Top 24 Games Similar to Poker Quest

Sevens(Laying Out Seven)
Long Tsai
1. Everyone has 13 poker cards. The spades7first out. After that, it can be any of the remaining '7'. When'7'appear then '6' or '8' can be play out, and so on.2. The aim is all the cards play out. When it's your turn andyouwithout a card to play out then cover a card, the fewercoverpoints is the better. Poker card 'A' is one point, and '2' is2points, etc. So such as 'K' is 13 points.3. Play the game till all the cards play out or coverfinished.Cover-card for the negative points, and all done playerget thepoints of the other player's cover-card. If all the pokercards areplay out, everyone get +364 points. If no one finished,the playerwith the least points of cover-card doesn't getpenaltypoints.4. When player has up to +1000 points or more, the game ends andtheplayer wins; less than -1000 lose the game, the game isoverre-start again. The 3 androids are covered less than -1000pointsthen player wins; if 3 androids are more than + 1000 points,theplayer lose the game!
B-Bro Big2 (Big Two/Pusoy Dos) 1.55
Recax Game
The Most Complete and AuthenticBig2/PusoyDos!(Chinese Poker, Deuces, Giappuniza,Ciniza,CapSa)****** Support the International Rule,TaiwanRuleandPhilippinesPusoy Dos!****** Innovative UI design helps youtoidentifydifferentcombinationin your hand!****** Powerful Automatic Card Pickupsystem"Slide-2-Select",justslide your card, and the computerwillchoosethe mostappropriatecombination/card for you.****** Automatic Pass Function. NomoreannoyingPass!(Activateinsetting menu)****** Voice with English,Cantonese and Mandarinenjoythecardplayingexperience !****** Unpredictable Computer AI, which will hold thecardandendthegame in a way that you don't expect.****** Unlock various achievements,collect your medal now!****** Over 19 Ranks, Challenge to become the king in Big 2!****** User interfaced designed in a way to help youplaythegamebyusing only one hand, if you are left hand user,youmayalsoswitchto left hand mode!Big Two Rule (Base on Hong Kong/Pusoy Dos/InternationalRule)Big Two (also known as Deuces, pusoy dos, 大老二, 鋤大D)isacardgamewith a Rule Similar to Texas Hold'em.The game is very popular in Asia,especiallythroughoutChina,HongKong, Phillippines, Macau, Malaysia,SingaporeandTaiwan.Common gameplayed with four players. Theobjective ofthegame isto be the firstto get rid of all of yourcards.Cards may be played as singles or in groups oftwoorfive,incombinations which resemble poker hands. Theleadingcardtoatrick sets down the number of cards to be played;allthecardsofa trick must contain the same number ofcards.Thecombinationsandtheir rankings are as follows.Single CardRanking:2->A->K->Q->J->.....->3Suit:HongKong:♠>♥>♣>♦Taiwan:♠>♥>♦>♣PusoyDos:♦>♥>♠>♣Single cards: Any card from the deck, orderedbyrankwithsuitbeing the tie-breaker.Pairs: Any two cards of matching rank, orderedaswithsingularcardsby the card of the higher suit.Triples: Any Three card of matching rank, order by rank.5-card hand: Uses the same ranking as Poker. Therearefive(var.2)different valid 5-card poker hands, ranking, fromlowtohigh,asfollows (the same ranking as in poker):Straight : Any 5 cards in a sequence (but notthesamesuit).Thereisn't JQKA2, while A2345 is largest 23456is2ndlargest.(Fortaiwan game, A2345 is the smallestwhile23456islargest)Flush: Any 5 cards of the same suit (but not inasequence).Rankisdetermined by highest value card and thenbyhighestsuit.Full House: a composite of a three-of-a-kindcombinationandapair.Rank is determined by the value of thetriple.Four of a kind + One card : Any set of 4 cards ofthesamerank,plusany 5th card.Straight Flush: A composite of the straight andflush:fivecardsinsequence in the same suit.Each player got 13 cards.At the beginning of each game, the playerwiththesmallestcard(3♦in Hong Kong, 3♣ in Pusoy Dos or Taiwan)startsbyeitherplaying itsingly or as part of a combination, leadingtothefirsttrick. Playproceeds counter-clockwise,withnormalclimbing-gamerules applying:each player must play ahighercard orcombinationthan the onebefore, with the same numberofcards.Players mayalso pass, thusdeclaring that he does notwanttodiscard anycards (or does not holdthe necessary cards tomakeaplaypossible).A player need to warn others when he/sheisoneplayingcombinationaway from winning. The goal is, then,fortheotherplayers to play(and get rid of) as many cardsaspossiblewhileavoiding thecombination that would allow thecallingplayerto winthe game. Forexample, if the said player has onelastsinglecard,the otherplayers would play pairs or othercombinationstoforcehim/her topass. If the other players doesn't dothat, itisknownas illegalassist. 3X Penalty will be applied.The game ends when one player runs out of cards.
FreeCell Solitaire
This card game is a FreeCell Solitaire.See the rules for more details:FreeCell is played with a deck of 52 cards, which are placedoneight columns in the middle.On the left, there are 4 free cells you can use to place acardtemporarly.The goal is to build the 4 foundations on the right, from AcetoKing.Usually, you would move cards one by one, helping with thefreecells.The game allows you to move several cards at once, provided youhaveenough free cells to complete the move.
Poker Hands 4.2
Learn Texas Hold'em or improve your gameplaywith Poker Hands, the free feature rich Android poker app.This app features:- Official poker hand rank from best to worst.- A guide to Position Play pre-flop.- Top 10 Best Starting Hands.- Top 10 Worst Starting Hands.The official poker hand rank in order from best to worst isahandy reminder of which hand is better. Especially usefulforbeginners still learning how to play poker.A list of the ten best and ten worst Texas Holdem startinghandswill give you extra confidence about which cards to play andwhichto fold.As you improve as a poker player Position play becomes crucialtowinning at Texas Hold'em. This app provides a guide to helpyoubecome experienced at what cards to play and how to playthembefore the flop.The many features of Texas Hold'em Poker Hands means thisAndroidapp is suitable for beginners starting out through toadvanced levelplayers wanting to improve.Whether you play home games, online, cash or tournamentsatcasinos you will find Poker Hands a great app to have.Tags: poker, hand ranking, poker guide, texas holdem, pokerforbeginners, advanced poker, position play, hand order, pokerrank,rank order, android poker app
Solitaire 1.6
Solitaire is Ocean Klondike Solitaire poker card game We'vealwaysstrived to stay true to the classic card game (also knownasKlondike or Patience), A truly solitary experience! If youlikeOther Solitaire, you're going to love this game! Enjoy playingallyour favorite solitarie card games and discover new onesyou'venever seen before. Please take Klondike for a spin and wethinkyou'll see the difference. What have you got to lose,Solitaire isa free download. Try this completely custom version ofSolitairetailored for smart devices, from the small screen all theway up tothe large screen tablet. Solitaire is also known asPatience.FEATURES: - Landscape - Klondike Draw 1 card - KlondikeDraw 3cards - Statistics - Music and Sound Effects May you likeOceanKlondike Solitaire
Klondike Solitaire 1.0.8
Klondike Solitaire is great and fun card game by Free CasualArcadeGames!
Appeak – The Free Poker Game 2.9
The Free Poker App that you will love.Millionsof players can’t be wrong!The Appeak Texas Holdem Free Poker app is the fastest, most funandmost challenging free Texas Holdem poker app out there – andyoucan begin playing in seconds, not hours.Appeak Texas Holdem is one of the few Holdem free poker appsthatgives you the real feel of Texas Hold'em as it's played inpokerrooms around the world – not some video poker knock-off.This is free poker at its best with non-stop fast-pacedHoldemaction. Just press the Play Now button and you'll beinstantlybetting and raising in a play-money poker game almost asgood aslive poker.You'll be folding mediocre poker hands and crunching poker oddslikea pro in no time after a little practice in the Appeak app.The appoffers great help features for beginners like a four-colordeck(makes it easy to see what your hand is) and holdemrulessection.Stakes are categorized into tiny, small, medium and big andyouautomatically earn up to 7,000 free chips in dailybonuses.1 Million+ Downloads! 100,000 Active Players! Up to 7,000DailyChips!Just a few of the perks of the Appeak Texas free poker app:• Over 100,000 active players and over 1,000,0000 downloads• Up to 7,000 free chips added to your account daily• In-game challenges to grow your chip stack quickly• New games starting up instantaneously, anytime you log in• Both cash games (which you can leave at any time) and Sit &Gotournaments for players of all skill levels• An exclusive leaderboard for bragging rights over friendsandopponents.• Over 40 unique avatars to choose from• MANY MORE!No matter if you are just trying to learn Texas Holdem poker oryouare already a pro player, there`s no better free poker appforyouDon't be fooled by imitation video poker apps – this is realHoldempoker!
COS大亂鬥-決鬥異次元 2.0.3
wang dantong
◎史上最具特色同人手遊,本命亂入,暴走來襲,港台正式首發引爆!◎吾王歸來,數百位超人氣主角,覺醒助你制霸競技場!◎千種動漫經典技能,華麗特效打造最強主人公,引爆二次元的本命大亂鬥!【遊戲特色】《COS大亂鬥》史上最具特色卡牌手遊!一款以未來都市為背景的COS橫版戰鬥卡牌遊戲融合了卡牌養成和橫版動作戰鬥的元素以崩壞的二次元世界為背景數百位動漫英雄化身貓娘,上千種技能任你搭配!◆動漫英雄齊聚大亂鬥◆數百動漫英雄化身貓娘亂入,你的本命總能找到!紫卡、橙卡,進階、覺醒,全新骨骼動畫技術,表情隨戰鬥而變化攜手一起主宰這個世界!◆千種動漫技能 華麗萌戰打造頂級戰鬥體驗◆全新動作卡牌玩法,主動技、被動技,爆發、BUFF、回復、重生…千種動漫技能、華麗特效打造比肩原著動漫的視覺性享受!◆英雄覺醒 橫版對決 打造最強羈絆◆首創英雄覺醒系統,英雄二次覺醒形象更加華麗、技能更加炫酷!本命間的羈絆與奧義,數百位英雄技能混搭結合考驗策略的時候到了!◆點燃公會熱血與榮耀 創新養成競技手遊◆天梯爭霸,十二星座聖域闖關!幫手助陣,打不贏找幫手,你不是獨自在戰鬥!創新海賊寶藏玩法,打破古板運鏢方式公會跨服戰、魔強統一戰,更多精彩玩法還將陸續登場!【創新系統】●覺醒系統使徒成長至一定階段,需要收集材料進行覺醒儀式覺醒後的使徒,不僅技能更為強力,天賦持續開發還將變身為更華麗的形象!●勇闖聖域12星座宮,最熱血的爬塔爭鬥!從所有玩家中精選出的聖域守衛、亂入的神鬥士史詩級突破戰役經典重現!誰能沖至教皇殿!●海賊寶藏創新運送系統,各方海賊一同挑戰偉大航路!誰能到達新世界?搶奪最多的海上寶藏?我把一切都留在終點了!去找吧!●碎片搶奪強力技能,分解為碎片四散各處為求讓技能重新被喚醒,需要收集滿所有的碎片強者們盡情爭奪吧!●競技場所有英雄聚集之處,誰人登頂!每日前十名的英雄,還可以撒下豪情紅包讓眾生感受你的霸氣!●探索副本特殊翻牌式副本,考驗人品,也考驗戰力!覺醒素材、成長材料、技能碎片,各式探索副本分日開放●公會建設告別口號式公會!卡牌遊戲首見最緊密的公會系統降臨!公會建設、公會食堂、公會技能、以及即將開放的公會跨服戰可別再當獨行俠了喔!《COS大亂鬥》港台正式版本登場!歡迎大家一起加入,體驗二次元卡牌神作的魅力!facebook粉絲團:客服郵箱
混闘二次元 2.0.3
yan qunjia
◎史上最具特色同人手遊,本命亂入,暴走來襲,港台正式首發引爆!◎吾王歸來,數百位超人氣主角,覺醒助你制霸競技場!◎千種動漫經典技能,華麗特效打造最強主人公,引爆二次元的本命大亂鬥!【遊戲特色】史上最具特色卡牌手遊!一款以未來都市為背景的COS橫版戰鬥卡牌遊戲融合了卡牌養成和橫版動作戰鬥的元素以崩壞的二次元世界為背景數百位動漫英雄化身貓娘,上千種技能任你搭配!◆動漫英雄齊聚大亂鬥◆數百動漫英雄化身貓娘亂入,你的本命總能找到!紫卡、橙卡,進階、覺醒,全新骨骼動畫技術,表情隨戰鬥而變化攜手一起主宰這個世界!◆千種動漫技能 華麗萌戰打造頂級戰鬥體驗◆全新動作卡牌玩法,主動技、被動技,爆發、BUFF、回復、重生…千種動漫技能、華麗特效打造比肩原著動漫的視覺性享受!◆英雄覺醒 橫版對決 打造最強羈絆◆首創英雄覺醒系統,英雄二次覺醒形象更加華麗、技能更加炫酷!本命間的羈絆與奧義,數百位英雄技能混搭結合考驗策略的時候到了!◆點燃公會熱血與榮耀 創新養成競技手遊◆天梯爭霸,十二星座聖域闖關!幫手助陣,打不贏找幫手,你不是獨自在戰鬥!創新海賊寶藏玩法,打破古板運鏢方式公會跨服戰、魔強統一戰,更多精彩玩法還將陸續登場!【創新系統】●覺醒系統使徒成長至一定階段,需要收集材料進行覺醒儀式覺醒後的使徒,不僅技能更為強力,天賦持續開發還將變身為更華麗的形象!●勇闖聖域12星座宮,最熱血的爬塔爭鬥!從所有玩家中精選出的聖域守衛、亂入的神鬥士史詩級突破戰役經典重現!誰能沖至教皇殿!●海賊寶藏創新運送系統,各方海賊一同挑戰偉大航路!誰能到達新世界?搶奪最多的海上寶藏?我把一切都留在終點了!去找吧!●碎片搶奪強力技能,分解為碎片四散各處為求讓技能重新被喚醒,需要收集滿所有的碎片強者們盡情爭奪吧!●競技場所有英雄聚集之處,誰人登頂!每日前十名的英雄,還可以撒下豪情紅包讓眾生感受你的霸氣!●探索副本特殊翻牌式副本,考驗人品,也考驗戰力!覺醒素材、成長材料、技能碎片,各式探索副本分日開放●公會建設告別口號式公會!卡牌遊戲首見最緊密的公會系統降臨!公會建設、公會食堂、公會技能、以及即將開放的公會跨服戰可別再當獨行俠了喔!歡迎大家一起加入,體驗二次元卡牌神作的魅力!facebook粉絲團:客服郵箱◎ in the history ofthemost unique tour with manpower and Ben into chaos, runawayhit,Hong Kong and Taiwan detonated official starter!◎ Save the Queen returned hundreds of popular hero, awakeningtohelp you Takeover arena!◎ one thousand kinds of classic animation skills,gorgeousspecial effects to create the strongest hero, detonated thesecondelement natal Fuzion![Game Features]The history of the most unique card hand travel!In the context of a future city of COS horizontal versionoffighting card gameCombines the cards to develop and cross-action battleelementsTo the collapse of the second element of the world asthebackgroundHundreds of cartoon hero cat avatar Mother, thousands skillseitheryou match!◆ ◆ cartoon heroes gathered FuzionHundreds of cartoon hero cat Mother incarnation into chaos, youcanalways find your own path!Purple card, orange card, advanced, awakening, newskeletalanimation, facial expression changes with fightingWork together to dominate the world!◆ one thousand kinds of animation skills Huali Meng warfightingexperience to create top ◆The new action cards are played, the active skills, passiveskills,outbreak, BUFF, reply, rebirth ...One thousand kinds of animation skills, gorgeousspecialeffectsCreate original animation par visual enjoyment!◆ hero awakening horizontal version of the battle to createthestrongest fetters ◆Arousal system first hero, the hero of the second awakeningImage is more beautiful, more cool skill!Natal between the fetters and esoteric, combined with hundredsofhero skills to mix and matchTime to test policy!◆ ignition blood and honor innovation Athletic Associationtodevelop mobile games ◆Ladder hegemony, Zodiac sanctuary checkpoints!Assistant to help out, win to find help, you are not alone inthebattle!Pirates Treasure gameplay innovation, breaking the old-fashionedwaytransport dartAssociation of inter-service war, magic strong united front,centerstage will be more exciting play![Innovation System]● arousal systemThe apostle grow to a certain stage, you need to collectmaterialsawakening ceremonyApostle after awakening, not only more powerful skills,talentcontinues to developWill be transformed into a more beautiful image!● Rebel Sanctuary12 constellations Palace, the most passionate of climbingtowerbattle!From all players in the selection of the sanctuary guard, chaosintoGod fighterTo reproduce the classic battle of epic breakthrough! Who rushedtothe house of the Pope!● Pirates TreasureInnovative delivery system, the parties challenge the pirateswithgreat route!Who can reach the New World? Snatch up maritime treasure?I left everything at the end of it! To find it!● debris snatchStrong skills, exploded into pieces scattered aroundLet the skills to re-awakened, need to collect all thedebrisfilledThey enjoy the strong competition for it!● ArenaAll gathered at Heroes, who climb!Every day before ten hero, you can also sow the pride redLet your domineering beings feel!● explore copySpecial flop style copy, test the character, but also testthecombat power!Awakening material, growth materials, skills debris, all kindsofexploration copies to date open● Construction AssociationFarewell slogans guild!Card game first to see the closest guild system come!Association building, the cafeteria, the Society skills, andisabout to open the inter-service war guild guildCan stop when the maverick of Oh!Welcome to join, to experience God as the second elementcardcharm!facebook fan group: https: // Service Email:
Fantasy Warlord 1.2.3
The ultimate mobile fantasy RPG!Collect powerful Guardians and build alliances to raid theWorldBoss!★COLLECT★• Extract and collect the souls of legendary Guardians!• Discover all 4 types of Guardians - Human, Demon, God,andGaia!★COMBINE★• Combine your Guardians to create an even more powerful one!• The combinations are endless!★BATTLE★• Assemble your Guardians and battle the World Boss to climb uptherankings!• Battle against other players around the world in Global PvP!★SOCIALIZE★• Build alliances with other players worldwide through theglobalchat!• Avenge fallen allies and collect lucrative bounties!Join the community at of Service: Policy:
Solitaire free Card Game
LITE Games
The solitaire card game from LITE games-the best, free solitaire game is now out for Android.KlondikeSolitaire became world famous as a part of a well-knownoperatingsystem in the age of the PC.The name of the game is to move all cards from the bottom deckintothe decks above - in ascending order from the ace to theking.Whoever completes all four decks of each color wins.Exciting features include:♤ playable for free and offline (without the internet)♤ completely in English♤ easily-to-understand instructions (setting-up und andcardplacement)♤ great for both amateurs and pros (from easy to hard)♤ help feature and jokerThe free app for Android is perfect for fans of all thegame’svariants including Solitaire, Patience, or Klondikegames.Download the free Patience app for Android and start playing onyoursmartphone or tablet today!Visit us here for more titles from LITE Games:http://www.lite.games game rules: questions? Give us your feedback on thePatienceapp:support@lite.gamesThanks for playing!
War of Cabals: Occult Masters 4.2.1
Kyy Games
ENTER THE WORLD OF CABALSJoin this praised epic battle card game, played on a gameboard!Cabals is a free-to-play, strategy online multiplayercollectiblecard game (CCG), that combines card game, board game,and strategymechanics!REVEL IN RICH ARTWORK AND FOLKLOREThe world features a rich, immersive lore, drawing heavily fromrealmystical and esoteric traditions. Set in Europe, the game willtakeyou into the more shadowy recesses leading up to the 2nd WorldWar.A power struggle rages between cabals—secret,eldritchsocieties—committed to exploiting forbidden magic to theirownends. The fate of humankind hangs upon the war!JOIN A CABAL AND BATTLE FOR POWERDanann Covenant, Bearclaw Brotherhood, Vril Society, Order ofZahir,Dragon Enclave and Sons of Osiris are recruiting! You canchoosefrom 6 cabals and 15 heroes with different characteristicsto suityour style.BUILD YOUR DECKChoose from pre-constructed starter decks or customize your owndeckwith the Deck Editor. Combine the power of two Cabals bycreating analliance deck. Collect influence and use it to buyboosters withguaranteed rare cards!COMPETE ONLINE AGAINST REAL OPPONENTSAfter you have mastered your strategy take your forces onlinetolearn what real War of Cabals is like. It may not be easyso,regroup, keep your enemies close on your Friend List andchallengethem when online. Chat with your friends to discusstactics, sharevideo replays (iOS/Android) and learn from watchingothers’Everyplay replays. Climb the leaderboards and attendexcitingcommunity tournaments.Choose your side today!Languages supported:- Deutsch- English- Español- Français- Italiano- 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)Give feedback and join the Cabals Community: of Cabals: Occult Masters ©2015 Kyy Games ltd.** Please note that while the app is free, it contains paidcontentfor real money that can be purchased upon users' wish toenhancetheir gaming experience. Refer to device support for how tocontrolin app purchases **
師父有妖氣 1.6.0
★立即參加事前登錄‧送限量『好人信』神將★★可愛叛逆系3D耍壞手遊★LINE人氣貼圖「好人信」獨家授權,實況主「老皮」首度獻聲配音,獨創全新捉妖玩法,旗艦級3D引擎華麗打造,BOSS級變身戰鬥系統,電競級策略卡牌玩法!★史上最靠妖的搞怪手遊來襲★韓系潮流顛覆傳統!敢「壞」才能釋放你的搞怪叛逆魂!化身天命之人收服群妖穿越三界!棒打天皇老子、戲謔金剛羅漢、天上天下唯我獨尊!怪怪惹人愛,收服你的壞!【遊戲特色】★LINE人氣貼圖『好人信』獨家授權,陪你捉妖激戰笑到頭殼壞!★知名實況主『老皮』首度獻聲遊戲配音,經典語錄搞怪重現!★全球首創捉妖玩法,百變妖靈任你差遣,開啟另類救世冒險!★精緻細膩的3D角色,宏偉壯闊的遊戲場景,直擊腦門的華麗聲光!★數百種稀有卡牌等你收集,自由搭配耍壞潮流組合!★精彩活動好康NonStop!齊鬧天宮吃蟠桃,群妖鬥法收服你的壞!★獨樹一格的全新遊戲玩法,電競、策略、卡牌、原著一次滿足!★中國古神話重新詮釋★封神演義、經典西遊、奇幻修真、傲氣仙俠,經典傳統古神著作完美融合,重新渲染出風格迴異的混沌紀元,驚心動魄的三界大穿越,將引領你走入一場超脫天命的逆戰神魔之旅。★旗艦級引擎華麗打造★次世代旗艦級3D引擎打造,徐徐如生的經典古神角色,超細膩壯闊的遊戲場景,超越市面遊戲的華麗特效,直衝腦門震撼神經的感官饗宴。★世界首創捉妖玩法★全球獨步捉妖玩法,百變妖靈為你所用,創新法寶技能任意搭配,古器駕馭隨心所欲,酷炫BOSS戰鬥變身系統,仙、魔、佛三段幻化無極限,群妖逐鹿稱霸三界。★電競級卡牌搭配組合★遊戲內含數百種卡牌神將,封神仙戰組、佛陀天尊組、西天取經組,超高自由度核心玩法,可搭配出上萬種不同組合,演武競技力抗仙佛,超神鬥法激戰群妖。 ==官方資訊==《師父有妖氣》粉絲團:https//《師父有妖氣》官網:《師父有妖氣》客服信箱《師父有妖氣》巴哈姆特哈啦板:

This is the usual Solitaire card game.Alsoknown as Patience Klondike or Windows Solitaire.Taking a shuffled standard 52-card deck of playing cards(withoutJokers), one upturned card is dealt on the left of theplayingarea, then six downturned cards (from left to right). On topof thedownturned cards, an upturned card is dealt on theleft-mostdownturned pile, and downturned cards on the rest untilall pileshave an upturned card. The piles should look like thefigure to theright.The four foundations (light rectangles in the upper right ofthefigure) are built up by suit from Ace (low in this game) toKing,and the tableau piles can be built down by alternate colors,andpartial or complete piles can be moved if they are built downbyalternate colors also. Any empty piles can be filled with a Kingora pile of cards with a King. The point of the game is to build upastack of cards starting with 2 and ending with King, all ofthesame suit. Once this is accomplished, the goal is to move thisto afoundation, where the player has previously placed the Ace ofthatsuit. Once the player has done this, they will have "finished"thatsuit- the goal being, of course, to finish all suits, at whichtimethe player will have won.This game has many options :- Normal / Landscape mode- Auto-save- French / English card images- large / normal size cards- dealing cards 3 by 3, or 1 by 1- Undo button- Standard / Vegas mode- Statistics- Audio On / Off- left-handed or right-handed- Time : ON / OFF- Unveil cards- height of columns is dynamic or not- Many translations ! EN, PL, NL, FR, IT, ES, PT.- shadows, back card color, speed, ...