Top 27 Games Similar to Prison Escape Sniper

Stickman Shotgun Shooting 1.0
Stickman Shotgun Shooting is the most destructive shootingandtargeting 2d game of 2018. You are a stickman, knock out allenemystickman and arm yourself with different guns including,pistols,shotgun and sniper. You are the ultimate covert gunshooterstickman, you have to strike first or they finish you! Areyouready to defeat enemies? How long will you survive in deadlywarmission?Enjoy the critical frontier shooting in 2d shootinggameenvironment and become best stickman commando shooter. As youbeststickman shooter in the world, you are calling to removetheenemies, so your mission is to finish the entire terrorfromeverywhere and protect the area. Play this Army Stickman Sniper3Dgame and challenge your shooting skills. Complete its allhardchallenging based levels to become best world pro stickmanshooter.Commando Fun Shooting Adventure takes you on whirlwind tourdeepinto enemy territory to locate and remove hidden targets. thetimefor diplomacy is gone, the time for extreme war action is now.hereyou need fast, aggressive and accurate shooting techniques,upgradeyour sniper rifle to improve accuracy, damage andrange.StickmanCommando Shooter will provide you multiple background2denvironments for real fight. In this City StickmanShootingAdventure game, there will be everything you ever wanted.StickmanShotgun Shooting is a 2D gun shooting game with amazingstickmancharacters, silky smooth animation and bloody graphicswithrealistic gun sound effects. Stickman Commando Shooter is asimplegun shooting game and its Completely free on play store forallfans of action games and for players who want to dominate inthecombat zone!Warning: this shooting game contains lots of bloodandfun violence!Army Stickman Sniper 3D Features:Great gameforexpelling your angerLots of deathVibrant graphics andsilky-smoothanimation Tons of exciting missionsHours of gunshooting funEasyand smooth control of gunsArmy Stickman Sniper 3Ddoes not requireany internet connection, you can have fun in thecar, duringservices in a temple and in the subway.This game is freeto play,but it contains items that can be purchased for real moneyand maycontain third party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.If you like Stickman Shotgun Shooting, pleaserateand give your feedback for further improvement of the game.
Commando Hunter: Sniper Shooter 5.1.0
🔫As a commando hunter and sniper, you need to lurk behind enemytoshield your teammates from offense!Train your shooting skillstoincrease your hit rate!Commando Hunter: Sniper Shooter is one of#1shooting game in 2018!Game features:● a variety ofpowerfulweapons: AK47, MP5, M4 and other 6 kinds ofworld-renownedfirearms, pistols, rifles, submachine guns, shotguns,sniperrifles, grenades and other weapons of all kinds.● Richgameplay:Slide the left side of the screen to control the movementof thecharacter. Click the Acceleration button to sprint.Afterdiscovering the enemy, click on the aim and then shoot. Afterthebullet is used up, pay attention to switch the firearm. Ofcourse,you can also use the firearm to perform a melee attack.●Realistic3D game screen, high quality game sound: Perfectfirst-person lens,the smooth picture can be very clear the positionof the enemy, isdefinitely the pinnacle of mobile anti-terrorismgame screen. Thebackground music is full of substitutions, takingyou into the realbattlefield; the actual firearms sound andfootsteps are recorded,so that you can clearly distinguish theposition of the enemy withgunshots.● No need for WiFi: Playanytime, anywhere to play, allmap levels can be played downstreamin offline conditions, downloadCommando Hunter: Sniper Shooter,enjoy the thrill ofshooting.Download Commando Hunter: SniperArcher, become thebravest assault commander in the army!🔫If youlike the first-personshooting game, then Commando Hunter: SniperShooter is definitelythe option you can't miss!
SNIPER WAR - island shooter 1.6
sniper war island is full of sharpshooter pirate &gangster.Only death can end sniper war Do you love sniper games? doyou wantto have a hardcore bloodshed battlefield war with brutalpirateswanted to kill our king. If yes! then enjoy this army sniperwaragainst pirates in the near island with full of action.
Killer Shooter Critical Strike 1.0.3
Killer Shooter Critical StrikeThe top Anti-Terrorist teamispreparing to fight against terrorists, gangsters andcriminals.JoinTop Elite Anti-Terrorist team, take up arms, preparefor intensebattle, and contribute to human security.Killer ShooterCriticalStrike is the most exciting and challenging FPS (FirstPersonShooting) game.As a Anti-Terrorist killer, you will work withyourteam to fight terrorists, sabotage their action plans,removelandmines placed by terrorists,And resolvehostages.EliteAnti-Terrorist Shooter, no time to hesitate, andimmediately takeaction to destroy criminals and terroristgroups!  KillerShooter Critical Strike features:-Realistic realistic scene,exciting FPS shooting experience- Bombdisposal mode, rescuehostages mode and custom mode to choose from-Rich weapons, sniper,assault rifles, pistols, to help you completethe mission- Theimpact of sound, experience shooting, explosion,heartbeat andother stimuli- High quality game screen, reflectingthe water,reflective, lighting, night, fog and other effects- AsaAnti-Terrorist Killer, rescue hostages, clear bombs, destroytheterrorist groups threats.You are a hero against terrorism, asaviorto destroy terrorists and rescue civilians in crisis, andit's timeto take action!
sniper 1.5
sniper Do you love sniper games . then, enjoy real sniper withbestsniper games 3d action Best shooting games presents real worldwargame with extreme hardcore bloodshed of battlefield andblindnessof war2 survival fighting. In this sniper 3d actionadventure warshooting game, you are going to love the real fun ofthrillingaction games and can get best shooting games simulationwith lotsof attractive and thrilling desert storm games environmentand icestorm games environment. it's the best fun free game withrealcontrols of sniper games and as a sniper shooter you have tosnipershot all the secret agent you have got in the list of thesecretbook from the headquarter. the secret book is so important asacommando you have to work like a super agent and done yourworkwith keeping the secret. This sniper games is not likesimpleshooting games of 2017 but in this sniper games , you have toworkbeing a secret agent and live among secret society for killshotmilitary missions. In this sniper games , you are going to getrealshooting games experience with shooting car games missionsandshooting bike games missions in real ice storm. black opslevelsrequire precious and skillful shooting . gameplay istotallyfocused for best shooting games to make these sniper games arealawesome battlefield action. arma missions need lots of snipingandshooting to steel kill the enemies on their ground. battlefieldisfull of airstrike attacks , tanks and modern heavy fireweaponslike bazooka , machine gun and humvees and you have to useyoursniping games skills to unleash the enemies forces in thisgamesniper. Army war sniper 3d shooting games is est shootinggamesfree for action packed games lover. enemies have destroyedourstrong hold and we have to defend our base as a 3d snipershooterand like a permainan sniper shooter 3d we have to counterstrikeour enemies at our best. the purge of killing spree .frontlinesniper shooter shoot, shoot and shoot until kill all ofthem. ***Snow army sniper war shooter Features => SNIPER =>HARDLINEBATTLEFIELD ACTION => best shooting game with topactionfeatures => real controls for fps game. control aretoprealistic in accordance with first person shooter =>progressthe level in 3 regions of desert , mountain and city gunnermodewith a real story based game => real 3d environment andwelldefine GUI => top controls like a shooting pro => actualwarbattlefield => ADDICTIVE GAME => GREAT SNIPER GAME =>BESTACTION GAME => THE BEST GAME => SHOOT AND KILL => NONSTOPACTION => REALISTIC COMBAT EXPERIENCE => ATTACK ENEMYWITHMODERN WEAPON => BEST ACTION GAME => UNIQUE GAMEPLAY=>SHOOTING GAMES FOR FREE => SNIPER => EXTREME ACTIONS=>TOTALLY FREE => SNIPER THE ENEMY => SNIPING =>PERMAINANSNIPER we have worked hard to ensure the best shootinggameplay. ifyou have any problem contact our best shooting gamesteam.
Taloor Hunter Birds Hunting 1.0.1
Taloor Hunter 3D game is for those passionate gamers who aregettingtired of typical sniper shooting games and want some newfun andadventure. Increase your hunting fever, get your huntinggun andallow us to take you on birds Hunting 2017 adventure. Enjoythe mostrealistic hunting experience ever. Wild bird Hunting isall aboutprecise shooting, aiming quickly and shooting at theright time.Develop your skills as a bird hunter by shooting downas many birdsas possible in a limited amount of time. Become aTaloor Huntingexpert by playing this great bird shooting game3D.Everybody likesto play jungle hunting and commando shootinggames, that’s why weare presenting you a brand new idea in thecategory of snipershooting games, the desert Taloor Hunting - 3D.Play this desertshooting game adventure while taking perfectkiller head shots ofblack birds which are flying everywhere in thejeep safari jungle.Be a sharp shooter and aim the Taloor birdperfectly. Your accuracymust be very high while hunting the flyingbirds as the accuracy isthe key factor in every bird huntinggames. The sniper huntingsimulator is specially designed to boostyour sniping skills in mostrealistic manner. Feel yourself anelite force commando and be aperfect sniper shooter to hunt downall the taloor in this desertgame. In this top free birds huntinggame you have to be best birdshunter of 2016.There are number ofbirds flying everywhere likeeagle, crow, duck sparrow etc but youhave to hunt only taloor inthis Taloor Hunter game 2017. Somepeople loves deer hunting gamesbut some of them like lion huntingor dino hunting games. This gameis llike duck hunting game youwill enjoy to play this full ofadventure game. You have to be verysharp in this taloor huntingjungle game. Grab your gun for birdshunting season in this newfirst person shooter game.Multiplestypes of deer and other animalsin desert on ground. Deer huntingin desert or Lion hunting injunlge is not included in yourchallenging mission. If you want tobe a real animal hunter or realbird hunter or real birds shooter,you have to be expert snipershooter and hunter. In this taloorhunting 2018 3d game take allbirds down.How to Play Taloor HunterGame:-• Tap the shoot buttonat bottom left corner to perform sniperkiller shots.• Use thesniper telescopic zoom to increase youraiming accuracy.• Completeeach sniper simulation mission to unlockthe next level.• Swipe thedevice screen to find and hunt the taloorin jungle.• Avoid missshots and delay fires.• Kill all birds withingiven time.TaloorHunter Features:-- Hunting birds, Best huntingsimulator SAFARI3D.- Driving off road on luxury 4x4.- Beautifulgraphics andrealistic scenery.- Realistic animated birds to behunted.- Soundsof Africa, enhancing the reality effect.- Besthunter scoretable.Give your feedbackat:-
Sniper 3D : Train Shooting Game 2.7
Timuz Games
Sniper 3D : Train Shooting Game : Make the best sniping strategytodestroy your enemies in this snipers mission! As thisAmericanssniper trains acts like rail shooter and eliminate eachand everyenemy by targeting and shoot them. It's time to show someultimatesniping skills. Many challenges are waiting for you as youattackenemy on a moving train. Fulfill US transportation dutythatrequire protection from terrorist attack. This unique conceptoftrains SHOOTING game for free on moving trains makes itmostaddictive and thrilling free shooters games. Let not yourenergylevel down during the attack against the invasion. Get holdof yourlong range snipers rifle, Set your aim and pull the triggertodestroy your enemy. Make sure you keep yourself well focusedanddetermined before firing your first shot. Please be carefulandlook around to prevent the enemies from SHOOTING on you.Experiencethe thrill of being in a highly classified snipingmission andassassinate the enemies with your rifles! Action andthrill willlet you master the elite sniper-skills. Become bestAmericanssnipers hero in this modern combat with criminals. SoDownload this"Sniper 3D : Train Shooting Game " game & enjoy achallenging& entertaining shooting 3d game play!
Sniper Highway Traffic Shooter 3D 1.1
Fluxior Inc.
City sniper army shooter assault rifle fight and want to shootyourmafia traffic.
Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter 3D 1.11
Have you got what it takes to bring down wild dinosaursandbloodthirsty zombies in the ultimate hunting game? Afailedexperiment has created monstrous creations that roamEarth’spost-apocalyptic wasteland. As an elite shooter, you mustnow huntto survive. Complete missions to unlock powerful newweapons andbecome the ultimate sniper. Breathe in and ready yourweapon. KeyFeatures: - SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE USING DEADLY SNIPERSKILLS -STORY-DRIVEN GAMEPLAY PLUNGES YOU INTO A POST-APOCALYPTICWORLD -PLAY TONS OF MISSIONS AND CHALLENGES - EARN BONUS XP ANDREWARDSWITH PRECISION SHOOTING - HUNT DINOSAURS IN EXOTICJURASSICLOCATIONS - INCREDIBLE NEXT-GEN BULLET-TIME EFFECTS WITHEVERYSNIPER HEADSHOT - BECOME EVEN DEADLIER BY UPGRADING YOURWEAPONS -STALK YOUR PREY IN INCREDIBLY DETAILED LOCATIONS ON LANDANDUNDERWATER! JOIN AN EPIC STORY IN EXOTIC LOCATIONS! Uncoverthemystery behind the most controversial scientific experiment inU.Shistory. Human and resurrected dino genomes have merged,creatingmonstrous abominations known as the Humanosaurs. Now theyrun amokin a post-apocalyptic wasteland strewn with abandonedbuildings anddinosaur nests. Kill the living and the walking deadalike. Hunt tosurvive. PRECISE SNIPER-SHOOTING ACTION Scan yourprey for weakspots and earn bonus loot and XP. Pinpoint criticalorgansincluding brains and lungs using your thermal sights. Replayepickills with incredible bullet-time. For any hunter unluckyenough tobe caught in the enemy’s gaze then prepare to face offagainst youropponent’s fury in a nail-biting quick-time event.You’ll only haveseconds to react. ELIMINATE DEADLY ENEMIES Stalk anincrediblevariety of dinosaur, zombie and Humanosaur enemies onland andunderwater. Use precision skills and upgrade your weaponsto takedown prey including the Einiosaurus that can withstandincredibleamounts of damage and the mighty 3-ton Tuojiangosauruscoated invicious spikes. AN ARSENAL OF AWESOME UPGRADEABLE WEAPONSPick offyour dino and walking dead foes with up to 14 modern andclassicsniper rifles as well as explosives including flashgrenades. Eachrifle has 15 upgrades, including increased stabilityand clip size.Stalk your prey from within the shadows by enhancingeach rifle'sscope and zooming capabilities, ensuring you become theultimatesniper hunter. Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter is finallyavailable onGoogle Play! Discover our other games: us on Facebook: Follow us onTwitter:
Mountain Sniper Army shooting Real FPS Shooter 1.5
Terrorists have taken over the army base on mountain. Get readytoengage into mountain sniper army shooting and become a realFPSshooter to disengage enemy. This mountain sniper armyshootingcombat extreme fps shooter game is a real thriller. Gear upand getready for realistic sniper army 3D shooter simulation.Commandosare ready for combat action in the battlefield. Mountainsnipersare all set to shoot down the rebel guerillas. You are theonlymountain sniper army spy shooter at the top, now show them howyouhave been trained as a member of spy commando elite force. Bereadyto shoot your aim and be a spy in the battle field. Huntyourenemies like a professional mountain sniper hunter.Engagethestealth position, crawl to the top of the mountain base. Asanexperience mountain sniper take the perfect shot to hunt downtheenemy. Survive the brutal shelling and bombardment retaliationfromthe enemy base. Take camouflage in snow covered mountainsniperdressing. This real FPS shooter is fun to play free shootinggame.Show skills as an expert elite commando of black forcesspecialistin mountain sniper attack. As an army spy, use yourextreme armyshooting skills. Keep your breath, lock the enemy, aimand shoot.Kill all the crazy enemies in a limited time. As mountainsniperarmy shooting use of your limited ammunition, aimed atdistantenemies, kill and eliminate them. Once you start shooting,theenemy will know your presence, search for you everywhere,attackyou. No way to turn back, so you have to be very careful,fast,accurate, ruthless shooting. Being an elite member ofmountainsniper army shooting brigade, you can join the strikebattle incounter attack against the deadly and most brutal enemy inthisbattle. Reinforce and join the battlefield in this brandnewfirst-person shooting mountain sniper shootereliteforce. Don’t into the enemy lines and accept thedeadlymountain sniper shooting mission. You’re your best point ontop ofthe snow covered hilltop. Set your scope and destroy theenemy withthis real FPS shooter mountain sniper army gun. As a coldkiller,your mission is to take down enemy forces as much as youcan.Protect your forces and don’t let the enemy take downthecivilians. Ensure your survival and safety. Enemy has alsoengagedsome shooters on the hill climb snowy mountains. Show youinstinctof FPS shooter to quickly kill the enemy. Your army baseneed youas a specialist mountain sniper shooter and brave soliderof realFPS shooter squad. You are an experience mountain elitesniperarmy, shooting in different hills and terrible hindrancepoints,you accurately identify the target and lock the target,quicklydestroy the enemy. As a specialist duty commando andcounterterrorist attack specialist, serving as duty commandoagainst thecounter terrorist strike war you have to move on tomountain sniperborder army. Grab your mountain sniper army shootinggun andbreathe slowly. Take aim and shoot on your target in thissilentassassin fps shooter mission. Trust on your sniping assassinskillsand go for perfect killing shot. The enemies are fullyequippedwith modern weapons and warfare techniques.Mountain SniperArmyshooting Real FPS Shooter Features.• Extreme ThrillingFighting.•Perfect Operations.• Advance Sniper Weapon.• DeadlyShootingTasks.• HD Graphics.• Challenging Sniper Missions.
Range Shooter
Range Shooter is a 3D first personshootersimulation game with stunning details and addictivegameplay.Hi there rookie!Welcome to your basic and advanced shootingtrainingsimulation.As you start the simulation, your first trainer will meet youandguide you through the basic stepsThere will be different trainers for every range and it wouldbewise to listen to them.Good luck.Choose your weapon and test your shooting skills withcountlesschallenging missions!Try different weapons in specialised ranges, fight for newmissionsor high scores.Now pick up your gun, step into the action and proveyourself!TOP QUALITY GRAPHICSEnjoy the next generation graphics quality right onyourdevice.Top quality 3D environments, detailed gun models, realisticphysicsand special effects are all part of the simulation.CHALLENGING GAME MODES & TRAINING RANGESTest your shooting skills in 3 unique training ranges and5different game modes.Eleminate terrorists, rescue hostages, race against targetsandtime.TONS OF UPGRADEABLE GUNSArm yourself with highly detailed guns ranging from classicpistolsto assault rifles, sniper rifles and many more!Unlock new weapons and upgrade your guns with damage, accuracy,rateof fire, reload speed and clip size upgrades!EASY CONTROLS DESIGNED FOR MOBILEGet comfortable with easy to use controls and focus allyourattention just on your enemies.Select Touch Aim or Sensor Control as you like.DAILY REWARDSGet your daily bonus every day, multiply with everyconsecutivevisit.COMING SOON!Online Multiplayer Mode!Brand New Training Range!Tons of new Weapons!KEY FEATURES- Single Player and Multiplayer options- 5 Challenging Game Modes: Time Attack, Missions,Challenge,Hostage Rescue, Survival- Three Shooting Ranges: Pistol Training Range, AssaultRifleTraining Range, Sniper Training Range- Realistic weapons: Pistols, SMG's, Shotguns, Rifles,Snipers- Upgrade Options: Damage, Accuracy, Rate of Fire, ReloadSpeed,Clip Size and Ammo Capacity- Rich Target Variety: Stationary and Moving Targets,SuicideBombers, Terrorists etc.- Stunning 3D graphics with quality options- Easy & comfortable control options- Online Leaderboards and AchievementsPlease rate us and give your feedback for further improvement ofthegame.Visit our official site at
SWAT Shooter Killer 1.0.5
SWAT Shooter Killer is the most challenging and adventure FPSSniperShooting game. The terrorists occupied the desert town.Theywantonlooting, sabotage, kidnapping ordinary people.Town People'slivesare in danger. Snipers and special talks family has been inplace,SWAT accept the mission to rescue the hostages, this is themomentof your bravery!You are a special training SWAT, skilled inusingall kinds of snipers, machine guns, and other weapons; Youweredispatched to rescue people trapped in the desert town,fightagainstterrorists; The task is very arduous, keep calm,hold yourbreath,pull the trigger, shooting.CHALLENGING ADVENTURE FPSSHOOTING TOTERRORISTS* Rich weapons, snipers, assault rifles,pistols, help youcomplete a variety of missions!* Different tasklevels, difficultydifferent, make you feel passion and thrillingshooting* Realisticpicture of the game, immersive experience inthe desert town.*Ranking system, and other various title, Primary,Senior, Advanced,Elite Killer.Features Of SWAT Shooter Killer:-First Person ShootSniper Game-Realistic scenes,all kinds ofcharacters,richweapons.experience an extraordinary journeykillings.-The shock ofthe game sound effects, bring you differentawesome shootingexperience. Shot, headshot,sniping,explosions-Easy Play, CompletelyFree, play Happy.-As long as youwork hard, get more rewards, usethese rewards to unlock moreadvanced weapons and clips.Forterrorists and criminals withoutmercy and hesitate to take up armsto come play SWAT ShooterKiller, save the world, maintaining peace!
Sniper 3d 1.0
Are you bored of your daily routine and want somethingchallengingand adventurous. Then Sniper 3d sniper 3d is the Rightchoice as itis the most daring and addictive game. In the scenarioof the gameyou are going to be a gun shooter having a very hardterrain totravel. During your path of moving forward you will befaced withglobal terrorist and your mission would be to purge yourcountryand this world. You have to fight with superb spirit andastutemindset. Being an elite sniper shooter your each and everymove iscounted. Aim your sniper rifle at your enemy and defend yourpostand position as valiantly as you can.In sniper 3ddifferentterrains would be given to you, you might be movingthrough desert,snow, ice, city world or any natural object you canthink off. Thepath would never be easy, it’s your skills andchauvinism thatwould get you through these difficult scenarios andkill your enemyas fast as you can. In this sniper fighting gamekeep your nervescalm and focus on hostile gunmans. The calmer youare, the betteryou can overcome the crisis of battlefield.Therefore, show yourskills of marksmanship and fight till your lastbreathe and saveyour homeland.Sniper 3d would give you anexperience of fiercebattle shooter where you have to fulfillvariety of missions andcombat your enemies. So spoof off any doubtand maintain the sniperdignity you have and prove it you are themost well trained soldiera country have. Games will provide youwith grenades, medical kitsas extra items that can ensure yoursurvival at the time of crisis.Smooth shooting would get youthrough and blind shooting would costyou your life. Behave like agun shooter who can get through anysituation and fulfill heftiestof missions like these Kabulmissions.Keep your firearms active andget ready for game that youhave never seen before. With yourcounter fps strike box and allthe supplementary items keep yourspirits alive. You are alsoprovided with variety of sniper guns asthe missions become moreand more difficult, so use them wisely.This game would make youforget all of the sniper games. Yourexperience of playing a gamewith challenging environment and antishooting skills would bewidely enhanced. So, conquer enemy beforeits late. Keep yourmissions the secret as its very high levelinformation that shouldnot reach your enemy. Be a fierce battleshooter with mind blowinggun shooting and win it for yourcountry.Sniper 3d is brought toyou through hard work of BestShooting Games. So rate it and playit. All of your criticism eitherpositive and negative would bewelcomed. Give your suggestions andexperience best shooting gameever made.
Sniper 3D - Counter terrorist - Gun shooter 2.0.5
🚩 Action combat fps games with best sniper 3d controls. Beinganincredible superhero of killer games, you have to stopterroristattack and modern strike in this final combat. You have tosnipingshot the assassin army war soldiersr of terrorist attack -killshot bravo game.🚩🚩🚩 Game features: 🚩🚩🚩★ 100+ missions andcampain★15+ sniper guns★ Latest weapons like combat sniper rifles,modernguns, sniper guns, gun strike★ Unlimited bullets to killenemy interrorist attack★ Enhanced graphics. Stunning 3Denvironment★Become a hero with one bullet in gun shooter.🚩As anelite mountainsniper, you know aim of battle. In this FPS gamesaction warshooting games, you are going to love the real fun ofthrillingaction games and can get best shooting games simulationwith lotsof attractive.🚩 This is a FPS games shooting - kill shotbravoassassin thrilling game with a lot of heavy weapons to choosefromto kill enemy like: sniper guns, gun strike, swat. You have toshowyourself as elite army shooter in the counter terrorist andprovethis myth wrong that the best sniper shooter are acrosstheborderline. If you aim with heavy weapons sniper and yoursniperaim is clear and faithful enough then glory of victory willbe ourcounter terrorist. Gun shooter kill all enemy in deserts,mountainsand city. 🚩 Note: This sniper games is not like simpleshootinggames but in this sniper games with swat and terroristattack. Donot kill & target the innocents, aim and shooting tostopcounter terrorist of terrorist attack🚩 Fps games action iswaitingfor you with missions in this best shooting games ofsurvivalfighting.Be a hero and get ready for an action packedexperience inthis free FPS games. Download now and enjoy it !!!
Gun & Strike 3D 1.1.9
Doing Studio
"Gun & Strike 3D" is a 3D shooting game.The game has a hotandrealistic battle scenes, smooth operation, rich weapon system,theintelligent enemies regulation system, and the players canupgradethe property of the system. We will let you put it down,waitingfor what ?Try the mobile version of Gun & Strike 3D!★ Afullrange of weapons systems: covers let you experience the thrillofFun variety of firearms, from pistols, submachine guns to thewholeset of firearms sniper rifle, nine kinds of weapons are freeforyou to choose, such as DesertEagle,AK47,P90,M4A1,TMP,Barrett,Fiveeven,MAC10, Galil,etc;★ Theplayerattributes to upgrade the system: by destroying the enemy todropcoins can upgrade player attributes, including attack poweranddefense, superior fighting;★ Terrorists of intelligentregulationsystem: the play effect you want to achieve by adjustingthe numberof enemies (1-11) and wisdom (0-100), you can continue tochallengetheir own limits;★ A variety of different combat postures:standingshooting, squat shooting battle switch clip to experiencerealisticcourse of the fighting;★ Radar systems: radar system cansee theorientation and the number of the enemy, the better to graspthecombat situations;★ Realistic visuals: the strong distinctivesoundof a real battle screen effects and rhythm, such asshooting,running, and death.★ Free Games: Free download, freecoins, you donot pay also can play cool.We will let you put itdown, waiting forwhat ?Try the mobile version of Gun & Strike3D!
Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D 7.6
Try Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D shooter where you canfightagainst players worldwide! In this FPS pocket edition you canusemultiply block guns (from axes to sniper) and play with friendsonawesome maps! Join with thousands of players around the world!Pickyour weapon and start your duty causing havoc and destructioninthis battle thorn environment of Pixel Fury! IN THIS FREEWORLDWIDE MULTIPLAYER YOU CAN: + Battle against friends withwidevariety of guns including bazookas, mini gun, axes,shotguns,combat rifles, sniper, UZI, AK, RPG and many other! + Earnpointsto unlock new pixel weapons & characters! + Choosebetweendifferent awesome FPS game modes of DEATHMATCH, TEAMDEATHMATCH andCAPTURE THE FLAG! + Customize your character withVAST SELECTION OFDIFFERENT SKINS! + Play on AWESOME MULTIPLAYERMAPS IN 3D which areall UNLOCKED! + Cause HAVOC: Throw grenades,sniper the enemy,shoot with bazooka! Soldier! You have to free yourfull fury andcraft a bulletproof plan to survive in these wars ofmassdestruction. Which weapon are your going to pick forsurvival?Different block guns have different abilities, would it bebest tokill the enemy with a close up combat knife or craft apistol forthat? Sniper him from a distance or call extinguish tohis survivalusing a bazooka? In this modern shooter game, sniper isgreat forcity maps and it is a wonderful firearm in teamdeathmatches. Whilecops team runs into the robbers hordes withblock knifes,kalashnikovs blazing and RPG roaming, you caneliminate enemies instealth mode. Another wicked craft is to waitfor the robbers togather up in the city center and blast them awayusing a missileweapon. Or you can use a close combat weapon in thefast paced cityfights to take the robbers out from a short range.However, if youwish to enjoy great multiplayer action in the goodold shootinggames style, pick a pixel gun or AK 47 and have funshooting! Youhave to constantly improve in this shooting game, themore wars yousurvive the stronger you get. After each duty you willincrease inexperience, which allows you to craft new weapons nskins. Buymodern weapons & fps enhancers like armor, ammo andfirepowerto your guns. You can upgrade firearms to improve ammocapacity,accuracy and fire rate. There are a lot of different skinsin thispixel shooter, play as general, zombie, boy or cop! Callyour warskin wisely, some skins work well for night time maps,blending inwith the battleground n increasing your chances ofsurvival, somejust look very cool! You can blast the enemies indifferent worlds!There are fps maps which take place in a desert orcity. You canshoot the robbers at night time in harbor containerfields orduring a snowy day in an open arena or even in space! Bewisechoosing the best shooting game mode for you! Duringdeathmatchwars you can shoot all opponents. Get your best gun out ncalldestruction. It is the survival of the fittest. However,whentrying to call for team deathmatch, do your best to helpyourmilitary commando! Fill your duty by using a missile weapon orjumpinto shooter action with a shotgun! When you have chosencapturethe flag mode you have to craft a clever plan. Find therightbalance between defending your commando outpost while tryingtocapture the robbers base. One war tactic is to divide theblockarmy. One great block commando duty is to go behind theenemylines, shooting everyone in the city, while the other commandowillguard your flag in full honor! The battle is yours! Experiencea 3Dwar like never before! Cause immense havoc! Wide variety offirearms offer you best & awesome shooting experience for hoursinthis world of action. Join Pixel Fury multiplayer 3D shooteronGoogle Play! And get your gun blazing in massive FPS battle!Goodluck, soldier! Visit
Shooter Killer Crime 1.0.4
Shooter Killer Crime is a challenging sniper shooter game!A groupofterrorists seized the city, kidnapping the public. Your missionisto rescue all the hostages, as snipers, need to keep a coolhead,precision targeting terrorists;Terrorists occupy the streetsof thecity, the roof, because time is limited, you need to findthem, becareful.Game features:- Professional Sniper- The mostthrillingshooting game you'll love with him- Realistic scenes,weathereffects, feelings of stimulation of the task- The radarlocates theenemy and finds the enemy in that direction- Snipergame 100% free,fun to playAs a professional sniper striker, cometo accept the taskchallenge, play your military talent.
Sniper 2018 1.1
Sniper 2018 is a thrilling action FPS sniper game. It’s grandbattleFPS game. It is enriched by the weapons like M16, AK47 thatmake youto experience the real sniper shooting experience. Thegame bringsan exciting experience to complete the task. Aim andshoot. Downloadfor one of the best sniper shooting game of 2018.Your duty startsnow, you have to kill the rifleman and certainlyif he does attackyou there is No way to turn back, so you have torescue yourself.Be, accurate, quick and ruthless shooter.Make sureyou keep yourattention. Stick to the end, complete the mission!Youwillencounter, different hills and deadfall obstacles, your taskis toidentify the targets and wreck he enemies rapidly.It is thebestsniper shooting game. Complete splendid mission at SnowMountain,Desert, Forest, Rural, and Best of luck to you.Choosebest sniper 3dweapons and face the enemies in the frontline.Soldier, you can useblazing sniper against the infinite warfare ofenemies military.Instant kill is the only option for survival warprison. Escape 3dsniper soldier as it is the only option foryou.Sniper 2018 is thebest steel sniper game for those want toplay fast paced fps actiongame. There are lots of criticalmissions and gun strike in thebattlefield. You have isnipe thegangster in the ForbiddenCity.Experience Action warfare fps andcouter-terrorist in differentregions with different abilities.counter striker it's time tostrike in the combat and unleash whatever enemies have.Download nowthe best sniper shooting game2018Features:- Numerous missions-Realistic 3D environment, amazingmusic sound of the environment,extreme shooting actions - Advanceweapons andequipment’s(AK47,MK16)- Perfect controls - Pukka actiongame- Realbattlefield scenarios- Most addictive action game- Bestshootingsimulation- Amazing sniper 3d weapons- Grand battle- Pullthetrigger of the world’s best riflesWhat are you waiting for;Downloadand enjoy the best sniper game .Good luck.
Mountain Sniper Gun Shooter: Top Shooting Game FPS 1.0.5
Get ready for the most exciting and thrill packed fpssnipershooting game of all times. Mountain Sniper Gun Shooter isacrucial strike gun shooting game in which you have to defeattheenemy with your relentless sniper shooting skills. For adesertsniper like you there can be no such fun as being a firstpersonshooter and having the authority and the capability ofshootingyour enemy at first sight before they get you.Mountainsniper gunshooter being a desert sniper hero of year 2018 offersyou loads ofaction packed missions and intriguing levels to showyour skills asa fierce battle shooter. Though the conditions andthe environmentswill vary and this war against terror will take adeadly turn butyou being an army sniper shooter have to be firm inyour action.There will be times when you will have to be a sniperghostcommando as well.There has been an emergency in your city andacall of heroes has been made. In this gruesome times of needtheelite forces have called out for the heroes for help inthiscritical mission. The enemies have surrounded the area andaretroubling the civilians to extreme extent. An infinitewarfaresituation has arisen and you are the best modern snipershooteravailable. Mountain sniper gun shooter enables you to showyourbest sniper shooting skills and prove your worth to thehighercommandos in this sniper shooting elite force mission goingon.This is the best of all sniper games.You are the front lineshooterwho will be sent in the enemy territory as a commandosnipershooter in such war shooting games. Mountain sniper gunshooter isa modern sniper shooter 3d game so you will be providedwith themost modern and highly sensitive snipers for your mission.Once inthe battlefield you would have to keep a trace and record ofeverynecessary action to be done to save your life and to defeattheenemy. You have to shoot to kill the enemy. You will beprovidedwith sniper bullet that will enable to make as many snipeshots asyou want. What more can be wished for in free sniper games.Neverunderestimate your enemy. If you are the bravo sniper shooterthenthe enemy has also called for a mountain sniper shooter. Youaregoing to have a tough competition. This is the best part ofthesecommando games. Being a sniper warrior you have to seize themomentand attack on your enemy before they kill you. You can beaninvisible commando and very tactfully with infinite precisionmakeshoots at the other side. You are the lone sniper soldierfightingwith the antagonists. A sniper arena would be created whereyouwill the frontline commando. The environments and backgroundsvaryin every mission. You will have to fight in Desert storm, inheavyrain and even on the mountains making accurate mountainsnipertarget. Being trained by the elite commando you are capableof gunstrike shoot killer actions. Mountain Sniper Gun Shooter isadeadly sniper 3d mountain shooter games.There will beenemiesshooting at you from all the sides in this modern warfare.Thereason a call of sniper heroes has been made is to eliminatethedark forces completely from your country. They are a threat tothecivilians. It’s the best among other sniper shooter games. Asasniper fps you have the devoir and responsibility of makingactionsyourself. You have to make sure your sniper reloadedfrequently.The deadly sniper is your only weapon for your survival.Among allaction shooter you have to show your own worth. call ofinfinitewarfare has been made in the desert ruins for the securityofpeople. The heads call fps modern fighters and fps modernshooterfor the mission. Mountain Sniper Gun Shooter Game Features:•Anextensive range of sniper riffles
Border Army Sniper 1.2
One Man Army Front line Combat Strike Attack Real Border ArmySniperIt is a brand new action-packed world cross border issuesfirstperson sniper shooter game. IGI Commando Battle War elitethrillingmission cross border Ambush and kill the enemies Ultrarealistic 3D.Elite Commando Secret Spy Mission Before few hoursyour opponentarmy attack on your border with tank, armor vehiclesandhelicopters. Commando Adventure Shooter Stop your enemies tocrossthe border world war II| (Third world war). Commando SurgicalStrikeOperation It is a big attack on the hub root of yourbaseline.Intelligence Headquarter Red Alert Ambush and kill theenemiesYour commander and other leader have been fallen. Enemysoldiersare very clever in gorilla war.Your army needs your helpbecauseyou are a brave soldier. Army shooter warrior You arepromoted yourjob anti-terrorist squad to border army. You are amodern sniperand ready to play your role in dangerous attacks. Thisis the timeto pay back your soil and save it from badterrorists.Grab your gunand breathe slowly aim and shoot on yourtarget in silent assassinmission. Sniper Warrior Trust on yoursniping skills and go forhead-shot. The enemies are fully equippedwith modern weapons keepsafe yourself from them. Use the besttactic to hit the tanks orHumvee. In these convoys a huge number ofmodern weapons.So SniperKiller must be very carefull when he ismaking his first target.Their destruction is important because theenemy’s mission is touse these weapons against your country. Don’tworry about that youhave enough arsenal to fight back them anddestroy all those whocomes in your way. Navigator helps you insearching of you target.Fight as frontline commando until youachieve your target. Don’tallow your enemies to cross the borderand hold control of yourbase. Play your sniper duty, eliminatethese terrorist squad andkill them in stealth mode. This operationis like cold war.Takeclear Head-Shot when your enemies are tooclose to you don’t missyour target. Play the role of patrioticnational hero. Use modernlong range sniper gun to kill enemysoldiers by taking clearhead-shot. Always stay calm it is not aneasy mission as it looks.Mountains will restricts your sightvisibility and time is veryshort so you will get no time to waste.Just ready to shoot youraim and be a phantom in the battle field.Hunt your enemies like aprofessional sniper hunter.This completegame is totally free forall peoples all over the world.Features:•#1 FPS (First PersonShooter) game• Ultra realistic 3d graphics•Smooth game control.•Efficient controls• Amazing sound effects•Single sniper war•Advanced weapons rocket launcher & snipinggun• Sniper scopeview• Enough Sharp bullets• Challenging shootinggame• It is 100%free game.• Play anytime anywhere withoutinternet.How to Play:1.Slide right of the half screen to adjust thedirection of theshooting.2. Use both hand to control yourcharacter.3. Guns show onright side of the screen.4. Use yoursniper rifle or rocketlauncher to aim at terrorist from adistance.5. Touch right belowfire button to shoot.6. Shootterrorists on legs, arms and head.7.Guns are reloadedautomatically.8. If you don’t respond quickly theenemies attack onyour base.9. Press any time back button to pausethegame.Compatibility:Android 2.3 or later all Android phonesandtablets run the game smoothly and ready for further improvementifrequired. If you have facing any problem contact us.Yourratingsand reviews are our motivation to make more enhancementsinit.Note:This free game is supported by advertisement Ads withintheApp only as per Google Policy.Like and Follow us for newupdateson:Facebook:
Navy Gunner Shoot War 3D
Navy Gunner Shoot War 3D Navy Gunner Shoot War is a freeactionfilled gun shooting game with modern navy strike war fight.Thisgun shooting action game has plenty of challengingcriticalmissions & a beautiful breathtaking 3D sea environment.Thisfree to play action game provides you the chance to proudlyserveyour duty with the best commando sniper soldiers & elitewarfighters of navy, military officer, air war force & armyincasual combat rival offense. Embark as hunter on a specialcombatmission with army sniper force to destroy as warrior at theenemyterritory & compete with the deadly criminals gangsterenemy inorder to save your city for survival in arena. A chance foryou toexperience the intense war in fast action game &firepower inattack of ship in the true manner & to be a truewar herowarrior of navy military & secret agent elite leaguesquad.Let’s play & strike in the naval game to blow away evilenemyin city shooter war. The evil enemy has attacked by firepowerinyour marine naval base and trying to play hide & seek sowiththe help of one of the largest tactical shooter air craftcarrier.Battle in sniper free at the enemy with courage to defeatgangster& terrorists enemy by deadly trigger of shooting guns.Thegangster deadly criminals enemy is about to enter in your seawaterto attack your city with full combat equipment & modernweaponsalong with sniper fight. They need to be outbreak beforetheyinvade the whole country with combat & intense war. Enemyisbacked by the pump gun, snipers, apache helicopters, F16aircrafts,navy warships, battle ships, modern weapons & gunsincludingarmy sniper shooters, the best rifleman & marksman.Yourultimate duty is to protect your city & fellow militaryofficercommando soldiers on the land to control combat & in theseafrom the ruthless enemy forces. Being equipped with thelatestmachine gun and rocket launcher you need to strike &destroytheir air craft carrier, eliminate rival soldiers, anddestroymotor boats, warships and fighter. You’ll be performing yourdutyon the frontline flying planes wings in the heat of action. Youareexpected to defend the frontier at all cost in fast actiongame.Your survival depends on your accurate aiming &shootingskills. To counter opponent’s attacks & strike backhard alsomatters a lot. There will be waves after waves of rivalsoldiersenemy, special gun forces, navy battle ships & gunshiphelicopters shooting at you that won't let you settle down.Combatfearlessly with shooting firepower to win this war and tosave yourcity & country for survival. Your success is what’sgoing tomake you the best army sniper gun shooter, gunner,rifleman,marksman & a true soldier military commando hero.Loosing hopein this gun battle is not acceptable; you need to winat any cost.Don’t be afraid, they are not made of steel. Whoeverwins is thewarrior, will be remembered forever. Top game features:Immersivebreathtaking 3D environment Challenging & addictivegameplayPlenty of gun shooting action filled missions Amazing soundeffectsFollow us at facebook to be aware of bestgames: PS. We work hardtoensure that our games run properly on every major phone andtablet.If however you encounter any issue which doesn't let youenjoy ourgames, please report it to [email protected]
🧟Zombie Ops 3D shooter - sniper undead revenants 5.0.0
The Apocalypse, World War III ended two years ago. After thewarsociety was at the brink of anarchy. Crippled by modernwar,humanity was unable to stop the zombie outbreak caused by someofthe most devilish chemical weaponry ever created.Radioactivefallout everywhere, a tsunami of death. Nobody earns todie likethis but many did.The final frontier: you escaped and nowyou arein charge of protecting one of the last human settlements inthewasteland of Alaska. Your task is to partol the outposts,reportany incoming zombie attacks and launch a counter attackifnecessary. Since resources are spread thin these days you willhaveto be imaginative and unwavering in your stand against thehordesof undead revenants. Death will be upon us and all humanswill payin blood if you fail!Become the ultimate shooter andprotect all ofhumanity.Terminate the zombie apocalypse now or thiswill be ourlast day on earth.Let's just hope we have no evilresidents in oursettlements - there are always some crazypeople.FEATURES:●Realistic 3D graphics with outstanding animations●Pick yourweapons: assault, sniper - switch them during combat.●Hunting andkilling missions to wage war on zombie hordes.● Help thearmy toclear all territories from the undead plague.● Earn rewardswiththis app by completing missions● Amazing gun battles todestroyreal enemies● Unlock tons of new sniper rifles!● Nointernetconnection required!ZOMBIES, UNDEAD, REVENANTS● War onZombies:they come in many forms with unique abilities● Shooting azombi inthe head is not always the quickest way to stop it.Besmart, thinklike a fearless sniper and attack at the righttime!PLEASE NOTE:●New content (more modern weapons, regions) in theworks.● Tell uswhat features or weapons you want to see in thegame. We are alwayslooking for honest feedback!● If you likeshooting games, pleaserate us and support further development.● Ifyou like this gameeven more, please purchasesomething.DISCLAIMERZombie Ops 3Dcontains mature content and it isnot recommended for youngchildren.
Desert Storm Gunship Gunner Battlefield: fps games 1.1.4
Gunner Gunship Battlefield:With a warfare going on in thecountryyou will be needed to serve the country in fighting againsttheterrorist while doing what you are best in this shootingwarmission. Being a gunner you are fully trained in gun shooting&survival skills. Use them to make your country terror free,makeyour people fearless. The enemies are focused on invading yourareaand territories. Soldiers are required with gunner strikecrazykilling spree to win this gun shooting arena. You have to doyourbest effort to keep them on bay and defeat their troops beforetheyenter your country. A war battlefield is created where thesoldiersand the army officials use their skills and make heavygunfireshots. Guns bigger than the usual ones are used for thisdesert wargunship war going on. You have been provided with theultimateweapons and free machine gun to survive in this deadlywarrior’sbattlefield. Use all the gunner shooter 3d equipmentavailable foryour defence and for the protection of your brothers.GunnerGunship Battlefield is one of those gunship games you havebeenwaiting for.As the enemies and their bad influence isprevailingover your country and dominating the minds of people withtheirterror, an Army heroes shooter or a fierce battle shooterisrequired to lead a team of shooters to conduct shootoperations.The most heavy weapons and big weapons are available fortheir usesuch as the Heavy Machine gun, riffles and bombs. InGunner’sBattlefield there would be an enormous difference in thefirepowerbetween the gunners and the enemies. So there would be acrazykilling spree with back to back shooting & bombing. Airstrikeoperations can also be carried out in response to theenemystrikes. Gunner Gunship Battlefield is the mostincredible,adventure filled pack of gun war - shooting games.Set upan armyconvoy ambush behind the mountain to attack enemy forces. Awarshiphas been prepared with all the modern weapons & guns androcketlauncher frame has been supported in it as well. Enemies willloseeventually ground by simultaneously rocket and mortar attacks.Allthe modern ultimate machine guns and powerful weapons are atyourdisposal. You have to show your fighting skills and valor towinthis war against the dark forces. You have to win thisgunshipbattle at any cost. Gunner Gunship Battlefield is the mostamazing3D gun app free for you.There are varying missions andlevels whereyour main objective is to protect your military armybase frominvasion. You will have to carry out counter terroristopen waragainst the terrorist. Gunner Gunship Battlefield offersfree wargames, which invite people with crazy killing spree to winthe waragainst discrimination. The intense war situation willforcewarriors to take a deep and gruesome action of gunnergunshipshooting on the enemies. The modern gunner desert battlewill be agreat threat to your country, there is no option of losingit.Gunner Gunship Battlefield is a war gun shooting arena, notjustany small war games for free. You have all the elite forces atyourdisposal to fight this gunner shoot war. There are evenhundreds ofinfantries, shooting terrorists on sight. Use your warcombat, guncombat and fighting skills to fight off the enemies andsave yourcountry from their wrath. Machine-gun are used for deadlygunshotin this commando counter 2018. Anti crush tanks have alsobeencalled for handling the situations. There are lots of armygamesavailable but none is offering so much adventure and thrillsuch asthis weapon simulator and gun simulator game. For the safetyof thesoldiers the best ammunition of gun 3d weapon have beenmade.This is the most intriguing battle simulator.GameFeatures•Intriguing gameplay• Eye catching, real 3denvironments•Adventurous and thrill filled levels• Various deadlymissions• HDquality Audio and Videos
Sniper Killer Assassin Shooter 1.3
i6 Games
Sniper Killer Assassin Shooter is a brand new, realisticfirstperson action shooting game. Your role as the elite sniperbased inhidden sniper's nest, take out enemies army soldiers thatoccupythe area to keep the town safe. Complete each sniping levelbyusing your tactical M24 sniper weapon system rifle to take outallof the enemies in the area to advance to the next zone.Take outallthe enemy soldiers before your health bar is depleted, or youwilllose. Each new combat level comes more enemy soldiers withmoreguns who will move into position to take you down. Becomethesniper elite with you marksmen skills and become thedeadliestsniper to defeat the enemy army soldiers.
Dead Target Zombie Shooting US Sniper Killer Squad 1.0.2
🔫Keep your defense up and kill zombies in one of thebestfirst-person shooters game, Dead Target: Zombie shootingSurvivalUS Sniper Killer Squad. Figure out the key to survival?In2030,World War III struck due to the zombie apocalypse, andthecountry’s frontiers changed. Modern warfare advanced to a neweraafter Defense signed a contract with CT Corporation toperformproject Dead Target: Zombie shooting. Inject prisoners withthevirus and transform them into super evil combat killers.However,CS threatened to trigger a zombie outbreak if the presidentdid notfollow their orders. The zombie apocalypse began. In adarkZombieland dare to challenge zombie assault, spot deadwalkingevils and pull the trigger to kill zombiesin this snipershootinggame. A special defense team was hired for frontlinesmission andcollect information for the army before the army canopen thecounter Operation Apocalypse.You are an ultimate sniperkillerchosen for a suicide squad special ops mission. A news ofzombieassault over a US place, now called as Zombieland. Becareful, thedead are walking in town, and human survivors may facea bigexodus, Survival is in your hands now.As a zombie hunter,quicklyreach Zombieland and stop zombie assault. Use your sniperrifle,pull the trigger on dead target zombie shooting while playingthiszombie shooter game. Dead target zombie shooting game bestweaponis the rocket launcher and bazooka, use it in a case ofextremedanger. ━╤デ╦︻Dead Target shooting US Sniper KillerSquadFeatures━╤デ╦︻--> 3D shooting experience as a zombie hunterFPSgame--> With epic weapon kill monster zombies-->IntenseShooting Game Missions--> Upgrade Weapon, Sniper rifle& NewBazooka Weapon to face the upcoming zombie waves-->EasyNavigation & Game ControlsMove through various shootinglevelsgrittily and hunt zombies present in different forms to cleanthearea in this sniper shooter game.Best sniper games forfree.Zombies come with killing abilities, zombies can beextremelyinfected with the virus, Shooting at the head not the bestway tokill always so think like a sniper before deciding toshoot.Snipershooting game offers many challenging zombie huntlevels, shootingweapons and sniper rifles. Dealing with intensezombie attacks muchenhances a rocket player’s fighting skills inthis zombie escapegame. Kill zombies 🔫 as many as you can, the moreyou hit zombies,the more score and level up you achieve in thissniper game forfree. Make sure zombies don’t bite the sniperkiller, otherwise,the sniper mission game will get over.Ready toplay zombie escape:survival sniper shooting game? Can you survivethe fort zombieapocalypse? then Kill zombies and protect the frontlines in thisworld war battle with zombies be the CS commander inthe best FPSgame, dead target Zombie fps shooting squad. Downloadnow to startnite fps shooting zombies.
Desert Birds Sniper Shooter - Bird Hunting 2018 3.0
Play Vertex
Let's go for hunting in safari desert with the modern gunforshooting the flying birds. Have you ever done wingshooting inthedesert? Let's start! Take your Sniper and Hunt the flyingbird.Desert Birds Sniper Shooter - Bird Hunting 2018 game is justforyou to hunt the bird. The game is one of the best bird targethuntsfilled with a 3D Gun on Google Play Store. Enjoy realhuntsexperience as a HUNTER. Play the shooting game of 2018 inthesafari desert, which is full of eagles, sparrow, crow, anowl.Hurry up, Huntsman! You have to shoot them with differenthuntingsskills, be a Real Hero of Wings Hunter (Shooter) Game. ShowyourSniper Huntsman skills in front of crazy and tricky birds.Yourmission is to survive yourself as well as shoot them withinthegiven time. You are a frontline safari hunter, just showyourprofessional hunt tactics & skills to survive. You havetocomplete several challenging missions so shoot an eagle,sparrow,owl, crow.It's really awesome huntings quest to hunt in afantasticenvironment, you have to aim your target with eagle eye sothatmakes you a skilled wild wings hunter. Desert Birds SniperShooter- Bird Hunting 2018 is all about thrill, fun adventure.Birds arevery smart so to be a professional Bird Hunter you musthave goodaiming skills while holding your breath. You have to docommandoaction for winghunting with the evil eye. Some are sharp togetaway from your vision so, you have to take extra care while youarehunting them within the given time to unlock nextmission.ShootFlying Birds quickly to unlock next mission of thefree game. Yoursuccess will also let you unlock new Bird forshootings. Enjoy thethrilling adventure with animals like flyingbird. You have tosurvive by shoot most dangerous birds. You havemodern weapons toperform in a frontline sniper target shooting.Flying wings huntinggives you a chance to be a modern wingshootinghunter. Never giveup at any level as every level is thrilling alsoa little bit hardfrom the first level. Every Mission is full ofthrilling action,adventure and shoots excitement for winghuntingLovers. FEATURES-HD Graphics- Multiple Challenging Missions tobecome a Real Sniper-Friendly Graphical User Interface and SmoothGame Play- BirdsHunting is FPS (First Person Shooter) Game- BestBird with RealAnimations- Best Accuracy of Sniper Gun- Full ofThrill &Action in Game-Play- Easy to Locate Bird with the Helpof Radar.-HOW TO PLAY- Aiming the bird by zooming lenses.- Tap Firewhen thebird is the exact center position of your aim.DownloadDesert BirdsSniper Shooter - Bird Hunting 2018 Play for FREE.Likeus onFacebook.
2K18 games
CALL OF SNIPER WAR ULTIMATE BATTLEFIELDThis is the ultimate callforsniper war ww2 for commandos to take action and counter warStrike.Enjoy this epic first person shooting game in warfarebattlefield.The most amazing WORLD WAR 2 sniper missions are herein this battleof grand gunner war shooter. The best militarystriking war has justbegun. The enemy soldiers are going to callfor critical SNIPERstrike. Call for sniper war is waiting for thebest shooter strikeand sniper assassin acts to the battlefield inthis ultimate snipershooting 3d. Use your skills to watch theextreme sniper missions ofcritical SNIPER war strike. Dominateyourself on enemies in thiscall of Sniper World War 2battleground. You are the pride of yournation so be brave, shoot& kill ,defend your legacy interrorist war shooter grandbattle of WW2.You have to be the realmarksman and strike sniper inthis sniper combat of gunner war shot3d.Call of WW2 is the besttactical action battle of WW2 snipershooting. Survival is the onlyway to escape. The real fpschallenging mission is on the way. Youhave to show your valor, aimand target the best sniper shooting.Your enemy is all around theworld ultimate battle ground. Youhave to make sure of your safetyagainst the brutal terroristsmissions. Shoot with advance sniperrifle and go for the sniperstrike military warfare against fiercemissions of terrorists..Whenyou use pistols, guns, machineguns youmust be cruel againstterrorist action in warfare battleground ofbest shooting game ofww2. Hurry up call for the best sniper warduty. This is the timeof world war 2.You have to release yournation to win the survivalbattleground from terrorism.Call OfSniper War Ultimate Battlefieldis the most thrilling and amazingaction packed sniper mission.This is the best shooting game. Youhave to face the challenges atevery sight in this super militaryaction brutal battlefield. Useww2 sniper equipment: ammo,sniper-rifle guns, special lenses,throwing hand grenades andmilitary instructions to identify theenemy, defeat them &become military hero in this historicalworld war2 simulated game.Features:- Terrorist attacks- Call ofthe sniper war - Great battleactions- Life threatening missions-WW2 Sniper Adventure- HDGraphics