Top 49 Games Similar to Lines Pair

GoalAlert Football Live Scores Fixtures Results
TorAlarm GmbH
No frills – just footballGoalAlert is the fastest soccer app - All goals comethroughinstantly.You are looking for a simple and user-friendly football appthatkeeps you informed about the results of the Premier LeagueandChampionship or do you need the fixtures of the upcoming FAorLeague Cup round?With GoalAlert you are able to receive live scores of yourfavoritefootball teams in real time!With its clear design, GoalAlert is easy to use and fasterthanother soccer- and news-apps.You decide from which football teams you want to receivepushnotifications about results, goals and live scores!But not only fans of the English League will enjoy this app. Theappincludes many other international leagues: from GermanBundesliga toSpanish La Liga, there is something for everyfootball fan!GoalAlert comes with a clear homepage, which shows you themostimportant leagues and international competitions at a glance.Youare also able to personalize it according to your needsandinterests. Only interested in the Champions League? No problem!Youdecide which competitions you want to access with justoneclick.GoalAlert also comes with a superfast live table and matchschedulesof the entire football season.We are happy GoalAlert is so positively received by our users andweare constantly working on updates to make the app evenbetter!Never miss a goal again!
Cubic Soccer 3D 1.1.1
This is fully physics based 3D funny soccer game. All you have toisclick one button and try to first 5 goals!You can kickyouropponents head with your legs at the same time, you need stayonground for defend on your goal!- Customize your players. Youcanunlock fancy forms with erned golds. (more than 40)- With apowerup system, so many features are waiting for you in the game.-Youcan active 14 Power-ups. Like goals, Small ball, or Freezeyouropponent.- Play against with a friend or try to earn cupsintournament mode vs Hard CPU.- Rain, Snow or Normalweathersettings. Play as you wish.- Challenge in 3 amazingtournamentmode. Amateur, semi-pro and Stars league!- Select yourcountry andplay against other countries!- Up to 4 players supportwith 2buttons mode.- 3 Different camera views choise in game.Click,kickand make some score!
Shoot 2 Goal - Beach Soccer Game 1.2.4
Bambo Studio
Play a soccer match at the beach under the sun. Shoot balls tothegoal avoiding the goalkeeper or the obstacles. Multiply yourscorepassing the ball through the rings or hitting the poles. Inthevery first levels the goalkeeper is a noob but as you passlevelsit will get harder to score goals. Be ready to challengeyourselfagainst other player in the tournament and you will get acupfragment. When you complete the cup you will start the secondroadto another soccer cup.Play in career mode, in which you willhaveto win the beach soccer championship, with over 150 levelsthatwill force you to show that you are the best soccer player, andthebest in free kicks and penalties. In this soccer game, youalsohave a new soccer mode of challenges, in which you mustcompletesome soccer challenges and get the victory to get a greatreward,show that you are capable of achieving them and become thebestsoccer player of history!In this soccer game:★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Showyourskills shooting goals from the penalty point.★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Avoidtheplayers wall to score like the best football players in theworld.★★ ★ ★ ★ Compete in the beach soccer league and get all thecupfragments.★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Take down all the boxes in a funny gamemode.★★ ★ ★ ★ Enhance your player skills like ball effect, poweroraccuracy.Shoot Goal Beach Soccer 2018 is the best beachsoccergame! This game is completely free but you can make somepurchasesto level up your player skills or game assets. 2018 BamboStudio
Cubic Street Soccer 3D 1.1.2
This is fully physics based 3D funny street soccer game. Allyouhave to is click one button and try to first 5 goals!You cankickyour opponents head with your legs at the same time, you needstayon ground for defend on your goal!- Customize your players. Youcanunlock different forms with earned golds. (more than 40)-Withpower up system, each round will be funny.- You can active14Power-ups. Like goals, Small ball, or Freeze your opponent.-Playagainst with a friend or try to earn cups in tournament modevsHard CPU.- Challenge in 3 amazing tournament mode.Amateur,semi-pro and Stars league!- Choose your country and playagainstanother countries!- With 2 buttons mode support, you canplay up to4 players.Click, kick and make some score!
World Cup Run 1.1.2
World Cup Run is the game of this summer in Brazil. If you'veeverdream to score a match-winning goal for your national team,this isyour chance. Dropped right in the stadium as the solestriker ofyour favorite World Cup national team, your mission isracing downto the opposing goal, bypassing horde of enemy defendersand,before facing the goalkeeper and score the fanciestgoals.★★★★REVIEW★★★★10/10 :"Best game to enjoy duringhalf-time"9/10:"Easy to play like Endless Run,9/10 :"Running inthis game's noteasy. It can drive you nuts but reallyentertaining"10/10:"Addictive game play….the shooting part's reallyinterested me"Getinto the World Cup dream and become the bestplayer ever- Make yourway to get a good position to score - Slideyour finger to makebeautiful shots- Time your movement correctly tododge theopponents in style- Don’t get yourself run into obstacles(puddles,referee …) or you’ll lose your streak- Completeachievements andcompare your progress with friends over theLeaderboard- Share yourrecord on Facebook to get rewards
⚽ Puppet Soccer Zoo - Football ❤ 0.0.62
⚽ FUNNIEST FOOTBALL 2018 ⚽Shoot, kick and score goals in themostaddicting pocket puppet football game!Do you have what it takestobecome the Legend? Train your skills, practice free kicks,improvedefense one-on-one and offense tactics with no offsidehere.Features:⚽ 100+ cartoon big head puppet animals⚽ Special powerupsin game – chewing gum, ice, slime, gypsum, super kick power,megaspring or speed🏆 Climb the league season 2017/2018withachievements, champions cup and highscores⚽ Train yourplayersone-on-one, improve their quality power, speed andheaderkeepie-uppie⚽ Heal your injured players and change yourtactics⚽Perfect physics, advanced collision model for ball and madgoals⚽Upgrade your stadium to get more money for victory⚽ Big head2 headfun 2-player mode – multiplayer in developmentForget thepuppeteerpolitics, this game is for kids and family friendly andwe’re justhere to have a great game of football! That’s what PuppetSoccerZoo 2017/2018 is all about…Pick your favorite pocketpuppetfootballer and score as many goals as you can! Pass likecerberushalilovic, seal dribble and tiki-taka, rabona shoot styleand foul.Play in single player campaign one-on-one or team up witha friendfor the awesome 2-player mode. Watch great mexican wavespushingyour hydra obi mikel animal to the egde of his limits.Unlockbonusballs to spread slime, ice and gum onto the pitch, makingplaytricky for your opponent marioneta and lots more fun for you!Not abig fan of cerberus halilovic from noxgames or minotaurfeghouli?Don’t worry—your soccer success unlocks new stars andskills:you’ll soon be able to pick your perfect hand puppet player!Youcan even shoot ice cubes to your opponent.Change the controlinputto suit your beaver shakiri style to give your marionetaplayersthe best chance for victory. Practice awesome tiki-takatricks& best physics kicks overtime to make yourself amarionettemaster of the one-on-one football federation 2017. Watchmexicanwave and be the 12th man of your team. Play striker beavershakiri,goalkeeper, defense, wide winger minotaur feghouli andmidfielderall at the same time…Game tips and strategies for yourbestfootball experience:⚽ Focus on defense goalie tactics⚽Takeadvantage of frozen champions hydra obi mikel⚽ Run backwardswhilekicking to volley with indirect free kick to top cornerTrytoremember all the legendary zoo players like playmakercerberushalilovic, minotaur feghouli or hydra obi mikel. Be thebest handpuppeteer midfielder. Can you perform tricks liketiki-taka orrabona as midfielder beaver shakiri.Let us know if youwish any newpocket puppet in review or visit NOXGAMES or ourFacebook. We mightadd pigskin ball and minotaur feghouli tricks toamuse you.Newdesign of silver pigskin shields against negativeeffects. New zoogame obstacles added cerberus halilovic, protectingagainst wingerhydra obi mikel and midfielder beaver shakiri.Don'tforget to tryhand puppet vs pocket puppet split-screen multiplayerfor familyand kids!Created by NOXGAMES 2016 - 2018
Naimar 10 Goal Shooter Soccer Striker Penalty Kick 1.0.1
Soccer is the most famous game in the world and sometimes bringsthebest in people! That is the reason why we made the bestfootballgame! Enjoy the feeling of winning a match with the bestnumber 10:Naimar!Practice your penalty kick, discover your skillsas astriker, become the best shooter in the world and make peoplescreamgoal in every penalty kick! Play as if you were Naimar! Thebestnumber 10 football striker!Try different tournaments inthiselectrifying soccer game with different levels. Be the bestgoalshooter practising your penalty kick like Naimar 10! Try tomake asmany goals as you can and score the best soccer goals! Lookfor newways to play the world's favorite sport! You must adjusteachpenalty kick to perfection in this challenging goal shootergame!-Help Naimar 10 to become the best football striker!- Wineverysoccer match by improving your penalty kick!- Intuitive gamerules:This goal shooter game includes a tutorial mode- Share yourscoresof this soccer game with your friends!Your challenge is toscore asmany goals as you can: Shoot and play in this soccer basedonlinegame!
Soccer Striker Anime - RPG Champions Heroes 1.2.2
Bambo Studio
The stadium claims its champions! Jump to the anime field,scoregoals and dispute the soccer game of your life.The objectiveishard and the football field seems to be enlarged with eachstride.The tension of the game is noticeable in the atmosphere, butmangachampions like you can with the pressure. Let yourself beguided byyour emotions and by the spirit of the millenary animecreatureskawaii that live inside the heroes and champions ofanimefootball.Feel the bravery of the legendary anime footballersfacingthe toughest opponents that roam the best soccer fields. Youwillhave to compete to the death, as if it were a former mangasamurai,hungry heart leaving you skin and sweat in the field tobecome thebest captain of all time. The enemies will have nocompassion andwill try to prevent you from reaching your goal,becoming alegendary captain in the anime league of the mangachampions.Beingthe anime captain of the dream team of champions, inthis game youwill have to prove your worth by scoring all the goalsyou can andsurpassing all levels of this soccer game inspired bythe championsmythical cartoon series of Japanese anime.In thissoccer RPG animegame you will enjoy spectacular features suchas: · Authenticanime style and Japanese manga. · 9 socceranime heroes hungryheart. · 13 exclusive scenaries. · 10 animebosses todefeat. · More than 150 levels in which to test yourskills asa captain anime hero. · Heroic challenges such as:freethrows, penalties, throwing boxes or shooting thecrossbar. ·Physics and effects of the classic animemanga. · Get ​​coinsand stars to unlock the entiregame. · Mark all the goals youcan to get all the captains oflegend. · Special roulette withwhich you can get players andunique rewards. · Daily rewardsfor the best manga soccerchampions. Become the RPG animesoccer hero and start now toscore goals with your dream teamchampions in the best soccer gameof the anime and culminates yourcareer as a player becoming thebest of the manga captains. Unlockall the game, all the soccer RPGanime heroes and stadiums; and youwill be part of the dream teamheroes by joining the soccer animeelite in the history of thechampions.〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️BamboStudio 2018 - The best Soccer games forMobile🌐👍🐦 Twitter:@bambostu
Goal Live Scores 4.2.2
Goal Live Scores is the most complete football app on themarket.Bringing you the fastest live football scores AND breakingnewsstraight to your mobile.All global leagues, Europeancompetitions,internationals and more… Goal Live Scores has itall.Full of greatfeatures, including:INSTANT GOAL ALERTSWeguarantee you will notfind a faster live scores app!EXTENSIVE MATCHSTATISTICSLine-ups,live text commentary, tables, fixtures andin-game stats powered byOpta.HEAD-TO-HEAD DATASee how teams matchup against their upcomingopponents, using our Head-to-Headsection.TOP PLAYERS &TEAMSDiscover the planet’s most in-formstars through our TopPlayers and Teams features.ADVANCED TEAMFORMFollow your team’sform and see how they compare against theirnext opponent.TRANSFERUPDATESKeep up to date with the latesttransfer news, from sourcesyou can trust.NEWS FEATURESAccess to allof Goal’s latest articles,breaking football news stories andin-depth analysis.
Soccer Goalkeeper - Beach Coast Goalie 1.0.1
Bambo Studio
Soccer Goalkeeper - Beach Coast GoalieNow you're a real beachsoccergoalkeeper, you have to save your team from loosing the gamesavingevery goal you can at the coast, your skill with gloves isall youhave to save all the goals from your rivals. Play as acoast goaliestar, a super goalkeeper who must save his team andtake it to thevery top of the Coast World Cup. In this soccer gameyou will playas beach goalie in the coast and save all the goalsyou can to getthe highest score and be a legend as the bestgoalie. A beach soccergame in the coast where you have to testyour goalkeeper skills andbecome the best goalie in the world, ahero for your team. A goaliemust save the team and win the beachworld cup in the coast to be alegend, don't let the rivals scoregoals!***** 3D WONDERFULGRAPHICS***** SOCCER INTUITIVECONTROL***** GOALIE REAL PHYSICS*****COAST BEACH SCENARIODownloadSoccer Goalkeeper - Beach Goalie gameand feel like a real beachsoccer goalkeeper, don't let the rivalsscore all the goals in thecoast of football!!
Soccer Ragdoll Physics games 1.2
~~~ An amazing multiplayer one touch funny puppet soccer gamesonthe pitch like tumbler shuffling!~~~ Jump and goal. Funnyandpixelated penalty soccer physics games!BE THE HERO! Presentinganew Soccer Ragdoll Physics games with exciting new featuresjustlike ragdoll jump, tumbler shuffling, tugs the table andwrestlerjump! Beat your opponent score, flick kick the bouncingball, tapthe button to kick the ball to jump and Goal. A real funnyphysicsworld, all you need to control the Blocky Soccer Players tokickthe ball and goal against your opponents. It is a leisure andhappySoccer Physics VS games.Soccer physics are on the pitch tobounce,hit and strike the ball in this Funny Puppet Soccer footballgames.Easy to play but hard to master, just need to tap the screentocontrol mobile experience. A funny Ragdoll physics games.Unlocknew rag doll character, jump and kick like an idiot. Thisgame makeyou laugh till die. Fun Fun and Just Fun! This two playergames isspecially created for those who love soccer Games! Playwith yourfriends its a 2 player games! A wacky action flick soccergamesfighter. It is the funniest puppet soccer game on yourAndroiddevice. Only a FUN! Download it today and enjoy soccer cupfootballgames. This game will make you laugh till die. its the besttwoplayer games.HOW TO PLAY!A funny and happy Soccer game playClickthe button to kick the bouncy balls. You’ll win once you couldmakekick against your opponents! Go to win the game and to be theheroin their hearts! LOL. Bouncy Soccer battle games, no one gameislike the other!SINGLE PLAYER MODEExperience a Single Player gameina single pitch! with mobile AI, 1p games, 2p gamessupport.TwoPLAYER GAMESBeat your friends in Two Player Mode, Anexcitingmultiplayer game that you have never played before insinglescreen.UNLOCK NEW CHARACTERSYou Can Unlock new characters andBeatyour friend’s score.LEADERBOARDYou can fight against yourfriends!Prove your kick ball skills against your friends all overthe worldvia Leaderboard.SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTExplore new levels andgetachievements in every goal, Earn special coins to completeeachachievement. Funny Soccer Physics Games.Choose your soccerteam!Play as your favorite soccer idol! Just Kick the ball, for tugthetable— Wow all fin are here. Play in a single player mode orbuilda team with multiplayer mode. Try a real soccer match withyourfriends and have a good time! Ragdoll Physics will be yourfavoritegame on Android device! Try it now, it’s so much that youneverplay before…Joking??? No! We are seriousLeave a review and letusknow what you think about this Physics world funny game. Wewilluse feedback in our upcoming updates! If you have any queriesfeelfree to ask! Thanks for playing For more news and details:LikeourFB page :
Shoot Goal - Soccer Game 2018 Top Leagues 1.1.2
Bambo Studio
The soccer game 2018 of the top leagues is ready for you to becomeasoccer star. It's the last minute of the game to win the topleague,you have to shoot free kicks or shoot penalties to win ...Thepublic screams waiting for you to score the winning goal to winthecup of the football championship, strikes on goal and ...GOAL!Withthis soccer game 2018, you will build your own story as asoccerplayer on the pitch, put the ball on the grass and get readyto winthe top league in the world of soccer. If you are a fan ofthissport, this is your soccer game. You can win all the matchesif youare the best soccer player, show your ability to shoot freekicksand penalties and score a goal, you are the herooffootball.Characteristics Shoot Goal - Soccer Game 2018TopLeagues:★ PENALTY: Confrontation between player and goalkeeper.Youhave to score a goal to win the game.★ FREE KICKS: Throwfaultsavoiding the barrier. Draw a curve to throw perfect faultswitheffect.★ PERSONALIZATION: equipment to unlock, balls andmuchmore.★ PHYSICS OF THE REAL BALL★ REALISTIC 3D GRAPHICS★PUBLICANIMATION ROYAL CANTICLESIt's easy, win all the challenges,youwill be rewarded with every achievement and gain the experiencetolevel up. The objetive of this soccer game is to shoot freekicksand shoot penalties and be the winner of the game, downloadthis2018 Top Leagues Soccer Game and become thesoccerhero.〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰Bambo Studio 2018 - Thebestfree soccer games for Mobile🌐 Web:👍🐦 Twitter: @bambostu
Shoot 2 Goal ⚽️ Soccer Game Online 2018 3.2.6
Bambo Studio
Put the ball on the turf and get ready to score the winning goalofyour team. If you are a fan of soccer games this is your momenttoprepare the 2018 World Cup. Become a pro scoring incrediblegoals.Shoot penalties in a duel of Striker vs Goalkeeper. Each newlevelis a challenge to show the coach your skills. This is thebestfouls and penalties game, you will have total control of theballfrom the shot.With the NEW PvP Soccer mode you can face rivalsfromall over the world in the online soccer game mode,CompetitiveMultiplayer in which you will have to win the matcheswithfreekicks and penalties against people from all over theworld,show that you are the best player and knock down all yourrivals bywinning all the matches and show that in multiplayeronline soccer,you are the king of PvP.★ FOOTBALL MATCHES : Scoregoals for yourteam to be the winner of the 2018 World Cup.★ PENALTY: difficultsituation between the player and the goalkeeper. Youneedconcentration to score a goal.★ FREEKICKS : a barrier ofplayersprevents the shot is easy. Draw a curve to shoot a perfectfaultwith effect.Train your Football player to score goals as apro.When we talk about Soccer Games we are the LEADERS.BamboStudio2018 - The best Soccer Games for
Manchester Devils Soccer - Football Goal Shooting 1.0.7
Manchester is a city full of football history! Soccer drivespeoplecrazy, locals enjoy their football team and also people allaroundthe world love to watch every Manchester Devils match! Youcan alsomake history with the Manchester Devils football team inthisamazing game of penalty goal shooting! Face the goalkeeper,kickthe ball, participate in the world cup and become a legendscorerof football! What are you waiting for? Manchester Devilsarewaiting for you! Choose a match and score your first goal!Jointheteam and prepare yourself to be the best professional defenderandscorer of this soccer team and beat the goalkeeper. Master thefreekick and the penalty shooting to become a legend of theManchesterDevils! Live the thrills of the soccer and start shootinggoal thedifferent game modes to be the top scorer of the ManchesterDevils!Kick the penalty now to beat the goalkeeper shooting theball toscore a goal and make history! Are you ready for thissoocergame?Features of this Manchester Devils Soccer game:- Livetheexcitement of being the top scorer of the ManchesterDevilsfootball team and master the goal shooting to beat thegoalkeeper!-Play soccer like never before and become a legend offootballhistory winning every match!- Hear the crowd claiming yourname asyou progress through the goal shooting levels andtournaments!-Unlock the item packs to boost your career in theManchester Devilsfootball team!- Show off your football skills toprove you are madeto score the best goal of your team!Choose yourcharacter, face thegoalkeeper and progress across the differentpenalty shootinglevels and game modes: goal shooting, penalties,free kicks,boxes... It is your chance to be the best scorer of theManchesterDevils soccer team. Are you ready to leave your print infootballhistory? Play now!
Shoot 2 Goal: World League 2018 Soccer Game 2.1.9
Bambo Studio
The best soccer players in the world can compete with their teamsinthis world league championship. Choose your forward andstartscoring goals to reach the final. The best free kicks witheffectand spectacular penalties. Front against goalkeeper. The bestWorldSoccer League game. You will have situations of shoot freekicksand penalties , in which you have to score the decisive goalwilldecide if your team is the champion of the soccer tournament.Bethe soccer hero and win the cup, the public will cheer you upifyou play soccer well and score lot of goals. Start now to playthissoccer game and show that nobody plays likeyou.CHARACTERISTICS*More than 150 levels, in which you will have toprove that you arethe best soccer hero.* Get the soccerachievements, score goals andget to the top.* New graphic engine.*Control the ball with themost impressive effects, the ball willmake the trajectory thatyour finger makes.If you like soccer games,this is your game!〰️ 〰️〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️〰️Bambo Studio 2018 - Thebest free soccer games for Mobile 🌐👍Facebook:🐦 Twitter:@bambostu
Block Party Sports FREE 2.6
Score HUGE goals in 10 different mini games. Earn coins tounlockgames and player skins. If one of your players explodes onthefield, you'll just have to play one person down...10 SPORTSTOPLAYSuper Soccer, Soccer, Outlast, Boulder Dodge,Basketball,Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Pit Ball, and Moon Ball.Face offagainst computer players and earn coins for each goal.Double coinswhen you win!MULTIPLAYER MODESTeam up with a friend inco-op modeand get tons of coins as you play against AI teams. Tryversus modeto battle player vs player. You can play all 10 games inco-op orversus modes.ACTIONS REPLAYSCheck out your replay aftereach match.Add video commentary over your favorite goal, trim theclip andshare to social media! Let everyone see how awesome youare.RANDOMMODEWhen you finish a game, press 'Random' for a newrandom game.This makes things interesting and keeps you always onyour toes. Ifyou want to play the same game again, just press'Restart'.IN-APPSTORERemove ads or buy coins if you want in thein-app store. Usecoins to unlock new games or skins.
Spider Shoot Goal- Rope Swing Physics 18.0
Aim for a goal with a swing within the time limit!Obstaclesappearas the level riseshow to playSwing starts when you touchWhengoingout of the ground it returns to its original position
Flick Boss: Freekick 1.4.0
Flick Boss
This is new generation freekick soccer game is here. FlickBossFreekick takes you for perfect shots and realisticsoccer/freekicksensation. Beat the most talented goalkeepers andachievedunbelievable goals from 90! Crowd is waiting to cheer,letsscore.Features:6 Uniques Game modes available now ingame.-TimeAttack Mode. -Arcade Mode.-Crossbar Mode.-Don't MissMode.-MissionsMode.-Practise Mode.-Realistic footballphysics.-Unique goalkeeper.With 8 Different difficulties.-Fullcustomizable soccer jerseys.-20Different soccer jersey types. -20Different ball types and 10different unique ball speciality.-Someballs have ownspeacialities. (Doubles score and experience inspecific modes)Inthe Flick Boss Freekick, after every game you getmoney and gainexperience.Level up, customize your character, opennewspecialities and make your story.Full customizable character,evenyour face skin.You will feel like you are in the soccer field,Areyou ready for the breakup of the grass!
Shoot Goal - Futsal Soccer 2.0.2
Bambo Studio
Score goals like a professional futsal player, take a free kicktothe goalkeeper from different positions in the futsal pitch.Playsoccer championships like a striker against the goalkeeper ygetthe ball in the back of the net. Score goal, Free kick andpenaltywith spin near the poles and crossbar to get the max points.Aimright to earn the highest score in every match of this soccergameand become the best futsal player in the world.Free kicksandpenaltys with your finger on the screen and draw theball´strajectory. Score amazing soccer goals to get promoted tonextdivision. Your rival team in soccer competition is scared ofyourswerve shot that always win the match of this soccer game.★ ★ ★★ ★Futsal soccer game at its best!★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Aim better witheveryshot★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Lift all the soccer cup to reach the glory★ ★ ★★ ★Futsal stadiums are full of supporters★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Amazingsoccergoals, free kick and penalty just like realitySoccer fans arewithyou. You only must aim fine and score goal of the match ofindoorsoccer. Feel the pression of free kicks and penalty when thetimeis running and few seconds left to finish the match. The squadneedyour soccer goal to win the soccer competition and they wanttocelebrate with you. Forget the referee and concentrate inscoringwith the good aim. Enjoy this soccer game, the best indoorsoccergame.〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️BamboStudio2018 - The best soccer games for Mobile🌐👍Facebook:🐦 Twitter:@bambostu
Drills soccer fifa18 1.0.9
M R F Games
The game is simple, just shoot accurately and collect thegoalsrepeatedly tried and Tias may be difficult at first glance,butquickly persisted scoring goals .. Collect the greatest numberofgoals with the number of attempted allowed.Mohamed SalahplayedRival Paul English game and the goal of the leaguecurrentlytrained and prepared to play in the World Cup Russia2018.soccerscores around the soccer soccergames.watchlive soccer.livescore soccer gamestoday scores.
Car Rocketball Turbo Soccer League 1.0
Car Rocketball Turbo Soccer League is real best passion match3dunique penalty best goal shooting mactan football rocketfootballgame football goals striker goal soccer free soccerplayers.Thissoccer player penalties trick hero football champfootball shootpenalty rocket touch ball goal soccer game free tipssoccer goalsshoot goal futbòl penalty shootout games best futbolnewgratis.Football strategy rocket league ball soka street bigheadball big head football cartoon shoot football cartoon footballminifootball spanish soccer puppet football winger football bignewhead soccer big drill heads football game worldcup 2014andworldcup 2018 fußballer soccer game футбол headshot footballrealfootball soccer,head soccer game head ,footpuppetsfootball,puppets football legend,soccer footballgame,tablefootball game,new game table soccer tischfußballtischkicker rocketkick calcetto style tablesoccer game new footballcup foosballsoccer game,football caps,gooballs match gam e tavolofree toptrending game.Car Rocketball Turbo Soccer League is alsorealamazing best free footbal real football cup hgf heavygoofballsoccer football 3d football street 3d mini soccergame,footballmanager spain football table,стол,table match,farm totable,football goals shoot new goal soccer goal free soccer goalsamazinggolden boots football shooter heavy kick footballfootlball,cr7kick game amazing football game,goal,soccer real goalbest penaltykick game free game driving car soccer real rocket ballcar soccergame best simulation football car games,rocket ballgame,rocketleague ball,jogo de futebol game.This freeconvertiblefoosball,footbal leage game.rocketball champion gamespecial gamesfor olympics real soccer champions,rocket pointsfootball bestrocketball football car games,rocket turbo footballrocket turbojump football best nitro football real best rocketleague fightingball amazing local football teams,nitro football appeuro 2012france.Car Rocketball Turbo Soccer League is also3v3soccer,football rocket france silver soccer car gamedeadlygroundhopper soccer happy soccer fun soccer, funny soccerbest realstreet amazing street soccer game soccer Crazydoctor,physics topfootball best amazing happy soccer super fullcompatiblephysics,car soccer game real amazing football fun,footbalstreetleague street dancing game amazing free soccer games on thebeachfootball with soccer rules best top free amazing super realbestfootball car games,rocket fuel football best beach kids ballsrealrocketfootball car games with head rocket soccer amazing bestsupergame 2018.Car Rocketball Turbo Soccer League is amazingrealisticenvironment best football3d fun,rocket car games,championsleaguetown football goal shooting soccer,chapas football realamazingsuper football super rocketball best trounament footballreal heavyfootball tournament, simulation racing soccer league game2018.CarRocketball Turbo Soccer League is a best footballcaps,championshome league,soccer street champions and car rocketball or footballkids game,table soccer app,football simulationtable best carfootball football for kids game,tabel world cupfootbal,soccer starhero best soccer hero stars best football realamazingtournament,finger power football best amazing realisticenvironmentadventure futbòl best juegos de futbol game pilka noznagame theleague,tounament,champions best comptition car rocket ballturboleague champions league stars drive ahead sports,footballraceahead,deadly football ahead,beach football ball drive onbestamazing head to head football beachball games 2018.cacaofootballbeach best amazing soccer super goal shooting shoot multitype goalsoccer outdoor goal,soccer indoor long goal.This is realbeachsoccer game simulation,score world goal,amazing football onthebeach,beach games amazing super best soccerbeach,footballshoot,active challenge soccer real amazing super bestgame 2018.
Final kick 2018: Online football 8.0.9
Enjoy the tense moments of the penalty shots as if you wereplayingin the World Cup final, competing against the best teams,makingthe most spectacular goals and saves and along with graphicsthatwill make you feel as if you were sitting in the first rowinMaracan„ Stadium. Perfect your special shots, shoot withspecialeffects, fool your opponent and make the most impressivesaves,controlling the ball with one finger, and become theworldchampion.◉ THE MOST REALISTIC GRAPHICSSimply amazing rightfrom thefirst minute. With slow-motion replays to watch the bestgoals fromall possible angles, so as not to lose a single detail.◉REALISTICANIMATIONSSuper realistic animations using the latesttechnology inmotion capture with real players like Gerard Piqué. ◉SIMPLE ANDINTUITIVE CONTROLSWithout complicated virtual controls:Shoot theball with your finger and drag the goalkeeper in order tomakemonumental saves. Playing could not be any simpler, butmasteringthe game is only within reach of champions of football.◉REAL-TIMESOCCER MULTIPLAYERYou can play against your friends or letthe gamefind you an opponent to see how good you are in shortgames, inwhich the winner will be made known in a matter of twominutes.◉ 20LOCAL OFFLINE TOURNAMENTSThese are for you to playagainst 100 ofthe best soccer teams of the moment without internetconnection.◉CUSTOMISE YOUR TEAMCreate the team of your dreams bycustomisingevery detail of your players, and train them in order tocontinueimproving their skills and make increasingly spectaculargoals.◉WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS WITH PRIZESThere is a new free tournamenteveryweekend for you to measure your skills against the world, andwinprizes if you are among the top 100.◉ FREEYou can enjoy thegamecompletely free. The inApp options are completely optional.Whatare you waiting for? Try it. There are spectacular goals foryou tomake.
Iuvemtus Soccer Football Team: Turin Goal Shooting 1.0.2
Play Italian football with your favourite team! Enjoy themostbeautiful team sport with Turin soccer players:ForzaIuvemtus!Start shooting penalty kicks with the bestItalianfootball team ever! Slide your finger to score a goal andsucceedbeating all your rivals! Make your Turin fans shout yourname whilepractising your shooting skills and become the bestplayer in ourleaderboards! Do you want to try playing with the mostfamousfootball team in Turin?- Beat all your soccer rivals bywinning thepenalty championship! Help the Iuvemtus football team toscore asmany goals as possible!- The more you practise, the betteryou willbe shooting goals! This funny game is all about improvingyourshooting skills!- Become the best Iuvemtus player of alltimes!-Amazing realistic graphics and different goal shootingangles!-Very intuitive to play: A game tutorial is included!- Sharethescores of this football game with your friends on Facebook!Everygoal you score will lead you to a higher position inourleaderboard!- These soccer games are appropriate for childrenandadults of all agesAre you ready for a goal shooting challengewithour Iuvemtus soccer team? Try it now for free!
FotMob World Cup 2018
NorApps AS
Over 10 million people already installed FotMob. Join them nowandexperience: ✔ Livescores with the fastest updates available✔Matchstats (lineup, stats, goals, cards, penalties, missedpenalties,assists and substitutions) ✔ Tables✔ Fixtures✔ News andtop newsnotifications from all the major clubs✔ Top scorers andtopassists✔ And much more!Some leagues we cover:★ Premier League★LaLiga (Liga BBVA)★ MLS (Major League Soccer)★ EuropaLeague★Champions League★ Eredivisie★ Bundesliga★ Serie A★ World Cup2018★Liga MX★ and most other football/soccer leagues. Missing one?Askus!If you want to check the latest updates or have feedbackthencheckout:
Cubic Hockey 3D 1.4
This is fully physics based 3D funny hockey game. All you have toisclick one button and try to first 5 goals!You can kickyouropponents with your puck and legs at the same time, you needstayon ground for defend on your goal!- Customizable players.-Power UpSystem.- You can active 14 Power-ups. Like big goals, Smallball,or Freeze your opponent.- Play against with a friend or try toearncups in tournament mode vs Hard CPU.- Challenge in 3amazingtournament mode. Amateur, semi-pro and Stars league!- Up to4players support with 2 buttons mode.- 3 Different camera viewsingame.Click, kick and make some score!
Over Under 2.5 Goals - Football Predictions 2.0
The Over Under 2.5 Goals app contains predictions forfootballresults. Our predictions are based on advanced statisticaldata aswell as the latest news, transfers and information ondifferentteams, players, coaches and all other elements that caninfluence aselection.Upon an analysis, certain elements used tomake thatanalysis will indicate you the number of goals between twoteams.As any type of analysis from the statistical point of view,or thetactical point of view you can get to a certain value most ofthetime. Our selections are obtained from statistics but at thesametime we follow what happend to the teams that we list in ourapp.It is very important to keep track of what transfers weremaderecently, if the coach has changed and also what are the goalsofeach team in each competition. Tracking so much data takes a lotoftime and effort but it's a passion!We hope you will enjoyOverUnder 2.5 Goals and also know that we're prepairing someothersimilar apps soon. Please follow our developer page and stayincontact with our projects. Thank you for trying out Over Under2.5Goals and make sure to rate & share it with your friends!
Air Soccer Ball ⚽ 🇺🇸 2.3
aoujapps pro
"Air Soccer Ball is one of the most addictive games and soccergamesfree for kids and adults, easy to play and hard to master,this gameis a mixed from air hockey and soccer".Challenge yourselfin 1player mode and try to defeat your opponent before the end oftime,remember this game is not like any other air hockey gameswhosegames end when scoring a certain number of goals, you canalsochallenge your friend in 2 players mode and try to inflict aseveredefeat on him.Why are you still reading this and wastingyour's time to stop reading and start download this freesoccergame.National teams of United States, England, Australia,Canada,Nigeria, Ghana, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, CostaRica,Croatia, Danemark, Egypt, France, Germany, Irak, Iran, Italy,Japan,Argentina, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Panama, Peru,Poland,Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia,Slovenia,South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Uruguayat yourservice.How to play Air Soccer Ball:It's like air hockeygames, easyto play and hard to master, Try arcade table soccerthat always willbe in your pocket and kick the ball with fingers,be careful youwill take a yellow card if you keep the ball in yourarea more than10 seconds.FEATURES:★ 1 or 2 player mode.★ Smoothand responsivegame play (based on air hockey).★ Amazing graphics.★Real power ofeach team★ World cup Russia 2018 tournament.★ 4selectable balls(world cup soccer ball, euro cup ball, classicball, classic ballmix color).★ 3 selectable table soccer.★ Amazingsoccer net.★selectable times from 90 to 150 seconds.★ day,afternoon and nightglow hockey soccer themes to play in.★ Amazingsound effects.Now youcan achieve better experience in airhockeygame on smartphones withnot large screen.Don't forget to leave usrating and review to letus know what you think about Air SoccerBall.Have a good colorsoccer game!Enjoy!!Visit our Facebookfanpageat:•Stadium Soccer Crowd Short Cheer by :•soccer knee 02 byvolivieri(•Refereewhistle blow, gymnasium bySpliceSound(
Breaking news AND the fastest live football scores straight toyourmobile – Goal News now has the best of bothworlds.Transferrumours, in-depth articles, live scores, goalalerts, match stats…We’ve got it all.Features include:AROUND THECLOCK NEWSDive intoGoal’s massive collection of detailed articlesand breaking newsstories.TRANSFER UPDATESBe the first to know thelatest transfernews, from the planet’s best sources.WORLDWIDECOVERAGEEnglishPremier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue1, ChampionsLeague… We cover the globe.INSTANTNOTIFICATIONSBreaking news ANDlive goal alerts – you will not finda faster footballapp!COMPREHENSIVE MATCH DATAExtensive statisticspowered by Opta,including; Line-ups, live text commentary, tables,fixtures andmore.HEAD-TO-HEAD STATSA Head-to-Head section to seehow upcomingopponents have performed against each other.
World Truck Ball 1.2
Who is going to make the best goal in World Truck Ball 2014? Isitgonna be YOU or Messi?With World Truck Ball 2014 it might beyou.All your goals are recorded and replayed. Fouls don't get tostopthe game or to be punished. Fouls are in fact encouraged! Hityour opponent to tackle, hit them to goal, hit them to stop'em.Hitthem harder to get higher point. It is all fair, you can behittoo. So stay away from those monster trucks when you have theballwith you.There are 32 teams with different powers. Teamsarepowered based on their real world results. This might give youanidea of the powerful teams ;)There are two games modes the"MagnetoCup" and the "Real Cup". In the Magneto Cup mode the ballis stickyand trucks can kick the ball or their opponents (this isthe funpart). In Real Cup you can neither kick the ball nor theball issticky. So Magneto Cup is the one to start with. The RealCup is adeal for masters.Good luck! Enjoy it!
Soccer Heroes 2018 - RPG Football Stars Game Free 2.1.2
Genera Games
Welcome to the best RPG soccer game! Become a football heroplayingwith the best soccer stars in world! Go! Download now thebestsoccer game! It’s FREE!Play with Messi, Ronaldo or Neymarandbecome a world soccer star and lead your team to victory withwithSoccer Heroes RPG. Take it up the middle, pass, dribble, shootand…GOAL! Experience REAL SOCCER as you create your own footballteamsigning new players. Choose your move in the soccer field,level upand evolve your players, and score amazing goals inthismanga-styled soccer game!Are you a soccer lover? Do you likeOliver& Benji? This is your game! Play online &offline!Stopdreaming! score your first goal in Soccer Heroes,download the appnow FOR FREE!Soccer Heroes emulates the classicsport of soccer ina new and original way. It’s based on cut scenesin which you seethe player crossing the field, and you decide ifyou want to pass,dribble, or take a shot on goal. Your moves impactthe results ofthe match on the field and the number of goals youscore. Play as astriker, midfielder, or defender in the mostcomplete rpg soccergame ever!Train hard to improve your skills andabilities and nogoalkeeper will be able to stop your powerful shot!Recruit new topplayers for your roster and use your teammates’special powers totip the scales in your favor. Evolve the skills ofthe team to winand reach the top of the international soccer scene!Who will bethe best defender, striker, or goal scorer? Who willshoot thehardest, dribble the fastest, and have the best technique?Youchoose who gets a spot in the starting lineup. In this animesoccergame you are both the player and the coach!Play variousseasons,tournaments and cups to complete your professional soccercareer.Overcome challenges, get rewards from every match andearnexperience to level up and evolve your skills. Will you be abletorank among the top players in Versus Mode?Score goals and havefunwith this awesome soccer game with amazing manga graphics,inspiredin great sagas like Oliver and Benji/Supercampeones orInazumaEleven (Super Onze). Launch your professional soccer careerandbecome a star with the best football game ever!FEATURES:MANGA&ANIME STYLE GRAPHICS-Amazing cartoon graphics for manga andanimefans!-Remember classics like Oliver and Benji, FlashKicker,Inazuma Eleven (Super Onze), and Hungry Heart:WildStriker!-Spectacular plays animations and special powers fromyourfavourite anime series!TRAIN & IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS-Trainandevolve your team throughout the game to be the bestsquadever!-Unlock incredible and unique powers, skills, andabilitiesfor each teammate!-Gain experience to level up yourplayers andimprove their magic skills.SOCCER MANAGER-Buy and sellplayers toimprove your squad. Can you collect all of them?-Improveyourplayers by earning experience match by match and getrewards!-Formyour starting lineup with charismatic characters, eachwith specialabilities and skills.-Goalies, defenders, midfieldersand strikers…All they need is a great team leader to become scoreheroes!2 GAMEMODES: OFFLINE & ONLINE-Play soccer offline in theStory Mode:from humble beginnings to a world soccer star!-Challengeplayersfrom around the world in the Online Mode and reach the topof therankings!-Special tournaments, championships, and cups withawesomerewards!MIX OF ANIME, STRATEGY & SOCCER-Choose wiselyyour nextmoves and see the effect they have on the game: Pass,dribble,shoot, score goals, hold your position, tackle and block ortrapshots on goal!-Defend the attack, steal the ball, dribbletheopponent, pass to a mate and score fantasy goals!-A neverbeforeseen combo of anime, strategy and soccer!Check out theexcitingmanga soccer trailer NOW &STARTPLAYING THIS AWESOME RPG SOCCERGAME!VISITUS:
Soccer 24 - soccer live scores 2.27.0
Soccer 24
Fast and accurate soccer live scores from more than 1000soccerleagues and cups. Livescore, results, standings,statistics.Mainfeatures:- fast and accurate live soccer scores andresults -comprehensive stats including line-ups, goal scorers,cards andsubstitutions - live commentary for the most popularsoccerleagues- overall/home/away standings and play-off draws-fulltablet version- push notifications with detailed settingsSoccer 24app has been created by Livesport s.r.o. company, thatcurrentlyprovides live scoring services for over 60 million usersworldwide.
Rabona—soccer memes, football news, world cup 2018 3.0.2
YOU’LL NEVER LAUGH ALONE• Enjoy thoroughly selected soccergifs,jokes, memes and videos• Like and share the best ofthem•Contribute by commenting (no registration required)WelcometoRabona, where you can always find the funniest soccer gifs,jokes,memes and videos.We manually select the funniest contentevery day,so you can get a distilled product of user generatedfabulousness.You can read, like, share it with friends and comment.And the bestpart? You don't even have to sign in to do that. Youcan find themost liked memes, gifs and videos in the 'Best' tab.Even yourfavourite team can let you down sometimes. Rabona isalways readyto cheer you up.Download Rabona & get the funniestsoccermemes, gifs and videos every day!
Futsal Goalkeeper - Indoor Soccer 1.0.2
Bambo Studio
Soccer Goalkeeper - Indoor FootballNow you are a true goalkeeperoffutsal, you have to save your team from losing the game savingeachgoal you can in the field, your ability with gloves is all youhaveto save all the goals of your rivals. Play as a soccer goaliestar,a super goalkeeper who must save his team and take him to thetopof the World Cup futsal. In this soccer game you will play asbeachsoccer goalie and save as many goals as you can to get thehighestscore and be a legend as the best goalkeeper. A futsal gamewhereyou have to test your goalkeeping skills and become thebestgoalkeeper in the world, a hero for your team. A goalie mustsavethe team and win the world cup of beach soccer to be a legend,donot let the opponents score goals!3D WONDERFUL GRAPHICS*****SOCCERINTUITIVE CONTROL***** GOALIE REAL PHYSICS***** BEACHCOASTSCENARIODownload Soccer Goalkeeper - Futsal game and feel likeatrue goalkeeper, do not let opponents score all the goals onthesoccer field!
Chelsea Live – Goals & News for Chelsea FC Fans 2.12.0
For all soccer fans of Chelsea FC! Now you can follow all thenewsand matches of your favorite football club from London,whereveryou are! A new Chelsea Live app in English – absolutelyFREE forevery "The Blues" fan!So, every Chelsea fan gets: √ News,eventsand match reviews.√ Live scores, lineups, substitutions,cards,comments, and highlights photos and videos.√ Pushnotifications ofkick-off, goals scored, cards and otherhighlights.√ Closest gamesschedule.√ Season matches archive.Allchampionships and leagueswith participation of Chelsea: - EnglishPL,- UEFA ChampionsLeague,- Football League Cup,- FootballAssociation Challenge Cup,-Friendly Matches.A team of professionaldesigners, developers andfootball commentators is creating thisapp. We are trying to makeit the way that it could become thefavorite app of every ChelseaF.C. fan!We are open for cooperation.You can contact us with anyquestions or suggestions at our email:[email protected]
Soccer Star 2018 Top Leagues · MLS Soccer Games 1.3.5
Genera Games
It’s the last match of the League and you are in a drawn. It’syourturn to choose the destiny of your soccer team. Fit your boots,runfor the ball, make a powerful kick and… GOAL! Will you triumphas asoccer player and become the real score hero of your club? Willyoube the football legend of this season?Download now Soccer Star2018Top Leagues for mobile or tablet FOR FREE!GAME FEATURESLEAGUESANDDIVISIONSPlay in the most important soccer competitions intheworld: UEFA League, Cup, League, Champions League… and leadyourteam to the top of the worldwide football.Change your clubeveryseason and feel the emotions of playing in other leagues.Trythehardness of the English Premier League, or get fun withthetechnique of the Spanish La Liga, or feel the strategy oftheItalian Serie A… Could you win the trophies of allthechampionships?CONTRACTS AND SPONSORSNegotiate a contract withaclub and try to get the best deal. It’s the first step to reachagalactic contract and gain a lot of money, like a realsocceridol!Shine like a star and the best sponsors will offeryousucculents contracts, and will print their brands in yourfootballboots and your soccer kits.Get the best soccer kits, takecare ofyour alimentation, try an epic pair of boots… The realsoccer powerwill flow through your legs.CLUBS AND SEASONSStart yourownfootball career in a humble club and raise up match by matchtoreach the most famous soccer clubs in the world.Yourfootballcareer has just begun in the 2017/2018 season, so scoretons ofgoals and jump to a first division club in the2018/2019season.Reach world fame through all the seasons: 2016,2017… Andprepare yourself for the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018!Howmanyseasons do you need to win your first league? And aChampionsLeague?MANAGER AND SOCIALLook after your relation withyour coach,your fans, your teammates… To get a spot in thestartingeleven.Jump into the stadium and lead your soccer team tovictory.Control every aspect of your line up like a realfootballmanager.LEVEL UP SKILLSDifferent training modes: free kick,penaltyshootout, assist the striker… Level up your soccer skills tobe thenew star of football.Set wisely your team before each matchandcompete hard to reach glory with the best footballmanagergame.Free and easy to play soccer game: flick to shoot,flick toassist. Just one finger! Go for the world cup!From thecreator ofSoccer Star World Legend, here comes Soccer Star 2018 TOPLEAGUES,the ultimate new soccer experience. As the main feature:Leagues!Play in the leagues from every country and lead your teamto thetop of the championship winning every single match oftheseason.Begin your soccer career from the bottom. Sign with aseconddivision club and begin your journey to glory. Compete withthebest soccer teams and against worldwide known football players.Doyou dare to face Cristiano or Messi? Train to improveyourtechnique, shot and precision. That’s the only way to becomeanunstoppable soccer player.Play in the most importantsoccerchampionships: UEFA League, Cup, League, Champions League…And leadyour soccer team to the top. Take advantage of everyopportunity toimpress the sport press and negotiate galacticcontracts and thebest partners. Take care of your socialrelationships with yourcoach, team ands fans. Will you accept theFIFA World Cupchallenge? It’s up to you.Live like the soccer staryou aredestined to be. Buy luxury yachts, huge manors, fast cars…SoccerStar 2018 Top Leagues is the ultimate soccer simulator.Hirepersonal trainers and agents, get the best equipment foreveryseason, fit your epic boots and nobody will stop your kicks.Takeyour best and turn yourself into a soccer legend.World cup2018season has started and your time has come. Become aSoccerStar!VISITUS: coming!
⚽ Puppet Football Spain - Big Head CCG/TCG⚽ 2.0.18
⚽ #1 FOOTBALL GAME OF THE YEAR 2018 ⚽Shoot, kick and score goalsinthe most addicting football game of the year!Long expectedsequelof extremely popular hand Puppet Soccer 2014 with more than10million players all over the world from May 2014.Do you havewhatit takes to become the Legend? Train your skills, practicefreekicks, improve defense and offense tactics with no offsidehere.Lace up your boots and pull your shirt on or enjoy Mexicanwave:this game was made for you.Funniest Football Features (FFF):⚽20sock puppet team with real stats⚽ 100+ cartoon puppet⚽Specialpower ups in game – chewing gum, ice, slime, gypsum, superpower,spring, speed, silver shield, Mexican wave⚽ Big hand puppet 2headfun 2-player mode - splitscreen multiplayer for two players onasingle device🏆 Climb the league season 2017/2018 withachievements,champions cup and highscores⚽ Train your playerspower, sprintspeed and jump header keepie-uppie⚽ Heal your injuredplayers,bakambu enemy and change tactics and use 235 or 442⚽Perfectphysics for ball and mad goals⚽ Upgrade your stadium to getmoremoney for victoryPick your favorite hand puppet team likehalilovicand defeat you enemies like bakambu. You can play in 2player modewith your friend on one device. Train your team and getfeghouli onthe top of the charts and commence Mexican wave. It isyour choice,who will be your best player – halilovic or feghouli.New arena andincreased stats, it means new players. Game has 4different controlschemes – it is fully customizable. Practice freekicks, speed andjump. Play as champion and jump like feghouli, kickas halilovicand faul as bakambu. Change tactics and win. Staybefore the goaland wait, your chance to score will be bigger. Usehalilovicoffensive strategy, feghouli defense style or wide wingerbakambuand all at the same time. Have the best hand puppet team andstartMexican wave.The game orders many bonuses – you can usechewing gumon halilovic, freeze on bakambu or silver shield onfeghouli to getprotection or you can only begin Mexican wave. Healyour injuredpuppet team and continue in game.For more informationabout HandPuppet football Spain see at our website orFacebook.Created byNOXGAMES 2014 - 2018
Goal Meter: Goal Tracker, Habit Changer,To-Do List 2.7.92
Achieve your goals or change your habits faster. Create to-dolistfor your goals or habits. Improving your daily routine.Scheduleyour day in advance. Increasing your productivity.Improving yourefficiency. Change your bad habits and create newgood habits.Theseare what you can do with Goal Meter, your To-DoList for goalachieving and habit changing.Have you ever wonderedwhy some peopleachieve significant results in a day, while theaverage person isalways busy but achieving not much? The answer isthat successfulpeople plan their day in advance, and work on theirgoals orhabits.With Goal Meter you can remove your bad daily habitsandroutines into good habits and achieve your goals or removebadhabits faster than ever.TOP FEATURES★ Free★ Best user-friendlygoaltracker and habit changer app★ Beautiful Design: Goal Meteriswarped in a beautiful design with tons of funny cartooncharacters,making it one of the most beautifully-designed apps onthe market.★Time Management: Broken down into daily routines andhabits,suitable for anyone who wants to do more in less time.Efficientgoal tracking system to maximize goal achievement andhabittracking. ★ Daily or Weekly Routine Schedule Planner: You canputyour goals or habits into daily or weekly routines. You cancreatea To-Do List to track your goal or habit progressefficiently.★Goal/Habit statistic analyses: Set your goals, measurethem, andsee statistics about your progress. Best goal planner andachieversystem for short-term and long term goals or habits★Notificationsand Reminders: Goal Meter sends you notificationsabout when totake action and work on your goal★ Auto Backup andSync: Your datais automatically backed up and synchronized with ourservers.★Goal/ habit templates: Goal Meter comes with tons of readyto pickgoals and habits such as:● Study: Study hard, prepare for anexam,read a book● Exercise: General Exercise, Stretching,Running,Walking, Bicycling, Swimming, Yoga, Climbing, Dancing,Soccer,Football, Skiing● Diet: Eat Breakfast, No Fast Food, LoseWeight,Eat more Fruits & Vegetables, Eat Fish● Work: WorkHard,Schedule my Day, Networking, Apply for a New Job, OrganizeyourWorkplace, Stay Focus at Work● Health: Health Checkup,DentalCheckup, Meditate, Get Enough Sleep, Lunch Break, Go onVacation●Bad habits to stop: Stop Smoking, Stop Drug Addiction,Stopwatching too much TV, Stop overusing drugs,● Financial: SaveMoney,Get out of Debt, Pay off Credit Cards, Pay off StudentLoans,Emergency Fund, Live on Less than You EarnYou can use GoalMeter asa to-do list, daily task reminder, student calendar,timetableplanner, routine schedule organizer, productivity habittool, dailytime manager or daily planner. And it can be moreconvenient than acalendar for routine tasks, as it doesn't clutteryour calendarschedule. We want Goal Meter to be a powerfulproductivity tool foryou, so if you like it don't hesitate to tellus what you'd like toadd.FOUND A BUG OR ISSUE?If you found a bug oran issue, please,please send us email ([email protected]), wewill fix anyproblems your may have. Please don't leave bad commentsbeforeemailing us your issue. Thanks!TRANSLATIONSGoal Meter isavailablein:English and Polish (More languages are beingtranslated)YOU AREIMPORTANTGoal Meter is still young and for thatreason your supportis crucial. If you like it and think it has agreat potentialplease give us a nice review, it really helps.Thanks! But if youreally don't, please tell us what you would liketo change, wereally want to know in order to improve. Many manythanks!
Arsenal Live — Goals & News for Arsenal FC Fans 2.12.0
Get everything about Arsenal FC in an instant! From the latestnewsto the best feature articles to the LIVE game commentary, statsandVIDEO highlights - all things Arsenal for a true Gunnersfan!It'sfree, fast and will let you follow your team whereveryougo.Therefore, every Arsenal fan gets: √ Video highlights andphotogalleries√ Club news, game reports and expert columns√ Gamestatsand live text commentary√ Tables and fixtures for alltournaments,player profiles√ Adjustable push notifications for topnews andgame events√ Funny stuff: memes, jokes, vines, quotes,etc.√ Pollsand quizzes, all shareable.All championships and leagueswhereArsenal take part:: - English Premier League,- UEFAChampionsLeague,- League Cup,- FA Cup,- U-21 & U-18tournaments,-friendly matches.There's more to come in the nextupdates, so -COYG!This application is not an official one and isnot created byor endorsed by or otherwise related to the club. Itis created andsupported by Arsenal fans for other supporters of theclub.We areopen for cooperation. You can contact us with anyquestions orsuggestions at our email: [email protected]
FreeKick Soccer World Champion 1.3.4
Win Soccer Matches with a Flick Shots to Score Goals and PlayforGoalkeeper to stop the Goals.With regular updates - you willfindmany new game features and improvements. Select Your Team andWin aFreeKick World Cup agains the best Wold Teams.AwesomeRealisticFootball Free Kick Game - With the Worlds Top TeamsBecomea realfootball star, scoring spectacular goals - make your teamaChampion!Be the most valuable player and bring your team tovictoryin the championship.Improve your strikes, successfullyperformtasks, compete and beat the best teams.Download Free KickSoccerWorld Cup Now - a very realistic football simulator penalty3Dgame.Have fun and enjoy playing the best football game -FreeKickSoccer World Cup.Bring your team to the firstplace.Features:-Super realistic FREEKICKER- Play for Goalkeeper-Simple and veryeasy operation- Ability to play for your favoriteteam- Frequentupdates- High-level optimization- Real gamesituationsTry yourselfas a football star - make your perfect strike- score your bestgoals !!!
Free Kick 2018 - Mutiplayer Football Game 1.0.4
Uasabi Studio
Play for free, flick and score the best goals and update yourplayerto be the one!Save the barrier shooting with effect, be thenextCristiano Ronaldo, messi or neymar.Free Kick 2018 has amultiplayerand on-line mode, play against your friends and be thebest footballplayer to win the champions League.Your goal is toscore in thedifferent modes, single player, multiplayer. Today youcan be thebest! Play now!!!
Benchr 1.42
Wissl Media
An unfair penalty? An amazing goal? Coaching that turnsuptrumps?With Benchr, you can finally react and give youropinionswhile the match is live!It’s your turn to speak:Benchr!Whileyou’re watching a match on TV, react to what’shappening in thegame, evaluate players and compare your analysis towhat otherBenchrs think.Is your team playing tonight? Download theapp nowand kick off your Benchr experience:• evaluate players, yourteam,the coaching and the refereeing• rate goals and how theplayerscelebrate• call a foul and decide whether the card orpenalty isjustified• call for or confirm a substitute• suggest yourown teamcomposition• see players live stats• get notifications ofTopBenchrs, the players voted best by the communityTrackyourfavourite team’s matches in all five major Europeanfootballchampionships: France, Spain, Italy, England,Germany.Benchr, thesecond screen app for football fans, is free andavailable inEnglish, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Chinese.—3G, 4G orWi-Fi connection required —
Roll Ball Soccer – Rolling Soccer Ball Puzzle 1.0.1
IDC Games
Love roll ball puzzles? Love soccer? Play Roll Ball Soccer andstartrolling the soccer ball in the soccer field!You are afootballplayer and you have to score a goal in the soccer field.Slide thesoccer field blocks with your finger and find the pathfor thefootball ball to reach the goal. Once the path is created,thesoccer ball will start rolling.The soccer game has started… settherolling soccer ball in motion!Roll Ball Soccer is an addictiveandentertaining brain excercise for kids and players of allages.Simple but challenging, it’s a great relaxing game thatwillprovide tons of fun.Roll Ball Soccer has everything you loveofroll ball games, and much more!:- Puzzle game. The soccer fieldisformed by blocks.- Slide game. A simple control based onslidingyour finger.- Unblock game If you don’t change the fieldblocks ofplace, you will never find the path to the goal.- Hiddenobjectgame. You have to find and create the right path amongst thesoccerfields.- Maze game. The ball is trapped; find the way toescape andscore a goal in the football field!- Physics game. Solvethe physicproblems to complete the levels.- Brain excercise game.Train yourbrain and practice your visual and spatial abilities.-Family game.Fun and problem solving exercises for children-kids andplayers ofall ages.- Soccer game. The aim is to strike a goal atthe footballfield by moving the football fields.Will you be thenext puzzleRonaldo or Messi? Download Roll Ball Soccer and get thesoccer ballRolling to score a goal!FEATURES *********- Tons ofaddictivepuzzles to solve for hours of fun- Good graphics, goodfun- Simpleto understand - A relaxing game and stress reliever tounwind- Notime limits- No wi-fi required- Restart button- Freehints to helpin case you can’t find the path- Optimized for bothphone andtabletHOW TO PLAY *********- Slide your finger to move theblocksof soccer fields- Create a path to score a goal- Once thepath iscreated, the soccer ball will start rolling towards thegoal.- Eachlevel has 3 cups to collect. It’s not necessary tocollect any cupto complete a level- Each level can be morechallenging by tryingto collect as many football cups as possibleon the path to thegoalAre you ready to roll the ball on the soccerfield? DownloadRoll Ball Soccer now and try this challengingrolling soccerballgame!------------------------------------------------------Webpage: youhaveany suggestions or comments? Contact [email protected],we’dlove to hear about it!Do you have any other [email protected] and the Roll Ball SoccerSupport Teamwill take care of it!
Goal Sound Football Button 21.0
Celebrate all the goals of your favorite soccer team withGoalButton. By pressing the button you can hear a shout of "Gooooool "to celebrate all possible goals.Whether it is Cristiano,Messi,Neymar, Benzema, Ibrahimovic, Pele or Maradona, el bicho,piqué,ronaldinho, Zidane who score the goal, celebrate it withthisbutton with the sound of goal.You can currently celebrate intheKing's Cup, the Spanish league, the European Championship,theChampions League or for the World Cup in Russia!Imagine yourteamscoring a goal ball and winning the World Cup in Russia justlikeIniesta did!Gooaal.This app is for celebrate golden boot with abiggold fish. Live the goal with best score. You know that thisappcreate the best goal score. The Goal App is four youfootballentertainment.Follow us onTwitter:
La Liga - Spanish Soccer League Official 6.4.7
Receive goal alerts, news, schedules and scores for yourfavouriteteams and players: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, AtléticoMadrid,Sevilla FC, Messi, Ronaldo, Griezmann, Luis Suárez, etc. Allof theinformation about the Professional Football League, as wellas allof the international leagues for the 2017-2018 season.-SCHEDULES,SCORES, STANDINGS: LaLiga Santander, LaLiga 123, Copadel Rey, UEFAChampions League, UEFA Europa League, Liga FemeninaIberdrola,English, German, French and Italian Football Leagues….andmanymore. - LIVE minute-by-minute commentary. Follow and comment onthematch via TWITTER. - NOTIFICATIONS: Real time notificationsandalerts right from the kickoff, goals, red cards,substitutions,full times, daily schedules and much more. Completelycustomisable,it’s up to you. Optimised alerts for better live matchcoverage. -NEWS: Latest news from Spanish teams, your favouriteteam as wellas official LaLiga news. - MY TEAM: Personalise appcontent forquick and easy access to all past and upcoming matches,stadiuminformation, staff and images of your favourite team.-INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS: Take a look at match schedulesandinternational league match scores. You can follow theEnglish,German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Argentinean,Brazilian,US, Russian, Mexican and Chinese leagues. - You can alsoaccessofficial LaLiga profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,YouTubeand other official LaLiga apps. Download it
Stick Soccer 2 1.2.0
Create your football club. Score stunning goals.DominateEurope.From the creators of the chart-topping Stick TennisandStick Cricket, Stick Soccer 2 offers you the chance to:CREATEYOURCLUBCreate your very own football team. Customise your teamname,kit design and club crest.SCORE STUNNING GOALSBe a hero onthepitch! Score amazing goals with a flick of yourfinger.COLLECTPLAYER CARDSPlayer Cards boost your team performanceand fan base.Assemble the ultimate collection of modern day stars,or unlocklegends from yesteryear.DOMINATE EUROPEYou begin yourquest forStick Soccer 2 World Domination in Europe. Do battle withthebiggest clubs and some of the most prestigious nations inworldfootball.ESTABLISH A GLOBAL FANBASEBuild an adoring fanbasebyshowcasing your silky soccer skills. Complete a huge rangeofarcade-style challenges and keep your cool in do-or-diematchscenarios. See how you stack up on the leaderboard.
Crazy Freekick 1.0.15
hap Inc.
Such as ninja or sumo or train have to defense the goal.Thissoccergame is a very funny defender. Let's goal using a techniqueandbrain!This app is a new football(Soccer) freegame.hapInc.
Super Goalkeeper - Soccer Game 1.34
Shaokao Games
Download it right now and be a super goalkeeper letopponentsappalled.Super goalkeeper is a cool 3D soccer goalkeepergame, themost notable feature of the game is to have a brilliant3Dgraphics, a strong sense of the scene, and a rich propsandplay.The game's basic mode of control is using a finger toslidegoalkeeper's gloves to the fired penalty, but there is alwayssomeprop soccer to let you hard to detect.In addition,there aretwomodes in the game, one is the endless mode, you need togainexperience and coins by saving soccer, then upgrade and unlocknewprops, after that players can get to buy more dazzling soccerandeffects by coins. The second mode is a classic arcade mode,playerhas three lives, you will reduce one life if there is a goal,willalso get coins by saving soccer, this mode goalkeeper playerneedto challenge yourself, see how much soccer can you save? Ineachmode, soccer you continuous clinging more, the coins and scorewillget more. So try your best to continuous clinging soccer asmuch aspossible.Features:Brilliant 3D Graphics2 Game ModesVariousPropsSoccerDazzling Soccer and EffectsRealistic Sound DesignOneHandPlayableFrequently Updated Game Content
Pixel Cars. Soccer 1.5
This is fully physics based 2D funny car soccer game. Playsoccerwith cars with easy gameplay and try to first 3 goals!You canhityour opponents body with your car at the same time, you needstayon ground for defend on your goal!- Customize your cars. Youcanunlock many many forms with earned golds. (more than 20)-Playagainst with a friend or try to earn cups in tournament modevsHard CPU.- Rain, Snow or Normal weather settings. Howeveryourlike.- Challenge in 3 amazing tournament mode. Amateur,semi-proand Stars League!- Select your country and play againstothercountries!- Up to 2 players support so you can play withyourfriends on same device.Click gas, drive your car, jump andmakesome score!
Real Soccer League 1.0.0
Now this awesome sport game is better than ever! The soccerplayersare fast and angry, nothing stop them in front of thewinner’spodium. You can try your abilities to go through thisfuriouschallenge. Here you have rules of the game: Score pointsbycarrying the ball from a starting point into the opposition’sendzone. Use end zone in front of your team to score and don’tletopposing team to reach yours. Run the show on offense anddefense.A play begins as usual when the ball is moved from theground intothe hands of the players. Of course you will be harassedby theother team but this is the American football.Game is dividedintofour quarters of 60 seconds each. So, build your own offensiveanddefensive teams. You have an opportunity to play asquarterback,receiver, linebacker, cornerback by yourself during thegame.Thisaction sport battle is the most immersive, streamlinedfootballexperience on mobile. It’s time to play football!Show offyourskills on the pitch like never before to be aworldchampion!Features:Fight your way forward with running plays.Playas the franchise quarterback.Practice strategy and specialplays.Cross the opposition’s goal line with the ball.