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Golf GPS Rangefinder: Golf Pad
Golf Pad GPS
Golf Pad is an advanced golfGPSrangefinder, scorecard and shot tracker. Use the app byitselfor with Golf Pad LINK or TAGS, our real-timegolf gpstracking systems.* Easy and intuitive - it just works* Optimized to save battery life* Available on 40,000+ golf courses around the world* Start playing in seconds - no registration required* Works with Android Wear, Samsung Gear &Pebblesmartwatches* Conforms to tournament rulesOptional: track your game automatically with Golf Pad TAGSorGolf Pad LINK! Know every shot's distance and getactionableinsights like shot dispersion, strokes gained and coursestrategy.Available from $79 at, order yourstoday!Just need a fast free golf gps rangefinder and scoringapp?Download Golf Pad GPS, it works with or without TAGSandLINK.Many features that cost money in competitor golf gps appsareincluded for free in Golf Pad GPS. Like instant distancetofront/middle/back of the green, detailed scoring for up to4golfers, aerial maps with flyovers, tee-to-green shot &clubtracking, and more. This is not a trial or a demo. Play asmanycourses as often as you like, anywhere in the world. It'sFREEand will be free forever.Get extended statistics, smartwatch sync and handicap scoringwithGolf Pad Premium.Free feature highlights:* Free golf GPS rangefinder. Instant distancetomiddle/front/back of the green, or any point on course* Free PGA-quality scorecard for 1-4 golfers. Trackstrokes,putts, penalties, sand and fairways for every player* One-tap shot tracker. Easily record positions andclubs,measure length of your shots. Use it for drives or for everyshotfrom tee to green. Review shots on the map and sharewithfriends* Free aerial map. Tap to measure golf gps distancetobunkers, water or any other point on golf course* Keep full playing history. Review and edit scores for pastgolfrounds at any time* Conforms to USGA tournament play rules when usedinRegulation Mode* Track your progress with detailed statistics,includingscoring, putts, accuracy, penalties, fairways, sand, GIRanddistance walked* Play with your friends with group rounds andonlineleaderboards* See where your loose shots and improve your game withtherevolutionary Strokes Gained analysis.* Share rounds on Twitter, Facebook or email. Yourfriendswill see the scorecard, notes and shots map as you play orafterthe round* Works for mini golf and disc golf with 'uncharted mode'* GPS rangefinder supports meters or yardsNO registration. NO course download fees. NO LIMITS.We are always adding features and making Golf Pad GPS even easiertouse. If you have a feature request, a question or need help, We’ll be happy to help!Was your course recently updated? Golfing at a brandnewcourse?We have over 40,000 courses around the world. In an unlikelyeventyours is missing, you can map it in few minutes on yourowncomputer: Problem with an existingcourse?You can edit it right on your phone. Just start the roundthere andpick 'Report a problem' in the menu.Join over 1,000,000 golfers who chose GolfPad GPS range finder&scorecard over SkyDroid, Free Caddie, GolfShot, GameGolf,Arccos,Swing by Swing, 18 birdies, TeeOff, SkyCaddie, GolfLogix,GolfNowand other golf gps navigator apps. Learn our reviews. Golfers LOVE this app!★★★★★ Simply the bestI've tried so many other apps and GPS gadgets for golf alongsidegolf pad and this remains top pick for me, friendly on batteryandaccurate and all recent update functions make this app an utterjoyto use. 10stars from me.
GolfNow – Book Golf Tee Times
The official GolfNow Mobile App is the bestwayto book a tee time, utilize GPS golf course layouts, keep scoreforyour group and get analysis of your golf game after each round,plusit's FREE to download.Easily search for golf courses, find the best tee time rates atmorethan 6,000 courses, golf clubs and resorts in the U.S.orinternationally and sign up to become a GolfNow VIP withthenew-and-improved, FREE GolfNow mobile app.GolfNow’s mobile app includes GPS layouts and rangefinder formorethan 30,000 golf courses, convenient scorekeeping while youplay,post-game analysis features and more are now freeforeveryone.Plus, introducing the all-new GolfNow VIP annualmembership,featuring waived convenience fees, 25% more Rewardspoints andmore. Join today for just $99 a year.• App features include:• Find the best rate and book tee times 24/7 at more than 6,000golfcourses worldwide• Easily search Hot Deals tee times near you for incrediblesavingsand discounts and the best rate on each tee time (Save upto80%)• Enhanced search capabilities let golfers find tee times andmaketee time reservations near cities, landmarks and more• No calling or waiting - book instantly anytime, anywhere• Automatically earn points toward GolfNow Rewards with everyplayerin every round• GolfNow's new VIP membership offers waived convenience feesandexclusive benefits for VIP members• Use your device GPS or search by area to quickly find golfcoursesnear home or on the road• Save your credit card info for secure, easy, convenient bookingatthe tap of a finger• Get directions to the golf course near you using the GolfNowmapview• Choose the right golf club with accurate distance yardages andGPStracking at more than 30,000 courses• Keep score for each player in your foursome with several gameplayformats• Post-round analysis and in-depth statistics to improve yourgameand track your handicap
Golfshot: Golf GPS + Tee Times 1.33.0
Improve your game and master the course while enjoying a whole,newgolf experience with Golfshot. Over 2 million members oftheGolfshot community rely on our golf GPS apps to save time,money,and strokes. Get the best golf GPS features right on yourwristwith Android Wear™. ALL Golfshot members enjoy these accurateandinnovative free features: - Distances to the center of the green-Easy-to-use scorecard for yourself or your foursome - Abilitytozoom in on detailed satellite imagery of each course -Insightfulstatistics of your game, covering fairways hit, greensinregulation (GIR), and putts per hole for in-depth analysis-Android Wear support - Up to 80% off tee times provided byGolfNowwhen booked through Golfshot - The latest golf news, both inyourapp and in our monthly member newsletter - FREE one-week trialofGolfshot Pro Want even more? Upgrade to Golfshot Pro andyou’llget: - Interactive, real-time distances to all hazards andtargets- Premium Android Wear features including real-time GPSdistances,scoring and shot tracking - Dynamic 3D flyover previewsof eachhole to help with golf course strategy - Personalizedclubrecommendations based on your statistics - Save an extra $20off aHot Deal tee time provided by GolfNow - Integrated HandicapIndex®tracking for existing GHIN® members - Zoom in on targets forbettershot planning and saved strokes - Scoring for Skins, Nassau,Matchplay and other games - Over $200 in savings on golf equipment,teetimes, golf magazine subscriptions, golf travel, golfinstructionand more Golfshot GPS requires a GPS-enabled Androidphone ortablet. Android Wear™ requires an Android wearable deviceand watchapp. For battery-saving tips, FAQs and all of the amazingfeaturesof Golfshot visit If you don’t see yourcourse inGolfshot, email us at [email protected] to request acourseupdate or send us your feedback! Created by Shotzoom LLC
Hole19: Golf GPS App, Rangefinder & Scorecard
“For a truly high-tech golfing app,checkout Hole19” The New York TimesHole19 is the FREE golf app to help you lower yourgolfscores. As accurate as a real caddie, our app providesaccurateGPS distances and scoring on over 40,000 golfcoursesworldwide.Packed with essential features including GPSrangefinder,scorecard, shot tracer and statistics tracking -Hole19 is theall-in-one golf app solution to improve your golf andlower yourhandicap in 2018.Need somewhere to play? You can use the app to find courses,booktee times and plan your rounds too.Compatible with the latest Android 5+ Phones andAndroidWearable devices.FREE DOWNLOAD FEATURES:GPS Rangefinder - Accurately measure shot distancestothe front, back, and center of the green on over 40,000golfcourses from around the world.Digital Scorecard - Track your score during everyroundand save every golfshot you take in one place. StablefordandStroke Play scoring systems currently available.Golf Statistics Tracking - Improve your golf handicapandgolf score with performance statistics on your drivingaccuracy,greens in regulation, short game and putting.Plan & Book Your Round - Use our course ratingsandreviews to find the best golf courses to play. Ready to book?We’vegot tee times and deals available on over 3000 golf coursesacrossthe USA, Portugal and Spain.Share With Friends - Hole19’s a social golf app;shareyour progress and your love of the game with our activecommunityof golf enthusiasts.WANT MORE FEATURES?For less than $5 per month you can upgrade to Hole19 Premium,andbenefit from score lowering features like...Distance Tracker - Quickly and easily measurethedistance of your last shot using our accurate and easy tousetracer.Enhanced Performance Statistics - Get a deeperinsightinto your game over time with trendline graphs showingvitalstatistics such as Scoring, Driving Accuracy and more.Auto-change Hole: No need to change holes on yourapp.Walk from green to tee and your Hole19 App will change holeswhenyou do automatically.Improved Resolution Maps: See the course and yourshotseven more clearly with improved resolution Premium golfcoursemaps.Highlights: See the highlights of your golfcareersummarized in one place. Best Hole, Best Score, Most PlayedCourseand more.Please note, we are no longer supporting devices using Android4operating systems.OTHER INFO:Got a question or need some help using the app? Reach out toourfriendly support team: [email protected]'t find a course map for your golf course? Get in touch withourmapping team, they'll be happy tohelp:[email protected] our website at to find out more andtoview our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service
Golf GPS Range Finder Free 2.82
Mozosoft Apps
Simple, Accurate Golf GPS Range Finder. Calculate range/distancetoany point on the golf course. No need to download coursemaps,works with Google maps and GPS technology to give youquick,accurate range finding. Easiest and most effective Golf GPSforAndroid! You Get: * A GPS Rangefinder with accuracy rivalinganyother app or $300 device. * A Birds-Eye view of the hole youareplaying on ANY COURSE IN THE WORLD. * Zoom in and touch anywheretoget distance from you to that point. * Easily plan multipleshotsby tapping more than once. * Saves battery by turning off GPSinbetween holes. * Press the bottom button to start measuring howfaryou nailed that ball down the fairway! NO clutter orunnecessaryfeatures. This app gives you all the information youneed to take afew strokes off your game. Uses advanced GPS distancealgorithmsfor the most accurate range finding. Tried and tested onthe golfcourse, this app will help you bring your game to the nextlevelwithout breaking the bank on an expensive rangefinder. All oftheaccuracy without the cost. Google Maps will let you easily seeallcourse markers and obstacles. Measure the distance from yourselftoany point with only one tap. Tap again and measure thedistancefrom that point. Easily plan out all of your shots andknock acouple strokes off your Golf game. Features * Measuremultipledistances to plan out your shots * Zoom back to yourlocation withone tap * Easily clear all measurements * Turns offGPS when inbackground to save battery * Switch between Yards, Feet,Meters,Miles, and Kilometers * Easily find how far you hit the GolfBallwith the bottom button. This rangefinder uses GPS technologytoquickly and accurately find the distances that you need tokeepyour golf game on the fairway.
Golf GPS by SwingU
Formerly known as SwingxSwing, SwingU is the top-performing,freegolf GPS rangefinder & scorecard app in the world, withmorethan 4 million users around the globe! This is not a"trial"version with "limited functionality" -- it is FREE FOR LIFEandextremely accurate, reliable, and battery-efficient, rivalinganyother golf GPS app or expensive golf GPS handheld or watch onthemarket! WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD * GPS rangefinder thatworkson every course in the world with distances to greens(front,middle and back) and every obstacle on the course *Digitalscorecard that easily tracks your score & puttsandautomatically advances hole-to-hole * Free handicap afterpostingscores for three rounds * On-the-course gaming includingstrokeplay and skins * Daily feed of golf instruction tips from ourteamof top instructors * Tee time booking with our partner, TeeOffbyPGA Tour * Apple Watch integration - get distances, keep scoreandtrack shots too! WHY DO MILLIONS OF GOLFERS USE OUR APP? *Reliableand easy to use - one tap and you’re playing * Constantlyimprovingwith new functionality and new technology * Commitment tousersatisfaction with quick, reliable customer service*Community-built course database: works on every course in theworldOWN YOUR GAME AND UPGRADE TO LOOPER Upgrade to Looper,ouron-the-course virtual caddie. With additional technologyandfunctionality, you can truly own your game with Looper,whichincludes the following stroke-saving features: * Real-timewindspeed, elevation and “plays like” distance * Shot trackingtomeasure club distance with club recommendations during your round*Improved distances to green with five distances across eachgreenfrom front-to-back * Enhanced scorecards with score, putts,driveraccuracy, bunker play, and penalty tracking *Additionalon-the-course games with handicap-adjusted matches&competitions such as Stableford, Match Play, Nassau, andSyndicates* Looper benefits from our premium partners like TeeOffby PGATOUR, Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy and more! INSTRUCTION&TRAINING FEATURES: SwingU is the ONLY personalized, 1-on-1golfinstruction & training app in the world, offeringnext-daylesson responses from the SwingU team AND a VOD library ofdrillsused by major winners! SwingU is led by Gary Gilchrist, GolfDigestTop 25 Teacher and owner of the world’s top junior golfacademy.UPGRADE TO SWINGU PREMIUM: * Anytime access to Gary'spremiumvideo-on-demand library of 500+ drills and lessons * Film,save andcategorize your golf swings inside your own swing locker *One (1)lesson request per month with swing analysis and drillscustomizedto your skill level and goals * ALL Looper featuresUPGRADE TOSWINGU PREMIUM PLUS: * Five (5) lesson requests per monthwithswing analysis and drills customized to your skill level andgoals* ALL Looper & SwingU Premium features OTHER INFO Monthlyandyearly subscription upgrades are available. Payment forin-appsubscriptions will be charged to your iTunes Accountatconfirmation of purchase. Subscriptions automatically renewunlessauto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end ofthecurrent period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24hoursprior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions maybemanaged by you, and auto-renewal may be turned off by going toyouriTunes Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion ofafree trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when theuserpurchases a subscription to that publication, whereapplicable.We’re proud to offer the SwingU app with no third partyads. As aregistered user, you'll be subscribed to the world’s topgolf dailynewsletter which includes promotions from our partners.You canunsubscribe anytime. Continued use of GPS running in thebackgroundcan decrease battery life. Visit forour Privacy Policy and Terms ofService.
mScorecard - Golf Scorecard 8.5.2
mScorecard is the ultimate golf scorecard, statistics andGPSsoftware. It instantly calculates scores, handicaps,stablefordpoints, sidegames, advanced round statistics anddistances for upto five players. mScorecard allows you to: * Trackstrokes andputts along with fairway hits, greens in regulation,up-and-downs,sand saves and penalties for up to five players perround. Enterscores and shot details in a matter of seconds perhole. * Storefull game histories and advanced round statistics onyour phonealong with an unlimited number of courses, players androunds. Orpost them on our server for detailed analysis. * Use GPSto viewyour distance to the green at all times. * Calculate andtrack yourhandicap index automatically based on played rounds.mScorecard™supports multiple handicap systems in differentcountries. *Analyze rounds and statistics to manage and improveyour game. *Wager and play popular side games, including Skins,Nassau, MatchPlay, Stroke Play, Stableford, Greenies, LongestDrive, Birdies,Eagles. * Share scorecards and stats with yourfriends via e-mailand Facebook
GolfLogix GPS + Putt Breaks 9.0.3
The NEW GolfLogix app now reads your putt breaks, shows you wheretoland the ball on approach shots, and gives you preciseGPSdistances! Millions of golfers around the world trust GolfLogixforfree GPS distances, full-color 3D course maps, 4-playerscoring,and pro-level stats and handicap tracking. And now,GolfLogix isthe only app with thousands of highly-accurate PuttBreak Maps thatshow you where to place your approach shots and howyour putts willbreak. It’s like having a professional caddy withyou at all timesto help you manage your game and shave strokes offyour score!Below are descriptions and terms of the OPTIONAL in-appupgrades:1) GolfLogix Plus Membership with advanced GPS features,ApproachView, Putt Breaks and an ad-free experience on the coursecan bepurchased for $9.99/mo, 39.99/6 months or $49.99/12 months.2)GolfLogix Premium Membership with advanced GPS features andanad-free experience on the course can be purchased for $4.99/moor$29.99/yr.GolfLogix Putt Break Membership with Approach View,3)Putt Breaks and an ad-free experience on the course canbepurchased for $4.99/mo or $29.99/yr.
18Birdies: Golf GPS App 8.2.2
18Birdies LLC
Winner of the 2018 Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award – “BestSwingand Game Analyzer - App” 18Birdies is your one-stop shop forallthings golf. Our FREE app offers you a complete set of featurestokeep you at the top of your golf game on and off the course.Feastyour eyes on the full list below. FREE FEATURES: - TEE TIMES:Booktee times for all your rounds through 18Birdies! With over6,000courses nationwide, you’re set to find your next outingthrough theapp. - GPS+ RANGEFINDER: Find your distance fromanywhere on thecourse - DIGITAL SCORECARD: No more paper scorecardsto keep trackof - STATS & ROUND HISTORY: Track your stats in afew taps andview all your past rounds - SHOT TRACKING &HISTORY: Track andview your shots based on distance, shot shape,quality and power -ANDROID WATCH APP: Get distances, keep score andtrack stats rightfrom your wrist - REWARD YOURSELF: Earn chances towin trips andprizes just for playing golf - SIDE GAMES: Let us dothe math. PlaySkins, Wolf, Dots and Points for free! - QUALITY GOLFCONTENT: Stayup-to-date with the latest golf instruction, news,entertainmentand more from the most trusted sources in golf - STAYCONNECTED:Share your rounds with friends and compete onleaderboards - LOCALEVENTS & MEMBERSHIPS: Discover events andmemberships in yourarea to join! 18BIRDIES PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPFEATURES Try Premium forFREE today to take advantage of: - CADDY+CLUB RECOMMENDATIONS:Personalized distance and club recommendationsfor every shot -ADVANCED GPS: Get elevation, temperature, humidityand wind data -ADVANCED STATS: Analyze your golf game with newcharts and customfilters - PARTNER DISCOUNTS: Unlock exclusivediscounts and dealsto see how much money a membership can save you- PREMIUM LESSONPLANS: Gain instant access to our full catalog ofPremium videolessons, taught by top-tier golf instructors - STROKESGAINED: Wantpro-level stats? With strokes gained scoring you canfind out whereyou are losing or gaining strokes against the field -LIVE WEATHERMAP: Get a detailed doppler radar view of the weatherat the courseand surrounding area - SIDE GAMES: Unlock full accessto ourgrowing library of side games - GROUP OUTINGS: Host a singleormulti-round tournament on one course or virtually on any courseinthe 18Birdies database - 18BIRDIES DISCOUNTS: Receivespecialdiscounts on purchases (such as tee times) through 18Birdies-----LOVE THE APP? Rate us on the Google Play Store! SUPPORTHavefeedback, don’t see your course in our database, or have acoursecorrection? We love hearing from you, so email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you Twitter: @18BirdiesappInstagram:18Birdiesapp Snapchat: INFORMATION In addition to ourfree app, we offer 2 typesof Premium Membership: Monthly andAnnual. Each are offered viain-app purchase. Monthly membershipcosts $4.99, and includes freetrial of 7 days. Annual membershipcosts $44.99, and includes afree 30 day trial. All subscriptions& payments will be madethrough your Google Play account.Subscriptions are auto-renewing,and you will be chargedautomatically within 24 hours prior to theend of the currentperiod. You can manage your membership from yourApp Settings screenwithin 18Birdies. No cancellation of thecurrent membership isallowed during an active membership period.Any unused portion of afree trial period will be forfeited whenyou purchase a membership.NOTE Continued use of GPS running in thebackground can dramaticallydecrease battery life. TERMS OFSERVICE GOOGLE MAPS TERMS &PRIVACY
WGT Golf Game by Topgolf 1.45.0
Play the #1 free golf game by Topgolf Media, as seen on NBCSports,Golf Channel, DIRECTV and FOX Sports. Featuring full strokeplay onPebble Beach, Bandon Dunes (Golf Digest #1 rated resort),ChambersBay and St Andrews from the PGA Tour. This sports game is afullgame simulation built with the best GPS and 3D technology.FAMOUSGOLF COURSES • Experience more than 15 championship golfcourses,including: Pebble Beach (five-time U.S. Open host), BandonDunes(Golf Digest #1 rated resort), Chambers Bay (2015 U.S.Open),Bethpage Black (2019 PGA Championship, 2024 Ryder Cup),CelticManor (2010 Ryder Cup), Congressional Country Club (2011U.S.Open), Kiawah Island (2012 and 2021 PGA Championship), OlympicClub(2012 U.S. Open), Pinehurst Resort (2014 U.S. Open), RoyalSt.George’s (The Open Championship 2011 and 2020), St Andrews(TheOpen Championship 2015 and 2021), Valhalla Golf Club (2014 and2024PGA Championship) GAME FORMATS • Compete head-to-headagainstfriends or other players with live chat andcompetitiveleaderboards in multiplayer games • Single-player full18-holestroke play and quick 9-hole closest-to-the-hole golf games• Getthe Topgolf experience on the go by playing Topgolf mode,competingwith up to six players and scoring points by hittingtargets in theoutfield • Free tournaments including the VirtualU.S. Open (incollaboration with the USGA, featuring a grand prizetrip to thereal U.S. Open Championship), WGT Virtual TourChampionship (inpartnership with Golf Channel) and many moreREALISTIC GOLFSIMULATION • Equip your golf bag with virtual golfequipmentincluding drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, puttersand golfballs • Choose your shot type from options including full,punch,pitch, chip, flop and putt • Read and play various (andsomechallenging!) golf lies from all over the course including thetee,fairway, rough, fescue, bunker and green VIRTUAL GOLF EQUIPMENT•Upgrade your virtual golf clubs and golf balls to improve yourgame• The WGT Pro Shop features equipment from your favoritegolfbrands including Callaway, Cobra, Odyssey, Ping, ScottyCameron,TaylorMade, Titleist and more MAKE SOCIALIZING A SPORT •Invitefriends to compete in multiplayer games with live chat • Joinacountry club to meet new people, improve your skills, competeinevents and private tournaments, and more • Gift friendsvirtualequipment and boosts from the Pro Shop FOLLOW US • Facebook•Twitter • Instagram • YouTube • Google+ WGT Golf Mobile requiresafast internet connection. Game is free to play with optiontopurchase credits to upgrade equipment or compete in challengestoearn credits. World Golf Tour players can login and usetheirexisting accounts and virtual golf equipment. CONTACT • HelpandSupport • Terms of Service • Privacy Policy
Golfdigg 3.1.1
“The No.1 golf booking service in Thailand” Golfdigg is theeasiest,most convenient way to book at more than 120 courses alloverThailand. Book now or 1-30 days in advance with 24 hoursserviceswith special discounts of up to 80% on your green fee.Today we’dlike to introduce you to our new “GOLFDIGG FAMILY”program, givingyou even more value : - Collect Golfdigg Points toupgrade yourmembership and access new special privileges -Privileges aredepended on each level: GOLFDIGG MEMBER / GOLDMEMBER / BLACK MEMBERIt is also worth to go with : SPECIAL DEALSwith more special price,HOT DEALS with prices that you shouldn’tmiss, last minute dealswithin limited availability from15.00-24.00 for booking to play onthe next day! Plus otherpromotion we guarantee will be worth everyround of golf bookedwith golfdigg. Contact info: HOTLINE:089-33-1000, Email:[email protected] LINE application: @golfdiggWe hope that ourservice will fulfill your golf experience andhappiness Thank youeveryone, for giving us your trust and let’senjoy golf together!Golfdigg Team
GOLF NETWORK PLUS - GolfScoreManagement&Videos 12.1.0
STILL KEEPING YOUR GOLF SCORE ON PAPER? DROP YOUR PENCILANDDOWNLOAD THE #1 APP FOR GOLF NOW! GOLF NETWORK PLUS (GN+) IS THE#1APP FOR GOLF. NOT ONLY DOES GN+ PROVIDE (1) EASY-TO-SEESCORECARD,(2) DETAILED STATS, (3) FREE STORAGE ON CLOUD, (4) ACCESSFROMMULTIPLE DEVICES, (5) GOLF-RELATED INFORMATION WORLDWIDE, BUTALSOGN+ OFFERS LIVE STREAMING AND VIDEO-ON-DEMAND (VOD) SERVICE OFTHEONLY GOLF-DEDICATED TV CHANNEL IN JAPAN, “GOLF NETWORK”. ---GN+satisfies all golfers with 3 key features. 1. Keep your scoreon38,000+ courses worldwide! - Arranging your own golf eventwithlive leaderboard - Uploading your data AUTOMATICALLY on GN+cloudserver - Choosing handicap option - Selecting yard or meter-Supporting stableford point system - Viewing overall courses-Navigating golf clubs (not course navigator) 2. Watch“GOLFNETWORK” via live streaming and Video-On-Demand -Approximately 900programs per month via live streaming (only forsubscription users)- Approximately new 400 videos per month viaVideo-On-Demand (someare only for subscription users) 3. Providegolf-relatedinformation from many publications - Publicationsinclude GOLFDIGEST ONLINE, ALBA PARTNERS and THE HOCHI SHINBUN.(all areJapan-based.) Enjoy golf much much more with GN+PREMIUM(subscription plan): 1. GN+ SCORE subscription plan Itprovide youmore features: - Score input service (200 times permonth, SupportsWorldwide 38,000+ Courses) - Analyzing systemcapable of performingdetailed analysis. ex. Stats by Course 2. GN+TV subscription planIt provide you a live streaming services: -Approximately 900programs via live streaming of the onlygolf-dedicated TV Channel,“Golf Network” - Approximately 400 videosper month onVideo-On-Demand Subscription options: 1. GN+ SCOREsubscriptionplan monthly for $5 2. GN+ TV subscription plan monthlyfor $17.99Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be chargedto yourcredit card through your Google Play account. Yoursubscriptionwill automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24hours beforethe end of the current period. You will not be able tocancel thesubscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions inyourGoogle Wallet Account Settings after purchase. Enjoy YourGolf!Terms of use (C) 2015JUPITERGOLFNETWORK CO.,LTD.
Skydroid - Golf GPS Scorecard 2.1.2-production
#1 Golf GPS Rangefinder & Scorecard; SkyDroid - Golf GPS istheperfect golf companion for your phone or tablet. Improve yourgame,while staying focused on golf.You Get:★ GPS Distance to everygreen(front, center, back)★ Scoring and Statistics★ Distances towaterhazards, bunkers, trees, target points★ Satellite view ofeverycourse!★ Distance to ANY point on the map (hold finger onimage)★Shot Tracking (how far did you hit it?)★ GPS AccuracyIndicator★Download unlimited courses for free★ Map ANY courseonline!★ Uploadyour rounds to our website and view online. Thisalso backs up yourdata.★ NEW: Audio updates to the center of thegreen. A greathands-free way to use SkyDroid.★ NEW: Book discountedtee timesdirectly through SkyDroid.No data connection required forGPSdistances (data is required only if you use the zoom button toseeoverhead images and usage is small).Don't be fooled by the"free"golf apps, you'll end up paying more for those. Over250,000golfers have installed our golf gps app and love itsfeatures. Nocourse download charges. No subscription charges. Norecurringfees. ★★★★Over 30,000 Golf Courses Mapped!!★★★★ and use our Course Finder webpage to find golfcourses near you that are ready for downloadingfor free to yourSkyDroid - Golf GPS app.Distances to coursefeatures (waterhazards, bunkers, target points) are available formost courses. Ifyou don't see a feature you need you can add it tothe coursemapping using our website.SkyDroid - Golf GPS gives youyour rangefinder distance to every green on the golf course andmore. It'seasy to use, has a beautiful design, and there are nosubscriptionor course download fees.Get a satellite view of everycourse andgreen. Zoom into any location or get a rangefinderdistance to anypoint on the map just by holding your finger on it.The map can nowbe rotated to any orientation that you desire.GPSDistances to theFront, Center and Back of every green (not just thecenter locationlike some apps). ★ Starting with version 2.0 we nowhave scoringand statistics available. Score your round and keeptrack of statslike putts per round, hit fairway% and more.GPS RangeFinderAccuracy indicator lets you know exactly how accurate thedistancesare at any time (GPS accuracy can fluctuate, but SkyDroidkeeps youinformed).Track the distance of your last shot with ourshottracker.Automatic hole advance will have you clickinglessbuttons.★★★★Add New Courses★★★★Can't find your golf course inthesystem? No problem, our online Course Mapper web page let's youaddnew courses in as little as 10 minutes. We get new golfcoursesadded by our users every single day of the year.You can alsoeditexisting courses using the website, to add features ormakeadjustments (add target points, etc.) as needed. Thenjustre-download the course to the app to see the changes.★WorksInternationally (any golf course can be mappedonline)Changerangefinder distance measurement to yards or meters.★ to learn more.*** Usage Notes ***Long presson the"Score" button to see the full scorecard.Settings forSkyDroid arenow accessed through the new menu button in the topleft corner ofthe app. Here you can configure scoring and otheroptions.
Golf GPS APP-FreeCaddie Pro 4.1.2
The Original Golf GPS App, with most accurate Golf GPSCoordinatesand Golf Course Maps. This Golf GPS APP allows you toget thedistance to the front, center and back of every green. Viewa listof distances to all marked features on a hole. View everyholeusing the properly rotated Golf Course maps. Pan the map to seethedistance to any point on the hole.Measure the length of thatdriveoff of the tee!Track your score and statistics, then uploadthem and analyze your game! FreeCaddie Pro let'syoutrack fairways hit, greens in regulations, chips, puttsandmore.New Audio Updates feature, which will announce the distancetothe center of the green automatically when you get to your ball-hands-free!FreeCaddie Pro has 30,000+ courses thatareavailable.Features:- 30,000+ Golf Courses and the MostAccurateGolf GPS Data in the World!- Very clear and easy to readdistancesto the center, back and front of the green- Hole by HoleMaps w/Detailed Markers to Bunkers, Hazards, Greens and More- Holeby HoleMarker List: (bunkers, hazards, and doglegs)- AutoScrollingMarkers for Easier Navigation- Easy Golf Course Finder-LargeDistance Displays for Distances- Track your LongDrives-Introduction to GoldPass Golf Course Discounts- Scorecardthat canSynchronize with other players- Individual Scoring withStats-Track Trends and Statistics- Access to discounted Tee Times-AudioUpdates upgrade is now included free of charge.
GOLFLER Rangefinder & Golf GPS 2.3.39
Golfler's 3D rangefinder, live scoring system, courseinformation,weather updates, tee-time booking service and messagingsystemsfunctions at nearly every golf course, globally, and isoffered toGolfer's free of charge.At GOLFLER partnering courses,GOLFLER maybe used to book tee times, order food/beverage on-demandand toreceive course updates and/or discounts.GOLFLER'smobileapplication won top in class awards from both the PGA ofAmericaand Google.
Free Golf GPS APP - FreeCaddie 4.1.2
The Original Golf GPS App, with most accurate Golf GPSCoordinates,FreeCaddie is the completely free golf GPS rangefinderfor yourAndroid device. With over 30,000 mapped golf coursesavailableyou'll be able to just download a course and play golf. Ifyou likeSimple, Easy To Read Distances to the Green, this is theoriginaland the best Golf GPS App.New Audio Updates feature, whichwillannounce the distance to the center of the green automaticallywhenyou get to your ball - hands-free!Use FreeCaddie for as long asyoulike. If you decide you want more you can upgrade to FreeCaddieProwhich adds an overhead Map display, multi-playerScorecard,Statistics and Trends tracking and more. Features:-30,000+ GolfCourses and the Most Accurate Golf GPS Data in theWorld!- Veryclear and easy to read distances to the center, backand front ofthe green- Distances to other markers, like bunkers,hazards, anddoglegs- Auto Scrolling Markers for Easier Navigation-Access todiscounted Tee Times- Easy Golf Course Finder- Personalscoringthat can synchronize to the Scorecard of other playersrunningFreeCaddie Pro.- Auto-hole advance option- Audio Updatesupgrade isnow included free of charge.
Golf Frontier Pro - Golf GPS 2.2.0
Golf Frontier
Check out the temporary price cut to celebrate the latestrelease!Golf Frontier GPS is a premium golf application for yourAndroiddevice. So much more than a golf GPS rangefinder, inaddition toknowing the distance to the green and hazards fromanywhere on thecourse, you can use the application to track scoresfor your group,record your statistics, and calculate your golfhandicap. It's theonly golf app you will ever need! Over 30,000golf courses arecurrently available for download and more are beingadded every day(visit for a listofcurrently mapped courses). If your course is not already listedinthe directory, then you can either create a map for thecourseonline at using our powerfulonlineediting tools, or send us an email and we will map it foryou.Unlike other apps, there is never any additional charge todownloadcourses. Check out the UserGuide: Features Include: - Easy to understand and read viewofall targets for the current hole with Carry and/or Reachdistancesclearly specified. - Enhanced Map view with detailedoverlayinformation. Distance arcs placed at 100, 150 and 200yards/meters.Maps are rotated to show the green at the top of thescreen (Pleasenote that map view requires an active dataconnection). -Painlessly get accurate approach and layup distancesto and fromany location - Track your score, number of putts,fairways andgreens in regulation. - Additionally, track number ofchip shots,first putt distance, sand saves and penalty strokes. -Track scoresfor up to three additional golfers. - Equipmenttracking. Adddetails for each club in your bag, record the distanceyou hit eachclub, and then reference this information whileplaying. You canalso record the drive and approach clubs used onevery hole. -Measurement tool for accurately measuring shotdistances. - Recordyour scores using Strokeplay or Matchplayscoring and calculateStableford points. - Automatically calculateyour handicap. USGA,CONGU, EGU and AGU (Australian GolfAssociation) HandicapCalculations are currently supported. -Quickly and easily view anelectronic scorecard of every round ofgolf you have played usingthe application, including a summary,statistics and comments forthat round. - View your careerstatistics and get comprehensivegolf game analysis online at - Autohole transition, as you reach thegreen for each hole, the GPS willautomatically move to the nextone. - All distances displayed ineither yards or meters. - GPSsensitivity adjustment that allowsyou to configure the optimumaccuracy and battery life setup foryour phone, including "mostfrequent" mode for ultimate accuracy. -Quickly find new courses fordownload from the course library bysearching via by course name,city and postal code or nearestlocation. - Separate option toalways keep the screen on. - GolfFrontier GPS can conveniently beinstalled on the SD card. -Multiple User Interface Themes -Multiple Language Support(English, Swedish and Spanish) ***OurGuarantee*** Golf Frontier isdedicated to producing the highestquality Android Golf applicationpossible. Have a problem or acomplaint? Let us know [email protected] and we will makesure it gets resolved ina timely manner. Please note: Support forthis product is currentlyavailable only in English.
Brentwood Golf Course 1.5
Download the Award Winning Brentwood Golf Course App to enhanceyourgolf experience on this beautiful premier golf course.Thisappincludes:- Interactive Hourly Weather Forcast- Quick & EasyTeeTime Booking - Live Traffic, Navigation & Course Directions-USGA Rules & GHIN Accessibility- Brentwood CourseHistory-First Tee Registration- And much more...
Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker 3.27
Use the Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker to establish a USGAHandicapIndex®. Use DiabloGolf to post scores, reviews, ratings andtotrack your friends. The Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker is nowFREE.Enjoy! 

DiabloGolf is the Gold Standard for Mobile GolfHandicapTracking:• Full Facebook integration allows you to postscores,find other DiabloGolf members, follow your friends’handicaps, andeven recruit new members from your contact list
•View yourHandicap Index
• Post 5 Scores to get a Handicap Index •Join golfclubs licensed to use the USGA Handicap System and issue aHandicapIndex• Post and view your entire score history (an iconwillindicate the rounds used to compute your handicap)
• Post 9 or18hole scores, as well as tournament scores (nine hole scoresarecombined in accordance with USGA guidelines)
• Courselocationfunction uses GPS to find the golf courses nearest you foreasyscore posting anywhere in the U.S., or select any course foundinour database of over 18,000 golf courses
• The mostcomprehensivegolf course details available
• You’ll no longer needa handicapcard since all scores now reside on our server. A lost ornew phoneis never a problem – just show up on the tee box and othergolferscan see your handicap and scores on their smartphones
• Thetee boxdropdown will allow quick score postings with Slope andRating info– save favorite golf courses and tee boxes for evenfaster scoreposting
• Course Handicap Calculator 
• Rate and leavegolf coursereviews
DiabloGolf will now provide you with a ScoringAverage whenyou are not in one of our USGA licensed golf clubs. TheUSGAprecludes us from providing any Handicap Index calculations ifyouare not in a licensed club. The Scoring Average is not asubstitutefor an official USGA Handicap Index, but does provide asolutionfor golfers that wouldn’t otherwise have access tohandicapcalculations. 1.18.37
TeeTime SE
TeeTime - golf mobile application allows you to reserve, orderandpurchase TeeTime in most golf courses in the Czech Republic andtheSlovakia. You can find every Czech and Slovak golf courses inaclear list with descriptions and contacts, or on the map.Features: - easy reservation golf courses in Czech and Slovak - auniqueoffer of special prices - early birdie, happy hours -freereservation at home course - the right prices in thereciprocityand special offers - user account with your games -payment bycreditvcard - list of every Czech and Slovak golf courses- searchgolf courses Czech and Slovak, easy filtration
Disc Golf Course Review 1.7.6
The official DGCourseReview (DGCR) app offering score trackingandthe most current and comprehensive disc golf courseinformationincluding course descriptions, locations (with drivingdirections),hole/par details, maps for almost every disc golfcourse, 100,000+course photos and 60,000+ course reviews for over6000 courses (andgrowing!). Record your rounds/scorecards andupload them directlyto your Scorebook on forscore analysis and safekeeping. You can even upload your friend'srounds to the site andyour friends can download their rounds ontheir own devices later!Track your scores, putts and penalty throwsfor each hole and keepholes notes for all the players in yourgroup! Wondering if a discgolf tournament is nearby? Use the app'stournament search! Out oftown and lost your go-to driver or mid?The app's shop search hasyou covered! The DGCourseReview App is themost comprehensive andcurrent source of disc golf informationavailable on Android.Features and benefits include: * Upload orsync yours or yourfriends scorecards directly to DGCR for backupand scoringanalysis. * Friends can sync rounds submitted to DGCRfrom otherdevices to their own device. No need to email scorecardsand enterscores manually! * Share an image of your round withfriends viaemail, facebook, text or more! * Uploading rounds toDGCRautomatically enters you into our monthly disc giveaway!(seedetails on site) * Edit your rounds on the site and synctheupdated scorecard with your device. * Round ratings for allyourrounds and an overall player rating! * Import all yourroundsentered or backed up on DGCR onto any device with the DGCRapp.Getting a new phone doesn't mean you have to lose yourscoringdata! * Import rounds from other popular apps using theRoundImporter on DGCR and sync those with the DGCR app. * Rounds onDGCRare stored on our main server and are also backed up onanotheroffsite server on a 5 day rolling backup schedule. *Integratesdirectly with DGCourseReview to provide you with up tothe minutecourse, tournament and shop information! * Search forcourses usinga standard search form, a proximity (GPS) search orvia a mapinterface. * Filter your course searches using criteriarangingfrom hole count to the rating on DGCourseReview to howwooded acourse is (among many other filters!) * Vote on coursereviews asyour read them! * Update Course Conditions from thecourse! * Markcourses as played right from the app (immediatelyreflected on yourDGCR account online)! * Search for shops using astandard searchform, a proximity search or via a map interface. *Search fortournaments using a standard search form, a proximitysearch or viaa map interface. * Comprehensive tournamentinformation includingwhich courses will be used, registration fees,flyers, and more! *Overall and course level score stats includingaverage putts, bestscore, eagles, birdies, pars, bogies... andwhatever comes afterbogies! * No in-app purchases or subscriptions!* Much, much more!FAQ's - To import your rounds from DGCR, tapStats -> 3-dot menu-> Import All Rounds from DGCR - Yourplayed courses list willbe downloaded from DGCR the first time yougo to the "PlayedCourses" list when starting a round OfficialSupport Forum:
Golf Course Guide Aust Edition 2.1.2
Australia’s most comprehensive golf course directory, showinggreenfee discounts at over 300 locations. Search by Golf CourseName,Map searches, Nearby lists, by Golf Course Rankings (Bestdesign,condition and Aesthetics). Provides full golf courseinformationincluding green fee (discounted green fees available atmost golfcourses), course description, clubhouse facilities, comptimes,practice facilities, hire, course stats and rankings, addressandcontact details.
Mobitee GPS Golf Free 2.0.23
Don't spend hundreds on Golf GPS hardware! With Mobitee get notonlya GPS, but a scorecard keeper, a distance calculator, arangefinderand a virtual coach, all rolled into one amazing app.Save up to 95%and get more than any GPS hardware has tooffer!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Limitedversion to the 5 first holes of each courseworldwide----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Precise GPS with moveable target to estimate distances *Satellite,aerial view of each hole * Flyover videos of each golfcourse * GPSRangefinder * Shot tracking * Virtual Coach *Interactive scorecardup to 4 players * Scorecards shared via email* Complete golf guidefor 34,000+ courses * Simple, trulyspectacular interface * Freeupdates Yes, this application was madefor you! Mobitee is yourpersonal, portable golf caddy developed bygolfers for golfers. Wantto check more about the awesome Mobiteekey features? Estimateaccurately the distance to green with afull-featured GPSrangefinder! It also helps to locate any hazardson the course. Byhaving Mobitee at hand you will always avoidbunkers, lakes, streamsand paths as the distance is calculatedautomatically. Use MobiteeGPS Rangefinder and your game startsgetting smarter and better. Seean aerial shot of the hole you’reabout to play! The app’s satelliteimages and flyover videos areincredibly helpful and cool. Followyour progress with the shottracking tool! It enables you to recordand track all your hits,shows you the covered distances andcalculates your average hittingdistance with each club. Be advisedwhich club you need and howhard you have to hit the ball! Yourvirtual coach provides you allof these data in a flash, so that youcan perform your best on thecourse. Record your score with anautomatic and interactivescorecard! The scorecard is completed withhandicap scoring. Playanywhere thanks to the global selection of30,000+ golf courses andcounting! Go ahead and use one of these, oradd your own via theMobitee website from your PC. Whichever golfcourse you decideupon, the built-in guide offers you the address,lets you knowwhat’s nearby, gives you route guidance and prices.Please notethat if your device does not embed a camera, you won’tbe able toenjoy the Mobitee Rangefinder feature.
Live Golf Scores - US & European Golf 3.5
Never miss a shot with Live Golf Scores sent directly to yourdevicein Real-Time for US & European Golf Tours.With over 200+Men& Women's Professional Golf events to track, you'll alwaysbe upto date with the latest golf scores & news. Track &Tellyour friends how your favourite Golfer is performing on thegolfcourse with one simple click.MAIN FEATURES: ★ View Golf ScoresLive- As it happens on the golf course in real-time★ Choose fromUSATours, European Tours, Ladies & Senior Tour events★ GolfEventCalendar for all US & European Tours★ FedCup PointsLeaderboard& World Golf Rankings★ Track your favourite golfersscore inreal time★ Notifications - Never miss a tour or the latestlive golfscores★ Golf Tee Times are now automatically displayed inyour localtimeLIST OF GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS YOU CAN TRACK SCORES: ★USA Tour -All Major tournaments★ European Tour - All 60+ events★Ladies Tour -All 60 ladies golf tournaments ★ Senior Tour - All30+ seniorchampionships WHY YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD OUR GOLF APP:★Super Fast& Easy access to Live Golf Scorecards & Results★Designedfor Mobile & Tablet devices unlike other slow webbased GolfApps on the market★ A direct dedicated Golf channel forlive golfscores.★ It's 100% FREE to downloadThank you forconsidering todownload our mobile & tablet Golf App. We hopeyou enjoy manyhours checking Golf standings during the golfingseason.Disclaimer:This app is not affiliated with PGA Tour or PGAEuropean Tour or anyother golf association.
JLGolf Free 2.6.5
Jim Larsen
JLGolf is a scorecard, golf GPS application, that will assist youoncourse, with keeping track on your scorecard, and help youaroundthe course with distances.Find courses in your area, orcreate newcourses in minutes.Here is a small list of featuresinJLGolf.Rounds.- Scorecard edit by hole or quick editfullscorecard.- Round statistics- View golf scorecard as pdfinprefferred style, choose between default or statiscics view.-Easyaccess to distance information for each hole.- Mail golfscorecardpdf to players- Upload / Synchronize rounds.- Distancesviews inlist or on map- Share round on facebook- Live rounds, letothersfollow your play as it happens.- Connect round to tours toallowyou to compare against others.Courses.- Search / Downloadcoursesin area or by name- Create or modify courses, and sharebyuploading your courses.- Rating tables for all tees. (dependsonrating type used)Players.- Player statistics forallplayers.General.- EGA, USGA and CONGO rating- Support formetricand yardsFree version limitations:- Max 2 Courses- Max 5Players-Max 5 Rounds Full changelist at
JLGolf 2.6.5
Jim Larsen
JLGolf is a scorecard, golf GPS application, that will assist youoncourse, with keeping track on your scorecard, and help youaroundthe course with distances.Find courses in your area, orcreate newcourses in minutes.Here is a small list of featuresinJLGolf.Rounds.- Scorecard edit by hole or quick editfullscorecard.- Round statistics- View golf scorecard as pdfinprefferred style, choose between default or statiscics view.-Easyaccess to distance information for each hole.- Mail golfscorecardpdf to players- Upload / Synchronize rounds.- Distancesviews inlist or on map- Share round on facebook- Live rounds, letothersfollow your play as it happens.- Connect round to tours toallowyou to compare against others.Courses.- Search / Downloadcoursesin area or by name- Create or modify courses, and sharebyuploading your courses.- Rating tables for all tees. (dependsonrating type used)Players.- Player statistics forallplayers.General.- EGA, USGA and CONGO rating- Support formetricand yardsUpgrade from free version.The easy way to move datafromthe free version to this version is by using synchronize, firstonold app, and then on this one.Full
Golf GPS Range Finder (Yardage & Course Locator) 2.8
Our goal is to improve your game. We make sure Golf GPS app isfast,battery-efficient, intuitive and solid so that you can focuson yourgame. Here is a list of features. 1. Full & fast GPSrangefinderfeature with minimum battery consumption. 2. GPSAccuracymeets/exceeds any other app or expensive device. 3. Showhole byhole satellite map with info like hole no, par, distance.4. Set atarget and get the distance between you and target, andbetweentarget and green. 5. Course mapping feature right on yourfingertip. You can move your tee or flag position, and you caneven remapthe whole course if it is outdated. 6. Automaticallyzoom to optimallevel when you move significant distance. 7. Dragyour target toplan your shot, to see how far your shot will be andwhat willremain. 8. Provide a simple GPS view with three circlesshowing 100,150, and 200 yards. 9. Thousands of mapped coursesavailable to bedownloaded. 10. Search courses around you or searchby name, city,state, country. 11. Save your downloaded courses toyour phone sothat you don't have to download them again. ......And much more foryou to explore See below for some user reviews oniOS. Superb! Onesimple word, amazing. It provided accurate yardagedistances. GreatApp. This app is wonderful! The GPS and RangeFinder are accurate99% of the time. The best I h've used so far.It really knows whatgolfers want. It's fast stable, super batteryefficient. Very usefulapp! The GPS Caddie helps me see the danger,and the fairways andgreens better. Great Suff. I considered buyinga GPS finder. Thereis literally no point in paying for technologyyou already have onyour phone. Fantastic App. The scorecard isvery easy to use and thestats section can help you improve yourgame. Use this app! I have anew set of Ping irons and this reallyhelped me dial in my distance.Excellent app. It keeps score, andis fairly accurate on distances.Best Caddie to Have. Course viewand layout is extremely helpful.GPS is very accurate even flagplacement per round. Golf madeeasier. Was skeptical of Apple Watchat first but this app made mypurchase worthwhile. Excellent app. Iam 80 "years of age" andcredit Golf Caddie with helping me reach aBucket List goal offinally breaking 100! I recently also bought aGarmin golf wristwatch, but I still input my scores into this appafter. It nearlyalways is within 3-5 yards of my friend'sexpensive range finders. Iwish my shot was that close. WhenSkyCaddie bought them out I wasbummed cause their replacement wasslow and inefficient. This is thebest I have found since then. 5stars for sure. What a great app! Itgives a scorecard and accurateGPS on every hole. Dual scorecard.Absolutely love this app. It'sthe best especially since you addedthe stats. Must have. Madesuggestion to customer service to specifyindividual course such asat PGA National. Enjoy the simplicity andthe yardage accuracy. ForiPhone version:see
Golfication: GPS Rangefinder, Stats & Scorecard 3.10.9
Now, hit the shot you know you can hit, not the one you thinkyoushould. Golfication is the one-stop Golf App, powered byArtificialIntelligence - this FREE app comes with many usefulfeatures likeGPS Rangefinder, Live Scoring, Driving & Approachaccuracy,Putting Stats, and Strokes Gained Analysis. FEATUREHIGHLIGHTS:EASY SCORING Record just Hole-scores, or add FairwayHits, GIRs andPutts with Golf's most elegantly designed UserInterface. Spendminimal time looking at your phone, and maximumtime playing Golf!FREE GPS RANGEFINDER Get accurate distances tofront, middle &back of green, along your line of sight. Alsocheck out persistentwind speed to plan your shot. What’s best? It’scompletely FREE!FREE CLUB RECOMMENDATIONS Get FREE ClubRecommendations based ondata from your previous rounds. Our A.I.Caddie makes sure younever hit a wrong club again. Ever. ULTIMATESHOT TRACKING Nowtrack every shot using one simple button!Additionally, enjoy ourautomatic scoring, FREE distances and shotrecommendations.PERFORMANCE STATS Stop paying to track drivingaccuracy, GIRs,putts and sand saves for you and your friends,because thesefeatures are FOREVER FREE on Golfication. GAMEINSIGHTS Nowunderstand your game in a way that hasn't been possiblebefore withultimate game insights like Club Stats, Strokes Gained,ApproachAccuracy, Chipping Scatter, Putts per hole &AccuracyOff-The-Tee, and plan your golf training better with data.FOCUS ONYOUR GOLF Now see distances easily on-the-go without evenopeningthe app! And score directly from a notification. FOR GOLFGEEKSGolfication provides in-depth analysis using filters likeNumber ofRounds, Season, Holes Played, Clubs Used and Course Type.We willhelp you get those very stats that you've always wanted totrack.(It's also like your super-personal, awesome Spreadsheet AppforGolf.) LIVE SCORING WITH FRIENDS Golfication provides LiveScoringon all Android & iOS devices, and allows you to keeptrack yourgame, as well as your buddies' on a single screen! Getsmartpost-game analytics and comparisons, to win the weekend'sbraggingrights! LEADERBOARDS Play against golfers everywhere, intheWorld's Grandest competitions for "Longest Drive", "Closest ToThePin", "Monster Putt", and more! Improve faster, when thepressureis on. --- LOVE THE APP? Rate us on the app store! Shareyour love,and help other golfers discover Golfication - theUltimate GolfApp. SUPPORT Have feedback, don’t see your golf coursein ourdatabase, or have a course correction? We love hearing fromyou, soemail us at [email protected] and we’ll get back toyoupronto. --- SOCIAL Web: Instagram: @golfication So areyouprepared for some serious #golfication?
Golfwith : GOLF GPS 1.1.2
Meet the new way. Golfwith is here to change the way youplaygolf.Golfwith: GOLF GPS, meet the new tracking and audioguidancedevice, the Smart Marker.With Smart Marker, you don't needanyother handheld device. You can hear the remaining shotdistancewith audio guidance, and input your shot tracking data withjust asingle click.With Golfwith GOLF GPS, you can get additionalbelowservices via your smartphone.- Golfwith Smart Markerdevicesupport- Auto Hole recognition- Over 60,000 + worldwidecourseinformation- The distance information from your currentlocation tothe green- Golf Shot tracking & history- Customersupportwithin 48 hoursIf you want to know more about Golfwith GOLFGPS andSmart Marker, visit ourwebsite,, a private caddieforyou.Golfzon, Inc.
Mobitee GPS Golf Premium 2.0.23
Don't spend hundreds on Golf GPS hardware! With Mobitee get notonlya GPS, but a scorecard keeper, a distance calculator, arangefinderand a virtual coach, all rolled into one amazing app.Save up to 95%and get more than any GPS hardware has tooffer!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Unlimitedaccess to 35,000 golf courses Free updates Bestcustomersupport------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Precise GPS with moveable target to estimate distances *Satellite,aerial view of each hole * Flyover videos of each golfcourse * GPSRangefinder * Shot tracking * Virtual Coach *Interactive scorecardup to 4 players * Scorecards shared via email* Complete golf guidefor 35,000+ courses * Simple, trulyspectacular interface * Freeupdates Yes, this application was madefor you! Mobitee is yourpersonal, portable golf caddy developed bygolfers for golfers. Wantto check more about the awesome Mobiteekey features? Estimateaccurately the distance to green with afull-featured GPSrangefinder! It also helps to locate any hazardson the course. Byhaving Mobitee at hand you will always avoidbunkers, lakes, streamsand paths as the distance is calculatedautomatically. Use MobiteeGPS Rangefinder and your game startsgetting smarter and better. Seean aerial shot of the hole you’reabout to play! The app’s satelliteimages and flyover videos areincredibly helpful and cool. Followyour progress with the shottracking tool! It enables you to recordand track all your hits,shows you the covered distances andcalculates your average hittingdistance with each club. Be advisedwhich club you need and howhard you have to hit the ball! Yourvirtual coach provides you allof these data in a flash, so that youcan perform your best on thecourse. Record your score with anautomatic and interactivescorecard! The scorecard is completed withhandicap scoring. Playanywhere thanks to the global selection of34,000+ golf courses andcounting! Go ahead and use one of these, oradd your own via theMobitee website from your PC. Whichever golfcourse you decideupon, the built-in guide offers you the address,lets you knowwhat’s nearby, gives you route guidance andprices.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Unlimitedaccess to 35,000 golf courses Free updates Bestcustomersupport------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pleasenote that if your device does not embed a camera, you won’tbe ableto enjoy the Mobitee Rangefinder feature.
MISA Golf HCP 26.1
MISA Golf HCP - the free, simple and social app for golferstorecord their scorecards, calculate and share their USGAbasedHandicaps. Join now for: • Score tracking: keep track ofyourscores and view your historical performance. • Courseinformation:get the most comprehensive golf course details. •Professionalquality charting: know your scoring average to otherMISA Golf HCPgolfers. • Being a part of the social network ofgolfers: connectwith your golf friends, add new friends, sharescorecards, photosand news in your golf life as well as seeingphotos and updatesfrom others. With mobile and cloud computingtechnology, MISA GolfHCP guarantees your data protection,synchronization, and easyaccess from every smartphone, tablet orcomputer you have.
UDisc Disc Golf (Classic) 8.2
If you are new to UDisc install our fully featured free appinsteadof this app - scroll down and select UDisc Disc Golf undertheother apps by UDisc LLC section.Join hundreds of thousands ofDiscGolfers using UDisc to improve their game.1000+ 5 starreviews!Findus on social media - @udiscappUDisc is activelydeveloped,constantly improving, and has a very active community.Please reachout to us on social media or inside the app with anyfeedback,questions, or feature requests.
Golfshot Plus: Golf GPS 4.19.0
Improve your game and master the course while enjoying a whole,newgolf experience with Golfshot Plus. Over 2 million members oftheGolfshot community rely on our golf GPS apps to save time,moneyand strokes. A one-time purchase of Golfshot Plus gets youlifetimeaccess to these features that help you play better golf:-Interactive, real-time distances to the front, back and centerofeach green and all key hazards and targets on over 40,000coursesworldwide - Dynamic 3D flyover previews of each hole -Advancedgame scoring with Stroke Play and Stableford - Zoom in ontargetsand layups for better shot planning and saved strokes - Saveup to80% off Hot Deal tee times provided by GolfNow when bookedthroughGolfshot Want even more? Upgrade to Golfshot Pro and you’llget: -Premium GPS distance features, scoring and shot trackingforAndroid Wear - Personalized club recommendations based onyourstatistics - Scoring for Skins, Nassau, Match play and othergames- Save an extra $20 off a Hot Deal tee time provided byGolfNow -Over $200 in savings on golf equipment, GolfNow tee times,golfmagazine subscriptions, golf travel, golf instruction and moreALLGolfshot members enjoy these accurate and innovative golfGPSfeatures: - Distances to the center of the green -Easy-to-usescorecard for yourself or your foursome - Android Wearsupport -In-depth statistics of your game, covering fairways hit,greens inregulation (GIR), putts per hole, and more - Up to 80% offteetimes provided by GolfNow when booked through Golfshot - Thelatestgolf news, both in your app and in our monthly membernewsletter -FREE one-week trial of Golfshot Pro Golfshot Plusrequires aGPS-enabled Android phone or tablet. Android Wear™requires anAndroid wearable device and watch app. Forbattery-saving tips,FAQs and all of the amazing features ofGolfshot If you don’t see your course inGolfshot, email usat [email protected] to request a courseupdate or send us yourfeedback! Course list at by ShotzoomLLC
Golfy 2.5.2
Trouvez tous les parcours de golf, les hôtels, les séjours etlescompétitions sur le Réseau Golfy en France et en Europe.Aveclanouvelle application du Réseau Golfy, trouvez votreprochainedestination golf :- Vous pouvez rechercher les parcoursengéolocalisation, par nom de golf ou par nom d’hôtel- Vouspouvezsélectionner votre prochain séjour golf grâce aux offresCoups deCœur en France et en Europe.- Vous pouvez retrouver touslesavantages de la carte Golfy Indigo et de la carte GolfyPlatine-Vous pouvez accéder à votre compte personnel pour connaîtrevosdernières transactions et modifier vos informationspersonnelles-Vous pouvez consulter le calendrier des compétitionsGolfy Cup.Vousretrouverez dans les fiches des golfs et des hôtelspartenairestoutes les informations pratiques nécessaires pourvosdéplacements, dans le cadre de la pratique du golf ou pourvosséjours en famille, entre amis, ou professionnels :situation,coordonnées, tarifs, informations utiles,vidéos,....Simplifiez-vous le golf avec Golfy !Find all the golfcourses,hotels, holidays and competitions on Golfy Network inFrance andEurope.With the new application of Golfy Network, findyour nextdestination golf:- You can search by geolocation course byGolfname or hotel name- You can select your next golf holidaysthanksto Heart offers choices in France and Europe.- You can findall thebenefits of the card Golfy Indigo and Platinum card Golfy-How toget to know your personal account recent transactions andchangeyour personal information- You can check the scheduleofcompetitions Golfy Cup.You will find in the files of golfcoursesand hotel partners all the practical information needed togo, inthe practical part of the course or for a stay with family,friendsor professionals: location, contact details, rates,usefulinformation, videos ....Simplify your golf with Golfy!
Discores - Disc Golf App 1.3.3
Do you love disc golf? So do we and that's why we developedDiscoresfor disc golf. Whether you're an amateur or a pro discgolfer,Discores is a useful app for tracking your scores andprogress whileyou're out throwing discs. Discores features aunique game viewwhich let's you easily and quickly mark your andyour friends'scores, see the leaderboard, and follow hole-by-holeprogress withthe multiplayer scorecard. We've focused onsimplicity and ease ofuse so that you can focus on what you like —playing disc golf!Wehope you enjoy Discores and would love to hearfrom you if you haveany questions, ideas, or feedback. Don'tforget to rate Discores andalso remember to spread the word ofdisc golf!Cheers,The [email protected]:•Add disc golf courses and editthem while you play• Mark your andyour friends' scores with theeasy to use user interface• See youraverage, best, and last scorefor each hole while you play• Keeptrack of game progress with thesimple and clear leaderboard andscorecard• Mark scores faster andeasier — Discores automaticallychanges to the next player and hole•Play on any disc golf courseand mark your scores for any number ofholes• Save your game tocontinue later• View your played games•Take backups and transferyour data to another phone• Share yourleaderboards and scorecardswith your friends and fellow discgolfers, e.g., via Facebook orTwitter (#discores)• Supportedlanguages: English, Finnish, andSwedishFor the latest updates,follow us on TwitterandFacebook:
Golf Lessons 1.10
Golf Lessons is the app with lots of golf tips with acompletetraining program that contains all the basic and advancedexercisesto practice golf.Today the professional and amateur golfplayerrequires a very high level of training to improve their golfswingsand to control your game.With this application you will learnhowto improve your golf skills and how to execute the mostcomplexgames in the swing, the short game, advanced shots andgameanalysis.This application includes:- Lessons with exercises ofallkinds: technical, tactical, physical and specific.- Themostimportant golf basics through interactive lessons.- A selectionofthe best moments in US Open tournament to learn all you needfromthe professional golf players.- Golf rules with a whole new waytoenjoy and engage with the rules.This app is part of a set ofsportsapps, which include videos, photos and lessons of differentsports,including team sports and winter games. Start training todaywithour Golf Lessons app.
OK Golf 2.1.2
Extended Promo: Save up to 66%! NEW COURSE! - NefertariOasis,Egyptian Sahara. It's not real golf, but it's OK! OK Golf istheessence of golf, refined to a tee. Play a quick roundanywhere,anytime on stylish dioramas inspired by classicgolfingdestinations. Easy to play, hard to put down, perfect forall agesand handicaps! SIMPLE Just aim, drag and release to shootthe ball.No clubs, just you and the ball. BEAUTIFUL Inspired bybeautifuland iconic locations, each course is a handcraftedminiaturediorama. RELAXING Enjoy a moment of zen while you play around ofgolf immersed in the calming sounds of nature. REPLAYABLEUnlocknew courses and secret areas and challenge yourself withdifferentgame modes. BUY ONCE Pay once, get all future courses forfree!MULTIPLAYER Compete online with golfers all over the world andfaceyour neighborhood friends with the Pass & Playmultiplayerfeature. "You're going to enjoy the time you spend withit." -Pocket Gamer Visit us at: Follow us [email protected] Like us on Facebook /playdigious If youexperience anyproblem with OK Golf, please contact our customersupport team [email protected] Don't forget to specify whichdevice andoperating system you are using. Supported languages:English,French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, SimplifiedChinese,Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese.
Golf Channel
Golf Channel
Version 4.5.19:• Switch to new video token service ahead ofoldservice being retiredVersion 4.5.18:• Bug and crash fixesforarticles, videos, photo galleries and notifications• Upgradetosupport Android 8.0 and 8.1 • Support medal play scoring •Removereferences for Live Audio and commentsVersion 4.5.17:• NewSplashScreen Featuring Tiger Woods• Removal of unsupportedfeatures:Commenting and Live Audio• Bug fixesVersion 4.5.15:•CrashfixVersion 4.5.14:• New Watch Live features for the 146th OpenatRoyal Birkdale, including full event replaysVersion 4.5.10:• Fixtocorrect segmented push notifications forbettercustomizationVersion 4.5.9: • Indication of TaylorMadesponsoredplayers on the leaderboards• Additional leaderboardupdatesVersion4.5.8:• New splash screen• Watch Live bug fixVersion4.5.7:• WatchLive improvements• Bug fixes related to Watch Live•Enhancedupgrade messaging• Automated geo-location messagingVersion4.5.6.1:• Bug fixes related to Watch LiveVersion 4.5.6: • WatchLIVE GolfChannel coverage and events. Sign in with your TVprovidercredentials and watch.Version 4.5.5: • All things RyderCup! •Scoring updates and enhancements for the Ryder Cup matchplayleaderboards • During the Ryder Cup, play along withFanBeat!Predict the action and answer trivia questions to earnpoints andcompete for prizes! • Watch Golf Channel live. Sign inwith your TVprovider credentials and watch.Version 4.4.4: • Crashfixes •Performance enhancementsVersion 4.4.2: • Live Audioperformanceenhancements • Articles, photos and videos now includeotherarticles you may like • Additional bug fixesVersion•Minor update to fix player scorecardsVersion •Minorenhancements for The Presidents Cup scoringVersion 4.4 - we'vemadesome small but significant improvements including: • Largerphotoson the Home Page and everywhere else • Improvedperformanceoverall, including scores, photos, and articles • Pluslots ofother small updates to make everything look and runmoresmoothly!Version 4.0 - has been completely rebuilt andredesigned!• Improved Navigation and slick new interface • ImprovedPhotoGallery with larger photos and more photos • New Home Screenwithlead story carousel • Play Golf Channel Fantasy within the newapp• New Grill Room blog • More videos - News, Originals,andInstruction video sections • Better article linking •Improvedchats and Tiger Tracker • and much more!Keep connected tothe worldof golf with the new Golf Channel Mobile 4.0. • Read thelatestarticles, blogs, and analysis from the game’s mostknowledgeableinsiders. • Follow your favorite players in thisweek's tournamentswith leaderboards from all major worldwide tours.• Get the GolfChannel experts' picks before each tournament andmake your fantasypicks. • Get breaking news as it happens, anytimeand anywhere.•Check out the latest shows (both news and originals)withbehind-the-scenes videos, photo galleries and other webexclusivecontent. • Get the latest tips from golf’s bestinstructors andlegends.
St Andrews Links: Home of Golf 2.97
Welcome to the official Android app for St AndrewsLinks.Bringingyou closer than ever to the beauty, history andheritage of theHome of Golf. The official Android app of St AndrewsLinks providesthe most comprehensive digital coverage available.Theofficial StAndrews Links app features:• The Links In-depth –Details of all 7Links courses at your fingertips with hole guides,interactivescorecards and hints to help you shoot your best score.•Aninteractive planner to organise every step of your trip fromteetimes to flights.• “Prepare to Visit” by Allianz, providingawealth of useful information to help you before and duringyourvisit to the Links.• The latest news from the Links, fromcourseupdates to the latest tournament information andcompetitionsacross the Links,• Keep up to date with latest weatherby viewingthe current conditions powered by Allianz WeatherSafe.•Stunningphotography of the Links and the town.
Golf Swing Tips 1.3
Text Examples
Are you looking for the best collection of Golf Swing Tips foryourmobile device? This app is filled with basic golf swing tipsforbeginners that will help you improve your golf swing rightaway.Learn simple golf swing tips for irons, driver clubs, goodtempo,power, backswing, slice and more. It takes time and practicetofind the perfect golf swing, you need to take it slow andbeconsistent with your follow through. Download and install thisfreeapp and start learning some easy golf swing tips that willhelpboth women and men get better at swinging a golf club!
Golface - Golf GPS, Instruction Video & Scoring 5.1.2
Golf Instruction Video, Golf Tee Time Booking, Golface is TheBestGolf GPS, Scoring and Golf Team Management App! • Golfinstructionvideo platform lead by women world No.1 golfer YaniTseng is nowavailable! • Golf Tee Time Booking Service is NowAvailable! LoginNow to Get Free NTD$700 Credit! • VIP Zone NowOnline: Check OutVIP Zone for Many Exclusive Service Provided toGolface Members! •Golf Team Poll Feature! Decide Where to Host YourNext Golf Team’sTournament! • Golf Team Comment Feature! Leave YourThoughts UnderPost and Poll! • Golf Team Savior! You Will NeverWorry About theScoring and Ranking Again! • Whole New Golf GPSFeature to Help YouImprove Your Game! • Personal Score Record -Record Your Score andPutting! Not Only Records But Also YourAchievement and Memories!Golf GPS Has the Features Below: • SupportAndroid Wear & StandAlone GPS • GPS based distance measurement,give you the distanceto green front-edge / center / back-edge •High Quality coursefairway image • Draggable middle-point •Pre-Game Strategy PlanMode • Score Record • Real-time greendirection instruction •Real-time green hole location • HighDefinition fairway flyovervideo • Battery-saving mode • 3daily-free-trial tickets for you! •Hole Issue Feedback feature •All Taiwan golf course will beavailable one after another We AlsoProvide Some Amazing FeaturesBelow: ◆ VIP Zone: Check Out VIP Zonefor Many Exclusive Servicesfor Golface Members, Free Coupon andGolf Magazines! ◆ Golf GPS:Accurate golf distance measurement, giveyou the distance to greenfront-edge / center / back-edge. Improveyour score via GPSpositioning and high quality fairway images. ◆Golf TeamManagement: Easily create and manage your golf teamincluding golfteam player list, handicap, ranking…etc. ◆ GolfPersonal Scoring:Record your personal score and putting anywhereanytime and shareit with friends! We’ll organize your scoreautomatically! ◆ GolfTutorial Video: Science-based tutorial videoto improve your game!◆ Golf Swing Analysis System: Record yourswing via camera, weoffer you slow motion play back and angle-lineassistant tool foryou to analyze your swing! ◆ Professional GolfTournament: Livescoring of Taiwan Professional Tournaments! ◆Caddie ServiceRating: Rate your caddie’s service today! (Golfacecooperatedcourse only) ◆ Weather Info: Check weather and forecastbefore yougo out golfing! ◆ Golf Course Basic Info: Check courseprice andlocation before you go out golfing! Available IAP Items: ◆Golf GPSMonthly Subscription Plan: NTD $150/month ◆ Golf GPSYearlySubscription Plan: NTD $1,090/year ◆ Golf GPS Golf TeamSpecialYearly Subscription Plan: Start From NTD $840/year ◆ GolfaceTVMonthly Plan: NTD $190/month ◆ Golface TV Yearly Plan:NTD$1590/year ◆ Golface TV + Golf GPS Monthly Plan: NTD $240/month◆Golface TV + Golf GPS Yearly Plan: NTD $1990/year ※For theotherspecial plan, please follow our FB fan page closely!※Abovesubscription plan will be renewed automatically, unlesscancelledat least 24 hours before the end of the current period.You canmanage your subscriptions through your Google Play account.Let ushear your voice! Thanks for making Golface better! Golface FBFansPage: Youtube Search Keyword: Golfacee-mail:[email protected]
Golf Ace 1.2.18
Introducing the new exciting golf game Golf Ace,combiningspectacular graphics along with exciting gameplay andREAL-TIMEcompetition, putting the best mobile golfing experienceright inyour hand! DOWNLOAD NOW and become a Golf AceIMMEDIATELY!*Variousgame modes for all types of players:- Play inREAL-TIME withMultiplayer Mode against players from all over theworld!-Thousands of players online at any time! - Want morepractice?Practice Mode available to enhance your skills.- PlaytheTournament Mode to develop your pro career further!*Show offyourown unique golf abilities:- Advance your golf playingtechniques totake your game to the next level- Combine and build-upyour owngolf skills to win the game!- Earn rewards to upgrade yourgolfclubs and balls to be a top competitor!*Spectacular gamegraphicsbring you a more real golf experience:- Many golf coursesfor yourto choose from!- Stunning graphics deliver you life-likegolf holesand the experience of challenging a realcompetitor.*Socialize withother players:- Invite your Facebookfriends and play with them onyour favorite golf course.- Check yourGolf Ace Ranking againstplayers all around the world!- Join theGolf Ace Club and have funwith your fellow club members!COME andPLAY a real time golf gameand compete with other players around theglobe! Remember thatpractice makes perfect on your way to becominga professional GolfAce golfer! What are you waiting for? Golf Aceguarantees the bestmobile golfing experience out there!Like us onour Facebook Fanpagefor more excitingnews:
Mini Golf Club 1.1
Obumo Games
Combining beautiful graphics, realistic physics andeasy-to-usecontrols, Mini Golf Club is challenging yet fun sportgame for allages. Your goal is to hit the ball into a series ofholes on acourse using as few strokes as possible. The gamefeatures 60+interactive holes with dynamic parts, moving obstacles,ramps, sandtraps, special boosters and portals. Boosters like windzones orjump areas physically accurately interact with your ball.Mini GolfClub has high replayability thanks to the advanced physicsengine,as a result you can play the same level multiple times andyou geta different gameplay experience each time. Endless hours offun isguaranteed.Features- 100% FREE- 60+ unique and trickyholes-Special boosters and moving obstacles- Realistic physicsbasedgameplay- Visually stunning graphics- Lifelike soundeffects-Turn-based matches for up to 4 players- Advanced replaysystem-Optimized for Intel x86mobiledevices_____________________________________________Website:http://www.obumogames.comFacebook:
Stickman Cross Golf Battle 1.0.5
Stickman Cross Golf Battle is a PVP game all about golfingandbuilds on the successful multiplayer formula of StickmanSkateBattle. By performing the best shots one has to beat theopponentby requiring less shots to win the pot and gain experiencepoints.Tons of stuff to unlock like Golfers, Bags, Balls, Caddies,andvarious live daily, weekly and monthly events and tournamentsmakesStickman Cross Golf Battle the ultimate golfing multiplayergame.◉Based on the success of Stickman Skate Battle with more than5million playersPack your golf clubs and join the ultimateStickmanCross Golf Battle multiplayer experience. Battle with yourfriendsand all people around the world in 1vs1 matches inastonishing,beautiful, hand designed golf courses. Performspectacular shotsand try to beat your opponent to get his coins andget a chance toparticipate in the best golf world events. Daily,Weekly andMonthly events and tournaments, Free Training, 1vs1matches andfriend challenges and are just few of the awesomefeatures waitingfor you right now.GAME MODES• 1vs1 battle, beatyour opponent byrequiring less shots• Daily, Weekly and Monthlyevents with chancesto win the jackpot• Training mode. Train yourskills whenever youwant• Tutorial. Learn the basics• Offline mode.You can play evenin offline modeCONTENT• Realtime multiplayer PVP•12 beautifuldesigned and hand crafted golf courses with more than100 differentholes• 30 different skilled characters includingStickman,Spaceman, Foxy, Beach Girl, Ghost and many more• 30 golfbags andclubs with different abilities• 10 special golf caddies•10different balls with awesome abilities• Full controllersupport•Leaderboards, Tournaments, Daily Prizes, PlayerInvitations, FriendChallenges, Revenges, Leagues, and so much more•Android TV andcontroller support
The Masters Golf Tournament
NEW IN THIS VERSION Welcome to the Official app of theMastersTournament. Bringing you closer than ever to the beautyandexcitement of the Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA onApril2nd-8th, the official app of the Masters provides themostcomprehensive digital coverage available. The newlyredesignedOfficial Masters Tournament app includes: LIVE SIMULCASTOF MASTERSBROADCAST COVERAGE - Watch the LIVE simulcast ofbroadcast coverageThursday through Sunday ADDITIONAL LIVE STREAMSOF VIDEO CONTENT -Monday’s Hole No. 16 Camera - Wednesday’s Par 3Contest -Thursday’s Honorary Starters - Tournament play at AmenCorner (HoleNos. 11, 12, and 13) - Tournament play at Hole Nos. 15and 16 -Featured Groups channel following key players around thecourse -Masters On the Range – Special analysis from alive-streamedPractice Range show starting Monday, April 2nd throughSunday,April 8th - Masters Green Jacket Ceremony at the conclusionofTournament play All video will be displayed inbeautifulfull-screen, HD-quality, viewable with 3G or better andWi-Ficonnections. (Live video is available to view in the UnitedStatesonly.) MY MOMENTS - My Moments creates a personalizedhighlightreel that catches you up on great shots you may havemissed fromyour favorite players, as well as the most importantshots of theday. PERSONALIZED ACCOUNT - Create an account to viewyourpersonalized My Moments highlight reel and access yourfavoritesacross multiple devices. SPOILER-FREE MODE - Spoiler-FreeModetemporarily turns off score-related notifications. When youreturnto the app, catch up on highlights and scores from today’sround.VIDEO EVERYWHERE - For Android 8.0 or later, watch Live VideoandVideo-on-Demand in the new Picture-in-Picture feature whileyouexplore other areas of the app SHOT TRACKING FEATURE - A uniquewayto follow each shot of action on the course - Follow any playerandview every shot, in real time - View ball location, shotdistancesand pin placements - Read the break of the green throughslopeanimations (iPad only) - View multiple players’ shots withtheCompare feature (iPad only) - Watch highlights of individualshotsfrom every player EXCLUSIVE LIVE SCORING - Interact with theliveLeader Board, which features up-to-the-minute scoring andvideohighlights of the greatest moments on the course MINI-LEADERBOARD- Live score updates for your favorite players alwaysviewablewhile you explore the app ANDROID WEAR SUPPORT -Notifications,scoring and player stats all available from yourAndroid Weardevice. COURSE OVERVIEW - Detailed hole informationwith imagery,flyover videos and 360 views from various positions onthe holeMASTERS RADIO - Live radio coverage of the MastersTournamentstarting Thursday, April 6th TEE TIMES - A round-by-roundview ofeach day’s pairings with easy navigation to find the teetime ofany player NEWS - Latest news and commentary of the 2018Tournament- On-demand video highlights, feature clips and playerinterviews -Photo galleries of daily Tournament action, rich courseimagery andthe Tournament’s illustrious historical moments -Beautiful anddata rich infographics of important stats Playerinformation, pushnotification alerts and all of the latest news andlive textupdates from the grounds of the Masters Tournament.
DiscBot Disc Golf App 3.4.0
DiscBot is an easy to use scorekeeper, course locator,andrangefinder for your phone.This app is in active development,whatfeature would you like to see next? Email me.Easy - No needtodownload course data or maps.Fast - Find the nearest coursesandget directions in an instant.Simple - Keep scorecards withanynumber of players, set pars on the fly and pick astartinghole.Legit - Courses from the official PDGA coursedirectory.Light- Small app size so it doesn't take much space onyourphone.Free.Rangefinder Directions:Tap on the map to findthedistance from yourself to the target location.Measure yourthrowseasily by marking your start point and walking to yourdisc.Chainas many distance markers as you want together to get atotaldistance.Change colors in the settings menu.Finding Coursesfromthe PDGA database:Find courses nearby.Use the map to viewcoursesvisually. Tap the map to load courses around thatarea.Search forany course in the world by course name.Just asuseful for regulargolf, measuring jogging routes, hunting, ormeasuring anydistance.Easy to use - no in-app purchases - nolimited uses -download once, enjoy forever!This app is guaranteedto be asaccurate as any expensive GPS rangefinder on the market.Whileusing the app, look at the accuracy indicator to see howaccurateyour GPS signal is. It may take a few moments to find asignal whenopening or re-entering the app. Make sure you're in anopen outdoorarea for best results. The distances measurements arepreciselycalculated taking into account the curvature of theearth.In orderto conserve your phone's battery life, this app willturn off theGPS when your phone goes to sleep or you enter adifferentapplication. So feel free to use it on the course wheneveryou needwithout worrying about your battery dying. Some GPS appswill keepyour GPS on even after you leave the app which will drainyourbattery very quickly. Get DiscBot and stop worrying!Ifyou'reinterested in more features, have suggestions,criticisms,questions, or want to report a bug. Feel free to contactme and Iwill personally address your concerns.My home courses overtheyears:- Madeline Bertrand Park in Niles Michigan- Conocido ParkinPhoenix Arizona- Basset Creek Park in CrystalMinnesotaOtherkeywords:frolf disc golf discgolf range finder gpsmeasure yourlocation
Golf Channel Academy Magazine 1.0.47
Golf Channel
Discover your ‘A’ game with the help of the GOLF CHANNELACADEMYMAGAZINE App!Featuring the very best instruction from GolfChannelAcademy’s award-winning coaches, the Golf Channel AcademyMagazineApp brings the lesson tee directly to your iPad or iPhoneeachmonth – for FREE!The game’s first and only all-instructiondigitalmagazine features:• Video tips and drills from GolfChannelAcademy’s lead coaches• Featured instruction articles ondriving,iron play, short game, course management, putting andmore•Full-color swing sequences (and analysis) of the very bestplayerson the PGA Tour, including Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, RoryMcIlroyand more• Practice plans designed to help you take your gamefromthe range to the course• Equipment, fitness, nutrition,mentalgame, and game-tracking tips• Hall of Fame lessons fromGolfChannel “School of Golf” host and Golf Channel Academy coachMartinHall• Columns from Golf Channel Academy’s lead coachesandcontributing writers on how to best develop your skills andplaybetter, more consistent golf for a lifetimeWith the GolfChannelAcademy Magazine App, world-class coaching is at yourdisposalwhenever you need it, whether you’re at home, at work, oron therange.
golfyardage - golf course map, distance monitoring 2.7.9
A must for golfers enjoying golf! Distance Measurement -GolfyardageApplication Is not it enough just to see? Is not itenough just tolisten? With your smartphone, you can enjoy all thefunctions of"YardageBook + Voice Distance Meter" at once! We havedeveloped a'Golfyardage' application to make it easier and moreprecise to usein golf rounding through your eyes, ears andfingertips as well asgolf distance measurement function with one'sown smartphone. Nowsmile at your golf rounds smartly! ★ Golf -"Golfyardage"Application Key Features 1. Depending on yourposition, you canautomatically turn the hole Go to the hole manualchange! The holeautomatically turns to find your positionautomatically when youenter the hole! 2. Score card automaticquick-fill function Go writeyour troublesome score! The ability tofill your golf round scoresmartly with just a button! 3. Distance+ remaining distance voiceguidance function Go to the street tocheck the value of each! Avoice distance information function thatallows you to check alldistance values ​​with your ears! =>Things are more convenientwith smart NFC goods suitable! 4.Detailed information for each hole(green, high altitudedifference) Go to a common golf distance meterthat only tells youthe distance value! Detailed guide function oftopography and greenoutline from tee box to green! 5. Pin positiontext selection(center, front, rear pin) Go to the inaccurateinformation display!Pin position can be selected according to thegolf coursesituation. 6. Remaining distance guide of global typeoverseas golfcourse Ability to guide golf course courses fromanywhere in theworld 8. Roundhole memo function As the pro's round,they canreview and review the memo notes as if they were notes onthedigital book.
Mini Golf: Jurassic 4
Bit of Game
Well, we all love Mini Golf, right? I mean who doesn’t haveawesomememories of playing a few holes while away on vacation orvisitingsomewhere fun. What else does my head suddenly associatewith crazygolf? It has to be dinosaurs and the jurassic world, thefirstcourse I ever played at a young age was a dinosaur themed minigolfso that’s just what sticks in my head. The good thing aboutgamesis we can make them even better than the real world, we’renotrestricted by physics or cost. We can make the dinosaurs cometolife, have them walking around the silly putt course and evenhavethem interact with objects and the balls without having to haveacrazy animatronics budget. So welcome to the world of MiniGolf:Jurassic, where we have truly tried to give the real feel ofbeingin the prehistoric world but obviously in a kind of where wecanadd the course and levels too! You will encounter realcreaturesand prehistoric plants while hitting your ball along thecourses,over crazy obstacles, through tubes and tunnels and evenavoidingfalling track parts. We have started with a HUGE 50 levelsand 2games mode, making a total of 100 levels if you plan onplayingboth game modes. Modes: Classic: This mode gives youunlimited timeand an unlimited number of shots. The golf holes dohave a ‘par’but that’s just a guide and the levels can’t be failed.Challenge:This mode if for players who enjoy more of a challenge,rather thanjust getting the fun from playing. You have a set numberof shotsfor each mini golf hole and it’s game over, if you can’tfinish thecourse in that set number of shots. You can play bothmodes or just1, it’s completely up to you. You can even switchbetween gamemodes on the level select screen. We also have a levelbuilder, soif you’re not satisfied with the the holes we have, thenyou canhave a try at making you own. Why not challenge a friendtocomplete the hole you have made in a certain number of shotsandsee who can do it in the least or just let you creativity gowild,if you simply enjoy being creative. We also offer a variety ofgolfball skins which can be unlocked with credits earned fromplayingthe game. The closer you get to golf par or even below it,the morecredits you will be rewarded with! We have truly enjoyedcreating,testing and playing this jurassic golf game and wecertainly hopeyou enjoy it as much as we have. We’re happy toanswer any questionor fix any issues you have. Feel free to contactus or leave areview.