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Floppy Bird 1.0
Move wings and fly away in the world Floppy Bird Challenge. Helphimto flutter and get as far as possible. You must flapp your birdTapthe screen to flap your wings of a bird and avoidobstacles.DownloadBird to learn now will ultimately result! Thegame istime-consuming.It is a platform with pixel graphics.Theplayer mustavoid the columns by flying them located in the gap toget thehighest possible score.Whatever the outcome receiveamedal.Features:- One Touch Control.- Lots of fun.- Nice graphics.
Fappy Bird
A fappy game like the original bird game! Spread your flappywingsand fly like a bird!We all loved the original Flappy game anditsfamous bird, but the developer deleted his famous andchallengingapp. But hey! No worries, we created a clone calledFappy Bird.Yeah we know, it's not the original Flappy game with thewell knownbird but no worries, you will also love it and we arealreadyworking on a lot of features to make it even better.Let'splayFappy Bird and enjoy it. Thank you!Features-Beautiful Graphicsandscenarios-Four Medals~!!! - Easy, Normal, Hard, Veryhard-VariousBackground Graphics~!!!-Simple Controls~!!!-VariousbirdsReferenceresources :Font-
Flappy Golf 1.4
Be aware! This is not your average 'flappy' game! INSANELYaddictiveso download at your own risk!Flap your way to the holewith thisunique spin on our famous golf game! Using the now famous"flap"mechanic you must get to the hole in the fewest flaps aspossible!Featuring the courses from Super Stickman Golf 2®, FlappyGolf is afun little project we put together for the Flappy Jamgame jam. Canyou get gold stars on all the holes?Features:- Over52 courses intotal! - Everyones favorite courses from SuperStickman Golf 2®-Simple flap controls- Race your Facebook friendsin King of the Holemode!Reviews:- "This game is incredible. I'vebeen playing itnonstop since I've downloaded"- "This is by far oneof the most funand addicting games I've ever played!"- "It seemslike a joke, butsomehow it turns into an amazing hybrid! Easy tolearn and fun tomaster!"
Flappy Crush 2.62.1
Tarek Mongy
Tired of flying all these different flappy things between thegreenpipes? Get your revenge and crush them with the pipes instead!Thegame is simple. Tap the screen to close the pipes and crush anyofthose pesky birds trying to pass through! Earn Bone Buckseveryturn you play, and spend them in the Shop to unlock differentpipesand power-ups! Get the highest score and climb theleaderboardswhile unlocking 5 different Game Modes! Flappy Crushcan be enjoyedoffline! No Wifi or Internet connection required!WARNING: Not forthe faint hearted! Lots of pixel gore and bloodinside! (With anoption to switch off the blood to make it less gory☺)
Flappy Dunk 1.7.1
Tap to jump into as many hoops as possible. Collect skinsandachieve crazy challenges.
Flappy Vigo for Tablet PCs
Attention! For optimal game performance, you are recommended tohavea device with at least 200 MB of RAM. I'm recommend 1024 MBofRAM.----------------------------Flappy Vigo - an endless gameaboutflying heads, reminiscent of other Flappy games, but with itsownfeatures.Features:- 4 languages: English, Russian, ChineseandUkrainian;- Different game modes: Omega mode, Blind mode andtheSoviet mode;- New characters: 10 characters from differentgamesand universes to choose from, which have their own music inthegame;- The game has an end: You can finale the game, but onlyifyou score 9999 points. Nobody else could, would you dial?-Highscore table: Beat your record and it will be saved in the menu,atthe top!----------------------------The original creator ofthegame - Maximus Games, he gave me the rights to the game andIposted it on Google Play. For questions about the game,pleasecontact him: (his pageinVKontakte).----------------------------I also warn you, if youturnon several modes at once, there may be performance problemsandmusic in the game. It is recommended to turn off all modesbypressing "Normal mode" and then just turn on some other mode.
Flappy Super Man Bird 1.0
Mazz Games
Welcome to the world of Amazing Flappy Super Man Bird!Downloadthisamazing flappy bird game to have unlimited fun at anytime,anywhereon your fingertips.The story of Amazing Flappy Super ManBirdrelates that it was born on the planet Krypton, beforebeingrocketed to Earth as an infant super flappy bird.This amazingbirdis rough and tough like superman.. Strong like superman! Fastlikesuperman.. A complete superhero bird!Going crazy for a one waytriparound the world of steel.. Soaring new heights!Your superpowerscan only make you fly.. Keep it up and fly like superman..Ifyoubump into steel.. You die.. So keep your spirits high andyourflappy bird higher.."Is it a bird...Is it a plane...No ItsAmazingFlappy Super Man Bird"Go flying you crazy birds!How toplay:Tap anywhere on your screen to keep Amazing Flappy Super ManBirdflying,Avoid pipes while flying to score more.Fly as faraspossible.Don't let Amazing Flappy Super Man Bird fall or hitanypipe.Features:Classic 8 bit Flappy Bird characterEasy and funtoplay, but an addiction to cope withStunning graphics:beautifullydetailed world comes to life on your mobile,tabletSimple controls:One touch gameplayAmazing Flappy Super ManBird has been tested onlatest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S5, LGNexus 5, Nexus 7, HTCOne M8, Sony Xperia Z and continue to workwith upcoming flagshipphone Motorola Nexus 6.To support ourdevelopment of FREE games, wehave implemented ads in this game.Forany kind of suggestion,please drop a word and our team will getback to you.Disclaimer:Allthe graphics used in this game aredesigned by our team.
Flappy Speedway Challenge! 1.0
Who can master the challenge of the Flappy Speedway Arena!!EachPlayer will have 10 seconds to finish 5 stages! Let's see howfaryou can go in this challenge full of obstacle courses.WARNING:THIS GAME IS VERY CHALLENGING! Good luck!! And may the oddsbeforever in your favor! Created by Arvind Srinivasaraghavan&Patrick Mcray of EaSi Games Inc.Connect withArvind: report: on facebook: uson twitter:
Flappy 3D
Fly free! Help Flappy learn to fly in his firstfun-filledadventure.Flappy is a bird that has always dreamed offlying, buthas never had the courage to try. Now, with your help,you can helphim learn and reach his dreams!Features:* Top-notchbeautifullyrendered full 3D graphics* Leaderboards to challengeyour friends*Excellent character animation and cute charactersounds* Highquality sounds effects and music* Easy to use controls*Fun for allagesHow To Play:* Tap anywhere on the screen to makeFlappy flaphis wings and fly
Fly High Jetzy - Free Arcade Games 2.4
Fly High Jetzy is one of the best free simple arcade games. Putonyour Jetpack suite and Fly High to the Infinity andBeyond.Flapping your way out of challenging obstacles.How toplay:-Tapleft or right to move in that direction.-Tap once tojump.-Hold thefor flying.-Stay away form the obstacles.Play withone hand- Simplyhold the tap and slide to move Left and Right. TheAIfeature(Talking features):The AI's name is Jetzy and he issuperFunny and sarcastic. He learns and understands your playingpatternlike where you tap, speed of playing, etc and gives commentsandreviews accordingly, distinctly to each player. -Jetzy willgivepositive reinforcement when you make a high score. -He tellsyounot to get frustrated when you really are, when you come neartohigh score and die just few points away from new highscore.-Probably the only game that suggests you to exit the gameafterplaying it for sometime in its own funny way. -He willunderstandyour playing pattern and surprise you by saying manything aboutyou. -Do not play bad or be ready for a sarcastic insult😜. NOTE:The AI may sometimes insult, if you Play Poorly. If youdon't likehim, YOU MAY "DISABLE" him FROM MAIN MENU :) And Manymore AIfeatures...Apart from that, the game is super fun,challenging andaddictive. It requires certain amount of Focus andGrip to playthis game.Do you like surprises? Well this game isabout to giveyou lots of them.Only about 1% people will ever reachto the scoreof 50. See if you can get into the 1% club.Have FUN :)
Jumping Dog 2.3
Save Locator
Flieg in die Freiheit!Eine spassige Parodie zu Flappy BirdTippe,umnach oben zu kommen.Miss dich mit Freunden.Fly in thefreedom!AFun-loving parody to Flappy BirdTap to get to thetop.Compete withfriends.
Flappy Knife 2.8.4
Want a knife but can't afford it for your budget? Get skinsyoualways wanted with this app.Includes all knives from CS.Fanmadethematic game.
City Bird
-Great Design-Bird Shop -New adventureCity Bird is a new game,whereyou fly with your bird in a totally new and crazy world whereeverything is up and down. Don't hesitate to try our first game,pleasetry it and support us to build more games with new ideas andnewlook and design.
Flappy Alex 2.0.0
M Lab
Juego Flappy en honor a alex el capoFlappy game in honor of thebossalex
Trippy Viking 1.4
Vikings, aliens, hammers and rainbow lasers!Challenge yourselfwiththis Flappy Bird inspired Endless Space Shooter, for endlessfun!FEATURES:°Challenging gravity based gameplay°Destroy as manyaliensas possible for maximum score°Eat mushrooms togainprojectiles°Barf rainbows for total carnage°Conqueronlineleaderboards°Unlock Google Play achievements forultimatechallenge°Amazing tactical power ups°Increase your playerlevel forepic titles°Awesome music (Play with headphones forbestexperience)And More!
Thiely - The flying bird 1.0
Senegalese atmosphere punctuated by the national mbalax ofYoussouNdour. With Sama Thièly revisit a new version of the flyingbird.Flappy Bird is back! This is a clone of this highly addictivegamethat is more enjoyable. Sama Thièly is made bySenegalesedevelopers group, which is the No. 1 news onmobile inSenegal Game Play with google, compare your results withallplayers TAGS: Flappy Bird, Clone, Jumping Bird, Zombie,Kilobolt,Thièly
Galaxy Jump 3.2
Galaxy Jump is a new & amazing experience of FlappyBird.Savethe Hipster from unpredictable hurdles in the Galaxies.Hipster hasto pass different galaxies to reach the Endless Galaxywhich is themost difficult galaxy ever which will make Hipster TheConqueror ofthe Galaxies. Collect the star points in the Galaxy.Mostchallenging and addictive tap game ever withextraordinarygraphics.
Piu Piu PUM!
Flappy Birds it’s fine, but fly with the elegance of an Eagle,it’sreally cool!It’s time to leave behind the damn iconic birdandstart flying with the accuracy and lethality of an authenticEagle!YOU’RE GONNA LOVE IT!The game’s simple. Fly the Eagle as faras youcan and avoid the pipes!You only need to tap the screen toflap thewings “PIU-PIU” and prevent it ends crashing “PUM”.BesidestheEagle, ¿What makes the difference in this game?- 26unlockableinsignias.- 6 unlockable pipes.- Special EAT IT Modeincluded!-Posted high scores on Google Play online leaderboards.-OriginalSoundtrack & SFX.- Available in English, Spanish&Catalan.- Amazing theme graphics of the festivities ofSitges,Barcelona.- And future updates that will improve thegame.Why areyou still reading this? Hit the download rightnow!Seriously, whatare you waiting for?! Oh, and don’t forget torate and review thgame!For more information, visit ourwebsite:http://eatitgames.comOr followuson:
Flappy Golf 2 2.0.7
The sequel to the insanely addicting Flappy Golf is here!Featuringthe courses of Super Stickman Golf 3. Play our famous RaceModeeither online against your friends or locally for some seriousfun!Or flap your way to the hole in as few flaps as possible toearnall the Gold Stars. Can you get them all and unlock SuperStarMode? Features:- Online Multiplayer- 29 Courses with MoreComing!-Simple flap controls
Flappy Guy Pro 1.0.3
This is the best FLAPPY game!Very cool music!A lot of funny andepicmoments!
Flappy Pepe 1.0.23
NADI Games
Take on the role of Pepe, he is a frog who is very smug. Therearepipes. Reee.- Obtain sick achievements! Including one spookysecretachievement!?- Compete against Pepe's all over the world withaglobal leaderboard!- MEMESDon't forget to support the source ofthePepe meme!
Flappy Darky Bat 1.2.7
Here you have on your iPhone the new Darky Bat game. Tap yourdeviceto make the bat fly. Avoid the obstacles and achieve themaximumscore. Then share it with the world, see who the bestplayers areand try to beat them! Enjoy!Music by MARC SAMPER POVEDA
Flappy Bat 1.20
The perfect arcade game for your mobile or tablet, your AndroidWearsmart watch (like Motorola 360 or LG Urbane) or your AndroidTV(like Google Nexus Player or Android TV Box), Flappy Batiscompletely free game, so you can enjoy the scary funeverywhere!Onthis spooky, scary evening, one little bat come out ofits nest tofly all over the forest. The bat is flapping its waythrough anendless array of creatures of the hunted forest tocomplete hisimportant mission.How to play the game?Tap… Tap… Tap…You have tokeep on tapping the screen to control the flying motionof the bat.You get a point for every set of obstacles that you flythrough. Bewarned is it hard to score! It will only take seconds totastedefeat at the hands of the game. Well, to be fair, the bat isnotas good a flier as you would wish it to be. It is a clumsylittleflying animal and basically falls down every time you do nottap.Each of your taps barely keeps the bat in the air. So, you havetotap on the screen rather vigorously to keep the bat in flightandto keep him safe, because it is going to go down even withtheslightest contact with the obstacles.Flappy Bat is anaddictivearcade side-scrolling game that will remind you of theflappingalgorithm of classics arcade games of flap flying series.It isguaranteed to provide hours of fun, for kids, teens or adults.Theone touch control makes the game simple to master, yet theplaybecomes progressively more challenging to keep it interestingandexciting. Mastering the control over the game play isindeedchallenging and it's hard to keep the bat flying, howeverthis madethe game ultra-addictive by its dynamics. As you continueto play,you can earn achievements and continue to improve yourscore.Depending on the number of obstacles that you have passed,there isa badge for whatever number you achieve. With practice, thegamebecomes easier to play, and within no time you will be addictedtothe game. Your reflexes will become sharper, you will be abletomake quick decisions. It is this simplicity that creates a kindofneed to go back, play more and score higher each time.AlthoughFlappy Bat is a Halloween themed game, the challenging funofguiding the bat through the spooky night landscape is enjoyableallyear round. After just a few minutes of playing, you'll havethecontrols fully mastered. It can be played anywhere: on yourmobileor tablet, but also on an Android TV or even on your wearablesmartwatch!App’s features:Playing this Flappy Bat game is arealpleasure: the haunted forest background, the bat, and scarysoundsare a real treat. The app integrated features are cool toolstoenjoy. • Playable on mobile devices, tablets, Androidsmartwatches, Android TVs,• Lovely user interface,• Backgroundmusic andsounds enhance the ambiance of the app,• One-touch play isaconvenient feature of the app,• The flapper game can beplayedoffline, however, for accessing leaderboard you needinternetsupport on your mobile,• You can access achievement byintegratingyour Google plus account,• You can share the game withall yourfriends,• You can rate and review the bat flying game fromuserinterface: let others know your delight in playing the game.•Thetime is shown after a while on your smart watch after a fewsecondsof inactivity.Your new bat friend is ready for takeoff! Getreadyto put your skills to the test. Download and install the appFlappyBat on your android device and start playing its flyingfrenzy. Youwill enjoy quality time for sure on your Android device.Earn ahigh score, complete achievements and enjoy the funnygraphics andclassics arcade game design of this free game forAndroid devices.Just be warned, the game is so much fun it's almostscary! You'llbe hooked and wanting to play again and again andagain.
Flappy CuteBird 1.0
*Guide these cute birds through a world full of danger.*Tapthescreen to flutter your bird and avoid obstacles.*A flappy cutebirdgame like the original bird game.*We all loved the originalFlappygame and its famous bird, but the developer deleted hisfamous andchallenging app. But No worries, we created a clonecalled Flappycute Bird. Yeah we know, it's not the original Flappygame with thewell known bird but no worries, you will also love itand we arealready working on a lot of features to make itevenbetter.Features:-Beautiful Graphics and scenarios-Variousbirds-Simple one touch control gameplay-Three game modes from easytohard
Flappy Tardis 1.0
Belly Bird 3D 1.6.2
rm apps
Belly Bird 3D is a brand new classical arcade title. Inspired bythefamous “Flappy Bird” we developed an entirely newinterpretation ofthis great game. Immerge into a gorgeous fullyanimated 3d world andcompare your skills worldwide.
Mr Flap 2.0.7
Say hello to Mr Flap, the little square bird that'll make yourheadspin! How far can you get?
Flappy Ninja 2.0.1
Flappy Ninja game is very simple ,tab on the screen,the ninjawillfly up or it well fall and die.there are many different lengthsofcolumns . you have to try to make the bird through the openareabetween the columns. your score it calculated by seconds youstayin the game before ninja die.try to get high scores. and pleasebepatient and not to be angry.
Wing Up 1.0.3
No Power-up
@Wing Up:- "Wing Up brings two taps to the Flappy Bird world" "A new and fresh arcade for fans of Flappy Bird"-by Appszoom.comWhere is the bird going? To heaven? To hisbirdmommy? Play a few rounds and you can help him fly through thewallscreated by an unknown bird God.But be careful, he is asensitivechap, just one touch and he will fall to his demise at thebottomof the ocean. Good Luck![How to Play]- Tap left to 'flap up'left,Tap right to 'flap up' right- Don't hit the blocks.- Try toget 4medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
Floppy world | adventure
Floppy world | adventure game is flappy style game developedinBuildbox 2. Fun and addictive game, where you can select notonlybird, but dragons and monsters too.- Unlock New Birds withScores-One touch controls: touch to flap the wings and fly betweencolumnsto get the highest possible score.- Easy and fun to play-Greatgraphics
Flappy Rappers
Tap the screen to fly with this super fun AppCollectingMicrophoneswith Masters of Rap A Classic Fun game with a Hip HopSpin Collectas many mics as you can to win Can you make it to thetop of ourleadership Board? Silver, Gold or Bronze the choice isyours!BEWARE: Super Addicting and definitely not easy!
Flappy Flight 2.0
Ocimum Games
Move and fly in the world Flappy Flight. Help him to fly and getasfar as possible. Tap the screen to fly up and avoid obstacles.Itisa cool game with excellent graphics.The player must avoidtheobstacles by flying in the gap to get the highestpossiblescore.Features:- Simple one touch controls: touch to flapthewings- Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fullymaster-Stunning graphicsHow to Play:- Tap anywhere on the screen toflyhigher!- Avoid hitting obstacles- Fly between the gaps
Tap Animals 3D 1.1.1
Take Flappy Bird to the next level! Join Mr. Pig and his friendsforthis flying adventure! Beware! This game is super hard. How farcanyou go? FEATURES: - Pretty 3D Graphics! - Play as Mr. Pig forFREE!- Play as Ms. Chicken, Mr. Bird, Mr. Fish, Mr. Tofu and Ms.Cow! -Each animal has a different size and difficulty, and costsless thana cup of coffee to unlock! - Bloody deaths! - Too muchviolence? Youcan disable it! - Charity: Buy Mr. Tofu and 50% ofthis sale'sprofit will be donated to a foundation that helpsanimals! - Rankingand Achievements!- More: secrets!
Rocket Snail 1.1
Am I the next successor to Flappy Bird as I'm hitting Androiduserslike a storm?Thousands of players can't be wrong!DownloadNow!STORYLINE:Rocket has just started his training as arocketeersnail. To past the test, he needs to dodge boulderobstacles thatrandomly spawn along the way to block his flight.Rocket needs youto be his best trainer!It’s not a bird, it’s not afish and it’snot wearing pants! It’s Rocket Snail!HOW TO PLAY:1.Tap the screenconstantly to maintain Rocket's flight across therocky planet. Flyhigher by tapping faster and release to divedown.2. Avoidcollision by guiding Rocket up and down to passbetween the gaps ofthe boulder obstacles.3. Collect jetpacks torecharge Rocket's fueland avoid crashing.4. Collect the shell armorto protect Rocketfrom boulder obstacles and prolong the flighttraining. It alsogives a full recharge when the fuel gets empty.5.Avoid touchingthe ground as it would end Rocket's flight traininginstantly.LET'SROCK, IT'S SNAIL TIME!
Flappy Monster 1.1.0
- Cycle through 2 different modes of gameplay as you preventtheever-spreading flappy MONSTAs from conquering the digitalworld;-Make use of either tapping or sliding motions in order toget ridof all those flappy pests;- Challenge yourself as you tryvariousdifficulty levels and watch the score go higher and higherfor eacheliminated MONSTA, depending on how much you can endure;-Use yourlocally stored Hi-Score to show off in front of yourfriends andwatch them as they get frustrated while trying tooutscore yourpersonal record;Think you'll manage to stand upagainst the flappylittle 'Monsta's in their quest for worlddomination? Well then,get ready for a world ofscreen-tapping-flappy-monster-slicingcraze, as cyberspacedomination has never been more fun!
Jungle Flappy Bird - Dark World
Jungle Flappy Bird Dark World – this is best 3D in 2D cloneflappyJungle bird .In this game you can play 5 different flappybirds,collect money, open new worlds, Help jungle flappy bird tofly homeand do not touch black barrier.Save little Jungle birdfromdangerous.
Submarine Switcher | Free game 2.0.1
Download and enjoy the new submarine game free - Flappygames!!!Makeyour submarine through the obstacles. It's hard butnot impossible!With one touch control, you can drive yoursubmarines with differentcolor (green, red, blue and yellow) undersea. Be careful a minesyou lose if you touch them.In the cave, thesubmarine switch thecolor randomly, Follow color pattern to crossmulti colored obstaclein this paced action submarine games!Collectthe medals, whichallows you to continue the game if you lose.Howto Play:-Tap yourphone/tablet anywhere for a submarine to dive orriseSubmarineswitcher’s COMPATIBLE with all mobile devices ofandroid above 2.2and up.If you have any problem in installation,please report to us.We will try to fix it as soon aspossible.Features:- One TouchControl.- Lots of fun.- Nicegraphics.
Flappy Ears - Aussie Political Flight Simulator 1.1
Take flight as ex Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott anddodgethe spiky pillars, using only the sheer flapping power of hisears.🐦 Download NOW! 🐦Get as far as you can to get a high score ontheglobal leaderboards.Easy to play but hard to master controlskeepyou entertained and challenged for short game sessions.
Bird in City 1.16
Zhou Huabing
Tap anywhere on the screen to make the bird flying and passthroughbrick walls in the city.This game derives from "flappybird", buthas more unique features as below:Five levels ofdifficultiesMorerandom factorsAngle disordered wallsMultiple livessupportSocialsharing, game picture sharing
Flappy Warp 1.05
Control the astronauts through the wormhole and explore thevastuniverse. Each time you succeed in Warp, your movement speedsupfaster, and there are various wormholes and various spaceworlds.Fall in the middle of the wormhole and succeed in CleanWarp! Youcan earn scores of times. Challenge as many warps as youcan andchallenge your new record! Feel the excitement of athrilling warp!
Bamb 5.3
Bamb is a Round and Circular object (RCO) that likes eatingaSpace-Cube material, the BANJI!!!Guide Bamb through 4 fun 3Dgamesand 20 different unlockable levels, as well as a newFlappyBird-style Remake, to become a true Bamb master!!!Do youthink youhave what it takes?!For any suggestions, issues orquestions pleasecontact me at [email protected] :)
Crazy Flappy
Blaze Ball is a video game franchise created by Turkishcomputergame developer Atsız Entertainment.Blaze Ball has beenpraised forits succsessful combination of fun gameplay and comicalstyle.Goodluck and have fun.
Flappy Kuzya
The wandering hero Edward Kuzmin looking for the way. The wholetaskin your hands. Who can get over9000000 points, he will receiveaKETCHUNAISE recipe. Good game!
Clumsy Bird 1.8
Candy Mobile
THE CHASE IS ON! Flap the little wings of the Clumsy Birds inthis#1 thrilling and action packed flying adventure.Meet thehaplessever Clumsy Birds and they need your help! The survival oftheClumsy Birds is at risk because the bad dragons have stolentheirprecious eggs. With their little wings, the Clumsy Birds arenotafraid of any danger. It's your job to guide these cute birdsflythrough all kinds of obstacles to get back theireggs.GameFeatures:- Simple one touch controls: touch to flap thewings- Easyand fun to play, but a challenge to fully master-Stunninggraphics: beautifully detailed world comes to life onAndroidHow toPlay:- Tap anywhere on the screen to fly higher!-Online Play: Flyas far as possible to beat other players within 60seconds
Flappy Faustão 1.0
Voe com o mito da TV brasileira. Evite que o nosso mitofaustãocolida com os obstáculos e ainda divirta-se com os seusprincipaisbordões.Jogo muito simples e o seu intuito é apenasoentretenimento.DIVERTA-SE E ESPALHE PARA OS SEUS AMIGOS !Flywiththe myth of Brazilian TV.Avoid that our myth Faustão collidewithobstacles and still have fun with its main catchphrases.Verysimplegame and your aim is just entertainment.Amuse UP AND SPREADTO YOURFRIENDS!
Flappy Galaxy 1.1
A new, challenging game. Help the Flappy Robot hunt for alltheStars to score points.Galaxis version of Flappy Bird withimprovedgraphics. Best Flappy Bird version available now in GooglePlay.This game features- One touch Control- Tap to Flap-Avoidobstacles- Collect Stars to score points76c40eccd7
the trip 1.8
Thanks for the patience. This game is a gift for you. Free, withnoads nor in-app purchases. Have fun. TIP: Touch to jump.VERYIMPORTANT TIP: pass BELOW the "suspend/high/taller" VW bus.Youwill do fine.This was my first project using Unityengine.Createdinside a cave by Henry Gosuen based on the Vimeo'sStaff Pickanimation The Trip by Antonio Vicentini.Game Design&Programming (and most of the sounds): Henry GosuenArt&Animation courtesy of Antonio VicentiniMusic courtesy ofBenHantootHave a safe trip.*2018 News*Hello everyone. I'm finallyfineafter the car accident. But now I am paying the bills. Uff.Life istaking a lot of time from me. I am not replying so manyreviews asbefore... because it make me really anxious. Really. Iread yourawesome words, and that burns my DNA to come back anddevelop moregames. Right now I have to focus on this crazy liferoutine. TheiOS version of the game is off because I can't payApple Devprogram anymore. The android version will stay here, butwith nofurther updates. I beg your pardon. Thanks for thecomprehension.Thanks for playing. Try my other game: Space Spacy.:)
Flappy Pig 1.1
Mobi Touch
Flappy Pig – a simple cool game with humor pig. You controlpigflying over candy columns. The mission is to get as far as youcan.There are also helmets on the way, collect it to protect thehimfrom incidents. That's fun!Enjoy and share your result on FBorTwitter with your friends.How to playTap on screen for fly flyandgo on. FeaturesCool helmets animateNice candy item,backgroundGETREADY NOW !Keywords: fly pig, flap pig, heo bay, heovui