Top 18 Games Similar to Six Barrel Bill

Epic Little War Game 2.010
Rubicon Development
It’s time to mobilize because the Little War Game is back andthistime it is EPIC! The latest in the 3.5 million selling seriesofstrategic war games offers an immense array of challenges thatwillpush your battle tactics to the limit, and beyond. With ahugesingle player mode, online one-on-one or six player skirmishes,andgazillions of maps to dominate (not to mention a randommapgenerator), Epic Little War Game raises the bar forstrategy.Product features: • Loads of single player missions, tonsof maps,map generator, co-op or skirmish online or local play anduniquevisuals make this the most comprehensive strategic war gameonmobile! • Single player campaign mode teaches newbies ‘theropes’and develops battle tactics across an array of intensivemissions •Take on your friends or ally with their forces to defeatthe enemywith up to 6 player Skirmish mode • A massive selectionofbattlefields, from epic mountain valleys to lush lakelandpasses,frozen cliff-top encounters to the heat of vast jungles 
 •Randommap generator for infinite replayability, plus the ability tosavethe maps you love playing 
 • Online co-operative or PVPgameplay -are you epic enough to take on the world’s greatestGenerals? 
 •Complete freedom to develop your own tactics,deploying yourwarriors and hardware, as you see fit – every battleis different!• Take on several enemies at once and climb theleaderboards toshow the world what you are really made of! • Thispay once andplay forever game has true console quality and depth.Don’t becannon fodder, be the greatest military Commander ever. BEEPIC!Thanks for playing Epic Little War Game. Please let us knowwhatyou think with a review or join us on the Epic Little WarGameforum at NB: There are no IAP's.Thereason it says so in the display is a mistake that willbecorrected when we do our next free update.
Merge Guns!: Line Defense 1.5.8
Villains are coming! Merge guns to gain more firepower to stopthevillains! Merge guns: Line Defense is more intuitive thanotherdefense game! [How to play] - Create guns - Combine twosame-leveland kind guns - Place guns on the field - Now lets focusto win thebattle! [Characteristics] - Mesmorize by the colors andbattleeffect! - The higher the class, more powerful your guns get!- Setup different strategies with 7 different gun styles - Lets runuptostage 2600 without a break!
Magic Legends ⚔️ Collect Coins 💰 Epic Hero Quest
Looking for the True Adventure Game? Install Magic LegendswithcuteCoin Hero, have fun, and enjoy your journey. Magic Legends–CoinRush Game Coin Challenge – collect as many 💰 Coins as youcouldtobecome a 👑 King of Coins. 💥 Attack other players, stealtheircoinsto become real Coin Master. Protect your treasurefromotherplayers. Fight cute enemies. Explore new fantasyWorlds.Improveyour magic skills. True RPG Adventure Game Fly,anddiscover newworlds – fantasy islands. Build new villages.Defeatthe Bosses, getrewards, and open new Islands. ⚔️ Fightcuteenemies Unlock powerfulabilities – new battle cards withMagicskills to use them inbattles to attack and defend. Upgradeyourcards to improve yourbattle skills and become the real CoinHero –Coin Master of Mightand Magic! – Cute enemies – Vividgraphics –Nice victory dances –Free to play – Colorful setting –Easy toplay – Mix of fun,challenge, magic, fortune, andsocialization 🎲Roll the dice toexplore a game board. Collect coinsto build yourvillage and shieldto protect it from invaders. Attackotherplayers and steal theirtreasure. Face enemies and beat themwithyour cards from the slotmachine. Do you like fantasygames?Install Coin Hero and jump intoa world of adventure! It isfree toplay.
Enviro-Bear 2010
Captain Games
Who is driving that car? Oh my God, a Bear is Driving! HowcanthatBe?! * Grab stuff with your finger. * Eat Fish and Berries.*Whenyou are FAT enough, drive into a cave to Hibernate. * Youcanthrowstuff out the windows and sunroof! "It is, quite simply,thebestBear-based driving sim of all time" -rockpapershotgun"Enviro-Bear2010 is a game made by crazy people ...practicallyimpossible toget to wherever you want to go" "Thedrivingcontrols provide as realistic of anexperience as I canimagine ifI were a bear driving a car"
Tropical Wars - Pirate Battles 1.20.04
*Battle rival pirates, build your island, raise an armyofwarships,and rule the sea!* Tropical Wars is a freeaction-packedstrategygame where you lead your pirate fleet tovictory. Yourkoala tribeis under attack and need your help. Are youready foroff-the-hookbattles? FEATURES - Build your own pirateisland intothe perfectheadquarters - Assemble and upgrade powerfulbattleships - Battleagainst other players worldwide to become thebestpirate - Takefull control of your fleet and outsmartyouropponents - Test yourskills in head-to-head pirate battles -Blastyour cannons, castvicious spells, destroy their battalion,andsteal their gold - Joina pirate guild with your friends andotherplayers - Explore theglobe in a rich single player campaign-Improve your island, ships,units, powers, and rule the sea!Jointhecommunity: Wars is completelyfree to play, some in-game itemssuch asextra moves or boosts willrequire payment. You can turn offthepayment feature by disablingin-app purchases in yourdevice’ssettings.
Crack Shooter 1.6.8
Ku Hui
《Crack Shooter》 will keep you on your toes in with afluidandsatisfying shooting experience via simplevirtualjoystickcontrols. ---Wild West Adventure--- A group ofcowboyscalled'Trailblazers' ventured into the wild west andeventuallysettledthere. Leaving the civilized world behind, theytoiledandstruggled, gaining their foothold on this harsh landandstartedtheir farm. Life seemed peaceful. But good timesneverlast……Mysterious creatures seemingly crawled out ofnowhere,ruining thefarmlands and assaulting anyone they comeacross. Be thehero youused to be. Protect the folks and eliminatethese vermins!SaveKidd's lover, don't keep him waiting indespair!---Features----Smooth virtual joystick control allows youto dodgeand rollhowever you want. Evade the bullets and make itstylish!-Plenty ofsatisfying yet destructive abilities that wipetheenemies cleanoff the map! -Try out different combos with dozensofpassiveabilities. Level your way up and experiment withevenmorepossibilities! -Randomly generated stages that neverrepeat.--Areyou ready for the wild west adventure?"
WarZ:Dead Squad 0.0.38
Where players need to match their character card sets tocompletecombat deployment by dragging and dropping. Using yourownwell-matched lineup to defend against zombies with theexperiencegained from card sets, strategies and repeatedchallenges, you cansafely escort Dr. Doctor to the front line inthe end. Background:A biological experiment, the fall of a city, aspecies ofalienation, disaster sweking around the world, no oneknows when itwill end, and the doctor who developed the variantinhibitorsuddenly lost contact. You need to the rescue as anemergencysearch and rescue team. Game features: 【Random points】Randomlevels,monsters,bonus!Every time you challenge the game,itwill bedifferent and unknown! 【Various Equipments&Abilities】Doctorhas various equepments with unique ability!Combine them tomake upyour own game mode! 【Varied Roles&Skills】 Every role hasit'sown skill and feature.Choose the one you like and join thejourneyin the doomsday! 【Auto-combat】 Adjust your lineup to facesuddenconsideration.Your soldiers will auto-fight for you. 【IdleEarningMode】 Even though you were offline,you can get bonus aswell.Saveyour time and easy game. 【Doomsday Survival Challenge】 Useyourintellegent and deal with zombies.Fight with monsters andchallengeyour limit.
Stealth Fitness 7.0
GameFit LLC
Stealth is the most heart-thumping, blood-racing, sweat-drippingwayto sneak in a FAST, FUN, high-intensity workout in just 3minutesper day from the comfort of your home by playingaction-packed gameson your phone. Pair any of the groundbreaking,exhilarating games onthe Stealth Fitness App with one of ourinnovative Stealth CoreTrainer fitness products for the ultimateworkout experience. Twist,tilt and glide your way to a LEANER andSTRONGER core no matter howbusy your schedule is. Stealthseamlessly transforms boring plankexercises into dynamic workoutsby using your body as the gamecontroller. It’s the fastest andfunnest way to slip in EPICworkouts in short bursts by targeting29 different muscles for afull-body, challenging workout.Transform your living room intoimmersive arcade worlds. Explodeplanets in outer space by spinningand tilting your way to galacticdomination in Galaxy Adventure, ouroriginal smash hit! Collectcoins and swallow powerups to gobbleenemy robots in Fit Man!Swivel and rotate your way to the beat inchallenging dancecompetitions in Beat Box! And so much more! Butyou can't do itwithout the app. Download the Stealth Fitness apptoday and startgaming your way to a leaner, healthier core in just3 minutes perday. *Only compatible with Stealth Core Trainerproducts. 4 REASONSTO GAME YOUR CORE WITH STEALTH: - Fast Workouts— Work out in aslittle as 60 seconds from the comfort of your homeby playing FUNvideo games on your phone! No more guilt if you don’thave time forthe gym. - Full Body + High-Intensity Workout —Precision targetingof 29 different muscles, giving you a highintensity, full-bodyworkout in just minutes per day! - ChallengesBuilt-In — Create orjoin daily, weekly and monthly challenges,going head-to-head withfriends, family members and even otherStealth users around theworld! - Real-Time Tracking — Track yourworkouts daily and seereal-time progress. Live tracking gives youup-to-the-momenthistorical scoring across all your games! GOPREMIUM Fourhighly-addictive games provided free of charge when youdownloadthe Stealth Fitness App. Or, supercharge your Stealth CoreTrainerwhen you subscribe to Stealth Premium Gaming. StealthPremiumGaming includes red-carpet membership to new game releaseseverysingle month. Plus, insider access to the latest andgreatestgaming features as soon as they’re released! The StealthFitnessApp is iPhone compatible. For specific requirements,
Loot Hunters 1.54
Choose your character, each with differentrolein the group. Warrior protects others, Mage destroy enemiesandPriest heals wounded heroes (more classes coming soon!).Collect thebest gear for your hero starting with the common anduncommon piecesof equipment to the legendary ones. Also manageyour spellbook. Youmust wisely choose which spells to use in thebattle. Mighty spellsmight be devastating but cost a lot of mana.Also each spell has itsown quality and special role in yourdeck.CO-OP DUNGEONSWhen you get strong enough you can try to find a party forthedungeon! Prepare your spellbook deck and keep in mind that youmustfulfill your role in the party! If you are Warrior defendyoursquishy fellow heroes. If you are Priest heal your party. Ifyouare Mage annihilate your foes as fast as possible! The deepertheparty make it into the dungeon the better loot for allofyou!RANDOM ENCOUNTERSExplore random encounters to hunt for better loot! Each dayisunique. Everytime you play new day there are randomlygeneratedencounters with random loot waiting for you. Defeatenemies, openchests and upgrade your hero and spells in yourspellbook.FEATURES✔ Simple to learn and fast to progress!✔ Realtime Co-op! Venture dungeons with your friends!✔ Manage your Spellbook and collect legendary spells!✔ Open chests to get better loot!✔ Forge new equipment and upgrade it!✔ Become the best Hunter and get the best loot!Download now for free and get on board for new excitingexperiencein this Co-op RPGThis game requires internet connection to play.CONTACT USVisit our official site at http://www.runningpillow.comFollow us on Twitter at us on Facebookat with us and other fansat our Patron at
Idle War Camp 1.5.11
Sloth Studios
THE BATTLES HAVE BEGUN! Congratulations my lord! You have justbeengranted command of the kingdom's war camp. It is up to you totrainthese peasants into mighty warriors! ... While earning alittlegold on the side! UNLOCK GEAR FOR YOUR COMMANDER Earn magicalarmorand weapons for your commander in order to improve your WarCamp'sperformance! EARN GOLD WHILE AWAY! You don't have to bepresent toearn your fortune, while away your captain will collectearning foryou! UNLOCK DIFFERENT TRAINING AREAS! Start by trainingyourpeasants to use a simple club, then progress them to usemoreimpressive weaponry like swords, axes, crossbows, pistols,halberdsand great-swords! A total of 12 different types troops totrain onlaunch!
Black Deck - Card Battle ССG 1.9.0
Fend off the forces of evil in ferocious card battles.Testyourskills in combat and build your collection of heroes inthisepicturn-based trading card game with original coregameplaythat’seasy to learn but fiendishly difficult to master.FEATURES: ⚈170beautifully designed cards featuring fascinatingcharacters from10different factions. Over 20 unique abilities andasophisticatedupgrade system with 10 tiers and 100 levels. ⚈Explorea stunningfantasy world with 20 map locations 🏰 and 180+stages.Choose from4 levels of difficulty for tcg novices ormasterstrategists. ⚈Fight the full gamut of evil forces in magicduels ⚔️with 38 EpicBosses or enter the PvP arena to do card battlewithother rpgenthusiasts. ⚈ Battle your way through a cardgamecampaign of over600 quests, as well as 10 Special Eventsfeaturingoriginal modesto ensure you’re never lacking an excitingchallenge.⚈ Coolartwork of compelling heroes and fearsome foes,pluseye-catchinganimation to enhance your trading card adventures.⚈Myriad otherenhancements and features including autoplay tohelpyou speedthrough campaigns, daily rewards to augment yourtradingcardcollection, and 15 battle items to craft for yourdoughtyheroes.Dangerous monsters, undead hordes and terrible demonsare ontherise! Only you stand between the massed forces of evilandthetotal devastation of this beautiful fantasy world.Gatheryourheroes 🛡️ and start your epic adventure in thisturn-basedrpgthat’s guaranteed to thrill fans of strategic cardgames. Headintobattle against fearsome enemies or pit your witsagainstotherplayers in the PvP arena.
Century Siege: TD Battles 2.7.5
Century Siege: TD Battles! Engage in PvP Tower DefenseBattlestobuild and protect your Base and to Siege yourEnemy!CollectLegendary Leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and JuliusCaesar!Createyour Clan and bring victory to your Army. Enjoyfeatures suchasTower Defense, Real-Time Strategy,MOBA/CreepMechanics,Skins/Rewards, Quests, Upgrades, and more!Fight inLegendaryBattlefields such as Rome’s Coliseum and Mt.Olympus,whilesummoning your Heroes and Mythical Monsters to helpSiegeyourEnemies! Open portals with Magical Crystals tosummonLegendaryWarriors and the most Historical Leaders ofMankind.Invite Friendsand become a Royal Holder of the ‘MemberStone’ toreceive seasonalbonuses in-game! Today is Your Day, tojoin theSiege of theCentury — Play Now! Features: ⚔️ Clash inReal-TimeBattles withPlayers across the Globe 🧱 Build your Basewith TowerDefenseMechanics and resist lanes of Enemies 🎖️ ChoosewhichLegendaryGeneral will lead your Siege, each with auniqueplaying-style andAbility 🛡️ Select special ‘Rift Creeps’ thatwillautomaticallycome to your Defense! 💪 Rank-Up and receivestrongerCreeps andtougher General Towers! 🗡️ Complete Quests,receive SkinsandWeapons, and Clash with your Enemies! 👑 Become aRoyal MemberStoneHolder to receive exclusive Quests and Benefits! 🥇DailyLog-InRewards! 💎 Use Crystals won from battle to open portalsandgainadditional forces ✌️ Defeat Enemy Creeps during thebattletoreceive Free Gold to upgrade your Army! 🤝 Join withFriendstocreate Clans and build communities 👤 Strategicallyconstructforcesusing Historical Figures such as Genghis Khan,WilliamWallace,Spartans, Joan of Arc, Rasputin, Ninjas, and more 📺CenturySiege™TV — A Battle Recording and Sharing Feature 📜 CenturySiege™News —An In-Game Messaging Feature to explain Updates andLiveEventsHaving technical issues? Contact
Zombie killer Deadland cowboy 1.5.6
You are a zombie killer The fight against the zombiesiege,zombieportal in DeadLand. Enemies come from everywhere. Theyarethezombies (because, this is zombie game) Upgrade your gunsandlevelup your skill to prepare for the zombie wave. Be a slayerwhohateszombies and defeat the Bone Wave in this land. This isthedeadbody frontier, the gun shooter, do not hesitate to pullthetriggerUpgrade your cowboy zombie killer by acquiring a lotofCostume. -Cowboy, Military, Hero costumes, etc. You can use alotof weapons.- bazooka, rocket, RPG, flamethrower, machine gun,etc.this iszombie siege game Gun Shooter, pull the trigger on DeadBodyrightnow! top down shooter Let's download this zombie game,Let'sbe Topshot, in this zombie game
Heroes Battle: Auto-battler RPG 1.2.2
Are you ready to choose your heroes and fight against evil inanarena battle game? Set out on a quest to fight enemies andmakesure to assemble the best team to do so. Win battles indifferentworlds and use your strategy to defeat your opponents inwar. Thenew idle RPG turn-based fighting game is one of the bestmerge andupgrade games available online. -Heroes Collection Form upyourteam by choosing your heroes from variety of battle arenalegends.You can choose between medieval heroes, modern heroes andevensuperheroes to place in the battle arena. The turn-basedfightinggame offers you a choice of more than 30 differentcharacters touse. -Conquer Different Worlds Explore new epic worldsand realmsfor your heroes to fight. You must fight the evil withthe help ofheroes in different worlds and save the different realmsfromgetting corrupt with evil and malice. Play one-on-one turnbasedfighting or Auto chess fighting mode in every new epicbattleworld. -Different Game Modes The turn-based fighting gamefeaturesdifferent gaming modes in which you are required to takedowndifferent types of enemies and bosses in campaign mode ordefeatother players in unforgettable PvP battles to reach the topof theArena.
Turret Defense: BTD Battles 1.4.4
Your mission is to defense our cities and castles. Also,defendingthe city will critically help citizens in the city takeback theirlands and freedom from hostile enemy. Taking command ofsoldiers,towers and tough heroes with special turrets, weapons andabilitiesto hold your defence against endless waves of hostile guysinintensive battles. We guarantee that Turret Defense: BTD Battlesisthe best tower defense you have ever played. The tough battleswithguns, explosions will bring the classic city defense to thenewhigh level. In the high levels, you will encounter a lot ofcruelbosses and tough enemy with strength and agility. Therefore,youneed to upgrade your troops, turrets and castle defence as fastasyou can to defense your castles and cities and fight againstthehostile forces. Our city defense is not a normal strategy gamethatyou ever played. This free tower defense game will bring averyfresh interesting and successful experience. If you like freetowerdefense games and city defense, this strategy game iscompletelyfor you, which is more modern! FEATURES Turret Defense:BTDBattles: * Fighting along with 9 tough heroes and turretdefense:Ghost, Quiet, and Iron Pool, Dollar Trum, Ronin,Terninator, CoolSnow, Red Skull, Kimm. * 27 intensive campaign mapswith extremelyfun of BTD Battles * Fighting with military heroeswhich is similarto the tower defense gameplay. * 30 types of cruelenemy units withmodern equipment * 6 types of towers and turretsincluding Machinegun, Ice bunker, Flame squad, Sniper, Rocketturret, Telsa mechwith 5 upgrading levels each tower to protect ourcastle. *Upgrading your towers to become successful army in thebattles andcombat. * Using special military items in the laboratoryto defeatthe the bad guys and cruel military. Thanks for playingour turretdefence: btd battles and please enjoy it! We hope youwill besuccessful in fighting against the cruel and hostile forces.Rubygame Studio - We do TD right! Check out these exciting TD gamesbyRuby game Studio! For questions or customer support, youcancontact our Customer Support byvisiting:
Mr Autofire 1.9.9
The fabric of reality is in shreds and monsters are pouringin!It’sup to you to step up to the plate. Bring your biggest gunandyour Agame, because you’re the… Defender of Everything!Rampagethroughlevels and shoot the alien scum in the face. Orbehind,your choice.Eventually you’ll get yours kicked. Tough. Sucksto beyou. But!With the loot you can find, you can get bigger andbadderweaponsthat’ll leave a string of ruined enemies in theirwake! Bythe end,there will be more bullet than air for everyonetobreathe. NOW GOOUT THERE AND KICK SOME BUTT!
Island Fantasy - Idle Tower Defense 1.0.6
Game Description The Dark Legion is now invading ourland,thefantasy island. Build towers and merge towers forevolutiontodefense the island and the crystal! Island Fantasy -IdleTowerDefense is a td game with many new unique features.Combinethetowers to level up them and collect cards to evolve.Theidlegameplay allows you to collect rich resources when you’reAFK.GameFeatures • TOWER - Four basic towers, each branch canevolvetofour forms • MERGE - Easy to level up towers, clickandmergetowers • CARDS - Collect cards and star-rise towers •IDLE-Offline benefit includes parts and tower cards • MAGIC -Youcanrelease powerful magic when the rage is full • RUNES-Collect& equip runes to greatly enhance the tower power •HALL-Upgrade City hall to get stronger turret power •NOBILITY–Nobility is not only your title but also the powerFacebookFansPage: Facebook: Twitter:
Cosmic Showdown 1.11.3
🚀 Jump into Cosmic Showdown and take on players from aroundtheworldin real-time PVP battles! Upgrade your units, customizeyourdeck andtry new strategies! Are you ready to showdown?FEATURES:⚔️ Battleagainst players from all around the world inreal-time! 🔓Unlockrewards and powerful units to bolster yourbattle deck. ⬆️Upgradeyour units as you unlock new planets toconquer. ♞Configure yourbattle decks to optimize your tactics andstrategy.💣 Full unitcontrol for the ultimate fast-paced battlefrenzy. 🕹️Thousands ofpotential card combinations and battlestrategiesNOTE: A networkconnection is required. Follow us to getthe latestgame updates andmore:Facebook: TermsofService: IntenseMultiplayerActionConquer Vast Galaxies Collect Them All UpgradeYour Units!