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CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State 3.4.12
This comprehensive app empowers the law-abiding CCW (concealedoropen carry permit) holder (or anyone who wants tolawfullytransport a firearm in any state.) It gives you directinformationneeded to follow the maze of arcane, complicated, anddissimilargun laws in each state and in each situation. Easy-to-useUserInterface and Laws & reciprocity updated monthly ormorefrequently! Join the 100,000+ people who have alreadydownloadedthe #1 gun reference app on Google Play! Key Features:-Instantupdates downloaded to your device with the laws change!Auto-updatenow available! -Individual laws for each state and U.S.territorystored on your phone -Updates reciprocity information foreachlicense. -State Laws in each category (Transporting Firearmsw/olicense, Places Off-Limits for license-holders, StatePreemption,Duty to Inform, "No Guns" signs Force of Law, New /RenewalLicenses, Open Carry, Parking Lot Storage, Magazine &TacticalRifles, Use of Force & Duty to Retreat, RestaurantsServingAlcohol, Roadside Rest Areas, State & National Parks,State& National Forests, Wildlife Management Areas)-IncludesFederal Laws, airplane/train, and Indian Tribal Laws -Saveyourlicenses / permit info -Contact directory of state officials-Allinformation available offline (no active internetconnectionneeded) -Find laws based on GPS (as well as local pointsofinterest) App comes with a free two-year subscription to alllawand reciprocity updates. Additional subscription available atonly$.99/ year. Auto-renew (charged to iTunes 24 hours before endofsubscription) is optional. Convenient map to plan yournextvacation or interstate-travel to avoid where you cannot carry.Saveyour current license or permits (both Resident andNon-Resident) tosee which states recognize YOUR permits. Thisapplication puts thepower in your hands. Access and review therelevant firearm lawsand gun prohibitions for every state. Examinethe actual gun laws,instead of relying on someone else'sinterpretation. Find theprohibited locations, transportation rules,permit process, &more for every state! Also provides directlinks to the lawsthemselves on the government websites, so you canresearch any openquestions. It includes the pertinent federal laws.For specificlocations (such as restaurants serving alcohol), seethe quickallowed status, then click for details and laws. Alsoincludes"duty to notify" laws for each state (when available) forcontactwith a police officer, such as a traffic stop. Instantfrequentupdates to the firearm laws! When new or modified lawsareavailable, it prompts you to download the latest (usuallytakesonly a few seconds). These changes stay with the app andareavailable offline once downloaded! Auto-update optionavailable.Compiled list of links to review information directlyfrom thestate governments & law enforcement authorities: StateStatutesfor each state, direct Reciprocity Information, CCWApplicationforms, State FAQs, & more. Interactive state mapsshow anyscenario: All states recognizing a specific permit, allpermitsthat a specific state allows, type of permit available, mapofstates recognizing your permits. Click on any state to seethedetailed laws! Find and contact (one touch dialing, map tooffice,email, and URL) local authorities in each state. Abilitytocustomize and save your preferences (background pictures,highcontrast / colorblind, etc...). Disclaimer: If unsureaboutlegality of carrying or transporting in specific locationorsituation, contact local law enforcement or legal counsel.Lawschange frequently and are subject to interpretation.Thisapplication implies no warranty and does not constitutelegaladvice. By using this app, you agree to hold the app authorsandowners harmless and without liability. You are responsibleforabiding by all laws (official versions held by each state).Pleasesee full Disclaimer on Developer Website.
Islamic Laws 1.4
Islamic Laws By Grand Ayatullah SistaniPeopelwho already have this app kindly uninstall and re installitagain
CPC - Code of Civil Procedure 1
Ashok Felix
The COMPLETE Indian Code of Civil Procedure (CPC), 1908 presentedina readable and searchable format. Divided concisely into PartsandSections and containing the full unedited text of all the158Sections, 58 Orders, Appendices A to H and Schedules II toV.Everything is Searchable. Scroll through sections by VolumeKeys.Current Path is always displayed on the top.A MUST HAVE foreveryIndian, Lawyer and Advocate... and others alike.This is theONLYapp containing the Code of Civil Procedure.- Full, uneditedSectionContent of all the 158 Sections, 58 Orders, Appendices A toH andSchedules II to V.- Divided into Parts and SectionLists.-Searchable (Search Key)- Display's Current Path in everyScreen andin every Section so that you know where you are.- Searchin CPC.-Search by Section Content or Section Title- Saves PreviousSearchState- Navigate Indexes by Trackball/D-Pad- Scroll throughSectionsby Volume Keys- Tablet Screens Supported- Neat Presentationin theform of Heading and Description in every Screen- Text sizecan beincreased/Decreased for Section Content.- AestheticReadingExperience- Low Memory Resources required- A good way tolearnabout the Code of Civil Procedure- Helps Improve theProductivityof people who refer the CPC regularly.- Share SectionTitle,Content or both through SMS, Email or any textrelatedapplication.And many more!
Constitution Of Pakistan 1.10
Brought to you by the most comprehensiveandup-to-date site for elections in Pakistan. With the newelectionscoming soon, will bring host ofnewfeatures.Stay tuned.Please send your
Texas Transportation Code
Texas Transportation Code for Android is the completeTexasTransportation Code in your Android smartphone. It's availableinan easily browsable and searchable format, and is suitable forlawstudents or anyone working in law enforcement who doesn'talwayshave access to the internet or to the printed books.
CCW Laws - Concealed Carry 1.2
Attention Gun Owners! Traveling? Find outthereciprocity laws for CCW in all states and U.S. territories.UPDATE: Newest version features all current laws foreverystate.Features Quick Reference guide for Open Carry, RestaurantCarry,In Vehicle, State Codes, US Constitution, and otherresources.Plan your next trip to a neighboring state and see whereyourpermit is valid. Also learn about obtaining new permitsfornon-residents and residents.Concealed-carry, open carry, and general firearms & gunlawsfor all 50 states!Disclaimer: App does not provide official legal advise.Useragree to hold app maker harmless for any legal problems. Pleaseberesponsible and follow the laws in your jurisdiction.
Legal Heat 2.0.1
WHAT IS NEW WITH LEGAL HEAT? 100% of the app content is nowFREE!That means ALL 50 states' firearm laws plus DC &USTerritories! Fully customizable personal carry map that is basedonyour age, the permits you hold, and your state of residence.Simplyenter your information and a map will automatically begeneratedtelling you exactly where you can carry! Easy tounderstandconcealed & open carry law summaries. Federal&transportation law summaries. New streamlined, intuitivedesign.Quick reference law sections for every state givingyouneed-to-know information at a glance. All laws have beenfullyupdated by nationally recognized firearm law attorneys.Brand-newunderlying technology that supports the latest versions ofbothAndroid and iOS. AS FEATURED & RECOMMENDED BY:ConcealedNation, CCWSafe, Massad Ayoob,, U.S.Concealed CarryAssociation,, ITS Tactical and hundreds ofthousands ofusers! WHAT MAKES LEGAL HEAT THE BEST GUN LAW APP?INSTANT UPDATES:When a law changes we update it on our server andit instantlyupdates to all user's phones the next time they openthe app. Allupdates are reviewed and conducted by gun lawattorneys. OFFLINEVIEWING: Once a state page is downloaded, it isalways availablefor offline (no service) viewing. RELIABILITY: Weare not onlyfirearm enthusiasts, we do this for a living. LegalHeat willalways be updated and maintained, we are not goinganywhere. LegalHeat has certified over 250,000 people to obtainconcealed carrypermits. There is not a more trustworthy name in theindustry! MUCHMORE: Video overviews of essential laws (with morebeing addedregularly), professionally designed courses, top of thelinefunctionality, and much more make this app the right choice.HELPUS DELIVER THE CONTENT YOU DESIRE- We try our best to offertheabsolute best product on the market and are continually addingnewfeatures. If there is something you would like to see added orifyou come across an error in the law simply use the "NotifyUs"feature inside the app and our team will get to workresearchingit. PRIVACYPOLICY: CONDITIONS:
General knowledge Urdu:Book 1.4
"General Knowledge in Urdu" having large collection ofinformationincluding Islam , Science. Technology, History andmodernworld..This General Knowledge Book with Urdu will help you togetgood marks in different tests and interviews.Its totallyoffline,after installing this book you will no more need ofinternet..ThisApp containing Following information:KnowledgeaboutIslam.Knowledge about History(Religions, General,Science)Information about Science & Technology,scientists,InnovationsUpdated Information about modern world..Itstotally freeand offline...."halaat e hazra ya tareekh ki maloamatka shoaqrakhny waly afrad is app ko lazmi istemal krn aur humainfeed backdain"Note: To skip Ads on Exit press home Button..
Books Library 1.1
Shahrukh Raza
Thousand of books, booklets, articles of many renowned scholarsonmore than hundred different topics in top languages oftheworld.___________________________New Added: - Search by BookName -Language FilterLike the app? Rate us and share your stories.Youcan also send us your feedback at
Code of Criminal Procedure 2.0
Check out the Indian Code of CriminalProcedure1973.The Code of Criminal Procedure is the main legislation onprocedurefor administration of substantive criminal law in India.Itprovides for the investigation of crime, apprehension ofsuspectedcriminals, collection of evidence, determination of guiltorinnocence of the accused person and the determination ofpunishmentof the guilty. It also deals with public nuisance,prevention ofoffenses and maintenance of wife, child andparents.The Act consists of 484 sections, 2 schedules and 56 forms.Thesections are divided into 38 chapters.This app contains all the latest amendments.Read the entire Indian Code of Criminal Procedure and search atwillusing any keyword.Whether you are a layperson, law student, a lawyer or alitigant,this is an invaluable reference since it contains fulltext of theAct. You can search using any keyword and the app willshow you therelevant sections.* To see all sections of the Act (index), do not enter anysearchterm and touch the search button. This provides you withcompletelist of chapters like a TABLE OF CONTENTS.The list of contents chapter-wise comes up by default when youstartthe application. To see list of contents chapter-wise, pressthesearch key with no search text.Join in to our Facebook group: and checkoutmore of our apps on Google PlayWe hope you enjoy referring to our application on your Androidphoneand Android tablet.If you have questions about any functionality or anyapplicationserrors, do send email to us and we will fixstraightaway. You willsee periodic ads in the application. Thedownload is free so thisis the way we monetize the app.Thank you-Appfever Android team
History of Pakistan 1.0
Lawson Guti
This app have complete history of Pakistan from BC TO AD, ADTOPakistan. The app comprises of ages of Pakistan starting from BCtolatest time period until Islamic Republic. You will have 36kindsof kingdoms, cultures, places etc. covered in this app. Toname afew, Soanian people, Maurya Empire, Indo-Greek Kingdom,GhaznavidEmpire, Mughal Empire, British Indian Empire, etc. We hopethis appwill increase your information & Please don’t forget torateus. If you have any suggestion to improve the applicationpleasemail us.
The Constitution of Pakistan 6.0
The constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the supremelawof the state of the Pakistan. Get the updated andrenewedconstitution of Pakistan in Urdu in a very comprehensiveapp. Theapp contains all of the facts and figures included intheconstitutions which must be known to everyPakistani.Theconstitutional app is intended to guide Pakistan’s lawand itspolitical culture and system.App is designed specificallytoIdentifies the state, people and their rights, state’s lawandorders and also the constitutional structure and establishmentofthe institutions and the country’s armed forces.Everything whichisnecessary for being a Pakistani is included in a verycomprehensiveand effective way to catch the attention of thereader. Nobody willget bored after getting indulged in this appwhich is full ofuseful information relating to states law andrights. Theconstitution app is a gift for every resident ofPakistan.The mostupdated and comprehensive app that containscomplete details ofarticles and amendments from 1973 to January2015. One of the nicepart of the App is that it is developed inmost understandablelanguage of every Pakistani and contains simpleand authentic wordswhich help to enhance knowledge and improve yourlife Features ★Basic searching, viewing and sharing of information★ Informationand details updated regularly with newly addedamendments★ Detailedand complete list of articles ★ Information isprovided in Urdu forbetter and easy understanding of everyone ★Easy and effective UserInterface Please feel free to give us yourvaluable feedback andrate us if you find the app useful.
Texas Penal Code
Check out and search the entire Texas Penal Code.Thisapplicationprovides the full text of the Texas Penal Code in aneasilyreadable and searchable format for your Android phoneortablet.Product Features:- The full text of the Texas PenalCode-Table of contents to quickly find sections of interest-Searchwithin each section with full text search to home in onmatter ofyour choice- Navigate pages of the code by swiping afinger- Nonetwork connection required- Very efficient – runs fast,and useslittle memoryWhether you are a layperson, law student, acorporatelawyer or a litigant, this is an invaluable referencesince itcontains full text of the Code. You can search using anykeywordand the app will show you the relevant sections.* To seeallsections of the Act (index) do not enter any search term andhitthe search key. This provides you with complete list ofchapterslike a TABLE OF CONTENTS.The list of contents chapter-wisecomes upby default when you start the application.To see list ofcontentschapter-wise, press the search key with no search text.Joinin toour Facebook group: andcheck outmore of our apps on Google PlayWe hope you enjoy referringto ourapplication on your Android phone and Android tablet.If youhavequestions about any functionality or any applications errors,dosend email to us and we will fix straightaway. You willseeperiodic ads in the application. The download is free so thisisthe way we monetize the app.Thank you-Appfever Android team
Texas Laws (TX 86th Legislature state code ) 1.19
TVN Labs
TX Laws - 86th Texas Constitution and Statutes You can accesstitleswith out Internet connection and its up to date. Here aretheavailable laws. The Texas Constitution Agriculture CodeAlcoholicBeverage Code Auxiliary Water Laws Business And CommerceCodeBusiness Organizations Code Civil Practice And Remedies CodeCode OfCriminal Procedure Education Code Election Code EstatesCode FamilyCode Finance Code Government Code Health And SafetyCode HumanResources Code Insurance Code Insurance Code - NotCodified LaborCode Local Government Code Natural Resources CodeOccupations CodeParks And Wildlife Code Penal Code Probate CodeProperty CodeSpecial District Local Laws Code Tax CodeTransportation CodeUtilities Code Water Code Vernon's CivilStatutes 2020
Texas Visitation
Texas Visitation Explained!Texas uses a standardizedvisitationschedule (the "Standard Possession Order") for visitationwith achild or children when a couple divorces. Generally speaking,ifthe parents live no more than 100 miles apart, theStandardPossession Order allows visitation every Thursday nightduring theregular school term; the first, third and (if there isone) fifthweekends of each month throughout the year; and a blockof time inthe summer. Major holidays are either split oralternateyearly.Even though the Standard Possession Order isstandardized,there are some choices a parent can make. Thesechoices includewhat time the child is picked up, whether the childstays overnighton Thursday, and whether weekend visitation endsSunday evening orMonday morning.
Texas Legal 2.1.2
LawBox LLC
Legal reference app for members of the State Bar of TexasComputerand Technology Section.
TxLaws2Go - Texas Laws (Free) 1.31
S&N Studios
Be able to view all of Texas' Statutes(Laws) & it'sConstitutionall in one app. You have the ability to choose whatcodes you wantto viewed, delete, and add more codes all at yourfinger tips. Thisapplication breaks down the laws easy for you,and even provides youwith the proper citation if need be. Also,you have the ability tosearch for particular, words, titles, andeven codes as well.Looking for § 14.02 of the Code of CriminalProcedure? No problem,just search "*1402" and you are taken to thestatuteimmediately.Please enjoy and providefeedback!SpecialThanks:Roberto. M. Garcia, Attorney at Law;PharrP.D. F.T.O. JosephGarcia; andT.A.B.C. Agent Vince Ousley
Law Terms 1.1
The day to day life of the people is affected by the courts,thepolice and other agencies. But people are generally not awareaboutthe various aspects of courts, about the criminal justicesystem,about the procedure being followed in criminal courts, aboutthevarious restrictions on the exercise of powers by the policeandthe duties of the police officers, and so on. They are alsonotaware about their rights when they are accused of an offence.Itisbecause of this lack of knowledge of the working of the systemthatthe people are taken for a ride and are unnecessarily harassedandtortured at the hands of the prosecutingagencies.KeyFeatures:-More than 10 000 entries-Beautiful – Easy touse andbeautiful user interface.-Share - Upload and share yourquotesinstantly.-Search- Search Functionality helps you searchtermseasily-FREE Download!!-Detail info.NOTE :-Please consult yourownattorney for further information and advice any and allspecificlegal and law questions you may have.These are the standardLawterms, which will be used globally. May vary from nation tonation.We would love for you to rate us positively on the Appstoreplease. It won't even take 20 seconds & will go a long wayinhelping us build better apps for you.Thanks,Team TechIndiaNa
The Indian Penal Code 4.0
Indian Penal Code (IPC, Hindi:भारतीयदण्डसंहिता) is the main criminal code of India. It isacomprehensivecode, intended to cover all substantive aspectsofcriminal law. Itwas drafted in 1860 and came into force incolonialIndia duringthe British Raj in 1862. It has since beenamendedseveral timesand is now supplemented by othercriminalprovisions.Check out and search the entire Indian Penal Code (IPC)Search at will.Whether you are a layperson, law student,policeperson,practicinglawyer or a litigant, this is an invaluablereferencesince itcontains full text of the Code. You can searchusing anykeywordand the app will show you the relevant sections.* To see all sections of the Act (index), do not enteranysearchterm and touch the search button. This provides youwithcompletelist of chapters like a TABLE OF CONTENTS.The list of contents chapter-wise comes up by default whenyoustartthe application. To see list of contents chapter-wise,pressthesearch key with no search text.Join in to our Facebookgroup: check out more of ourapps onGoogle PlayWe hope you enjoy referring to our application on yourAndroidphoneand Android tablet.If you have questions about any functionality oranyapplicationserrors, do send email to us and we willfixstraightaway. You willsee periodic ads in the application.Thedownload is free so thisis the way we monetize the app.Thank you-Appfever Android team