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Tieu Diet Xac Song - Ban Quai 1.0.1
Xác Sống - Xac Song - Ban Xac Song - Gamehànhđộng vô cùng hấp dẫnBạn là một tay súng nguy hiểm chuyên đi săn các quái vật,xácsống... đang ngày đêm hoành hành trên các con đường,làng mạc,húngtấncông con người,làm đảo lộn cuộc sống con người.Bạn hãy đóng vaimộtsát thủ zombie tiêu diệt hết các xác sống đó nhéDetermination Live-undead - you determine Song - Game action attractiveYou are a dangerous gunman specialized hunting monsters,undead... are diurnal raging on the streets, villages, basilattackhumans, disrupt lives just played nguoi.Ban a zombiekillerdetermined to destroy all life and somebody else
Chem Cuong Thi 1.0.1
Tieu Diet Cuong Thi - Xac Song -Thay Ma-gamekinh dị hấp dẫnTham gia trò chơi, bạn sẽ được hoà mình vào một cốt truyệnđầyrùng rợn. Tại một ngôi làng nhỏ, nơi bạn và gia đình sinh sống.Khiđêm đến, là khi lũ Cương Thi trỗi dậy và lao như điên đến ngôinhàcủa bạn, hãy cầm kiếm lên và chém chúng trước khi chúng có thểlàmhại gia đình của bạn.Ngoài thanh kiếm bạn còn được trang bịthêmcác vũ khí hiện đại khácChúc các bạn tiêu diệt được thật nhiều Thây MaCuong Thi Tieu Diet--Change undead horror game attractive ma-Join the game, you will be mixing in a plot full of horror. Inasmall village, where you and your family live. When nightcomes,when floods and rising labor General Test like crazy to yourhouse,hold his sword, and cut them before they can hurtfamiliesban.Ngoai sword you are equipped more other modernweaponsWish you kill lots of zombies
Zombie Apocalypse 3D 1.6
Get ready for cleaning the world from zombies. Z virus hasbeenspread in the city by the ignorance of the scientist. Newzombiefrontier has been opened for army and people are gettingeffectedand turning into walking zombies. They are reaping andkillingeverything and Z virus converting humans intozombies.Survivors areleaving the city. Army headquarters has issuedan order to save thecitizen from dead walking people. Helicopter isready to take youto the affected city. Mission is to becomeultimate zombie killerand shoot every possible zombie. As a zombieslayer make thisattack zombie apocalypse.Shoot zombies on head tokill them insingle shot otherwise five to six shots will killzombies. Takemaximum head shots to quickly end evil forces andbecome anultimate zombie reaper. Zombie apocalypse featuresBestpossiblefirst person shooting experience with scary music andgamelayoutStunning zombie walk, run crawl and attack animationofzombiesMultiple zombies used with different strength to makezombieapocalypse an ultimate zombie shooter gameZombie shootinggame withreal zombie world game play and excellent fps guncontrolVirus isgaining strength with increasing number of zombiesso save the cityin the least possible time Protect yourself fromdangerous virusand do not allow any dead zombie to attackyouPerfect chance tobecome an ultimate zombie killerBest of luckguys.
San Quai Vat - Ban Quai 1.0.1
Van Tuan Game
Săn Quái Vật - Bắn Quái Vật- Xac Song - Game tiêu diệt zombieđăngcấp Bạn là một tay săn Zombie chuyên nghiệp,bạn sở hữu nhữngkhẩusúng đảng cấp chuyên đi bắn tỉa các Xác Sống. Hãy chắc tay súngđểtiêu diệt thật nhiều xác sống nhéHunting Monsters - MonstersVat-Shoot undead - zombies destroy caste GameYou're aprofessionalzombie hunter, you possess the gateTrip gun sniperlevel party theDetermination living.Make gunmen to kill lots ofundead nhé
Zombie nổi dậy 1.0.2
Zombie noi day, phiên bản dành riêng chothịtrường Việt nam với đầy đủ tiếng việt và cách chơi vẫn vô cùngthúvị của game Zombie tuyệt vời từ Arrasol.Hãy tham gia ngay trò chơi Zombie nổi dậy cùng với vô vàn tínhnăngthú vị:- Game hoàn toàn miễn phí, không SMS.- Tham gia vào cuộc chiến của chiến binh nhí chống lại binhđoànZombie đông đảo và hung ác.- Hình ảnh đẹp mắt vui nhộn.- Hệ thống vũ khí hoàn hảo, giúp người chơi mua và nâng cấp cácloạivũ khí hạng nặng- Lưu màn chơi giúp bạn dễ dàng chinh phục đám ZombieNếu bạn yêu thích Game các game Zombie, hãy cùng chinh phụcthửthách mới này.Zombie uprising,theversion exclusively for Vietnamese market with full Vietnameseandstill play the game extremely interesting from ArrasolgreatZombie.Join Now game Zombie uprising along with numerousinterestingfeatures:- The game is completely free, no SMS.- Join the fight against child warrior zombie army crowdedandferocious.- Photo beautifully hilarious.- Perfect Weapon System, which helps players to buy andupgradeweapons, heavy- Save game screen to help you easily conquer the zombie hordesIf you love games Zombie games, let's conquer thisnewchallenge.
Cuoc Chien Thay Ma (RPG) 1.0.5
Cuộc chiến thây ma là game hành động hấp dẫn cho di động. Cuộcchiếnthây ma là game nhập vai hành động. Bạn sẽ bị cuốn vào cuộcchiếnvới các zombie để tìm các báu vật cổ bị đánh cắp.Cuộc chiếnthây mavô cùng hồi hộp hấp dẫn. Game mang tính bắn súng, hành độngcao.Cuộcchiến thây ma là game nhập vai màn hình ngang hay nói vềzombie.Hãycùng khám phá các vùng đất trong cuộc chiến thây ma.Cuộcchiến thâyma có nhiều cấp độ khác nhau để bạn thử sức.Cách chơi:Điểu khiểncung thủ tiêu diệt các thây ma. Mở các cơ quan để lấycác bảovật.The fight zombies are compelling action game formobile. Thefight zombies are action RPGs. You will be caught up inthe war withthe zombies in order to find the ancient treasuresstolen.The fightzombies extremely compelling suspense. Anonymousshooter game, highaction.The fight zombies are RPGs horizontalscreen or talking aboutzombies.Let's explore the lands in thefight zombies.The fightzombies with different levels for you totry.How to play: Controlwhether archers kill the zombies. Open theagency to get thetreasures.
Forces Kill Zombie in City 1.0
Forces Kill Zombie game genre shooter takesyouto a very interesting gameplay and unique. In the game,Zombieinnumerable legion and destroyed all the vehicles on thehighwayroad. You'll control a car with three special forces thatrun onthe road and kill zombies and destroy objects on the road, asfaras possible. Each person will have their own weapons, theguns,bombs users. With each one, you will have to upgrade theirweapons.Besides, for your car can run for long, durable, unaffectedbyshock, and powerful weapon in the car, you also have to spendquitea bit of money to repair and upgrade it. On the highway road,youtry to retrieve the fuel tank, to be able to run for longer,takethe wrench to repair vehicles from damage, and make more money.Youwill have to terminate their journey when the car was brokentooheavy, or out of gas halfway.Feature Game:* The game takes place at the speed pretty fast.* Picture of the game will have a magnificent display.* You will feel very comfortable.* You will meet a lot of zombies and attack them withterrifyingspeed.* Forces Kill Zombie promises to bring great entertainmentmomentswith for you.
Zombies vs Soldier HD 2.0.5
A pandemic has turned people into zombies all, all survivorswereevacuated from endemic areas, however some a small left villageinthe siege of Zombies. You are the only soldiers can saveallvillage,Let’s kill hordes of zombies and save thevillagers.Zombies vs Soldier is the action actrative interstinggame andsimple to play charismatic performances, especiallygamesabsolutely free and suitable for everyone. Let’s join gameswithmany outstanding features: - Completely Free - HD Image andsoundfun - Weapon store- Save your high scores. If you love thezombiegames, try this fun game. Zombie vs Soldier
Ban Tia Zombie - Xac Song 1.0.1
Xac Song - Diet Quy - Ban Quai - Gametiêudiiẹt ác quỷ hấp dẫn nhấtFind out Song - DietRules- Ban Quai - Game spend most attractive devils diiet
Dead Walking Sniper 1.2
The deepest fear has risen again. Theevilhasreturned to the earth brought along with it extremehorrorandterror. The evil has triggered dead men inredemptioncemeterybecoming alive. This trigger can cause deadpeople alivehundredand thousands in number. All the walking deadare filledwith theevil from inside. They are rising from theirgravesescaping fromthe graveyard to the city to eat everyone awayandtaking the worldto the doom. The dead men are totally spellboundand are unable tofeel or hear anything, just moving aheadtowardscompleting themission; to destroy every living thingonearth.The war between evil and the good has just begun. You are oneofthesurvivor soldiers who are fighting, in the frontline,adesperatewar against the evil. For how long you can save yourcityand yourhomeland?It is the time to use your army sniper shooting skills.Holdyoursniper gun take the aim and start shooting behaving likeaperfectterminator. Ammo is unlimited in you arsenal. Yourdeadlyweapon,sniper gun, is an autoloader, precise and can unleashthehail ofbullets. Kill the disgusting mutants rapidly. Sogreaseyourweapons and be ready for the best sniper shooting action,lotsofadventure and mayhem.HOW TO PLAYGame play is quite simple and joyful. There are hundreds ofdeadmencoming out of their graves trying to go out of thegraveyard.Yourtarget is to stop by shooting them before reachingthe gate ofthegrave yard. You can also change your sniper gun.Oneof the gunsisautomatic and the other one is manual.With each kill get scores. Kill maximum beasts to getmorescores.When you make the maximum scores you canchallengeyourfriends.Features- Simple yet entertaining game play.- High fidelity cool graphics.- Efficient gun controls.- Best sniper shooting action.- Gun change option is available.A unique sniper shooting action for android devices.
Zombie Assassin: Undead Rising 1.0
When the dead start walking the living start stalking. Go slaythezombies before they get you! Can you be the ZombieAssassinthat the world needs? This awesome zombie apocalypsegameoffers cool weapons and sweet zombie fighting action. Gear upwithpowerful rifles, pistols, knives, and helpful items. Take theworldback from the zombie hordes. Adventure through a cool andcreepyside-scrolling world of epic battles and challengingsurvivalscenes. Level after exciting level, Zombie Assassin: UndeadRisingwill test your skills and challenge your zombie hordeslayingabilities. High-powered action, with sweet graphics,rewardingzombie gaming experiences, and amazingly cool effects arejust afew things that the professionals over at Psycho SandwichStudioshave dreamed up to haunt your game experiences and yournightmares.Compete against your own high scores and be sure to bragto yourfriends about them. See if they can beat such a skilledzombiehunter as yourself. Zombies will drool and you will rule, ifyouhave the moves to dominate this brilliantgame. ZombieAssassin: Undead Rising Features· Coolzombiegame· Awesome undead graphics· Many cool weaponsfor maxfun· Many exciting levels to play andbeat· Fantasticzombie-slaying survival gameaction· Brilliantly created gamemechanics and gamingeffects· Unlock rewards and bonuses thatmake a zombie thinktwice Take on the horde and you’ll neverbe bored as you blazea path to a more civilized world where theundead walk no more withpowerful weapons and sweet zombie fightingaction.
Zombie Survival Slasher 3.5
Zombies is about to invade your town get ready to defend yourstreetas a mob.Are you ninja to kill zombies? Let's slashing andstop themnow!Those green creatures are walking everywhere.You arethe one ofsome survival citizen in the town who can deal withtheundead.Defend your house and donít let them pass throughyourgate.Remember: Don't kill people of you want to survive!Tostayalive, you have to utilize wisely your limitedresource.Collectmoney as much as you can to buy powerful weaponswhen you can nolonger stand.How to play Zombies Survival Slasher:-Slash or Smashto kill zombies- You must save the kids surfers fromneighborhood-Buy lightning-power, food and bombs to attack.- Saveheart to liveon next levelFeatures Zombies Survival Slasher:- 100levels to playincluded hard warning final Zombies- Swipe yourscreen to slashingzombies just like Fruit Ninja- 3 ultimate weaponswith specialeffects- 8 brutal zombies- Crazzy gameplay with zombiehonor moviesstyle- Specific graphic arts and animations- Reallisticsound andgrunge musicDownload free Zombies Survival Slasher now anddon'tforget to RATE GAME and LIKE our fanpage!This app and totally free to download and play, all items arealsofree to use!