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The fascinating journey of a flying toy locomotive will giveyourchild a sense of joy and funthat will be accompanied byvividemotions and unforgettable impressions.This game is sure toattractthe attention of children, whilesimultaneouslyinfluencingdevelopment of their thinking,concentration ofattention, assiduity and motor skills ofthefingers.At the verybeginning of the game you need to seat allthe passengers in thecarriages of theflying train, driven by thetoy locomotive and onlythen our train will start its flight.Highlyrising above theclouds, your little child will continue hisjourney, driving thetoy locomotive ofthe flying train! During thegame, not onlyletters but also many other things will be seen onhisway, such as:a flying saucer, black holes, a whirlwind, arainbow, a raincloudlet and muchmore! The main idea of the game forthe child issimple - you need to boldly collide with objectsand seewhathappens afterwards.Our game is designed for children from 2 to7years and is aimed at the natural memorization ofthe alphabet inaneasy and playful way. The game will certainly arouse interestnotonly amongkids, but will also interest older children - over7years old.If you really liked the idea of our game - pleaserateit, please, or at least share the link referencewith yourfriendsor colleagues who ALSO HAVE CHILDREN! By so doing youwillappreciatethe result of our efforts, and soon we will againcreatenew and exciting games for you and foryour kiddies.
Peekaboo! Baby Smart Games for Kids! Learn animals
Need children learning games for 3yearolds? Little forest animals and birds for kids with soundsinspeech games, sound games for kids. Smart games for kids forfreehere👶 These apps for kids ages 2 will introduce to different objectsandanimals sounds for kids. It will help your child to developmemory,comprehension & fine motor skills and increase theirattentionspan. Your child should be able to determine who ishiding in thehouse by the sound that comes from it.🐶🐰🦁 If you peek into the house you'll find out who lives there,andyou'll get to know each character more closely. After playingshortattention games and sound games for kids the little ones willlearnwhat sound each character makes.Your smart kids will know that a cow says "Moo", a roostersings"Cock-a-doodle-doo", cars go "Beep, beep" and clocks go"Tick-tock"with these funny attention games!“Peekaboo! Baby Smart Games for Kids! Learn animals”consistsof amazing kindergarten games and sound games for kids.Very cutecharacters such as wild and domestic animals for kids,toys and carswill help you to learn animals names and sounds forchildren andalso cars. It's inspiring and educational at thesametime!KEY FEATURES of the “Peekaboo! Baby Smart Games for Kidsforfree! Learn animals”:🐶 60 animated wild and domestic animals for kids🐱 7 different topics in educational games forkidskindergarten🐰 speech games for children 3 and under which develop finemotorskills🦊 attention games develops cognitive thinking and memories🐯 animals sounds for kids in kindergarten games🦁 easy to use interface of child games below 3 years🐵 children learning games for 3 year olds havesmashingillustrations and animations🐥 free learning games for kids in kindergarten haveparentalcontrol🦆 jungle animals games for kids: little forest animals and birdsforkids with sounds🦉 no third-party advertisingDomestic and jungle animals games for kids is awonderfulopportunity to introduce little one to the world throughan arrayof fun and entertaining learn animals names and soundsforchildren!About MAGE:These baby interactive apps for kids ages 2 have been createdbyMAGE, a software company which develops toddlers games for 3yearold and educational games for kids kindergarten, interactivebooksand nursery rhymes for young children and toddlers.Our games for children 3 and under are distinguished by highqualitycontent with particular attention to design. The simpleanduser-friendly interfaces of our smart kids games lite havebeenespecially created for little ones. The purpose of all ourgamesfor children 3 and under is aimed for your child'sall-rounddevelopment.With child games below 3 years your kid will learn thealphabet,letters, numbers and phonics. Baby interactive apps forkids ages 2help toddlers to develop memory, attention span, finemotor skills,vocabulary and speech, as well as other basicskills.As a company we strive to make our smart kids games litepractical,instilling a desire for knowledge, interest in readingandstudying. Our child games below 3 years and toddlers games for3year old contain no third party advertising and comply withthestandards of “Designed For Family”.
Baby Zoo Piano with Music for Toddlers and Kids
Baby Zoo Piano is an excellent entertaining and educationalmusicgame for little kids. The baby piano is aimed to develop anear formusic, learn animals and animal voices as well as learnmusic notesfor kindergarteners.Main features and advantages of ourchildrenpiano game:1) Our animal piano is a funny way to getpreschoolersacquainted with music instruments, especially toddlerpiano, andtake first piano lessons. With the help of this funpianokindergarteners listen to sounds of baby xylophone and learntoplay piano using baby piano tiles.2) The music piano presents3types of clavier, each having 8 colorful tiles whichcorrespondwith certain musical notes: a classic clavier with justnamesnotes; piano cats with an octet of singing cats; pianowithdifferent animals. Let your baby choose any kid piano which heorshe likes to play.3) Our magic piano acquaints children withanumber of domestic animals and also with animal sounds.Theseanimals for babies include: a cat, a dog, a donkey, a wolf, aduck,a cow, a goat and a parrot. So, toddlers will get to knowtheappearance of various animals and also how they “talk”.4) Ourbabyentertainer contains kids music and piano melodies.There isalso arecord and play back feature in the simulator. It means thata babycan create his or her own melody and record it. 5) Ourvirtualpiano is available in several languages - English, Spanish,Russianand some others. All our learning games are voiced bynativespeakers with perfect pronunciation and clear diction.6)Thepreschool piano is suitable for girls and boys age 2, age 3, for4to 5 year kid and 5 years of age.7) You can download allourlearning apps for nursery for free. Free childrens games willsavefamily budget and provide valuable education of high qualityfor achild.8) Playing our piano for kindergarten contributesgreatly tothe development of fine motor skills, imagination,intelligence,perseverance in achieving goals, they train memory andattention.Such musical games also develop an ear for music.9) Thepiano withletters on the keys has also a great entertainmentpotential foryoung kids. It causes much enthusiasm and can take theattention ofthe baby for a long time. 10) Our piano for beginnershas a verybright, clear and intuitive interface so even theyoungest childrenwill not have the slightest difficulty tounderstand how to playit.How to play:Start the piano and choose oneof 3 bubbles on themain screen leading to 3 different keyboard.Upongoing through thepink bubble, a child will see an eight-keyed pianoin rainbowcolors. The ordinary tones of our baby entertainerproduced by eachkey are clear and distinct, ranging from Do to Do.The names ofnotes are indicated above the keyboard to know how theyarespelled. The mid-day blue sky and a tree branch with a coupleofflying bees as the background, there and everywhere createanengaging atmosphere.The green bubble will bring a kid to afencewith a bunch of cats. Just touch one bottom plank for the cattojump and go meow. The kitties are distinguished not onlybytonality; each cat has its own emotions, body type andcoatpattern.The instrument behind the yellow bubble is topped witharange of animals. Swiping across the row of keys will deliveracacophony of discordant animal voices, which can howeverbeharmonized by turning on the demo melody. During the mainmelody,the young pianist can insert the sounds of animals thatmatch thesound and tone. The resulting melody can be recordedandreproduced. Such a fun game will not leave any childindifferent.Asa rule, children are fond of playing musicalinstruments, but notall parents have the opportunity to buy a realxylophone or a toypiano. Our free musical piano was created to helpsuch parents. Thepiano sounds are as close to the original sound aspossible. Inaddition, the game will give the kid an idea of what anoctave andtone is and will develop a musical ear
Baby Phone for Toddlers - Numbers, Animals, Music
“Baby Phone for Toddlers” is one ofoureducational games for kindergarteners which entertains babiesandand helps them learn numbers, animals for toddlers andanimalssounds for baby. Playing baby animal phone your toddler willtrainfine motor skills and develop various mental activities suchasmemory, logics and attentiveness. Our toy phone for kids withalively and colorful interface is suitable for little kids from1year old.Killer features of our baby phone app free:• Playing this baby first play phone your kid can exploredifferentanimals for kids. Your child can check the appearance ofanimals byfunny pictures with their images. In the phone book ofour babytelephone your kid will find a horse, a goat, a dog, a cat, achicken, a goose, a rooster, a mouse, a cow, a pig andasheep.• Learn animal sounds with the help of our baby phone withanimals.There is an ability to pretend phone calls for kids - themostinteresting and exciting part of the game when your baby callsacertain animal and it answers with animals voice! Moreover,fromtime to time kids phone calls your baby. Answering these callsinthe children phone your baby will be delighted to hear gruntingofa pig or growling of a tiger.• Learning numbers for preschoolers. Playing baby toy phoneyourtoddler will visually and interactively study 123 for kids: 0,1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Our toddler phone suggests to pressacertain combination of numbers to call a certain animal.• Playing baby phone numbers and animals your kid willdeveloplogical thinking, attention span and memory. With the helpof ourtoddler phone app your baby will recognize animals by theirsoundsand voices, while pushing the buttons of our baby mobilephonetrains motor skills.• Our baby phone kids game is actually the first kids baby phoneinthe life of your young child. Our baby phone number animal canbecalled a baby mode for your phone. The child will quickly learnhowto use the baby cell phone, so you can buy a real phone, not atoyphone games, in the future. Thanks to our real phone calls forkidsfree app your kid will even learn to use a recorder, recordingandlistening to his important conversations with animals.• Our kids phone games are available in 17 languagesincludingEnglish, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Portuguese,Italian,Chinese, Dutch, Israeli, Indonesian, Arab, Japanese,Polish,Turkish And Vietnamese.• Like in many educational games for kids nursery there arecatchysongs, music and rhymes in our baby phone kids. Your babywill loveto play our toy phone for babies.• Our kids phone app will provide at least 20 minutes ofdistractionfor your toddler while he or she play phone for kidscall.• Our babyphone stands out among other kids toy phone learninggamesand baby animal games as a really simple, fun andinteractivegame.• You can download and play phone for kids for free.Our baby telephone games can be recommended as educational gamesforkids kindergarten, namely:- educational games for 1 year old;- learning games for toddlers age 2 (toddler games free for 2yearolds);- educational games for 3 year olds (learning games for toddlersage3);- educational games for 4 year olds (educational games for kidsbabyphone 3 4 years);- educational games for 5 year olds.How to play our phone games for kids:First of all, you should download our phone for kids all in oneandchoose the language of the game. There are three modes ofplaying:1) animal mode, which is animal learning games, where yourtoddlerwill hear various animal voices upon pushing the buttons;2)numbers mode, which is baby phone games for babies with numbers,-pressing the buttons your kid will hear the names of numbersfortoddlers free from 0 to 9 in the chosen language; 3) music modeinwhich different musical sounds will be heard. The gameisautomatically programmed to send text messages and calls toyourphone so that your kid can answer them.
Baby puzzles
Try out this fun educational learning babies jigsaw game withyourlittle ones. Babies and toddlers will enjoy playing our babygamefor a long time. Help the baby learn the animals,numbers,alphabet, fruits, transportation, professions, emotions,colors andmusical instruments.- Keep babies entertained withinteractivesound effects- The game is adapted to be handledeasily.- It'sspecifically designed as an educational tool interfacefor babiesand up.・Suitable for right brain exercise, the graphicsactivatethe right brain. Improve the brain´s observation skills,cognitiveability, concentration, memory, creativity andimagination.・Improvethe response speed and the coordination of thebrain and the body.Exercise visual ability to observe the dynamicobjects.・Simple andconvenient, easy to operate. Suitable forchildren, the elderly,and their families and friends to playtogether. ・Improve level ofeducation
Monster Trucks Game for Kids 2
If your kids love all things monster trucks, Then they willlovethis game! Monster Trucks racing game for young kidsandtoddlers!Designed for young Children and toddlers between ages 2to8 years old, Simple controls to drive the monster trucks alongthecourse. the truck never flips ensuring your child always getstothe finish line! Race against other trucks, Which slow downwhenthey are ahead, to give your child the best chance of winningeachrace!Fun big buttons to Jump, Beep the horn and change themusictrack for lots of fun sounds.Crush the cars along the coursewiththe monster machines, Collect stars, Fireworks and balloonpoppingare at the end of each level to give more excitement to thekidsplaying.There is 4 mini games included.BalloonPopMemoryCardsPuzzlesColoring pagesWith 15 cool looking monstertrucksacross 42 levels to blaze across, will create hours of funfor yourtoddlers.Monster Trucks Kids Game helps your childunderstand theeducational mechanics of using mobile and tabletdevices. withpuzzles, memory card and heaps of fun racingaction.Features:* 15Monster Trucks to choose from* 42 Levels toplay* Fun Cartoon HDgraphics* 5 different kids music sound tracksfor the child toswitch between.* Cute Monster trucks, engines,horns + much morevibrant sounds * Balloon pop game & Fireworksat the end ofeach race.* Mini Games such as Puzzles, Coloringpages, MemoryCards & Balloon Pop+ much more.PrivacyInformation:As parentsourselves, Razmobi takes children's privacyand protection veryseriously. We do not collect any personal data.This app doescontain advertising as that allows us to give you thegame for free– ads are carefully placed so kids are least likely toaccidentallyclick on them. and ads get removed on the actual racescreen. Thisapp includes the option for adults to unlock or buyadditionalin-game items with real money to enhance game play andremovingads. You may disable in-app purchases by adjusting yourdevicesettings.If you're having any problems with this app, orwould likeany updates/enhancements, feel free to contact We would love to hear from you as wearecommitted to updating all our games and apps for the bestpossibleuser experience.
Animal Farm for Kids - Learn Animals for Toddlers
Animal Farm is a unique educational game which combineskidsentertainment and learning. While playing farm games forbabies,little preschool children are learning animals and takingcare ofanimals. Also toddlers develop various mental skills whiledoinggame tasks of the kids farm games. Main advantages of ourbabyfarm:1) Colorful, cozy and funny baby farm games look like arealone. Your kid will play farm with great pleasure tryingtounderstand how animal farm is arranged.2) Animal farm gamesincludesuch domestic animals as a cow, a horse, pigs, chickens, adog. Soour farm games for toddlers can be easily called chickenfarm gamesas well as farms with other animals. 3) Farm games forkids showyour baby what taking care of animal games means. Your sonordaughter will take animal care and try to feed the cow, tobathethe pigs, to play with the dog and even to horseshoe thehorse!Just like a real little farmer!4) Farm animal gamesdemonstratewhat good different domestic animals for kids bring topeople. Forexample, the cow gives us milk (and your child will evenmilk her!)out of which we make a lot of tasty things - butter,cheese,yoghurt and so on; the horse is a beautiful and very stronganimalthat helps people plow gardens and grow different vegetablesandplants; the chickens lay eggs; the fast and agile dog barksloudlyand guards other animals, the garden and the whole farm! 5)Ourfarming games for kids are not only animal care games - there isagarden in our little farm, so your child will learn how togrowvegetables, berries and other plants playing farmer games forkids.6) There are 15 educational games for kindergarteners in ouranimalbreeding games, so your preschooler will not only learnanimalswhile playing our animal farm for kids but also develop finemotorskills, memory, attentiveness, imagination,perseverance,curiosity.7) Our farm games free to play are veryabsorbing, soyour baby will want to play it again and again.Animals farm willhelp you occupy your bored child when your are onthe road or inthe line. 8) You will not have to care about thequality ofinternet connection when playing our farm games withoutinternet.9) The farm game was developed in the cooperation withchildrenspecialists, so it has a clear and intuitive interface easyto dealwith.10) Animals farm saves your family budget because youcandownload all our educational games for kids nursery forfree!Little farmers will love our farm animals for toddler as therearebright, funny and animated animals in our toddler animal gamesthatwill never let your children get bored. Animal care and farmgamescan be recommended as: - learning games for toddlers age2;-learning games for toddlers age 3;- educational games for 4 to5year kid.Such educational games for toddlers as kids farminggames,free farm games to play offline and animal farm games forkids arehighly valued by parents and grandparents. Animals farm isa placefor many of them where they spent their childhood takingcare ofreal farm animals. So, breeding animal games are agreatpossibility to show their children and grandchildren nearlyall themain charms of a real life farm. Baby farm animal games areaneffective way to learn animals. Thanks to such animallearninggames children not only learn how farming animals looklike, butalso what good domestic animals do to humans. Suchchildrenlearning free apps as kids animal games and animal toddlergameswill demonstrate to little boys and girls how to take careofdifferent animals. It’s known that animal care is not reducedtofeeding, bathing, healing and going for a walk. Very often careissomething more. And what’s more - your babies will learnplayingour animal games for children and educational games forkidskindergarten. Designed for kids of the pre-school age, thefreefarm animal games for kids teach your toddler to take good careofpiggies and frisky horses.
Learning Colors for Kids: Toddler Educational Game
Our new educational games for kids “Learn Colors for Kids&Babies” are an opportunity for parents to get their littlechildrenacquainted with basic colors for toddlers in a playfulmanner.Themain advantages of the colors games:- Learning colors:red, green,yellow, blue, pink, purple, white, black, brown, orange,gray. Thisis the basic palette of colors that every child shouldknow by theage of 5 years old.- Learning colours in severalwidespreadlanguages: English, Spanish, Russian and some others.Multilingualstudy of colors is useful for those children who planto studyforeign languages in the kindergarten and/or at school.-Playingcolors games your baby will broaden his or her vocabularyandexpand horizon, as our color games include a lot of new objectsandwords.- Our learning colours games for kids consist of 4minieducational games for kids kindergarten. Playing these colorsgamesfor kids allows to play colors and learn colors name properly.Thecolours games for kids also provide baby coloring games.- Youcandownload color games for toddlers for free. Color games forkidsfree help save family budget without compromising quality ofbaby’seducation.- Our baby color games train fine motor skills,memory,attentiveness, perseverance, curiosity and other skills thatwillhelp your child learn better at school in the future.Thebabycolour games can be recommended as:- learning games fortoddlersage 2 to learn colors toddler free- learning games fortoddlers age3 for learning colors for toddlers free- educationalgames for 4 to5 year kid for learning colors for kids freeHow toplay our coloursgames:Colors for kids learn is arranged in thefollowing way. Onthe main screen of the colors and shapes for kidsapp freepreschool there is an oak of knowledge, its branches areswaying inthe wind, exotic butterflies are fluttering around. Therearecircles on the oak branches behind which colors for kidsaresheltering. Our color games for babies provide a choice of howtolearn colors - either playing educational games for kidsnurseryseparately (in this case color games for kids have endlesscycle),or entering the big circle with an image of a book wherelearninggames for kids will change each other automatically. Now afewwords about shapes and colors games for kids thanks to whichit’spossible to learn colors for children easily and quickly.1Coloringfor kids. The coloring for toddlers free provided by thisbabylearning apps allows to paint objects in one touch. Your babyseesa certain color and 3 items for everyday life which usuallyarepainted in this color. Following the logic of the childrengamesfree the baby clicks every object and it becomes painted intheabove-mentioned color. Animals become animated in order toshowyour child the difference between the living and nonliving2 Inthesecond baby learning games we study shapes and colors fortoddlerswith the help of 3 contours of ships painted in differentcolors.Your baby sees an unpainted ship with a learnt animalonboard. Thechild is to recollect what color the animal should beand to pullthe ship into the corresponding contour3 In the thirdpart of thechildren learning free apps we continue to study colorswith watertransport, this time it’s a boat. The kid sees threedifferentlycolored berths. At the bottom of the screen there is aboat with acertain animal. It is necessary to track the boat to theberthcorresponding to the color of the animal seated in the boat4In thelast game your toddler will see an apple tree with applesofdifferent colors. One of the animals learnt before comes up totheapple tree. The kid should feed the animal with an apple ofthesame color as the animal is. All the games learningandconsolidating knowledge of colors were developed incooperationwith children's educators and psychologists. Your kidwilldefinitely like to study colors in the new format thatourapplication offers
Baby Phone with Music, Animals for Toddlers, Kids
Baby Phone with Music, Animals is an educational andentertaininggame for children of early preschool age. Playing babytelephonekids can easily learn 123 for kids, animals for toddlersandanimals sounds for baby. Main features of the phone forkids:1)Kids learning animals - a snake, a monkey, a bear, a cat, amouse,a horse, a goat, a fox, a duck, an elephant, a pig, a sheep,aparrot, a penguin, a lion, a tiger, a chicken, a rooster, a cow,adog. So, the kid phone includes both wild and domestic animalsforkids. Moreover, the kids phone presents animals for kidsfromdifferent climate zones. For example, there is learninganimalsfrom mixed forests, polar region, etc. 2) Animal sounds forkidslearning free. Our babyphone has a function to pretend phonecallsfor kids from animals. During these real phone calls for kidsfreeapp makes animals produce animal voices for kids. Playing toyphonefor babies toddlers will hear a parrot chirping, a piggrunting, atiger growling, a cow mooing, a dog barking, a snakehissing, a catmewing, a mouse squealing, a duck quack, a hencackling, a cockcrowing and other animals making animals voice forkids.3) Learningnumbers for preschoolers. Children love to playphone for kids,especially press the buttons of a toy phone. Ourphone for kids allin one is an interactive baby toy phone in whichbabies can pushthe bright colorful buttons with numerals for kidsand learnnumbers for toddlers from 0 to 9.4) Our baby mobile phonetrainsfine motor skills, develops intelligence, memory,logic,mindfulness, curiosity.5) The toddler phone app is availableinseveral languages - English, Russian and some others.6) Alloureducational games for kindergarteners are free to download,andthis baby cell phone is not an exception. Baby phone app freewillsave your family budget and provide baby first play phone ofhighquality.7) Our baby phone kids was created in the tightcooperationof children illustrators and pedagogues. That’s why thekids phoneapp has such a clear, simple and intuitive interface easyto dealwith even for the youngest babies. 8) Our babyphone game hasgreatentertaining potential . It’s not only animal learning gameswithanimals sounds for baby and numbers for toddlers free, butalsokids entertainment. The children phone is developed to playphonefor kids call in such a way that animals will call your babyfromtime to time. So, baby phone numbers and animals will neverletyour toddler get bored.Our baby phone with animals canberecommended as:- educational games for 2 year olds (orlearninggames for toddlers age 2);- learning games for toddlers age3; -educational games for 4 year olds; - educational games for 5yearolds. How to play baby mode for your phone:First of all, youshoulddownload the toddler phone on your smartphone or tablet. Thebabyphone number animal meets your kid with beautiful interfacewithjuicy buttons. The navigation of kids baby phone is verysimple.When your baby presses the yellow button with a handset intheeducational games for kids baby phone 3 4 years, the babyanimalphone opens the phone book with animal cards. In order toplayphone games for kids and call a certain animal, to touch theimageof the animal will be enough. The baby phone games for babieswillnever ignore your child and the animal will answer for sure.Thebaby telephone games are not only baby animal games, butalsomusical games for kids. When your baby presses the blue buttonofthe toy phone games (with the image of a note on it), thekidsphone games begin to play music notes in the direct andreverseorder. If your kid presses the light blue button of the kidstoyphone learning games (with the “play” inscription on it),therewill be heard a nice melody in the educational games forkidsnursery. The task of toddler learning games here is to pressthenecessary button which the kids phone calls will show with thehelpof animation.
Masha and the Bear. Educational Games
Discover the fantastic world of Masha and the bear through these30educational games. You will love it! The educational games ofMashaand the bear are aimed at children up to 6 years old.This gameisbased on the characters of the popular serie that deals withtheadventures of Masha, a girl who is cared for by a bear andherfriends, animals like the tiger, wolf, penguin,squirrel,hare...Masha and the Bear Educational Games is composed of6different categories of games for children to have fun:- Paintandcolor: the most fun drawings to paint with colors.- WordSearch:learn words in different languages- Memorize objectsandsilhouettes: They will help improve visual perception andmemory.-Solve puzzles: with pieces of different sizes and shapes.-Musicand instruments: play the xylophone, the piano or thedrums.-Simple numbers and operations: learn the numbers from 1 to10.Aseries of games featuring the characters of the children'sfavoriteTV series with which they will learn while having funplayingalone, with friends or with parents.Your kids will loveplayingwith the educational games of Masha and the bear with whichtheywill enjoy hours of entertainment and assured fun.The "Mashaandthe Bear" series has become a family hit worldwide because it isasmart and fun entertainment designed to educate both childrenandparents. Masha and The Bear educates children about truefriendshipin a fun and intelligent way.THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTINGUS!Edujoy hasmore than 60 games for children of all ages; fromkindergarten toteens.Thank you very much for playing Edujoy games.We lovecreating educational and fun games for you. If you haveanysuggestions or questions, feel free to send us feedback or leaveacomment.
Super touch games for kids free
★★★ Great games for kids on the phone or tablet. ★★★ The namespeaksfor itself. It's a lot of interesting educational games foryoungkids today who love to touch all their handles. Parents playwiththeir children as a family. Themselves invent stories andquests.For example, to tear off the petals of a certain color. ★★★Developmemory, learn colors, better coordination of movement andreaction,teach notes and improve an ear for music, learn to count,learnshapes, playing fishing games, plants games, puzzle games,animalgames, bubble games and other! ★★★ Features: ♥ A variety ofgamesfor kids rooms ♥ Intuitive icons and navigation for easy kidsgames♥ All objects behave very realistic, lifelike ♥ brightanimatedgraphics, relaxing music and nature sounds ♥ No domesticpurchasesWe take care about the convenience of making intuitiveoperationwithout cumbersome menus of many tools and settings thatallowschildren to play without adult. While your kids are playing,youwill have additional free time. Touch Games For Kids freeincludesgames for girls and games for boys and appeal to bothyoung kids andteenagers.The game is constantly being improved andupdated with newfeatures. We will be happy to answer all yourquestions andaccommodate your wishes. Write on,and together wecan make the game the best children's app!
Drawing for Kids Learning Games for Toddlers age 3
CREATE ANIMALS THAT COME TO LIFE in our fun drawing games forkids!Kids paint and color in learning games for kindergarten!Paintinggames for kids have never been so lively and useful!🦋🐶Yourchildwill learn how to draw cute characters in a fun andplayfulmanner.The intricate combination of animations and drawingsmakesthis colouring app simply unique!This is a unique drawing gamewithanimations. Even the youngest little kids will be able to learntodraw all the characters easily. Delightful sound effects as wellasfun animations will bring lots of joy to the little artists!🤗Inourkids drawing apps for free, your little painter can drawadelightful character step by step: a butterfly, a frog, alittlecar, a hedgehog... Once it is drawn, each character magicallycomesto life: the butterfly starts to flutter and laugh, thehedgehogrolls up into a little ball, the rocket blasts off intospace, andthe frog does its funny hop... By pressing the buttons,childrencan play with their own drawings. The character that thechilddraws will dance, turn somersaults and do funny magictricks.Thebutterfly happily flaps its wings, the hedgehog rollsinto a ball,the rocket flies into space, and the frog is jumpingmerrilyaround… “Drawing for Kids! Learning Games for Toddlers age3!”: •30 charming characters in toddler coloring book• Kids paintfreeand trace the lines here • More than 100 fun animations andsounds•Simple and easy interface of learning games for toddlers age2 - 5•Amusing characters with lots of animation and interaction•Developpre-writing skills• Fun sound effects• Develop creativity•Amazinggraphics• Possibility to save your drawings• Basicskills:attention, memory and thinking• Parental control and nothird partyadvertising • Comply with the standards of “DesignedForFamily”.Enjoy your drawings! Have fun!You will get 4 levelsoftoddler games free for 2 year olds! You should download thefullversion to enjoy all levels unlocked.Develop yourchild'screativity and imagination. The most important thing isthatpainting for kids will turn into fun and intriguing processwhichwill bring a lot of joy.🌟About BINI BAMBINI:🌟These coloringgamesfor kids have been created by Bini Bambini, a softwarecompanywhich develops fun learning apps.Our toddler drawing gamesaredistinguished by high quality content with particular attentiontodesign. The simple and user-friendly interfaces of our kidsdrawinggames for free have been especially created for little ones.Thepurpose of all our apps is aimed for your child'sall-rounddevelopment.As a company we strive to make our appspractical,instilling a desire for knowledge, interest in readingandstudying. Your child will learn the alphabet, letters, numbersandphonics in our educational games for kids kindergartenage.Children are exposed to writing and counting throughbuildingpuzzles, doing simple math. We’re very happy that from thegreatnumber of the apps you choose exactly our app! We’re proud tohavegot Editors choice and recognition for our apps!👪
Sounds for Toddlers FREE
With „Sounds for Toddlers“ your child can easily learn the soundsofvarious things like animals, vehicles (car, ship, plane),musicinstruments and tools. Intuitive gesture controls make for asimplehandling - so there's more time for the fun and a little bitoflearning. „Sounds for Toddlers“ is a educational game for kidsfrom2 years and it is✓ FREE✓ NO ADS✓ FOR THEWHOLEFAMILYFEATURES=========★ 65 items65 carefully designed andcolorfulpictures in 5 categories raise your childs curiosity andthe joy ofdiscovery.▶ Farm: Frog, Cat, Rooster, Cow, Dog, Fox,Horse, Mouse,Pig, Sheep, Duck, Bee, Donkey, Fish and Rabbit.▶ WildCreatures:Lion, Tiger, Seal, Owl, Bear, Penguin, Monkey, Hippo,Elephant,Reindeer, Zebra, Panda, Koala, Rhino and Snake.▶ Tools:Hammer,Anvil, Electric drill, Scissors, Pencil, Boxcutter,Axe,Screwdriver, Shovel, Saw▶ Vehicles: Tractor, Airplane,Bicycle,Off-road vehicle, Hot air balloon, Bus, Cruise ship, Dumptruck,Helicopter, Moped, Rocket, Submarine, Train, Truck,Motorbike▶Instruments: Trumpet, Guitar, Drum kit, Violin, Electricguitar,Drum, Maracas, Bongo drum, Electronic keyboard, Xylophone★250+SoundsThe sounds play by a simple tap. Some items even havemorethan one sound. That gives your child explorationcapabilitiesright at his fingertips.★ Easy controlsSwipe and tap -it's thatsimple! So no hassle stops the fun.CONTACT&FEEDBACK===================„Sounds for Toddlers“ willbecontinually enhanced with exciting features. Stay tuned!Do youhaveany wishes, suggestions or critique? ► Send us an or
Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas
Budge Studios™ presents Thomas & Friends™: Go Go Thomas! - afunspeed game for kids. Race against other engines or select twotrainsto race against a friend! Use speed boosters to help yourace yourfastest, and complete your trophy for a special specialdelivery.Full steam ahead!FEATURES• Race as Thomas, Percy, James,Emily orToby against other engines• Play in either “1 Player” or“2 Player”mode to challenge a friend!• Tap the green button asfast as you canto get going • Use speed boosters to puff evenfaster – a unique onefor each engine!• Speed through different 3-Dsettings, from theCountryside to the Castle• Unlock a new trophypiece with each win•Slide all of the pieces together to completeyour trophy and get thespecial • Tablet compatibleSPEED BOOSTERS•Thomas’ Speed Boost:Accelerate your speed• Percy’s Track JumpBooster: Jump in the airand land further ahead• James’ TurboBoost: Boost faster than any ofthe other engines• Toby’s LightingBurst Booster: The flashiest ofthem all• Emily’s Steam Boost:Boost further along her trackCOPPACOMPLIANTBudge Studios takeschildren's privacy seriously andensures that its apps arecompliant with privacy laws, includingthe Child OnlinePrivacy Protection Act (COPPA), a privacylegislation in theUnited States of America.   If you wouldlike to learn more onwhat information we collect and how we use it,please visit ourprivacypolicyat: .If you have any questions, email our Privacy Officerat: privacy@budgestudios.caBefore you download this app,pleasenote that it is free to play, but additional content maybeavailable via in-app purchases. This app may containcontextualadvertising from Budge Studios regarding other apps wepublish,from our partners and some third parties. Budge Studiosdoes notpermit behavioral advertising or retargeting in this app.Note thatany purchase made in the app will remove pop-upadvertising. Theapp may also contain social media links that areonly accessiblebehind a parental gate. END-USER LICENSEAGREEMENTThis applicationis subject to an End-User LicenseAgreement available through thefollowing link: .ABOUTBUDGE STUDIOSBudgeStudios leads the industry by providingentertaining apps for kidsthrough innovation and creativity. Thecompany develops andpublishes apps for smartphones and tabletsplayed by millions ofchildren worldwide.Visit us: Likeus: Follow us: @budgestudios Watchourapp trailers: HAVE QUESTIONS?Wealways welcome your questions, suggestions and comments. Contactus24/7 at BUDGE STUDIOS and BUDGEaretrademarks of Budge Studios Inc.
Smart Games for Kids for Free
Kids smart games are kindergarten learning games free for 5 yearoldwith memory training games. Learn in games for baby 1 years oldandchild games 10 years below. Listen, spell, play! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻How totellyour kid about the world around? Through playing smartlearninggames for toddlers age 3!📚 😉"Smart Kids games forchildren" is freechild games for growth and development, wherekids will explore theworld in the gameplay! Toddlers games for 3year old too!It isdifficult to find good games for 2 year oldchildren free and gamesfor baby 1 years old. We made this app withfree games for kids forparents and their small kids to explore theworld. The world aroundus and even a single room in the house arefull of different things!We know everything about them buttoddlers still don't! This app isa great way for you to show andexplain your babies everything whileplaying learning games fortoddlers age 3!There are helpers in theapp named The Fixies, whowill lead kids through baby learning gameswith voice and sounds!Infree games for kids they will learn:- Whatappliances are there inthe kitchen and what do they do (toddlersgames for 3 year old toknow home appliances)- What sounds do themusical instruments make(games for kids free to know how musicalinstruments look like)-How to take care of pets (fiksiki will showwhat to feed the parrotin baby learning games and spelling gamesfor 1st graders)- What dowe need the tools for (kids will be goodat helping their dads withrepairing after playing child games for 2years old)After exploringchildren can play games and solidify theirnew knowledge in memorytraining games! The app is made speciallyfor baby smart and theirparents to make the way of learning easierand more fun! Featuresof games for toddlers:- Spelling games for1st graders- Funnytalking characters Fiksiki- Kindergarten learningfree apps andlearning games for toddlers age 2- Memory traininggames for babysmartKids smart games are kindergarten learning gamesfree for 5year old with memory training games. Learn in games forbaby 1years old and child games 10 years below. Listen,spell,play!Download learning games for toddlers age 2 and let'slearntogether!😊😊😊About DevGame Studio:We develop and publisheducationalgames for kids 2nd grade free and child games 10 yearbelow. Ourfree games for kids are full of beautiful and colorfulgraphics,interactive games and interesting characters. Find more ofour freechildren games for 2 year olds on our developers page fullofkindergarten learning freeapps: more of our preschool games free:▶The Fixies QuestHiddenObjects (Find hidden object in kids smart games)▶FixikiSurfersRunner (baby games for boys)▶Fiksiki Cake Bakery andChocolateFactory (delicious child games for 2 years old and babygames forboys)▶Fixies Town: City games free (child games 10 yearbelow)▶Kidssmart games for children 3 and under (educational gamesfor kids2nd grade free)📩If you have any questions about games forbaby 1years old we are waiting for yourletters:contact.devgame@gmail.comOur website:
Wash and Treat Pets Kids Game
Discover the world of Wash and Treat Pets !A wonderful game forkidsand toddlers with the cutest pets !Does your kid love petgames andwant to play with dogs and cats ? Does he love pet wash ?This isthe app for you!Wash and Treat Pets is an educationalandentertaining game.It is a nice, simple, fun, and colorful gameforgirls, kids and adults too!Easy to learn and to control:choosethepet on the city mapthese little animals are so dirty andmessy,some are sicktake them a bath, wash well and cut nailfeed thepetthat is hungrygive him injection to cure diseasehelp treatliceattack or do surgeryexamine the skin and get ticks off yourlittledogcheck X-Ray machine to find broken bonesuse microscope tofindvirusesAvailable for all screen resolutions and devices,includingtablet device as Kindle and Samsung !Simple and intuitive,yourlittle girl and boy will have lots of fun for hours withthisbeautiful free game !This educational game will help yourtoddlerto improve skills in problem solving, logical and cognitiveskills,concentration and memory.Features:- high quality free gamefortoddlers , preschool kids and adults- Easy to use and control-funfor children of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school childrenandpre-teens, designed for preschool boys and girls- Toddlersdeveloptheir fine motor skills by dragging the cleaning and surgerytools-Play with your child or let them play alone- use it to keepyourbaby or toddler occupied- lots of puppies and fluffy cats totreat-wash and cure your favourite pet- kids can take care ofbabyanimals- Pet spa care game and pet doctor game- Pet vet doctorcarewith medical treatment, x-ray machine, virus treatment andsurgery-Brush pets teeth and nail spa- Baby pet feedingThis is theFREEversion (Ads supported),If your kid likes this app, then youcanbuy theFULLversion to learn and to play, this is a must have app!A lotofeducational pets games for toddlers and young kids!!Your childwilladmire every kind of pet ready to be pampered !If your kidlovesanimals then you will just love this wash pets game !Wash andTreatPets is a great game for kids and girls.Ideal for childrenbut alsofun for adults who want to play with their kids!What areyou waitingfor ? Start playing and be the best pet shop in theworld !This appis a funny game which also helps your toddlerimproving hisabilities.A lot of game for children, the best gamesfor kids, appsfor babies, games for girls, match game, puzzle for3 year old,educational games, all from romeLab !
Moonzy. Kids Mini-Games
New educational mini-games with Moonzy (Luntik) and hisfriends!Thisgame contains 9 educational mini-games for kids:1 -Connect theDotsOn the screen shows one of the funny heroes ofcartoon Moonzyand his friends and disappears, a child needs to cutaround theimage, connect all stars. When the task is done - youwill see a newpicture with Luntik and his friends. 2 - ColoringForsome time,appears a coloring cartoon hero and then he disappearedall colors.You need to coloring the Luntik cartoon hero as he wascoloringbefore. If in the course of the game you have anydifficulty, usethe hint, for this click the button "?"3 - MixingcolorsMoonzy havebucket of paint, help him to create the exactsame color. You mustmixing colors. Add additional paint in anempty bucket, mixingcolors and see what color you get. Fascinatingeducational mini-gamefor kids in which the child learns by mixingdifferent colors tocreate the desired color.4 - PairsThe classicgame of "Pairs". Gamerules are very simple: on the screen showsall pictures for a whileand then the pictures appear flipped, yourtask is to look for apair of images, when they opened twoidentical pictures - theydisappear. And so it is necessary to findall pairs. With each levelof complexity increases. Try our pairswith funny Luntik.5 -MosaicThe screen shows image and disappears.The kids must repeatthe pattern, put it out of colored mosaics.For tips, click on thebutton "?"6 - Picture scratchGame for theyoungest - picturescratch. On the hidden image, to see what isshown in the picture -it is necessary to scratch the layer thathides it.7 - Puzzles"Association"Logic game for children from 2years. In this game thechild must be properly decomposed imagesinto place usingassociative intuition. Available 3 types of games:decomposed imagesby color, by patterns or figures. The game isvery interesting,although it is more difficult than others.8 - 3DPuzzles.Collectexciting 3D puzzles that consist of 3D blocks.Rotate the blocks indifferent directions so as to obtain thedesired picture.9 - Merrytunes.Musical games for kids. In thismini game you need to collectthe classic tunes from the smallersegments. On the playing field ofthe tunes are arranged. Listen toeach part separately and assemblethe famous tune.At the beginningof the game is available 3mini-games, for each completedassignment you get 10 coins. To openthe 4 game should gather up100 coins, 5 - 150 Coins, 6 - 200 coins,7 - 300 coins etc.Allmini-games contain a lot of funny heroes ofcartoon Moonzy and hisfriends. Cheerful atmosphere and good moodyou and your child areprovided.Enjoy the new game "Moonzy. Kidsmini-games"
Coloring book, voices Animals and birds
⭐️⭐️⭐️NEW PICTURES EVERYWEEK⭐️⭐️⭐️🐶🐱🐭🐰🦊🐨🐼🐮🐷🐸🐴🦉🦆🐒🐈🦃🐅🐊🐢🐄🐿🦌🐪🦏🐌🖌45charming characters fortoddler drawing games🔈Animal and birdvoicesDraw and save your childmasterpiece in Coloring book forkids app. Study real animal voices!Helps kids draw on the screenby finger. Color book for boys andgirls. It's simple and fun toboost children creativity. Coloringbook - the first step to findyour boy or girl talant. Best Coloringbook for toddlers (boys orgirls) 2 yrs, 3 yrs, 4 yrs, 5 yrs.Features:• 45+ charmingcharacters for toddler drawing games• Kidspaint free in toddlergames• Animal voices• Bird voices• Developingfine motor skills andstep by step drawing with painting games•Simple and easy interfaceof drawing apps free for preschoolers from3 to 4 years old•Preschool and kindergarten games for kids downloadfor free•Develop pre-writing skills• Develop creativity in fundrawing appsfor free• Amazing graphics for kids• Drawing app forkids from 2 to5 years old (let draw kids)• Possibility to save yourdrawings•Basic skills: attention, memory and thinking• Drawinganimals•Drawing birdsChildren's games for children are free,children'scoloring games that develop creativity, fine motorskills, andimagination, like many coloring books for children. Butmostimportantly, drawing a finger becomes a fun and exciting gamethatdelivers joy and pleasure. Everything turns out easy and simple-just try a little!Download drawing kits for children andchildren'sgames for free!Tools: markers, paints, paintbrush, paintcan,pencil, stamps, chameleon markers, color filling, pouringphotos,animals for kids, birds for babiesFree in the Coloring Booksappyou get a set of 45+ characters. These children's coloringpagesare unusual, you can always save the result of creativity andshareit with your friends, other children and parents.For whom thefunnygame Coloring books for children? - For boys 2, 3, 4, 5yearsold who want to learn how to draw - For girls 2, 3, 4, 5yearswho like to paint pictures - For parents of all ages whowantto develop their kids - For grandparents who lovetheirgrandchildren and have fun with them - For teachers whoteachchildren to include imagination and create amasterpieceColoringbook for the family is not only an opportunityto developcreativity and learn to draw a finger on the screen; Thisis alsoan opportunity to explore how animals such as rhinoceros,monkey,bear, cat, dog, cow, donkey, elephant, horse, pig, giraffe,hare,lion, tiger, lamb, fox, beaver, yak, ostrich, turtle,crocodile,platypus, squirrelDrawing animals, drawing birds, drawingin aphoto, drawing with a pencil, drawing with a felt-tip penHelpusand take a moment to write your opinion on GooglePlay.Yourcontribution allows us to improve and develop newapplications forfree !Help us to make apps better:
Fun Kids Train Racing Games
Choo Choo! Welcome aboard! Please have a seat and get ready forthescenic train journey across the stunning Austrian Alpsinmagnificent Tyrol region! Choose your favorite choo choo from16different trains: steam train, express train and cargo train.Driveand complete different train tasks: to carry passengers, todelivercargo, to stop and go while driving and to race in thegreatesttrain racing game! GAME FEATURES:◆CHOOSE your favorite choochooand transport either people or cargo with various types oftrains:express train powered by electricity and best for racingwith othertrains, popular freight train which is powered by dieseland isbest for delivering goods and old school Steam train which isrunby steam power and is best for carrying people. ◆TRANSPORTvarioustypes of goods with your freight train from one trainstation toanother: animals, luggages, coal, even an oversizedcargo!◆RACE inthe scenic Austrian Alps environment with the fastestexpresstrain, compete with other trains, be the first one to reachcentraltrain station and win the choo choo race! ◆CONTROL steamtrain tocarry passengers who are waiting for you in the centraltrainstation.◆MEET various game characters: little kids - boy andagirl, beautiful blond and red-head women, tyrolean man,SantaClaus, train conductor and worker.◆CHOOSE from 16 differentcolorsand designs trains from traditional steam power trains orcargotrains to modern express trains!◆LEARN to understanddifferentrailroad signs. Slow down when you see curly rail roadsign, drivecarefully after seeing train tunnel sign and payattention totraffic lights - stop when it's in red color and drivewhen it’s ingreen.◆DRIVE on a stunning Austrian land, beautiful oldtowncities, steep hills, dark tunnels, high bridges, variousrailroadconstructions and more!◆COMPLETE 24 challenging trainracing gamelevels, deliver passengers, cargo and race with theothertrains!◆MASTER your train driving and cargo deliveringskills,enjoy fun and realistic, physics-based train drivingexperience inthis stunning Austrian Alps train driving game.◆ClickGO button asfast as you can to drive forward, STOP button to stopthe train andACTION button to activate particular activity: loadthe cargo intothe train wagon, carry passengers from one trainstation to anotherand more!◆RACE in this adventurous train racinggame and STIMULATEyour reaction, DEVELOP hand-eye coordination,self-control andIMPROVE problem solving, quick decision making andflexiblethinking skills.◆ENJOY stunning Austrian Alpsenvironment,entertaining train driving experience, animatedcharacters, greatsound effects, realistic voice-overs and Austrianfolk music.Thisis the best Train driving game for families who lovetransportinggoods, great train race, scenic train rail routes,beautiful choochoo ‘s, adventurous game levels and different gametasks. So stopat the central train station, load the wagon and ridein this funAustrian Alps train racing game!NOTICEThis adventuroustraindriving, passengers carrying and goods transportation gameforfamilies is completely free to play, but the game alsooffersin-app purchases. CONTACT US Let us know your opinion aboutthisgame! Having questions? Need technical support? Contact◆◆◆ ABOUT TINY LAB ◆◆◆Tiny LabKidsis a publisher and developer of casual and free-to-playmobilegames for families. Company is famous for its leading gamesseriesFun Kid Racing.Get the latest games news and specialoffersat:WEBSITE: http://www.tinylabkids.comFACEBOOK: YOUTUBE:
Baby Pop Balloon
Download free games for kids, games for kids 2 or 3years.Poppingcolorful balloons on the phone or tablet is verypopular with thechildren.Balloon pop children's entertainment forkids, it isclassified as educational games for toddlers andchildren up to 7years. Developing baby games - a very importantcomponent of modernbaby development. Learning games for kids andfor kids on mobiledevices become trend in category of games forkids.Entertaining funfor kids! Pop soap bubbles is child's play forthe youngestchildren. A million bubbles! It is necessary to burstthe balloonwhile popping balloons fun. Ball boom Masha release.Children'sgame pop the ball brings the children happiness andjoy.You need tohave time to burst all the balloons! Plus airships,stars, bubblesand soaring birds in the blue sky!Play and have agood mood!Play"balloon Pop - game for children" because childrenlike to burstballoons and soap bubbles.If You like our freeeducational gamesplease rate them and visit our website to downloadmore educationalgames for kids!
ABCD for Kids: Learn Alphabet and ABC for Toddlers
ABCD for Kids - Learn Alphabet is one of our best educationalgamesfor kids which provides learning alphabet for kids andtracingletters in a playful manner so that preschoolers learn abcandletter sounds quickly, easily and with a lot of fun.What doesouralphabets learning app for kids teach your baby?- Ouralphabetgames for kids to learn make your kid learn letters ofenglishalphabet, learn russian alphabet and alphabets of someotherlanguages;- Alphabet sounds learning app teaches topronouncecorrectly vowels and consonants of the abc for toddlers;-Practicewriting letters: our kids alphabet games include tasks inwhich atoddler learns to trace letters;- Playing our alphabet gamesyourchild will develop phonemic hearing;- Abc toddler games containalot of new words, so your baby will expand vocabulary;- Babyabclearning games for infants stimulate fine motorskills.Killerfeatures of our a to z alphabet for kids:1) Ourtoddler abcincludes 100 vivid and memorable cards with images toillustratewords that begin with different letters;2) This abctoddlerprovides sequential study of each letter: listen, recite,writeuppercase and lowercase letters, learn the words that beginwiththis letter;3) Such abc baby games as learning abc has taskstoconsolidate the learned letters: outline puzzles in which kidsmovethe letter to the correct shape, and a quiz;4) Learn lettersandsounds for kindergarten: professional off-screen voice withperfectpronunciation spell the letters so that your kid receiveslearningthe sound and letters of the alphabet for free, andperceives allthe sounds to the ear and utters them correctly;5) Oureducationalgames for kids kindergarten like abc learning games makethealphabets of 4 languages available: Russian, English(englishalphabet for kids learning free), Spanish and Portuguese.Theknowledge of ABCs of foreign languages is useful for futurestudyat school. Apart from ABCs your baby will study manyforeignwords.6) Our ABC for baby can be downloaded for free. Ourfreevirtual abcd book will save your family’s budget andprovidevaluable education for your baby.Our abc for children canberecommended as:- learning games for toddlers age 2;- learninggamesfor toddlers age 3;- educational games for 4 to 5 yearkid;-learning games for kids 5 years of age.How to play our abclearninggames for kids preschool:Recognizing alphabet forkindergarten:let’s learn letters!1) Our abc learning letterstoddler begins inthe bathroom with bubble letters. At first, thereare only A, B,and C letters opened in the educational games forkids nursery. Butupon learning abcd for kids, the child will unlockother letters.After choosing a letter in our abc games for toddlersand babiesthere will be given 3 hilarious pictures of objects thatstart withit. The kid is to listen to the voice and repeat thewordsillustrating abc for babies. 2) Learning abc for baby -tracing andwriting letters.Our alphabet tracing games for kidsoffer to learnto write letters on the fence tracing the prompts. Inorder to abclearn and trace letters just take the brush and starttracingletters and numbers free with 3 capital and 3 small letterswithyellow paint!3) Guessing - a quiz.Once you are finished,theeducation apps for kids with writing letters and numbersforkindergarten take your baby to the kitchen playroom. Here thetaskis to guess the picture that starts with the letter which yourkidis currently learning.4) Play with toddler alphabet writingandlearning - cut-outs.The last game among our learning gamesforkindergarteners is to position the letters into theircut-outs.Besides fixing the knowledge of ABC this game will trainyourbaby’s fine motor skills and develop attentiveness.The game,fullof bright colors and amusing virtual toys, has very clearandintuitive interface, so your toddler will cope with it easily.
Toddler games for 2-5 year olds
Educational toddler games for pre-kindergarten kids. Our app has12pre-k activities for toddlers that will help your babydevelopbasic skills like hand eye coordination, fine motor,logicalthinking and visual perception. These games will suit bothgirlsand boys and can be a part of pre-kindergarten &preschooleducation for kids. Size game: Understand differences insizes bysorting inventory into correct boxes.123 game: Countingfortoddlers to learn numbers 1, 2 and 3.Puzzle game: A simplepuzzlefor kids to improve hand eye coordination.Logic game:Developmemory and logic with cute animals.Shape games: Sort itemsby shapeto develop visual perception and hand eyecoordination.Color games:Sort items by color while riding on atrain or equipping aboat.Logic game: Understand the purpose of theitems shown.Patterngame: Develop visual perception by sorting itemswith differentpatterns.Memory game: Choose correct object that wasshown earlierand fits others by its type.Attention game: Developattention andfine motor skills in a simple but very entertaininggame.Toddlergames are perfect for pre-k and kindergarten childrenwho want tolearn by playing. Ages: 2, 3, 4 or 5 years oldpre-kindergarten andkindergarten children.You will never findannoying ads inside ourapp. We are always glad to receive yourfeedback and suggestions.
Fishing for kids and babies
Looking for memory training game for your kid? Baby Fishing isjustsomething your kids will love to play! Baby Fishing for kids isalearning teaser game that will help your child to train memoryandability to concentrate, encourage perseverance.Baby Fishingisdesigned for children of all ages, by selecting the levelofcomplexity you can easily simplify or complicate the game foryourkid. How to play Baby Fishing:In the upper right-hand corner isanicon of the fish you need to scoop. Select this fish amongothersand click on that fish - a scoop-net will catch it! If youhavemismatched a fish - no worries, the fish will release bubblessoyou may try again until succeed and scooped fish will produceafunny sound :)- Easy to play- Build cognitive skills- Trainmemory-Concentration skills test- Beautiful fish pictures, excitingmusicand lots of fun Kids love playing memory games online. BabyFishingmakes it easy for kids to improve their short-term memoryand speedrecognition skills. Baby Fishing for kids is a good choiceof funeducational game that will help your child to discover thefishingworld and train memory. If you like this game, please take amomentto rate it and share it to your friends, thank you! Yourvotesencourage us to develop more free games for kids!
Masha and the Bear Child Games
A girl in an exceedingly pink sundress is asking you toplaylearning games for toddlers! This can be a set of thirteenminigames free for kids based on famous cartoons series «Masha andtheBear». If your child love baby games for girls and boys thenthisone is should have!If you wish good games for free for yourkid,you may love it! Masha and the Bear have many funny things todo inthe forest and they definitely need some help from your kidinthese fun games for kids.Collect berries and sort them tocreatejam in kids educational games! Keep the hungry bees awayfromhoney. Save animals from the river in our learning gamesfortoddlers. Don't forget to sort the logs (good - forconstruction,bad - for fireplace) in these fun games for kids.Dinnerpreparation is another cool task in baby games for girls andboys -you need to search for food all around the house inside ourminigames free.The world of Masha and the Bear baby games for girlsandboys is a magic place where children can fly an airplane. WalkwithMasha into amazing forest, count butterflies and help herbeatPenguin in hockey and other kids educational games. Andonceevening comes, it’s concert time!You can find all thecharacters ofthe «Masha and the Bear» cartoon in these good gamesfor free - sochildren will love to be the part of favorite story.13mini gamesfree provide children with many hours of joy and fun,moreoverlearning games for toddlers weaved into the gameplay andstories.Baby games for girls and boys assist develop concentration,visualmemory and investigation skills with numbers, thus adultsdon’thave to be worry regarding their kids hanging an excessiveamountof time with a tablet and learn nothing new. Our kidseducationalgames contain a baby intuitive interface and appropriatefor boysand girls from two to nine.So what is on the agendanowadays, Mashaand the Bear? There’s help coming back from toddlersin fun gamesfor kids!Before downloading Masha and the Bear goodgames for freeplease make sure you have empty 250 MB on yourdevice. Thankyou!App features:- 13 mini games free- talking Mashawith thegenuine phrases from the cartoon- learning games fortoddlers agedtwo to nine years- fun games for kids train memory andvisualmemory- good games for free which based on «Masha and theBear»cartoon series- all characters from the cartoon in mini gamesfree-kids educational games develop cerebration- teaches numbersandbasics of math;- baby games for girls and boys develop reactionandcoordination- intuitive interface in these learning gamesfortoddlers and good games for free with Masha and Bear.We createfungames for kids about Masha and the Bear. Indigo Kids is awholeworld of kids educational games and quality baby games forgirlsand boys! We believe that education should be free andaccessible,and the knowledge gained through mini games freeabsorbed quicklyand for good. We have confidence that the timespent by a baby witha tablet and learning games for toddlers canbecome an extra supplyof new discoveries.If you have questionswriteus!E-mail:support@indigokidsgames.comWebsite:
Smash Master
Smash Master is a colorful and addicting game for all ages.Playerssmash bugs under a cheering music and make high scores.Thisgamehelps develop finger motor skills, accuracy andintelligence!Justsquash all bugs except the black one and don'tmiss ‘em!
Train: Play word game
Free educational family games for boys and girls arereplenishedwith a remarkable novelty. Our favorite Hippo is adriver of afunny train, and different animals and all kinds offruits aresitting in this train. And today, we will learn a lot ofnew andinteresting words. Learn word with fun! Hippo and her funnytrainwill help you.Hurry up, our train start its adventure! AndHippoinvites you to the world of positive emotions andinterestingadventure. Nice music and colorful design will carry youaway andwill make the process of exploring the world around themanexciting game. Like all educational games, our funny trainwillbring not only joy, but also a great benefit. Together withourHippo, we not only learn the words, but also learn what horseorchicken eat. The player will look and remember, how horse, lionandother animals look like. And, of course, in our game there willbeall kinds of fruits. Are you ready for an adventure? Then let'sgo!Today, we will learn new words together with Hippo.Try ournewproduct in a series of family games. Have a lot of​​positiveemotions! Hippo is waiting for you! Today we learn wordswith ourfavorite Hippo. Stay tuned and stay with us. Our freeeducationalgames for all the ages will always make you happy.
Kids Car Racing game – Beepzz
Buckle up and join us for a fun ride with our Beepzz rallycars.Choose your favorite vehicle and face the challenges ofuniqueuphill and downhill environments. Our Beepzz buddies willtake youon an unforgettable journey through the city, farm, desert,snowyhills, Savannah forest, rocky mountain, holiday beaches andthejungle. Learn multiple skills while you play. This creativearcaderacing game will improve your child’s problem solving skillsandworking memory; and boost their confidence. Moreimportantly,they'll have lots of fun. Get ready to get addicted tothe mostentertaining physics based easy racing game forlittlekids.Features:Two finger touch simple racing game for youngkidsaged 2-6.Move forward and backward; jump the obstacles; flipthecar if you get stuck upside-down; roll with laughter; racetheanimal cars to their food.9 amazing topics with 108diversehill-climbing race tracks!Smooth physics simulation throughbothuphill and downhill race courses.Collect coins to unlock newcarsand themes.Different animated animal vehicles with variableenginepower, suspension, tyres and speed acceleration.Play with thedogshaped van; cat shaped car; bull shaped tractor; camelshapedtruck; elephant shaped four wheel drive jeep; reindeer shapedvan;and cheetah shaped sports car.Different difficulty levelsgraduallyintroduced in the gameplay to stimulate the child’smind.Keeping inmind that this app is for small kids, the cars donot burst ordie.Privacy Disclosure: As parents ourselves, iAbuzztakeschildren's wellness and privacy very seriously. Our app doesnotcollect personal data. But yes, it does contain advertisingasthat’s our means of providing the app free of cost to you – theadsare carefully placed such that the kid is least likely to clickonit while playing.Feedback Please:If you have any feedbackandsuggestions on how we could further improve the designandinteraction of our apps and games, please visit ourwebsite or leave us a message at be glad to hear from you as we are committed to update allofour apps and games on a regular basis with new features andalsowant to get some ideas for future app development.
Kindergarten : animals
For training the child for kindergarten, we advise you andyourchild to play "Kindergarten" on the tablet or Smartphone. Inthisgame it will be necessary to look after kids and to satisfyalltheir requirements so that they won't cry: to feed, to playwiththem, to dress up, to put them to bed, etc. It turns outthatfussing with kids that the game Kindergarten offers isveryfascinating and educating. Children can imagine what's waitingforthem in a kindergarten, playing such games for young. Many ofthechildren who already visit kindergarten don't want to part withiteven at home, and here our game will help. Thisfascinatingoccupation belongs to the category of educational gamesfor kids asit promotes development of imagination and creativetalents of thechild. The interface offered in the application ofthe game forlittle boys or little girls is simple and it doesn'tneed skills ofreading to play it. To begin playing with kids, it isnecessary todownload and start the game. Then your child willplunge intoexciting world of adventures in kindergarten. Conditionsof thegame for children "Kindergarten" are so that even kids underthreecan deal with it. During the game process there constantlyappearhints for children so that kids play it with no problemsorquestions. Each stage of the game displays processes whichhappenin kindergarten. The child will be able to see how childrenspendtime in kindergarten together, on the example of animals'kids. Theinitial stages of the game about the kindergarten.At theinitialstage of the game for kids the tutor will have to meetallchildren, to seat them on certain chairs and to dress in thebibswhich are specially intended for everyone (all of themdifferent).The task of the player is to dress all in the bibs.Atthe followingstage of the game for girls and for boys there willappear food onthe table separately for each kid. It needs to begiven correctlyso that everyone on a plate had about 2-3 dishes. Ifthe child ateall, then he will show very clearly that wishes to goto sleep.When the heroes of the games for kindergarten children arenear thebeds, the tutor will have to put them to bed and cover eachwith ablanket which settles down near their legs. If eyes of allchildrenare in a half-closed state, then in this moment the gameabout kidsprovides a hint on the lamp that it is necessary to turnoff thelight. After that all will sleep very tight. Features of thegameKindergarten. These games for kids have conditions which allowtocarry out a large number of the most various fascinatingactions:to draw, to play with robots, planes, machines, to jumpthrough arope, to start up soap bubbles, etc. Generally, in thecourse ofthis game for kid to your child it will be very cheerfuland hewon't have time to miss. What the advantage of thegameKindergarten consists in? These childish games for the littleonesallow your child to get invaluable experience about howproperlytake care for younger children. Also he will be able tolearn whatis waiting for him in such educational institution askindergarten,so it’s one of the learning games. These educationalgames aredeveloping and they differ in the fact that possess verybrightgraphics and provide enough nice characters. Besides, thesegamesfor small children also attract great interest not only ofgirls orboys, but also of their parents. They will be able toputthemselves to the place of tutors and will understand thattheirwork is not easy as it can initially seem. Adults shouldplaychildren’s games for kids at least to understand the importanceofwork of tutors and teachers.Visit us at: Site:http://yovogames.comYoutube:
Baby Touch Balloon Pop Game
A good old fun and easy to play balloon popping game withanimals,for young children to play and enjoy. Just touch theballoons topop them, and touch the animals, sun and clouds to enjoysoundand/or effects. Simple, yet fun for younger kids 1+.▶▶▶ OVER2MILLION DOWNLOADS!!! SO COME JOIN THE FUN.
Fun Kid Racing
One of the best simple and fun racing games for kids! This freegameis made for everyone, so feel free to play yourself and inviteyourkids or family to watch or play together. Choose your ride andguideit to the finish line! Control your car with just one fingerand seehow it flips, jumps and rolls on it's way. Use tilt controlforbetter results and more exciting jumps. Other racing kidsgamesbecome boring because of hard levels or controls? This is whatyouwere looking for! Fast, simple and exciting fast car racingkidsgame!Use the game at kindergardenFeel free to teach kidsaboutprofessions and jobs, Parenting and life events, what is goodandwhat is bad. We do our best to add situations that helps kidstoexpand their fantasy and understand the world better. Everygamefor kid that we launch covers a different theme and realworldproblems. By playing them kids are learning and preparingforthings that they will face in real life. We stronglyrecommendplaying any games together with kids as then you canexplain forkids anything they don't understand and answer allnaturalquestions that they come up with.Racing car games forfamiliesFunKid Racing is a large series of racing games for family.Every kidgame is different and entertaining enough to be played byadults,but at the same time kids loves to watch the funnyadventure. Ifyou want to get the best of our boys games - you canencourage yourchildren to play together. If you want more challenge- trycollecting all the coins (you will need them to unlock newworldsand cars)! Overall Tiny Lab Kids Games has launched over 70boygames! So go ahead and try any other game for kids made by TinyLabKids!Prepare for a race by picking one of the fast sportscars,Jeep or even a motorcycle! Gain enough speed to jump over therampsor climb to the stiff hill. Show off all the cars that youunlockand how you play with them - also everyone loves surprises ineachlevel! Anyone can play Fun Kid Racing, this game has lotsofworlds, levels and cars to explore! Even any preschool childrenortoddlers can play this game without any problems!The tracksaredesigned so that you would do many stunts on the run, the carwillspin doing front flips, backflips or even both - but watch outnotto land on the roof! The comic cars are funny andcartoonsoundtrack makes the mood perfect for the awesome ride! TinyLab isalso creating kids educational games - so this game will alsohelpwith hand-eye coordination! What more can you expect fromkidgames?
Surprise Eggs
Almost all kids love chocolate, but even more they love toys!Nowyou can without leaving the house to print chocolate eggs,findingin them surprises and his collection of toys - the mostfamouscharacters favorite cartoons!Masha andtheBearMinionsBarboskinyLuntikSmesharikiPeppa PigPaw patrolandmanyothers!!The rules are simple. You need:- Select a characteryoulike an egg- Remove the wrapper touch of a finger- "Eat"chocolatefinger pressure- Open the box-yolk touch of a finger- Getasurprise in the form of toys! He goes into the collection!Goalofthe game:Collect the entire collection of toys, openingthechocolate eggs!All the toys are used in this game, do not haveanyrelation to the Kinder Surprise and Kinder Surprise Maxi.Theybought in children's shops.
Fishing for Kids
Exciting baby game "Baby Fishing" is a favorite pastime for kidsandfor older children.In this game you have to go on a fishingtrip.The goal of the game for baby is simple - you need to catchas manyfish and collect the required number of points to pass thelevel.For each caught a fish you'll get points. But if you arecaught on ahook shoe tin or a dangerous predator - the points willbereducedUnusual and colorful fish attract the attention ofchildrenand do not leave you indifferent, and the fisherman - thecat willlove the children. Playing children's games , a child funhold time,because all the games for child are illustrated withcolorfulpictures, with a pleasant and fun music. Also, children'sgame willhelp in the development of such skills in children asattentiveness,memory, concentration. A good mood - is the key tosuccessfuldevelopment.Starting from an early age the childactively learns theworld, exploring everything that happensaround. Therefore,educational games for children at the forefrontof a child's life.Educational children’s games"Baby fish" broadenrepresentation babyabout the world, teach the baby to observe andhighlight theproperties and attributes of objects, such as size,shape, color, todistinguish them, as well as to establish therelationship betweenthem. Developing baby games fix children'sknowledge of thesurrounding environment, forming thoughtprocesses. Playingdeveloping children's games, the child willenjoy its results andachievements. Educational baby games can helpkids have fun and havefun, and at the same time will be anindispensable tool in thedevelopment and education of the child.Games from “YOVO Games” willhelp him to become observant,attentive, smart. Educational gamesfor children to developattention and memory, can help you with yourchild fun and to spendyour spare time!Kids fishing - fun game.Babyfishing - excitinggame.Children fishing - your baby will have agood mood.Visit usat: Site: http://yovogames.comYoutube:
Masha and Bear: Cooking Dash
Here are “Masha and the Bear: Cooking Dash”! Masha opens herdinerdash and welcomes children to try these games for kids andtheircooking food abilities! 😋The Bear, Rosie, Panda, the wolves,andother animals in the forest are hungry! 🍲🍴 Who will feedpooranimals in this food making games? Masha and Bear of course!Withthe help of kids this restless little girl will be cooking foodforevery character from the popular cartoon “Masha and the Bear”inthis food games! But each animal wants different ingredients.Findthem all in this cooking dash and make the best oatmealever!Gamefor kids features: 🤗 - 16 characters in this childrengames freefrom Masha and the Bear games- cooking dash games with33ingredients to add into oatmeal- talking Masha in thiscookinggames for girls- the recipes become more difficult withlevels inthis cooking games for kids free😋 Are you ready to makeoatmealwith bananas in diner games? Or with ham? In this cookingdashgames Masha and the Bear will teach toddlers how to makeoatmealwith anything in this cafe games free! Every animal in theforestwill come to Masha's cafe games and order a dish. In cookinggamesfor girls this can happen twice a day!With every new visitorinyour cafe kitchen the oatmeal recipes will become moreinterestingand complicated. Cook all orders in this cooking gamesfree!ThisMasha and the Bear cook games are suitable for kids from 2to 8, ithas the initial interface so that even toddlers can playwithoutparents. If your kids love children games free about cookingdashor diner games, “Masha and the Bear: Cooking Dash” is thebestchoice for them! With Masha and Bear plus other animals kidswilltrain their intelligence, logic and attention! And will learnhowto cook dinner! 😋Children games for boys and girls free arenotalways interesting and new. But Masha cooking chef will makethiscooking dash a complete fun! This is the first food gameswithMasha and the Bear. If you are looking for cooking games forkidsfree where kids cook this is a good choice!Give your kidsgamesfree that are not only funny but are also educational gamesforkids! Toddler games free do not always suit these parametersbutthis cook game for kids really do!➡ Find more educational gamesforkids with Masha and the Bear on our developer's page onGooglePlay:«Mashaand the Bear: Kids Games free» «Masha and the Bear: HospitalGames»«Masha Cooking dash and dinner»and more toddler games forfree!🤗❗Contact us if you have any suggestions or troubles!
Children's fishing, it is - fishing for kids, with the task tobeperformed. The children's fishing, baby - can play alone orwiththeir parents. Fishing for kids - this is an educational game -forthe little ones, fun fishing together with funny bears,fisherslike every child. Game "Children's fishing" bring your childtounderstand about catching fish and a good mood. To succeedandcatch a fish for the children, you need a good work out. Thegamehas two modes of passage, both bear the father and the smallbear.Rules of the game: fishing for kids - bear need to catch fishandcatch on his line as many different beauties! It willalsopermanently prevent you from other fish and all kinds ofdebrisfloating in the water, catch the wrong points are subtracted.Youcan add to the game competitive time playing alone with achildrace. Who gets the most points in fishing for kids and willpass tothe next level?Educational games for children - it is, andthebright and colorful, and educational game - just like kids, itwillbe interesting for older children. Together with them, you canevencome up with the names of each fish, try to determine theirtype(bass, barracuda, sea horse, elephant, sawfish, fish needle).Andwe can remember some cartoon and name each fish bluecornflowers,and every red - Petushki. And to compete: who catchmore Vasilkov,and who - more Petushki.Together with your child canbe repeatednot only the color and size, but also the numbers. Atthe top ofthe playing field shows the number of points scoredplayer.Catching fish, you can immediately ask the child how manypoints hehas earned and how much was just his points. Cheerfularithmeticwill like everything: boys and girls, and especiallytheir parents.It turns out, a children's fishing - teachescount!Though, fishing- it is, to a greater extent, a game for boys,girls, too, it willbe interesting to play it. After the fish arebeautiful, bright,colorful. A fishermen characters - cute and kind.In addition, insome versions of "Fishing Frenzy" you can select theprotagonist -it can be a girl or pandochka kitty.Fishing for kids -also aneducational game for the youngest, fun fishing together withfunnybears, fishers like every child.Parents need only choose whichfun,children's games, download to your tablet, whichimmediatelybecomes no longer the parent and child. But it does notmatter ifthe correct choice of the parents, that is selectedexclusively -developing and training games. "Fishing for Kids" -one of manyeducational games for children, which can be offered toyour child.Play together with your kids in a good game for thechildren,develop, and teach them.Learn by playing witheducationalgames.Teach "Fishing for Kids"? This game:- Developscoordination,-Develops an eye estimation,- Teaches kids todistinguish betweensizes (big fish, little fish, average)- It helpsto consolidateknowledge about flowers, colors and shades.Games forkids:-Training (which is important for the parents);- Colorful(which isimportant for children);- Simple (for the kids) andcomplex (forolder children);Visit us at: Site: http://yovogames.comYoutube:
Bubble Pop for kids
Bubble Pop for Baby. Free fun games for toddlers from 6 monthsandolder.Soap Bubbles Pop - is a colorful fun game forkids.Colorfulchildren's educational games. Popping colored bubblesis a fun andeasy task for kids. Educational games for kids is awonderfulopportunity to spend time for children and theirparents.Poppingsoap bubbles - it's so much fun!
Construction Game Build with bricks
Hi, little architect! Do you like to design and buildextraordinaryconstructions? Let’s create a beautiful virtual world!Each levelis your playground – build whatever you want. Nothingispredetermined! Everything goes by your rules.What are youwaitingfor? Go to the construction site, select and combine craftblocks,choose doors, windows, rooftops and many more. Good games tobuildhouses: build a tiny farm house, luxurious mansion, majesticcastleor a haunted house. Use imagination – there’re no limits inthesecrafting games! Chose various construction materials –everythingfrom simple bricks to rather unusual elements like cheeseorpudding blocks. Get creative!Features of these easy buildinggamesfor toddlers:* Loads of construction materials makeeverythingpossible. How about a stylish cake house or abreathtaking waffleskyscraper? * Five exciting locations in kidbuilding games willunleash your imagination and never let getbored;* Unlimitedresources and limitless sandbox mode. Create yourown new citybuilding games, town or a fantastic world or build acity of yourdream – only you’re in charge here!* Realistic gameplaybased onphysics turns every time you play into a uniqueexperience;*Breathe life into your constructions with fun animatedblocks;*Build and destroy - use the demolition crane with thewrecking ballto destroy old constructions and build your own city;*Beautifulanimations and sound effects;* Building city games free nousewifi* Interactive app Little Architect encourageschild’sdevelopment of attention, logic thinking, memory, cognitiveskills,fine motor skills, etc.;* Interface and touch controls intheseconstruction games free for kid are specially designed fortoddlersand preschool children 1 – 4 years old;Download constructorgamesnow and prove that you're the best in architect simulationbuildinggames!
All aboard! Driving the colorful LEGO® DUPLO® Train from stationtostation is any toddler’s dream. Your child will play the roleofthe train driver, load cargo, build bridges, stop atcrossings,help passengers, refuel, and lay new tracks to steer thetrainsafely around obstacles.Copying grown-ups and their activitiesisimportant to your 2-year-old toddler’s development - and fewthingsare as ‘grown-up’ as driving a huge steam train through thesceniccountryside, full speed ahead, horns tooting.If your toddlerisfascinated by trains, this simple game will provide newinspirationfor hours of creative play - with or without a LEGODUPLO trainset.Features:*Bright, fun, and toddler-friendlyanimations andsound effects*Intuitive icons and navigation for easygameplay*Cute, interactive DUPLO landscape with lots of buildingfunand surprises*Based on the DUPLO My First Train set andfamiliaranimals and characters*No in-app purchases*No thirdpartyadvertising*Parental gate to information about other LEGODUPLOapps and productsAbout LEGO® DUPLO®A preschool buildingtoyspecifically designed for children ages 1 ½ - 5 – small handsandbig imaginations! Preschoolers can learn about shapes andcolorshands-on. When the chewing-the-bricks phase fades out, thebuildingexperience phase takes over, helping to stimulate andimprove finemotor skills development. (And yes,bricks-poured-onto-hard-surfacenoises stimulate other senses,too.)BEST GAME FOR TODDLERS Thiseducational app for toddlers helpsthem develop their skills in aplayful manner. We believe it is oneof the best educational gamefor toddlers produced by LEGO whichfocuses on their development.This is also a great educational gamefor older kids because theycan play with the LEGO® DUPLO Train.EDUCATIONAL GAME FOR 2 YEAROLD KIDSThis is the best first app foryour kid. It was developedin order to teach digital skills, developcreativity through playand build motoric skills for your child.This is an educational appfor 2 year old kids which will contributeto their development.BEST FIRST GAME FOR KIDSIs your kid juststarting to play ondigital devices? Are you looking for an appwhich will help himdevelop his mind and understanding of thesurroundings? LEGO®DUPLO® Train is the best app for kids 2-4 yearsold. CREATIVE GAMESFOR TODDLERSThis is a great creative app fortoddlers which willhelp them develop their creativity. LEGO® DUPLOTrain is one of thebest role-play apps for toddlers in 2017 andallows your toddler tobe the train conductor and drive the trainthrough a kids safeenvironment. DRIVE, BUILD AND HAVE FUNBeing ableto have so manyrole-play possibilities, your toddler will be ableto play the appin endless ways which will allow him to put hisimagination intoaction. FREE TODDLER GAMESAll the LEGO® DUPLO® appsare free toplay and offer no in app purchases. This is one of thebest freeeducational game for kids under 4 and it is an app yourkid willenjoy. Visit the parents section in all the LEGO® DUPLO®apps formore information about the LEGO® DUPLO more build & play inspiration. tofind out more about other DUPLO apps.For appsupport contact LEGOConsumer Service.For contact details referto privacy policy and termsofuse for apps are accepted if you download this app. Read moreon,theLEGO logo and DUPLO are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2016TheLEGO Group.
Funny Fishing
Fishing game is a learning game that will help your childtrainmemory and ability to concentrateFishing is designed for allages,by selecting the level of complexity you can easily simplifyorcomplicate the game for your kid and catch the fish.How toplayFishing:There's an icon in the upper corner of the fish youneed toscoop. Select this fish among others and click on it - ascoop-netwill catch fish! If you have mismatched a fish - noworries, thefish will release bubbles so you may try again untilsucceed andscooped fish will produce a funny sound :)
Baby Puzzles for Kids
"Funny animals" baby puzzles for kids is a free jigsaw puzzlegamethat helps your kids to develop the cognitive, tactile andfinemotor skills while playing different animal puzzles.ThiscolorfulMontessori game brings your kid from 2 to 3 years old intotheamazing learning game where baby will be able to put woodenanimalpuzzles together in order to create numerous pets and cuteanimalswhile popping air-balloons and listening to theiranimalsounds.This game is great for both boys and girls and helpstodevelop and improving memory, attention, logical thinking, andfinemotor skills, amusing your kids and bringing them a lot of funatthe same time.Is your baby crying and tries to grizzle whileyouare trying to talk with the doctor in the hospital? Is yourkidbored at the airport departure gate or at the trainstation?There’s a solution! Just give him a tablet for kids or ababyphone, launch Puzzles for Kids and forget about their whiningandnaughtiness. Confirmed! 😁The main features of our learninggamesfor girls and boys: • development of fine motor skills, memoryandattention • developing games for kids from 1 year and forchildrenfrom 2 to 3 years • your children will learn animal soundsin afunny manner • Montessori learning games and puzzles forchildren •baby puzzles, animal sounds and balloon pop in one gamefor kids •helps your child grow, learn, have fun, and even giveparents sometime offIf you like our free educational games, wekindly ask youto write a review on Google Play • and visit ourwebsite at • and don’t forget to join ourFacebook groupat
Balloon Pop
Balloon Pop is very exciting and educator game for childrenandadults.There are 3 kinds of game.1. Game : Race against totime.Pop many balloons as you can in 90 seconds.2. Game : Youshould notmiss the balloons. Otherwise you will lose.3. Game :Trainer mode.You can learn the English pronunciation of the lettersand numbersin the balloons you pop
Animals for Kids, Planet Earth Animal Sounds
Free educational game for toddlers aged 1 - 4 years from theseries“Little One Learns Words”!Together with your child, you canwatchwonderful images of different animals, all while learningtheirnames and listen to the animals’ unique sounds!Thesecarefullyselected photographs allow your child to not only learnthe namesof the various animals, but also glimpse into theanimal’sbeautiful world and everything it offers! After your childlooksover and experiences the animal flashcards, there is a fungamewaiting for them, which tests how much they’veunderstood.Regardless of the number of correct answers, the playerearns starsand young talent is rewarded with thunderous applauseandballoons!In the free app, the animals are divided intothreegroups: “domestic animals and pets”, “forest animals”, and“animalsof the world” (animals that live in Asia, Africa, theArctic, andAntarctic). Additional animals, like “birds”, “insects”,and “worldof water” (fish and water-thriving animals), areavailable in thefull version of the application. A significantfeature of this appis that there are no unrealistic drawings.Instead, full-lengthbeautiful pictures are used that resembleactual animals (as theylook in real life), which helps the childeasily remember theirnames and features. Do you have older childrenin primary school?If so, this educational game will also come inhandy for thembecause in addition to English, the app supportsGerman, Spanish,French and some other foreign languages.Playingthese types ofgames with flashcards has been proven to aid studentsin quicklylearning a foreign language. They can discover new wordsand areable to easily impress their teachers and classmates!Yourchilddoesn’t even need to know how to read with this app! Itssimpleinterface and voice prompts allow even the youngest kid toplay andlearn the names of the animals by themselves! After playingthegame, be sure to visit the zoo or pet store with your child–you’ll be happy and impressed as they present their newlyacquiredknowledge of all the animals they see!Experience has shownthat formost children, viewing and learning from bright and vividimagesbecomes a favorite pastime and having them play this gameoftenreinforces their knowledge. According to Glenn Doman, anAmericanphysical therapist and founder of the “The Institutes forTheAchievement of Human Potential”, training just 5 - 10 minutes adaystimulates the development of various parts of the brain.Thisallows for the development of a photographic memory, whichmeansyour could can develop faster than her or his peers, andbecomemore open to the vast knowledge of the world.Doman isundoubtedlyright! The younger the child, the easier they absorbnewinformation. Don’t delay!The app can be used as asupplementaryteaching aid in foreign language instruction.Supported languages:English, Spanish, French, German, Russian,Polish, Ukrainian.
Sweet Baby Girl Daycare 5 - Newborn Nanny Helper
Take care of sweet baby girls and baby boys! Become a supernannyand enjoy spending a day with your new baby friends!***Recommendedand certified by Educational App Store, 4 stars: "Forchildren, itwill be like having a collection of dolls in theirmobile device.The artwork within this app is highly polished andextremely welldrawn."Babysit four sweet baby girls Emma, Layla,Yukiko and Chloe,and two baby boys Tom and Justin in your own babydaycare house.With six babies in the house, you will become a supernanny andMommy's little helper. Change diapers, prepare baby food,bath thebabies, dress up and clean up - it's just the beginning ofyourcrazy babysitting adventures!Sweet Baby Girl Daycare 5newbornnanny & kindergarten games:· NEW! Take care of sixnewbornbabies: Emma, Layla, Yukiko, Chloe, Tom & Justin!· NEW!BabyTom looks sad and grumpy. Feed him, change diapers, play withhimand make him smile!· NEW! Clean up messy baby boy Justin, washhisface and hands!· NEW! Help baby Justin tidy up the kids'room.Vacuum, clean the wall and sort the toys!· NEW! Decorate yourbabydaycare with windows, curtains, shelves, tables, chairs, toysandswings!· Make a baby bottle for hungry little Chloe and feedher! ·Dress up baby girl Emma and design the cutest outfit forher!· Givebaby Yukiko a warm bubble bath, pop bubbles, wash hairand create acute baby hairstyle!· Mash apples and bananas, andpreparedelicious fruit puree for lovely Layla!· It's lunch timeevery day!When your baby girls and boys ask for a sandwich - makeit forthem!· Play in the yard and jump on a pink toy horse.Collectballoons and baby bottles!· Keep things nice and tidy inyourdaycare house. Finish the laundry and iron baby clothes!·Watchvideos for kids, collect coins and unlock new dress upitems!·Complete levels and collect beautiful baby stickers!Free& PaidGame ContentThis app is free to play but there arecertain in-gameitems that may be purchased for real money.You canplay BabyFormula, Vacuum, Tom's Toy, Play Time, Iron Laundry, DressUp,Decoration and Carpet Cleanup mini games for free.You canpurchaseSandwiches, Justin's Cleanup, Bath Time, Change Diapers,FruitPuree and Tom's Diaper mini games for $1.99 each; Tom'sMilkBottle, Wall Cleanup and Toy Sorting mini games for $0.99 each;orget the full game version with no ads for $4.99.- - - - - - - - --- - - - - - - - - - - - - -ABOUT TutoTOONS Games forKidsCraftedand play-tested with kids and toddlers, TutoTOONS gamescherish thechildhood and help children learn the basic life skillsthroughgames they love.Dress up games can develop creativity andartskills, cleanup games build good every day habits, cookinggamesshow how to help parents at home, pet games teach to shareandcare. These are just a few examples how TutoTOONS gamesletchildren explore the world around them and develop on theirscreentime.PRIVACYThis app is free to play but there are certainin-gameitems that may be purchased for real money. By downloadingthis appyou agree to TutoTOONS Privacy Policy and Terms ofUse.Discovermore fun with TutoTOONS!Play ourgames: us onFacebook: ourYouTubechannel: Subscribe Kids News, ournewsletterfor families:
Baby Phone. Kids Game
Baby Phone is a fantastic educational game aimed at babies 6monthsand up to learn numbers, animal sounds, nusery rhymes,lullabiesand musical notes while having fun playing. Our game willconvertthe smartphone into a phone for children. A phone for babiesinsidethe real phone. Amazing. Isn't it? Your toddler will lovethedesign and sounds. This musical educational game willentertainyour babies for hours because your kid will feed isplaying withyour real smartphone.Children will enjoy the differentsounds andsongs that will be discovered in each of thescreens:Animals:Toddlers will learn the sounds of animals likesquirrels, cow,rooster, cat, dog, goat, frog or owl. There is aphone for that:the yellow phone.Numbers: Funny numbers on thescreen so that yourkids learn to count and to pronounce the numbersin English. Thephone for that is the blue.Musical Notes: Touch thephone keys andmake the musical notes sound: do, re, mi, fa, sol,la, and theirmelody. Use the red color phone for that.Baby Phonewill keep yourbaby entertained with nursery rhymes and funnycartoons to playwith.▶ MUSICAL STIMULATIONFrom childhood, themusical stimulationproduces great benefits as the sense ofhearing.This game helpsstimulate different areas in kids:- Theexpression of feelings andideas.- The development of memory.- Motorskills.- The linguisticpossibilities.Your infant will love to learnnursery rhymes andlullabies with this game. Bring your smartphoneto your kid and seehow he enjoy with the phone. The game isdesigned for children ofkindergarten age. ▶ FIND OUT MOREEDUCATIONAL GAMESEdujoy has morethan 50 games for children of allages; from kindergarten to theelderly. ▶ THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTINGUS!Thank you very much forplaying Edujoy games. We love creatingeducational and fun gamesfor you. If you have any suggestions orquestions, feel free tosend us your feedback or leave yourcomments.
Drive Train Animal Transport
Drive Train Animal TransportPlay this Farm Animal Train Transport3dgame.Get ready to transport zoo animals in a big train. Zooanimalsare ready to transport through a big free cargo zoo trainon theoccasion of korbani. Load animals into a big 4x4 truck andfreedrive truck towards zoo animals. Loading camel, goats andotheranimals on pak eid animal transport truck can be achallenging taskfor you. All these animals are brought indifferent cities on theeve of pak eid al-adha. Animals are slow,city is full of trafficand time is short. So hurry up, load allzoo animals into a big zoocargo truck, drive truck towards zoo andunload animals into newzoo. It is a time to simulate your drivingexperience with a freegames big 4x4 zoo truck driving. Drivetransport train 3d zoo trainin a big extreme traffic and get afree game real fun of traindriving. Zoo train has a variety offree trains games and differentenvironments. Your mission is tounlock all trains and weathers bytransporting animals into new bigwild zoo. As a super zoo traindriver your responsibility is todeliver free animals safely totheir destination and collect pointsto be a driver of new train.Yes, if you cargo animals safelyyou'll get points to unlock newtrain with advancedmodifications.In this crazy new animal transporttruck free game,your duty is to load animals in the cargo train andtransport themon the real city park zoo. You will drive real cargotrain animaltransport sim on different city and animal jungle traintracks.These modern new animal transport train games will giveyoueverything in one platform. You will drive your favoritecrazytrain simulator 2017 on multiple train stations toprovideservices. In the past history, you would have played manycrazyanimal transport games and this is one of the train drivinganimalgames 2018. In this new animal transport truck game, we willgiveyou multiple trilling and adventurous real cargo animaltrainmissions. These modern new animal train games will give youachance to seat on steam engine heavy steering to controlyourextreme animal transport train. These real new cargo trainanimaltransport games will also give you modern pet animal farms;whereyou have to rescue your injured animals and after thattransportthem on the real city Jurassic zoo parks. You will enjoy alotwhile playing these modern animal transport train games 2018.Soquickly download these modern new animal transport truckgames.Gameplay Farm Animal Train Transport 3d:Mission start fromlevel 1,task is challenging and time is short. Load all animalsinto a big4x4 zoo truck safely. Now drive this big free zoo trucktowards newzoo in extreme city traffic. At zoo now your duty is tounload thisbig 4x4 truck from animals and unlock new level.Youmight haveplayed many crazy goats run games while loading yourcattle incargo truck, but this animal transport game is best initsfeatures. Camel riding is the hobby which lies in many men.Farmanimals have a lot of animals from which people buy theafricananimals to slaughter them on qurban day. These africananimals arebrought via sacrifial path and are slaughtered afterqurbani prayerin the light of qurbani guide rules of Islam. Animalsave rules arealso implemented while slaughtering the farm animals.The camelsound can be listened on qurban day whenever his qurbaniis beingdone.Farm Animal Train Transport 3d Features:• StunningHDgraphics• Elegant sound effect• Smooth control• Variety oftrains•Lots of animals• Challenging environment• Clock is tickingso be ontime• Real 3d driving experience
Masha and the Bear: Free Animal Games for Kids
Animal vet games - one of the most popular sections ofchildren'sgames on Google Play! Have you already cured all theanimals? Ifnot, Masha will help you in pet vet clinic! Let's treateverybodywith Masha and Indigo Kids!If you and your baby haven’tyet foundinteresting and developing masha and the bear games,cartoon gamesfree and animal hospital games, then "Masha Doctor"and free animalgames for kids - this is what you were looking for!Here in pethospital games and pet vet clinic, animal rescue gamesand petdoctor games the children will learn different ways oftreatment,and here there are 35 ways - it's the same animal doctorgames andfun animal care hospital! Where else can you play with theheroesof your favorite cartoon "Masha and the Bear," make an x-raytoanimals and cure animals of any disease except in taking careforanimals, animal hospital games and masha and the beargames?Animals are waiting for your help in this cartoon games free,pethospital games and free animal games for kids! It's time to tryona medical gown in animal hospital games and animal rescue games,inthe forest anything can happen: a scratch, a bruise, a pain inthetooth or some other misfortune. Forest veterinary doctor,petclinic and pet vet clinic, masha and the bear games andcartoongames free will teach your children to be treated for flu,makeseals, use a tonometer and smear wounds green. Animal rescuegames,veterinary doctor and fun animal care hospital are waitingfor you,drive quickly to help animals in pet hospital games andanimaldoctor games! :)"Masha Doctor" is not just animal vet games,mashaand the bear games and taking care for animals, but theapplicationpet hospital games and animal rescue games, whichdevelops usefulskills in preschool children - visual memory, logic,ingenuity,mindfulness. Together with Masha in free animal games forkids, petdoctor games and animal games for kids children will learnhow totake care of animals and work together! Hurry up todownloadcartoon games free, animal hospital games and animal vetgames -animals are waiting while veterinary doctor in fun animalcarehospital and pet clinic will measure the temperature, driptheireyes and bandage wounds.Every kid likes our understoodinterfacetaking care for animals, pet hospital games and pet vetclinic! Andmuch more interesting in our pet doctor games, animalgames forkids and animal doctor games! • animal vet games, takingcare foranimals and masha and the bear games age from 2 to 9 years;•cartoon games free, animal hospital games and animal rescuegamesfor fans of the cartoon "Masha and the Bear" with voiceacting; •free animal games for kids, animal games for kids and, ofcourse,pet doctor games; • animal doctor games and animal games forkidswith the heroes of the famous cartoon, where Mashafullyaccompanies the player in these pet clinic and fun animalcarehospital; • pet doctor games, pet clinic and fun animalcarehospital with a bright plot and animal vet games asveterinarydoctor; • taking care for animals, animal games for kidsand animaldoctor games develop logic and visual memory; • petclinic andanimals, free animal games for kids, pet vet clinic andveterinarydoctor, cartoon episodes, and much more.Indigo Kids is areal worldof developing games for toddlers! We believe thatknowledgereceived from our apps is absorbed quickly andpermanently, timespent in games with Masha will be an additionalsource of newdiscoveries.Contact us forquestions:E-mail:support@indigokidsgames.comWebsite:http://indigokidsgames.comFacebook:
Train Wash
Cleaning, maintenance and care of your children's train at thespafrom yovoWhat happens to the trains when they are not in theway?Where does these iron giants after the long-awaited arrival oftherailway station? The answers to these questions you can in ourapp"Train Wash"! Become the head of the station, in whicheveryonewill find Affairs. Trains are in need of constant care,inspectionand repairs, will be able to cope with this task? Playlocomotivecan be easy, but the real work starts at the depot.Trains beforedeparture - to wash, peel and grate to shine.Childrengame "Washingcars" is a very bright and interesting gameforchildren beautiful and funny locomotive. Educational gameforchildren to help in the development of fine motor skillsandlearning colors and take your baby for a long time! Gamesforchildren, has never been so spectacular. The child will be abletoenjoy a bright and interesting picture and explore the worldoftrains with you!Railroad Depot - it is your base, which will beanaction game.You, as the chief of the station, should maintainitsnormal operation, to react quickly to any incident,andtroubleshoot any problems. You - the most important person atthestation and without your personal leadership will not work. Youareobliged to ensure that the trains went from the station cleanandbeautiful. In addition, about a train game you can not alwaysfind,in addition to ordinary wagons and locomotives, eventrain. Anew fun game for kids "locomotives Cleaning" will helpyour kidsfeel small machinists and designers. The game has manydifferentmodels of locomotives, so that the baby will choose alocomotive,which he likes. Steam locomotive to wash usingdetergent, water,loofah, and then the locomotive can be painted,choose and apply avaried picture, change the wheels. All this isaccompanied by fungames, kids developing their capacity forpatience andperseverance. "Children train" stands out among theother games ofthe train. In it the child can not only wash theengine, among manysimilar games for children. Taking on therole of chief of therailway station, the responsibility of theplayer includes thefollowing responsibilities: - Registrationof incomingtrains. - Check the integrity of merry locomotiveon acolorful pattern, where all the main parts are painted. -Usetools for maintenance and repair of the engine. This is notasimple children's train - there are rules!- Fun Games forchildren,such as "Train Wash", help the child to develop a varietyof skillsand abilities.- The trains are often forgotten luggage -using thelatest equipment in order to find out what's inside andfind theluggage owner. - Wash the steam locomotive - not aneasy task.On the way to collect a lot of dirt train - Take it withfungames!- New Horizons - moves from station to station, in thenewgame about trains for kids, from continent to continent,exploringnew places and doing new tasks. - "Cleaning oftrains" - aneducational game for children will be a real canvas forcreativity,by which the child will be able to study the internaland externaldevices of the train with the help of educationalgames. -Improve your train. Funny trains and waiting to putnew wheels,paint in fresh, vibrant colors, and they will go totransportpassengers or cargo transport. Take care of train and earnextrapoints to buy new ones.And this is not even a complete list!Cometo the application "Train Wash" and find out what's waiting foryounext! A lot of educational games, colorful and bright picture,aswell as fun music that you will repeatedly bring the traininproper form. And do not forget to grab friends!Visit us at:Site:http://yovogames.comYoutube:
Drive Train Animal Transport
Transport animals on the railroad on train! Drive train withanimalsas the machinist! Train with zoo and control from driver'scabin!Transport of animals and train simulator at same time!Rescuinganimals from dangerous long moving! Transporting animalsis not aseasy as people! Realize animals transportation to the newlocation!Drive animals train from station to station on railways!Control thetrain from the cab driver! Drive the train - zoo!Animals needed fortransport! Accelerate, stops and deliver theanimals at the correctstation! Transportation of animals - way toearn and upgrade train!Zoo on wheels waiting for thedriver!Attention! Animal Train Driving- is a simulator, createdfor fun and entertainment! The real cabinof the train may lookdifferent!
Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks
Play mini games and build your own magical train set in theultimateThomas & Friends™ adventure!Budge Studios™ presentsThomas &Friends™: Magical Tracks! Packed with interactive minigames, thiscustomizable magical train set lets your littleconductors shapetheir own fun adventure. Ride the rails with allyour favoriteengines and collect all the toys and decorations youneed to createyour very own Island of Sodor! What magicaladventures will youbuild today?THE ULTIMATE TRAIN SETADVENTUREDRIVE your engine atyour own speedPICK Thomas, Emily or14 other engines!PLAY withAshima and Raul from the movie The GreatRace!WIN toys anddecorations to customize your train setRIDEfreely and blow thewhistle!FUN MINI GAMESRIDE the canyonrapids!BALANCE your engine onyour way down RollercoasterMountain!TRANSPORT various passengersand cargoHOSE down yourengine to make it shineRACE against fellowengines!CLEAR the tracksof animals and debrisOUTRUN the boulder inthe Boulder ChaseJUMPover the broken bridge!BALANCE your engine onyour way down CrazyCoaster Mountain!Visit us: www.budgestudios.comLike Follow us: @budgestudios Watchour apptrailers: HAVE QUESTIONS? Wealwayswelcome your questions, suggestions and comments. Contact us24/7at COPPA COMPLIANTBudge Studiostakeschildren's privacy seriously and ensures that its appsarecompliant with privacy laws, including the ChildOnlinePrivacy Protection Act (COPPA), a privacy legislation intheUnited States of America.   If you would like to learn moreonwhat information we collect and how we use it, please visitourprivacy policy at: .If you have any questions, email our Privacy Officerat: privacy@budgestudios.caBefore you download this app,pleasenote that it is free to play, but additional content maybeavailable via in-app purchases. This app may containcontextualadvertising from Budge Studios regarding other apps wepublish,from our partners and some third parties. Budge Studiosdoes notpermit behavioral advertising or retargeting in this app.Note thatany purchase made in the app will remove pop-upadvertising. Theapp may also contain social media links that areonly accessiblebehind a parental gate. BUDGE STUDIOS and BUDGE aretrademarks ofBudge Studios Inc.End User License Agreement: