Top 49 Games Similar to Strange Hero: Future Battle

MARVEL Spider-Man Unlimited 4.5.3a
*** OVER 200 CHARACTERS FROM THE SPIDER-VERSE TO PLAY! ***Collectand unite every Spider-Man and Spider-Woman to fight theultimatethreat in a story-driven endless runner! Experience a storythatfeels like it jumped straight from the Marvel Super Hero comicsasyou recruit an army of amazing Spider-Verse champions. Combatthenew Sinister Six, who have opened a dimensional portal in NewYorkto summon endless versions of themselves! This exponential evilismoving from dimension to dimension, destroying each one. Buttheirsinister games end here! THE GREEN GOBLIN (ISSUE 1), THEVULTURE(ISSUE 2), ELECTRO (ISSUE 3), SANDMAN (ISSUE 4), DOC OCK(ISSUE 5),AND MYSTERIO (ISSUE 6) ARE HERE! What awaits you afterthe SinisterSix? Maybe you’ll swing with Venom, team up with theAvengers, havea homecoming with Spider-Gwen, help fend off a CivilWar, and much,much more! THE FIRST FREE SPIDER-MAN GAME! • Enjoythe thrill ofthe first Spider-Man web-runner! Swing, run and fightthrough achaotic Manhattan in over 7 different Marvel environments!• Gobeyond a simple run with unique gameplay! Fight in battlesagainstdimensional super villains, swing, wall-climb and skydive! •PlayStory mode games with 5 boss battles and 25 missions per Issue!Newdaily and weekly events with spectacular rewards in Events mode!Orclimb up the leaderboards in Unlimited mode! THE FIRSTNARRATIVERUNNER! • A continuing episodic adventure: The SinisterSix aremoving from dimension to dimension, destroying everything intheirpath – and our world is next! But it ends now… with an armyofamazing Spideys, Avengers, Symbiotes and other SuperHerochampions! • Dive into an amazing Marvel Universe spanning over50years of Spider-Man movie and comic book content withiconiccharacters, including dimensional Spideys, multiplevariations ofeach villain, as well as Nick Fury, Mary Jane Watson,and BlackCat! • Written with an experienced Spider-Man comic writertoensure a faithful recreation of the Spider-Man comics! THEMOSTSPIDEYS EVER IN A GAME… INCLUDING NEW SPIDER-WOMEN! •Summon,collect and run with a nearly endless number of SuperHerochampions featured throughout the Marvel Universe,includingSuperior Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, Ultimate Spider-Manand evenNick Fury from the Avengers comics! • Collect, fuse, andlevel upyour Spidey cards, each with its own unique in-gamebenefit. Youcan even send them on Spidey Ops missions to free themen, womenand kids of Manhattan from evil! • CONSISTENT RELEASE OFNEWSPIDER-MAN CHARACTERS! For fans of endless runners, StanLeecomics, the Avengers movie and free Super Hero games – bothkidsand adults alike!_____________________________________________Visit our officialsite at Check out thenew blog at Don't forget to follow us onsocial media:Facebook: Instagram: This app allows you to purchasevirtualitems within the app and may contain third-partyadvertisementsthat may redirect you to a third-party site. PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse: End-UserLicenseAgreement:
Spider Adventure 7.0.0
This time city really needs your your help. Police has foundaninformation about secret laboratory where villains intend tocreatehis own army of mutants. And this army will stop at nothingto getwhat they want. The only champion who can stop this army isyou.So, start a new contest in the game Spider Adventure!Prevent anewinvasion!Your enemy is planning to summon his army of mutants.Thisexponential evil is going to destroy everything on it’s way.Fightto save your city!Look for evidence of a crime.Become anewguardian of this Universe in this open-world adventure.Non-stopaction, unlimited challenges, great contestforsuperheroes.Participate in the secret investigation.Jointheinvestigation and find out what a big corporation is hiding.Theremight be some strange and even dangerous things. So, defy thepowerof corporation and perform all your duties of superhero.
MARVEL Contest of Champions 21.1.0
Prepare for epic versus-fighting action with your favoriteMarvelSuper Heroes & Super Villains in the ultimate cosmicshowdown!Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine & more await yoursummons tobattle! Assemble a team & begin your quest to becometheUltimate Marvel Champion! WELCOME TO THE CONTEST: CaptainAmericavs. Iron Man! Hulk vs. Wolverine! Spider-Man vs. Deadpool!Thegreatest battles in Marvel history are in your hands! ThegreedyElder of the Universe known as The Collector has summoned youto abrawl of epic proportions against a line-up of vilevillainsincluding Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, and many more!Experience theultimate free-to-play fighting game on your mobiledevice…MarvelContest of Champions! SUIT UP WITH FRIENDS: • Team upwith yourfriends and other Summoners to build the strongestAlliance •Strategize with your alliance, help them keep theirChampions inthe fight • Battle to the top in Alliance Events andtake onAlliance Quest Series together in specially designed questmaps toearn exclusive Alliance rewards • Test your Alliance’smettle bybattling it out with Alliances from around the world inAllianceWars! BUILD YOUR ULTIMATE TEAM OF CHAMPIONS: • Assemble amightyteam of heroes and villains (choosing Champions such as: IronMan,Hulk, Wolverine, Storm, Star-Lord, Gamora, Spider-Man,Deadpool,Magneto and Winter Soldier) • Embark on quests to defeatKang andThanos and face the challenge of a mysterious new superpowerfulcosmic competitor, ultimately to prevent the totaldestruction ofThe Marvel Universe • Improve your team’s offense anddefense withmultiple Mastery trees COLLECT THE MIGHTIEST SUPERHEROES (ANDVILLAINS!): • Collect, level up, and manage your teamsof heroesand villains wisely to receive synergy bonuses based uponteamaffiliation and relationships taken from the pages of MarvelComics• Pairing up Black Panther and Storm or Cyclops and Wolverineforbonuses, or making a team of Guardians of the Galaxy for ateamaffiliation bonus • The more powerful the Champion, thebettertheir stats, abilities and special moves will be • NewChampionsare being added to The Contest all the time! QUEST ANDBATTLE: •Journey through an exciting storyline in classicMarvelstorytelling fashion • Fight it out with a huge array ofheroes andvillains in iconic locations spanning the Marvel Universesuch as:Avengers Tower, Oscorp, The Kyln, Wakanda, The Savage Land,Asgard,the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, and more! • Explore dynamicquestmaps and engage in a healthy dose of action-packedfightingutilizing controls developed specifically for the mobileplatformLike us on on Follow us Follow us
Superhero VS Spider Hero Fighting Arena Revenge 2.1.3
The true heroes are born in the street fighting, feel the powerandstrength of Revenge in your hands, wielding a realfightingsuperhero machine.It's your time to be the master of allsuperherosof history for FREE! Choose super spider fight like asuper spiderhero and compete in Ring fights like street fights, donot let themreach your opponent to avoid a KO, and teach them alesson of ouropponent boxer and super hero's. Mr. Boxer Incrediblehas to takerevenge from spider boy who betrayed. You have to be atrue monstersuper hero of the Fighting Ring and Boxing Ring full ofcriminals,terrorists, gangsters and mafia. Superhero VS Spider HeroFightingArena Revenge is a free action adventure simulation 3DFightinggame comes with thrilling skills superhero and criticalopponentmonster and defeat evil defenders. Become incrediblefighter and todefeat superhero, spider hero and well trained masterboxer useyour super mutant strange powers & combat fighting& Boxingand Fighting skills. You have to act like a super heroin thissuperhero fighting mission as you have got an eagle eye tocrushand attack monsters, smash Arena. This is a Revenge game ofspiderhero and you have to make heroes alliance in order to defeatsupervillains and villain fighters. one of the best new freefightinggames in list of Fighting Games, Superhero Fighting,RevengeFighting and Boxing Ring Games. In Superhero VS SpiderHeroFighting Arena Revenge, we offers you play like a brave fighterandshow's your Boxing and Fighting Skills. Superhero VS SpiderHeroFighting Arena Revenge Features: • Select any of yourfavoritesuperhero like Black Spider, Master Fighter, Spider Hero. •Putthem in Fighting ring or in cage against evil monstersuperheroesin this fighting game • Enjoy action packed gameplaylike Punch,Cross Punch and wrestling • Easy Controls, Press Left ,Right , Upand Down buttons for spider hero fighter movement. • You3different player, and 3 opponent fighters. • Every Fight dividesin3 rounds, each fighting round have 45 seconds. • Awesomesoundeffects and background music to enjoy
Kung Fu Superhero Ninja fighting tiger karate game 1.0
Shaheen Games
Kung Fu superhero ninja fighting tiger game is ready for you.Whyyou wait for anymore? Paly extreme fighter superhero ninjainaction karate tournament. Start Remarkable fighting betweenyourdifferent superhero best characters like Superman VSSpiderman,Batman VS Hulk, Maria VS Vanguard, Atienza VS Mutantninja andDreyar syndrome VS superwomen characters in this superherofightinggames. This game has perfect incredible combat self-defenseforopponent competitor in ninja assassin karate arena. If youwantplay realistic Kung Fu karate fighting which fight in martialarts!Then use Hit Combo punch to prove that you are the bestdeadlyfighter in wing chun kung fu karate fightingEnjoy big worldAsiansuperhero’s fighting games on your mobile device. In this gameplaykarate fighting championships between Chinese and Japanesemartialarts superhero comics characters which use differentfightingstyles including Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Kung Fu. Userfriendlycontroller use to controlling the hero fighter insuperherofighting games. Superhero ninja incredible fighting attackperformto defend their team by opponent remarkable fighting styleswhichwant to defeat you. Over 16 comic characters from theavailable toplay. Enjoy extreme earth warrior superhero fightinggames..SELECTFAVOURITE SUPERHERO COMIC CHARACTERSummon to favoritecharacterfrom your collection team. power speed and accuracy inSpiderman,super women, Maria and mutant ninja which are incredibleunbeatablefighter. The legendary fighting tiger punch has beendesigned to beplayed with easily controller. You become grandmasterof kung fufighting with immortal powerful rescue strength. Yourselectionyour winner.ARCADE VS KNOCKOUT COUNTER Kung Fu superheroninjafighting tiger karate game perform arcade and knockout round.Userunique karate style and show flying kicking, super kick andusemartials arts styles. These style show realisticfightingenjoyment. Three round for fighting, Last round are winninground.Show your bravely and power to destroy opponent in ninjaassassindeadly battle. Arcade vs knockout counter fighting roundwith otakuvs arissa, superhero vs canfual,spiderman vs meodea.Kungfufighting action well known in this game. Liberal smashadventureattack is very important to winning champion world battle.Fulfilyour imagination to be a king of kung fu fighter.EASYCONTROLL:Inthis game our team introduce new controller easy to playjoystickcotrols. Press specific kick button just swipe and tap onthescreen and perform karate kick, left, right, forward, backwardandflying kick with straight flying punch. Feature of KungFuSuperhero Ninja Fighting Tiger• User magical superpower.•Realisticfighting character.• Awesome 3D graphics.• Assemblefavorite superteam.• Multiple power ranger.• Real life fightingenvironment.• Usemultiple kung fu fighting styles• Karate deathbattlefield.• Ninjaassassin action.• Multiple character.• Superpower uniqueexperience.Enhance rank in kung fu ninja fighting arenaand enjoyextreme fighter warrior games which is free available.Downloadthis amazing fighting game and feel real fighting action
Strange Hero: New War 17.0.0
Welcome to a new contest, where you should protect a worldagainstarmy of Dark forces. Strange Hero: New War - when a universefacesa danger, there is only one way. Fight and protect this world!Onlyreal champions can complete this task and win a contest.Preparefor epic fighting action with super heroes team. This isgonna bethe greatest battles in war history. War againstassassins,champions, hitman is nothing compare with this contest.Don’t letyour enemies to capture the city. Meet your friend anddraw up aplan of fighting.Be ready for a challenge, don’t lose evena singlefight. Save your friend, who got captured by yourenemies.These andmore missions are waiting for you in the gameStrange Hero: NewWar!We have considered all the feedbacks and madeeverythingpossible to make the game more interesting, excitingandfascinating!Update the game and enjoy it:Newexcitinggameplaybecome a real hero to complete the game!New moderncityTheexact city for superheroes to struggle in!Comfortableflightmodeyou gain achieve your aim and track down the enemy fasterwhenyou fly!Improved battle modeapply different skills to fightagainst4 enemies simultaneously!Advanced upgradeyou will becomeinvinsibleafter the character will be upgraded!New tutorialteachyou tocontrol the character like an expert and let you outbattlethe mostpowerful opponents!We’ve simplified the interface of thegame tolet you feel comfortable by playing and complete the mostdifficultquests!Enjoy! We will be glad to receive [email protected]
Amazing Super Hero: Super Strange Spider Rope Hero 1.0
Amazing Super Hero: Super Strange Spider Rope HeroWelcome totheBattle Arena of Amazing Super Spider Rope Hero.Are you a big fanofsuperhero fighting games? Do you want to have a Fun Kung-Fuinsuperhero robotic Fighting? Do you want to enjoy thefuturisticwrestling of real superheroes? Do you intend to makeefforts forsurvival of your community by killing the ruthlessmonsters? Hurryup to face your Amazing Super Hero: Super StrangeSpider Rope Heroin this marvelous place for your super powerfightingskills.Amazing Super Hero: Super Strange Spider Rope Herois thereal fun warfare where Monsters and Beast are the stumblingblockof your way. Use your best kung-Fu skills like jumping,Punching,Boxing and kicking. You are going to act as amazing SuperHero inthis Futuristic Fighting Game. Enjoy the best Kung-FuFightingArena in this game of Amazing Spider Hero! Amazing SuperHero:Super Strange Spider Rope Hero is the best among allsuperherogames. You are stuck between deadliest monsters. Performthe bestSpider hero Actions in this amazing game of superheros.Youhasmighty powers. You have a magical rope. Be a stickman RopeFollowthe Rope from roof to roof and from one city to another. Betherope hero Champion of this contest of Superheroes game.Inthisamazing Battle of superheroes you will enjoy real championshipofAmazing Rope hero and super strange spider rope hero. You asasuperhero are going to defend your team by serious kung-Fuactionsin this fighting man game against the killing monsters whowant toend you up. Be the amazing spider hero. Innocent cityresidentialneed you.Villian Monsters are teasing them. Multi SpiderHeroes areavailable .Select the best one and be a real fighter useyourfighting skills among superheroes vs. spider heroes. Move fromhereto there through Super Strange Spider Rope like a flying Herointhis Spider Hero Game. And prove yourself the true superheroofthis RPG game.In this game of Amazing Super Hero: SuperStrangeSpider Rope Hero you will bring the enemies down toultimately killthem in this Hero Games. Be the true Fighter Spiderin this RobotCity fight of Flying Robots. You have strange SpiderPowers usethem to become the real spider hero of the contest. Inthis heroesgame of Amazing Super Hero: Super Strange Spider RopeHero you willface different villains like bat or bat villainmonster .Kill themall and become the best Superhero among thisGrand Heroes Battle.You are the strange amazing beautiful activehero of thischampionship. The Amazing- Amazing Hero is going t faceRebel Carsin Police spider Robotic battle missions. City Battle hasjuststarted .Mafia World and Gangsters are behind you. Shoot thestreetcriminals of open world in this amazing thief action playingHeroesgame! Use your best Anti Vegas Street kung-Fu skills andbecome thereal Super Spider Rope Hero. A new amazing adventure withsuperherovs. Spider Hero is waiting for you from the rogue of thesociety tothe commander. Do not be afraid of anything try your bestluck andstart a new adventure of your life!Features:==>AmazingSpider==> Amazing Super Hero==> Super Strange SpiderRopeHero==> Strange Spider Powers==> Realistic Kung-FuActs==>Flying Rope Hero==> Robot Fighting ==> Multi SpiderSuperHero==> Amazing Acts==> Addictive gameplay
Superheroes Fighting Games: Grand Immortal Gods 1.1
Let's Game
Superheroes Fighting Games: Grand Immortal Gods First timeSuperHeroes fighters are fighting in battle of gods .SuperheroesFighting Games: Grand Immortal Gods arena battle is doftgame.immortal superheroes are ready to fight against othersuperheroes. you have played comic master , bulk hero and superherocomic ringarena battle fighting games . You have seen that superhero fightand grand battle in chaos ring . you have played lot ofgrandsuperheroes fighting games . this time you will playedimmortalsuper hero city fighter game . in Superheroes FightingGames: GrandImmortal Gods game your super hero will make superkickin monsterclash of battler gods . this bigman aroma superhero fightgame hasawesome environments including canyon , desert , port ,beach ,bridge and on sea they will fight a deadly battle withincrediblemonster bulk hero in ring battle arena . Super hero onMcQueen carslightning and become bike rider .Superheroes FightingGames: GrandImmortal Gods is awesome super league heroes actiongame .superhero bat ,superhero spider , dead superhero ,superheromonster,superhero iron , monster bulk , incredible bulk and as carrom games and enjoy hill climb super hero xtremeracinggames . Superheroes game is extreme fighting game in whichyou willenjoy also superheroes bike new free race game andsuperheroesbuggy top air stunt racing games in next games .offroadsuperheroesbike drift new racing game is very challenging game .You willfight with all super heroes in free style superkicksuperherofighting games in arena ring battle .you have playedchampionsfighting but you will play first time a race between superleaguechampions in off-road fighting arena in this combatsuperheroes war. Play the game like angry subway adventure birds torun the flipover stunts and knives the out all stunts .Make therules ofsuperheroes survival war between each other . Kidssuperheroesdriving rocket cars and bikes in the supercity .superhero coloringrocket racer bikes are making top stunts onhilltop and their wheelbarrow are on the stunt car tracks.superheroes are making extremestunts like speed legend championscar top kids games . Features :*Smooth Superheroes Fighting Games:Grand Immortal Gods gameplay*Amazing Environments *Realisticenvironments *ChampionsSuperheroes fighting game *Off-road hillclimb super hero fightingenvironment GamePlay: *Fight super heroone by one *Super hero havemany combo's *Jump stunt in air fightingLet's Enjoy SuperheroesFighting Games: Grand Immortal Gods .
3D Hero Super Spider Rider - Moto Traffic Shooter 1.9.1
Ride the mean streets of Vegas Gangster Crime City as 3D HeroSuperSpider Rider & bring gangsters of 3d Vegas Gangster CrimeCityto legacy of justice in this traffic shooter racing game.Ridesuper fast motor bikes as a strange spiderweb incredibleherofighter, Fire missiles, use NOs, spider web or simply destroycarswith turrets and guns and targets to come out victorious asyouplay this traffic shooter superhero Vegas Gangster fightinggame.Drift your super fast sports motor bike traffic hunter&destroy cars in this fast paced traffic shooting moto racinggamewith a twist of 3D hero traffic hunter game as well. Beinglasthope of humanity's fluchtplan spider super incredible herolegendhas always served this Vegas Gangster City in the dark nightswithits mutant powers. Amazing super spider legacy has alwaysplayedhis role on catching the reckless bad guys, fighting thesupervillains, monsters and criminals who have tried to destroythepeace of the metropolis city and cause injustice amongcivilians,before they getaway. The legacy of amazing spider 3D herohasproved himself a true hero traffic shooter. Ride on yourtraffichunting ride to take on the most dangerous villains andmonsters inthe reckless moto traffic hunting race. Race your rivalracers anddominate everyone throughout the metropolis city as asuperfastamazing spider hero traffic hunter, just when police blockcityisn't an option anymore.Drive like a bullet, ride on the roadsofthe most beautiful miami city in this breakout battle of heroesandbeat your super power opponents in this getaway motor bikeraceendless fighting game. The only goal of mutant superincrediblehero legend is to recklessly race throughout the cityprevail overthe super villains. It's a breakout battle of strangesuperherofighting. It's a combat of super powers. Show your superpowerracing skills. Drive like no one can. Show some stunts that noonehas courage to do. When you are on your super-fast motorracingbike the whole city is yours in this battle of heroes ofchaos.Ride and race like a pro and dominate the city and showyourabilities because the heroes never die. Use your super powerstoassualt enemy soldiers, and take the villains out of the raceorride like a fastest man alive with rope, chains and sticks.Hityour rivals with stick, rope or change if you or play clean ifyouwant to have a clean ride and race. With amazing turns on theroadand busy highway will make this heroes battle difficult andthisgame wild. In the world of climbing wall, spider super heroleagueranger is here to show justice and amazing bike stunts.Becomeanultimate champion hero & super flying spider of thisamazingmoto city fight against incredible gangsters & vicecriminals.Super villain & mafia hero in battlezone can dominateyou bytheir amazing mutant stealth moto ride shooting action butyou as asuper spider have some supernatural powers to defeat themso youneed to varnish the last hope of gangster survival. Defeat&smash the agent of gangster team brutally by your amazingfighter& rider skills in battlefield. So, be like hero &master ofdestruction against your hardcore enemy, rival &opponents tomake your city heaven for innocent people. Don’t letthem escapefrom your attack in this way you will finish the war inbattlezoneby your amazing & real stunts action. So let’s startplayingthis 3D action filled super spider rider in moto citygamelike afearless fighter and win an amazing battle.Features of 3DHeroSuper Spider Rider:1) Immersive 3D Racing and BikeStuntEnvironment2) Unique Powers to destroy on-coming trafficandenemies3) Realistic Racing Game 3D Sound Effects4) Amazinggamephysics 5) Plenty of levels to complete6) Bat, spiderweb andchainwith strange super powers to make game more interesting
Rope Iron Hero Incredible Attack Battle City 1.0
Spider Grabs
Welcome you to our Rope Iron Hero Incredible Attack BattleCitygame. Rope Iron Hero Incredible Attack Battle City isespeciallyfor robot Cyborg lover’s and superhero fan who wantfulminant robotoffenders transformer, superhero’s and robotfighting. Becomes themysterious superheroes man behind the mask ofRed!What would you doif you were a super hero with mutant origins?How would you protectyour fulminant city from a sinister andoffenders exponential evil,as a masked vigilante? Would you be ableto defeat these supervillains? The dead pool of supervillians iswhat your future fightsuperheroes will decide.Do you thinkfulminant that only good guyscan become a superheroes? Even if youmade some mistakes in thepast, there are still chances to become ahero of the offenderscomics world and superheroes join superheroesjustice league.Fightusing your unlimited fantastic power andstrategy, to protect yourcity and the universe. Start a mortalbattle against offenders thesuper villains. Play this blockbusterstory to fulminant accomplishall the quests on your way; Remember,your enemies are mortal andyour strength unlimited! Do your best tobecome the ultimatechampion of the city, in this superheroes cosmicshowdown! Championthe cause for justice and your future.Rope IronHero IncredibleAttack Battle City homecoming is a specialdevelopment for robotfans who love robots and superheroes. We aredeveloping a system ofweapons, in which a lot of graphics andenergy are invested. Youknow, you'll like it the first time you seeit. If you are thinkingof a mobile game from superheroes hunk orrobots, then this isexactly what you need. In this superhero GreenHero Mafia game,where you fight incredible superheroes hunk andoffenders mafia tobecome the absolute champion in combat games. Ifyou likefuturistic battle robots,fulminant police car tricks on theroofs,futuristic robots, robots, super cars, robotic games, mafiagamesand the best fighting games, you will like the Green HeroMafia. Ifyou love or hate police cars, army tanks, police tanks,policeracing cars, police, sheriff, then this game is definitelyfor youto fight fast police drift racing cars, deadly tanks,justswitching your robot to a furious car of murder.SuperheroesRobotThe game play of this Green Hero Mafia isveryfulminantsimple, you will fight other incredible hunks,worldmafia, superheroes bank robbers, police offenders cars, armytanksand get rid of police cars, and you will have to defeat themtogain access to the next level. You can hit any car and pick anycarwith your hands and throw out lolx. Let's start theparty.-Incredible super abilities: climb the walls, jump on theroofs ofbuildings! - Fulminant maneuvering strategy in thecity!-Fantastically enthralling gameplay!- Fun and easycontrolsoffenders- Challenging and addictive game play- Cool andrealisticgraphics superheroes- Simple and fun to play for all ages-Destroyyour enemies in a cruel battle- Marvel at the beautifulgraphicspresent and take in the HD locations!- Fight it out with ahugearray of heroes and villains- Defend this sinister city justlike asuperhero in a comic book.- Amazing HD, 3D graphics-Futuristicgame Environment- Realistic sound effects- 10 mostdifficultlevels.This is the time of war, pilot! Are you ready forsuddenattacks, intricate tactical maneuvers and many tricky tricksthatyour rivals have prepared for you? Destroy enemy robots,policecars, army tanks, start a deadly battle and stay on thebattlefieldas much as you can. Great robot defense offenders kickhero gamewhere you play the role of a gladiator of a warrior whowill beathis opponent as a punching bag. Arcade style of fighting.Use allsuperheroes your ninjas, taekwondo, maui tai, futuristicrobotsfight, boxing and other fighting skills.
Incredible Monster Big Man Fighting Hero 2.1
Be an Incredible Big Man Fighting Hero in City Battle to fightaslegend hero - what should you do if your city had been attackedbymost dangerous criminals and mafia? Get ready for thebattleagainst criminals and mafia. You play as a big man 3d gamewithamazing power skills where Monster Hero fights and catchthegangsters, drug dealers, mafia, and criminals. Your IncredibleBigMan Monster Super Hero Fighting with special powersfordestruction. Only you will be able to protect civilians andsavethe vice city. Use all your fighting skills with fantasticpowerand strategy. Become a defender of the law and defend thecommonpeople. Crush and smash everything in its path and becomeanIncredible Big Man Hero. Just like a big man superherogames.Wouldyou be able to defeat these super villains in super citybig bulksuper hero games? Remember, your enemies are mortal. It isa newIncredible Monster Big Man Fighting Hero game where Championis thecause for justice and your future.Monster Hero has specialpowersfor destruction. The only Hero will be able to save the cityfromgoons and another street mobster. Use all your crazyacrobaticfighting styles and tactical moves with fantastic powerandmaneuvering strategy to protect civilians from the wrath ofthegangster. Feel the thrill of being a powerful beast. Destroyandsmash everything that comes in your way. Become the mostcourageousand fearless superhero. Survival of the city is now insuperhero'shand.Being a protector of a survival city is not an easytask tohandle. You need to fight with fearless courage andself-esteem. Inthis incredible superhero monster game, you need toget the maximumpoint to unlock other monsters. This game will giveyouoverwhelming experience to overcome adrenaline rush. This gameaunique combination of realistic physics with astonishing3Dgraphics. Game Play:Let’s experience the one and onlytheIncredible Monster Super Hero against criminals, in thisamazingaction and fighting game. It’s time for you to finish thethem byusing your unlimited powers and become a trueunbelievablesuperhero 3d game against gun shooters, criminals andcitygangsters in Incredible Monster Big Man Fighting Hero Game.Playand reveal how you can handle your fists and your skillsinincredible monster big superhero fighting games 3d 2017. Be anEpicfighter and counter the enemy attacks, but do not toleratetherivals to strike back. Get ready to test your fighting skillsinthis futuristic big man 3d fighting game.Big Man Hero savespeopleand city. The strange monster superhero run legend is knownfor itssupernatural powers and is ready to hit the road to takedown thebad guys. Incredible Monster Game Features:- RealisticPhysics andanimations.- Pick the cars and throw them miles away.-Jump high tocover the larger distances.- Run fast to hit yourenemies hard.-Use heavy single and double punches and crack thegrounds.- Superfight with various combination of strokes.- Fightagainst bad guysin this amazing action game.- Fun and easy controlwhile you areplaying.- Exciting missions is waiting for you.This isnew episodeof Incredible Monster Big Man Fighting Hero you willtake on themost dangerous villains and monsters. Be a legendarywarrior, atrue super hero against criminals and gangster in finalcitybattle. Counter the enemy attacks but do not allow the enemytocounter yours or strike back. Finally, you will stop all thecrimesin city. Play in single game modes, put yourself to the testandsee how far you can go! We’ll appreciate your feedback &rating:)Please contact us, if you have any suggestions for thegame.We'll try our best to improve the game play to provide youthebest.
Super Spider Hero vs Captain USA Superhero Revenge 1.0
This game is specially designed and developed for superherosflyingspider homecoming fans and American captain superhero fans.Getready to play the most addictive and fantastic superherosimulator.Join the top leaders of avengers to fight againstothersuperheroes. American Captain turned against iron legend ofstarindustry. Both world protectors superheroes are good and tryingtoprotect the city from bad peoples but their way of thinkingmadethem each other enemy. Captain USA is very sincere abouthiscountry but iron legend is trying to protect the whole worldfromaliens and robots. So they got in furious fight ofsuperheroes.Iron legend send his close allies flying spider tofight capitanUSA. If you think Captain USA is right then join histeam and fightagainst flying spider. But if you think iron legendis right thenjoin the flying spider superhero and fight withcaptain USA. Thewhole situation is terribly wrong as bothsuperheroes are the trueprotector of city from evil robots andalliens. In this bestsuperhero game you can select the superhero ofyour own choice andkill other one. You can play as long as you wantas this superherogame has much more to offer. Use special powers offlying spiderweb and be a shadow hero. “Flying Spider vs CaptainUSA:AvengersFight” is a fast-paced 3d action game that is extremelyaddictiveand gives you an immersive experience of future fight.Come on!Enjoy the endless combos, deadly fighting and hand to handcombatin this superhero rpg fighting game. Deal with all theavengers’melee attacks. A super hero is not born, but made.Everytime afteryou succeed in deadly combats, defeating and slaying thegangsters,you can use the money you get to buy devastating weaponryand equipthe devastating weaponry, or strengthen your attackingpower anddefense power. The weapons can also be sold for money. Youcan useevery tactical strategy to realize your incredible fighting.Thecity is also under attack. Don't forget that both of you aresaviorof the city people. People of the city have been brutallywoundedand sent to death by the instigators of riot. They are ingreatneed a defender who can entrust their lives as a savior.Darkforces are using martial arts and karate like untamed animalsonrealistic and innocent people. So if you see any other riot incityyou should take serious actions against gangsters andvilleins.Prove yourself the savior of the city by bringing ease andcomfortto the ordinary people. Features of Super Spider Hero vsCaptainUSA Superhero Revenge:• Amazing story mode with fight actionasflying spider hero and super captain USA.• The hero can walk,flyand dive at the same time.• Ultimate final city battleagainstsuper villains in incredible superhero fight game.• Awesome3D cityto explore as flying spider hero and captain fighting.•Surpriseattack and perfect killing of enemies• Amazing action gamein whichfight against other superheros.• Various combat missionswithsuperhero battle.
Grand Superhero Flying Robot City Rescue Mission 1.1
Dolphin Games
Get ready for rescue game that is Grand Superhero Flying RobotCityRescue Mission. It is an amazing action simulator where youwillexperience real flying adventure around the battlefield as aflyingrobot steel hero legend. It has many rescue missions and as atruemilitary superhero, you have to save your war heroes injuredduringthe battle with terrorists and criminals. Be a true MilitaryArmyhero by flying over gun shooting action filled war zone torescueyour fellow injured military army soldier commandos inthisthrilling iron or steel mech army rescue robot game. Inthefuturistic battle of machines, the rescue mission is assignedtothe flying robots and to restore peace. Be the police robotandfight against the terrorist agencies, capture the bankrobbersperforming heist and put the prisoners in Jail. Superheroanimalrescue game is an exclusive blend of US Army superherorescuegames, flying hero games, superhero adventure & superpowergames. You are one of the best grand city heroes from actionherolegend squad, go to the grand city and complete yourchallenging USArmy superhero rescue mission and enjoy thesuperheroadventure.This is a Grand Superhero Flying Robot CityRescueMission Game is a no task for ordinary super robots. Life ofasuper robot flying from one building to another atsupersonicspeed, rescue civilians and steel robot fighting crime;is a trueMayday thriller. Action game will let you the knowdifferencebetween steel and flesh. Grand Superhero Flying RobotCity RescueMission as a flying robot steel hero legend, you must beable tosave people and injured citizens in amazing actionsimulation.There may be a security alert, criminal attack and acombat betweenpolice officers and gangsters where your help wouldbe needed. Bethe futuristic warrior flying robot hero steel legendin actionsimulator and to help the police officers in fighting withagainstthe criminal terrorist squad. User your advanced superrobotic gunand missile accurately and kill the gangster squad whereneeded.Show off your super combat skills, attack the criminals andsavethis grand the city from all sort of threats and terror.Realflyingadventure with the flying super robot over the grand city inactionsimulator game. Fly over huge skyscrapers and fly low to helpthepeople in need. Fly high above sky with metal wings. Be theflyingcyborg and save the people from all evil to restore peace.Rise asan iron hero super robot fighting game! An exciting roleasfuturistic flying robot super steel hero job will let youexhibityour super robot flying skills to rescue and fight. Fly overthegrand city to the ultimate height for searching and rescuingpeoplein the emergency situation and take them to the ambulance.Give ahard time to criminals escaping from the grand city jailcombatingpolice officers. Sniper Shoot them away with your advancedroboticsteel gun and robot missile in action simulator. Be thefuturisticwarrior steel robot and fight bravely with the criminalsto savethe city and dismiss mafia groups causing terror in the citytown.Enjoy the real thrill in criminal chase missions and be thesuperrobot steel warrior legend in action simulator. Features OfGrandSuperhero Flying Robot City Rescue Mission:• Realistic GrandCityEnvironment.• Challenging Rescue Missions.• Latest models ofSuperRobots.• Realistic Sounds Robots.• Simple and easy controls ofthegame.
Amazing Hero: Man Of Justice 1.21
Spidy Gamer
* Super suit with extra speed boost on combo multiplier.*Panthergrace and titan’s defense abilities in rage mode.*Aggressiveenemies will make your battles enthralling and activeduring thewhole game!* Simple and addictive gameplay.* Variety offun questswith rich rewards.Play the game of avenger in the futurespacecity. Fly with your rope device, attached to your handsYouareultra fast!You are really hard to kill.You have psi bladeswhichcan cut through the steel easily!Build up yourself to becomethestrongest future soldier.For that no one could dear andquestionyour supremacy in this city.
MARVEL Future Fight 4.6.0
An epic blockbuster action-RPG featuring Super Heroes andVillainsfrom the Marvel Universe! The Avengers, Guardians of theGalaxy,Inhumans, Defenders, X-Men, Spider-Man, and more! Over170characters from the Marvel Universe are available toplay!S.H.I.E.L.D.’s very own director, Nick Fury, has sent anurgentmessage from the future... the convergence is destroying theworldas we know it! Prepare to defend your universe! Recruityourfavorite characters, complete missions, and compete withotherplayers to be the greatest hero and save your world. Collectover170 Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains to assembleyourultimate team. - Level up your characters and their gear tounleashtheir full powers! - Build classic teams like the Avengersor X-Mento take advantage of special bonus effects. - Choose fromhundredsof Uniforms to increase your character’s powers and perfectyourhero's look. Upgrade powerful characters in Epic Quests! -Geteveryone’s favorite Super Heroes, from Captain Marvel toDoctorStrange, and level them up while playing thrilling EpicQuests. -Unleash each character’s unique super powers as you makeyour waythrough various missions. Blast enemies with Iron Man’sUnibeam andbash opponents in the name of justice with CaptainAmerica’sshield! - Experience even more thrilling action in PvPArena modes,where you can bring your best team to take on theworld. Team upwith friends and overcome incredible in-gamechallenges. - Take afriend’s character with you when you go into amission foremergency assistance! - Join an Alliance and makefriends. Competewith other Alliances in Alliance Conquest and takehome the gloryfor your own team. Original new stories only found inMarvel FutureFight! - Experience unique, never-before-seen storiesto find outwho’s responsible for threatening the existence of youruniverse! -Play through Special Missions featuring the NewAvengers, Inhumans,and even Spidey’s Foes! Terms ofService:
Monster Hero City Battle 1.6
Be a Monster Hero in City Battle to fight as legend hero -whatshould you do if your city had been attacked by mostdangerouscriminals and mafia? Get ready for the battle againstcriminals andmafia. You play as a Monster Hero with amazing powerskills whereMonster Hero fights and catch the gangsters, drugdealers, mafiaand criminals.Evil terrorist villains have againattacked your citywith a plan of overtaking it. Try yourself in therole of a CityHero in a dynamic simulator. Your big hunk Herodrives the car tochase the criminals and taken to the policestation. Monster Herofights against mutant crime in final battle.Protect your city froma sinister and exponential evil.Would you beable to defeat thesesuper villains?Future fight against Supervillains ,your MonsterHero has special powers for destruction.Onlyyou will be able toprotect civilians and save the vice city. Useall your fightingskills with fantastic power and strategy. Become adefender of thelaw and defend the common people .Crush and smasheverything in itspath and become a Monster Hero of CityBattle.Remember, yourenemies are mortal. It is a new Monster Herogame where Champion isthe cause for justice and your future.Monster Hero saves peopleand city .The strange monster mutantsuperhero legend is known forits strange supernatural super powersand is ready to hit the roadto take down the bad guys.GameplayFollow the story and accomplishall the missions on yourway. The more missions completed, the moreenergy you have to fightagainst gangsters and criminals. Mafiasells drug to innocentcitizens with the power of greed and guns,so you will stopunpleasant activity. Different places of the citytown, you willstop the dealing with mafia and gangsters. Driftyour super fastsports car in this fast paced avenger hero gamewith a twist ofsmashing everyhting. Being last hope of humanityHunk hero legendhas always served this metropolis city in the darknights with itsmutant powers.Be the real time hero in thisfinalbattle!FeaturesIntroduce the new action Hero as a Monster HeroinCity Battle.Super fight with various combination ofstrokes.YourMonster Hero drives the car and catch criminals.Fightagainst badguys in this amazing action game.Fun and easy controlwhile you areplaying.Exciting missions is waiting for you.This isnew episode ofMonster Hero in final battle game. Ride on your ironbat ride totake on the most dangerous villains and monsters .Be alegendarywarrior, a true super hero against gun shooters in HunkCity Hero.Counter the enemy attacks but do not allow the enemy tocounteryours or strike back. Finally you will stop all the crimesin city.Play in single game modes, put yourself to the test and seehow faryou can go!Become the most courageous and fearless hero!We’llappreciate for your feedback & rating :)UPDATED:-LongJumpFeature added-Monster Hero fight with animals: Gorilla ,lionandtigers-Monster Superhero fight with Spider hero inCity-NewEnvironment Jungle added-Monster Hero in Jungle-More SkinsforMonster-Smash Helicopters with Super Attack
Ultimate Flying Iron Warrior Pro Fight 1.1
Games Track
Let’s ready for shadow warrior fight gangstar strike action, flyandultimate superheros rescue the people Ultimate Flying IronManWarrior Pro Superhero Fight, now you are a super heroultimatefighting game that is Ultimate Flying kungfu Iron manWarrior ProFighter. This time a real star space wars start in yourcity. As asuperhero you have a mission of safe your city and rescuecitizen.Monster league is an amazing realistic game with battlesimulatorenvironment. Around the battlefield you have chance forshowyourself is brave, honest and real superhero ironman roboticflyinghero. That’s fact that you can be in danger but don’t worryyoumany have powers for face adventure in battle againstcriminalsmafia and terrorist. There is a lot or crimes and increasetheterrorist and superheroes attacks for kill the humans in thecity,that’s a time for action in your space star ship likesuperheroflash, panther, iron man and monster hulk for get ridtounbelievable attacks from terrorist and heroes like , joker ,flashsuper speed . Arenas people need a guard of justice, saviour,realavenger and true army hero as their defender who will avengeallthe pain, worries and problems of common citizen.In usabmxfuturistic world wars, incredible hulk and flying grandIronmanRobots and street fighter man superheroes is assigned forfight andrescue the citizen. Ultimate flying ironman warrior profight is afuturistic game of immortal conquest who will provide youto feellike a robot or iron man super hero and you will gainexperiencerealistic grand flying iron counter action and adventurearound thebattlefield as a super avenger flying iron robot hero.Superherorescue game is an exclusive blend of US army superherorescuegames.This is a Ultimate Flying Iron superhero Warrior ProFightand City Rescue Mission Game of 2k18 is free style and free ofcostgame provide from games track on play store. When you willplaythis game you will realize and feel yourself like a avengersironman superhero who have different real powers of superheroeswhowill jump on building to another, who will move speedy withsharpspeedy power and rescue civilians like steel robot fightingcrime,robot and flash difference. You will feel yourself flyingsteellegend army hero. Ultimate flying iron warrior pro fightcityrescue mission is and amazing action simulator rescue gamewhereyou are a true us military robotic army commando, rescueyourfellow injured bmx military soldier in this thrilling steelironman flying warrior superhero fight city rescue mission 2018.Inthisbmx freestyle game have many mission you have to complete withbmxtricks, your strategy everything is depend on you andyourtechniques, on the strategy you choose with your mind level.Everymission have different enemies, different place, differentaccidentpoints, different terrorist risks, it’s all on you that youwillbecome a champion of the city or loser of the city! Keep inmindyour mission for rescue civilians in transformers earth warslike aspace lord among galaxy creatures. Remember that save yourcity todestroy terrorist, enemies and alliance in cruel battle2k18.Ultimate Flying Iron Warrior Pro Fight Game Features :-realisticflying hero city fighter view- easy and smooth controls-kill allcriminals and challenging rescue mission- be spider hero ,bat hero, flash , incredible hero rescue the grand city
Subway Spider rush 1.56.9
New Subway Spiderman is addictive and season popular action gameforeveryone especially kids.Subway Spider Rush came in this worldtofight with the devils and maintain peace in the world. Hepossessame powers like spider man and other superheroes. He wantstoreturn to his world after ending all the devils and villainofWorld. He wants to be remembered as super hero of kids.SpiderSurfers is very addictive game with very simple and easy gameplay.Strengthen him by collecting spiders, insects and hot dogs inhisjourney. Tap on screen for one jump and swept left and righttomove . Help him to pass the Bus train and unlock alltheachievements.Play Subway Spider Man Rush Subway Game for freeandshow off your jumping, dodging, and sliding skills to collectthecoins and get some powerful power-ups. Enjoy the game &leave afeedback to help us improve! It's time for you SubwayRunning Gamesfans out there, Start running now for free! ★★★Download Now! ★★★
Superhero Flying Bat City Rescue Mission Survival 1.0.5
The ultimate war has started between the grand super beastbatmanand his enemies. The aliens have invaded the earth and theyare nowin a free battle with the epic beasts existing on earth.Their mainaim is to kill all the powers from earth specially batmanand makethem extinct while they live with the humans after all.This is nosmall fight. Superhero Flying Bat City Rescue MissionSurvival is agiant ultimate super battle that has to be completed.Once itstarted it can never be stopped it will only end. Make itend in away that no one can start it again. Fight the evil aliensand killthem. You have amazing batman powers with you that you canuseafter a specific period of time. Use them to kill thenearestenemies. When the aliens arrived the jungle and saw theultimatebeast batman on the earth, their rage got increased andthey tookan oath to fight every beast that comes their way. But itis notthat easy to battle and fight the fantasy superhero of theearth.They are most powerful and monster creatures who will not dieeasy.So, stay alert that these beast monsters have such powers thatyouhave never faced.So now, as a superhero, what your tasks istofight the monster aliens who have been trying to take yourplacelike crazy by using your ultimate flying super batman powers.Theydon’t know who they are messing with. They will remember thetimewhen they decided to fight you and your flying powers and makethemregret this thought. Fight them in this epic beast battle inthisamazing beast superhero battle. The battle is the best one inthehistory of fight between the vicious aliens and powerfulsuperheroBatman. Just like you, make this battle and epic one aswell. Fightthe crazy beasts on your way. Kill them and pick uptheir weapons,use the weapons against them. After some time useyour wonderfulpower and unattainable epic super beast power andsmack that ontheir face.In this real superhero 3D batman SuperheroFlying BatCity Rescue Mission Survival game enjoy your experienceof aviolent beast and have the true adventure of being the wild oneinthe battle. Show these fantasy wild aliens what you have got.Don’tever spare a life. Never mercy anyone. Just start flying, hitandkill them with your super batman powers while collectingamazingfantasy valuables like a bravo monster creature. Thiswildsuperhero game simulator will satisfy your super wild needsofkilling someone, getting in a battle and winning it.KeyFeatures1.All super wild creatures2. Amazing monster fantasy batmanbattle3.Battle between two epic superheroes4. Smooth controls5.Addictivegame play6. Marvelous visuals
Spider 2 Fighting Shattered Dimensions 3.2
Story Mode of the Game:In this amazing storyline of fightingmodeman player chooses a character, and must battle against 8enemiesor 16 enemies, however after completing a round with venomandsuper-villains of spidey guy fight mode, the chosen characterisgiven ranking points.The hero doctors and heroes fighting savenewyork city in battling over the entire of war world, and your jobisto challenge the greatest villains and collect valuable parts.The3d action game lets you put your hero of time top against othersindifferent arenas in your quest to become world champion.Competeagainst more than 20 characters in a storyline takenstraight fromthe hero crime shadows fight.[Features]- There are 16playablecharacters to challenge, each with specific levels. -Support morelanguages (English, Japanes..)- More that one missionsandChallenges
Stickman Rope Hero 2 2.2
Naxeex LLC
*New map.*Reworked battle system.*More weapons, more cars,moresecrets.*New AI system.*Reworked skills tree.New adventuresofstickman ropehero in the dangerous city. More evil clones.Moredifferent weapons. More cars. More of everything.Again yourappearamong of evil replicants. Destroy your enemies with alltheexplosive arsenal at your disposal. Get hot cars and run overotherstickmans.Find friendly copies who will give you tasksandrewards.Participate in the stickman war now!
Spider Boy San Andreas Crime City 2.5
spider boy san andreas crime city - what should you do if yourcityhad been attacked by criminal forces? Use all your fantasticpowerand marvelous strategy to protect the people and the Universe.Thistime in your city will take place a real city war! be thesuperbackup for the police forceThe gang of offenders appeared inthecity and now they threaten entire population. Act as a defenderofthe people. Use fighting skills of high level to eliminateenemies.Become the most courageous and fearless hero! After all,soon asyou are capable protect the city from offenders! Follow thestoryand accomplish all the quests on your way. this hero is partof agroep called evolved heroes and they save the city manytimesThemore quests completed, the more energy you have to fightagainstaliens. And if you do well, you will become an ultimatechampion ofthe town! spider boy san andreas crime city FEATURES*rescuepeople* defend the town* race against time* Incrediblesuperabilities: climb the walls, jump on the roofs of buildings!*Fulminant maneuvering strategy in the town!*Fantasticallyenthralling gameplay!spider boy san andreas crime city- fantasticcontest is waiting for you!
Ultimate Bat Superhero: Zombie Assault City Rescue 1.3
Games Track
Welcome to shadow warrior fight gangstar strike action, flyandultimate superheros rescue the people Ultimate BatSuperhero:Zombie Assault City Rescue, now you are a super heroultimatefighting game that is Ultimate Flying kungfu Iron manWarrior ProFighter. This time a real star space wars start in yourcity. As asuperhero you have a mission of safe your city and rescuecitizen.Monster league is an amazing realistic game with battlesimulatorenvironment. Around the battlefield you have chance forshowyourself is brave, honest and real superhero XBat flyinghero.That’s fact that you can be in danger but don’t worry you manyhavepowers for face adventure in battle against criminals mafiaandterrorist. There is a lot or crimes and increase the terroristandsuperheroes attacks for kill the humans in the city, that’s atimefor action in your space star ship like superhero Xflash,panther,iron man and monster hulk for get rid to unbelievableattacks fromterrorist and heroes like , Xjoker , Xflash super speed. Arenaspeople need a guard of justice, saviour, real revenge andtrue armyhero as their defender who will avenge all the pain,worries andproblems of common citizen.In usa bmx futuristic worldwars,incredible hulk and flying grand Bat Robots and Turtle streetfightsuperheroes is assigned for fight and rescue the citizen.Ultimateflying ironman warrior pro fight is a futuristic game ofimmortalconquest who will provide you to feel like a robot or ironmansuper hero and you will gain experience realistic grand flyingironcounter action and adventure around the battlefield as asuperflying iron robot hero. Superhero rescue game is an exclusiveblendof US army superhero rescue games.This is a Ultimate BatSuperhero:Zombie Assault City Rescue 2k18 is free style and free ofcost gameprovide from games track on play store. When you will playthisgame you will realize and feel yourself like a iron mansuperherowho have different real powers of superheroes who willjump onbuilding to another, who will move speedy with sharp speedypowerand rescue civilians like steel robot fighting crime, robotandXflash difference. You will feel yourself flying steel legendarmyhero. Ultimate flying iron warrior pro fight city rescuemission isand amazing action simulator rescue game where you are atrue usmilitary robotic army commando, rescue your fellow injuredbmxmilitary soldier in this thrilling steel iron man flyingwarriorsuperhero fight city rescue mission 2018.In this bmxfreestyle gamehave many mission you have to complete with bmxtricks, yourstrategy everything is depend on you and yourtechniques, on thestrategy you choose with your mind level. Everymission havedifferent enemies, different place, different accidentpoints,different terrorist risks, it’s all on you that you willbecome achampion of the city or loser of the city! Keep in mindyourmission for rescue civilians in transformers earth wars likeaspace lord among galaxy creatures. Remember that save your citytodestroy terrorist, enemies and alliance in cruel battle2k18.Ultimate Bat Superhero: Zombie Assault City Rescue Features:-realistic flying hero city fighter view- easy and smoothcontrols-kill all criminals and challenging rescue mission- bespider hero ,bat hero , speedyflash , incredible hero rescue thegrand city
Spider Hero: City Battle 1.0.4
Spider Hero: City Battle is new free style action game. Yourmissionis save the city was attacked by auto robots.Destroy allrobots andsave the city.Stop alien invasionFind powerweaponsDestroy yourenemies in cruel battleDetonate theexplosiveForm an alliance withyour enemy to winSpider Hero: CityBattle - fantastic contest iswaiting for you!
Superhero Flash Speed Hero 1.6
Daring Gaffer
Grow and play the ultimate of incredible super speed hero games2018and multi monster speed light superhero games of the century!Inthis contemporary fictional light speed hero games, experiencethethrill with electric speed powers of fictional speed herosimulatorin speed flash hero city like never before. Thisoutlandish blend ofsuperhero games and super speed hero games willdefinitely make youPro player in this monster superhero speedlight superhero gameshaving speedster light superhero simulatorwithin super light mancity. You as a massive speedster light mansuperhero have to takedown your enemies like bat hero, especiallyarrow hero and showthose petite antagonists who is the Lightsuperhero in this blend oflight superhero games and monstersuperhero games! In the mostintense speed light superhero games,control speedster lightsuperhero speedster simulator, move fast tofinish off the maliciousrobotic force and ace superhero citybattle in this transforming andfictional light superhero games.This fictional light superherogames has been specially designedfor the crazy Lovers of multisuper hero games and super lightsuperhero fighting games; so thatthey can roam around in thisheroic superhero speed hero city arenaand test pro fighting skillsof speed flash hero simulator. Thisfictional speed light superherogames will definitely become abenchmark for the admirers ofmonster speed hero games those desireutter exhibition of multirobot and monster games. Knock puncheswith rapid intensity andprove to be a super speed hero simulatoramidst this speed herocity battle in this fast-paced fictionalflash hero fighting gameshaving fight with other superheroes likemonster bulk, Super hero,bat hero and arrow hero. Show off yourspeeding abilities like inspeed superhero games and win thismuddled war in none other thanSUPERHERO FLASH SPEED HERO theinvincible combo of Monstersuperhero city battle and flash speedhero. FEATURES:- IMMERSIVEGRAND CITY ENVIRONMENT- FIGHT AND SURVIVELIKE A TRUE SUPER SPEEDFLASH HERO!- ACTION FILLED MISSIONS withdifferent SUPERHEROES -ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY with superheroes.- REALLIFE SOUND EFFECTS ANDANIMATIONSSo, have you finally become a fanof light speedsuperhero games? Control your light speed hero gamessimulator andloud your extreme demolition features in this lightsuperhero gamessuperhero city battle. Become an expert of Superspeed lightsuperhero games and dig into this mindboggling complexof robotfighting games 3d 2017 like never seen before in superherogames.Aim and attack in this bend of superhero games! Get readyforone-on-one war action to destroy your evil enemies by makingthebest ever fighting strategy in the most addictive light speedherogame of the era. We aim to bring you the best of superherogameswith an exhilarating speedy and furious fighting experience.Fightfor victory in SUPERHERO FLASH SPEED HERO games, the boss ofalllight superhero games and robot games out there!You’recongenitalto rule the world then play and defeat your rivals withsuper speedhero where triumph is the intention for impartiality infuture. Getready to test your fighting skills in this futuristicSUPERHEROFLASH SPEED HERO.
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars 2.5.0
nWay Inc.
Rita Repulsa, the space witch, has infected the MorphinGrid,creating virtual monsters and Ranger clones programmed tofight onher behalf. Fight back with your own curated team oflegendaryPower Rangers and villains from the multiverse! Unlock newRangers,upgrade your best warriors and create the best team todefeat Rita,and save the MorphinGrid.----------------FEATURES------------------------ BATTLEPLAYERS INREAL-TIME Strategize, dodge and fight against realplayers inreal-time PvP and unlock different arenas from famouslocations inthe movie and TV Show! STUNNING CONSOLE QUALITYGRAPHICS View yourfavorite Power Rangers and their iconic moveslike never before.Full-blown 3D character models with stunningvisuals andanimations! COLLECT NEW & ICONIC POWER RANGERSUnlock newRangers and collect 40+ warriors ranging from the newmovie PowerRangers to classic Rangers to villains from across thePowerRangers multiverse! CUSTOMIZABLE TEAMS Create the best teamtofight for you. With your ultimate team, you can challengetopplayers from around the world! GROW STRONGER Upgrade yourbestwarriors with Zeo Shards earned through battles, missions andmoreto increase your winning streaks and battle stats! TEAM UPWITHYOUR FRIENDS Build alliances to share, chat and tradetactics,strategy and combos! Watch replays to learn from othermembers andfollow your favoriteplayers.************************************************************************Likeus on Facebook: uson Twitter: Visit us onInstagram: downloading this game, you agree to theTerms of Service andPrivacy PolicyAgreement.
Super Heroes Downhill Racing 1.4
Super Heroes on Speed Bike - Spiderman, Wolverine, Hulk,Goku,Superman,Batman and Bigfoot! Extreme Speed on MotorbikesDownhillRacing from mountain and long water Jump with parachute onBigBoat!Just like the real Downhill Racing but with OurSuperheroes,the action is fast paced and utterly relentless fromstart point tofinish boat! With over 15+ courses to ride, you canrest assuredthat every inch of trail is carefully designed to keepyou on theabsolute ragged edge!Game Play:• All Superheros will rideone byone• Pick the all check points• Jump high• Open parachute andlandon big boatFeatures of Super Heroes Downhill Racing-->AmazingMountain Bike Experience ever--> RealisticDownhillMountains--> Race on the mountain with realistic bikephysics--> Different racer outfits--> Optimizedhigh-resolutiongraphics--> Playable without WiFi--> Free toPlay sForever--> The feeling of playing from the head camera andbiker'seyesSuggestion:Your Feedback's and ratings are Important forus tokeep “Game Pixels Studio” busy in creating more fun in thegames toengage you, your family and your friends. In case if youfind anybug that needed to be addressed just send us an email, wewillimprove it and reply to your email as soon as possible.Pleasetryour other games by clicking “More from Developer” or byvisitingour publisher account.
Incredible Superheros Wars 1.0
Viking Studio
Viking Studio would like to welcome you to ourincrediblesuperheroes War game 2017. Incredible Superheroes WarBattle isespecially for robot lover’s and comic superhero fan whowant robottransformer, rope man, captain NY, spider superhero,superhero’sand robot fighting. Becomes the mysterious man behindthe mask ofGreen, Yellow, Shield!Game Play of incrediblesuperheroes War :Youwere on a Incredible superhero secret mission,stealing theimportant information about the enemies, the army basecamps,rebels and the underworld Mafia, But they saw you nowGameplay ofthis this superheroes robot game is pretty simple, youwill fightagainst other Robots, police cars, army tanks & getrid ofPolice cars and you have to defeat them to get access nextlevel.Oh should I tell you this excited things REALLY! You canchooseyour player between incredible superhero, incredible Supergirl,incredible superhero Captain,superhero spider or Rope manbehindyellow Mask, which can be used as a unlimited hittingmachineshots. You can hit any car & pick any car with hands andthrowaway lolx. Let’s began party.incredible superheroes WarFeatures:•Detailed environments with different Views.• HighlyIntelligentRobots.• Mortal superhero robots vs incredible greensuperhero •Realistic Sound Effects.• Fully equipped with realisticfightinganimations and fantastic combat physics unseen in typicalroboticsimulator.• Stunning gameplay with variety of transformerrobots.•Futuristic HD 3D Graphics.• Futuristic game Environment-PlayOfflineIncredible Superhero War battle is one of the bestnewgeneration transformer and superhero robot games. Prepare forepicversus-fighting action with your favourite comic Super Heroes&Super Villains in the ultimate cosmic showdown! The gangbeasts ofoffenders appeared in New york city and now they threatenentirepopulation. Act as a saviour of the people.Become themostcourageous and fearless hero! Determine the fate of the wholecitywith the super soldier powers.Let’s take you on another journeyinIncredible Superhero War battle games that gives you theenjoymentof being a superhero rope man and futuristic robots. Fullof killertricks, awesome freestyle action and insane stunts. Useall yourfantastic super powers and marvelous strategy to protectthe peopleand the Universe.Start a mortal battle againstextraterrestrialsand futuristic robots.Get through the IncredibleSuperhero WarMonster battle in this addictive game. If you loverobots,futuristic robot battle, Superheroes robot battle,Monsterbattle’s, police car roof stunts, limo cars, fun games,superherogames,rope man games, fighting games, police helicopters,armygames, army helicopters, futuristic games, survival games,saviourgames, police cars, comic superhero games, transformer robotgames,and endless games you will love this! Incredible SuperheroWarbattle will gives you more fun beside other robot battlegamesbecause in this game you’re Comic superhero and if you madesomemistakes in the past, there are still chances to become a heroofthe comics world and join superheroes War league.In thisIncredibleSuperhero War monster battle game you’re hero and youshould fightagainst evil futuristic robots to save your country andwholeUniverse. In this game use you’re Incredible Superhero Warbattleand other fighter skills, mobo skills & mortal fightskills.Turn into a striking killer machine and wreck robots.Military ropesuperhero action game.Download this free fighting gameanddemonstrates how you handle your fists and your skills superheroina thrilling fight to the death.Incredible Superhero War battlewillbe updated according to your suggestions. Don't forget to leaveareview with your feedback.
Spider Kid : Super Hero Man 1.0
Game Narayan
What would you wanna do when you get superhero powers likeaspider?Our Spidey has discovered his powers to swing like aspiderand is jumpingaround the city and wants to swing as fast ashe can,but there is a Villain tryingto get him down.Spider kidhasn'tdeveloped his shooting webs yet to fight the Villain, soyouhave toshow your reflexes and avoid the Villain.- Tap left side ofscreento jump- When there is a tall building, tap right side ofscreen toswingCollect the Spider Coins to unlock the Black Spidersuit/skinand new background.Rate this game 5 ***** stars if youwant theSpider kid to SHOOT and Fight and want more Suits andBackgroundsand Adventures and Marvel Actions and more BossVillain.UpdatedSpidey coming soon!
Superheroes Fighting Games Shadow Battle 6.3
If you like comic book superheroes and free fighting games,don'tmiss the opportunity and fight with all the superheroes justfightwith them, feel all the power in your hands. Will you be thebestsuperhero? Be the best superhero and fight totally FREE,collectall the superheros cards and conquer de universe.Trainyoursuperheroes in different street fighting techniques intrainingmode, so you'll learn to punch or kick, remember thatsurvival isnot guaranteed. Fell all the adrenaline in your hands,fight with asuperhero and be a legend, enjoy all the fightingdisciplines andmake combos with your punches, kicks of karate, andall the knowedof a legendaries kun fu masters. Make all mmafighting tecniques,and become a KO, you listen to the bell and youwill know that thesuperhero fight has started, feel the fear ofyour rival andperform deadly street fighting techniques, mma keys,feel how youhave the power in this fight simulator, performincredible tricksto defeat your rival. Characteristics ofSuperheroes Free FightingGames. - Incredible 3D graphics You'llthink they're real fights! -Multiplayer in local mode, makes a realfight. - More than 50superheroes are waiting for fight! -Differents scenarios to fight.- Incredible combos. You'll be thebest in this fighting game! -Quick Fight Mode For skilled fighters!- History Mode Discover thesecrets of superheroes and villains! -Dive into combat Graphicsfrom another universe! - HD Sound You'llsee what effects! -Leadeboard world championship - To competeagainst friends! Fightin the best mortal combats on the world, thissurvival game toconquer the universe, will allow you to be a realcomic superheroand 100% full of powers, KO all your enemies withthe best combos.Play the best free fighting game every day of yourlife, rememberthat it is a fighting game for children and adults ofall ages,feel like fighting in the first person, fighting in themultiplayermode on local server. Enjoy all the comic booksuperheroes and testtheir skills by fighting a mortal combat toconquer the world, savethem from evil villains who will want totake over the planet. Useyour strength, your quickness and combinepunches and kicks to winand be the superhero of your choice. Savethe world! He needs you,play this free fighting game, InSuperheroes Fighting Games ShadowBattle you will use streetfighting techniques where you cancompete with masters kung fu, mma,karate, wrestling, boxing andmore fighting modalities, all battleswill be a mortal combat. Willyou be the best superhero? Guide yoursuperhero in the bestscenarios and improve your powers, feel the 3dfights with greatgraphics. You know, leave everyone KO with yourincredible powersand be the superhero of legend, in the SuperheroesFighting GamesShadow Battle. What will be your power? Whatever itis.... Fight tosave the earth and the survival of the species,become the greatestsuperhero all the time. Contact us:[email protected]://
Play against other people online! Canyoubecome the longest slither?If your head touches another player, you will explode and thenit'sgame over. But if others run into YOU, then THEY will explode,andyou can eat their remains!In, you have a chance to win even if you're tiny. Youcanswerve in front of a much larger player to defeat them, nomatterhow big you are!Download now and start slithering! Good luck!
Bomber Friends 3.22
Get Bomber Friends now and join the immensely hectic and funonlinemultiplayer game! Bomb your friends and be the last tosurvive towin the match! Collect powerups to get more powerfulbombs! Use theexplosive bombs to blast your friends from across themap! Anddon't worry if you get blasted, then the fun has justbegun! Deadbombers can haunt the living players and make their playharderwith curses! Game Features: - Online multiplayer for 2-8players!Challenge your friends or play against random opponents. -Campaignmode with over 300 levels! Find your way through 6different worldsfull of devious monsters! - Classic Bomber stylegameplay, withcontrols polished for touchscreen! - Collect powerupsand watch outfor evil curses. - Customize your bomber man or womanwith coolhats, taunts, and greetings! - Different bombs to blastthe enemiesto smithereens. - Includes google play achievementsandleaderboards. - Bomber Friends has universal gamecontrollersupport! - Supports Android TV! Have fun! *Importantmessage: Thisgame includes in-app purchases. You can set uppassword protectionfor in-app purchases in the settings of yourGoogle Play Storeapp.*
Beatem Spider Hero Infinity 1.9.5
Beatem Spider Hero Infinity War is a classic free arcadefightinggame. Beatem Spider Hero Infinity War brings the originalfightingexperience.Fun and addictive beat'em'up game with realisticphysicsand hardcore gameplay. With simple controls you can performamazingstunts and blows to defeat your opponents.Beatem SpiderHeroInfinity War delivers sweet arcade nostalgia to you.Challengeyourself in this addictive, easy to use, old-school arcadeFTGgame.Features of Beatem Spider Hero Infinity War :•Multiplecharacter (iron, spiderman)• Multiple levels and rings•Uniquecombo system infinity war• Smooth and easy controls•Ultimatekilling soundHow to play Beatem Spider Hero Infinity War :•Usecontrol pad for movement• A to punch• B to kick• C to makeashield• Z to jumpEnjoy Best 2018 Free Action Game in 3D.If youlikethis game please take a moment & rate us. Your ratingsinspireus improving the game play.
Shadow Fight 2 1.9.38
The sequel to the famous Facebook smash hit with 40millionusersShadow Fight 2 is a nail-biting mix of RPG andclassicalFighting. This game lets you equip your character withcountlesslethal weapons and rare armor sets, and features dozensoflifelike-animated Martial Arts techniques! Crush yourenemies,humiliate demon bosses, and be the one to close the GateofShadows. Do you have what it takes to kick, punch, jump, andslashyour way to victory? There’s only one way to find out.- Plungeintoepic combat sequences, rendered in astonishingly lifelikedetail byanall-new animation system.- Devastate your enemieswithdelightfully intuitive controls, thanks to anall-newfightinginterface designed especially for touchscreens.-Journey throughsix different worlds full of menacing demons in thisaction-packed,adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with an immersive,intriguingstoryline.- Customize your fighter with epic swords,nunchacku,armor suits, magical powers,and more.Shadow Fight 2. Maythe battlebegin!
Monster Superhero Ring Battle 3.0
Are you enthusiast to enter into the world of action gamesorfighting ring to start the battle? So, get ready for top freefightin the ring as a super fighter. This top free simulator putstheintensity and power of the emotions of wrestling in the palmofyour hand. You might have played many ring fighting games andbestof kids games, but you would have never experienced thefuturisticone on one hero fight before in any action games. Don’tmiss achance kids to play this fighting simulator because the supermultihero fighting game of the future is here. It’s time for kidstoplay the eventual monster hero game of this era, best ofkidsgames. You can take pleasure in this futuristic monster battleandexperience the fight of monster hero in the ring, just likegamesfor kids. This one is specially designed for the extreme fansofmonster hero ring fighting games and monster hero citybattlegames. Take down the ultimate robot warfare with its ringfightingand monster hero boxing skills, never seen before best ofkidsgames. Show off your swiftness ability and win the chaos warinMONSTER SUPERHERO RING BATTLE, summation of monster battlegamesand monster war games.

Earth war is beginning between goodandevil monster fighters. Take part in the ring war and defeatallyour opponents, unseen in games for kids before. The game playofthis super monster hero is very interesting and simple. Youhavemulti players with super powers, like games for kids. Everysupermonster hero has unique capabilities of jump, punch and kick.Getcontrol your real monster hero and defeat them badly inthismonster boxing ring fight game with an aroma of super spidergamesand super robot games. A monster superhero ring battle notonlygive you satisfaction of wining but also give you all challengehowto take down the rivals, best of action games. It’s all aboutyourrespect and glory, so high your hero ring fighting experienceinthis grand ring fighting game. Keep in mind that you will havetodefense yourself from enemy attacks. Knockout your opponentwithyour super power punch on the face and fight like you didneverbefore. There are 12 different monster heroes and ready tocomeinto the battlefield. So challenge the multiple monster heroesandget ready for the robot ring fighting battle in this amazingheromonster clash, unseen in games for kids.
Monster SuperheroRingBattle Features:
- Excellent indoor robot wrestlingenvironment
-Realistic monster hero fight and battle soundeffects
- Fantasticfighting animation, flying kicks and punches forfanatic of actiongames
- Astounding HD, 3D Graphics
- Variety ofmultiple heroes forfight
- Option to select a player monster hero
-Marvelous playerstrengths and superb wrestling capabilities

So,what are youwaiting for? Let’s experience the thrilling fight inthis finalbattle game and become a truce incredible hero in thiswar citysimulator, finest of games for kids. Enjoy the blend ofboxinggames and superhero games with the extreme hero monstercitysimulator. Be a super fighter and create a record of winningringfights. Show off your fighting skills and become a fabledfighterand counter the enemy attack, but don’t allow them to strikeback,supreme of action games. Get ready to take part in thissingleMONSTER SUPERHERO RING BATTLE, test your fighting skills intheamalgam of all monster games and monster hero games.
MARVEL Avengers Academy 2.14.0
After discovering the secret of the Pride, Hydra began huntingdowntheir children, the Runaways. Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, andOldLace come to Avengers Academy to find Nico Minoru. With thegangback together, the Runaways aim to defeat Hydra...permanently!------------------------- Experience the MARVELAvengers as you’venever seen them before! Build the ultimate SuperHero academy, andplay as your favorite Avengers charactersreimagined as studentsdeveloping their superpowers. Enroll todayand become a hero!DISCOVER A NEW MARVEL AVENGERS WORLD - Experienceyour favoriteMARVEL Avengers heroes and villains as young adults -Play as IronMan, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Loki, Wasp, CaptainAmerica and more!- Featuring an All-Star Voice Cast with John Cena,A$AP Rocky,Alison Brie, Dave Franco, Priyanka Chopra and More!BATTLE EPICMARVEL VILLAINS - Power-up your team and send them tocombat! -Develop your hero’s and villain’s iconic powers at SuperHeroacademy - Strengthen your MARVEL Avengers team and upgradetheirpowers EMBARK ON NEW ADVENTURES - Go on exciting missionsandbattle epic foes - Interact with other characters from theMARVELuniverse - Participate in events and updates thatintroducethrilling new storylines and quests BUILD YOUR DREAMACADEMY -Create the ultimate Super Hero campus - Construct dorms,classroomsand labs for your MARVEL Avengers - Fill your campus withtrainingfacilities, sports stadiums and more Like us onFacebook: Follow us onTwitter: Visit ourwebsite: MARVEL Avengers Academy isfree todownload and play, however some game items can also bepurchasedfor real money. If you do not want to use this feature,pleasesetup password protection for purchases in your settings.Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy: © 2018 MARVEL. Allrightsreserved. © 2018 TinyCo. All rights reserved. AvengersAcademy ©developed by TinyCo.
Dragon Fight Shadow: Super Hero Battle Of Warriors 1.9
Super Dragon Fight Shadow is a new offline combat action gamein2018. This is a story about super battle between 2 shadowsides:God vs Devil. The planet is under threaten by enemies. Ourwarriorshas to transform into superhero legend to fight with devilsinshadow shape. In order to win the battle, you have to gottheinfinite power. Legend said that anyone who collects 7 piecesballof dragon will have infinite power. Some balls are hidden inkaiplanet and others are hidden in vegeta gt planet. Duringtheadventure, you will travel to different planets and fight withmanykind of shadow enemies.Gather the best super heroes togetherandlet them stay by your side if you love for dragon fight shadow2and you want to win it.Your enemies also be able toupgradethemselves after each level. Please remember to upgrade yourherocontinuously and equip him the best weapons. Some ninjaawesomeskills may also be useful in fierce battles.★ How to play:-Becareful with damage from shadow fighters, you can be defeatedafterjust get 1,2,3 or 4 hits from them- Collect the magic peanutstofulfill your power and energy- Some enemies has shield toprotect,only attack when they don't have shield to avoid run out ofenergy-Each enemies has special skills, remember that their specialhitcan damage 3-5 times more than the normal hit- Transform tosupersaiyan will help to increase your power and health alot. Trytoreach lasttest SSJ level to get super dragon power.★ Gamefeatures-Tutorial guide player from a to z- 20 super saiyan levelstotransform (SSJ1, SSJ2 .., SSJ20)- Hero super skills: dragoncall,ball blast attack, phoenix recall- 16 demon bosses withdifferenthidden kungfu skills- 55 pre-design battles with a lotofchallenges- Fantastic skill effects- Daily reward andluckyspinSuper dragon fight shadow is a new offline action gamethatpromises to bring you the most interesting battle and relaxtime.Good game about fight battle of 2 shadow dragon warriorsinsmartphone both for mobile and tablet. Enjoy the martial artwithkung fu fighter like in a goku manga story. You can not dieuntilyou win. It's time to fight for justice and protectourplanet!Contact: [email protected]
The Amazing Iron Spider 4.01
Be a superhero and prove yourself in this new exciting runninggame.This is no task for ordinary men because you have to jumpfrom onebuilding to another at supersonic speed. Cross the cityusing yoursuper iron spider suit, use the rope to swing and gathercoins forthe propulsion system and take off. Unlock new iron suitswith newsuper-powers, challenge yourself to see how far can youtake thegame, earn achievements and compete with your friends.Enjoy all theawesome features of the best super hero mesh up onthe market. CoolFeatures: -Fun and easy controls -Lots of superheroes to unlock-Challenging and addictive game play -Coolgraphics -Simple and funto play for all ages
Banana Kong
A thrilling ride through jungle, caves and treetops. Play asKong!Banana Kong!Run, jump, bounce and swing on vines as you helpBananaKong to outrun a huge banana avalanche! Keep full controlwithhighly responsive single-finger tap and swipe controls. Ridetheboar or fly with the toucan to overcome dangerous obstacleslikemassive boulders, crocodiles, piranhas and boiling lava. Naturecanbe a cruel enemy… While you dash through the jungle you'll beableto outrun your friends! Thanks to full Game Servicesintegrationyou can see your friends best distance right in thegame. Compareyour high scores and unlock achievements whileimproving yourplaying style. A highly dynamic game engine willprovide endlessfun in this neverending run. Each session is a newchallenge as thelevel is built randomly on the fly.Collect as manybananas aspossible to fill your energy bar. Use a power-dash todestroyobstacles or take alternative routes like the deepunderground cavearea or treetops. Find secrets and unlock extras toget the mostout of the game. Features: - Cloud Save- HD Displaysupport- FullGame Services integration- Ride animals- One thumbcontrols- 10seconds from launching the game to playing it.
Helix Jump 2.0
Exciting adventure of the bouncing ball through the helixtowerlabyrinth. One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effectsandaddictive gameplay mechanics.
Guns 1.118
Guns is a realistic simulator with shooting range experience,whichhas most popular guns/weapons and their information,includingHandguns, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles,SniperRifles, Machine Guns, Grenades, Knives.Tap the screen orshake tofire, tap menu for settings.Camera permission is only forcamerapreview in target mode, won't actually take pictures.
Super Saiyan Heroes: Chaos Battle 1.0.5
DSaiyan game
Great fight (combatants) between Goku and his teammates withSuperSaiyan, Super Namek, and evil, devil forces, vs otheruniverseforces. The game is also a fight between superheroes.Thisis asimple two-dimensional game with simple buttons, move,attack,simple skill, easy to play.Reminiscent of the electronicplaywaiting from childhood.Characters: Goku, Super Saiyan, evilheroes,wing lin, turtle warrior, berserker, z fighters, Goku Devil,saiyanwarriors, Guerrier, omega-9, zamasu, hit, perfect cellStage:Nearly50 levels are extremely attractivePlease enjoy!
Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia 4.1.1
Experience intense multiplayer combat with up to 6 players onlineor12 using local wi-fi. Train with the Sarge and sharpen yourskillsin offline Training, Co-op and Survival modes. Shoot amultitude ofweapon types including the sniper, shotgun andflamethrower.Featuresexplosive online and local multiplayerwarfare! Intuitive dual stickshooting controls. Open world mapsutilizing rocket boots forextended vertical flight. Zoom control,melee attacks and dual wieldability with modern and futuristicheavy duty weapons and grenades.Play team based battles in thisfun cartoon themed cross betweenSoldat and Halo.Doodle Army 2 MiniMilitia aka DA2, based on theoriginal stickman shooter DoodleArmy, was created based on playerfeedback and suggestions. We loveto hear your ideas so thank youand keep them coming! Give a callout to Sarge from the in-gameemail link!Purchase the Pro PlayerPack to get full access to dualwield ability, extra avatarcustomization items and online weaponssuch as the rocket launcher,sniper rifle, laser, saw gun andmore!Note the alternative In AppPurchase offer: Your use of theunlocked Pro Pack trial access isfree of charge, per device, inexchange for safely using some ofyour device's resources (WiFi andvery limited cellular data), andonly when you are not using yourdevice. You may turn this offanytime when logging out of yourAppsomniacs account. Please seeour TOS for furtherinformation. (section 3.3)
Real Bottle Shooting Free Games 2.1
Door to apps
Real Bottle Shooting Free GamesGrab the gun, aim your targetandshoot to smash glass bottles.Play the epic fun bottle shoot3dgame, keep shooting to break glass bottles in this realbottleshooting game 2017. Show some shooting skills with bottleshooting.Real bottle shooter brings you an adventure in bottle flipshotgame. Just aim and shot to break colorful bottles to becomethenumber one bottle smash hunter in bottle break championship.Youwill be granted with the title of bottle hunter in thiscrazybottle shooter simulator. Choose the gun you want to startthisadventure real bottle shot 3D game. Load the real armysnipertraining gun and start firing to smash bottles in this armysnipershootout simulator game. Consider yourself as the bestsharpshooterof fps shooting games, hold your real sniper pistol inyour handand pull the trigger. Aim to take a head shot in bottlebreakinggame. Master your archery skills in bottle games. Try toearncombos in bottle smash 3D fps shooting bottle shoot games.Morebroken bottles will help you earn points to increase yourhighscore in aim shot bottle championship.Bottle shot 3D game givesyouyour own shooting gallery with different obstacles and hurdlesinyour way. Try to complete the impossible missions and shootwithreal sniper pistols. bottle shooter expert games 3d gives youafeeling of real bottle shotter in bow and arrow shootingarchergame. The very first stage of real bottle shooting free gamesisthe basic training level. You have to get used to aiming fromadistance to blow the bottle down in bottle blast game. You arethebest bottle shooter so finish all the bottles in this bottlesgame.Use your unlimited ammunition and complete training level ofthisextreme hunting with gun sniper game. Become modern shootingmasterbottle shooter in this epic bottle blast fps shooting game.Smashand crush bottles to make this world bottle free. Thisepicstrategy of bottle free killing is the key to success infreebottle shoot 2017 army shooter training game.The real fun ofmodernbottle shooting 3d games is shooting and breaking bottles.Collectgold and claim reward money when you complete the levels ofthisshoot bottles championship. Use this money to buy moredestructivepowerful bottle blaster weapons in this free bottleshooter game.This will help you in completing upcoming difficultshooting bottle3d games level. Make your best move as sharpshooterbottle shotmaster in bottle shooter game. Because every bullet shotcounts inreal bottle shooting 3d games. Be precise and quick takethe timerequired to aim your target but be careful you should knowwhichwill be your next target bottle in this fun classic actioncloserange shoot game.real bottle shooting free games Features3dbottleshooting graphicsReal hunting games experienceTargetshootingtraining with bottlesUse different weapons as snipertrainingguns.If you have no wifi, you can play bottle shooterexpert games3d absolutely free.So quickly download this interestingreal bottleshooting free games of 2017 offered by Gamers Pulse fromGooglePlay Store on your android smart phones.
Stickman Rope Hero 3.0
Naxeex LLC
*Exciting 3D action game! *Stickman hero with powerfulweaponarsenal. *Special tricks with suit upgrades. *Tons of enemiesandfierce battles! As evil clones invaded the town the true herocomesto help the citizen. Use your new skills to kick your clonesoutfrom the city. Survive the epic battles and try to complete allthetasks. Drive over your foes on cars, bikes or even tanks. Youarethe ultimate guard now so don’t screw up! Find secrets hidden onalarge map. Collect rewards for destroying your enemiesandcompleting tasks, you can use it to buy best weapons in shop.Hithard and stick your line to the end.
LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.6.1326
Play with LEGO BATMAN™, LEGO WONDER WOMAN™ or with LEGO SUPERMAN™inthis free and fun LEGO® DC Comics racing game.Chase or bechased!You can play as the Killer Moth™ or BIZZARO™ and escape thecitybefore BATMAN™ or SUPERMAN™ can catch you. Or would you ratherbethe superhero?This game is a fun and free racing LEGO® gamedesignedfor boys and girls with the following ages: 5-12 You canracethrough multiple environments and enjoy the ride with yourfavoriteLEGO® DC superhero. Do you want to see your favorite LEGO®DC MightyMicros sets in action? * Swoop through the air in theLEGO® DCMighty Micros Batcopter and swat Killer Moth™ out of thesky! ThrowBatman’s Batarang at the flying bug’s wings and send thevillaincrashing, but watch out for the cocoon gun.* Doomsday™ ispoweringup his Mighty Micros car and going in for the attack withhis club.Watch Wonder Woman™ strike back using her mighty swordand shield asshe zooms around the villain in her Invisible Jet! *Zoom intobattle and catch Bizarro™—if you can! Who knows whichdirectionSuperman’s imperfect nemesis will turn next in hisback-to -frontMighty Micros car. Use the blue Kryptonite to sapBizarro’s energy,but watch out for the green Kryptonite! Bump thegiant fists againsteach other to see who will win this crazybattle.Features * Collectand play as your favourite DC Comiccharacter and explore the 3different worlds!* Great fun for kids5-12! * Become the hero orplay as the mischievous villain* Funcinematics to watch and learnabout the villains and heroes!*Bluetooth Game ControllerSupportLEGO DC Mighty Micros is free toplay and offers no in-apppurchases.For app support contact LEGOConsumer Service. For contactdetails refer to Our privacypolicy and terms ofuse for apps are accepted if you download thisapp. Read moreon LEGOandthe LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2016 TheLEGOGroup.
Superhero Monster Grand City Battle 1.4
Daring Gaffer
Grow and play the ultimate of incredible monster superherogames2017 and multi monster superhero transformer robot games ofthecentury! In this contemporary bulk Superhero fightinggames,experience the thrill in big man incredible Monster herocitybattle Games like never before. This outlandish blend ofmonsterthe big man games and monster superhero robot transforminggameswill definitely make you Pro player in this monster superherorobotcar games 3d having futuristic monster superhero robot citybattlearena. You as a massive monster superhero have to take downyourenemies and show those petite antagonists who is the Hero inthissuperhero monster robot fighting games 3d 2017! In the mostintenserobot transforming games, control monster Superhero fightinggames,move fast to finish off the malicious robotic forces andacesuperhero robot city battle in this transforming robot car games3dsuperhero games. This Monster hero city battle game hasbeenspecially designed for the crazy Lovers of multi transformerrobotgames and superhero robot fighting games 3d 2017; so that theycanroam around in this heroic superhero monster robottransformergames arena and test its mortal combat skills.FEATURES:- IMMERSIVEGRAND CITY ENVIRONMENT- FIGHT AND SURVIVE LIKEA TRUE SUPER HEROMONSTER !- ACTION FILLED MISSIONS- ADDICTIVEGAMEPLAY- REAL LIFESOUND EFFECTS AND ANIMATIONSSUPERHERO MONSTERGRAND CITY BATTLEGAMEPLAY:So, let’s experience the one and only thebig manSUPERHERO MONSTER vs ROBOT in final battle game. It’s timefor youto finish the incredible monster Superhero vs robot by usingyourunlimited powers and become a true unbelievable monstersuperheroagainst gun shooters in the monster superhero robot citybattle.Play and reveal how you can handle your fists and yourskills inincredible monster robot fighting games 3d 2017. Be anEpic fighterand counter the enemy attacks, but do not tolerate therivals tostrike back. Enjoy the blend of robot car games 3d andincrediblebig man superhero robot transforming games with theextremeSuperhero fighting game simulator. You’re congenital to ruletheworld then play and defeat your rivals with superhero monsterwheretriumph is the intention for impartiality in future. Get readytotest your fighting skills in this futuristic SUPERHEROMONSTERGRAND CITY BATTLE.
Power Rangers Dino Charge 1.4.0
Power up with the Dino Charge Power Rangers in this stunning3Dgame. Battle Sledge and his monster army as they contestforuniversal power. Based on Saban’s classic Power Rangers DinoChargeseries, precursor to the Ninja Steel series. The simple tapsandswipe controls allow you to quickly master the rangers martialartsmoves and control the team of superhero kids. Immerse yourselfinan original Power Rangers story featuring action packed comicbookanimation. The future of the planet is at stake... and only youcanhelp the Power Rangers triumph!Features • Explosiveturn-basedbattle game featuring a range of awesome attacks•Complete over 50challenges and fight custom battles in Arena Mode•Easy-to-learncontrols designed for younger players• Learn andmaster all theRanger moves and combos• Fight super-sized monsterswith mightyMegazords• Stunning 3D graphics and explosive effects•Battleagainst Vivix, Sledge, Fury, Ice Age, Scrapper, Sting Rageandother villains from Power Rangers Dino Charge• Variety ofbattletypes, including: minion swarms and boss fights• Unlock 7chaptersand over 20 levels! Go Go Power Rangers!
Ultimate KungFu Superhero Iron Fighting Free Game
Get ready to play Grand Superhero IronFlyingKungfu Fighting free game to fight in the ring as asuperfighter.Incredible superhero and Monster Hero will play facetoface in an arena fight. Bat hero legend is very relativetorealistic wrestling here Start your kick box and check yourskills.Flying Superhero survival fight with Monster in the steelring ishand to hand fight with each other but in this game you aregoingto witness punching, kicking, blocking and super kicks to takedownopponents by superheroes. Be energetic for City rescue missionwithdifferent combat style like Kickbox, Sambo, Martial Arts,MuayThai, BJJ, Ninja fight and many others dodging, rage,cuts,knockouts, technical knockouts. Start a Real street fight,chooseand collect different flying superheroes. Choose FlyingGrandSuperhero Fighter in real Fight Final City Battle. Rememberthatyou will have to save yourself from Mafia gangster attacks.Give ajab punch to Monster criminal with your ultimate power on theface,teach them lesson and make it memorable. Show Flyingironsuperheroes abilities and win the game in FlyingSuperherosurvival.Incredible superhero taking revenge from Grand ninja warrior,sohigh your Ultimate steel ring battle experience in thisgrandwrestling and make sure your skills are very high withcorrecttiming. Defend the streets and become the Master ofNinjasuperhero. Kungfu ring battle is a game of patience, energyandtime to time learning depend on practice because this istotallybased on sharp mind and active body only its possible bypractice.In the Grand city, there will be consort that has heavyrushytraffic with there bikes, cars, etc here Monster criminalsandMafia. The real fighter also has great skills in the real world,hecan also participate in other games like racing it may becarracing, bike racing or cycle racing this is the person thathastalent. Finally, after the City rescue mission day, he decidedtofinish this gangster, criminal life but he needs people helpincity rescue superhero mission. This is the challenging game foryoubecause have different difficulties at net levelsneedexpertise.This is very relevant to real-world steel ring boxing game andhasamazing rules of daily life reselling is followed in the RealWorldSuperhero game in fight club. You need to polish youradventureskills for fighting against Monster warrior in Ultimatesteel ringbattle have super Punch, super kick and fight using allthe commondaily life skills for getting rid of the enemy. You mayhave playedmany ring fighting games but I am sure you will neverplay thisgame in your past life and have fantastic enjoyment foryou withadvanced features of the game. Now it’s time to getspecialexperience in the world of battle games. Make a Flip Kickpunch andwin the Incredible superhero game with the title of kingof Ninjasuperhero boxing ring battle. If you think you can do itso,Congratulations you have the great ring battle skills and willbecalled Superhero.Ultimate Flying Iron Fight :Superhero Kungfu BattlegameFeatures:☛ Select your favorite hero from the game to play☛ Amazing ring & city fighting Environment☛ Introduced jetpack rescue Army hero & Superhero Kungfu.☛ Resue city from underworld criminals as a crime warrior.☛ HD sounds & music