Top 24 Games Similar to Animal Hunting 3D

Zombie Road Kill: Death Trip 1.0
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A Z virus spreaded accidently turning peopletoscary zombies. in the Zombie Road Kill you are drivingarmoureddeath truck in a world full of zombies. Your task is toclean theplanet from zombies travelling from city to city. Race thetruckover the cities, towns and wasteland to put all zombies todeath.Zombies are everywhere, there are hordes of zombies walking.Willyou find anyone survived depends solely on you.Remember that good zombie is dead zombie.NO ANNOYING BANNERS AND NO ANY IN-APP PURCHASES, JUST GETTHISGAME AND ENJOY KILLING ZOMBIES.Zombie Road Kill feautres:- 3D world- different locations like town, country, highway- fast graphics- scary soundtracks- different camera views: up&behind, driver view, hood, nearthewheel- challenging missionsIt’s better to play in headphones to completely feeltheatmosphere of the apocalyptic world full of zombies.Zombie Road Kill: Death Trip supports different camera viewssoyou can test how it feels like driving death truck killinghordesof zombies. Enjoy scary atmosphere while driving and keepyourpants dry. The graphics is optimised for mobile devices.HOW TO CONTROL1. Tilt device to turn left/right2. Use accelerator pedal to increase speed3. Use brake pedal to stop or to move in reverse directionEnjoy Zombie Road Kill: Death Trip and please write us backwithsuggestions how we can improve the game.
Tank Battle 3D: World War II 2.05
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Prepare for a real battle with Tank Battle 3D: World War II. Gettothe battlefield! Many World War II Tanks to choose from.Choosewhat side you on: Soviets, German, British or Americans. Gaingoldon every mission by destroying enemies. Use gold to upgradeyourtank or buy tank you want. There are many power-ups tochoosefrom.NO ANY IN-APP PURCHASES, JUST GET THIS GAME AND ENJOY 3DTANKGAME.Tank Battle 3D: World War II Features:- Stunning Fast3Dgraphics- 18 real tanks from World War II- Soviets, German,Britishand American tanks- Different missions and locations:mountains,villages, cities- Training missions- Different CampaignsinGermany, Europe and Russia- Power-ups and upgrades- Unlimitedammo-Unlimited fuel- Ability to repair tank on a battlefield-ImprovedcontrolsTank Battle 3D: World War II includes Tanks:-Cromwell-EasyEight- Chaffee- Sherman- Panther III/J- Panther IV/F2-Panther-StugIII- Tiger- StugIIIschurzen- Hetzer- P4J- SU100- KV1-T34-76-T34-85- SU122- T34-85-CAll tanks has different featuresanddifferent damage level. Different parts of tanks hasdifferentlevel of damage. In Tank Battle 3D: World War II you canupgradeyour tanks:- Speed- Armor- Damage- Reload TimeEnjoy TankBattle 3D:World War II and please write us back with suggestions onhow wecan improve the game.
City Tank Battle 3D 1.0
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Destroy all enemies on the city streets.Useruins and city landscapes to hide and attack effectively intheCity Tank Battle 3D. This is expansion to our famous TankBattle3D: World War II. Many World War II Tanks to choose from.Choosewhat side you on: Soviets, German or Americans. Use gold toupgradeyour tank or buy tank you want. You can earn gold bydestroyingenemies. There are many boost, power-ups and upgrades.Make yourtank an undestroable destroyer.City Tank Battle 3D Features:- 3D graphics- 18 real tanks from World War II- Different missions and city locations- Power-ups and upgrades- Enemies moves around and attacks you.All tanks has different features and different damage level.Notetat different parts of tanks has different level of damage. Ifyouwant to make maximum damage shoot in the rear. Keep your eye onfueland amount of shells. If you ran out of it you will unable tomoveor shoot and need to return to shop to refill it.Remember that not all tanks has movable turret, only thosethathas it in real life.How to Play City Tank Battle 3D1. Use left joystick to control tank movement2. Use right joystick to turn turret left/right and move up/downthegun3. Use fire button to shoot. Keep in mind that gun needs timetoreload shellKeep your eye on following indicators:- Fuel. Your tank needs fuel to move, if you will ran out offuelyour tank will stop- Shells. You have only some amount of shells, use it wisely.- Health. You have 100 points at start, if your health will dropto0 - you are dead.If you ran out of these items you need to return to shoptorefill itEnjoy City Tank Battle 3D and please write us backwithsuggestions how we can improve the game.
Safari Hunting 3D 1.3
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Feel yourself like a hunter for africananimalslike elephants, rhino and zebras in new Safari Hunting 3DGame.Travel through different places full of wild african animals,feelthe air, enjoy environments: savanna, grass, bushes and lakes.Doyou feel adrenaline filling you from inside? Get your rifleready,take the challenge to kill big animals.We tried to recreate african environment of a real hunt withhighquality graphics and sounds.Safari Hunting 3D features:- High quality graphics- Different armour- Different view point: sniper and basic- Unlimited ammo- Hollywood blockbuster like bullet effect- Hordes of african animalsYour goal is to kill all animals in your range. Use sniperviewfor better precision. If you will run out of ammo rifle willbeautomatically reloaded.Enjoy hunting and tons of adrenaline with our Safari Hunting3Dgame. Please send us your feedback, we alway happy to hearfromyou.
Battle Aircraft 3D 1.2
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Join the air fight with Battle Aircraft3D.Youare piloting World War 2nd aircraft and moving throughtheenemy seaarea. Your mission is to shoot all enemiesapproachingalong yourway. There are several enemies crafts like airfightersandzeppelins.Shoot your enemies and try to move off from their fire.Thisgameis endless air fight means you need to get thehighestscorepossible.Battle Aircraft 3D features:- 3D graphics- Exciting gameplay- Endless gameEnjoy playing Battle Aircraft 3D, feel yourself as a WorldWar2ndpilot shooting off aircrafts.
F18 Naval Jet Fighter 3D 1.0
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Fly supersonic F18 jet fighter in this new3DFlight Simulator game. Feel yourself like a military pilot inthehigh-end and ultra modern naval F18 Jet Fighter. In F18 JetFighterSimulator game you have to play missions in a real 3D worldwithdifferent weather condition and date time: wind, rain, storm,day,nigh, sunset.NO ANNOYING BANNERS AND NO ANY IN-APP PURCHASES, JUST GETTHISSIMULATOR AND ENJOY FLYING F18.Feel yourself like a real F18 Jet Fighter pilot, feel howit’shard, challenging and exciting to control Jet Fighter and landonaircraft carrier. Flight Simulator supports full realism meansrealairplane and world physics and sounds.F18 Jet Fighter 3D Simulator Features:- different weather conditions (wind, rain, storm,daylight,night, sunset)- realistic airplane physics- realistic airplane sounds- realistic control- realistic 3D world- different camera view: from cockpit and outside plane- real airfoils simulation- realistic landing on aircraft carrierF18 Jet Fighter Simulator supports some realworldsituations:- Explosion if you hit ground- Heat problems when overspeedingHOW TO CONTROL1. Use throttle lever to control thrust of engines2. Tilt device up/down, left/right to simply climb, go down,turnleft or right. This will automatically turn rudder, aileronsandelevatorsF18 Jet Fighter Simulator game divided by mission, in ordertostart new mission you need to complete the previous one.Somemissions includes free flight all missions includesrealisticcontrol (very hard). In order to move forward on missionstake atime to train yourself to fully control plane - take off,flight,landing, hard conditions etc. Remember that F18 Jet Fighteris avery fast and very responsive. It takes times and to become arealmilitary pilot. And bear in mind - it costs nothing to crashaplane in the F18 Flight Simulator, but not in the real world.Enjoy your flights and become a good pilot of F18 navaljetfighter with our Flight Simulator.
DEER HUNTER 2018 5.1.5
From the creators of Deer Hunter 2014! Return to the wild andhuntacross the globe in the world’s greatest hunting experience.HUNTAROUND THE WORLD Pursue trophies in unique and beautifullocationsthat span the globe from Alaska to Zimbabwe. BAG BIG GAMEANIMALSHunt animals so real they nearly jump off the screen! Trackdownand bag the world’s most exotic and elusive game. SHOOT LIKE APRODevelop a steady hand, line up your sights, and master theskillsto take the perfect shot. GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET YOU Takedownpredators before you become the prey. COLLECT TROPHIES Competeforbragging rights and bag the biggest animals with GooglePlayachievements and leaderboards! BUILD YOUR ARSENAL Collectandcustomize your firearms with scopes, magazines, barrels, andstocksas you perfect your weapons for each hunt. It’s Open Season -jointhe hunt today! Deer Hunter 2018 is free to play, but youcanchoose to pay real money for some extra items. Use ofthisapplication is governed by Glu Mobile’s Terms of Use.Collectionand use of personal data are subject to Glu Mobile’sPrivacyPolicy. Both policies are available at may also apply. FOLLOW US at [email protected]/glumobile
Hunting Jungle Animals 3.8
Hunting wild jungle animals is fun when one is a professionalhunteras an amateur will endanger his life in trying to killfuriousbeasts.This game is a brand new real hunting and snipershootingexperience which you might not been able to get in yourreal life.Those who cannot risk their life hunting wild animalscan enjoy realhunting experience by playing this game.You areavatar with aspecial precise sniper gun to shoot furious wildanimals. For thetime being you have three options, you can killbear, stag and wolfbut in next versions you will be able to killfast animals likecougar, bobcat and tiger.Animals feel jungle astheir perfectsanctuary. When someone gets into it they take it asan invader. Sothe sniper should hold his breath and be patient.While hunting bearand wolf be aware, they will become alerthearing the sound ofbullet fire and will attack on you and if youwill not hurry thesurvivor beast will take no time to kill you andthe game will beover.While stag or reindeer run away hearingfiring sound. Thetarget of sniping running animals is a littlechallenging. So useyour army sniper shooting skills to kill theseanimals before theyattack or run away. You have to select oneanimal at a time and thengo into the levels which are five innumber.Get Ready for realjungle hunting sniper mission, you haveentered into the wild forestof Africa, kill the animals or getkilled. you are on the mission ofdeer hunting, keeping in mind youwill have to face wild furiousanimals like lion, cheetah bear inthe forest so it's not so simpleto be the animal hunter. Wildsafari hunting mania is a completepackage of action andentertainment. In this lion animal hunterseason, you will face themost dangerous animals of the jungle. Lionhunt simulator adventureis fascinated with beautiful forestenvironment. Jungle huntingsimulation is only as the fun game toentertain you and to reliefyour tension of hunting animals. Byplaying this archer animalhunting game 3d you will able to improveyour shooting skills. Maybe you have played many sniper shootinggames buts its kind ofunique in nature as you will face the realwild animals in theforest and you will shoot them on the spot otherwise your lifewill be in great trouble.Safari animal huntingsimulation arcade isthe best free game to increase your confidencelevel for facinggiant animals like lion, elephant, and bears. Thisjungle animalhunting game is a complete challenge to your visionaland listeningcapabilities. As you enter in the wildest forest ofthe world, sokeep it in mind a single breathing sound may causeyour death, sokeep your gun loaded and hold it in your hand and hitas fast asyou can while you see any animal and become the realAnimal Killer.Real forest animal hunter game has some instructiontools to learnbefore starting, don’t miss the target and don’t firein thesky.Polar bear animal hunting simulator is a completeadventuregame which will provide you the real experience of bestattacksnipers. Before starting purchase the worlds best guns tohunt andshoot. You are advised to visit the store to purchase theprecisesnipers and hand rifles to kill the wildest and craziestbears andlions. Follow the instructions given in the game play andavoid theroutes that are prohibited and compete for the mission ingiventime.This Hippo animal hunting 3d duty mission requiresyourboosted confidence. Ancient Dino Hunting 2017 will take you the20centuries back when people used to kill the animals with bowandarrows.Embark on a lifetime hunting and sniper shootingactionadventure and Good luck!!!FEATURES- An ultimate huntingaction.-Gameplay is simple yet entertaining. - Efficient guncontrol.- Trueto life hunting experience.- High fidelity coolgraphics.
Wild Animal Hunting Game : Sniper Mission 1.1.4
Wild Animal jungle Hunting Game is fun when one is aprofessionalhunter game as an amateur will endanger his life intrying to killfurious beasts. Joi this hunting route and map helpyou to findanimals.Africa forest is a deadly jungle for huntingpeople. besave and hunt those animals which you want for cooking.This gameis a brand new real hunter and snipe targeted shootingexperiencewhich you might not been able to get in your real life.Those whocannot risk their life hunting wild animals can enjoy realhuntingexperience and note animals simulator by playing thisbaglionigame.First time target base killer foggia game, in whichyou canhunt the all forest animals included stag, elephant, lion,andreindeer catching with your sniper rifle. You can;t killotheranimals else mention in every mission target on left side ofthegame play scene or selected missionYou are avatar with aspecialprecise sniper gun to shoot furious wild animals. For thetimebeing you have three options, you can kill bear, stag and wolfbutin next versions you will be able to kill fast animals likecougar,bobcat and tiger.Be quickly and fast way for this huntinggame, ifyou late animals run away.Be safe on off road track.You canhunt avariety of animals, animal you decide to choose . you own aspookyforest with army sniper rifle beast of different animalsappearsuddenly catch this monster animals Snipe otherwise theyattack andkill you.Animals feel jungle as their perfect sanctuary.Whensomeone gets into it they take it as an invader. So thesnipershould hold his breath and be patient. While hunting bear andwolfbe aware, they will become alert hearing the sound of bulletfireand will attack on you and if you will not hurry the survivorbeastwill take no time to kill you and the game will be over.Whilestagor reindeer run away hearing firing sound. The target ofsnipingrunning animals is a little challenging. So use your armysnipershooting skills to kill these animals before they attack orrunaway. You have to select one animal at a time and then go intothelevels which are five in number.In our new version WildAnimalHunting Game we gave the user more then 60 levels. Andinclude newsafari and forest animals. Further more we replace thesniper gunwith new which have action camera feature. User can seewhere thebullet hit on target.On each level user can hit onlytargetedanimal, if fire the other animal game should be over.Embark on alifetime hunting and sniper shooting action adventureand Goodluck!!!FEATURES- An ultimate hunting action.- Game play issimpleyet entertaining. - Efficient gun control.- True to lifehuntingexperience.- High fidelity cool graphics.Note: This freegame issupported by advertisement Ads within the App only as perGooglePolicy.DISCLAIMER:All names, trademarks and images arecopyright oftheir respective owners. The use of any names,copyrights,trademarks or photos have been used for DescriptivePurpose onlyand not to show endorsement or permission of use. Thisiscompletely unofficial, and created for fans.This app is madebyfans for fans, and it is for entertainment only.
Russian Hunting 4x4 1.5.2
Oppana Games
Russian Hunting 4x4 - hunting on the SUV in russian forest.Movearound from point to point on the Russian offroad suv.Your goalisto kill all animals in your range. Use sniper view forbetterprecision. During the game, you will enjoy the realisticgraphicsof the russian forest.Hunt different animals: bear, wolf,deer,fox, hare, elk and other animals hid from you locate and killthemall! Hunting 3D features:- High quality graphics.-Off-roadsimulator 4x4. - Open 3D environment.- realistic animatedanimalsto hunt.- Realistic sound effects.- Full 3D - 360 DegreesAction.
Animal Hunter 3D: Africa 1.0
Bit of Game
If you loved the first Animal Hunter 3D simulator game thenyou'rein for a real treat with this follow up. We have jumped on aplaneto Africa for some big game hunting and something a littlemoreexotic.This is a sniper game like no other. If you're lookingforthat real hunting feel then this is exactly what you need. Withalarge variety of animals to shoot, from Lions and Zebra,toElephants and Hippos you will not find anything else like thisfreeon the market.Spot your prey, tap to zoom the scope and thenshootand go for the kill. You can zoom in more by squeezing thescreenonce the scope is open. To give your gun more accuracy, likea realsniper. Features:- Amazing 3D graphics build just for yourAndroiddevice.- 12 huge levels. Each with a new challenge.- Realsniperphysics.
Hunting Safari 1.0.1
Animal Hunter is here. If you're looking for a sniper game whereyouneed to hunt for all kinds of animals, from wolves and deertobears, whitetail. Each level gives you a set of animals toshoot.Take your rifle. Set your scope and hunt! Your goal is tokill allanimals in your range. Use sniper view for betterprecision. Duringthe game, you will enjoy the realistic graphics ofthe overgrownjungle.Hunting 3D features:- High quality graphics-Differentarmour- Different view point: sniper and basic- UnlimitedammoLeftside of the screen controls the movement, right side of thescreencontrols the rotation.Realistic 3D graphics and amazingimmersivegameplay are providing a visceral, dramatic experience andarehelping you to travel into the astonishing dinosaur world ofyourdream right on the screen of your mobile device, includingyourphone and tablet!Be careful of these bloody beasts as theyarethirsty for blood , and they will get a good meal with yourflesh.
Animal Hunter 3D 1.7
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Animal Hunter is here. If you're looking for a sniper game whereyouneed to hunt for all kinds of animals, from wolves and deertobears. Each level gives you a set of animals to shoot. Takeyourrifle. Set your scope and hunt! Can you get your shots beforethetime runs out? 12 action packed 3D levels will really keepyougoing and test your sniper skills. This hunting simulation gameisfilled with stunning 3D creatures and scenes to immerse youintoyour surroundings.Deer and wolves take one shot to put down.Butwhen you get to the bears. It's going to take 2. Be careful. Ifyoumiss the noise will make them go running. Which in turn, makesitharder for you to aim and shoot.Features:- Amazing 3Dgraphicsbuild just for your Android device.- 12 huge levels. Eachwith anew challenge.- Real sniper physics.3dbadddeeb
Hunt or be hunted! Embark on the dinosaur hunting expedition ofalifetime to kill the ultimate game in Dino Hunter:DeadlyShores.HUNT DINOSAURSJourney to a hidden, untouched Jurassicislandand kill the most ferocious animals in history. EncounterJurassicbeasts long thought extinct, from the docile stegosaurus totheterrifying T. rex.VISIT EXOTIC Jurassic LOCATIONSKill dinosaursinlush and dangerous Jurassic environments like theshipwreck-strewncoast, overgrown jungle and dinosaur boneyard!EQUIPPOWERFULWEAPONSLoad up on firepower with destructive weapons liketherocket launcher and shuriken crossbow. You’ll need apowerfularsenal and an expert shooter strategy to killthesedinosaurs!MASTER A UNIQUE SHOOTER CHALLENGE SERIESProgressthroughvaried shooter series to win rifles, shotguns and assaultrifles.Make your kills and complete them all for evengreaterrewards!EXPERIENCE AMAZING GRAPHICSDynamic shadows, hi-restexturesand realistic Jurassic models all combine to make this oneof themost beautiful dinosaur shooter games on yourmobiledevice!High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!“It’s as if GluMobilewas listening in on my mind as I imagined how good DeerHunter 2014would be with dinosaurs.” – Kotaku “… I am totally,absolutely,100% completely behind blasting dinosaurs with gunsuntil theyexplode, and happily that's exactly what Dino Hunter:Deadly Shoreswill let you do.” – AppSpy “Dino Hunter: Deadly Shoresdishes uptons of behemoth-shooting action. It’s an easy game toenjoy.” –Gamezebo “Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is a solid shooter.Thedinosaurs in the game are very well detailed and the gameallowsyou to jump right in…” – ModojoPLEASE NOTE:- This game isfree toplay, but you can choose to pay real money for some extraitems,which will charge your Google account. You can disablein-apppurchasing by adjusting your device settings.-This game isnotintended for children.- Please buy carefully.- Advertisingappearsin this game.- This game may permit users to interact withoneanother (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat,messaging)depending on the availability of these features. Linkingto socialnetworking sites are not intended for persons in violationof theapplicable rules of such social networking sites.- Anetworkconnection is required to play.- For information about howGlucollects and uses your data, please read our privacy If you have a problem with this game,pleaseuse the game’s “Help” feature. FOLLOW [email protected]/glumobile
Jungle Animals Hunting 2015 2.1
Jungle Animals Hunting is a brand new hunting and snipershootingaction adventure game in trying to kill  wild animalsandfurious beasts. f you are looking for hunting at the beginningofthe new year, and this is a game for you. You can hunt foravariety of animals animal you decide to choose . you own aspookyforest with a sniper rifle beast of different animalsappearsuddenly catch this monster animals Sniper otherwise theyattackand kill you.★★★ Game Top Features ★★★★ 6 different animals.★ EachAnimal have 15 levels.★ Hunt Animals within time limit.★Hunt MoreAnimals and Make best hunt.PrivacyPolicy:
ANIMAL HUNTER 2016 3D presents the most addictive animalhuntinggame for android!ANIMAL HUNTER 2016 3D is a relaxing firstpersonperspective animal hunting game. Users can look around themap byswiping the screen and moving anywhere there they want. Thegamehas 16 hunting levels so far. You hunt in valleys andjunglessurrounded by mountains and sometimes near the rivers andlake. Youhave 2 semi automatic sniper guns in the game. You canhunt deers,zebras, rabbits, pigs and even ducks. Special duckhunting levelsincluded for you to enjoy! We hope you like our 3Danimal huntinggame. You will be able to play the following in thegame:* Deerhunting* Zebra hunting* Rabbit hunting* Pig hunting *Duck hunting*Animal hunting in junglehow to play:There are 5buttons in thegame, shooting, aiming, gun switching, rotating andmoving buttons.Please click how to play button to understandbuttons better.AnimalHunter 2016 features:• Timer• Level unlocking•Realistic HuntingEnvironments• 16 levels to play so far!• 2 semiautomatic sniperrifle guns with scope options.• Crispy andenchanting music andsound effects.• Stunning and beautifulgraphics. • No annoying inapp purchases. 100% free. • Fun andaddictive. Fit for allages.Experience the best animal huntingsimulator game on Androidplatforms.And much more!!!Please leaveyour comments and thoughts.Your feedback is much more valuable tous!!!
Deer Hunting – 2015 Sniper 3D 2.7
Its winter season, snow has covered the mountain fields,itsfreezing out there, perfect field for the hunter. Grabyourshooting gears and come out in search of your prey. It’shuntingtime! Deer Hunting - 2015 Sniper 3D will let you hunt deer&lion in the wild jungle on snowy mountain top. 2015 is nearwithChristmas & New Year just around the corner it’s time to beasniper assassin and hunt deer in this sniper shooting game.Thegame is filled with action, hunting & shooting. Those wholoveto be a deadly hunter will love to kill deer & the wildlion.The angry lion is also among us somewhere in the mountains andifhe gets in your way don’t hesitate to pull the trigger and shothimdead. It’s wild out there with hunting season of wildlifeanimals.You will see the most thrilling winter scenarios in thegame – thesound of the weapons, animals, wildlife, forest, mountain&birds. Sniper 3d shooting skills should be enough to hunt yourpreyall alone. Don’t let the deer run away and be the ultimatehunter.Become the modern sniper of this era using best weaponry.Plan yourhunt as if it is a secret assassin mission because this iswhatreal hunters do!★★★ STORY ★★★Life spend in army always comeshandyin hunting. An ex-army men decides to live inside the wildjungle,in search of its PREY. Only an army soldier can survivetheexcessive snow falling. Suddenly you heard the voice of adeer.It’s the voice of your prey! Grab your sniper rifle and let’shuntdown deer in this sniper 3d shooting and hunting game. It’snotonly you and deer out there. You suddenly hear the roar of abeastLION. Now is the time to show how well you snipe both of them.Aim,shot and kill!!! ★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★ • First PersonSniper 3DShooting• Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom• Enemy AI(ArtificialIntelligence)• 3D Graphics and Sound effects• Winter& SnowFiled Environment• Real-time Lion & Deer Hunting★★★PrivacyPolicy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’sprivacy.You can read our privacypolicyhere:★★★ Follow usonFacebook★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
Jungle Sniper Hunting 3D 3.9.5
Jungle (Forest): place of your horror dreams, magnet ofyourimaginations, your fantasy place is here. you can achieve herewhatyou can not in your real life, hunt in jungle. You have thebestSniper Shooting gun, Enter the jungle for hunt, the wildanimalsyou have dreamed of, you have wished and imagined. Inthisdangerous forest, select the target animal of your choice ,takethe aim and shoot right at the head. Get the winning trophyofanimal head, and brag about. You must have played otherhuntinggames, jungle games, sniper shooting games, but this game isuniquein the sense that it provided you all in one. Whether youwant tohunt Boar, Wild pigs , Stag, Deer or Bear , this forestgives youall, and invites you to take the challenge if you can.Test yoursniper shooting skills, your jungle survival skills,yourtemperament, your stamina in this dangerous forest game. ★★★STORY★★★You love to hunt, and are entered in this dangerous junglewithyour best sniper shooting gun. dangerous animals are outthere,choose among deer, stag, bear, boar, pig, take the aim andshoot.You have 8 levels to play with each animal. never ending funishere. ★★★ Best Game Features ★★★ 1. Dangerous RealisticJungleEnvironment2. Wild animals out there to hunt3. Huntingamongdifferent animals4. Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunt5.Differentanimals to select as target6. Multiple levels with eachanimal foreasy to difficult7. Best Sniper Shooting Experience inJungle★★★How to Play ★★★ 1. Select the animal to target from Deer,Boar,Stag, Beer, Deer.2. choose the level to play, hunt all tounlocknext3. take, zoom,shoot at target with Sniper gun4. navigateinforest on swiping on left of your phone5. use zoom andshootingbuttons for hitPrivacy PolicyWe don't collect anypersonalinformation , any non-personal information collected byourpartners like Google is used for analytic and gameimprovements.For details checkhere★★★Support ★★★[email protected]★★★Note ★★★ This game contain ads.
Hunting Jungle Animals 2 2.3
After the glorious success of hunting jungle animals an extremefunof hunting wild jungle animals is presented again to make youfeela professional hunter. A gift for those who love hunting gamesbutcan’t go into the depth of horrible jungle. Playing this gamewillmake you feel a hunting experience.A realistic hunting andsnipershooting experience which you might not been able to get inyourreal life, you can kill the deer, stag and other animals justasreal as you can do it in real hunting. You are bejeweled withaprecise sniper shooter gun to shoot furious wild animals.Juststart a lifetime hunting blitz. This game is more challengingthenthe previous on as in this game there are twelve levels tobecompleted and in each level you will face different furiousanimalslike bear, boar, rhinoceros, wolf, deer and stag and incomingupdates bobcat and cougar will be added to make huntchallenging.Specialty of this game is that sniper is at differentlocations foreach hunting level. Sniper is at a height in alllevels so he issafe from the animals attack except hunting wolf. Onhearing bulletfire sound wolf will be alert and will attack onyou.It’s not aneasy target to snipe moving animals so use your armysniper skillsand aim precisely and hunt down different beasts. Whenyou kill thedeer, bear and other animals, you must remember theseare 3D modelsnot real animals.Enjoy a lifetimehuntingexperience.★★★FEATURES★★★- A very fine work of huntingaction.-Twelve different levels and different beasts to hunt down.-Efficient gun control.- True to life hunting experience.-Highfidelity cool graphics.- Realistic jungle environment.- Gunchangeoption is available. ★★★HOW TO PLAY★★★ - Enter into the firstlevelcomplete the mission and go to the next level. - Left half ofthescreen is for gun control. - Use zoom buttons to target animals.-Be aware of the time.
The most REALISTIC and AUTHENTIC hunting sim returns. It's timetoRELOAD your rifles and take to the wilds of North America tobagthe BIGGEST GAME out there.- First Person perspective withvisuallystunning environments- New X-RAY mode to target specificorgans-Move between strategic vantage points to line up the perfectshot -Customizable player avatar with a variety of jackets, vests,boots,and hunting glasses- Complete challenges to collect trophiesforyour trophy room PLEASE NOTE:- This game is free to play, butyoucan choose to pay real money for some extra items, whichwillcharge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasingbyadjusting your device settings.-This game is not intendedforchildren.- Please buy carefully.- Advertising appears inthisgame.- This game may permit users to interact with oneanother(e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging)depending onthe availability of these features. Linking to socialnetworkingsites are not intended for persons in violation of theapplicablerules of such social networking sites.- A networkconnection isrequired to play.- For information about how Glucollects and usesyour data, please read our privacy policy you have a problem with this game, pleaseuse the game’s “Help”feature. FOLLOW US [email protected]/glumobile
Safari Archer: Animal Hunter 3.3
This game is a free archery game, animal hunting and shootinggame.Archers go to safari with bow and arrows. Become a safarihunter!It is hunter and/or shooter action game. It is also safarianimalssimulator, it is includes more than twenty animalsandbirds.However, if you love hunter games, you may play"DinosaurHunter: Dino Archer" dinosaur hunter game by NaturalAction Gameson the store. Coming soon, the future of deer huntingof mountainforests version for lovers of hunting game.Let's take onbow tohand, put on arrows our quiver, scroll through the forestonhorseback.Ride your brown horse, enter into the wild life ofsafariat african plain savanna.Hunting between wild Africananimals. Youhave to kill wild beasts. You do not die. You kill oryou die. Thisis the rule in Safari of wildest animals.These wildestanimals canbe your victim, enemy or prey. Tigers, lions, cheetahsare wildcats in safari. Elephants, zebras, gazelle, rhinos,giraffes arethe owner of the life area since millions years ago.Arrow and thebow not only to hunt for land animals, you can shootand hont atflying birds of the air.This classic birds and wildbirds arecrows, eagles, owls, etc. Wild birds are falling to floorwhenarrow to stick their body or wings.The wild Safari animals inthegameZebra is known for its black-and-white fastpaced.Therhinoceros are known for their huge horns with a giganticmass.Before you attack the rhinoceros, you should use the bow andhitit.The planes are known for running very fast. In this archergame,they are the most active hunts on the land. You should showyourability to shoot moving prey.Charms are generally cheesysafarihunters. They are known for their insincerity and can notdobusiness on their own.The birds are very active hunting. Topursue,to aim and to be able to hit and drop the flying bird in theair,the real hunter wants ingenuity. You can hunt eagles,horns,predatory birds like a duck hunter.Gorillas are verystrongprimates. They can be aggressive. Be careful not tofeedthem.Fillers and zulu are lovely safari residents. Fillersareknown for their gigantic bodies, hoses and teeth, with giraffelongneck and beautiful pattern.Buffalo is the wild bull ofsafarin.Wild cats can often hunt with flocks.* Easy and verypracticalcontrols. usual joystick and two buttons for easy huntinggames andshooting games experience.* Safari hunter game, animalspecies morethan 20.* Real 3D hunter hame, best archer with horse.*Super coolsavanna landscape day themed sunset. Light map andshadows.*Gradual shoot system. Feel the air flow of arrows. * Greatsounds,animal sounds, bow sound, wind sound of arrow, etc.* 5differentgameplay speed and difficulty. Slow to fast, easy tohard.*Realistic animal characters. They can run, escape, attack,kill,bite.* 40 different simple to complex levels andmissions*Realistic physics. Cool archer game experience. Funnyequestrian(horse-drawn) entertainment.* Awesome flights of birdswithrealistic 3D physic codes.* No blood, any blood effect orbloodaction.* Seamless incense particle system for arrows. To showthearrow route.Tips:* Each level you have 12 arrows with bow.*Forhigh score, you can play hard or fast game mode.* For highscore,Give priority to hunt birds.
Archery Hunter 3D 2.0.6
Archery hunting game is now on cell phone! Archery Hunter 3D isthemost realistic archery simulation game for you. Archery hunter3Ddelivers realistic archery experience that features stunning3Dgraphics. Enjoy the jungle hunt through archery as it issizzlingidea for jungle hunt lovers. To shoot animals with gun asan expertsniper is exciting but hunting animals with arrow and bowwill takeyou to ancient times. Playing this game you will feel thatas youhave reached the ancient times 'The Stone Age' throughtimemachine. In ancient times archery was the main weapon toattackenemies (either human or animals) or to defend yourself. Sofromchildhood to old age everybody spent time to become expertinarchery. Bow hunting or arrow hunting is different from gunhuntingin terms of violence level. In game play you have dualoptioneither shoot when you are riding or shoot when running injungle.As you play game your archery skills and interest willincrease.It's challenging game as you have to shoot and kill inlimited timeslab otherwise stag will attack and kill you. Features:* Awesomejungle 3D environment * Dual option either hunt on horseor on footrunning in jungle. * Amazing third person game. * Huntingfuriousstags. * Must improve your skill to clear next levels. *Amazingriding and then archery experience. * Unlimited arrows butlimitedtime to attack So get ready for hunting jungle animals, withthemost addictive real jungle hunt ideas. You might haveexperiencedhunting jungle animals in many jungle hunting games butthis is thebest free jungle hunting game with horse archery gamesaction andfun of jungle hunter. If you are a fan of jungle huntgames, animalhunting games and jungle games with horse &archery fun thenyou must not miss this.
Hunting wild jungle animals is just a fun when you areaprofessional hunter but being an amateur you will endangeryourlife while trying to kill furious beastsAnimal HunterSniperShooter game is new real hunting and sniper shootingexperiencewhich you might not been able to get in your real lifebecause youmight be afraid of encountering wild jungle animals andshoot themwith sniper to death. Those who cannot risk their lifehunting wildanimals can enjoy real hunting experience by playingAnimal HunterSniper Shooter.HUNT AROUND THE WORLD!Pursue trophiesin unique andbeautiful locations of jungle and refuge of wildanimals that spanthe globe from one end of Africa to another DEADLYEQUIPPMENTS!Forglorifying the sniper shooting experience you havebeen loaded witha specially equipped sniper gun to shoot furiouswild animals. Forthe time being you have three options, you cankill tigers, bear,stag and wolf. HIT THE CROCODILE TOO!The newsensation for hunterin Animal hunter sniper shooter is Crocodile.Kill the amphibianright in their territory of pond likeenvironment.GET THEM BEFORETHEY GET YOUAnimals don’t like invadersin their territory, becausethey feel safe in the jungle away fromhuman hunters. When a hunterwants to get into their refuge theyreact more furious then youthink and get wild to take you to death,so the sniper should holdhis breath and be patient. Careful Hunter!While hunting wildanimals be aware, they will become alert hearingthe sound ofbullet fire and will attack on you in response and ifyou will nothit the survivor beast on point it will take no time tokill youand the game will be over.SHOOT LIKE A PERFECTUse your armysnipershooting skills to kill stag or reindeer as they run awayhearingfiring sound. The target of sniping running animals is alittlechallenging. So these animals before they attack or runaway.GoodLuck for a lifetime hunter experience of sniper shootingof wildanimals in jungle refuge.BUILD YOUR ARSENAL Animal HunterSniperShooter 2016 is free to play Collect and customize yourfirearmswith instruments and polish them with scopes, magazines,barrels,and stocks as you perfect your weapons for each hunt. Jointhehunt today! It’s Holiday Season Features: 3D interactive freegameplay  Unlimited free ammunition supply  Skilled 3D hunterandhunting actions  3D graphics with real African Jungleenvironment Real Sounds Effects of Jungle and Wild animals  Sneakup on wildjungle animals and sniper hit game More Wild and furiousanimalswith breath taking Amazon jungles will be updated soon!True tolife hunting experience. 3D Hunting jungle AnimalsCompatible withall android devices support 3D games. Like us onFacebook! Checkfor more updates of 3D and free games,Subscribe