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Final kick 2019: Best Online football penalty game 8.1.4
Enjoy penalty shots as if you were playing in the 2019 SoccerCupfinal. Play for free with the best teams, making the mostgreatgoals. Perfect your football shots, shoot with special effectsandmake the most great saves to become the world champion. ◉THESOCCER GAME WITH THE BEST REAL GRAPHICS With slow-motionpenaltyreplays to watch the best football goals from all possibleangles.◉ REAL ANIMATIONS Super real animations using the latest2019technology in motion capture with real penalty players. ◉SIMPLEGAME CONTROLS Shoot the ball with your finger and dragthegoalkeeper in order to make great saves. Playing online gamescouldnot be any simpler, but mastering the game is only withinreach ofchampions of football. ◉ REAL TIME FREE SOCCER MULTIPLAYERPlayagainst friends Online or let the game find an Online opponenttosee how great you are in short games. ◉ 20 OFFLINETOURNAMENTSThese are for you to play against 100 of the best soccerteams of2019 without internet connection. ◉ CUSTOMISE YOUR 2019SOCCER TEAMCreate the best online soccer team by customising yourfootballplayers, and train their skills to make great penaltygoals. ◉WEEKLY FOOTBALL TOURNAMENTS There is a new free penaltytournamentevery weekend for you to measure your real footballskills againstthe best of the world, and win prizes if you areamong the greattop 100 of 2019. ◉ FREE ONLINE GAME You can enjoythe penalty gamecompletely free. There are great goals for you tomake.
Football Penalty Strike 1.1
Do you want to become a football star? Then Football PenaltyStrikegame is for you! Play an exciting and free game simulatoraboutfootball – Soccer penalty Strike - Football Penalty Simulator2018.Football Penalty strike lets you experience all theexcitement,thrill, and expectations of real penalty shoot-outs inthe ground!Lead your country to glory in the greatest championship.Thanks toa simple and exciting fantasy football, the football iseasy toplay. Score goals with one finger movement! Get into thespirit ofsports and become a real football player Football PenaltyStrike.Single player football championship competitivesoccerleague.Football Penalty Strike or kicker consists of twelvelevels.Start playing game through career mode button. All levelsaredifferent from one another and more challenging than thepreviousone. You get coins or score through the strike or hit theball intogoal pool or to defend as a goalkeeper in real-time forthecompetent winner. In the soccer league real football 3dthrillinggame you use your winning coins to get extra kicks or tounlock theswing kick feature. Swing kick feature dodges thegoalkeeper andsmashes the hit in the opposite side from showingside. There arefour different modes of real football sports gameand everyone isdifferent from every other.In Football PenaltyStrike you play asreal stickman football or real player of ultimatefootball. Playthe penalty strike game as the best football game inthe world. Ifyou play penalty shoot kick game then you able to playthe footballworld cup. Take soccer penalty strike as a realfootball gamepractice the football as a kicker or striker andgoalkeeper to stopthe smash kick from opponent side player. Soccerleague or penaltyshootout game is an addictive and more interestinggame. In everylevel, a task is given for completion through hittarget, savegoals, and gets points.Football Penalty Strike You mustwarn thereis no miss hit in the challenging mission.How to Play:oSwipe yourfinger across the screen to kick o Use right/left arrowbutton tostop the kickFeatures of Football Penalty Strike:o New andimprovedcontrolso Aim and shoot with the swipe of a fingero Amazing3Dgraphics and animationso Real Football Soccer playing feelingoGameof all ages and devices.o Beautiful and excitingenvironmentsoHigh-Quality SoundINTUITIVE CONTROLSJust swipe andwatch the ballfly right beside the defender. Flick to the side tocontrol thetrajectory of the ball. It's easy to control thegoalkeeper, too:just swipe in the direction where the ball is goingand lunge likea soccer champion.REALISTIC SOCCER PHYSICSReal-lifephysics arerendered by an advanced game engine made with the helpof realfootball players. The soccer experience was never so real.Simplytap this sports game and top the leaderboard with as manyflickgoals as you can. As your own manager, you'll go to get alltheprofits of your victories.PENALTY SHOOTOUT MECHANICSShootrightthrough the defense to score a goal. Predict in what directionwillthe goalkeeper go and perform a trick shot to get the big win.
Soccer Shootout 0.8.7
Can you make the shot? Can you make the save? Can you handlethepressure as a stadium of sports fans looks on? Newauthenticmultiplayer penalty kick game Soccer Shootout puts you inthe rolesof football kicker and keeper for an ultimate showdown.Enjoy live,3D gameplay with a simple flick of a finger. Build yourdream teamof kickers and train them in special skills. Go head tohead withopponents from around the world in free and unlimitedchallenges.Win rich rewards every week! Are you ready to be a hero?The worldis watching.REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYERYou can play against yourfriendsor let the game find you an opponent to see how good you areinmultiplayer game mode.VISUALLY STUNNINGFeast your eyes on vivid3Dgraphics and realistic player animation. SoccerShootout’sfantastic game physics engine shows your spectaculargoals andsaves in grand detail. Enjoy slow motion replay for thosetoo fastthe first time.INTUITIVE GAMEPLAYIt’s easy learning toscore withthe game’s simple finger flick game operation. However,livechampionship and cup matches against international opponentswillrequire perfect performance for the final face off. MANAGEYOURTEAMAs manager you’ll train them in diverse penalty startacticsand skills for a wide range of player specialties. Makesurethey’re ready for weekly league tournaments to win honorsandprizes, climbing to the top of the ranks. CUSTOMIZEEVERYTHINGGiveyour team unique style with abundant customizationoptions such asboots, balls, stadiums, and officially-authorizedjerseys frompremier clubs like Benfica FC, Valencia FC, andLiverpool FC!
Goalkeeper Premier Soccer Game 1.09
Goalkeeper Premier is one of the top goalkeeper football gamesever!It brings you the opportunity to try walking in football(soccer)goalkeeper's shoes for a while. The whole stadium'slooking at you,goalie - you are the last line of defense. Be readyto warm-up yourhands, stay cool and stop opponents' shots fromreaching your net!Pick your favorite football nation or club andlead them to thetitle of the FIFA World Cup champions orinternational cup forclubs! Let the ultimate soccer magicbegin!This game is long-awaitedsequel of FlashFooty's famous freesoccer game from desktopcomputers, played over 40 millions oftimes with great ratings onhundreds of gaming portals. It's a musthave if you like footballgames! -------------------------How toplay: tap the screen whereyou want to defend (watch out for themarker!), and your gloves willappear there. That's it, now, go -win them over,champion!-------------------------Gamefeatures:-------------------------★200 soccer nations to pick(yes, even Brazil and Germany areincluded!)★ 8 national cups withmore than 250 football clubsincluded!★ Various actions - headers,volleys, distant shots,overhead kicks★ Easy game play - even smallkids can play it!★Realistic physics (getting more real with everygame update!)★ Freefootball fun - no in-app purchases, this is acomplete version!★Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devicesGoalkeeperPremier is an elitefootball game, specially made for professionalathletes wannabes :)Download this app now!★★★ Made by - wewere making soccer games before youwere born! ★★★
PenaltyShooters Football Games 1.0.5
★★★ This game is made only for pure football games fans, frommakersof famous Penalty Fever. Simple, 100% free, addictivesoccershootout. ★★★It's time for some penalty shootout, most nervypartof any football game. The stadium is full, and you can feelthepressure of the crowd while you concentrate. Is it going to beagoal or not? Are you calm and skillful enough to kick your teamallthe way to the finals? Check out this great, spiced withhumor,football game. How to play? Easy! To shoot, touch and holdthe thescreen on your device to aim. Release to make a kick. Tosave -press and hold (your goalie will start moving towards thepointer)and release when you're ready to dive.Tip 1: Don't shootalways inthe same direction - opponent's goalkeeper is smart enoughto readit! Just like in real penalty shootouts- stay cool and kicklike areal soccer pro!Product features:- Free football fun- 256fantasysoccer teams divided into 8 competitions- Humorous teamnames andnewspaper headlines- Easy game play - small kids can doit!If youlove best free football games, you will love this app.It's one ofthose sports games that will keep you playing over andover.Download it, now! :)*** ON SOME DEVICES, AFTER INSTALLATION,WHENTHE APP IS STARTED FOR THE FIRST TIME, BLACK SCREEN CAN REMAINFOR10 SECONDS OR A BIT MORE. PLEASE, BE PATIENT. ***★★★ Madeby - we were making soccer games beforeyouwere born! ★★★
Winner Soccer Evolution 1.7.9
Winner’s Soccer Evolution is a real 3D competitive football game.Itincludes the teams and the latest football players’ data of2014World Cup. There are various modes for you to select, such asCup,League Match and Friendly Match. It has up to 126 teams and2600players. Smooth actions and playback function let you feel likeyouactually in the game. 1.Game Modes This game has variousmodes,including Cup (World Cup, Club Cup), League Match (PremierLeague,Lega Serie A, La Liga and CSL), Friendly Match andPenaltyShootout. It also has a training mode for you to trainskills ofyour team, dividing into Primary, Medium and Advanced.FriendlyMatch Mode: You can select 2 teams from 62 club teams tocompete orshoot penalty. Cup Mode: You can select your favoriteteam from 64national teams to participate the World Cup. LeagueMode, You canselect one team from Britain, Italy, Spain or China tocompete forchampionship. Training Mode: You can select a team toperfect itsoperation skills. 2. Various Operation Skills This gameprovidestwo kinds of operation modes. You can choose the mostsuitable one.(You can change mode in Options under Menu or tapbutton || toactivate Menu in game.) You can read Control Method inHelp ofOptions under Menu. The operation adopts an internationalpopularway, setting 5 pass ball keys: Short Pass /Press andLongPass/Slide Tackle, Shoot, Through Pass/GK Rush Out, LongthroughPass and Special Dribble /Focus Change. Short Pass: It isshortpass in offense. Let controller press opponent dribbler indefense.Long Pass: Press Power Accumulate and pass the ball to amate ofappropriate distance after release. Let controller slidetacklewhen defend. Shoot: Make different shooting actions accordingtoPower Accumulate and the distance between player and ball.SpecialDribble: Including many special dribble actions: Marsilleroulette,Step over, Step over and Pull back. Automatic combinationskills:Through Pass: Pass ball to catcher according to PowerAccumulate.Long through Pass: Pass ball to catcher with Long Passaccording toPower Accumulate. Sprint: Rapid dribble, fasten speedof dribblebut worsen control of ball. Drive ball out: Stop ball faraway frombody and facilitate dribble starting acceleration. Dribblewith fardistance: Double click in front when fast dribble candribblefarther and facilitate fast run. Fake Shoot and Fake Longpass:Pressing Short Pass when (or after) Shoot or Power Accumulatewillcancel shoot or long pass. They are used to dribble pastopponentDefenders or GK. One-Two pass: Two players cooperate todribblepast opponent Defenders. Lob shoot: Press Special Dribble toshoot.Control tracks of ball: Press direction keys to control theflyingarc of ball.
Perfect Kick
Google Play’s Carnaval - Festive updatesyoucan’t resistGoogle Play’s Best of 2015 game Perfect Kick is the world’sfirstreal-time multiplayer penalty kick football game! Controlallshootout matches with the flick of a single finger. As kickerandkeeper, swipe to make spectacular goals and saves! Play for freeinunlimited champion challenges against opponents from aroundtheworld live. Earn rich rewards every week.PK now celebrates the new football season and European cup withtheaddition of Official Benfica F.C. jerseys and badges to thegameshop. Try the sports game ranked number one in 36 countries andtop5 in another 87 countries, with a total of 13million+downloads!RICH GAME EXPERIENCEGo head to head with friends and players from around the world in3game modes: Champion League, Super Star Challenge, andClassicTournament (global ranking chart enabled). Brilliant 3Dgraphicsbring to life the stadium, fans, and soccer stars for acompletelyimmersive experience of scenery and game energy. Thegame’sadvanced physics game engine gives you the highest level ofcontrolfor pinpoint accuracy when you go to score.BUILD THE PERFECT TEAMMake your team’s dreams come true. Lead your club of heroes tothefinals and climb to the top of the ranks with training andspecialitems that increase players’ agility and power. Dress toimpressfor your showdown with opponents by leveraging the deepvariety ofcustomization options including custom uniforms, shoes,gloves, andfacial expressions.Fans Page:
Shoot Goal - Soccer Game 2019 4.0.1
Bambo Studio
Put the ball on the turf and get ready to score the winning goalofyour team. If you are a fan of soccer games this is your momenttoprepare the 2019 league. Become a pro scoring incrediblegoals.Shoot penalties in a duel of Striker vs Goalkeeper. Each newlevelis a challenge to show the coach your skills. This is thebestfouls and penalties game, you will have total control of theballfrom the shot. With the NEW PvP Soccer mode you can facerivalsfrom all over the world in the online soccer game mode,CompetitiveMultiplayer in which you will have to win the matcheswithfreekicks and penalties against people from all over theworld,show that you are the best player and knock down all yourrivals bywinning all the matches and show that in multiplayeronline soccer,you are the king of Soccer PvP. ★ FOOTBALL MATCHES :Score goalsfor your team to be the winner of the soccerchampionship. ★PENALTY : difficult situation between the player andthegoalkeeper. You need concentration to score a goal. ★ FREEKICKS: abarrier of players prevents the shot is easy. Draw a curve toshoota perfect fault with effect. Train your Football player toscoregoals as a pro. When we talk about Soccer Games we are theLEADERS.Bambo Studio 2019 - The best Soccer Games for Facebook:
All Goals - Football Live Scores
All Goals
Premier football app offering worldwide LIVE scores coveringWorldCup and more than 400 leagues, immediate push notificationsfromyour favorite teams with goal videos and highlights. Joinmillionsof users to get FREE access to: ✔ Worldwide coverage over400leagues including top women's football ✔ Live scores withpersonalWatchlist and fast push notifications ✔ Live match actions(goalswith assists, cards, penalties, substitutions) ✔ Livestandings ✔Live team and player statistics ✔ Match info withreferee, stadium,capacity and attendance ✔ Video highlightsincluding goals for themajor leagues ✔ Set your favoriteteams/leagues to automaticallyfollow their matches ✔ Seasonfixtures and historical results ✔ Topscorers ✔ Lineups ✔ Team /player profiles with statistics,transfer info and videos ✔ Predictmatch results and earn pointsand badges ✔ Prematch and live matchodds from best bookmakers ✔Custom league ordering ✔ In game chatwith football enthusiastsaround the world ✔ Follow other users, seetheir predictionaccuracy, favourites ✔ Widget ✔ ... and much moreto discover! Jointoday to All Goals, the first live scores footballapp in theMarket!
CFL Football Frenzy 3.1.6
CFL Mobile
Run, pass and kick your way to victory with your favourite teaminCFL Football Frenzy. In this high-paced arcade footballshootoutgame, you can create and customize your own Rookie, buildyour teamby opening card packs and lead your team to a Grey Cupvictory inseason mode. Experience quick play action, explosivepower-ups andfast-paced football! CFL Football Frenzy is easy toplay and funfor everyone! KEY FEATURES: CANADIAN FOOTBALL RULESPlay all sidesof the ball in authentic 3 down action. Experienceunique Canadiangame play with a wider field, waggles and RougesMULTIPLAYER ISHERE! You asked and we listened! Take on your friendsin the newand exciting multiplayer mode! Do you have what it takes?Win gemsfor each victory. ALL-NEW MY TEAM FEATURE Get card packstocustomize your 17-man roster. Cards found in packs representover140 CFL players and are available in a base Bronze card, SilverandGold while select stars contain rare Diamond cards to becollectedin their set ENTERTAINING GAME PLAY AND GRAPHICSExcitingovertime-style shootout games with all of the fast-paced,colourfularcade action you can handle NEW GAME FEATURES No passoption? Noproblem. You can now fully control your QB to scrambleout of thepocket! We've added over 10 new plays to add more depthto yourplaybook. Plus, show the other team you’ve got the loudestfans inthe league to psyche out your opponent's kicker MAKE SOMENOISE!New 8 vs. 8 format means more ways to run and pass your waytovictory SEASON AND QUICK PLAY MODES Play as your favouriteCFLteams and lead them to a Grey Cup victory in Season modeEPICPOWER-UPS Use explosive power-ups like the BOOM BALL to makebigplays! CUSTOMIZE YOUR TEAM Dress up your team in hilariouscostumesets including a brand new Super Hero set. Mix and matchyouruniforms with vikings, zombies, sharks and more Play now forFREE!===========================================================Needhelp or just want to tell us how the make game better? Get intouchand let us know. SUPPORT: [email protected] VISIT US:www.cfl.caFOLLOW US: LIKE US: FOR CFL NEWS:
Shoot 2 Goal: World League 2018 Soccer Game 2.1.9
Bambo Studio
The best soccer players in the world can compete with their teamsinthis world league championship. Choose your forward andstartscoring goals to reach the final. The best free kicks witheffectand spectacular penalties. Front against goalkeeper. The bestWorldSoccer League game. You will have situations of shoot freekicksand penalties , in which you have to score the decisive goalwilldecide if your team is the champion of the soccer tournament.Bethe soccer hero and win the cup, the public will cheer you upifyou play soccer well and score lot of goals. Start now to playthissoccer game and show that nobody plays likeyou.CHARACTERISTICS*More than 150 levels, in which you will have toprove that you arethe best soccer hero.* Get the soccerachievements, score goals andget to the top.* New graphic engine.*Control the ball with themost impressive effects, the ball willmake the trajectory thatyour finger makes.If you like soccer games,this is your game!〰️ 〰️〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️〰️Bambo Studio 2018 - Thebest free soccer games for Mobile 🌐👍Facebook:🐦 Twitter:@bambostu
Striker Soccer London 1.7.2
U-Play Online
Striker Soccer London: your goal is the gold!Enjoy thisspecialthemed version for the London 2012 Olympic games for free,whichincludes all the features of the successful Striker SoccerEuro2012 with over 3,8 million downloads. Play with all thenationalfootball teams taking part in the 2012 Olympic games.Emulate themin schedule following the real matches calendar andbeat thechallenge to the Gold Medal.Main features:✔ 2 game modes:Friendlymatch or London cup.✔ Choose between the 16 nationalteamsparticipating in 2012 Olympic Games.✔ Format and schedulessimilarto 2012 Olympic Games : the group stage, the quarter-finals,thesemi-finals and the final.✔ Set the best tactic for each game.Youhave 7 formations available!✔ Three levels of difficulty.✔Fullcontrol of your players: shooting, passing and tackling in aneasymanner✔ Control the effect and lower or raise the height oftheball using accelerometer✔ Soccer simulator in full 3Denvironment✔Now with kids mode! Easy controls to let everyone enjoythefootball✔ And a funny penalty shootout mini game!Download it,enjoyand win!Facebook:
Football ⚽ Penalty Kicks Game 1.2
Games zone
Football ⚽ Penalty Kicks Game is a fun and entertainingchallengingsport-physics game. Use your strategic football playingskills andscore penalty experience to loss your opponents, Buildyour teamand lead them and you must aim to kick accurate shoots aspossiblein detailed challenging levels. Just wear your kit andenter in theground to kick football because you have a finalchallenges matchwith your enemy country players and you have to winthis penaltygame. Because we offering you to play Football penaltyshootoutgame. Football Penalty Flick Game is the best soccerpenalty gameoff the 2018. In this game you have multiplechallenging teams toflick football for goal and beat the game. Youare a brave andperfect soccer player you have to kick the footballfor completethe challenge. Perfect football penalty is veryinterestingfootball challenges league game for football lovers. Andyou arethe main football shooter and the team will become thewinner onthe behalf of you. Flood light tournament and also daylightmatches, local crowd and other people are come to see thisleague.If you win this final football league then you will selectedin theteam. It’s all about your performance. This is the topsimulationgame; you ever play this type off soccer game. When youselect inthe football team then you will become the number oneplayer insoccer. Before flick to football you just set your actionand thenkick to football. And then focus on the player who isstanding inthe goal. Kick to the opposite side to the goal keeper.If you area street player and after complete these ultimatechallenges youwill know the tricks of top world famous players.This is the bestsimulator game available free on the Google playstore. There aremany countries in this game so choose your favoritecountry whichyou want. Tip 1: In first stages goal keeper is prettyrelax butwhen you successfully kick of the football into goal therepowersare increase and he become more sharp and stop the ball veryfast.So you need extra skills for any goal. Tip 2: Don't shootalways inthe same direction - opponent's goalkeeper is smart enoughto readit! Just like in real penalty shootouts- stay cool and kicklike areal soccer pro! Make It Yours Features:  Different playgroundsto attack on goal keeper.  HD graphics.  Differentpenaltychallenges.  Full crowd in the ground.  Real ground &playingenvironment,  Single player penalty football click.  Teamsoffmultiple countries. How to play: Download free and pressplaybutton and then select your favorite team. See thestandingdirection of goal keeper and then focus on your kickdirection.Flick the football in full speed. Doesn't more push yourfinger onsides and upper side, otherwise soccer will be move onthat sideand your will be loss your important match.
World Cup Penalty 2018 20.18.01
Our World Cup Penalty Soccer Game is a new free soccer appthatfeatures all 32 teams participating in the final round of the2018soccer world cup in Russia. Be a goalie or a striker and leadyourfavorite team to the cup. As striker you determinetheshooting-direction, the shooting-power and the elevation. Asgoalieyou try to defend all incoming shots with your gloves. Forthat youhave to be quick tapping on the gloves that appear only fora shortwink on screen. Catch the ball and defeat your opponent.Score moregoals than your rival, shield your goal from their shotsand leadyour team to the cup.All teams are available. From CostaRica toRussia, from Argentina to Iran and from Germany to Australiayoucan choose your favorite soccer team and make your waytoglory.Features:- Easy gameplay- All Teams from the World CupinRussia- Play as goalie or striker- Choose from 32 teams- EasyTouchcontrols
Manchester Devils Soccer - Football Goal Shooting 1.0.7
Manchester is a city full of football history! Soccer drivespeoplecrazy, locals enjoy their football team and also people allaroundthe world love to watch every Manchester Devils match! Youcan alsomake history with the Manchester Devils football team inthisamazing game of penalty goal shooting! Face the goalkeeper,kickthe ball, participate in the world cup and become a legendscorerof football! What are you waiting for? Manchester Devilsarewaiting for you! Choose a match and score your first goal!Jointheteam and prepare yourself to be the best professional defenderandscorer of this soccer team and beat the goalkeeper. Master thefreekick and the penalty shooting to become a legend of theManchesterDevils! Live the thrills of the soccer and start shootinggoal thedifferent game modes to be the top scorer of the ManchesterDevils!Kick the penalty now to beat the goalkeeper shooting theball toscore a goal and make history! Are you ready for thissoocergame?Features of this Manchester Devils Soccer game:- Livetheexcitement of being the top scorer of the ManchesterDevilsfootball team and master the goal shooting to beat thegoalkeeper!-Play soccer like never before and become a legend offootballhistory winning every match!- Hear the crowd claiming yourname asyou progress through the goal shooting levels andtournaments!-Unlock the item packs to boost your career in theManchester Devilsfootball team!- Show off your football skills toprove you are madeto score the best goal of your team!Choose yourcharacter, face thegoalkeeper and progress across the differentpenalty shootinglevels and game modes: goal shooting, penalties,free kicks,boxes... It is your chance to be the best scorer of theManchesterDevils soccer team. Are you ready to leave your print infootballhistory? Play now!
Shoot Goal - Top Leagues Soccer Game 2018 1.1.3
Bambo Studio
The soccer game 2018 of the top leagues is ready for you to becomeasoccer star. It's the last minute of the game to win the topleague,you have to shoot free kicks or shoot penalties to win ...Thepublic screams waiting for you to score the winning goal to winthecup of the football championship, strikes on goal and ... GOAL!Withthis soccer game 2018, you will build your own story as asoccerplayer on the pitch, put the ball on the grass and get readyto winthe top league in the world of soccer. If you are a fan ofthissport, this is your soccer game. You can win all the matchesif youare the best soccer player, show your ability to shoot freekicksand penalties and score a goal, you are the hero offootball.Characteristics Shoot Goal - Soccer Game 2018 Top Leagues:★PENALTY: Confrontation between player and goalkeeper. You havetoscore a goal to win the game. ★ FREE KICKS: Throw faultsavoidingthe barrier. Draw a curve to throw perfect faults witheffect. ★PERSONALIZATION: equipment to unlock, balls and much more.★PHYSICS OF THE REAL BALL ★ REALISTIC 3D GRAPHICS ★ PUBLICANIMATIONROYAL CANTICLES It's easy, win all the challenges, youwill berewarded with every achievement and gain the experience tolevelup. The objetive of this soccer game is to shoot free kicksandshoot penalties and be the winner of the game, download this2018Top Leagues Soccer Game and become the soccerhero.〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 Bambo Studio 2018 - The bestfreesoccer games for Mobile 🌐 Web: 👍 🐦 Twitter: @bambostu
Flick Shoot Soccer Star 2018 - Football Games 1.3
Defend the goal and score higher Your passion of soccer SoccerCup2018 & soccer simulation playing real-world football hastakenyou to the league of world no. 1 Soccer Revolution 2018,dreamsoccer clubs league & Soccer pro challenge.Footballchampionship, Soccer world cup has started. get your soccerworldcup squad ultimate flick soccer penalty kicks strike ratehigherthan the stars of world football king sports game of 2018.Become asoccer's next leagues member in world soccer king. fightagainstworld soccer clubs rivals in this world cup mega eventsoccer game.championship of next football of world league for thestars offlick shoot needs new champions for soccer penalty kicksFIFPro.Even the legends of football and soccer like Ronaldo, dBekhamMessi, Xavi, Inesta or gerrad either they are forwardsoccershooter, Midfielder, Hero Time defender or goalkeeper theyshouldbe perfect in legend top scorer of the league championshipdreamleague football star goal and penalty run and football player.InFC Barcelona Fantasy Manager: Real football game and FlickshootSoccer Star 2018:football game Score higher, Run fast, andbecomeFIFPro footbal in real soccer and football dream player andstarfor the dream league 2018 evolutionary championships.thrilling& adventurer world football tournament of footballwill bechallenging. authorized by Real Madrid, dubbed by JonChampion ofESPN, real action and hero times, Soccer Revolution 2018isrevolutionizing the game.BE a legendary FOOTBALL COACH BecomeanUltimate star of Football World cup 2018 will have higherpenaltiesof soccer pro, defend your country's flag raised higherand makeyour football real team pro and soccer league proud ofyourultimate forward, defend goalkeeper strike. Score higher andsaveyourself from soccer panality this time. Take a soccershootout,Flick shoot Soccer Star 2018:football game has a footballdreamstar legend score board needs flick shoot either from UK orUSA orMadrid, Argentina, brazil. your football team has best teamplayersto win and for the victory the best score and achieve highscorerfootball stars soccer world cup team championship so dontfear youare a pro soccer league penalty kick and runner for goal ofsoccerleague world cup 2018 of football championship and forbuilding theteam with legend pro ultimate soccer players andfootball sportsshooter dream stars Dream League football and Soccer2018 for theflick shoot. Pro Soccer kick and penalty scorer leaguegame SoDownload Flick shoot Soccer Star 2018:football game withspirit ofSoccer pro kick and goal shoot flick having bestgame-play, Chooseyour favorite world cup football team. Selectplayer from the starsof football, fight for your pro soccer leagueteam to become theworld best soccer flick shooter, pro captain inthis adventurefootball league sports game for the FIFAchampionship. go near thegoalkeeper of opponent team. hit the ballin the right directionfor the best ball shoot and higher scoreboard, either by kickshoot or head shot to get the soccer kick andflick skills forfootball and soccer league legendary world cup of2018. Improve andboost your football attacking and defending skillswith flick shootand kick to defend penalties and score higher tochallenge theopponents of world football league and soccer contestof worldwideteam challenges and football world cup 2018 to earnpoints tounlock more world cup challenging football penalty kickmissionsand to build the best soccer dream team for next FIFA thestars ofnext world cup of soccer and football league championshipsquad .How to Play Select the football match you want to play.Choseeitherfree mode or being a hero of Soccer Time challenge. FlickshootSoccer Star 2018:football game Features-Free KickMode-ChallengingScore MIssions-Optimized controlls-HD Graphics
Penalty Shoot Football Match: Soccer Game ⚽ 1.0
Penalty Shoot football match: Soccer GamePenalty Shoottournamentfootball game of worldwide played soccer sportsNo 1sports in theworld, let’s have it in our smartphones. Courageoussoccer playersaiming to achieve most goals in a soccer match &penalty shootfootball match. Put your favorite stars on Footballworld cup 2018schedule. It is time for unlimited football world cupphoto framedata. Get ready for world cup Russia 2018. Pull yoursocks up &wear football shoes. It’s time to kick and score goalto win theworld cup Russia. Now Penalty shoot Football Matchfeatures theupcoming world cup qualifying rounds with you favoritefootballplaying nations. Play Quick Soccer matches or Participateintournaments. With amazing 3D graphics and classic gameplay,expressthe finger tapping skills and goal scoring skills in thepenaltyshoot football match: Soccer Game. Show you opponents yourpassionto excel at soccer game. Rotatable Cameras in the gameplayenhancesthe spatial awareness of the players participating in thegame. Allthe classic soccer moves; pass, shoot and scoop the ballto passthe teammates. Plan strategy to put more goals into enemypost inlimited time. For intuitive gameplay & adventurousbattle ofball tackle, passing and making a move. A champion onpitch neverfails to deliver, make moves and assist other strikersto makegoals happen. Addicting soccer matches are hell of achallenge, runlike a sprinter in the penalty shoot football match:Soccer Game.Use the Defensive play style to avoid more goals fromaggressivesoccer sides like Brazil, Germany & Italy. Build upthedefensive wall in the free kick near your goal post. Don’t getthegoals scored against you with weal defense. Use the mobilescreenas the map to create strategy against the clever teams inthepenalty shoot football match: Soccer Game. Penalty Shootfootballmatch: Soccer Game features: • Achievements and high scoresto rulethe world of the football • Numerous clubs, dozens ofnations tochoose from, make the team of best soccer players. •Amazing playermovement and ball controlling skills. • Easy gameplaywith a lotgame styles. • Use the through in with precision, blufftheopponents with tricky throw INS. Make a best team on the planetinthe Penalty Shoot Football match: Soccer Game. Prestigiousgoalscoring missions are set in realistic environment. No soccerclubis too weak, never underestimate the opponent team. Join thefirstdivisions of leagues of many nations. This footballcareercampaign, move the ball around the pitch like a lizardchasing preyon the wall. Avoid the heavy defenders of the opponentteam &make a way to the goal post. Penalty Shoot footballMatch: SoccerGame has special penalty shoot contest, avoid thematch and godirectly to the penalties. Flick the ball towards thegoal postwith the finger, watch the goal keeper, and don’t let himstop youfrom scoring goals at rocket speed shots. Take the aim atthecorner of the goal post and quickly drag the finger to put theballinto the post. Best simulation of soccer, the most playablesportsin the world is full of challenges. Use the football skillsoftackle & sprinting you learned in streets. Soccer hasorigineverywhere, make your team proud of your penalty shootingskills.
Football 11 players vs AI Game : Real Soccer World 1.3
Do you have Football(Soccer) dream ? Lets download realfootballGame by Getting this Realistic Soccer game you will playrealfootball game with 11 players. Get you own new real footballcluband glow soccer game in 2017. Play Game offline soccer andfeelfootball rivals fever in this football league game 2017.SelectYour football club from Americans, Brazil, Argentina,Germany,Russia, Chile, Portugal and Spain in best football gameoffline.Enjoy the heat between real football rivals. Use yourfootballtactics and strike the football as it touchdowns to theground andmake it to the goal post. Tricky passes, Strong defensiveandattacking player AI form a challenging and addictive realfootballphysics will give you Football counter strike Withintuitivecontrols, excellent visuals and Retina display. Get theBall anduse football dribbling skills and finally shoot an effectshotwhich ends into the opponent's goal post. This play worldfootballleague game is  Football Fever that is designed toimproveyour skills in real Football game. Improvise yourfootballdribbling skills in this  11 player champions offootballworld cup game and be the master in the football game andmake yourplayers the top football heros among the other players.Choose your11 players Team wisely and according to the game plansand needs.Show some hardcore skills to get the game going. Tacklingyouropponents is not easy, but giving astonishing passes to otherteamfellows can make you winner. In this Football WorldChampionshipaccording to your skill you can play at positions ofquarterback,defense, Front, attack etc. So Your Football movesmatters a lot inthis master football game. You are football teammanager as well.Its your chance to make your way to opponent's goalpost and andkick the football right into goal post. How toPlay:------------------------- "Pass button" to pass andtackleopponent, "Kick button" for shoot/Strike thefootball."Joystick/Directional keys" to move the player. Good Luck!
SofaScore Live Score 5.63.3
SofaScore is sports live score app with widget that gives youlivecoverage (results, fixtures, standings) for ALL LEAGUES,andcompetitions in 22 sports: Football (Soccer), Basketball,IceHockey, Tennis, Motorsport (Formula 2018 Live timing,MotoGP,Superbike, Nascar, Rally, DTM), Cricket, Baseball, Rugby,AmericanFootball, Handball, Volleyball, Cycling, Waterpolo, Futsal,AussieRules, Snooker, Darts, Badminton, Floorball, Bandy, Tabletennis,Beach Volleyball. In addition to all previously mentionedsports,you can follow tournaments from USA, like Major LeagueSoccer -MLS, North American League, NBA, WNBA, US Open Cup, NFL,Collegefootball, MLB, NHL, AHL "SofaScore Live Sports Scores" appisoptimized for Android Wear smartwatches.
Appito - Revolutionize your football 2.2.12
The time has come to revolutionize your game with the footballappthat is changing the way the sport is played in Brazil andaroundthe world. Appito is your personal assistant that allows youtomanage your group and team, rent a field, organize matches andevenfind football games happening near you that fit your profile.Ifyou use the functionalities it offers, it promises to changethelives of football lovers, in and out of field. Organizeyourfootball in one place: - You can manage your entire group andteam,creating weekly matches and one-off events. - Inviteplayerseasily: via Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, link, email or bytheapp itself. - When you organize your football on Appito, youwillalso have a presence list for your crew, with a listofconfirmations, refusals and waiting lists. In addition,thiscontrol can be divided between the monthly and one-off players.-Controlling payments is also much easier! With the paymentstoolyou can manage all the cash flow of the group, controlling ifthemoney of the team has already been paid or not, month by month.Nomore wasting time with spreadsheet or that outdated notepad.-Through the wall of the match, you can talk with other playersandshare images of the group. - In addition, if you need tocomplete ateam, just turn the privacy of your game to ‘public’ andAppitowill invite players in the community with the profile of yourgame.Never again will your football suffer from lack ofplayers.Real-life video game experience: - If you're the kind ofplayer whoalways loves to play football and even when he gets homeplaysvideo game, now you have everything in one app. - Create yourownplayer profile, like in video-games, based on your realgameplaycharacteristics. - During and after the end of the games,you canscore the football statistics, adding goals, assists anddefensesfor all players. - At the end of the games, all playersrank eachother, generating a ranking of the best players of thematch, topscorer, best playmaker and best defender. The ranking isgeneratedfrom the grades and statistics that each player receivesfrom otherplayers. - The ranking influences your player level inthe app andallows you to follow your evolution, completely based onyourperformances on the pitch. Play more football! - If you feelthaturge to play football, you can now find matches that willhappennear you and that fit your player profile and availability. -Nowyou can play football whenever you want, anytime. And restassured,we'll let you know if there are football matches that fityourprofile and fit your schedule. "You were interested in a game,butyou're still not sure if that game is really for you?" Contactthesoccer organizer via the chat or even give him a call. - At theendof the game, you can evaluate both the game and the organizerofthe game, so you will help other people decide where and howtoplay. Renting a field has never been easier: - Now it ispossibleto rent fields, directly through the app, withoutcomplications.Check prices, availability of schedules and availablefields, allin a simplified way and in one place. - Book withexclusive dealsin the best fields near you. - And if you want, youcan still findmany new soccer fields near you on the map!
Iuvemtus Soccer Football Team: Turin Goal Shooting 1.0.2
Play Italian football with your favourite team! Enjoy themostbeautiful team sport with Turin soccer players:ForzaIuvemtus!Start shooting penalty kicks with the bestItalianfootball team ever! Slide your finger to score a goal andsucceedbeating all your rivals! Make your Turin fans shout yourname whilepractising your shooting skills and become the bestplayer in ourleaderboards! Do you want to try playing with the mostfamousfootball team in Turin?- Beat all your soccer rivals bywinning thepenalty championship! Help the Iuvemtus football team toscore asmany goals as possible!- The more you practise, the betteryou willbe shooting goals! This funny game is all about improvingyourshooting skills!- Become the best Iuvemtus player of alltimes!-Amazing realistic graphics and different goal shootingangles!-Very intuitive to play: A game tutorial is included!- Sharethescores of this football game with your friends on Facebook!Everygoal you score will lead you to a higher position inourleaderboard!- These soccer games are appropriate for childrenandadults of all agesAre you ready for a goal shooting challengewithour Iuvemtus soccer team? Try it now for free!
FotMob - Live Soccer Scores 87.0.5647.20181031
NorApps AS
⚽ LIVE SCORES - MATCH COMMENTARY - STATS - FIXTURES - NEWSFotMobgives you all the scores, stats, and storylines to keep youup tospeed with the world of soccer. Personalized news andnotificationsmake it easy to follow your favorite teams andplayers. Andlightning-quick live match updates make sure you nevermiss amoment, no matter where you are. Features include: • Livescoresand match stats • Live text commentary • Pre-match lineups•Confirmed transfer updates • Personalized news content andpushnotifications for your favorite clubs and players • TVschedules •Audio commentary in more than 10 languages • Favoritestab helpsyou easily track the teams and players you love • Newsfeeds byleague and team • Coverage for over 200 competitionsincluding:Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga (1, 2 &3), Ligue1, MLS, USL, Champions League, Liga MX, FA Women’s SuperLeague,Eredivisie, FA Cup, UEFA Nations League, the Championship,EFL,Scottish Premier League, and more. Follow for the latestupdatesand to share feedback - we'd love to hear from you!Twitter: Facebook: Web:
Stickman Soccer 2014 2.3
The 2014 sequel to the world hit Stickman Soccer with more than10million players. Experience pure soccer fun with fastpacedgameplay, an astonishing atmosphere, stunning smoothanimations,simple controls, insane action and tons of replay value.Chooseyour national soccer team and rank up while playingvariousseasons, cups or world cups in spectacular stadiums orsimpledominate in street or beach soccer style matches. Decidewhetheryou want full control over your players with manual runningandshoot timing or use the automatic running mode where youhavecontrol over precise pass timing and watch your players tackleyouropponents. Choose your favorite national soccer team from morethan40 different skilled teams and lead them to glory!

• Thesequel tothe #1 Soccer game in multiple countries
• Stickman Soccer2014supports MOGA and other MFi game controllers
• From the makersofvarious top hits like Stickman Soccer, Stickman Downhill,StickStunt Biker, Stickman Tennis, Stickman Cliff Diving, StickmanBaseJumper, Rope'n'Fly and more...

FEATURES• New game modesincludingWorld Cup, America Cup, Europe Cup and more• New short andlongseason• New stadiums, new fields• New game modes includingPenaltyShootout, Beach Soccer and Street Soccer• New gamemechanicsincluding Fouls, Penalty shoots, Long Pass, Winneranimations,etc.• New ‘Pro’ difficulty level for the real experts•New teams,more countries• Quick game• 11 vs. 11 and 4 vs. 4 gamemodes
•Various stadiums and configurable game time
• 4 difficultylevelsfor longterm motivation (easy, medium, hard, pro)
• MOGAGameController support
• Simple yet powerful touch controls withtimingcontrol
• Automatic or Manual Running
• 40 different soccerteamsto choose from
• Match statistics
• Smooth animations with60frames per second 
• Compete with your friends with theintegratedworld ranking leaderboard

• Pure soccer action!

Take alook atthe Stickman Soccer 2014 Trailer: free to postyourideas, we will try to implement them as soon as possible
Thankyouvery much for all your support and interest in our games! Wewouldlove to hear your suggestions!
Pelé: Soccer Legend 1.4.1
Cosi Games
The official soccer game featuring greatest footballerPELÉPelé:Soccer Legend is a new soccer experience with streamlinedgesturecontrols, featuring the legend himself! Follow in Pelé’sfootstepsin career mode and work your way from the backstreets ofBrazil allthe way up to become world championKey Features: - Freeto Play! -150+ challenging levels - Online Multiplayer game mode.Competeagainst other players around the world- Over 1000 goalsandchallenges to complete from the backstreets to the bigleagues-Customize your player with unique uniforms, hats, hairstyles, andmore! - Use special power-ups to defy physics and takedown anyopponent in your path- Exclusive free kicks win in gameprizes
Soccer Kick: Football League Mobile 1.0.0
Beat the Challenge & Destroy all targets by Kicking the BallinReal Kick Football★☆★☆★ Features include: ★☆★☆★- 60completelydifferent & freaky challenges,- the first game on themarketwith advanced kicking simulation,- easy to learn, hard tomaster,-play as a female or male,- represent your favoritecountry,- beatchallenges in 5 countries;- visit five visuallyastonishingfootball stadiums,- visit different countries andexperience localsoccer atmosphere,- very precise shootingmechanics,- arcadefeeling with simulation,Penalty kicks in footballgame were neverso exciting: you can travel around soccer countriesand score goalsby defeating tricky challenges: destroy targets,smash cartoons andbecome the champion of football leagues.Manageyour football careerbecome one of the top eleven players on theearth - none of theother soccer players can compete will competewith you.Dream leaguecould become real if you want - just startbeating challenges,score goals and perform fantasy shootoutmadness. Don’t give up anddestroy all targets.Visit top Europeanand World rated countries in2016: Brazil, Italy or Spain.Challenges specially crafted forsoccer empires are waiting for yourgreatness. Let them tasteit.Realistic Shooting Engine based onPhysics:Arcade mechanics withdynamic and simple feeling, whichallows you perform soccer tricks,not from this planet.Diversifiedgameplay:Shoot, strike and becomemost effective soccer striker.Penalty Shootout provides you uniqueexperience of football games.The referee will not interfere withyour play as in real footballmatch. The game includes the mostexciting element of real soccermatches - penalty shooting. Flickkick the ball and watch amazinggraphics on the field. Become themost effective player and provethat your worth is similar to bestEuropean league players in theworld. The Even world cup isn’t suchexciting as our game.Uniqueemotions:Kicking and scoring in matchesare boring, soccer gamestripped from unnecessary elements isavailable in this flick kickpure experience. Become superstarsimilar to best players ofEuropean champions tournament and worldcup.Become one of the topeleven and manager of your road to theultimate soccer objective -being the best.
Skores - Live Soccer Scores
★★★★★Discover SKORES, the most completesportsapp with easy to follow scores live!★★★★★New Name, New Icon, New App, but still the BEST LIVE SCORE APPwithwhich to follow your favorite sports!LIVE RESULTSSupport the Three Lions Now, live Copa America and EURO2016live!Follow all the live scores and receive customized alerts onscoresand goals for teams and games of your choice.9 SPORTS LIVENever miss a sporting moment: Live Soccer (champions league,europaleague, liga, serie a, ligue 1, world cup....), Tennis,Basketball,Rugby, Football, Baseball, Handball, Volleyball, andHockey.+ OVER 5000 COMPETITIONSFind the American and International league for live soccer(liga,serie a, europa league, ligue 1, world cup, champions leaguelive),rugby, handball, volleyball, tennis, basketball, football,baseballand hockey!FREE LIVESCOREFollow all the scores in real-time for all sports on your mobileanddo not miss the results of your favorite teams!Other highlights for «SKORES - Live Soccer Scores plus 8othersports" are:- The fastest Livescore service available compared tootherlivescore apps- Goal alerts and notifications as it happens with our livescoreservice- Direct Soccer Scores plus 8 other sports in real-timetofollow- Highlights of the matches- Match Summaries- Sports Statistics- Rankings for all competitions- Upcoming match schedulesLive SportsOur livescore covers 9 live sports and more than 5000competitionsincluded Champions League, Europa League and Liga!Live Soccer and also Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball,Rugby,Baseball, Handball, Hockey and Football.The American championships to international competitions andcups,whatever sport you like, you can follow the latestresults.Live Soccer fan, test us out, our Soccer livescore servicehaseverything you need! Our App uses the renowned live scoresservicetechnology from the Sporty Trader applications for WindowsPhoneand SKORES (SportyTrader) for iPhone!Other Features of our Live ScoresApp:- LIVESCORE: Scores in real-time- SCORES: All the live results for every match- ALERTS: Notifications for changes in scores with ourlivescoreservice- RANKINGS: Rankings and league tables for tournaments aroundtheworld for Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Handball,Rugby,Hockey, Baseball & Football- SCHEDULES: Match schedules available for Soccer,Basketball,Tennis, Volleyball, Handball, Rugby, Hockey, Baseball&Football.- SUMMARY: Summary of live match commentaries- STATISTICS: Analyze your favorite teams and players statsandperformance- FAVORITES: Customize your alerts for the teams and players ofyourchoiceSKORES is the new name chosen by SportyTrader for its app. Tryusout today, discover our FREE and incredibly FAST and ACCURATEFREELIVE SCORE service
World Cup Penalty Shootout 1.0.15
The World Cup is here now and it’s time to play World CupPenaltyShootout. Pick your team and play against the rest of theworld inthis amazing soccer game. World Cup Penalty Shootout hasfour gamemodes: Targets, Time Attack, Wall, and Shootout. You canalso buysome power-ups to get extra power, extra curve, or a nicescoremultiplier. Play World Cup Penalty Shootout now and enjoy thefunof scoring lots of goals! Download World Cup Penalty Shootoutnowand start playing the most amazing soccer game.Features:- Over12teams to choose from. - 4 game modes.- 3 differentpower-ups.-Intuitive gameplay.- Great graphics.
Football Live Scores 1100 .0
Most popular and extensive Football/Soccer live score appforandroid. Football Mania has more than 1000 leagues, 10.000teamsand 100.000 players from countries all over the world.Subscribe onmatches, teams or entire leagues to receive fast pushnotificationsand you will never miss a goal Interested in morebackground? Tonsof statistics, videos and images from your favoriteplayers/teamsAll completely free. Features: - Schedules/fixturesoverviews percountry/league - Live tables during soccer matches -Topscores -Live football statistics (ball possession, shots on goaletc) -Player information + video's - Team information + video's-Substitutions - Match voting - Match videos - Commenting andchats- ....and many more You are missing something? Tell us and wewillbuild it for you within a week! Cheers!
Asian Cup Penalty Shootout 2.0
JustDu Game
If you are a football (Soccer) fans from Asian ,you will lovethisAsian Cup Penalty Shootout football game,Help your favoriteteam towin the football asian cup! You can choose any teamparticipatingin The 2015 AFC Asian Cup tournament. Defeat selectedopponent andmove up in the rankings! Asian Cup is an internationalassociationfootball tournament run by the Asian FootballConfederation (AFC).It is the second oldest continental footballchampionship in theworld after Copa América. The winning teambecomes the champion ofAsia and automatically qualifies for theFIFA Confederations Cup.The AFC Asian Cup trophy which is awardedto the winner of thetournament. Since the first tournament it hasbeen awarded to thewinning team for them to keep for four years,until the nexttournament.,The final tournament is being played intwo stages: thegroup stage and the knockout stage. In the groupstage each teamplays three games in a group of four, with thewinners andrunners-up from each group advancing to the knockoutstage. In theknockout stage the eight teams advance to compete inasingle-elimination tournament, beginning with thequarter-finalsand ending with the final match of the tournament. Athird-placematch is also played between the two losing teams ofthesemi-finals.
Football World Cup 2018 1.3
Play and be the champion of the football league! Choose yourteamand win the World Cup 2018 and become a legend in thisfreesimulated sport!Play with your finger and score many goals, youcanplay penalty or join the World Cup, challenge other teams andwinthe world title.Game FeaturesGreat and fun simulators duringplay,move the ball, collide, goals, sounds !!Most of thequalifyingteams are in the World Cup 2018You can choose your teamand play atournament or optional game or penalty shootout.Greatgraphics andprofessional.You can choose tactics and plan play, thegame youneed to use the mind to win.
⚽ Puppet Soccer Zoo - Football ❤ 0.0.62
⚽ FUNNIEST FOOTBALL 2018 ⚽Shoot, kick and score goals in themostaddicting pocket puppet football game!Do you have what it takestobecome the Legend? Train your skills, practice free kicks,improvedefense one-on-one and offense tactics with no offsidehere.Features:⚽ 100+ cartoon big head puppet animals⚽ Special powerupsin game – chewing gum, ice, slime, gypsum, super kick power,megaspring or speed🏆 Climb the league season 2017/2018withachievements, champions cup and highscores⚽ Train yourplayersone-on-one, improve their quality power, speed andheaderkeepie-uppie⚽ Heal your injured players and change yourtactics⚽Perfect physics, advanced collision model for ball and madgoals⚽Upgrade your stadium to get more money for victory⚽ Big head2 headfun 2-player mode – multiplayer in developmentForget thepuppeteerpolitics, this game is for kids and family friendly andwe’re justhere to have a great game of football! That’s what PuppetSoccerZoo 2017/2018 is all about…Pick your favorite pocketpuppetfootballer and score as many goals as you can! Pass likecerberushalilovic, seal dribble and tiki-taka, rabona shoot styleand foul.Play in single player campaign one-on-one or team up witha friendfor the awesome 2-player mode. Watch great mexican wavespushingyour hydra obi mikel animal to the egde of his limits.Unlockbonusballs to spread slime, ice and gum onto the pitch, makingplaytricky for your opponent marioneta and lots more fun for you!Not abig fan of cerberus halilovic from noxgames or minotaurfeghouli?Don’t worry—your soccer success unlocks new stars andskills:you’ll soon be able to pick your perfect hand puppet player!Youcan even shoot ice cubes to your opponent.Change the controlinputto suit your beaver shakiri style to give your marionetaplayersthe best chance for victory. Practice awesome tiki-takatricks& best physics kicks overtime to make yourself amarionettemaster of the one-on-one football federation 2017. Watchmexicanwave and be the 12th man of your team. Play striker beavershakiri,goalkeeper, defense, wide winger minotaur feghouli andmidfielderall at the same time…Game tips and strategies for yourbestfootball experience:⚽ Focus on defense goalie tactics⚽Takeadvantage of frozen champions hydra obi mikel⚽ Run backwardswhilekicking to volley with indirect free kick to top cornerTrytoremember all the legendary zoo players like playmakercerberushalilovic, minotaur feghouli or hydra obi mikel. Be thebest handpuppeteer midfielder. Can you perform tricks liketiki-taka orrabona as midfielder beaver shakiri.Let us know if youwish any newpocket puppet in review or visit NOXGAMES or ourFacebook. We mightadd pigskin ball and minotaur feghouli tricks toamuse you.Newdesign of silver pigskin shields against negativeeffects. New zoogame obstacles added cerberus halilovic, protectingagainst wingerhydra obi mikel and midfielder beaver shakiri.Don'tforget to tryhand puppet vs pocket puppet split-screen multiplayerfor familyand kids!Created by NOXGAMES 2016 - 2018
GoalAlert Football Live Scores Fixtures Results 4.4.2
TorAlarm GmbH
No frills – just football GoalAlert is the fastest soccer app -Allgoals come through instantly. You are looking for a simpleanduser-friendly football app that keeps you informed abouttheresults of the Premier League and Championship or do you needthefixtures of the upcoming FA or League Cup round? With GoalAlertyouare able to receive live scores of your favorite football teamsinreal time! With its clear design, GoalAlert is easy to useandfaster than other soccer- and news-apps. You decide fromwhichfootball teams you want to receive push notificationsaboutresults, goals and live scores! But not only fans of theEnglishLeague will enjoy this app. The app includes manyotherinternational leagues: from German Bundesliga to Spanish LaLiga,there is something for every football fan! GoalAlert comeswith aclear homepage, which shows you the most important leaguesandinternational competitions at a glance. You are also abletopersonalize it according to your needs and interests.Onlyinterested in the Champions League? No problem! You decidewhichcompetitions you want to access with just one click. GoalAlertalsocomes with a superfast live table and match schedules of theentirefootball season. We are happy GoalAlert is so positivelyreceivedby our users and we are constantly working on updates tomake theapp even better! Never miss a goal again! By using thisapp, youagree to our privacy policy.
Daily Football - your football online 1.1.10
FSport Team
Daily Football is the number one app about football. Using thisapp,you will be able to follow the games played by your favoriteteamsonline. We all know that we can’t watch every single game,but it isquite easy to follow all the games: simply download ourfree appabout football and enjoy plenty of easily accessible infoon sports!We deliver totally personalized information andnotifications foryou!   Main app features: - Game scheduleintuitivelycategorized by leagues and days - Final results andlive scores ofmatches being played - Standings of more than 50football leaguesand tournaments - Teams’ pre-game conditions -Goal videos and gamereviews - Predicted and official startinglineups - Comprehensivestats during the game and upon the finalwhistle   - Onlinebroadcasting of the main events of the game- Voting for the gameresult - Pre-game coefficients - Categorizednews - Adding selectedclubs, tournaments and national teams toyour favorites - Gettingpush notifications on the events and newsabout the teams andtournaments from your favorites - Sharinginteresting informationwith friends - … etc. Tags: footballonline, 2018 World Cup,football stats, video reviews, game goals,football news, onlinebroadcasting, football videos, ChampionsLeague, Englishchampionship, Spanish championship, Germanchampionship, Russianchampionship, Italian championship, EuropaLeague, FIFA, UEFA,football games schedule.   We are alwaysglad to hear youropinions! Facebook: Email: [email protected]
Real Soccer League 1.0.0
Now this awesome sport game is better than ever! The soccerplayersare fast and angry, nothing stop them in front of thewinner’spodium. You can try your abilities to go through thisfuriouschallenge. Here you have rules of the game: Score pointsbycarrying the ball from a starting point into the opposition’sendzone. Use end zone in front of your team to score and don’tletopposing team to reach yours. Run the show on offense anddefense.A play begins as usual when the ball is moved from theground intothe hands of the players. Of course you will be harassedby theother team but this is the American football.Game is dividedintofour quarters of 60 seconds each. So, build your own offensiveanddefensive teams. You have an opportunity to play asquarterback,receiver, linebacker, cornerback by yourself during thegame.Thisaction sport battle is the most immersive, streamlinedfootballexperience on mobile. It’s time to play football!Show offyourskills on the pitch like never before to be aworldchampion!Features:Fight your way forward with running plays.Playas the franchise quarterback.Practice strategy and specialplays.Cross the opposition’s goal line with the ball.
Car Rocketball Turbo Soccer League 1.0
Car Rocketball Turbo Soccer League is real best passion match3dunique penalty best goal shooting mactan football rocketfootballgame football goals striker goal soccer free soccerplayers.Thissoccer player penalties trick hero football champfootball shootpenalty rocket touch ball goal soccer game free tipssoccer goalsshoot goal futbòl penalty shootout games best futbolnewgratis.Football strategy rocket league ball soka street bigheadball big head football cartoon shoot football cartoon footballminifootball spanish soccer puppet football winger football bignewhead soccer big drill heads football game worldcup 2014andworldcup 2018 fußballer soccer game футбол headshot footballrealfootball soccer,head soccer game head ,footpuppetsfootball,puppets football legend,soccer footballgame,tablefootball game,new game table soccer tischfußballtischkicker rocketkick calcetto style tablesoccer game new footballcup foosballsoccer game,football caps,gooballs match gam e tavolofree toptrending game.Car Rocketball Turbo Soccer League is alsorealamazing best free footbal real football cup hgf heavygoofballsoccer football 3d football street 3d mini soccergame,footballmanager spain football table,стол,table match,farm totable,football goals shoot new goal soccer goal free soccer goalsamazinggolden boots football shooter heavy kick footballfootlball,cr7kick game amazing football game,goal,soccer real goalbest penaltykick game free game driving car soccer real rocket ballcar soccergame best simulation football car games,rocket ballgame,rocketleague ball,jogo de futebol game.This freeconvertiblefoosball,footbal leage game.rocketball champion gamespecial gamesfor olympics real soccer champions,rocket pointsfootball bestrocketball football car games,rocket turbo footballrocket turbojump football best nitro football real best rocketleague fightingball amazing local football teams,nitro football appeuro 2012france.Car Rocketball Turbo Soccer League is also3v3soccer,football rocket france silver soccer car gamedeadlygroundhopper soccer happy soccer fun soccer, funny soccerbest realstreet amazing street soccer game soccer Crazydoctor,physics topfootball best amazing happy soccer super fullcompatiblephysics,car soccer game real amazing football fun,footbalstreetleague street dancing game amazing free soccer games on thebeachfootball with soccer rules best top free amazing super realbestfootball car games,rocket fuel football best beach kids ballsrealrocketfootball car games with head rocket soccer amazing bestsupergame 2018.Car Rocketball Turbo Soccer League is amazingrealisticenvironment best football3d fun,rocket car games,championsleaguetown football goal shooting soccer,chapas football realamazingsuper football super rocketball best trounament footballreal heavyfootball tournament, simulation racing soccer league game2018.CarRocketball Turbo Soccer League is a best footballcaps,championshome league,soccer street champions and car rocketball or footballkids game,table soccer app,football simulationtable best carfootball football for kids game,tabel world cupfootbal,soccer starhero best soccer hero stars best football realamazingtournament,finger power football best amazing realisticenvironmentadventure futbòl best juegos de futbol game pilka noznagame theleague,tounament,champions best comptition car rocket ballturboleague champions league stars drive ahead sports,footballraceahead,deadly football ahead,beach football ball drive onbestamazing head to head football beachball games 2018.cacaofootballbeach best amazing soccer super goal shooting shoot multitype goalsoccer outdoor goal,soccer indoor long goal.This is realbeachsoccer game simulation,score world goal,amazing football onthebeach,beach games amazing super best soccerbeach,footballshoot,active challenge soccer real amazing super bestgame 2018.
Soccer League Hero 2017 Stars 2.0.1
Bulky Sports
Let’s manage your soccer team to play the world best SoccerLeagueHero 2017 Stars football game as pro club manager, whileplayingreal 3d football match on mobile device is an amazing fun in2017era. Crowed is shouting & soccer lover from around theworld iswaiting for your club team battle against world footballchampionteam. It’s not only game but an addictive & adventurefun, gamewill engaged you for many hours as you are playing inground withyour team players & part of your favorite soccerclub team. Soget ready & wait for whistle blows off for kickoff, dodge andflick football throw in the opponent team goal. Bethe best soccerteam manager to build the best team & superstarsoccer playerof the world. For winner’s gameplay is very simplejust run faster,passing the football to team player & take aimto shoot &goal. You can also control every player of your teamthrough theeasy joystick controls. As a country club manager youwill trainbest soccer players & increase their ability to winthe worldleague tournament matches. Soccer League Hero 2017 Starsis thebest free kick shoot soccer game on store. As a pro soccermanagerlet’s manage your dream soccer team and be a world soccerchampionof football leagues 2017 by playing this footballsimulation game.Select your world best heroes team formation andchallenge to anyteam who stands in your way as you rise throughdifferent leaguematches to upgrading team level and earn points tounlock the worldcup matches. Build the best squad in the world andlead them allthe way to win the soccer league championship orfootball world cuptournament. Soccer league heroes is the latestmobile footballsimulation game featuring with simple controls,smooth animationsand crazy actions. Soccer League Hero 2017 Starsis the best mobilefootball soccer simulation game, smooth controls,realisticanimations and ultimate actions. Adventure of footballpassing,sprint and skill of moving around opponents, take aim,shoot andgoal. This game offers realistic football experience tosoccer gamelovers. Realistic passes, powerful shots in thisfootball game willadd an amazing soccer gameplay experience.Getyour favorite soccerteam players and win against the world footballchampion teams byplaying this football simulation game. Test yourskills whileplaying against top soccer team players &experienced teammanagers around the world. Unite your soccer teamheroes with thespirit of, as they are best football clubs stars.World soccersuperstars is easy & fun to play. In realcompetition style,challenge your opponents from all over the world.Contest indifferent soccer matches, from different countries to bea soccerlegend player and take the world cup to your home countryclub.Playing Soccer League Hero 2017 Stars more exciting &latestmobile soccer game. Build and manage your football team andkeepstriking back for soccer world cup competition. Become arealsoccer star with your favorite top hero soccer players. Feelofrealistic football stadium environment during football matchandfeel the heat of free kick penalty moments. Soccer League Hero2017Stars Game Features: • Create, customize and control yoursoccerteam• Play as soccer league champion team football player•Selectyour favorite country, player skin, Player Uniform &shoes.•Google play leaderboards & achievements to reviewtoprankings.• Realistic graphics and sound effect will enhancethegameplay experience• Quick & Smarter moves of your playerandopponents on the soccer ground.• Latest visual effects andcutscenes more like TV football match experience.• Realisticsoccerplayer stunts & actions during adventures footballgameplay. Sowhat are you waiting for? Let’s download and enjoy theworldfootball game play experience in Soccer League Hero 2017 Starsfreegame
Penalty Kick: Soccer Football 1.02
Jump right into penalty shootout action. Beat challenges, play asakicker or defend. Score and win the world cup!FEATURES:-Extremelyrealistic ball physics- Easy and intuitive controls: swipeandflick- Beat countless soccer challenges- Play as the kicker orthedefender- Kick right through the defense and score the goal-Becomea star with your favorite national team- Manage your playerthroughan epic career- Play in tournaments all around the world-Win theworld cup and become a football starINTUITIVE CONTROLSJustswipeand watch the ball fly right beside the defender. Flick to thesideto control the trajectory of the ball. It's easy to controlthegoalkeeper, too: just swipe in the direction where the ballisgoing and lunge like a fifa champion.REALISTICSOCCERPHYSICSReal-life physics are rendered by an advanced gameenginemade with the help of real football players. The soccerexperiencewas never so realistic. Simply tap this sports game andtop theleaderboard with as many flick goals as you can. As yourownmanager, you're going to get all the profits ofyourvictories.PENALTY SHOOTOUT MECHANICSShoot right through thedefenseto score a goal. Predict in what direction will thegoalkeeper goand perform a trick shot to get the big win.ALL STARFOOTBALLPENALTY KICKSPlay in the 2016 world championship instadiums inEurope and the Americas. Disregard referees and kickyour waythrough every penalty shootout situation like a champ. Youcan playa whole tournament during a break or on the bus. Win thewhole fifachampionship in just a day of the year '16.CHOOSE YOURDREAMTEAMYou can choose any national team to represent. Be yourownfootball manager: choose how your player will look and thenyou'reall set to win the world cup. Play in any league ortournament of2016 and lead your dream champion to the ultimatevictory. Yournational team will become the best soccer stars.REALFOOTBALLEMOTIONSLike all the best things in the world this 2016sports gameis for free. Download, kick, and GOAL!
Soccer World League FreeKick 1.0.6
Soccer Free Kick World League with world’s bestteams.RealisticFootball Free Kick and penalty shoutout game.Good 3Dgraphics.Youwill play both for the striker player and for agoalkeeper.Thisgame features convenient and user-friendly free kickshots and easycontrol over a goalkeeper.In order to block a ballwhile playingfor goalkeeper, you should find a good position andthe goalkeeperwill stop the ball with a great jumping move. Inorder to win theSoccer Free Kick World League you have to qualifyin your group,win every single match in play-off stage and defeatyour opponentin a final match.So, Play Free Kick Football 2017right now -exciting football game - 3D sport game simulator.Feelrealisticfootball stadium atmosphere of the football match and feelthepressure of a free kick moment.In Free Kick Football 2017footballgame you will find:- Realistic ball flight physics-Intuitivegoalkeeper controls- Exciting gameplay- Tribune supportYoucan playfor the worlds top football teams.Install Soccer Free KickWorldLeague 2017 right now - featured football 3D gamesimulator.GameFeatures:- Realistic designed free kick and penaltysimulator- Playfor both for striker forward and for goalkeeper-Intuitivecontrols- Wide choice of top team all around the world-Frequentupdates- Realgame football situationsBecome a real footballstar -make your perfect football free kick shot - score great goals-block the most difficult balls - bring victory for yourteam!!Become a Soccer Free Kick World League Winner and WorldChampiontoday - download the Soccer Free Kick World League 2017right now.
⚽ Puppet Soccer Champions – League ❤️🏆 2.0.11
Have you got the Golden Boot? Skills and speed? Lace up yoursockpuppet boots and pull your shirt on: this game was made foryou.So, enjoy it. Forget the politics and the posturing—we’re justhereto have a great game of football! That’s what PuppetSoccerChampions 2014/2015 is all about. Soccer FEATURES: ⚽ Morethan 90cartoon sock puppet ⚽ Over 30 football puppet team ⚽ Silkyskilfulgameplay ⚽ Big head fun in 2-player mode ⚽ Splitscreenmultiplayerfor two players on a single device ⚽ Climb the leagueseason2017/2018 ⚽ Smooth physics for ball and mad goals Pick yourteam,play as your favorite sock puppet and score as many goals asyoucan! Pass, shoot, dribble, foul - it’s all here. The game isfullof twists. Play in single player mode or team up with a friendforthe awesome 2-player mode – you can play with your friend. Whowillbe better and give better place of the charts? Game iscompletelycustomizable – 4 different control options to make surethe userexperience is the best. Destroy your opponent with precisekicks.Change your team tactics from defense style to winger oroffensivestrategy and all at the same time. The goals will increasetheirsize to speed up the match progress in the overtime. Open newareaand with increased stats you can get new player. Who will beyoursock puppet? It is only your choice who will be in the bestteam.Rise the leagues and open new cards. Practice free kicks andscoreand defeat your enemy. In the game are bonuses – chewing gum,ice,gypsum to making it hard to play. You can use it on enemy.Competein daily, weekly and monthly tournaments for free diamondsand getfree cards in shop every 8 hours from special sale offer.Let usknow if you wish any new sock puppet soccer or visitNOXGAMESwebsite or facebook. Created by NOXGAMES 2014 - 2018
Soccer Duel
Who is the best soccer player?SoccerDuel is the clash of football superstar. Are you readyto geton the field and play epic soccer games? Only the best soccerstarsin football history can enter in this ultimate tournament. Oneonone soccer battles and just one single rule: let thebestfootballer win!Soccer Duel Special Features★ Quick Match: Play remarkable matches in this quickgamemode. Do you think you can beat Soccer Duel legendaryplayers?Soccer Duel is the best mobile game artificial intelligenceevercreated.★ Tournament: Face legendary soccer players in thisamazingjourney. To be a football champion you will need to defeatthe bestsoccer players in history at their best form. Prepareyourself toimmersive football duels matches.★ Versus (2 Player 1 Device): Exciting battles arewaitingfor you. Challenge your friends and finds out who is thebeststriker and the best goalkeeper.★ Practice: Train your shoot, practice your kicks. Freekickmode to develop your skills. Penalty must be a goal, the artoffree kick is to train hard. The ball must be yourbestfriend.★ Legendary Players. Who is the best football playerinhistory? This clash of football legends will tell. Only one canbeat the top, and they will have to prove on the field who isthegreatest of all time★ Crowded Stadiums: Soccer is the number one sport intheworld. The fans won't miss a chance to see those outstandingsoccersuperstars in action playing classic matches.★ Amazing 3d graphics: The best soccer players inhistory,stylized with very high quality level. Enjoy 3D crowdedstadiumsenvironments. Fantastic match day atmosphere.★ Quick Download less than 50MB.★ Online multiplayer mode is coming soon.★ and lots of fun...The clash of football legendsSoccer Duel is the clash of football legends. A soccer game madeforall ages to enjoy. Kids will love, Soccer Duel provideseasynavigation and intuitive game play, simple to play lots of fun!Allfamily can pretend to be the ultimate soccer superstar, be alegendand beat your heroes.Passion for soccerDownload now the best soccer game for free. Amazing free kickduelmatch. Let the football battle for the title begin! Becometheultimate soccer player in the world. Passion for footballstartshere, Soccer Duel is made for all ages to enjoy, all familycanplay flick football together. Kids will love be the newsoccersuper star!Champions aren't born. They're made. Do you have what it takes tobethe new super star soccer? Train and Improve. Make perfectfreekicks, score many penalty goals, reach fame and your fanswillfollow you to the end. Join millions of players in thisexcitingsoccer game and enjoy playing with all your favoritefootballers.Be a Soccer Legend!Who is the best soccer player ever?Soccer Duel will decide who is the best soccer player ever.Starsoccers are waiting for your download. Legendary players runstheshow in a soccer dream league. Let Soccer Duel surprise you.Enjoya free football game made for all family. Only the bestsoccerplayers will achieve the top in this flick penaltyshootout.Soccer game for free on your device, very easy to play andfilledwith lots of fun. Can you stop the best striker? Can you beatthebest goal keeper? How many goals can you score in thissoccergame?Enjoy a soccer game made with quality visual assets and a fluidgameplay. Soccer Duel brings to you the clash of football starsfor freeon your cell phone, tablet and all mobile devices.
Beach Soccer Shootout 1.02
Beach Soccer Shootout (Football) is one of the mostentertainingsoccer flick (football) games. Experience realisticgraphics and asmooth swipe control. Swipe, Curve, shoot fast or lobthe ball intothe goal!Beat the goalkepper! Collect new Balls,Clothes, Hairs andGlasses and create yourdreamplayer!________________________________________________________________________________★PVPMultiplayer, leaderboards and Google Play Achievements.★ 6Differentgame modes: Challenges, Arcade Mode, Expert Mode,TimeMode, TargetMode, Real Time Multiplayer ★ Unlock with Experienceor Gold, newBalls, Clothes, Hairs & Glasses★ Realistic Streetgraphics andimproved playability★ Realistic player animations andball physics★Realistic kick and swipe controls★ Share the gamewith your friendsand enjoy fighting about the Highscores.★ 5Different loactions withweather conditions, such as sun, rain andsnow! ★ Realistic soundsand Ambience★ Huge Character Customizationwith a lot of urban stuffyou can wear. ★ Special Characters thatlook like Lionel Messi,David Beckham, Roberto Carlos, EdgarDavids, Cristiano Ronaldoallong with special balls fordifferentweatherconditions___________________________________________________Doingfootballtricks and shooting at goal was never so fun! You will beamazed howmuch fun you can have by shooting at goalkeeper, likeRonaldinhowith Beach Soccer Flick (Soccer Football). Beach SoccerShootout isFootball Masterpiece atitsfinest!___________________________________________________Pleasesharewith us your game experience and help us to improve the game
Top Stars: Football Match! - Strategy Soccer Cards 1.42.08
Go beat all football clubs and become one of the cardtournamentchampions! Train your team, win a world tournament, a cupor anational league and climb to the top as an online soccer star!Be atop coach, master your deck and assemble powerful combos inthiscard game of strategy while experiencing PvP combat. Buildyourdeck to maximize the power of your amazing players in ordertoscore goals! Create your competition deck with the bestsoccerstars and improve their stats in this multiplayer onlinegame. Ifyou like head to head games, you will love Top Stars. Inthis topfootball strategy game, you can choose your favorite soccerstarsto beat the football cards of your opponents. Choose yourmatchstrategy and decide which soccer cards you will start with. Tobeat the top of the temple of football, Top Stars will guide youbyits unique match strategy configuration of soccer cards. • Findoutwho is the best player by building your top football team!Createyour own lineup or formation and see who is the goal hero inthisstrategy simulator. If you want to be a Top Stars champion,youwill need to pay attention to your striker's attack anddefensepoints to take down the goalkeeper and win the clash. • Useskillcards to give your squad the competitive edge and help defeatyourivals. Collect cards to build your battle deck and fightotherduelists online to see who is a real winner! Transfer andexchangefootballers until you get the perfect collection, find yourbestcompanion! • Competitive real-time PvP combat! League,tournamentor head to head! Begin in the lowest football arena andplay toreach the highest division and the best stadiums. • Makeyour wayto a big league and turn into a Top Stars legend! Challengeyourfriends with the best multiplayer cards battle game and facetopplayers from the best leagues. Aim for the goal and shoot!•Assemble powerful decks and dominate your rivals! Thestrategicgameplay makes you decide which card comes out next! Duelagainstthe greatest football champions in different leagues! • Win,craft,or collect powerful cards! Achieve and combine all the soccerstarslegends for your strategy deck with differents skills andstats.Use their special effects in the best moment!. • You willgetincredible free gifts and rewards witch each victory. Openpacksand boxes or earn more cash to get the best soccer card stars.Keepupgrading your players speed, kick or shot levels to makethemstronger after the battle! This football strategy game is thebestchoice to get a unbeatable formation with the amazing soccerstarson football cards. Enjoy this card strategy game that bringsyouthe best experience of a football match in real time.Startdeveloping your cards club and get to the mayor leagues bywinningall the matches in this amazing sports simulator. Buildyourultimate Deck and aim for the top! Download the game NOW andstartyour journey to become the best tactics player on the field inTopStars! From The Bench brought you other amazing top freestrategygames such as NBA General Manager 2018 or PRO SoccerManager 2018.To play this application you will need internetconnection. Thisapplication offers integrated purchases. You candeactivate them inyour device settings. This application needs youto accept the"Privacy Policy" and the "Legal Notice". It containsadvertisementsof "From The Bench, SL" and of their partners,includesadvertisements inside the game, reunites data throughanalysistechnology and the delivery of third party advertisementsincludingthe location based in the network and GPS. It alsocontains directlinks to social networks for those older than 13years of age aswell as direct links to the Internet. "Like" thegame:
LiveScore: Live Sport Updates
LiveScore keeps you up-to-date with all the latest scores andlivesports action. From goals to cards, match previews to transfernewsand fixtures to final results, LiveScore has everything youneed,all in one place. In-depth coverage from the world offootball,tennis, cricket, basketball and hockey means you canfollow yourteam no matter what sport, competition or league theyplay in. Itswell-founded reputation for being fast and reliablemeans LiveScoreis the perfect app for every sports fan. So, whetheryou’re intoPremier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or Bundesligafootball,Twenty20 cricket, US Open tennis or this year’s Hockeytournaments,you’ll find out first with LiveScore. KEY FEATURES Tapthe starnext to any match for live notifications or favourite aleague orsport so you can quickly get to the scores and details ofmatchesyou care about. If you’re having a bet and want to find outhow theteams in your multiple are getting on, need to keep an eyeon howplayers in your Fantasy Football team are performing or wanttofollow your favourite club while on the go, LiveScore willdeliverfast updates directly to your mobile. VIEW LINE-UPS,MATCHSTATISTICS AND LIVE COMMENTARY -See upcoming fixtures andpreviousresults, with all of Europe’s premier cups and leaguescovered -including the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1andBundesliga -View line-ups as soon as they’re announced beforethematch starts -Detailed live match commentary, includinggoalsscored, assists, corners, cards and descriptions of the action–ideal for Fantasy Football fans -Tap to star a match and we’llkeepyou up to date with what’s going on, including goals and redcards-Get alerts for multiple matches at the same time so you cankeeptrack of the scores or see if your bets are winning -Checkclubform and the results of previous meetings in thehead-to-headsection -See champions made and teams relegated as theleague tableupdates in real time -Plus, possession, shots and foulsstats atthe match end -Read the latest breaking sports news forallleagues, including the Premier League, Champions League andLaLiga. -It’s not just football or soccer LiveScore focuses on.Fromthe wicket, ball and stump details in cricket’s topcompetitions,to point-by-point and serve updates in the biggesttennis matcheson the ATP or WTA World Tours, LiveScore gives youdetailed updatesas if you were there. WORLDWIDE SCORES AND SPORTSWhether you say“football”, “soccer”, “calcio” or “fussball”, you’llbe able tofind your team. More than 1,000 live football and soccermatchesare followed every week during the season for the premiercups andleagues worldwide. If tennis is your sport, follow yourfavouriteplayers in their quest to become champions at the DavisCup final,or every Challenger tournament, Masters event and each oftheSlams. Check all the tournament’s results and viewupcomingmatches, then follow in-play commentary when the playersare oncourt. All formats are covered in our cricket service, fromTestmatches to ODIs to Twenty20. Follow international tournamentssuchas the Caribbean Premier League and see cricketscorecards,ball-by-ball commentary and detailed descriptions ofeach wicket.If basketball is your thing then LiveScore is the bestsports appfor keeping up with the game, with the FIBA EuropeanQualifiers,NBA conferences, play-offs and finals all covered.Hockey iscovered too and thanks to LiveScore’s slick functionalityandspeed, the app gives you fast updates from nationalandinternational hockey leagues in the USA, Canada andEuropeincluding the NHL. ABOUT LIVESCORE Since 1998, LiveScore hasbeengiving you the best real-time delivery of live sport scoresanddata. As leaders and inventors of live score updates, LiveScoreistrusted and used daily by millions of users globally.Itspecialises in the sports: football and soccer, tennis,cricket,basketball and hockey.
SKORES - Live Football Scores
SKORES- Live Football is the quickest and most practicalFOOTBALLLIVESCORE application! Enjoy all the thrills ofFOOTBALL,PremierLeague and Champions League live on your Androidand never missanother goal! Right now, you can join the millions ofusers who puttheir trust in us! NOW, live all the Leagues inreal-time!Experience the 2018 World Cup LIVE, RIGHT NOW! Receivelive GOALalerts, consult all the football rankings and results fromyourphone! Do not miss any results from the English national sideandany other of your favourite teams. Don't miss any of yourfavouriteteam results and follow the 2018 World Cup in Russia live!The"Skores - Live Football" application is completely FREEandincludes the following features: - Live and customisableGOALALERTS - Live FOOTBALL RESULTS - 2018 World Cup, ChampionsLeague,Europa League, Premier League, Liga, serie A andotherchampionships... - Complete RANKINGS and LEAGUE TABLES forallchampionships - FIXTURE lists - Live match STATISTICS -LiveCOMMENTS The Skores - Live FOOTBALL application is also themostcomprehensive app available, covering over 1,000footballcompetitions worldwide! You can now find the results,league tablesand fixture lists for your favourite teams andcompetitions at anytime! The application features the followingtabs: - Footballresults: live results from over 1,000 championshipsin real time(World Cup 2018 live, Olympic Games, Premier League,Liga, EuropaLeague and Champions League live...) ! - Football news,market andtransfers in real time Receive live updates, follow thetransfermarket and check the latest news at any time - Live match:fastaccess to live match scores - Football Rankings: fixture listsforall the championships. You can access the history ofpreviousfootball matches and the programme of matches to come.-Favourites: Fast access to your favourite teams and competitions.Asingle click is all it takes to keep up with all the resultsofyour favourite team or competition! - Football matches indetail:Discover live match statistics, summaries, team sheets,names ofscorers, passers and carded players (yellow and red cards,etc.)"Skores - Live Football" is a free application. Downloadourfootball Livescore service right now for the completefootballexperience! Join our community of more than 4 million Fansonsocial networks :Facebook: Instagram: Twitter : @skoresofficial
Puppet Football Spain CCG/TCG⚽ 3.0.13
⚽ #1 FOOTBALL GAME OF THE YEAR 2018 ⚽ Shoot, kick and score goalsinthe most addicting football game of the year! Long expectedsequelof extremely popular hand Puppet Soccer 2014 with more than10million players all over the world from May 2014. Do you havewhatit takes to become the Legend? Train your skills, practicefreekicks, improve defense and offense tactics with no offsidehere.Lace up your boots and pull your shirt on or enjoy Mexicanwave:this game was made for you. Funniest Football Features (FFF):⚽ 20sock puppet team with real stats ⚽ 100+ cartoon puppet ⚽Specialpower ups in game – chewing gum, ice, slime, gypsum, superpower,spring, speed, silver shield, Mexican wave ⚽ Big hand puppet2 headfun 2-player mode - splitscreen multiplayer for two playerson asingle device 🏆 Climb the league season 2017/2018 withachievements,champions cup and highscores ⚽ Train your playerspower, sprintspeed and jump header keepie-uppie ⚽ Heal yourinjured players,destroy enemy and change tactics and use 235 or442 ⚽ Perfectphysics for ball and mad goals ⚽ Upgrade your stadiumto get moremoney for victory Pick your favorite hand puppet teamand defeat youenemies. You can play in 2 player mode with yourfriend on onedevice. Train your team and get on the top of thecharts andcommence Mexican wave. It is your choice, who will beyour bestplayer. New arena and increased stats, it means newplayers. Gamehas 4 different control schemes – it is fullycustomizable. Practicefree kicks, speed and jump. Play as championand jump, kick andfaul. Change tactics and win. Stay before thegoal and wait, yourchance to score will be bigger. Use offensivestrategy, defensestyle or wide winger and all at the same time.Have the best handpuppet team and start Mexican wave. The gameorders many bonuses –you can use chewing gum, freeze or silvershield to get protectionor you can only begin Mexican wave. Healyour injured puppet teamand continue in game. For more informationabout Hand Puppetfootball Spain see at our website or Facebook.Created by NOXGAMES2014-2018
Pro Soccer Leagues 2018 - Stars Football World Cup 1.1.6
Bulky Sports
Pro soccer leagues 2018 & stars football world cup game ishere,and it’s better than ever. Now let’s fight against worldsoccerrivals in this soccer game to excite the football teamlovers as thebest team captain ever. Become the legend top scorerof the leaguechampionship in this thrilling & adventurer worldfootballtournament. Lead your soccer team players to the victorystand inthis professional soccer leagues 2018 & stars footballworldcup3d game. Now this is your chance to build the best soccerteam inthe world. Select top super star players to build your veryownworld football team. Challenge the pro soccer rivals of theworldchampion league. Play head to head against your opponents toscorethe goals. The opponent team players will shoot the ball,dribble,and kick the penalties only to win. Declare yourself as atop goalscorer of the soccer league final match. Compete withdifferentfootball teams & perfect your kick & shoot skillsto win2018 football world cup. You must be very perfect to shootthe ballby your head in right direction of opponent team. Boostyourattacking skills to face the team challenges. In realcompetitionstyle, challenge your opponents from all over theworld. Contest indifferent soccer matches with different countriesto be a legendplayer and take the world cup to your home countryclub. Select yourworld best soccer players team formation andchallenge to any teamwho stands in your way as you rise throughdifferent league matchesto upgrading team level and earn points tounlock the world cupmatches. Build the best squad in the world andlead them all the wayto win the soccer league championship orfootball world cuptournament. Soccer league stars is the latestmobile footballsimulation game featuring with simple controls,smooth animationsand crazy actions. Pro soccer leagues 2018 &stars footballworld cup is the best mobile football soccersimulation game, smoothcontrols, realistic animations and ultimateactions. Adventure offootball passing, sprint and skill of movingaround opponents, takeaim, shoot and goal. Realistic passes,powerful shots in thisfootball game will add an amazing footballgameplay experience. Getyour favorite soccer team players and winagainst the world footballchampion teams by playing this footballsimulation game.Pro soccerleagues 2018 & stars football worldcup is the best free kickshoot football 3d game on store. Testyour abilities while playingagainst top soccer team players &experienced team managersaround the world. Unite your footballteam stars with the spirit of,as they are finest football club’sstars. Be the best soccer teammanager to build the best team &top football players of theworld. For winner’s gameplay is verysimple just run faster, passingthe football to team player &take aim to shoot & goal. Youcan also control every player ofyour team through the easy joystickcontrols. As a country clubcaptain, you will train best soccerplayers & increase theirability to win the world leaguetournament matches. Playingprofessional soccer leagues 2018 &stars football world cupmore exciting & latest mobile soccer 3dgame. Build and manageyour football team and keep striking back forsoccer world cupcompetition. Become a real soccer star with yourfavorite top herofootball players. Feel of genuine football groundenvironmentduring football match and feel the heat of free kickpenaltymoments. Pro Soccer Leagues 2018: Stars Football World CupGameFeatures: -Create, customize and control your prosoccerteam-Select your favorite country, player skin, PlayerUniform& shoes.-Quick & Smarter moves of your player andopponentson the soccer ground.-Realistic graphics and sound effectwillenhance the gameplay experience-Latest visual effects andcutscenes more like television football match.-Googleplayleaderboards & achievements to review top rankings.
365Scores - Live Scores 6.0.0
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365Scores keeps you updated with the latest news, results,squadsand more… Join over 30 million other fans and enjoy 24/7insta livecoverage of 10 different sports. Including the fastestscoresupdates on earth, Live Stats, Breaking News, In-GameInsights,Highlights, Lineups, Live Tables and much more. FIFA WorldCup,NBA, NFL, UEFA Champions League, Premier League, La Liga,MLS,Serie A, Liga MX, MLB and over 2,000 leagues of Soccer,Football,Tennis, Basketball, Rugby and other sports. Fullypersonalizedcontent and notification services. ● Choose what teamsand leaguesyou want to follow or pick your games in that moment. ●Warning!Our live match notifications may be faster than your gamestream.It also allows you to select exactly which events to follow,getbreaking news alerts and activate our night mode so you can havealife while doing so. ● Watch the best moments of the match (Andtheday) with the BUZZ stream right after they happen ● Ownthetransfer market with our special transfer feed. ● Follow thesportsTV schedule so you can always catch your game on the biggerscreen.● Pre-game and live insights for all the major football&tennis competitions ● Live Match Tracker, the best way to bein thegame when you can't see the game! SUPPORTS 10 DIFFERENTSPORTS:Soccer, Football, Rugby, Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, IceHockey,Baseball, Volleyball, American football and Handball. MORETHAN2,000 COMPETITIONS: FIFA World Cup, English Premier League, FACup,UEFA Champions League, The Football League, Spanish LaLiga,Bundesliga, Serie A, French Ligue 1, Wide coverage ofSouthAmerican, African and Asian leagues. Wimbledon, Roland Garros,USOpen, Davis Cup, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, NCAA and much more!YOURTEAMS: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico, ManchesterUnited,Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham,PSG,Juventus, AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Dortmund and alsoFlamengo,Corinthians, Al Hilal Riyadh, Al Ahly, River Plate, BocaJuniors,or any international and local team you wish to follow.We’realways happy for any feedback! For any question or inquiryemail usat: [email protected] or visit us on:Facebook:
Penalty Football: Champions 17 1.0.15
HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO FEEL LIKE A FAMOUS PLAYER?Enjoy thesocceremotions, which accompany the penalty shootout. Experiencethefootball championships similar to Euro 16 or World Cup 16.Scorethe goals like never before - penalty shoots without foulandreferee. You can experience emotions like the famous soccerplayersfrom the most popular football teams: Madrid, Barcelona,Manchesteror London Clubs. This game extract the pure penaltyemotions fromgames like best football and soccer simulator. Bestgame of2017.YOU CAN SCORE MAGICAL GOALS IN BEAUTIFUL ENVIRONMENTOFFOOTBALL STADIUMS Shoot and score goals in soccer match,butwithout unnecessary running like crazy on the field,refereepenalties or opponent football players. Do you rememberthoseexciting moments from the matches of your favourite soccerteamslike: Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester or London FootballClub.STRIKERHAVE A TOTAL CONTROL OVER THE FLIGHT OF THE BALLDefeatthegoalkeeper with your skills, eliminate the “random” factor fromthematch, as well as you can eliminate fouls, referees. Just focusonstriking the goals in penalties. Games like Champion Soccer 16orWorld Cup 16 can not provide experiences like those. Inaddition,you have a chance of winning in championships. Imagine theWorldCup or Euro, but only with penalty or free kick shoots. Kicktheball and look how your amazing strike is destroying opponentsteamdreams about winning the match and championships. You can bewinnerof World Cup or Euro tournament. You cannot (probably) findsimilarsoccer game, with that amount of emotions.You can becomeasuperstar penalty striker and have a chance to win World CuporEuro or any other football tournament.