Top 21 Games Similar to Sniper Commando Shooting 2016

Mission Commando Imposible 1.0
You are serving as a City commando Strikerinaplatoon fighting at the frontline of battle. You, your gunandyourfirst person shooting skills are all that you have!The enemy army has been spread throughout the capital cityandtheyare involved in killing and assassinating thecountrycitizens.They are equipped with modern weapons and havestarted abloodyproxy war against your country. The enemies aim tobuild newempireafter capturing all the country land.You are a brave heart commando targeted to fight with enemiesinthestreets to take revenge of murdered companions. Tocompletethetarget, you have got best machine gun and a preciserocketlauncherto fire. You have limited bullets and have tofireprecisely.It’s a great challenge to attack on a number of soldiersandwhensurvival is must being a sole commando in the battlefield.So,asan expert frontline commando of royal forces, useyourspecializedshooting skills and kill all the enemy soldierstodeath. You haveto make sure that the defense of city town isfoolproof.Your strategy is to protect the city and keep the enemiesawayfromtheir mission.So, jump into the heat of battle, searchthedeadlyshooters hiding themselves behind the buildings orroadhurdles andkill them before they shoot you....??? Game Features ????Different types of guns including sniper,AK47,pistole?Real Real 3D City enviroment?3 Challenging Missions?3D stunning graphics?Simple controls- easy to play?Addictive and Realistic game play?Attractive sound effects
Commando Sniper Shooter 2016 1.1
Neon Games
If you love adventurous Sniper Shooting Games, then you willlovethis game too.This is a FPS game, Best shooting game of 2016foryour entertainment. Extreme Commando Shooting Game is aimingtooffer you an enjoyable time while playing it and it simulatesareal battle against terrorists (enemies). You need to move fastanddon't give your enemies time to shoot you because your lifewilldrop and you will lose the battle when you die. Shootingmoreenemies means more chances to survive into the armymission.Advance in game in order to unlock new levels by using yourweaponsfor better battles. Have fun and protect the country!Through thisshooting game you will discover your skills!Features:★UltraREALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations★ First PersonSniperShooting★ Lot of thrilling MISSIONS★ ADDICTING gameplay(FPS)★ EASYand INTUITIVE controls★ FREE game: play it both on yourphone andtablet★ Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!★Challengeyourself and race against time to get rewards on strategickills★Full addictive control of latest shooting sniper rifle★Playanywhere; does not require an internet connection and you canplayit when you are in your car (not driving of course)If you lovethisgame, Please share your love with us by sharing this game.Feelfree to contact us over email for any kind of support.
Commando adventure Game 2016
Commando action with HD graphics and high quality of sounds,thegame gives an amazing experience. Commando missions areindifferent locations like city, jungle and deserts. Completethecommando missions, pick your gun, find the enemies and kill themtosurvive.You are a well-trained special elite member of militarySSGcommandos. Your duty is to ambush the army’s convoy. Yourenemiesplan is to occupy your secret military bases. Use the besttacticto hit the tanks or Humvee in your way. In these convoyshighprofile military rank army generals, secret data and weapons.Theirdestruction is important because the enemy’s mission is tousethese weapons against your country. A helicopter is alsoavailableand there one call helicopter comes to rescue them. Theirattacksare furious and creates a panic situation. You don’t worryyou haveenough arsenal to fight back them and destroy all those whocomesin your way. It is a modern war and you are a modern battleelitecommando solder fully equipped with sniper rifles, RPG,machineguns and sharp bullets. It is a best chance to hit and fightaguerrilla war. Enemy’s arsenal is bigger but your arsenal isbetterbe confident and win this war field with modern wartechniques. Aimand shoot no enemy behind and become historic warhero. This is thebest first person military action orientedshooting game on googleplay. All the enemies are fully trained andhighly equipped. Threemain weapons you can use AK 47, Sniper gun,Rocket launchers.Helicopters are also used in differentoperations.Use your weaponswisely and kill the enemies at adistance before they get a chanceto aim at you. There’s no turningback and you have to eliminateall those who come in your waywithout any hesitation. You arestranded on the front line andhell-bent on payback. You must useall of your specialized skills tosurvive the onslaught of theenemy forces and avenge your fallensoldiers. Features:• Feel theamazing HD graphics and sound.• Real3D environments.• Fullbattlefield real looking 3D environment.•Full of Adventure, actionand thrill.• Different kinds of weapons.•Sniper gun with zoom.• AK47 & rocket launchers.• Military radarused for guideline.Yourratings and reviews are our motivation tomake more enhancements init.Note:This free game is supported byadvertisement Ads within theApp only as per Google Policy.Like& follow us on:Facebook:
Elite: Commando Sniper Killer
Elite Commando Sniper Killer Sniper 3d shooting the best gameincategory action sniper 3d shooting games 2018! You are thebestcommando shooter and army sniper of your army unit and havebeensent to infiltrate the enemy base camp in order to locatethearmory and sabotage it in order to help your soldier brothersinthe battlefield. Set up ambushes to enemy forces, destroythem& save your Army camps and country! Counteronslaughtstrike.This best elite commando sniper killer sniper 3d isthe bestand attractive game and commando warrior game. This snipershooteris the best ultimate shooter of this era. This best fpsshootergame of first person shooter game. In this best gorillacommandogame of frontline and sniper commando game having full ofenjoyablemodern mission. This surgical strike of combat mission ofone manarmy is the best arrogant army sniper game. This is bestsnipershooter game.This the elite commando fps game of swatcommando inthe deadly terrorist attack and pro shooter game in thebestshooting game of free shooting game in sniper action adventuregameof the agent commando and stealth of the arsenal andsurvivalmission game of sniper shooter game. This assassin shootergame ofammo rationally and mafia guys of surgical strikes. Theterroristattack on army squad GAME FEATURE:- Defend and rescue yourarmypost as Elite commando - Auto reload Assault sniper rifle -EasyFree install on android mobile phone - More Games Levelcomingsoon- Unlimited waves of enemy army- kill and score as manyas youcan- 3D Army camp environment- Amazing 3D environment-Unlimitedammo- Ten Missions of game- Excellent first personshootingcontroller- Move and swipe to aim the enemy
Combat Tank Commando 2016
The city is surrounded with the furious enemy force equippedwithmodern army weapons. They are lurking around with big tanksandkilling the people and making the city terrified. All eyes ofthenation is on you. Become a Hero and prove the nationstrust.TheEnemy forces are so strong that you are not at ease todefend them.But you are a war hero who is a master in Tanks.Sublimeyour wartechniques and kill the enemy army forces. You can changeyourweapons and upgrade your Tank power.Game Features• FirstPersonShooter Tank Game• Amazing 3d graphics• Sound effects justlikereal• Interesting game play with different stages andmissions•Easy to learn, intuitive touch screen controls• BattleMissions,personalized challenges and let players earn bonusesandachievements• Extremely addictive gameplay!
Commando in Adventure : Shoot
Commando in Adventure is Sniper Shooting 3D game. Commander isgoingin terrorist captured city. This mission is planed as one manarmy.Mission is highly secured.Objectives of commandoFind radiotower andeliminate them.Fight as one man army until you destroyradiotower.Our gunships are unable to destroy radio tower becauseenemyhave highly equipped helicopters and rocket system that areready toeliminate us. So high command decide to fight in enemyterritory.Fight our war in enemy city.Skills to useCommando shoulduse theirbest sniper shooting techniques to regain city. In citysurroundingis a mountain area. Fighting territory have uncompletedbuildingsand streets. City have huge walls as there boundary.Uncompletedbuildings are good shelter from enemy bullets. Achieveobjectiveswith best shooting strategy.Best of luck, hope your warstrategyshould helpful to regain city. Our army is waiting yoursuccess incity boarder. This commando adventure is based on yoursuccess.Enjoymoregames:
Commando Rescue Operation 2016 1.0
Commando Rescue Operation 2016 is a full ultimate fury actionsandcombat Game. You played so many rescue operation games butCommandoRescue Operation is a full-time real action and adventuregame withamazing design and environment. This game providesthriller actionto you and you feel like a real commando. In thisgame terroristsattacked on a base and kill the peoples, you are thebest commandoof your army and army called you for this operation torescue thepeoples from terrorists attack. You use only sniper gunand an armyhelicopter for this purpose. Commando Rescue Operationis amulti-level game and each level has limitless action andenjoyment,First five levels are easy but last five levels are veryhard toplay. I hope you will enjoy this aggressive commando game.CommandoRescue Operation 2016 is a commando warrior adventure gamein whichyou have to play as a warrior in the military whose missionis tokill enemy troops in the military on a remote island in thesea tosafe civilian. This Commando Rescue Operation 2016 gameisespecially designed rescue game for young teens and adults wholike3D rescue mission games. This 3D commando shooting game is fullofaction filled missions. Use deadly weapons like rocketlaunchers,assault rifle ak-47 and pistols during the mission todestroy enemyhelicopters, attack their enemy watch towers and killthe guardsand much more. Despicable minion enemy are very brutalkillersgang. Most of the enemies have criminal backgroundincludingunderworld gangster records in city crime after world war2 (WW2).The foe army killers has tag as serial killer so don't takeas easyrival while ambush. Modern war has nuclear warfare risk forworld.It was big danger after world war 2 of develop nuclearwarfare forarmies Its Contract Base Game For Users. An ArmyCommando is a FPSCounter against Terrorist. This will be a deadlywar againstterrorism. You have to be the best killer. Destroy yourtargetmilitary soldiers and contract with assassin sniper 3d. You,as anelite assassin sniper and revenge of us army American soldier,areal the steel sniper killer are the last line of defense oftowercity of crime against the terrorists. Save the innocent peopleandarrest crime boss, thug and mafia members to put them behindbarsin down town. Jump in the heat of battle and push yourAndroiddevice to the limit! War Against the enemies. Its ContractBaseGame For Users. An Army Commando is a FPS CounteragainstTerrorist. This will be a deadly war against terrorism. Youhave tobe the best killer. This shooter game has very good soundThat willimmerse you in battle.The world is destroyed,civilizations lie inruins. The surviving humans live in fear anddesperation, hopingfor someone to lead them and take back what oncebelonged tothemCommando Rescue Operation 2016 Features:Challenging commandorescue operation mission  Dynamic 3D enemybase camp environmentReal 3D animated Helicopter for Survivor toRescue civiliansDangerous 3D sniper and weapons HD graphics andamazing sounds ofhitting and shooting Single Survivor RescueMissions Intuitivephysics based control of Sniper and become asurvivor. Unlimitedammunition of 3D sniper commando survivor forrescue missionsExcited and realistic combat sounds with fireeffects. Digitalradar system provides real time enemies locationand movements.Game play mission.  Fabulous first person shooter3D game.Tremendous multiple Weapons with tons of ammunition.Burning firemake the environment extremely hazardHow to Play:Commando RescueOperation 20161. Use joy stick to move your ghostwarrior Commandoon military .2. Touch and move the finger on screento lookanywhere.3. Shoot the enemies before they shoot you.4. Useyoursnipers rifle for long distance snipers shooting.5. Use maptolocate the enemies.
Call Of Forces Commando Games 1.0
Intergalactic war destroyedearth,battlefieldsand war becomes everyday experience for everyonewithmodernnational conflicts. Cities are burning andnationsvaporizing in thewar on terror. Only true commando can findhisway throughnightmares of war start fighting his way to glory.CallOf ForcesCommando Games Duty Army Sniper 3d shooting is thebestgame in thecategory of action sniper 3d shooting games 2016!theEmpire isnothing but an endless battlefield between the BlackOpsand theBrutal Rebels. Many star systems have been burned toashesin aspiral of hatred where only the strongest commandos,snipersandshooters can survive. Having reached its peak, centuriesago,nowtechnology is just a decrepit tool in the handsofbrutalizedcontract killers and soldiers of fortune.Now is future in fight the sniper shooting, simulator3dsnipershooting and kill, escape a city to survive us armycommando3dsniper on this crime of future simulator, warbattlefieldandexecute a duty to the country! Commando, the survivearmy sniperus3D killer take out a dead of target by a sniper killshooter.Heskiller sniper 3d shooting sharpened the most at that alltime.Diveinto realistic and fun free for all first personshooteraction,with large maps, and many, many weapons to chosefrom!Choosebetween four classes, and play in real-timeagainstopponentsacross the globe. Each mission features a largenumber ofenemywhich challenges to player. The player must completethe tasktoadvance to the next mission.Death lies around when dead invaders wanders arounddestroyingyourlegacy.- Fight through the city and kill epic enemies,- live through dramatic battles against space invaders,- kill thousands of enemies and save the earth,- stand on the front line of war and test your determination,- become legendary hero and live through exciting tale,Aim and Shoot! Modern Sniper is #1 first person shootergamethatwill blown you away!An over-the-top shooter in every sense, This ModernSnipertakesyou on a whirlwind tour of the criminal underworld. Youareamodern sniper ready to play your part in dangerousattacksandsilent assassin missions. Eliminate a mob of enemiesatstreetlevel or take out the single high-profile target. Withaccessto aninventory of sniper rifles and assault rifles, you willrelyonyour marksman skills to finish the work. Go for theHEADSHOTnow!Take on the role of silent killer Agent 47 in Hitman:Sniper -afixed position shooting game set in beautiful Montenegro.Scopeinon your marks using skill, subtlety, stealth, subterfugeandtheenvironment to complete your contracts. Unlockkillergunupgrades.Win with the help of highly trained special task forcecommandosandspies. They are the frontline commando force, highlyskilleddeadlymen, each of them is a man of steel! You can usetheirservices toclear out the enemy areas for the forces followingup.Alsoinfiltrate them in highly secured enemy sitesandaccomplishmissions which cannot be performed by regular armymen.Sneak inand wash out!Zombies invade the world and humankind is about todisappear.Theyare turning every human into their kind. This isglobalslaughter.You are about to lose all your friends and family.It'stime tocounter assault.
Army Counter Strike 1.07
Withstand Army counter strike is here withthebest critical attack action! It's your time soldier to work asacounter strike power for your army. Blast all the terrorists asananti-terrorist squad and fell such as a SWAT. Destroy themobsterson the battlefield and win the war. Snipe and capture yourenemybefore they hunt you down. The mission is to eliminatetheterrorists and secure the area. Are you ready to strike?You are in the town of crime. Criminals have used overthemetropolis in addition to killers, killings, robberies andthieveryeverywhere. Your mission is to shoot the champions andrecover thelocation. You will have to expel each put in a levelplace. Youwill have multiple guns with you. Heavy machine weaponsand apistol for just one on one close battle! You are a fearlesssoldierand there is a lot ofanticipation from you.- Unique counter terrorist strike game- Best shooting action game of 2016- Best dazzling simulator and simulation environment- Heavy machine guns and pistols- HD graphics with smooth control- Real critical counter striker force simulation
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Jungle 3D Book : Sniper War
This is free fighting game makes your crazy in shootingadventuresin a deadliest jungle where you are alone with yoursniper assassinskills. You have to complete all the dangerous andchallengingmissions within limited time constrain to win thisdangerous waragainst your enemies. Jungle 3D Book : Sniper War 2016free game !Jungle BookIn this Jungle 3D Book : Sniper War Missiongame you arepart of SWAT Army Commando team to kill thoseterrorists, enemiesand extremists in order not to occur suchcarnage again in historyof your country as this has created a hugepanic and bloodbath incapital city. Enemy soldiers have assigned amission to kill youand are wandering there to find you. Deerhunting Assault shootinggame free Jungle Book GameYou must teach alesson to all mercilessterrorists in this assault who haveinitiated this atrocities andshow that your nation is determinedand united against theseunprecedented terrorist attacks whileexhibiting compassion andsolidarity with your nation against thisact of inhumane killing ofcivilians. Jungle 3D BookSniper KillerGame Features: Jungle 3DBook : Sniper War* Shooting Adventures in adeadliest jungle*Assault shooting game free Jungle Book Game*Dangerous andchallenging Sniper GameThe best sniper game “Jungle 3DBook :Sniper War” Play for FREE today! By “Top ActionGames2016”be190e5a42
City SWAT Commando Strike 1.0.0
Anti Terrorist Counter Strike shooting war withdestructiveexhilarating weapons.You are part of SWAT TEAM CommandoUnitCounter terrorist is your duty. Anti terrorist SWAT Policehaveintelligence report about underworld criminals violate in thecity?There are multiple terrorist forces doing work like Mafia X,UnderWorld 2 and Target Killers has netted the whole city. Theyspreadanarchy by drugs, violence, serial killing, target killinganddrugs. So it's a quick mission to recover the city area,rescueinnocent people. World has been under ISIS terrorists attack.Callof country where you are a SWAT Commando & city sniperarmy.Dangerous assault mission assigned to blast away the ISISgangterrorists using anti-terrorist bloody war guns,explosives,undercover agents, sharp shooters, marines andspecialized militarysniper gunners at the enemy’s frontier. Inevery mission you stepfor homeland, kill all enemy soldiers;destroy their infrastructureand clear militants. The missionassigned to assassin allcommandos. The target is about toimpossible mission but not for aprofessional SWAT City Commando.Keep out world at war arms asWorld War II.It's ending the endingthe year 2015 time of Christmasand coming new year night 2016, ISISenemy can attack like Parisattacks, eliminate Abdelhamid Abaaouddead, do the safe celebrationof Christmas and new year night to getstart 2016 with joy. ISISgunners occupy all around weaponry, heavywar tactics andbattlefield equipment they using modern combattactical in city andmake the people hostages in hotels. Being braveSWAT soldiersdestroy all enemy tanks, gunship heli, killing gunnersand snipersat top of buildings. Terminate high value targets firstlike ascounter terrorist force law enforcement agency. Helicopteralsohijacked by terrorists they are doing gunship strike, killingourtroops in deadly airstrike on city so do the aircraft down withRPGquickly.Military unit on their way for backup so keep theenemyengage meanwhile they reach there. Lead the different missionsasan elite swat team member. Critical Missions: SWAT Strike isfastpaced FPS gaming experience on your Android devices. Enjoythesmooth and customization controls and play first-personshooteragainst city area. HIGH POWER WEAPONS: SPECIAL WEAPONSANDTACTICSPowerful gun pull the trigger to shoot down thedeadlykillers. AK-47 with multi mags and ammo. Heli Gun M134caliber sixbarrel most powerful combat weapon. Anti Tank RPGRocket-propelledgrenade3D COMBAT FEATURE:Realistic S.W.A.T. battlesimulator -WW2Modern weapons like assault rifles and sniperguns.Deadlybullets effects with head-shot to kill fast. HighDefinition 3Dgraphics - World War 2FPS (First Person Shooter) 3DGame - IGI2Cool and Excellent real look 3D environment Smooth gamecontroland sound effectsHigh powerful weaponsExciting gamesoundeffectImpressive graphics and MultipleMissionsThanksgivingGingerbread support. Download City SWATCommando Strike simulatorgame for free at Google Play Store tocombat action.
Frontline Warrior FurryShooter 1.0
FRONT LINE Warrior Furry Shooter isthebestgame in category action sniper 3d shooting games 2016! Nowisfuturein fight the sniper shooting, simulator 3d snipershootingand kill,escape a city to survive us army commando 3dsniper onthis crime offuture simulator, war battlefield and executea dutyto the country!Commando, the survive army sniper us 3D killertakeout a dead oftarget by a sniper kill shooter. He’s killersniper3d shootingsharpened the most at that all time.FRONT LINEWarriorFurry Shooteris a mountain base sniper shooting is locatedinjungle in themountains, and it is about skill, aim andaccuracy.This shootinggame simulates the real 3D environment amountainsniper has toface. The rocky terrain and storm weather isperfectfor scout. Inaction games, Front line Warrior Furry Shooterteammust eliminatethe thread by shooting all the enemies, which istheterrorist team.You need to move fast and don't give yourenemiestime to shoot youbecause your life will drop and you willlose thebattle when youdie. Shooting more enemies means morechances tosurvive into thearmy mission. Have you ever wanted to bethe pilotof an armyaviation commando well this is your lucky day.If youenjoy FPS,shooting, or racing games, this is the perfect gameforyou.helicopter classic. It is a type of helicoptershootinggame.Lead as a SWAT Team Commando in mountains operationagainstdeadlyTerrorists. Attack your brutal enemies to destroytheir basecampin this sniper shooting assault mission. The mostaddictiveandrealistic shooting game ever, where you can be thebestsnipershooter aiming to shoot for a terrorist’s head shot withyourheavyloaded gun for your survival. Your mission is to simplyclearthebase camp from enemies by shooting them with your sniperrifle.Youare far from any population or city so you have toreserveyoursources and destroy the evil within the forest. Theenemy willnotshoot you until you shoot him, which will make themaware ofyourpresence. Try to kill as many of their army men as youcan withthepowerful sniper. Enemies are trained and focused on onethingthatis killing, you must take actions one step ahead of theminorderto make their plans fail.Defend yourself and defeat cruel enemies with yourimpressivesnipershooting techniques. Terrorist Sniper Shooting Gameallowsyou topractice your gunshots and head shots in order tofightthedangerous terrorists. Focus your objective, shoot youropponentandbring them down at their base camp before they killyou.Accomplish your mission and shoot the cap of everysingleterroristto finish off their terror by setting up anaccurateshootingtarget. Remember! Your field goal is to attack withheadshot ofevery terrorist. Show your sniper skills because yourlifeis atrisk and survival is at stake. Terrorist Sniper ShootingGameisthe full-time action game, which gives you opportunity tomakeyourhead shots and gunshots accurate and perfect.How to play- Aim to the target enemy’s head shots accurately cause enemyputintdeath quickly.- Tap fire button to get the foe down.- Sniper zoom in/out to get the target close.- Sniper rifle bullet have batter accuracy overalongdistance.- Shoot to target quickly either you could be hurtbyopponentbullets.- Digital Radar to find real time rivalsnipershooterpositions.- Health bar at top left will show your life line.Front line Warrior Furry Shooter Features- A huge array of weapons and equipment to useonthebattlefield.- Realistic weather effects add new challengestoyourmissions.- Upgrade your skills in the Lab to increaseyourcombateffectiveness.- 3D armed global conflict with excitement sound play.- Full Action Game with FPS (First Person Shooting) game.- Automatic re-loaded gun with excellent sounds- Fabulous first person shooter 3d game - counter strike
Commando Terrorist Shootout 3D 1.04
Commando Terrorist Shootout 3D is aclassicterrorist attack game where you are the lone commando toattack andfight against terrorism. This would prove to be the best3Dshooting game of 2016. You are armed with various high techweaponslike Ak-47, shotguns and RPG. Your mission is to fight inthe waragainst terrorism. You are the fearless Assassin commando inthislone war against terrorists.Move wisely because these terrorists are highlytrainedattackers. They are equipped with advance Intelligence tomake yourlife shorter. So attack them from hidden points and takethem whenthey are alone. Use all the weapons like AK-47, shotgun,RPG andPistol to take them down. Each level makes the terroristmorestronger and increase there attack ability as well, but don'tworrycommando, you are also given medicine packages through out thegamethat you can use to recharge your health in the war.You're a modern army shooter commando sent on this combatkillingmission. Your military has sent to you to strike theterrorists soknow you should make sure you win the war againstterrorism. againstnow you should counter strike to take the battleto the adversary!You're in for the best first individual shooterexperience!Game Features★ 12 Missions full of explosive warfare combat action★ Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!★ Short & long shooter rifles★ Best war based terrorist game play★ Smooth and realistic commando shooter effects★ Exciting 3D map with realistic fighting arena environment★ Smooth gun control and addictive game play★ Great level progression in commando terrorist shootout 3D★ Use anti-terrorist 3D pistol to fire your gunshot★ Professionally designed and expertly created shooting gameappthat you will love★ Best Shooting Game of 2016★ Also optimized for android tablet devices.★ More features will be added in the next updateDownload Commando terrorist shootout 3D now!Help Us: games run on each significant android telephone andtablet.In the event that anyway you experience any issue whichdoesn'tgive you a chance to make the most of our work, pleasereport it
Anti Terrorist Sniper Attack
Are you going to become the sniper master? This is the bestchancefor you let's find out and get your gun. You are a sniperready toplay your part in silent assassin missions. Govt. officialsassignyou some tasks because in your country many terrorists andthief’sbecomes serious threats for government and people feelsunsafe intheir presences. There are many tasks that are assigningto sniper,if the sniper will complete the mission then, nextmission will begiven to sniper, like shoot the thief, guard,terrorist, etc, timebase plus bullet based. Fast paced snipergame-play and awesomevisuals.You are a well-trained special elitemember of military SSGcommandos. Your duty is to ambush the army’sconvoy. Your enemiesplan is to occupy your secret military bases.Use the best tacticto hit the tanks or Humvee in your way. In theseconvoys highprofile military rank army generals, secret data andweapons. Theirdestruction is important because the enemy’s missionis to usethese weapons against your country. A helicopter is alsoavailableand there one call helicopter comes to rescue them. Theirattacksare furious and creates a panic situation. You don’t worryyou haveenough arsenal to fight back them and destroy all those whocomesin your way. It is a modern war and you are a modern battleelitecommando solder fully equipped with sniper rifles, RPG,machineguns and sharp bullets. It is a best chance to hit and fightaguerrilla war. Enemy’s arsenal is bigger but your arsenal isbetterbe confident and win this war field with modern wartechniques. Aimand shoot no enemy behind and become historic warhero. This is thebest first person military action orientedshooting game on googleplay.High profile targets assign to you. Youneed expertise inshooting because the time is very short andlimited bullets are inyour gun. Be careful at every shoot becausethis is dangerous anddon't forget you are alone. Hit your target assoon as possibleotherwise they runaway and you failed in yourmission. Weathereffects also add new challenges to your missions.Download thisgreat sniper mission fury game and start adding killsto your deadcount. As a professional sniper you need to completemore missionsto the best of your ability! So are you acceptingchallenge? Jointhe action, and don't forget to rate the game andshare with yourfriends if you like it.How to play: Move left,right and up, downand focus on your target. Use high capacityweapons to snipeenemies. Touch bullet button to fire. Zoom in tofocus exactly onyour target. Limited bullets and time use bothwisely. Playanywhere: Sniper mission does not require you to bealways online.You can enjoy it in the subway, while flying on a(real) plane andin the car on the road.Features:• Ultra realistic3D graphics.•Hundreds of action missions.• Time based and bulletbasedMissions.• Use spy glass for zoom in on target.• Tons oflethalguns and mortal weapons.• Advanced sniper rifles, assaultrifles,rail guns and top-secret weapons. • Enable or disable soundwhenyou want.• 100 % free game: play it both on your phoneandtablet.Your ratings and reviews are our motivation to makemoreenhancements in it.Note:This free game is supportedbyadvertisement Ads within the App only as per GooglePolicy.Like& follow us on:Facebook:
Mountain Commando Shooter 1.0
Game Warriors
Mountain Commando Shooter is an ultimatefirstperson shooting game. You are a mountain commando and you needtouse your combat skills to destroy the enemies.*** Your Mission ***The enemies have taken control of your major base insnowymountains and now it’s your job to secure the place. Pick yourgunand use your first person shooting skills to eliminate them.Youneed to move fast and don’t allow your enemies to shootyou,otherwise your life drops and eventually you will lose thebattle.As the game progresses you get to use different guns toshoot fast.Try to enhance your shooting skills and give head shotsto kill theenemy commandos in single shot.*** Game Features ***- 3D FPS (First Person Shooter Game)- Simple and easy game play controls- Efficient weapon control- Amazing 3D Environment- Thrilling SoundsDownload this game and prove yourself a worthy frontlinecommando.
Commando Army Mission 2016 1.6
Commando Army Mission 2016A team of Commandos was flying through the enemy areausinghelicopter. A group of enemies have attacked on the helicopterandresultantly all the Commandos have lost their lives exceptone(you). You have taken the challenge of revenge of yourfellowCommandos and started the Mission. You went through theFarms,Jungles, frozen areas, desserts and cities. During yourmission youhave defeated the enemies and faced the battle with thedangerousjungle animals. You will end your mission in the last warwithenemy and to win the challenge.Level 1: Farms with the enemiesLevel 2: Jungle with the dangerous animalsLevel 3: Fully frozen area to eliminate the opponentsLevel 4: Dying dessert with the aim to finish enemiesLevel 5: Final War Day with enemiesCommando Army Mission 2016 has many exciting features:- 5 beautiful and realistic levels- Realistic 3D graphics- 360 degree visualization- Immediate effect of shooting on enemies and animals- Realistic falling of enemies and animals while shooting- New look and playing area on each levelHow to play:- Identify the enemies/animals on radar- Select your way anywhere by touch screen- Spot the enemies/animals around different locations- Kill the enemies and animals to save yourself- Proceed to the next level to complete the mission
Commando Battle Sniper Shooter 1.0
Frontline commando battle is a purecommandovsenemy clash on the enemy base. Its modern commando:BestFirstPerson Shooter (FPS) game of 2016. Just do or diebases.Itscommando contract killer game with several missionimpossibletodo.Encounter the enemies with arms, Ak-47,Snippers,Shotguns,Minigun, Bazooka and new destructive weapons. Youare thebraveAssassin commando from the army force. Aim perfect toshootthehead shots of your rival.Mission:Your mission is to clear the enemy bases by killingtheenemiesbrutally. Collect some hidden objectives from theenemiebase andreach to your own post where your colleagues arewaitingyou toparticipate in the big war of kings.Keep in mind;he is the vicious terrorist you are going to swat &kill.Staredown your rifle scope, zoom in to find and identifythetarget.Take a breath...and pull the trigger to Killyourenemies.Exciting features:- Intense First Person Shooter Action- Several missions to acomplish- Jungle surroundings as a battlefield- Tune your armor and stand tough against enemies- Defend every corner of the city- Exciting Map with Realistic Environment- Shooting all the terrorists will lead you to the next stage- Breathtaking 3D graphicsUse cover and stealth to sneak up on your enemiesandperformdevastating melee attacks or just blast away! It’syourchoice.Thanks for your feedback and ratings.
Chicken Shot 2018 Special
Version with beautiful HD graphics, shimmering, special FREETOPLAY!!The game rules are like classic games such asMoorhuhn,Chicken Hunt, Chicken shotting. In 90 seconds, you have tohuntmany chickens as possible. Besides, you can shoot other thingstoincrease your score!!Please enjoy it!!