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Wararka Ciyaaraha 1.5
Bashir Ahmad
waxaad ka heli kartaa dhamaan ciyaarahasomalida wararki ugu dambeeyayee qoreen website yada somalida ugu caan sansida :-LaacillaacibiinGoolFmCiyaaro FMiyo kuwo kale oo badanhadii aad jeceshahy website in lagu soo darocomment noogu reeb mahad sanid
Helicopter Craft: Flying & Crafting Game 2017 1.14
Perform epic maneuvers and try your skills inahelicopter flight simulator in 3D. Craft and build anythingyoulike, explore the amazingly huge world, be free and havefun!Building and crafting on every possible plane! Createamazingstructures and fly around them in your aircraft. Games likethisallow you to let your creativity flow to previouslyunreachableheights. Fly on imaginary heli rescue missions, explorethe world,become a real helicopter pilot!No need to mine or craft any mod, addon or PE to fly thehelicopter- everything is available in this version of aircraftflying game!Crafting & building is not required to explore theworld ofthis game in full extent, but building houses is alwaysfun! Youcan even have a block in a city of your own. Do your cubeplanecraft in a sandbox game, pocket edition. A real flyingsimulator(sim), for teenagers and even parents! Fly around hugeskyscrapers,feel the wind and do anything you want in this building&crafting game.Mine for fuel, craft any building you like, get into therchelicopter games for free - you can fly it! Explore the skies ofanamazing and huge map. Your exploration in lite of the day willbeeasy enough, there are no survival mode elements present -youwon't have to do any flying and shooting in a helicopter. Newgamesin 2017 are really creative and fun! All of the building gamesfanswill find their favorite elements with many crazyadditionaltwists. Care to have a look?Upcoming features in the next updates:- Flying and shooting helicopter games- Online multiplayer for free- Block Airplane simulator- Craft a plane- Gunship 3D- Battle, survival, strike modesTake note that this helicopter flying game is suitable for boysandgirls! Teens! Parents! There is nothing that could stopyoureaching your destiny in the skies! Flying games for free likethisone are very rare on the store, so act fast and download nowthiscool rc helicopter simulator!
Classic Bricks 1.0
Shapes called Bricks fall, one at a time,fromthe top of the playing field to the bottom. Bricks arecomprised of4 squares arranged into 7 different patterns. Theobject of thegame is to keep the blocks from piling up to the topof the playingfield. To do this, the player must move and rotatethe Bricks asthey fall, attempting to fit them together. If theplayer cancompletely fill one horizontal line with colored squares,that linedisappears and any filled squares above move down. If theplayer isunable to fill lines completely, the Bricks will stack upandeventually reach the top of the playing field. The game endswhen anew tetrad that is placed at the top of the playing field isunableto drop at all due to the filled blocks.NOTE: To help the skilled player plan better moves, the nextboardto fall is typically shown somewhere on the screen. Whichblocksappears next is determined by a random numbergenerator.
RC-Heli-Pitch 2.6.14
With the tool you can identify very easyandvery exact the value of the pitch from a rc-heli in thefollowingthree different ways:1. By using a yardstick.2. By using the mobile camera.3. By using the mobile sensors.Process for 1. and 2.: You have to scale and type the rotorbladelength (hole to end). Both blades has to show in thesamedirection. If you have 0 degrees pitch the blades have to beexactparallel. If you change pitch, the blades are moving apart.Byusing the gap between the blades you have the pitch value.Process for 2.: By using the mobile camera it is enough to typeanearby blade length in the programpart 'calculate pitch'.Afterselecting the camera icon, you have to make a photo fromyourblades of the helicopter (like the title picture). Then youhave tomove the lines upon the blades. The ends of the blades arelessimportant. Important is, that the lines are upon theblades(parallel).Process for 3.: You can fix you mobile at a blade by usinganelastic strap and read the pitch from the display.Versionhistory:============V 2.6.14-Bugfix: pitch with sensor (for some devices)V 2.6.12- Bugfix: If no camera app is available.V 2.6.10 / 2.6.11+ Pitch with Sensor: Movement now a bit smoother. I have changedthemethod of painting the view. Maybe it has fixed the SamsungGalaxy 2bug. If the problem is still existing, please send me anemail with a short description. Then ican giveyou test versions.+ Look is now android version independent.V 2.6.9+ Pitch with Sensor: now you can change the sensor orientationbyusing the menu. It is useful for some mobiles, because ofdifferentorientations. (Thanks to Volker)V 2.6.7 / 2.6.8+ Graphic improvements (Pitch with sensors / number wheel)- Bugfix: OutOfMemory in Pitch with sensorV 2.6.6- Bugfix: crash program, if an old value has not a validvalue.(Thanks for report.)V 2.6.5+ Graphic improvements (Pitch with sensos)+ Input of numbers now with number wheel.+ move to SD card (with Android 2.2)V 2.6.3+ Now with min and max in 'Pitch with sensor'. Min and Maxareapplied, if the pitch value is 2sec fix and greater then+/-2°.+ Pitch is not bouncing this hard any more .
Soko Heli Toolbox 2.1.3
It doesn't matter if you are a rookie andbuildyour very first flybarless RC helicopter or you a pro and youdo itevery week. With the instructions in the Soko Heli Toolboxapp youwill get a perfect setup each time.The combination of our great Soko Kit with its uniquesetupmethodology and this Soko Heli Toolbox mobile appprovideseverything you need for an even faster and less error pronesetupprocess of• swash plate level (at all pitch angles)• blade tracking• collective and cyclic pitch angle• servo mid and end points• fine tuning of linkage length• centre of gravity• absolute horizontal (spirit) level of helicopter• pitch angle of the tail bladesAll this for ALL sizes and ALL brands of RC helicopters!This is no news for all of you who already know the Soko Kit.The jewel you've all been waiting for is the VIRTUAL MAINSHAFTfeature! It gets rid of the vertical alignment of the mainshaftand the need of any physical levelling table by calculatingthetilt of your main shaft in 3D space.With such a virtual 3D model of your heli's orientation, SokoHeliToolbox is able to perfectly setup your head geometry.For example if you want to setup 12° of collective pitch theapptells you to go to 15.2° on the Soko Gauge due to the tiltyourheli. So despite you read an angle of 15.2° the angle inrelationto the rotor main shaft in 3D space is 12° - and that'swhat we allare after!But we won't stop here!In future we will add many more features to Soko Heli Toolboxtoimprove the user-error resistance during the setup processinaddition to other small useful stuff you already know fromourwebsite.So don't setup like they did in the last millennium. The futureofRC helicopter setup is already here!Don't live in the past and soko your heli.
Hexa Puzzle Classic 1.0.6
Everyone from Kids to Adults can Enjoy!Simple Block Puzzle Game! Combine Blocks to Fill-In theBlank!【Game Features】- Random Daily Quests and Daily Reward- 6,400 Overwhelming Stages and Ranking Mode- Playable without Data Connection (No 4G or Wi-Fi required)- Alleviated Stess from Playing!No Time Limit! No Restriction! No Tickets!【Game Play】- Drag the blocks and place it in the blank.- Combine proper blocks to perfectly fill in the blanks.【Privary Policy】-【Terms of Service】-
Lucky Block Mod 1.0
Download Mod Lucky Block MCPE for minecraftpewith lucky block Mod. This app it's a guide and auto-installerofthe mod lucky block.# FEATURES #This mod has more than 100 different block possibilities.- Ultimate Lucky Block- Legendary Lucky Block- Legendary Lucky Well- Lucky Potion- Fight with amazing mobs- Lucky Block Race add to mcpe the possibility to play arace.The Lucky Block Spiral mod for minecraft pe have 35 differentthingsto happen. You can have lucky and get a legendary item, butyou canstart to fight with a zombie or horror mob. All it'sincluded inthis mods for mcpe. This application is the best guideto installthe Lucky Block Mod for MCPE. Lucky Block Hardcore Modfor mcpe.Make sure to set difficulty to survival and try tosurvive at least25 rounds of hardcore lucky blocks! Sometimes youwill not haveluck, and mobs like zombies can appear up to adragon.The 3D Blocks Mod adds six 3D blocks to the game. Enjoy all modsandLucky Block Spiral too.Important Note: requires Internet connection to downloadadditionalcontent (network fees may apply).# DISCLAIMER #This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition.Thisapplication is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB.TheMinecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assetsareall property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. Allrightsreserved. In accordancewith
My Sweet Angel 1.0.4
My sweet angel is a real angel and more!Her angel power has been stolen by an evil scientist! Restore itandset things right!It’s the prequel to Ultimate Kept Man Life, featuring thefatherfrom when he was young!Common QuestionsQ. Why is the background AP/S the way it is?A. This is in order to keep the game balanced. While the appisclosed, AP will continue to increase for an hour.
Number Blacklist
Vivified Bits
Number Blacklist (Calls Blocker) isanapplication that blocks unwanted Calls from given numbers.For your convenience, the application leaves no trace of theblockedcalls in android call log. Whole history is stored ininternal log,which is available in the application.As a result, you will not receive any notification or aregistryentry, while you will be still able to check you log ofblockedtraffic inside application.App is also capable of blocking restricted numbers.Features:- Call blocking- Unlisted numebers blocking- Clearing call log- In app blocked call log- Overlay (NEW FEATURE) - quickly block number aftershort/spamcalls in overlay visible after call- Overlay notify (NEW FEATURE) - mark given numbers withcustomlabel which will be displayed when they call you- Ads were removed for all, NO ADS!Permissions explanation:- Read phone status and identity - used to detect event ofincomingcall- Read your contacts - used to allow adding numbersfromcontacts- Write call log (only for Android 4.1 or later) - used todeleteblocked numbers from call log- Read call log - used to allow adding numbers from call log
Tentris Block Puzzle Jewel 14.0.20170228
The goal is to drop Blocks PuzzleJewelsTentris in order to create and destroy full lines on thescreenboth vertically and horizontally.Don't forget to keep the blocks from filling the screen inthisaddictive puzzle game.2 Mode To Play :+ Classic Tentris 1010 games .+ Puzzle Tentris 1010 games .HOW TO PLAY• Drag the Blocks Puzzle Jewel Mania Tentris to move them.• Try to fit them all in the row or column. Then the blockpuzzlewill be clear and you get the point.Game will be over if there are no room for any the shapes belowthegrid.• Blocks Jewel Mania Tentris can't be rotated.• Don't worry! No time limits!FEATURES• Simple rules and Easy control• Various Blocks Puzzle King and colorful graphic• Smooth and delicate animation• Funny sound effects• Hours of fun, exciting play Block Puzzle Jewel TentrisNow, try it and Iam sure you will like this Block PuzzleJewelTentris game.
Flying Hattori 3.6
Flying Hattori is a run and fly gamewithfeatures like- Run and Fly like the cool hattodi cartoon- Dodge different animals and obstacles- Storm the ljungle with crazy run speed- Equip with different powerups and score big- Complete daring missions to boost your rank- Test your reflexes with simple one-touch controlsControls: Tap and hold to fly
The Hog Rider Clash Royale Mini Game 9.5
Mab Planet
It is a game related to the world of CR,whereyou will have to try to get the greatest number of gems. Goodluck,adventurous!
Offroad Ambulance Emergency Rescue Helicopter Game 1.1
Go on amazing virtual off road snowrescueandexploration missions this winter in the mountain ridgecanyonandrush to save many helpless injured victims of carcrashdestructionaccident that need your help and make them happy inyouremergencyambulance and your rescue helicopter plane. Thereisnothing fakeabout it. In the hilly region, people may fall andgetstuck in asnow mountain ridge canyon or become victims ofanavalanche or carcrash destruction accident & you are theironlyhope forrescue. You are the skilled driver & helicopterplaneflightenthusiast, who knows how to drive happy wheelsambulanceUphilland go Offroad in the city to help the people andpatientswhilehaving fun, so use your craft to complete your tasks.You canalsohelp them like a boss by flying your helicopter plane totheareaswhere your rescue services are required. This Offroadandflightrescue game is full of rush adventure and crazyexperienceswithreal physics vehicles to thrill drive and fly aroundtwistedturnsand breathtaking hilly scenes like a boss.Become a part of the off road hero rescue squad forthissnowambulance and chopper hill flight rescue in thissimulatorwhichhas rescue and exploration missions in the mountainridgecanyonlike no helicopter plane or ambulance drivingrescuesimulatorgames. You can use your craft to show your herodrivingand flightskills in the city highway.This is an amazing fun game for those who like todrivevehiclesuphill in the snow and go Off road for explorationandrescue.Drive the ultimate ambulance like a boss and savehelplesspeople.This City Hill Climb and Flying Rescue game is agreat happywheelsdriving and flight simulation experience withbeautiful hillsandwonderful Offroad adventure experiences. Thesteep mountainsandhills keep the excitement level very high duringthesimulationgame play.There is one thing to remember; the people who are stuckinthemountain ridge canyon do not have much time & you havetorushto rescue them very quickly. If you fail, keep trying orfakeittill you make it.You may be an amazing hero rescue driver on the cityhighwayforhelping car crash destruction accident victims, butdrivinganambulance in the hilly/slippery area is no joke and it canbeverydangerous driving a heavy vehicle with happy wheels inthesnowyand hilly mountains. Play this awesome hero off roadsimulatorgamelike a boss to get better at driving in suchconditions anduseyour craft to complete your missions.There are many fun levels with many missions to rushtohelplesspeople. Some involve driving the ambulance uphillanddownhill offroad to rescue people and patients involve flyinganamazinghelicopter plane to get to places where the ambulancecannothelpthe suffering animal.Offroad Ambulance Emergency RescueHelicopterGamefeatures:- Offroad & Uphill driving in a happy wheels ambulance- Take an adventure flight in the huge chopper- Amazing game controls for driving and flying- Dynamic camera angles for the ambulance and helicopterplane- Huge Offroad and hilly virtual environment- Amazing fun animation of animals getting stuck and rescued- Awesome life like adventure simulatorDownload Now, this amazing and fun filled rescueadventuresimulatorgame with an amazing driving and flyingexperience. Thereis nothingfake about this game. Drive Offroad inan amazinglyrealisticambulance in the mountain ridge canyon withhappy wheelsand flylike a hero in a life-like helicopter. Theamazinganimations andstory will keep you captivated in theadventure andyou are sure tokeep playing for hours and hours.This virtual hero adventure off road city highway game islikenoother as you play with an ambulance and a helicopterinacombination of driving and flight simulator. Improve yourskillandcraft by playing all the levels and completing thevirtualmissionsto rush to save victims of a car crashdestructionaccident.
The best block-building app forcreativefriends! Join our world and build your own multiplayergames orjoin the millions of funny games crafted by other players.Make aname for yourself and become one of the biggest starsonBlockStarPlanet.- DREAM up a unique BlockStar to represent the unique you.- CREATE awesome Worlds for you and your friends to play in.- EXPLORE millions of wonderful creations made byotherplayers.- REMIX your own BlockStar and Worlds using parts sharedbyothers.- HANG OUT, chat, play multiplayer games with your friends -andmake new friends.BlockStarPlanet offers a unique way to share creativitybetweenfriends, even between countries. Don't be surprised ifthousands ofother players from all over the world suddenly use yourcreations -making you a star on top of that. On BlockStarPlanet youcan createand share and mix your dreams with the funny, wacky, andwonderfuldreams of thousands of other players.Welcome to BlockStarPlanet - Share your creativity!For parents:While playing on our secure servers, the children can chatsafelywith their friends in their own language, all of it monitoredbyour advanced chat filtering safeguards. The game is free toplay,but we do offer VIP subscriptions for an enhanced experienceandaccess to bonus features.
Bar - room escape game - 1.0.1
koji morimoto
Room escape game is designed in the motif ofabarEscape from this roomRequirements : RAM 2GBMethod of operationexamine the suspicious location· Touch the place you want to examineselect an item· Touch the item you want to selectsee a detailed image of the item・The touch again the selected itemSelect other items to display detailed image of the itemYou can use the item to item by touchingBy touching the Home icon in the upper leftYou can get back to the title screenBy touching the top right corner of the "?" IconYou can go to Tips Site(Sorry, Tips site is written in japanese)
DrunkCopter 1.2.3
Controla un helicóptero, atrapa las monedasquepuedas y marca un récord!, pero cuidado, debes recoger lasgarrafasde gasolina para seguir en vuelo.Controls ahelicopter,catch the coins you can and make a record !, but caremust collectbottles of gasoline to continue in flight.
Superheroes Flying Helicopter Racing 1.2
Getting bored by playing superheroesfightingand racing games that are available on play store in largequantitybut here we with some amazing helicopter flying stuntsseason withyour favorite Superheroes. Superhero Flying HelicopterStunts isthe First time release at Marketplace. Now get ready fortheSuperheroes Flying Helicopter Stunts challenges.In this game, chose your favorite Superheroes. Get a chance togetflying ride on Helicopter of different color according toyourSuperheroes and get a chance to perform amazing Helicopterstuntsand passing helicopter through different checkpoints likehittingcolors football tower in air.Faces some difficult hurdles in the shape of circle to getcashpoints and fight with windy strom on the sea's surface, andplacedthe helicopter at the target point. If your helicopter getcrashedin air then you get a chance to get parachute ride.On the behalf of your favorite superhero, this game provide youtotesting your flying helicopter riding and tricky stuntsskills.Superheroes flying the helicopter to hitting the coloredfootballtower in their way. This Flying Helicopter stunts seasonalsobecoming a step of learning of colors for kids and babies in3Danimation. This is the best Superheroes flying stunts gameforkids.Superheroes get in their own colored-Helicopter one by one,thenflying through different checkpoints and performs amazingstuntsaccording flying skills to achieve the finaldestination.This game is not about the speed and speed is not only way towin.You need to focus on your Flying, helicopter's control skillsandavoid to falling down the helicopter for crashing it.This Superhero Flying Helicopter stunts game 2018 is new gameinHelicopter flying stunts super hero simulation world and youwilldefinitely enjoy this game and it’s gorgeous andthrilling.Its cutting edge 3D graphics and pleasant sound effectswillcertainly entertain you and will give you real sensation offlyingsession in real life. Download free form play store and enjoythisgame.Just click the install button and capture fun inyourdevice.Features:• Realistic helicopter flying simulation• Realistic helicopter flight physics• High quality helicopter models• Eye-catching visuals• Fully optimize for all android devices• Very easy and smooth sliding and touching screen control• Upgradeable and customizable characters• Learn you to perfect flying stunts skills• Very easy and addictive free gameSupport and Feedback:Your Feedback's and ratings are Important for us to keep“GamePixels Studio” busy in creating more fun in the gamesto engageyou, your family and your friends.In case if you find any bug that needed to be addressed just sendusan email, we will improve it and reply to your email as soonaspossible.Please try our other games by clicking “More fromDeveloper”or by visiting our publisher account.
Knight Age 1.6.4
Silver Bat
Trong thế giới của Thời Đại Hiệp Sĩ, bất kỳailớn lên đều bắt đầu cuộc phiêu lưu của riêng mình như đi đếnnhữngvùng đất chưa được khám phá, chiến đấu chống lại những thế lựcxấuxa. Họ được gọi là những Hiệp Sĩ của tự do, và bạn sẽ là mộttrongsố đó.Là một game nhập vai trực tuyến – Thời Đại Hiệp Sĩ mang đếncốttruyện hấp dẫn và vui nhộn, thế giới rộng lớn thỏa sức khám phá,hệthống chiến đấu – vật phẩm đa dạng cùng với 4 lớp nhân vật đểbạnlựa chọn.Thời Đại Hiệp Sĩ là trò chơi trực tuyến đa nền tảng. Bạn có thểchơiđược trên máy tính PC Windows, iPhone, Các dòng máy chạy hệđiềuhành Android, Windows Phone, và có cả bản Java chạy trên S40,S60 cũcủa Nokia. Với chất lượng cao và tốc độ mượt mà trên cácloại đườngtruyền mạng ADSL, 3G, GPRS.Trò chơi thích hợp với mọi lứa tuổi. Điều khiển trực tiếp nhânvậtrất dễ dàng trên màn hình cảm ứng. Khi chơi trên PC bạn chỉcầndùng chuột, hoặc linh hoạt điều khiển nhân vật với bàn phímcứngđiện thoại Nokia S40, S60 cũ.In the world of AgeofKnights, anyone who grew up are starting their own adventureslikego to the unexplored lands, fighting against the evil forces.Theyare called the Knights of freedom, and you will be oneofthem.As an online role-playing games - Age of Knights broughtcompellingstoryline and fun, unleash the vast world to explore,battle system- various items with 4 character classes to choosefrom .Age Knight online game platform. You can play on Windows PC,iPhone,computer lines running Android, Windows Phone, and haveboth theJava running on S40, S60 Nokia's old. With high qualityand speedsmoother on the type of network connection ADSL, 3G,GPRS.The game is suitable for all ages. Directly control thecharactervery easily on the touch screen. When played on a PC youjust useyour mouse, or flexible control character with a hardkeyboardphones Nokia S40, S60 old.
Helidroid 3 : 3D RC Helicopter 1.4.1
MH Production
Take the control of 3 little RC Helicoptersinan entire house with garden and swimming pool !Accomplish a lot of variety of missions to become arealpilot.Control a "RC Fire" helicopter in order to take some water fromtheswimming pool and extinguish the fires.Use the "RC Skylift" helicopter to move objects withanelectromagnet.Or choose the "RC Apache" helicopter to launch rockets andexplodehouses of cardsExample of missions :- Take some water in the swimming pool and go extinguishthebarbecue fire- Use the magnet under the copter in order to put all the cansinthe trash- Blow out the candles by flying them over- Try to follow another RC-Copter, without being distanced- Landing on a truck in-move- Escort an electronic train, and remove the obstacles that areonthe rail- Demolish houses of cards with rockets and machine-gun- Save the robot's life from the fire- Pass through the Rings,as fast as possibleIn the free flight mode, you can discover the one-storey houseandthe garden. Find the secret room to unlock a new missionTotally free, without "in-app purchase" !Helidroid 3 is a 3D game with a new physic engine, that let'syouinteract with a lot of objects in the house.There are also a particles engine, in order to show water andfireelementsYou must have (at least) a cpu of 1 GHz in order to playwithoutlag. But you can reduce the quality of the graphics in theoptionmenu.Features :- Control the chopper with a joystick or the gyro /accelerometersensor.- 2 types of joystick : "Easy control", used in Helidroid 1 and2and "Real Control", used in the games like Battlefield- 3 copters : fire copter (canadair copter) , transport copter,andfigth copter- Real 3D physics like a flight simulator- In some levels, you have rockets and guns to launch missilesanddestroy cans coke or decks of cards to make chaos- Use Accelerometer sensor if the device does not have aGyrosensor
Panda Cube Blast 1.4.5
Panda Box
panda cube blastPanda cube is a puzzle match 3 game with new game play have funandbeautiful to play.You must help panda match two or more toy blocks of the samecolorand click on them to make burst all this blocks. Clear allblock tocollect hidden toys from Panda’s trunk.Beware! Keep in mind that your moves in toy panda are limited!Howto solve the puzzles will prove your talented skills in thissuperaddictive toy block match game. Let's blast the toy blocksandenjoy this sweet and colorful adventure! Panda is always withyouand help find the toy.Discover the world of panda’s blocks to unlock new challengesandcombos! Let's do it!
Pocong Hunter 1.6.10
Polo Games 16
A village has been raided by ghosttroop,children and young man ware kidnapped to their world. Only aboysafe from that kidnapping. The boy must save all thekidnappedvillager, in his course, he will face and defeat variousofghosts.Collect coins as many as you can, buy stuffs and upgradetheweapon.Get ready, beat the ghost as many as you can, collect thecoins,take the weapon, enter the dark caves. Be careful withthetraps.There are almost 90 levels to play!
Helicopter Simulator 2017 3D 1.03
ENJOY THE BEST RESCUE HELICOPTER SIMULATOR3DGAME 2017Helicopter Simulator 2017 3D game is one of the mostadventurousrescue game of best rescue simulation games . We Sureyou will beexcited after playing this beautiful helicopter rescuegame.This isthe best game of boat rescue game 2017. It’s easy toplay the beachrescue game helicopter. This is good time pass lifeguard rescuegame in which all the mission is on your hand.IT IS A UNIQUE BLEND OF DRIVING AND ARMY CARGO TRANSFERHELICOPTERGAMESIt is a unique blend of helicopter cargo transfer andrescuehelicopter games with powerful 3d helicopter bringing you toabrand new concept of flight simulation games to make you feellikean expert pilot transporter. An absolute treat for the loversofhelicopter flying games with comprehensive game play of10missions.REALISTIC 3D GRAPHICS WITH DYNAMIC LIGHTING EFFECTSFly with Helicopter Simulator 2017 3D game enjoybeautifulenvironment. Hear burning sound and graphics are veryaddictive andattractive in free flight helicopter free 3d 2017game. Enjoyhelicopter off road rescue mountain and river are mostbeautifulpart of this best flight game. It is really super 3dhelicopterlanding game of 2017.REALLY EXCITED GAME AND THE BEST OFFLINE ANDROID GAME 2017Helicopter Simulator 2017 3D is the best offline android game2017.This is latest flying rescue game that you have neverexperiencedbefore. You will hear a real sweet sound in thishelicopter rescuefree game.REALIZE THE HELICOPTER FLIGHT SIMULATOR CONTROLSIt’s is easy to play the army helicopter rescue game forfree.Helicopter rescue is a mission game. Your mission is just thatflyyour helicopter and drive carefully. When your helicopter is inairyou must see the circle and cross them. We make an aeroplaneinthis flying for your help. When you cross all circle land yournewpowerful helicopter at destination.THE HELICOPTER RESCUE SIMULATOR DRIVE FOR LEARNINGThe helicopter simulator game’s is visuals immersive you aretaskedwith missions, so get in the pilot's seat, feel lovely driveand goon flying transport missions in awesome mountainsenvironment!.Thisgame is free to play and also optimized for tabletdevices. Make itfun with helicopter driving games with passengers.Helicopterdriving games beauty is Helicopter Simulator 20173D.AMAZING HELICOPTER IS A MISSION GAMEThis is a rescue guard helicopter flying mission game. Yourmissionis just that you fly your helicopter for beach rescue 2017game. Wemake this flying helicpter game for helicpter driving gamelovers.When you cross all circles you have an opportunity to landnewpowerful helicopter at destination..Helicopter easy game requires your high skillsHelicopter easy game requires your high skills and it is your jobtofly the helicopter carefully and not to crash it in the hillsandmountain.With real helicopter mission controls, you will beable toexperience the thrill of simulation games.Show your flying skills by landing game into your deviceAre you looking to test flying skills and have an amazingtimeflying around in a realistic helicopter? Well buckle up andlearnto fly helicopter simulator game..You are a great captain andyouhave to prove it this time to become a successful driver. Showyourflying skills by playing this helicpter driving andlandinggame.
Helicopter Robot Game – Robot Transform 2018 1.3
Helicopter Robot Game – Robot Transform2018has a unique gameplay of future battle for the fans ofhelicopterrobot games & the players that love transform robotsactionpresent in helecopter robot transforming games. The last hopeisthe heli robot copter against the attack of super transformrobots& helicopters to fight for the survival of mankindintransforming robot games and become a copter robot warriorunseenin robot helicopter in the best of robot transformationgames. Thiscopter robot game will take you in the battlefield oftransformingjet robots & transform plane to perform some heroicactions ofa transform robot heli; all these interesting featuresadds thishelicopter robot simulator in the category of best robotgames inthe world. Rise up as a futuristic robot & battle itout withtransforming robots to ensure that the survival missionissuccessful. No other robot horse, spider, crocodile or sharkrobotgame will give you the thrill of helicopter flying like thisrobothelicopter simulator. What makes this transforming robotsimulatoras the finest of plane robot games is that you will get tocontrola killing machine build to war with super transformabilities ofhelecopter robots. If you enjoy playing helicopterrobot fightinggames with awesome action missions of transformingplanes, robotcopter & jets plus have a taste for robottransform games, thenthis copter robot simulator is the true matchfor your helecopterrobot fighting skills against other transformingrobot games. Getready to be the last knight in the combat of thetransforming jets& robot heli in the zone of deadly transformrobot games.Rise as a robot helicopter to become the humanity last hopewithabilities of helicopter robot transformation games. Combiningthestrategy from helicopter robot games and the thrill of NewRobotGames makes copter robot game as one of the best robot gamesin theworld. Enjoy transforming robots & destroy the enemy withafighter plane robot unlike other robot helicopter & cargames.Free to play helicopter robot simulator with awesome graphicsisnothing like playing robot transforming games or enjoyingothertransforming jet games; as the instant kill mission androbotcopter flying missions are exceptional. Love playing thehelicopterrobot fighting games that has transforming planes thenthishelecopter robot simulator will keep you engaged for hours withitsdeadly missions of helicopter. The humanity makes firstcontactwith a race of the super transform robot helecopter ofanotherworld after building an interstellar communication devicebut thisappeared to be worst mistake that mankind ever made. Theonly hopeis a deadly copter so fly the robotic plane and rule theuniverseof airplane robot games by fighting helicopter. The planetransformrobots want to consume the earth to build their ownhelecopterrobots world far more unique than any other transformingplanegames. Board on a transforming robot copter and supertransform tofind the weapons and kill the enemies.Realistic physics of transforming robots & easy controlsoftransforming jets & helicaptor in an HD environmentofbattlefield to be heli robot warrior adds robottransformationgames to the best of deadly helicopter robot games.Have funcontrolling a helicopter robot car & fighting as arobotcopter. Enjoy fighting, transforming robot helecopter&difficult action missions unseen in other helicopterrobottransform games. Download Helicopter Robot Game Now to enjoyRobotTransform 2018.Helicopter Robot Game:helicopter robot Upgrades & addictive game playSuper Sounds & Special Action MissionsEnjoy transforming plane & helicopter robotgamesanimationEnvironment of transform robot gamesHigh Quality 3D Graphics from plane robot games
Super Jungle World Runner 1.0
Super Jungle World Runner is a wonderfulrunnergames. You can collect coins as you can and running inthisbeautiful jungle.You can also change background as you want.- Easy to win just run and play- Collect coins and make a great win- Play with your friends
Army Helicopter Transporter 3D 1.0.13
After receiving a lot of applications forthehelicopter pilot from the Army, you have been selected as theluckyPilot to fly and control the amazing next gen hi-techarmyhelicopter specially designed for transporting the specialservicesgroup of army commandos. The troops have to be transportedfrom thearmy base to the point of battle.They would fight the enemy there and exchange intense fire withtheenemy.While riding the helicopter, you would be guided through anarrowand you got to pass the helicopter from rings on the route.Onceyou pass the ring the next ring would appear for you. In-caseyoumiss to pass from the ring, the next ring won’t appear andmissionwill be finished in-completed.Every mission requires your high skills and it is your job toflythe helicopter carefully and not to crush it in the hillsandmountains. You are a great captain and you have to prove itthistime by a successful transport. Show your flying skills andreportto the commander. This transportation is addictive and youwon’tstop playing it time and again.FeaturesFree 3D gameMountainous hilly environmentMissions to be completed in timeChallenging game playReal life sound effectsNext gen hi-tech Army helicopterVarious addictive levels to complete
Flying Helicopter Motorcycle 1
GT Race Games
Do you love motorcycle games? Want to driveaflying motorcycle? Flying Helicopter Motorcycle is bestforyou!Ride your motorbike in mountains, climb hills do stunts anddrifts!Transform your bike into a helicopter, fly your jet motoaround thesky, discover beautiful landscapes, improve your aerohelicopterpilot skills and be the best flying motorbikepilot.You are free in a world that you can do what you want.Flying Helicopter Motorcycle is made for all fans of flyingcargames, Simulation games and Airplane Flight gamesFlying Helicopter Motorbike 3D - GAME FEATURES✔ Futuristic Transformer Motorcycle Driving and Flying✔ Race course map for learning flying motorbike stunts✔ Stunning HD Graphics✔ Realistic motorcycle physics✔ Realistic airplane flight physics✔ Easy and Free to use✔ No WiFi? No Problem✔ Offline PlayInstall Flying Helicopter Motorbike and feel the best flyingbikeflight experience!
Heli Airport Parking Simulator 1.0
Game Features:☆ HD Attractive Graphics in Heli Airport Parking Simulator.☆ 7 Different Helicopter in Heli Airport Parking Simulator.✪ APACHE✪ AH 64D✪ BELL 407✪ HAVOC✪ HH 65C✪ TRANSPORT HELI✪ UH 60☆ 8 Different Challenging Levels in Heli AirportParkingSimulator.☆ Amazing Real Airport Environment in Heli AirportParkingSimulator.☆ Physics based Game in Heli Airport Parking Simulator.☆ Amazing Sounds in Heli Airport Parking Simulator.☆ Real Effects in Heli Airport Parking Simulator.Heli Airport Parking Simulator is a joyful task. You have toparkmany Vehicles before. This time you have to park a Heli inaAirport. You have to park Heli in a given time. You havefreechoice of heli selection. Select your Heli which you like. Andparkthe Heli. In every level, their are different locationsforparking. In this way you can enhance your parking abilities inabest way.
US Army Transport Simulator 3D 1.0.1
Get ready to report to the offroad USArmyTransport Plane duty, as our army helicopter is ready to takeoffwith extremely heavy military cargo vehicles in it. you arethecaptain in charge of this whole offroad transport task.You might have played “JAIL CRIMINALS TRANSPORT PLANE” as it isagreat success, reviewing its response it was due to make suchkindof army transport plane with new army helicopter features andhillclimb offroad scenarios, fulfilling your desire and lovefortransporting game introducing you “US Army Transport Simulator3D”.Flying Army transport flight is no more child play anymore,thisgame is blend of different type of heavy army vehicles drivingandflying helicopter. Enjoy the fun of army multi truck, armytankdriver and a pro pilot. This game play is designed you to givetheall the transport driver experience in one platform.This game differs from other offroad transport simulator games,inother army transport flight simulator games criminals andprisonersare transported, you have also experience animal, car,bus, multitruck, robot and many more cargo transport simulatorgames but it’sdifferent in this context. Here you are pro pilot ofan armyairplane but with a heavy duty of responsibilities alongaircraftsimulator. This transporting game has taken you to the nextlevelof pride and honor for performing military cargo duty.You are the one responsible offroad us army man here you have ataskto complete with in specific time limits.Be an army truck & army tank driver for ultimate armycargoplane transport in the best plane simulator game. You willbefacing exciting intense level with new challenges like beingbestpro pilot and tank driver, you should also have sense ofplaneparking in this army airplane simulator.This is a heavy objective based driving forklift simulator game,inwhich you have to transport military cargo luggage as well asarmytanks via army plane, make sure you are on the right track ofcitycargo transport flight with perfect plane pilot to fulfillthetask. You are on serving army transport duty of heavy drivingarmytrucks and army planes to their destination on time.The objective of this Offroad US Army Transport Simulator gameisall about transporting cargo safely without getting anythingdamagewith in required time.Features of US Army Transport Simulator 3D:• Real Feel of Flying Airplane as Trained Plane Pilot in ThisFlightSimulator.• Experiences of Driving Variety of Army Vehicles inAircraftSimulator Game.• Transport Cargo On Forklift, Trucks and Plane toDifferentDestination with Best Plane Parking.• Real Time Physics and Smooth Controls On Driving as ItsTankSimulator Game Too.• Amazing Thrill of Flying Army Helicopter, Driving CargoTanks& Forklift Simulator Games.
Flying Rescue Helicopter Car 1
Flying Rescue Helicopter Car takes you onaadrenaline-filled flying car experiencein a Stormy day there is innocent people in the sea waitingpeoplewaiting for rescue. You are the driver of flying helicopterin thisair-sea rescue quest. Drive and fly with flying helicoptercar,Rush towards the accident place, Save people lives and be theheroof the city.Get ready for the newest flying helicopter carflightexperience!take control of a flying helicopter car, fly higher exploreskiesabove the gorgeous island, improve your flying helicoptercarflight skills and be the best flying helicopter car pilotif you're excited to flying car games, you will enjoy playingFlyingRescue Helicopter Car.Flying Rescue Helicopter Car Game Features:- Fly with helicopter car and rush people to the hospital.- Realistic Flying Helicopter Car- Stunning and Dynamic Helicopter Flight Physics- 5 thrilling game missions- Realistic environment.- Beautiful landscapes- 5 different camera view