Top 4 Games Similar to Funulous Caveman

Birk's Adventure 1.01.2
Donut Games
LAUNCH SALE! 40% off ################## From the creatorsof"Trapsn' Gemstones" (Gamezebo GAME OF THE YEAR 2014) comesanew,exploration-oriented platformer, sometimes referred toastheMetroidvania genre. THE PLOT During a dark,rainythunderstorm,mysterious forces appear on the skies over theKingdomof Nidala.Birk, a brave townsboy, heads over to the oldtower whereMerlinlives, in hopes of getting some answers from theelder. Birklearnsthat the King is missing and the sacred stonetablets whichhaveprotected the kingdom for generations have beenstolen. JoinBirkin a charming, retro-styled pixel adventure on aquest tounravelthe mysteries and restore peace to the kingdom.Explore thelands,talk to the locals, collect weapons and upgradeyourcharacter.GAME FEATURES * Non-linear gameplay: Explore thekingdomfreely *Casual friendly, NON-DESTRUCTIVE gameplay: When youlose,yourespawn in the last room instead of having to start allover*Interact with characters, trade items and get hints*Collectweapons and valuables * Upgrade your character *Unearthsecrettreasures, hidden all over the kingdom * An overviewmap thatkeepstrack of all places you've visited This game supportsJOY PADSandEXTERNAL KEYBOARDS that use Android OS friendlykeycodes(KEYCODE_DPAD_LEFT, KEYCODE_BUTTON_A, etc)
Snot & Fluff - Kids Story Book: Learn to Read 1.3.0
OhNoo Studio
Mum, Dad, can I watch a movie? - how often do we heartheserequests. This is where “Snot and Fluff - a Space Adventure”willspeed to the rescue. This is an interactive story bookwithfeatures of an adventure game for children aged 4 to 10. Thisis afunny and educational story of friendship, courage andhelpingothers. It will take your child and yourself on an amazingjourneyto distant galaxies full of colourful planets. You willmeetvarious creatures, strange animals and together you willexperiencean unforgettable adventure. The game DOES NOT includeanyadvertisements, references to Internet websites ormicro-payments!Your child may safely use it on a tablet or phone.You will meettwo friends: Snot and Fluff. The former is atraveller, anadventurous globetrotter, whereas the latter is quitethe opposite- a home-loving amateur baker of new types of cookies.One day,Snot feels bored with everyday tasks and sets out on aspacejourney, forgetting about his friend for a while. Fluffy,lonelyand longing for the company of his buddy, builds a rocketandembarks on a journey to look for Snot. Will he manage to findhim?Key features: • This is a story created by the authors ofaninteractive tale which gained global recognition: “AmeliaandTerror of the Night” and illustrated by Agata Karelus, arenownedartist loved by children • Hundreds of cartoon animals,monstersand weird objects • 45 boards with hand-drawn illustrations•Offline Audio Bedtime Story for Kids with lyrics •Professionalnarrator reading the story • More than 35 minutes ofprofessionalsoundtrack • More than 400 funny sounds • 88 hiddenstars to bediscovered • A secret room at the end of the story • 3Deffectwhile tilting the tablet/phone • A perfect story for childrenaged4–10, both for boys and girls • A story with a moral • It canberead as a bedtime story • Easy, intuitive navigation • Pageindex,which makes it possible to gain easy access to any board inthestory • 5 language versions: English. Polish. Russian.Spanish.Chinese. Furthermore: • Together find a key to the pirates’secretbox • Sit behind the steering wheel of a space rocket • Solvethemystery of the electric cave • Visit an alien spaceship • HelptheCrescent King solve his embarrassing problem • Meet princessCandy• See what the Moon looks like on the inside • Interactivestorywithout violence Have you had enough of classical fairy tales?TheSleeping Beauty is snoring too loud? Three Little Pigs havefinallybuilt a stronghold? Puss in Boots started chasing aroundbarefoot?Has the wolf already eaten the Little Red Riding Hood?Thumbelinacouldn’t be any smaller and Cinderella has a closet fullof shoes?If so, it’s time you showed your child stories created byOhNoostudio. Contact If you observe any problems with the story,haveany questions or comments, please contact us at We would also like to invite you tovisit ourwebsite to get more information on otherinteractivebooks and games. Facebook:
Jungle Mix Match Three: New Jewel in Match-3 Games 0.68
BE READY TO VISIT LOST ISLAND “Jungle Mix” is a newunchartedmatchthree game made for fans of the mystery of match-3genre!Hundredsof puzzle levels and a story full of secrets willgrabyourattention from the first steps! NOT JUST ANOTHER MATCHTHREEPUZZLETired of boring candy and gem games? Try a newmiraclematch-3story if searching for pirate treasures doesn’texcite youanymore!This mystery matching game isn’t just anothersimplepuzzle. Notonly bejeweled chests of treasures await you here.Thereare alsoriddles, quests, secrets, and investigations hiding inthejungle!This adventure is amazing! AMAZING STORY ON THE LOSTISLANDDuringa sea voyage, seekers of an adventure ship were wreckedonamysterious, unexplored family island! Now they need yourhelp!Helpthe islanders build their village, solve tropicaltroubles,rescuea missed scientist and turn this lost island intoajungleparadise! HELP THE ISLAND TRIBE The nice villagers ofthelostisland like gems, crystals, tropical treats, mysterystoriesofpirate treasures, and playing 3 in a row game.Theymasterfullypick juicy vegetables together! But a disaster hittheirhome! Thetropical forest has overgrown the island villageandbecame realtrouble! All that's left of the houses arecrushedstones! EXPLOREA MYSTERIOUS CITY The island hides an ancientcitybuilt thousandsof years ago. This city once kept untoldpiratetreasures, jewels,crystals and other riches. It was likeabejeweled stone in theheart of the tropical island. Afterthedisaster, the citydisappeared. Let’s solve this match 3 puzzle!Ifyou like match 3games for adults and tropical troubles don’tfearyou - welcome tothe uncharted lost island! Fans of thenewmatch-three genre andsolving riddles will love the newadventurestory of “Jungle Mixmatch 3 game”! FEATURES - Amazingdetectivestory in the depth ofthe jungle! - Riddles, quests,secrets andinvestigations behindeach palm tree! - Match 3 puzzlegame withoutannoying gems orjewels. No witches, no pirates, nocookies, nocandies, no evencats! Only juicy veggies 3 in a row! -Nicegraphics, uniquecharacters and an exciting match 3 levelswithbonuses and funboosters! - You don’t need wifi, you can playthismatch 3 game foradults offline everywhere you want! This wondernewmatch-3 game islike a shining crystal gem among magic puzzlequestsgames! Provethat you can overcome all the tropical trouble!Thepuzzle willmake you feel like an adventure seeker findingpiratetreasures.Use all the things from your arsenal: logic,imagination,memoryand reaction! Only a true match 3 experts cansolve all thepuzzlesand riddles in this adventure! Learn more aboutJungle Mixmatch-3adventure gameonFacebook: our
Under Leaves 1.1.5
Circus Atos
Journey into the forest, the jungle or the depths of thedeepbluesea. Find chestnuts for the pigs, a caterpillar forthecrocodileor a starfish one, two three. A color-filled hiddenobjectgamefrom the world of animals. Gorgeoushand-drawnwatercolorillustrations and a soothing soundscape makefor a gentlyexoticexperience. - gorgeous hand-drawn watercolorvisual -relaxinggameplay and audio - accessible to everyone becausenotext! (justnumbers) - 9 different locations all over the world -29animatedanimals to discover