Prepare yourselves to takeoff forSecondWar.Confront fierce battles and survive the aftermath of war!It’s now the 1950s and the Great War has ended, but theJadeMercenaries still find themselves in another maelstrom.Become a member of the Jade Mercenaries and wreak havoc overthebattlefield with the most powerful gunships in history:TheSpitfire, Warhawk, and Saetta.Prove that you are worthy to be named as the Ace Pilot in theSecondWar.With upgraded graphics, customizable gear, new cockpit mode,specialmissions, and much more!▶ Game Features ◀★ New Stories with New Gunships★ A variety of Cutomizable Gear★ New realistic First-Person Gameplay, Cockpit Mode★ Endless Competition with other Pilots, Challenge Mode★ Test your pilot skills, Special MissionThis game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real moneyforsome in-game items. Please note that some paid items may notberefundable depending on the type of the items.----Get New Information from ourHomepage. Corps, 463-824, 11th Floor Bundang First tower 55bundangrobundanggu sungnamsi Gyunggido Corporate registrationnumber:116-81-54101Online Marketing Business Report: Gyunggi Sungnam 2007-129Phone: 031-789-6500◆Access Authorizations in JOYCITY Games1. Access to Make and Manage Phone Calls (READ_PHONE_STATE)(When the game starts) It is essential to be able to identifythedevice for Guest Login (immediate start). Access to [MakeandManage Phone Calls] includes information to identify thedevice,and you will be unable to login to the game if you deny theaccessrequest.2. Access to Contacts (GET_ACCOUNTS)(When logging into the game) It is essential to be able toidentifythe Google account registered in the device for GoogleLogin.[Access to Contacts] includes information to read theGoogleaccount. You will be unable to login to the game if you denytheaccess request.3. Access to Photos, Media, and Files(READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)(When game updating) We need your permission to save theupdatefiles onto your device's SD card. [Pictures, Media, FileAccess]includes the authority to access SD card. If you refusetherequest, you will be unable to login.* Phrases used in [ ] may differ based on the device andOSversion
Navy Warship 3D Battle 1.1
Water warThe war has started. Get your battleship and jointhebattle force! They need you. War is going on land, air andwater.Your task will be on water. Kill the enemy, make sure yourcountrywill survive. This sea battle is yours! You’re not going tousesome average navy battle 3D warship, you will get the best!Winningis the best way to show that this ship is good. All hands ondeck,man. Are you ready for the wild sea adventures here? Thewaveswon’t be the hardest to survive, just stay awake and be freshandfast when it’s needed.Let’s give it a try!Is this your firsttimeon a boat? No problem, we have the best marine trainers intheworld. You can take your first shots in the trial level,thetargets won’t be the hardest. Improve your skills and aimingpace.Take a look at the ship, learn the ropes of being the captain.Onemistake could cost you the victory, one mistake could even costyouyour life. Watch out, stay focussed!Focus on the targetFromthebeginning that you leave the harbor until you reach theenemy,focus! Follow your rival on the radar, come close. Don’t fireyourammo too soon! Attack when the time is right. Follow the enemyonthe radar and turn into attacking mode when it’s closeenough.Shoot on it until it explodes, BOOM!Game features:+ 18levels+Trial mode to train your skills+ Realistic gameplayexperience+ Onscreen steering wheel,+ Acceleration / brake pedals+Shooting modewith first person perspectiveDare to conquer theocean, beat allenemies in 18 missions. Improve your skills whiletraining in thetrial zone. Become one of the most epic captains ofthe world.Crawl in the game, enjoy the most realistic graphiceffects. Pointyour ship in the right direction by using the onscreen steeringwheel. From right to left, backwards and forward.Use the cameracontrols to see situations from differentperspectives, optimizeyour view. Get on the shooting seat and aimon the enemy targets.Fire! Use the main gun for smaller objects,switch to first personrocket destroyer for bigger ones. Always keepan eye on theremaining time, you won’t have all the time in theworld forspecial missions like this. As fast as possible!Are youready forsome action?Storm the waves of the deep sea ocean, sailyour shipto the battlefront. Your sea ship destroying mission isabout toget started, the battle force is ready for war! Get on it,make itstop. BOOM! Please give us some support by rating our gameonGoogle Play or following us on:Facebook- Twitter- -
Warship War :Navy Fleet Combat 1.6.5
Warship War – Navy Fleet Combat is the best game allowing youtoexperience the famous naval battles of the Second World War.Youcan be an admiral of a navy fleet and lead numerousbattleships,aircraft carriers, destroyers, submarines, and gunships, which aremade based on a thorough historical research. Youcan join ahistoric battle by making your own fleet. Be an admiraland commandyour fleet to win the war! OR lead the war to victoryYou can enjoyWarship War - World War 2 Navy Fleet Combat for afree. Pleasedownload it right now to enjoy the game. You must havean internetconnection to play the game. Features : It has numerousbattleships(e.g., IOWA, Yamato, Bismarck, Hood, and KingV) actuallyexisted inthe history. Missions naval battles in the history.Experience therealistic naval battle owing to the best graphics.You can makeyour own fleet by building up to five warships. It hasa number offighters and tanks. Support Google Play game services.
Modern Russian Navy Warship 3D
Steer the navy carrier ship in pacific ocean and take navalfleetinto enemy waters like wwii battles. Play Modern RussianNavyWarship, the newest 3D action game to fight enemies anddestroybattleships, cruisers and whole fleets in intriguingseabattle.Another world war is upon us just like ww2. Helmthesteering vessel, prepare Russian submarine, navy gunshiphelicopterand F-18 fighter jets. Move your atomic warhead in navybattleshipfleet and get ready for devastating and ruthless actionin brutalnavy war. Admiral’s order is to strike enemy headquarterwithcannon hellfire from cutting edge chopper copters. Unleashatomicmissile on most wanted terrorists in intense crossfire. Keeprocketlauncher pointed at enemy fleet and release ruthless torpedohellfire on rival warships. Nighthawk helicopter and F18 jetfighterare parked at fleet carrier deck. Fly from ship helipadoverterrorist bases as army helicopter pilot and demolishenemywarhead. Russian fighter helicopter armed with Gatling machinegunand rocket launchers. Engage in air dogfight, fire bazookatosquelch your foes mercenary and become ace pilot andspecialistgunner.As army fighter pilot you will fly F18 airfighterplane oversubmarine radar and destroy navy bases. Engage indangerousaircraft jet fight and demolish navy ship hordes in seacombat.Start shooting from machine gun to destroy terrorist empireandblow up their warships by air strike in desert storm.Controlsteering wheel of fleet carrier and avoid crashing intomassiveiceberg and snowy mountains. Get ready for engaging in airassaultand take off from runway to fire bullets and missiles onunderwatersubmerged ships. Cripple rival forces and mercenaries,don’t letthem sail away from Russian naval battles field.RussianNavalBattle Features:★ 10 challenging battleship war missions indeepwaters★ Massive warship carrier with gunship helicoptersandfighter jets★ Realistic navy war action in immersiveenvironment★Futuristic controls for smooth sailing and accurateshooting★immersive 3D graphics and bomb blast sensationeffectsDownloadModern Russian Navy Warship 3D simulator game forbattlefieldaction and end world wars. Make your admiral proud!
Modern Navy Warship: World War 1.1
Games Orbit
Its time to take back the history fromyouropponents.Imagine you are in 19th and 20th century and youhavemodern warships and want to challenge your opponents andtheirallies with these ships and reanimate your naval skills bythismost thrilling Warship warfare game, by commanding yournavalbrigades and destroying your opponent’s ships and other warassets.Modern Navy Warship is a battleship shooting game withseveraltypes of military ships with different and challengingroles.The game provides players with a huge under water fleet andgrantsan opportunity to take command of legendary vessels and fightfordomination in hot waters of high seas. Each machine has itsuniquerealistic combination of firepower, speed, armor, andendurance andammunition.The naval action game has several features to keep youentertained,and indulged for strategy planning including astraightforward andclear game interface, as well as easy-to-handlegamecontrols.Your mission is to take charge of a fleet of powerful andheavywater ships, taking to the rough seas to seek out and destroyyourenemies in intense and bloody deep seas battles.MAIN Features:- Modern and powerful weapons to be used in any situation!-Cool 3D Graphics!-Top battleships with real history!-Beautiful environments!-Smooth and simple ships control system!-Easy to learn and hard to master!-Exciting particle effects
White Code
Pacific war begun between two forces they want to hit each otheratany cost. The enemy has crossed into your land and now thefightingis taking place in the city and you are the only trainedpilot atwhich everyone is relying for the safety of your area.Protect yourzone which is mist due to the war environment. You haveto win thebattle at any cost as the future of the area depends onyou. Inthis helicopter battle game, you have to play as a role ofpilotand defend your country the country is a hugger for you. Youare atrained person in this air combat but in front of you thearmyforce is trained as well. Now what you have to do is thatengageall the modern techniques and start attacking from the sky attheenemy tanks. In this war planes you have to use all the newskillsand use radar to locate the army tanks. Take an aim and pullyourtrigger of rocket launcher to hit the enemy forces. No mistakesarerequired because your enemy is trained and loaded with superarms.what you have to do hold your breath use rocket radar staycool andpull your trigger of rocket launcher. In this warship youneed tobe efficient because if your enemy started to shoot you yourlifewill drop and losing chance will be at height. Sobecareful!Features: ◆ Realist gunship blasts. ◆ Shootunlimitedbullets and missiles. ◆ A variety of intense actionmissions. ◆Ultra HD graphics. ◆ Thrilling missions. Win thisgunship battleand rule at your region!
Navy Air Gunner War 3D 1.3
Muddy Games
Briefing from Headquarters Good Day Air Gunner! It’s another dayatthe navy air combat against the Japanese troops in the ocean.Wehave just deployed our mighty warship, “The Destroyer”, intothewaters to carry supplies to allied forces on the Far Eastislands.But our attempt to aid the forces has been caught off guardby thefurious attack from Japanese air gunner planes. These planesareheavily armored and equip dangerous mounted guns andtorpedoes.They can go on every extreme to halt in our movement.Thankfully,our navy air gunner warship had deployed someanti-aircraft singleand twin guns as a failsafe in this combat.Weneed you to takecharge of these guns and take the gunner war to theJapaneseaircrafts. You need to defend the navy air gunner warshipfromattacks, securing the supplies till we reach the islandborders.But, the battle won’t be over, even after securing thewarship tothe islands. These are uncharted territories, theJapanese canattack us aerially. Stay on your toes and thwart amessage surge bythe enemy, as they will be eying to destroy thewater tanks supplyto cut us off completely Gameplay Engage indestructive combatagainst the aerial fighter planes, which areequipped with deadlyweapons to sink your navy air gunner warship tothe last extreme.Control the anti-aircraft guns and blaze the enemyin the air,before they launch extreme attacks to take you down.Play through 5levels of extreme gunner war, defending your navy airwarship untilreaching the island base. The final mission will be asurvivalcombat, where player will have to survive a massiveambush,securing both the warship and the supplies already presenton theisland. Features - Realistic battle ambience and detailedoceanenvironments - Smooth fps shooting controls-Challengingenvironmental conditions
Warship : World War 2 - The Atlantic War 1.51
This is an action game that reproduces the fierce Atlanticnavalbattle, and it will enable you to fight in the Second WorldWarnavigating famous warship of that age. You can be a captainoflegendary battleships such as Bismarck, U-Boat, Hood,destroyers,submarines etc., Note : If you do not want to buy in-appproducts,you can disable these in device settings.(Google PlayStore >Settings > User Controls > Require password).
Commando Mission Arms:WW2 Heli 1.0
Overview About Current 3D Game::It it compete full 3D actionmissiongame which cover the Jail Escape which is base under theArmy theyhave the commando soldier they captured world war IIunder the EnemyArmy and cover the Prison in the Jail.Soldier arebrave they arefight in the battleground of as the world war 2 inthe dramaticfassion or stunning also now about thedeath-dealing andday night single player life time.All commandosare in our duty asfrontline commando at the war time D-day.Thenavel warfare is thespecial warship diff mission in the diffbattlefield.They suddenattack by using air fighter and differentsubmarine to destroy thewarship most criminal wanted commando dead.***DANGEROUS MISSIONSARE COMPLETE AGAINST DEATHMATCH ***> TheJAILS ARE FULLY BRAKE,PRISON ESCAPE:We Kill the Guard snatchbecause his gun to shoot allenemy soldier brutally like asdifferent way.> We Access theUnderground Car Tunnel:WE Find thetunnel in the surrounding forreach the area sea shore. But we arethe careful from all enemyshooters and the army dog go attack.>All The Deathmatch are inMaze Fight: There is so many complextunnel dangers system existfrom World War 2 or above, The oneopening which end at sea shore goaway quickly and kill smooth thekiller on your way.> All SoldierAre Using Gunship HelicopterAmbush For Safety. Many Army Choppersare loaded and located allheavy ammunition and gunner fighterslovers, Get them up down bylight out the weapons using hundred bador good bullets.> NoReach to Ship: Go for ship Revenue.> TheDifferent Island in theBattlefield:So The Heavy Military reachagainst you by helicoptersdill and battleship dill, Shoot all andthey get battleship tocomplete escape war zone.>The Shipyard warzone live: Theyalways Surprise battle at go ship yardGame featureGet. √Imapactfull Realistic eD Environment like as WWII√ They haveUniqueGame play Addictive with the Modern Battle A.I.
World Of Pirate Ships 3.3
Catchy games
Immerse yourself into the world of large scale sea battleswithpirate warships.World Of Pirate Ships is a classical, free forall,death-match, multiplayer only, game for 10 players (ships) permap.The goal is to destroy, as many as you can, enemy ships .Eachround is 10 minutes long after which map changes. For everyhitwith your cannon you get gold. If you hit bigger ship, you'llgetmore gold. You can spend it on upgrades or new ships. Controlsarevery simple. Just tap on the water to set new direction fortheship and tap and drag for aiming. Good luck captain!
Jet Attack At Warship 1.9
Experience to be a perfect airforce pilot and fly a modern jettoattack at enemy navy warships and destroy them all in a warbetweentwo countries in the open ocean. Play Jet attack at warshipandenjoy an amazing air fight simulation. The war has juststarted.Enemy navy warship are trying to attack your country'sfrontier,you are given a mission to push them back. All modernmissilesystem with other weapons are waiting for you to master.Make aclever strategy in this sky combat game to defeat your enemynavyby selecting suitable weapon. Winning the war depends on howyoumaster to fly, aim and shoot. Test and improve your flyingskillsas you have to move through the hail of bullets and save yourjetfrom missile fired from enemy warships.GAME FEATURES- Differentandpowerful weapons could be used according to the situation.-Cuttingedge cool 3D graphic.- Modern warplanes equipped withmissiles. -Beautiful real ocean environments.- Smooth and simpleaircraftcontrols.- Easy to learn hard to master.- Experience thethrill ofa fighter jet war..We will be updating and improving thisaircombat game constantly.
Secret Stealth Warship Combat 1.3
Warships of enemies have crossed the borders and enteredyourcountry’s sea premises. They are strong and powerful andhaveinvaded with evil intention. Take control of yourarmoredbattleship, leave the harbor and take your ship into deepcold sea.Let’s get ready for a vicious naval war with youropponent’s navywarships.It’s time to take serious action as theenemies havebrought air support as well. Use anti-air missiles totargethelicopters and take them down. Do your best to protectyourwarship from the wrath, bombardments and violent attacks ofyourenemy’s ships and their copters. Destroy the enemy’s cells,towers,copters, warships, in short destroy all their resources tomakethem weaker and to gain victory over them. Don’t let thenavalforces hold their command and maintain their domination.Destroyeach and every asset of enemy forces to end them completely.It’stime to show no mercy but to compete and WIN..!!Features:•IntenseShooting Missions!• Incredible 3D Graphics!• RealisticSoundEffects!• Naval and Air Enemies!• Upgrading Features!
FoxOne Special Missions Free
FoxOne: Special Missions is a new release in the Fox One gameserieswith a entirely new campaign, new objectives, new enemiesand newsceneries. All that while keeping the original gameplaythatconsolidated our game as a success with the public, with veryhighreview ratings in all app stores where it has been published.Alongwith all the features found in our previous games, FoxOneSpecialMissions contains: ◆ New and highly detailed sceneries,such as thePortstown city with very tall skyscrapers ◆ NewAirplanes: F-35ALightning II, A-10 Thunderbolt II, among 8 new andvaried airplanes◆ New paint schemes ("skins") for existingaircraft ◆ Graphicsettings button (low, med, high) ◆ Free FlightMode with 10increasingly difficult stages, to practice your flightskillswithout being attacked ◆ 2 Survival Stages withincreasinglydifficult attack waves with dynamically randomizedenemies(fighters, bombers, helicopters), changing each time youre-playit. ◆ Surgical strikes in urban areas - destroy invadingtanks inthe city streets using high precision weapons ◆ Newthreats, suchas the SA-9 Gaskin Mobile Anti-Aircraft Missile System◆ Newtargets such as radar stations and enemy aircraft carrier◆Improved visuals and performance ■■■Original features oftheprevious FoxOne games that are maintained in this newrelease:■■■★★★★★F-15 Strike Eagle, Mirage 2000, F-22 Raptor, andmany otherexciting fighter jets, in a total of 25 models fromaround theworld. ★★★★★Each aircraft has its own Unique andAuthentic looking3D Cockpit. ★★★★★Incredibly small file size(<100MB) while stilloffering HD Graphics Quality.★★★★★Unparalleled sense of speed:Feel the thrill of blastingthrough the skies in 25 differentsupersonic jets, based on realaircraft models, each one having itsown unique place and use in thegame. ★★★★★Easy to pick upcontrols: Unlike other action flightsims, FoxOne has an extremelyintuitive and responsive controllayout, which enables you to focuson the battle, instead of tryingto stay airborne. ★★★★★A widerange of different weapons to equipyour jet awaits you. Theseinclude built-in cannons, guidedair-to-air and air-to-groundmissiles, bombs and unguided rockets.★★★★★Fly through 15increasingly challenging and varied missions(non-linear) locatedin different parts of the world. ★★★★★No WiFiconnection required,play offline, anytime and anywhere you want.★★★★★Destroy reactorsand bases hidden deep inside canyons andunderground installations.★★★★★Protect allied facilities, or defendentire cities from enemybombers. ★★★★★Gritty and visceral: Nocartoony visuals and sillycharacters, this is the real deal.★★★★★Are you ready to take onthe role of a mercenary fighter pilot?Are you ready for intenseand chilling missions? If so...becomeFoxOne! Fly to live...kill orbe killed. ■■■Related links:■■■◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ ■■■Review at FlightSim dotCom:■■■■■■Interviewwith thedevelopers:■■■■■■Support:■■■ ■■■ContactEmail:■■■[email protected]
Battleship Sea War 1.0.0
Battleship Sea War is a combat at ocean, where you are thecommanderto navigate and to destroy enemy front line at theAtlantic Ocean.Take you powerful naval vessel to crush andeliminate all enemy’snaval fleet. Shoot down enemy war planes anddestroy enemy warshipor battleship.This sea combat game offersthree types of stages,which is Easy, Normal and Hard. Each stagehas various kind of navywar mission to complete. Please completethe first war objectivebefore skip to the next mission. There is away that you can easilyskip to the next battle, but I recommendthat you should completeall warship battle according tostages.After you have completed yoursea war campaign, then yourultimate battle will be take in sky. Youwill fight the enemy usingaircraft. The game scenario had changeinto air strike warfare.Abandon your warship and fight enemy inair. This extra bonus willgive you added excitement foryou.Battleship Sea War Feature:• 3stages of battle difficulty• Lotof mission to complete• Cuttingedge realistic 3D Graphic• Stunningbackground environment• Easy toplay and smooth handling• Do notneed in-app purchase• Can beplayed online and offlineDownload nowand experience the world navybattleship game. It is free for you toplay. Please give us a goodrating and review if you like this game,your feedback willencourage us to improve for a better combatexperience.
Warship Missile Assault Combat 1.0
Good day captain! We are indeed glad to have you back in thesquad.Our Intel has recently reported a large activity of enemywarshipson the waters. There has never been more need of a fiercecounterattack team to take down the mighty artillery bearingmissilewarships. Your favorite warship, “The Abomination” is allgeared upwith heavy duty weapons and guns to get the job done. Weneed ahotshot like you to take control of the missile gunnermachines inthe warship to take out hordes of enemies. You will beseverelyoutnumbered, but it’s only you who can still get out ofthis alive.Good Luck! Gameplay Take on the most advanced and brutalwarshipcombat arena, fighting the likes of deadly shooting warshipsinuncharted waters. Get hold of the impeccable missile gunssystem,engaging in a continuous and fierce battle against hugenumber ofwarships.Use the onscreen radar to track down enemies,navigatewith onscreen controls and take aim by swiping the screen.Lockdown each warship by your missile system and launch heavyblowsbefore falling victim to their numbers. Features - Freeviewmovement engine for warship control- 5 challenging gunnerobjectivemissions- Detailed enemy AI and missile tracking system-Stunning3d visuals and breathtaking environments
VR Warship Battle - Defence 3D 1.0
VR Warship Battle - Defence 3D is an MMO naval combatsimulationgame of virtual reality. VR Warship Battle - Defence 3Dwill bringyou back to World War 2 whilst you enjoy fighting realworldenemies. You are able to join the Navies of the UnitedStates,Japanese, United Kingdom, Russia, France and Italy to createyourown personal fleet within Naval Front-Line. You can join thewar inDestroyers, light and heavy Cruisers, Battleships andevenSubmarines. Welcome to the war and ENJOY battle! VR WarshipBattleis the best virtual reality game. VR games or VR apps havegreataddition with VR Warship Battle game.Go back in time to the20thcentury, and be prepared to take on your enemies on the highseas,by commanding your naval vessel and destroying youropponent’sships. World Warships Combat is a battleship shootinggame withseveral types of military ships fulfilling differentroles.Take thebattle to the seas in WARSHIP BATTLE, a 3D warshipaction game,with missions inspired by the historic naval clashes ofWorld WarII. From the USS Arizona to the HMS Bulldog, take controlofauthentic World War II era vessels and steer them throughepicnaval battles to glorious victory!Take part in a seabattleshipagainst enemy warship. Join the armed naval force todestroy thesubmarine yards, navy bases, gunship boats and defeattheterrorists. Take your enemies out with ultimate warshipcraftsattack. Aim your scope to target and destroy the terroristnavalfrigate. Your duty is to defend naval warship from attack toenemyand secure the sea defense line. Are you ready to take thegreatrevenge? This is the sea war like a world war. This is theclash oftwo nations. Try to conquer your opponent nation. Sofinally yourtarget is to strategically fire to enemies on thewarships withyour powerful gunship boat and devastating guidedmissiles. Surviveand chase your enemies with allied naval forces inthe sea. Coldsea war is now started. Enemies attack on your navalterritory andmarine headquarters. So prepare your combat warshipand fighterships to destroy the terrorist. The world’s best navalmission isin front of you. Complete the warship challenge andbecome the bestnavy commander.Sink your opponent's ships beforethey sink yourships in this 1-2 player virtual reality experience.Hunt down sixclasses of ships (Aircraft Carrier, AmphibiousAssault, Cruiser,Littoral Combat, Destroyer, Submarine) in thisclassic strategygame played and known the world over by many names,includingbattleship, battleships, sea battle, salvo, combat, wings,gridattack, ship attack, attack at sea, l'attaque (French),bataillenavale (French), Морской Бой (Russian), zeeslag (Dutch),海戦ゲーム(Japanese), okręty (Polish), and more.Game Features- BestVirtualReality based VR Warship Battle Game- High quality 3Dgraphicsdespite compact app size- Fast paced naval battles withauthenticwarships from the World War II era- Customize yourwarships withdifferent weapons and parts to win the battle-Episodes and hiddenmissions based on real WWII naval battles.- Nonetwork connectionis required after downloading the gameThe gameprovides playerswith a huge naval fleet and grants an opportunityto take commandof legendary vessels and fight for domination on thehigh seas.Each machine has its unique realistic combination offirepower,speed, armor, and enduranceThe naval action game hasseveralfeatures to keep you entertained, including astraightforward andclear game interface, as well aseasy-to-maneuver gamecontrols.Your mission is to take charge of afleet of powerful andvaried naval ships, taking to the rough seasto seek out anddestroy your enemies in intense and bloody battles.
Commando of Battlefield 3D 1.5
Jhatka Gamers
Commando of Battlefield 3D is the free game on which differentwarbattlefield missions and environments radar vision to locatetheenemies position Improve your commando sniper shootingskills.Efficient weapon controls and smooth movements easy tap toshootand kill the enemies fabulous sound effect variety of weaponstoenjoy shooting and accomplish commando mission to become thebestassassin efficient weapon controls & movement detailed mapfordetecting a position of enemies.Commando action commando fpsifunits hang shot ship crook recompenses crooked pathcommandoadventure critical hello commando games.Wells commandofatal gameassassin take military force up to give me the realisticmilitarygame as a game of enemies killings.Commando of Battlefield3D isthe most extreme free game of commando 2 fps modern shooterandshoot asssassin 2017 and 2018 top games mission pakistan.Matapassassin 3d jackal action game two years before the mastactionfree game juego de guerra army man commando play action gamefunmissions shooting mission 3d war games.Free action gameguerrashomes real commando shooting missions top mission bleak realgamerealistic games missions Komando Jego.Best games of 2017commandoblack battlefield combat commando commando action commandofrontline action games commando adventure shooting commando actionwargame commando games in a commando mission game of extremecommandoadventure as commando mission games 3d for high commandomissiongame 2018 level commando helicopter game top extremecommando hdgame.Commando of Battlefield 3D is the best game ofcommando huntercommando in jungle commando jungle mission commandolatest gamecommando mission games 3d 2017.Battlefield commando gamecommando 2top commando behind enemy lines as commando bus drivingcommandocar game.Commando camera commando d day commando elitecommandofight commando fighting games top commando jungle shooter3d ascommando killer game commando line.Commando mission game 2018andcommando new game 2018 at commando operation game for commandooneman army games commando police suit commando rushcommandosniper.Commando shooting games commando shooting fps waradventurecommando training games 3d commando ultimate shootingmission2018.Commando vs zombie commando video game of killingcommando ww2commando mission games 3d 2017 commando frontline tosupport andclear the way.Commando of Battlefield 3D is the topcommando jeepgame as a commando king commando level game forfrontline commandoarmy games high quality.Commando real freecommando real game ascommando racing shooting survival top commandotraining games ascommando war in commando workout and commando xgame commandoaction 3d fps gun shooter commando zombie game topcommando zombiekiller strike mission gun battle as gun war shootinggames no wifias a war shooting games 穿越火线 gun world 战 bestshootinggames.Shooting hames gun games 2017 top shooting games asthe waron terror best shooter games fps shooting games cover fireand gunsgame on fun games action games for free shooting games2018.Newshooting games as shot game anti-terrorist extremedangerousterrorism shooter game anti-war best anti-hero freeshooterterrorist at silk good shooter app on a terrorist attack tokillthe enemies.
Russian Submarine: Navy War 3D
The Vice-Admiral has commanded its naval forces to go out intheAtlantic and fight The Ecluard army with naval fleet warshipsarmedwith heavy ballistic missiles in order to capture "TheBurningIsle" in Russian Submarine: Navy War 3D.STORYLINEIn theAtlanticregion a navy war ensued when The Ecluard captured andforced thedefendants of The Burning Isle to their submissionthrough asuccessful naval warfare, which was another feather intheir capduring their search for global domination. A sea battlenaval unitof their arch rivals were searching for some lostcomrades gotambushed when a convoy of their navy gunship battlevessels wereintercepted by the Ecluard and got obliteratedfollowing a deadlysubmarine warfare. In order to avenge their navalfleet's demise,the navy war chief of the naval army has ordered itsarsenal ofdelta class warships armored with heavy torpedoes andperiscopes tolaunch a strategic sea battle attack on the enemy'sbase in theBurning Isle to close the deal.FRONTLINEDrive yourgunship battleU-boat in this submarine simulator in the Atlantic tobattleagainst the enemy warships, cruises and other vessels in aclassicnaval warfare. Experience the vintage WWII Explore the vastenemyterrain across the sea strewn with naval mines which can sinkyourown submarine in the deep ocean. Act as a naval commander toguideyour battle submarine to submerge and engage in underwaterwarattacks using ballistic and cruise missiles on oncomingenemyaircrafts, boats and enemy u-boats.KEY FEATURES- Intensenavalwarfare action with navy gunship vessel to attack enemybattlecamp.- Launch heavy torpedo and underwater war attacks ontoothergunship battle vessels- Intuitive submarine simulator tiltcontrolsto steer the sea battle vessel with options to submerge andrisefrom water- HD underwater war graphics to simulate realisticnavalfleet warfare- Exciting Gameplay with navy gunship heavytorpedomissile sounds effects.- Realistic Military navalsubmarinemodelDownload Russian Submarine: Navy War 3D submarinesimulatorand play to experience WWII naval warfare action andrealisticnaval battle camp simulation.
Naval Clash Battleship 2.4.6
* New version! Now play battleship on the web using differenttypesof weapons! Sea battle begins!Play classic battleship gamefromyour childhood. Setup your ships on the field, then shootenemy'sones.The objective of this guess and shoot game is to findand sinkall enemy ships. You should do it faster than youropponent.Playonline with your friends in our AdmiralEdition.Features:- Nicehand drawn graphics- Single player fightswith your Android-Multiplayer clashes via bluetooth- Worldwidebattles on the Webusing weapons- Mines, radars, anti-radars andmore - Coins andstars for victories- Ranks for the stars, weaponsfor the coins-Tree types of fleets for your choice- High scores-Global highscores- Supports Honeycomb tablets- Free, no Ads.-App2SDTake alook to Naval Clash Admiral Edition with manyadditionalfeatures.Join us onFacebook: us onGoogle+: us on [email protected], weare glad to hear your opinion and suggestions.If youhave anyproblem with the game do not set a low rating, just send use-mailand we will fix it. E-mail to [email protected] gamemaycollect anonymous statistics about your battles.This is a remakeofpopular paper game with two navy fleets equipped with warshipsandother types of battle ships. Your ship is in combat with theenemynaval forces and you need to win this war.Video provided byS-KadrStudio (
Russian Submarine Simulator 3D 1.2
Trigger Team
Feel the extreme of real naval war,hideunderwater and wait for enemy’s ships and submarines!Attackenemies to destroy navy ships with Russian SubmarineSimulator 3D!Beware of underwater mines and never let your enemydestroy yourhuge Russian submarine! Cruise underwater engage toshipwreckdestroyers, cruisers and vessels in the open sea navy wargame.Feel like a naval commander of powerful Russian submarinereadyto attack enemy’s ships! Navigate your submarine, exploreRussianNavy war zone, but avoid underwater mines! Destroy enemy’snavalfleet and show your worth as a commander of powerfulRussiansubmarine! Try Russian Submarine Simulator 3D and joinhugeunderwater battle! Amazing naval warfare gunship battle gameforall ages!Russian Submarine Simulator 3D features:Detailed Russian Submarine in 3DPowerful enemy’s ships and submarines for naval battlesHuge underwater environmentNaval warfare gunship battle gameTry amazing war game simulation! Become a commander of hugenavalsubmarine, explore underwater world, avoid mines and destroyenemy’sships! Russian submarine is ready for attack! Try RussianSubmarineSimulator 3D - open sea navy war game!Waiting for your reviews on facebook -
Russian Submarine Navy War 3D 1.0.4
Commander order your uboat crew and navigate your navalsubmarineout of sea mine traps. Russian Submarine Navy War 3D takesyou oncombat simulation for warfare in pacific region acrossenemyterritorial waters.Russian Submarine Navy War 3DAbout:Submergeyour battle submarine underwater for silent attack,use heavytorpedoes and periscope to target enemy vesselscarryinghelicopters, jet fighters and all modern weapons. Encounteryourrival battleship with your precision navigation skills. Try tocomeleast or water surface if you spotted enemy helicopter andfighterjets will attack you with airstrike bombardment. As silenthuntercruise your uboat underwater surface, in deep sea terrain.Engageto shipwreck enemy cruisers, vessels with your torpedomissileattack in this sea war. Gameplay:Experience underwater asnavalcommander of ship for US pacific fleet or Imperial Japaneseconvoy.Feel like participating in world war 2 feel the thrillandexcitement of sinking enemy boats in the pacific rim andavoidtouching any mines in minefield in ocean or the heavyexplosion cansunk your submarine in deep ocean rim. Enjoy ragingthrough waterin this warship the ultimate military secret weapon totarget andattack both sea and aerial crafts withperfection.Download RussianSubmarine Navy War 3D in your androidtablet and phone to enjoybattle in arcade style like never before.Cruise underwater craftengage with your rival convoy with firepowerand destroy theirfleet.Russian Submarine Navy War 3DFeatures:◆Experience amazingride in underwater craft like neverbefore◆Fully armed u-boat withheavy torpedo missiles forbombardment◆Intuitive touchscreencontrols to steer the u-boat withcontrols to dive and rise inwater◆Thrilling warfare gameplay withfull of action andstrategy◆HD graphics under ocean with fish,mines, boats andcruisers◆Realistic sounds for blast and attackingenemies
Navy War Russian Submarine 3D 1.0.4
Amazing Gamez
Come and experience the navy war from under the water,hideunderwater and wait for your enemies attack and destroynavygunship enemy boats. Beware of the enemy underwater minesawaitingto be touched, waiting to explode and destroy yourRussianSubmarine. Be the Naval Commander at sea ordering your crewandnavigating your naval submarine in the Russian Navy warzone.Destroy or be destroyed defend your territory against theenemiesnaval fleet avoid the sea mines. Cruise underwater engagetoshipwreck destroyers, cruisers, vessels with torpedo missilesinthe open sea navy war game.Navy War Russian Submarine 3DFeatures:-Realistic Russian Submarine 3D- Amazing underwaterenvironment-Naval warfare gunship battle game- War game simulationat its best
Gunship Jupiter Battle 1.0.0
Jupiter Battle is a new era of space combat game. A new kindofspaceship is given to you for the battle since you are theFirstCommander to command your troops in this new battle Sincethebeginning of life, man has looked to the stars with a senseofwonder. Your primary objective is to do exploration intoouterspace. We really don't know how various galaxies formed andtookthe many shapes that we see today. But we do have some ideasabouttheir origins and evolution. I believe some outer spacemysteriescan be describe in such theories, such as the birthplaceof sun,waves made of starts, high-velocity clouds, MegellanicClouds,Hypervelocity starts Galactic Wartp and many more. Human haddonemany exploration quests since the invasion of spaceship. Inthisgame you have the opportunity to enjoy the voyage intouniverse.Jupiter Battle provides the design and development ofaircraftcombat that use for battlers either droid or robots. In theearlyday s of military aviation, aircraft were built by simplymodifyingexisting land-based aircraft and making them suitable forthe harshenvironment of carrier operations. Unfortunately, theaddition ofessential equipment such as arrester hooks andbeefed-upundercarriages as well as strengthened structuresfrequently erodedthe performance an aircraft may have enjoyed as alandplane. Thisled to built-in inferiority compared to land-basedtypes. Yourspaceship is a special design Helicopter that can traveluntil theend of universe. The gunship is equipped with deadly lasermachinegun that wipe out everything that blocking your path. Yoursecondmission of the Jupiter battles is to build a new ascendingcolonynear planets Jupiter. In order for you to complete themission youhave to defend your territory against invading alien.Theseinvading troops are the soldier of Dark Nebola. They came fromtheheart of the Milky Way to battle and you need to commandyourtroops, although only few are detected there are fearlesswarriorfrom Nebola Realm; therefore you must not underestimatethem. Shootthem down, destroy all raiders alien and have no mercyfor theserobotic creatures. At the near end of the combat, yourexhaustedbattleship will face the overlord monster. The mightinvader kinghas 1500 lives, but you have only 5 lives. So be asmart battlecommander, do not only focus on attack but you mustalso dodgeattack from these galactic creature. Life Ratio 5:500seem like asure lose situation. Although the chances are small youcan stillwin this battle. The tip is to “avoid enemyattack”.Jupiter Battlefeature includes;• Stunning HD graphics•Supreme sound quality•Easy to control, just touch and dragscreen.Be a fighter, explorer,conqueror or guardian of the galaxyin this wonderful galaxyadventure. Explore the longest distancepossible and compete withfriends. Download Jupiter Battle now tofeel adrenaline rush andthe excitement of air combat. It is a greatescape from boredom andquickest way to make time pass by. Freedownload in Google Play!Enjoy yourself.
Navy Warship Attack 1.0
Game Canvas
Taking the enemy challenge in anysituationisalways been a tough job but in deep seas it becomeseventrickywhen enemies are attacking the carrier. Become aNavyCommodore,the worlds most sophisticated deep sea combat soldierandtake tothe seas in this warship blast 3d action game! So getreadyfordeep sea action experienceYour Ultimate Mission in this game:- Go and check the ship existence.- Eliminate all the terrorists.- For this mission you have air support with onlyonegunshiphelicopter and limited weapons.- Fight in bad weather- Your mission code is "Thunder".- Good Luck !!How to Play:- Touch & Drag the screen anywhere to control yourgunleft,right, up or down-Tap Fire button at bottom right to shoot.- Use the scope for sniper target shot- Try to shoot and kill enemy soldiers on first attempt- You have unlimited number of bulletsFeatures:- Best FPS (First Person Shooter) Game- Top weapons like AK - 47 with telescope- Multi Barrel Machine Gun- Fully loaded Rocket Launcher- Efficient weapon control- Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)- Great building rooftop view from your heli.- Top quality sound effects- Easy GUI and controls