Top 49 Games Similar to Jet Fire Monsters

Spider Hero: City Battle 1.0.4
Spider Hero: City Battle is new free style action game. Yourmissionis save the city was attacked by auto robots.Destroy allrobots andsave the city.Stop alien invasionFind powerweaponsDestroy yourenemies in cruel battleDetonate theexplosiveForm an alliance withyour enemy to winSpider Hero: CityBattle - fantastic contest iswaiting for you!
Desert Storm Grand Gunner FPS Game 1.1
Desert Storm Grand Gunner FPS GameGunner shooter strikeagainstdeadliest critical strike war in the desert stormIt modernwarfarewhere enemies have started a infinite critical strikeagainst us.Commando! we are left with no choice but to start abrutaloperation against gunship and heavy weapon like machineguns,bazooka and sniper. doom the enemies with dust in this desertstormgame and eliminate there combat squad. It your duty and youarecall for the infinite war as the real combat commando. It's arealgun games as you can mobil strike against your enemieswarriorswith the most modern warfare weapons ever available in anywar gameon mobile. counter terrorist with the limit of time andsave yournation from assault of fighting games. Enjoy this tacticalfirstperson shooting action game.It's a free download game and youaregoing to enjoy this fun games. best shooting games team workedhardto give you real joy. you will experience top action gamesgraphicsand sound. there are 3 regions with helicopter fightinggame-playto offensive duty strike. Your reviews are very importantto us.Please don't forget to review this thrilling fast-paced FPSactionshooter.
Block Tank Wars 3.5
Cube Software
Block Tank Wars - It's a 3D tank action game with singleplayer,multiplayer and survival modes, with tanks and levels drawninblock style.Upon completion of the mission player can buy newtankor improve their tanks. We will constantly update the game.Thegame mechanics is well-balanced.Features:* 150+singleplayermissions, survival mode, and Online game!* 8 differenttank types*Epic Boss fight!* 8 types of enemy tanks with differentweapons.* 2types of world - City, Ice worldThe game will beconstantlyupdated.
Stickman Battlefields 2.1.1
Experience ultra realistic and action packed arcadebattlefieldatmosphere in this awesome tactical arcade shooter.Equip yourfavorite weapons, explosives and gadgets and battlethrough thesingle player campaign or take part in the realtimesynchronousmultiplayer online mode where you can even boardvehicles, tanks orattack helicopters to battle your online enemyplayers. Play inhighly dynamic landscapes, ranging from snowymountains, beautifulbeaches to windy forests. Destroy trees, blowout all the windowsof buildings or use your tank to trample downeverything rightbefore you parachute behind the enemieslines.FEATURES: - Ultrarealistic and action packed arcadebattlefield atmosphere- Fastpaced arcade military shooter- StoryMode and single playercampaign with more than 100 missions-Realtime synchronousmultiplayer mode- Bootcamp missions- Variousdifferent locations(Beach, Forest, Mountain, Snow, Rain, etc…)-Various weapons likeguns, rifles and snipers- Various explosiveslike grenades andmines- Various gadgets and equipments likeparachute and armor-Various vehicles you can control like tanks andhelicopters-Weather system, like rain, snow and wind- Tons ofupgradeable itemsand weapons- Integrated leaderboard andachievements to unlockTakea look at the Stickman BattlefieldsTrailer: free topost yourideas, we will try to implement them as soon aspossible
Thank youvery much for all your support and interest inour games! We wouldlove to hear your suggestions!
CyberSphere: Online Action Game 1.65
Online Cyber Robot Game! Twin stick deathmatch Multiplayer -playfriends or gamers all over the world.Plot: Mankind is at warandunder attack from aliens, robots and cyborgs!Choose your armorandweapons, manage combat unit “Cyber-sphere” to defend the basefromthe advancing enemy across the planets. Use armoury such asguns,missiles, energy weapons, support drones, camouflage andexplosionsto destruct the enemy.You can fight alone or join forces,killingon the battleground with other pilots in new onlinemultiplayermode!Good luck, solder! Civilisation as we know itdepends uponyou.Key Features:★ Slick futuristic 3D graphics -making it feellike reality.★ Single-player - you only have yourselfto rely on toprevent the apocalypse.★ Crossplatform multiplayer -up to 8players with iOS and Android devices can play together.★Offlinemode - you can play without internet connection.★ PVE withfriends- join forces and increase your firepower in virtualfightin!★ PVPmode - find out, who is the best pilot!★ Plenty ofweapons - morethan 32 deadly guns.★ Many support drone models - Thedrone squadyou want to be a part of, so use your AI-controlledguardians.★ Lotof character types - manage futuristic tanks,walking mechas,cyborgs and solders, each with unique specialability!★ Easiness ofcontrol - you can manage it intuitively usingon-screen controls orgamepad★ Global ratings - become the Sci-fIbest robot destroyer inthe world!★ A variety of enemies - fightingrobots, aliens,cyborgs★ Small size - under 50 mb!★ Non-stop Sci FiTop down cyborgshooter action - one of the most interesting gamesof 2018, it willnot let you relax even a single second!Your newfavourite in theshooting games industry, with twinstick controlsystem, fighting tothe deathmatch. The online Scifi game that willget youhooked!Player, are you ready? Now, aboard the Spaceship!
Mutant Fighting Cup 2 1.4.3
Ace Viral
The beasts are back in Mutant Fighting Cup 2! BIGGER! BETTER!MOREFEARSOME THAN EVER! Evolve, mutate and train your monsters towinthe monster championship in hard brutal turn-basedstrategybattles!- FIGHT! Take on monstrous opponents and powerfulbossesacross the globe!- TRAIN! Choose your dog or cat animal andcommandthem in combat!- EVOLVE! Use mutant genes to change breedand gainawesome new abilities!- METAMORPHOSIS! Mix and match genestounlock over 1 million creature combinations!- STRATEGY! Useskillsand power ups wisely in extreme RPG tournaments!- PVP!Challengeyour friends to player-vs-player multiplayer action!- WIN!Wintrophies, achievements and compete with players ontheleaderboards!Evolve your monster and win the MutantFightingCup!Like Us onFacebook: Us onTwitter:@mutantfightingOfficialTrailer:
Street Fighting:City Fighter 2.0
Street Fighting:City Fighter, The latest sequel of “ ChaosStreetFighting “, is a classic free fighting arcade game.Itcombines thefeatures of Action Fighting and Role Playing, togetherhave thisexciting action fighting game!Ultimate City StreetFightingdelivers sweet arcade nostalgia to you. Challenge yourselfin thisaddictive, easy to use, old-school arcade FTG game.Superbscenes,cool combos and gorgeous special skills,the most thrillingandexciting fighting game! Many props to help you achieveyourhonor!This super fighting game where you have to showyourendurance!Use super skill to that effect would win!StreetFighting- City Fighter, Recall your childhood memories of arcadegame !Free classic Fighting arcade games to enjoy with androiddeviceNow!We hope you once again to have a great time! !Features:-Coolspecial skills!- Wonderful story- Unique rage combosystem!-Realistic fighting sound!- Easy sliding and touching screenbringabout continuously cool striking!- Experience fighting inarelaxing casual game!
Flats 5.3.5
Note for Android 8 users: before playing Flats, please enableallpermissions in settings to avoid crashing.we are findingthesolution, hope this help, sorry.Flats is a Multiplayer/Singleplayer cross-platform FPS.Multiplayer :IncludingDeathmatch,Team Deathmatch,Territories,Capture the Flag,Blow upthe Base (Bomb), Zombie, VIP and Co-op Survival.Singleplayer:Survival, Assortment and Headshot Challenge.Features :-Supportedmajor controllers.- Supported Cardboard and Android TV(needcontrollers).- You don't have to sign up to play multiplayer.Justdownload and play. It's free.- All weapons are free. - You cansendyour save data to other devices in LAN, even if it wasdifferentplatform.- Cross-platform, Android, iOS and Windows(PCandPhone).This software includes the work that is distributed intheApache License 2.0.
Fighting King 2: Kungfu Legend
“Fighting King 2: Kungfu Legend” is the sequel of ourpreviousfighting kungfu game “Fighting King: Kungfu Clash”. Itperfectlycombines arcade games and RPG, making players enjoy usingmartialarts like Kickboxing and Taekwondo. Everyone who love Karatehemust learn kickboxing. Kungfu also a great art for selfdefense.People who love to torn others face just with one powerfulpunchthey should learn boxing to become a perfect boxer. You canlearnall these techniques and style of fighting from this gamegainedgreater skill in the ancient art of kungfu. Play game andobservecarefully how kicks and weapons and punches are being use injudohand to hand fight and then practice physically.Gamesfightingstyle biased tough, strong sense of combat, you show a truespiritof martial arts, so you have a different martial artsjourney. Youcan act as jet Li enjoy awesome martial art fightingstyles such as“Kickboxing”, “Karate”, “Tae Kwon Do”, “Sumo”,“Drunken Fist”,“Muay Thai”, and so on with a simple tap of a buttonin this kungfugame. Victory is at your fingertips! So play thisgame and practiceKungfu techniques in real life to become a perfectwarrior likeknights and assassin. Quickness is key to win the handto handfight. Play game and learn how to fight hand to hand,unarmed, withyour punches and kicks how to use youself amazingskill .Block theenemy kicks and punches is also essential part ofmartial arts. InKungFu there are lot of blockage techniques todefend yourself fromenemy attack. Keep an eye on every move of yourenemy that isfighting with you. Use punches and kicks with accuracyand quickly.Take timely decision, attack on enemy with punches andkicks onproper time and block enemy attack using accuracy and speedin youractions. Use enemy power against himself.In the sense ofrealcombat game. Fighting coherent action is strong, you arepresenteda visual and sensory double enjoyment.Continued passionand bloodat the same time."Fighting King:Kungfu Clash "so that youhave aprofound sense of belonging to the nation, and you will feela morepassionate fighting experience!Features of “Fighting King 2:KungfuLegend”:- It helps you to learn kinds of martial arts suchaskickboxing. - Adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with animmersive,intriguing storyline.- Feel epic combat sequences andrender inastonishingly lifelike effect by an all-new animationsystem.-Become a perfect kickboxer in this bloody fighting game.-Veryaddictive free game of acting as Jet Li.- Classic featuresfamousof bloody fighting arcade games.- Game modes are availableforthousands of hours of enjoyment even when playingalone.Now,Download “Fighting King 2: Kungfu Legend” for free andenter thiskungfu game and Punch to kill all enemy! Defeat thousandsofenemies with powerful attacks in amazing, non-stop, 2-Daction.Unlimited combos, and consistent force effect bring you asense ofenjoyment in this epic action adventure! Enjoy being arealkickboxer and start your journey of jet Li fighting lifeinFighting King 2: Kungfu Legend!【contact us】Any problemsencounteredin the game, please feel free to contact us.CustomerServiceE-mail: [email protected]:
Beat Street 1.3.0
Beat Street is the first beat 'em up with intuitivesingle-touchcontrols and is a love letter to the 90s beat 'em upgenre! Evilgang members are terrorizing Toko City and the citizensneed yourhelp. Use your fighting skills to fight your way throughhordes ofenemies to become the new hero in town. Features:* Singletouchcontrols• Story driven gameplay• Unlock fighters withuniquemartial art skills• Gorgeous handcrafted pixel art• Retromusic byMaxo
Extreme Fighter Champion Clash Of Fighting Club 1.2
This Extreme kung fu extreme fighting game is the free bestfightinggame. The final fighter game combines the features ofactionfighting and role-playing, together have this actionfightinggame.Play the ultimate Kung Fu Champions combat game! Jointhe worldof war as a super hero fighter who is killing everyassassin hemeets! The Kung Fu fighter killers come to death arenato fightsingle head2head battle called death war.You are a kung-fufighterand well-trained punch boxer. Be the legend: free fightinggames,which is quite a time passing exciting thing among freefightergames, and show your actions against the strike fightersofroads.Our best game is a combo and extreme best fighting gameswithfree adventures for best fighters. In this game, you are a kungfufighter who fight against the dangerous fighter trainers,whichturns away real best fight with the win or dead rules.The bestkungfu final fighter is the action game of fighting, enter theworld ofa king of fighting and overcome your rivals dead oralive.Challenge the ultimate Kung Fu fighters, try differentstyles,punch in all enemies, kick out all other kingfighters.UltimateCity Fighting delivers sweet arcade taste to you.Challengeyourself in this addictive, easy to use, old-school arcadepunchboxing game.Become a Strongest Fighter in the actionfightinggameIn a game, you need to use different techniques tofightagainst your opponent, be the legend in this ultimatefightinggame. Our best fighting arcade is more adventurous thanactiongames, where you are super hero and fights against the bestfightertrainers. The fight between super hero vs. dangerousboxingfighters becomes largest fighting competition when newdominantmodes come in between. You are the best fighter and want toleaveyour group, but your group has other ideas. You are a superheroand you need to fight with modern punch boxing techniques, youwillhave new fighting skills which you will apply against theninjakiller to knock them out. Learn to punch on the mouth, becomeamaster in leg kicks and make the fight attack in the Ultimatefightgame.One to One Fighting ModeIn the fighting arcade, you are awelltrained kung fu fighter! In the street punch boxing, you needto bestreet smart and outfitted with punch boxing. Combatcontinuously,that is the key to street brawls against trainedstrike fightersand knocks out the opponent with incredible kung fuactions. Thisextreme fight kungfu action: fighting games 2018 isarcade game inthe genre of the endless arcade, an opportunity to bestreet champby knocking out legend fighters. To be a legendfighter, you musthave guts of street brawls and other usefulfighting techs likekick punch boxing and many others. Wanderstreets and try to be astreet champ by appearing legend in streetwrestling contestsagainst the kung fu fighters. You’ll have toapply all these moderntechniques.Extreme Action Fighting Club GameFeaturesUniquefighting styles: Kung fu and kicks and punches. Toknock enemiesdown with the protean attack.• Stunning 3Dgraphics.•Straightforward and smooth touching screen andRealisticEnvironment.• Attractive environment to show your fightingskills.•Upgradable and customizable characters.• Realisticsoundeffects.Download and have fun playing this best fighting game.
Street Combat 2: Fatal Fighting
It’s not easy to be a winner in a brutal showdown. But now, areyouready to defeat and smash up all the enemies in front ofyou?Facing your opponents’ continuous lethal attacks, you shouldpickup your weapons to give these gangsters and villains a gorylesson.The most anticipated fighting action game “Street Combat 2:FatalFighting” can be downloaded for free now! Start your gorybattleswith devastating weapons and flashy skills!“Street Combat 2:FatalFighting” is the sequel of "Street Combat: Kung Fu Fighting".Wehave added more adventurous game levels with new scenes andnewgame play which will make you enjoy this fantastic action gameverymuch. You will find partners and various traps and even can useacar to attack your enemies. Just explore this world and youwillfind many more exciting game play.You are Ryu, a man whosewholelife is full of pathos and stories. You have been put intoprisonbecause of your father’s debt. And the usurers bullied yoursisterafter the sentence, which caused her death. Now you must takeupyour weapon and use your fists to kill those gangsters! Startyourrevenge now!Fantastic characters, stunning graphics, coolweapons,awesome gameplay, “Street Combat 2: Fatal Fighting” bringsanunprecedented combat experience to you! Do your best—kick, smashupand strike your enemies with devastating power! Only thebestfighter could beat down and smash up his enemies to becomethefinal survivor! Endless combos, continuous lethal attacksandexciting battle will make you hard to stop playing this game.Youmust battle with a large number of enemies with lethalmeleeattacks. There will be only one survivor between you andyouropponents!Features:● Stunning 2D graphics, realistic combatsound,adventurous levels and interesting storyline● More than 60excitinggame levels● Killing opponents with cool and flashy skills●Uniqueupgrading system for your attacking power● Devastatingweapons anddefensive gear can be used in your combat● Simpleside-scrollinginterface, easy-to-learn and intuitive controls.●Offline mode. NoWi-Fi, no problem.● Completely free! Facingdifferent enemies withdifferent fighting styles includingTaekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu,Boxing, you should defeat and smashup all these gangsters andvillains! Upgrade your attacking powerand defensive power orunlock new devastating weapons by the coinsyou have got from everybattle. In“Street Combat 2: FatalFighting”you can also trainyourself in exercise room. You candefeat and kill endlessgangsters and villains to earn coins andother awards! Now, becomethe strongest fighter and slay all thesegangsters and villains!With simple controls you can perform amazingstunts and blows todefeat your opponents lethally.If you likeArcade or Action game,you can not miss the fantasy free-to-playfighting action game offree combat. “Street Combat 2: FatalFighting” can recall yourchildhood memories of arcade game. Arcadefans will have an bloodpumping combat experience when facingendless gangsters andvillains! Enjoy using your devastating powerand skills to defeatand smash up all your opponentslethally!【contact us】Any problemsencountered in the game, pleasefeel free to contact us.CustomerService E-mail:[email protected] more:
Ugandan Knuckles Battle Royale 1.0
UGANDAN KNUCKLES BATTLE ROYALE is an original ugandan actiongamewhere you have to find DA WAE to win! Fight against theotherKNUCKLES, look for some items and gear to stay alive andsurvive!Inthis game you can play Team Matches, Solo Fights,Defenders vs.Attackers game, Ugandan Zombie Mode, and much more!YOU WILL NOTKNOW DA WEY until you play this game!Never be bored!Play and chatwith knuckles in the really DE WAY style! Our gamefeatures:— ManyDifferent Game Modes— Team, solo, zombie anddeathmatch games— 100%Free - no special purchases needed— Craftingwith Ugandian Recipes—Inventory, Backpack, Equipment — Many itemswith differentfunctionality— Many weapons— Various Ugandan Skins—Ugandan AirDrops— Ultra Sonic Gameplay Pacing— High QualityGraphics— Supportfor up to 64 Players— Special Game Mode: BATTLEARENA with 3 MAPS—Bonus Extras: Flying, Invisibility, Power Jump,Super Speed— Twomaps for Tank Attack Game Mode— Three DifficultyLevels— Two typesof Air Drop — Fast Play Button (Creates a randomgame)— DailyRewards— Body armor items, including various helmets—Queen SupportExtras (She helps you fight)— … and many, manymore!See you on theway! Let's play in the real VR Chat style!
King of war-Monkey king 1.0.9
Comparable to PC ACT game, heavy combat fighting, dozens ofskillsto choose, the other contains the legend, epic, darkgoldequipment, up to thousands of pieces of the bestequipment,exciting BOSS battle, plenty of fighting scenes, a hugeandwonderful story of the myth world !* You can turn into bosstofight!* Cross-action game, gorgeous screen take you into theworldof Monkey king.* Good sense of combat moves and allows youtoexperience the gorgeous refreshing sense of combat.* A richvarietyof game systems, which makes you immerse in playing.
Skullgirls 2.5.2
★★★★★ "Best fighter for mobile hands down!" -Chris O'Connor★★★★★"Myfavorite mobile game of all time" -Rithore★★★★★ “Wonderfullymade,addictive and fun!" -CLWReaperSkullgirls is a 2D Fighting RPGpackedwith unique, colorful characters to collect, upgrade, andcustomizeas you search for the mysterious SKULLGIRL!STUNNING2DANIMATIONThousands of frames of carefully hand-drawn 2Danimationdelivers one of the most visually polished games you’llplay onmobile!A FIGHTING GAME FOR EVERYONE- Custom controlsdesignedspecifically for mobile allow you to effortlessly execute awidevariety of amazing moves and combos with a single tap orswipe.-New Fighting Game player? Use Fight Assist and focus ONLYonstrategic decisions.- Experienced Fighting Game player?Discoverdeep tactical choices, unique combos, juggles, and more!-Finally,a Fighting Game for everyone!FULL RPG PROGRESSION- RPGplayers willfeel right at home!- Collect dozens of Characters thatcan each becustomized in a variety of ways to suit your playstyle!-Level Upand Evolve your Fighters to maximize their potential-UnlockSpecial Moves and Blockbusters that can be upgraded andequippedbefore each battle - pick the perfect loadout!- Build teamsof upto 3 Fighters - find the best combination to maximizesynergies!-Explore an ever-growing collection of charactersGAMEMODES- StoryMode - Seek out the Skullgirl before she destroys NewMeridian!-Prize Fights - Compete with other players to unlock newFighters!-Daily Events - Character-specific events are added daily- can youconquer them all?- Training - Practice combos, trydifferent teamcombinations and perfect your technique!- More modescoming soon!
Armor Beast Arcade fighting 1.1.0
Robots return, fighting reborn!Team PK, character instantlyswitch,the war will be cool!A floating change, seamless linkaction,refresh the limits of your combo!Amazing cool styling,mechadesign, first-class audio-visual experience!Strengthen andupgradecomponents, armor piercing, collocation, best team skills tounlockthe peerless magic!Invincible, become the king offighters!Gamewonderfulvideolink: subscribe to us YouTube account: SunStar
Robot Epic War 2017 : Action Fighting Game 1.8
It’s a battle field. Enemies are ready with their troopsandheadquarter to defeat you. They are armed with strong weaponsandbrave soldiers. Get ready to compete. Your head quarter andavariety of brave mech robots are awaiting you. Choose yourarmedforce and jump into this battle.Robot Epic War 2017:ActionFighting is an action packed war game. It challenges you tofightand defeat your enemies. Select from a variety of warriorsandplace them in combat zone. Before starting the battle, focusonenemies’ force and its placement. Then chooseyoursaccordingly.Opponents want to get control on your ground withtheirnefarious fleet of robots. Choose and place yourwarshipsappropriately to claim victory. Make the best use of yourdronesand transformers. You can also upgrade your headquarterandsoldiers. Let’s enjoy the most amazing action packed game of2017!!Robot Epic War 2017: Action Fighting Game Features: • World’smostamazing Robots and Soldiers!• Amazing Battle Environment!•HighQuality 3D Graphics!• Realistic Explosive Sounds!• Smooth andEasyControls!• Unlimited Ammunition!• Variety of Force: Soldiers,MechRobots, Air Defense, Transformer!
Comix Zone Classic 1.2.2
Enter the Comix Zone, in SEGA's classic arcade-style beat 'emup,now available on mobile for the first time. Play free andpreparefor the first truly interactive comic book ever!You areSketchTurner, a street-wise comic book artist trapped in a comicbookworld of your own creation. Journey into this post-punknightmareand see your enemies drawn before you. Battle the MutantQueen.Survive the Dead Ship and Lava Mines. Then defeatthesuper-villain, Mortus, to escape.Comix Zone joins the SEGAForeverclassic games collection, a treasure trove of free SEGAconsoleclassics brought to life on mobile for the firsttime!FEATURES-Battle panel by panel through full hand-drawn comicbook pages- Allthe action and adventure of your favorite comics! -Unleashsuperhero power-ups and tons of intense fighting moves-Wieldknives, hand grenades, dynamite, and paper planes*- Searchouthidden items with your pet rat, Roadkill- Sharpen yourfightingskills to defeat mutant enemies drawn by MortusSEGAFOREVERFEATURES- PLAY FREE- SAVE YOUR GAME PROGRESS ATANYTIME-LEADERBOARDS – compete with the world for high scores-CONTROLLERSUPPORT: HID compatible controllers- OFFLINE PLAY- GAMESRELEASEDEVERY MONTH - Download them all!RETRO REVIEWS- "Comix Zoneoozesstyle, looks fantastic and plays brilliantly." [92%] -MarkPatterson, Computer & Video Games #167 (October 1995)- "Anewconcept that really delivers. Just imagine taking yourfavouritecomic and controlling the action." [91%] - Nick Protz,Sonic theComic #60 (15 September 1995)COMIX ZONE TRIVIA- *Press andhold thepunch button to tear off a piece of the comic book, make apaperplane, and throw it at enemies- Make Sketch pass gas byrepeatedlypressing down on the D-Pad in certain areas- Comix Zonefeatures ahappy and sad ending depending on how you defeat thefinal boss-SEGA held patent US 6010405 for the game systemsinnovativesimulation of a comic book COMIX ZONE HISTORY- FirstreleasedAugust 1996 on the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis system-Developed by:SEGA Technical Institute- Designer: Peter Morawiec-LeadProgrammer: Adrian Stephens- - - - -PrivacyPolicy: ofUse: apps are ad-supported andnoin-app purchases are required to progress; ad-free playoptionavailable with in-app purchase.This game may include"InterestBased Ads" (please see more information)​and may collect "Precise Location Data"​(please see​for moreinformation)​.© SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGAlogo,Comix Zone, SEGA Forever and the SEGA Forever logo areregisteredtrademarks or trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. oritsaffiliates.
Stickman Fighting Games Lightsaber Stick War 1.4
Welcome to the amazing STICKMAN shadow warrior SwordFightLightsaber games:Become a Neon Stickman Fighting championdefeatthe Super Warriors in this stickman Fight game! You’re thebestNeon Sword Fighter, Fight against the fighting Warrior and BeatyouFriend in two player game Mode.★New Pleasant LightsaberNeongames★An addictive 3D Physics and Realistic Ragdoll games★BestNeonbattle Stickman must fight the enemy stick gamesStickmanragdollfun physics games are the best and epic free Stickman games.A newStick war has started – the best game of survival, where youDefeatyour enemy Stickman warrior and win ragdoll physics epicbattlegames! Get ready to take the revenge and destroy youropponent andbecome the strongest shadow warrior on the battlefield!Will you beable to survive in this realistic fighting game? Fightand Killdifferent neon enemies in this funny stick Games Mode!Beware ofthe hurdles and gear! Fight till the last drop of yourblood anddefeat your opponent score in this wacky Physics game!Show yourfrontflip and backflip skills to become a master inmenacingbattles. Its a boxing punch hero challenge! Once you skipthe ninjawarrior you are dead .Go in the clash of an arena and winthischallenging Stickman fighting games. You will facenumerousopponents in neon games. Full of action-packed multiplayergames.Experience the fighting atmosphere in the best Stickmanragdoll funphysics games! There’s no other battle game like thisnew NeonStickman fighting! You will fight against powerfulcombatant.How toPlay: -A Sword war games! Use your fighting skillsin front of youropponent just like a stickman fight Ragdoll games.This (ChangeStickman fighting games) has many gameplay modes likeWesternCowboy fight Mode, Cops and Robbers Games, ninja warriorsgames,Boxing games, 2 Player Games mode and many more…New optionsandtricks:- Fighter Stickmen and neon environment- Amazingswordlightsaber games and killing opponents- Super tricksanddestruction- Realistic Stickman ragdoll fun physicsgamesExcitingGame Features:- Realistic ragdoll physics world- Neonstyle swordfighter who is faster and stronger than other stickmanwarrior-Become the first stickman fighting shadow warrior.- NeonstyleLightsaber games! Stern battles with wrestle jump- Morepowerfulweapons, add new neon stickman games- Multiplayer 2 playergamesupport for single touch screen- Captivating action!Well-designedenvironments and destruction of Neon characters-Challenge yourfriends and beat them in two player games Mode Stickman Neon styleWarriors games – the sequel to a super saga – youhave to fight theenemies in different online modes!!!You are onlyone to survive inthis sword fighting epic battle games, killing todestroy differentshadow warrior enemies. A game of speed and skillsin which youwill need to kicks, punches, and catches. You mustdodge yourrivals or die. This is a truly unique epic war games.Stopreadingthis and start a Neon Stick man Fight!Leave a review andrating tolet us know what you think about this game. We wouldreallyappreciate your rating…For more news anddetails:Facebook: us on:Twitter:
Stickman Fighter : Mega Brawl Action Game 10
Unleash your inner ninja and prepare for intense battleswithSTICKMAN FIGHTER, the best stickman action game in town.Kick,punch and fight to the death against other Stickmen, warriorsandepic Stick Boss duels. Defeat is not an option, you play to winoryou die. Take them all on, try to exterminate them one byonebecause there is no mercy for the Stickmen! Choose fromsuperskills, massive weapons, special techniques, magic spells andotherdestructive moves in battle after battle and kill them all!Getyour kicks and break some sticks…STICKMAN FIGHTER is a gameofmassive destructive battles offering no mercy for the fallen.Fast,addictive gameplay, a thumping soundtrack to the slaughterwithStickman brutality on a grand scale, what more could youwant?!Play now and try to get out of this sticks game withoutbeinginjured or killed. Use whatever it takes to win, kicks,punches,devastating weapons, mega fireballs and plenty of otherbonecrushing, piledriving moves... Every night is alright forStickmanfighting, have you got the skills to take on the challenge,are youready to fight and not be defeated? Download STICKMANFIGHTER nowand let your fists prove it. 3, 2, 1, FIGHT!Features:•EasyControls, just tap to deliver crushing blows and kicks•UltraViolent Stickman fighting, Stickicide is not a crime•WeaponsGalore! Swords, hammers, tridents, chainsaws• Choose YourMoves,bruise, bash and beat your way to victory• DevastatingMagicSpells, wield special powers in duels to the death•Exterminatethem all, there is no mercy for theStickmen!Annihilation,obliteration, elimination, eradication,liquidation, killing,slaughter, massacre, complete utterdestruction, defeat withextreme prejudice, total extermination...,you name it, you got it,but you need to kill them all! Play hard,offer no quarter, expectno mercy, defeat every single Stickman withyour lethal fightingskills.Too tough for you? Relentless Stickmenare coming from bothsides of the screen, use your warrior skills tostrike at the righttime to destroy them. Play the game, clean thesethugs up, wipe thefloor with these fools, finish the dirty work andleave this placea piping hot mess of desolation.STICKMAN FIGHTER isthe Armageddonof action games! If you want fast paced, weaponsfiring, sweatdrenched, blood splattered Stickman ninja fightingthat takes noprisoners, STICKMAN FIGHTER has it all.Download theapp today andlet the battle begin! Get your kicks and start thedestruction now!Die Stickman Die!
Armor Beast Arcade Fighting 2 1.0.4
Robots return, fighting reborn!Team PK, character instantlyswitch,the war will be cool!A floating change, seamless linkaction,refresh the limits of your combo!Amazing cool styling,mechadesign, first-class audio-visual experience!Strengthen andupgradecomponents, armor piercing, collocation, best team skills tounlockthe peerless magic!Invincible, become the king of Armorfighter!
Spider Hunter Amazing City 3D 1.013
Spider Hunter Amazing City is new intense 3D first personactionshooter game. Game contains singleplayer. You can pick fromarsenalof weapons - army knife, desert eagle, RPG, sniper gun, m4rifle,AK 47, grenade, uzi. Realistic outdoor hd graphics iscompareableto visuals of AAA assault army games from high-end PC.You canconfigure graphics to fit your device, so you can play moresmootlyand your movement will be more fluent. This game was made onunityengine. Each class contains main weapon, but you can also buy/upgrade other weapons, ammo, armor and bullets to the primalgun.Singleplayer campaign mission consists of simple task, which istoeliminate all spiders from city. After each finished game, yougainexperience ( xp ) and bounty money.Each match is not timelimited.After you die, you will return to the war frontlinebattlefield, soyou won't be pernamently dead. You can avengeyourself and gunshotsurviving killer spider with critical damage.Every game you gainskills, that will help you to achieve desirablevictory.Become thebest ruthless online hero assassin who will leadheadshotleaderboards ranks in this memorable stellar game withunique feel.Dive in to the new gaming experience with hours of notordinarygameplay.- Possibility to Demolish buildings- Stunning 3Dmountainpark ( hill ) graphics- Hours of fun gameplay with thisgreatshooter simulator- 9 spider types to kill ( tarantula, blackwidowetc)- 6 levels, more to come
BlazBlue RR - Real Action Game 1.24
!!!!! Recommended Android version: Android 5.0 orabove!!!!!“BlazBlue RR - Real Action Game” is a revolutionary2Dside-scrolling fighting game on mobile platform. With itsexquisite2D graphics, orthodox fighting experience and charactervoicescontributed by famous Japanese voice actors, this game istruly awork of art and will leave players awestruck. Anotherremarkablefeature of the game is its unique control system, stylishyet easyto master, this brand new touch-and-swipe control systemwillsurely bring the ultimate fighting game experience totheplayers.-BlazBlue Revolution ReburningFeatures-[Officiallylicensed. Authorized Blazblue]The only Blazblueaction mobile gameauthorized by Arc System Works, supervised byToshimichi Mori, theproducer of the original series, perfectlyrestored the classiccharacters and moves of the original series,recurred the story ofthe TV anime, and included all the memorabledialogs.[Battle on thefingertips]We abandoned the inhuman virtualbuttons, and created aunique tap-and-slide control mode (we have apatent for this), allthe moves will be performed with yourfingertips, and give you arefreshing experience just like playingthe arcade fighting game.All skills have no cool down time, whenperformed properly, you canachieve unlimited combos![Extremelygorgeous graphics]The mostgorgeous 2D graphics, and the mostauthentic Japanese graphicstyle, based on thousands of beautifuloriginal artworks. The mostsophisticated battle effects and movepresentation, perfectlyrestored the fighting style of Blazblue,give you the finestfighting experience![A-list voice actors andepic music]TomokazuSugita、Yuuichi Nakamura、Aoi Yuuki、TetsuyaKakihara、Akira Ishida ...dozens of Japanese A-list voice actorsjoined us in this game, andthe game music was composed by Japanesemaster musician DaisukeIshiwatari, wake up your ears and listen tothe sound of thebattle![Unlock heroes and deepen theirbonds]Popular charactersfrom the Blazblue series will emerge oneafter another, players canunlock them by collecting special items.Each hero has a uniquefighting style, which will bring youdifferent combat experiences,the restraints among characters arecrucial to the battles, unlockmore heroes and let the power ofbonds help you to overcome thedifficulties![PVE and PVP, variousgameplays]BlazBlue RevolutionReburning has various gameplays, bothPVE and PVP, player caneither select story mode to challengestrongholds of higherdifficulty, experience the grand storyline ofthe series, orcompete against other players in competitive mode,WIFI battle isalso available, you can fight against your friendsface toface![Contact us]Customerserviceemail:[email protected]:http://91act.comOfficialfacebookpage: TwitterPage:
Kung Fu Fighting 2.5
Kung Fu Fighting , The legendary fighting franchise returns withnewgame plot! Free classic Fighting arcade games to enjoy withandroiddevice Now! In Kung Fu Fighting Game, player's characterLee is amartial artist that practices his family's Kung Fufighting style.He enter the City to rescue him sister, Lily. Intheir fights, Leelearn that the Lily became the target from thecriminal gangs, anddecide to face him. Lee is very serious aboutKung Fu and loyal tohis family. He has been given disciplinethrough his Kung Futraining by his father . He earned thenickname, “The Grandmaster ofKung Fu” due to his remarkable use ofhis Kung Fu fighting style. Heuses the Kung Fu to fight withcriminal gangs Boss.Kung Fu FightingGame can recall your childhoodmemories of arcade game ! Recorded inthe history of the classicarcade game, Compared with other fightinggames,Kung Fu Fightinghas been designed to be played with moreeasily .
Ghoulboy - Dark sword of Goblin-Action platform 1.03
Serkan Bakar
Ghoulboy is a retro-inspired halloween style actionplatforminspired nes,snes consoles.Exciting new platformer thatcombinesthe action-rpg genre with adventure gameplay. 2D action,heroiccharacters, gloomy environments, demonic bosses, these allseem toexcite players a lot.Pixels will be combined with other coolretroelements and the result will certainly be something that willmeetthe needs of mobile gamers. Once in-game, users will get tocontrola heroic character who will often be seen throwing a speartocreate additional platforms. To boot, puzzle and combatelementswill further enhance the experience. You wouldn’t want tomiss outon it!With the gold that you collect, you can increase yourhealthlevel, your arsenal of weapons to be thrown away.Slay asmanymonsters as you can, collect loot, avoid dangerous traps anddefeatmenacing bosses.Ghoulboy brings back the look and feel of theverybest classic retro adventure free platform fun game from the90'snes,snes, introducing refreshed and engaging gameplaymechanics. Ifyou miss platformers from the 16-bit era, and thinkgames nowadaysaren't that good anymore, think twice! Ghoulboy isfor you.GhoulboyFeatures:-4 bosses-Chiptune retro musics-Puzzles-3weapons (smallsword,big sword, mace)-3 throwableweapons-Controllersupport-LeaderboardsLanguages:EspanolGermanEnglishTurkce,TürkçeAGREATADVENTURE• Explore a magical realm of dungeons, towns,treasures anddevious monsters.MAGIC AND SWORDS• Find powerfulweapons, items andspells to defeat your enemies.
Superhero City Battle Monster Fighting 1.4
The Superhero is a brilliant warrior has vast degree ofphysicalstrength. The monster 's level of strength is normallyconveyed asproportionate to his level of anger and it also turninghim green.His indestructibility, power and quick to anger and moreaggressiveand often showing and reacting emotionally to situationsquickly.His uncontrollable power has brought him into conflict withbadguys of the city. Being big super hero, you will have to chasethecriminals and bring the gangsters to police station. You asmonsterhero fight against these mutant villains in this finalbattle. Itis the time to protect your city against these supervillains. Thecity has been attacked by bad guys, mafias and badgangsters.Battle is going on against the mafia and gangster asmonster herofuturistic powers skills.The city has been attacked bybad guys,mafias and bad gangsters. Battle is going on against themafia andgangster as monster hero futuristic powers skills. Beingmonsterhero, you have to fight and catch the bad guys, drug dealersandcriminals. Try yourself in the role of a Superhero run in adynamicsimulator. Your big Hero fights to take down the criminalsandtaken to the police station with his fighting skills. MonsterHerofights against mutant crime in final battle. Protect your cityfroma sinister and exponential evil. Future fight againstSupervillains, your Monster Super Hero with Big Man or supermanskillsand also has special powers for destruction. Only you will beableto protect civilians and save the vice city. Use all yourfightingskills with fantastic power and strategy. Become a defenderof thelaw and defend the common people. Crush and smash everythingin itspath and become a Monster Super Big Man Hero of City Battleas aMonster. Remember, your enemies are mortal. It is a newMonsterSuper Hero game where Champion is the cause for justice andyourfuture. Monster Super Big Man Hero saves people and city.Thestrange monster mutant superhero legend is known for itsstrangesupernatural super powers and is ready to hit the road totake downthe bad guys. Enjoy the blend of big man fighting gamesand martialarts karate fighting games. No martial arts fighter,boxer, armyassassin can a skills in this heroic stylegame.GAMEPLAY:So, let’sexperience the one and only the bigmanSuperhero City BattleMonster Fighting against criminals in finalbattle game. It’s timefor you to finish the Monster City Battle -Big Superhero Fightingby using your unlimited powers and become atrue unbelievablesuperhero against gun shooters, criminals and citygangsters in themonster superhero city battle. Play and reveal howyou can handleyour fists and your skills in incredible monstersuperhero fightinggames 3d 2017. Be an Epic fighter and counter theenemy attacks,but do not tolerate the rivals to strike back. You’recongenital torule the world then play and defeat your rivals withsuperhero 3dgame where triumph is the intention for impartiality infuture. Getready to test your fighting skills in this futuristicMonster CityBattle - Big man fighting game.Game Features:Addictive GamePlay. Action filled missions. Smooth control anduser friendly.Be the super incredible monster hero and avenger.Super Heroes vsSuper Villains epic fighting. Long Jump Featureadded. RealisticPhysics and animations. Pick the cars and throwthem miles away.Jump high to cover the larger distances. Useheavy single anddouble punches and crack the grounds. Fight withother monstermutant evils. Incredible battles with monsters.Introduce the newaction Hero as a Monster Hero in City Battle.Super fight withvarious combination of strokes. Fight against badguys in thisamazing action game. Fun and easy control while youare playing.Exciting missions is waiting for you.
Kung fu Boxing champ- Free Action Game 1.0
Game Lovers We are here for you !!!Action Starts Now !!!TheKnightsInc. as usual following the demands of gamers, this timewithAddictive fighting Game. kung fu boxing champ- Free Action gameisa complete package of boxing and karate. The whole game isdesignedin a story mode that you will have to fight against thegangstersof city by applying your boxing kung fu skills. This kungfu gameis advanced type of fighting games. Street kung fu is inwait foryou. Just tap on Install button and start playing thisaction game.Real Kung fu Boxer - Street Karate championThisfighting gamecarries multiple fighting players in the game. Selectyour desiredplayers At least 6 players are given in this fightinggame. Allplayers are able to perform kung fu fight. More than 15levels aredesigned to play. Just play for free with out spending asinglepenni. It’s free action game. No wifi is required to playthisGame.don't miss out the trending game and share it withyourfriends. Gangster Fight - Real Fighting Game 2018 :In eachlevelyou will have to perform a specific target in given time. Alsoineach fight you will have to earn some special powers and youwillhave to unlock some new features to go ahead. We believe thiskungfu game will take you into deep addiction of fighting game.Playand give us suggestions. We respect and care for yourresponse.!!stay tuned for further improvements .Just go ahead andstartplaying.
Shadow Warrior : Hero Kingdom Fight 1.8
Shadow Warrior : Hero Kingdom Fight is an exciting actiongame!Thevaliant warrior, you are trapped in the shadow, meanwhilethe evilpower are penetrating.It's the only way of existence thatdefeatsthe evil shadow warrior and closes the shadow door.Are youready toexplore this adventure world, and enjoy this beautiful andlifelikecombat scene. To release your fighting instincts and savethisturbulent time!Simple game play with easy operation. Thevirtualdirection controls pole and the right corner buttons couldbecombined ten fighting skills to defense and blocking theenemyattack. Want win? Don't forget to upgrade.The progressivestorywill help our heroes quickly adapt to this addiction andfastrhythm of the shadow arcade game!Exquisite 3D scenes,smoothcombatant systems, and gorgeous special skills, waiting foryou tochallenge the shadow world.The ultimate fight to experiencethemost thrilling stimulus!Game features:HD shadow worldscreenTheunique skills of the shadow warriorFree combinationfightingComboSuper gorgeous visual effectThe sense of heroes tosave theworld
Ninja Wolfman-Street Fighter 1.7
Ninja Wolfman: Street Fighter is a free horizontal fightingactionarcade game!Because of faith, you are a latent ninja duringtheday, and in the night you will transform into a werewolf andit’stime to show your terrible fangs.No matter being a man or aWolf,your duty is to defend the city! Just keep fighting and defeatallinvaders. Bloodlust is not your intention, be a ninja with swordora fierce werewolf. The choice depends on you.The enemy ispowerful,for the ultimate victory, you must be awake.Ninja skillscan keepyou moving forward, but the transformed werewolf is thecity'spatron saint.The sharp claw is your weapon. Heavy armor canmakethe enemy fear. Your high attack speed will not let anyoneflee.Youare a cruel and bloodthirsty butcher for invadingcreatures.But forthis city, Ninja Werewolf is a loyal warrior, aking of arcadebattles.Try your best to survive to the last. Thelegend has itthat werewolves will become bloodsucking zombies aftertheydie.Game features:Gorgeous action special effectsDozens of HD3DscenesIntuitive click and slide operationUnique combosystemVariousfierce bosses
Stickman Ninja 1.1.2
- Stickman Ninja is an cool and offline action fightinggame.Thisarcade game stunning 2D graphics, simple side-scrollinginterfaceand easy-to-learn & cool controls.- Stickman ninja haswiderange of skills you can mix for devastating combos. - Fightusing adynamic combat system and unleash devastating wrath attackswhilefreely navigating the battlefield using intuitive controller-Enterinto the arena and fight for the survival. If you loveplayingStickman Ninja games then this is the game which will amazeyouwith the swift handling and amazing features.It is totallyfree.Let's enjoy!- Stickman Ninja was inspired by "Stickman"promises todo the most exciting games in this genre.FEATURES- Easyand Simpleto play- Cool skill design and effect- Smooth, easy,addictive& intuitive gameplay.- Smooth fighting action. -Differentupgrade way.Download it now!
Son of Zeus 1.8
The Last Hero Achilles part 2 , Son of Zeus is finally here. SonofZeus SOZ follows a different storyline. This game is one ofthebest sword fighting,medieval action RPG game out there.Drivenbyhis greed and hatred for Zeus, Ares the King of theunderworldcreated the Dark Army to conquer the world of men. One byone,kingdoms of men fell before the army of Demons and Orcs. Butoneprince resisted the Dark Army. Prince Zydian. They call him SonofZeus. Play and defeat the 4 titans of Ares, Ashe, Death,Cerberusand Dizuo and finally Ares.Prince Zydian and Lady Eline,the lasthope of realms of men.If you like Son of Zeus please shareit withyour friends,rate and leave your opinion below.If you arelookingfor a third person sword fighting game filled with Herculeslevelaction, valour, ancient greek mythology medieval battleswithhercules like heroes,then look no further. Feel adrenalinerushthrough your veins.Son of Zeus assets are highly optimised andisjust 47 Mb .There are no additional files to download.
Ninja Warrior-Battle Hero Kingdom 1.6
Ninja Wolfman-Champs Battlegrounds Fight re-presents theexcitementof arcade fighting game. It will bring you a brand newfightingexperience. In game, the defeated enemies will light youranger.When your anger erupts, you will be awake and become wolfman.Fightfor glory and control the battle. Defeat every enemy ahead atthefastest speed and be the only master of the arcade battle!Youcan't predict the enemies and dangers ahead of you. Butwhateverout there, you need to be fearless and unstoppable. Let theenemieshear your roar and the majesty of the master is enough todeter theenemy. Timidity is never the name of the master of thearcade!Start the battle and let your hot blood boil! The intenseandthrilling arcade fighting adventures is there for you toexplore!Features:3D arcade visual scenesStunning combos Weird andstrongBoss Epic weapons Various adventurous levels
Fatal Fight - Fighting Games 2.0.236
Fatal Fight is a unique fighting game that isextremelyaddictive.Discover your way to become the greatest fighterbydefeating evil ninjas, deadly warriors and invisiblesamurais.Doyou like the fighting scenes? Great! Fatal Fight hasstunningscenes with different martial arts.It is can be also called"Beatthem up" which is a type of action game where the charactermustfight against a large number of enemies in unarmed combat orwithmelee weapons. Beat 'em up usually employ vigilante crimefightingand revenge plots with the action taking place on citystreets.Theunique gameplay makes it easy to learn but hardtomaster.Features:• Tons of epic levels• 10+ Kung Fu masters• Notimelimit. Play as long as you want.• Offline mode. No Wi-Fi,noproblem.• Daily bonuses and gifts• Unique fighting skills•Annoyingads? No problem. Make any in-app purchase and ads will bedisabledforever.• Leaderboards & achievements.• Cloud save.Your gameprogress is being saved online. You can sync your gameprogressbetween devices, phones & tablets using the same GooglePlay orFacebook Account. Like usonFacebook:'sFight!
Kong Battle Multiplayer 1.0.3
Step into gorilla’s shoes and be prepared to a monumental fightinthe middle of Southern Africa.The aim? Push your enemy from thetopof a cliff toward the abysmal chasm.Unlock special moves bymakingcombos. Who is the boss? Play two players and show that youare theking of the jungle! Features:Single player againstcomputer2players modeSpecial moves
Legacy Of Warrior : Action RPG Game 1.9
Prepare yourself to dive in an adventurous journey and seekyourrevenge through the war-scorched countryside. Legacy Of Warriorisa war action rpg game that lets you immerse yourself inchallengingSamurai battles, tons of missions and fighting quests.Play as theSamurai hero and stop at nothing to catch yourarch-enemy!⚔️FIGHTWITH YOUR SAMURAI WARRIORGear up your Samuraiwarrior with weapons,skills and attack combos and become the herothat everyone’swaiting for! It’s time for you to show your skillsand fightdangerous enemies. Take part in challenging battles andmissions inone of the best action rpg war games!🈶GREAT SAMURAIWARSTORYLINEThis Samurai action rpg war game has an addictivegameplaywith a great story behind it. There is an important reasonwhy youhave to complete quests and fight battles! Read the talethat goesalong with each given quest in fantastic HD comic panels.It’s anaction rpg like you’ve never experiencedbefore!🔥HIGH-QUALITY WARRPG GAMEPLAYIf you’re tired of all theboring war rpg gameplays outthere and you’re in need of an excitingrole playing game for yourAndroid, this Samurai action rpg game isperfect for you! SamuraiHero Fight Battles has various featuresthat will enhance yourgaming experience, from puzzles for you tosolve, to exploringdifferent environments, discovering new things,encountering inchallenging battles, and so on. Play and complete asmanyobjectives as you can in this awesome and unique adventurerpggame!🎴Legacy Of Warrior FEATURES✅ Original Samurai action rpggame✅HD battlefields, open spaces and adventure worlds✅ Tonsofchallenging quests and missions✅ Amazing Samuraiwarriors✅Different upgradeable skills, weapons and combos✅ Solvepuzzles,explore things and avoid traps✅ Fight dangerousenemies✅High-quality rpg war game elements✅ Great Samurai wartale✅Intuitive touch screen controls✅ Free to play- - - - - - - - -- -- - - - Play as a Samurai warrior hero, defend your land fromtheevil enemies’ attacks and have hours of fun with one ofthegreatest rpg war games!Download it now for FREE and enjoySamuraibattles!
Superheroes League - Fighting games 1.2.4
This is the best fighting game in android, it's loaded withaction,are you willing to fight for justice in thissuperhero/villainfighting game? In this survival game you will bethe savior of theworld fight with all your skills.Prepare for adeadly fight! leaveyour enemy KO with special combos, learn how topunch and kick towin the league.Story mode.Fight, unlock andcollect superheroes:Create the Superhero League and fight chapterby chapter,delivering justice against evil villains who will try toknock youout, use different punch and kick combos to conquer theuniverse,regain health and energy so you can use the final comboand endchampion of Superheroes League.Quick fight.Fight in 1vs1battleagainst villains or random heroes, we recommend training hardforthis fighting mode. Which style do you prefer? each superherohasdifferent Muay Thai skills, mma fighting, boxing and wrestling,sochoose well which fight mode is best for your superhero.Fightinmultiplayer mode.In multiplayer mode you can fight withfriendsthrough a local server, so you can fight 1vs1. (not inonlinemultiplayer mode).Features:- You'll see your realsuperheroes!-Collect more than 76 superheroes and fight to thedeath.-Unbelievable combos. Don't let anyone block you, use thebestkeys!- Quick Fight Mode, you'll fight face-to-face in ArcadeMode -A multitude of superhero game modes.- Fight in differentscenariosFight with superheroes to win!- Enjoy free gaming from anydevicewith the save system - Never lose!- Vibrate with your freemusicand exciting HD sound.Deal justice and fight with superheroesor ifyou are a dark soul and want to conquer the universe, choosetofight villains, give punches boxing or mma to beat thesuperheroeswho want to prevent you, fight to be a legend, fightswithvillains.If you're a villain, enjoy fighting for evil,destroysuperheroes and conquer the universe, these fights getcomplicatedin this superhero game. Who said free fighting gameswereeasy?Significant:The content of this superheroes game iscreativityof Superheroes League - Fighting games, the companyAltivasoft andours characters from Altiva universe, it has nothingto do withcomic bookmarks.You can not fight online or multiplayermode, it isonly possible to fight in multiplayer is with localserver.It's afree game, it doesn't pay but you can buy upgrades andsuperheroesinside.They are not real or known superheroes, they aredesignedonly for the Superheroes League - Fighting games andreiterate thatthey are fictional characters.
Smash Champs 1.7.6
Rise to the challenge and battle your way to greatness!Take ontherole as trainer, prepare for combat and lead your Champs tovictoryagainst your friends.Kiloo presents an action arcadeadventure likeno other. Form a team, challenge your opponents andbecome thegreatest trainer of Smash Champs! FEATURES:★ CHALLENGEfriends andfoes in turn-based online play★ TRAIN your Champs forcombat withlightning fast swipe action ★ RISE through the ranks tobecome alegendary trainer★ UNLOCK Champs and customize them withpowerfulgear ★ DISCOVER triumph in spectacular combatcinematics*Note: Anetwork connection is required to play.
Shadow Warrior 3 : Champs Battlegrounds Fight 1.0
Shadow Warrior 3 : Champs Battlegrounds Fight is a superexcitinghorizontal action fighting game. Five brave fightersentered theshadow world. It's all about trials, battles andcompetitions. Theypromise to conquer all here by force and closethe door of shadows!It was a super-exciting battle. In the face ofdifferent enemies,you need to use different fighting tactics. Thefastest way todefeat an opponent is to think of nothing. Thisshadow worldbelongs to a parallel universe, a dark universe withtoo many darkforces lurking here. Fists, weapons, fighting skills,and yourcollected heroes & Battle Monsters are what you canrely on toconquer the evil. Gather the most powerful shadowwarriors andexplore this world full of adventure! The game issimple andflexible. Different skill movements can form differentkinds ofcombo fighting. Use Kicking, boxing, jumping and falling tomakethe most powerful combos! Constantly reinforce your equipmentandthe hero itself, experience the thrill of the kill, and maketheevil forces of the universe tremble. Start this epic journeyamongthe stars, enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the funofexploring the planets, bring peace back to the universe.Onceyoustep into this shadow world, it means that danger iseverywhere.Mighty warriors, are you ready? Maintain the fastestattack speedand the most powerful combat skills and begin to enjoytheaggressive action of the arcade! Features:Beautiful,realisticfighting scenesPowerful fighting skills and tacticsJointhe fightanytime, anywhereVarious shades of warriors andelvesChallengeyourself with hard fighting
Shadow Battle 2.2 2.2.31
The SHADOW force has corrupted our Universe by its danknesspower,all life forms are covered under its effect. The souls of themostpowerful heroes have been sealed inside the magical artifactcalledCube. Only you - the Commander - can free the imprisonedheroes,take the lead and fight against the SHADOW to bring peaceback tothe Universe.This is SHADOW BATTLE 2.2 - ARevolutionaryRPG-fighting action game!★ NEWS! ★SHADOW BATTLE 2.2 isreleasedwith Online Multiplayer Arena game mode!★ CREATE YOUR OWNFIGHTINGTACTIC ★SHADOW BATTLE brings to you many heroes under 6uniqueclasses to choose from. Collect new heroes, emblems andmanage themin the way you like. Be fast and graceful, strong andshattering,enigmatic and deadly.★ BECOME THE GREATEST LEGEND ★As aCommander,you can recruit, power up and manage heroes to fightagainst theSHADOW force that threatens to enslave all Universe!-Gather all ofthe most powerful heroes together and let them stay byyour side,fight under your lead.- Undertake your epic journeyamongst thestars, explore planets and beautiful landscapes.★ RISETO THECHALLENGE ★Engage in Versus battles to conquer yourchallengers;Win rewards, upgrade your force and become thetop-rankedCommander!★ UNLOCK MYSTICAL PRIZES ★Win Cubes to discoverthe lootand treasures within: rare heroes, diamonds, valuableresources andother amazing rewards!★ Contact us ★We want to makesure you areentertained. Feel free to write us any feedback. Theyare real-timecredits for us. Let's improve the game together!★UpdateSuggestions ★Any ideas and suggestions, please send us anemail [email protected]
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars 2.2.1
nWay Inc.
Rita Repulsa, the space witch, has infected the MorphinGrid,creating virtual monsters and Ranger clones programmed tofight onher behalf. Fight back with your own curated team oflegendaryPower Rangers and villains from the multiverse! Unlock newRangers,upgrade your best warriors and create the best team todefeat Rita,and save theMorphinGrid.----------------FEATURES------------------------BATTLEPLAYERSIN REAL-TIMEStrategize, dodge and fight against real playersinreal-time PvP and unlock different arenas from famous locationsinthe movie and TV Show!STUNNING CONSOLE QUALITY GRAPHICSViewyourfavorite Power Rangers and their iconic moves like neverbefore.Full-blown 3D character models with stunning visualsandanimations!COLLECT NEW & ICONIC POWER RANGERSUnlock newRangersand collect 40+ warriors ranging from the new movie PowerRangersto classic Rangers to villains from across the PowerRangersmultiverse! CUSTOMIZABLE TEAMSCreate the best team to fightforyou. With your ultimate team, you can challenge top playersfromaround the world!GROW STRONGER Upgrade your best warriors withZeoShards earned through battles, missions and more to increaseyourwinning streaks and battle stats!TEAM UP WITH YOUR FRIENDSBuildalliances to share, chat and trade tactics, strategy andcombos!Watch replays to learn from other members and follow yourfavoriteplayers.************************************************************************Likeuson Facebook: usonTwitter: us onInstagram: game, you agree to the Terms of Service andPrivacy PolicyAgreement.
King of war-Fantasy Journey 1.1.8
Comparable to the PC action game heavy combat flu, includingmovesskills, spells, skills, gain skills and passive skills up todozensof skills skill tree, the other contains the legend, epic,darkgold, etc. up to thousands of pieces of the best equipment,skillfull of BOSS war, plenty of copy, a huge and wonderful storyof theworld !* Cross-action game, gorgeous screen take you into theworldof Monkey King.* Good sense of combat moves and allows youtoexperience the gorgeous refreshing sense of combat.* A richvarietyof game systems, which immerse you playGame wonderful videolink: tutorialspleasesubscribe to us YouTube account: SunStar
Power Rider Ninja Steel 1.9.0
Grooz Inc
Power Rider Ninja Steel - Fighting Battle is a free fightinggamefor android, feel all the adrenaline in this power ninja steelgamefor the survival of legendary fighters to the gloryFight withsuperninja steel enjoy street fighting, mma fighting, kungfu,boxing,muay thai and other wrestling disciplines in a deadly fightfor thepower of the universe in this epic hero battle, fightinmultiplayer mode through a local server, and enjoy thePowerRiderNinja Steel - Fighting Battle.Features:- Unbelievable 3Dgraphics.Real fights!- Collect more than 30 super ninja steel tofight inthe best 3D fights. Conquer the villains!- Fast fightingmode Idealfor short fights!- Discover the history mode and fightforsurvival.- Fight in multiplayer mode (With local server, notonlinemultiplayer)- Fight from any device with your saved game-Intraining mode we will find power-ups to train your powerninjasteel in the fight and make it stronger.- Collect the cardsofsuper ninja steel, acquire new wrestling skills, you set thepace,the fights take place in incredible HD scenarios.The darkleaguewhere chaos and injustice dominate, you must fight withvillainswho want to steal your powers, you must fight for thesurvival ofthe power ninja steel species, show your fightingskills, combatthe most epic battle of power ninja steelfights.SignificantThecontent of the game is Power Rider Ninja Steel- Fighting Battle,Grooz Inc say than the characters from theuniverse of Grooz Incand have nothing to do with super ninja steelor other brands.Youalready know! If you like power ninja steelgames and wrestling,this is your free fighting game, choose sidesand use your powersto win, be the best in history mode, compete andshare with yourfriends. Who will win? the most epic hero battleshere,Power RiderNinja Steel - Fighting Battle.
Street Fighting 4 1.0.2
Street Fighting King of Fury Fighters is a classic freearcadefighting game.Street Fighting King of Fury Fighters bringstheoriginal fighting experience.Fun and addictive beat'em'up gamewithrealistic physics and hardcore gameplay. With simple controlsyoucan perform amazing stunts and blows to defeatyouropponents.Street Fighting King of Fury Fighters can recallyourchildhood memories of arcade fighting games!Free smooth andfastmodern fighting action,High quality and gorgeous realistic2Dboxing fighting scenes.Incredible 2D graphics!Be the king ofthedark street!having fun.
Timing Hero : Retro Fighting Action RPG 2.3.3
Enjoy one of the best free rpg with great hero battles andcombats.Select from various heroes, upgrades, weapons and battlewithfearful enemies. This retro rpg features 8-bit graphics andmusicand will completely remind you of the old-school games. You’llloveevery second of it, as it is ultra-fun, easy to play andhighlyenjoyable. Start the game and enjoy a hero battle, but watchoutthere will be some really dangerous enemies. See why we are oneofthe best free rpg games for Android!▣ CAPTIVATINGSTORYLINELongago, there was an archmage with a mystic power. Sheprotected thekingdom with her 12 apostles. One day, after the kingpassed away,they disappeared without a notice, then an endless waragainst themonsters began. The legend says that only a hero withthe artifactsof archmage and apostles can end this war. Peoplewaited, for thechosen one, hoping the legend was true. for a longtime.▣ ONE OFTHE BEST RETRO RPG!You are in the role of the timinghero. He needsyour timely reaction in the hero battles. His skillsdepend on yourperformance. So, win battles and buy appropriateupgrades. Dodgeand attack at the right moment against tons ofamazing heroes andbosses.▣ FREE RPG WITH 3 GAME MODESFor start, werecommend theclassic game modes. Pick your hero and start thebattle. Craft himto be the best. Use the other two game modes:colosseum and raid tofurther have fun with this classic rpg! Seewhy it is one of thebest rpg battle and best free rpg battlegames!▣ OLD-SCHOOL,ULTRA-INTERESTING NOSTALGIC GRAPHICS ANDGAMEPLAYThis free rpg gamefeatures the old-school gaming spiritincluding retro music andsound effects and retro pixelatedgraphics! The gameplay isperfectly crafted and all you need to dois be precise! One ofthose battle games you will have hard timeturning off.▣ TONS OFNEW FEATURES!- 10 new heroes with morepowerful skills.- 16 newboss monsters with legendary powers.- 2 newepic game modes;Colosseum and Raid.▣ COLOSSEUM GAME MODE- Play as aparty of 3heroes.- Battle against other heroes with hero skills.-Switchbetween 3 party members with different skills; build yourownstrategy against powerful enemies.- Win 12 battles and becomeachampion to get honor points and Summoning Cards to unlocknewheroes.▣ RAID GAME MODE- Play as a party of 3 heroes.-Battleagainst legendary boss monsters with 3 different powerfulskills.-Switch between 3 party members with different skills; buildyourown strategy against powerful enemies.- If you are defeated,youcan continue your battle with a different party.- Killinglegendaryboss monsters will grant you medals and powerful scrollsthat canincrease hero's attributes beyond the limits.▣COLOSSEUM/RAIDTIPS!- You can switch your party member whenever youwant!- Buffsand debuffs don't go away after switching, use it toyouradvantage.- Skills such as "Stun" or "Shackle" can be used tostopthe enemy skills.- All the enemy skills can be counteredwithcertain hero skills.- Heroes will need a rest afterattendingColosseum or Raid battles. Unlock and upgrade other heroestocreate more parties to play without waiting.- The difficultywillincrease as you clear. Try it the next day if itbecomesimpossible.▣ RETRO IS COMING BACK! THRILLING CONTROL GAMEWITH FULLOF RPG FEATURES.- No auto-combat- Evade and counterattack-Dodgecombo-attacks from boss- Enjoy full 4 colors graphic and 4ch8bitsound▣ PLAY WITH VARIOUS HEROES AND UNIQUE SKILLS!- 26 heroeswithdifferent abilities and skills- upgrade your stats with bountyasyou want▣ PICK WHAT YOU WANT, COLLECT UNIQUE ARTIFACTS!-24artifacts of giving effect to all heroes- Upgrade artifacts,makeit more powerful- Clear stage 40, 80, 120 to see theuniqueepilogues of each hero.▣ TIP! TAKE THE ADVANTAGES BY 'JUST'EVADE& 'JUST' ATTACK!- Just evade : Evade the exact timing-Justattack : Attack monster that appears in the timing
GOD FIGHTER Z: Dragon War Super Power Ball Legends 1.4.62
GOD FIGHTER Z: Dragon War Super Power Ball Legends is ananimefantasy action fighting game much of the traditional brawlingusingyour kung fu martial arts that kids love. It's more likeplaying anarcade game battle arena only that you can play it inyour mobiledevice! Battle the legacy endless saga and survival godsof power.⚔Features of GOD FIGHTER Z: Dragon War Super Power BallLegends*Clash with action kung fu martial arts attacks and specialpunchmoves.* Evolutions that make you stronger.* Power up andcustomizeyour strength.* Nonstop academia battle of infinityamounts of darkshadow monsters and epic boss fights!⚔The DragonFighter SuperheroWarrior “Hero Z”The story goes in anotheruniverse, Earth academiais invaded by powerful alien invaders,incredible monsters, madtitan and warlord kings where men could notface. The lastlegendary my hero warrior “Hero Z”, a man that seeksjustice toavenge and fight dark shadow villains and titan warlordkings. As aGod Fighter X, one must also face epic battle fights toevolve. Oneman a dragon fighter trains to become the most powerfulsuperherowarrior to avenge and save the universe. Fight againstinfinityleague of villains that threatens your dragon city andbattle withyour kung fu martial arts skills. Level up and evolveintodifferent evolution until you reach the level of an ultrainstinctgod and end the shadow war. Be summoned at the tournamentgods ofpower!⚔How to Play GOD FIGHTER Z: Dragon War Super PowerBallLegendsAs an action fighting game, you can tap basic left andrightmove and battle escape. The basic rules of survival is avoidbeingidle and tap attack when you see a foe. You tap and playaroundother controls like guard, teleport and power punch attackstodefeat monster shadow villains. You can nest your attacks thenasyou gain level you get to learn new powerful attacks andevolvelike a super saiyan !⚔ Fighting attacks:Basic attacks hasdifferentaction punch and kicks that earns over a combo break. Themore fastaction you punch over the dark shadow villains, the lesschance ofgetting hit by them in an instinct. The game also comeswith anauto punch when you press and hold the attack button longer.Thereis also a guard button to block monsters from hitting you.Youbetter watch your life or the angry dark monsters will crushyou.Don’t fall from the dark lord! You also create ball ofenergyattacks as you further your level. Go get that specialdragonspirit ball super move!⚔ Level up and Evolution:Yourlegendarydragon fighter can evolve like a super saiyan. Like asuper saiyanwarrior when you battle a lot of enemies you getstronger, in thisfighting game you fight more dark shadow villainsto limit breakand when you reach higher levels you get new formsthat increasesyour power! While raising your level, you will unlocknew epicskills that gives you ultra extra attacks. Certain Auraschanges asyou gain more levels. You must level with no limit inorder to facesuper ultimate shadow villains in the universe!⚔ PowerUpThisfeature empowers your stats to gain extra attributes. Everytimethat your Dragon fighter increases in action level themoreevolution epic forms you receive and makes your stats getting alotstronger. Collect these forms until you reach rank! You gettoupgrade your life, Damage and Critical strike for betterfighting.⚔Special Ultra Skills in GOD FIGHTER Z: Dragon War SuperPower BallLegendsMy hero warrior Skills comes in series of handyways. Someactions are bang bang blast, ball of energy, one punchblow,kamehameha, dragon spirit ball and more. Each of theselegendaryattacks comes in unique techniques and many uses likeusing theteleport to switch places and avenge enemies behind andusingpowerful beams and ball of energy. Players will love usingtheseultra skills!Get this awesome action fighting game forFREE!Download GOD FIGHTER Z: Dragon War Super Power Ball LegendsNOW!
Anger of Stick 3 1.0.4
The third installment of the hit series Anger Of Stick nowonAndroid!Anger of Stick 3 features even more spectacularfightingaction and the craziest combos you've ever seen!You playour stickhero once again on a mission to eradicate all villainsfrom otherplanets! Meet different enemies on each planet and defeatevenstronger bosses as you progress through this dangerous andtrickygalaxy!Make use of the many fighting combos mastered by ourhero,and buy weapons in the shop to increase your destructionradius andchances of survival! This action packed fighting gamehas:- 44levels across multiple scenarios, split by 9 planets- Fivemaincharacters with different combos, changeable according totheenemies- Many different types of bosses and enemies on eachplanet-Experience true fighting action with energy beams, mid-aircombos,continuous attacks, deadly weapons and a leveling up system-Morecombo moves for even more intense action!We've also broughtsomenew and awesome features to the Android version: - Severalnewcharacters- Super warrior mode- Evolve your characters- "Saveme"button whenever you die in the gameTap, jump, punch and kicknonstop to vanquish all these stick foes!
Streets of Rage Classic 1.1.1
One of SEGA’s all-time greats, Streets of Rage is now availableonmobile! Play free and rediscover this ground-breakingbeat-‘emup.Three cops, a city on the edge, and a crime lord knownonly asMr. X – welcome to one of the all-time SEGA greats. Armyourselfwith knives, bottles, and drainpipes and battle througheightthug-infested urban environments to bring order to thecity.Relentless, explosive, and addictive as hell – Streets of Rageisthe grand-daddy of beat-‘em-ups!Streets of Rage joinstheever-increasing line-up of ‘SEGA Forever’, a treasure trove offreeSEGA console classics brought back to life onmobile!FEATURES–Three playable characters, each with their ownstrengths and killercombos!– Eight rounds of fast-paced brawlingaction!– Local Wi-Fimultiplayer support to help you best thebosses!– A devastating,rocket-propelled special attack from theESWAT team!– Times tootough? Get extra continues and specialattacks via rewardedads!MOBILE GAME FEATURES– PLAY FREE withad-support or ad-free viaIn-App Purchase– SAVE YOUR GAMES – saveyour progress at any pointin the game.– LEADERBOARDS – compete withthe world for highscores– HAPTIC SUPPORT – get into the game withresponsive buttonpresses– CONTROLLER SUPPORT – HID compatiblecontrollersRETROREVIEWS"Streets of Rage will knock you out!" [96%]- Doctor Dave,GamePro #27 (October 1991)"I almost wet myself andcalled thepolice when we first plugged in the Streets of Ragecart." [93%] -Frank O'Connor, Computer & Video Games #119(October1991)"There can be little doubt that Streets of Rage is thefinestbeat-'em-up ever to grace the Mega Drive." [885/1000] -GaryWhitta, ACE #50 (November 1991)STREETS OF RAGE TRIVIA– TheStreetsof Rage series goes by the name Bare Knuckle in Japan–Streets ofRage was also released in arcades via the Mega-Tech andMega Playboards– Comic book legend Mark Millar penned two Streetsof Ragecomic strips for Sonic the Comic!– There's an alternateending todiscover... can you find it?STREETS OF RAGE HISTORY– Thegame wasoriginally released in 1991– Developed by: SEGA–Designers:Noriyoshi Ohba, Hiroaki Chino– Lead Composer: YuzoKoshiro- - - --Privacy Policy: Use: apps are ad-supportedand noin-app purchases are required to progress; ad-free playoptionavailable with in-app purchase.This game may include"InterestBased Ads" (please see more information)​and may collect "Precise Location Data"​(please see​for moreinformation)​.© SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGAlogo,Streets of Rage, SEGA Forever and the SEGA Forever logoareregistered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd.orits affiliates.
Terra Fighter 2 - Fighting Games 1.10
SMVD Games
Do you like fighting games? Do you enjoy engaging in life ordeathduels against dangerous street fighter? If you do, try ournewestFREE action game: Terra Fighter 2 – Fighting Games! Armyourselfwith various weapons and face off dangerous enemies inbattle todeath. Train yourself to be expert in kung fu fighting andMMAfighting to be able to defeat your enemies! Only a realwarriorwith a brave heart can enter our death arena. Are you readytostart this addictive and exciting action game?Terra Fighter 2-Fighting Games is sequel of "Terra Fighter – Deadly Wargods"actiongame. Terra Fighter 2 gives you a chance to use variousweapons todefeat the bad guys. Test your karate skill and landKick, Punches,Combos and Powerful Projectile on your enemies tokill them. Youneed to have fast reaction with quick thinking to beable to masterall fighting styles such as kung fu fighting style orMMA fightingstyle.GAME MODE:• STORY MODE: Start your journey as awarrior.Fight the evil Cibor and finish off his entire army. • DUELMODE:Face off against deadly enemies in death arena. Unlock all16opponents with various kung fu fighting and karateskills.******************************************FEATURES OF TERRAFIGHTER2 – FIGHTING GAMES:******************************************•Enjoy our action gamefor free on your Android device. • Great 3Dgraphic and realisticsound effects. • Be ready to go to war anddefeat mighty Bosses andother fearsome warriors as your opponents.• Train your karate andkung fu fighting skill. Some MMA fightingskill will be useful too!• Upgrades your weapons and armors to winthe war. • Face off bestfighters of different era including RomanGladiator, Deadly Ninja,Dragon Fighter, Army Lady, BoxingWrestling Girl, Giant Demons andFuture Metal Steel Robots.Rememberthat each street fighter has itsown weaknesses and strengths. Eachbattle is different, so stayfocused when you play our action game.Note: Terra Fighter 2 is freeto play but you have the option toupgrades weapons and armors within app purchase. The upgrades helpyou in your battle. Enjoy Best2018 - 2019 Free Action and FightingGame in 3D.If you like thisgame please take a moment & rateus. Your ratings inspire usimproving the game play. And stay Tunedwith SMVD Games @
Boxing Champion 5-Street Fight
“Boxing Champion 5” is a classic street fighter games.combinesboxing, karate,kungfu, wrestling,latest arcade gamestotallyfree!endless boxing action A new style ARPG is coming!Comeswingyour fists in this all-immersive mobile boxinggame.simpleside-scrolling interface and easy-to-learn controls, aswell as awide range of skills you can mix for devastating combos.Anunprecedented brave combat experience!Fight on the street!Facevaries of enemies! Defeat them and take all theirterritories!Usequick reflexes and special moves, unleash fiercepunches andcombos, beat all opponents and become the king of boxingnow!Themost gorgeous 2D graphics, based on thousands of beautifuloriginalartworks. Master punches and combine them with devastatingSpecialPunches and Focus abilities creating the ultimate combo toKO youropponent.The most sophisticated battle effects andmovepresentation, perfectly restored the fighting style of“BoxingChampion 5”, give you the finest ko fighting experience!youcancompete against masters of kung fu, MMA, karate, wrestling,boxingand other forms of struggle, to enjoy an epic battle.Trainyourboxers, and earn glory and money.Complete the challengesandreceive ability points that you can use to become the nextboxingchampion. Develop your boxer’s Strength, Stamina, Speed,andEndurance, level up your abilities, and equip powerful booststocreate your own unique fighting playstyle.“Boxing Champion5”GameFeatures:1.super cool combos, moves dripping, experiencereal-lifeexperience Impossible furious knife meat.2.point fingersSlideunrestricted operating mode, experience the infinite combosJinShuang feel, let you brave experience every minute offightingblood!3,Fantastic characorts' fighting actions! Smash,Bust, Slash... Enjoy crushing your enemies!4. High quality andgorgeousrealistic 2D boxing hit fighting scenes.5. the game whereyou canexperience a variety of skills batter;exciting fightinggame, richgame content;6.the production of sophisticated gamescreen,allowing you to experience the ultimate fun of thegame;backgroundsound, so players feel immersive hundreds!Coolfighting effects,dazzling picture of the game, combined with afighting game StreetFighter and King of Fighters effect, then theplayer fighting gameslike gaming experience to join this fantasyfighting game! Do youremember the arcade hall Xuanza loud voice? Doyou remember thetime when the game ends grumbling? Do you rememberwhen the duelwith rival fighting game that unyielding perseverancenever giveup? That everything is a game that most of the blood! Now"BoxingChampion 5" is coming! A variety of different skill sets,simpleyet challenging fun arcade fighting game phone, give youarbitrarysuper cool experience!“Boxing Champion 5”Enjoy the mortalcombatfor control of world boxing fighting scene in a struggle,thanks tothe best free games of street fights of super heroes, feeltherealism of combat as never beforedone.facebook: