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Princess Salon: Make Up Fun 3D
Create your own good looking star princess with the PrincessSalon:Make Up Fun 3D app! You can even choose the skin type (color)andlook at her in 3D! She is not only a very sweet andbeautifullittle princess- she is really living and she will alsotalk toyou!If you like hair salon games, princess salon games, babygames,girl games, baby care games, dress up games, makeup games,makeovergames or princess apps in general you will love PrincessSalon:Make Up Fun 3D! Download Princess Salon: Make Up Fun 3D nowandhave a lot of fun! If you like Princess Salon: Make Up Fun 3Dthenplease rate it with 5 stars. Thank you!In this princess salongameyou can land a hand to our gorgeous princess to get ready forherfirst public appearing.You can make her start with somerelaxingspa treatments to make sure that her skin is clean and assmooth asthe one of a baby. Wash her hair and make it shine withsome coolglitter effects.As second step help her choose the bestmatchingmascara, hair color and style. Moreover if you should thinkthatshe would look nicer with a different eye color, you will beableto apply her some colored contact lenses.Next assist herinchoosing the perfect make up and apply her a bit of eyeshadow,lipstick, blusher etc.To complete your work it remains onlytochoose the right clothing and accessories for her bigday.Nowthanks to your help the princess is ready to face her firstphotoshooting and all the paparazzi’s that she might encounters onherway.After the makeover, you can save and share the picturespermail, with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, or simply upload themtoFacebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc. How to play: To get read ofthepimples you need to rub on them until they disappear.To applyamask simply select the type of mask you want to use and thenspreadthe product on her face with the finger. To clean it eitheruse thewater shower or switch to the next beauty product.Some ofthemake-up products will automatically be applied on the modelbysimply selecting the desired icon (color), other will need tobeapplied with your finger. ** Features ** - Spa Section -MakeupSection- Choose skin color / skin type - Fashion dress upSection -360° View to have a better look at the model- Differenthair stylesto choose - Try different hair dye, lipstick colors, eyecolor,eye-shadow.- Accessories- Princess game for girls- Let herlooklike a fairy tale princess and share your awesome girlpictureseasily on facebook, mail etc. with few clicks.The princessis a bigfan of the Babsy baby!Princess Salon: Make Up Fun 3D is agreatprincess game / kids game and one of the best children gamesandmakeup games for girls! Download Princess Salon Make Up Fun 3Dnowand have a lot of fun!
Nail Salon Makeover
Create your own nail art designs and beamanicure beauty salon artist! With Nail Salon Makeover you gettorun a nail spa and nail design salon.First you get to choose from different colored hands tomanicure.Then, pick the nail spa and wash your customer’s hand, putlotionon it, clip their nails and file their nails. Don’t forget tousenail polish remover and remove the old nail paint! Now youareready to do some serious nail art design! Create a nail designfitfor any princess! From nail polishes, nail sets, nailstickers,gems, rings and even bracelets, there are literallymillions ofdifferent combinations and styles you can create!NAIL BITING FEATURES* Over 25 Nail Sets* 15 Unique Nail Shapes* 25 Rings to Make Your Fingers Shine* 10 Beautiful Wrist Bracelets* 20 Amazing Backgrounds to Make Your Nail Art Stand Out* Over 60 Nail Polish Paints* Sparkling Gems to Add Some Bling To Nails* Over Three Dozen Nail Stickers* Ability To Customize Each Finger Nail!Don't Wait, Download Now and Start Nail Styling!Please Note: Nail Salon Makeover is free to play. However,someitems can also be purchased with real money. If you do not wanttouse this feature, please setup password protection for purchasesinthe settings of your Google Play Store app.About TapBlazeOur vision is to build an enduring franchise that gamers willstillbe excited about decades from now. At TapBlaze, we strivetodevelop high-quality, creative games that people of all ageswillfind entertaining, educational, fun, and useful. We believeourattention to detail, commitment to player satisfaction,andexpertise in the mobile space will make our games standout.************************************Privacy Policy: of Service:************************************
Kizi - Cool Fun Games
Play the best fun games and discover new free mobile gameseveryweek! Kizi game collection offers 120+ games with uniquegraphicsand gameplay! ❤ Join 10 MILLION + gamers who alreadydownloaded ourcool Kizi Games™ app ❤We deliver the best HTML5 gamesto yourmobile with lots of FUN, diverse and super awesome gamesthat willblow your mind! We also added a colorful card collectionwhere yourcan find and reveal cards of your favorite gamecharacters! Getready for some action!★ Users’ testimonials:• “Kiziapp is so muchbetter than the Friv games”• "Kizi Fun Free Games isan amazingapp. One of the best apps in the app store”• “This is asuper fungame collection. LOVE IT!”A collection of 120+ fun freegamesincluding:☆ Disney games ☆ Friv games ☆ Games for kids -Dynamons,Piñata Muncher, Kizi Run etc.☆ Retro games ☆ Pizzeriagames - PizzaRush☆ Brain games☆ Puzzle games ☆ Racing games -Mighty Motors, PetOlympics, Shift to Drift and more awesome games☆Cooking games☆Action games☆ RPG games☆ Dress up games☆ Zombiegames☆ My Kizi -Adopt, train, play and customize your own virtualpet☆ Kiziland -Click and drag two same Kizis and help them evolve☆Bob the Robber- Bob is going underground on a mission to save theworld★ Kizi FunGames Is 100% free and safe, with absolutely NOin-app purchases!★★ Please note that only the most popular gamesfrom Kizi Web arein our mobile app! ★★ Kizi Community: Facebook- – Life is fun!
Face Fun - Photo Collage Maker
Create the coolest pictures by adding exhilarating details toyourshootings.Add funny stickers to your pictures to give themapersonal touch. Thanks to this amazing tool you will be abletocreate extremely funny photos. Select a photo from your galleryandstart personalizing by choosing between numerous stickers. Youwillbe spoiled for choice in selecting the coolest sticker. Showyourmodified pics to your friends and share a big laugh withthem.Ifyou like face fun apps, face warp apps, photo editor apps,funphoto effects, face face changer apps, swap faces apps orfunnyphotos in general you will love Face Fun - Photo CollageMaker!Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Face Fun - PhotoCollageMaker! If you like Face Fun - Photo Collage Maker thenplease rateit with 5 stars. Thank you! It contains stickers dividedindifferent categories like:- Hats and Hairstyles: Has gotdifferentwigs, long, short, curly, black, blonde, a bald head,baseballcaps, etc.- Eyes and Noses: Contains many special eye typeslikecartoon style, cats, zombie, staring eyes (looks), clownnosesetc.- Mouth and Beard styles: Presents various mouthexpressions,mustaches, beard cuts, etc.- Fun: Contains colorfulstickers like,crowns, smiles, tattoos, a hero costume etc.- Crazystuff: Presentswild animal muzzles, some bloody weapons, roadsigns,- Speechbubbles: Really cool bubbles to communicate somethingor create acomic story by writing some fun stuff into bubbles.-Color filter:Changes the color of your photos, making them appear,bluish,reddish, green, black and withe, etc.With this fantastictool youwill be able to create fake pictures to send per mail,share withWhatsapp, Twitter, Skype, another Messenger Tool orsimply uploadthem to Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc.Take a photo ofa friend anddecorate it with the stickers you will find in this bigfacechanger pack.Face Fun - Photo Collage Maker is easy touse:1.Choose a picture2. Choose the stickers you most like3. Resizethestickers with the finger(s). Make faces4. See the funnyphotos5.Save and share your amusing pictures with the world ;-)FaceFun -Photo Collage Maker is a free picture changer app, if you likeFaceFun - Photo Collage Maker then please rate it with fivestars.Thank you! Make your friends laugh! Create delightful imagesandfunny photos of your friends with just one tap!
Class Room Fun
Class room fun game is a funny game…Are you ready to recallyourschool time naughtiness? Lousy is school teacher she isalwaysstrict with every students. In the school no one lovesloosyteacher. Today all the students decided to tease the teacher.Makethem to hit the teacher, with the objects displaying at theleftcorner of the screen. Make sure you are not caught by theteacher.
No Pimple - Fun games
Everyone hates pimples on their face. Let's start to helpthepatients to do the facial and remove all the pimples.Let themhavesmooth skin and become beautiful.
Office Jerk Free
There's a Jerk in every office. Aknow-it-all,overachiever who comes in early, stays late and kissesup to theboss. Exact revenge on “that guy” with Office Jerk: grabwhateveryou can find, and hurl it at him!The Office Jerk can only take so much - find out how muchbythrowing:★ Zombie Mask★ Fire Extinguisher★ Cheesy Button★ Snappy Mouse Trap★ Fish Bowl, complete with Goldfish★ Sloppy, Spicy Taco★ Sweet, Vanilla Ice Cream Cone★ Nice, Blue Water balloon★ Stick O' Dynamite★ Yummy Cupcake with Sprinkles★ Crumpled Piece of Paper★ Shiny Red Stapler★ Suction Cup Dart - Always Classic, Always Funny★ Pipe Wrench★ Soda Pop!...and a whole bunch more, plus mystery items!Don't just sit back and take it: pay it back. Grab whateverfeelsright, and fling it at his head or shoulder - or go right fortheface! Tap the desk organizer and see what other items you canraindown on that office meanie. Finally wipe that smirk off hisface,in this feel-good app from Fluik Entertainment.◊ Hit the Jerk with 30+ items◊ Unlock hilarious reactions for each item◊ Discover tons of environment interactions◊ Master the Office Jerk checklist◊ Earn Daily Rewards◊ Complete Daily Challenges◊ Achievements Galore!➤ Play Office Jerk today!Office Jerk on Facebook - Jerk is brought to you by Fluik Entertainment, makersofwicked-fun mobile games such as Office Zombie, Plumber CrackandGrumpy Bears. Browse all our games on Google Play- @FluikGames on Twitter for awesome game announcementsandother updates.NOTE:To help keep Office Jerk awesome, please send any bug reportsorcomplaints directly to us, instead of posting them in yourappreviews. We can reply to app reviews on Google Play, but we'remorelikely to respond if you post all your bugs or suggestions onourFacebook fan page,, oremailthem to us at
Burger Shop
Make burgers, shakes and more in this Android™ version ofthisexciting food-making game that has been enjoyed by millions offanson the PC/Mac and online. After receiving a set ofstrangeblueprints in the mail, you build an extraordinaryfood-makingcontraption and open a restaurant. Your goal? Make tastyfood andsatisfy your customers as you try to discover the truthbehind themysterious blueprints. Burger Shop® is a fun andaddicting timemanagement game that features endless play.Get readyforfood-making fun with Burger Shop!This Free Version of BurgerShoplets you play 20 levels of Story Mode and 2 restaurantsinChallenge and Relax mode. If you enjoy the game, you canupgradethis game to the Full Version with a one-time payment! FULLGAMEFEATURES:• 80 Story Levels and 80 Expert Story Levels!•ChallengeModes and Relax Modes!• 8 different restaurants!• Over 60differentfood items! • 96 trophies to earn! • Unlimited play!BurgerShopoffers endless play with four different play modes!GAMEMODES:•Story Mode - Build your Burger empire and discover thesecretsbehind the mysterious BurgerTron!• Challenge Mode - Playlightningfast one-minute rounds - but don't lose a customer or it'sallover!• Relax Mode - Serve food without any pressure orstress.Customers are infinitely patient.• Expert Story Mode - So,youthink you are the Burger Master? Put your food-making skills tothetest!Available in 12 languages: English, German, Spanish,French,Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Japanese,Korean andSimplified Chinese.
Magic Doodle
Come to paint amazing drawing just like a magic! The BESTdoodlegame to entertain kids or relax adults for healingmood.★★★★★Great! I get angry a lot and this app calms me down:)★★★★★ This isamazing my baby cousin thinks she's an artist★★★★★Relaxing andfun! I find it easy and fun to create the designs asI'm listeningto music or just waiting for appointments.★★★★★Endless fun!Rainbow lines have entrapped my life! My soul has beencolored byneon lights! This app is absolutely captivating. :-D★★★★★AWESOME!This game is fun for people of all ages, works great onthis phone,and is great for me because I want to be able to makeprettypictures and I have no art skill at all.★★★★★ Cool creativityapp!Not only does my 3 year old grandson completely enjoy this app,Ican spend hours messing around and making prettypictures.★★★★★It's a very amusing and fun game, speaking as ateenager. My oldersister (22) also loves it, and so do youngerkids. Everybodydoes,no matter what age are they. Recommended!* 14beautifulbrushes, such as glow, neon, watercolor, rainbow, etc.* 9kinds ofkaleidoscope drawing modes* Amazing "Video" mode to replayyourpainting like a movie.* Intuitive color picker. Also supportrandomcolor for endless bright colors. * Share your kaleidoscopepaintingvia facebook, instagram, twitter, email, etc.The game isprettyfun, simple, and addicting for all ages. The possibilitiesformagic is endless. You can make cool designs that lookslikekaleidoscopes with just a few swipe of your fingers. Eachpictureyou make is unique. Not matter your age, you will find thegame isa great fun way to get relaxed.
Airport Scanner
Fun, fast paced and addictive! Work your way through fiveairports,upgrade your XRAY scanner and complete all 21missions!Everyday atthe airport is busy and hidden among theimpatient travelers are abunch of bad guys trying to bring allkinds of bad stuff ontoflights. It’s your job to scan the carry-onluggage, find theillegal items and get flights out on time. To makeyour job easier,you have an awesome X-RAY scanner that you canupgrade with allkinds of power ups and a trio of burly TSA agentsthat will laydown the pain on any troublemakers.#1 DOWNLOADED APPIN OVER 20COUNTRIES!!!"A fantastic and addictive game. 9/10" -Capsule"Whoknew airport security could be this much fun! 3+/4"-SlidetoPlay"Fun and frantic time management gameplay."ModojoPROTECT THE SKIES - JOIN THE TSA Airport Scanner puts you inchargeof operating a life like X-RAY scanner working for the TSA.Markillegal items, expedite flight crew + first class passengersandlook out for air marshals all while getting every flight outontime so passengers don’t riot! Each day at the airport getsmoredifficult, with new passengers, more illegal items and moreflightsto fill as you rise in rank from trainee to an eliteoperator. EarnXRAY bucks to purchase scanner upgrades to help alongthe way.FEATURES * Dozens of challenging levels! * Five FunAirports –Honolulu, Las Vegas, Chicago, Aspen & London.* RealTSAProhibited Items * XRAY 2000 – Top of the line luggage xray.Fullyupgradeable!* Line Management - fast track first classpassengers,hold next flight passengers and get flight crew on theirflights!with just one tap!* Bonus Game – Punish passengers &earn xraybucks * Tons of Hidden Rare Items * Item Logbook - Trackyourprogress in the logbook. * XRAY Shop for Scanner Upgrades *25+Addictive Achievements - Earn them ALL! ADDITIONAL FEATURES*Beautiful graphics * Share the fun on Facebook and TwitterHaven’tyou always wondered what it would be like to operate theX-RAYScanner at the airport? Here’s your chance!Please note thatAirportScanner is free to play, but you are able to purchase gameitemswith real money. If you want to limit the ability to makein-apppurchases, you may create a PIN in the Settings menu fromwithinthe Google Play Store.Your use of this application isgoverned bythe Terms of Service availableat .Collectionand use of your data are subject to the Privacy Policyavailable at
Bubble Shooter
Play the classic and most addictive bubblepopgame for FREE, match 3 colors and clear levels. Don’t miss outthisfun relaxing game! In this good old version you need to aim&shoot, to drop & burst all bubbles. Train your brain withthisoriginal puzzle as you blast balls online or offline -anytime!Bubble Shooter is the best FREE app available on GooglePlay.Ready to start the action?Aim, match and smash all the balls in this relaxingcolor-matchingadventure. This incredible shooter is simple and easyto learn,perfect for both adults and kids to enjoy!Put your strategy skills to the test! Compete against friendsandfamily and see who can reach the highest score and get 3 starsonevery level. Earn coins while you play and use them to getcoolboosters. Use your logic and puzzle solving skills to completethefun missions and clear the board, and make sure to collectspecialdaily bonuses.Download NOW the Best Bubble Breaker Game & StartCrackingBubbles!Play the Classic Game Mode - So Simple, So Fun.Match 3 balls to blast and clear the board, complete themissionsand win coins & awesome rewards. Tap on the screen todrag thelaser aim and lift it to take a shot. It’s important toform astrategy according to the different bubbles layout in eachlevel.Shoot and pop all the colored balls in this fun free game,aimcarefully and hit the target! Work your way through allthedifferent challenges and puzzles, solve the brain teasers andwinlevels.Enjoy the Arcade Game Mode – Never get bored!Pop the balls in this cool retro mode, and rediscover theclassicarcade experience straight on your Android device. Advancealongthousands of fun puzzle levels as this addicting game getsevenmore challenging. Enjoy the best retro gaming experienceanywhereand whenever you want, no internet connection is required.You canstart any level over and not have to wait for lives, as theyareunlimited!Try the Puzzle Game Mode and Discover the Ultimate BubblePoppingFun!This shooter is a thrilling balloon popper free app withthousandsof challenging puzzles to master. Shoot the colorful ballstoadvance to the next amazing puzzle level, train your brain andtestyour matching skills while playing this addictive, casual gameforfree.Hurry up and join the balloon crushing mania, but be careful -onceyou start popping bubbles you simply can’t stop!Retro game, new featuresWe took the classic arcade game and added some new featuresthatyou’ll definitely love.FUN FEATURES:★ 2000 + Exciting levels, with more added all the time.★ New elements and great prizes.★ Brand new effects and sounds.★ Collect awesome daily rewards.★ Connect to Facebook and share the fun with friends!★ Stay in the loop: now you have the option to send a directmessageto support.★ Leaderboard, challenging achievements.★ Clear obstacles and beat the challenges.★ Colorblind mode – so everyone can enjoy fun matching gamesforfree.★ Pop 7 bubbles in a row to unlock the fireball.★ Drop 10+ bubbles at once to get a bomb.★ Play anytime and anywhere, no WiFi connection is required!What are you waiting for? Warm up your fingers and startpopping.Experience this fun casual shooter and explore thousands ofamazinglevels filled with puzzles and surprises. Get the bestonlinecolor-matching app and enjoy a smooth and addicting gameplay.Withso many exciting levels, powerful boosters and awesomefeatures,you simply won’t put it down!Get ready, take aim and shoot the balls!!Download and play this fun arcade game for free. It’s theperfectapp to play without wifi! Every 2-3 weeks, we add newfeatures andnew levels. Come and join the fun!Bubble Shooter is a completely free to play, but someoptionalin-game items will require payment.Follow us for updates and fun surprises!Visit our FBpage: channel:
X-Ray Scanner Fun
XRay Scanner transforms easily your phone into X-Ray Scanner !It'sreally a funny game.XRay Scanner is user-friendly thanks tohisjoystick functionality which let you to move scanner moresimplyand believe your friends you have a real X-Ray scanner inyourhands.Warning - This application is NOT a true x-ray scanner,it'sonly a joke for fun and not a medical tool.
Doctor Mania - Fun games
Doctor Mania is a brand-new medical simulation game! Curedifferentinjured children with specified method. You are always afantasticdoctor!Doctor Mania Features:- Free gifts are availablefor kids -Amazing gameplay and graphics - Fun treating process& realsurgeriesPlay it for FREE!
Vending Machine Simulator Fun
Free Machine games are always fun & full of surprises forkids& so is Vending Machine Simulator. This is also one oftheprize machines with best prize claw to fetch plush toy orteddyalong with candy, gumball, ice cream, sandwiches, soda colaandchips in different vending machines present in SupermarketorGrocery Store near by you. Grabbing machines with toy crane isalsoa part of this real fun game to enjoy teddy picker which willbe asurprise with your win !!So instead of going to Grocery Storeforshopping with mom, why not download prize machine simulator tomakeyour kids love toy grabber along with candy, bubble gum ballsandother toy games along with ATM cash learning. This is not alovewheel … but Learn coin counting in amazing machine simulator towinprizes !! Prize claw machines are just like UFO catcher … Scarybutamazing pack and along with Vending machine simulator fun, youcanlearn cash register features as well with food items beingboughtautomatically in each vending machines. A Real vendingmachinemakes you enter cash and coins from different segments justas cashmachines have in grocery sales corner. You have to choseyour fooditem to insert money in vending machine in conveniencestore … suchas you want a special candy soda which has price adollar n somebucks .. insert it in their segments appropriately. Inthis waythis game is some how ATM machine learning as well, but itworksjust opposite.So play a prize machine game, along withvendingmachines which are present in grocery shopping stores ..& makeyour children enjoy fetching bubble gum in this premio.So navigateback & forth in prize claw machine & enjoyvending machinesimulator with multiple selection which is availablewith varietyin game which is fun for all ages …. Especially kids.So enjoy minigames & grab your toy with crane. Yes as we saidit here thisgame is a total fun with multiple out class levels tobe a winnerof real thing with gaming physics beingrealisticallychallenging.So crazy kids, enjoy surprizes with newVending machineSimulator and download it ASAP
Rodeo Stampede:Sky Zoo Safari
Saddle up and get ready to wrassle with the stampede-iestcrittersthis side of the Savannah. Lions and Tigers and Bears areno matchfor this rodeo star. Armed with a lasso and a ten gallonhat, swingfrom the backs of stampeding buffalo, elephants, ostrichand more.Hold tight atop these bucking beasts and you might justwin theirhearts. When the stampede’s over, the zoo begins! Fillenclosureswith your four-footed friends and let your patrons gazein wonder.This is one wild ride that you will not want to miss -YEEHAWRidethrough the wild stampede on the backs of buffalo,elephants, andall types of exotic animalsDodge and avoid obstaclesin your chasefor high scoresCatch and befriend animals of allshapes and sizesto show off in your Sky ZooCollect a wide varietyof hats for yourcharacter to wearInvite visitors to come admireyourcollectionExpand and Manage your zoo to earn huge rewardsfromvisitorsWild Endless Runner Adventure
Sunday Lawn
The grass is growing rampant in the neighborhood, and there'sonlyone man to call!Ladies and gentlemen - Meet CHARLIE andhissouped-up mower.Join him in his Sunday work to clean uptheneighborhood yard by yard, but watch out for POOPY DOGS,ANGRYHEDGEHOGS and other dangers.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --GAMEFEATURES:- THREE game modes:- 1) "Challenge Mode"- 2)"ArcadeMode"- 3) "Sweet Dreams" (Bonus Game)- Collect stars andimproveyour rank in Challenge Mode: 60 VARYING LAWNS to master-Climb theHigh Score Table in Arcade Mode: 8 LEVELS to beat- KeepCharliesleeping in "Sweet Dreams", the BONUS GAME withfence-jumpingsheep- Different control options- Donut Games'Collectors Icon #04-NEW: Lifesavers to help you pass levels if youget stuck- And muchmore...- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Enjoyanother Donut Gamesrelease!
My Little Pony: Harmony Quest
Budge Studios™ presents My Little Pony: Harmony Quest. Thisapptakes your kid on a magical adventure to spread the spiritoffriendship across Equestria. Gather all 6 ponies, use theirspecialpowers together and save the Tree of Harmony. Chase evilminions,solve puzzles and play fun mini games to bring back thesixmystical jewels known to ponydom!MAGICAL ADVENTURES• TRAVEL to6regions across Equestria• CATCH the evil minions• FIND hiddenkeysand traps• RESCUE captive ponies• RECOVER the 6 Elements ofHarmony6 PONIES, EACH WITH THEIR OWN SPECIAL POWERS• PRINCESSTWILIGHTSPARKLES: Move Objects and Solve Puzzles• FLUTTERSHY:Lullaby andAnimal Language• APPLEJACK: Shake N Break and Catapult•RAINBOWDASH: Fly through and Drop• RARITY: Uncover and Stylize•PINKIEPIE: Hypnotic Dance and Pinkie SensePRIVACY &ADVERTISINGBudgeStudios takes children's privacy seriously andensures that itsapps are compliant with privacy laws, includingthe ChildOnline Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), a privacylegislationin the United States of America. This application hasreceived the“ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) PrivacyCertified Kids’Privacy Seal”. If you would like to learn more onwhat informationwe collect and how we use it, please visit ourprivacypolicyat: you have any questions, email our Privacy Officerat: privacy@budgestudios.caBefore you download this app,pleasenote that it is free to play, but additional content maybeavailable via in-app purchases. This app may containcontextualadvertising from Budge Studios regarding other apps wepublish,from our partners and some third parties. Budge Studiosdoes notpermit behavioral advertising or retargeting in this app.Note thatany purchase made in the app will remove pop-upadvertising. Theapp may also contain social media links that areonly accessiblebehind a parental gate. END-USER LICENSEAGREEMENTThis applicationis subject to an End-User LicenseAgreement available through thefollowing link: .HAVEQUESTIONS? Wealways welcome your questions, suggestions andcomments. Contact us24/7 at Visit Likeus: Follow us:@budgestudios Watch our apptrailers: and BUDGE STUDIOS aretrademarks of Budge Studios Inc.
Animal Fun 1.0
Michael Pound
Animal fun is a simple touch the animals game for young childrenortoddlers (8 months - 2 years). I couldn't find a game my 1 yearoldson liked to play, he got frustrated when more complicatedgameswouldn't do what he wanted. So I wrote a small game whereyousimply press the animals, then they spin and make noises!Thegameis very simple, it's very forgiving and supports multi-touch soifyour child simply jabs at the screen it'll still work.The gameisfree, there are no advertisements or in-app payments. I madethisgame for my son, and I won't ever charge for it. I alsodon'tcollect any information of any kind.I've tried to make it workonas many devices as I can, but please let me know if you runintoproblems. I hope your child likes playing on it as much asminehas!
Fun Pet Waterpark Aqua World
Fun Pet Waterpark Aqua worldThis super cute panda is going toawaterpark for pets! You can join him on his trip and have a lotoffun in Aqua World! This waterpark game has a lot ofdifferentminigames to play. The panda wants to play in the water,the firstthing is the water slide! Slide and play in the water!Thewaterpark has a lot of amusement and attractions. At thewaterresort is also a dressup attraction a wack-a-mole game and agoodrestaurant! You can also take care of your little cute pandaandwashing him in the water and give him food in the restaurant.FunPet Waterpark Aqua world features:- Six minigame attractiontoplay!- Super cute design of the waterpark and character-Dressup,washing, water slide, wack-a-mole and other games!- A lotof waterpark amusement!- Easy to play - Free game, no in-apppurchasesFunPet Waterpark Aqua world is a game from Top Girl gamesand one ofthe best free animal waterpark games, we publish manydifferenteasy to play girl games apps. We hope you will enjoy ourFun PetWaterpark Aqua world and we hope you give us the love byliking ourFacebook page or follow us on twitter. So we can keep youup todate on our amusement theme park games and other girlgames.★Facebook -★Twitter-
Pets Fun House
Welcome to Pet Fun House! Where fun comestocelebrate!You've been left in-charge of this cool pet shop and you havetotake care of them. Are you up to the challenge?You'll have to feed, clean and groom them and keep them happyandcheerful. But that's only half of it… customers will be comingin,asking YOU to help them. Can you handle all of this?Put your skills to the test with this a fun time-managementfreeandroid game!There are 8 pets which will need your attention and 5 differentcoolstores for you to manage!Highlights:- 35 addicting levels- 8 different pets- 5 stores- 2 challenging game modes- Unique graphics of cute cats and dogs- Hours of addicting fun
Restaurant Story: Summer Fun
The #1 FREE virtual restaurant game returns with RestaurantStory:Summer Fun!Decorate a Restaurant to celebrate the wonderfulwarmseason, and share with your friends! Celebrate the outdoorsandsunshine with your customers with fun, delicious decorationsandtasty summer-themed treats! Leave them coming back for moreandbringing their friends to stuff their appetites to welcomethesummer season!- DESIGN and build the perfect,personalizedRestaurant! Stunning variety and unlimited creativity!- DECORATEwith thousands of items, choose tables, chairs,wallpaper, art, andmore! - CUSTOMIZE a menu of delicious meals thatmake tummiesgrumble for more! - SOCIALIZE with other restaurants,and collectbonus tips from players! - INVITE friends to set up shopright nextdoor! Share secret recipes! - FREE to download, FREE toplay, FREEweekly updates with new dishes and decorations!RestaurantStory:Summer Fun is the BEST looking, FREE to play, mostdeliciousrestaurant game for your Android device!Please note:RestaurantStory: Summer Fun is an online only game. Your devicemust have anactive internet connection to play.Please note thatRestaurantStory: Summer Fun is free to play, but you can purchasein-appitems with real money. To delete this feature, on your devicego tothe Google Play Store, tap the Menu button, select Settings>Use password to restrict purchases. Then follow the directionstocomplete setup. In addition, Restaurant Story: Summer Fun maylinkto social media services, such as Facebook, and Storm8 willhaveaccess to your information through such services.TeamLava, aStorm8studio, is the #1 Mobile Social Game Developer on Android.Use ofthis application is governed by the TeamLava Terms ofService.Collection and use of data are subject to TeamLava'sPrivacyPolicy. Both policies are available
My Blind Date - Free Fun Games 1.0.4
Lisa doesn’t have a boyfriend. Her friend introduced a great guytoher and arranged a blind date. Please help Lisa prepare forthedate. And make sure that she will show him herbestappearance.There are 5 steps for the preparation:1. FacialSpa:Please help her remove the glasses and teeth braces. And thengiveher a full facial Spa, clean her face and resolve all herfaceproblem.2. Work out: Please take her to work out and makeherfigure better.3. Full body Spa: Please give her a full body Spaforher body, arms and legs. Remove the hair on her legs andarmsfirst. And then make her skin smoother.4. Make up: She needstomake up. Please help her.5. Dress up: Please help her choosethebest dress for the blind date.OK. The preparation is done. Lisaislooking great. Please take her to the blind date now.This isagirls' game & casual game & fasion game & kidsgame!Find more free online games, please browse thewebsite No need to download!
Jelly Splash Match 3: Connect Three in a Row
KICK BACK and MATCH WITH A SPLASH!Match 3 or more Jellys inthissplashtastic, addicting matching game! Fall in love with ourthreein a row free online puzzle game. If you love fun-filledaddictivegames, join the colorful Jellys and try to match 3 or moreof themin a row or diagonally to form the longest line of Jellysyou can.Settle in and relax with one of the most relaxing games ofall freegames on your device.ADDICTIVE & DELIGHTFUL FREE GAMETO PLAYIfyou love to play match 3 games online and puzzle gamestickle yourfancy, get ready to experience one of the best 3 in arow gamesavailable! Defeat the evil Slimes and enjoy aJelly-filledadventure game! You’re sure to get addicted to thisyummy match 3game!What are you waiting for?! Install and play oursplashy,awesome game today! Journey through loads of differentlevels anddozens of different three in a row challenges to freeyour Jellyfriends. But watch out for the Slimes, who’ve taken overJellyLand! This awesome game is waiting for you once you installJellySplash!With loads of fun events, big sales and huge bonuses,you’lllove coming back again and again for some relaxingmatchingfun.★ADDICTING GAMES WITH JELLYS★UNLIMITED GAME TIME – Playat yourpace and keep your matching relaxedNEW LEVELS – Constantlyenjoytotally new levels, events, and salesJOLLY JELLYS – Fall inlovewith the charming Jellys, each with their owncharacterAMAZINGCHALLENGES – Discover dozens of gorgeous worlds,while overcomingfun obstacles, winning amazing prizes intournaments and racing upa weekly Tower75 MILLION CAN’T BE WRONG –With over 75 millionfans, why not get splashing today?Jelly Splashis free to downloadand play, but it also allows you to purchasevirtual items withreal money inside the game. You can disablein-app purchases inyour device’s settings.You may require anInternet connection toplay Jelly Splash and access its socialfeatures. Jelly Splash mayalso contain advertising.Download now andchill out with the Jellysin the splashiest match puzzlegameever!-------------------------------------------------------------------------Facebook: Use:
Funny voice changer!
Do you want to change your voice and apply funny voice effects?Youcan have voice like after helium! Record your words and usefunnyvoice effect if you want to do a joke! Modify voice for free!Thisfunny voice modifier contains more than 20 different effectswhichcan give you a lot of fun!
The Test: Fun for Friends! 1.2.1
Take on THE TEST together with your friends!Answer the craziest questions, guess each other’s answersandfind out what your friends think of you!100s OF INTERESTING QUESTIONS!Clever, crazy, creative! Handpicked questions that break the iceandreveal who knows you best!BE AMAZED BY YOUR FRIENDS’ ANSWERS AND YOUR OWN!A great, fun way to discover new things about yourfriends!Surprises, smiles and giggles guaranteed!GREAT QUESTIONS SPARK GREAT CONVERSATIONWere you on the right track or totally off the mark? Talk aboutitwith chat in the app. Flirting permitted ;)IS IT A MATCH? FIND NEW PEOPLE IN YOUR AREA!See other cool people in your area! If you like them THETESTconnects you and gives you fun questions that are guaranteed togetthe ball rolling!Ready to take THE TEST? Invite your friends and take THETESTnow!Languages included: English, German, French, Spanish,Italian,Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Dutch.
Shark Boom - Fun Social Game
This is 2017's most fun social game - Shark Boom. In this funsocialgame, you can create your dream island and collect adorable3Dcartoon pets. In this casual game, you can invite yourexistingfriends or make new friends to help you build and guardyourisland. Shark Boom is also 2017's most popular social gamewithgirls, so come and join this 3D cartoon social gamenow!☆Unrivalledcollection of cute pets!Electric Eel, Octopus,various smallstarfish and more, with multiple abilities, give you arichexperience and help you protect your islands.☆Oceans arewaiting tobe conquered!Newly themed islands, holiday themed islandsandmysterious tribes from the Ice Age, Sea World and JurassicWorldallow you to travel through time.☆Spin the Lucky Wheeltocontinuously receive great surprises!Spin your wheel to gainpiratetreasure, but keep an eye out for enemy revengeattacks.☆Real-lifefriend battles to see who's the best of thebest!Invite yourFacebook friends to flaunt your space and build thestrongest home!More amazing gifts are waiting for you tocollect.☆RankingsSeparateRich and Evil rankings! Will the richestperson be the most evilperson?Various game modes are waiting foryou to play! The morefriends you have, the more fun you willhave!Right now your King ison the island! Come play now!New andoriginal themed islands,holiday themed islands and mysteriousancient tribes allow you totravel through time.【ContactUs】FacebookPage:
Star Girl - Fashion, Makeup & Dress Up
It’s YOUR time to shine like a star! Live a whole new lifefilledwith beauty, fashion, and glamour!✮ ALL THE DRESSES YOU CANWEARDelve into a world of countless fashion options with hundredsofcute & sexy dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, bags,accessories,and MORE!✮ IT’S A SHOPPING WONDERLAND Visit storesstocked with thehottest new outfits! Everything was made for YOU,so shop to yourheart’s content!✮ BE A SINGER, ACTRESS AND MODELWorkhard to playhard! Earn money by advancing your career in variousfields! Theharder you work, the more clothes you can buy!✮ MEET& DATEYOUR CRUSHES Meet your dream guy! A Star Girl deservesonly theBEST. Bring out the romantic in you in this paradise ofabsolutehotties!✮ JOIN FASHION CONTESTS Star Girls from around theworldcompete for top prizes! Can you WOW the crowd? Show offyourperfect look and become world-famous!✮ LIVE A STAR’S LIFE Seeyourface on the covers of magazines, posters, billboards, andbanners!Visit the most exclusive clubs and live a life of luxury inyourfancy dream home!✮ HAVE FUN WITH FRIENDS Hang out with friendsinthe game! Take selfies with your avatars and post them onsocialmedia!Aim for the stars and make your dreams come true! Diveintothe Star Girl lifestyle! Are you the world’s next StarGirl?**Please note that while the app is free, please be aware thatitcontains paid content for real money that can be purchaseduponusers' wish to enhance their gaming experience.You maycontrolin-app purchases made within this app using passwordprotectionwhich can be enabled from the setting page of the GooglePlay Storeapp. ** All statements or information contained in theresponses,replies and/or answers in “Star Girl” are generated andpowered bya 3rd party engine (API) and are the sole responsibilityof such3rd party engine (API) and not of Animoca. The fact thataparticular statement or information contained in theresponses,replies and/or answers is used in “Star Girl” does notmean thatAnimoca has endorsed that statement or information in anyway orverified the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of anystatementor information. Under no circumstances will Animoca beresponsiblefor any loss or damage resulting from anyone’s relianceonstatements or information contained in the responses,repliesand/or answers in “Star Girl"
Royal Baby Photo Fun Dress Up
Take the first picture with the royal baby girl! It’s RoyalBabyPhoto Fun Time! Dress up the royal babies! There’s hundredsofoutfits & accessories to wear! And sweet costumes too!Turnyour fabulous creations into stickers that you can makeamazingeCards with! They’re back! Say hi to Emma, Ava, Olivia, andSophia!These royal girls can’t wait to have an awesome photo shoot!Thewhole kingdom is waiting for these tiny babies, the newfashionprincesses! Even the prince cannot wait! We need you tobring theroyal princesses into the spotlight with your camera! Butdon’tworry, you’re not just behind the camera, you can take apicture ofyourself too as part of the dressup! You’re part of theroyalfamily with this app, play with the prince and princess!Thekingdom has a new fashion princess and she wants toplaydressup!The babies are not the only ones that get to have allthefun! Snap a picture and you too can be in the app! You caneven“wear” the clothes -- the accessories in the app! Put on afancyhat and all the accessories you want! Then you can modelalongsideyour favorite baby girl! Dress up, and show off thebabyprincesses!These girls can’t wait to see what cool fashionstylesfor dressup you’ve got in mind for them! You can choosebetweenhundreds of amazing dresses, shirts, skirts, shoes, anditems tocreate the most awesome outfit you could ever dream of!Make cardstoo! It’s not just dress up time! Want everyone to checkout theamazing things you’ve been creating for the royal family andtheirbaby girl? Of course! Now you can turn your dressup creationsintostickers that you can add to a virtual card. Zoom, rotate,andscale the stickers any way you want! Add in all the stickersyoulove to create an awesome card, but to truly make it yours,paintsomething on it! Royal Baby Photo Fun - Dress Up, Card Maker&Stickers Features:> Take your picture and play dress uptoo! Youcan be inside the app with all the royal babies, amazingclothes,and accessories!> It’s the fashion shoot out of alifetime!Dress these super awesome princess babies and take theirpicturesin all the settings you want!> You can even choosetheiraccessories! >When the photoshoot is in play, you havetotalcontrol! Choose where to take the photos! What's inside RoyalBabyPhoto Fun - Dress Up, Card Maker & Stickers: All thedressupitems! > 26 amazing full outfits for the dress up! >13fabulous dresses!> 13 stunning tops!> 13 skirts andpants!> 18 shiny necklaces!> 26 goofy hats that the princecan’twait to try on too!> 18 charming bracelets!> 26 stylishshoes!> 26 fun toys!> 26 royal fashion hairstyles!> 16sweetglasses!The Photo Fun Pack also has: > 12 babies, the girlslookfabulous! > 10 photo frames that the prince gets jealousof!>26 pacifiers > 40 prince-worthy paint colors for thecardmaker> And much more!ABOUT TabTale With over 1 billiondownloadsand growing, TabTale has established itself as the creatorofpioneering virtual adventures that kids and parents love.Welovingly produce interactive e-books, games, andeducationalexperiences for children. Search “TabTale” on GooglePlay anddiscover more incredible apps.Visit us: Plus: Likeus: us:@TabtaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at MESSAGE FOR PARENTS: * This Appisfree to play but certain in-game items may be purchased forrealmoney. You may restrict in-app purchases by disabling them onyourdevice.* By downloading this App you agree to TabTale’sPrivacyPolicy and Terms of Use at andat consider that this Appmayinclude third parties services for limited legallypermissiblepurposes.
Coloring Book for Kids & Family by Fun Color Games
The BEST coloring game for the entire family is now 100%FREE!Download Coloring Book for Kids & Family by Fun ColorGames andsee why we are the most popular coloring book app for kidsandadults alike. Bond with the rest of your family bycoloring,painting and drawing on 100s of beautiful illustrations,including:animals, flowers, mandalas, unicorns, patterns. Recolorand colorfythem to your hearts content!FEATURES- Color art therapyand antistress relief in your pocket. Color anywhere you go! -Gorgeouscoloring books and pages for me and you. Something foreverybody.-Coloring categories like: Mandalas, Animals, Colorful,Unicorn,Portraits, Flowers, Nature, Enchanted Forest, SecretGarden,Colorfull, Patterns, Art, Designs and many more.- Suitableforadults, kids, family, women, girls, teens, me, you, people wholovegames, people who love to color-fy, re-color, colorfly, peoplewhoneed to relax, anti-stress and color therapy, people who loveappsto draw, paint, color, artistic people, stressedpeople...everybody can enjoy the joy of coloring! - 100% Free! Wedon't hideimages behind paywalls or subscriptions. Come rediscoverthe joysof coloring with us and download Coloring Book for Kids&Family by Fun Color Games. Terms ofuse: policy:http:/
Talking Cat Funny
**Talking Cat Funny repeats everything you say with afunnyvoice.**Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Cat Funny. Heis especially fun for children of all ages.**Play with CatFunny :-Talk to Cat Funny and he will repeat everything you saywith afunny voice.- really sweet.- look at my dancing.- have asleep.-I’m the monster of circus.- Poke his head, Arm or feet.
Big Little Farmer Offline Farm
*** 5 Million downloads & counting. :) ***Big Little Farmerisnot an ordinary farm games; you can play it all day longofflinewithout Wi-Fi. Your escape to your dream farmland will notberestricted. After returning to your lush green family farm fromthebig city, it is your chance to polish your farmingskills.Buildyour lush farm, cultivate and harvest the crops likecorn, canola,cotton and wheat. Live the peaceful country life of afarmer anddecorate your own farmland in family farm games. Raisepoultryanimals and livestock while you are aboard this farmadventures.Sell your produce via delivery truck, fulfill orders andexpandyour land in this farming game. Become the leader offarmerbusiness world with Bakery Products, Dairy Products andGarmentsetc. To become a happy farmer you have to work day &night togrow and cultivate your farm. Time to modernize yourfarmland andtake care of your cute farm animals like, sheep, horse,goats,fish, hens, dogs, cats & cows. No hay for your animals,nurturethem by preparing their feed in a feed mill. There is alsoyourdelivery system, a transport truck that will help you sellyourfresh produce to the customers in big city and alsoneighboringtowns and villages. Soon enough, visitors will be cominginbringing along orders for your freshly baked bread andgourmetgoods. Build your farm and add more decorations to make ityourdream harvesting farmland.Your big little farm is dreamfarmlandfor villagers. Harvesting a farm and keeping your horses,dogs,cats, cows, hens and other animals is not an easy job to do.If youare fond of countryside farm then Big Little Farmer is thebestchoice you have for harvesting your farmland. It’s an offlinebiggame in which you can have a big farm and you can keeponincreasing your farmland. All happy villagers will becollectingall farming items from you. Features: • The one &only offlinefarming game.• Buildings & decorations you can useto createyour dream farms.• Raise adorable animals and manage dairyfarms•Plant fresh crops & cook delicious food.• Big family barn/silo upgrade• Eye catching & high definition graphicswithdetailed character animations. • Easy controls make managingfarmseasy• Total fresh new worlds of farming integrated in acountrylife environment.• Harvest more, unlock more, andexperiencemore!Enjoy the world of cultivation and cattle raising asthe bestfarmer in town. Unleash your green side in this ultimatefarmadventure where fun never ends.Disclaimer: Please note thatBigLittle Farmer is an offline mode game. Game state and data willbelost in case of game data deletion, mobile reset and a changeofdevice. We are working towards keeping the game state safe foryouin the coming updates, so that you can restore the gamesandeverything in the game. Currently, this is not available.
Coloring Fun
Coloring Fun is a coloring tool for kids. Pick your colors andstartpainting. When done, you can save it and share it withyourfriends.A lot of nice pictures for kids! - An advancedcolorselector to let you choose the right color. - Zoom and movetheimage by a simple pinch gesture. - Save the result on your SDcard.- Share with your friends by e-mail.
Ice Cream Jump
Meet a happy Ice Cream Scoop who dreams of soaring throughtheskies.Help our friendly dessert reach new heights in thisactionpacked game.Bounce from platform to platform, dodge the meanflies,and grab everything you can to get the highest score.Greatfun toplay with friends, who can go the highest in Ice CreamJump.Checkout the store in Ice Cream Jump to customize your scoops,withdozens of different flavors, items, and themes to chooseandcombine... thousands of possible combinations! Make yourfavorite!Some of the options available include dragons, bacon, aschool bus,cool accessories like fairy wings, sunglasses, fedoras,animals,and more. There are also unique accessories and flavors forseasonsand holidays, like fall, valentine's, xmas, easter,halloween! IceCream Jump has everything you could find in a realice cream truck,and a whole lot more. Let's get jumping!
Princess Makeup Salon
Princess Makeup Salon is a Free girls makeup game!BeautifulPrincess is a fashion idol like usual. This time, you arethefashion maker! Dress the girl from head to toe inFashionSalon!Princess Makeup Salon features:☆ Choose a beautifulgirl youlike☆ The one-stop girls makeover: shampoo, hair steamer,facialSpa☆ Cosmetics and decorative items☆ Dressed well, takephotos withcolorful backgroundsIt's a totally free game for girlsand kids!
Baby Hazel Summer Fun
Now kids can play Baby Hazel Summer Fun game app for free onyourandroid device for free. It is summer time. Little Baby Hazelisenjoying summer activities. Take care of her by followingsummercare routine and then have fun making summer crafts. Then gowithher near the pool and enjoy water plays.You can also play thisgameon your desktopbrowserat:
Baby Pet Vet Doctor
This is a 12+ game!There are a lot of cute baby pets and theygotsick. Please help me cure these baby pets and makethemrecover.Features: - Pet Spa Care- Pet Vet DoctorCare:X-ray,Viruskiller,Medical treatment- Pet Dress-up: with dozensof awesomeitems!HAT,NECK,CLOTHES,GLASSES,TOYS,NECKLET.- Baby PetFeedingMINIGAMESHave fun with exciting mini games and earn coins tobuy itemsand food for your Pet!- The Special One: Please find outthespecial one as quickly as possible- Match The Cards:Please findoutall the matching cards.- Sort The Tools:Please put the toolsintothe correct boxes as quickly as possible.- Hit it!:Tap it whenitappears.- Jump Now:Please turn your device to make it jumpandcollect tools.- Flying Bird:Please tap the screen to make thebirdfly as far as possible!- Fishing:Tap the screen to collect lotsoffish.- Arkanoid:Bounce the ball to destroy all the coloredblocksby controlling the movement of the board.Baby Pet Vet Doctoris theperfect game. It includes mini games with positiveaffirmation todevelop counting, memory, reasoning, reflexes,coordination andmotor skills. It focuses on making you learn byplaying. Everyactivity involves a different set of skills making ita completeeducational experience. This game is ALL FREE to play!
Scary Prank 2.1
Scare your friends and family with this scary app!Are youannoyedthat your friend, brother, sister is playing with your phoneortablet all the time? Install the Scary Prank Fun Gameapplication,choose a scary image and sound, then set the timedelay. The imageand sound will pop up to scare them away. Bestscare prank to makefun and shock your friends!Features:- multipleimages: ghosts,zombies, creepy clowns, vampire, skull, scaryfaces.- choose custompicture from your gallery- all kind of creepysounds- record andplay a custom sound- set delay timeIt's also theideal Halloweenprank!
Princess Make Up: Unblock Fun
Princess Make-up: Unblock Fun is a challenging and addictivepuzzlegame. The goal of the game is to get the red lipstick out ofthemakeup kit by moving the other makeup stuff out of the way.Thereare many levels ranging from easy to very difficult. Movethedifferent objects (pencils, nail polish, blush, etc.) wiselytoopen a path.There are many puzzles to be played for yourpersonalenjoyment, worth hours of playing to keep you alwayschallenged.Ifyou like unblock games or if you like to play withmake up stuff orprincess apps in general you will love PrincessMake Up: UnblockFun! You can earn 3 stars for each level dependingon how fast andin how many moves you manage to solve the puzzle.How to play:1.Drag the objects to create a gap.2. Move the red onethrough thepuzzle.3. Less moves to win more stars.Features ofPrincess MakeUp: Unblock Fun:✔ 16 Chapters each containing 24levels rangingfrom easy to hard✔ Many puzzles for you to enjoy✔Keep track of allthe puzzles you've cleared✔ System to help youundo the game ✔Background music and soundsTrain your brain and yourobservationcapacities. Try to finish the game in as little moves aspossibleand increase your IQ and logical thinking.This PrincessUnblockgame is a challenging and addicting 3D mind game, designedtodevelop your sequential-thinking skills.Princess Make Up:UnblockFun is a free application. Download Princess Make Up:Unblock Funand please rate it with 5 stars if you like it.
Bubble Pop Fun!
NEW UPDATE JUST RELEASED featuring PocketChange!With over1.6million players Bubble Pop Fun!™ is the most popular bubblewrappopping game of all time!As a thank you for playing,we'vepartnered with Pocket Change! You can now earn Points byplayingmore games of Bubble Pop Fun!™ Then redeem these Points inthestore for any product of your choice - like an XBox, PS3,StarbucksCoffee, or a $20 Amazon gift card.INSTRUCTIONS:If you haveeverpopped bubble wrap then you already know how to play our gameandthe best thing is, our game is fun for all ages!FREEPLAYMODEInfreeplay mode you can pop bubble wrap to your hearts content.Enjoyseconds, minutes or even hours of stress relief while you popaninfinite number of bubbles.CHALLENGE MODE NOW INCLUDED FORFREE!Inchallenge mode be prepared to test your skills as a bubblewrappopper! Unlock up to 20 levels as you try to pop all thebubblesbefore the time counts down. It is not as easy as it seemssincebubbles refresh faster the harder the level you play. Try topopall the bubbles and achieve a high score as well as a 3 starratingto perfect the levels!We at Bubble Pop Fun!™ we value yourfeedbackso please feel free to visit us anytime andsend us an email or follow us!Happy bubble popping!!TheBubble PopFun!™ Team
Princess Makeover Salon 2
Princess Makeup Salon 2 is coming! We brought you morefashionelements! Are you interested in the latest fashion trend?ChasingVogue? Confusing about lipstick color and skin color?PrincessFashion Salon is a paradise of makeup! Makeup like aprincess!**********What's new**********☆ Different salon formakeup, morecharacter increased☆ New hair style/clothes /eyeshades/earringsand more☆ Real makeup tools, make your favoritecombination ThisMakeup game is totally free to download and play!
Candy Makeup Beauty Game - Sweet Salon Makeover
It’s CANDY MAKEUP time! Give your clients the sweetestmakeoversever! Style your models with cotton candy hairstyles,cherry-glazedlips and candy cane hats! Give the most deliciousmani-pedis everand top them off with rainbow sprinkles!Make yourpretty clientsall over the world even more beautiful with youramazing candytools! Glam them up with yummy facials and sweethairstyles! Painttheir nails strawberry red and add delicious gummybear stickers!Use professional makeup tools to create the sweetestlooks!Features:> Make your models beautiful with your amazingcandymakeup talents! > Give the yummiest mani-pedis aroundwithpatterns so sweet you could eat them! > Dress up your modelsintons of sweet outfits!> Design stunning jewelry withdeliciouslollipop gemstones!> Give your models cotton candyhairstylesand decorate their hair with rainbow sprinkles!> Wincandymakeup contests all over the world on your candy makeup tour!>Take over the world with new candy makeup shops allover!ABOUTTabTale A Google Play Top Developer, recognized for itscommitmentto launching high-quality and innovative apps on Android,TabTalelovingly produces games, interactive e-books, andeducationalexperiences. With over 1 billion downloads and growing,TabTale hasestablished itself as the creator of pioneering virtualadventuresthat kids and parents love. TabTale’s apps sparkchildren’simaginations and inspire them to think creatively, whilehavingfun! Search “TabTale” on Google Play and discover moreincredibleapps. Visit us: GooglePlus: Likeus: us:@TabTaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at MESSAGE FOR PARENTS: * This Appisfree to play but certain in-game items may require payment. Youmayrestrict in-app purchases by disabling them on your device.*Bydownloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use at andat consider that this Appmayinclude third parties services for limited legallypermissiblepurposes.
Makeup Salon
Welcome to our Makeup Salon! Is your dream to become amakeupartist? Now is your chance to test your skills by makingcountlessof makeup combinations, from party makeup to prom or evena bridalone. Apply eye shades, eyelashes, glowing blushes, facepaintings,glamorous lipsticks and diamond stones. Your imaginationis thelimit! You can make something magical, or somethingglamorousworthy of a superstar, or a fabulous look for a fashionshow, orjust a delicate wedding makeup. Be as creative as you wantandcreate unique makeup designs for our beautiful models here.Makesure you’ll choose a complementary hairstyle andgorgeousaccessories to complete the look you’ve created!
Makeup Spa - Girls Games
Every girl loves go to salon, Come to makeover and dress upthegirl, and let her become the most beautiful one!It's a kidsgamesfor girls!
My Makeup Salon - Girls Game
Welcome to My Makeup Salon! Who wants to have beautiful eyeswithfacial makeup? It’s your chance to become a princess youalwayswanted to be. Summer season is here and it's time to impressyourprince charming. Feel the real experience of makeup withcountlessitems especially designed for special occasions like apartymakeover and much more. My Makeup Salon gives you the chancetochoose unique tattoo designs, various makeup combinations&cosmetic items with multiple decoration options. Makeup youreyes& look glamorous. Girls can now look fabulous withvariousmakeup styles, glowing eyes and complete face makeup. Eyeshades,eyebrows, blushes, face makeup, tattoos and much more all atMyMakeup Salon. Once you are in My Makeup Salon you feel likebeingthe glamorous beauty girl. Pencil your eyebrows, apply eyeshades,make tattoos, apply diamond stones and move them whereveryou wantthem on the face. Do cleansing, apply makeup on eyes, bringglow onthe face and impress people with your glam doll like styles!Yourimagination is the limit at the makeup salon. My Makeup Salonisthe best choice to make your eyes and face fabulous duringthissummer season. ◆◆◆ WHAT WE HAVE FOR YOU ◆◆◆► Gorgeous GirlsReadyfor Makeup► Countless Makeup items for Various Combinations►Eyeshades, Tattoos, Stickers, Earrings and more► Amazing MakeupSalonEnvironment◆◆◆ Get Your Wedding Update NOW!!! ◆◆◆◆◆◆ JOINUS◆◆◆Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to stayupdatedwith TenLogix Games is working on. Play and enjoy our gamesbecauseevery game is filled with creativity, enjoyment and learningforkids.Facebook :
Makeup Spaholic Hair Salon
Welcome to your own makeup salon that you can decorate and havefunwith hair games , makeup , pedicure and also an incrediblenailgame salon with more than 3000 combinations !The customersarearriving and you need to take care of all girls and choosewhatthey need. Some of them will need a new haircut and for thatyouhave to play some girl hair games in which you choose thehairstyle, hair color but not before you wash and prepare itbefore!In thisstation of hair games you have lots of colors andhaircuts but someof them are locked so earn coins to unlockitems.Use the shower andthe dryier to prepare your client , choosethe hair and then from agreat color palette.After finishing thehair games some clientswill be happy and give you a big tip butothers can be angry sothey won't give you too many coins.When yourfirst hair client isdone you may unlock nail game salon.In thisnail game stationprepare the nails by cleaning and cutting them ,wash the hands andthen choose from an incredible palette of colors, models anddecorations for the nails.In the beginning you willhave level 1with nail game salon unlocked and some of the nailcolors andmodels will be blocked too.You can paint every nail asyou like ,choose any model or decoration for each nail so thatmakesavailable thousands of combinations of nail games foryourcustomers.Get to model nail decoration game by painting allthenails from each hand first.When reaching level 5 you will beableto unlock girls makeup salon in which you need to makeupgirls.Asin our preview salons: hair games and manicure choose fromlots ofcolors for the lipstick and hundreds of eyebrows models ingirlsmakeup salon.All are dying to get to girls makeup salon forgettingbeautiful anytime they go out to the city , club or shoppingsomakeup salon is one of the most wanted areas.One important salonisalso the pedicure game where the feet are the ones spoiled.Spatreatments , nails games and many spoiling just for their feetatthe pedicure studio.The make up salon, manicure area , girlhairgames are the most wanted studios for any girl.To get more fromthemakeup salon , we offer girl hair games you can play spin thewheeland scratch minigames and earn coins.
Monster Girl Makeover
Monster girls have green skins, sharp teeth, and they are somessy!But they want to be pretty as well! Can youhelpthem?Features:-Chose a monster girl.-Spasection-Makeup!-Dressup!Do not forget to match their skin and haircolors!DOWNLOAD FORFREE NOW!We want to hear your voice!Like us onFacebook: Twitter: more about Salon™onofficial website:
Make Donut - Kids Cooking Game
Want to own a donut shop and cook yummy donuts? Followinstructionsto learn how to cook sweet donuts! Let’s be a donutchef and createdifferent flavors and types of donuts! Not just acook, but be akitchen chef who can make all kinds of donuts!DonutMakerFeatures:☆ Easy to play for kids of all ages☆ Followdirections andlearn how to cook donuts☆ Tons of decorations for youto choose☆Share your donuts with friends. Have a donuts party!Howto play:-Drag proper ingredients from the cabinet - Mix allingredientstogether - Cook your donuts in proper temperatures -Choosedifferent decorations and flavors for your donuts Free toenjoycooking the delicious donuts!
Halloween Makeup Salon
If you like Halloween and his costume parties, this will be theappthat brings you in the right mood.Design your monster models asyouwish. Start by choosing the skin tone of your vampire orzombiemodel is supposed to have and enter the spa for somebeautytreatment. Choose the makeup color, the best matchingmascara, herhair color and style. Moreover if you should think thatshe looksnicer or more fearful with a different eye color, you willbe ableto apply her some scary contact lenses.The next step will betochoose the perfect make up and apply her a bit of eyeshadow,lipstick, blusher etc.To complete your work it remains onlytochoose the right clothing and fashion accessories.If you likehairsalon games, princess salon games, halloween games, girlgames,nail salon games, dress up games, makeup games, makeovergames orprincess apps in general you will love Halloween MakeupSalon!Download Halloween Makeup Salon now and have a lot of fun! Ifyoulike Halloween Makeup Salon then please rate it with 5 stars.Thankyou!After your wonderful makeover, you can make her picturesandsave, share the pictures per mail, with Whatsapp, Twitter,Skype,or simply upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc. Howto playHalloween Makeup Salon:To get read of the pimples you needto rubon them until they disappear.To apply a mask simply selectthe typeof mask you want to use and then spread the product on herfacewith the finger. To clean it either use the water shower orswitchto the next beauty product.Some of the make-up productswillautomatically be applied on the model by simply selectingthedesired icon (color), other will need to be applied withyourfinger. ** Features of Halloween Makeup Salon: ** - Spa Section-Makeup Section- Choose skin color / skin type - Frighteningfashiondress up section - 360° View to have a better look at themodel-Different gloomy backgrounds- Different hair styles / cutstochoose - Try different hair dye, lipstick colors, eyecolor,eye-shadow.- Accessories- Talking Monster GirlsHalloweenMakeupSalon is a great game for kids and adults and it has beendesignedto entertain you. Download Halloween Makeup Salon now!
Eye Makeup - Salon Game
In this salon game, you will get trendy makeup ideas to makeyoureyes really sparkling! Practise in a real eye makeup salonandbecome a top makeup artist. Help your models achieve afabulouslook: natural, smoky, pastel or glamorous, depending ontheoccasion.Firstly, choose from 4 different models, brunette,blonde,red or black-haired woman. Start applying makeup, first oneeyelidthen the other. Fix the messy eyebrows with pink tweezers andcolorthem with a pencil. Fulfill your dream of naturally long andcurvedeyelashes using special mascaras. Every kind of eyelashes canbecombined with more than 10 different colors. Apply the besteyeshadow on your girl's eyes and add colorful stickers andglitters.Shiny lenses will be a perfect final touch. You can use aneyemakeup remover at any time.Use your magic fingers and do thebesteye makeover.Features:• interesting game appropriate for girlsandwomen of all ages• simple gameplay with beautiful HD graphics•4different girl models• various professional makeup andcosmeticstools• a lot of stickers and glitters to combine• trendymakeupideas for various occasions (wedding, prom, birthday party,cinemanight)• free your creativity