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Free Hungry Shark Tutorial 1.0
CLee Dev
Already a Fan of Hungry SharkWorldEvolutionThis is a one of the best Hungry Shark World Tips&Guide. Thisapplication contains a guide in playing HungrySharkWorld hichconsists of several tips and tricks to simplifythelovers of thisgame in completing every mission in the HungrySharkWorldGAMES.As for some tips and tricks that we can from severalsourcesHungryShark World and the rest of the experience gainedduringplay. weexpect the lovers of the game Hungry Shark World canbeassisted incompleting each mission.**** DISCLAIMER: ****Legal Notices:This app is an unofficial Hungry Shark World guide only, itisnotauthorized or created by the creator of the game.This application complies with US Copyright law guidelinesof"fairuse". If you feel there is a direct copyrightortrademarkviolation that doesn't follow within the"fairuse"guidelines,please contact us directly
Free Hungry Shark Cheat 1.3
Already a Fan of Hungry SharkWorldEvolutionThis is a one of the best Hungry Shark World Tips&Guide. Thisapplication contains a guide in playing HungrySharkWorld hichconsists of several tips and tricks to simplifythelovers of thisgame in completing every mission in the HungrySharkWorldGAMES.As for some tips and tricks that we can from severalsourcesHungryShark World and the rest of the experience gainedduringplay. weexpect the lovers of the game Hungry Shark World canbeassisted incompleting each mission.**** DISCLAIMER: ****Legal Notices:This app is an unofficial Hungry Shark World guide only, itisnotauthorized or created by the creator of the game.This application complies with US Copyright law guidelinesof"fairuse". If you feel there is a direct copyrightortrademarkviolation that doesn't follow within the"fairuse"guidelines,please contact us directly
Free Hungry Shark World Trick 1.0
Leon Studio
Already a Fan of Hungry SharkWorldEvolutionThis is a one of the best Hungry Shark World Tips&Guide. Thisapplication contains a guide in playingHungrySharkWorld hichconsists of several tips and tricks to simplifythelovers of thisgame in completing every mission in theGAMES.As for some tips and tricks that we can from several sourcesandtherest of the experience gained during play. we expect theloversofthe game Hungry Shark World can be assisted incompletingeachmission.**** DISCLAIMER: ****Legal Notices:This app is an unofficial Hungry Shark World guide only, itisnotauthorized or created by the creator of the game.This application complies with US Copyright law guidelinesof"fairuse". If you feel there is a direct copyrightortrademarkviolation that doesn't follow within the"fairuse"guidelines,please contact us directly
Angry White Shark Attack World: Hunt Ocean Life
Play as hungry white shark the deadliest human prey hunterchasingscuba divers and go on killing spree in depths of ocean.Becomeunderwater sea monster and kill spear hunters in Angry WhiteSharkAttack World: Hunt Ocean Life. Go on aquatic adventure in deepbluesea as great white shark chasing fish like dolphin andkillerwhales. Spear hunters will start shooting at you so attackthem andescape in megalodon shark simulator game. Attack fishhunterssailing on boats and island in ultimate sea adventure. Afuriousshark is the most dangerous predator in deep blue oceans.Gainenergy by eating sea otters and dolphins to chase spearshooter.Take revenge for smaller fish like hammerhead and makosharks inJaws hunting adventure. Cause havoc and turmoil inunderwater worldand wreck ships of fish hunters in huntingsimulator. Take controlof a very Hungry Shark and go on a franticocean rampage! Surviveas long as possible by eating everything andeveryone in your way!Explore underwater worlds filled withdelicious and exoticcreatures! Eat sea animals like starfish andlionfish to fill yourappetite. Kill rod hunter sitting with harpoonon ship in real timehunting game. The hungry shark is on a rampage!It will attack anddestroy whatever gets in its way. Play as afurious shark and showno mercy. Chase your pray, attack and grab inyour might Jaws tokill instantly. Battle sealife face piranhaattack in newest sharkgame challenging then other ridiculous boringgames. Swimunderwater in depths of oceans kill shark hunter and goon brutalsea frenzy against scuba divers shooting spears atlion-fish,dolphins and orca. Eat fish to gain energy and kill allfishermenin time to complete hungry shark hunting missions. Playsas abrutal shark and hunt to survive. Eat everything in your wayandkeep the killing spree going. Play this best in class 3DangryShark Sim and become a ferocious hungry SHARK to killruthlesslyand endlessly. Your mighty beast is ready to eat fish,humans andanything else in its path. Dive down to the depths of theocean andfight with other Sharks and Killer Whales, eat some sweetdolphinand rare scuba divers to quench your hunger. Jump to thesurfaceand scare. Go on killing rampage as gigantic killer sharkand showno mercy in hunting simulator. Become furious hungry sharkand huntdown fish as sea hunter. Smooth and easy controls allow youtocontrol your beast effortlessly and kill easily. Keep killingandnever stop chomping. This jawsome angry shark simulator is oneofthe best action games in 2017. Angry White Shark Attack World:HuntOcean Life Features :★10 challenging fish hunterlevels★Aquaticwildlife like hungry sharks, dolphins and killerwhale★Hugeunderwater open world environment★Immersive 3D graphicswithrealistic sounds★Intuitive controls for white shark huntingandswimming Download Angry White Shark Attack World: Hunt OceanLifenow and go on deep dive for ultimate sea adventure as monsterangrysharks in deep Blue Ocean.
Hungry Shark 1.0.0
Big fish eat small fish, must survive to become a shark!Thehungryfish lives deep in the ocean, eat smaller fish than itself,butavoid the bigger ones! Your goal is become the biggest fish intheocean! Eat or be Eaten! Have Fun!How to play: 1. Use your fingertonavigate.2. Avoid big fish, eat small fish and growupfast!Highlight features:- 20 different challenging levels.-Goodperformance, run well on low cpu phones.- Small app size withhighgame quality.
Wild Shark Angry Attack 1.3
The New Games
Surf through the marine life as an angry shark. The mostdangerouspredator and carnivore in sea. Concept: Simulate thedeadliestbeaches as a wild shark and attack anything that comesinto sight.Your job is to feed this hungry monster to the fullestand in orderto do so attack everything including people at thebeach house orscuba divers swimming underwater.Use the animisticinstincts of thewild and angry shark to approach your prey whetherit is underwateror on the surface because this carnivore has thebest hunterinstincts of the marine life. Gameplay: Surf the seawater in thisshark simulation game and attack the beach people inthe water oron the surface. Angry shark has only one objective andthat is tokill them all and feed on them because the predator ishungry andis in a wild mood.Take command of the carnivore throughsmoothcontrols and roam as the deadliest predator of the sea.Scubadivers who have come to swim devour them and spill theirbloodacross the sea floor.Use the controls to navigate thehungrypredator in any direction you want. Go wild on your prey,give themno chance to escape the jaws of the deadly carnivore.Attack theprey from every direction until the angry monsterdevourseverything.Turn the peaceful beach into deadliest beach, useyoursharp instincts and attack anything that cross your path.Becomethe ultimate wild and angry predator of the marine life.Features:- Highly world adventurous aqua simulation experience-Engagingsimulation gameplay with brilliantly designed levels- Superandsmooth navigation controls for your hungry carnivore-Storepurchases in future updates
Wild Shark Fish Hunter 2016 1.3
★Wild Shark Fish Hunter 2016★◉This Game is all about killersharkhunting mission, rage war on great white sharks, shoot themanddon't let them touch your boat.◉ Evolution of Shooting killersharkand other ocean predators is here. This free game is focusedondeep sea creature hunt, you don't need scuba tools, neitheranyfishing equipment, your vendetta is with Hungry White Shark,theseWild & Angry Ocean Predator have Razor sharp teeth &SuperHot Speed, it simulate the action shooting game play and makeyoufeel like super hero. You are stranded on a empty island andyourrescue is only ship and water is filled with hungry &angrywhite sharks and predator of many types.No Police or anyotherrescue squad is present at that island, and sharks areswarming thewestern coast, no guards are here to save you, pick yougun chooseyour favorite weapon and fire, shoot and kill the GreatWhiteSharks As much As you can.▶ Sweep area clean of Angry Sharks▶Shootthem and Kill▶ Use Your Weapon Accurately▶ Your Boat ismovingThisAction game is perfect shooting for shark attack relatedadventure,it contains shooting, killing, demolishing of sharks whowants tobite your skin off.✸ Wild Shark Fish Hunter 2016 DeepOcean- GameFeatures ✸ ★ Live life of Army Assassin Hero Ocean! ★Earn Point,Make High Score in limited Time.★ Drive around in the 3dkingdomslike ocean & Island★ Become the best Solider to protectshoresof your sea & Islands!★ It will Train you as Pro FirstPersonShooter ★ Mini Machine Gun rounds to fire★ FREE download ,HaveFun★ No Wifi No Problem!★ Shoot & Kill✪ Free PlaySimulationGame ◉ Contain Ads ✪
Blocky Jumping Run Avoid Shark 1.0.5
Can you hop across the pool without getting attacked bysharks?
Allwe know is that these sharks are super hungry andswimming in allsorts of directions to eat you! We don’t even knowwhen & wherethey'll appear! We wish we could tell you!it isretrostyle

–  A New Crossy Style HopperGame–HowTo:        Tap to Hop.SlideL & R to Change Directions.
Your Object: Jump acrossfloatingtiles to the safe zone, and…of course, avoid random sharkattacks.Oh, and one more thing -- don’t get drowned losing yourbalance!Time your hop carefully! Collect All Characters: CuteYellowDuck, Funky Robots, Powerful Dinosaurs, Cool Beach Girls& Boysand lots more! Get them all across the pool!Aim for thatperfectHop & Tap Away!  It ain’t just a clicker orazigzag.Collect SpecialItemslike:·      RocketBooster·      Ladder·      PoolTube·      Shield·      Magical CrownThis coolsummer game is for everyone around the world.Your Summer Fun Goal:Improve your hopping skills & compete withyour buddies!Nosign-up’s needed. Download & Start PlayingNow!“Shark in thePool” is in your pocket wherever you go.Remember,Tap to Hop, SlideL & R to avoid shark attacks & drowninginto the pool!Sharkin the pool ! Jaws appear there!Hungry sharkattack ! Oh, is thisenemy's comic olympic ?, in my pool ?Crossystyle hopper jump now!it's blocky style frog jumping !AddictiveSimple Fun retro stylejumping gameRun and Run, Jump and Jumpendless hopWatch outsinking, moving tilesSee how far you can climbthe leaderboardAngryshark appear your pool !You are under attackfrom hungry sharkidon't want to playing comic olympic !, in my pool!Addictive overworldAvoid getting attacked by retro style hungryshark Becauseshark very hungry and angryjumping now and save yourfrog life !Shark in the pool is crossy style hopper game and blockystylegameYou must runaway from hungry shark attackJump and jumpingtosafety zonethis is not comic olympic , this is nightmareIt iseasycool tap jump game , easy , funny , escape from Summer blockystyleangry sharkTap tap tap , retro style jumping now !you mustalivefrom angry shark attack.This is funny tap hopper game, notclicker, frog tap hopper jump and escape from dangerous pool,SharkattackAddictive and Simple FunIt is new style crossyhoppergame.Not clicker , not zigzagTap hopper fly, avoid angrysharkattackSave your frog tap hopper from fell into the waterSeeyourcute dinosaur, it is equipped with duck tube !Addictive retrostyleSimple GameThis is summer cool game for everyone all of theworldItis very funny, cool tap jumping game, It is blocky andcrossy stylegame. Addictive Simple and very funDo you have anyplans for thissummer vacation?Now add your summer vacation planwith retro stylejumping run game Avoid hungry shark attack andescape thisdangerous pool Cool tap hopper jump , with blockystylecharacterAlways with 'shark in the pool' any place any time inyourpocketnow Jumping frog ! with blocky style characterit isfrog'sjumping olympic in waterAddictive Nd Simple Fun !Hop acrossthepool without getting attacked by sharkRun and Jump avoidretrostyle shark
Angry Shark Rush 1.1
Take control of 3D rendered shark in this action packed sharkgame.The objective is to keep survive and eating to score thisactionshark game. The shark is hungry and starving till dead, youneed toget some food for it, try to eat everything that floating intheocean to regain your stamina and energy to survive.Features:+3Dimages graphic+ Unlimited fun and challenging levels+Intuitivetouch or tilt controls+ Easy to play difficult tomasterAngry SharkRush is all new action packed shark game. You needmore practicesand training to master controlling this hungry sharkto swim fastwhile avoiding all the obstacle, and accurately attacksthe target.Beside eating, you can also regain your energy by reachto nextcheckpoint, hence rush all you can to reach next checkpointbeforetime is running out.Play as much as you like! Challenge yourfriendwith high score.
Shark Attack Spear Fishing 3D 1.6
Dive into Deep Ocean and explore the underwater sea lifeforspearfishing adventures. Play Shark Attack Spear Fishing,thelatest 3D shark simulator game for hunting angry sharks. Becomeascuba diver lure and shoot harpoon from your speargun tohunthungry sharks underwater.Survive in brutal underwaterenvironmentand beware of wild shark attack. Besides goldfish,lionfish orclownfish, ocean life is full of ferocious inhabitantslikecarnivorous shark, orca whale and star fish. Ace Scuba diversandwhite shark hunter go for hunting aquatic animals in deep sealikeseahorse. Put on the scuba diving retreater suite with oxygenmaskand grab your fishing gear from fisherman. Make bait forhungryshark and sail in your steam boat. Fisherman chase whiteshark andtiger shark while sailing in shark fishing boat. Aimprecise andfire harpoon from your spear gun before the deadliestangry sharkskill you with razor sharp jaws. Become ace shooterenjoying fishinglake with seamless crystal water.The killer sharkis furious jawsunleashed aim to hunt down megalodon in oceandepths. Daily catchthe big fish in North America Ocean, dive intoclear water andstart swimming for catching the big ones megalodonin sharksimulator 2016. Avoid hitting into coral reef and algae indeepwaters shark rampage. Aim to shoot fish, hunt sea monsteranddangerous predator to seek revenge for human killing. Enjoythemassive gameplay on Exotic Paradise Island and exploretherealistic sea life in 3D open world environment. Get hooked onwiththis real fishing game, dive in freshwater lure angrysharkstowards you. Anglers can catches fish daily feel thethrillunderwater with spear gun without angling rod.Shark Hunter2016Features:→ 10 amazingly challenging tiger sharks huntingandshooting missions→ Sail ship and scuba dive into Blue Oceanforspearfishing→ Explore the realistic sea life with big fisharoundlike crystal fish, trout, starfish and orca whale→ Intuitivetouchcontrols for easy sailing and hunting→ High quality 3Dgraphics anddetailed environment for spearfishingDownload SharkAttack SpearFishing 3D simulator game for underwater killingadventure andfight for survival against ferocious sea inhabitants.
Angry Shark 1.0.4
Play the most action packed game Angry Shark.Intruders in theseatrying to attack Shark home. Attack and defeat them by playingasan Angry Shark. Take a full control of Shark and performvariousattacks to defeat.Kill the enemies coming in front of AngryShark,complete the target and advance through levels.Features -*AmazingGraphics* Fantastic Sound Effects* Fully Action PackedGame*Leaderboard and AchievementsEnjoy!
Angry Shark Fish Hunt 2016 1.0
Hunt or be Hunted! Sharks are the hungry and vulnerableseacreatures. Sharks are back, and this time Evolution ofShootingkiller shark and other ocean predators are taking on theentireisland ocean world ! Aim precise and fire harpoon with yoursnipershooting gun before the deadliest wild angry sharks kill youwithrazor sharp jaws.Show your shooting and killing skills to killthiswild sea monster. Great White Sharks focus on their prey andhuntthem cleverly in blink of an eye. Razor sharp teeth & SuperHotSpeed, it simulate the action shooting game play and make youfeellike super hero. So save yourself and protect island fromanunexpected shark attack from the deep sea. Save entire humanitybysaving sun-drenched Jurassic tourist .Its time to showyourshooting and killing skills to kill this wild sea monsterbeast.Angry Shark Fish Hunting 2016 is focused on deep sea creaturehunt.You are stranded on a deep ocean island so take control ofyoursniper gun.Shark are Hungry in this action packed aquaticadventure& protect yourself and other people.Mostly sea isfilled withbeautiful fishes and hunter enjoy fish hunting . Fishhunting isvery popular in people hunter go for hunting aquaticanimals indeep sea like seahorse but Besides goldfish, lion-fish orclownfish , but At that time deep water ocean life is full offerociousinhabitants like carnivorous shark, orca whale and starfish whiteshark and filled with angry hungry white sharks andpredator ofmany types shark is on a rampage! It will attack anddestroywhatever gets in way . You don't need scuba tools, neitheranyfishing equipment, your vendetta is with Hungry White Shark.✸AngryShark Fish Hunting 2016 - Game Features ✸ ★ Play as ArmyAssassinHero Ocean! ★ Drive around in the 3d kingdoms like ocean&Island★Save oceans from animated ferocious Great White Shark.★Action game is perfect shooting for hungry shark attackrelatedadventure★ Exciting killing missions★ It containsshooting,killing, demolishing of sharks who wants to bite yourskinoff.★Animated Aquatic animals including Shark, Orca,Whale,Dolphin, Jellyfish.★ Become the best Solider to protectshores ofyour sea & Islands!★ It will Train you as Pro FirstPersonShooter & Mini Machine Gun rounds to fire ★ It will Trainyouas Pro Sniper Shooter ★ Earn Point, Make High Score inlimitedTime.★ No Wifi No Problem!★ Shoot & Kill★ FREE download, HaveFun✪ Free Play Simulation Game ◉ Contain Ads ✪
Octopus Survival Simulator 1.0
Take control of this Giant Octopus as you try and survive theopenocean. Battle against sharks, stingrays, Orca, seagulls,andDolphins in this action packed octopus simulator. High quality3Dgraphics bring the tropical waters to life. The goal: to searchforand rescue all 4 members of your family and defeat all 5enemybosses. Use the call button when you need help with defeatingtheenemies. Survive against hungry Orca, shark attacks, andhostilestingrays. You are awarded with meat points when you aresuccessfulat hunting your enemies. Spend these meat points wiselyto upgradeyour creature. Super Fun sounds and realistic animationsincluded.This animal simulator has been designed for all ages.Don't forgetto upgrade!Top Game Features:--You control a realisticlookingGiant Octopus--5 Enemy Bosses to defeat--Upgrade yourOctopusStrength, Stamina, and Swim Speed.--Animals include ClownFish,Seahorse, Orca, Shark, Dolphin, and Stingray --Huge Open World3DOcean Map with Beaches, Islands, Reefs, and Caves.--Remembertocall your family to get help attacking the giantbossanimals--Tropical Hawaiian setting with 4 times of day andweatherchanges.Begin this ultimate game of Ocean survival now! Hint:Attack the Sea Horses and Clown Fish first to build up yourstaminaand strength. Find usonFacebook: take alookat our other 3D animal sims. We realize the app is not perfect,andwe welcome your constructive criticism. At Wild Foot we arelookingfor things we can do to improve the app. Please sendyoursuggestions to [email protected]
Sharks Attack Revenge 1.3
Over many years, sharks are evolved into real sea monsters. Theyarelarger and furious than they used to be. As an expert ofunderwatertreasure hunter, you are prepared to fight these sharkswith yourpowerful underwater gun any-time.One day, you had found asunkenpirate ship in the deep sea, but this place was occupied byhundredsof massive hungry white sharks. To get to the treasuresspot, youhave to pass through these hungry sharks and avoid beingeaten. Thisis a running game with shoot-em-up game play. It is sochallengingand super fun! Great 3D graphics and game play ofSharks AttackRevenge! If you love shark game, you love thisgame.Swipe on thescreen to control the diver, stay alive andcollect pirate coins toscore the game while avoid from sharks’attack. The more sharks youkill the higher ranking you will gain.You may collect super shieldto gain protection for certain periodof time.
Hungry Predator Shark 1.0
Cool Note
Welcome to Hungry Predator Sharkadventurewhereyou can jump as high as you can.As a hungry blue shark in the deep ocean world, your goal istojumpto the highest possible flooring in Hungry PredatorSharkadventure.Move your phone left or right and auto-jump fromshark’splatformevolution, to jump up and collect gold!The faster you make decisions, the higher you jump.Explorethemysterious Hungry Predator Shark game adventure. Takecontrol ofavery hungry blue shark in this action packedjumpingadventureworld. Whatever you do, avoid the shark touchingthesprite,they're lethal.Features-Free to play!-Collect coins to earn scores-Jump high with super power-up-Avoid the shape spike.Play as much as you like in the underwater evolution!
Hungry Angry Shark Attack 1.0.1
Gamer Network
The fiercest aquatic beasts are now inactioninthe hungry angry shark attack. They are moving allaroundtheunderwater to look food to fill in their stomach.Emptystomachmake them so angry and fasten their speed to searchfortheirnutrients. They eat everything that come to theirwayincludingdivers and swimmers. These sea monsters are also smartasthey knowhow to move themselves secretively enough for notbeingcaptured bythe submarine. So download hungry angry sharkattack andget readyyourself and simulate these big sharks in thiswonderfulunderwatersea.Hungry angry shark attack features include- Beware of the submarine that coming to catch you- Look for delicious underwater food that fill your stomach- Learn and build up special skills to be the king of the sea- Powerful and impressive images and graphic- Compete with your friend and get higher score than them- It is still free to playLearn how to play hungry angry shark attack- Tap based control that is need time to master- Learn and build up your own unique skills thanothersseamonsters- Stay yourself hungry to complete this gameHungry angry shark attack is updated regularly withnewfeatures,graphics and challenges. Download now and stay tunewithmore of theour new features that would amaze you when youarelooking for foodin the sea. Take control of the monster and betheking of the kingamong the underwater beast.Hungry sea animals are very dangerous especially shark whoisinthe evolution stage. They would not simply attackmovingcreatureswithout any blood smell. However, they are differentnow.They tendto grow into a very hot tempered monsters due to lackoffood intheir habitat. Shortage of food make the hungry sharkandall othercreature to fight among themselves as the foodevolutionhave makethem go fearless.All fishes and sea plants had evolved due to the pollutionmadebythe human. Some fishes had become stronger and moreviolentwhilesome had died because of the environment changes.Plantswhich arethe main food in the sea have also become poisonousdueto poisonouspollution absorbed. Shortage of food haveendangermany sea specieslives.Extinction of underwater creatures have affect the foodchainandecosystem of the sea. The new environment have actuallyfire uptheanger sea king monster which is the shark species. Thelackingoffood and poison surrounding make them so hungry andangry.Thehungry shark have their mind change and evolution of allthesharkbehaviours make them attack any living beingespeciallyhumanbeing.The sea is now become so much dangerous as compared totheolderday. Diver and fisherman tend to stay away from thesea.Thisphenomena happen because the shark would dash so fast tothemwhenfound them. The shark seem to be controlled by a simulatorinthesea. They are acting differently from the past.Thebeautifulunderwater is no longer the same anymore.Human have also fight back by sending submarine tocapturetheshark. The shark swim and dash to the submarine even theyknowthesubmarine poses danger to them. The sea have becomesobloodynow.As time pass, human have realised their mistakes.Activisthavemake a lot of activities to raise the awareness ofpollutionandits effect to the sea. Cleaning have been made to clearalltherubbish and pollution made in order to create backthenicebeautiful underwater. Shark are now recovered fromdrugsimulatorand become more friendly in the sea.This is a game before the awareness made. Sharksarestillattacking human races and vice versa. Thus, feel howthesharksfeel and have fun in this amazing and wonderful sharkgame.Wait nomore and download now!!!
Hungry Sharks Attack 1.3
You are the famous treasure hunteranddiver.Your mission is to collect the invaluable pearls fromtheCaribbeanseas. But, this is not so easy because there are hordesofhungryand dangerous sharks around you. Ready to kill you ifyoumake amistake. So, you should escape from the attackingsharksthroughyour mission.There are 16 levels in the free game. The next levelisunlockedwhen you complete the current level.Move the diver around by using the virtual joysticksonthecorners at the bottom of your screen.Hope you enjoy this adrenaline and fun game. Please voteforusand rate us so that we will be releasing a much betterversionforthis game.
Shark Escape 1.6
T-Apps Studio
Marine explorer Jane discovered an old pirate ship under theseawith tons of gold skull coins. While collecting those goldcoins, agroup of hungry shark come to attack! Help Jane to collectas manygold coins as possible and at the same time escape fromhungryshark attack.This is a never ending runing kind of game withatwist, it is easy to control, just swipe your finger left andrightto collect coins and avoid sharks. With great graphics &soundsdesign, hope you will like it.
Underwater VR 2.78
Become a hungry shark in this VR game. Chase and eat thecolourfulfish, find all the hidden objects lying on the seabed -- acrashedmerchant ship, a sunken submarine, ancient runs, medievalcemeteryand much more. Features: - Designed for Cardboard andDaydream -Unusually huge gameplay area for a VR game (1km in eachdimension)- Multiple maps - Probably, the simplest ever controlscheme for aVR game or VR app in this genre.
Shark Fury 1.0.0
AppsFlex Apps
Take a look and download the latest game on android storeSharkFury. You have to take control of this very Hungry Shark whointurn to hunt the human underneath the sea. This is anotheractionpacked aquatic adventure.Survive as long as possible byavoidingthe spike bomb trap laid by the divers to hunt and kill thesharks.Try to complete the objectives before time runs out. Thissharkespecially enjoys the taste of humans. If you enjoy gameslikehungry shark hunting and Shark Simulator you are going to lovethisshark fury game, the must have game of the Holiday season.Happyhunting!Shark fury features include:• Free to Play• Tap screentoplay• Continue tapping so that shark continue swimming•Takerevenge and eat all the divers• Advanced level withmorepointsDownload Shark fury and enjoy the game
Slithering Snake Hunter 3D 🐍 2.1
★Slither Snake Hunter 3D 2016★Vemon Rampage!!Kill! AnacondaSlitherSnake is on Rampage!! Shoot to kill it before it devour youwhole.Agigantic anaconda snake is slithering on sandy surface ofsilentsloppy island, mutating, getting more powerful with eachslither.Now A number of them are crawling there teaming, slitheringtokill. Island is remote, sea is filled with hungry sharks, fishandsnakes, wild snakes are rising, and grand battle is tobegin,between Anaconda snakes and brave war hero Sniper. This isnot justSnake Simulation or Shooting Simulator, its Crazy ActionwithPrecise controls. Beware of Deadly Viper Attack, withmostdangerous Venom in this world & Its Always Hungry toStrike,hunt with gun & survive the wave attack.A world ofevolution,killing snakes, in a haunted world of venomous reptileson beachislanda.Take your Rifle, go out in the world of Angry WildAnacondaSnake, and kill them to survive. Shoot with Accuracy, hitmultiplebullets. These Slithering monsters are on theloose.Slitheringedition with different snakes. Kill all the hardsnakes to sparemore time and attack the others. There is nowhereyou can run orhide from your enemies the monster merge of snakes.In this SnakeClassic sometimes different types of snakes workstogether forprotection and attack you with unity. This happensoften and youwill feel yourself as if in Hunting World but life isalwaysunpredictable. Slither Snake Hunter 3D lets you hunt thebiggestand most dangerous snakes in the world. With access topowerfulguns you will rely on your marksman skills to killsnakesThis isnature rules and something that cannot be avoid inreal life.Let'sbegin the cold battle with Slithering Snake Hunter3D!✸ HungrySnake Reptile Hunter 2016 Slither & Crawl- GameFeatures ✸ ★Live life of hunter★ Earn Point, Make High Score inlimited Time.★World of snakes & venom★ Become the best Soliderto protectshores of your sea & Islands!★ It will Train you asPro FirstPerson Shooter ★ Mini Machine Gun rounds to fire★DownloadFree andHave Fun★ No Wi-Fi No Problem!★ Shoot & Kill✪ Free PlayActionGame ◉ Contain Ads ✪
Funny Shark Sniper Smash Arena 1.2
Hi everyone there! Welcome to Funny Great White Shark SniperHuntingsimulator game. It is a fun, challenging and interestingfreeaquatic game. Experience some cool underwater effects byhuntingsharks and become a shark hunter.You are a commando warriorand on atop secret military mission you have to reach yourdestination onthat mysterious island located in a far part of theworld. Thesecrazy funny shark dash is becoming a hassle foryou.Wage a battleagainst these funny happy killers and don’t misseven a single one.Take a close look at the sharks, by aiming atit, before pulling thetrigger and shooting them down. If you missany shark you would losethe mission.Become a skilled hunter, byshooting, these flesh eatingangry funny sharks. Stay focusedthroughout this shooting game sothat you do not get killed bythese angry funny sharks. Experiencethe thrill of shooting andhunting down, the angry sharks, waitingfor its prey.FEATURES:•Great fun for everyone• Different type ofmissions• 20 fun levelsto complete and reach your destination• CoolHD graphics• ExcitingSound effects• Earn coins by hunting funnysharks and unlockpowerful gunsSome Shark Factso Do you know thatthere are more than465 known species of sharks living in our oceanstoday? o Sharksare top predators. Some shark species, like thegreat white shark,attack and surprise their prey.o Sharks have avery acute sense ofsmell that allows them to detect blood in thewater from milesaway. o Most sharks are especially active in theevening and nightwhen they hunt. o Megalodon is an extinct speciesof shark thatlived approximately 23 to 2.6 million years ago andlost inevolution.Visit our Google & Facebook page, give usgoodrankings and reviews as well so we can make better games freeforyoualways! a great day and get some time to play!
Angry Shark Shooter 3D 1.4
The Game Boss
Just when you thought it was safe to enter the waters ofIsland,giant Sharks rise from the deep sea. You are the chosensharkhunter to save the humanity. World needs your shooting skillstocontrol these beasts. Kill it before they kill allthehumans.Features3D High-tech tactical GunsSpecial Gun UpgradesandSuper Ship ArmorsHD graphics
Coco the Fish! -Cute Fish Game 1.3.8
Coco's sweetheart was kidnapped by theGreatSquid King!?The brave little fish, Coco, has to venture into the open seatosave his lovely girlfriend in this new casual actionadventuregame!You can read Manga, "Coco Doko!?" from here!"Coco the Fish!" Google+ Page"Coco the Fish!" Facebook Page●"Coco the Fish!" Game SystemYou can play this easy casual action game for free! Escape fromthebig fish! Try to eat the smaller fish to make Coco grow up andbeable to eat the bigger fish. Clear the stage by growing intothebiggest fish! Then keep challenging on to the next stages!●Enjoy "Coco the Fish!"It's a frenzy! Enjoy the sensation of nomming like afish!Experience swimming in various fascinating ocean scenes! Doyoulike Feeding Frenzy or Hungry Shark Evolution? Then you shouldloveCoco the Fish!●The Wonderful Worlds of "Coco the Fish!"Just like an ancient aquarium!? Plunge into many wonderful scenesofday and night ocean world! Feast your eyes upon these cuteandinteresting fish!●The Story of "Coco the Fish!"Coco, the brave little fish, ventures forth into great perilstorescue his lovely girlfriend who was kidnapped by the GreatSquidKing. Many big fish are waiting to eat him on his journey.Becareful, not to be eaten! Enjoy eating fish in a frenzy inthishero's journey of Coco the Fish!●Play "Coco the Fish!" with friends for more fun!You can send requests and hearts as a present to friends whenloggedinto Facebook!●"Coco the Fish!" Evolution systemCoco can change into cool new evolutions when you pass throughthe"Shell of Evolution" after every 15 stages! Many new itemswillalso appear!● Compete in "Coco the Fish!" with social friends!See what stages your Facebook friends are on in the map!Challengeto beat other friends who have reached farther stages!Race to theend!●Strategic play of "Coco the Fish!"Think more about the strategy while playing. Which fish shouldyoueat first? How can you keep your combo? Try to make manyhugecombos to trigger the fever time and get anoutstandingscore!PLEASE NOTE! "Coco the Fish!" is free to play, howeversomegame items can also be purchased for real money. If you do notwantto use this feature, please set up password protectionforpurchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app."Coco the Fish!" Google+ Page