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PlayerPlus - Team management 1.6.6
SpielerPlus is a platform, where coaches and players can findallfunctions that any sports team could ever need! OrganisingTeams,planning events, following responses instantly live,publishingscoresheets, managing team accounts, laying out penaltysheets, andmany more. Simply everything your team needs!
TeamSnap-Sport Team Management 6.1.2
TeamSnap is the No. 1 sports team management app forcoaches,managers and organizers with over 15 million users in 196differentcountries worldwide. We take youth, recreational andcompetitivesports into the 21st century by simplifying every aspectof teamand group organization. Our complete sports teammanagementsoftware makes managing any sport easier. In fact, wehelp teams inover 100 sports including soccer, hockey, baseball,basketball,softball, football, lacrosse and more. Any sport, anytime,anywhere! How can TeamSnap help you? - Gather essential withteamroster management at your fingertips. - Sync personal andteamcalendars for easy team scheduling. - Track who’s coming toeachgame or practice with team member availability. - Send messagestothe whole team or just select groups. - Receive real-timegameupdates with TeamSnap Live! team messaging and chat. -Managevolunteers, carpools, field clean-up, lineup creation andmore. -Securely store and easily share team photos, files anddocuments.How to get started with our Android sport app in 4 easysteps: 1.Download TeamSnap and create your account. 2. Completeyour team’sroster by inviting all team members. 3. Schedule yourfirst eventand sync calendars. 4. Make sure team members marktheiravailability so you know who can make events. How muchdoesTeamSnap cost? TeamSnap’s Android app is totally free todownloadfrom the Google Play Store. Unlocking our best time-savingfeaturesrequires one of our premium pricing levels. We also offeralimited-feature free plan. Sign up, schedule, communicateandcoordinate everything with TeamSnap for Android in a fewsimpleclicks. You’ll save hours on logistics and administration soyoucan spend more time coaching! to see which featuresyoucan unlock!
Heja - Sports Team Management 3.7.3
Heja - The only app you need to easily handle your sportsteam'scommunication between coaches, managers, parents and players."Sohappy to have found this app! Easy to use, great design, no ads,nononsense and the parents really like it too!" "This app isawesome.Glad we set it up" "Just downloaded the app and it'samazing. It'sreally going to organize our team and show who theuninterestedpeople are." Forget the clutter of email, social media,documents,texts and phone calls... Heja makes it easier to send,receive andconfirm everything about the team all in one place! 100%free • Noads • Private & Secure • Easy to use • SCHEDULING –Everythingabout games and practices in one place, with automaticreminders toparents and players. • AVAILABILITY & RSVP – Keepupdated onwho’s attending games and practices, and when and whysomeonecan’t. Heja even reminds everyone to reply. • ROSTER –Contactdetails for everyone on the team. • MESSAGING – Sendmessages toindividual team members, groups or the entire team. •PHOTO SHARING– A safe and easy way to share photos with everyonethat didn’tmake it to the game. • PARENTS – No other app makes itas easy asHeja to be a parent in a sports team. Every feature ismade to makesure that information reaches the right person. •MULTIPLE TEAMS –Heja makes it easy for parents with kids onmultiple teams, withall team info in one place. Plus a whole lotmore.
InstaTeam Sports Team Management for team managers 5.0.4
InstaTeam is a complete team management app with mobile-firstdesignused by thousands of teams including sports teams,classrooms,churches, boy scouts, and many other groups. Teamadmins like sportsteam manager, teachers or coaches now have aconsolidated mobiledashboard with all their team information righton their fingertips. The mobile-first design of InstaTeam allowsmost of the teammanagement functions to be done right on themobile app withoutgoing to your desktop. With a simple andintuitive user interfacewith built-in automation, team admins savelots of time whencreating team schedules, managing team rosters,and sending teammembers notifications. What makes InstaTeamdifferent from othersports teams management apps like TeamSanp orTeamapp? InstaTeam ismore than a sports team scheduler oractivities manager; it allowsreal-time messaging between teammembers, coaches, parents andothers while maintaining privacy.Coaches can not only send instantmessages for important updatessuch as cancellations or venuechanges, but also can monitors thestatus as to which team membershave viewed or responded to theirmessages. It consolidates all teammanagement functions into onesimple app. • Team Roster: EasilyImport and export team membersfrom excel file or copy team membersbetween teams. • Simple signupwith single signon integration withGoogle and Facebook. No need tocreate a new account and password •Events Management: Createmultiple events on multiple days or editevents in bulk with justfew clicks. Create games, practices,meetings and other events forall your teams in one shot eliminatingduplicate work. •Communication via instant messaging, team messagesor team surveys• Schedule Integration: Import events from an excelfile or useiCal link from external calendars to subscribe. Exportteam eventsin multiple formats such as excel, iCal, web url orintegratedirectly with Google calendar. • Carpool: Offer a ride orask aride to an event. Easily check who needs a ride and who isdriving.Coaches can add team transportation and assign team players•Signup Items: Create volunteer spots, parent teacherassociationsignup sheet or just simple signup tasks for an event. •TrackItems: Assign tasks or items to team members with due date.Findout who need to return team equipment, submit registrationormedical forms, etc, Set renewal date for forms. •Notificationflags when a payment is due or a track item task is notcompleted.• Payments & Dues: Receive payment from team membersusingStripe and keep track of who paid when and how. Coaches orteamadmins can easily view which members have not paid their dues•Attendance and player availability: Team members or parents cansettheir availability for upcoming events. Coaches can markmemberattendance as present or absent for the events. • Privacy:Unlikeother team management apps, InstaTeam gives full control toteammember to keep their information private and still be abletocommunicate with other team members. • Team Fans andfollowers:Sports teams can promote their teams by getting fanswithin localcommunity as team supporters. The fans can view allgames scheduleand be there to support the team. • Event Reminders:Allnotifications are sent via to the mobile phone as well asviaemail. There are many other features such as Live Coverage,livescore reporting, photo sharing which makes InstaTeam themostdesirable app for team members , coaches and teamparents.InstaTeam is a MUST-HAVE for busy parents with one or morekids onmultiple sports teams. It instantly informs parents ofanylast-minute changes in team practices and games, includingvenuelocation. Parents can now coordinate with other parents toshareride, carpool, or assigning refreshments. Download InstaTeamtodayand experience the most comprehensive app which consolidatesallthe team information for coaches, players and parents.
BenchApp Free Team Manager 1.5.7-21-g6373d22
BenchApp makes running your hockey, soccer and baseball teamsabreeze. Allow players to check in or out from the app, viae-mail,or through text messages. Keep track of stats, drinks andevenplayer payments. Take the headache out of managingyourplayers.Features that make your life better• AttendanceE-mailNotifications• Text Message (SMS) Check-in• Calendar Sync•Fullstats tracking• Track and manage finances• Drink Manager•TeamBroadcast• Team Chatter• Private messagingbetweenplayersAccessible Anywhere• Phone• Tabletx• Desktop•LaptopAll yourteam data, always available.
My Team Manager 5.0.1
Are you the coach or the manager of one or more soccer teams? Doyouspend hours to send SMS or email to your players to informabout thecalls-up, the time and the location of the matches or tosay who iscalled-up? Is it hard to find their phone numbers ortheir emails?My Team Manager is the perfect application (not agame) to manageyour soccer teams and communicate with your playersvia SMS,WhatsApp, email or Facebook. Add the matches, the results,thescorers and the training sessions, create the calls-up list,definewhere and when meet the players for the matches. Invite yourplayersto download the app : they will be able to inform you ifthey'reavailable for match and training and you will see itdirectly in theapplication. See how the presences and the goals ofyour playersevolve and how the statistics of your team change.Publisheverything on your team's Facebook page! The main features:- Managemore than one team - Manage your roster and your players'info(including physics data and skills, Premium users) andstatistics -Rate your players performances and see the averagerating - Add yourteam's matches, the calls-up, the lineup and yourpersonal notes,the results, the scorers, the minutes played, thetactics. Sharethem with your players via the team Facebook page,SMS, WhatsApp oremail - Manage trainings adding the sessionactivities with thepossibility to upload files with exerciseexplications (for Premiumusers) - Invite your players to use theapplication and get theiravailabilities for matches and trainingsdirectly from My TeamManager - Push notifications for the playersto recall matches andtrainings and to ask their availability -Statistic section withteam and players stats. Players stats areexportable to Excel file(for Premium users) - Indicate the type ofthe matches (league, cup,friendly, other) and use it to filter -Add and manage your trainingsessions - Training attendance - Addyour team's logo - Add playersphotos - Configure the medical visitdate for your players, themedical center and send to everyone amessage to remind theappointment - Communicate via SMS, WhatsApp,email or on your team'sFacebook page - Import of players from yourphonebook Contact us [email protected]
Soccer Team Manager 1.7.3
The easy2coach app makes the organization of your soccer teamandsoccer training easy. All your training days, game daysandtournaments are presented in one app / soccer software and canbeaccessed from anywhere for the entire soccer team.- You haveyourtraining content and the daily communication with coachesandplayers available at any time, no matter where your nextsoccertraining or soccer match takes place.- Open the detailedtrainingschedule with participating players, includingdetaileddescriptions of your soccer practice and practice graphs onyoursmartphone or tablet- Capture important game details directlyatthe pitch. Whether you're looking for goals, player changes,cardhistory, or important information about your players,theeasy2coach app allows you to create this data with just afewclicks, and, of course, you can also access your data intheeasy2coach portal at Organize youravailabilitylists on the go or let your players confirm theirattendance attraining days, games, tournaments or events. Get theoverview youneed to plan your next practice, game or tournamentperfectly-Communicate with the comment function at each event andget instantnews - all without chaotic CC-email conversations-Pushnotifications inform you immediately about the latestcomments,additions and cancellations, or team announcements- Theleaderboardprovides the most important statistics for your entireteam.Morethan 10,000 soccer teams and innovative soccer clubsalready trustin easy2coach to organize their daily work. Start freeand bringyour team to the next level.The easy2coach app worksseamlesslywith the web portal All entries areimmediatelyavailable in the other product.
Finance Manager 2.14.7
Finance PM - The main goal of this application is to helpuserscontrol money quickly and easily.As a rule, money ends at themostinappropriate moment, and then it is very difficult toremember:where and when you spent a rather large sum. It isdifficult tounderstand, how much money left your pocket for health,education,entertainment, etc. It is more difficult to save a largesum for avacation or to buy a house. This application will help youtomanage your expenses and reduce them.You will be able tocontrolany quantity of wallets and accounts in different currenciesusingpersonal financial manager. You will be able to save up moneyforany of your dreams.We recommend to create limits (budget)onexpenses for a month/day/any period. It will allow youtounderstand the difference between the actual and plannedexpenses.If you keep within a limit then you will control yourmoney flowscompletely.Finance PM is your personal budget planner inyourpocket, personal financial manager in your Android phone oratablet.What will the user receive, after downloadingthisapplication?- Unlimited attention to your wishesandrecommendations- Convenient and functional interface-Reliablesupport... and also:- Management of any quantity ofaccounts-Opportunity to add, edit and delete operations on wallets:income,expenses, transfers- Editable tree of categories, adjusts itforyourself (!)- Opportunity to add new currencies- Opportunitytoadjust periodical (recurring) operations- The application willbeprecise on how much money you owe or somebody owes you-Protectionof your personal information by password- Possibilitytosynchronize data on several devices- Possibility tocreatetemplates operations- Import and export data- Export data toXLSOurmoney management application will satisfy all yourneeds!Finance PMis your personal money savior.If you like ourfinance and expensemanagement app, please don't forget to leave usa positivefeedback!
Fast Budget - Expense & Money Manager 4.11.1
Keep your personal or family finances easily under control withFastBudget. You can check your daily expenses and improve yoursavings.Visualize the flow of your money at a glance with thefullycustomizable Overview page. In Fast Budget, you have manytools formanaging your money better, like various types of chartsor a usefulcalendar. It is possible to synchronize up to fivedevices. FastBudget features: OVERVIEW The application has a fullycustomizableoverview page to see all the important information ata glance.ACCOUNTS AND CREDIT CARDS Create and modify your accountsas youplease. There are two account types: Normal and hidden. Thehiddenaccounts can be very useful for tracking small businessesorhobbies. In addition, with each account, you can view themostimportant information relating to it with helpful charts. Thereisalso an entire section dedicated to credit cards. Bothaccountsthat credit cards can be used in over 90 differentcurrencies.CATEGORIES Manage your daily expenses and income as youwish. Youcan create as many categories as you want, edit existingones orrearrange them, to have the most used on top of thelist.TRANSACTIONS Insert your daily revenues and outgoings in aneasyand fast way. There are various tools within this budgetmanager tospeed up the insertion of a gain or of a loss: • You canenterscheduled earnings and expenditures. • You can createtransactiontemplates. • You can set a default account for yourprofits andcosts. • There are two widgets to accelerate thecreation of anoperation. SCHEDULED TRANSACTIONS Schedule yourincome or expensesto recur over time. It's also possible to set upa reminder thatnotifies you when the transaction is due. BUDGETSCreate custombudgets to always know how much money you still haveavailable.It's possible to select more than one category for eachbudget.CHARTS Watch your finances with different types of charts:Show andcompare your expenses and earnings to know where to savemoney. Inthe app, there are more than five different chart types.CALENDARView your day-to-day profits and outlays. Be always awareof whenand where you have spent. You can also view the scheduledpaymentsin the next days. SUMMARY This is a handy section to see asummaryof your cash flow in the last period. OTHER • Synchronize upto 5devices. • Export PDF reports. • Color the pages as you wish:Foreach page, you can choose the color that you prefer. •Automaticbackup on in the device memory and in Dropbox to avoiddata loss. •Import and export your data to a PC with the .csv and.xls(Excel)files. • Protect your data with a password, withoutwasting time:If you choose, create new transactions withoutentering yourpassword. • Reminder for not forget to insert yourdailytransactions. • Choose between more than 90 currenciesandcustomize the currency and date format. Some features arenotavailable in the free version. Check your personal orfamilyfinances now with this budget planner. If you encounterproblems orhave suggestions, contact the developer of Fast Budget -ExpenseManager at: [email protected]
UpActive 1.34.0
UpActive empowers managers, coaches, and staff toorganize,communicate, and track attendance in an easy-to-use app.Builtspecifically for teams, groups, afterschool providers,andcommunity programs, UpActive provides scheduling,rostermanagement, and messaging tools while collecting keyparticipationand engagement data. Data collected on the platformautomaticallysyncs to the analytics dashboard. Do away with paperand pen:Streamline team and group organization and make the most ofyourprogram data. UpActive allows you to: -Build and managerostersquickly and securely -Build team and group schedules, andeasilytrack attendance and engagement metrics -Turn those metricsintoactionable data using our analytics dashboard -Stay in touchusingour threaded messaging system -Take it all with you, anywhereonyour mobile device or tablet MANAGE ROSTER AND GROUPINFORMATIONUpActive allows you to update and access your roster andgroupmember information quickly and securely from anywhere, usingourwebsite and mobile app. Invite team or group members to join,addcontact information, upload profile and header images, andupdateemail and notification preferences anytime. SCHEDULESANDATTENDANCE Centralize your schedule, see who has RSVP'd toevents,send reminders, and track attendance, all from your phone.TheUpActive platform creates attendance dashboards andmetricsautomatically, empowering you to make informed decisionsbased onreal data. Sync your UpActive calendar to your mobiledevice tomake sure you never miss a thing. SEAMLESS COMMUNICATIONEasilycommunicate with individuals, teams, or whole organizationsvia ourprivate network, using our built-in messaging system.
Team App
Team App is a 100% FREE and secure platform enabling any sportsclubor social group to create their own customisable smartphoneapp inunder 10-minutes. It also includes a FREE website thatupdatesdynamically with your app. If your Team has created an appdownloadTeam App, sign-up and join your team. To create your ownTeam Appvisit Team App is the world's #1 FREEsmartphoneapp for sports club communication used by millions ofpeople in over150 countries! QUICK SUMMARY Team App is suitablefor anyone fromsmall social teams to large clubs with thousands ofmembers. Engagewith members, coaches and players with your choiceof features whichare listed below. APP FEATURES • Send news,events, photos andvideos instantly to your members' smartphone viapush notifications.• Promote events, send reminders, manage RSVP'sand trackattendances. • Create separate access groups such asplayers,parents and coaches to streamline communication. • Alignone or moreparents/guardians to child members. • Create and sellmobiletickets, merchandise & memberships directly via the app.•Engage in instant private messaging or group chats. • Createsurveysor in-app voting to gather information from your members. •Sendnewsletters & documents. • Link your app to ladders,schedules,results & live scores for multiple teams. • Secureand privateplatform so you decide who receives your content. NEWREVENUECHANNEL • Buy your own ad banners to support sponsors andmake aprofit for your club. • Sell mobile tickets, membershipsandmerchandise via the app. • Promote events to maximiseattendancesto generate greater revenue. PROFESSIONALISM Team App istheworld's #1 FREE app for sports club communication that willbringan entirely new level of professionalism to any club, nomatter howsmall or large. Bring your club into the digital age withTeam App.Your Team. Your App.
Storage Manager : Stock Tracker 7.1
▸ A Complete Inventory Management Solution With a simple, easytouse interface, individual customization options and alltheintegrated features you’ll ever need, Storage Managermakesmanaging your stock and inventory easier than ever! ▸WhatCustomers Have To Say… “Storage manager is the most versatilestocktracking software I’ve ever used” “It’s so easy to useandefficient. I use Storage Manager for different tasks aroundthewarehouse” “This app makes it super easy to manage myinventories”▸ Watch Our TutorialVideo ▸StorageManager: Stock Tracker Key Features ✓ Integrated barcodescannermakes administrating products faster and more reliable ✓Printdelivery notes and orders directly from the app ✓Real-timeinventory management ✓ Easily track incoming and outgoingstock ✓Make stocktaking a stress free task ✓ Responsive designworksflawlessly on smartphones and tablets ✓ Manage &administratecustomer and supplier accounts ✓ Assignmentadministration ✓ Manage& keep track of orders ✓ E-maildocuments directly from the app✓ Lists, statistics & analyticaldata ✓ All data is synced tothe cloud ✓ Easily backup all data ✓Import and export customer,product and supplier information ✓Customize the software to meetyour individual needs ▸ CustomerSupport If you have anysuggestions, feedback or would like toreport any bugs, we wouldlove to hear it. Just e-mail us [email protected] ★ Lookingfor a reliable, easy to useinventory manager app? Look no further!Download Storage Managertoday! ★
Wrike - Project Management 3.27.3
Wrike Inc.
GET WORK DONE FASTER WITH WRIKE PROJECT MANAGEMENTWrike( is a powerful cloud software toolforproject management, planning, and team collaboration. Trust anappused by over 15,000 organizations — including small, mid-sizeandenterprise Fortune 500 companies. Wrike was included as one ofthefastest growing companies in North America on Deloitte'sTechnologyFast 500™ List for the third consecutive year. KEYPROJECTMANAGEMENT & COLLABORATION FEATURES: • Access yourWrikeAccount: Free, Professional, Business, Enterprise or WrikeforMarketers plans, or create a new account from your phone. •Quicklyaccess folders and projects • Assign and schedule tasks •ReviewInbox, notifications, @ mentions, and Activity Stream whenyou’reon the go • Attach existing images and files to tasks rightfromyour phone • View & adjust projects in List, Board,GanttChart^ or Workload^ views • Track time spent on tasks ourquickautomated timer^ • Receive or submit requests throughcustomizedforms* • View custom Reports as tables or graphicalcharts, andshare them with teams, executives or clients* • Accessyourpersonal and shared Dashboards^ With comprehensiveprojectmanagement tools, Wrike is perfect for all your projectschedulingneeds. DOWNLOAD THE FREE WRIKE APP TODAY You can set up anew Wrikeaccount at:, or on your phone. *RequestForms and Reports are available for users of Wrike'sBusiness,Enterprise and Wrike for Marketer plans. ^ Gantt Chart,andWorkload views, as well as Dashboards are included for usersofWrike's Professional, Business, Enterprise, and Wrike forMarketerplans. **Questions? Love the app? Drop us a [email protected] We’re happy to help! For moreinformationvisit: Our Newsroom: us onLinkedIn:
Touchdown Manager 7.06
Become a football coach and lead your team to victory! Createyourown American football club, train your players, prepare thebeststrategy and win the championship! Play against your friendsorother players in many competitions and show off yourmanagementskills! Touchdown Manager's features include: -Excitingcompetitions: championship, cup, tournaments etc. -Advancedindividual training of your players - Recruiting newplayers in afun live bidding system - Individual strategicinstructions foroptimal performance of your players - An innovatingtool forcreating realistic team strategies - Amazing real-timematches! Areyou ready for the championship? Prepare your club,build up yourstadium and start training now! Please note thatTouchdown Manageris completely free to play but some in-game itemswill requirepayment.
Teamwork Projects 2.12.2
This App is part of the online project is an easy-to-use onlineteamwork &project management software application that helpsmanagers, staffand clients work together more productively online.Used bycompanies big and small all over the world Teamwork.comhelps makemanaging projects easier. • See the latest activity onyourprojects • Star your most important project • Quickly assigntasksto users • Check and complete project milestones • Read andreplyto project messages • Check off tasks when completed Stay helps you manage your projects, teams &clients. •Share & Collaborate Share ideas, information, notes,files& more with your team & clients. • Work Faster Helpyourteam stay focused, plan effectively & meet deadlines. •AccessAnywhere is web based so your team and clientsorcontractors will be able to login from anywhere. The AndroidAppfor gives you quick and easy mobile access toyourprojects when you are out of the office. The Android app fortheworlds best Project Management System. Currently you account to be able to use the app. If you alreadyhavean account, you can go ahead and log in straight away, if notyoucan sign up at
Storage Manager : Stock Tracker 7.1
▸ A Complete Inventory Management Solution With a simple, easytouse interface, individual customization options and alltheintegrated features you’ll ever need, Storage Managermakesmanaging your stock and inventory easier than ever! ▸WhatCustomers Have To Say… “Storage manager is the most versatilestocktracking software I’ve ever used” “It’s so easy to useandefficient. I use Storage Manager for different tasks aroundthewarehouse” “This app makes it super easy to manage myinventories”▸ Watch Our TutorialVideo ▸StorageManager: Stock Tracker Key Features ✓ Integrated barcodescannermakes administrating products faster and more reliable ✓Printdelivery notes and orders directly from the app ✓Real-timeinventory management ✓ Easily track incoming and outgoingstock ✓Make stocktaking a stress free task ✓ Responsive designworksflawlessly on smartphones and tablets ✓ Manage &administratecustomer and supplier accounts ✓ Assignmentadministration ✓ Manage& keep track of orders ✓ E-maildocuments directly from the app✓ Lists, statistics & analyticaldata ✓ All data is synced tothe cloud ✓ Easily backup all data ✓Import and export customer,product and supplier information ✓Customize the software to meetyour individual needs ▸ CustomerSupport If you have anysuggestions, feedback or would like toreport any bugs, we wouldlove to hear it. Just e-mail us [email protected] ★ Lookingfor a reliable, easy to useinventory manager app? Look no further!Download Storage Managertoday! ★ ▸Free-Version (restrictions) - 5products - 3 productcategories - 3 offers - 3 orders - 3 purchaseorders
Crew - Free Messaging and Scheduling 6.2.3
Crew simplifies team communication and scheduling. Managersandemployees can create group messages, schedule shifts andassigntasks. Join for free. Use Crew to quickly and easily sendinstantmessages to anyone you work with, without sharing your phonenumberor knowing theirs. Send a group message or a have 1:1 chat.Nomatter the size of your team, Crew is the ultimateteamcommunication tool. You can manage your team schedulingstraightfrom Crew. View and distribute the store schedule with afew simpletaps on the phone. You can also swap shifts withcoworkers, askyour manager a question, send group messages, sharephotos, filesand documents with the entire team and a whole lotmore from thepalm of your hand. No more searching for people'sphone numbers orworrying about them not checking their email. Crewhelps you managetasks across your team. Not sure what tasks thereare to do today?Just check Crew. Replace your team's tasks processwith Crew andyou can easily assign tasks to coworkers from yourphone and getnotified when the tasks you asked someone to do arecomplete. Creweven lets you verify whether the tasks you'veassigned have beenseen and started. • Communicate faster withreliable, organizedmessaging on your phone • Send chat messages toeveryone, specificgroups or have conversations 1:1 • Connect yourentire team withoutexchanging phone numbers • See exactly who’sread your messages •Send unlimited photos and videos • Simplifiesscheduling for yourentire team • Check your work schedule on yourphone at anytime •Easily get shift covers or pick-up extra shifts •Track and managewhen employees are available to work • Get shiftreminders andtrack your wages • Share files and documents withcoworkers •Assign tasks to coworkers and get notified when they’recompleted •Turn up teamwork. Crew lets you give kudos, say thankyou andrecognize great work • A free app that works for everyone onyourteam Crew is fully committed to your privacy. Your dataisencrypted, and will not be shared or sold to anythird-party,period. Not sure if Crew is right for your team? Callus today andwe'd be happy to share more and answer any questionsyou have. Callus at 1-800-531-6154.
All Sport Lite
Allsport is a social sports networking platform givingsportsfollowers like players, instructors, officials, academies,sportsassociations, event managers, sponsors, governmentaidedorganizations ,educational institutions, sports clubs,corporateteams, public sector units, embassy, sports venue ownersandorganizations engaged in CSR activities related to sports, aonestop solution for all sports activities. KEY FEATURES• Userscancreate their sports profile• Locate nearby sports instructorsbooktheir slots online• Connect with other Allsport users•Showcasetheir hall of fame and image gallery• Create events inschedulemanager and invite other connections to the event• Searchforplayers, schools, instructors.UPCOMING FEATURES• Online bookingofsports officials, sports venues, event managers, sportsclubs•Online registration management for all sports stakeholders •Managetournaments • Automated ranking feature• Rating• Branchmanagement•Online payment tracking• Inventory management•StatisticsManagement system
Tech Service Manager 2.01
This application is useful to help technician in the managementoftechnical service. The application is directed to the technicianorsales-technician and is intended to help the user in themanagementof assistance, inspection, maintenance, installation ortechnicalassistance for a particular product. During the service,you canenter all the data of the same (specifying whether itisinspection, maintenance, technical support or maintenance...),insert parts and attach photos. The entire master data isstored onthe device from the application itself, so will not bemixed upcustomers to the contacts on the phone. You can attach alist ofspare parts and, just for the plus version, load them intheconfirmation report directly from this. You can createaconfirmation report of the assistance to be signed and signedbythe customer; you can save the confirmation report signedonlythrough a screen-shot (volume down and power buttonsimultaneouslyfor 1 second, or power button and Home buttondepending on thedevice used). The agenda function displays the workcarried out andplanned by applying various filters display. You canmanage ratesin different ways: time-based tariff rate km, flatrate, fixedrate, etc .. The plus version (available on the store)allows youto:   - Send a summary of the intervention by emailthroughG-Mail   - Back up your data on the device, andrestorebackups (excluding photos).   - Create the servicereports inPDF format (requires Adobe Reader and an internetconnection), thenyou can sign directly with Adobe Reader and saveto your device.  - Insert the interventions planned in yourGoogle calendar  - Read the barcode of the product for whichthe intervention(you must install the free Barcode Scanner)  - Customize thetypes of assistance.   - Select the spare parts(or services)directly from a price list imported.   - Importthe customermaster data directly from a file in csv or googledrive.
Dayforce 55.2.3
Need access to your work life from anywhere at any time?Dayforceputs you in the driver’s seat with an engaging, intuitivemobileexperience to manage your work tasks with ease. Whetheryou’re anemployee wanting to submit time off or a manager needingto act ona team member’s request, Dayforce has you covered. As anemployee,being able to access work information efficiently iscritical inallowing you to offer full attention to your job. Fromcheckingyour schedule and earnings to requesting time away ortradingshifts to setting performance goals and updating yourprofile,Dayforce puts total control over these tasks in the palm ofyourhand. Supporting your team is always top of mind formanagers.Being able to respond to employee requests promptly andconnectwith them when needed helps strengthen your efforts as amanager.Whether you’re approving a shift trade or time off orreviewing andauthorizing worked time or simply reaching out toconfirm anemployee’s availability, Dayforce builds upon itsexisting employeecapabilities with deeper manager functionality.See how Dayforcecan improve work life by providing secure,on-the-go access to yourinformation so you can accomplish tasks andsave time, all at yourconvenience. Please note: Dayforce mobileaccess is only availableto Dayforce customers. If you are anemployee of a Dayforce client,please check with your employerbefore downloading the app to seeif they have activated the mobileoption. Disclaimer: Dayforcemobile features will be limited to theDayforce web version thathas been deployed to your organization.
Simple Invoice Manager 1.10.10
Invoice Manager is a complete solution for managing InvoiceandBilling operations. Invoice manager helps you right from raisinganinvoice to recording payment for the invoice and thenfinallyproviding a receipt all from one app. Generating invoice issimpleand fast and you can create and send invoice immediately,trackoverdue invoices and make sure to get paid for your invoiceontime. First few invoices are free to make, after which youcanpurchase subscription for unlimited invoices. Invoice Manager-Send invoices by e-mail or whatsapp / skype etc. - Add LogoandSignature to your invoice - Set Due Dates on Invoice PaymentsandReceipts - Send out signed Receipts for your invoice. - SupportforLumpsum Payments, Partial Payments and Combined Paymentformultiple Invoices Taxes and Discounts - Taxes and DiscountsatTotal Bill level or Item level - Discount in % or fixed amount-Multiple Tax Rates in the same invoice Charts and Graphs -AnalyseInvoice & Payment data - Client Receivable History overpastfew weeks / months - Which Products / Services &Clientsgenerate maximum revenue Backup and Restore - Link yourDropboxaccount to Invoice Manager & Backup your data on Dropbox-Invoice PDF can be uploaded on Dropbox automatically andaccessedvia desktop - Backup all the Invoice data on your Dropboxor SDCard Export Invoice Data - Export details of invoice andpaymentsas CSV and open it in Microsoft Excel Add Products /Clients Easily- Upload hundreds of products and clients easilyusing excel basedtemplate - Import contacts from phonebook toquickly invoice thosecustomers - Create and manage productportfolio for generatinginvoices - Store contact details of yourclients for invoicesOutstanding - See outstanding invoices andpayments - Graphs showyou how outstanding payments has variedacross time TransactionHistory or Ledger - Send out entiretransaction history (ledger) toa regular client - Can be useful forpurposes of accounting and /or payment request. - Can be veryuseful for working with clientswho make payments in smallinstallments such as long term projects
Redbooth - Task & Project Management App 8.12.4
WHAT IS REDBOOTH Redbooth is an easy to use projectmanagementsoftware available for teams to stay organized and getwork done.Redbooth allows teams to manage an unlimited number ofprojects incollaborative workspaces that combine tasks, files andfeedbackinto a centralized, searchable, and in-sync experience; itis theperfect workflow management system! Available on Android,iOS, web,and desktop, Redbooth teams are more productive becausethey caneasily work together on their favorite device. START FAST -Createan account directly through the Android app - Easily setupdedicated workspaces for each project or task you want to manage-Super intuitive interface for creating and assigning new tasks-Just the right level of functionality for busy teamsUPDATEANYWHERE - View and organize your work from anywhere -Createtasks, conversations or update projects anytime - Add duedates,assignees or comments to any task - Update tasks as workiscompleted or notify others about changes - Everythingisautomatically saved and synced TRACK EVERYTHING - See yourfavoriteworkspaces and task management lists - Assess the progressofshared projects and spot dependencies early - Visualize progressasyou complete projects STAY CONNECTED - Get notified ofimportantupdates - Speed up feedback with integrated messagingtools -Notification settings are fully customizable - UseRedboothconversations to chat within the app PRICING -Free: 2 usersand 2workspaces for teams getting started with projectmanagement-Professional: From $9/mo: subtasks, reporting, and guestusers forgrowing teams -Business: From $15/mo: assignable subtasksandpriority support for large teams COMPARE Other tools can’tcomeclose to the ease of use of Redbooth, which is builtspecificallyfor busy teams who don’t have a lot of time to spare.
iLuvFood Restaurant Manager 1.0
iLuvFood Restaurant Manager is a system that will help you tomanageyour restaurant, pizzeria or pub by simply using tabletsorsmartphones Android and a WiFi Network.YOU'LL NEED AT LEASTONETABLET CONFIGURED AS THE CASH (10" TABLET RECOMMENDED)ThisAppallows you to manage:- Cash point (tablet only)- Roomorders(tablet or smartphone)- Kitchen orders (tablet only)- Overallstateof kitchen and Room- Trace dishes work-in-progress thanks toQRcode- Manage wine cellar and warehouse- Home delivery(comingsoon)- Supplier (coming soon)- Statistical analysis (comingsoon)-Menu/Table List for customers (coming soon)-OnlineservicesSupported printers: - RCH Print!F (Fiscal printer)-CustomKube II Ethernet (not Fiscal)- Printers ESC / POS EthernetorWiFiSupported electronic payment systems:-SumUp/PaylevenFuturesupport will be provided for other fiscal andnot fiscal printers.
Football Management Ultra 2018 - Manager Game 2.1.24
Are you the next Mourinho or Guardiola? Play soccer manager andfindout if you have what it takes to manage your own soccer team.Playour fantasy soccer game, Win the Champions League and masteryourcountry’s Premier League. In this interactive multiplayersoccermanager game, you will have the opportunity to manage asoccer teamlike a pro. Put your tactics to the ultimate testagainst othersoccer managers worldwide and constantly improve yoursoccer skills!Create the ultimate online soccer team byhand-picking your topeleven players, while massively climbing thefantasy soccerrankings. Train your players to play like real-lifepros fromPremier Leagues around the globe and win fantasy soccertrophies –Your job as soccer manger has just began! TRAIN SOCCERTEAMS Developyour players’ skills by using Football ManagementUltra’s soccertraining system. Bring your players’ soccer skillsto perfection asyou train them to be the best in their division –Go to the stadiumand begin the soccer training! Work your way upthe local league toqualify to play in the Champions League. Takeadvantage of differentsoccer tactics in training, go over yoursoccer stats and surpriseyour opponent in this excitingmultiplayer game. MANAGE SOCCERSTADIUM FACILITIES AND SPONSORSHIPSFMU brings real game aspects toyour fantasy soccer club. Just likereal soccer games, a big part ofyour club’s revenue is generatedvia sponsorships and VIP deals atthe stadium on game day. Keepyour Chairman happy, expand yourstadium & get more supportersas you build your fantasy soccerteam. You must work hard toachieve the best fantasy soccer team!GAME FEATURES: - Train yourplayers to play like real-life prosoccer players - Trade playersin a real-time dynamic fantasy soccermarket - Come up with yourown unique soccer tactics and winningstrategies - Enjoy realisticPremier League and cup competitionstructures - Experiencereal-time online live soccer matches -Follow soccer stats -Upgrade stadiums, training grounds, shopfacilities - Challengeother soccer managers in competition andfriendly matches betweenyour soccer teams Download FMU now and getFREE TOKENS and FREEIN-GAME MONEY to kick-start your career as asoccer manager tryingto become a legend soccer manager.
Key Notification Manager--for MoChat cloned apps 1.0.6
Key Notification Manager is an intelligent essential toolformanaging messages, notifications and cloned apps, whichperfectlymatches with MoChat.You can simply click on thenotification andquickly enter your recently used cloned apps orMoChat. Moreimportantly, it perfectly separates the messages andnotificationsof cloned apps from the original ones. Never missimportantmessages & notifications again! Serving for yourcolorfulsocial life & work performance.★Perfectly matches withMoChat.•Lock Screen pro--we highly recommend that you use it alongwithMoChat.★No longer miss important messages & notifications.•Notification Master--best lock screen ever for managingyourmessages from cloned apps! • Instant notification--instantmessagesfrom your multiple accounts, especially social accountssuch aswhazapp, FB, insta and so on. • No mix up withmessages—clearlyseparates messages of your cloned apps from theoriginalones.★Shortcut entry for cloned apps and instant messages.•Justneed one click to enter your recently used cloned apps as wellasyour messages.★Customize wallpaper for lock screen. • Make themostof your display with beautiful wallpapers.★Protect userprivacy•Key Notification Manager will never collect user’spersonalinformation.• User’s information are absolutely safewithus.Contact usFor any urgent matters or suggestions, pleasecontactus via email at: [email protected] do need your supportto bebetter for you! Thx for staying with us.
Rugby Manager 7.04
Become a rugby manager and lead your team to victory! Createyourown rugby team, train your players, prepare the best strategyandwin the championship. Play against your friends or other playersinmany competitions and show off your management skills!RugbyManager's features include: - Exciting competitions:championship,cup, tournaments etc. - Advanced individual trainingof yourplayers - Recruiting new players in a fun live biddingsystem -Individual strategic instructions for optimal performanceof yourplayers - An innovating tool for creating realistic teamstrategies- Amazing real-time matches! Are you ready for the worldcup?Prepare your club, build up your stadium and start trainingnow!Please note that Rugby Manager is completely free to play butsomein-game items will require payment.
Expense Manager - Tracker 1.3.0
Money management is always complicated and most of the time yougetto wonder where did all your money go and what are you spendingallyour savings on. In order to answer those questions we'vecreated avery simple to use expense manager application thatfocuses onquality, simplicity and user friendliness.Your financialwellnessdepends very much on how well organized you are with yourspendingbut it also helps if you are keeping an eye close to yourincomesand family budget.Manage your money, track your expensesandorganize your savings with ease by taking advantage of some ofthegreat features that this application provides:Key features: -easyto use, clean and intuitive expense & income tracker -mainscreen calendar with quick month overview on expenses andincomes -interactive charts - useful for analysis on your spending-integrated calculator - do all the math you want withoutleavingthe application - add image functionality - attach receiptsorimages with purchased products - helps you better identifyyourexpenses - quick main screen overview on incomes, expensesandaccount balance - charts section with custom time reports -monitorand compare - custom reminders for recurrent payments/transactions - customizable list with available expense andincomecategories - category view - view your transactions groupedbycategories - PIN code protection - world currencies - over100available currencies - custom currency format - decimalseparator -customizable first day of week (Monday or Sunday) - dataresetfunctionalityEither you are a student who wants to keep abettertrack of your money, or a person that is responsiblewithorganizing and managing the family budget, this applicationshouldbe the tool that provides better insights and enables youtoimprove your financial life.Best of luck!
MMA Manager Free 1.0
"An MMA simulator as beautiful as the bloody and bruised fightersitcelebrates, MMA Manager is nevertheless fun andwell-constructed" -Bronze Award from PocketGamerThis is a free, adsupported version ofMMA Manager."MMA Manager is a great managementsim to pass time orany train journey or whenever you get a sparemoment. It is deepenough to allow you to feel like you are runningthings without everbeing too overwhelming and will keep youentertained for many anhour. A must for any MMA fan." - MichaelDalgleish, Zero1Gaming"Youmust go on. You can’t go on. You’ll goon. All for 10%." - JoshRosenblatt, Vice's FightlandTake on therole of a MMA manager in themodern fight business. Manage your gymand build your fight teamfrom the local scene to the heights ofmanaging world champions inthe top promotions.• This is your fightteam. Recruit fighters frommultiple weight classes and hirecoaches to train them.• Negotiatewith leagues, book fights, andguide your fighters up the ranks towin titles.• An open-ended gamein a simulated MMA world with 10different fight promotions and atleast 940 AI fighters.• Wide rangeof procedurally generatedfighters with differing appearances,skills, stats, martial artsbackgrounds, records and personalities.Fighter appearances canvary in hair styles, colours, tattoos, skintone, facial hair andcauliflower ears.• AI Fighters will age out,fight each other andmove up and down the rankings.• Fully Simulatedplayer fighters andpersonalities including greed, happiness, badhabits and careergoals.• Manage your fighters’ careers, keep themhappy but rememberyou can always get rid of them.• Complex fightsimulations with ahuge number of possible combinations of actionthat can make upeach fight.• Corner fighters and influence keymoments in thefight.• Different martial arts styles affect whattechniquesfighters can use. Fighters can learn new styles fromtheircoaches.• Deal with issues like missing weight, injuries,andPEDs.• Upgrade and equip your gym with the best equipmenttocompliment your coaches.
Restaurant Management Job Simulator Manager Games 1.4
After amazing response of cooking simulation game innovationDriveStudios started a series of restaurant simulation 3D virtualgameswith Restaurant Management Job Simulator Manager Games forthosewho play Virtual Manager Games restaurant simulator. 3Drestaurantmanagement games is for those hotel managers & cafewaiters togain Real time management simulation experience invirtual managergames job simulator. Hotel Manager Job Virtualrestaurantsimulation games! Manage restaurant as restaurant manager&Virtual restaurant manager to fulfill virtual restaurantmanagementduties & waiter duties to be best restaurant managerinrestaurant simulation virtual games 2018. Utilizeresortmanagement, virtual hotel management games &restaurantmanagement skills to serve customers in Restaurantsimulationvirtual manager games. You have been hired as topRestaurantsimulator virtual manager! Get ready for a busy day at3Drestaurant games and fulfill your Restaurant manager gameskitchenhelper & Restaurant manager job. Virtual restaurantManager jobsimulator! Be the first person to enter Hotel cleanserving tables& kitchen counter to serve customers in virtualrestaurant gamemanagement simulation. Virtual Family is coming foran amazingdining at five star hotel Restaurant simulator virtualmanagergames. Give best manager services possible as a part ofrestaurantjob simulator in happy virtual family games 2018. VirtualManagerJob simulator! Happy virtual family is waiting for theirfood, givevaluable customers best waiter services to become topcafe in town!Manage hotel reception and cash register machine asthis is one ofthe main task in 3D Manager Restaurant Management JobSimulatorManager Games.Virtual Restaurant Games Manager simulator!Allmanager duties are on you in this best restaurant gamekitchensimulator. Table Reservation management, customermanagement,kitchen management, 3D restaurant grocery shoppingmanagementsimulation and cash counter management are included inmanagerialduties. Restaurant Management Job Simulator Manager Gamesis amongbest restaurant virtual manager games giving you a chancetoutilize hotel management skills, bank manager & cashiergamesexperience. Be the best virtual manager of 3D restaurantsim.Restaurant Manager Simulator! Keep restaurant simulationgrocerystock updated. 3D grocery shopping, dish washing, tablecleaning isincluded in restaurant management waiter duties alongwith managingcash register in virtual waitress games 2018. If youwant to becomebest manager simulator like five star hotel manager& resortmanager then Restaurant Management Job SimulatorManager Games is avery big opportunity. Virtual waiters & newmanagers! Practicehotel rush handling & hotel management skillsin my cafe storyVirtual restaurant game 2018.Features:- Amazingcombination of 2D& 3D Restaurant games!- Best time managementsim 3D restaurantgames 2018!- Realistic environment of five starrestaurant virtualgames!- HD Graphics & animations in bestrestaurant games forgirls!- Best Virtual food serving &restaurant serving games2018!Permissions:Storage: This permissionis required to load andsave game state on your device storage.PhoneState: This permissionis required to adjust the behavior of appwhen you receive a callwhile playing it.
SEASON 18 - Pro Soccer Manager Game 1.17.6
Enter the challenging world of world pro soccer managementandcompete with players from around the world to become the bestinthe business. In SEASON 18, you'll experience a completelynewdimension of soccer management gaming. Build the perfecttopeleven, make the right decisions in captivating livesimulationsand build the most cutting-edge stadium and clubfacilities. Takeyour club to the top! SEASON 18 is one of the mostpopular soccergames in the world. As a club manager, you'll createyour own cluband make all the big decisions - you are the BOSS!Start yourcareer as soccer manager now! SEASON 18 is easy forbeginners tolearn but offers seasoned pros enormous depth andvariety. Theseare just some of the things you can do in SEASON 18:- Negotiatewith other players on the transfer market - Scout andsign the topeleven talents before your opponents snap them up -Optimize yourline-up and tactics for each opponent - Soccer gamesto Build-upperfect team dynamics - Create dream soccer game starsof thefuture in the academy - Develop your players and shape themintoworld-class soccer stars with powerful special abilities -Winleagues and compete in the top divisions - Qualify fortheChampions Cup and Euro Cup and bring home the trophies -Buildstate-of-the-art training facilities and a world-class stadium-Challenge other pro soccer managers in friendly soccer games-Score to Fill your trophy cabinet with silverware -Completelycustomize the look of your top eleven dream leagueplayers and yourclub ... and much, much more! SEASON 18 is alreadyavailable allover the world and now offers an immersive,fully-localised dreamsoccar game experience. ------------ If youhave questions orsuggestions for the game, just contact us via ourawesome in-appsupport tool or join the lively S18 soccar managerFacebookcommunity and chat directly with other players, as well asthedevelopment socar manager team. See you on the touchline!
TeamReach - Your Team App 4.1
TeamReach has everything you need to manage andinstantlycommunicate with your team, club, or group. It's EASY,INTUITIVE,SAFE and FREE! •  MESSAGES – Team Reach saves you timeand reducesconfusion by serving as a central place for allteamcommunications. •  SCHEDULES - No more guessing when andwheregames and practices are taking place. Includes reminders, mapsandforecast. •  INSTANT UPDATES - Immediately notify your team oflastminute changes: game time, location, cancellation, uniform,andmore. •  AVAILABILITY - Easily find out who can attend agame,practice or special event by sending out an availabilityrequest tothe group. •  EVENT DETAILS - Everyone will know thetime, place,driving directions, forecast, and attendees. •  POLLS -Get instantteam input on restaurants, practice times, hotels, gear,etc. • PHOTOS - Conveniently view, share, and download photos inoneplace. •  SAFE - It’s an easy way for coaches, players, andparentsto communicate safely without exchanging texts, emails, orphonecalls. Free, Easy, & Saves Time TeamReach is designedtosimplify life for everyone involved. Managers and coachescancreate and reach out to teams in seconds, and parents orplayerscan easily join by entering a group code. The team has acentralplace for all communication, and this eliminates the needfor phonecalls, emails, and handouts. By the way... it's FREE.Safe,Protects Coaches, Players & Parents It's a safe wayforcoaches, players, and parents to communicate withoutexchangingcontact information. Players do not have access to thecoach'snumber and the coach does not have access to a players'number.It's an easy way to protect everyone and keep theconversation inone place. Right Place, Right Time We help the teambe at the rightplace at the right time. Players and parents getnotified of anyschedule changes. Also, the coach or team managercan reach out andsend any last minute notifications including:change in location,weather delay, game time, cancellation, uniformcolor, and more.Great for Any Sport The TeamReach App is perfect toreach out andcommunicate with all types of sports teams and leaguesincluding:Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Football, Track&Field, Skating, Diving, Cycling, Running, Skiing, Fencing,Sailing,Bowling, Ice Hockey, Badminton, Athletics, Softball,Cheerleading,Water Polo, Gymnastics, Equestrian, Martial Arts,Swim, Rowing,Spirit Squad, Rugby, Field Hockey, Wrestling, Golf,Cross Country,Cricket, Lacrosse, Tennis, and more. Perfect for AnyClub, Group,or Activity TeamReach isn’t just for sports management.It’s agreat App for any group, club, or activity including: BoyScouts,Girl Scouts, YMCA, Church & Faith Group, Camp, PTO,School,Dance Class, Band, Student Association, Family, StudentGovernment,Charity Group, Fraternity, Sorority, NonprofitOrganization, BookClub, Study Group, Rotary Club, Volunteer Group,Key Club, UnitedWay Chapter, Day Care, and Alumni Associations.Keep it simple foryour group and reach out with messages, instantnotifications,schedule of meetings, and easily remind everyone ofan importantevent. Other Features: •  Schedule a reminder to besent out toyour team •  Send a map location in a message •  Abilityto havemultiple teams or groups (Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball,BoyScouts, etc.) •  Add events directly to your phone’s calendar• Effortlessly share an event with friends and family GetStartedToday! It's EASY, INTUITIVE, SAFE and
Wrestling Manager Pro: Triple Tag Team Stars Fight 2.0
Bulky Sports
Wrestling manager pro & triple tag team fighting combineswithaction fights & real experience of three tag teamfightsimulation in one single 3d game. Game is especially designedfor& kick fighting lovers. Upgrade your wrestler strength toenjoythe professional triple tag team wrestling managementexperiencewith unlimited fun. Knockout will increase the power,intensity,and excitement of royal triple tag team wrestling managerfighting.Win the battle of ultimate incredible match in worldchampion’stournament. Fight using a variety of revolutionary trickssuch aspins to gain, joint locks, close fighting, throws and takedowns.Some tag team wrestlers might be stronger than they look, sotrainyourself as a professional wrestler to prove your strength asrealtriple tag team wrestling revolution champion. Wrestlingmanagerpro: triple tag team stars fighting hero & real kickfightingwill give you access to many super star wrestlers &three tagteam fights in all events of world wrestling managerchampionshipwith HD quality game play. Let's be ready to start yourtriple tagteam wrestling championship for the upcoming fightingevents of2018. Now it’s time to join in the world wrestlingchampionshipfighting contest, defeat all your opponents and win theuniversalchampionship, world best managers are in your way toplaying worldwrestling tournament. Experience the real fightingsimulation gameand enhance your kick fighting skills. Upgradeyou’re fightingexpertise with power full & strong kicks in freekick fighting3d game. Become universal champion of wrestling afterbeating alltriple tag team champion wrestlers in the world.Ultimate worldtriple tag team manager & kick fighting heroestake part inadventures challenging role in this addictive wrestling& kickfighting game. Beat all three tag team champion wrestlersin thisultimate world wrestling competition game and becomeuniversaltriple tag team champion of wrestling managerfightingfederation.The wrestling manager pro: triple tag teamstarsfighting hero & real kick fighting 3d game isplannedespecially for triple tag team fighting lovers and kickfightinglovers from all over the world super star fans to watch& playyour favorite hero any time. It is an action &adventure sportsgame so do not hesitate to face your challengers.Wrestling managerpro: triple tag team stars fighting hero triplesfighting gameoffers multi fighting experience to fans in thissingle game ofmulti stars wrestling action. Wrestling manager pro:triple tagteam stars fighting hero is the most realistic fightingsimulationgame. A wrestling super stars career challenges willdrive yourtriple tag team to take risky shots in the ring. Asuperstar careerchallenges will drive you to take risky shots inthe ring.Wrestling Manager Pro: Triple Tag Team Stars Fighting HeroGameFeatures: • Ultimate World Action Packed Triple tag teamWrestling& Kick Boxing Fighting Game• Face Different Wrestling&Kick Boxing Rivals with Pro Fighting Techniques• GenuineEnemyEngagements and Realistic Punch & Kick Boxing Motions•WorldProfessional Wrestlers in Doubles Cage FightingTournament•Universal Superstars Triple tag team WrestlingChampion’sTournament• Heavy Weight Triple tag team Champions BattleagainstYour Triple tag team in Death Fights So what are you waitingfor?Let’s excite the crowd with your real triple tag teamwrestlingfighting styles & kick boxing actions to show yourprofessionalwrestler skills & eventually be the world greatesttriple tagteam wrestling champion.
Strategic Management 1.3
Strategic Management app is a reading material abouttimemanagement, strategic management and decision making. A veryusefuland handy app to potential leaders and user who want to gainmoreknowledge about strategic management. In this StrategicManagementapp, user can find several topics related to managementas below:-1) Time management - The twenty biggest time wasters -Reason fortime management - The time management matrix - Timesavers -Guidelines to successful time management 2) Strategicmanagementand decision making - Evolution of management thought -Basicmanagement - Strategic management - Strategic managementconstruct- Strategic manegement framework - Strategic managementcycle - Thefocused organization - The strategy changed cycle 3)ManagementQuotes Download Strategic Management app now for FREE.Happyreading!
Leadership Development
The Leadership Development app features cutting-edgeleadershiptraining, insights and educational programs from ourfeaturedexperts, coaches and publishers.The app will expand yourcapacityto perform at your highest level, facilitate the executionof yourcompany’s strategy, increase your influence and help yougrow thecapabilities of others. KEY FEATURES INCLUDE:• The bestcuratedleadership development news, delivered daily • Access to thelatesttrends, research reports and white papers• Access topresourcesfrom the world’s leading leadership development coachesandtraining organisations• In-app courses, webinars andeducationalmaterials• Plus so much more, including access to aselection oftop podcasts, newsletters and digital publications.Weaim to covera wide arrange of topics for leaders of all kinds, fromstartupentrepreneurs, to team managers and executives oflargemulti-nationals, the principles of cutting-edge leadership canbeapplied across the full spectrum of roles and organisations.KEYTOPICS INCLUDE:• Entrepreneurship• Leading People• CreatingaWinning Team Culture• Productivity Hacks• Problem Solving•ManagingChange• Training and Coaching Your Managers• MotivatingYourEmployees• Personal Branding• Team Building• ConflictManagement •Hiring & Firing• HR Strategy• PerformanceManagement• ProjectManagement• Technology in Leadership• And somuch more!DOWNLOAD NOW[FREE]The Leadership Development App iscurrently available now forFREE from the Google Play Store.Weencourage you to participate andif you have any questions orfeedback about the app, please contactus [email protected] 3.16.11
Meet the project management tool your team will actuallyenjoyusing. focuses on people, success, and gettingthingsdone. Take it on a test drive with our 14 day trial andyou'll seewhat we mean! Project management the way you is asimple and beautiful way to manage everything yourteam is workingon. Manage your projects, tasks, processes, andworkflows in oneplace. Plan ahead visually, and never miss adeadline. It's superflexible and customizable, so you can work theway that's best foryour team. Communicate better with your teamWhen everyone's clearon their responsibilities, all you need is thefreedom to connectand collaborate. In, you cancommunicate with yourteammates, share files, mention people, andstay updated withreal-time notifications. Say goodbye to endlessmeetings andpainfully long email threads. Get things done fasterand celebrateHappy teams achieve amazing results! With,you can seehow your work fits into the bigger picture and feelrecognized forwhat you do. Your team will get addicted tocompleting tasks andturning them green. We call this "donetherapy." :) "Best projectmanagement tool in the world" —MichaelPoolier, General Manager ofHEGS "The most life-changing softwareyou'll ever encounter!"—Sarah Kersley "I want to hug the peoplethat created this." —EmmaJ Coulson Join 45,000+ teams who workbetter and faster Try it out on our 14 day trialand see what it can dofor you.
Project Schedule
Project Schedule brings project management and task schedulingtoyour android tablet or phone. Use the app to create orimportbusiness projects or schedule tasks of your dailylife.Featuresexclusive to the paid version- PDF export of ganttdiagrams,tasklists and resource cost and work- Exported excel filesincluderesource cost data and task duration- Synchronize projecttaskswith the device calendar- Add project tasks to Google Tasks-Manualselection of the file export locationFeatures in the paid andfreeversion- Multiple projects- Overview of tasks across allprojectsthat might need your attention- View your tasks in a ganttdiagramor a simple task list- Custom calendars allow you to planyourtasks with respect to your working and free times- Useresources tokeep track of cost and work for each task, resource andproject-Assign contacts to your resources- Add the tasks of yourprojectsto your device calendar or use the app internalnotifications-Import MS Project .mpp-files (additional plugin needsto beinstalled)- Load and save MS Excel files (xls, additionalpluginneeds to be installed)- Load and save MS Project MSPDI-XMLfiles-Load and save CSV files as supported by spreadsheet softwarelikeExcel- Notification system to notify you when a task isstarting orfinishing- Android Backup Service support toautomatically backupyour data (can be activated in thesettings)Supported project fileformats- MS Project (.mpp) –read-only support- MS Excel (.xls) –reading and writing- MS Project(.xml) – reading and writing- CSV(comma separated values) – readingand writingOutput formats- PDFdocuments (Paid version only!)- PNGimagesSeparately availableplugins- Project Schedule - Office(import MS Project mpp and MSExcel files)- Project Schedule –CloudSyncPlease report yourthoughts about app features, featurerequests or bugs by email oruse the contact form on the website.
Football Manager Underworld - Bribe, Attack, Steal 4.4.4
Welcome to one of the best football games out there!UnderworldFootball Manager, THE REAL WORLD FOOTBALL MANAGER! Manageyour teamlike they do RUSSIA, ITALY, ENGLAND, GERMANY, FRANCE,SPAIN, ANDSOUTH AMERICA. Join more than 10 MILLION other playersfrom aroundthe world in building your FOOTBALL EMPIRE by bribing,attacking,and vandalizing your opponents. Underworld FootballManager 2019FEATURES: - REAL-TIME BATTLES - HUNDREDS of LEAGUES andTOURNAMENTSto CONQUER - BRIBE PLAYERS to score own goals and getred cards -VANDALIZE your opponent´s stadium, training ground, andmany otherbuildings - Buy SPECIAL WEAPONS and POWER-UPS to enhanceyourplayers - Form ALLIANCES with players in your league to takedownyour rivals - Join a SYNDICATE (clan) to form a super team -SIGNWORLD CLASS PLAYERS Come and take your team of losers and turntheminto champions, with a little help from the underworld.PlayUnderworld Football Manager 2019 now. Network connectionrequired.We're constantly adding new features — so let us know whatyouthink at [email protected], and join ourFacebookcommunity at English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese,German,Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Bosnian, Serbian,Croatian,Polish, Indonesian, Swedish, Japanese and Chinese(traditional andsimplified).
Pro 11 - Soccer Manager Game 1.0.42
Do you have what it takes to make your dreams come true and becomeatop ranked football manager in one of the best free toplaymultiplayer football manager simulators of 2018?In Pro 11 youcancoach your favorite club (like Madrid, Juve or Barcelona)anddominate the best national leagues and the legendaryChampionsLeague!It’s up to you to create the line-up, manageexchanges,conduct training sessions, negotiate sponsorship dealsand muchmore.Beat your rivals in Pro 11’s massivemultiplayerstructureCompete against friends and other real-lifeopponents andkick-off live matches when YOU want to. Join forceswith fans ofyour favorite team to create a stronger community andearn morerewards.Immerse yourself in captivating visualsWith 3Dmotioncaptured football player movement, you get a high-qualitygraphics,highlight and gameplay experience throughout your entiremanagercareer.Administrate all aspects of your Pro 11 club toensure awinning strategyTake your fantasy team to glory bycontrolling allfeatures of your football club, including:★Collecting the besteleven players from the top football leagues,such as the PremierLeague, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or MLS★Exploring your youthall-stars for the next Ronaldo or Messi★Improving player skills bytraining in minigames★ Trading, buyingand selling players byscouting the transfer market★ Negotiating thebest possiblesponsorship contracts to establish a stable economy★Takingadvantage of advanced formation options to create themosteffective tactics★ Investing in better upgrades for yourstadium toboost fan experiencesJoin managers worldwide in Pro 11now tobecome a true leader of your professional football squad.Everygoal counts!
Soccer Manager RPG 2.1
What kind of football manager will you be?Manage your team as afair(or ruthless) football manager and swipe your fingers eitherleft orright to impose your will upon the team. With thistongue-in-cheekfootball management game you must navigate theseeminglynever-ending stream of problems and demands from thepeople aroundyou - coaches, players, the press, the board ofdirectors, yourfamily and many more. Keep them all happy ordisaster awaits, andkeep your players well trained to secure winseach week and earnyour place at the top of the league table.As theseason progressesyour decisions become ever more important sothink ahead to avoidbeing ousted early from your job. Everybodyneeds a piece of you,everybody needs to get paid and some justwant to bring you downinto the relegation zone or, worse, to theunemployment lines. Withover 60 ways to get fired (or worse) canyou handle the stress andnavigate your motley crew of spoiledsuperstars to victory?- Noin-app purchases or ads- Multiple choicedriven endingsLoads of funobjectives such as:- Fix a match- Staron a reality TV show- Producea video game- Sabotage an opponentteam- Catch a ghost- Visit afortune teller
RealFevr - Fantasy Sports 4.3.9
Real Fevr
Welcome to RealFevr - Fantasy Sports! In this app you can playtheWorld Cup Fantasy, the best Fantasy of the football world cup,andmany other national and international competitions. Buildyourdream teams, create private leagues and compete with usersfromaround the world. Manage your teams in real time in thebestFantasy experience in the world! What makes RealFevr thebestfantasy experience in the world: 1. Multi-Competition: - WorldCupFantasy - Portugal Fantasy - Spain Fantasy - Champions Fantasy-Europa Fantasy - Brazil Fantasy - Liberta Fantasy 2.Multi-Model:Salary Cap Model - Limited budget to 100M€ - Freetransfer market -Private and public leagues - For light users DraftModel - 10 userleagues - Unique teams - Free transfer market -Playoffs - Forintensive users 3. Multi-Platform - Desktop &Mobile App (freedownload) 4. Real-time Statistics: - Real-timemonitoring ofplayers' performance during games - Statisticsprovided by Opta 5.In-App News: - Latest news regarding the teamand playersavailable, without leaving the site or the app Startplaying thebest Fantasy experience in the world. Everything else isfantasy!
Smart Task Manager 3.3.0
Smart Task Manager(STM) is the overall system application.Task,Application, Sd card, Device, system information can bemanaged ina single shot. ● Task Management (Tasks) - Multi-select,commandsupport - If you hold the specified item, manage menuwillappear.(On the Settings page, you can specify the click action)-List of service, background, empty applications. * ServiceProcess: Hidden service to users, but running process (mp3 musicplaying,atmospheric transmission network, etc.). Should be reviewedwhenending. * Background Process : Hidden applications which canbesafely ended. * Empty Process : End-able process.Cachedapplication - Used Memory information - Package information -Theprocess stop, restart, delete, and detailed information -Addexception list and exception list management - Auto-End task-Shake-End task - Startup-End task - One-touch-End task -Favoriteapplication list(Widget service support) -Applicationshare(Recommendation) ● Application Management (Apps)-Multi-select, command support - If you touch the item, managemenuwill appear.(On the Settings page, you can specify theclickaction) - A list of installed applications - Packageinformation -App Version information - App file size - Applicationexecution,deletion, update confirm, evaluation, comment, anddetails - Backupto SD Card - Application search - Favoriteapplication list -Application share(Recommend) ● Backup andReinstall - Multi-select,delete, restore (reinstall) support -Backup to SD Card - Restorefrom SD Card - External APK file installsupport. (package installfile) (path : /sdcard/smartmanager) - Thebackup file size - Backupdate information ● Real-time Process ●System Info - Deviceinformation - CPU info - Ram info(Total, Used,Available) - BatteryInformation(Temperature - Celsius, Fahrenheit)- Internal storagespace, information(Total, Used, Available) -External storagespace, information(Total, Used, Available) ●Settings - AboutSmartWho Task Manager - Smart Task Manager Setting- Volume Control- Screen Brightness - Wireless Network - MyLocation (network, GPS)- Application - Bluetooth Setting - LanguageSetting - Date andTime ● Home Screen Widget - Widget Update TimeAdjustabl e -Specify the possible actions when clickingwidgets(one-touch end:Insafe mode or task management screen) -Update info / Avail Ram(1×1) - Update info / Total Ram, Avail Ram(2×1) - Internal Storage/ External Storage Info (2×1) - ActiveTask, Ram, Storage info(3×1) - Favorite Application Link (2×2) -System Dashboard (4×1)Once using shortcuts on the main screen, youcan easily accessSmart Task Manager program. If you use widgetsfeature, you caneasily see status of the current Ram and access toSmart TaskManager. Please, let us know if there is any bugs, issuesor ideas.We will review them as soon as possible.
NBA General Manager 2018 - Basketball Coach Game 4.45.050
Are you a fan of sports games, basketball games, ball shootinggamesand NBA playoffs and All-Star basket players? Manage yourfranchise,lead and coach a professional basketball team in theofficiallicensed NBA MANAGER 2018! Build the best lineups andtrain yourdream team! Coach the Cleveland Cavaliers, Los AngelesLakers,Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs,BostonCeltics, Miami Heat, New York Knicks and all the other dreamteamswith best players like Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, CarmeloAnthony,Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving or JamesHarden... Becomethe most wanted general sports manager and coachof the 2018 NBAlive with the best tactics! Set up your roster andlineups for abetter performance in this coach manager game – thenew NBA GeneralManager 2018! Sign guards, centers and forwards,get the bestAll-Star basketball playoffs players and lead them todribble anddunk until victory in this basketball simulator!Compete in THREEMATCH MODES: Head-to-head games, tournaments orleague. Equip yourAll-Star dream team, hire the best trainers anddefeat all thebasketball teams of every division to win in thesesports managergames. Offensive throws win games, but backcourtdefense winsbasketball tournaments. Plan your tactical shots andslam dunkthrows strategy in all our tournaments and score a winnerslam dunk!The value of the player in a team is the core of thisbasketballsimulator, it’s real as in an All-Star NBA live match!Everybasketball player has his own offensive and defensiveskills...Coach basketball championship legends like Stephen Curry,JamesHarden, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony or Lebron James andmanage thegreatest franchises and NBA teams such as Los AngelesLakers, GoldenState Warriors, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs,Miami Heat, NewYork Knicks or Cleveland Cavaliers! Make a show ofthis sport fullof tactics and ball shooting! Challenge yourfriends in the playoffsof the NBA General Manager 2018. In thisstrategic sports game andmanager simulator, you will have to workthe tactics to build thebest All-Star basketball playoffs dreamteam ever by trading andtraining basket players, win big games andbeat the opponent. Enjoyplayoffs and select lineups from yourroster simulations! Steal theball from a free throw, dribble,throw shots, rebound and dunkbefore the basket quarters timeout asin a NBA live match! FEATURESOF ALL-STAR NBA BASKETBALL MANAGERSIMULATOR AND SPORTS FRANCHISEGAME -> Sign and trade playersand NBA teams in the transfermarket auction -> Coach rookiesand lineup a team in thisofficially licensed NBA 2018 managersimulator! -> Compete inHead-to-head games, sports tournamentsor league mode! -> Thehigher the players' level, the betterthey will score in basketmatches! -> Strengthen your team withthe best roster and sportsmanager and coach trainings as in NBAlive matches! -> Play withteams such as San Antonio Spurs orChicago Bulls! -> Coach yourfavorite player! Kevin Durant orCarmelo Anthony? They are all here!-> Compete and play withyour friends in these live matches! Youmust accept the "PrivacyPolicy" and the "Legal Notice" you'll findin a link after thedescription. The basketballplayoffscourt requires you! Grab the ball, plan your slam dunkthrows andshots tactics as well as lineups and roster and downloadTHEOFFICIAL LICENSED NBA GENERAL MANAGER 2018 NOW! Start yourcareerin sports and become an All-Star basketball championshipcoachmanager! Win every league NBA live match!
Expense Manager 6.24
Need an expense manager and budget planner to control yourmoney?HandWallet Expense Manager is a free, simple, intuitive andyetprofessional financial app to control spending, plan budget,trackexpense and income and avoid over-draft. • FREE •Unlimitedexpenses / expenditures • Tips to save money • Morefeatures thanany other expense manager app : Mint, Daily money,Daily expensemanager, Spending money and others • Manage your cashflow,checking, credit cards, e-wallet or giftcard expenses •Interactivegraphical charts of your expense and income • Voicerecognition!Record your expense without typing ( Expense TrackerRecorder ) •Save you time: more than 100 built in categories andsub categories(Food, Health, Transportation etc) • Multiple bankaccounts, cashand credit cards • Multiple currencies. exchangerates manager -automatically online exchange rates • Money manager- travel abroadand manage all expense in your home currency! • Canlink eachtransaction to categories (what is the expense ?),location (wheredid this expense took place?), persons (who did theexpense ?) orprojects (to what activity this expense is related?) •Budgeter -Plan budget for each category, person or project • Letyou attachimages, documents or voice memo • EXCLUSIVE! Paymentmanager andcredit card manager - calculate the exact payments inyour creditcard according to your "grace period" and "due day". Youwill neverbe surprised again • EXCLUSIVE! Loans manager - calculatetheinterest and linkage on your mortgage or loans •EXCLUSIVE!Consumption manager - manage your expense by consumption.If youpay for something for the whole year show in the chart onlytherelevant part for each month! • Personal accountant. Businessuserscan track invoices, receipts, delivery notes and VAT •Businessusers can manage different worlds: one for their businessand onefor their home • Personal finance management: personal /familycalculator. Cash control • Cash reports / income reports •Manageexpense anytime anywhere - internet connection not required•Advanced search options to find a transaction bill invoiceorexpenditure • Backup & restore of your expenses • Onlinehelpwithin the app • Fast, reliable & secured. PasswordprotectionWhy to use an expense manager / expense tracker ?Tracking expensesand personal finance on a daily basis will giveyou control of yourfinancial life, help you to be organized and paybills, save youmoney and give you a better chance to discover yourfull financialpotential. Why to use HandWallet Expense Manager ?Because it's thebest expense manager app. And because we arecreating expensemanager and personal finance accounting softwarefor 10 years andknow exactly why most people want to manage expensebut only fewsucceed. How to start ? Download the expense managerapp for free.Verify that your language, country and currency arecorrect. Thenpress the plus button and log your first expense /income. Trackexpenditures and revenue on a daily basis. How tomanage accounts ?Hand Wallet will create 3 default accounts: cash,bank account andcredit card. You can later change the names ofthese accounts bypressing the "Accounts" tab, for example HSBC,Barclays,Visa orelectronic wallet. How to manage budget ? Press themenu and thencategories. Select your category, for example " carexpense ". Editthe budget and select the type of budget: fixedbudget, summarizedbudget, mix budget and so on. You can define adifferent budget foreach period. How to see a bar or pie graph ofyour expense ? Pressthe "analyst" tab. Then select the category,for example " carexpense ". You can switch between expenses andbudget by using theicon at the right. More add-ons to expensemanager : Downloadbudget and budget widget, accounting widget,personal financelocation and bank SMS to add more features toHandWallet ExpenseManager
Club Soccer Director - Soccer Club Manager Sim 2.0.8e
Be more than just a soccer manager in Club Soccer Director2018.Take on the role of Director and manage the day-to-day runningofan established club or even create your own. Keep the Boardhappyby driving up revenues, hiring and firing staff, upgradingyourstadium and facilities, signing sponsors, building your dreamteamand leading your club to ultimate glory! CHOOSE FROM HUNDREDSOFCLUBSChoose from 350 clubs in 16 leagues across England,France,Germany, Spain and Italy. Create your legacy and build yourteamfrom scratch including home country, club and stadium name andevenkit design. UNRIVALLED CLUB-LEVEL MANAGEMENT Manage everyaspect ofyour club’s development and how you invest funds. Developandupgrade your club's facilities, including the stadium,trainingground and youth Academy. Increase revenues bynegotiatingsponsorships. Hire and fire your management team andbuild yourdream squad by negotiating transfers and offers withplayer agentsas well as handling contract negotiations with playersand staffalike. EVERY DECISION COUNTS Just like real life, yourdecisionsaffect the attitude of the board, team morale and even thefans.How you engage with press and media, ticket prices, thequality ofyour squad and the potential of your Academy prospectsall have abearing. LIFELIKE STATS ENGINEClub Soccer Director2018’scomprehensive live-action stats engine mirrors real-lifeplayerbehaviour and match outcomes, processing over 1000 decisionspergame and generates real-time statistics for both individualplayersand teams. TACTICAL FREEDOMLeave key decisions to themanager oroverrule him by implementing your own play style as wellasdeciding on team lineup, formation, in andout-of-possessiontactics, substitutes and more. COMPREHENSIVEPLAYER DATABASEBuy orloan players from a database of over 10,000players, each withtheir own unique play styles, stats andbehaviours. Use filters tofind exactly what you’re looking for.Club Soccer Director 2018continuously generates new players on aregular basis, ensuring youhave plenty of talent to choose fromwhether you’ve been in thehot-seat for 1 season or 10! Playercycles continue beyond thepitch as some retiring players go intostaff roles just as they doin real life!DEVELOPED BY A REAL SOCCERCOACH AND MANAGER!Leaddeveloper Jim Scott is both a soccer managerand coach, bringingover 15 years of industry experience to ClubSoccer Director 2018.
YeikCar - Car management 4.3.5
YeikCar Vehicles is an application that manages very easily,agileand powerful the various costs and incomes of one or morevehicles,which has an attractive design and a complete and simplesystem tomonitor the performance of your vehicle. Standard Features- Simpleand intuitive interface. - No advertising - Completemanagement ofvehicle ( fuel, maintenance, cleaning, expenses,income andreminders). - Move the data to the SD card. - Backup yourdata onthe SD card and the possibility of mailing. - Graphs andreports. -Travel Calculator - Widget - Attach Photo to Vehicle -Export andimport CSV files Fill-Ups (compatible with Excel,LibreOffice,etc..) - Reminders distance or time. - Support forgeographicallocation (GPS) Integration with Google Maps - Differenttypes ofvehicles (Car, Motorcycle, Truck, Bus, Sports, Van, Taxi)FeaturesPro - Unlimited vehicles - Unlimited reminders -Unlimitedinventory parts - Editing parts inventory - Data BackupDropbox -Export CSV vehicle reports (* Excel) - Details onreportsperformance If you want to request an upgrade or add a newfeatureto the application do not hesitate to contact me byemailexplaining what you want! fuel consumption car maintenanceautomaintenance vehicle maintenance carservice auto management autologcar maintenance costs car health roadtrip log economyvehiclepetrol diesel car money budget gas bike repair mpgconsumptionmanager mileage motor organizer trip gasolina GraphicsReportsGasoline Fuel Garage Kilómetro (Km) Milla (Mi) Km/LiterKm/GallonsAmerican Km/Imperial Gallons Liters/100km RefuelsAmericangallon/100km Imperial gallon/100 km Milla/Liter Milla/USGallonsMilla/Imperial Gallons Liters/100mi American gal/100miImperialgallon/100mi Fill-up Expenses Services reminders Routesfuels Gasstations Liter (L) American gallon (Gal) Imperial gallon(Gal) carhealth car maintenance costs car management americano carslogagiler vehicle mileage log
Management des organisations 1.0
Management des organisationsLe rôle du management dans lagestiondes organisations Qu'est-ce qu'une organisation ? Qu'apportelemanagement à la gestion des organisations ? Les critèresdedifférenciation des organisations La finalité de l'entrepriseselimite-t-elle à la réalisation d'un profit ? Quelles finalitéspourles organisations publiques ? Quel rôle pour les associations ?Lemanagement stratégique : choix des objectifs etcontrôlestratégique Quels objectifs stratégiques ? Sur quoi portentlesdécisions et comment sont-elles prises ? Un contrôlestratégiques'impose-t-il ? Le système d'information contribue-t-ilàl'efficacité de la prise de décision ? Le management stratégique:organisation de la production Quel mode de production choisir ?Uneorganisation du travail souple ou rigide ? Comment assurerlacohérence de l'ensemble des tâches ? Le management stratégique:choix en matière d'animation et de mobilisation des hommesLemanagement peut-il tenir compte de l'intérêt de tous les acteursdel'organisation ? Comment orienter le management des emplois etdescompétences selon les besoins de l'organisation ?Peut-onentretenir durablement la motivation des hommes par laseulerémunération ? Le processus et le diagnostic stratégiquesCommentémergent les grandes orientations stratégiques ? Quellessont lescomposantes du diagnostic stratégique ? La stratégiedesorganisations Quelles sont les principales optionsstratégiquespour les entreprises ? Les stratégies des organisationspubliqueset des associationsOrganisational ManagementThe role ofmanagementin the management of organizations   Whatis anorganization?  What does the management to themanagementof organizations?   The criteria fordifferentiatingorganizations  The company's aim is shemerely making aprofit?   What purposes forpublicorganizations?   What roleforassociations?   Strategic management: choiceofobjectives and strategic control   Whatstrategicgoals?   What are the decisions and how aretheymade?   Strategic control willheimpose?   He contributes the information systemforeffective decision making?   Strategicmanagement:organization of production   What mode ofproductionto choose?   An organization of flexibleor rigidwork?   How to ensure coherence ofalltasks?   Strategic management: in animationchoicesand mobilizing men   Can the management takeintoaccount the interests of all stakeholders oftheorganization?   How to guide the management ofjobsand skills according to the needs oftheorganization?   Can we permanentlymaintainmotivation of men by the soleremuneration?   Thestrategic process anddiagnosis   How emerge thestrategicdirection?   What are the components ofthe strategicdiagnosis?   Organizationalstrategy   Whatare the main strategic options forcompanies?   Thestrategies of public organizationsand associations
MedDNA - Clinic Management 1.0.3
MedDNA is mobile and web portal for clinic management which helpsindigitization of clinical process. Doctors can use it forwritingprescriptions, managing appointments, to connect withpatients,review their health documents, etc. It is useful for allthemedical practitioners like Dentist, Pediatrician,GeneralPhysicians, Gynecologist, Ayurvedic, Homeopath, etc. It easetheappointment management for Clinic by automaticallysendingreminders via emails and SMS to patients. MedDNA clinicmanagementApp offers option where doctors can take hand writtenprescriptionand save the image of it in patient’s account, makingit simpler tomaintain patient’s medical history. Intuitively,Doctors canautomate much of prescription writing via web portal andsharevarious other documents with patients. Multi-language supportisalso available to Doctors for clear communication withnativelanguage speaking patients. Overall clinic managementprovidespeedy execution and hassle free experience for thedoctors.Features of MedDNA- clinic management:1. Free onlineprofile withcomplete details of doctor and clinic like address,specialization,qualification etc.2. Online appointmentsmanagement3. Automatic SMSand emails sent to patients aboutupcoming appointments, follow-up,birthdays, billing etc.4. Addpatients to clinic and manage theirdata5. Get easy access to allyour patient’s medical history 6.Digital prescription with optionof clicking prescription image andsaving it in patient’s account.7.Patients details and documentsonline8. Instant messaging andcommunication with patientsVisit
Stock Controller - inventories 5.1.5
XNR Sisbi
Stock Controller it's an easy to manage inventory managementapp...anywhere... anytime, developed and improved in associationwithStock Controller users. Easy to use and with a support teamjust aclick away waiting to help you!No need to lose your data,just saveit to Stock Controller cloudNominated for 2015 OverallAwards -Best Business & Finance AppProudly part of Top 30InventoryManagement, Control and Tracking Apps made by CamcodeWebportal canbe found at app youcan:- Work online or offline, you decide.- Createmultiple users peraccount- Create warehouses, product types,providers, clients,products and transactions.- Ability to manageyour data in a webbrowser with new Stock Controller web portal(*add-on)- Belowminimum inventory alert defined by product- Manageinventories bywarehouse- Select product photos in your phonegallery or take aphoto- Statistics per section... and muchmoreNOTE: if you'reupgrading from previous versions of StockController don't forget tosync your data with the cloud beforeupgrading!Miss a feature? justlet us know, our support team ismore than happy to receive yourfeedback and work with you alongthe way... together we can achievegreatness! XNR Sisbi goal is tohelp you achieve your goals and makethings easy for you.Don'tforget to subscribe to Stock Controllernewsletter at
Real Madrid Fantasy Manager'18- Real football live 8.20.022
The new edition of the free football live game from REALMADRIDFANTASY MANAGER 2018 will bring the real footballmanagerexperience by being the club manager of REAL MADRID. Time togetincredible players in your top 11: CR7, Sergio Ramos,Kroos,Benzemá, etc as well as other forwards, midfielders,defenders andgoalkeepers around the world. POWER UPS and BRING NEWHEAT to the2k18 REAL MADRID football. Lead your football dreamsquad and crushthe pitch like never before! Be a UNDEFEATABLE TEAM!DOWNLOAD NOWone of the most fantastic FREE FOOTBALL GAMES!RealMadrid FantasyManager 2018 promises to bring you one of the bestmatches from thevery first moment. With Real Madrid official, youcan compete inhead 2 head or all football tournaments. Are you UPfor the topLEAGUE of real football manager 2k18 from Real MadridFantasyManager, one of the best football games?- From football liveto topleague: be a club manager with your football dream squad withallfootball stars like CR7, Sergio Ramos , Krooz, Benzemá, etc withalot of astonishing matches. You can train them to befootballstars. All can be found in Official Real Madrid 2018 –FANTASYMANAGER!- TOP 2K18 FOOTBALL– POWER UPS: The main competitioninReal Madrid Fantasy Manager is the league or footballmanagertournaments, where you defeat your opponents to reach thetopdivisions with your dream squad. Either you or your opponentswillbe defeated! The most fantastic mobile game for realfootballmanager 2k18.- PLAY AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS AND THOUSANDS OFUSERS:One of the best free football games ever! Experience thefeeling ofa manager of a top star football – Real Madrid FANTASYMANAGER 2018– new Football Live. Go beat them by your talent ofcoaching a teamof top 11 with all football stars, enhance them tohigh-rankedmatches in 2k18 football tournaments. - PLAYERS’ VALUE:The core ofthe official Real Madrid Fantasy Manager 2018 is theplayer´s valuewhich differs from other free football manager games.The higherthe value of your top 11, more chances you have to beatyouropponents. Be a talented club manager! Hurl down your opponentsbybeing the best club manager with the most valuable players –yourtop 11. To be able to play this application, you will needinternetconnection. This application offers in-app purchases whichyou candisable in your device settings.By using this application:Youaccept the "Privacy Policy" and the "Legal Notice". Itcontainsadvertisements of "From The Bench, S.L." and theirpartners,including advertisements within the game. It also collectsdatathrough analysis technology and delivers third partyadvertisementsincluding network and GPS locations. The app containsdirect linksto social networks for those above the age of 13 andalso directlinks to the internet.The data provided by you to FROMTHE BENCH,SL may be disclosed to Real Madrid, C.F., with corporateaddress atConcha Espina nº 1, 28036 Madrid, and will beincorporated to anautomated database under its responsibility. Thepurpose for whichthe data will be processed by Real Madrid C.F.include statisticalactivities, sending through ordinary orelectronic means commercialinformation about products or servicesmarketed currently or in thefuture by Real Madrid C.F., informationabout events, promotions,news and novelties of Real Madrid C.F.,invitation to prize drawsand information about benefits offered byReal Madrid C.F. You willbe able to exercise your rights of access,rectification,cancellation and opposition in the terms andconditions establishedunder applicable legislation, in person or inwriting at theaforementioned address or via e-mailatoposició[email protected] Y TERMS OF Check out ourforums at tomeet other playersand be up to date on all news about the game.