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Unofficial Quiz for Battle Royale 3.19.7zg
Do you think you know everything about Battle Royale? Testyourknowledge with this fun, exciting, and challengingUNOFFICIALtrivia quiz game! Here are some features of the app: ★Guess thename of the item, area, weapon, or skin by combiningdifferentletters ★ Earn coins by answering the questions correctly★ Usecoins to gain helpful hints and bonuses ★ Questions get harderasyou progress throughout the game ★ New questions areconstantlybeing added so the fun never ends ★ Option to earn morecoins bysharing the game on social media or by completing shortsurveys ★Features tons of questions from the hit Battle Royalegame! Can youbeat the game all the way to the end? Only true BattleRoyale fanscan! Hope you enjoy this fun Guess the Picture quiz! Ifyou enjoyedthe app, then feel free to leave a review! Thanks fordownloading!***DISCLAIMER:*** Portions of the materials used aretrademarksand/or copyrighted works of Epic Games, Inc. All rightsreserved byEpic. This material is not official and is not endorsedby Epic.This app is fully compliant with Epic Games' policiesregarding fancontent. You can read their rules and policieshere:
Dances from Fortnite (Dance Emotes) 1.451
All the emotes from your favorite game!Fresh, Floss,BestMates...*DISCLAIMERThis app is NOT official and is NOTaffiliatewith Epic Games.Dances from Fortnite (Dance Emotes) app isanunofficial Fornite Battle Royale Companion that has noaffiliationwith Epic Games.
RoyaleStats for Fortnite Battle Royale Stats 18.3.2
The top Fortnite Battle Royale stats app on the GooglePlaystore!View the statistics of any Fortnite Battle Royale playerforall platforms (PC, PS4 and XB1)Use the Fortnite BattleRoyaleleaderboard feature to track the top rankings!Features:*Lifetimestats so you can track how you have improved in FortniteBattleRoyale over time!* Solo stats to see your stats in Solo play*Duostats to see your statistics in Duos* Squad stats so to seeyoursquad’s performance in Fortnite Battle Royale* Leaderboards soyoucan track your performance and rankings against the best!*Gamedata is available for all platforms! (PC, PS4 and XB1)*Weaponstats* Map and chest locations* In-game item shop* SkinleaksHow doyou rank against the competition? Track your statisticsand theperformance of other players on the leaderboard so you canstayahead of the game!RoyaleStats collects Fortnite Battle Royalethemost updated real time data!View your stats and rankings on thegofor all platforms* PC* PlayStation 4* Xbox OneRoyaleStats putsyouone step closer to the top of the leaderboard!Special thankstoGarren Animations.Send bugs/suggestions to
Skins Creator for Fortnite 1.0
Skins Fortnite Creator it's the most funny tool complementforFortnite. Create your own Free Skins Download Fortnite and bethemost original. There are more than 100 differents modelstocreate!All fortnite skins for free for you now! You cancustomizeand share with your friends via social media or chat.LoveRangerskin, raptor skin or rex skin are some of the mostpopularcharacters. But now, you put the name for the next skinsforFortnite. Do you can imagine that? Download SkinsFortnitenow!Fortnite v-bucks it's over. Now you are the team leaderfromEpic Games and you create the skins
Battle Bus Driver - Companion for Fortnite 1.7.1
With this unofficial companion app you can watch the news fromEpicGames and be notified even with new news.You can look atstatisticsabout you or other players.A map shows you the locationsof thechests and more information about the cities.You can checkout EpicGames Twitter news or even youtube livestreams.
Fortnite Stats by Tracker Network 2.0.2
This companion app supports Fortnite stats and leaderboards,PUBG(PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS) stats, Destiny 2 stats,RainbowSix: Siege stats and Rocket League stats.Tracker Network istheleading consumer of video game stats from the world's biggestvideogames including Fortnite, Destiny, PUBG, Rocket League,Rainbow 6Siege and more. We download billions of matches and crunchthenumbers to deliver the most accurate and up to datestatsavailable.To keep up to date with the latest information, andtocheck out your stats for other games now, checkout: or follow us @trackernetwork on Twitter
Companion for Fortnite (Stats, Map, Shop, Weapons) 12.5
🔥Updated for Chapter 2🔥 This Unofficial App is full of usefultoolsfor Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World players! ThisAppworks as a Companion / Assistant / Guide / Stats TrackerforFortnite. Having this Companion App for Fortnite on your phonewillimprove your experience with the real game! The App updatesitselfand we make sure to have everything up to date with thecurrentstate of the game. Features ★Features - Fortnite BattleRoyale (BR,PvP)★ ★Stats Tracker : View Battle Royale Player Statsgrouped bysquad typ. Favorite Players for even quicker lookups. Youcan alsocompare that stats of any two Battle Royale players,perfect fortracking how you are doing compared to your friends.★Store: Showsall the items currently for sale in the BR Store, withimages andvbucks prices. ★Leaderboards: Supports all squad typesand inputmethods/platforms. ★Battle Royale Map: It includes anoverlay ofpossible interesting items, such as chest spawns. ★BattlePassChallenges Tracker and Guides: Tracker feature that lets youtrackyour progress with all the weekly challenges, also has avisualguides with maps. ★Summarize tool for Battle RoyaleChallenges,showing only remaining challenges. ★Weapon Comparison:The statsfor all the weapons in Battle Royale ★Items: Descriptionsof allBattle Royale items. ★Tips and Info: Important informationanduseful tips for Battle Royale players. ★News: From severalsources,including the Fortnite Site, Forums and Youtube, as well asBattleRoyal specific news from Fortnite Insider. ★Tools - FortniteSavethe World (StW, PvE)★ ★Daily Llama and Mission Alerts: Get uptodate information about current Mission Alerts and Daily Llamasonyour device. The mission tracker shows Alert, Storm andGroupmissions, including type and rewards. ★You may subscribe toreceivePush Notifications for important Llamas and Rewards.★ResearchReminder: Schedule a notification when it's time tocollect yourResearch Points! ★Player Profile and Cooldowns: Get upto dateinformation and stats for any Fortnite Save the WorldPlayerProfile including Mission Alert and Storm cooldowns.★CollectionBook: Keep track of the Heroes, Traps, People andWeapons that youown or have booked making it easier for you tochoose Rewards.★Weapons Database: View info and compare statsbetween all Fortniteweapons. ★XP Upgrade and Retire/ReclaimCalculator, see how much XPis needed to reach a target level or howmuch you will gain byReclaiming/Retiring the current level one★Ability and Perks Listis linked to applicable Heroes so you canquickly find Heroesmatching your desired traits ★Data - FortniteSave the World (StW,PvE)★ ★Information on all the Heroes, alongwith all Abilities andPerks ★Information on all Traps(per rarity)including stats andmaterial requirements. ★List of Resources andtheir uses incrafting ★Information about important features andCollection BookRewards ★The latest tips from your fellow players inthe community★Information about Survivors and the Survivor Squadsystem and howto optimize your Squad setup ★A Monster informationbank of all themonsters in the Fortnite World. Thanks in advancefrom your fellowFortnite Save the World and Battle Royale players!Many thanks tothe community for all the support! This is anUnofficial CommunityDriven Fortnite App and has NO affiliation withEpic Games™ ThisApp does NOT offer any purchases of any kind, asdemanded by theEpic Legal Team. This App aims to be fully compliantwith the Epicpolicies, if there is any concern regarding thecompliance, pleasecontact us with the details. Legal Notice EpicGames, Inc. Epic,Epic Games, the Epic Games logo, Fortnite and theFortnite logo aretrademarks or registered trademarks of Epic Games,Inc. in theUnited States of America and elsewhere. All rightsreserved.
Challenge/Drop Roulette for Fortnite 3.1
This app generates a random drop location in Fortnite BattleRoyale(Named locations or Coordinates on the map)Randomizeweaponsrestrictions, strategies, med restrictions and lotsmore.Up-To-Datehigh quality map that is zoomable.Features a simpleinterface thatmakes it easy to use.High quality, up to date vendingmachinemap.Perfect for anybody looking to challenge themselves inFortniteBattle Royale or just have a bit of fun.
Jump! for Fortnite 3.1
Tap the Jump! button and get given a random coordinate ontheMap.Location Roulette - Spin the wheel to get a randomnamedlocation.Challenge yourself with the new Forfeit cards! Choose2Forfeit cards and a Penalty card to mix it up and change howyouplay the game!Weapon Stats now available!What would you like toseein the next update? Email and let me know!
Strat Roulette: Gaming Challenges 1.10.1
Strat Roulette challenges app for Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite,PUBG,CS:GO and Overwatch.Is winning to easy or do you want to testyourskills to whatever strat faith gives you?Strat Roulette hasavariety of fun and random strategies for you (and your friends)forthe games:- Fortnite: over 100 special challenges + Randomstratsfor weapons, rarity, dropzones, building, traps andmedical.-Rainbow Six Siege: over 140 different strats + 17Minigames!- PUBG:over 35 different special strats + Random stratsfor differentcategories.- CS:GO: over 110 different strats-Overwatch: over 75different strats and load outs. This app includesgeneral stratswhich can be done at any time in the game, whileother stratsdepend on the game-type or even on a team.**Please keepin mindthat this app is developed in English. Other languages areaservice under development!**
Map Battle Royale MCPE 1.0
Map Battle Royale MCPE allows you to download the Fortnite mapforfree and install it for Minecraft PE or MCPE. Automaticallyinstallthe popular Fortnite map and fight with your friends orotherplayers to beat on the map.## CHARACTERISTICS ##This is amini-gamemap based on Fortnite, which includes almost all Fortnitecities,and has a lobby. There are chests located inside buildingsaroundthe map, and they will be filled after each game.The gamestartsautomatically The game starts with a countdown, lol floorparty buswill fall. Then map map of the parachute cans with anelytra andthen against fights. This map is completely automated andcan beused as such.Download Battle Royale for Minecraft now andenjoy themap directly in the game!
Map Fortnite Battle Royale for MCPE 1.0
Nunes Pon
Map Fortnite for MCPE brings you all the action and excitementofthe Fortnite Battle Royale fashion game to MinecraftPE.Multiplayeraction and shots in abundance so you have a good timeand have funlike never before with your Minecraft PocketEdition.Organizematches like in Fortnite Battle Royale in yourMinecraft world andinvite your friends for unlimited fun.Find thechests to obtainweapons and objects that will help you emergevictorious from theskirmishes.Some of the most significant FortniteBattle Royalescenarios are included: Lucky Landing, Tilted Towers,AnarchyAcres, Loot Lake, Shifty Shafts, Moist Mire.Characteristicitemsfrom Fortnite Battle Royale are also included, such asweapons(rifles and grenades) and medicine cabinets (medical kits)to healyou.The best Fortnite Mod Map for MCPE, install the map withjustpressing one button and start playing your games in the styleofFortnite Battle Royale in your Minecraft game immediately.Andifyou ever do not want to have it installed and you want torecoverthe storage space, just by pressing a button, uninstall theentiremap, that's that easy. Therefore we recommend leavingtheapplication installed. Do not worry, the Mod does not go insidetheapplication, it is downloaded and installed from theinternetautomatically (the latest available version), so theapplicationtakes up little space and you can leave it installed onyourdevice.It was never so easy to enjoy the Mod and maps forMinecraftas with our applications. You will be totallysatisfied.This is amod and map for Minecraft, requires MinecraftPocket Edition towork.This is NOT an official Minecraft product,and is NOTaffiliated with Mojang AB in any way. All Minecraftbrands areproperty of Mojang AB. Consult the appropriate usageguidelines at
Weapons Stats For Fortnite 0.8.0
Apply Kab
Weapons Stats For FortniteThis app is an unofficial WeaponsStatsFor Fortnite that has no affiliation with Epic Games. If youhaveany questions contact me with my email.Weapons StatsForFortniteThis app is an unofficial Weapons Stats For FortniteThatHas No affiliation with Epic Games.If you-have AnyQuestionsContact me with my email.
Dancing Ballz: Magic Dance Line Tiles Game 2.0.3
Stay on the dance line with your dancing ballz in the bestmusictapping game - Dancing Ballz: Magic Dance Line Tiles Game.Becareful to tap to the music in our music line game. Timeyouractions, tap carefully and become the dancing master! Theonlyrule? Don’t fall off the track! Got questions/feedback forus?Email us at:
Stickman Fight: The Game 1.3.7
Stickman Fight: the game is a physics based couch, you canperformamazing stunts and blows to defeat your opponents. Beat themall!Win the ultimate challenge! This is the game you just cannotmiss.The game is simple and flexible, Use different Booster andWeaponto support fighting. Overcoming challenges orfailuresFEATURES:-Physics-Based Combat System- 9 World: Classic,Angry, Ninja, Ninja2, Thieves vs Cops, Cops vs Cowboy, Rambo Metal,Santa vs Thieves,Vikings.- 200 Highly Interactive Levels- Lots ofweapons!- Endlesssurvival arcade mode- Fighting is based on fastreflexes- Dailybonus, Spin lucky wheel- Many heroes for you tochooseHOW TO PLAY:-2 joystick control to move and attack enemys-Use item boosterssupport- Try to get 3 stars at the levels
Prop Hunt Multiplayer Free 1.025b
The Amazing gamemod is now available on android.PropHunt playsmuchlike a Hide and Seek. Players on the BLUE team, can disguiseasprops, are given a 20 second set up time to hide, andafterwardsplayers on the RED team must find and kill them in thegiven timeperiod. At the end of each round, teams are swapped:Hunters (RED)become the Prop (BLUE) and vice versa. Require :Wifi.If you wantme to add something in the game any idea/suggestionor if you havea problem leave a comment here: send me a emailIf you want to translate the game intoanotherlanguage send me a email
Metal Classic Contra 1.3
Classic Contra, destroy enemies, soldier, shooting games. NewContrawith different weapons! Enjoy!In this Classic Contra, youprovidedwith a gun, but you can find various kinds of weapons fromthe likeAK, heavy gun machine and commando etc. along withextremelydestructive bullets.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Features of MetalClassic Contra :✈Classic platform game style✈ Nice graphics,beauty gun, heavymachine, and more✈ Smooth control and easycontroler✈ Real music andsound effects✈ 14 kinds of enemies:Multiple enemies characters likesoldier, tank, boss, helicopter,commando.✈ Compete against friendsin the endless mode and shareyour score✈ No up-sells or upgrades,you get everything & freeupdates✈ The game requires less memoryand supports more mobiledevice.How to play this game soldier:1:Move soldier forward,backward, left or right with joy stickcontrols.2: Tap jump to jumpavoid obstacles
Real Steel 1.84.21
Based on the Dreamworks movie, starring Hugh Jackman, thegrittyaction of Real Steel takes place in a secret world whereboxing hasgone high-tech in the not-so-distant future. Players leadtheirrobot to greatness, fighting off steel opponents weighingover2,000 pounds and reaching up to 8 feet tall. Real Steelfeaturesrich gameplay and high replay value including newTournament andSurvival Modes. * Chose from 100's Robots! IncludingReal SteelMovie - Atom & Zeus! * Choose from Tag Team,Challenges,Tournament, Survival & Free Sparring to fight! *Unlock 10Special Edition Robots for completing Each Game Mode! *New TagTeam Mode - 3 vs 3! * Build Customized Robots with your veryownBuild Your Own Robot [BYOR] Feature! * Multiple BattleArenaEnvironments COMPREHENSIVE CAREER IN THE ROBOT BOXINGSIMULATORWEEKLY TOURNAMENTS Feel the adrenaline rush in WeeklyTournaments,featuring prizes like unique powerful boxing gloves ormore newepic gear to box in. AMAZING GRAPHICS & SOUND As youRobotBoxer, immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping world ofhigh-endgraphics and fluid animations. SOCIAL FEATURES: Fightagainst yourfriends and get the bosting rights for Leaderboard.Play with oragainst your friends. Be the first to know! Get insideRelianceGames info on great deals, plus the latest game updates,tips &more… * The game is also optimized for tablet devices.**Permissions: - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your gamedata& progress - RECORD_AUDIO: To announce your robot instyleVISIT US: FOLLOWUS: LIKEUS: WATCHUS: For optimal performance,werecommend closing other applications and re-booting yourdeviceafter downloading and starting your first boxing bout.
Tower Slash 1.1.5
Tower Slash is an action pixel art game that will push you toyourlimits! Only the fastest finger will survive! In a retrostyleenvironment, you must take the challenge of climbingtheEverlasting Tower. Only a special kind of runner, fast enoughtobreak the chains of gravity, can climb it, and defeat thetowerguardian knights. Swipe to match the arrows directions todefeatenemies, and climb your way through! Use your memory andreflexesto defeat a horde of enemies and creatures that roam theskies!Have you got the necessary skills to beat your friends scoresandbecome the ultimate tower slasher? Unlock all the gamecharacters,each with unique special abilities that will enhanceyour gameexperience. Level up to gain bonus scores! This difficultgame willpush you to the limits! Fight your way to the top!FEATURES -Lotsof unlockable playable characters -Level up system -win scorebonus based on your character level! -Special abilitiesand superpowers -Colorful retro graphics -Different background andweatherNOMINATIONS Nominee for best upcoming game at IMGA Awards2015 Moreinfo :http://www.towerslash.com AnyFeedback /comments:
The Archers 3- Stickman Archer 1.7
- Game "The Archers - Stick Archer " - is a hardcore 2dtimekiller.- Describe "The Archers 3- Stick Archer" drainingenemiesZombies with the bow.Destroy the stupid enemies with yourbowbefore they kill you.Zombie monster is killed by a hit intheheashot or two hits in the torso, an arm or a leg.You needtodefeat as many enemy Zombie as you can by your bow before theykillyou. The stupid enemy is killed by hits in the torso oroneheadshot. "The Archers 3- Stick Archer" + There is simpleintuitivegame control - aim and shot. + There is simple andintuitiveoperation in the game. For targeting and firing powersimply dragthe player, and then lower it to shoot.+ Use thebowskillfully."The Archers 3- Stick Archer"We are Working ontheupdate. E-mail us your suggestions to improve the gameplay, wereadall your comments.Have a good game!
Superhero Wrestling Battle Arena Ring Fighting 1.1.4
Calling out all wrestling lovers!!! Here comes a game to suityourbuds than ever before!!! An amalgamation of your favorite kindofwrestling in the world of superheroes!!! Choose yourfavoritecharacters from comics from all around the world and jointhem inthe most exciting Superhero Wrestling Battle Arena RingFightinggame!!!The game includes the most equipped arena tocommence yourintense wrestling battle!!! With the best superherowrestlersgathered from around the world!! Download now andchallenge youropponent to the best and most unforgettable wrestlingmatch oftheir lives!!! The game is set in the wrestling ringenvironmentwhere the audience is presented to cheer on therespectivewrestlers when they are in the ring to compete againsteach other!!The most amazing and fun thing about this wrestlinggame is thatthe opponents going against each other in thechampionship are infact two different superheroes!!! This createsan anticipatingeffect for the user to download the game andexperience a new kindof wrestling simulation!! This particular gamewhich involvessuperheroes has a different kind of surprise elementfor the user!!Making the wrestling games more exciting than before,have joinedus in the ring fighting championship, a variety oftalentedsuperheroes!! The game is a 3D simulation wrestling andadventurewith amazing ring fighting graphics and arenaenvironment!! And avariety of superhero wrestling opponents! Itshows a detailedingraining of graphics and hard work done bydeveloper while makingthis game as awesome as he can for you!! Interms of features thegame also provides many exciting levels andeach superhero wrestleris equipped with different and versatile,amazing fightingtechniques and multiple special attacks limited tothem alone!! Andas soon as the game starts the superhero wrestlingfighters will beannounced and they come in the ring, that’s whenyou take fullcontrol and use the controllers on screen to commencefighting inthe super fun superhero games!!! Begin the wrestlingmatch and maythe best superhero fighter win!!****HOW TO PLAYSUPERHERO WRESTLINGBATTLE ARENA RING FIGHTING****  • Startyour game play •Choose the level and arena environment • Selectyour superherowrestling opponent • Once in the ring use on screencontrols tofight against the opponent • There are multiple controlson screen• Kick, push, punch, hit with the controls • Knock outtheopponent• Move to next level and next opponent after completingonelevel• Complete battle within the given time ****FEATURESOFSUPERHERO WRESTLING BATTLE ARENA RINGFIGHTING****    • Multiple superherocharacters• 3Dsimulation• HD graphics • Ring environment • Multiplefightingmoves • On screen controls
Your Dance Avatar 1.5.1
Create your character and throw some hot dance moves in thisnewgame! There are dozens of tunes waiting for you, alongside loadsofoutfits, plus achievements and leaderboards... ★Uniqueheroes★Glamorous (and sometimes daring) outfits, trendyaccessories,beautiful dance floors, and much more. Create theavatar of yourdreams, and share photos with friends! The variety ofposes liftsthis game to a new level for dressing up games. ★Theparty neverends★ When you've created your anime girl, invite her todance inan amazing rhythm game! ★Music to suit any taste★ We'veassembledfree soundtracks of the most varied genres in this game:pop,disco, hip-hop, rock... ★A world of competitions★ Gainachievementsand top the rankings! Tell the whole world aboutyourself, or justcompete against your friends. Dance, listen tomusic, and have funin a world of songs and love... Show off yourcoolest moves, likethe vocaloids! Become a famous idol of Japaneseanime or manga...Do you want to get hold of a track you like? Allthe music from thegame can be downloaded free from the opengameartwebsite, inaccordance with the license terms (CC BY 3.0)
Modern Blocky Paint Online 1.9
This game is perfect to play with your friends from all world.Jointin lobby and find map you want to play or create rooms youlike,also you have possibility to choose server close to yourcountry orhow many weapon you want in the game .Enjoy and all thebest !
Pixel Tanks 1.5.0
Pixel Tanks is a classic online shooter. Earn gold in the battlesinthe arena. Buy the best tank, improve your tank! Dominate!Fightwith your friends anywhere, show them who is the king of thearena!Join the battle in the online game Pixel Tanks! A varietyofammunition and vehicles - all for your enjoyment! - Playonline:many allies and enemies! - A variety of maps and arenas -Chat withfriends in chat - Nimble fingers: the most skillful playerwins! -Pick & Win: gain an advantage on the battlefield pickingupbonuses! - New content: we are always adding something new inthegame - new tanks, maps, and other features! - Take part intheglobal opening event and get more gold and glory! -Stunninggraphics, soft shadows and lush effects Subscribe for newsandupdates! tips: - The game requires anInternet connection, usewifi for maximum comfort. - Received coins,open tanks are storedon your device. DO NOT DELETE THE GAME beforethe update, otherwiseall achievements WILL BE LOST! We wish you apleasant game, andgood luck in arenas of Pixel Tanks!
Crazy AA 1.21
MIA Game
The game play is simple, a rotation ball in the center, someradiantballs surrounding it, players need to shoot radiant ball totherotation ball one by one, but must not touch others. As thegamegoing, the balls will be more and more, the rotation ball maybequickly or slowly, this game become harder. The Crazy AA has1200levels. You will be relaxed, don't miss it. Let's us know ifyouhave any feedback.
Saiyan Goku fighting 2.0
Saiyan Goku fighting is the best game ever!The gamesupportkamehameha, ki blast, continues kamehameha, dragon recall,spiritbomb ... in very cool graphics. Other than that, you havechange toupgrade the strength of your skills to make it fast andmorepowerful. The upgrade system help you make sure you can defeatallof bosses and monsters.The weapon system in game is justhandattack and super skills. The hand attack will not take youpowerbut the super skills will take power base on how strong itis.Thecharacter system was designed to have all of heroes with allofskills and strategy to fight.More battle you join, moreattacktactic you will need to defeat enemies.FEATURES- Easy andSimple toplay- More than 50 super saiyan forms - Cool graphicdesign- Cooltransform effect- Cool skill design and effect-Flexible moving andgame play- A lot of bosses and fighters- A lotof challenges andstages
⚔️Rambo : Assassin's Fighter⚔️ 6.0
Welcome to the game Rambo: Assassin FightIs a new game where thefunand unlimited adventures.In the game Assassin's Fight, Theyneedhelp from you to overcome the risks and obstacles, enemies,Areyouready to save two they people from danger and the bad guys?I amsureyou will help them win.How to play ??Press the start buttonand hitthe screen to jump over the obstaclesFeatures, features:-Goodmusic- Great graphics- Unlimited levelsWhat are you waitingfor?Download the free version of Rambo : Assassin Fight and enjoyitwith your friends
Rocket Shock 3D - Beta 0.7.0
***THIS GAME IS CURRENTLY IN BETA***If you decide to leave arating- please consider that the game is in a early state!:)Welcome toRocket Shock 3D Beta - we hope that you will enjoy thisearlyversion of the game!Current features!• Up to 8 playeronlinebattles• Three gamemodes, Free For All, Team Deathmatch andControlPoint• 3 weapon classes and 15 different weapons to unlock!•5beautiful maps with more to come• 8 skins to customiseyourcharacter withUpcoming features!• More maps!• New anddifferentweapons• Friends list - join and message friends• New gamemodessuch as domination and CTF• A lot of optimisations andperformanceimprovements• Much more - if you have suggestions orfeedback youcan find a link in the game to tell us :)Rocket Shock3D is anonline multiplayer FPS where projectiles and jumping arethe mainmechanics of the game. Unlock different weapons and upgradeyourplayer's stats to gain an advantage against others! RocketShock 3Dadvances the FPS genre on mobile with new ideas anddifferentconcepts, even in this early version!
Dhoom:3 The Game 4.3
OFFICIAL RACING GAME OF BOLLYWOOD MEGAMOVIE DHOOM:3 BY YASHRAJFILMS You have seen the action and witnessed the heist,nowexperience the high-octane fueled racing game – Dhoom:3 TheGame.Don the cape of anti-hero Amir and race through the streetsofChicago on your superbike as you evade ACP Jai Dixit, Ali andthepolice. Ride through crowded traffic, pursuit helicopters andmore!Use the Nitro power-up to reach extreme speeds and leaveeverybodyin your trail! If you encounter trouble, just throttleaway usingSonic Pulse and keep the chase going! FEATURES: EpicRacing Game> Dodge obstacles as you escape to get a high score>Superior Sonic Pulse to throttle maximum speed > Escapefrompursuit helicopters and outrun the police > CollectPowerupsUnlock Your Racing Look > Unlock and collect newsuperbikes >Collect new racing suits to get away in style >Race to the topin Leaderboards on Google Play Games to be thefastest all over Getyour adrenaline rush and speed away in thissuper-fast racing game!
Nora - Touch Your Feeling
Soulo Studio
* It's an aesthetic music game. More than a pocket piano! *Touchyour heart with melodious piano tunes and relax your soul. *Followthe development clue of the love story along with thebeautifulmelodies. * Every beautiful tune is played by yourself. *You soundlike a piano prodigy while you are playing the game.Features: *Real piano instrumental feedback. Playing complicatedpiano tunesis so easy. * Rhythm and tempo control - What the musicshould be?It's up to you! * Mass musics across various genres. *Choose yourfavorite scene like forests, outer space etc. - It'syour stage. *Instrument options: Grand piano, Digi keys, Guitar,Music Box, Bassand more. * Upload your own MIDI files, and thenplay it.
Singham Returns – Action Game 1.0.28
The Official game for the Blockbuster movie ‘Singham Returns’of2014 by Rohit Shetty Production & Ajay Devgan Films.PlayasBajirao Singham in the official game of Singham Returns andfightagainst corruption in the City of Mumbai! Get ready to go onahero’s adventure as you run through the streets of Mumbai.Jumpover obstacles, flip cars, ride a Bullet and bash enemies intotheground to become the unstoppable force of justice in thisfree,fast paced, action adventure game. Immerse yourself instunningenvironments of Mumbai city as you journey through fromsuburbs tothe city hunting down crime. Throw briefcases, basketsand evencoconuts at enemies or whip them with your Police Belt tosweepaway evil from your beloved city. Let loose the inner Lionandbecome Singham!Game Features: • Official Game of SinghamReturns.•Simple & intuitive Controls.• 5 stunning andbeautifulenvironments of Mumbai City to play through.• Endless modeto testyour reflexes.• 5 epic boss battles.• Throw Bins, Trafficcones,briefcases and even Coconuts to take down enemies.• Hop on apoliceBullet and Zip through the city looking for trouble.• Whipout yourbelt and unleash a whirlwind of special attacks.• Unleashyour furywith the Singham Mode.Get all the latest updates, tips andtricksabout Singham Returnshere:•Avoid obstacles by jumping.• Collect Coins to buy items orupgradepower-ups• Pick up various objects scattered throughout thelevel.•Battle enemies while you run, attacking them with the Rawpower ofSINGHAM!• Wipe out the source of corruption in epic bossbattles!*Permission:- ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: To determine yourlocation forregion based offers.- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Forsaving your gamedata & progress.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Forsaving your gamedata & progressGet in the know! Receive allthe latest news fromReliance Games, plus game updates, videos tips& more…Visit us: Likeus: Followus: Watchus:
Battle Saiyan Play Goku
Battle Saiyan Play Goku is a 2D action-fighting game andrunninggame for mobile platforms A legend character of ourChildhoodSaiyan Goku Dragon games succeed to join indispensablelist of gamefighters. As you know, while Goku searching the dragon,hediscovers the world and he encounters with lots ofdifficulties.Theobjective of Goku Saiyan is beating all of theenemies on your way.In this game, you have to transform into heroessaiyan. One SaiyanWarrior. Can turn into Super Superhero. Toprotect the Earth fromenemies and He placed the god of destructionBerus in the game youhave to accumulate a penny earned.To improveblood supply, strengthand skill of their saiyan. Note the magicbeans in the game. Wehelp you revitalize blood and mana Unlikecomics. The enemies inthe game will differ slightly. Beautiful andattractive.Goku theprotagonist keeps searching Dragon. If you donot want your enemyto find Dragon before you, get the lead out! Andbeat all of yourenemies. You can play this game with your buddybesides playing assingle. You will not realize how time passedwhile playing. Let’sfind these Dragon !
World Of Blade : Kingdom Zombies 2.3.4
X's Quest
[ The game that 1 million users around the world enjoy! ] Areyouready to become a blade master? Get started now! Very simple!butaddictive game! World OF Blade! Compete other gladiators aroundtheworld! And you must survive the battle with the zombies! [ HowtoPlay? ] - Very simple! Kill the enemies! For the world'sbestgladiator! Challenge right now! ** If you like ninja andsamuraigames, download it! **
Kpop music game 20200403
A collection of best KPOP games with passion! Million of Kpopfansare playing this game over the world. It’s just not one game.It’sa 22 Kpop games in 1 app until now (2019) – games in varioustypes:arcade, casual, art, quiz, music, puzzle, reaction,differences,trivia… To bring to Kpop fans all over the world, theapp supports5 languages : English, Spanish, Portugese, Indonesian,Malaysianand Vietnamese. The best thing is: It will be updatedregularly toadd more games and catch up latest and hottest Kpoptrend, wave,music, MV, idol, song,lyrics…--------------------------------------- List of Kpop gamesin thisversion: >> ARCADE ZONE: 7 games * Jump tap: tap left/ rightto jump as higher as possible. Avoid blocks. * Pinwheel:swipe left/ right to scroll the pinwheel and catch the Kpop idolwith thesame color. * ZigZag: tap to go left or to right. Stay onthe path.* Memory Flip: tap on chips to flip them. Open same Kpopidols toclear the board * Up and down: tap the screen to go up ordown.Avoid monsters and collect coins * Down with the cloud: tapleft /right to tilt all clouds. Keep Kpop idol not to fall. *Guardian:move the shield to protect the idol >> PUZZLE ZONE:4 games *Song Imagination: you’ll see 4 pictures – guest the songname. * MVQuest: you’ll see a screenshot. Arrange characters tomake the MVname. * Song quest: Arrange characters to make the songname. * Alltime hit: a quiz where you have to guest the song. Allsongs inthis quest are the most popular Kpop songs (maybe old,likeMirotic, Sorry Sorry or Fantastic Baby) >> ART ZONE: 10gameswith latest Kpop stuffs * Name Tag: guess the name of theidol. *Age comparison: compare 2 idols: older, younger or same age.* Songguest: guess the name of the song. * The Voice: guess whoissinging. * Wheel of song: spin the wheel to get random durationyouhave to listen, then guess the song name. * Reverse song: letseecan you guess the name of the song when it plays reverse. *MusicCocktail: 3 songs play at the same time. Can you find outnames ofthem? * Feel the beat: the rhythm game with Kpop songs. *TimeAttack: mix of all games in Goodies zone, but you have to play3 ofthem at the same time. * 2 players: lets sit down and playwithlocal friends. ---------------------------------------DISCLAIMERThis is an unofficial fan-made application. It is notaffiliatedwith or endorsed by company, group, label or idol.
Tom And Beatem Fight 3D 2.0.0
Beatem Tom And Werry is a classic free arcade fighting game.BeatemTom And Werry brings the original fighting experience. Funandaddictive beat'em'up game with realistic physics andhardcoregameplay. With simple controls you can perform amazingstunts andblows to defeat your opponents.Werry is a childhoodfriend tom, sohe must save and jerry.Beatem Tom And Werry deliverssweet arcadenostalgia to you. Challenge yourself in this addictive,easy touse, old-school arcade FTG game.Features of Beatem Tom AndWerry :•Suitable for all ages and for tom and jerry fans• Multiplelevelsand rings• Unique combo system• Smooth and easy controls•Ultimatekilling soundHow to play Beatem Tom And Werry :• Usecontrol padfor movement• A to punch• B to kick• C to make a shield•Z tojumpEnjoy Best 2018 Free Action Game in 3D.If you like thisgameplease take a moment & rate us. Your ratings inspireusimproving the game play.
94% - Quiz, Trivia & Logic
If I say "Something you eat with your hands," what comes tomindfirst? Hamburger? Corn on the cob? Ribs? In 94%, the object ofthegame is simple: find 94% of the given answers! Try the thirdappfrom Scimob, the creaters of 94 Seconds and 94 Degrees withmorethan 25 million players worldwide! Examples of questions: Thefirstthing you do in the morning Something you don't have time todoAnimals hatched from an egg Something that is often out oforderDownload 94% today to discover hundreds of questions basedonwords, expressions and images!
Explore Game 5.7.1
Kalite RimeS
Welcome to Explore Game ! New Action Games!Go ! unlocked theworldsand have to finish the levels to access andunlockthe following levels, so you will gradually succeed inunlockingthe diamond levels or you will collect a lot of money andthelevels are from the easiest to the hardest ...and so haveenoughvirtual money in the game to buy characters a little strongeroneafter the other ...- There are 14 worlds to unlock in all!andalsoto finish 3 normal and difficult easy modes!and the damantworlds(hard mode) and also 7 characters unlocked!and also therewill benew challenges in the future ...Good games to you on ExploreGame!
Trivia Crack (No Ads) 3.70.1
★★★★★ Take a crack at Google Play’s most downloaded triviagame!Step up your quiz game answering fun general trivia questions!Lovegames with friends? Challenge friends and family to funtriviaquestions! Prove you are the smartest not only by answeringtrivialquestions, but by suggesting multiple-choice questions inthis quizapp. Show the world how clever you are while you learn newfun andinteresting facts with the world’s best trivia app. Be thestar ofthe best game for quizzes! Test your knowledge in sixdifferentcategories led by exciting characters. Spin Willy theWheel and letfate decide where to start your quiz question games. •Can’t getenough trivia for road trips? Tito will share hisworld-classGeography knowledge for all your road trip trivia needs.Can youguess which country has a city called Batman? • Albert isthe go toguy when it comes to Science. If you love good triviaquestions, hecan quiz you on math, chemistry, physics and eventechnology! •Hector will defend your honour through the ages. Makeyour mark inHistory by overthrowing your opponents in a duel. • Areyou MVPtrivia sports material? Bonzo can keep you in shape fortheupcoming seasons with Sports trivia! • Can you tell thedifferencebetween a Van Gogh and a Monet? Let Tina test yourknowledge ofArt. • Spoiler alert! Pop will keep you up to date withfun triviaquestions on anything Entertainment related. Prove yourknowledgeof the latest pop trivia across TV shows, videogames,movies andmusic. Know any interesting facts? Show other users whatyou’remade of by creating trivia questions with answers. Speakmultiplelanguages? Prove your linguistic skills and make thecontent inyour language even richer by translating. Want fewer easytriviaquestions and more challenging questions? You’re the boss!Decideand improve what makes it into the game by rating questionsmade byother users. New to the game? 1. Spin the wheel: We’ll quizyou onone of our six categories. Answer correctly so you don't missyourturn! 2. Fill the Crown gauge: Get a character by landing thewheelon the Crown section, or answer three questions correctly.3.Collect the characters: Win them by answering threequestionscorrectly or challenging your opponent to a duel to snatchone oftheirs! Get all six characters to win the match! Otherfeatures! •Need more trivia today? Visit Survival mode and be thelast onestanding defeating opponents in a real-time non-stopquestionschallenge. • Play Single Player Mode to answer questionsnon-stopand beat your high-score. No turns, no waits, enjoy triviaof theday at your own pace! • Win our biggest rewards ever withMissions!Spectacular social extras: • Check your quiz games rankingand seeif you can get more correct answers than your friends or seewho’sthe real family trivia head of the house! • Share yourprogressthrough social networks. • Chat with friends, family orrandomopponents. • Collect fun character cards and win rewards.Gain anextra edge with Power Ups • Use Bombs to remove twoincorrectanswers. • Don’t think you’ll get the question right thefirst timearound? Don’t worry, use Double chance to get another go.• Trivialpursuit questions too difficult? Use Skip to go to thenext one.Download the most popular game for trivia now! Have anyquestionsor concerns? Check our Supportpage! Wantthefull trivia 360 degree experience? Follow us on: -Facebook: - Twitter:@triviacrack -Instagram: -YouTube: -Google+:
Music Racer 45
[ATTENTION] Race any YouTube video or play your own localmusicfiles [ATTENTION] PCversion: Raceris a music-adapting racing/runner/action game where youuse yourown music to race! The shape, the speed, and the mood ofeach rideare determined by the song you choose. Rush along thefantasy trackin your car or fly along the space tunnel to thesounds of yourfavorite music. Gather beats, catch the rhythm. Getready for abreathtaking race along the unique tracks of thisAndroid game.Listen to your favorite music on your device. Eachmusic track youselect will influence the time of a round, length ofa track andmovement speed. Listen to the beats of music andmaneuver in orderto pick up beats flying by. Try yourself ondifferent tracks andsurf the audio! Listen to your favorite songwhile playing andcollect gems to catch the beat! - Different levels- Many vehiclesto choose from - Vehicle customization, color yourcar or rims! -Great visual effects, one of the best graphics onAndroid -Retrowave, vaporware, hi-fi, neon, cybernetic and geometrydesignedenvironments - YouTube support - Different game modes:classic,zen, hard and cinematic The game may use music files onyourdevice. We do not take responsibility for any copyright issues.
Twitch: Livestream Multiplayer Games & Esports
Watch livestream gaming videos, Esports and any IRL broadcastonyour Android device! Stream your favorite MMO RPG, strategy andFPSgames for PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Twitch givesyoulive streaming and gamer chat in the palm of your hand. Livechatas you watch gamers play everything from Overwatch to LeagueofLegends. Watch PUBG showdowns, Minecraft sessions,Hearthstonematchups and stunning FIFA 18 goals. Multiplayer gamesnot yourthing? Livestream any IRL content you can think of, fromart demosto animal videos! Twitch Live Streaming and Gamer Chat:TOP 3FEATURES 1. Watch gamers play Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, FIFA18,League of Legends and much more. Stream content from thebiggestMMO RPG, MOBA, strategy and FPS games out there, or settlein fornail-biting Esports tournaments. 2. Live chat during anygaming,Esports and IRL broadcast. Talk Hearthstone strategy withfellowgamers or content yourself with live streaming art demosinsilence. 3. Broadcast your very own gaming content! LivestreamyourOverwatch killstreak on Xbox One, build Minecraft monolithsonNintendo Switch, take down your Fortnite enemies on PS4, orshowoff your Hearthstone cards on PC! Twitch lets you watch gamersplayany single or multiplayer games under the sun. With PUBG, FIFA18,League of Legends, Overwatch and Fortnite videos on demand, youcanreally let your gaming flag fly. Join live chat to connectwithyour MOBA or MMO RPG community! + Stream interactive livenewsvideos with exclusive content for PS4, Xbox One, NintendoSwitchand PC. + Watch unique programming: livestream anything fromartdemos, to Esports events, to music festivals! + Discovernewmultiplayer games and IRL videos with ease thanks to simpleandintuitive navigation. + Switch to Dark Mode for those latenightviewing and gamer chat sessions. Join the millions of hardcoreandcasual gamers who have found a place to connect over the MOBAorFPS games they love. Take your passion to the next levelwithTwitch! ------ For feedback and assistance, please visitourSupport Center: Please note: Thisappfeatures Nielsen’s proprietary measurement softwarewhichcontributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings.Pleasesee information
Coast360 Federal Credit Union 3.0.966
Bank at your leisure with Coast Mobile, the official appfromCoast360 Federal Credit Union. Access an array of bankingservicesfrom wherever you are, whenever you want. FEATURES: Loginsafe andsecure with touch ID. View Accounts View your transactions,accountbalances and history up to the last 6 months. You can alsosearchfor transactions by keyword or amount in the Accountscreen.Transfer funds Transfer money between your accounts in asnap. Makesure you have all the funds you need in your debit cardto makethose last minute purchases. You can even transfer funds toanothermember of Coast360 at no charge. All you’ll need is theirmembernumber, last name and share ID. Coast eDeposit(1) Remotelydeposityour check with Coast eDeposit! Just snap a photo of yourcheck todeposit into your Checking account. Checks are processedwithin24-48 hours, but may be held for up to 10 businessdays.SendMoney(2) Send money to virtually anywhere in the worldfromyour mobile device. Send your funds safely and securely toanyonewith a PayPal account using their phone or email address.SendMoneyis a feature powered by PayPal. Coast ePay Never stand inlineagain with Coast ePay, Coast360’s bill pay system. Enroll inCoastOnline to set up your payees and be able to pay for your billsfromanywhere. This feature requires a checking account. RatesAccessall our latest share and loan rates with just a few simpletaps.PLUS, access more time-saving links to locate member centersandATMs, hours of operation and more. To access Coast360’smobilebanking app, you must be enrolled with Coast Online. Transferanddeposit limitations apply. Read the Coast Online/CoastMobileDisclosure & Agreement for full details. (1) Checkingaccount(open for at least 90 days) is required to use CoasteDeposit.Checks deposited through Coast eDeposit must be endorsedwith “ForCoast eDeposit only”. Refer to Coast Mobile FAQs for othertermsand conditions. (2) Coast360 does not make any warranties andisnot responsible for any transactions conducted through PayPal.TheSendMoney service requires you to accept terms and conditions ofaseparate agreement. See the Coast Mobile FAQ atwww.coast360fcu.comfor full details. While Coast360 members may useCoast Mobile at nocharge, your wireless provider’s messaging anddata rates mayapply. Some features are available for eligiblemembers andaccounts only. Coast360’s mobile banking is safe andsecure asCoast Mobile uses TLS (Transport Layer Security)encryption tocommunicate securely through all mobile serviceproviders. Securitymeasures block unauthorized access and protectyour data, no matterhow you access your accounts. Feedback? We loveto hear yourfeedback as it helps us improve our mobile banking app.To shareyour feedback and/or suggestions, email
Animation Throwdown: The Collectible Card Game 1.108.0
Animation Throwdown is the collectible card game that letsyoucollect cards and battle with characters from your favoriteshows!Collect cards featuring characters and moments from yourfavoritecartoons. FAMILY GUY, FUTURAMA, AMERICAN DAD, KING OF THEHILL andBOB’S BURGERS duke it out in Animation Throwdown’s epicCCG! PVPbattles let you duel other players in strategichead-to-head cardbattles. Enter epic card wars with Bob, Linda,Tina, Louise or Geneand fight Peter or Stewie Griffin! Battle,build and upgrade yourdeck for a cartoon card clash. Build a deckand join a guild withyour friends, share tips and tricks throughchat. Can you rise tothe top? 👑 Card battles may be digital, butthe stakes are real!*The fate of the world rests in your hands!**(*Stakes are not real)(**The fate of the world does not rest inyour hands.) STEWIE,BENDER, TINA BELCHER, HANK HILL & ROGER THEALIEN are waitingfor you in this epic CCG! Come battle your way tothe top in PVPduels! Collectible Card Game ★ Collect cards of yourfavoritecharacters from each and every show ★ Collect and fuse todesign anepic deck ★ Build card combos and find powerful new cardsin Mom’sMystery Box for special surprises and skins. Card Battles ★Battleto conquer 30+ islands of story levels to win cards – canyouunlock Onyx Mode? ★ Duel other players to level up in the Arenaandunlock Secret Fight Club. ★ Card battle challenges and Guildwarsare available every week for big rewards. ★ Play forinfinitehours, provided that you never stop playing! Cartooncharactersfrom your favorite shows: ★ Family Guy’s Peter Griffinarrivesalongside, Stewie, Lois, Meg, & Chris! ★ Futurama’sBenderapproaches with Fry, Leela, & Zoidberg! ★American Dad’sStanSmith goes in for the attack with Francine, Klaus &Hayley!★King of the Hill’s Hank Hill puts the “pain” in “propane”withPeggy, Dale, Jeff, & Bobby! ★Bob's Burgers’ Tina Belchercooksthe competition, joined by Bob Belcher, and Teddy! ★ YourfavoriteCartoon characters will make you laugh ‘til you drop yourphone (ortablet) in the toilet! Play the most epic collectible cardgameavailable in all of the universe. Download Animation Throwdownandjoin the card battling adventure today! Please Note Anetworkconnection is required to play. Login or sign up for aKongregateaccount to save progress across devices! AnimationThrowdown CCG isfree to play, but some extra game items can bepurchased for realmoney. You can disable in-app purchases in yourdevice's settings.Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards ™ and ©2016 TwentiethCentury Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
MEGA QUIZ GAMING 2020 - Guess the game Trivia 7.3
Enjoy Mega quiz gaming! Guess all the game quiz levels with over720video games that has been a trending until this year(2020).Complete this video game trivia where you must guess thegamecharacters, logo, weapons, items... all compiled in this quizappgame for free. Also this game doesn't take up space or needwifi.Beat another players by answering as fast as possible allthegaming questions and join the leaderboard with other100real-gamers and show the world you are the best gamer ever! Inthistrivia app is updated with the new uncoming releases of 2020. ♦Areyou an authentic Gamer? Check this features! ♦ 🎮 Discover morethan720 video games of this decade. ⚔ Guess them by the logos,weapon,enemies, places, bosses... Up to 24 categories! 👾 Nothingretro.All the games are from this last years. 🏆 Global ranking withtheTop100 gamers in the world. 🔓 Unlockeable levels. 💡 Hint systemifyou get stuck at any level. 🚫 No ads poping up. 👥 Shareyourachievements or ask your friends by Twitter, Facebook or anyofyour social networks! ❤ Enjoy it! The main purposeof#MegaQuizGaming is to show the people the great variety ofvideogames that surround us in a funny way. In #MegaQuizGaming,greattitles are mixed with other independent titles, creating alistwhere players can distance themselves from their usual titlesanddiscover new projects.
Super Saiyan Heroes: Chaos Battle 1.0.5
DSaiyan game
Great fight (combatants) between Goku and his teammates withSuperSaiyan, Super Namek, and evil, devil forces, vs otheruniverseforces. The game is also a fight between superheroes.Thisis asimple two-dimensional game with simple buttons, move,attack,simple skill, easy to play.Reminiscent of the electronicplaywaiting from childhood.Characters: Goku, Super Saiyan, evilheroes,wing lin, turtle warrior, berserker, z fighters, Goku Devil,saiyanwarriors, Guerrier, omega-9, zamasu, hit, perfect cellStage:Nearly50 levels are extremely attractivePlease enjoy!
Ubisoft Club 6.0.4
Bring along your Ubisoft experience on your mobile to stay on topofyour game at all times! Get more from your games! Take onmoreChallenges! - Grind out more prizes and climb up leaderboards!-Check the list of Classic Challenges and complete them to earnClubUnits, Club XP and Badges - Manage your Weekly Challengesdirectlyfrom your mobile. All you need to do is find your game andaddchallenges from the challenge section. When a challenge hasbeencompleted, the “Collect” button lets you collect all relatedprizesand use them in game. Access more Rewards! - Get more than700exclusive items across 90 console and PC games! Club Rewardsareexclusive in-game items, such as weapon skins, costumes,andconsumables. All that cool stuff is only available in theUbisoftClub! - Find the best Rewards at a glance throughcolorclassification (Grey - Common, Blue - Rare, Purple - Epic,Orange -Legendary, and Black with gift icon - Exotic). CertainRewards arefree, others need to be redeemed with Units! - Check allavailableRewards for your games and get those you want directlyfrom theApp. Simply click on any game from your game collection,chooseyour Reward and click the ‘’Get’’ button. It will be added toyourgame. Enjoy more benefits! Meet Sam, your new PersonalGamingAssistant, only available in the Ubisoft Club App. It willtakeyour gaming experience to a whole new level. - Check ourexclusiveDaily Login feature to get stats, personalized tips, videoguidesand more! All of this powered by your in-game activities inRainbowSix® Siege, Assassin's Creed® Odyssey, Tom Clancy's TheDivision™,Tom Clancy's The Division 2®, Far Cry® 5 and GhostRecon®Wildlands. - Ask Sam* anything you’d like to know about gamestatsor Ubisoft games! Just type your questions or use voicecommands. -Sam also provides useful shortcuts to support pages andthe UbisoftStore. Enjoy a whole new social experience and real timeupdates! -Celebrate your achievements together with your friends -See yourfriends' activities and latest updates from your games -Getnotified in real time when something important takes place suchasWeekly Challenges, Special Events, and friend requests. *Sam isinbeta and available in English only.
Munna Michael Dance & Run 1
Munna Michael - Dance and Run is the official game of themovie”Munna Michael” starring Tiger Shroff as Munna Michael,NawazuddinSiddiqui as Mahinder Bhai and Nidhhi Agerwal as Dolly.This is anendless running game.Nawazuddin wants Tiger to make him aprodancer in 30 days but Tiger wants to win the Dancingstarcompetition and have to reach the venue. But Nawazuddin has putlotof obstacles on the way to the venue and wants to stop him.Youhave to play as Tiger in the game and score highest in the bidtoreach the venue.The backdrop of the game is on streets ofMumbai,where you have to dodge buses and cabs on the street, therearealso other hurdles where you can slide through. The gamehasexciting power ups, like skate, where you cruise through allthehurdles on the road, earn coins with the help of magnet, etc.Youcan also get the Hoodie jacket and rush through all theobstaclesunharmed.GAME FEATURES* Realistic 3D character of TigerShroff*Power ups like handkerchief to skate through, Hat which willworkas magnet to attract coins, Hoodie jacket to cruise through allthehurdles.* You can swipe left or right, Jump or slide toavoidhurdles.* Unlock achievements as you reach the milestones.*Travelup on the Google play services Global leader board* OriginalSongstrack from the movie.* Share your scores on social media. Areyouready to help Munna fulfill his dream and ensure he reachesdancingstar competition?*Permissions To deliver the best experiencewewould need some permissions from our users:RECORD_AUDIO: Thisisrequired to analyze offline TV viewing data andservemedia-targeted ads. Granting this permission is optional. Ifyou'dlike to opt-out of this targeting, please visit the followinglink:
Vijay Mersal Game-Unofficial 1.1
You can have an exciting time on this game by playing asVijay'scharacter to combat the critics!The game's objective is tofightand win the villain who come against us. Make sure you useoptimalweapons and vehicles to win them all!You will find famousdialoguescheering you up on the way!- PEACE BRO!
com.studiodrill.bladecrafter 4.11
Studio Drill
Are you bored? Craft the Legendary Blade right now! Your weaponwillmove around and fight on its own, as if it's alive. Are youworriedthat the game might be too complicated? Don't worry! BladeCrafteris a simple, automatic game that doesn't need anytutorials. BladeCrafter uses a dynamic combat system that isunlike any otherautomatic games. Relieve some stress by defeatingenemies withpowerful and impressive skills. Been looking for a fungame? BladeCrafter is your best choice. - Complete your codex ofweapons as amaster of sword crafting! - Defeat strong bosses thatappear every100 stages. - Get special magical stats by enchantingyour weapons.- Clear stages to get various rewards. - Completein-gameachievements to get various rewards.
Devil Ravana The Game 2.1
Celebrate this festival season with the great epic Ramayana.Thisaction, shooting game is a time base game and requires quickactionand strategy to complete the level. Experience a win overdevilking Ravan by killing various Rakshas in various stages andbecomethe great warrior in this epic action game. Features of theGame:Play as a warior of God Rama's army. Bonus Level: You willgetbonus levels to collect more coins. Kill the terrible devilkingRavana along with his family including Kumbhkaran,Meghnath,Akshaykumara and Surpankha. Play this interesting gamewithchallenging 5 harder levels and destroy the demons and theirarmy.Rules of the Game: Each level has Rakshas and a memberfromRavana’s family. You have to kill them all to proceed tonextlevel. in last level you have to kill Ravana. If you stuckandrequire more life, watch the rewarded video and get extra lifetofinish the level. You must have the BRAHMASHTRA to kill theRavan.You will have BRAHMASHTRA enabled in 5th level if you havemorethan 5000 coins. As much you play as much you get coins.Collectmore coins by playing bonus levels. Download and Play thisfreemobile game.