Top 5 Games Similar to Fearless BMX Rider 2019

Bike Hop: Crazy BMX Bike Jump 3D 1.0.70
Hop as far as you can go on your bike, then go further!BikeHop:speed up and jump over hills, cows, motorcycles, cartsandmore.The further your dude flies, the more points youearn!Gameplay: -Speed up as fast as you can - Learn to hop far andfast- Trainyour reaction speed - Beat records - Tap,tap,tap!========================COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Street Lines: BMX
Get on your BMX and ride some sweet lines through the streetsofworld famous skate spots like San Francisco, Miami Beach,London,Barcelona and much more to come! With an intuitive controlsystemthat is easy to learn, but hard to master, this arcade stylegamegives you the chance to become a pro BMX rider! Focused ongorgeousgraphics and a relaxed gameplay style you can pull off somesweetstunts and tricks, and only your imagination and skill setsthelimit! Features: - A bunch of awesome tricks, grinds, slidesandmanuals! - Pull off extreme combos! - Gorgeous graphics andrealworld skate spots! - Unlock new maps, characters, tricks,andbikes! - Realistic physics! - Intuitive controls that anyonecanlearn, but few will master! From the independent developerEnJenGames, the team behind the wildly popular BMX FreestyleExtreme 3D,and BMX FE3D 2.
Bike Rush 1.3.8
Ready, steady, go! Compete in a massive high speedbikeracethroughout the city! Move left and right to avoidobstaclesandcollect coins. Spin the bike in the air for a massivespeedboost!Avoid the obstacles and use ramps for epic stunts! Areyoureadyfor the ultimate racing experience?
Battle Run and Gun 1.5.0
Battle Run is here, in a brand new non stop actionfilledexperience! Compete in high-speed epic battle runs acrosstheroyale Island to save it from the influx of menacing robots!Smashcrates, avoid obstacles and defeat the oncoming enemies…Canyoudefeat the bot bosses? – all with thousands of possiblecharactercombinations! ** Battle Run is a brand new endlessrunningexperience ** - Run, slide and jump with your favoritebattleroyale characters. - Play across iconic locations and explorethesuburbs , the forest, the epic evil robot fort and so many more!-Surf into Portals that will transport you to a secret locationtocomplete in missions and find secret items - Battle the bestbossesacross the island and unlock cool rewards. - Build up yourrunningskills and scout the Island to defeat all Robot minions inepicbattles. - Beat them with style: customize for extra XP points!-Drop into the gameplay with your glider - Get a better view ofthelandscape while riding the flying PInata! Pinata PartyTime!Upgrade your weapons and hoverboards and make quick work ofyourtask! - Crash into different crates to collect your upgrades -Goon battle runs and unlock rewards to build up, upgradeandcustomize your runner. - Go on the run and unlockchallenges,characters and rewards to give your game a boost. -Classic endlessrunner gameplay with a shooter spin. Shoot your gunto take out thecool robot enemies from afar. Enter the portalmissions to take outas many bad guys as you can to earn stars.Watch out for the bossrobot. You can also perform new specialattacks against robots byrunning at them like flying kicking therobot minions. Collect ammoboxes to get more bullets to fire. Blastthrough the walls of therobot base using your gun, there are 15amazing guns to collect,including the tommy gun and the missile. Aswell as fun and wackyshooters like the pizza tosser. Wall run topass over and aroundenemies to collect coins and tokens. You canuse tokens to upgradeyour character or to unlock new specialcharacters. Avoid vehicleslike cars, buses and taxis as you rushthrough the streets, hop onto your hoverboard to enter super fastaction. Dodge the crazydrivers in this dynamic 3D world. With milesof roads and turns youcan dash through the city for hours. Eachenvironment has uniquegameplay features to increase the fun, avoidbarrels and runthrough the cabins in the forest, fight robots andavoidelectricity in the robot fort and watch out for traffic inthecity. Collect the rare Keys to unlock legendary chest tounlocksuper rare character tokens, hoards of experience and epicguns andboards. Characters are unlocked for free by levelling up,you donot need to buy characters. There are 100 levels for you tounlock,battle the robots, compete in portal challenges and opensupplycrates to get experience. With easy and hard daily missionsthereis an unlimited amount of objectives to provide non-stopaction.
BMX FE3D 2 - Freestyle Extreme 3D 1.37
Get on your bike and get ready to shred! Ride big ramps andgetcrazy air, or get technical with street skating. Do huge flipsandstunts, or chain together awesome combos with manuals, grindsandwallrides. The choice is yours with 8 different skate parksmadewith inspiration from all around the world. You can evencreateyour very own custom skate parks to ride! Both your BMXrider, andyour BMX bike are fully customizable, with tons ofoptions to makeyours absolutely unique! Try it now and see why thisFreestyleExtreme 3D series' games has been downloaded more than 10milliontimes! Features: - Ride your bike and do tons of differenttricks -Customize your character with tons of clothing, hairstyles,etc. -Fully customize your bike with different bike parts andcolors -Create your very own custom skate park to ride in - Earncoins tolevel up your character - Arcade Mode: Try to beat yourbest scorein 2 and a half minutes - S-K-A-T-E Mode: Completespecific tricksand combos - Free Run Mode: Skate around the parkswith no timelimit or purpose other than having fun - Great music toenjoy whileriding your BMX bike - Nothing is locked behind apaywall,everything can be unlocked just by playing