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Hack For Pokemon Go Prank 1.02
WalidK apps
Hack For Pokemon Go Prank app help tofoundpokemon fast and get unlimited Balls and unlimited tokensforfreeget now a lot of coin in pokemon goWhat can you get using our pokemon go cheats:Unlimited Poke BallUnlimited CoinUnlimited IncenseOther players already developed unsecured cheats for pokemon gobyfaking their gps.this app it's just a joke.Already a fan of Pokemon Go This is a one of the best PokemonGoGuide & Tips . This application contains a guide in thePokemonGo high game consists of several tips and tricks to simplifyloversof this game to complete all the missions in the game
Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free 4.9.5
A recent update to "Google play services" from June 2018 changedafew things-read the FAQ on how to uninstall updates! We assembledaFAQ list so please read it carefully before emailing us or addingareview. It has all your questions answered: If you still needhelp- send us anemail! Please notethatwe will not be answering questions within the Review section oftheapp - if you need help, please read the help and use thesupportemail for further assistance. Use the app so you can fakethe gpson the go. It will overwrite your current proximityelegantly sothat you can prank your friends on any social networkto think youare somewhere else. Find people in different cities,fly gps fromcity to city without moving. Geotag that photo even ifyou forgotto turn on location when you were taking it. Any foulusage of theapp (including cheating) will not be supported by ourteam. Makesure you disable high accuracy locationpositioning/mobilelocations under Android Location Settings andleave "GPS ONLY" orcalled "Device only" on some devices ! Featuresof the free app: -Standard spoofing on all Android versions. - Noroot mode availableon Android 6.0 and above. -Change the updateinterval How to use: -Choose your faked location and press play. -The app will insertthe fake gps go location into your android phoneon the fly gps. Ifyou want to change your location on a browser youwill need a VPNaservices in connection with our app. Permissions: -Internet - todisplay the map view - Access Coarse and Fine Location- to fakeyour current location - Allow mock locations underDevelopersettings (Applications). END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT Thisapp isprovided "as is" and we can not be held responsible for anyusageby the end users of our app. This app is free withlimitedfunctionality and is for testing purposes only. The app hasbeenlocalised in english, german and japanese
Pro Pokémon Hack Catch Prank 1.54
Pro Pokémon Go Hack and Catch PokémonPrankit’san app for catching Pokemon just for enjoying time andjustfor fun,you can use app to select the Pokemon you want tocatchand thepokémon from pokémon go app you want to add to yourlist ofpokemon,just put information needed to do that and you willgetafter sometime code to access and get your pokémon go.Please note that this app don’t hack or patch pokémon go,it’sjustand app for fun you can use to enjoy time with friendsandprankfriends by showing them that you can catch Pokemon easily,appit’sjust for fun and not a an app for hacking.NOTE:Please note that the Pro Pokémon Go Hack and Catch PokémonPrankappicon, screenshots and all content inside this appareCreativeCommons licensed (CC-BY-SA), all content in Pro PokémonGoHack andCatch Pokémon Prank app are provided and uploaded byusersofwikikia and are under our terms of use, the license detailsforallof these assets can be found on Wikikia’slicensingpage: Also please note thatas anofficialWikikia app, this app fully complies with theCC-BY-SAterms.All Wikikia content and the contents of this app wereuploadedbyusers and are governed by Wikikia’s TermsofUse( We have a teamdedicatedtoenforcing our terms of use, including responding toDMCAtakedownnotices. For more information please see our DMCAtakedownpolicy:
Hacks and Guide for Pokemon Go 1.0.5
The buzz of pokemon game is on hike, each and everyone is onkeeninterest to know about it.If you have already played the game,areyou all tried of going out and finding all the pokemons. “HacksandGuide for Pokemon Go” features the Guide, Hacks and Tips tomakemore comfortable to the all over buzzing pokemon game. Discoverandcapture your favorite pokemons and evolve them to get morepowerfulmonsters with the help of “Hacks and Guide for PokemonGo”.Downloadnow and have fun playing pokemon game! LegalNotices:“Hacks andGuide for Pokemon Go” is an unofficial pokemon goguide only, it isnot authorized or created by the creator of thegame. Thisapplication complies with US Copyright law guidelines of"fairuse". If you feel there is a direct copyright ortrademarkviolation that doesn't follow within the "fair use"guidelines,please contact us directly.
Free PokeCoins For Pokemon Go 1.0.6
Cash Genie
>>> GET Guide for Pokemon go andplayfor free now !!<<<Already a Fan of Pokemon Go This is a one of the best PokemonGoGuide & App to Earn Free Credit. This application containsaguide in playing Pokemon Go high consists of several tipsandtricks to simplify the lovers of this game in completingeverymission in the Pokemon Go games with free coins..What Is CashGenie?CashGenie app is extremely simple and fast way to get PlayStorecredit, PayPal cash and get in-app items in games like PokeGo& Others for free. We pay whenever you discover new apps,fillsurveys or complete the offers available in the app. You canthenmake in-app purchases in popular games and apps like Pokemon GOforPokemons Like Pikachu, Other Items Like Poke Balls, Poke Eggsetc.In exchange for free gift coins, you can buy poke coins orotheravailable Paid products from play store.You can also redeem your earned coins for gift cardslikeWallmart, I-tunes App Store, PayPal Vouchers etc.Please Note:Use your authentic details for registration as we will sendthefree gift cards on provided contact information within 24workinghours. In case you have any queries, feel free to contact usathelpdesk@cashgenie.netDisclaimer:This app is not associated with Pokemon Go and any othergamesdirectly. It is not authorized or created by the creator ofthegame. This application complies with US Copyright law guidelinesof"fair use". If you feel there is a direct copyright ortrademarkviolation that doesn't follow within the "fair use"guidelines,please contact us directly. Free PokeCoins For PokemonGo is notassociated, affiliated, endorsed, sponsored or approved by©Niantic(developer of Pokémon Go) or ©Pokémon Company or Any otherGameDevelopers. We don't offer any Pokémon hacks, Pokémon generatororany different poke connected product. We are also notassociatedwith any other popular games or apps available on GooglePlayStore.
Cheats & Hacks For Pokemon Go 1.2
Cheats & Hacks For Pokemon Go isacollection of all the best fan guides sharing their cheats,hacks,tips and tricks plus easter eggs and rares for Pokémon Go.Are you ready to dominate the most popular game in theworldright now? Have fun and ENJOY!!!*** DISCLAIMER ***This is NOT an Official guide or how-to. The gameapplicationname is the property of its respective owners. This isNOT anOfficial App for the game. We made this App only as a FREEFAN APPfor those who want to enjoy the game. If there is anytrademark orcopyright violation that does not follow within FairUse, pleasecontact us and we will take action on itimmediately.
Cheats - Pokemon Go 1.1
In this application you will be able to find all the cheatsandguides for Pokemon Go.You will see all the objects thatareavailable, how to get experience, how to get rewards likePokéballsand potions; and see all types of Pokemon, with theirstrengths andweaknesses.Are you ready to be a great trainer?English100%
Go get Pokemon! Full Guide 1.1
Playing Pokemon GO? Download our free app!You will find full guide for the game, secrets ofthefastestpower-up of your character and the latest newsfromPokemonsWorld.Made with love. Approved by Pikachu.========================================================Disclaimer:========================================================Go get Pokemon! Russian Guide is notassociated,affiliated,endorsed, sponsored or approved by ©Niantic(developerof PokémonGo) or ©Pokémon Company.All the Pokemon Go images and content from wikia.comtakenunderCreative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License3.0(unported)(CC-BY-SA).
GPS Hack 1.1
Mr K
There are many reasons that one like to spoof theirdevice’slocation,such as:1. Getting around location specificcontent andrestrictions.2. Creating a sense of security, knowingthat yourreal location is never transmitted.3. A fun tool to messwithfriends and social networking apps that use location. (suchasFacebook, Tinder,etc)4. Any other reason you can think of tomodifyyour location on earth.How To Use This App?Enabled MockLocationsunder: Main AndroidSettings->Applications->Development.OTHERWISE THE APP WILLNOT WORK!1. You should DISABLE "Use wirelessnetworks" options inLocation settings of your phone to avoidissues and enable "GPSonly".(THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT)2. Alwaysrun GPS Hack BEFORErunning other apps to be faked otherwise theywill use the defaultGPS sensor instead of GPS Hack.3. GPS Hackrequires to have googleplay services, and google mapsinstalled.******FEATURES******1.Works with multiple apps that usesGPS to retreive user'sLocation.2. Unlimited Access to set newlocations.3. LocationSearched History.
Guide for Pokemon GO 2.2.1
This Unofficial app made by fan of thisgame.This guide includes all the information for Pokemon Go.This is the best Guide for Pokemon GO, this application is justtipsand discoveries. You may discover helpful gameplay videos andtipshere. This guide app is ideal for beginners. Also pokemon gotipswill be helpful for you. By watching videos you will learnMain features of Pokemon Go guide:- Watch pokemon videos to have knwoledge- Learn from experts where you can find pokemons- Tips & Hints for Beginners, Newbies- Level And Walkthrough Guide- Tricks to get the best high score- Learn Pokemon go tricks- Learn pokemon go cheats- Wath pokemon go tips from gudie for pokemon go app- Learn how to battle pokemon go- Learn how to find rare pokemons on map- Learn useful tips and hack for pokemon go* This app need internet connection*** Disclaimer/Legal Notice ****:This is NOT an Official Guide. The application name istheproperty of their respective owners. This is NOT a Cheats forthegame, NOT an Official App. We made this App only as a FREE FANAPPwith no cheats, only for those who wants to enjoy the Game.Ifthere is any trademark or copyright violation that does notfollowwithin the Fair Use, please contact us and we willimmediately takeaction on it.
GO Map - For Pokémon GO 2.0.0
Find rare Pokémon on Pokémon GO and shareyourdiscoveries !- Evaluate the potential of your PokémonThis functionnality will give you the individual values ofyourPokémon- Find all the Pokémon on a mapDiscover all the Pokémon around you in a wink !- Filter the map to find the Pokémon you are looking for.Fill your Pokédex by knowing where to find !- Find reliable PokémonEach Pokémon is associated with a reliability rate to be suretofind it.Do not hesitate to send us feedback or remarks :pokemon@webedia-group.comGO Map is driven by the community and depends on eachothersupports. Do not hesitate to upvote or downvote Pokémon aroundyou.Pokémon with bad rates will be removed from the app.DISCLAIMER:GO Map is in no way affiliate with or endorsed by the Pokémonbrand,Niantic or Nintendo. This app has been built by fans to helpthecommunity of Pokémon GO.
Guide for Pokémon Go 1.0
This Guide for Pokémon Go Unofficial appmadebyfan of this game.Upcoming complete guide forupcominggeolocationbased game Pokemon Go. This guide contain alltheinformation forPokemon Go in text file.This is the best GuideforPokemon GO, thisapplication is just tips mobile anddiscoveries.You may find usefulsgameplay and tips here from video.This guideapp is ideal beta apkfor beginners. Also pokemon go tipswill behelpful for you. Byreading texts you will learn on mobile.Alreadya fan of Pokemon GoThis is a one of the best releasePokemon GoTips & Guide. Thisapplication contains a guide tothe gamePokemon Go consists ofseveral tips and tricks to simplifyloversof this game to completeall the Pokemon Go Games questions.* This app need internet connection and Not Officials app *
Guide Pokemon Go Beta 2016 1.31
Already playing Pokemon Go Beta?This app will guide you playing Pokemon Go Beta for Android,whichconsists of several tips and tricks to become Pokemon GoGameMaster. It simplify the players of this game to understandpokemongo app gameplay in completing every mission in thePokemongames.You will find how to catch rare pokemon like charmander,pikachu,charizard, mewtwo and other pokemon go game figure.Upcoming complete guide for upcoming geolocation basedPokemongames.Also Including how to install Pokemon Go Beta for android toyourdeviceGuide List :- Introduction- How to play : catching pokemon , battling, trade, teamworkinginpokemon games- Pokemon Games terms : pokestops, pokedex, gym, Factions,Incenseand Lure, Potions, Revives, Candy and Startdust, luckyeggs,razzberries and footprints- Tips and tricks : find nearest pokemon, catching wildcharizard,battling, evolve pokemon like charmander tocharizard- How to install Pokemon Go app on android intel devices>>> GET Guide Pokemon Go Game Android and PLAY FORFREENOW!!! <<<**** DISCLAIMER: ****Legal Notices:This app is an unofficial Pokemon Go app guide only, it isnotauthorized or created by the creator of the pokemon gamesThis application complies with US Copyright law guidelines of"fairuse". If you feel there is a direct copyright ortrademarkviolation that doesn't follow within the "fairuse"guidelines,please contact us directlyGuide Pokemon Go app is not associated, affiliated,endorsed,sponsored or approved by ©Niantic ( developer of PokémonGo Game )or ©Pokémon Company.
Tricks For Pokemon GO 1.2.2
Watch and learn best tips and tricksforPokemon GO game.First part is for beginners, and is called beginners guideforPokemon Go, which tells the basic mechanics of the game andfirstthings all players should do at the start.You can download Pokemon GO game safely on Google Play Storeinvalid countries.Check in at Poke stops:While walking, look around on the minimap and spot the blueiconswhich indicate Pokestops. Those blue icons are frequentlyimportantplaces and landmarks such as sculptures, noteworthybuildings, etc.Staying close to them and spining/swiping thepicture will deliveryou items(can be obtained via in-game shopalso) such as pokeballs, potion, s¸per potion, hyper potion, reviveitem, lucky egg(hatches as you walk), incense, lure module (luresthe nearbypokemons to the pokestop), razz berry(decreases thechance oftarget pokemon escaping).Crowded popular places mean more pokestops, which meansmorepokemon respawns. So, if you are in a non-crowded zone, thinkaboutgoing to these crowded places such as local parks, malls,centralplaces, cafeteria and similar hotspots where you will havemorechance of finding pokemons. Not to mention in these places youwillbe gaining a lot of items checking-in at pokestops.Redesign your Pokemons:In Pokemon GO game, there is the nice feature of renamingthePokemon you catch. There is also a trick regarding thiswithEeveeís evolution, we will touch that later.Track and Recognize Pokemon:In the right bottom of the screen thereís a tracker which showsthenearby Pokemons as well as their distance with the measureoffootprint. One footprint means that pokemon is close, whilethreefootprints mean it is far.Transfering the duplicates:Letís say, you had a charmender, yet you catched yetanothercharmender. What are you going to do with two charmenders?Quiteeasy and well done by the studio. You transfer multiplePokemons toProfessor Willow(like Professor Oak) and he will rewardyou withthe candy of the Pokemon which can be used later in orderto evolveand upgrade your pokemon. Note that upgrade/power uprequiresPokemon Star Dust also. Powering up increases Pokemonscombatpower(CP) and health.In Pokemon Go, as you roam around and collet the rewardsofPokestops, you will frequently collect Eggs. Hatching the egggivesyou a free Pokemon, a strong one actually.In order to hatch the egg, you must place it in an incubatorandstart hatching. There are eggs of 2 KMs, 5 KMs and 10 KMs.Thismeans these eggs will require you walking as much asthesedistances. You may use multiple eggs and incubators at thesametime however incubators are limited, except fort he startingone,and limited incubators can either be bough from the store orwonupon reaching certain levels.Once you reach the limit of distance you need to walk, your eggwillhatch and you will be rewarded with a random Pokemon.Controlling the Evolution of Eevee:There are three possible outcomes of Eevee's evolution andmanypeople are getting a lot of duplicates.Re-name your Eevee as below to achieve the desired Pokemon fromtheevolution. You should choose the Eevee with the highest CP(combatpower). Click on the edit button next to Eevee's name andalter itto what you wish to achieve from the evolution:Sparky = JolteonRainer = VaporeonPyro = FlareonMake sure first letter is capital. This method is not exactly100%success however it is close that it is highly accepted bythecommunity as feedbacks indicate so.Also in one of our education/tutorial videos, it is explainedhowto use the poke radar in-game feature, as well as how cheatersusebots to farm and reach level 40 faster.Pokemon GO Plus Wristband is announced, and we will keepourapplication up to date, adding tutorial videos forsuchwearable.Gym:Gyms are fortress like places that you can conquer and defendbyplacing your Pokemon. Holding gyms rewards the player withpokecoin/poke gold.
New Guide Pokemon GO Beta 2016 1.0
This app contains is a new guideforgamePokemon Go Beta 2016. I create this app just to help afellowfanof pokemon go pokemon go to play professionally. Pokemongamesgobeta in 2016 to present a game in reality. Pokemon games gowillbehard to play when you first play this game.Thereforetheapplication download them guide pokemon go beta in2016. Withthisapplication we made you will easily understand how toplaypokemongo.Please Read : This app just guide, not a game* DISCLAIMERLegal Notices:This app is an unofficial Pokemon Go guide only, it isnotauthorizedor created by the creator of the game. Thisapplicationcomplies withUS Copyright law guidelines of "fair use".If youfeel there is adirect copyright or trademark violationthatdoesn't follow withinthe "fair use" guidelines,please contactusdirectly.Best andcomplete guide for newest hit gamePokemonGo.Application containscomplete guide and all guideswritten withexperience. Pokemon GoGuide For Newbies contains everyinformationyou need to play well inPokemon Go. It is a guide notthe actualgame! It's just for newbiesto help in this greatgame.
Go Calc for Pokémon Go 6.4.1
** Updated for all Generation 2 Pokémon! Will calculate allyourPokémon's IVs correctly! **Go Calc is a fan-made Androidappdesigned for players of Niantic's video game Pokémon Go. It isinno way affiliated or associated with Niantic or Nintendo.Withthisapp, you can automatically scan your Pokemon and then calculateitsIVs and Evolution CP with the press of a button!This appoverlays atransparent calculator over your Pokemon so you can seeitsinformation as you type it in.Better yet, if you're usingAndroid5.0 or later, when you open the calculator while looking ataPokemon the app will automatically scan the Pokemon and fillthecalculator in for you!Then you can further refine the resultsbyentering the Pokemon's information taken from theAppraisalfeature.This app contains many other features, including:*IVs areSaved: All the IVs you calculate are saved and listed on themainpage, and you can sort your calculated Pokemon just like thegame*Evolution CP: The app will tell you what CP your Pokemon willbewhen you evolve it* Gamepress Link: The calculator contains alinkthat takes you to's guide for your Pokemon so youcanquickly look up its best moveset* IV Nicknames: If you're thetypeto put your Pokemon's IVs in their nickname, you can press theCopybutton on the calculator to put a paste-able nickname inyourclipboard with your Pokemon's calculated IVsAnd more featuresarebeing added!-=-=-=-=-=-When you open the app, first grantthepermissions the app needs to scan (if you're running Android 5.0orlater), and then press the "Display Notification" checkboxtodisplay a notification in your notification drawer. Thenwhileplaying the game, tap on the notification to display thecalculatorover your Pokemon!On the home screen, you can also chooseyour teamso you can enter the Appraisal information for yourteam.Toautomatically scan your Pokemon when you open thecalculator, checkthe "Scan Pokemon" checkbox. (Note that thisrequires Android 5.0or later to work)Once you've opened thecalculator, enter thefollowing information (or if you're scanningthe Pokemon, thisinformation will be entered for you): * The nameof the Pokemon *The Pokemon's CP * The Pokemon's HP * How muchStardust it costs topower up your PokemonAlso check the "PoweredUp" checkbox if youhave ever powered the Pokemon up before. You canalso check the"Appraised" checkbox to enter the info from thein-game Appraisalfeature.Once you have entered that, press the"Calculate" button toget a percentage range indicating how close toperfect thatPokemon's IVs are. 100% means perfect IVs, meaning thatPokemon hasthe best stats it can have!You can then press the "Copy"button toput the IV nickname in your clipboard, or the "Details"button tosee: 1) all the potential IV combinations for yourPokemon, 2) theevolution CPs, and 3) the gamepress.gglink.-=-=-=-=-=-IVs arehidden stats every Pokemon has thatdetermine how powerful aPokemon can become. A Pokemon with betterIVs can grow to a higherCP when you evolve or power up thatPokemon. Because IVs arehidden, it is possible a 550 Eevee mighthave better IVs than a 600Eevee, in which case the 550 Eevee wouldbe the better Pokemon tokeep, evolve, and power up!-=-=-=-=-=-Morefeatures will be addedwith time! If you want to keep on top of whennew features areadded, check out this app's Wordpress page orfollow Spacecave AppsonTwitter!Wordpress: uses code originally from the open-sourceapplication GoIV(, licensedunder the LGPL-3.0license.This app is in no way affiliated with norsponsored byGamepress.
FANDOM for: Pokemon
Fandom's app for Pokemon - created by fans, for fans. ThePokemonapp always features highly-accurate, real-time informationfromFandom's passionate community of fans. You can expect toseehundreds of pages of content created by fans just like you.Findarticles on RPG, Nintendo, 3DS, XY, Omega Ruby, AlphaSapphire,Black, White, Heartgold, Soulsilver. No other app offersthiscombination of companion features that allow you to:-Browse:Discover Pokemon articles created by fans from thecommunity.-Connect: Join the Pokemon community to discuss with fansor suggestchanges to content.- Explore: Search for other Fandomcommunityapps like Pokemon and related content.NOTE:The appicon,screenshots and all content inside this app are CreativeCommonslicensed (CC-BY-SA) and the license details for all of theseassetscan be found on Fandom's licensingpage: As an official Fandom app,this appfully complies with the CC-BY-SA terms set forth on thatpage.AllFandom content and the contents of this app were uploadedby usersand are governed by Fandom's Terms ofUse( We have a team dedicatedtoenforce Fandom's Terms of Use, including responding toDMCAtakedown notices. For more information please see our DMCAtakedownpolicy:
Calculator for Pokemon GO 1.0
Download this app to help you savestardustandcandies! Don't know which Pikachu you should train?WonderpossibleCP for different evolutions of Eevee? Use thisCPCalculator and youcan figure out which pokemon you shouldfocuson. CP of all 151pokemons can be estimated!Features:- Calculate CP per Power Up of 151 pokemons- Calculate possible CP for pokemon evolutions- Calculate material needed for power up & evolution- Ranking of pokemons according to CP per Power Up- Mark the data of your pokemonUse this CP Calculator, and then you don't need towastestardustor candies on pokemons with little potential. So comeanddownloadto be the greatest pokemon trainer!DisclaimerPokémon is a trademark of Nintendo. No copyrightortrademarkinfringement is intended.This app is in no way affiliated with or endorsed byPokemon,Nianticor Nintendo.
Go Map - For Pokemon 1.8
Stop running around town looking forPokémon,Go Map is here to help you. Do you want to catch a Pokémon,buthave no idea about where it will appear? It is the right timeforyou to download Go Map!With GO MAP WIDGET, it is easy to check pokemons around you.Youcan customize the widget by configuring search range andrefreshinterval.Find rare Pokémon on Pokémon GO and share your discoveries !Filter the map to find the Pokémon you are looking for.If you think a position helps you, please “Vote like” andmakemore people to see it. If you think someone put a fakeposition,just "Vote dislike", then we will clean them later.You can comment on every position. When one your position getsacomment, you will be informed by notification then you canrespondif it is necessary.A simple app for you and others to help the community, addandfind the locations of Pokemon.DISCLAIMER:PokemonMap - Map For Pokemon GO is not associated with theofficialPokemon Go game, Pokemon brand, Niantic or Nintendo. Thisapp isbuilt by fans aiming to assist players and create ahealthycommunity for the game. If there's any concern pleasecontact usand we will take immediate action.
Guide for Pokemon Go 1.8
This app contains a guide to the gamePokemonGo high consists of several tips and tricks to simplify thefans ofthis game is to complete each mission in the game PokemonGowe will go in-depth on all 6 of the known Legendary PokemonInPokemon Go.First will talk about the 3 Legendary Birds, Articuno, ZapdosandMoltres.Then we will get into the most sought after of the LegendaryPokemonIn Pokemon Go Mew & Mewtwo.While the last one making an appearance in this guide.>>> GET Guide for Pokemon go and play for free now!!!<<<**** DENIAL OF RESPONSIBILITY: ****Legal information:This app is unofficial Pokemon Go is just a guide, it isnotauthorized or created by the creator of the game.This application complies with the guiding principles of theUSCopyright law "fair use"
Camp Pokémon 1.3
Welcome to Camp Pokémon!Discover the amazing world of Pokémonwiththe free Camp Pokémon app from The Pokémon CompanyInternational!Explore an immersive island filled with funPokémon-themedactivities that will help you learn what it takes tobecome aPokémon Trainer! The camp counselors will be your guidesduringyour time at Camp Pokémon.The new Camp Pokémon experienceaddsAlola region Pokémon, introduced in the recent Pokémon SunandPokémon Moon video games, plus a fun new activity for campvisitorsto enjoy. And a special day/night feature lets you searchfordifferent Pokémon depending on the time of day.You can trackyourprogress through Camp Pokémon by earning pins forcompletingvarious activities, then check out the pins you’vecollected inyour Pin Book. You’ll also collect stickers, which youcan use todecorate photos you take with your device’s camera! Be onthelookout for new Alola region Pokémon pins and stickersthroughoutthe camp! With all the exciting activities that await,the officialCamp Pokémon app from The Pokémon Company Internationalis a greatway to discover the fun of the Pokémon universe!Access tothecamera, storage, and phone functionality is required to usetheCamp Pokémon app.Once installed, if Camp Pokémon will notload,please try the following steps:1. Go into your Settings andtapApps, then tap Camp Pokemon.2. Tap Permissions.3. Grantpermissionsfor Camera, Phone, and Storage.The official Camp Pokémonappsupports the following languages:* English * Français * Deutsch*Español (Europa) * Italiano
Guide Pokemon Go Tips Trick 1.0
Guide Pokemon Go Tips Trick containguideandtip for Pokemon Go's beginner. It's about how to catchPokemonandbecome an strong training . Pokemon Go is getting to amobilephonenear you. Whether you are playing with phone, this gameisgoing tobe available to play soon in some country . GuidePokemonGo TipsTrick have many details that you need to running suchas howtofind and catch them, teams work and how Gyms , what itemsyoucanhope to find, and how evolution is going to work .Pokemon Go is a game where you travel the world inordertocollect every pocket monster on the planet. This app canteachyouearly learning true in the trenches, catching,hatching,andevolving Pokemon ahead it's official launch. It gotthedefinitivetutorials and trick for Pokemon Go. Have experiencereadwith guidetext content. Pick up your Poke Go plus + !!This app is an unofficial Pokemon Go , This appneedinternetconnection ,
PoCam Camera for Pokemon GO 1.0.2
Now you really can catch 'em all with PoCam!PoCam let's youeasilycreate augmented reality style screenshots capturing yourfriends,family members, pets or inanimate objects.• Easily createfunnyimages to share• Use your device camera or existing photosfromyour camera roll• "Catch" friends, pets, trees, birds,fridges..the world is your oyster!• Change name, CP, and text for"a wild... appears!"• 4 different overlay styles to choose fromHavealittle fun and see what unique beasties you can findandcapture!Brought to you by
Guía para Pokemon GO 2.1.0
Guía para Pokemon GO es unaaplicaciónidealpara resolver todas tus dudas y ayudarte aconvertirte en unmejorjugador.Esta aplicación contiene la guía más completa y escritasconunaamplia experiencia de Pokemon Go.Esta aplicación incorpor tutoriales paso a paso paraquepuedaentender con detalle cada estrategia. Haytutorialesparaprincipiantes, y jugadores más avanzados. Si se puedeaplicartodoslos trucos y consejos contenidos en este recibirá máspkmonsypuede mejorar su habilidad en el juego.Algunos de los tutoriales que contiene la aplicación:Cómo subir de nivel a tu entrenador y a tus PokémonConsigue la máxima experiencia en el menor tiempo posible.Gimnasios Pokémon y elegir un equipoConviértete en el líder del gimnasio y mantente en esaposición.Trucos avanzados para capturar PokémonConsejos avanzados para convertirte en un experto entrenador.¿Dónde están los Pokémon legendarios Articuno,Zapdos,Moltres,Mew y Mewtwo (y Ditto)?Todo lo que se sabe hasta ahora de los Pokémon más buscados.Eclosionar huevos y saber qué Pokémon hay dentroSi te gusta saberlo todo, en esta parte de la guía te contamosquétevas a encontrar dentro de tu huevo Pokémon.Tipos de Pokémon y puntos fuertes y débiles de cada unoFuego, Hierba, Agua... todos sabemos quién vence a quién.¡PeroenPokémon hay más tipos! Conócelos todos.Cómo ser el mejor en las batallas y conquistarlosgimnasiosTe contamos cómo vencer a los Pokémon y equiposenemigossindespeinarte.¿En qué lugares se encuentran los distintostiposdePokémon?Una tabla para que sepas en qué lugares del mundorealpuedesencontrar cada tipo de Pokémon.Cómo elegir una de las tres evoluciones para EeveeTe contamos cómo hacer evolucionar a Eevee a Jolteon,FlareonoVaporeon.Cómo pedir nuevos gimnasios y poképaradas¿Cansado de vivir aislado del mundo sin poképaradasnigimnasioscerca? Hay solución.Cómo encontrar Pokémon cercanos y atraparlos fácilmenteAprende a localizar criaturas y la mejor forma de capturarlas.Todo lo que sabemos de Pokémon Go Plus¿Qué es y cómo puedes conseguir uno?Equipo Valor, Instinto y Sabiduría, ¿cuál es el mejor?¿Tiene alguna ventaja unirse a un equipo y no a otro?Cómo conseguir el mejor Pokémon con el ataque, defensa yHPmásfuertes¿Cuál es el mejor Pokémon de Pokémon GO?Qué significan los CP y cómo tener el equipo más fuerte¿Cómo sacas el máximo partido a tus Pokémon? ¿Cómo seconsigueelmejor equipo?Recompensas por subir de nivel y cómodesbloquearPociones,Revivir, Superballs y UltraballsTodos los objetos y recompensas que desbloqueas por ganarpuntosdeexperiencia.Cómo conseguir Polvoestelar fácilmente paramejorartusPokémonLa mejor forma de conseguir Polvoestelar, desde los HuevosalosGimnasios.Cómo capturar a Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, y Farfetch'dTodo lo que sabemos sobre los Pokémon exclusivos de cadaregión.Cómo capturar los Pokémon más raros¿Qué Pokémon es más esquivo: Abra, Charmander o Dratini?Cómo capturar Pokémon con lanzamientosBien,Genial,ExcelenteTe contamos la forma más efectiva de atrapar a tus criaturas.Tabla de tipos, puntos fuertes y débiles de cada unoCalcula el daño de cualquier enfrentamiento con nuestra ayuda.GO Guide Pokemonisanideal to solve all your questions and help you becomeabetterplayer application.This application contains the most comprehensive andwrittenwithextensive experience Pokemon Go guide.This application incorporated a step by step tutorials soyoucanunderstand in detail each strategy. There aretutorialsforbeginners and advanced players. If you can apply allthe tricksandtips given in this get more pkmons and can improveyour skillinthe game.Some of the tutorials that contains the application:How to level up your coach and your PokémonGet the most experience in the shortest possible time.Pokémon Gyms and choose a teamBecome the leader of the gym and stay in that position.advanced tricks to capture PokémonAdvanced tips to become an expert trainer.Where are the legendary Pokémon Articuno, Zapdos,Moltres,Mewtwoand Mew (and Ditto)?All that is known so far of the most sought Pokémon.Unhatched eggs and Pokémon know what's insideIf you like to know everything in this part of the guide wetellyouwhat you'll find inside your egg Pokémon.Pokémon types and strengths and weaknesses of eachFire, Grass, Water ... we all know who beats whom. But therearemoretypes Pokémon! Know them all.How to be the best in the battles and conquer gymsWe tell you how to defeat the enemy Pokémon andequipmentwithoutdespeinarte.What places are the different types of Pokémon?A table so you know where in the real world can find eachtypeofPokémon.Choosing one of three changes to EeveeWe tell you how to evolve Eevee to Jolteon, Vaporeon orFlareon.Asking new gyms and poképaradasTired of living isolated from the world without poképaradasorgymsnearby? There's a solution.How to find Pokémon nearby and easily catchLearn how to locate creatures and the best way to catch them.All we know of Pokémon Go PlusWhat is it and how can you get one?Team Valor, Instinct and Wisdom, what is the best?Is there any advantage to join a team and not another?How to get the best Pokémon to attack, defenseandHPstrongerWhat is the best Pokémon Pokémon GO?What the CP mean and how have the strongest teamHow do you get the most out of your Pokémon? How thebestteamachieved?Rewards level up and how to unlock Potions, Revive,SuperballsandUltraballsAll objects and unlock rewards by earning experience points.How to Polvoestelar easily to improve your PokémonThe best way to get Polvoestelar, from eggs to gyms.How to capture Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, andFarfetch'dAll we know about exclusive Pokémon from each region.Capturing the rarest PokémonWhat is more elusive Pokémon: Open, Charmander or Dratini?How to capture Pokémon with pitches Well, Great, ExcellentWe have the most effective way to catch your creatures.Table types, strengths and weaknesses of eachEstimated damage of any confrontation with our help.