposts, edit, schedule, hashtag manager, analytics, repost&more. • DRAG & DROP • UNLIMITED grid space • ANALYTICS&INSIGHTS • AMAZING FILTERS • REPOST photos, videos &albums •PLAN & DESIGN • SCHEDULE • CAPTION • HASHTAG FINDER&ANALYTICS • HASHTAGS groups, recent & most used • EDITINGTOOLSwhitening tool, blemish remover, stickers, memes maker &more •TEAM feature & permissions • MULTI DEVICE • BACKUP • NOLOGINrequired (unless you want to) • NO INTERNET required Instagramlikea PRO. Preview is your visual planner for Instagram. Predictwhatyour feed will look like before you post anything on Instagram.Ithas all the features you need in one app. No more switchingbetweenmultiple apps. DRAG & DROP Use the drag & drop toarrangeyour Instagram photos & videos. Design your own uniquetheme.Color coordinate. Predict how your feed will look like. Orsimplyplan your content in advance. ANALYTICS & INSIGHTS Trackyourperformance, see best times to post & best hashtags.Optimizeyour account to get the most out of it. AMAZING FILTERSDesign yourown unique and amazing feed that reflects yourpersonality orbrand. Preview comes with 12 beautiful filter packsand 73 uniquefilters. Choose a theme pack: tropical, grunge, white,colorful,pastel & more. REPOST Share other Instagrammers’photos andvideos. Save them in Preview for later. Curate your feed.PERFECTYOUR CAPTIONS Write your captions in advance and perfectthem. Usethe hashtag suggestion tool. Save your hashtag groupswithin theapp and add them to new posts at a press of a button.HASHTAGFINDER Search for the best Instagram hashtags to grow youraccount.Search by category, country, city & Instagramcommunity.SCHEDULE Set a day and time for your post. See what youhavescheduled for the day, week and month. When it’s time topost,Preview will send you a notification. All you have to do issendyour post to Instagram and paste your caption. AMAZINGEDITINGTOOLS All the basics are in Preview: contrast,saturation,exposure, etc... And your favorites too: free whiteningtool,blemish remover, stickers, meme maker & much more.UNLIMITEDGRID SPACE (for free) Add as many photos and videos youwant inyour Preview gallery. Your creativity doesn’t have a limit!MANAGEUNLIMITED ACCOUNTS Manage as many Instagram accounts as youwantand easily switch between them. A plan is required perInstagramaccount. PLAN YOUR FEED WITH YOUR TEAM Give access to yourPreviewfeed to your team by sharing (or not sharing) yourInstagrampassword. NO LOGIN OR INTERNET REQUIRED You don’t need tologin orhave internet to use Preview. LOAD YOUR RECENT INSTAGRAMPOSTS Wantto make your Preview feed flow with your current theme?No problem.Simply login to Instagram. Have fun creating! ThePreview
PlanGrid Construction Management Software 2.59.1
Download the #1 construction management & punchlist app forthefield. Instantly share real-time construction plans, punchlists,blueprints, jobsite photos & construction reports withtheentire team, even offline It’s so easy that everyone on theteamcan use it including your general contractor, constructionprojectmanager, subcontractor, specialty contractor, foreman,andarchitect. ★ Download the #1 construction management app today-Your first 21 days are free! ★ Join over 1.5 millionconstructionprojects of all sizes that use our construction app tosave timeand reduce rework. Why you’ll love PlanGrid: ✓ Thefastestconstruction blueprint viewer on mobile tablets ✓ Alwaysup-to-dateconstruction blueprints, even offline ✓ Automatic digitalleaf-in& version control of plan revisions ✓ Automatichyperlinking ofall detail callouts ✓ Progress construction photospinned directlyonto construction blueprints Construction punchlistapp •Customizable construction punch lists to create & trackissues• Track & resolve punchlist items in record time •Instantnotification of construction project & punchlist reportchangesConstruction plans & blueprint app • Real-time accesstoconstruction punchlists, blueprints, documents & dailyreports• Instant sync of all markups and notes across all platforms•Easily spot blueprint differences • Automatic backup and archiveofall construction progress photos • Redline RFI responses onceandpublish to whole team Construction management & report app•Construction management tools like RFIs and submittals •Automaticrolling issues log that is searchable and downloadable •Quickfield takeoff and estimating tools • Advanced filters toquicklyfind the construction plans you need Enjoying the app?Please leavea review. We read them all. A BIG thanks if you’ve lefta 5 starreview! It keeps us motivated to keep making our app the#1construction management app. Have feedback or ideas? Pleaseemailus at or call us at 1-800-646-0796.
Be Hot Yoga 4.2.5
"Ready to get salty? Download our Free BE HOT YOGA and BEUNIVERSITYapp now! Local? Get started with our 7 days for $7 offerand stay upto date on class schedules, times, your favoriteteachers, purchasememberships, view app only specials. Registerfor yoga teachertrainings and events and stay connected to youryoga practice.Locations, hours, and contact info available 24/7."Also be sure tocheck out our website at:
4G Recharge Plan 2.2
Application helps to find best Jio recharge plan for 4G simcard.Also contains recharge plan for other operators in India.Features:1. 2G, 3G, 4G data plan for all operators. 2. SMSpackages. 3. STD,ISD packages for idea, Airtel, Vodafone &others. 4. Always getlatest & new recharge plans. 5. USSD codefor all operator tocheck balance & other info. If you have anyissues please feelfree to email me. Disclaimer: All informationregarding data &sms plans are taken from public domain. Someplans may be differentfrom actual plan. We always try to showlatest, updated rechargeplans.
Yogatown 4.2.5
Download the Yogatown App today to plan and schedule yourclasses!From this Mobile App you can view class schedules, sign-upforclasses, view ongoing promotions, as well as view thestudio’slocation and contact information. You can also clickthrough to ourFacebook and Twitter pages! Optimize your time andmaximize theconvenience of signing up for classes from your Mobile!Downloadthis App today!
Bar Method 4.2.5
Download the Bar Method Mobile App today to plan and scheduleyourBar Method classes! From this Mobile App you can viewclassschedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing Bar Methodpromotions,as well as view studio’s location and contactinformation. Optimizeyour time and maximize the convenience ofsigning up for classesfrom your device! Download this App today!Also be sure to checkout our website at:
The Hot Yoga Spot 4.2.5
Download the The Hot Yoga Spot App today to plan and scheduleyourclasses! From this Mobile App you can view class schedules,sign-upfor classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view thestudio’slocation and contact information. You can also clickthrough to ourFacebook and Twitter pages! Optimize your time andmaximize theconvenience of signing up for classes from your Mobile!Downloadthis App today!
Modo Yoga 4.2.5
Download the Modo Yoga App today to help plan your ModoYogaclasses! From this App you can view the class schedule, sign-upforclasses, view the ongoing promotions, as well as viewstudio’slocation and contact info. Optimize your time and maximizetheconvenience of signing up for classes from your phone!Downloadthis App today!
ProNamaChan Pose Lite 1.0.2
Flying Whale
-- Product introductionCharacter "Kei Kurei"(Japanese highschoolgirl) of "the programming live broadcasting" (Japanese"ProgramingNAMA-HOUSOU", for short "PRO-NAMA").You can move her ina favoritepose.Please enjoy "Pro-NAMA CHAN" only for you.Choosemovable bone,and move a pose with a axis slide button.You canoperate even onehand if used.Screen center part for horizontalrotate / movement /extended / reduction.** Because it becomes hardto use it when Imix a vertical turn, it is taken off. (it functionsif I hit ongood UI, and do I add it)When you turn it to theverticaldirection, you choose anchor Bone among Bone menu (It looklike theground) and turn it.-- Preset pose : Default pose + 11kinds--Preset hand pose : 5 poses of hand-- Expression : 5 kinds--Bonemenu : 21 joints + AnchorHead, Neck, Chest, Abs, HipShoulder,UpperArm, Forearm, HandThigh, Leg, Foot, Tiptoe* Hip is the centerofthe model. Anchr is ground. A whole body of "Pro-NAMA CHAN"turnswhen you move hip or anchor.-- ResetReturn a camera (rotary/movement / extended / reduction) to the initial position.Returntheleft leg, the right leg, the left arm, the right arm to thedefaultpose each.** The lite version cannot use the followingfunctions.--Save-- Edit mode (Expression, Hand pose)-- Changecostume--Photographand others...-- License, instructions*Thesecontentsdeveloped and shown under "Pro-NAMACHAN"guideline.*Iusethe voice of "Kei Kurei" with consent (licensed number:28).Iprohibit the extraction of the voice and the secondary usesuch asprocessing it, and showing it.When you download thisapplication, Iconsider that you consented to this.When you do notconsent, pleasedo not download this application.*These contentsdeveloped andshown under"UNITY-CHANLICENSE". no indication of the advertisement entirely.
com.globestamp 69.1
Globestamp is about your travel memories and your bestreferencesfor planning your trips. It covers the full cycle oftraveling asyou love it: plan your trips using the best sources andyourfriends suggestions. Create your book of travel memoriesbyselecting all the places you have been and share it with theonesyou love. Globestamp will give you stamps per every mile youtravelor every suggestion you provide. The more you travel orsuggest themore relevance you will have, your traveling level willgive youdiscounts in many restaurants and hotels all over theworld.Globestamp is about your travel memories and your bestreferencesfor planning your trips. It covers the full cycle oftraveling asyou love it: plan your trips using the best sources andyoursuggestions friends. Create your book of travel memoriesbySelecting all the places you Have Been and share it with theonesyou love. Globestamp will give you stamps per every mile youtravelor every suggestion you Provide. The more you travel orsuggest themore you will have relevance, your level will give youdiscountstraveling in many restaurants and hotels all over theworld.
Vibo - Plan Music with Your DJ 0.3.72
Vibo is the ultimate app for planning music for any event withyourDJ. After downloading the app click on the link you receivedfromyour DJ in order to enter your event. ***(If you don't have aDJyet you can create an event on your own and invite him/hertojoin!)*** Guests can easily request music they like too beforetheevent! What you can do with Vibo: 👉 Invite your friends to jointheevent - only people with a link can participate 👉 Add yourfavoritesongs and up vote songs added by others 👉 Add songs todifferentactivities 👉 Add new activities of your own 👉 Search forany songon YouTube within the app 👉 Use our recommended songsuggestions 👉Share songs from YouTube and Shazam into Vibo 👉 Onceyour song listis ready let your DJ know! Have fun! 🚀🎉😎 Anyquestions? Need help?We'd love to hear from you!
Stack Exchange 1.0.95
Stack Exchange is a network of 100+ question and answercommunitieson everything from software programming to cooking,photography,and gaming. With this app you can:• Track all yourinterests in oneplace with the new combined feed view• Get instantnotificationswhen you receive an answer or comment• Search forquestions, orbrowse by tag• Ask, answer, comment and vote onquestionsThis isthe official app for all Stack Exchange sites,including StackOverflow, Super User, Server Fault, Ask Ubuntu andArqade.New toStack Exchange? Here’s how it works:• Anybody can askor answer aquestion• The best answers are voted to the top• Youearnreputation points for every vote you receive• Unlock privilegesasyou earn reputation, like the ability to comment or vote•Thecommunity is run by you: moderators are elected, and top usershaveaccess to special tools to help moderate
Yo Dance Studio 4.2.2
Download the Yo Dance Studio App today to plan and scheduleyourclasses! From this mobile App you can view class schedules,sign-upfor classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view thestudio’slocation and contact information. You can also clickthrough to oursocial pages! Optimize your time and maximize theconvenience ofsigning up for classes from your device! Downloadthis App today!
Plan Meals - MealPlanner 1.4.35
One Absolute
MealPlanner will make planning meals easy and fun. Mealplanningshould be quick and simple. Meal plans are organised fromweek toweek. Meal Planner has it all covered. ✔ Plan meals easily ✔Createdifferent weeks so you can plan meals ahead of time ✔ Simplermealplanning user interface makes it easier than ever ✔ See whatyouare eating each week at a glance ✔ Create and share recipesMealplanning is an important part of every day family life.Mealplanner helps you stay organised with what to prepare and cookeachday.
Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free 2.21.1
Area 120
Common Sense Education included us in Best EdTech of 2018!Welcometo Grasshopper, the coding app for beginners. Grasshopper isthebest way to start your coding adventure with fun, quick gamesonyour phone that teach you to write real JavaScript. Movethroughprogressively challenging levels as you develop yourabilities,then graduate with fundamental programming skills foryour nextstep as a coder. * Visual puzzles develop yourproblem-solvingskills and solidify coding concepts * Useindustry-standardJavaScript with just a few taps on your phone *Real-time feedbackguides you like a teacher * Collect achievementsas you learn newskills Get started programming today! We can’t waitto meet you.
Star App Zone
Below are important features of application.Features* SinglePlanPresentation* Multiple Plan Presentation* Plan PremiumReckoner*Spacial Medical Report Requirement* CommissionCalculation*Insurance Plans Salient Features* Yield Calculation*AdvancePremium Calculation* Maturity Settlement* BackdatingCalculation*Late Fee Calculation* General BMI Calculation* SMSOptionDisclaimer:* Shown Result is for indicative purpose only.* AResult from thisapp is approximate(as per current rates).* ResultShown in app isapproximate. it may vary as per rules.* Thisapplication is onlyfor support, Insurance will be the finalauthorities.* Thisapplication is only mediator between InsuranceAgent and TheirPortal Service with their own user id &passwords.* Resultsfrom this app are presently based on specificdata feeding &are liable to revision / alterations according toGovt.policies*T&C Apply*Rajkot Jurisdiction caneasilycalculate All Mode Premiums with Riders, Estimated MaturityValue,Loyalty, Bonus, Add. Bonus, Spacial Medical ReportRequirement,Date Back Interest of Insurance Plans, CommissionCalculation &Send Result by SMS
Perfect Body Building Plan Pro 1.1.7
Young, old, male or female, This program is perfect forANYONE!Thisprogram is the most effective way to build muscle andlose fat. Iguarantee you that this will be the most effectiveprogram you willever get involved in. In fact, I feel it is theonly one you willever need to completely transform your body into awork of art, amasterpiece.This is not a lose-weight quick programor a miraclesolution. If you are looking for one, STOP reading thisnow andcontinue your dreaming. What you get out of this workoutroutine,much like life in general will, depend on what you put intoit. Youwill put in hard work and discipline, and for that you willgetresults. An increase in lean muscle, a loss in body fat, andanoverall better feeling about yourself are just a few of theendresults. Put in nothing and you get nothing-deservedly so!Forthenext twelve weeks, forget everything that you have'learned'regarding working out. You need to approach this programwith afresh, open mind, as unbiased as you can be. I am providingthetools for the foundation; you have to build the house one brickata time.Basics of weight training applied in thisbodybuildingapp:Before engaging in any form of weight training,warm-up on acardio machine for 5 minutes prior to hitting theweights. You donot want to start cold the workout plan. You willnot be as strongor as energetic. Warm-up for 5 minutes and thenbegin your weighttraining.Start your first exercise with a verylight, easy set often repetitions. Never warm-up to the point offailure orexhaustion. You will be expending much needed energy ifyou do,energy that will be needed for the last heavysets.The nextset (ortwo, for heavy, demanding exercises like squats and benchpress)should be what is called a weight acclimation set. Its solepurposeis to get your muscles ready for an increasingly heavierweightthat is to follow. If you went from a light warm-up to yourheavysets, you would risk injury and not be as strong. So progressintoyour heavy sets with a moderately heavier set for six toeightrepetitions or less.After the weight acclimation set comeseitherone or two heavy sets. If done correctly and with enoughintensity,you should never need to do more than two heavy sets. Ifyou can dothree or more heavy sets, the first two were either notheavyenough or not intense enough. During a workout, the firstexercisethat you do for a muscle group should contain two heavysets, butas you go on in the workout, if you have been usingextremeintensity and a heavy enough weight, the need to do 2 heavysetsdiminish and 1 heavy set will work the muscle towardsfailure.Forthis bodybuilding plan each heavy set will consist offour to sixrepetitions. This lower rep range is extremelyimportant. Foreither men or women, you must stay with low reps inorder to gainany lean muscle. A muscle will only grow and getstronger if it isforced to do so. This is our way of forcing it. Aswe lower theamount of times we have to lift a weight, we should inturn be ableto increase the amount of weight lifted. More reps at alighterweight will not do it. If you can lift ten repetitions onyourheavy sets, then they are not heavy; the weight is too lighttocreate overload and muscle fiber stimulation. You MUST pick aheavyenough weight to reach failure between this four to six reprange.This alone will cause more muscle growth than you probablyhaveever achieved before.Other features of this workoutinclude:12Weeks pre-set routineSmooth and straight-forward workoutlogAVirtual Personal Trainer that will Instructs you how toperformexercises safelyWorkout NotesRest TimerMotivationalMusicShare yourperformance with friendsCaloric Calculator3 MonthsBodybuildingDietGrocery ListPrecious Informations about NutritionandSupplementsIntuitive interface
Get the #1 construction app for the jobsite. Fieldwire connectsyourentire field team, from the project manager all the way downto eachspecialty contractor's foreman, on one constructionmanagementplatform. Making it effortless for anyone to view theirdrawings,schedule work and track their punch list while they arein thefield. Construction management is hard but Fieldwire is easytodeploy, learn & use every day across multiplesubcontractors.Our app combines the fastest blueprint viewer onthe market with apowerful task management engine, saving peopletime both on thejobsite and in the office. Get started now, andjoin over 450,000+construction projects who trust our constructionapp every day torun lean construction operations. It's so easy touse that anyonefrom the foreman to the project manager can be upand running inminutes, even on a large project. Our clientsinclude owners,architects, general contractors and specialtycontractors. -FEATURES - Drawing & blueprint app: • Fast HDplan viewer (worksoffline) • Automatic hyperlinking & OCR •Automatic versioningwith Box / Dropbox • Automatic sheet versioncontrol • Blueprintfolders • Markups & annotations (Clouds,text, arrow...) •Measurements & on screen take off • Progressphotos & RFIhyperlinking • Layered PDF blueprint export • Asbuilt drawingarchives Lean construction scheduling app: • Taskmanager withlocation, trade, priority and owner • Scheduling withdue dates orpriorities • Instant notifications • Related tasks onmobile • Trackcost & manpower • Productivity reports Buildinginspection &punch list app: • Construction inspection &checklist templates• Progress photos with annotations &markups • Two stepverification for punchlist items • Detailedbuilding inspection /punch list reports • Signature block • Customforms (RFI, changeorder, daily report, etc...) - OTHER THINGS THATREALLY MATTER - •Offline mode • Project selective sync • Blueprintselective sync •Push/Email notifications • Automated reports •Amazing customersupport • The slickest UI you can find on mobile -YOU ARE STILLREADING - Well it's quite simple actually. We believethat we havethe best construction app out there because we were inthe trenches(on the jobsite) with you. Construction managementneeds to betailored for the field. Last year alone, we shippedover 60 updatesto make your life better on site. So get ready forthe best customerservice you have ever seen.
Stepik: Free Courses
Learn anywhere you want with Stepik Mobile App. Stepik is aplatformwith free online courses devoted to Computer Science andeverythingtech-related. Learn data structures, Python programming,statisticsand many other useful skills. Access video lectures andassignmentson the go. Download lectures to study even when you’reoffline.Never forget a deadline by easily importing them in thecalendarConnect with your fellow students and get your questionsansweredinstantaneously by engaging in the comment section. Setreminders tomotivate yourself and study regularly to maintain andimprove yourpersonal record. Earn certificates and share them withyour friendsor improve your job prospects by sharing them onLinkedIn. Adjustthe speed of the video playback for optimallearning experience.
Vasthu Plan 2.5.0
Enrich and Enhance your life with this ground-breaking VasthuAppnow! For centuries, Indians have been constructing their housesandoffices following this ancient Science, creating a perfectharmonybetween the five essential elements of nature - Earth,Water, Fire,Air and Space, with Earth’s magnetic field. Thebenefits reapedfrom compliance to the rules of Vasthu are numerous.To name a few:•Vasthu Improvement of the health and vitality ofinhabitants•Vasthu Promotion of financial affluence •VasthuProvides a calmingand conducive environment for working, studyingand living •VasthuImproves relationship between co-inhabitants•Vasthu Increasesopportunities in career, business and other areas•Vasthu Providesrestful nights and energetic days •Vasthu Promotesgeneral fortuneand well-being Whether you are constructing a newhouse or movingto a house that is already built, this amazing Apphelps you toarrange the rooms in line with the Vasthu Shastra, tocreate theperfect, tranquil and harmonious abode for you and yourfamily.Remember Vasthu is important whether you intend to buy orrent Howto use Vasthu Plan App? There are two ways of using thisapp. Oneis by using the Fixed compass and two, by using therevolutionaryTracker Compass: Vasthu Fixed Compass: A nine-squaregrid wouldrepresent the floor plan of the house. Each of the outersquare isassigned a fixed compass direction of North(N),North-east(NE),East(E), South-East(SE), South(S), South-West(SW),West(W) andNorth-west(NW). You should select the rooms you wouldlike to havewithin that area of the house and the App will do theanalysis. Youwill then be informed if your choice of rooms, in eachof thesquares, is in compliance with the rules of Vasthu andtheacceptable positions of these rooms. Vasthu Tracker Compass:Anine-square grid would represent the floor plan of the house.Whatis marvellous about this Tracker compass is, based on YOURACTUALBEARING, the outer squares will be assigned a compassdirection.These directions will change according to your movement.This meansyou need not carry a compass around or assess thecardinal pointsof the house before hand. If you select the roomsyou wish to havein each square area representing the house inrelation to yourposition, this App will do all the work for you. Itwill theninform you if your choices are Vasthu compliant and theacceptable(inter)cardinal directions of these rooms. Use FixedCompass, ifyou have a floor plan of the property you intend to buy.You can dothis from the comfort of your home / office Use TrackerCompass, ifyou are physically at the property that you intend tobuy There isno other App that provides this functionality.Furthermore, thisVasthu App is user-friendly and visuallyappealing. Download thisApp and change your life, NOW! DISCLAIMER:By accessing or usingthe App, you agree and accept that theinformation and/or servicesoffered on this App are provided withthe understanding thatneither the developers of this App nor theirassociates, suppliers,or users are engaged, certified or qualifiedin rendering legal,medical, financial or other professional adviceor opinion andassume no responsibility for any consequencesrelating directly orindirectly to any action or inaction that youtake based on theinformation, services or other material on thisApp. While thedevelopers of the App strive to keep the informationon this Appaccurate, complete and up-to-date, they cannotguarantee, and willnot be responsible for any damage, loss ormisunderstanding relatedto the accuracy, completeness, timelinessor interpretation of theinformation. You are using the App entirelyat your own risk andcannot hold the App, the developers of the Appor their associatesliable in any manner whatsoever.
easytuts4you 1.0
Here you'll find C, C++,Java, Data Structures and almost allmajorProgramming Tutorials(video) absolutely for FREE. It coversyourcomplete computer programming syllabus(10th to MCA) andspeciallyprepared for learning point of you. We Guarantee you thatIt'sclass like environment with practical example will makeyourprogramming knowledge even more strong.
Replay 2STV 1.2
2STV Replay est une application de vidéos à la demande quivouspermet à la diaspora d'être informé des nouvelles et revoirlesémissions depuis les USA et le reste du monde YOUTUBE,YOUSSOUNDOUR, SENEGAL, VIDEO, DAKAR, 2018, TFM, RFM, SALY,CASAMANCE, WALYSECK, MBOUR 2STV Replay is an application of videoon demand, whichallows you to diaspora to be informed of new andreviewingemissions from the US and the rest of the world YOUTUBE,YoussouNdour, Senegal, VIDEO, DAKAR 2018, TFM, RFM, Saly,CASAMANCE, WALYSeck, MBOUR
RS Aggarwal Maths Class 9 Solution 3.0
Miraj B Jungi
Find RS AGGARWAL CLASS 9 MATHS SOLUTION ON YOUR HAND. No needtosuffer to get answers of your questions. We will help you outinsolving all the questions. Maths Guide for cbse class 9 .Peoplecall our app as : rs aggarwal maths book solution class 9cbse cbseboard maths book class 9th rs agarwal cbse class 9 mathssolutionmaths class 9 ncert solutions app free download mathsformula bookfree maths solutions for any question maths tricksmaths appmathematics formula mathematics formula rs aggarwal mathssolutionfor class 9 class 9 notes app for all subjects class 9thmaths cbseoffline guide rs class 9 rs aggarwal class 9 rs aggarwalmaths booksolution class 9
Week Planner Diary, Organizer, Calendar, Daybook 5.0
Week Plan Inc
7-DAY FREE TRIAL PERIOD (if desired, $0,99 after the freetrialperiod). If you are reading this text, then you are lookingfor agood organizer. Congratulations! You have found it! WeekPlannerwill save your time and money! Our planner is the easiestway toplan and schedule events and work with them. If you likeusingdiaries with week view, this calendar is for you! You do notneedto carry paper diary any longer! A paper organizer with a weekviewis in your smartphone now! The Week Planner is aninteractiveonline manager that captures your schedule and ideassystematicallyand effortlessly. It unites your notepads,checklists, paperorganizers and project management tools in oneefficient and veryaccessible application. You will not findcumbersome mechanisms ofmaking entries, and you certainly do notneed a training to use ourapplication. If you are used to havingplanners with a week view,this application is certainly for you! -“Finally!!! Finally I havefound a diary, which I have been lookingfor: SIMPLE!” - "So great!I know all my plans instead of having tolook at the calendar." -"So easy to use. I really appreciate thelook of the planner." -"This was the only planner app I could findthat was both simpleand useful." Organize your life! Nothing isbetter than keepingyour diary, events' calendar and task listalways at your hand. Youcan also accurately plan your time and addthe latest updates onthe go – it is that easy. Week view is themost convenient view forplanning! Express yourself! Why notcustomize the design, font, andtext color of your agenda the wayyou want it? Moreover, theprogram supports many foreign languagesand switches to daily,two-day view and monthly calendar. You haveno option but to startusing it right away! Secure your data! Trythe next features tomaximize your notes' safety: - Synchronize theWeek Planner withyour Google Cloud or other devices; - Protect yourprivacy withTouch ID or Face ID; - Lock your thoughts with apasscode; - Enjoythe automatic back-up system. Maximize yourproductivity! Using theWeek Planner, you can also review your pastnotes for months andyears, as well as set up recurring events on adaily, weekly,monthly and annual basis. Doesn't it sound fantastic?Feel free to:- Choose first day of week – Monday or Sunday; -Change week viewto two-day or one-day view; - Choose and change anynumber of timesthe design; - Choose font and its color; - Chooselanguage whichdoes not depend on the main language of your device;- Easily makeentries for months and years back and forth; - Easilymake anyevents repeated/recurrent: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly,on exactdates, set the length of such events, cancel them; - Deletethecompleted task or unnecessary entry; - Set and obtainnotificationsabout important events; - Save versions for subsequentprinting; -Carry out search of events and entries; - Saveentriesautomatically or in a “forced” manner; - Change the Fontcolor toany you like; - Copy, Paste, Move etc. Entries; - BackUpand Syncyour entries and keep them confidential using the password!Youwill see all your plans at a glance – just open the app andyouwill see all schedules, appointments, reminders etc in yourhand.No need to keep paper notes, no need to fill out any sort offorms.Don’t hesitate to contact us shall you have any questionsorsuggestions at or use an online forminthe app. Learn more: Website: www.weekplan.proFacebook: Tags:Calendar,Planner, Organiser, Diary, Notes, Schedule, Daily, Plan,Week, Planfor the week, Text editor, Study, School diary, Lessons,Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,Dailyevents, Weekly, Monthly, Annual, Text color, Text size,Moleskin,Calendar, Planner, Organizer, Schedule, Productivity Apps.
Learn Java: java tutorial 2.0
Learn Java: java tutorial A Complete Java Tutorial / Guide withalot of extras. 1) Java Tutorials / Guides / Codes , programming,over 11 Chapters. 2) Complete Programs / Samples 3) Ask aQuestionand the app will search the web for answers instantly. 4)12 Quizchapters 5) Save the answers with code and view themwhenever youlike. 6) Over 100 top Interview Q/A. 7) The CompleteJava APIDocumentation. Over 2000 class and 20000methods,info,descriptions.. 8) Youtube video lectures. 9) Share /Send thecode / text you're viewing with other apps or save/copy.10)Settings. Change the code style theme... 11) All contentofflineavailable (except the video lectures). 12) Light - Nobackgroundservice , No annoying notifications 13) A lot of Javanews relatedarticles,posts 14) No Ads this app build with the helpof Codeviewlibrary: * Java Intro * Object and Classes * Inheritance*Interfaces and InnerClasses * Exceptions * Generics *DataStructures * Collections * Multithreading * File Streams I/O*Socket's programming * JDBC
Run! The Floor is Lava 1.71
Chief Gamer
Race through the subway! In Run! The Floor is Lava you willberacing high speed through the subway games tunnels, can youavoidthe lava on time? We challenge you to set the highesthighscore.Keep your eyes on the tracks because the subway trainswill alsochange from lane what makes it even more dangerous!3..2..1.. TheFloor is Lava! Switch to the other lane on time or youwill loseyour high speed subway games cars. Subway race games areeasy andfun to play for all ages. Gain the highest scores and youwill beable to unlock lots of subway race games vehicles with theirownunique features. Dare to Play! Run! The Floor is Lava! -SubwayRace Games Features - Quick thinking is a must- Unlock lotsofsubway games vehicles- Set the highest highscore- Watch outbecauseone of the tracks will become lava- Don’t forget to rate andgivesome feedback~Have Fun! - ChiefGamer
Palette@Home is a new app developed by Palette CAD GmbH, thenumber1 in planning 3D interior design. It was created to let you,theuser design any kind of room. Redesign your bathroom in just afewminutes or let your imagination run wild when reorganizingyourliving room. Would you like to fulfill a long-term wish ofowning acosy stove? Palette@Home is the ideal app for you. Thevirtualdesign app Palette@Home leads the user intuitively throughall thestages of the planning process from start to finish. Thisbeginswith the definition of your rooms cubic measures andcontinues withthe placement of doors, windows and if desired evenfront wallinstallations and pitched roofs. The clearly organisedobjects arereadily available and can be dragged into the plan andpositionedeasily and quickly. The objects can also align themselvesto thewalls automatically. At any time you can switch into 3D modeandfreely move about and examine your room. You can now exploreyourroom in real time while accompanied by our company cat, -the“Palette-cat”. The immersive feel and quality of the graphicsareimpressive. You can also save your plan and import it into ourPCprogram Palette CAD and from there to our other apps PaletteMOVEand Palette PLAY.
Building Von Moger 2.2.5
Calum Von Moger hit the bodybuilding world by storm. Get asneakpeek into how this champ eats, builds, and gets strongthroughdocumentary-style videos, along with a muscle-buildingworkoutprogram. Along with this 8-week workout program,you’llstep-by-step exercise videos, diet and bulking advice fromCalum,and insider training tips. Purchasing this app also All Access. Through All Access, you’ll get20+other workout apps and 50+ workout plans.Lifestyledocumentaryseries8-week workout plan with trackingStep-by-stepexercisevideosDiet coaching and sample diet planSee full library ofAllAccessplans: is a content subscription service that includes over50premium fitness plans created by world-class personaltrainers,athletes, and experts. Every plan features informationalvideos,daily workouts, nutrition guidance, and expert supplementadvice,with new plans and courses added every month. While severalplanshave dedicated apps like this one, please toview the complete suite of subscriber's onlycontent.
Hacker Clicker 11.0
Would you ever want try to hack your neighbor's wi-fi, or moneyinthe games , then this application is just for you! Thisgamerepresents new operating system DaD Os, which enables you todowonders With the help of this app you can learn to program andseemore than 50 programming languages such as C++, Delphi,Python,Java, PHP and more. Earn bitcoins, Improve your reputationas anexcellent hacker who can hack the servers, websites, andevenirons. Buy for bitcoins various upgrades for you and you PCGoodluck in hacking!
Coding Planets 1.0
Min Thura Zaw
Do you want to improve your Coding logic skill?Coding PlanetsisEducational, Brain training and puzzle game. In this game, youhaveto give instructions for a robot to solve the puzzles. Everyagescan play the game.Nowadays, Programming is very essential.Andevery country developing the applications for learningprogrammingso we developed this for local.It is exactly bring toyou theamazing things.Special thanks to developer team- Chan MyaeAung-Thwin Htoo Aung- Thura Zaw
Toytopia 1.2.2
The target brick is locked HP is determined Mana is fullCountdown5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Now launch the balls! Enjoy traveling withDanae andher friends in the wonderful toy world! Features: -Freeand easy toplay -Spellbinding new game mode -Decorate your house togetrewards -Dozens of toys you can make friends with them Havefunplaying Toytopia! If you would like to interact with friends, orifyou have any suggestions or questions, please go to our fanpage↓