Top 48 Games Similar to Castle Runner 3D

Flourishing Empires 2.1
Flourishing Empires - a Mixture of medieval3Daction and strategy. You find yourself in the middle ages,whereseven big clans are fighting among themselves over land. Yourtaskis to collect a large army and destroy all the clans, andseizedtheir possessions. In the early stages you can battle withthebandits, selling trophies obtained in battle. Develop the skillsofyour character, buy gear, training your squad and whenyou'reready, grab the first castle, which will make a profit.Eachcaptured castle will be accompanied by the transition of theLordon your side, thereby increasing your clan.- Global map- 7 clans- Towns and castles- The battle in the third person- Inventory- Customizationand much more.
Vitas Castle of Horror Mobile 1.1
Invade the castle that gave birth to theVitaslegend and try to steal his relics, but be careful he willbewaiting for you!Invada o castelo que deu origem a lenda do Vitas e tente roubarsuasreliquias, mas tome cuidado vai estar te esperando!Computer version:ão de PC: the castle quegavebirth to the legend Vitas and try to steal his relics, butbecareful he will be waiting for you!Invade the castle that gave rise to the legend of Vitas and trytosteal their relics, but be careful will be waiting for you!Computer version: version:
Grow Tower: Castle Defender TD 1.3.62
ENEMIES AHEAD!Defend your Castle and level up your Tower! Take up arms andbravethe endless frontier in this age of war!Play endless defence games against oncoming castle creepsandmonsters in Grow Tower: Castle Defender TD!HOW DO I PLAY?Cleverly employ various HEROES and strategically place TOWERS atthebest location to ensure certain victory against enemies. Yourcastleneeds your tower defense strategy to survive the onslaughtin thisdefense game! Upgrade, combine, enhance, level up, and GROWyourtower defenders!The tide of battle relies on your fingertips: use Hero SKILLS attheright time to turn tables on your enemies! Drop massiveMETEORS,freeze BOSS MONSTERS, stun and knockback enemies withvariousdefense skills! Ensure your victory with skills and TDstrategy!Only defeat awaits those who do not train and prepareforbattle!Teach those invaders to not mess with your cartoon mini warriorsandbeefed up towers!ARE YOU READY?Build your Towers, rally your Heroes, and defend your Castle!Play Grow Tower: Castle Defender TD NOW!How many waves can you clear?*NOTE: Grow Tower: Castle Defender TD is a game incontinuousactive development! This means new features areconstantly beingadded, so please leave us feedback on how we canimprove thegame!*Permission Information- Read external storage (photos, videos, files): Required foraccessto graphic settings/cache applicable to the game andads.
Dragon Hunter: Fight Predator to Survive Rampage 1.0
Do you love dragon hunting games? Do youwanttobecome a dragon hunter and savior of castle in medievalfantasywar?Get yourself equip with magical gauntlets, cloak armorandpets asyour love for dragon fighting games, dragon flyinggamesand archerfighting games has excited us to make thisultimatedragon simulatorin which you get a chance to become flyingmonsterslayer.Dragon Hunter: Fight Predator to Survive Rampageisanaction-packed fantasy war addictive game withmultiplefirebreathing creatures and different levels. Killthesemajesticcreatures and protect castle from getting burn. PlaythisFPSwarrior game to feel the terror and menace of apredator.Dragonsfly from rocky nest, aim at target from above withfireballsandsow the path of destruction. Highly trained archersshootfieryarrows to guard the castle. Embark the epicdragonhuntingadventure in the dragon world and be apredatorwarrior!Monster predators went crazy and are hunting once again. Huntorbehunted! Survive predator attack to guard your castlewithfieryarrows. Hunt down flying monster beasts to developyourdragonshooting skills. Shoot down these giant animals quicklyasthey canemit fire. Focus hard to hunt down dragons inanimalhunting game.Play to survive and become a skilled animalhunter anddragonslayer. Aim, shoot and kill to end dragon rampageand be atopwarrior. Magical species of powerful fire breathingdragonsthrowfireballs to establish their own dominance. Be a warheroslayer tohunt dragons down.Dragon Hunter: Fight Predator to Survive Rampagehasbeendesigned to give you the realistic experience of bowandarrowfighting games. Be a warrior archer shooter to enjoymedievaltimearchery. Precise arrow shooting will make you a bowarcher.Takeyour bow and arrow to begin adventure in this firstpersonshootinggame. Become an archery master to stop ruthlessattack offlyingmonster creature. Grab bow arrow to become a bowhunter andtakedown fire breathing creatures in one of the best bowandarrowhunting games.Protect medieval age castle in bow arrow master castle war.Useyouramazing archery skills to hunt down majestic creaturewithfieryarrows in amazing bow arrow master game simulation.Standtall toguard the castle and help escape innocent people inepicbow arrowmaster medieval archery simulator. Play thisbestbow killinggame having archer standing on castle walls incastlesimulator.Engage in fantasy archery combat and prove yourselfasultimate bowhunter and top animal slayer in first personarcheryadventure game.Enjoy the dragon hunt through archery.Enjoyhunting dangerousanimals with arrow and bow inmedievalkingdom.Game Features:• 3D Animated Flying Monster• High Quality 3D Medieval Scenery• Realistic Fire Breathing Action• Smooth Controls• Epic Battles with Elite Archers• Cutting-edge GraphicsDo you have the bravery, skill and fantasy battle strategytobecomea hunting legend in rampage? Find out with DragonHunter:FightPredator to Survive Rampage, the best action gamethatwill putyou in charge of the kingdom! Download today tobecomebest fantasywar slayer!
Catapult King
Wicked Witch
Become the catapult!Take down forts, castles and even a fire-breathing dragon intheaward-winning Catapult King—the King of castle crushers! Rescuetheprincess and defeat the enemy in this beautiful, 3Dfantasyadventure.This app offers in-app purchases.  You may restrictin-apppurchasing using your device settings.• ONCE UPON A TIMEPrincesses are constantly getting themselves kidnapped bydragonsand this one is no different. Now it's up to you to get herbackusing your arsenal of cannonballs and power-ups.• SMASH THE NASTY KNIGHTSThe Nasty Knights are helping the dragon keep the princesscaptive.Teach them a lesson in over 100 fun and challenginglevels.• POWER-UP YOUR 'PULTComplete levels to earn magic, then use this to enchantyourcatapult. You can give your catapult a line of sight foraccuracy,use the Earth Shock to blast the bad guys away, or call inadevastating Lunar Strike!By installing this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy:''
Hidden Object Enchanted Castle – Hidden Games
Welcome to the enchanted castle! If youlikemystery worlds environment and you're ready to discover secretsinthe house, you're at the right place! Our unique hiddenobjectsstory offers you a chance to find a hidden object and enjoywondersof the castle! “Hidden objects castles” is a free mysterygamedesigned with the aim to take you to the mystery worlds whereyoucan “look for hidden objects” with ease and entertainment!Discoverthe house secret with just a click of your finger! Do acompletehome makeover in the enchanted castle and enjoy every stepof theway! Hidden Object Enchanted Castle is waiting foryou!Catch all castle ghosts and enjoy playing these “hiddenobjects”all the time!👻 2000+ objects!👑 Magnificent graphics!👻 Catchy melodies!👑 Hints –when you need help!👻 Zoom feature - for mobile phones and tablets!👑 Free of charge!👻 100 % anti-boredom!Supported languages: Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu,Dansk,Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, NorskBokmål,Polski, Português, Slovenčina, Srpski, Suomi, Svenska, TiếngViệt.,Türkçe, Ελληνικά, Русский,العربية, हिन्दी, ภาษาไทย, 中文,日本語,한국어.Mystery hidden objects especially for you!Do you like fantasy, vampires, haunted houses, and zombies?You'reat the right place! Free download “Hidden ObjectEnchantedCastle” and start your own hidden objects adventure!Enter ourmagical castle and “search and find hidden objects” asquickly asyou can! Engage your concentration, perception, and quickfingersto “find objects” in the magical castles! If you like hiddenobjectquest games, you have everything you need in our hiddenobjectsworld! We offer you “hidden objects games for free” whichareequally suitable for kids, teenagers, and adults! If youlikemystery estates hidden object games, the story of anenchantedcastle will puzzle your mind and enhance your cognitivecapacities!Download “hidden objects puzzles” today and startplaying your newfavorite mystery game!Hidden Objects Adventure in a royal castle!Hidden Object Enchanted Castle is a classic “find thehiddenobject game” which is both educational and fun! By playing ityoucan advance your vocabulary and you can also have a lot offun!“Search and find hidden objects” in a bewitched castle andinvitemystery into your world! If you like educational games,puzzles,concentration games, and logic games, you've found what youwerelooking for! “Free hidden objects games” are the best hiddenobjectmystery games! Whether it is an enchanted garden, enchantedforest,or an enchanted castle – your gaming experience will surelygoingto be pleasurable! Download these exquisite “hidden objectgames”and see it for yourself! We offer you excellent graphicdesign –you'll fall in love with the lovely pictures and various“hiddenobjects” to find! Hurry up because “mystery hidden objects”arewaiting for you!Hidden object castle – enter the magic castle andfindobjects!“Hidden objects enchanted” are waiting for a true player to passallthe levels with ease and great speed! You're surely a fan ofmysterygames, free puzzle games, and hidden games, so here is aspecialcollection of “find the hidden objects free” mystery games!Thequestion is now can you find the hidden objects? “Hiddenobjectcastle” adventure is waiting for a true puzzle solver likeyou!“Search and find hidden objects” in the best free mysteryappHidden Object Enchanted Castle! Hidden object freegamesespecially for all fans of mystery, magic, and enchantedplaces!Download it now and enjoy playing “hidden object games” allthetime!We offer you top rated hidden object games free of charge whichyoucan play any time you want! Whether you want hiddenobjectadventure games, don't hesitate because Hidden ObjectEnchantedCastle has everything you need!
Castle of Legends 1.23
Create your own legend! Castle of Legends isafantasy role-playing game where you can construct a REALCASTLE,explore an intriguing storyline, recruit famous heroes fromacrosstime and space, and have fun with players from all overtheworld!In a magical land of lords and castles, a failed scienceexperimenthas opened a rift in time and space, bringing all kindsof weirdmonsters into the world! As a noble lord, you need torebuild yourcastle and uncover the mysteries that lie outside yourcastlewalls![FEATURES]● BUILD FLOORS WITH UNIQUE FUNCTIONS: Build up your castle inyourown way! Focus research on your military, resources,expeditionforce, or castle defense… The choice is yours!● RECRUIT AN ARMY OF HEROES: Collect massive legendary heroesfromthe pages of history to help rebuild your castle and defendyourland!● LEVEL UP AND CONQUER: Train your troops and send them offtotrade, craft, and explore the world map!● CRAFT EPIC GEAR: Command your crafters to gather resources,craftequipment, and create legendary items!● INVADE AND PLUNDER PLAYERS IN REAL TIME: Ask your friends toaidyour defense and organize your troops and tactics before theenemyarrives! Capture other players’ castles and occupycontestedstrategic points on the world map!● CHALLENGE ALL-NEW PVP EVENTS: Take on other players inexcitingsolo and guild PVP events and crush them all in your questfordomination!● UNITE FOR GLORY: Join a Legion with players from around theglobeand battle against rival Legions in a range of excitingworldevents!● CREATE YOUR OWN COUNTRY: Claim your very own Legion territoryandexpand it through Legion Wars and by sending out youruniqueGuardian Beast!● EXPLORE A TIME-TRAVELING WORLD OF ADVENTURE: Embark on ajourneyacross uniquely different terrains and locations! Exploremagicallands from famous legends and clash with hundreds ofmonsters!Uncover an epic plot in a fun RPG story that takes youacross timeand space to create a legend of your own!Note: Castle OF Legends requires an internet connectiontoplay.[SUPPORT]Are you having problems with the game?Contact us via Email:…or visit our FacebookFanpage: FacebookGroup:
Skull Towers: Castle Defense Game: Best Archery TD 1.0.4
Genera Games
Skull Towers: Castle Defense Game:BestArchery TD is a new tower defense game with RPG (roleplayinggame), first person archery and tower defense elements.Defend yourcastle from waves of skulls, army of monsters and hordesofskeletons and defeat Dark Lord in addicting td battles. If youliketower defence games, dungeons and challenging levels, youwillenjoy this strategy game full of action and powerfulenemies.Prepare your bow and arrows, summon turrets and traps inthebattlefield, aim to the head and shoot! The ultimate castledefensegame is here!★ Download Skull Towers: Castle Defense Game: Best ArcheryTDand start fighting epic defense battles now! This is one ofthefunniest free tower defense games ever! ★Tons of skeletons are attacking your fortress and you are theonlyone who can defeat them! Skull Towers is an offline castledefensegame where you are an archer and have to stop the enemiesusingmagical arrows, magma bombs and special powers. No skull cancrossthe line! You must defend the kingdom, defend your castle andfightoff monster hordes! If you love war strategy games, firstpersonshooters and dungeon RPG, you will enjoy Skull Towers! Anewconcept of free td games has born.Do you want to know all the features of the game?Keepreading!A new, innovative gameplay!Skull Towers is a free tower defence game, but has firstpersonshooter (FPS), strategy, dungeon and RPG elements. You havetofight waves of enemies in a medieval fantasy world, and youronlyweapons are arrows, potions and defense buildings as turretsorbarricades.You will need good aim and skill to reachthevictory!Tens of bows and arrowsYou can unlock new powerful bows and magical bracelets bykillingskeletons. From Bone Bow to Dragon Bow, there are tens ofthem withgreat abilities. And you can use special arrows too: fire,ice,stun, explosive, multiple arrows… Enemies can resist some ofthem,so use them wisely!Multiple levels and enemiesTons of skeleton warriors: wizard, knight, gladiator, paladin…allwith uniques stats and skills. Dodge their attacks and stop themindozens of levels! Could you defeat the Evil Lord and defendyourcastle?Upgrade your defense towersSummon multiple battle towers and defenses: catapults,barricades,explosive barrels, poison plants… Kill the skeletonhordes, collectectoplasm and improve the strength and power of yourdefences! Youmust be prepared for the war!Play this tower defence offline!Skull Towers is an offline tower defense game, which means youcanplay it with no wifi connection! Furthermore, it’s a free game!Ifyou love castle defense games but can’t play online, SkullTowersis for you. No internet connection required!Stunning 3D graphicsThere are tons of scenarios and great environments with stunning3Dgraphics and wonderful music and sounds. Cemeteries, swamps,ruins…You will feel like in a real battlefield! You can even unlock3Dmodels of enemies, bows and arrows in the Dark Book, an ingameencyclopedia full of content.The funniest archery tower defense gameSkull Towers: Castle Defense Game: Best Archery TDischallenging and funny to play. A perfect game for those wholovefree td games but need innovation and new gameplay. If you trythegame, you will fall in love with it!A new wave is coming! Get ready to fight against the forces ofevil!Do you think you can defeat them and win the war? Try themostaddicting tower defense game and save your tower and yourrealm fromthe dark side! Archer, you must be prepared for thefinal battle.Take your bow, aim and… shoot!Want to see more? Check out the video!--> best FPS & td game, ambiented in a fantasymedievalbattlefield. Play now FOR FREE on mobile or tablet!VISIT US:
Fairy Tale Princess Dollhouse
This awesome app is a great way to createafairy tale world full of stories. With so many characters tochoosefrom and cool doll house decorations to use, you can havemanyhours of fun creating imaginative story worlds. Chooseamazingcastles, palaces or fabulous homes, and make them your ownas youadd items and characters to complete whole scenes or storiesaboutyour princess, prince and their friends. This all-agesfairyprincess app is perfect for playing alone or making familyqualitytime with your princes and princesses even more creativeandenjoyable.❤❤❤ APP FEATURES ❤❤❤✿ Make your own fairy tale come to life✿ Awesome castles and cute homes with many rooms✿ Over 200 fantastic decorations to add to the rooms ofyourchoosing✿ Plenty of cool characters and pets that bring stories to lifeinfun scenes that you create✿ A variety of well known fairy tale characters available tochoosefrom; including Little Red Riding Hood, Alice and the MadHatter,fairies, ice princess and many moreMake your own fairy tale scenes and stories with hundreds of funandcute characters, decorations, and awesome castles andhomes.
Grim Defender - Castle & Tower Defense 1.39
Grim Defender - Castle &TowerDefenseGrim Defender is a fast paced castle defense / tower defense(td)game that requires strategy and skill. You defend against wavesofattacking monsters, upgrade your defense and grow strongerandstronger. The dark army is preparing an attack - fight backwithpowerful crossbows, magic spells, traps, legendaries andmodules -send the monsters back to the dungeon where they camefrom!Tap the screen to shoot monsters, drag and drop spells onmonstersor position powerful traps. Use gold, rubies and darkgoldthat youcollect from monsters to upgrade your defense and weapons!Thisaddicting defense game is praised for its diversity, depth andfungameplay - enjoy large action loaded battles with hundredsofenemies on the battlefield.Endless levels, tons of upgrades, items, legendaries andinfinitecombinations!Challenging gameplay through never ending levels and differentgamemodes. Craft and customize your defense as you like.Non-lineardefense and upgrade setup, hundreds of viable builds.Freelycombine items to build the strongest defense, placeexplosives,lightning or stasis traps to destroy your enemies ormaze up usingpalisades. Use fire, ice, lightning or pushback spellsas well aspowerful crossbows combined with modules to stop the darkmonsters.Upgrade your bow to shoot stronger arrows, improve yourmodules todeal more damage, use multishot or have splintershot.Upgrade yourcastle wall, buy more defense turrets and magic towersor even addan automatic turret to your castle!Lots of unique enemies, crazy monsters and bosses!Fight your way from easy zombies and skeletons to cannons,palisadesand powerful epic boss monsters - can you defeat theultimatedragon? Kill all monsters and become the greatest warriorin thiscrazy game!Dailies, quests and global competitions withotherplayers!See how other players defend their castle and compete in thegloballeaderboard! Play dailies and quests or compete in theultimateversus mode battle against other players (player versusplayer(pvp) - coming soon). Reach the highest rank in theonlinecompetitive leaderboard - have the highest level of allplayers orbecome a vs mode machine with the best defenderstrategy!Offline play!Grim Defender does not require an internet connection to be played-play offline from anywhere and whenever you want.Download now for free (free to play) and become the greatestmonsterdefender in the best action packed wave based castledefense / towerdefense game that you have ever played!Game website: http://www.grimdefender.comCompany website: http://www.byteghoul.comWe love defense games and made this game with a lot ofpassionand focus on details! We really hope that you enjoyourwork!BYTEGHOUL GAMES
Monster Castle-Visit Ancient Greece
** Featured globally on the Google Play Store–Best New Game **Monster Lord's castle is well-designed and full of traps.Greedybats hiding in the dark and grim pumpkins running around.Alongwith the death of howling, the door of alchemical roomslowlyopened. Orcs and Goblins are standing by. Armor up! It’s timetofight the humans!Take advantage of Monster Castle’s unique vertical towerdefensegameplay to strategically fight your way to victoryalongsidemillions of other players!Enter a surprising new world of original characters, and havethetime of your life as you make it to the top oftheleaderboards!FEATURES● Arrange your castle defenses to dispatch of anyone whodaresinvade your base! Battle is easy to learn, but hardtomaster!● PvP strategy: test out different strategies and discover ahiddensystem of clever battle tactics.● Train your dragon to burn enemy castles to the ground anddefendyour own castle from attack!● Fight opponents worldwide: join an alliance and wage waragainstplayers from around the world.● Exciting daily missions: make your castle stronger every daybycollecting Gold, filling your Wine Barrel, and much more!---------------------------------------------------------------Monster Castle on the web: http://mc.sixjoy.comFind us on Facebook: Support email: Monster Castle is free to download and play, however somegameitems can also be purchased for real money. If you do not wanttouse this feature, please set up password protection forpurchases inthe settings of your Google Play Store app.
Defender Heroes: Castle Defense TD 2.7
The war broke out and dark monsters are backtoattack your castle. Not only orcs, but also goblins, witch,spirits,devils and other monsters are trying to destroy yourkingdom! Usethe power of the bow and crossbow to defend the realmand thekingdom from attacking enemies. Equip the castle with abow, arrowsand defeat all the demon and zombies that are coming toyourcastle.You are not alone in this battle. Choose your legendary warriorsandfight together with the legendary heroes. Summon the ancientgodswill lead your army and defend your precious kingdom. Upgradeyourheroes and control their unique skill to defend kingdom fromwavesof monsters are attacking your castle. Do not forget toupgrade yourarchery and crossbow, which will help you shootpowerful bosses. Canyou defend your castle against intruders withyour archery?Features of Defender Heroes:- More than 10 heroes with a lot of unique skills tocollect:archer, hunter, elf, panda, demon, witch…- Upgrade 100+ level of castle, archery and crossbow withamazingpower.- Explore more than 300 epic battles. Defeat dark dragon,collectgold and diamond in goblin mode.- A lot of creeps to destroy before they attack the castle.- Talent system make heroes and warrior stronger bypowerfulmagic.- Totem: Increase shooting frequency, bonus battle goldanddiamond.- Weapon and equipment: Hammer, swords, armor, bow and arrowswillincrease your spell and heroes power.Download Heroes Defender - free idle strategy game withtowerdefense style. You will enjoy the feeling of shooting theenemy anddefend your castle, and become the legendary Defender.Love ancientmilitary rpg strategy games? Then download now and diveinto theidle defense strategy of Defender Heroes!Follow us for the updates!
Castle Construction Building Game Crane and Loader 1.3
OneTen Games
Show off your construction skills toprovethat you are the best! Download this Castle ConstructionBuildingGame Crane and Loader created by OneTen Games and have funwith theloaded vehicles. Sit behind the steering to control theheavyvehicles while performing your duty at the houseconstructiongames. Play as the building simulator take up thechallenge ofcastle building games. Enjoy the ride of excavation,truck andmighty cranes in this crane digging games. Here aredifferent typesof machinery given for you and construction ideasare in your mind.You can use it and finish the assigned task intime in this buildcastle games. If you are ready to take on thischallenge justdownload and drive heavy vehicles. We guarantee youwill not beable to stop playing this immersive and addictive buildcraftingand building!The story of this castle construction revolves around a girlnamedCinderella. His prince has promised with her that he willbuild acastle for her. So you are a great builder of castle gamesforgirls of your area. The duty of this harbor crane is assignedtoyou. Being the player of this heavy construction vehicle youhaveto build a castle with the help of construction vehicles.Therewill be different levels in this new builder games. The firsttaskwhich is assigned to you here Builders game you need tobulldozethe area with the help of bulldozer. You need to finish alltheobjects in shape of trees and stones. The next assigned task toyouhere town building simulator games is to make the base forcastle.Being the active player you need to place 8 pillars in themarkedarea with the help of mobile tower crane. Once you are doneyouneed to fill these hole with the help of sand .You aresupposedgreat driver so you can drive heavy machinery too. Yourtest ofdriving has been started in this crane digging games. Youhave todrive the loader to the area and park it at the marked areaandunload loader in the hole. After filling the hole inthisconstruction world city you have to flat the marked surfacewiththe help of roller. And throw mixer to make the base of castleinthis with the help of heavy concrete mixer and excavator. Youneedto pick wall parts and load them into loader with the helpofmobile crane and transport these walls to the site in thisbuildkingdom games. Once you are done with all these buildingprocessnow you are needed to put the houses around this palace tomake ita castle. Being the player of this all new constructiongames 2017you need to dig a canal around it for its protection.Afterbuilding of castle you need to make bridge around it.You made it!Castle Construction Building Game Crane andLoaderFeatures:★Play our castle construction for FREE on any Android device★Buckle up your seat belt and take control of awesome buildcraftingand building★High-quality 3D graphics of architecture simulator★ Many hours of free fun of castle building games★Awesome environments★Enjoy super immersive environment and realisticsoundeffects.★Finish all 10 levels, with different objectivesandchallenges.In this game you will have to play the role of theconstructionsimulator to transport building material on yourconstruction truckand dump it on the construction site. This willnot easy to handle,but fun to play house construction games.Download this CastleConstruction Building Game Crane and Loadercreated by OneTenGames In multilevel and multi vehiclesoperating game you haveto show your skill in this build kingdomgames. Test your skill onmulti vehicles and be careful whileIf you enjoy this FREE game, be sure to rate us 5 stars for ourallnew construction games 2017
Mystery Castle Hidden Objects - Seek and Find Game
Reveal the magic castle secrets and becomeahero of the lost kingdom! Play Mystery Castle Hidden Objects-Seek and Find Game, and enter a magical fairy tale worldwithenchanted castles, haunted houses, secret gardens and othermagicalplaces. This is one of the best adventure games where youhave atask to find hidden objects in pictures and escape themidnightcastle full of ghosts, vampires and other scary monsters.This isone of the best Halloween stories you are going to love. Sogetready and prepare for the most amazing mystery adventureforfinding hidden objects of your life!🏰 Mystery Castle Hidden Objects - Seek and Find Gamefeatures:🏰🔍 Adventure mystery game free localized into 15 languages!🔍 More than 1000 hidden objects to find in this wonder world!🔍 Multiple levels with mystery places full of magichiddenobjects!🔍 Fantastic 3D game design that will leave you speechless!🔍 Find the hidden object from the card below & clickonit!🔍 Click on the magnifying glass button to use the hintforhelp!🔍 For mobile phones only! - Zoom in the picture to findtheobjects!🔍 Move the picture when it is zoomed to find thehiddenobject!🔍 Zoom out at any moment you like to see the mysterysceneagain!🏰 ADDITIONAL MYSTERY HIDDEN OBJECT GAME FEATURES: 🏰🔍 Picture search for finding hidden objects quicklyandeasily!🔍 Silhouette hidden object – a challenging level forfindingitems!🔍 Word scramble game level – a hard level to findhiddenfigures!🔍 Flash light or a night mode level – use the light to seekforitems!🔍 Match Pairs – a memory game with colorful cards to pair!🔍 Find the Difference – a mini game placed among thehiddenobjects!🔍 Time limit game - bonus level to train your brainandconcentration!🔍 Tile puzzle game – put the puzzle pieces together to makeapicture!Can you escape mystery castle? Find the hidden objects fromthemessy rooms, around the iron throne and run from this cursedplace.Enchanted castle hidden object adventure game for adultswillcertainly impress you. You need to discover the darkest secretsofthe mystery society that lived here. So enter this ancientcastle,search each room for clues, pick hidden figures and enjoy.Pick asfast as you can all the items written on the list, pass allthelevels and escape from the magic castle. In that way you willgothrough all the enchanted castle rooms of memory, messykitchensand find the hidden figures everywhere. If you lovetreasure huntgames and mystery temple games, Mystery Castle HiddenObjects -Seek and Find Game will certainly be one of your favoritehiddentreasure games you have ever played.🏰 Enchanted castle hidden object mystery game for adults andallages!If you want to be a great explorer, this is the best job foryou!Mystery Castle Hidden Objects - Seek and Find Game brings youjoyand fun through all the levels. There are also many of theminigames inside this search and find hidden object game app thatwillkill your boredom and help you exercise your concentrationandtrain your brain. This horror story will lead you throughthemedieval castle, full of strange items scattered everywhere.Objectsearching game is the best pastime activity for you, don'twait anylonger start the hidden objects quest free games withamazinggraphics and gameplay.🏰 Get lost in castle of mystery and search for hiddenobjects!Be a castle hero! Clean up the enchanted manor! This mysterycastlewith the iron throne of the lost city in the kingdom reallyneeds alittle bit of house cleaning. When you enter the messykitchen youwill see so much old and broken stuff but you need tofind theright hidden items that will help you find the truth aboutthishaunted castle from the medieval period. Download MysteryCastleHidden Objects - Seek and Find Game for adults and become aknightwho will conquer the throne and pick up all the hiddentreasure.Have fun!
My Princess Castle - Doll and Home Decoration Game 1.1.6
Tapps Games
Ever wanted to be a princess and live inabeautiful castle? Your dream comes true with My PrincessCastle!Create and dress princesses and have them living incastlesdecorated by yourself! The best princess game of all timesishere!YOUR OWN PRINCESSStop by the exclusive beauty salon to create and customize yourownprincess just the way you want! Pick her hairstyle, her eyes,herclothes and even her jewelry, tiara and shoes -- all of thethingsa real princess can’t live without!You can even dress and name her after your favorite princess ofalltimes! What will it be? Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora,Ariel,Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Anna,Elsa?It’s all up to you!YOUR OWN CASTLEPick your favorite castles and give them your personal touchwithover a hundred different and beautiful items for every type ofroomyou can imagine. Don’t forget to add cute dolls, puppiesandkitties to play with!Use your creativity to design incredible living rooms,bedrooms,bathrooms, kitchens and much more. When you are done, takeapicture of your lovely castle or room to save it forever andshareit with your best friends!My Princess Castle brings back all the magic, fantasy andenjoymentof princesses and their adorable castles.HIGHLIGHTS• Countless combinations for your princess doll• Many models of castles• Incredibly cute illustrations• Designed for people of all ages, from kids to adults• Over 100 exclusive decoration items• Cute dolls, puppies and kittiesLive this fairy tale! Play My Princess Castle now and have funwithprincesses and castles!Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains itemsthatcan be purchased for real money. Some features and extrasmentionedin the description may also have to be purchased forrealmoney.
Ninja Warrior Superhero Shadow Battle 1.0.1
REVENGE FROM THE KINGIt’s time for ninja warrior superhero to indulge in shadowassassinbattle and take bloody revenge from the king and superninjaenemies inside the castle. Ninja warrior superhero shadowbattle isan ultimate assassin battle of getting the grand throneback fromthe king and rescue princess.GET BACK THE GRAND THRONENinja warrior superhero is going to fight an incredible battlewithninja enemies using super fighting skills. This a realassassinbattle of warrior superhero against shadow rivals forgetting theroyal throne back. The real heroes don’t turn back. Youthe realsuperhero ninja warrior who belong to the grand warriorfamily ison the mission to get back the grand royal throne fromevilking.INCREDIBLE BATTLE AGAINST CASTLE ENEMIESGet ready for an ultimate sword fighting with super ninjaenemies,collect evidence, assassinate the king, rescue princess andwin thegrand assassin battle like a real superhero! As a realsuperheroninja warrior help escape the princess locked up in deepdarkshadow dungeon of the castle.SILENT COMBAT MISSIONSSneak into castle for silent killing mission. Fight the angrycastleguards and gate keepers. Avoid extreme deadly attacks fromshadowninja enemies. The ninja rivals are strong and powerful soyou needto avoid lethal deadly strikes for your ultimatesurvival.COLLECT EVIDENCE AGAINST THE KINGAs a warrior superhero you need to collect evidence against theKingbefore doing final lethal attack. Fight bravely in assassincombatmissions, collect evidence, use you samurai sword as realninjawarrior hero and kill shadow rivals like a real superhero.There isa shield to protect you against brutal attacks. Use thesamuraisword and shield wisely.RESCUE PRICNESS & ESCAPE CASTLEFind the prison cell, eliminate the gate keeper and collectthekeys. Help escape the princess from the shadow ninjaenemies.Rescue her from the deep dark shadow dungeon. Run up thecastlewalls, sneak up to the shadow ninja enemies, kill silentlyusingbest stealth survival skills and kill rivals with yourwarriorsamurai sword in an ultimate ninja warrior heroesbattle.REAL TEST OF MARTIAL ARTS & SURVIVAL SKILLSNinja warrior superhero shadow battle is a real test of yourgrandmartial art and survival fighting skills. Fight likeextremefighter superhero warrior and bring death to the ninjaenemies.Make the best use of your grand samurai sword and shield towinthis warrior heroes battle. It’s time to show perfect combatskillsagainst the castle guards and gate keepers and kill themwithlethal action stunts. Stick to your ultimate mission of gettingthegrand royal throne back and rescue princess for making yourwarriorninja family proud and making the grand survivalpossible!Features:• Ninja Warrior Stealth Fighting Missions!• Kill ninja enemies with lethal sword strikes indeadlycombat!• Battle against castle guards & gate keepers like arealsuperhero!• Collect evidence, assassinate king, Rescue princess &escapecastle!• Amazing 3d Graphics, beautiful castle environment and bestSoundEffects!
Tiny Romans Castle Defense - Archery Games 1.0.4
Stretch the long bow & Arrowastinygladiator! prepare for strategic castle defense againstthetabs ofancient warriors to defend castle siege in the bestarchergameswith tower defense. Be the best castle archer in theromanarmy tosave the roman empire from invasion of ancient warriorsinthisarrow shooting games. let the Tiny archer battle beginandthrillthe battlefield in the battle of arrow and tower defensewitharrowgame. Experiment with your crossbow archery skills andtakeoverthe army of orcs, skeletons and zombies to defendyourtowerdefense. Win the battlefield in one of the best archergamesanddeclare the archer survival rules in the battle tap.Takeyourstickbow out and be the tiny archer to fight the ancientbattleofarrow among roman warrior tycoons. Take the bow and arrowinyourhands as the tiny gladiator of the roman warrior tabs todefendthecastle siege, and the take the charge to save the romanempirefromthe Greek warriors in the fantasy archer’s battle&tacticalwar of Rome. The archery adventure continues upto20excitingprogressive levels of archery master skills in bestancientarcherygames. play the best archer games and let yoursurvivalrules takedown the enemy off guard in the dynamic guildbattle ofwarriortycoons. Choose the best roman warrior; the archerymasterof bowand arrow shooting games with tower defense inmedievalbattlearena & fantasy archers battle. The king of Romeowes itto youto be the archery master on the unknown battlegroundsandprotectthe roman empire from castle siege against theancientwarriorarmies of orcs, skeletons and zombies.Utilize the Three in arrow shooting skills of your castlearcherinthe war of Rome. The bow and arrow shooting archery mastersinyourfantasy archer’s battle have the capacity to winthemedievalbattle tap. Aim the crossbow with precision, encounterthecrossbowarchery shooting skills in you, Exhaust the fuelsofexcellence inthis archery simulation 3D. Explore thecrossbowarchery and truegrit of an archery master in the ultimatefantasyarcher’s battle.Finish up to 120 unarmed players from thebattletowers defense inarcher games and arrow games. you are thestickbowarcher chosen torepresent the ancient warrior tabs in thedynamicguild battleroyale to save the king of Rome from castlesiege inthis towerdefense game. Make your own survival rules in thebattletap gameof tycoons better than any stickman archer andarcherysimulation3D games with arrow shooting skills.Rule the fantasy battle arena by stretching the long bowinyourhand, and ace the crossbow archer skills in thetacticalbattles ofRome on unknown battlegrounds. This is the castlewalldefense ofroman empire & best of archer games which letsyouexperimentyour battle archer skills. upgrade your quiver fullofarrows inlevel progression of this medieval battle of arrowsgameof ancientwarrior tycoons. Device strategic placement anddirectionof bowand arrow of castle archer in the best of stickbowancientarcherygames. the intense battle arena awaits you for thebattle ofarrowshooting. For the archery adventure in the tacticalbattle ofRome,Download one of the best archer games now!Choose your tiny gladiator Archer from the RomanArmyoftycoons:• Roman Warrior Castle Archer• Axe Man Of The Army Of Rome• Spearman• Gladiator Archery Master With Brilliance Of ThreeInArrowShootingFeatures of Tiny Romans Castle Defense - Archery Games:• Be a Tiny Gladiator Roman Warriors Form Various Tycoons InTheWarOf Rome• Use Bow And Arrow For Castle Defence• 20 Exciting Levels To Unlock On Progression• Orcs Battle To Fight The Invaders• Zombies And Skeletons In Rival Army• Better Than Any Stickaman Archer Games• Realistic Graphics of Ancient Archery Games• Protect Your Fort From Castle Siege• Kill upto 120 unarmed in the Battle Royale
lock screen pattern 5.3
lock screen patternlock screen photoLock screen pattern with photo in buttonEasy to use, fast, simple, and very beautifulProvide turn off screen feature for power button deranged, hardtopress or if you want protect power buttonFeatures of lock screen:- support 2 types of lock screen: photo pattern lock screen,patternlock screen- change image for button- you can set lock screen for Samsung galaxy S8 style- Super cool iOS 11 lock screen for android.- simply slide to unlock OS 11 style device.- it's a perfect lock screen on Play store.- support "Slide to unlock" on your lock screen- Set lock pattern with your favourite photos, imagesfromgallery- Create a separate image for each lock button, set your photosintobuttons- Set custom background, theme, wallpaper for your lockscreen- Set pattern photo/avatar with your own photo (your lover,yourbaby, friends, etc…)- you can custom shape button by heart, star, diamond,apple,circle, etc...- Crop or re-size the photo you choose to have included.- Personalize your lock screen- create widget home screen for easy settings- create live wallpaper HD- set pattern lock screen to enhance the security lock ofyourphone.- show battery health on screen lock- consume less battery- can change color and fonts of time, date- multiple HD Wallpaper beautiful- dynamic wallpaper from our repository- many beautiful girls to set wallpaper- display real time clock and date.- change background with wallpapers- support over 50 languages- custom background from gallery.- optimized battery usage and battery saver- work well on phone, tablet device- iOS style to Slide to unlock- Lock screen sliderhow to use:1. open the app, and tick the "Enable Lockscreen" check boxtoenable it.2. click the Disable System Lock in case you use thesystemlock.3. click the Lockscreen Wallpaper to switch to differentbeautifulbackgrounds.4. For screen off option: you must activate system admin toenablescreen off feature.5. you can change button pictures. You can place your photo(baby,friends, parents, lover, etc...)★ For screen off option: you must activate system admin toenablescreen off feature.please email us if your device is not supported, we will tryourbest to support it.if you love this photo love locker application, please give 5starsto encourage developers.
Enchanted Castle Hidden Object Adventure Game
Enter a twilight zone and start a treasurehunton a mystery journey! Get into the haunted castle and pickthevaluable things. There are a lot of valuable hidden objectsyouwould like to take with you, so go through all the rooms, seekandfind what you like. Be a protagonist of this mysteryadventurequest – play Enchanted Castle Hidden Object AdventureGame. If youlove finding things games with horror elements, you arein theright place, at the entrance of the mysterious castle thathides somany secrets. Be careful!🏰 Enchanted Castle Hidden Object Adventure Game features: 🏰🔍 Adventure mystery game free localized into 15 languages!🔍 More than 1000 hidden objects to find in this wonder world!🔍 Multiple levels with mystery places full of coolhiddenobjects!🔍 Fantastic 3D game design that will leave you speechless!🔍 Find the hidden object from the card below & clickonit!🔍 Click on the magnifying glass button to use the hintforhelp!🔍 Zoom in the picture to find the hidden figures easily!🔍 Move the picture when it is zoomed to find thehiddenobject!🔍 Zoom out at any moment you like to see the mysterysceneagain!🏰 ADDITIONAL MYSTERY HIDDEN OBJECT GAME FEATURES: 🏰🔍 Picture search for finding hidden objects quicklyandeasily!🔍 Silhouette hidden object – a challenging level forfindingitems!🔍 Word scramble game level – a hard level to findhiddenfigures!🔍 Flash light or a night mode level – use the light to seekforitems!🔍 Match Pairs – a memory game with colorful cards to pair!🔍 Find the Difference – a mini game placed among thehiddenobjects!🔍 Time limit game - bonus level to train your brainandconcentration!Reveal the darkest secrets of the old mystery mansion! Becomeadetective, be sure first that this is not a crime scene andtheninspect every hidden object room to find a treasure you arelookingfor. If you are the one who loves horror stories and seekand findgames free, this super cool Enchanted Castle HiddenObjectAdventure Game free game for adults will certainly impressyou.Play one of the best free mystery hidden object games and findoutthe mystery of the old house! Enter a secret garden and findthehidden objects scattered everywhere.🏰 Fantastic hidden object fairy tale game for everyone!Get into the hidden object room inside the enchanted castle andyoucan find many strange and mysterious objects. Pick as fast asyoucan all the items written on the list and get into the otherlevel,scene and episode. In that way you will go through all themysterycastle rooms and find the hidden figures everywhere. If youlovetreasure hunt games and mystery temple games, EnchantedCastleHidden Object Adventure Game will certainly be one of yourfavoritehidden treasure games you have ever played.🏰 The most addictive hidden objects house secrets questgame3D!This mystery castle with the iron throne of the lost kingdomreallyneeds a little bit of house cleaning. When you enter themessykitchen you will see so many old and broken stuff. It lookssocreepy, and full of ghosts. This scary atmosphere is fantasticforthe best horror games with monsters, zombies and devils. Butthereis nothing more blood chilling and spooky than this hauntedcastleyou are a part of. This is one more reason you shoulddownloadHidden Object Enchanted Castle game for free right now andstartthe best adventure in your life.🏰 Hidden object mystery games free download for everyone!Take a stroll through this medieval castle, all the messy roomsandspooky halls full of knights armors and many other scaryanddangerous things and have an unforgettable experience.EnchantedCastle Hidden Object Adventure Game is not just aclassical “findthe hidden object game”, it is both educational andfun. You canalso learn a new language cause there are 15 differentlanguagesthat localize this mystery hidden object game and make itunique onthe market. Let the adventure begin!
Castle Blocks 0.39
Castle creator for children who love topaint,draw and build. Let your kids develop creativity and impressyouwith their imagination. Castle painting has neverbeeneasier.
Best Castle Maps for MCPE 2.4.0
BigStone Apps
Each of us can live like a royal in castlemapsfor minecraft pe.Each of us want to live in comfort and it can be real bycastleminecraft maps for pe. You will glad to know, that there areawonderful minecraft castle games. You can even organize thetourneyon pvp minecraft maps. There is the idea of castle forminecraftpe. Do you want to know more about castle minecraftworld?First, look at the version of castle maps for minecraftpeapplication. It can be big problem to install new castleminecraftmaps for mcpe on the mini games for mcpe. Sometimes it canbe causeof bugs. If you choose maps for minecraft castle, you caninstallthat app. That will be very easy. Choose castle minecraftmaps forfree and find spatial bottom. You should click install togetcollection of pvp minecraft castle. If you find wonderfulminecraftmap for pe let’s start to play. So, what will you get byfreeminecraft maps?Skywars maps for pe are the most popular type of minemaps. Themainruse of that minecraft map for pe is survival in the sky. Mcpemapwere create for big company. You can play on skywars minecraftmapfor mcpe a long hours. Mcpe maps will interesting for freshmenandfor professional. Creation maps for minecraft pe areinterestinglevel on the ladder of your professionalism. There isgood platformfor minecraft multiplayer. You can get castle forminecraft peafter second victory.Another similar idea was realize in skyblock map for mcpe.Youshould recreate Small Island on minecraft map for pe. There isoneof most original mcpe map for minecraft pe. That story lookslikehorror maps for mcpe. Nevertheless, you can transform youisland onmcpe map for minecraft pe and build a castle. There is achance tocreate minecraft world too.Do not forget that you can install hide and seek maps forminecraftor horror maps for mcpe. There is wonderful decoration forminigame map. If you prefer crazy mini games for minecraft pe thatwaywill the best for you. Do you want to play on minecraft pvpmaps?Install collection of minecraft pe maps right now. Do notforgetwrite about your results in minecraft map for pe incomments.Moreover, write about your lovely map for mcpe.There is time for royal life in the minecraft pvp maps. Openallpossibilities of a map for mcpe. It will be cool game on thecoolmcpe map.We hope that you will like that collection of creationminecraftmaps. There is perfect solution for minecraft pvp maps. Donotforget, that you can download minecraft maps for free. Createyourown minecraft world. You can relax with castle maps forminecraftpe. Rest with adventure maps for minecraft pe.NOT AN OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED BY ORASSOCIATEDWITH MOJANG.
Stronghold Kingdoms: Castle Sim 30.139.1293
►► From the Creators of Stronghold ◄◄►► Grand Strategy MMO ◄◄►► Free to Play ◄◄►► 5 Million Players ◄◄Become Lord of the Middle Ages in Firefly Studios’StrongholdKingdoms! Expand your medieval empire and constructmighty castlesto protect it. Farm peacefully, engage in politicalmind games,seek vengeance on sworn enemies and lead your faction togloryacross a medieval kingdom. Besiege other players, battleAIopponents, research new technology, forge alliances and fightforthe eternal glory of your House...::: FEATURES :::..*** BUILD an online stronghold and protect it withimpenetrablecastle defences.*** RULE the Middle Ages and wage war across England, Europe ortheworld!*** BESIEGE enemies, trade with factions and explore amedievalworld filled with thousands of other players.*** RESEARCH new technology and become a trader, farmer,crusader,diplomat or warlord.*** LEAD your faction to victory and forge alliances, becomingtheelected leader in a player-controlled political RTS.*** PLAY FOR FREE on your Android phone or tablet, withfrequentupdates and cross-platform multiplayer...::: PRESS :::..“More challenging than Supercell’s megahit” – Touch Arcade“A world map that’s constantly shifting and adapting” –PocketGamer“Stronghold Kingdoms does boast some interesting features” –148Apps..::: DESCRIPTION :::..Stronghold Kingdoms is the MMO successor to the Strongholdcastlebuilding series, most famous for the original Stronghold(2001) andStronghold: Crusader (2002). Unlike the original andCrusader,Kingdoms allows players to relive the Middle Ages in theworld’sfirst castle MMO. A cross-platform strategy game, Kingdomsinvitesmobile and desktop players to battle together online bythrustingthe Middle Ages and famous Stronghold characters into apersistentMMO world. Besiege the castle that’s never been taken,overthrowruthless tyrants, bankroll your faction’s war effort,pillage yourneighbour’s resources, peacefully raise cattle or do itall!Only by engaging enemy troops, taking back villages from TheWolfand winning votes in the political arena can players hopetosucceed. Stronghold Kingdoms is set in a fast-paced,challenginggame world designed for large numbers of players workingtogetherin pursuit of a common goal...::: COMMUNITY :::..Facebook – – – – MESSAGE FROM FIREFLY :::..We designed Stronghold Kingdoms to be the first fully fledgedPvP(player versus player) strategy MMO RTS for mobile devices. Asadeveloper we’re best known for the core Stronghold series,whichsees you besiege friends and war against AI opponents likeTheWolf. With Kingdoms we’re taking Stronghold online, givingplayersan immersive medieval game world populated by real players,war andpolitical strife. Firefly is a small independent developerwith alot of respect for our players, so we’d love to hear yourthoughtson Kingdoms! Please try the game out for yourself (it’sfree toplay) and send us a message using one of the communitylinksabove.Thanks for playing from everyone at Firefly Studios!Please Note: Stronghold Kingdoms is a free to play MMO RTS,howeverplayers are able to purchase game items using real money viain-apppurchases. If you don’t wish to use this feature you canaddauthentication for in-app purchases on your Android deviceandenjoy a completely free to play experience. StrongholdKingdomsalso requires a network connection to play.Like the game? Please support us with a 5-star rating!
Castle Battle 1.5.3051
Elester Dragon Castle was attacked andoccupiedby unknown magical creatures! The castle is in chaoseverycorner!You are named the king of Dragon Castle. Duty of DefendDragonCastle undoubtedly fell on your shoulder, take your bravesoldierswith you, win the battle, honor the glory of DragonCastle!Spells and props can help you to fight! Burn your enemies toashes!Deploy props onto battlefield, let them know your truecapability!Also remember to recruit heroes, heroes have powerfulskills.Talents in Talent Academy can provide you additionalattributes!Fight with the toughest enemy! Lots of ways to earngenerous coins:challenge levels from easy to difficulty, completetasks,etc.Key factors to Victory: COURAGE & WISDOM. Use coinsproperly!Show your strategy talents in this battle!Game Features:- 45+ levels with lots of challenges- Custom-designed heroes: Knight, Assassin andBerserker…- Additional attributes designed for your castle, heroesandprops- Unique props with strong battle effects- Mysterious bonus system: each victory comes a bonus card!- Surprises are continually on their wayThe horn is howling! The war is to come! Defend your DragonCastleand WIN THE BATTLE!
My Secret Dear Diary with Lock
💋💘💞 Something exciting just happened toyou,you have a new crush, you and your friends just did somethingfun,or you want to speak about your deepest emotions, but you wanttokeep it private? Get 💟“My Secret Diary Games”💟 and writeyoureveryday activities, thoughts and feelings, take selfies ineachepisode of your life story and make memories with your friendsthatwill last for a lifetime! 💞💘💋🎀✨🌠🌙🌍🍀🌼🦋🐤🐰🐷🐎🐱🦁🐶🐩🐸🐢🐟🌺🌴🌷🍁🍄☂🎋🌸 DIARY DESIGN 🌸💙 Personalize your diary appearance with adorable stickersandchoose lock & key to look cute and fashionable!🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🐞 MY DIARY 🐞💚 Write everything about your day and remember it forever!🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈💮 SELFIE DIARY 💮💛 Take a photo of you and your friends, decorate it withcrazystickers, and save it from oblivion!🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🐬 DREAM DIARY 🐬💜 Write down all of your dreams and wait for them tocometrue!🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈💐 FRIENDSHIP DIARY 💐💗 Let your friends answer the questions and find out eventhetiniest details about them!🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈💏 LOVE CALCULATOR 💏💘 See how compatible you and your crush are based onyournames!🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈♐ ZODIAC MATCH ♏🖤 Check whether you'll have a successful relationship and maketheright choice based on your zodiac signs!🎀✨🌠🌙🌍🍀🌼🦋🐤🐰🐷🐎🐱🦁🐶🐩🐸🐢🐟🌺🌴🌷🍁🍄☂🎋🦄 Keep a dream diary and keep track of all the dreams youaredreaming! Who knows, after all maybe dreams do come true!There's anew boy you have a huge crush on? Write your names and letour lovecalculator calculate whether you're a perfect match or youshouldkeep looking for a new boyfriend! Secret diaries with lockare hereto let you do all this and keep it secret!🐹 Download this creative “diary with lock password” and hideandprotect all your private moments and memories! Take selfies,doodleand draw on photos, add and delete notes and episodes, andsecureall of it in secret diary books for girls with lock! 🎁MySecretDiary Games🎁 will help you remember every important episodeof yourlife story and make your own diary where you can share allyoursecrets, thoughts, emotions and feelings without being scaredthatsomebody will read your private stuff!🐾 Let your friends answer the questions and find out everythingyouwanted to know about them. Let your love interest answerthesequestions and find out if he is single, where he will travelforthe holidays, or what kind of music he likes to listen to! Youcanfind out his favorite food, and you can go out to a restaurantthatserves it! Or find out his favorite movie genre and ask him tothecinema to watch a film together! This awesome diary will helpyoumake the right love choice and choose the next episode inyourrelationship story!🐠 No matter whether you're in high school or in college, 💌MySecretDiary Games💌 is a diary app that you can modify, personalizeandmake it fit your needs! If you started dating your crush, oryouenjoyed kissing him, just write down your high school episodelovestory and it will be safe and private in this journal diarywithpassword! If you still didn't start dating your crush andyou'dlike to know more about him, just let him do this all aboutmediary with questions and find out what he likes!🐌 Keep all your confidential memories private and secret withthis“diary free app with lock” for girls with everything! Maketheright choice and protect your secrets from your nosey siblingsandwrite whatever you want in these creative diary games with alockfor a girl. Make your own diary free app with lock for girlswitheverything and have fun! Take a love calculator test or see ifyouare a compatible zodiac match! Write each episode of yourexcitingstory in My Secret “Dear Diary” with Lock application andsave yourprecious memories from oblivion!
My Princess Decorating Castle 1.0.2
Always wanted to have your own princesscastle?Well, this is your chance! Build your castle by choosingbetweenbeautiful styles. You can customize the roof, doors, sky,curtainsand more! So what are you waiting for: become a princesswith yourown castle!My Princess Decorating Castle features:- Beautiful styles and colors- Customization- Fun for all ages!My Princess Decorating Castle is a game from Top Girl games andoneof the best free building game for kids and caring games,wepublish many different easy to play girl game apps. We hopeyouwill enjoy our My Princess Decorating Castle and we hope yougiveus the love by liking our Facebook page or follow us ontwitter. Sowe can keep you up to date on our girl games, buildinggames anddecorating games.★ Facebook -★Twitter -
Secret AppLock 1.0.3
App Lock - Protect appsSecret AppLock is one of the best app protector which couldprotectyour privacy.Please use the app lock if other people do not want is to seemysmartphone.App locker will block the execution of the applicationofothers.App Lock Security is an app protector which can basically lockyourapplications such as contacts, calls, e-mail, sms, photos oranyapp in your phone or tablet.Protect your apps. Only you can run the app!Gallery Lock:Other people will now not see my personal photo.Lock Apps:In the application of the password when the application isrun,other people can not run the application.Simple lock setting :It is possible to apply the lock function simply andconvenientlyfor all applications.Smart App ProtectorApp Lock - App Locker - Application Blocking
Heroes and Castles
Foursaken Media
The Undead Horde and their Orc andGoblinallies are at your castle gates, the King is on the brink ofdeath,and only you stand between the enemy and completeannihilation!Choose one of many powerful heroes, summon an army tofight besideyou, and defend your castle in Heroes & Castles, aseamlessblend of 3rd person Action-RPG, Strategy, and CastleDefenseelements!-----FEATURES-----CASTLE DEFENSE, STRATEGY, AND ACTION-RPG GAMEPLAY!Take to the battlefield in an immersive 3rd personperspective,summon entire armies to fight beside you, and defendyour castle tothe death! Fight in the middle of a huge battle thatyoucontrol!UNIQUE, POWERFUL HEROES!Level up, learn new skills and abilities, find randomized Runesandloot, and destroy your enemies with one of manyuniqueheroes!SUMMON HUGE ARMIES TO FIGHT BESIDE YOU!Summon Dwarves, Archers, Pikemen, Giants, Catapults, Mages andmuchmore to aid you in your defense! Watch them battle the enemyrightbeside you!BUILD AND UPGRADE YOUR CASTLE!Build Towers, upgrade your castle walls, and build buildingstoupgrade your units!2 PLAYER COOPERATIVE MULTIPLAYER!Team up with a random ally or one of your friends and compete ontheGoogle Play leader boards!COMPETITIVE VERSUS MULTIPLAYER!Battle players all over the world in competitive head to head,Goodvs Evil matches! Climb the Google Play leaderboards witheachwin!TONS OF ENEMIES TO BATTLE!Fight against dozens of enemies on screen at once, from hordesofthe Undead, to Orcs, Goblins, Ghouls, Siege Wagons,Trolls,Catapults, Mummies, and more!CLOUD SAVE!Sync between all your Android devices using cloud save!----------Follow us on Twitter @FoursakenMedia or like us on Facebook formoreHeroes & Castles news!
Castle Shadow Temple 2.0
The brand new running game,CastleShadowTemple, hits on its dynamite debut on your smart phone.Youwilllove this new squeal for an unforgettable running roadtotemplecastle. Enter different scene, world of illusion and runlikehellto avoid giant spider in this mega-packed runninggame!Whats new in this top free game?• Run with up to three beautiful and charming character• Exciting power-ups and dangerous moving obstacle• Unlock mission achievement, skill pointGet ready to go on an an epic adventure with ourfavoriteprincess,Belle and get this awesome game for you and yourkids! 3Dgametechnology used in order to offer more impressiveandvisuallystunning game experience. It is an excellentandentertainingrunning game with command such as running,jumping,rolling,dashing and sliding over tons of CRAZY obstacleswhichgives you acomplete new visual challenge in this endlessrunninggame! Onceyou start this game, you will start youradventurerunning life anddo not stop! Help the princess to cheatdeath andrun back to homeavoiding unknown mysterious fear &overcome allincomingdanger. Temple Castle hides fearsome enemieslike thezombie anddeath knight with powerful weapons!You have to keep escape and clear off unexpecteddifficultiesandobstacles in the beautiful temple dungeon, whiledefendingyourselfand running away from crowd of hurdles. This makesthe gameverychallenging and its great fun to play temple fighter.Thisgameprovide you the smooth finger control andoperation.Captivatingmusic and sound effect makes this castlerunner moreenjoyable! So,if you're looking for temple castle styleof princessrun to templegames, Castle Shadow Temple is the bestgame that willtake you ona fun run through escape from the secretcastledungeon!Get ready for the crazy run of your life. Enjoy this excitingrunforsurvival, fast-paced 3D castle shadow run game. Sharethegameexperience with your friends and family and rate us 5 starifyoulove this game!Features:-# 3D graphics with amusing style# Smooth finger control and operation# Endless mega game# Lots of game scene – with awesome game environment# Multiple Power Ups – Don't miss it!# Stunning visualization and silky smooth 3D animation.#Awesome acrobatic, desperate moves, special items# Simple and fun game mechanics.# Best game for all age# Good for pass time
Multi Builder for Minecraft PE 1.0.7
Multi Builder for Minecraft PE gives youtheopportunity to build bigger and better, to improvetheircraft.To build the giant size of the building and to bring new ideasofconstruction. To survive in the new environment. To live inaluxury mansion or medieval castle. To craft, you can now ownahotel, cruise ship, yacht or even a space ship!★Features:★◈ Simple and quick installation of the facility;◈ Over 1000 objects;◈ Convenient choice of more than 20 categories.◈ Backup data to prevent their loss;◈ Giant size of the buildings.★What you get:★◈Sky Wars◈The perfect card made under the heavenly war where a lot offloatingIslands, large structures and buildings. This will bring alargevariety of cards for the celestial wars.◈Space cruiser, and ships◈Ships from star wars, the cruiser of the rebels and Empire, aswellas gunships, transports, frigates, shuttles and otherimprovisedspace ships of the future.◈Ships◈Brig, galley, schooner, the frigate, three-masted ships, airships,space, modern large commercial vehicles, pirate,legendary,Titanic, expensive yachts, vessels since world war II,militaryaircraft carrier, cruise ships.◈Medieval◈Houses in the medieval style, taverns, mills of antiquity, barnsandsheds, wells, stables, and medieval defensive towers, and thelargehouses of merchants and traders, the fortress of stone.◈Flying machines◈Sports fighters, crop dusters, air ships, large passengerplanes,air bases, military and commercial helicopters, the famousaircraftattack aircraft.◈Arena◈Stadiums to thousands of sites in a huge boxing arena,medievalarena of fame, Coliseum, arena, water, magic andabstractarena.◈Castle◈Magic castles, large medieval churches, defensive towers,severalcastles with fencing of big walls, Oriental structuresandstrongholds, small castles.◈Mansions◈Modern residential buildings, complexes, large offices, houseswithits Park, swimming pool and fountain, a roof.◈Gardens◈Gorgeous large gardens, the enormous magnitude of the buildingwithgardens, gardens labyrinths, barns with private corralsforanimals, as well as large plantations of wheat andothervegetation.◈Islands◈Separate island with its own castle or house, tower, volcano,wildjungles, bio house, lighthouse, prison, ice island, theislanddragon, with towers, with a separate village anditsinhabitants.◈Tower◈Twin towers, tower portal, large super tower, the Eiffel tower,inthe jungle, the medieval towers of archers, nice, modern, bigBen,hotels Gemini, a sword-the hotel Fox.--------------------------------------------DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for MinecraftPocketEdition. This application is not affiliated in any way withMojangAB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and theMinecraftAssets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectfulowner. Allrights reserved. In accordancewith
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