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Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe
Want to speak Spanish? Learn Spanish (Español) withSpeakTribe.LearnSpanish fast with fun and interactive lessons.Even beginners findit easy to learn Spanish (Español) throughSpeakTribe.Our mix oflessons teaches you vocabulary and grammar,along with conversationpractice for real-world situations. Thisamazing mix of lessonsmakes this app the fastest way to getstarted with Spanish. You getthe hang of basic conversationalSpanish in as little as 5 days!Asone of our delighted users says,it is like you have a personalteacher in your hands. Teaching youSpanish words, different grammarrules, explaining confusingconcepts AND opportunities throughoutthe course to speak Spanishwith your virtual friend. And thepersonal teacher helps you tolearn Spanish when you want, where youwant, at the pace you wantto.Using SpeakTribe you learn how tospeak Spanish and test for itat the same time by playing a game.You start speaking by learningwords, short phrases, and sentencesmatter of days. SpeakTribe,your personal coach, will help you learnbasics includingvocabulary and pronunciation in a fun and easyway.The design ofthe course is based on scientific research whichtells that, tounderstand basics of a language you need not master alargevocabulary. SpeakTribe introduces you to the more common wordsandphrases first, so that by the end of first day itself you canformyour own basic sentences which are not just academic butalsopractical. There are many other guiding principles behindthedesign - * Language is primarily vocal - SpeakTribe emphasisesonlistening and speaking more than anything else, the twofacultieswhich are also the most useful to a new learner. * Youneed topractice a language to master it and gain confidence. Andso,SpeakTribe provides you ability to chat (speak) withtheapplication. * Any language has a small number of prepositionsandconjunctions, some of which take some time to master butarecrucial to your understanding of the language. * Nounwordsconstitute the majority of a mature vocabulary but they do notgiveyou the best ROI initially in terms understanding a language.Onceyou have a solid foundation built, you will find picking upthesewords pretty easy. * Verbs are the most useful but themostdifficult set to master. So go ahead, give it a shot, andlearnSpanish - one of the most popular languages of the world! Youwillfind it was actually fun to learn Spanish.
ScratchJr is an introductory programming language that enablesyoungchildren (ages 5 and up) to create their own interactivestories andgames. Children snap together graphical programmingblocks to makecharacters move, jump, dance, and sing. Children canmodifycharacters in the paint editor, add their own voices andsounds,even insert photos of themselves -- then use theprogramming blocksto make their characters come to life.ScratchJrwas inspired by thepopular Scratch programming language(, usedby millions of young people (ages 8and up) around the world. Increating ScratchJr, we redesigned theinterface and programminglanguage to make them developmentallyappropriate for youngerchildren, carefully designing features tomatch young children'scognitive, personal, social, and emotionaldevelopment.We see coding(or computer programming) as a new typeof literacy. Just as writinghelps you organize your thinking andexpress your ideas, the same istrue for coding. In the past,coding was seen as too difficult formost people. But we thinkcoding should be for everyone, just likewriting.As young childrencode with ScratchJr, they learn how tocreate and expressthemselves with the computer, not just tointeract with it. In theprocess, children learn to solve problemsand design projects, andthey develop sequencing skills that arefoundational for lateracademic success. They also use math andlanguage in a meaningfuland motivating context, supporting thedevelopment ofearly-childhood numeracy and literacy. WithScratchJr, childrenaren't just learning to code, they are coding tolearn.ScratchJr isa collaboration between the DevelopmentalTechnologies group atTufts University, the Lifelong Kindergartengroup at the MIT MediaLab, and the Playful Invention Company. TwoSigma led theimplementation of the Android version of ScratchJr.The graphicsand illustrations for ScratchJr were created byHvingtQuatreCompany and Sarah Thomson.If you enjoy using this freeapp, pleaseconsider making a donation to the ScratchFoundation(, a nonprofitorganization thatprovides ongoing support for ScratchJr. Weappreciate donations ofall sizes, large and small.This version ofScratchJr works only ontablets that are 7-inches or larger, andrunning Android 4.2 (JellyBean) or higher.Terms of Use:
Friendship Day
Friendship Day is a day for celebrating friendship.The firstWorldFriendship Day - International Friendship Day was proposed in30thJuly,1958. Friendship day is International celebrating day.OnFriendship day all people enjoy it by sharing friendshipdaygreetings (images,messages,quotes,gifts)for all close friendswhoseare important part of life.Friendship Day celebrations occurondifferent dates in different countries. Friendship dayenjoythrough friendship and fellowship among all humanbeings,regardless of race, color or religion.Everywhere, peopleexpresslove for their friends and cherish their presence inlife.Friendsare part of our life and we share everything withfriends.friends.In short friends know us very well.So friendshipday is special dayto express love for friends and cherish theirpresence in life.Thisapplication contains very good friendship dayImages as well asfriendship day quotes.In this application you canfind awesomefriendship day greetings with attractive quotes soshare friendshipday greetings to your best friends.This friendshipQuotesapplication Contains: - List of Great Friendship quotesandthoughts as well as Friendship Day images.- Very attractiveuserfriendly Interface for Friendship day quotes and image.- Copyandshare Friendship Day greetings.
Friend Quotes: Friendship, Day, Images & Status
❝ Friend quotes is an application that offers you thousandsofincredible friendship images and friendship quotes thatwereselected from the best phrases of all time.❞You canCREATE,DOWNLOAD and SHARE all our exclusive friends wallpapers inall yoursocial networks. Absolutely FREE!Main Features of friendquotes:🔥You can CREATE your own funds with exclusive funds fromyour owngallery.🔥 You can SAVE YOUR favorite phrases on FAVORITES.🔥You canDOWNLOAD friendship images whenever you want.🔥 You can EDITyoursentences with different formats.🔥 You SHARE yourfavoritefriendship quotes with other applications and people.🌠Available in3 languages: SPANISH, PORTUGUESE AND ENGLISH.🌠 50+collections offree extra phrases.🌠 30,000+ friendship quotes imageswith wordswith friends.🌠 100,000+ funds to personalize your phone.🌠New bestfriend quotes with friends wallpapers about love everyday.👑 It hasa simple design.👑 It is easy to use just the screen tosee all thefriendship status.👑 Requires little space in yourmemory.👑 A quicknavigation between friendship quotes images.Why doyou preferfriend quotes?Because it is a complete and uniqueapplication thatfocuses on providing day-to-day sentences of thebest quality anddesign. In addition to finding differentcollections of the bestphrases among them: friendship day images,funny friendship quotesand friendship status. In this way, theplans choose the mostappropriate messages for each moment ormood.What does friendshipquotes offer you?Selected Phrases:We haveselected and created allkinds of friendship poems more emotive, inwhich you will also findencouraging friendship day images,friendship day quotes andfriendship photos. Offering you miles ofphrases with images thatwill make you think, reflect, motivate,fall in love, laugh, cry,it is all about finding the one that bestsuits what you arelooking for in each moment.Share them anytime:YouSHARE all ourfriendship poems with whom you most desire, expressingeverythingyou feel or how you feel to your friends, family, acouple orcouple through your phone in all socialnetworks.Unlimiteddownloads:You can DOWNLOAD and collect in yourgallery all yourfavorite phrases where we offer you more than30,000 good friendsquotes with short friendship quotes, plus100,000 wallpapers topersonalize your phonePhrase Maker:Ourapplication of friendshiplove quotes we offer you an exclusive toolin your life CREATE yourown fruits and thoughts with the bestbackgrounds that can be foundin the wallpapers section It's notcool!Favorites section:You canadd all the favorite sayings aboutfriends to favorites, so you canselect the ones you like the mostquickly.Multilanguage:Enjoy allthe message for best friend at anytime and in the availablelanguages (SPANISH, PORTUGUESE andENGLISH).With this applicationyou will find the ideal phrase forevery moment, you will findthousands of incredible friendship daywishes, true friends quotes,close friends quotes, etc.If you likefriendship messages do notenjoy it alone, share it with all yourfriends, acquaintances andfamily, leave us your rating and also acomment as we can continueto improve to give you a betterexperience in our App.NotesSite:Alert: For some phrases, images andassemblies of publicdomain have been used, since they are notidentified in any waythat indicate the existence of right ofexploitation reserved onthem.✏️ Contact
1000 Words
Welcome to the 1000 Words game!You will have to find one ormorewords to solve every puzzle.Just swipe your finger from thefirstletter to the next letters that make up the word. You can doit invertically, horizontally and diagonally direction.Rememberthat atthe top you will see the category of the word you arelooking for(animals, sports, countries, food, ...). It will help alot.If youcan't find a word, don't worry, you can use hints thatwill showyou the first letters of each word.WAIT!, THERE'SMORE!Each puzzlealso has many hidden words. Will you find themall?. There aredozens and even hundreds of words in somepuzzles.Once you havesolved a problem you can play it again to findthe hidden wordsthat are missing.Note: All words must be at leastthree wordslength.【 HIGHLIGHTS 】 ✔ Minimalist, simple and fun game,suitablefor all audiences✔ Full game is free, with very few ads (noadswhile playing)✔ Exercise your brain and relax!✔ Beautifulandsimple user interface✔ Compatible with all devicesincludingtablets✔ Includes sounds (can be disabled) and images inHD✔Includes 700 levels of more than 30 categories.✔ Learnnewvocabulary in english or spanish.✔ No intrusivepermissions【CUSTOMIZATION 】You can customize some features of thegame (fromthe settings option):* Play or mute the sounds.*Language.* Deviceorientation.Just one more thing...ENJOY!!!--------------------Anysuggestion or bug report is welcome.Please, before writing a badreview contact us by email atjdpapps@gmail.comPermissions required:- INTERNET : To access theads (Google AdMob) and for onlinerankings and achievements (nextrelease)
Friendship Quotes - Images, Day, Messages, Status
❝ Friendship quotes is an application that offers you thousandsofincredible friendship status and friendship images thatwereselected from the best phrases of all time.❞You canCREATE,DOWNLOAD and SHARE all our exclusive friendship day imagesin allyour social networks. Absolutely FREE!Main Features offriendshipquotes:🔥 You can CREATE your own funds with exclusivefunds fromyour own gallery.🔥 You can SAVE YOUR favorite phrasesonFAVORITES.🔥 You can DOWNLOAD friendship status whenever youwant.🔥You can EDIT your sentences with different formats.🔥 YouSHARE yourfavorite friendship images with other applications andpeople.🌠Available in 3 languages: SPANISH, PORTUGUESE AND ENGLISH.🌠50+collections of free extra phrases.🌠 30,000+ friendship poemswithwords with friends.🌠 100,000+ funds to personalize your phone.🌠Newbest friend quotes with friendship day images about loveeveryday.👑 It has a simple design.👑 It is easy to use just thescreen tosee all the thoughts on friendship.👑 Requires little spacein yourmemory.👑 A quick navigation between friendship poems.Why doyouprefer friendship quotes?Because it is a complete anduniqueapplication that focuses on providing day-to-day sentences ofthebest quality and design. In addition to findingdifferentcollections of the best phrases among them: friendshipmessages,friends quotes and thoughts on friendship. In this way,the planschoose the most appropriate messages for each moment ormood.Whatdoes friendship images offer you?Selected Phrases:We haveselectedand created all kinds of friendship quotes images moreemotive, inwhich you will also find encouraging friendshipmessages, funnyfriendship quotes and friendship day quotes.Offering you miles ofphrases with images that will make you think,reflect, motivate,fall in love, laugh, cry, it is all about findingthe one that bestsuits what you are looking for in eachmoment.Share themanytime:You SHARE all our friendship quotes imageswith whom youmost desire, expressing everything you feel or how youfeel to yourfriends, family, a couple or couple through your phonein allsocial networks.Unlimited downloads:You can DOWNLOAD andcollect inyour gallery all your favorite phrases where we offer youmore than30,000 friendship photos with good friends quotes, plus100,000wallpapers to personalize your phonePhrase Maker:Ourapplication ofshort friendship quotes we offer you an exclusivetool in your lifeCREATE your own fruits and thoughts with the bestbackgrounds thatcan be found in the wallpapers section It's notcool!Favoritessection:You can add all the favorite friendship lovequotes tofavorites, so you can select the ones you like themostquickly.Multilanguage:Enjoy all the sayings about friends atanytime and in the available languages (SPANISH, PORTUGUESEandENGLISH).With this application you will find the ideal phraseforevery moment, you will find thousands of incredible messageforbest friend, friendship day wishes, true friends quotes, etc.Ifyoulike close friends quotes do not enjoy it alone, share it withallyour friends, acquaintances and family, leave us your ratingandalso a comment as we can continue to improve to give you abetterexperience in our App.Notes Site:Alert: For some phrases,imagesand assemblies of public domain have been used, since theyare notidentified in any way that indicate the existence of rightofexploitation reserved on them.✏️
Google Analytics
The official Google Analytics mobile app helps you monitoryourbusiness on the go. With this app, you can: 1) Check keymetrics inbuilt-in reports 2) Compare date ranges and applysegments 3)Monitor real-time data 4) Explore to build your ownreports withany combination of metrics, dimensions, and segmentsthat you careabout 5) Save any reports to your dashboard so you caneasily comeback to themSign in with your Google account to useGoogleAnalytics.Permissions Notice- Contacts (Get Accounts): Neededtoget a list of accounts to sign in with
Saudi Iqama Check
check iqama detail now in 3 language urdu english and arabiccheckiqama expiry date check available funds ,iqamainsurance,applyfamily visa online,check visit visa online,checkmosasa color,company status, traffic violation , traffic fines ,and videosabout saudi nizam video tube , informational videos andmany moreyou cal also ask us if you need help
Be The first to know the latest news in Egypt and the middleeastfrom, the largest news site in The Arab region.
Pocket Code: Learn programming your own game apps!
Program, play, and share your own games, animations,interactiveart, music videos, and many kinds of other apps,directly on yourphone or tablet!One Hour of Codetutorial: - for other tutorialssee and Code allowsyouto create, edit, execute, share, and remix Catrobat programs inavisual programming environment and programming language. Youcanremix programs that others have made and share them withyourfriends and the world. With Pocket Code you can up- anddownloadCatrobat programs through the Pocket Code community websiteat --- All Catrobat programs uploaded tothissite can be downloaded by anyone under a free open sourcelicenseto maximize learning, remixing, and sharing them freely.Catrobatis a visual programming language and set of creativitytools forsmartphones, tablets, and mobile browsers. Catrobat andthesoftware developed by the Catrobat team are inspired by theScratchprogramming system developed by the Lifelong KindergartenGroup atthe MIT Media Lab. Pocket Code is ideally suited for theHour ofCode during the Computer Science EducationWeek organized by, the European CodeWeek as well as Google's "Made with Code"initiative Catrobat --- --- isan independent non-profitproject creating free open source software(FOSS) under AGPL andCC-BY-SA licenses. The growing internationalCatrobat team isentirely composed of volunteers. The results ofmany of oursubprojects will be made available in the months andyears to come,e.g., the ability to control more robots, or tocreate music in aneasy and fun way. Please note that Pocket Codecurrently runs wellonly on smartphones and tablets with a screensize up to 7".Want tohelp us translate Pocket Code into yourlanguage? Please contact usvia telling usfor which language you wouldbe able to help. Even languages notdirectly supported by Androidare welcome, as we are working on away to switch manually to theselanguages.News: media andnewsletter: are all pro-bonounpaidvolunteers working in our free time on this not-for-profitfree opensource project aiming at increasing computationalthinking skills inparticular among teenagers all around the world.Our apps willalways remain free of ads and free of costs, soplease give us someslack if we cannot solve bugs or add featuresimmediately. On theother hand this allows the project to remainindependent of anyfinancing and ensures that it can keep runningbasically forever, sothere is no danger that we will stop workingon it. Already morethan 500 volunteers have contributed to ourproject so far.
UPSC IAS प्रैक्टिस सेट्स MCQ
This App contains:1. 1300+ Indian Polity Questions(भारतीयराजव्यवस्था)2. 1100+ Indian Geography Questions (भूगोल)3.900+Indian History Questions (इतिहास)4. Last 7 years Prelimsquestionsof GS (Paper-I).A user friendly app for Civil ServiceExamaspirants which will prove to be indispensable forunderstandingthe nature of questions asked in the Civil ServicesExaminationconducted by UPSC. It will help students inunderstanding theconcepts in a simple manner making this app anessential part ofevery IAS aspirant’s preparation plan.Features:1.Exam and Practicemode for a simulated environment.2. User-friendlyapp which enablespreparation on the move.3. Almost all features areavailablewithout internet also.4. Order of all the questions andoptions israndomized everytime you take the quiz. It keeps thequizfresh.This application is very useful for the aspirants ofUPSCCivil Service and other State Civil Service Exams like UPPCS/UPPSC, MPPSC, RPSC, BPSC, HPSC etc.
El MLG Soundboard
The Awesome soundboard For MLG IS HERE!! Features of thisapp:NoAnnoying ads, All MLG Sounds, Set your favorite sounds asringtoneor alarm (Just hold the sound you want)Download our MLGSoundboardNOW!Any suggestions or any sounds you want us to add letusknow.Enjoy.
E News Paper (All India) समाचार पत्र
This App Provide Daily Hindi News Paper of all city.AvailableNewsPaper Hindi News Paper1.Rajsthan Patrika ( राजस्थानपत्रिका)2.Dainik Bhaskar ( दैनिक भास्कर )3 Naidunia (नईदुनिया)4.AmarUjala (अमर उजाला)5. Punjab Kesari (पंजाब केसरी)6. Jansatta(जनसत्ता )7. Me NextTage Bhaskar Hindi news paper, RajasthanPatrikaNews Paper, Jaipur News Paper, Indore Hindi NewsPaper,Uttarpradesh News Paper, Lucknow News paper, Amar Ujala HindiNewsPaper India (अमर उजाला), Panjab keasri E news paper,Delhi,Jansatta ( जनसत्ता ) hindi news paper, online news paper,हिंदीअखबार, हिंदी समाचार पत्रMumbai news, MP News paper, all IndiaNewsPaper, News Paper App, E news paper Android app, Best E NewsPaperAndroid application
Science Journal
Science Journal is the free digital science notebook brought toyouby Google.Whether you're a science educator or a hobbyistdoingscience at home, you can keep your notes, photos, andobservationsall in one convenient place. Use the sensors in yourphone tomeasure and graph phenomena such as light, sound, andmotion, orconnect to external sensors via bluetooth to conductexperiments onthe world around you.With the Science Journal app,you can:•Measure light, sound, acceleration, air pressure, and moreusingyour phone's built-in sensors.• Take notes and photos todocumentyour science experiments. More note types coming soon!•Connect toexternal sensors using select Bluetooth-enabled Arduinoand Vernierdevices.• Export recorded sensor data as CSV files.•Createautomated triggers for recording data and taking notes.•Usesonification to hear the movement of your graphs.Science Journalisavailable for free on Android, iPhone, iPad, andcompatibleChromebook devices.Educational activities by ourpartners:!forum/sciencejournalOpen-sourcecodeavailable:•Location: needed to scan for bluetooth sensor devices.•Camera:needed to take pictures to document experiments.•Microphone:needed for sound intensity sensor.• Storage: needed toaccessphotos to insert into experiments.
Commandr for Google Now
Due to MIT overworking me, this application will no longerbesupported by me. However, it is open sourceat and I am morethanwilling to assist anyone who has the time to continue workingonthis.Add commands to Google Now, no root required!AndroidAuthorityTop 10 Best App of 2014As Featured on CNET, LifeHacker,SlashGear,Android Police, Android Authority, Android Central, DroidLife,Android Community, Android Pit, and more!"If you are lookingfor away to add a few extra voice commands to Google Now, giveCommandra try!" - CNET"... if you're using your phone hands free inthecar, it can be a life saver" - LifeHacker"Withthe3rd-party-developed app Commandr, Google Now gets a boost"-SlashGear"... meet Commandr, the new in-between serviceforflipping hardware switches in Google Now" - AndroidPoliceGoogleNow Just Got BetterNow you can use Google Now tocontrol yourflashlight, toggle settings, control music playback,and muchmore!Google Now Just Got PersonalAdd your own customcommandsthrough Tasker to make sure your device fits yourlifestyle.UnifyYour SmartphoneAccess all the features of yourdevice throughGoogle Now so you don't have to remember what appdoes what.Setupand ForgetOnce you setup Commandr, it will always beaccessiblefrom Google Now and will only run when needed. It won'tslow downyour phone or your boot.Full Android Wear SupportEithersay "OkayGoogle" + the command to your watch or open up the fullAndroidWear app and tap on a command!OfflineCommands work fullyoffline!(have to type instead of speak)Command List (so far):-FlashlightOn/Off- Wifi On/Off- GPS On/Off (some devices)- BluetoothOn/Off-Wireless Hotspot On/Off- Pause/Resume Music- Previous/NextSong-Read Unread SMS- Read Last SMS From Contact- Play GoogleMusicPlaylist- Chatbot (for Siri-like functionality)- CellularDataOn/Off- Read Unread Gmail- Raise/Lower Volume-Silence/UnsilenceRinger- Set Volume to Percentage- Unlock/Lockphone- Take aPicture- Take a Selfie- Shutdown (Root)- RebootRecovery (Root)-Restart (Root)- Clear Notifications (Root)- WolframAlpha- SendWhatsapp message- Enable/Disable Rotation Lock-Enable/DisableSync- Night mode (Disable wifi, data, and ringer)-Enable/DisableAirplane Mode (Root)- Enable/Disable CarModeDeveloper: RyanSenanayakeGraphic Designer: Adriano LoiaconoOpenSourceContributors: Aaron Disibio (firesoul453), MokshJawa,flyingtoaster0, Daniel Quah (emansih)Special thanks to MokshJawafor his outstanding work not only in his open-sourcecontributions,but also in his relentless marketing of theproductSourcecode: notenableTalkback Accessibility service instead of Commandr. If you dothisby accident and notice an orange box around tappable items,pleasesee the Talkback support pages to turn offtheservice.Tutorials:Tasker (In-App): Use this for launching asingletask1. Install Commandr and Tasker-[url][/url]2.Navigateto Tasks and press the add button in the bottom-right3.Configurethe command and keep note of the name4. Ensure thatTasker isenabled (icon in top left is colored)5. Go topreferences(top-right) > Misc and check "Allow ExternalAccess"6. In theCommandr app click Tasker7. Find the command youcreated and enableit by tapping the switch top-right8. (Optional)edit the phrasethat will activate the commandTasker (Plugin): Usethis forlaunching multiple tasks1. Install Commandr and Tasker-[url][/url]2.UnderProfiles Click Add3. Event4. Plugin5. Commandr6. Configurethephrase to listen for7. Add tasks to profile
All GIF Wishes / Greetings / GIF images
This best gif greetings application allows you to share gifimageson whatsapp , facebook , twitter , google plus , tumblr andso onsocial apps. Enjoy best new GIFs wishes on your mobileeveryday.This is one of the most popular GIF sharing appforwhatsapp. EnjoyGIF share to whatsapp app to share Funny Gifs(Emoji). Gifshare/viewer is the best and simple way to share funnyemoji(animated Gifs) that are easy to share with family and friendsonwhatsapp, allo, fb,snapchat, instagram and popularFacebookmessenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, as well all insocialnetworks and chat apps.GIF images app features.- BestUserinterface- Nice collection of GIF images- GIFs new added everyday-Beautiful GIFs for all categories- Easy to share and saveGIFImages- Easy and cute animated images for gifs- We haverichcategories of gifs images which listed below :AnniversarygifwishesBirthday gif greetingsCongratulations gif imagesGoodnightgif images Good morning gif greetingsHi, Hello gifgreetingsKissgif wishesLove gif imagesMiss you gif imagesSorry gifwishesThankyou gif imagesfunny GIFs WishesGood Luck gif wishes-Work withmultiple chat messengers (fb messenger, google allo,Viber,WhatsApp,tumblr,pinterest, Telegram, Hangouts, Line, socialchatapps)Best app to send gifs for messenger, enjoy this holidayseasonand share these GIFs for whatsapp and animated smileys tofacebookfree. Download animator GIF To Share now. Festival specialwisheson gif. So send gifs to facebook and whatsapp even onpinterest andallo. This sharing app will give you cool data insingle click!Thisapp have special collection of Animated WhatsappVideos - WhatsappGIF. If you are looking to wish something onwhatsapp via the coolvideo greeting this app is just made foryou.Good Morning Gif,GoodNight GIFs,Hi Hello Gif,Best Gifs,Christmas Gif, Love Gif, FunnyGif , gif for whatsapp,gif formessanger,gif for facebook,gifwishes,gif for chat apps,cute gifstickers,gif stickers,gif forchat,Birthday gif,Miss you gif,Lovegif,Anniversary gif,Birthdaygif,Congratulations gif,Good nightgif,Good morning,Hi, Hellogif,Kiss gif,Love gif,Miss you gif,Sorrygif,Thank you gif,Welcomegif, whatsapp live stories, whatsapp livestatus, whatsapp newstory update, Easter Gif, happy easter,easter,Anniversary gifwishes,Birthday gif greetings,Congratulationsgif images,Good nightgif wishes,Good morning gif greetings,Hi,Hello gif wishes,NavaratiGIF,Happy New Year GIFs,new yearcards,Happy Diwali gif,Miss yougif images,Cup GIFs,RoseGIfs,Christmas GIf 2018,funny gif,videogif,animated images,dialygif,festival gif wishes.
D.el.ed NIOS
O Launcher - Oreo 8.0
Get Android 8.0 on any device withOLauncher!O Launcher is custom Android™ 8.0 Oreo Launcher withmanyenhanced Pixel features; O Launcher has enhanced Android™ 8.0Oreofeatures.O Launcher features:- Google Now swiping on Search Bar and Desktop as permittedforthird party launchers. (Not Native - Smooth Pixel Pill SearchBarclone)- For Pill Search Bar, Dynamic colors from wallpaper.- Android O 8.0 Oreo shortcuts are supported for Android 7.1andhigher.- Android O 8.0 Oreo static shortcuts are supportedforAndroid 5.1 and higher.- Android O 8.0 Oreo style app drawer. (⬆Pull Up Dock forAppDrawer)- ''OK Google'' voice detection which bringsmultiplelanguages.- Hide Apps in App Drawer.- Extended Icon Packs & Shapes & Shape styles.- Clean Android Oreo UI styled design and smoothPixelanimations.- In a short time, Android O 8.0 Oreo Launcher features willbesupported. Follow next updates.All Prime features unlocked and No AdsforAndroid 4.4 & 5.0 & 5.1 devices. (Primepromotionfor Android 4.4-5.0-5.1 devices)There is trial usage for limited time. After trial timeexpired,O Launcher gets and show ads. To remove ads, you can buyPrimeKey for O Launcher.✔ Get and try O Launcher for Android, make your mobilelifebest!- Android is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.- Oreo is a registered trademark ofMondelēzInternational.
This is a beta version. Use it and share your experience with your investment holdings inNSDLD-mat account.For online registration, follow simple stepsafterdownloading App. If you are already a User of IDeAS orSPEEDesystem of NSDL, the same credentials (i.e. User ID andPassword)will work.Requirement : Android OS version 4.0 or higher.
SSC-CGL Practice Questions
A user friendly app for SSC-CGL, IBPS and other AptitudeExamaspirants.Features:1. 1500+ Aptitude (Reasoning,Quantitative,English) practice questions with detailedexplanations2. Useful forthe various entrance and competitive examsconducted by SSC, IBPS(Bank-PO), Railways etc3. Shortcut tricks areprovided whereverapplicable4. Exam and Practice mode for asimulated environment.5.User-friendly app which enables preparationon the move.6. Almostall features are available without internetalso.7. Order of allthe questions and options is randomizedeverytime you take thequiz. It keeps the quiz fresh.
Search by image
**PLEASE UPDATE TO THE LATEST VERSION, RAPID SEARCH & MAJORBUGSFIXED**KNOWN ISSUE: "The URL doesn't refer to an image or theimageis not publicly accessible" is caused by google imagesearchservice.SOLUTION: TRY TO SEARCH AGAINSearch by image: letsyourmobile phone search by image via google image searcheasily.Moreover, you can share content or image to others peoplearoundthe world.Features:- Reverse image search using Googleimagesearch- Search by image/photo/picture using photo in thealbum-Search by image/photo/picture using camera- Search moreaboutrelated information by Google search- Share image toFacebook,Twitter, Line, Google+, Google Drive, Hangouts, WhatsApp,Email,Messages, Bluetooth, Picasa and etc- Save screenshot toalbum-Share screenshot- In app billing for removing ads.Weproudlypresent "Search by image" let's search by image easier!Search byimage is easy to use and is continuously developed. Ifyou have anyquestions or suggestions on the application, pleasecontact us byemail or our facebook page.**Please vote 5for motivate us.**
LiveRaise is the best place to interact with yourfavoriteinfluencers live.Earn or purchase LiveCoins to amplify yourmessageand donate to the broadcaster.Use the FanLine to send thestreamera video or audio messaged to be featured live.Subscribe tobecome aVIP & stand out in the crowd.Join LiveRaise Today!
Google AdSense
The Google AdSense app provides an easy way to view key datafromyour AdSense and AdMob accounts. It allows you to accessreportingfeatures anywhere, directly from your mobile device. Theappprovides you with an account overview, as well as accesstodetailed performance reports on all key metrics. Availablereportsinclude: top ad units, channels, sites, countries and more.Theaccount earnings report is also accessible via aresizablewidget.Please note: YouTube revenue is not available inthisapp.Permissions Notice • Contacts: Needed to access yourAdSenseaccount.
Baby Hazel Friendship Day
Happy Friendship Day kids. Play Baby Hazel Friendship Day Gameforfree. Party, fun activities and outdoor picnic withfriends.Enjoy.Baby Hazel is very affectionate towards her friends.ThisFriendship Day, help Baby Hazel and friends celebrate thisjoyfulday with their new friend, Kenny. It's time to celebrateFriendshipDay! Join Baby Hazel friends to celebrate joyfulfriendship Day bygifting each other friendship bracelets, enjoy afun-filled dayout, play games, enjoy tasty treats and a lot more.So, thisFriendship Day, celebrate this joyful occasion with Hazelandfriends. Happy Friendship Day! Help Hazel to socialize with hernewfriend – Kenny has joined Baby Hazel's preschool. Help Hazelandfriends to socialize with himDecorate party venue – Hazelandfriends are hosting a Friendship Day party for their newfriend,Kenny. Let's help the kids to decorate party venue Makefriendshipbracelets - Help Hazel to make colorful beaded friendshipbraceletsand gift them to her friends Enjoy fun-filled day out –Wow!Teacher has arranged a day out for kids. Be with kids toenjoythrilling rides at funfair and relish upon yummy treats.BabyHazelFriendship Day is filled with a lot of fun andinteractiveactivities. Download the app now! Play Baby HazelFriendship Daygame online on Topbabygames at: Friendship Day online on Babyhazelgames at: Youtube Channel for Baby HazelVideos:89 us– us– us–
Romantic Love Messages - 2017
Romantic Love messages is a nice application. it containscollectionof Special Love Messages – Romantic – Love SMS, Status,Quotes andPropose Messages for your LOVEWant to send a reallyromantic lovequote to her or him, or update your Facebook orWhatsApp status witha love message? Finding the right words is alot easier than itsoundsLove Quotes and Love Sayings aremotivating and inspirational.Quotes about love are the verbalexpression of thefeeling of peoplewho are in love or who havefailed in loveValentine day is comingnear, so here you can findlarge collection of valentines status.All lover can find bestvalentine status and share with theirlovers.This App containsthousands of Valentine day status includingKiss day status, Hugday status, Propose day status, Rose daystatus, Chocolate daystatus, Promise day status, Missing day statusetc.♥If you want toshow your love on Valentine Day with the mostmeaningfulmessages.we hope that Love Messages – Love Romance is agood toolto express your love and happiness always around you onValentineDay.♥We provide a simple & elegant way to share yourfavoritelove messages for whatsapp status with your Loved ones ontheoccasion of Valentine Day.Based on the personal experience oftheone who says it, love quotes can be sad love quotes, funnylovequotes, romantic quote, Valentine Day Message, ValentineDayQuotes, Valentine Day SMS and so on...-Romantic LoveMessages-LoveMessage and Love Quotes-Flirt Message and Quotes-RoseMessage andStatus-Valentine Message and Love Quotes-Flirt Message-X SMS - Xvideos- xx SMS- Sexy Messages- Adult MessageLove MessagesCategoryfor whatsapp status:1. Break Up SMS for whatsapp status2.BrokenHeart SMS3. Flirt Love SMS 4. Kiss Love SMS5. Love SMS forWhatsappstatus6. Miss You SMS 7. Love Saying for Whatsapp status8.RomanticSMS for Whatsapp status9. Sad SMS10. I Love You forValentineDay11. Hot SMSAre you thinking of someone special? Thereare a lotof quotes and status you can send to a special someone tolet himor her know that you’re thinking about them. We’ve compileda listof 140+ awesome quotes and status.It’s hard to put yourfeelingsinto words when you miss someone. Whether they’re athousand milesaway or have passed on, you may be feeling a mixedbag of emotions.We’ve collected 100+ of the best I miss you quotes,status and SMSto help you express your pain and share your thoughtswith theworld.“When you’re immature, you say “I love you because Ineedyou.” When you’re mature, you need a person because youlovethem.”Being single: you love it, or hate it. While some peoplelovebeing single because it is freeing and exciting, others detestitand want to have someone else in their life to show them whatthemagic of romance is about.Are you in the ultimate relationship?Theone that is meant to last forever and end up in a storybookendingof love and happiness? If you are, you need a quote. ♥LoveMessages SMS Quotes Shayari WhatsApp Status♥ I Love YouMessagesSMS Quotes Shayari WhatsApp Status♥ Love Calculator SMSQuotesShayari WhatsApp Status♥ Love Greetings SMS Quotes ShayariWhatsAppStatus♥ Valentine Week Messages SMS Quotes Shayari WhatsAppStatus♥Love Quotes SMS Shayari WhatsApp Status♥ Kiss you, Hug You,MissYou, Want you Status♥ Valentine's Day GreetingsStatus forValentinedaystatus for propose daystatus for sexy hot daystatus forteddydaystatus for chocolate daystatus for breakup daystatusforvalentines daystatus for friends dayvalentines dayshayarivalentineday shayarishayari valentines dayBy using this appyou you canshare this all types of status with your girlfriends,boyfriends,friends etc by social network like Facebook, Whats app,Google+,Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, Line, WeChat, HikeMessengeretc.Disclaimer: In case if any of these messages violatedyourcopyright/ IP right to remove the discrepancy.
2017 Hindi Shayari HD
This is the best Hindi Shayari app.Contains good and hugecollectionof Hindi Shayari in English/Hindi.Express yourself oryour feelingsin unique poetic way.Please Rate Us 5*****.============ FeaturesAdded: ============ ## Works Off-line## Share with family andfriends on WhatsApp, Facebook etc.## Shareand Copy to Clipboard##Rate Us 5 ***** This app have lots ofcategories and large/ultimatecollections as below:======================================मार्गदर्शक आशिकी के दर्दमोहब्बत दोस्ती शायरी रोमांटिक शायरीज़िन्दगी जुदाई दर्द शायरी साकीऔर शराब खास शायरी Bewafa Birth DayDiwali Dosti Funny Love RomanticOthers Hausla Taqdeer Lafz StatusRoothna Shukriya Sachai MaaNaseeb Mushkil Lamhe Intezaar FanaaDeewangi Khwaab Dil Ke JazbaatIzhaar Dhoka Wada Zakham MusafirArmaan Tamanna Aarzoo Afsana TootaDil Chand Gham Aina Husn ManzilPatriotic Ek Mulaqat Tanhai BaarishUmeed Dil Sharab Naughty MehfilAansoo Nasheeli Aankhein ZindagiBollywood Urdu Shayari JudaiMotivational Nasha Missing SadShukriya Greetings Naya Saal MuabarakChristmas Mubarak Bal DiwasMubarak Karvachauth Mubarak Happy GandhiJayanti Happy DaughtersDay Happy Shivratri Happy Kiss Day Happy HugDay Happy Promise DayHappy Teddy Day Happy Chocolate Day HappyPropose Day Happy RoseDay Valentines Day Republic Day Fathers DayMuharram Diwali MubarakHappy Dussehra Happy Navratri GaneshChaturthi Teachers Day HappyJanmashtami Happy RakshaBandhan AazadiMubarak Eid Mubarak RamzanGood Night GoodMorning=========================================Please give 5 Starsto motivate us. Hope that this app gives youmaximum benefits!!!This is an ad supported application to promoteour developers andprovide users as FREE app. We have many otherapplications pleaserefer them by going to our profile search 'LiveApps Hub'. Thanksfor trying our applications and giving us yourvaluable feedback.Enjoy!!!
The Google AdWords app helps you stay connected with youradcampaigns from anywhere, using your Android smartphone. Youcaneasily view your ads’ performance on the go with thissimplifiedcompanion to your desktop account. So you’ll keep yourcampaignsrunning smoothly—no matter where your business takes you.●Viewcampaign stats● Update bids and budgets● Get real-time alertsandnotifications● Call a Google expert● Act on suggestions toimproveyour campaigns● Add, edit or remove keywordsThis app isforexisting AdWords customers only.AdWords Express users candownloadtheir own app in the Google Play Store at: Tolearn more about advertising with Google,visit
Royal Rajputana Hindi Status
Latest Rajputana StatusRoyal Rajputana Hindi StatusThis AppContainsBig Collection Of Rajputana Attitude Status.Share yourBest Statusinstantly with all the users.Best app for all latestand Mosttrending Status of Rajput Samaj.Huge Collection Of RoyalBanna AndBaisa Statusrajputana status attitude in hindirajputanaattitudestatus in englishrajputana akad statusrajputana attitudestatusfacebookrajputana attitude status newrajputana statusbannarajputanastatus banna and baisarajputana status ingujaratirajputana statusin englishrajputana status photosrajputanastatus in gujaratidownloadrajputana status for girlrajputanastatus baisarajputanastatus apkrajputana statusrajputana status inhindirajputana statusapp downloadrajputana dosti statusrajputanadaring statusrajpootstatus downloadrajputana hindi statusdownloaddesi rajputanastatusrajputana status englishrajputanastatus for whatsapp inenglishrajputana status forwhatsapprajputana status fbrajputanastatus for baisarajputanastatus fadurajputana statusgujratirajputana statustwitterrajputana top statusrajputana talwarstatusthikana rajputanastatusrajputana whatsapp statusbestrajputana whatsappstatusrajputana status 2017rajputana status 2linerajputana status2015rajputana status 2016rajputana statusgirlrajputana gunstatusrajputana status hindirajputana hindi status2016rajputsstatus hindirajputana status in hindi languagerajputanastatusimagerajputana status in hindi imagerajputana statusinrajasthanirajputana status in english for girlrajputana statusin2017rajputana status aaprajputana status and imagerajputanabeststatusrajputana baisa status in hindirajputana bapustatusrajputanabullet statusrajpoot boy statusroyal rajputana baisastatusbestrajputana status for whatsapprajputana statuscopyrajputanastatus.comrajputana cool statusrajputana statusdownloadrajputanastatus dangerrajputana status dprajputana statusinjai rajputanastatusjai rajputana status in englishnasha rajputanakastatusrajputana status latestrajputana love statusforwhatsapprajputana love status in hindirajputana 2linestatusrajputana status mahakalrajputana statusmarathirajputanamarwadi statusrajputana status hindi merajputanastatusnewrajputana royal status in hindirajputana statusshayarirajputanastyle statusrajputana short statusrajpoot stylestatusrajputanastatus new hindirajputana status nawabirajputanastatus onfbrajputana status of hindirajputana status onwhatsappstatus onrajputana baisarajputana status picrajputanastatuspunjabirajputana proud statusrajputana status royal
Trusted Contacts
Trusted Contacts is a personal safety app that opens a directlineof sharing between you and your loved ones. • Add yourclosestfriends and family as trusted contacts. • Allow trustedcontacts torequest your location. If everything’s fine, you candeny therequest. If you’re unable to respond, your last knownlocation isshared automatically within a custom timeframe (workseven ifyou’re offline or your phone is out of battery). •Proactivelyshare your location if you feel unsafe or find yourselfin anemergency. • Schedule a location alert for a future time. •Yourtrusted contacts can see your phone’s activity status toquicklyknow you’re OK. • Integration with Google Maps locationsharing, soyou can easily enable permanent location sharing withselectedcontacts and find them directly within Google Maps. Whetheryou’reonline or offline, in an emergency or just needreassurance,Trusted Contacts connects you with the people you careabout mostat the times you need them most.
Xbox 360 SmartGlass
Xbox SmartGlass lets your phone work with your Xbox 360 consoletobring rich, interactive experiences and unique content aboutwhatyou’re watching or playing, right to the device that’s alreadyinyour hand. Interact with your favorite TV shows, movies,music,sports, and games, and bring remote control to a whole newlevel.You can also connect with your Xbox friends, track andcompare yourachievements, and change up your 3D avatar.XboxSmartGlass letsyou: • Navigate your Xbox 360 with swipe and tap•Use your phone’skeyboard to type to your Xbox 360• Browse theInternet on your Xbox360 with full keyboard and zooming• Play,pause, fast forward,rewind, and stop videos and music on your Xbox360• Search the fullXbox catalog of music, video, and games• Enjoyrich, interactiveexperiences from select game and entertainmentcontent creators•Track and compare your achievements with your Xboxfriends• Changeup your 3D avatar• Message your Xbox friends• Edityour XboxprofileNote:This app requires an Xbox membership to signin.Available for most Android 4.0+ smartphones, with WVGAscreenresolution or higher.
JAAT STATUS 2018 -जाट स्टेटस 2018 ,जाट राज
JAAT STATUS 2018 -जाट स्टेटस 2018 ,जाट राज, APP FOR FB,WHATAPPSTATUS 2018IN THIS APP YPU WILL GET THE AWESOME STATUS FORTHEINDIAN JAAT KEYWORDS jatt jat punjabi jatt jatt movies xxxyyymrpunjab jatt song जाट का इतिहास जाट आरक्षण जाट शायरी जाट गोत्रजाटआरक्षण आंदोलन जाट जाति का इतिहास जाट इतिहास जाट के ठाठ जाट कीकहानीhindi video song download जाट के ठाठ शायरी जाट की यारीpunjabimusic download mr hot jatt jattcom जाट आंदोलन जाटव समाज काइतिहासpunjabi songs download free punjabi mujra hindi video song2015 jataarakshan latest news जाट हिस्ट्री mr jatt video songdownload newhindi songs download jat andolan latest news jatreservation latestnews new jatt punjabi songs free download mp3hindi video song 2016latest hindi songs download jutt song jathistory jatt caste vediojatt fm jat caste my jatt jatt casteranking jatt music mrjatt jattcastes list top 10 jatt castes jaatlanguage jaan inst7 jat fm filmjatland pictures xxxx n jatt punjabisong
Advanced Task Killer
The Most Classic Task Killer or Task Manager, Speed Booster,BatterySaver. Advanced Task Killer helps over 70 millions Phone.You canuse it to kill applications and boost memory. It doesn'tspeed up orsave battery directly. However if you kill any appsconsumingbattery or CPU, you might feel it speed up your phone andsaved yourbattery.*Services and front apps cannot be killeddirectly, you haveto ignore or 'force stop' them*Features:-IgnoreList-One tapwidget-Auto kill-Customize item heightATK is oftenused to kill appand clean memory. We do suggest people use ATKmanually kill appsinstead of auto killing app.1. How to use it(for new users to quickstart)?ATK is pretty simple. Open this tooland take a look at therunning applications list? Uncheck some appsyou don't want to kill(such as Advanced Task Killer and somesystem apps) Tap the button'Kill selected apps', it will kill allapplications checked. 2. Howto use it (for new users to domore)?If you don't want to kill anyapp, you can tap it on therunning applications list. Then it'schecking box will turn togray. 3. Why there are app running that Ihaven't used or evenopened?Some app will start up once you turn onyour phone or beinvoked by some events. 4. What is ignorelist/ignore?Ignore listis for you to ignore some app you don't wantto kill. If you longpress on the app listed on the main screen ofATK, the menu willpop up, then you can select 'Ignore', theapplication would bemoved to ignore list. When you tap 'Killselected apps', it won'tbe killed any more. 5. What is defaultaction for long press?Youcan set your default action for long pressand click on thesettings. The system default action for long pressis pop-menu.That means you when you long press on the application(displays onthe running applications list), a pop-menu would showsup. Forexample, if you want to switch to the application after youlongpress on it, you can set the default action of long pressto'Switch to'. 6. Why I lost my network connection after I tap'killselected apps'? This is because some apps related withnetworkconnection are killed, such as 'voicemail'. You can ignoreitinstead of killing it. 7. Why my Home reloaded?This is becausesomeapps related with Home are killed. Such as 'HTC Sense','Mail'(ifit is integrated with Home). You can ignore it instead ofkillingit. 8. Why I cannot receive notification of Email?This isbecauseyou killed 'Email'. Instead of killing it, you need toignore it.9. What is Auto Kill?If you want to kill appsautomatically youneed to choose one of auto-kill level- Safe: Onlykill the appsaren't running but still consume memory.- Aggressive:Kill the appsrunning background and apps aren't running.- Crazy:All apps exceptfor apps you are using with.You should be able tosee Auto Killinformation shows on the title, like 'Auto-Kill:12:20'. That meansauto kill will start at 12:20, you can alsochange the frequency toimpact the auto kill start time. App killeris only a tool to killapps and task. It won't help your batterydirectly. But if you killany app which consumes battery a lot, youmight think app killer ishelping your battery.Advanced Task KillerPro is paid version whichdoesn't contain ads.Note: For android 2.2and later version, taskmanager cannot kill services and front apps,you have to force stopthem. If you use task manager to kill them,services might restart;also notification won't be erased from thetop bar. So we don'tsuggest people use task manager kill them.
COJI robot
Learn to code with Coji - the app-enabled robot who teachesyourchild the basics of programming with a smile =). "Perfect forearlyreaders and pre-readers, Coji uses a language that everyoneknows -Emojis! Kids will laugh along with Coji as they play avariety ofeducational games that introduce coding concepts such ascommandsequences and conditionals. Your children will also have funusingthe app to control Coji's actions - including movement,sounds, andselecting smiley faces and other emojis that will appearon Coji'sscreen. Parents will appreciate the emphasis on early STEMskilldevelopment, problem-solving, and memory challenges.""...acuterobot that responds to your commands"" - GeekDad""the cutestcodingtoy in development [...] combines emojis and coding so thatkids 4+can program the robot to both move and do things such asenjoy ahamburger emoji"" -""The robot is alsoresponsive toreal world tilting and shaking making it fun even forthose withouta smartphone in hand."" - Huffington Post"The COJI appincludesmultiple educational game modes:"SEQUENCE SAYSCOJI testsyour childmemory by flashing a series of emojis on his face. Matchthe iconsin the correct order to win, and watch COJIcelebrate.""COMMANDCENTERRecord and play back functions by boppingCOJI on the head...or turn your smart device into a remote controland simply driveCOJI around.""How to play:- Download the app andturn on your Coji-Open the app and choose your Coji robot- Selectthe game you wantto play""App requires Coji"
This app is no longer available!Please download our other appwiththe same featuresApp: Bollywoodlove - NewsThis app is nolongeravailable!Please download our other app with the samefeaturesApp:Bollywood Love - News
Translator All Language
Translator all language can translations in over 80languages.Voicetranslation and also Google speeches for input.Youcan sharetranslated texts with your friends on yoursocialnetworks.Features:* Support for over 80 languages;*Pronunciationaid;* Voice recognition;* Share text result oftranslationSupportlanguage:AfrikaansAlbanianArabicArmenianAzerbaijanBashkirBasqueBelarusianBengaliBosnianBulgarianCatalanCebuanoChineseCroatianCzechDanishDutchEnglishEsperantoEstonianFinnishFrenchGalicianGeorgianGermanGreekGujaratiHaitian(Creole)HebrewHillMariHindiHungarianIcelandicIndonesianIrishItalianJapaneseJavaneseKannadaKazakhKoreanKyrgyzLatinLatvianLithuanianMacedonianMalagasyMalayMalayalamMalteseMaoriMarathiMariMongolianNepaliNorwegianPapiamentoPersianPolishPortuguesePunjabiRomanianRussianScottishGaelicSerbianSinhalaSlovakianSlovenianSpanishSundaneseSwahiliSwedishTagalogTajikTamilTatarTeluguThaiTurkishUdmurtUkrainianUrduUzbekVietnameseWelshYiddishKeywords:Translator,Translator all laguage, Translate, Translator forAndroid. OnlineTranslator
Plays and jokes with friends or children. It is the mostdangerousman in your city and challenge your friends to aduel!Insuredlaughs with your friends. Move the phone to make noisewalking andpress the button to shoot. And do not forget to facedangerous man!
Update the Phone app for your Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) ornewerdevice to improve your calling experience and gain controlovercalls with features like Google Duo video calling, spamprotectionand caller ID. GOOGLE DUO VIDEO CALLS Initiate thehighest qualityone-to-one video call with a simple tap from thecall log, searchor contacts card. You can also easily upgrade avoice call to a Duovideo call. Make sure you have Google Duoinstalled and activated.SPAM PROTECTION See warnings aboutpotential spam callers andreport suspicious calls to help protectthe community fromtelemarketers, fraudsters and spammers. CALLER IDKnow who’scalling before you pick up, with business names nowvisible on thecall screen along with their number. CALL BLOCKINGGet the callsyou want, and not the ones you don’t. You can nowblock numbers toprevent unwanted calls. VISUAL VOICEMAIL Check yourmessageswithout having to call voicemail - view, playback anddelete themright from the Phone app and download the audio to yourdevice.Currently available for Project Fi, T-Mobile USA, and OrangeFrancecustomers. NEARBY PLACES No more switching apps or cumbersomecopyand paste. Just find and call places right from the search barinthe Phone app. EMERGENCY LOCATION See where you are whenyou’recalling for help — this feature makes it easier to seeyourlocation when contacting emergency services.
Neha Kakkar
Follow Neha Kakkar through her Official the free Neha Kakkar app now for afull album of music! Noaccount setup is required – just install andlisten to theseoriginal songs by Neha Kakkar.Stay connected to NehaKakkar on herofficial app.Do fun things:- Check out the in-appsocial feed forlive updates and videos.- Boost your comments withSuperstars,become a Top 3 Fan, and be seen by Neha Kakkar.- Joinexcitingcontests for a chance to win amazing prizes like meetingNehaKakkar, event tickets, and more…- Watch cool videos.- FollowNehaKakkar on social media.- Listen to the FREE built-in playlistandadd more songs from your personal library, Spotify.DownloadtheNeha Kakkar app now and #BeSeen!About Neha KakkarASingerEntertainer, Happy Human Being, Pampered by NeHearts, theselfiequeen Neha Kakkar is the power packet of Bollywood. VoiceBehindBlockbusters like Kar Gayi Chull, Sunny Sunny, Manali Trance,AkkadBakkad, Aao Raja, Humne Pee Rakhi Hai, Dhating Naach,LondonThumakda, Daru Peeke Dance, Jadoo Ki Jhappi, Second HandJawani,Akhiyan, Hanju, Botal Khol, Pyar Te Jaguar, Car Mein MusicBaja andMany More….. Neha was brought up in Delhi and is the sisterofsingers Sonu Kakkar and Tony Kakkar. She broke her way intothehearts of people when she competed in the Television realityshowIndian Idol season 2 in 2006.
7th Sense Psychics - Daily Horoscopes, Readings
Clarity. Guidance. Answers.7th Sense Psychics goal is to bringyouan app that provides the complete Psychic Guidance experience,withDaily Horoscopes, Psychic Readings and loads more. No matterwhattime of day, or where you are, or what your need is, ourcarefullyselected psychics and angels will be there to listen toyou andhelp. By downloading this app, you’ll get access to:• DailyFreeHoroscopes written exclusively by our own Master PsychicVincent.•Connect by Phone 24/7 to our carefully selected GenuinePsychicswith a very special offer for new customers• 2 FreeQuestions onany subject with our Ask-An-Angel feature.• Powerfuldaily storieswritten by Psychic Authors on all things normal andparanormal• Theability to listen back to your past readings,completely free,whenever you like.• Listen to real Psychic Readingswith ourPhonecast featureFrom the stars to your phone, get theanswersyou’re looking for. Download the 7th Sense Psychics apptoday.
🗽 spanish translator
+Translate spanish to english with this text translatorpro+Whentranslating, share or copy the translation+Fasttranslations withvoice to translate instantly+Listen thetranslations in yourlanguage english and spanish+Expand yourvocabulary! Includes wordof the day with translation and instantlypronunciation+History ofthe last translations to consultlaterDownload now! With thisenglish to spanish translator lite theworld is more communicated!After all is the best spanish translatorfor android.On holiday,travel, business, studies or when moving,this language translatoris for you.Perfect for translating textsinto Spanish, documents,phrases, talking or for conversationstarter. Say goodbye to thedictionaryQUALITIES:+qualitytranslations+instanttranslations+voice translator+learnEnglish+easy to use+speak andtranslate English+low dataconsumption+translate toSpanish+education in foreignlanguage+speech to text+interpreterfor languageTo do thetranslations is necessary an internetconnection, but thisapplication does not consume much data
RO Exam
UP Public Service Commission Review Officer Previous YearsPapersUPPublic Service Commission Review Officer Prelims Exam 2016GeneralStudies in Hindi UP Public Service Commission ReviewOfficerPrelims Exam 2016 General HindiUP Public Service CommissionReviewOfficer Prelims Exam 2014 General Studies in Hindi andEnglish.UPPublic Service Commission Review Officer Prelims Exam2014 GeneralHindiUP Public Service Commission Review Officer MainsExam 2014General Studies in HindiUPPSC RO Exam-2014 Cutoffसमीक्षाअधिकारी
appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards
** NEW FEATURE ** (KARMA PLAY)Karma Play lets you earn dailyrewardsfor playing with the apps you’ve installed. Install app,keep theapp, and play with the app each day to earn daily rewards.DOUBLEBONUS availabletoo!**JUST RELEASED**appKarma (iOS) - go to on your iOSSafaribrowserDO YOU HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL? BECOME A VIP!If youhave morethan 1000 subscribers to your channel, you can become aVIP andreceive more invite rewards and a special referrer code.Contact usfor details ( WHAT IS APPKARMA? ++appKarmalets you earn free cash and gift cards for playing withapps.++ Youdon’t need to sign up to try our app. Download appKarmaand startearning rewards right away. HOW IS APPKARMA BETTER THANOTHERREWARD APPS?* We have the most reward opportunities andhighestpaying offers. * You get 5% of your points back every timeyouredeem a card so you always have points in your account. * Wehavegift cards world wide and not just in the US. * You can createyourown referrer code for your invite rewardsHOW CAN I EARN REWARDSINAPPKARMA? * Basic Rewards - Install and play with apps toearnrewards* Karma Plays - Earn Karma Plays and you can getdailyrewards for playing with apps you’ve downloaded. * KarmaQuizzes -Earn rewards when you answer Karma Quizzes correctly. *AchievementBadges - Earn bonuses for your achievements (install 20apps,invite a friend, etc …)* Invite Rewards - Invite your friends,andyou will get 30% of what they earn from app install offers. HOWDOI GET THE GIFT CARDS? You can redeem your points for giftcardsinside the app and your gift code will be loaded directlyinsideappKarma. WHAT GIFT CARDS CAN I REDEEM?$1, $3, $$3, $5,$10 PayPal$10 Google Play$5, $10 iTunes$5, $10Xbox Live$10Playstation$5 Starbucks$10 Facebook$20 SteamI’M NOT INTHE US, CANI USE THIS? Sure! We have the following gift cards fornon-ususers:Amazon : UK, DE, IT, FR, ES, CN, CAiTunes: UK, CA,AUGooglePlay: UK, DE, AU, JP, HKStarbucks: CA, HK京東卡: CNSTRICTLYPROHIBITED- Violation will result in account suspension* Use of VPNandproxies* Creating fake accounts / devices with emulatorsFacebook-
BLE Scanner
No.1 Scanner Utility for Bluetooth Low Energy, iBeacon andEddystonedevices.========================================Over500,000+downloads==================Helping Bluetooth community,developersand users.======================================BLEScanner wasdeveloped with a vision to help Bluetooth community,developers whowants to build BLE products & applications.BLEScanner is usedby not only developers but also users are using itto find theirlost Fitness Trackers and other Bluetooth SmartDevices.MainFeatures Bluetooth Scanner=====================# Scannear byBluetooth Low Energy, iBeacon and Eddystone devices.#AddedPeripheral (Advertising) Mode.# Create your custom peripheral,Addcustom services & characteristics.# Advertise your phoneasEddystone UID, URI and TLM.# Customize Eddystone configurationforUID, URI and TLM.# Find your BLE device in proximity usingRadarview & unique device colors.# Filter devices by Name,MacAddress and RSSI.# History of all devices discovered. Findoutwhich device was discovered when with discovery Time.#DeleteHistory options in history tab.# Export History data intosdcard.#RSSI Pool helps to find out how far your devices are. Lowerthenumber the closer you are to the source i.e. -25 very near and-80is far from your BLE devices. # Favorites your devices.#ExploreServices & Characteristics of connected device.# PerformRead,Write, Notify & Indicate. # Check device compatibilityforBLE.# Export history data as CSV format.# Write more than 20Bytedata.# Add logical name of your device.# Copy to clipboard ofMACAddress.# Find your lost bluetooth or BLE device.Knownissue:--Some times when Android phone advertise as peripheral thenit isunable to connect in iOS devices. But it is connect easilyinanother android devices. Follow uson:Facebook:,questions or suggestions?Mail us: orVisit
Kukuli : My Dear Friend
Your best friend Kukuli wishes to play with you !You can makefunnyjokes with Kukuli, can dance with music and also play minigames!You can take memorial selfie with Kukuli and his friends :Tinky,Minky, Düt düt frames. Have fun with Kukuli !
Ozuna musica gratis
ozunamusicaOzuna musica gratisMúsica y letras músicaletrassoundmusix"This app is designed to facilitate music lovers tomoreeasily find updated songs and to facilitate the music loversbygetting the lyrics.Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado (San Juan, 13 demarzode 1992),1 conocido artísticamente como Ozuna, es un cantantedetrap y de reggaetón puertorriqueño.List Music:-Me Ama Me Odia(ft.Arcángel, Cosculluela y Brytiago)-Dile Que Tú Me Quieres-Diles(Ft.Bad Bunny, Farruko, Arcangel, Ñengo Flow)-Corazón de Seda-EnLaIntimidad, etcletra de ozuna no quiere enamorarseozuna letrafalsasmentirasozuna dilesozuna en la intimidadozuna corazón desedaozunayoutubeozuna cancionesozuna si no te quiere"Top Music:CriminalLaFormula (feat. Chris Jeday)Se PreparóTu FotoUna FlorQueVaMe Ama MeOdia (ft. Arcángel, Cosculluela y Brytiago)Escápateconmigo (ft.Wisin)El FarsanteAhora Dice (Ft. Arcangel, JBalvin)SePreparóozunamusicOzuna free musicMusic and lyricsmusiclyricssoundmusix"This app is designed to Facilitate music lovers tomoreEasily find updatedto Facilitate the songs and music loversbygetting the lyrics.Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado (San Juan, March13,1992), 1 knownartistically as Ozuna, he is a singer andreggaetontrapPuerto Rican.Music List:'I Love Hates Me (ft.Arcangel,Cosculluela and Brytiago)Tell Me That You WantTell them(Ft. BadBunny, Farruko, Arcangel, Ñengo Flow)-Silk heart-Inprivacy,etcozuna letter does not want to fall in loveozuna falseletterliesozuna tellozuna in privacyozuna silk heartozunayoutubeozunasongsozuna if you do not want "TopMusic:CriminalFormula (feat.Chris Jeday)He PreparedYour photoAflowerNo wayLove Me Hate Me (ft.Arcangel, Cosculluela andBrytiago)Get away with me (ft. Wisin)theRainmakerNow Dice (Ft.Arcangel, J Balvin)He Prepared
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