Top 49 Games Similar to Stand O'Food® 3

JOIN GORDON RAMSAY AND COOK YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS! Travel aroundtheglobe and master your skills in unique restaurants w/ GordonRamsayas your guide! Build your restaurant empire! BATTLE OTHERPLAYERSONLINE! Use strategy along with your culinary skills andbattleother players or friends online to reach the top oftheleaderboards! CHOOSE YOUR CHEF’S LOOK! Create your chef’sownpersonal look with the all new avatar system, a first for anyDASHgame! CELEBRITY CHEF BOSS BATTLES! Got what it takes tocompetewith the best? Face Gordon Ramsay and others in new BossBattles!EARN AND TRADE ITEMS FOR BETTER RECIPES! Upgrade yourrecipes foreven better rewards by collecting rare and unique itemsthroughoutthe game! High-end, immersive tablet gameplay! PLEASENOTE: - Thisgame is free to play, but you can choose to pay realmoney for someextra items, which will charge your Google account.You can disablein-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.-This game isnot intended for children. - Please buy carefully. -Advertisingappears in this game. - This game may permit users tointeract withone another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat,messaging)depending on the availability of these features. Linkingto socialnetworking sites are not intended for persons in violationof theapplicable rules of such social networking sites. - Anetworkconnection is required to play. - For information about howGlucollects and uses your data, please read our privacy - If you have a problem with this game,pleaseuse the game’s “Help” feature. FOLLOW US at Gordon Ramsay DASH includingRestaurant DASHwith Gordon Ramsay © 2016 - 2017 Glu Mobile Inc. Allrightsreserved. Restaurant DASH, DASH, Gordon Dash, Gordon RamsayDash,Glu, the “G-Man” Logo, Flo, and her appearance are thetrademarksor registered trademarks of Glu Mobile Inc. in the UnitedStatesand/or in other jurisdictions. Likeness, voice and images ofGordonRamsay provided under license by Humble Pie Media LimitedforStudio Ramsay. All rights reserved.
Flo cooks her way to TV fame as a celebrity chef in thisfast-pacedtime management game – COOKING DASH! Sharpen your skillas youprepare, cook, and serve delicious menu items in eachexoticrestaurant… in front of a live studio audience! Hear themgasp andcheer as you earn profits in each exciting episode!Quirkycustomers, superstar VIPs, fast-paced kitchen action, and TVfameawait! Excel as a chef to beat Series Finales and compete intheTrial of Style, where you can earn adorable Pets &Outfits!COOK YOUR WAY TO STARDOM! Control the fast-paced chaos asyou dashyour way around the kitchen, preparing meals for crazycustomers!Collect tons of tips for excellent service and make thoseprofits!YOU ARE DESTINED FOR FABULOUS TV CHEF MEGA-FAME! HUNDREDSOFEPISODES TO COMPLETE! Tons of fun cooking play acrossuniquerestaurant shows like the Vegas-themed Table Steaks, crazyTacoTrain, and trendy Hip Stir Cafe with many more on the way!COLLECTAND UPGRADE! Wanna get more successful and famous? Spendyourprofits on upgrades for food and appliances for yourrestaurant!Upgrade to shiny stoves, fancy food prep stations, andmore toensure all customers get three-star service! PRIZEWHEELS!Introducing Weldon Brownie’s brand new game show - Spin toWin!Spin a free Prize Wheel every day to win prizes like Gold,PrepRecipes, VIP Tickets, Auto Chefs, Outfits, Pets, and more!OUTFITS& PETS! Dress up Flo in fun outfits themed for eachShow, andequip Pets to help you out in the kitchen by auto-servingPrepRecipes! SERIES FINALES! Want to test your skill? Face agauntletof challenging levels in a Venue’s Series Finale - expertsonly!Beat every episode in a Venue with 4 or more Stars to unlock!TRIALOF STYLE! Try your luck in the Trial of Style! Thismultiplayerevent features different Venues each time - do you havewhat ittakes to be the best? PREP AWESOME RECIPES FOR MORECUSTOMERS! Makespecial Recipes in the Prep Kitchen and attractcustomers withtheir favorite dishes! They’ll get you more and morefamous, dropcool items, and give you special powers to blast yourcoffers withmega-profits and keep your star on the rise! BECOMESUPER-FAMOUS!Fan the flames of your fame as you start your OWN SHOWfull of themost elite VIPs coming to see YOU and your amazingcheffing skills!It’s FOOD and FAME for you as you host the hippestdinner partiesin the WORLD in front of MILLIONS of VIEWERS! It’s aTV Chef dreamcome true! PLAY WITH FRIENDS! Exchange gifts andcompete withfriends on your never-ending quest to be the best! WHATARE YOUWAITING FOR?!? Show your stuff and feed the hungry stomachs-- andfragile egos -- of the guests and VIPs! Download the FREECookingDash® today! THIS IS THE MOST INSANELY FUN DASH GAME EVER!CookingDash is free to play, but you can choose to pay real moneyfor someextra items. Use of this application is governed by GluMobile’sTerms of Use. Collection and use of personal data aresubject toGlu Mobile’s Privacy Policy. Both policies are Additional terms may also apply. FOLLOW US atTwitter@glumobile
Stand O’Food® City: Virtual Frenzy 1.8.8
Ready to build a burger dynasty? Stand O’ Food City,thefree-to-play time management game based on our popular StandO’Food franchise, is here! Your old friends Ronnie, NikkiandClarence have traveled from Tinseltown to open new restaurants.Butthe evil Mr. Torg is trying to destroy the hard-workingteam’splans per usual!In this unique blend of time management,citybuilding and strategy gameplay, grow your burgerbusinessstep-by-step. Flip the best burgers, improve your offeringsandsatisfy your growing clientele. Then expand to seven types ofcafesserving different specialties: lasagna, beef, fish, salad,chickenburgers, breakfast and chocolate cake. Make upgrades andmaximizeprofits!Next, construct homes to grow the neighborhood,createfarms and factories to source ingredients and addthoughtfulamenities, such as drinking fountains. From the mountainsto thebeach, open new locations while unlocking recipes andperfectingsauces. Knock out hundreds of quests to earnachievements, rewardsand a veritable fortune! While this gameis absolutely free toplay, you have the ability to unlock optionalbonuses via in-apppurchases from within the game. You may disablein-app purchases inyour device settings.● 741+ challenging queststo complete● 252unique recipes to master and serve clients● 152+decorations tobeautify your popular eateries● 108 buildings toenliven andsupport your city● 43 factories and farms to supplyyourbusiness______________________________ Game available in:English,Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian,Japanese,Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese,Russian,Spanish______________________________ COMPATIBILITY NOTES:Thisgame performs best on high-end smartphonesandtablets.______________________________ ***Sign up now for aweeklyround-up of the best from G5Games!***______________________________ G5 Games-World of Adventures™!Collect all G5 games! Search for "g5"inGoogle Play!Strategy: ▶ Farm Clan®: Farm Life Adventure▶VirtualCity Playground®: Building Tycoon▶ The Island Castaway:LostWorld®▶ Doomsday Preppers™▶ Supermarket Management 2Adventure:▶Pirates & Pearls: A Treasure Matching Puzzle▶ MahjongJourney:A Tile Match Adventure Quest▶ Homicide Squad: HiddenCrimes▶Survivors: The Quest▶ Twin Moons: ObjectFindingGame______________________________ VISITUS:http://www.g5e.comWATCH US: ofService: End User LicenseSupplementalTerms:
Stand O'Food® 1.6
The immersive free-to-play version, Stand O’Food® City, isalreadylive! Don't miss out!Stand O’ Food is an original,fast-pacedrestaurant challenge with millions of players. Feed ahost ofhungry patrons before they leave in a huff! Slap togetherburgersand cook up some bacon as quickly as you can! But it's notallabout speed – you've also got to plan ahead. Put thesandwichestogether in the correct sequence, and set yourself up soyou canmake the next sandwich without difficulty. Earn money topurchasecondiments and upgrade your equipment to serve tastier foodevenfaster than before. Stand O' Food will satisfy all ofyourcravings!TRY IT FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROMWITHINTHE GAME! • 2 Gameplay modes: Quest and Lunch Rush• More than100levels• 80+ sandwiches to create• Close to 20 upgradestopurchase______________________________ Game available in:English,French, German, Italian,Russian,Spanish______________________________ COMPATIBILITY NOTES:Thisgame performs best on high-end smartphonesandtablets.______________________________ ***Sign up now for aweeklyround-up of the best from G5 Games!***______________________________ G5 Games -World ofAdventures™!Collect them all! Search for "g5" in GooglePlay!Strategy: ▶ Farm Clan®: Farm Life Adventure▶ VirtualCityPlayground®: Building Tycoon▶ Stand O’Food® City: VirtualFrenzy▶The Island Castaway: Lost World®▶ DoomsdayPreppers™Adventure: ▶Pirates & Pearls: A Treasure MatchingPuzzle▶ Mahjong Journey:A Tile Match Adventure Quest▶ HomicideSquad: Hidden Crimes▶Survivors: The Quest▶ Twin Moons: ObjectFindingGame______________________________ VISITUS:http://www.g5e.comWATCH US: ofService: End User LicenseSupplementalTerms:
Order Up!! To Go 1.65
Time to release the chef inside you...Order Up!! To Go isadelicious blend of frantic kitchen cooking and restaurantempirebuilding. Chop, roll, slice, and dice your way to culinarystardom.Optimized specially for Android, featuring perfect controlsandcomic kitchen action, this is one time management game thatwillkeep you busy for hours.• RESTAURANT EMPIRECook your way acrossavariety of restaurants, each with their own menus to unlockandmaster. Put your culinary skills to the test as the challengerampsup!• ARE YOU A NATURAL IN THE KITCHEN?Use the perfectlydesignedgesture controls to prepare and cook your recipes. Flickburgers inthe air, carefully chop your veg and drop fries into thefryer allwith the touch of a finger!• PERFECT GAMING RECIPEAs wellaschopping, slicing, flipping and frying you will also have tokeepyour kitchen in ship shape. Fight off fires, rat invasions andevenhealth inspectors. • A WORKER IS ONLY AS GOOD AS HIS TOOLSAsyouplay through the game, upgrade your restaurants with new,betterequipment. Purchase up to 6 restaurants in game, each withits ownunique cuisine!
Social Point
Play World Chef, a game to create your restaurant and cookthefinest recipes to attract VIP customers. ExclusiveHalloweenfeature available for a limited time only!🎃 Do you likeexoticfood? Are you more of a burger and fries kind of person?Eitherway, there’s a spot for you in the kitchens of World Chef,the mostinternational cooking game, with chefs and recipes fromover 20nationalities! World Chef is a happy place where the kitchennevercloses, the waiter always has a big smile on his face and thefoodis so great you should probably play with a bib on. Openyourrestaurant, give it a name and decorate it to your taste!Thenstart cooking world cuisines and serving customers! Your placewillsoon become so popular you’ll have to make it bigger! Expandyourmenu with every new international chef: Tacos, pizza, sushi,...Thewhole world can fit inside one restaurant! The success ladderwilllead you to welcoming VIP diners and even catering specialevents!You will soon master the art of running a top restaurant.Andremember! This is not a fast food joint, take your timetoslow-cook your best recipes. Your customers know they will beworththe waiting. ---- FEATURES: Create, decorate and run your ownfinedining restaurant! Craft exclusive decorations at theDesignStudio. Buy and trade fresh ingredients and cookincreasinglydelicious dishes. Build yourself a dock, get a boat andstartimporting exotic ingredients! Serve your finest cuisinetocustomers from all around the world. Increase your popularityandsee how all the VIPs become regulars! ---- World Chef is FREEtodownload and FREE to play. However, you can purchase in-appitemsfor the game with real money. If you wish to disable thisfeature,please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone ortablet’sSettings.
Masha and Bear: Cooking Dash 1.2.23
Here are “Masha and the Bear: Cooking Dash”! Masha welcomeschildrento try these games for kids and their cooking foodabilities! 😋 TheBear, Rosie, Panda, the wolves, and other animalsin the forest arehungry! 🍲🍴 Who will feed poor animals in thisfood making games?Masha and Bear of course! With the help of kidsthis restless littlegirl will be cooking food for every characterfrom the popularcartoon “Masha and the Bear” in this food games!But each animalwants different ingredients. Find them all in thiscooking dash andmake the best oatmeal ever! Game for kidsfeatures: 🤗 - 16characters in this children games free from Mashaand the Bear games- cooking dash games with 33 ingredients to addinto oatmeal -talking Masha in this cooking games for girls - therecipes becomemore difficult with levels in this cooking games forkids free 😋 Areyou ready to make oatmeal with bananas in dinergames? Or with ham?In this cooking dash games Masha and the Bearwill teach toddlershow to make oatmeal with anything in this cafegames free! Everyanimal in the forest will come to Masha's cafegames and order adish. In cooking games for girls this can happentwice a day! Withevery new visitor in your cafe kitchen theoatmeal recipes willbecome more interesting and complicated. Cookall orders in thiscooking games free! This Masha and the Bear cookgames are suitablefor kids from 2 to 8, it has the initialinterface so that eventoddlers can play without parents. If yourkids love children gamesfree about cooking dash or diner games,“Masha and the Bear: CookingDash” is the best choice for them!With Masha and Bear plus otheranimals kids will train theirintelligence, logic and attention! Andwill learn how to cookdinner! 😋 Children games for boys and girlsfree are not alwaysinteresting and new. But Masha cooking chef willmake this cookingdash a complete fun! This is the first food gameswith Masha andthe Bear. If you are looking for cooking games forkids free wherekids cook this is a good choice! Give your kidsgames free that arenot only funny but are also educational gamesfor kids! Toddlergames free do not always suit these parameters butthis cook gamefor kids really do! ❗Contact us if you have anysuggestions ortroubles! E-mail:
Burger 1.0.20
Magma Mobile
A burger-serving game has arrived for your best enjoyment in afreeversion with the Magma Mobile’s touch! You are hired in achainrestaurant to serve clients as quickly as possible to earnmoneyand even tips for yourself. Take orders from your customersandmake a recipe among sandwiches, garnishes, desserts and sodas.Themore you play, the more ingredients will appear in thefast-foodjoint! Take up the challenge and try the Career Mode tocope with ahigher difficulty each day of the year! Work from MondaytoSaturday and reach your goal to get more money and newingredientsfor the service. Then if you are a great employee, youwill evenunlock a lot of achievements! Time is money! Try your bestin theTime Attack Mode to collect the maximum amount of coinswithin thetime limit! This time management game will definitelyentertain andchallenge you and your family! Game Features - A wholelot ofdifferent ingredients like bread, meat and lettuce - Morethan 300levels and 40 achievements for burger maniacs - Many sidedisheslike ice creams, french fries and muffins - Share yourcreationwith the gallery So come play Burger and become the masterking ofburgers!
Burger Shop - Free Cooking Game 1.5
GoBit Games
Make burgers, shakes, fries and more in this excitingfast-foodrestaurant cooking game enjoyed by millions of fans aroundtheworld. After receiving a set of strange blueprints in the mail,youbuild an extraordinary cooking contraption and open arestaurant.Your goal? Cook tasty food and satisfy your customers asyou try todiscover the truth behind the mysterious kitchenblueprints.Upgrade the kitchen in your restaurants to provide yourcustomerswith different types of food and cook hamburgers,triplecheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, onion rings, milkshakes,salads, sodas, ice cream sundaes and much, much more! Buildmorecooking machines and open different restaurants, including aDiner,Beach Hut, Old West Saloon and more! Can you dash aroundservinghungry customers tasty food with the help of your roboticchef anddiscover the secret of the mysterious food-machineblueprints?Burger Shop® is a fun and addicting time-management,fast-food,kitchen restaurant game. GAME FEATURES: • 80 Story Levelsand 80Expert Story Levels! • Challenge Modes and Relax Modes! •8different restaurants! • Over 60 different food items to cookinyour kitchen! • 96 trophies to earn! • Unlimited play! JointheBurger Shop craze and play four different game modes thatofferendless play! GAME MODES: • Story Mode - Build yourburgerrestaurant empire and discover the secrets behind themysteriouscooking machine: The BurgerTron2000! • Challenge Mode -Playfever-pitched, fast one-minute game rounds - but don't loseacustomer or it's all over! It's Burger Cooking Mania! • RelaxMode– Cook and serve food without any pressure or stress.Restaurantcustomers are infinitely patient. • Expert Story Mode -So, youthink you are the Burger Master Chef? Put your food-makingchefskills to the test in this fever-paced game mode! Available in12languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian,Dutch,Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Korean andSimplifiedChinese.
Top Burger Chef: Cooking Story 2.4
Be the king of burger restaurant empire and make the mostdeliciousjuicy burgers in this super fun time management cookinggame! Ultracrazy hungry customers are waiting for you to serve themtheirsky-high burger and fries, steak burger, sodas, and desserts!Make& serve yummy hamburgers, cheeseburgers and othersandwiches oftheir wish, unlock all three fast food stands andbecome the burgermasterchef ! Download Top Burger Chef: CookingStory for free andprove you're a real crazy star chef! FEATURES: -Intense gameplayand awesome characters! - Unlock all ingredientsfrom your kitchen:tomato, cucumber, ketchup, mayonnaise, beefsteak, and much more! -3 different game modes! - CAREER: - 3 burgershop stands – Unlockthem all to be the best burger maker! - Over180 challenginglevels! - Crazy super powers and powerups to helpyou earn moremoney! - TIME ATTACK: - Follow the burger recipes andmake as manybest burgers as you can to win great combos &bonuses! -FASTFOOD CHEF CHAMPIONSHIP: - Design your own sky burgertower andenter the contest to win the big prize! If you like toplay bestcooking games, this crazy burger making game is the rightchoicefor you! Be the fastest star chef in the world, and serve allthehungry customers that come to your hamburger restaurant! Makeyourchicken burger, cheese burger, or some other gourmet burgerandfries even juicier with some of the toppings they're lookingfor!Add onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard, or extra bacon, andmakeyour customers happy! Top Burger Chef: Cooking Story will turnyouinto a real cooking star chef! Unleash the crazy burger feverandplay this awesome fast-paced restaurant dash game! Takeyourserving skills to the next level, fill the tasty patty withham,chilly peppers, lettuce, double cheese, tomatoes, and eggs, andallsorts of tasty meat toppings and other ingredients to preparethetastiest meal in your kitchen! Just follow the hamburgerrecipeyour customer gives you, serve your guests the best lunchever, andrun your own happy diner restaurant! Try out all gamemodes in ourburger maker deluxe and join the mania! Makinghamburgers in burgershop games is fun and addictive! You must makeyour customers happywith your cheeseburger meals, so practice yourcooking speed in ourtime attack mode – beat the clock and get agood adrenaline rush!Develop expert culinary skills and make thetop menu for yourburger shop stand out! If you love to play cookinggames andrestaurant games, this is the right game for you! Preparedeliciousmeals in the kitchen of your burger restaurant, and be thebestcook in the world! Top Burger Chef: Cooking Story is one ofthebest cooking games for girls! Download this super fun cookinggameand go on a crazy restaurant dash right away! Make your ownburgerand fries in the most addictive restaurant game on the store,andshow that you are the crazy chef in the kitchen! It has neverbeenso fun to play cooking games! Engage in this insane burgermakingrush and become the master cook in the most prestigiousfastfoodrestaurant chain! If you've always wanted to be a cake andcandyboss, or a pizza chef, and you love to play donut maker games,thisburger adventure attack is the right cooking game for you!
Crazy Cooking - Star Chef 1.9.8
New restaurant is unlocked: 🍕 Pizzeria has its grand opening! Trytomake your own tomato mozzarella salad! Enjoy the traditionalitalianstyle cuisine with us! 🍕🍝 Crazy Cooking- Star Chef(Original BurgerMaster) is a cooking game that allows players toopen differentgenres of restaurants! Run your classic diner toserve serves 🍔burger, 🍟fries and 🍦🍧🍨 milkshakes or open a Japaneseramen bar tocook 🍜 delicious noodles 🍜! Can you act fast enough todeal withtons of orders? 🍩 Flowery Donuts Shop is ready forunlock! Cookbrand new food: Donuts with delicious cream! Enjoycute, pinky anddelicate interior design! 🍩 Our brand new kittyramen bar is open!Would you like to have a bowl or ramen with porkchasu, egg and bonebroth? Upgrade your interior to attract 😺 catsto your restaurant,customers love these adorable fury things!Mexican restaurantprovide different classic mexican food! Updateyour Mexican styleinterior decorations in the restaurant! Also,don't forget toupgrade the American diner! Classic burger 🍔 or BLTis always agreat choice! Want some snacks 🍰 or treats? Our Friesand Milkshakecan satisfy you! With the dream to make deliciousfood and servehungry customer, let’s start with each restaurant,earn coins toupgrade the kitchen and dining room, and expand tothe worldeventually! Upgrade Everything Serve each customer asfast as youcan, great service will increase tips! Upgrade theingredientquality and offer cupcakes to make your customer evenhappier! Don’tforget to upgrade the restaurant appliances andingredient quality,and create a better dining environment toattract more customers! Ohthe automatic cooking machine can saveyou tons of time and makesure nothing is burnt! Become a cookingmaster and star chef! Lifein restaurant industry is not easy.Prepare the meal ahead of time,turn the milkshake on and fry theShrimp Tempura constantly. Also,keep an eye on the stove and donot burn the food! Serve the burgeror ramen with the rightingredient that your customer asked for.With the increasingdemands, you need to act fast just like in reallife! You will findout this game is so addictive and time passed sofast at these busyrestaurants! Will you be able to handle the chaosand high demand?Achieve your goal to become 3 star chef! DownloadCrazy Cookingtoday! Follow our Facebook developer page to receivenewest updateinfo and share your ideas!
My Cafe — Restaurant game 2019.9.3
Melsoft Games
Join more than 50 million coffee lovers around the world andunleashyour entrepreneurial spirit in this FUN and RELAXINGrestaurantgame. Decide on your cafe or restaurant businessSTRATEGY and earnincome, even when you are offline! RESTAURANTGAME SIMULATION • WithMy Cafe you can own and grow a coffee shopor a restaurant of yourdreams • Decorate your coffee shop as youwish, hire and trainstaff, decide on cafe menu items and even setprices as you see fitCAFE MAKEOVER • Do you have a knack fordesign? Hone your interiordesign skills and do a total cafe or arestaurant makeover • In thiscooking game, you can choose fromnumerous decor styles, positionfurniture as you wish, and make acoffee shop totally yours byaccentuating with elements that showyour true self INTERACTIVESTORYLINES IN YOUR CAFE • As a truecoffee shop owner, you will getto meet your customers from variousbackgrounds and get to help themnavigate through life. In thisrestaurant game you can pick betweendifferent lines of dialoguewith customers and see where your storytakes you! • Do you likedrama? Romance? In My Cafe, the choice isall yours! GO SOCIAL WITHMY CAFE • Play my cafe with friends andmeet like-minded coffeelovers to form townships and compete againstowners of other coffeeshops • Fulfill festival tasks and lead yourtown to successtogether! COFFEE AND CAFE MANIA: Do you love coffeeas much as wedo? • Unleash your barista superpower and createcustom coffee andtea drinks for all your guests • Unlock uniquecoffee recipes andspice up everyone’s life in your cafe withdistinctive coffee drinkcombinations •••••••••••••••••••••• MyCafe: Recipes & Storiesis FREE to download and play with noobligations to pay. However,some in-game items can be purchased forreal money. If you wish todisable this feature, please turn offin-app purchases in yourdevice’s settings ••••••••••••••••••••••Note: An internetconnection is required to play the game Follow ourofficial page toget the latest news and helpful tips on how todevelop your cookinggame: Facebook -
com.tapblaze.pizzabusiness 3.0.9
Ever wanted to know what it feels like to run your own Pizzashop?Now you can with TapBlaze’s newest game, Good Pizza, GreatPizza!Do your best to fulfill pizza orders from customers whilemakingenough money to keep your shop open. Upgrade your shop withnewtoppings and equipment to compete against your pizzarival,Alicante! GAME HIGHLIGHTS 🍕 Featuring Pizza News Network(PNN), thefirst newscast about all things pizza. 🍕 Over 80customers withunique pizza orders and personalities. 🍕 Pizzatoppings includingpepperoni, sausage, onions, and more. 🍕 Equipmentupgrades to helpyou become the master ovenist. 🍕 Simple, fun andchallenginggameplay. 🍕 Created by pizza making professionals; thegamedesigner worked in a pizza kitchen for four years! Can youbecomethe master ovenist? Only time and your pizza skills willtell!Download and start pizza making now! PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService:
Sweet Pizza Shop - Cooking Fun 1.3
It°Øs pizza time! The smell of hot, fresh pizza makeseveryone°Østummy rumble in hunger. Here we go. Run your own pizzashop &be the best bakery chef, and everyone is excited to tryyourinventions. Italian Pizza is highly admirable. Createdeliciouspizzas using savory Italian toppings in this excitingcooking game.Okay, that is not all. Here comes the new invention -Gummy Pizza.The sweet yummy dessert pizza topped with gummy candy.Hmm~ Itsounds great. You are a creative chef. Product Features: -Coolpizza themed cooking game. - Run a pizza shop & CreateItalianpizza and sweet gummy pizza. - Tons of toppings from extracheeseand pepperoni to onion and mushrooms for Italian pizza. -Sweetgummy candy and jelly for yummy dessert gummy pizza. -Endlesscombinations to make any tasty pizza you desire. - Eat &Sellyummy dessert pizza . How to play. - Start from designing yourownshop logo. - Choosing the pizza you like most to makefirst,Italian Pizza or Gummy Pizza. - Add & Mix all theingredients:butter, milk, flour, sugar... together to make thedough. - Slicefavorite cheese as much as you want. - Pick from tonsof toppingsfor your pizza and drag it to the oven to bake. - Putyour pizzainto the microwave oven and refrigerator with a newcooking method.- Add gummy candy and jelly on the gummy pizza. -Wrapping yourpizza with hundreds of different box and stickers.Draw what youlike on your pizza box. - Tap to enjoy the yummydessert pizza. -Run the pizza shop to set a fair price for yourpizzas. - Sellpizza to the customers. They will be so pleased tobuy your pizza.- Take a photo to show off your pizza shop and theyummy pizzacreations. For more cooking games, visit our officialsite at Any new idea or suggestions to ourgame?Please follow us on Twitter at 1.9.3
Time to release the chef inside you… Chef Fever: CrazyKitchenRestaurant Cooking Games is a delicious blend of franticmobileKitchen & Cooking and Restaurant empire building. ChefFever:Crazy Kitchen Restaurant Cooking Games is an awesome cookingservearcade. It is an addicting time management cooking gamethatfeatures endless play. Whatever you are doing, if you have timetokill and lightening rod focus, you will definitely love thismobilekitchen Restaurant game :) Join Emma in her food truckcookingadventure, to be the Chef Fever: Crazy Kitchen RestaurantCookingGames is a long hilarious way…Roll up your sleeves forbreakfast,lunch, dinner shifts because Emma needs your help. Byprovidingspeedy services and delicious food, please customers andmakefoodie paradise. You are hired in a chain Restaurant to serveyourpatrons by cooking the most Delicious and Unique dished suchasScramble Egg, Pizza, Hotdog, Hamburger....Dash it! ProvideSpeedyservice and please customers with the most ever findingDeliciousand Unique food items. Dispense the dishes with your bestrecipesof your kitchen. Never forget the Recipes. RememberingRecipe willprovide speedy serving system to your clients. Join Emma, helpwhen customer appears in your mobile kitchen restaurant.Here’s thescoop, its time to make Fantastic, Delicious and Uniquedishes toserve your customer with the best plunging recipe of yourmobilekitchen!!! Take the crazy fate of mobile restaurant in yourhands.Keep your customers happy by prepping everything fromBurgers,Fries, Pizza; Take orders, tap and slide to seat customers,servepiping hot dishes and collect tips to upgrade your mobileKitchenRestaurants! Chef Fever: Crazy Kitchen Restaurant CookingGames isa playful cooking foodie paradise. This keeps you on yourtoe, timeyou as you make different dishes with different Recipes!Get readyfor the food making and serving the most Delicious andUniquedishes. For a limited span you should make the right dishesin timeto serve the customers happy. Chef Fever: Crazy KitchenRestaurantCooking Games gives addiction to an awesome franchise andwilldefinitely spirit you away. Never miss the best RChef Fever:CrazyKitchen Restaurant Cooking Games, if you want asubstantialentertainment. Easy and addictive will make youradrenaline going.Please like us on Facebookat
Cooking Mama: Let's cook! 1.51.0
A family-friendly cooking game loved worldwide! [You'll learntolove cooking!] Chop, bake, stew... Cook tasty meals with easytouchcontrols! Try out this unique cooking game. The yummy foodyou'llcreate will definitely make you hungry! ▼Let's Cook! Cookfood byplaying fun mini games. More than 30 kinds of recipes arewaitingfor you. Do your best, Special Chef! ▼Happy Village! Serveyourcooking to everyone at your restaurant. Create a big andwonderfulrestaurant that's all your own. Harvest lots of things bygoingFishing, growing plants in the Fields, and raising animals inyourRanch. Gather up lots to exchange for Happy Foods! ▼GamePlaza!Play non-cooking games like "Help out," "Play Shopkeeper,"and"Exercise your brain." More than 30 kinds of mini games arewaitingfor you. Aim to get high scores! ▼Challenge Ranking! Competeinweekly events for the best scores! Join the global rankings!▼OtherWays to Have Fun -Decorate the kitchen with various items.-Makesurprise dishes by combining 2 recipes. -Watch realisticcookingvideos for supported recipes. -Watch an animated video ofMama'sfun daily life. -Easily share videos of your gameplay to theworld.[Game Features] With its intuitive controls, both childrenandadults can enjoy the game. Also, even if you make mistakesthereare no game overs, so everyone can complete dishes.Furthermore,children who play may develop an interest in cooking.[RecommendedSetup] Android OS 4.1 or later. **Game may not beplayable oncertain devices even if the above conditions are met.**Bydownloading this game, you are accepting its UserAgreement.[SupportedLanguages]English,French,German,Italian,Spanish,Dutch,Russian,Portuguese,Polish,Czech,Turkish,Japanese,Korean,SimplifiedChinese,TraditionalChinese,Indonesian,Filipino,Malay,Thai,Vietnamese,Hindi,Spanish-mexico,Portuguesbrasileiro,Arabic,Persian,Swedish,Norwegian,Danish,Finnish
Cooking Fever 5.1.0
Cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world inthisFREE addictive time-management game! With a choice of 27uniquelocations, from Desserts and Fast Food to Sea Food andOrientalRestaurant, you will be able to practice your skills in avarietyof settings and cooking techniques. Use more than ahundredingredients to cook several hundred tasty dishes. Try allthepossible kitchen appliances, from coffee makers and rice cookerstopizza ovens and popcorn makers. Decorate your restaurantstoattract more clients. Make your own freebies, such as cookiesorcupcakes, to make your customers’ experience more personalandmemorable – just like in real life! Upgrade your kitchenandproduce an even greater variety of dishes. Oh, and did we saythatthis game is as addictive and as engrossing as fever? Havefuncooking and don’t forget to share your delicious meals withyourfriends on Facebook! IMPORTANT NOTE: Cooking Fever nowrequiresaccess to the internet in order to play. The game uses asmallamount of data for features like our Cooking Fever dailyrewards,restoring lost game progress, and other gameplayimprovements. Wehope that you have a great time running our latestrestaurant!Features: * More than 1300 dishes to cook using 350ingredients *27 unique locations * More than 1400 levels tocomplete * Hundredsand hundreds of upgrades for your kitchenappliances and interiorCooking Fever asks permission to fullyenable some functions: *Access location – to provide regionspecific in-game offers *Access external storage – to correctlysave your progress
Ramen Chain 1.7.1
============================================== #1 TIMEMANAGEMENTGAME GETSMAJORUPDATE!!============================================== PROUDLYMADEWITH LOVE IN INDONESIA!!SUPPORT LOCAL DEVELOPERS!! Top 1 FreeAppin Singapore, Indonesia, The PhilippinesTop 3 Free App inTaiwan,Hongkong, Malaysia, Thailand Your Ramen Chain got anInvestmentfrom someone!! Follow the story of our young ramenprodigy insearch of becoming the world’s best Ramen chef, goInternational inthe new update and take your ramen goodness to theWorld!!The BestTime-Management Game of The Year!Hungry and Bored?This is the gameyou will want to play. Get even hungrier whilemanaging your ownramen restaurants! Have you heard about SushiChain? Ramen Chain isthe long awaited sequel of the fascinatingrestaurant managementgame. This is not just about cooking goodfood, but it takes thewell-loved time management game and bringingit up a notch with thesuperb graphics and story line.Learn toexpand a ramen businessthrough games, and indulge in the colorfulworld of ramen. Whatdoes it take to succeed? Learn all the recipes,get to know yourcustomers, have a fast hand, and keep everyonehappy!Features:-Authentic ramen shop experience - Play in 5 citiesacross Japan -Engaging Storyline - Complete your Recipe book andPhotobookcollections - Test your Ramen making skill and share it totheworld - Buy and manage ramen restaurant - Over 100 upgradesdandecorations for your ramen restaurant - 50 challenging levels+mini games - Beautiful hand-drawn 2D art and animations -Greatsoundtrack that always makes you feel goodCome join us andbuildyour own Ramen Chain and be the best Ramen chef ever!!
Supermarket Management 2 1.2
WINNER OF THE BRONZE AWARD FROM POCKETGAMER! The long-awaitedsequelto Supermarket Management has just hit the shelves! Do youhave whatit takes to run a busy supermarket? Now you have a chanceto showeveryone! Become the manager of a small roadside shop andend up asthe owner of a competitive grocery chain in thisaddictive timemanagement game. Serve customers quickly to keepthem happy and earnmore coins Then invest your profits in newequipment and hireadditional workers so that you can grow yourbusiness. With itstrue-to-life scenario and gripping pace,Supermarket Management 2reveals your true leadership abilities ina highly entertainingmanner! TRY IT FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULLADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THEGAME! ● 49 challenging levels ● 22achievements to earn ● Ninewhimsical characters ● Eight excitingmini-games ● Five fascinatinglocations______________________________ Game available in: English,Chinese,French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, BrazilianPortuguese,Portuguese, Russian,Spanish______________________________COMPATIBILITY NOTES: This gameperforms best on high-endsmartphones andtablets.______________________________ ***Sign upnow for a weeklyround-up of the best from G5 Games!***______________________________ G5 Games -World ofAdventures™!Collect them all! Search for "g5" in GooglePlay!Strategy: ▶ Farm Clan®: Farm Life Adventure▶ VirtualCityPlayground®: Building Tycoon▶ Stand O’Food® City: VirtualFrenzy▶The Island Castaway: Lost World®▶ DoomsdayPreppers™Adventure: ▶Pirates & Pearls: A Treasure MatchingPuzzle▶ Mahjong Journey:A Tile Match Adventure Quest▶ HomicideSquad: Hidden Crimes▶Survivors: The Quest▶ Twin Moons: ObjectFindingGame______________________________ VISITUS:http://www.g5e.comWATCH US: ofService: End User LicenseSupplementalTerms:
Cooking Adventure™ 50400
Cheetah Games
THE MOST ATTRACTING COOKING GAME EVER! - CookingAdventure™.Challenge your cooking skills and speed in thisFREETime-Management Game! Check out the nice graphics in the game,yougonna love it! 20+ unique restaurants, from Grill House,Pasta,Coffee Shop, Sushi Bar, Donuts, Mexican House,Korean HousetoVietnamese Restaurant. Upgrade your kitchen appliancesandrestaurant decorations to attract more clients and make morecoins.Hear them gasp and cheer as you try to earn profits ineachexciting episodes! *** LIKE Cooking Adventure OfficialFacebookPage ***Features:*Cute and delicate graphics, you gonna love it! *20+restaurants,1000+ levels, 550 dishes, 700 ingredients, 1000+levels all in thisfancy cooking world. * Collect recipes andhundreds of upgrades foryour kitchen appliances and interior. *Tryto find lucky ball andfortune of Dog Willy in the world map!***Wi-Fi connectionsuggested for best playing experience.*** ***Login Facebook ID,you can experience a more enjoyable cooking game.***If you haveany game inquiries, payment issues, PrivacyPolicy Terms ofService
Sushi Bar 3.1
fungame land
SushiBar (Sushi Bar) is an Android fun time management game.Buildyour own Sushi restaurants over the worldwide, and manageyourshops to be the best! You just need to keep your customershappyand serve them the right dishes. You really have to rely onyourmemory skills, each level has different cash and reputationtarget.You start open your own Sushi Chain Store in Japan, then youcanexpand your business through the worldwide, differentmenusaccording to different places. Every next level moresushiingredients will be added and the more complex your sushimakingwill be. To keep your customers happy in your store you cankeepyour reputation, serve some ocha or sake while your customersarelosing their patient when they are waiting. You also canchallengethe Endless Mode which you have more and more customerswithoutstop. How to save:Please tap the pause button to save thelevel onthe top left corner in the game. Features:beautiful artandchallenging game play.plenty of sushi recipes to make.lotsofdifferent customers to serve.
🍩🍩Make Donut - Kids Cooking Game 2.9.3977
Tap Happy
Want to own a donut shop and cook yummy donuts?💝 Followinstructionsto learn how to cook sweet donuts! Let’s be a donutchef and createdifferent flavors and types of donuts! 💟Not just acook, but be akitchen chef who can make all kinds of donuts! DonutMaker Features:🤤 Easy to play for kids of all ages 🤤 Followdirections and learnhow to cook donuts 🤤 Tons of decorations foryou to choose 🤤 Shareyour donuts with friends. Have a donutsparty! How to play: 🤤 Dragproper ingredients from the cabinet 🤤Mix all ingredients together 🤤Cook your donuts in propertemperatures 🤤 Choose differentdecorations and flavors for yourdonuts Free to enjoy cooking thedelicious donuts!😋😋
Supermarket Mania Journey 3.8.901
Start your frenzied adventure now! Running a grocery chain can bealot of fun! Dive into this highly addictive time managementgameSupermarket Mania® Journey – and prepare to stay on your toeseverysingle second. Join millions of players who are already fansofNikki! Head to Tinseltown with Nikki and her friends to helptheMayor strengthen the city’s economic development. Roll upyoursleeves, open new supermarkets and help Nikki keep them stockedtothe rafters. Manage unique stores through hundreds ofchallengingyet amusing levels, serve different types of choosycustomers andupgrade your shelves and freezers so that they canhold moreinventory. Tackle numerous quests to earn achievements andrewardsand grow your enterprise into a wild success. Just remember– keepan eye on Mr. Torg’s dirty tricks! While this game isabsolutelyfree to play, you have the ability to unlock optionalbonuses viain-app purchases from within the game. You may disablein-apppurchases in your device settings. ● Complete hundredsofchallenging levels on the city map ● Satisfy a variety ofdemandingcustomers ● Sell dozens of products with savvy and greatservice ●Upgrade your equipment to boost revenue ● Take big spinsto getfree crystals ● Google Play game servicessupport______________________________ Game available in: English,French,Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, BrazilianPortuguese,Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, TraditionalChinese______________________________ COMPATIBILITY NOTES: Thisgameperforms best on high-end smartphones andtablets.______________________________ Sign up now for a weeklyround-up ofthe best from G5 Games! G5 Games - Worldof Adventures™!Collect them all! Search for "g5" in Google Play!Strategy: ▶ FarmClan®: Farm Life Adventure ▶ Virtual CityPlayground®: BuildingTycoon ▶ Stand O’Food® City: Virtual Frenzy ▶The Island Castaway:Lost World® ▶ Doomsday Preppers® Adventure: ▶Mahjong Journey: ATile Match Adventure Quest ▶ Homicide Squad:Hidden Crimes ▶Pirates & Pearls: A Treasure Matching Puzzle ▶Survivors: TheQuest ▶ The Secret Society - HiddenMystery______________________________ VISIT US: http://www.g5e.comWATCHUS: FOLLOW US: FAQS: Terms ofService: G5 End User LicenseSupplementalTerms:
Letters From Nowhere®: A Hidden Object Mystery 1.10.58
From the company that brought you Hidden City® comes a newhiddenobject game!Witches are trying to conquer Hazewich, andthreateningsecrets from the past keep surfacing! If that weren’tenough,demons walk right by you, and scary symbols keep appearingin themorgue following enigmatic murders. Are you ready to confronttheoverwhelming evil to save your old town … and maybe thewholeworld? Seven years have passed since your parents AudreyandPatrick went missing and you left Hazewich. When your granddadasksyou to come back urgently, it’s clear that strange thingsarehappening again. No one meets you at the station upon arrival,thetown and its people are gloomily silent, electricity goes outforno reason and windows are framed with strange datura plants.Worse,there is no return date on your ticket! Are you doomed tostay hereforever? Is this world even real? And could this all berelated tothe mysterious Mirror of Avatifa that broke many yearsago?Meetlovely Amanda living next door and fight the devilrytogether.Wander the desolate streets and rid Hazewich of the spookyforcesthat are trying to destroy your world! While this gameisabsolutely free to play, you have the ability to unlockoptionalbonuses via in-app purchases from within the game. You maydisablein-app purchases in your device settings.● Over 3000heart-poundingquests to fulfill ● 52 eerie hidden objectscenes tosearch ● 400+ collections to gather for bonusesandawards ● 13 different types of mini-games tomaster ●Regular free updates with loads of new content ●Google Playgame services support______________________________ Gameavailablein: English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German,Italian,Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese,Russian,Spanish______________________________ COMPATIBILITY NOTES:Thisgame performs best on high-end smartphonesandtablets.______________________________ ***Sign up now for aweeklyround-up of the best from G5Games!***______________________________ G5 Games-World of Adventures™!Collect them all! Search for "g5" inGooglePlay! Adventure: ▶ Pirates & Pearls: A TreasureMatchingPuzzle▶ Mahjong Journey: A Tile Match Adventure Quest▶HomicideSquad: Hidden Crimes▶ Survivors: The Quest▶ Twin Moons:ObjectFinding GameStrategy: ▶ Farm Clan®: Farm Life Adventure▶VirtualCity Playground®: Building Tycoon▶ Stand O’Food® City:VirtualFrenzy▶ The Island Castaway: Lost World®▶DoomsdayPreppers™______________________________ VISITUS:http://www.g5e.comWATCH US: ofService: End User LicenseSupplementalTerms:
Restaurant Story™
Be the Chef cooking delicious foods and designingamazingrestaurants in this free, casual, cooking restaurant game!Cookingis life 🌞, cooking is love ❤️, cooking is good for the soul☯️.Chefs are needed to play in tis FREE cooking restaurantgame.Cooking chefs are at the heart of this game with over hundredsofdifferent Masterchef recipes, chef de cuisines and thousandsofdifferent foods that only an experienced Chef can cook. ▶️AstheMaster Chef you will design and choose stunning decorationsandcook new Chef dishes from your Mama’s favorite brunch foods toyourDada’s favorite desserts. This free restaurant game providesnewrecipes for your cooking pleasure every week! Dash to downloadthis#1 FREE Android restaurant cooking game now! Enjoy the feverofbeing the owner Chef of a restaurant so successful your Mamawillthink your cooking is better than hers🙏! 👩‍🍳Cooking Chef levelfoodin a dash that your Mama would enjoy is what we want yourfreerestaurant or diner or cafe of your dreams to be about! Chef!Don'tforget to make sure your customers are happy and well-fedbychoosing stunning decorations and tasty new dishes! Newcookingrecipes will be released EVERY WEEK so the game continuallygetseven better❗️ In addition to cooking as a Chef you candesign,decorate, and deck out the restaurant you always wanted,withthousands of different ways to design your free restaurant.Fromhip corner cafe to pirate ships! Why choose any other freecasualcooking restaurant game that also allows you to design anddecorateto your delight?! 🍕 Cooking as a Chef in this freerestaurant gamehappens on the stovetop or in the oven. -Design anddecoratesomething your Mama will be proud of, be it a coffee cafe,a 50sdiner, an italian restaurant, or whatever you choose thatprovidesstunning variety and creativity. 🥓Enjoy cooking top-classmenus tosuit your tastes. Get your diner or restaurant or cafeready in adash and earn extra-special tips from friends and getcomplimentsas the Chef! - Simple and easy-to-use tap interface thatonly aChef can use! 🌇Hundreds of Chef dish selections from CremeBruleeto Fish and Chips. - FREE cooking restaurant game updateswith newdishes, decorations, themes and more EVERY WEEK! - It's the#1 FREErestaurant cooking game! PLEASE NOTE: -This is an onlinegame only.-Chef’s wanted! Please note that Restaurant Story is freeto play,but you can purchase in-app items with real money. Todelete thisfeature, on your device go to the Google Play Store, tapthe Menubutton, select Settings > Use PIN for purchase. Then,set up thefour-digit PIN on the option below. In addition,Restaurant Storymay link to social media services, such asFacebook, and Storm8will have access to your information throughsuch services. Storm8Studios is the #1 Mobile Social Game Developeron Android. Use ofthis application is governed by the Storm8Studios Terms ofService. Collection and use of data are subject toStorm8 StudiosPrivacy Policy. Both policies are availableat
Food Court Fever: Hamburger 3 2.7.3
🍔🍟 Do you want to be a 🍕 PIZZA Shop’s super chef? Are you fondoftime management, seafood cuisine, or new cooking games?🍳? TheFoodCourt Fever series are the world’s most addictive timemanagementgames, played by over 10 MILLION users! Food Court Fever:Hamburger3 the delicious burger shop game introduces the NEW PIZZASHOP 🍕after the successful Burger shop, Seafood Restaurant &SushiRestaurants release to challenge the pizza making skills ofmostSuper Chefs. Run your own Pizza shop & serve deliciouspizzasand become a super chef time management game specialist.🍔🍟Endlesscooking fun in this kitchen scramble! Take a rising star ⭐from abeefy burger master, Seafood chef, Japanese restaurant chefandthen into an expert Pizza chef 🍕! 🍔🍟Fast-paced, challengingtimemanagement⏰ Master Six different restaurants - Burger shop,Donuts,Mexican, Sushi, Seafood & Pizza Shop! 🍔🍟Get into superchefmode! Enjoy the feverish cooking and time managementchallengesthat come fast and furious in this new restaurantsimulation game.Download Food Court Fever: Hamburger 3, the highlyaddictive newrestaurant management game. Perfect for all superchefs around theworld, and any new cooking game lovers seeking away to improvetheir time management skills while having fundrooling overdelicious pizzas 🍕, seafood dishes, AND tasty Japanesefood! Anexciting restaurant management game with a uniquecombination of acooking scramble, serving food, and timemanagement. Can youprepare all the orders in time, even during peakrush hour?Customers are queuing up in the food court to taste thebeefyburgers, mouth-watering Mexican, delicious donuts,seafoodcuisines, yummy pizzas and succulent sushi. You areaworld-renowned Master Chef, specializing in multiple cuisinesfromaround the world.😋 Upgrade your equipment, earn coins and gems,andexpand your restaurant empire to include four types ofawesomerestaurants: Mexican, burgers, donuts, sushi, Japanesecuisine,seafood and the new Pizza shop🍕 in this fun fast foodburger masterchef game. OUR NEW RESTAURANT GAME FEATURES: 🍔 Playmore than 220different levels with increasing star super chefchallenges! 🍔 Feedthe world in multiple stylish restaurants. 🍔Combine excitingingredients in multiple restaurants: Mexican,donuts, burgers,Japanese food, sushi, seafood and the NEW Pizzashop! 🍔 Earn moneyto upgrade your kitchen and tools in this awesomecooking and timemanagement game! There are numerous restaurantmanagement games butfew stand out from the crowd with the crazykitchen scramble,🍕pizza making, awesome burger shop and seafoodrestaurantmanagement. Food Court Hamburger Fever: Burger CookingChef is theleader for a reason - nothing is more fun and addictivethan thisfood making game, which challenges you to test and improveyourtime management skills as a Super Chef in the completelynewcooking game. Do you think you can master the kitchen scrambleandconquer the cooking dash? Challenge your cooking andtimemanagement skills! The more you play this NEW restaurant game,themore ingredients including sushi recipe, seafood cuisineandcustomers you unlock, and the more FUN kitchen story youhavetraveling as a Master Chef to restaurants around theworld!😋🍔🍟Download the most fun and addictive restaurant managementgameToday! Build your restaurant empire🏩 with your timemanagement⏰skills and burger, sushi making, lobster cooking & 🍕pizzamaking in the all-new restaurant game🍔🍟. One of the highestratedand most chaotic cooking games in the stores. Like us onFacebook! Follow usonTwitter! Pin usonPinterest!
Stand O’Food® (Full) 1.5
The immersive free-to-play version, Stand O’Food® City, isalreadylive! Don't miss out!Stand O’ Food is an original,fast-pacedrestaurant challenge with millions of players. Feed ahost ofhungry patrons before they leave in a huff! Slap togetherburgersand cook up some bacon as quickly as you can! But it's notallabout speed – you've also got to plan ahead. Put thesandwichestogether in the correct sequence, and set yourself up soyou canmake the next sandwich without difficulty. Earn money topurchasecondiments and upgrade your equipment to serve tastier foodevenfaster than before. Stand O' Food will satisfy all ofyourcravings!• 2 Gameplay modes: Quest and Lunch Rush• More than100levels• 80+ sandwiches to create• Close to 20 upgradestopurchase______________________________ Game available in:English,French, German, Italian,Russian,Spanish______________________________ COMPATIBILITY NOTES:Thisgame performs best on high-end smartphonesandtablets.______________________________ ***Sign up now for aweeklyround-up of the best from G5 Games!***______________________________ G5 Games -World ofAdventures™!Collect them all! Search for "g5" in GooglePlay!Strategy: ▶ Farm Clan®: Farm Life Adventure▶ VirtualCityPlayground®: Building Tycoon▶ Stand O’Food® City: VirtualFrenzy▶The Island Castaway: Lost World®▶ DoomsdayPreppers™Adventure: ▶Pirates & Pearls: A Treasure MatchingPuzzle▶ Mahjong Journey:A Tile Match Adventure Quest▶ HomicideSquad: Hidden Crimes▶Survivors: The Quest▶ Twin Moons: ObjectFindingGame______________________________ VISITUS:http://www.g5e.comWATCH US: ofService: End User LicenseSupplementalTerms:
Cafeland - World Kitchen 2.0.33
Design your cafe world and join cooking with Chef Eva'srestaurantgame! Write your own restaurant story in Cafeland today,Chef!Master your cooking and design your 5 star cafe to be the topchefin the world! Run your own restaurant and get carried away inacooking fever! Home cooked meals and fresh coffee are waitingforthe customers. Just say “I’ll decorate my cafe and I’ll also addalovely garden!” and your cafe will thrive! FROM A SNACK BAR TOAWORLD FAMOUS CAFE! Decorate and design the place of your dreamsinthis cafe game! Cook tasty food to keep your customers happy -Fromthe creators who brought you Cafeland, it’s a fun-tasticnewcooking game! In Cafeland, you have dozens of differentdishes;desserts, appetizers, fast food and many more which makethis theperfect kitchen game! Not to mention that there arehundreds ofshiny new items to decorate your place. Are you ready tobe theowner of your cafe business? Then start your restaurant gameinCafeland because this place is for you, chef! BE THECULINARYMASTER! * Serve dishes from different cuisines. * Cook onmultiplestoves and serve a variety of meals. * Unlock new recipesand growyour menu. * Fill your counters with plates of yummy dishestoplease your customers. * Choose from a variety of foodcategories.* Make the best burger in chef town. * Deliver qualityseafood. *Spread the dough for a crispy pizza. * Bake a moistchocolate cake.* Prepare a zesty stew. * Bake, boil, fry or saute;every dish willcome out as perfect! DESIGN YOUR DREAM CAFE! *Choose from hundredsof fancy decorations. * Build special items toboost your income. *Cover your walls and the floor with only oneclick! * Open up adeli. * Design a hip bistro. * Manage a seafoodrestaurant. * Own afancy venue. * Entertain VIPs at a celebritylounge. * Become theowner of luxury dining. * Take over the city! *Design and decoratea world famous cafe! ATTRACT CELEBRITIES AND WINGIFTS! * Invitecelebrities to your place from all around the world.* Prepare yourcafe to host them. * Get good remarks and win mysterygifts! RULETHE CATERING BUSINESS! * Race against time to preparecateringorders. * Fill catering boxes with different categories offood. *Deliver gourmet meals for special customers. * Get help fromyourfriends! * Earn money and great prizes for finishingcateringorders! BE A 5 STAR CHEF! * Become the master of this cafeworld! *Listen to your customers and find out about the good andthe bad. *Keep the place clean. * Expand to have more room! *Increase yourcapacity. * Fill those vending machines! * Decorate toyour heart'sdesire! * And make it fun for everyone! PLAY WITHFRIENDS ANDBECOME A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY! * Visit your friends and helpthem out.* Send mystery gifts to each other. * Ask for help in yourcateringbusiness. * Join the community and meet new chefs! TACKLETHEQUESTS OF THE KITCHEN! * Meet the Cafeland crew and let themguideyou along the way. * Complete the tasks hand in hand with Eva!*Let Katie help you out with supervisor tasks. * Ask for Chriswhenthere is an item to build. * Join Grandpa Tony in trying outhisnew recipes! Facing issues while playing Cafeland orhavesuggestions/feedback? We would love to hear from you! UsetheContact button in settings while you are in the game or e-mailusat: ©2016 Gamegos - All RightsReserved
com.tgg.kidscooking 1.1.72
We have multiple recipes for you inn this kitchen cooking game.Youcan choose what to bake: fries and a hamburger, donuts,soup,spaghetti with meatballs, sushi, pizza, sorbet, cake,cocktails andmany more! Most of the dishes you can decorate withdifferenttoppings or toys. There are more than 25 recipes inCooking in theKitchen already! This is the menu: ✔ Make fries and ahamburger ✔Bake and decorate your own donut ✔ Cook your own soup ✔Bake anddecorate your own birthday cake ✔ Bake your own pizza inthe oven ✔Fill your thanksgiving turkey and bake it ✔ Make a longdrinksummer cocktail in your kitchen ✔ Chop and fill your sushiwithyour favorite ingredients ✔ Bake cupcakes for the familyanddecorate them ✔ Create a poke bowl dish ✔ Make taco's for diner✔Cook water for your own noodle soup ✔ Bake waffles with icecreamand toppings ✔ Design your own Easter egg and paint it ✔ Makeyourown chocolate bonbons ✔ Bake french croissants for breakfast ✔Bakepancakes with fruits and syrup ✔ Make the best hot dog intownCooking in the Kitchen is easy to play for kids, a mustplaykitchen cooking game for kids from Top Girl games and is one ofthebest food maker games! We publish many different easy to playgirlgames apps. We hope you will enjoy our Cooking in the Kitchenandwe hope you give us the love by liking our Facebook page orfollowus on twitter or Instagram. So we can keep you up to date onbakingand cooking games.
Burger shop fast food 1.0.9
Open your fast food burger shop and show the world how a fastfoodbusiness should run. With this great cooking game you can openyourbusiness, take your customer’s orders, collect your money andworkday in and day out while experiencing the success of abusiness.Burger serving and cooking has never been so much fun withthisgreat baking game. Features:* Open your fast food shop readyforbusiness. * Take your customers orders and create them as fastasyou can. * Collect your money to make a profit for your business.*Work each and every day until you have a thriving burger fastfoodshop that customers love.
Masala Express: Cooking Game
Join more than 5 MILLION chefs around the world and unleashthecrazy master chef inside you. Show your culinary skills in thisFUNand RELAXING fast-paced time management restaurant game –MasalaExpress! Priya is an ardent chef 🍲 who loves 💓 to cook &servefood. Not a food truck, she runs her own commercial kitchentofulfill her dream 🌃 to become a master chef. She wants to leavehermark and be amongst the best master chefs in India and thentheworld 🌎. Be a part of her cooking journey & help makeherdreams come true in this FREE addictive cooking game! This isnotjust any ordinary cooking game but fun-filled emotional, yetcrazyjourney of believing in dreams and making them true. There isahidden crazy chef in each one of us. Masala Express gives youthecomplete gratifying experience of bringing that master chef outandcooking the most savored cuisine in the World - Indian Food.Thegame simulates your culinary, kitchen management & foodservingskills. Cook a variety of delicious Indian recipes and &servethem quickly and hot to win your customer’s heart! Features -FREEto play! - A fast-paced online Indian cooking game! - Cuisinesfromall over India! - 100+ delicious Indian recipes to cook&serve! - Challenging Time management food game! - Serve foodhotand faster and keep your impatient customers happy! - 4Indiancuisines and 300+ exciting levels with a dash of challenges!-Upgrade your kitchen - appliances, food, and décor. PLAYCASUALCOOKING GAME WITH SPECIAL INDIAN TADKA! * Masala Express isafast-paced time management online cooking game. * Cook a varietyoftasty dishes for your loyal but impatient customers who can’tgetenough of your cooking. * Prepare & serve food on time andearnbonus coins and tips! MULTI-CUISINE RESTAURANT EXPERIENCE! *Playhundreds of levels and cook & serve cuisines likeNorthernDelight, Southern Delight, Coastal Delight, and IndochinaDelightalong with many other food items to serve. * Each cuisinebringsits own challenges but we’re sure the crazy inner chef in youis upfor the madness. * Chop, marinate and cook a variety of tastyfoods- tandoor and masala items as well as curries, dosa,appam,seafood, noodles, and the list goes on! COOKING HAS NEVERBEEN THISFUN! * Prepare the food in traditional tandoor or kadhai.* Add ourfamous Indian masala to create a whole new range of tastydishes. *Combine multiple dishes to serve customers with crazyfoodrequests! And who wouldn’t love a full glass of Lassi orcoffeewith it! * The first & the best cooking game whichbeautifullyshowcases the Indian kitchen & cuisine. UPGRADE ANDIMPROVEYOUR KITCHEN! * Why be slow and why make your customers waitforthe food? Spend your profits on appliances upgrades foryourrestaurant! * Upgrade to fancy food prep stations and speed upyourcooking process. * Decorate and beautify your restaurant withnewdécors that keep your customers happy for a longer time. *Upgradethe food items and increase your profit! The Best onlineCookingGame with a lot of food variety! •••••••••••••••••••••• Thisappoffers in-app purchases. Social: If you like our work, pleaselikeus on Facebook, we will keep on sharing some amazing Support: Have some questionsorfeedback for the Masala Express Cooking Game? Get in touch withusat Permissions Required: *RECORD_AUDIO-This is required for Zapr SDK which is integrated with this appforthe purposes of profiling the device on media consumption andotherdevice data and utilizing the same to target relevant contentandads to the device ("Services") pursuant to the terms andconditionsof RBL Services ("Terms of Use"). If you'd like toopt-out of thistargeting, please visit the followinglink:
Crazy Burger Recipe Cooking Game: Chef Stories 1.9
Hey! Hey! Look what`s coming in my town. A new fast food shopishere with loads of epic delicious dishes in this restaurantcookinggame. Give your super chef a new cooking managementchallenge withthis great fine cooking at my café ! Start foodcourt, cookdelicious cooking fast food and serve happy cookingcustomers. Earnmaximum profits in this cooking restaurantsimulation games cafe.Improve your time & resource cookingmanagement skills. Youwere running food truck chef of crazy burgerin my town. You got anopportunity to open brand new impactful caféof grilled burgers& sweet donuts. It’s cooking time, so cookdelicious meals andyummy desserts from all over the world in thisfree addictive timeand cooking management games cafe. Run cookingmy café, cook andserve food for precious customers to get coins infast foodrestaurant cooking game! Do some savings and raise moneybucket toupgrade restaurant cooking management station. It’scooking time sogrill delicious food truck chef burgers as fast asto build happyfood customers. Enjoy the best restaurant cookinggame for highschool café girls and make incredible fine cookingfast food inrestaurant game. Not only high school café girls, thisrestaurantcooking game is a complete package for little chef. Cookhamburgerand loads of delicious dishes and prove your healthycooking andtime and cooking management skills. Use different &multipleorganic ingredients like vegetables, beef, sauces and yummymilkchocolate in this fast food restaurant cooking game. Cookhamburgerwith cheese, olive, mushroom & mustard to make ityummiestdinner for little chef in my café of town. With unique mycafelocation, make food truck cooing game station popular toretainhappy New York customer and compete other food truck chefhubs.Practice your restaurant cooking recipe book as a little chefin avariety of food station settings and kitchen techniques inchefcooking game. Use fine cooking Fast food ingredients to cooksweetdonuts & crazy burgers in cooking game. In this chefstoriesgames for girls, try all the possible kitchen appliances,fromdonut maker to crazy hamburger. Work as a pro master cookingchef& cook food to serve precious New York customers as quickaspossible to earn maximum profits. Make enough money in the daytoimprove crazy fast food restaurant & kitchen appliances.Yourgoal is not only to earn money from valuable customers but tomakeyour name in restaurant cooking food industry as well. Makeyourown freebies, such as sweet donuts or cupcakes, to makewealthycustomers experience more personal and memorable, just likein reallife! Decorate donuts with different toppings for littlehighschool kids. Upgrade fine cooking fast food kitchen andproducegreater variety of dishes in burger restaurant cooking game.Crazyburger recipe cooking game: chef stories is an addictivefunrestaurant cooking game, where armature chefs can cook all kindsofcrazy burger in fast food restaurant. Crazy burger recipecookinggame: chef stories Feature: • Multiple challenging cookinggameplaymissions • Run burger shop & earn money in my cafesmall town •Work as a pro massive chef & Upgrade your chefskills! •Ultimate restaurant cooking game with vivid graphics. •Addictivetime & cooking management cooking game Challengeyourself asmaster cooking in new restaurant cooking game! DownloadCrazyburger recipe cooking game: chef stories and give us yourvaluablefeedback, so we can make more fun restaurant cooking gamefor you.
🥤🥤Milkshake Cooking Master 2.3.3977
Tap Happy
Milkshake Cooking Master is a magic cooking game! Makeyummymilkshake and serve it to customers. The coolest part iscreatingyour own recipe!🥤 What flavor do you prefer? Strawberry orvanillaMilkshakes?🥤 How about try all kinds of them?Putmilk/sugar/cream/fruit and other ingredients together, and weget acup of yummy milkshake! Features 🤤 Make strawberry🍓milkshakes/cherries🍒 milkshakes /vanilla milkshakes/ chocolate🍫milkshakes 🤤Put cookies🍪/ ice cream🍨/ candies🍬 on the top of themilkshake 🤤 Wegot all needed kitchen tools for you 🤤 Eat and shareyour sweet& yummy milkshake Play Milkshake Cooking Master forFREE!
Diner Restaurant 1.1.0
Enjoy with the restaurant game of the year.In Diner Restaurantyoucan serve your customers the richest burgers, hot dogs,sandwiches,chips and any drink they want.Also, at times, you mustwork at thekitchen and make the burgers as each client likes.As acook andwaitress, you need to be very skilled in all yourrestaurantsaround the world, from USA to New Zealand.Show us yourFast Food isfun in this game of serving and cooking.Good Luck !!!
Diner Dash 1.13.1
“… there’s something heroic – superhuman, even – about awaitresswho darts from table to table, takes orders, serves food,cleansup, deals with belligerent customers, and keeps hercomposurethrough all of it.” – Gamezebo “Everything is stylish,smooth, andall of the different customer types have abundantpersonality…” –148Apps“In addition to being freemium, the new DinerDash has a newvisual style and introduces new customers, newhelpers, newupgrades, social gaming features, and otherenhancements.” –AppAdviceFlo’s back in the biggest Diner Dash gameever—the latestand greatest in the world’s #1 hit time managementcasual gameseries!Roll up your sleeves for the breakfast, lunch,and dinnershifts, because Flo needs your help. By providing speedyserviceand delicious food, please customers and earn big tips tokeep thetown’s diners in business and fend off Mr. Big’s brigade ofEat-Morfast food restaurants!FRESH & FAST-PACEDGAMEPLAY!Strategicallyseat, serve, and satisfy customers frombreakfast through dinner toearn tips and big rewards! Cater to eachcustomer’s unique foodrequests, casual to outrageous, whileovercoming new challengesfrom VIPs and troublemakersalike!ACTION-PACKED LEVELS!Play 150+levels across three uniquediners with more levels, restaurants andcharacters to come!QUIRKYNEW CUSTOMERS!Keep tabs on over 20customers with distinctivepersonalities and demands like theanti-social Hennui who needs tocheer up before sitting down, orthe nefarious cheapskate Skipwho'll dine-and-dash on any dinnerpossible! Pay special attentionto VIP characters from food criticsto movie stars, and earn rarerewards!STATE-OF-THE-ART UPGRADES& POWERFUL BOOSTS!Upgrade yourdiner with helpers like Moppo toclean super-sized messes, and hightech appliances to help Cookieprepare food faster than ever! Usevaluable boosts to amp up yourspeed and abilities to fly throughthe breakfast, lunch, and dinnershifts! GET SOCIAL & PLAY WITHFRIENDS!Connect with yourfriends through social networks to helpeach other succeed bysending gifts, or compare progress to seewho’s ahead! It’s you andyour friends against Mr. Big and his armyof fast foodrestaurants!High-end, immersivetabletgameplay!*******************Facebook:*******************PLEASENOTE:- Thisgame is free to play, but you can choose to pay realmoney for someextra items, which will charge your Google account.You can disablein-app purchasing by adjusting your devicesettings.-This game isnot intended for children.- Please buycarefully.- Advertisingappears in this game.- This game may permitusers to interact withone another (e.g., chat rooms, player toplayer chat, messaging)depending on the availability of thesefeatures. Linking to socialnetworking sites are not intended forpersons in violation of theapplicable rules of such socialnetworking sites.- A networkconnection is required to play.- Forinformation about how Glucollects and uses your data, please readour privacy policy If you have a problemwith this game, pleaseuse the game’s “Help” feature. FOLLOW
Burger Pizza Factory 2018: Food Maker & Delivery 1.0
After the success of potato chips factory and ice cream factoryKidsFun Studio presents you the new Burger pizza factory 2018.Crazychef! You already have played pizza making and cooking gameswithmultiple pizza truck, burger shop and fast food standscenarios.This game is giving you a chance for baking and cookingpizzas infactory cooking games. In this pizza maker factory gameyou have tocraft yummy pizzas and burgers with best master chefskills. Littlecookery expert! join the factory business game forbaking and pizzamaking for restaurant, hotel, bakery and fast foodshop. Now playthis burger pizza factory 2018 and enjoy realsimulator of pizzamaking games and pizza delivery games.Littlechef! there is nopopular burger maker or pizza restaurant orbakery shop in yourtown. Be the business tycoon and seize theopportunity of openingthe new pizza burger fast food shop orbakery. Make the live pizzaand burger in your pizza factory alikekitchen. Craft differentflavors of hamburgers, cheese, jalapeñoand beef burger to give yourcustomers a yummy cuisine eatingexperience. Pizzeria is gettingpopular and demand for thick crustcheesy pizzas and hamburger isincreasing. Speed up factory chefcrew to fulfill the orders in timeand give it to pizza bikedelivery boy like in pizza delivery games.Ride the pizza deliverybike in speed through traffic and reach thecustomer home in time.For Italian Pizza and burger cooking andmaking first buy theingredient from the supermarket or shoppingmall. Ingredientsincludes flour, veggies, ketchup, cheese and othersauces. Pay thecash on the cash register counter. Take theingredients fromsupermarket to baker factory. First prepare breadbun and pizzadough from flour. Little baker and master chef! cookit to preparebread bun and dough with awesome cookery. Slice thebuns and rollthe dough. Top up the pizzas and burgers with sauces,chicken, beefpatty, vegetables and cheese crust. Now deliver thefast food inthis pizza delivery games for girls and boys.Littlekitchen Chef!You can learn to slice veggies like tomato, onion andolives. Thisburger pizza factory 2018 game will teach the processof cooking,making and baking yummy food in real factory simulator.Startslearning cookery here like a cooking school or academy tomake yourown foodie story and satisfy the crazy fever. Don'tscramble ordash in the restaurant kitchen and deliver order intime. Nowdownload this burger pizza maker game and enjoy realsimulator.
Deli Dash 🍳Cooking Scramble 1.0
👩‍🍳b>Culinary Delight! “DELI DASH! Cooking Scramble” is thebestin the business, making fresh & delicious food😋👩‍🍳Runyourrestaurant and feed loads of hungry people, and become arestauranttycoon💰 cooking and serving exotic dishes 👩‍🍳Test yourtimemanagement and culinary skills in this awesomerestaurantsimulation game 🍳Download “DELI DASH! Cooking Scramble”Now! If,like us, you love❤️️ cooking and enjoy rustling up manyculinarydelights😋. Share your restaurant management & kitchenstorywith the world! 🍳 You are inspired by the world’s best chef,haveintrinsic professional chef qualities. But understand this,being arestaurateur is not for the faint-hearted folks. You willstartwith humble beginnings, a single fast food restaurant🏚️ andtakecommand of the kitchen. Using your culinary skills andrestaurantmanagement skills will build your restaurant empire🏩.Create akitchen story that will inspire your friends to join thisawesomecooking fever. The food is enough to actually make you feelhungryby just looking at it. “DELI DASH! Cooking Scramble” is oneofthose games that will have you salivating at the mouth.😋Manageafast-paced restaurant kitchen frenzy, cook up delicious mealsanddesserts. Feed your hungry customers fast and earn big tips inthissuper addictive restaurant simulation game. “DELI DASH!CookingScramble” is part of the Food Court cooking Fever seriesplayed byMILLIONS of aspiring restaurateur & celebrity chefsaround theworld! AND, by playing this fast food game you help feedhungrykids👧👦 as money from this game gets donated to BackpackBuddies!Asa rising star professional chef⭐, you have been hired torundifferent Deli joints to make 😋yummy fast food, exoticdishes,delicious desserts and serve your hungry customers, have FUNANDearn MONEY.This new restaurant management game will serve youhoursof challenging and cruising fun for the whole family, andendlessplay to master a deliciously addictive restaurant simulationgame!GAME PLAY FEATURES:👩‍🍳 Play 70 different levels!👩‍🍳 Feed theworldin 7 different deli restaurants.👩‍🍳Tons of different yummyfoodingredients & exotic dishes!👩‍🍳Earn money to decorateyourrestaurant to make it 1st class!👩‍🍳 PLUS PLAY MINI FAST FOODGAMECHALLENGES!So, you are a ⭐rising star chef, who believe youcanbecome a celebrity chef, grow your restaurant empire🏩, andbecome arestaurant tycoon💰? Challenge your restaurant cookingskills in afast paced restaurant management game! Get ready foryummy 😋food-making HAPPINESS with “DELI DASH! CookingScramble”...Whip upexotic dishes, delicious desserts from the urbankitchen and letthe customers share the cooking tale to their kids.It’s a Foodieparadise! The more you play this family fun game, themoredelicious ingredients and customers you unlock, the moreHUNGRYkids👧👦 you help feed, and you are on your way to becomingarestaurant tycoon💰!🍳Download the New “DELI DASH! CookingScramble”Now!🍳Like us onFacebook! usonYoutube! on Google+! on Twitter! Followus onInstagram! uson Pinterest!!
Restaurant Tycoon : cooking game❤️🍕⏰ 6.6
Start your restaurant business & expand your hotels chainallover the city to become the restaurant tycoon. RestaurantTycoontests your time & resource management skills. Takeorders, cookfood and serve customers as quick as possible to earnmaximumprofit. By providing speedy service and delicious food,pleasecustomers and earn big tips to keep the town’s restaurantinbusiness. Your hard earned money then can be used todecorateinteriors, use beautiful cookery, improve ambience of yourvery owncafeteria to create centre of attraction in the city. Carryenoughfood stock to cater daily customer demands. Soothe impatientguestsbefore they get angry and pay less. As restaurant’spopularityincreases, you earn more money. Experience the situationandstrategy of a real cafe business. Game Features: • Design andbuilda unique cafe with stunning variety and creativity. • Colorfulandvivid graphics. • Simple and easy-to-use tap interface.•State-of-the-art upgrades: customize and choose top-classinterioritems to suit your tastes. • Powerful boosts: exclusivepower upsallow quick customer service and delightful experience.The game isavailable in English, French, Spanish, Russian, andThai. If youlike our work, please like us on Facebook, to offer youbettergames. FOLLOW US at Also, watch outgametrailer on YouTube! Download the game now!
Kitchen Craze: Master Chef Cooking Game 1.7.6
🍳🥘🍜Do you love new cooking games? Then check out KitchenCraze:Master Chef Cooking Game, one of the Play Store’s best newfree toplay cooking and restaurant simulations! ⭐The feverishcookingmadness of Kitchen Craze: Master Chef Cooking Game willprove achallenge for even the greatest of Master Chefs. Thisfunrestaurant game lets you practice your time management skillsasyou take over the kitchen in restaurants around the world.Nocooking game is more fun, and no restaurant simulation ismoreaccurate! This new kitchen game challenges you to servehungrycustomers in kitchens around the world! Tackle everythingfromexotic fine dining to fast food, including restaurants like:🍕NEWThe Pizza Palace! Bake good pizzas and cook wonderful chickenwingsin this Italian restaurant simulation! 🍪NEW The Dream Deli!Servesandwiches while cooking tasty cookies in this fast foodcookingsimulation! 🍣The Sushi Spot! Prepare savory sushi and cookJapanesedelicacies in this exotic restaurant simulation! 🍔 TheBurger Barn!Fry up the perfect burgers and cook hot dogs in thisawesome foodcourt restaurant simulation! ... and so many more!🍩Donuts!🐟Seafood! 🌮Mexican! The list goes on! Become a Master Chefas yourtime management skills improve with each new restaurant andits ownunique kitchen! Scramble around these restaurants and othersas youdiscover why millions of players have enjoyed the cookingmadnessfound in Kitchen Craze: Master Chef Cooking Game! Nosimulation isas crazy, or as challenging a test of your world cheftalents!⭐Features:⭐ 📱Play offline or online, no internetconnectionrequired! 💸Free to play forever, no purchase required!👯Serve acast of crazy characters! 🌎Cook food from kitchens aroundtheworld! ☝️️ The fastest new cooking game on the Stores! Nowwithtapping! Dragging was sooo 2017! 🎉 Hundredsof challengingslevels!💯 Share your scores on social media and show your friendswhyyou’re the greatest cooking game player in the world! ⏰If yourtimemanagement skills are good enough, master the simulation andbecomea Master Chef! What are you waiting for? Download KitchenCraze:Master Chef Cooking Game! and catch the cooking fever!Discoverrecipes as you embark on a journey of crazy cooking fun,buildingyour time management skills and exploring the test of atruerestaurant simulation! You’ll start at the bottom, but bybuildingyour kitchen and managing all the cooking madness, you’lluplevelyour chef game and build a true restaurant empire! DownloadKitchenCraze: Master Chef Cooking Game! now and reveal the clevertwistthat has made this fun new cooking game the leader among eventhemost popular cooking dash and time management games. Thenyou’llunderstand why this cooking game comes from the makers of theFoodCourt Fever series, which has been enjoyed by over TENMILLIONPLAYERS. Like us onFacebook! Follow usonInstagram!
🤤🍰 Cake Shop - Bake & Decorate Boutique 3.0.3977
Tap Happy
Wow, your cake shop has opened! As a cake shop owner, do youknowhow to cook satisfactory cakes for customers? No worries. Comewithme to learn how to cook delicious cakes! Features: 🤤 Manageyourown cake shop 🤤 Mix all delicious ingredients together 🤤 Learntocook delicate cakes step by step 🤤 Serve your customerswithspecial shapes and flavors of cakes 🤤 Varieties of toppingstodecorate your cake 🤤 Clean your cake shop and tidy up dolls ontheshelf 🤤 Join Eating Competition and win the prize Endless funinthe cake shop is waiting for you to find. Share your cookingsecretwith your friends and family. Download and play this game forfree!
Street Food Kitchen Chef - Cooking Game 1.1.10
The number one free cooking games for kids! Street food at afoodtruck festival is the best way to try new kinds of food. Beakitchen chef and use the food maker to cook different dishesinlots of free cooking games for kids. Make your best meal inthisrestaurant and help the customers on your stand. Fever willstartin this carnival fair of street food, are you ready for it?Let’splay Street Food Kitchen Chef right now! ⬩ Ice Cream StandPick acone and craft balls of ice cream. Decorate your ice creamsandwichand voila. Yummy! ⬩ Fruit Juice Stand Mix fresh fruits andice inone cup for happiness. Add milk and sugar for a tastymilkshaketoo! ⬩ Popcorn & French Fries Stand Pop popcorn withbutter andbake french fries in oil. Your fast food truck stand willbesuccessful! ⬩ Pizza Stand Bake a pizza in the oven and decorateitwith vegetables, meat and tomato sauce. Delicious! ⬩HamburgerStand Bake bread and get burgers on it. Add vegetablesdecorationand make the best burger in town! This food truckfestival lets youcook different dishes and the best meal in town.Start the fever ofa real restaurant or carnival fair and use thefood maker how itshould be done. Street Food Kitchen Chef is one ofthe best freecooking games for kids, if not the best cooking gameonline.
👩‍🍳Food Truck Chef™👨‍🍳: Cooking Game🌮🍕🥞🍰🍩 1.7.3
Tilting Point
Cook tons of fabulous cuisines and become a top chef inthisaddictive time-management food truck cooking game! Download nowforfree! Travel across the world and spread the Food Truckcraze,something a restaurant could never let you do! Usevariousingredients to cook lots of amazing recipes of deliciousdishes anddesserts like Coffee, Pizza, Sandwich, Cake, BBQ, Burger,FrenchFries etc… This fun food truck cooking game has more than 700new‘n’ tasty dishes and more than 600 levels to play with, and adashof challenge at every turn. More cuisines being added all thetime!Upgrade your kitchen appliances to cook quick and fast.Decorateyour truck with awesome upgrades to keep the surroundingscool andfun for everyone. Game Features: • Unlock lots of coollevels withunique dishes and ingredients. • Unlock new items toupgrade yourkitchen and be a better chef. • Welcome your customersto your foodtruck with a new look, customize the look to keepgetting moretips! • Chase whacky achievements. • Battle it outagainst otherchefs at the Food Truck Carnival. Let’s fire up thegrill! ‘FoodTruck Chef™ : Cooking Game’ is a completely free toplay game butsome in-game items require payment. We would be happyto hear fromyou. Do get in touch with us. - To know more about thegame - Forfeedback/suggestionswrite to us: - Forlatest news, like uson Facebook: game has beenconceptualized and developed by Nukebox Studios.Visit****************************************************************GameRequirements****************************************************************'FoodTruck Chef™' respects your privacy, does not store anypersonalinformation and does not share this information. We dorequire a fewadditional Permissions to function: - Permission toread & writeto external storage Food Truck Chef™ needs thispermission to storeyour game progress locally on your device. -Permission to readphone state This permission allows us to supportyou better bysending in-game items, currency, and fixes when youface problems.
Breakfast Cooking Mania 1.58
Are you looking for a breakfast café ? Here is the BreakfastCookingMania for you. In Breakfast Cooking Mania cook deliciousmeals andbreakfast in your café and be the best chef and be a besttycoon intown. Practice your cooking skills and be a perfect chefin thiscooking game and write your story of Breakfast CookingMania . Bethe best restaurant owner and ask your waiters to servefast in yourcafeteria and upgrade your bakery shop like dishes andcooking stuffin kitchen. Take command of Breakfast Cooking Maniaand demonstratethe skills of a master chef. Start with toast,butter toast , jamtoast , salad toast , pudding, cake , cookie ,omelets (sausages ,vegetables , ketchup) , muffin ,cup cake,donuts ,boiled eggs etcand work your way to becoming the bestknown restaurant tycoon inthe city! Make a perfect use of toaster,coffee dispenser , teadispenser , omelette fry pan , juicedispenser and other kitchenappliances . you can shop in store toupgrade all cooking items andappliances. Collect tons of tips forexcellent service and makethose profits! In this 2017 BreakfastCooking Mania you will geteverything that you are looking in akitchen game or restaurantgame. You can cook for multiplecustomers at a single time toimprove your cooking skills withinBreakfast Cooking Mania . So getready to create your own story ofsuccess in Breakfast Cooking Mania. Indulge yourself in an all newkitchen story of street food, timemanagement and cooking tycoongame. The fast food fever is backespecially for the home chefs,it’s more than fun to take ordersfrom the happy street customers.Keep the burgers grilling and thehungry patrons smiling as youearn money to take your restaurantbusiness nation-wide! Enjoyclassic time management game play andfast paced challengesfeaturing colorful characters and sizzlingsounds in BreakfastCooking Mania . Features: * Exciting daily bonusto get free items* Lots of kitchen dishes to cook and theirupgrades * Uniquelocations in Breakfast Cooking Mania to cookbutter toast , jamtoast , salad toast , pudding, cake , cookie ,omelets (sausages ,vegetables , ketchup) , muffin ,cup cake ,donuts,boiled eggs and alot more. * Hundreds of upgrades for toaster,coffee dispenser ,tea dispenser , omelette fry pan , juicedispenser and otherkitchen appliances *Upgrade kitchen and fooditem in BreakfastCooking Mania to cook and serve faster. *Unlockmore difficultlevels as you proceed towards perfection of cookingin BreakfastCooking Mania .
Burger Shop 1.5
GoBit Games
Make burgers, shakes, fries and more in this excitingfood-makinggame that has been enjoyed by millions of fans aroundthe world.After receiving a set of strange blueprints in the mail,you buildan extraordinary food-making contraption and open arestaurant.Your goal? Make tasty food and satisfy your customers asyou try todiscover the truth behind the mysterious blueprints.Upgrade yourkitchen to provide your customers with different typesof food likehamburgers, triple cheeseburgers, milk shakes, chickensandwiches,salads, sodas, onion rings, ice cream sundaes and much,much more!Open different restaurants, including a Diner, Beach Hut,Old WestSaloon and more! Can you dash around serving hungrycustomers tastyfood and discover the secret of the mysterious foodmachineblueprints? Burger Shop® is a fun and addicting timemanagementfood shop game. This Free Version of Burger Shop lets youplay 20levels of Story Mode and 2 restaurants in Challenge andRelax mode.If you enjoy the game, you can upgrade this game to theFullVersion with a one-time payment! FEATURES: • 80 Story Levelsand 80Expert Story Levels! • Challenge Modes and Relax Modes! •8different restaurants! • Over 60 different food items! •96trophies to earn! • Unlimited play! Join the Burger Shop crazeandplay four different game modes that offer endless play! GAMEMODES:• Story Mode - Build your Burger empire and discover thesecretsbehind the mysterious BurgerTron! • Challenge Mode -Playfever-pitched, fast one-minute rounds - but don't lose acustomeror it's all over! It's Burger Mania! • Relax Mode - Servefoodwithout any pressure or stress. Customers are infinitelypatient. •Expert Story Mode - So, you think you are the BurgerMaster Chef?Put your food-making skills to the test! Available in12 languages:English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch,Portuguese,Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Korean and SimplifiedChinese.
Toca Kitchen 2 1.2.3-play
Toca Boca
The wildly popular Toca Kitchen is back! With new guests tocookfor, more tools to play with and new food combinations to testout,Toca Kitchen 2 invites all chefs to get messy and startplaying!GETCREATIVEWho said dishes have to be pretty and tasty? InTocaKitchen 2 you can cook however you want! Juice tomatoes, boilthesalad or make a burger. Come up with your very own recipesandtreat your guests to something special.MAKE A MESSWithsixdifferent kitchen tools to choose from, you have the perfectsetupfor preparing fun foods! Load up with your favoriteingredients,add a squeeze of messiness and finish off with a pinchofweirdness. Time to let your guest have a bite! Was itawinner?WATCH THEIR REACTIONSDiscover your guests’ preferencesbywatching their reactions. Oven-baked fish head with friedleftoversand lettuce juice coming right up! Oh, they didn’t likeit? Tryadding some salt. It’s fun to get the “ew”!We added a wholelot offun stuff! You can now enjoy cooking:New foods!- Chicken-Prawn-Pineapple- Corn- Peach- Strawberry- Watermelon - Onion-Octupusleg- Spaghetti- RiceNew condiments!- Ketchup- Dressing-SoyWatchthe characters react on burning hot sauce, sour lemon andlaugh atloud burps.At last but not least, we added more levels ofgrossnessto the characters. Have fun!Features:- New ingredients inthefridge- New characters to feed- Stronger character reactions-Newjuicer and oven- Deep fryer! You can now deep fry anything.Getyour crust on.- No rules or stress - just open-ended,kid-directedfun!- No third-party advertising- No in-apppurchases***Subscribeto our YouTubechannel!***ABOUTTOCA BOCAAt TocaBoca, we believe in the power of play to sparkkids’ imaginationsand help them learn about the world. We designour products from thekids' perspective to empower kids to beplayful, to be creative andto be who they want to be. Our productsinclude award-winning appsthat have been downloaded more than 130million times in 215countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended playexperiences. Learnmore about Toca Boca and our products is an issue that we take veryseriously. To learn moreabout how we work with these matters,please read our privacypolicy:
Cooking School Restaurant Game 1.0.4
3GG Studio
Join our girl cooking school and start learning preparetoprestaurant dishes from great chefs.Joining this cooking schoolyoucan learn how to manage your own restaurant,serve and preparethebest dishes for your clients.We think that cooking school willbeone of the best restaurant games in 2017.Containing over 7cookinggames in one,our girl game will please every player and bethe bestcooking game in 2017.Start the game by preparing fastfood,in thisfirst leason of girl cooking school you can practicecookingburgers and cooking pizza.Start cooking burgers with yourfavoriteingredients,in this way you will cook cheseburger,clasicburger andmany different burgers.Also you can start cooking pizzaofdifferent types in our school restaurant games.If you likecookinggames where you are cooking burgers and cooking pizza thenyou mustlove the fast food part of this new cooking games where youplayrestaurant games and learn to cook fast food menus byplayingdifferent cooking games.After you learn how to cook fastfood bypracticing playing fast food cooking games,you can unlocknewlevels and start learning to cook main courses by playingcookinggames and prepare grills and pasta,main courses that willhelp youmanage your own restaurant.In this part of our girl cookingschoolrestaurant games you start by preparing grills and unlockthesecond main course level and start playing pasta games.Afteryouplay our main course cooking games you will unlockthedeserts!Every restaurant must have deserts and that's whyweintroduced deserts in our cooking games! Learn to preparedesertsby playing 3 different cooking games.Start to preparedonuts,icecream and cupcakes,levels that are included in ourcooking schoolrestaurant games.We are sure that our game will beone of thefeatured restaurant games in 2017 and it will be in thefirstpositions in the cooking games category.You can install andplayour restaurant game and decide by yourself is this is one ofthebest restaurant games in the market!This game have over 7cookinggames that are devided 3 categories,fast food,main courseanddeserts,and cook different recipes for every category.We hopethatyou will like our restaurant games and tell us what you thinkaboutit by rating it!
Cooking Burger Chef - Kitchen Game 1.0
Burger Making in Kitchen Let’s open your own burger shop, tieyourapron and make some hot and crispy burgers to test yourcookingmania time management skills. Cook delicious fast foods fromallover the world with this FREE fast-paced time management game.Youwill be able to practice your skills in kitchen cooking,frying,serving and dealing with the rush of hungry customers.Usemore thanhundred ingredients to cook several fast foot orders forsome rushcustomers. Play as a crazy chef inside your burger shop,try allthe possible kitchen appliances, from coffee makers, pizzaovens torice cooker and popcorn makers. Use cooking techniques andsharpenyour cooking skills to cook some delicious fast food itemslikeburgers, steaks, French fries, fresh juices and much more to arushof diners.Take orders from your customers and make arecipeEnjoythe addictive time management game and deliver orders ontime,don’t be late your customer order or your customer might angryandgo away without taking their ordered food. Be the masterkitchenchef to prepare fast food orders for serving hungrycustomers ontime or else they might get angry. A lot of Customersare arrivingat crazy cooking kitchen and they are hungry, you haveto checktheir demands and deliver right tasty fast food orders. Maydinersorder delicious burgers, French fries, crispy chickens,juices,pizza, coffee, hamburgers, salads and much more, so gatherup allthe items and fulfill the taste of your hungry customers.Time isnot only going to sharp your cooking skills, it is time totakeyour cooking to whole new level, cook your way to be the superchefwith fast-paced time management game.Burger Making in theKitchenGame PlayPlay Cooking the fun of Fever tasty Burger and showhowyou manage time, how fast you can server food to customers. Thisisunique opportunity to acclaim yourself as the cooking master.Yummychallenge of dealing customers on your burger shop, serve rushofhungry nature customers on time and enjoy the real cookinggamefever adventure. Running pizza, burger shops and restaurant isnotan easy task especially when the diners rush in with hungrynaturelooking for tasty fast foods. Raise your level of speedandaccuracy with each challenging level because each coming levelgetstough with time.Never miss the best Cooking Burger Chef:KitchenGame, if you want a significant entertainment. enjoy Easyandaddictive cooking adventure to become a top chef intheworld!Cooking Burger Chef Fun Kitchen Key Featuresdifferentfooditems! Multiple levels to completeupgrades for yourkitchenappliances and interiorMany ingredients to choose from, justlikein a real burger shop: bread, cheese, crispy burgers,chickenpatties, lettuce, onions, pickles, and much more.Addictivetimemanagement game playMany side dishes like ice creams, frenchfriesand muffinslots of dishes to cook usingseveralingredientsdifferent kitchen and burger shop locationsrunyour ownshop and server customersfast paced and time managementcookinggameYour suggestions & feedback are Really matters forus tokeep working on new • Volcano Gaming Studio★ If you haveanycomplaint/suggestion, please leave us a mail instead :★★ For our upcoming games please visit andlikeour - Volcano Gaming Studio★ Tell us what you think or checkouttips:★ PrivacyPolicy:
Happy Kids Meal Maker - Burger Cooking Game 1.2.0
Hello young chefs! Are you craving for delicious fast foodmeal?Make your own burgers, French Fries chips & cold drinksinkitchen.Practice your cooking skills & learn newcookingtechniques to rise as the best junior master chef in thisfunkitchen cooking game. How To Play Choose you favorite fastfoodsnack to cook Burger maker - mincing meat and cooking burgerpattyFrench Fries / Potato Chips maker - cut potatoes & deepfryPour fizzy cold drink from real cold drink maker machineincustomizable cups. choose from multiple toppings and foodaddonsfor your juicy burgers. customize your fast food, decorate&use various chef skills to garnish your food withmultiplevegetable salad, mayonnaise, ketchups, sauces, olives,cheese &onion rings. Learn kitchen cooking & make crispymouthwateringburgers in no time. share your burger recipes withyour hungryfriends and families. Why should you wait in long linesat burgershop, diner & restaurant? Kids & girls its timefor somecooking class lessons, so tie up your aprons to make yourmark& prove yourself to be the best chef in town. Experiencecrazycooking in happy kids meal - Burger cooking game by juniorgamesstudio.
🍔🍔Make Burger - Yummy Kitchen Cooking Game 2.6.3977
Tap Happy
The popular burger shop is going to open in your city. Do youwantto manage the burger shop and cook delicious burgers tocustomers?🍔Decorate you burger shop and prepare the ingredients.Follow therecipe, bake burger bread, cook the meat and surpriseyourcustomers with tasty food! Features: ⭐Clean and decorate yourownrestaurant ⭐Tons of recipes to cook ⭐Have fun being a burgerchef⭐Win the Eating Competition to get the coins This burgercookinggame will teach kids how to make burgers and how to manage aburgerrestaurant! Don’t let your customer wait too long. Let’s taptocook!✌️✌️